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i made it home ok! smile.gif

*~*~*get well vibes for pixie*~*~*

pixie, you need to heal cuz your birfday is soon. sad.gif

amilita, i'm SO glad things were ok in NOLA. i have family in Lafeyette and I'm glad to hear they are ok too. You know, the hardest thing to watch on the TV were the pets that were abandoned in the wake of Gustav. How can you just leave your pets? They showed one dog just shaking without its owner. How sad. sad.gif

Oh boy, there will be alot of Virgo birthdays in the kvetch thread this month. And I'm one of them too! biggrin.gif

What can I say, Virgos rawk! cool.gif

ok, i guess i am really happy to be home. even though, i'm in doc school limbo right now. argh.

(((pixie))) that is insane! I hope you heal quickly and can redeem that massage once you do!

welcome home, star! I read that pet carriers were being provided so that pets weren't left this time but you don't know what is going on in some people's heads... There's a news story here in the UK just now of a businessman who shot dead his wife, their 15y/o daughter and their four dogs and three horses before setting fire to their mansion and killing himself blink.gif.

(((polly's legs)))

My allergy has died down quite a bit although my tummy still looks as if it should belong to the elephant man. Damona, I have no idea what caused it!


eta: rose, did you receive my email?
The Chicago area just seems nicer now that Star is closer. {{{hugs}}}

{{{Pixie}}} What a major mess for her. Rose, let her know that once she is more on the mend the spa might be able to send a massage therapist to her. Didn't she have a gift certificate?

{{{bunnyb}}} hives begone! Good luck on the apartment.

Virgos do RAWK!!! Star, when is your's again? I remember that it is close to mine, I think.

Damona - glad you had fun at the Faire.

{{{soothing relaxation vibes for Amilita}}} I hope you get to go home soon.

Today is my first day of school. I am so excited and nervous. I have a crazy work schedule that is opening up a ton of time for me but I am still nervous about keeping up. I spent some time last night picking out my outfit and organizing my notebook and supplies. Seemed silly for an almost 35 y/o grad student but office supplies make me happy. I got the silliest looking ones at Target so my notebook has poodles and skulls dancing all over it. My best friend wanted me to get High School Musical items but I declined. rolleyes.gif

(((((pixie))))) wow. omg. that's mental. much love your way!

((((kitten)))) oooh, school! I've got to find some books and do some reading. And buy stationary...

((((amilita)))) I'm glad you're safe.

((((star)))) people are assholes. but yay for you being home!

ok... so talking of assholes - Indigo is going through some sort of teenage rebellion. When I took him for a walk and let him off the lead, he decided to run in the other direction (basically, the park is divided into two - open fields where I can see him, and woodland paths where I can't; he headed for the woods) and *would not* come back. When he runs into the woods, if I don't know where he's gone, he can't either, so we both end up hunting for each other. So I find him again, grab his collar to smack his nose, he pulls out of the collar and does another runner. Argh! Finally I get hold of him and take him straight home. No more off-lead running for Indigo.

Also, I don't like my new class. They're a nice bunch, but they're all students I teach in other lessons (I have three of them in my lesson after, and three more in the lesson after that) so it gets... tedious. Also, they didn't put down what they'd been teaching them, and by "academic skills 5" they mean "the book marked reading and writing 1". *head/desk*
Oooh, buying school supplies! I miss that sad.gif. I have so many cute A4 binders and pencil cases I've never used rolleyes.gif.

(((morn and indigo))) mandoo is continually peeing on one of our leather sofas and driving bunnymama to distraction. I wish I could take him with me but finding somewhere to live is proving really difficult, let alone a cat and cat pee friendly plase. sigh.

I have been in bed resting, sleeping and mainly reading all day (with some distracting lounge in between). The non-drowsy antihistamines are making me very sleepy!

I'm going to Edinburgh from work tomorrow night and then to London on Thursday morning to view some flats (and we need to find one and take it as time rapidly running out). I probably won't have a chance to post in the morning as have tons to do so:

Happy Birthday, pixie and yuefie!!!

kvetch: I've been trying all day to download Gossip Girl to cheer me up but the internet is running agonisingly slowly, for some reason. grrr.
(((((((((((((the pixies))))))))))))))

bunny, glad you are feeling better, luv!

morn, i hope your teaching experience improves as it goes on. and indigo... you stop being naughty for your mama, you hear??

kitten, i love getting new pens and pencils and notebooks... i always i thought i was the only one that was dorky like that laugh.gif

star, glad you made it home all in one piece, you will do great in doc school, i just know it!

((((((((((((((busties, bustie kitties, puppies, bunnies and all, busties boyfriends and girlfriends, busties husbands and wives, busties kids.... everyone!)))))))))))))))))

i am in such a weird mood today. serious and silly. can't seem to decide which way to go. i almost made a wiseass comment to my guy earlier that would not have gone over well cuz he was cranky. but i would have meant it in the nicest way!

kvetch: @^$@^$%*^&$@!$%** migraines! i got one this morning but managed to sleep thru the worst of it... now i feel kind of... hungover is the best way to describe it, i guess. a little achy, a little delicate... it sucks balls.
(((((the pixies)))))) how horrible and ridiculous! I hope you don't have to have surgery!
(((star))) welcome back!
~~~first day of school vibes for kitten~~~
~~get better bunny~~
~~get better damona~~

Had a stressy day at work (not bad stress, just a lot to do) then was running errands all evening. I didn't get home until almost 7:30. Boo.
Whew. Thanks you guys. And glad your family in Lafayette is OK, Star. While things are OK for now, this event really brought to the front my distrust of the levees, the Corps of Engineers, our gov't, etc. That levee should not have been overtopping with a measly Cat. 2 non-direct-hit storm. And yet, it didn't break, so they can continue to assert that all is well and that their work is good. Yeah.

I think the Mr. is going to try to get home tomorrow, although I can't really find an official time the city is opening to everyone. I'm going to try to go home Thursday.

Kitten, I bought one of those Target folders with all the funny owls on them. I love school supplies! Good luck at school.


Bad Indigo! (((Mornington)))

(((Star, Polly, Sassy, Rose and especially Pixie and Mr. Pixie...ETA: and Damona)))

And wasn't it Mr. DM who got the eye surgery? Hope he's recovering well...Sheff, too, from his bug.

And how's your back doing, Sidecar?

Happy Birthday Yuefie!!! Happy Birthday Pixie!!!

Luv to all!!!
((((amilita)))) I'm glad the storm wasn't too bad and that you can go home soon.

((((pixies)))) I don't even know what to say except that I hope pixie doesn't need surgery.

(((damona))) migraines are evil!

(((rose))) dealing with family vibes!

((((yuefie, syb, morn, bunny, star, sassy, polly, sidecar, kittenb, everyone)))

Today was the first day back at school. It kind of sucked. I don't know a single person in my first class and it seems to be a bunch of first years. Second class was ok but not that exciting. The job is going well except for one thing which leads me to my first kvetch: I am sooooo tired! I had to go into work early today and then grab lunch and head off to school. My class schedule isn't the greatest (ie. either no breaks or breaks that are way too long) and I have a feeling that my friday night will be spent sleeping.

second kvetch: I feel like crap. I have soooo much post nasal drip and nothing seems to be working for it. It's making me feel nauseous and gross. Also the pizza pops I had for dinner made me feel gross but that's my own fault. I'm trying to look on the bright side but it's only Tuesday and already I wish it was the weekend. Meh.
Happy Birthday PixieDust!

Happy (late) Birthday Yuefie!

*fly by to pass along the birthday love ...*

happy birthday (((pixie)))!

eta: gah, a broken leg?! so.not.fair! sending you much healing vibes, honey.

and happy day early birthday (((yuefie)))!

Here are a few birthday spankings for our beloved PixieDust!

~~~~~~~~~~~ continued healing vibes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Amilita, that's so scary that the levee was topped by a Cat 2 storm. I hope that, if nothing else, all of the media coverage forces them to do something about it.

So many people are going back to school this week!
(((((((CCGirl, Mornington, Kitten, & all the other scholarly Busties out there)))))))))

~~~~soothing for Damona ~~~~~ Migraines suck so much ass.

Have a good trip, Bunny!

[shakes finger at Indigo] I've had a dog do the same thing to me, Morn. How utterly exhausting & infuriating!

Kvetch: I was really sick to my stomach most of the night, so I'm fairly useless today. It's well past noon & I have done nothing but feed the cat & post on forums. I should try to do some workon the piles of papers in the guest room that need to be filed, but I'm just so weary today. Bah.

Anti-kvetch: The cat knows I'm not well, so she's being extra sweet and cute.
Happy Birthday Pixie! ~*~*~Get Well Soon!~*~*~

Bleh on migraines!

I have a nasty zit coming in and they let me use the biostimulation laser to zap it. (article here) It feels all warm and tingly now. We'll see if it gets better.

Sidecar- am I imagining it, or did you tell me once about another Polynesian/Tiki-themed place in the Chicago area besides Hala Kahiki? Humanist's trying to plan her birthday and we want to do something like that, but Hala Kahiki doesn't serve food. I saw there's a place on Clark called Aloha Eats, but it didn't seem kitschy enough- too new.

Nothing new around here. We're baby-sitting LeNephews tomorrow night. They're usually well-behaved enough. I have to get some laundry done. Maybe on Friday. That morning, we're doing CPR training at work.

Three more hours of work. Must watch last week's episode of Project Runway before the new one tonight.

((hugs to all))
Polly! My boss told me about a place called Chef's Shangri-La, which is in Riverside. Chowhound says the food is not so good. Trader Vic's is reopening soon in downtown Chicago, so that may be good, too, although it won't be as kitschy as the old one.

happy birthday, pixie!

((((amilita)))) I am so relieved for you and Mister! Oh, and my back seems fine. A little sore for a few days, but ok now.

Anyway. Love to you all. I have to get back to work.
happy birthday to pixie and to yuefie!!!!!!!!

the mr just dumped a package of beef broth down the sink. it was found open, in the back of the pantry. i would suspect the cats, but they don't have opposable thumbs, so it had to have been a kid. whatever, it stinks. it smells like wet catfood smells. *shudder*

it was 95 here yesterday, today i'd be surprised if it's reached 70. it went from "omg, it's so hot i can't breathe" to "omg, where's the extra blanket?" in less than an hour last night. crazy shit.
Happy Birthday Pixie!! I would have posted an image of a pixie but I swear I did a google image search and found copious amounts of porn instead. Seriously.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY PIXIE!!!! I hope things are settling down and you're feeling better and can I sign your cast?

((((Damona)))) pleh on migraines. it's been doing the wacky temperature thing here, except it's not so warm...

((((rose)))) feel better

((((bunny)))) you know what cures hives? mojitos. I am searching for a bar right now, although I've got a feeling one of my students works in one in the right area, so I might take you there.

((((amilita)))) I'm relieved to know you're ok. But eeek on the waves overtopping.

(((ccgirl))) urgh for first day back-itis.

((((kitten)))) how was it?

((((mando, syb, sassy, sixie, dusty, zoya, faith, futura, sidecar, polly, yuefie, everyone))))

I don't go back until the 19th, and teaching doesn't start until the week after, but I'm getting excited now - apart from the student loans nonsense. grr.

Today I did stuff, watched "who do you think you are" with Jerry Springer (about family history) and had a cry 'cos it was sad. I kinda like Jerry Springer, for some unknown reason, and in small doses. But what made my day was this:

it's a pygmy goat. for the uninitiated into this knobbly-kneed cuteness, they're goats, but shrunk in the wash until they're about a foot and a half tall. I live round the corner from a farm/stables (remember the ponies in the park?) and this girl and her friend were just hangin' out, grazing by the roadside. Gareth said I should steal her and freak Indigo out with it. I want one... wantwantwant. And chickens, battery chickens. And an alpaca. Maybe I should start to think about a smallholding...
Thank you for all the birthday wishe! This week has been madness! The resort where we were staying have been major asshats about my accident. Basically, the expect us to sue them,so they aren't even going to pretend towork with us. They even disabled our room keys while we were at the hospital!! So yeah we are sooo sueing them! I do have to have a plate and some screws put into my ankel as soon as teh swelling goes down enough. Basically my entire foot is a bruise!
Thankfully Mr. Pixie got a new laptop, so I have his old one since it will be at least 2 months before I can get back upstairs to my computer!

Happy Birthday Yuefie!!!

Amilita, I'm so glad you guys are safe!
Happy Birthday Pixie and Yuefie!!!

Morn, I want that goat!

Star, yeah for being home!

CCG, I'm sorry about school and being sick.

((feel better vibes for rose))

Big Kvetch: My mother called me in a blind panic telling me that they're coming down tomorrow night. It's due to the storms, and their community is forcing them to evacuate. I know I should be happy to see them, but I'm just in a pissy mood. They also sent me a very big check that I have no idea what to do with. So, I've spent the whole day cleaning, as my mother is so Mommie Dearest about everything. FUCK. My parents typically tell me shit without any warning, so you think I would be used to this by now. Just the house is in disaster mode due to the move and Home Depot. FUCK.

My belly and head(migrane) haven't been feeling well either today. Bleh. So, I haven't wanted to do a damn thing today.

Anti-kvetch: Project Runway on tonight. smile.gif Did anyone happen to catch 90210 last night?



Happiest Birfday wishes, Pixie! So sorry to hear about your accident and that the resort has resorted (ha!) to being complete asshats. I'm not inherently the litigious type but hell, I say sue their pants off since they wanna act like sniveling, sneaky little bitches about the whole ordeal.

~~~fell better vibes all around~~~

yay for amilita being safe and for star being back home!

((((everyone)))) ~~~multi purpose vibes for all~~~

I had to come in here to tell you all of my public humiliation that just occured. My sis and niece took me out for a pre-birthday celebration dinner to this Mexican place we discovered recently. While I was in the restroom my niece told them it was my birthday, even though I explicitly forbade them from getting the people to sing. Suddenly four guys are standing around me with a dish of fried ice cream and a sombrero (which, yes, was placed atop my head) singing "Happy Birthday, Panchita" at the top of their lungs, much to the delight of other amused patrons who burst out in applause when the head dude took a spoonful of whipped cream and raspberry sauce and smeared it across my cheek laugh.gif. I was laughing so hard I was gasping for air. And my poor niece, she had tears streaming down her face. It was so worth it to see her very grouchy teenage ass laugh that hard. In fact, to see her smile like that I'd suffer through it all over again wink.gif
can i beg for some keep-it-together vibes for my mom?

she and my step-dad own a restaurant, and they gave the management of the place over to this guy who wanted to do a rent-to-own type deal. fastforward 3 months (now) and the guy has disappeared, leaving the place full of food, grease in the fryer... the electricity was off for awhile at some point... bills unpaid... you name it, he screwed them over on it. we are going to have to clear out all that shit he left behind (the smell... ugh... *shudders*) and track his ass down. they are filing a lawsuit against him, too, for breach of contract. fucking asshole.

poor pixie!!! woah, does that ever SUCK. and how obnoxious that they automatically assume that you will sue and aren't helpful! bah.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*keep it together vibes for damona's mama~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

eww. that's heinous and evil and disgusting. i hope they find him and sue his pants off!

(((((((((amilita and star and all NOLA busties)))))))))

hmmm, i wonder if doxy has checked in? he stayed put.....

*smacks indigo on nose with rolled up newspaper* BAD PUPPY!!! BAD!
no more teenage rebellious angst, k??? be good for your mornington mum!!

yeufie, i loooooooooooooooove laughing that hard, and it's ALWAYS better when someone is laughing with you! so happy that your niece and you had that moment!

all of the bday pix have been GREAT. peter spanking pixie dust off of tink was just TOO good!


sassy, hope that all is well with your parents descending upon you, your tummy and your head!!

extra special going back to school busty vibes!!!

polly, that sounds so cool! did it work? did the mongo zit-in-the-making go away?

best of luck finding a kitschy hawai'ian/polynesian themed place for humanist! you could always just go to one that is less kitschy and bring your own paraphenalia - fake grass skirts, leis, umbrellas for the drinks, baby ukeleles.....all of that stuff is out there! we bought it all for mamae's 80th birthday party! amazing the stuff you can buy on the internet!

kvetch: i'm burnt out at work, other people aren't doing their jobs, we are going to miss deadlines and it is all stressing me out terribly

kvetch: this has resulted in a HUGE spike in my BP. i am dangerously high.

anti-kvetch: i bought a BP machine to monitor my BP

kvetch: i didn't think about the fact that it cost $100 USD and now i have next to no cash until tuesday (when the transfer i just asked the bank for will most likely come in)

anti-kvetch: my bank in the US knows me really well, so they will make the transfer toute suite and i MIGHT get the $$ before the weekend.

could i have some vibes for mamae, please? she's in the hospital. my sister called me yesterday morning EARLY to tell me that she was being taken to the ER in an ambulance. apparently she has had another heart attack.....i hate being this far away from my family.....
HAPPY BIRTHDAY YUEFIE!!!!! *hugs* sounds like a fun time!

((((pixie)))) asshats. grrr.

((((tes)))) *****mamae*****

((((damona)))) ****keep-it-together damonamum****

((((sassy)))) urgh. I hope the head and stomach clear up.

kvetch: stupid meeting at work meaning I have to get up even fucking earlier to go play nice with someone I know is going to be a p.o.s.
happy birthday, yuefie!!

~~~vibes for damona's mom~~~
~~~vibes for mamae~~~
~~~safe travel vibes for amilita & mister~~~
(((pixie))) that is horrible.
((sassy)) i hope you feel less stressy soon

I am home sick. Martini gave me his cold (boo). I got up an hour ago and looked outside, where we have the remnants of Gustav today. It's a good day to be tucked in with my dog and some blankets.
happy birthday yuefie!!

*~*~*~*vibes for the mama of tes and damona*~*~*~*

*~*~*get well vibes for sidecar*~*~*

kvetch: i'm not sure if it is the stress, the type of food i'm eating, or what...but i have been irregular if you know what i mean. i hate this.

antikvetch: working on scheduling a chicago bustie get together this month! it will be good to see everyone. smile.gif

Happy belated birthday, Yuefie!!!!!
Glad to hear you had so much fun celebrating with your family. smile.gif

(((((((((((((((((Tes' mamae)))))))))))))))))))
(((((((((((((((((Tes))))))))))))))))))))))) Poor thing. I'm so sorry you have to be so far away yet again while your mother is having medical problems.

(((((((((((((((Damona's parents)))))))))))))))))))))) What an absolute nightmare! My jaw hit the floor as I read that. I wish there was something we could do to help other than send vibes.

~~~~~~~ continued healing for PixieDust ~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~healing for Sidecar ~~~~~~ Summer colds begone!

~~~~~ sanity for Sassy ~~~~~

Sorry I didn't make it in here yesterday, but I was extremely pissed off about political stuff & I didn't want to bring that negative energy in here. I'm still annoyed today, but at least I'm not ranting so much. wink.gif

Kvetch: I skipped exercising the past 2 days & I feel horrendously guilty about it. I've just been too busy.
Kvetch: I'm still too busy!
Kvetch: The remnants of Hanna will hit before my family arrives, but Ike looks bad, too, & I have no idea when he's going to hit and where. What if Ike hits us while we're supposed to be in the mountains? What should we do? I've never lived through a hurricane before & the idea of dealing with it while also dealing with my family & their vacation plans is seriously complicating matters.

Must run. Gotta mow before the rains hit.
Happy belated birthdays to both yuefie and pixie!!! Apologies for serious lateness and all the best for the year ahead!!

Hectic week, been unwell, cranky at work and under pressure, very happy it's Friday and it can all stop for a bit.

Happy friday to all!! *vroom*
Not much happening here. Parents aren't coming up, which is a huge relief considering Mcgeek and I wouldn't be able to get the house ready in 2 days. Just dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety. I think I'm going to finally try to work out on our treadmill.

Anti-kvetch: Two concerts this weekend: Kathy Griffin and Chris Issak. smile.gif


(((Tes and your mamae))) So sorry you have to deal with this again. Any word on how she's doing?

(((Damona's parents))) That is insane. What a nightmare.

Everyone be well!!

I drove home yesterday, and am on call tonight. Hope I don't have to work so I can get unpacked and get myself straight.

Poor Wally had a very hard time in the carrier - before the sedatives kicked in, he was pushing his face into all the openings and his little nose is skinned and swollen. I'm sure it'll be fine but it breaks my heart. And then he's been spazzing really bad since we got home - at my mom's he was just totally scared and subdued. Alternating with the spazzing, he's been a little love bug. Poor baby.

My friend had her baby girl at a hospital near her parents' house. I'm so excited to meet the baby - not sure when they're coming back. And while I'm happy for her family to be able to share the event, I'm sad for myself to have missed it. I've never been able to be there for a friend during labor and birth, and I really wanted to have that bond with them. But at least they are all safe and healthy!!

Rosev, I'm nervously watching Ike, too. I'm not sure of the timing of that storm and your family's visit, but would it be possible for you and Sheff to dart back home and take care of the house if necessary? How stressful!
God Damona, what a pain in the ass. I hope they find him and take him down.

{{{{tesmama vibes}}}}

{{{vibes for all in the way of incoming storms}}}

sassygirl - enjoy the concerts and the treadmill.

roseviolet - I hear you about the negative energy from politics. I can't watch any of it. Too scared, too angry.

{{{vibes for star's tummy}}}

sidecar - yesterday was a perfect day to hide.

{{{yuefie, mornington, and all}}}

Gods, what a freaking week. So glad it is over. I got a in a fight with a friend, which I almost never do. It's been years since I've had this kind of argument. And then, a women whom I had done a presentation for for work complained about me. She said I came off as man-hating in my sexual assault training as well as arrived filthy (I had ridden my bike on a hot day but had left myself time to clean up.) My supervisor was as baffled as I was with the whole thing but, because of recent events at work, the complaint had to go on my permanent file. sad.gif
So today I started my period. Of course. I ran to the grocery store tonight and got some chocolate pudding. Sat down to eat it, saw about 5 seconds of the Stand Up For Cancer telethon and burst into tears. So now I am watching a documentary on ferrats on PBS. This I can handle. Ferrat people make cat people seem normal.
I stayed home again today, as I still felt horrible, and around 7ish, best pal A called. The baby was hyperventilating and she was a wreck, so I went and got them into her car, picked up Martini and then we all went to the ER at Children's. We just got home. The baby is fine now -- she had a polyp in her throat, fluid in her ears and mucus plugging her nose. They drained the mucus and fluid, and sent us home. Everything's fine in the end. We're going to have some frozen pizza, and then I'm going to sleep until his cold is gone.

I'm too tired for vibes. It was scary but it's okay now.

We found a flat! It's lovely and in a nice area, it has lots of space and is a gothic house conversion with the original bay windows and wooden shutters. We love it.
Time in London tiring and mainly spent viewing flats but managed to have wine with mornington, dinner and then brunch today with my aunt and uncle (who we were staying with), dinner and more wine with the boy's friend and we picked up some krispy kremes and a fly-by visit to my favourite bookstore, where I'm hoping to work.

(((tes and mamae)))

(((pixie))) sue.

(((sidecar, friend and baby)))


(((damona's parents)))

kvetch: on train back to Edinburgh and there are expected delays further north due to flash flooding.
anti-kvetch: we found a flat! now I just need to find a job...
Yay for the house, bunny! Please post pictures!

Yikes, sidecar! A polyp in her throat? That's so scary. Did they do anything about the polyp? We did CPR training at work yesterday. It's something everyone, especially anyone with children in their care should know how to do.

Kvetch: My mom and I were supposed to go to a picnic at the shelter for the volunteers that starts in about 2 hours, but she has a headache and I slept too long, didn't get any laundry together (I am out of clothes. Nothing clean. Nothing.) and now I'm stuck. I'm supposed to go out for humanist's birthday tonight (hopefully Stargazer will be joining us!) and I have nothing to wear and I'm bleeding and having Diva Cup malfunctions. Argh! LeBoy is at a housewarming party two hours away for some friends I don't really like (so I'm a little glad to have them farther away! tongue.gif ) so I have no help. Albus is being extra whiny for some reason.

I want to get back in bed. unsure.gif

((kitten)) sorry for the crap-filled week

((amilita)) I'm glad you're home, safe and sound. Poor Wally!

((sassy)) I'm relieved for you that your parents are staying put. Yeah, 'cause that's all you need right now blink.gif

Happy [belated] birthday, Yuefie!

((damona and family)) Sorry about the asshat!

Well, I'd better go try to throw some laundry together. dry.gif
*~*~*get well vibes for sidecar*~*~*

sidecar, sorry you have been feeling so horrible.

amilita, i'm glad you are safe. i hope ike doesn't send you packing again.

kitten, man, i hate it when hormones do that to me. when i was leaving b-town, i was premenstrual. so, add to it that i'm terrible at goodbyes and i was sobbing mess. terrible.

polly, i'm still miffed that i could've hung out with you and humanist at the german fest. dry.gif oh well. i will get to see the both of you tonight.

both of you?? that is a totally valid midwestern response btw. wink.gif

kvetch: my school is expecting me to just start the internship search process again. um, no. we need to talk about my previous experience and how i will spin this info in my interviews, in my CV, on my cover letters....yeah, easier said than done. is it a little too much to ask for some guidance from my superiors?!? wtf.

antikvetch: seeing friends since i've gotten back home. i was feeling a little needy last night and lonely. hence, my bummed reaction this morning when i got a PM from polly. damn. BUT, i did get to see avaadore yesterday.
Kitten, hope you're having a good, relaxing weekend.

Sidecar, yikes! Glad the baby is OK. One of my least favorite things is when people can't breathe, which I say with utter sincerity. Yuck. Hope you're getting better.

Bunny, the flat sounds lovely! I always say if you've got a job OR a place to live lined up somewhere, you'll be fine!

Polly, I need to get out and do some volunteer work. I just can't seem to get it together to figure out something that will work for me.

(((Star))) Good luck working through all that paperwork and stuff.

The projected path for Ike is looking a little more hopeful for me, because we're not in the center of the projected path anymore, but I'm still keeping all my parts crossed. Trying to relax and not worry too much 'til later. Rose, it looks like it's not going to head up the east coast, so that's good for you and your parents' visit.

Poor Wally. Last night I was clipping his nails and noticed he yanked one completely off when he was fighting with his carrier so bad. Also, I peeled this weird crust off his nose, so I think his little hairs will grow back better and it won't itch him.

I've been watching Dexter Season Two on the internets. It's so freaking good. Wish I didn't have to work tonight, but off I go! Oh, and I have my annual tomorrow. Bleh.

Happy Sunday, everyone!!!
Kitten, did you have a good weekend at least?

Sidecar, is the baby okay?

Bunny, house pics now!! smile.gif

Polly, I so need to do some volunteer work. I hope that you had a good weekend.

Star, I'm sorry about the paperwork that sucks.


Kvetch: Fucking exs of boyfriends past. Damn Facebook. One just IMed me and just bragged about his family. All I could say was I was getting a puppy, not that they're the same. I guess he was just happy I was getting engaged again. Anyways, enough bitching. Sorry busties, I'm grumpy.

Kvetch: Shots in the broken toe this morning. At least my doctor has a great sense of humor.

Anti-kvetch: Fall tv season!!


Yep, the baby's okay. It sounds like she has a sinus infection-y type thing. Apparently, they were least worried about the polyp, which sounded like the worst part to me but then again, I'm not a medical professional. She is doing just fine now. Saturday, A and the baby came over, and Sophie played with Izzy, and it was so cute. I'm glad she was okay. It was kinda terrifying to have A call and say something was wrong.

Back to work today, and it sounds like I missed a bunch of lame drama on Friday. I was probably just as productive staying home being sick and not doing any work.

(((amilita))) glad you're back home and that ike is going elsewhere.
Happy Monday, y'all.

Yes, my weekend was better than my week. Went and saw Hamlet 2. Maybe the most offensively funny movie I have ever seen. I was in tears at one point. I did not catch up in my school reading like I was supposed to but there is plenty of time, right? Sure there is. rolleyes.gif

Amalita, glad that the storm is looking less scary.

sidecar - glad you and your friend's baby are better.

{{{sassy's toe}}}

{{{stargazer}}} I wish I knew how to help this.

polly - the card that you posted for yuefie actually says the thing I realized about my birthday this year. Doesn't 35 mean that advertisers no longer care what I think? It is kind of freeing.

{{{bunnyb}}} Yay for new places to live!


~!!!~!!!~ super-strength anti-hurricane spray for Amilita ~!!!~!!!~

Congrats on the new place, Bunny!!!

~~~~~ soothing for Sassy's toe ~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~ contined healing for Pixiedust ~~~~~~~~~~ Have you been back to the doctor yet? What did they say?

Billy, are you out there? Did you see the race?

Where the hell has Dusty been?!?!?!

Tomorrow is my last day to clean before my family arrives. I still have soooooooo much to do! EEK! I need to take some cardboard boxes in to be recycled & I need to order a special cake from the bakery & I need to buy some pillows & I need to do some yard work & I need to clean the whole downstairs & I need to do a few loads of laundry and I need to buy groceries! EEK! I'll probably end up staying awake extra late tomorrow just to take care of the last little details. I know the house doesn't have to look perfect for them, but I'll be really busy while they're here & I won't have time to clean so it's just better to do everything ahead of time.
Hello kvetchies!

((((damona and mom)))) I can't believe what that guy did. I really do hope that they find him.

(((kittenb))) boo to crappy weeks

((((tes and mom))))

(((pixie and family))) you should definitely sue that place!

get better vibes for (((sidecar)))

(((sassy))) I hope those shots weren't too bad!!

bunny, congrats on finding a place!

((((rosev)))) you will survive the family visit! I know only too well what it's like to be cleaning up everything and feeling like there's not enough time to get it all done.

((((amilita, star, polly, yuefie, everyone)))

kvetch: I am not on my period yet but I have horrible horrible cramps. Everything I see online is like "this is an early sign of pregnancy, congrats!" I am not pregnant unless it's immaculate conception. WTF is the deal with my stupid body?!

anti-kvetch: despite having to get up super early and being on my feet all day, I'm really enjoying my new job. I just don't want to jinx it!

anti-kvetch: Yesterday I found the coolest song ever yesterday, one that I hadn't been able to figure out for a while. It's Chopin's Raindrop prelude 15. And it is awesome.
things seem quiet in here. unsure.gif

kvetch: yesterday was one of those do over days. it seemed like everyone in the house was pretty emotional. i was frustrated with stupid comcast workers not being helpful with setting up wireless in da home. my stepdad had a breakdown over the stress of going back to school. and my poor mom wanted to run away from us because of all the drama. but, things seemed better by the evening.

antikvetch: stepdad got a new 'puter and it is superfast. now, i just need to figure out the wireless stuff.... dry.gif

kitten, i'm gladd you had a good weekend. get to reading now. wink.gif

sidecar, so happy you are feeling better! how is sophie? that dog is so lovable.

rose, i hope things go smoothly with the fam coming over.

candy, i'm sure you will do fine at the new job!

off to take on the man!

Just a quick fly by...I had surgery yesterday. I'm home and on super strength drugs. I may have to have an MRI on my knee when I go back for my post op and we have contacted a lawyer. Thanks for all the thoughts and vibes. I'll be bck to vibe and thank everyone properly once I am semi choherant.
(((pixie))) feel better, hun!

(((star))) smooth, hair-brushing virtual vibes.

(((rose))) same for you!

ccg, that is such a beautiful piece of music and, random fact, features in the film face/off.

(((sassy, sidecar, amilita, kitten, polly, morn, yuefie, mandi, tesao, damona, designermedusa - how's the mr?, zoya, dusty, everybody...)))

I will post photos of the flat once it's finalised (I'm superstitious) but anybody who is really curious PM me your email address.

kvetch: the boy's sister has managed to annoy me from the other side of the world. They are visiting next month (only decided this weekend), two weeks after we move to London and I don't think it will be economically feasible to come home so soon after we move (and besides we'll be settling in and stuff). Anyway, paranoid android me thinks it may be intentional or, at the very least, completely inconsiderate (which really fits with the way things usually are where she's concerned). I would love to see them, especially my pseudo nephew and it annoys me that she didn't think about how it would affect us. Anyway, despite my annoyance I commented on her facebook status today, which said that she was coming home to visit, and said, ""It's sad we're not going to see you sad.gif" to which she replied, "oh well." OH WELL? who the fuck says that? Ok, I could be overly sensitive but that strikes me as a "I don't give a shit" response. Grrr. So now I'm definitely not coming home and the boy can do what he likes as it's HIS family (not that he cares about seeing them anyway, cos he's like that). /vent (sorry, had to get it out).
Star, fight the man baby!!

Pixie, be well. Healing vibes.

Kitten, I really liked Hamlet 2. I'm a theatre dork though. I loved "Rock me Sexy Jesus."

CCG, I'm going to have to find that Chopin song.

RV, continued anti-stress vibes for the family visit. Breathe. Don't worry about that your family wants it to be perfect, it's your house. I'm trying to learn that lesson.


Kvetch: Toe is still sore and swollen, but I'm trying to take it easy for a few days. I've realized that Mcgeek and I have way too many freaking clothes (it could be that he never throws away old shitty t-shirts). I'm pricing a wardrobe, b/c the closets are really small.


internet issues suck.


i'll be back later, i hope!
Just a quick drop-in to say hi!!
((sassy)) Hope your toe feels better.

((bunnyb)) Yay for finding a place in London. Sounds like the boy’s sister is being pissy. If I got a response of “oh well”, it would make me mad too.

((pixie)) Hope you heal well from the surgery.

((star)) Hope the house is less stressful today.

((ccgirl)) Glad the new job is going well.

((rose)) Enjoy the visit from your family.

((kittenb)) Glad your weekend was fun.

((sidecar)) Yay for being able to avoid work drama.

((amilita)) Hope wally is feeling better soon.

Mr. DM had his follow up appointment from his eye surgery, and the doctor said everything was looking good. His self-esteem has improved dramatically, and he is happier. This makes me happier as well. We went for a run last night as Mr. DM has to start running due to having low lipids or something like that. I forgot that I avoid running due to it always hurts my neck, I have neck issues and I guess the running aggravates it. So now my neck hurts, but I am taking it easy and using heat and cold packs. Tomorrow I have a really boring three hour meeting about “Perfect Service” at work. Anyone watch Fringe last night? Twin DM and I really liked it, but Mr. DM not so much.


Busy, busy, busy. I get the digest, so I've been kind of sort of keeping up.

I've never felt so excited and pukey and happy at the same time. Though maybe I'm just excited and happy and I'm getting sick and thus pukey is less an emotional state and more a physical one.
Happy Birthday Kitten!

I hope you have a lovely day and that the mr spoils you as you deserved to be spoiled.

((dm's neck))) I really enjoyed Fringe, although I doubt I need another Lost like show in my life!

(((sassyg's toe)))

(((polly))) are you a-lurking? kvetch is here to kvetch, remember... I'll join you, morn, star and the kitties under the duvet and we'll have a part-ay (a pity party, perhaps, but a party nonetheless).

(((yuefie))) I will respond to your email at some point... your birthday meal was mouthwatering!

*waves at lelu, q'spice, damona*

kvetch: I'm still pissed at the boy's sis and who knows whether she's pissed at me or just pissy in general. The boy says I shouldn't have told her via facebook in that way that we weren't going to see her. I'm more pissed by the fact that even though I said that *we* wouldn't see her she emailed the boy and said [paraphrasing] "so bunny definitely can't come but could you postpone collecting your car from home for three weeks and come see me?' I've been assured though that this is what siblings do: ignore the partner and chance their arm with their family. Hmph.

Anyway, I'm stressed and pissy and wasting energy on that is not worth it. I have so much to do, I move in two weeks and still don't have job or even started packing but I have a nice long weekend plan with the boy (who is unexpectedly coming home), interspersed with some quality time with friends before I leave.

Just a quick pop-by to send my love to all of the Busties - new and old.

I cannot think of 9/11, without thinking of the intensity with which I was cyber-connected to all of you as it was all unfolding.

It is hard to believe it has already been seven years, and yet, it is impossible to think it has ONLY been seven years.

I am not here often (rarely, in fact) but you are in my thoughts, especially on today.

(oh, and this is the original car, but I can't remember my log-in.......)
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