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QUOTE(roseviolet @ Jul 14 2006, 11:23 AM) *

there's a cool artsy-crafsty show in Raleigh that I want to go to tomorrow, but I get soooooo turned around when I drive there. biggrin.gif
Ooh, are you talking about the Rock & Shop Market? I read about that on Craftster about a month ago and kept meaning to ask you if you were going to go... so now you have to! Map it on Mapquest, find a reasonably close-by place to park, and have a fab time! (I'm jealous of the opportunity, does that help?)

Oh, and RV, speaking of posties, I think I need to get back on the Postie List bandwagon. Is it still postielist, etc.?
Yup, VP, you are right on all points!

I'll be going to the Rock & Shop Market. I saw a lot of these artists at the Handmade Market a couple of months back & had a good time, so I'm looking forward to this! I'm mainly worried about the drive because every other time I've been to that area, Sheff has driven. And he'll have to work on Saturday afternoon, so I'm all on my own. Looks really cool, though! Even the location (a pub) looks fantastic. So yes, I've been saving my pennies so that I can shop til I drop!

As for the postie list, I'm still the Mistress o' the List. I've been sending out a new list every season or so (sometimes more often). Just send your info to postielist [at] bust [dot] com. I was just thinking last night that I'd like to send a new list soon. Lots of people have been moving lately, so a lot of up-dates are needed!

I neeeeeeed to leave the house, peeps. Gotta buy groceries & go by the dairy.

Aaww, my inaugural kvetch! This new board is quite exciting; I am a little nostalgic for ye olde bust (what, who's afraid of change?) but it is fun to see so much new activity. Pity my home internet is out for the next two weeks or I would do more posting in the threads I don't get to see too much.

I am all caught up on kvetch, I feel like it takes longer to read because all the posts are chunkier with avatars and formating, or something. I can't read the really light colors, so I wind up highlighting them.

I can't believe our baby is so grown up and fancy!

Kvetch: meds woes, which have led to work inefficiency, and a realization that I have let myself get totally out of shape. If I feel better I am going to exercise soon, because in addition to my generally body woes, I don't want to be unhealthy!

Antikvetch: My older brother is engaged! Madness but happiness.

((((((Pixie and m-i-l))))))

$$$***House request vibes for Mornington**$$$

(((((((RoseV)))))Everything will turn out fine. I'm just like that when i have to go somewhere i've never been to. Don't feel weird!

Congrats with your brother, Faith!

So you all know that i live in a former red light district. I sometimes see men aimlessly walking around. I wondered if they really thought they could get some sincde it's been all over the national news that the district has been closed down.
Wednesday evening i sat in the window on the first floor, where we have our living room. I sat with my back to the street, being fully clothed. I was talking to P when he said i was being checked out. I look down on the street and i saw this guy look up. As soon as he saw i was looking in his direction he made some sort of gesture. It was obvious what he meant ("how much do i have to pay"...).
I made a gesture of which i was not sure what it meant but i knew it wasn't pretty. He left at once.
The following day a friend explained to me that the gesture i made was "of utter humiliation" in Italian.
Why don't these men get the frikking memo. A fully clothed girl sitting in her own home, semi visible for someone in the street does not want to have sex for money. The guy was seedy looking, btw. And he could be my dad, age-wise.

Anyway, it's still hot as hell over here. I could seriously do with airco right now.
((((((((Pixie's MIL)))))))) So sorry I forgot to vibe her earlier. What a nightmare! I can't imagine what she must be going through.

Hi there, Faithy! I was thinking about you for some reason last night. Sorry to hear about the health issues, though. Hope it's nothing major. Many many congrats to your bro!

Sonik, that's just ... yuck! Keep those doors locked. [shudder]

So I couldn't find the theatre. I think I may need highly specific directions or something. But I got all the ingredients for the fab dinner I'm making tonight and managed to get home just before the rains came. So it's all good.
QUOTE(sonik @ Jul 14 2006, 04:45 PM) *

I made a gesture of which i was not sure what it meant but i knew it wasn't pretty. He left at once.

Sonik, you are my heroine. biggrin.gif
Wow sonik..that's I wanna know the gesture! I'm on my third italian in as many years...the first two probably deserve the gesture!

Thanks for the MIL vibes. In reality she will probably have a new job long before her severance runs out, it is just unlikely that she will make as much as she does now. But if she drops a tax bracket the difference in pay may not affect her much. She isn't in bad shape financially either. Mr. P thinks hse has quite a few credit cards, but I know she usually trys to pay them off at the end of every month. Her mortgage is less than ours and her hubby makes more than Mr. P and I combined so even if she doesn't get a new job right away she would probably be fine, she would just have to stop taking us out to eat at expensive hibatchi restraunts*le sigh*

Mr. P's dad is being a jerk about helping us out with the extra weeks pay. mad.gif Even though the business is actually going to be closed 3 days that week(paid vaca for the employees) and we are only talking about 2 days for which he'd be paid but not work.

I do the same thing Rose. I always have lots of mapquest maps with me when I am going someplace new.
Aw shucks, VesiJillie.

P was sitting on the couch, so when i turned to the street and made the gesture, he didn't see that. P asked then 'what did you do?'and i was like,'I did that gesture, we wanted to use for a long time' ( only when absolutely necessary ofcourse, but we had joked around with it between the two of us)) and he got all excited. "Really?? Did you really do that?! Cool!"

I'm drinking white wine with ice. The ice melts before i can take a sip.

GameBoy should be intercepting some pseudo-postal goodness for me this afternoon. I am waiting on a new pair of workout Keds because my other workout shoes pinch my toes. Also, I heart Keds. I plan to add some book-y, yarny, and needle-y goodness to that pile soon. And perhaps more shoes.


Sonik, great gesture! Stay alert and take care of yourself.

Thanks for all the congrats! This is definitely a Good Thing. I got some benefits info and both my drug screen and background check came back good. Guess the replacement pee and bribery worked... ph34r.gif

I should be working on my performance review. The process is retroactive, though apparently the bonuses aren't. Mild boo.

Tomorrow I'm going to a Gem and Jewelry Show and out for Thai (since we wound up at Cheesecake Factory on Tuesday) with DruidGirl, then to a birthday party for one of the cool girls I work with. GameBoy claims I didn't tell him about the party. Don't tell him I think he might be right.

{{{{faith}}}} Hope you're feeling better soon. Meds are helpful but can also blow.

Having a good giggle about Vesica's pup. There is nothing funnier than when the critters randomly go spastic.

I've been e-mailing my knitting pals about our Austin pilgrimage (it was my idea and I'm coordinating), and warned them all in advance about my verbosity. At SnB last night, K said she was amused by this, and also by the upbeat tone I always have. J said she didn't think they were that long, and M & A replied in unison: "Those are short." We all had a chuckle over that one. J said that she *did* notice my attention to detail: "What about thi...? Oh *points*, there it is. Wait, what ti...? Oh *points*, that's right here."

And now I must stop myself before I go on a truly overextended tangent of waxing poetic about my loquaciousness.

Am I enjoying myself too much? (Hush up, TG. smile.gif )
Have fun at the party, Plumwine! That trip to Austin sounds fabulous!

Pixiedust, you start with the back of your hand against your throat. The fingers are covering your throat, the back of your hand is half under your chin. Then you jerk your hand out from under your chin and expose the complete hand at the subject. Like, no middle finger but just all hand. It's all in the movement.
ok..yeah...I know the one...iIve used it a few times in the past. I didn't realize it was an Italian thing.

Congrats Plummie! I'm glad things worked out for you.
Need some Bustie vibes- I found out today that a woman I work with, who can't be much older than I am, has 12 weeks to live. She found out she's got stage 4 throat cancer. She's a single mom with a 2 or 3 year old daughter. She's Filipino, I think, and has no family in this country. I don't know her personally very well, and I got the details from someone else, and she said the plans for her daughter are upin the air as of now. She has some good friends at work (one of which has been watching her daughter since she went somewhere to get some intense chemo treatment) and some friends through her church, I guess, but that's it, unless her daughter goes back to the Phillipines. Really sad.

To add to this, I have a little white spot/lump in the back of my throat that's been there about 6 weeks and has gotten more lump-like than flat in the last couple of days. I'm going to see what my mom thinks and then call a doctor.

~*~*~*vibes for Pixie, Mr. Pixie, and M-I-L~*~*~*
~*~*~*vibes for Mornington~*~*~*~*
~*~*~*everyone else~*~*~*~*
Hi everybody! My first post in the new lounge, wow. I don't know if I like it yet... not good with change over here, either.

So, thanks for all the oohs and aahs over my wee little Avocado! She is now 1.5 years old and munching on corn in her highchair. She loves watching Sesame Street and the Simpsons. She is too cute sometimes.

To up the cuteness scale, and really make you all jealous, there are KITTENS here! blink.gif Yes, itty bitty kittens! wub.gif

My pal is staying with us this summer (she is the same one from last summer, except this time she is all graduated and has a job and moves into her apartment in August and I will mees her sad.gif ) Anywho, they are her kittens and my cat hates them and hisses at them from a distance but I get to cuddle kittens!! Whee!

Not much else is going on here. My birfday is next Tuesday and I am prepping for Ze Love's big 4-0 bash (we are having a roast n' toast for him heh heh.

So, I need to catch up here. In the meantime, hugs and vibage for all! I meesed ya gals!

**extra vibes for Pollysty's coworker. That is horrible!**
Yay for kittens and a too cute baby!

Polly (((((((((((((((((((((((co-worker))))))))))))))))i don't have words. 12 weeks, it's not even time. Too short.
(((polly))) please make a doctor's appt, honey. don't mean to scare you. but i think it warrants having a look-see.

i'm so sorry about your co-worker. ditto on the loss for words. if anyone ever needed a miracle ....

plummie, so happy to hear your good news! congrats!
(((tallgirl))) mwahs for fessing up.

happy early birthday, mavin!

k. now i'm just plain irritated. i can't see this entire thread so i don't know who else needs hugs and vibes now. i can't stand not having the last day/tree view. and i know i'm going to forever forget to log out (hence my lurking status).

kvetch: i've gone claws-out-mamabear on the kidlet's fucktard english teacher. with cc's to the principal, the assistant principal, and the counselor. i don't give a shit how whacked they think i am now. long story short, i backed off and let danny fend for himself back in may, with missed assignments. and he wound up taking a huge hit in the self-esteem dept (his first ever D and an F - tho he got an overall B- for the year). but i fully blame this fucktard's teacher's incompetancy and convoluted, wholly unfair grading system. but i'm also beating myself up something fierce that this could've all been avoided if i had stepped in. then again, mr shithead should've gotten on the phone himself; one of his high-honors students was suddenly heading for D/F-land. yes, indeed. i ripped him a new asshole alright. gently & passively-agressively, of course. (seriously, i could make a good career out of writing disgruntled emails. i keep re-reading it and thinking, damn, i'm good!)

i know i sound like i'm making a mountain out of a molehill. i probably am. that's been happening alot lately. i can't seem to take things in stride anymore.

oh. wait. maybe i never could.

\end senseless babble.
Of course, mando- I don't mess around with medical stuff- I try not to be a hypochondriac, but I have no qualms about going in just to get something checked out. I've had tonsil issues over the years- I would get strep throat 3-4 times a year when I was elementary school age, then just once a year or so when I was a teenager, then I got tonsilitis several times between 20-24 or so. I haven't gotten it this year or last ((knock on wood)). I *wish* my parents would have just gotten my tonsils yanked when I was a kid- I hear the surgery is horrible as an adult. We'll see what the doctor says- I haven't checked to see if he's in my isurance network yet, but if he is, I'm going to see the ear-nose-throat guy who my friend went to for his sinus surgery (if you saw the pictures of the nose goblins in the gross-out thread, yeah, that's the guy.)

On a positive note, we just got back from a trip to Costco to get our laminate flooring- goodbye nasty carpet!! At least for the dining room, living room and hallway. We'll have to replace the carpet in the bedrooms, but probably not until next year. We got a nice warm, dark cherry color.

Also, mando, it sounds like you've got legitimate reasons to be pissed at Danny's teacher. Trust me, my boyfriend's mom teaches honors/AP biology at a very prestigious high school around here, and I've heard stories about crazy parents whining about their kids getting an A instead of an A+ and threatening lawsuits....if you've genuine evidence that the teacher is unfair and/or incompetant, go for it!

You're right, sonik, 12 weeks just isn't enough. I was thinking "what would I do with 12 weeks?" and I thought, "get married, sell the house and travel!" Then, "well, it would take half that time to sell the house (otherwise, how could we afford to travel?), then there's spending time with family and just wouldn't work" It would be an interesting thread, as long as it didn't get too depressiong (almost unavoidable, though). What would you do with your last 12 weeks? (Answer here, or would people be interested in a thread?)
((txplum)) Congrats on your job and all the benefits.


((polly's coworker))

((pixie)) Get pregnant with a boy.

((mornington)) get the house.

((rose)) Hope you enjoy the play and the arty-crafty show. I always get directions if I'm going someplace new, just makes me feel better.

((tall girl, sonik, faith, syb, bunny, amilita, mando, dusty, vesica, lovely and sashie))

Well the NYC job that I spoke harshly of on Thursday may actually be a good thing. The CEO called me today, and is flying me up for an interview on Monday. I really feel like I'll be giving my two weeks on Tuesday, they seem that interested. She also said they could help with housing as they know many of the landlords in the area. So we'll see, but I'm staying very optimistic. Any vibes would be appreciated. smile.gif

Have a nice weekend everyone.
hugs and vibes for all!
I don't really like the new lounge. prolly 'cause it looks like all the forums full of fucktards on teh internets that i avoid.

12 weeks, eh? first, quit my jobs. drop out of school, get my money back, grab a few friends, fly to europe, and bum around until money runs out. then go to my mom's mom's house and eat frozen ah caramels and hang out with my family.

my feet hurt. i have to work 8 or 9 days in a row (started monday, goes to tuesday or wednesday), and then my vacation will be full of walking and standing. how odd is it that i'm looking forward to the 12 hour car trip just 'cause i get to be sitting for that long?

i bought crazy high hightops today. like, swear at them because they're such a damn pain to put on and take off. but they are teh cool, so it's of the okay.

i went to the gym today. i'm all proud of me
12 weeks...I'd quit work and spend all of my time with Mr. Pixie and minipixie...probably travel as much as I could in that time.

I really hope your co worker can get the arrangements made for her daughter. I'd hate to see her end up in state custody. I can not even fathom what it would be like to look at a calendar and know you won't be alive when it's done.

umm...I think we need some kittens in this you have any pics Mavin? Amilita, any new pics of Wally?

12 weeks? (can we call it 3months or does that sound too optimistic?) New York, Italy, Maldives and as much time with the boy and the family and friends as possible. Oh, and lots of good food.

Poor (((polly's co-worker))) and her (((daughter))). Fuck cancer.

(((polly))) too.

@"@"@"bouncing baby boy vibes for the pixie family"@"@"@"

(((mando))) you are a fab mama bear.

early ****happy birthday**** to mavin!

Had such a fun day with the boy playing crazy golf (I managed two hole in ones!), shopping and mexican lunch. Now we are vegging out inside in cool and shade as such a scorcher of a day with ice cream drinks then I'm going to do some dissertation reading for a while before we chill over dinner, a bottle of rioja and the last few episodes of season 2 of House.

12 weeks! Goodness. I don't even know. I'd try to have my family come here so I could spend as much time as possible with my husband and them. ((polly's coworker and daughter))

((((danny)))) that's very frustrating.

go dm go!

(((bunny))) OMG, I love golf. I have only went once and I really liked it (and my golfing friend said I was pretty good at it). I need to get myself a bag and sign up for some lessons. Maybe in August.

This is my only weekend at home this month! Next weekend I am going to Cali for a four-day weekend, then the weekend after that is a big music festival and the weekend after *that* is Lollapalooza! The weekend after that, I think I will sleep.

I also went to the gym today. Now I'm going to clean and go shopping at a mall. Oh, and we have to look for refridgerators because ours is dying. I'm so married and suburban today (despite not living in the suburbs.)
I had to work today. Bah. But I am wearing my new scrubs and I had to share with y'all. Bright, sunny yellow pants and a blue *cookie monster* top. I am so cute today.

Will work on kitten pics!
((((((polly's co-worker and daughter)))))



(((dm))) woo! go go go! **vibes**

(((mamabear mando))) & (((danny))) I can see why you did it, the teacher sounds like an arse. I'd be mad, and I think you're well within to be ripping him a new one.

(((mavin))) happy early birthday!




we always need more kittens.

I looked at the house... I like it! the estate agent is closed, but I left a message and will try again on monday. I want this house. Keep vibin' what you got to spare.

One of the horses gave me a cuddle today. His back is on a level with the top of my head (he's about 17.2hands) and he's such a gentle sweetie - he waits until I'm grooming his shoulder to wrap his neck around me and whiffle. He's a total tart (until he farts in my face when I groom him or take his temperature).

H is coming down tomorrow to stay for a few days. I've missed him, and Daphne will be pleased too - although she's been bonding with my mum too.

Especially for Pixie!

Though Wally is getting so big, he's barely a kitten it seems! I lurve his giant hind feets!


(((polly's co-worker))) A woman I worked with for a short time got diagnosed with (I believe) stomach cancer and died within the year. Sometimes I take my good health for granted.

((mandomammabear)) Thank you so much for the Mandopalloza pictures! I may take one into my next haircut so I can get bangs like Jung's.

Yay for horse cuddling, mornington!


I realize I've been soaking up other people's problems and issues like a sponge...really letting them get to me. I have a little perspective today and will try to distance my emotions more, just to preserve my own sanity.

Yay! Me 'n' rosev can talk about moms and moms-in-law in October! I'm slightly nervous already...excited, too. I like the Mr.'s mom, but ya know those people you never feel totally comfortable with, for whatever reason? You have to be attentive to all your interactions and all that...

Hope crassy is getting some good relaxin'.
oh, my!!! everyone is HERE!!!

can i just say HUZZAH!!!

no more trolls! yayayyayay!!

i love: mandomyheart, pixiedust, amilita, sidecar, maVIN (and her maVocado!!!), mornington, bunnyb, tyger, designermedusa, pollystyrene, sonik, rosiev, tes' ass plummmmy goodness, and everyone else that i always forget. always. wub.gif

OMG a tesao AND very cute kitten sighting!!!

speaking of which: amilita, the pic of wally standing up at window is so cute it hurt my eyes!

sidecar, it was crazy golf ... the boy loves actual golf but I haven't succumbed ... so far

oops I've just been busted busting when I should be reading rolleyes.gif

^"^"^"house vibes for mornington"^"^"^"

*flings self at bunny b*

*knocks bunny b over*

*they roll around on floor in a hug pile*


hokay, kvetchettes, i have solved my issues with the coding. thanks to you wonder women!!!
if you've uploaded one, you have to delete it and then upload a new one. if you're using a remote hosted one (like at el jay -- but be sure to tack the extension [eg, .png or .jpg or .gif] on at the end so it'll work right), you just need to change the url.

for font/color changes, use the extended reply (click "new reply" instead of "fast reply") to get the purty menu.

in approximately 9 hours, i have a date. to go listen to funereal music and picnic. on a sunday. eek.
woooooo hooooooo!!!

did you make chocolate orgasms???

(i'm still floundering around here. i know it has to do with my codes, but i'm obviously goofing them up somehow!!!0

i just looooooooooooooooooooooove Mozart. hee

(' kay, q. you can see my coding, right? what is wrong with it?)

*runs off to tack extension on*
HAHAHAH! I was just wondering the same thing, Did Quantum make the chocolate orgasms for her Mozart picnic?! bwahahahahaha!

Kvetchettes, I may not do the ~*~*~*~*~*~vibes for everyone*~*~*~*~*~ all the time (or hell, MOST of the time!) but just know I send you continual warm fuzzies and one gigantic chocolate orgasm (I posted the recipe in the Barefoot thread if you want to know what we're talking about).

What's going on with me? Well, still on pins and needles waiting to hear about the dream job. I think it's mine, but I'm not getting my hopes up until I see an offer on paper (this week, crossing all fingers and toes and eyes). It's a weird time. I feel like I'm neither here nor there. I'm going to be sad to bid adieu to my current company because they are such a great group of people, but I will be soooooooo psyched to settle in at the new one for many, many reasons.

(Sorry, Tes, Africa it's not. I know I've told you this before, but it bears repeating.)

I love the new ignore function. I've got four suckas on my list now. Poof be gone, mofos!

raisin!!!! wub.gif

*crosses various body parts for raisingirl*

it's okay, querida. i just want you to be happy!!! rolleyes.gif
TES! So good to see you!!!!!! How are things in Africa? Give us an up-date, darling!
My only news that might interest you is that Sheff's company is talking about moving their offices to your home base, so I imagine we'll be living around there next year. Besides, I'm tired of driving 40 minutes or more just to get to Raleigh!

Marvelous to see MaVin, too! If we start up the Sock Report again will you continue to stop by?

Yay for Q's date! Q's adorable smile + romantic picnic + classy music = the perfect evening. Of course, if you were to add some chocolate orgasms I'm sure you'll get fantastic results, too, but that super cute smile may be all the sweetness you need!

Amilita, Wally looks like he's moved into that awkward teen-ager phase. His legs are sooooo long! Cutecutecute! And I feel you on the not-totally-comfortable thing with the MIL. I haven't spent a ton of time with Sheff's mom & their relationship isn't close. And she's talking about staying for two weeks. So, yes, I'm nervous! Perhaps we should start requesting sanity vibes a bit early! biggrin.gif

~~$$~~$$~~ dreamiest of jobs for Raisin & DM ~~$$~~$$~~

~~[^]~~[^]~~ cutest of houses for Mornington ~~[^]~~[^]~~

(((((((((( much love to all people struggling with cancer )))))))))))) Only 12 weeks. I simply cannot imagine ...

((((((Mando)))))) You have every reason to be upset with that teacher. Truly. When an honors student's grade slip that far, the parents should definitely be notified. That way you can find out if there's something wrong with your child that he's hiding. Or you can just discover that the teacher is an idiot (which happens sometimes, too) & you can try to place the child with another instructor. At any rate, a call should have been made. Definitely.

Poor Sheff had to go into work yesterday because of a big deadline coming up on Monday. He stayed until nearly 11pm, poor dear. And he said that the food they brought in for lunch & dinner made him really appreciate my home cooking! Aaaaawwww smile.gif

As for me, I suck. Got a headache & didn't go to the R&S Market. But after I woke up from my nap I talked to friends on the phone a ton. So not a totally wasted day!
*tries to regain breath and pats down mussed up hair* big squishy booby hugs back at ya tes, querida, and so so good to have you back biggrin.gif .

rose, did you go to the play?

*~*~*~*get that job vibes for raisingirl and continued vibes for designermedusa and fancy promotion vibes for sidecartrix~*~*~*~*

q'spice, that date sounds divine. In a couple of weeks the boy and I are going to Bard in the Botanics (Summer event where they put on a couple of Shakespeare plays in the Botanical gardens; we're going to see The Winter's Tale which is my favourite Will play) and have ordered cordon bleu picnic boxes from swanky restaurant (anyone else notice that swanky seems to my word du semaine?) but I may have to make some chocolate orgasms or turbojenn's nutella and marshmallow wontons to go with... mmmm.

yuefie, how is your dating going?
BARD IN THE BOTANICS?! Oh my my my, that sounds amazing! Over here we've got Shakespeare on the (Boston) Common, with no flowers or plants, just trampled-upon grass. (This summer it's going to be the Taming of the Shrew.)

That's so cute Sheff appreciates your home cooking, RoseV! Awww. Marital bliss all thanks to the Lounge!

Tesao, you know I luv you something fierce. wub.gif back at you!
It is! I didn't go last year (King Lear wasn't my idea of a fun summer's night so we beer gardened it instead) but been the two years previous to that to see Midsummer's Night Dream and Romeo and Juliet. This is the boy's first time (although I've taken him to other Shakespeare plays). Whenever we get around to visiting the boy's sis and b-i-l now they're back in the Vancouver I'm going to Shakespeare on the beach that I've heard so much about.

Just been to barefoot and precocious to copy down you orgasm recipe! the recipe to a good orgasm is ... a lot of gentle massaging of chocolate and kisses, in equal measure.
Mmmmm..loverly Day! Tes is in the lounge! Cutastic Wally pics! My children haven't driven us insane yet this weekend. All is well! By the way, MIL already has a lead on a new Job that could be even more fantastic than her old job...and if she gets it, I might be tempted to quit my job and follow her as she would be staffing a new office from the ground up.

Wow it has been FOR.E.VER since I have been to Shakespear in the park! Back in the day when Ms. RosieV was involved. And now I actually have a man who would APPRECIATE it instead of grumbling about giving up a perfectly good Saturday! RV..I am getting flash backs of the cod pieces..dear GOD!

I dunno what a chocolate orgasm is, but anything that combines chocolate and sex sounds good to me!

~*~*~*~*multipurpose vibes to all~*~*~**~

rosey! tes! supposedly, HE can cook! so, he is responsible for dessert. we shall see how that goes. i had planned to bring chocolate orgasms... and will be most disappointed if the dessert sucks. because i'm just that much a control freak.

(actually, the humorous part is this was never intended to be a date - it was just gonna be me, and some food, and some music, and i musta been in a weird mood because i ended up inviting him to come with!)

bunny - i figure, this way... even if the company sucks, i'll have a good time! requeim's one of my favorite mozarts pieces, and of course i enjoy my own cooking...

pixie, chocolate orgasms are these super awesome brownies. make them some time if you like dark chocolate and brownies!!

mando - yer an awesome mum. alot like my own, which only reiterates the awesome mum part smile.gif

raisin! BREAK A LEG!! biggrin.gif

my cat is such a goofball. he's insisted on being within arm's reach of me all weekend. do you know how annoying that is? eep!

awwwwwwwwwwwwww. fenris, c'mon over here, where you will be APPRECIATED.

mimi the african attack kitty is definitely NOT of the cuddly variety. she bites me to show me that she loves me.

My mom just called me, very upset, because their huge silver maple tree dropped a very large branch last night and it clipped the neighbor's house, knocking off part of their gutters. My dad's going to help them put it back up tomorrow, but some neighbor called the fire department and said that the branch hit the powerlines,which is ludicrous- there's no powerlines anywhere near there, so I don't know why someone would call. Damn busybody neighbors!

But anyway, the firemen came and my dad was talking to them about the tree branches we've been losing lately- this is the third big branch in a month, though the other two were during storms- and they said that when there's been a drought for a long time (Chicago's technically been in a drought for years, and this is the first year we've gotten close to normal) and then the rainfall gets back to normal, the trees have a hard time dealing with the added weight of the water they've absorbed. So now my parents think they're going to have to cut down most of their trees which really sucks. They have four old growth trees in their yard and besides being cool trees, they provide shade that keeps their energy costs low and increase their property value.

I told my mom she should call a real arborist to do a real evaluation to see if they need to be cut down or can be saved. They haven't been very good about maintaining them over the years, so I don't what they can do. My mom thinks we should call in a team of druids to chant around them.

Hi Tes! Mmm, chocolate orgasm.
polly, i think that is a great idea about having a real arborist come in and do an overall assessment. old growth trees are really special.

on a totally unrelated topic: why does the kvetch up thread not have a martini glass?? what is this lame piece of paper with writing, instead??? anyone know?
Tes, I figured out finally that the threads you have posted in only show the stupid piece of paper! Personally, I think it ought to be the other way around. That way you can identify your drinking buddies!
f'in bastard stood me up!!! wtf, yo!
Wow! What an Arse! I hope you enjoyed your chocolate orgasm anyway!
Howdy kvetchies:)

Just flying by to say hi and send out ~~~mutli-purpose vibes 4 all~~~

and ~~~~~~~some super huge vibes for polly's coworker & child~~~~~~~ there are no words for that kind of tragic story, my heart aches for them sad.gif

I would individually vibe everyone, but I am on my way out and spent my time on a locker room story in the LTAS portions thread, hee. biggrin.gif

Be back tomorrow to properly love all you gorgeous creatures wink.gif


P.S. Sashie is feeling much better, thanks for the lovies and vibes for us.

yay for portions yuefie! and bionic tongues tongue.gif

pixie, glad the m-i-l has new things on horizon so soon and something that could work for you both!

(((quantumspice))) asshat doesn't know what he's missing!

I've just realised that Bard in the Botanics is this coming Saturday! better get my apron on stat (yeah I've been watching too much House). Actually, we've finished House and watched the entire first season of Weeds last night.

K, back to the reading I go and then for lunch with the boy somewhere goat's cheese is on the menu. Oh, and just made plans with friends tomorrow to have study break at local (to uni) tea house (syb, do you know tchai ovna?) where they sell the most gorgeous home-made baklava. Yeah, I'm all about the food and the drink.

Happy Monday everyone! Although, personally i'm feeling like a Boomtown Rat.
Bunnyb, I think I've been there once; it opened after I moved away. Does it have a few different small rooms and open onto a wee porch?

I *love* the Botanic Gardens btw! Makes me your-town-sick. I used to read Shakespeare (specifically Othello) there in the summer (moi, pretentious much?) Certainly there's a plethora of fab foodie options in your neck of the woods.

(((Quantum))) wtf indeed. Has he rung with an explanation?

Ongoing house-getting vibes for mornington... I know that feeling so well. Fingers crossed!

It is beautiful here, sunny and hot. I'm almost cheerful this Monday but must get to work after a morning of faffing.
Happy Monday, gang! Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

It's supposed to be blazing hot all across the USA today so I'll start off by blowing some ~~~~ cool breeze vibes for everyone ~~~~

((((((((((((more love for Polly's co-worker & family))))))))))))

Yeufie got some! Wooo!

Polly, I agree with Tes on the arborist. My parents hired one a few years back to inspect their trees for the first time. Unfortunately, they had to cut down one of my very favorite trees, but they were able to save some others with some careful pruning.

Q, I hope you had fun anyway. Pffft on stupid boys! tongue.gif And by the by, I clicked on the link for the chocolate orgasms, but didn't see the recipe. Could you maybe post it again? Pretty please? [flutters eyelashes] Because I'd lovelovelove to make some.

I'm suddenly reminded that I have plenty of Green & Blacks sitting in my fridge right now. My favorite right now is the espersso flavor. Nummy!

Bard + Botanics = a great idea! Oh, how I wish I could go. As Pixie mentioned, I've done a bit o' Shakespeare-in-the-park work. It can be soooo fun! I especially loved it when the fireflies would come out during a performance. The only drawback? Mosquitos! We kept tons of bug repellant backstage.

Speaking of plays, I was going to go to yesterday's matinee, but ... ummm ... Sheff kinda distracted me. Yum! biggrin.gif But there are a few shows playing next weekend I'd like to see, so maybe I'll get out then.
Yea for distractions and portions so good you have to mention. I got some yesterday too. Humm.. we all have moon cycles and we all got some yesterday. Coincidence, or are we just all horney girls?

We actually had a decent weekend with our kids. We spent Saturday marinating in their pool. For my part I hung my arms through and innertube and just hung there for a few hours! Mr. Pixie got a sunburn. Sunday we went to the aquarium because it's airconditioned.

I looked the yard yesterday afternoon I looked at the lawn and said if it gets cool enough before dark, Ill mow it. It was still 100 degrees at 7:30pm.Pfft on that!

Rosie...I had trouble with the link to, but if you just go to the actual thread it on like page 2 or 3.

Mr. P just got back from his New Teacher Orientation. Unfortunately because fo teh way the stupid Oklahoma law makers wrote the new teacher raise, It did not raise minimum teacher salaries like we thought! However, Mr. Pixie is guarenteed a $3000 raise next year. He'll still be making more than he was making before, and they are going to allow a $900 pay advance payable in $75 increments over the course of the whole year, so we should be good to go for August now even if his dad doesn't cooperate with the vacation pay. And since he's making more, I doubt we will even notice the $75 out of every paycheck.
Ha. Count me in on the moon cycle and the portions, too...but painful middlesmirtz, as well. Yow.

We saw An Inconvenient Truth the other night, so all this hotness everyone's getting seems ominous to me. Our friend just got back from London and he said no one knew how to cope with the heat because they aren't used to it. And it's so hot here, too, though at least it's been raining more regularly.

Quantum, bleh on that boy. How lame.

Syb, what's faffing?

Polly, I hope they can save at least some of your parents' trees. Right now, they are cutting down all the trees between the levees and the river because they say some fell and damaged levees, leading to more flooding. Still sad, though. It can be fun to walk along the river in some places...all shady, but I guess no more. Bad for air quality, too, to lose all those trees.

Have a fun week planned: Elvis Costello tomorrow night, Strangers With Candy movie opens here Friday night, and friend's art exhibit lender's party Sat. night...we are lendors of a painting of hers, so we get to go to this fancily-catered party!

Lurv to all!
Funny you should mention ominous Amilita...has anyone else heard about the Tsunami off the java coast?
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