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Hello all! I hope everyone has had a good weekend. Mine was pretty good. My dad brought me back to T.O. and took me to Ikea so we could pick up some stuff for my apartment. It's so good to be back here and now I feel like my apartment is almost complete.

(((polly))) I wish I knew what to say about the engagement ring vs. game console. Some boys just have their priorities fucked up.

*~*~*~*~healthy vibes~*~*~*~* for yuefie and rosev!

pixie, yay for body wraps! I've never gotten one before but I've always wanted to save up and treat myself to an entire day at a spa.

((((amilita and mum))))

(((everyone, tes, star, bunny, sidecar, kitten, damona)))

kvetch: I finally had a healthy dinner tonight (chicken, spinach and corn) and I just felt like I was completely starving afterwards. WTF? I've had numerous tests and there is supposedly nothing wrong with me but then why do I feel so hungry all the time!

kvetch: I already miss my dog sooooo much. I miss petting him and the way he would stare at my food at every meal and try to guilt me into giving him something.

Anyway, that's about it for me. I have a job interview tomorrow and I really hope that I get it so any good luck vibes would be appreciated.


I'm back to the BUST lounge (the former zendreads, no longer dready) and have no kvetches other than I wish I weren't at work. biggrin.gif
Hey everyone! Hey Popelizbet and Damona!

(((Polly))) I don't know what to say you need to sit that boy down and have a talk?

And thanks for the kitty pictures- so cute! I love that you let him hang out on the deck! And I agree about the grey and white, shrieky-voiced kitties...and the ginger kitties...and the brown tabbies...and all of those gorgeous babies, kitten!! Ha.

Get well Rose and Yuefie!

Sucks about the babysitter stuff, Pixie. Bleh.

Syb, yay for having the teen back!

~~~general vibes for everyone~~~

So, my mom has nodules on both lymph glands and she is going to see an endochronologist. If she just had one, they would probably biopsy it, but because it's on both sides, her doc seems to think it may be more of a disorder, if anything...that seems logical. So it's pretty decent news. Of course, I was nervous about cancer, and that doesn't seem to be the issue. Thanks for all the vibes!

Now I'm a little worried about Gustav being a hurricane in the Gulf...bleh. We were lucky with Fay, and I still had a bit of a panic-y spell on Friday night. I didn't think it was going to be the worst storm, but still, the idea of being at work, at the hospital Sunday night when it hit was giving me heart palpitations. *sigh* So I'm just hoping this Gustav doesn't build up too much strength. I can't bring myself to make wishes about where it goes, because that feels like I'm wishing it on somewhere else! So just - let it be weak!

Tonight the Mr. is going to go out and I get a little time alone in the house - yay!
*~*~*stay safe vibes for amilita*~*~*

(((amilita))) i hope things stay good for you weather wise. for what you've been through, i give you alot of credit for staying in n'awlins.

(((kittenb))) wow. the geek is meeting the fam. sounds like things are getting serious. good for you. most hotels have free wifi in the hotels. have a good trip!

(((candy))) good luck on the interview! eating healthy sucks sometimes. sometimes you might have to look at your diet overall to decide if any changes need to be made to feel satiated longer. my friend is vegan and superskinny and i swear that girl eats more than me. unfortunately, i'm not as thin as she.

(((sassy))) sorry to hear about the seizure! sad.gif

(((polly))) how's my sockmonkey coming along?!? wink.gif

kvetch: saying goodbye to fellow colleagues and friends. i'm terrible at goodbyes.

antikvetch: getting alot of packing done today. and know i will be coming back home at the end of the week!! yay!

*~*~*vibes and multipurpose hugs to who needs 'em*~*~*
((((amilita))))) i'm so glad your mom got the better news. and oh, the storms and how they must trigger you.
good luck moving, star!

((((hugs to all)))))

had to go over to best pal a's tonight. her neck is having spasms and it made it hard for her to pick up her 20# baby daughter. So I helped out, playing with her, changing her diaper and putting her to bed. We had fun talking over pizza too. But now i am tired, and will be off to bed soon.
(((((((amilita))))))) storms-go-away vibes for you! and mom-stay-healthy vibes as well!

sidecar, sounds like you had a pretty good evening, that was a really nice thing to do for your friend.

star, yay for packing and boo for goodbyes.

kitten, good luck on your visit home!

popelizbet, hi!

ccgirl, i know it's not a popular suggestion these days, but you might need some carbs to feel full. ((((ccgirl))) i'm sorry you miss your doggie.

kvetch: school starts next week for 3/4 of my crew.

anti-kvetch: school starts next week for 3/4 of my crew!

kvetch: migraines

anti-kvetch: ct scan says there's nothing there that shouldn't be, i'm just lucky that i started getting migraines all the time recently.

*super strength feel betta NOW vibes for morn & yuefie & rose*
~*~*~continual loop mystery vibes for bunny & boy~*~*~
*excellent interview vibes for candy*

(((amilita))) so glad to hear mom doesn't have anything serious! Do keep us posted on those nodules, k? I thought of you first thing when I heard about gustave’s projectory. fuck. Here’s hoping it totally weakens. Many thanks for setting up bust the blubber! You’ve made my fat arse o so happy!

(((sassy))) sorry you didn’t get to get your happy food on Saturday night. Maybe this weekend?

(((pixie))) sorry about your caregiver woes. I hope it works out for you. In the meantime, make the most of your lovely weekend escape!

(((kitten))) hope your family time is fun & dramaless!

Welcome back, pop/zen!

Morn & polly, I love hearing about your menageries. Hee. Lovin the pics, polly! Purdy kitty! (I’m partial to torties, myself. Just sayin’.)

(((star))) I know how happy moving back home is going to make you. Boohiss on our not meeting this past year, tho. Someday.

(((damona))) so nice to see you back in here. yay that there's nothing seriously bad going on, but boohiss that you're suffering with migraines. sending nastyassheadaches begone your way, hon.

sybarite, nice to hear the kid's all good.

sidecar, you're a good friend.

Antikvetch: had lots of good quality time with niecelette this weekend. She even took her first steps … in my kitchen!

Kvetch: my heart broke into 50 million pieces when I had to say goodbye. It didn’t help that it was late and she was overtired and was crying ever so despairingly. Gah. I hate that she lives so far away and her mom & dad suck about coming to visit.

kvetch: hella pms. hella i say.
Hey gang. How's it going? I'm still sick, but I'm getting over it, slowly but surely. I've been forcing myself to work out a bit, too, which actually makes me feel better. All the sweating helps loosen up the gunk in my sinuses. Sorry is that TMI?

Mandi, that' so adorable that you got to witness the Niecelette's first steps!!! Congrats!!! By the by, is Danny in marching band again this year?

Damona, sorry to hear about the migraines, but I'm happy to hear that the CT scan turned out okay. Have you had your teeth and eyes checked recently? Problems there can easily lead to migraines.
~~~~~soothing for Damona's grey matter ~~~~~~~~

Sidecar, I agree. You are a great friend.

Hooray for Star's fast-approaching homecoming!

(((((((((Amilita's mom))))))))))) Keep us informed, okay?

A hearty "Fuckav" to Gustav!!! May the storm dwindle down to nothing & leave everyone alone.

CCGirl, how were the interviews?
~$$$~$$$~ continued job vibes ~$$$~$$$~

Pixie, your birthday weekend sounds soooooooo fabulous! Someday someone will treat me to a spa weekend. Some, glorious day ... sigh.

ZenDreads!!! I mean, PopeLizbet! So good to see you!!!

~~~~~~ sanity vibes for Kitten's Geek ~~~~~~~~ wink.gif

~$@*+~ vibes of all sorts for Bunny & Boy ~$*&^@~

((((((((((((All y'all)))))))))))))))
Dammit. My eyes are watery again, which again makes it hard to read. I hate this!

~~~~~~ healing for Morn & Yuefie, my fellow sickies ~~~~~~~~

Kvetch: I think I mentioned in here that my friend, V, is getting married in Dallas at the end of September. All of our old friends are descending upon the town for the festivities. Well, Sheff officially is not going to the wedding with me. I wish he could be there, but it's just far too expensive & he doesn't have enough vacation days. The final nail in the coffin was when we heard that the final date for the game he's working on has been pushed back again. I will not be the least bit surprised if he is helping the team polish out the last bugs while I'm gone to the wedding. Poo.

Kvetch: I feel like it's all my fault that we're in tougher financial straights than we should be. The property taxes for this house were a bit higher than I expected them to be and I haven't been putting money away in savings like I should to protect us. There were times when I bought shoes or fun bath stuff for myself when I should have saved that money away. Sometimes I even wonder if we should have bought in a cheaper neighborhood. Sheff says I should stop beating myself up about it because he loves this house and this neighborhood & he wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Plus he says that, no matter what I think, he knows I barely ever treat myself so I should just get over it already.

Stupid economy. Gas prices are higher, food is more expensive, plane tickets cost WAY more than they used to, and even my property taxes are more than last year. Seriously sucks.
aw. gt, you can comeback and kvetch, chit-chat, need for vibes, whatever. sad.gif

(((rose))) i hope you feel better. and don't be so hard on yourself about the home thing.

speaking of being hard on oneself...

kvetch: it seems like things don't feel so well in the evening times and as i move closer to leaving here. i feel really ashamed and disappointed with myself about not passing. i think about not going on. dropping out of becoming a doctor. yada yada yada. i was crying quite hard today. called my mom. i feel alittle better. just pretty depressed.

antikvetch: i took tomorrow off. i hope i can do some relaxing things in the meantime.

super-annoyed kvetch: I got rear-ended tonight! Like I need another reason to never drive again. The car was barely scratched, but my back really hurts. I didn't exchange info with the woman because my car seriously doesn't look bad at all, but now I'm worried I reinjured my back from the accident I had 10 years ago (which also involved someone hitting me from behind). Anyway. I took some tylenol and might have to hit up the vicodin. Ugh. Have I mentioned how much I hate driving? I do. I hadn't driven in a month and of course, tonight I go out to get groceries, and bam.

(((rosev)))) I agree with Sheff. You love your house and you rarely treat yourself. Plus, I think it's important to remember that things like a house you love are more important than others.

~~~get better vibes for the sickies~~~
~~~divert, gustav!~~~
~~~mystery vibes for bunny and boy~~~
~~~coping for stargazer~~~ You'll be a great doctor. This wasn't the right place. Don't beat yourself up.
~~~interview vibes for candy~~~

Anyone else watching the DNC? Everyone's speeches tonight have been pretty kick ass.
(((Sidecar))) Bleh. I hope your back doesn't get all whacked out.

(((Stargazer))) I can understand all those feelings you're having.

I think whatever choices you make will be reasonable, but I do want to say that I work with a lot of doctors and there are so many varied qualities that make certain ones stand out positively - and it's not just book-smarts or being able to easily jump through the hoops they make you jump through. (And we know they do that!!!) But ways certain doctors relate to their patients, compassion, and things like that are not tested or graded on, but they are just as valuable. Am I making sense? I just mean that having a hard road through medical school does not mean you wouldn't make an excellent doctor.

Well, so, try to be kind to yourself tomorrow!!

(((Rosev))) Sorry things are tough financially. I think loving your house and neighborhood is pretty important and awesome.

Yay, Mando for seeing the neicelette's first steps! Awww. And glad you like the blog! I gotta go over there and write some more!

As it is, I've been pretty preoccupied with Gustav. We've got our evacuation plans, now just gotta see what it does. There seems to be a tension around town, I don't think its just me projecting. My coworker said her sister went to the ER with a panic attack over Fay, and I imagine that is just the tippy top of the iceberg. My pregnant friend's due date is this Sunday, and now I'm likely to miss her delivery because they will probably be evacuating. The projections put Gustav at a Cat. 2 instead of 3 at this point...will continue to watch the forecasts. And don't worry about me, I'll be out of town if needed.

I'm not jumping into the bathroom-prep-and-paint project like I thought I would during these days off work, but keeping my sh*t together and maintaining calm is about all I can do at this point. Oh well. Its funny, I'm stressed, but kind of OK, and the Mr. is the one saying things like, "Why do we live here?!?" He's calmed down, and is it weird that I'm glad he's a little freaked instead of his usual oblivious self? After all, its appropriate to be a little freaked.


ETA: If any of you guys are interested joining the Bust the Blubber blog where we are gonna talk about weight loss, getting fit, and stuff like that, just PM me an email and I will send you an invite. Its open, but we agreed to do it somewhere private.

((((((star)))))) what amilita said. and acos I KNOW you'll be a brilliant doctor

((((amilita)))) parts crossed. soothing thoughts.
(((((amilita))))) all parts crossed that Gustav pisses off. I am sorry you are having to go through this.

((((star))))) I know it's hard not to be discouraged, but I also think that you will be a brilliant doctor someday.

sidecar, I thought all of tonights speeches were kickass.


~~~get better vibes for my fellow sickies and for all the kevtchie boo-boo's~~~

I'm up with a nasty earache, just waiting for the appointment line to open up so I can have it checked out. Bleh. I took some advil but it still hurts pretty bad. I'm sure this means a round of antibiotics, which means a bakery will likely be setting up shop just in time for my birthday next week. Wee. Yay yeasties.

Sorry, I have a tendency to be a grump when I've been sick for this many days in a row.
FUCK OFF, Gustav! everybody else, please excuse the language.

gt, what's up?

((sidecar))) I hope your back is better.

(((star))) I'm sorry you're so down but I totally get it.

candy, how did the interview go?

(((yuefie, rose))) feel better.

rose, I forgot to mention that I bought Apples to Apples from Wal-mart when in Florida! Hee. Haven't had chance to play yet; once the boy and I are living together and in the same city we need couples to hang out with like you and Sheff.

yay for the niecelette's first steps!

kitten, have a successful trip! you make a cute couple.

hey damona!

(((morn, polly, mandi, zoya, dusty, syb, thirtiesgirl, sassy, everybody)))

Thanks for the vibes, they're still kinda required, maybe... I don't know. They'd be appreciated anyway as if this doesn't come to pass something else may and it would make just now less stressful... I need job vibes anyway. I'm so StReSsEd OuT just now. I am resigning from work tonight and have four weeks notice to give, they are being wanks about other assorted stuff and I don't know how they'll be about the notice and they're just wanks and I hate them but I need the money over this next month and did I mention that I hate them? thank maude I'm leaving. I am moving to London four weeks this weekend, I have so much to do, no time to do it and oh yeah still need to find a job (and a flat next week) and finding a job in publishing is SO difficult. The industry is highly competitive and notoriously difficult to get into and experience is preferred and of course this is the industry that I want to work in- it would have to be hard. I have been avoiding questions in other threads by sybarite and freckleface (sorry!) because these are the aspects I am most concerned about (publishing and Mandoo), the ones which are upsetting me and I just want to hide under the duvet. My stepdad is being difficult too, my sister is always difficult and I'm looking after her all this weekend (oh joy) and my nana is staying with us for two days, which is a complete and utter nightmare. This is all a jumbled mess but I needed to get some things out.

Also, I was at the doctor's today and although I have another hospital appointment in a few weeks it looks as if I do have IBS and I currently have contact dermatitis on my tummy.

le blerg.
Hey all, just stepping in to say that I got the job! I will send out proper vibes later.

take some petrol darling
wow, congratulations, candycane! a new job is great news!

i'm playing hooky from work right now (they let me make my own schedule, it's really not a big deal). it's been so stressful, i just don't like being there at the moment. there has been no end of problems at the office this summer. i was working two jobs for most of the summer, totaling about 50-60 hours a week between two cities. while working reduced hours at the job in question, i found out my superior was complaining about me and sowing bad seeds amongst my other coworkers, telling them how i was not getting as much work done as the other employees. well, of course i wasn't, because i was working a quarter of the time there that everyone else was! all of this had been cleared with the boss lady! i came back to work full-time about five weeks ago, only to find that my coworkers are now very snippy and downright rude to me. i got called into the boss's office the first week i was back to have a talk about 'appropriateness' in the workplace because some 'inappropriate' remarks had been made in our office several weeks previous and were reported by the same superior to her. i then had to remind my own boss that i hadn't been there in the daytime in months and that there was no way the remarks could've been made by me! i just feel really picked on at work. it's like being in junior high again, except all of the girls involved are old enough to know better.

i'm a person with anxiety issues, so this is really not optimal. i am trying to find some way to address it with my boss, because in our workplace, nothing administrative generally gets handled quickly or well (if at all!). in the meantime, i've just busted out my ultimate powers of sucking up/wearing headphones and listening to 'this american life' all day. things have been going better in the last week or two, thankfully, and when classes resume next week, things should drastically improve. (mostly because we won't all be in the room at the same time!) i considered looking for another job, but i don't want to lose this one because it allows me to make my own schedule and therefore is invaluable to me when i am taking 18-20 credits every semester.

okay. thanks for listening to me kvetch. i do appreciate it, really and truly!

hugs to everybody and wishes for nothing but good and lovely things!!
Congrats, candy! Knew you’d do well on your interview! come back and dish the details so we can party proper for you!

(((amilita))) I’m glad to hear you’re ok and have your plan in place. This is all too freaky, happening so close to the anniversary and with the projected path bringing it so close to NO. I’m freaked and I’m thousands of miles away, I can’t even imagine how everyone down there is feeling. gah.

Oh, (((bunny))) … that’s a lot to contend with! Keeping all parts crossed that it all turns out beautifully for you, darling. Try to think positive, that’s half the battle.

Rose, yes, danny’s in the band again this year. as a matter of fact, today’s the last day of band camp. Tonite we get to see their first performance of “fate of the gods”. And listen to your husband - you never treat yourself, so no more feeling like your financial woes are all your fault. K?

A gt sighting in kvetch! Got me all excited there. Such a tease, that one. tongue.gif

(((star))) I think what your feelings are totally natural. Your emotions are all over the place, especially now. Listen to wise amilita & the other kvetchies. I’m sure you’ll feel better when you get home, doll.

(((sidecar))) i'm so relieved it wasn't a bad accident, and I hope your back is ok. if not, maybe you should go to the ER just in case, for documentation? Although I know nothing of how that works, insurance-wise, when you don’t report an accident.

(((yuefie))) take good care of yourself, love. This too shall pass. i promise.

Welcome TSPD! I do hope things even out at work. Working with snarkyass seventh-graders can be exhausting, but it sounds like you’ve got the fortitude & incentive to deal. Head down and forge ahead and all that jazz. don't let the bastids get you down.

Kvetch: I am still feeling mighty crappy. Maybe this isn’t PMS, maybe I’m coming down with the flu. Fuck. *whimper*

antikvetch: uh, yeah, i got nothing. *whimper again*

vibe request: mamasan has a ctscan tomorrow morning. her sinuses have been fucked since march. so please think good thoughts for her, if you think of it. she's got major claustrophobia and really has a hard time with any scans, much less ones of her head. i'm driving her so she can pop a xanax, poor thing.

((mando)) Hope you are not getting sick.

Welcome ((tpd)), office politics suck.

((ccgirl)) Congrats on the job.

((bunnyb)) That’s a lot of stuff going on at once, good luck.

((yuefie)) Feel better.

((mornington)) Hello.

((amilita)) Hope Gustav weakens.

((sidecar)) Hope your back feels better. I’ve been watching bits of the DNC. I watched all of Hillary’s speech, and it really made me proud. I’m glad that the party is showing unity after a very emotional primary.

((star)) I know you will bounce back, and have a very successful career. Good luck with the move.

((rose)) I hope you feel better soon. Try not to feel bad about spending money, I know it’s hard because I tend to be a money worrier as well.

((damona)) Sorry about the migraines. I’ve suffered them for 10 years, and it really sucks.

((kittenb)) Enjoy your visit to Ohio.

I am so glad for a long weekend. Mr. DM is having eye surgery tomorrow, he has had droopy eyelids since birth. We are both a little nervous, but I think that’s normal when someone has surgery. Any good vibes would be appreciated.
~~~continual loop of stay away Gustav & super strength safety vibes for amilita and all of NOLA~~~

more hugs for ((((star))))

Yay for candy's new job!


~~~flu stay away from mandi~~~

(((bunny)))) *soothing hair brushings*

(((damona)))) migraines are teh suck

~~~good vibes for mr dm's surgery and soothing for dm~~~

(((sidecar))) be careful, sometimes back/neck/shoulder problems can sneak up on you after even a slight accident.

have a great time in OH, kitten.

(((morn))) how are you doing, sweetpea?

hi there, petrol darling.

and uh, come back and play with us GT!

((((polly, pixie, rose, syb, sassy, billy, dusty, tes, ladys, raisin, sixela, zoya, pink, flanker, thirtiesg, plizbet, everyone))))

thanks for the get well wishes. I saw the doc this morning and she said the cold has developed in to bronchitis and a nasty sinus infection. My ears looked ok, but there was a lot of inflamtion in my sinuses which is why my ears were hurting. $76 later I have an arsenal of drugs and a note clearing me from any work till next week. R and I are supposed to help S and her gf move in to their new place this weekend and I feel bad for having to bail out, but I am truly a sickie. Everyone else seems to be getting better, altho one of the boys is not ready to give up the attention and is milking this thing for all it's worth. And it ain't R or the kidlet, so all I can manage is a severe rolleyes.gif

And I thought I'd share for a laugh:

((((amilita)))) still hoping that Gustav takes the hint and fucks off elsewhere.

((((yuefie)))) oh hun, feel better soon. Bronchitis is *not* fun, have R make you hot toddy and get lots of rest and tv watching and snuggles from the kitty

((((dm)))) hope mr. dm's eye surgery goes well! hugs to you as well

((((mando)))) eeee! yay for seeing neicelette's first steps. (((((mamasan))))). I totally nosed at fb pics of Danny's b-day, is he growing? He looks way too old to be your kidlet these days wink.gif

((((ccgirl)))) yay! congratumelations!

((((bunny)))) continued finger-crossing going on... I'm just stoked you're going to be down here! I'm making a plan to kidnap zoya for a weekend too once you're down. It might involve alcohol.

((((tspd)))) welcome to kvetch!

((((star)))) acos you are teh awesomest. this I know.

((((gt)))) come baaaaack. Have you pm'd zoya? She knows ap's deets.

((((rosev)))) yes, that is waaaay too much tmi laugh.gif But I know what you mean. And fuck $$$ issues (I have all of £6 in my account, although I get paid tomorrow)

((((damona)))) have you tried boiled sweets? I'm a fan of the 2tsp of sugar in sprite cure too (no, really. it's the shit)


((((kitten)))) oooh, I hope the Geek's meeting with the family goes well


((((sixie)))) where for art thou sixiela?



((((polly)))) yay kitty porn! grrr on the boy!

((((syb)))) when does school start for the resident teen? Hope things are continuing to go well!


TankGirl and Dorris have decided they don't like each other. They just fight whenever they meet, which means this whole bonding thing is going to be more difficult than I thought. But, on the plus side:

she *is* pretty.

Ok, I really really have to go to bed, I keep thinking it's friday for some unknown reason. G'night!
OK, I've decided to go ahead and go up to my mom's house tomorrow. Better to go ahead and go rather than sit and be anxious watching the weather reports then sit in crazy traffic - it's already a long drive. It may end up being a wasted trip, but oh well - I'll have a nice visit with my family. Taking the computer, so will check in with everyone later.
~*)@#$)*~ vibes of all sorts for Amilita & NOLA ~*$#%#!*~
ALL of my parts are crossed for you!

~*~*~*~ marvelous surgery vibes for Mr. DM ~*~*~*~ I really hope this goes well for him. My mom may have to have the same surgery in a couple of years & she says it's pretty simple, but surgery of any sort around the eyes sounds scary to me.

~~~~~ super simple CT scan vibes for Mando's Mammasan ~~~~~~
-F-F-F- anti-flu vibes for Mandi -F-F-F-

~~~~~~~ soothing for Sidecar's back ~~~~~~~~~~ Poor thing! That's terrible. At least the car is still in pretty good shape, right?

Yuefie, I need to send that card to my best friend. She's still terribly bitter about the whole thing.
~~~~~~ soothing for Yeufie ~~~~~~~~~

Bunny, I'm so sorry to hear about the diagnosis of IBS. But now that you have a diagnosis, I hope this means there are things you can do to improve the situation.
~*#)*)#$*%~ vibes of all kinds for Bunny & Boy ~*$)*@~
Hey, if Sheff and I are in London again, we'll look you up & have a games night. smile.gif

((((((((Star))))))))))) Don't let the assholes get you down. Listen to your heart. If deep down in your heart you know this is what's right, then keep pushing forward. You can't make everybody happy & maybe this time you just came across some people who didn't mesh well with you, but that doesn't mean that all hope is lost. You can still bounce back from this.

Congrats, CCGirl!!!

TankGirl is so cute! Just look at the sweet pink insides of her ears. LOVE!

Speaking of love, my Millie cat is on the floor beside me, laying flat on her back with all four paws curled in a rather prosh paws-up position. It's textbook Cute Overload madness.

Barack made me tear up a couple of times tonight. The first time was when he mentioned how the current president "sat on his hands while a city floods" or something to that affect. Considering what's happening with Gustav & with Amilita & her husband and so many residents of NOLA facing evacuations again, it hit me pretty deeply. I must admit that the speech was missing a little bit of his warm, personable nature, but it was still very good & showed him in a powerful light. The thing that struck me the most was how much he looks like my nephew in those childhood photos.

Anti-kvetch: I'm officially on the mend!
Kvetch: Sheff officially is not. I brought drugs to him at work today. DayQuil helped him survive the day, but he collapsed into bed as soon as he got home & only left it to eat dinner. Poor thing.
Anti-kvetch: Labor day on Monday! Sheff may still be too sick to enjoy it, but at least it'll be an extra day to rest & heal.

I mustmustmust go to bed now. Night, all!
(((Amilita and husband and NOLA residents))) Thinking of you and wishing Gustav blown very far out to sea!

(((yuefie))) Do be careful w/ bronchitis and yes, let your mister look after you! Feel better soon.

Speaking of which... glad to hear you're feeling better RV. Cold begone vibes to Sheff as well!

(((mamsan))) zen-like relaxation vibes for the scan.

(((Mr DM))) best of luck! I'm sure all will go well.

(((((bunnyb)))) Stress of moving may be contributing a bit to feeling unwell too, no? It's an anxious time but you'll be chuffed once you're in the big smoke and ensconced with your boy. I may need to come for a bunny-warming visit! I know: promises promises...

Yay candycane!! Well done!

Morn, she's back from this week. She's rocking pink hair too at the moment which is lovely on her.

All good here: very happy it's friday! Chilling plans for tomorrow (hooray) and I may need to load up on DVDs for the weekend. Have I mentioned how much I love weekends??

At work so must go... black mesh knickers w/ pink ribbon and, you guessed it, yet another black mesh brar. I'm as predictable as billy's boxers...
~~~vibes for mr. dm~~~
~~~safe travels for amilita~~~ i am so sorry you have to do this again

Last night's acceptance speech moved me. I wish I could go out and vote today. I never thought I'd live to see anyone but a male WASP as the major party candidate for president. Never. I also loved the five "real people" who came out and spoke before Obama took the stage. "We need to put Barney Smith ahead of Smith Barney" is the best line I heard in all four days. (Oh, and President Clinton's speech was fantastic, too!)

Ah, off to work soon. It should be a slow day. Tonight we're going to a backyard birthday party for a good friend and I'm looking forward to it. It'll be a nice start to the weekend.

PS: My back is better. A little sore, but not too bad. I even walked home from the bus (20 mins.) and felt fine.
Ugh, up early on my day off to go to an eye doctor appointment. I went to the optometrist last Friday, the one who initially diagnosed my detached retina back in March to finally update my prescription. I don't completely understand what those numbers mean, but in my left eye, the worse one, I went from being off by -2 to -5, and my astigmatism got worse by .75. My right eye just went from a -2 to a -2.25. Today, I'm going to the ophthalmologist who did the surgery. New lenses for my existing frames will be $120 and $75 for the sunglasses. Not too bad, except that it will take two weeks; I either have to buy new frames so I can wear my old ones during that time or wear my extra pairs, the fugly ones, while I wait.

Sooo, I've been a bad person and haven't watched much of the convention. My brain's just been fried by the time I get home from work and they use too many big words for me tongue.gif Beside Obama's, Hillary's and Bill's, whose speeches should I look up on YouTube to watch this weekend?

I did bring up the engagement ring vs. video game to LeBoy- he acknowledged the issue and said the money didn't necessarily have to to towards Rock Band- he was just trying to save money in general. Later, he brought up the ring issue again, saying he wanted to make sure he got a quality ring and didn't get ripped off online...I'm not sure where he got this idea that he should buy the ring online- my aunt owns a very good jewelry shop and I know she wouldn't screw us. He was also thinking of going to the jeweler his family has used for years. I pointed out that there's no way they're going to give us a better deal and if we don't use them, they'll never know the difference. My aunt, on the other hand, would know we didn't get it from her and be pretty hurt. I don't always get along with my aunt (she married my uncle), but I completely trust her to give us a good ring at a good price.

~*~*~health vibes for mr. dm, yuefie, sidecar, mandomama, damona and sheff~*~*~

~*~*~get outta dodge vibes for amilita and stagazer~*~*~ are you girls making your respective drives by yourselves?

~*~*~bunny bonding vibes for morn~*~*~ she is a pretty girl! Must. fight. urge. to. snorgle. the. screen!

~*~*~calm blue ocean vibes to rose~*~*~ are your tax payments worked into your mortgage payments? I hate when they make adjustments on it like that- we got a notice yesterday that because of all the people in the complex foreclosing on their units, the units sit in limbo, can't be sold, but no one's making assessment payments on them, so to cover the ongoing association bills, they may have to charge everyone a special assessment of $400. blink.gif I don't know how we're going to cover it. We can make 4 payments, but it's pretty much going to wipe out any extra money we have. At least summer's coming to an end and the electric bill will go back down.

~*~*~new job vibes to candycane and crappy job vibes to petrol~*~*~ Everything was going well for a few weeks at work for me, then the office bitch decided to open her mouth a couple of times this week. So pissed.

~*~*~crap-hitting-the-fan vibes to bunny~*~*~ Sorry about the IBS and family and job stuff. Parts are crossed for you and good thoughts are being had.

We finally played Apples to Apples last weekend with prophecy_grrl and other friends- so much fun! I put it on my Amazon list!

~*~*~Worlds colliding vibes to kitten~*~*~ I hope everything's okay there!

Pixie, what happened with the a/c and babysitter?

My mom's going to be here soon (she goes with to the dr. b/c they dilate my eyes and then I can't drive) and I need to put on pants. Tonight we're going up to Wisconsin to eat Serbian food with foodie friends. Yum!
Polly, look up Dennis Kucinich's speech. It's only five minutes, and it's stunning.
Amilita, I am extremely relieved that you & the mr & the kitties are driving out of harm’s way as we speak. This could turn into a very scary storm.

(((NO & gulf residents))) keeping them all in my heart.

*excellent surgery & speedy recovery vibes for mr DM* keep us posted, k?
*feel better NOW vibes for shef* I know you’ll take good care of him, rose.
*superstrength de-stress vibes for bunny* do try to pamper yourself when you can, sweetie.

Sidecar, so happy to hear you’re back’s ok. I was worried.

(((Yuefie))) glad you got a diagnosis, even if it is a nasty one. Here’s hoping the meds will kick in speedily, and you’ll start feeling the healing soon. you've got celebratin' to do next week at this time! wink.gif

Morn, can you maybe work the bonding-thru-shared-treats thing? It worked for zoey & her cousin buddy last weekend. But, you know, it’s all about food with dogs. And the tankster certainly is a lovely girl! Yes, danny is, um, er, kind of a man now. With a blossoming ‘stache and everything. *sniffle*

(((Star, pixie (who’s perhaps getting a lovely spa-massage right now, hmmmm?), sybarite, kitten, polly, candy, six, sassy, damona, everyone ...)))

Mamasan did just fine with her ctscan, many thanks for the vibes. She’s so comical when she’s loopy on xanax, hee. Hopefully the ENT doc will figure out what this is and come up with a solution for her when she sees him. Her face was so puffy-swollen again today. she looked like the staypuff marshmellow man. *fret*

And thanks for the anti-flu vibes. I feel much better today. Keeping the heating pad on my tummy for 8 hrs yesterday worked wonders. Maybe this was just a phantom period again? fucking perimenopause i swear grrrr.

Is anyone following the Caylee Anthony case? I’m more than a little sick about it. As much as I try to keep an open mind, this seems open and shut. nauseating.

And I do believe mccain just shot himself in the foot. i wanted to believe better of him. (don't hit me!)

on a happier note, i got my DAVE tix! and i booked us in a very classy hotel - for a very good price, thankyouverymuchorbitz! - so we can get our drink on afterward! squeee!

Black lace Wacoal, black lace briefs.
channeling the femme fatale today ... roawr!
((mando)) Yay for getting your Dave tickets and an amazing hotel room.

((polly)) Hope the eye appointment goes well.

((sidecar)) Glad your back is better.

((syb)) Enjoy your weekend with dvds.

((rose)) Glad you are feeling better. ((sheff)) Feel better.

((amilita)) Be safe.

((mornington)) TankGirl is so cute. I hope her and Doris sort their issues out. Lucia and Lola are getting along, but Lucia is an attention whore and I think it is bothering Lola. Also, Lucia is a hog.

((yeufie)) I love that card.

Mr. DM’s surgery was a success. They do it a little different than the typical eyelid surgery because he was born with no muscles in his upper lids. He has bruising and swelling, and has to put cold packs on it every 30 minutes for 2 days (except when he is sleeping). The surgery center staff and the doctors were excellent, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Mr. DM slept well last night, but I maybe got a hour of sleep because I was worried so much. I’m glad he had this done because it has been a problem for his self esteem for over 30 years.

I recorded Obama’s speech, but I haven’t seen it yet. From news clips I’ve seen it seems like a success, so that’s good. I think McCain and his advisors are crazy if they think women and specifically former Hillary Clinton supporters will vote for him because he picked a female VP. I’m all for women in power obviously, but not a socially conservative woman trying to tell me what to do with my life.
*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ big time vibes for amilita and any other n'awlins busties~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
*blows heavily at the storm near NOLA, pushing it back out to sea*

Gustav be GONE!

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! tank girl is tooooooooooooo cute!!!

*eyes pop from cuteness overload*

speaking of which, i wish that i could see milllie!!!


~*~*~*~*~* keep feeling better, martini's girl's back! ~*~*~*~*~

((((((((((((dm and mr dm)))))))))))

glad to hear the surgery went well!

also glad to hear that the ctscan for mandomyheart's mum is over.

~*~*~*~ feel mo betta NOW vibes to sheff, rosiev, mandomom, mr dm, yeufie, damona~*~*~*~

too many busties are feeling bad!!!

yayayayay! for DAVE mando!

i agree, mccain going with someone so inexperienced who might very well have to take over the presidency (because it isn't a stretch to think that someone who is 72, and has had cancer 4 times might die) just shot himself in the foot. YAY! that means that he has even less of a chance!

polly, i hope that all goes well with your eye!

sorry that i missed all of the birthdays! GREAT cards of corgis and greyhounds, though!!!

kvetch: mr. hotbuns told our accountant that i had officially notified the mozambican govt that i was NOT a resident. (no idea why, because i *am*)

kvetch: this means that if i want to be safe and avoid ANY chance of being audited, i have to count days i can be in the states.

kvetch: this means that i get to fly for 3 days to be in the states for 5.


should i take the risk and stay longer anyway?? and hope that IF the irs audits us that we can convince them that i AM a bona fide resident of MZ????

hugs and kisses and silly silly fishes!!!!
~~~vibes for amilita and nola busties~~~
dm, I'm glad surgery went well!

God, this Palin thing is unbelievable. I mean, my first reaction was, "Oh, she seems smart and down to Earth, and I don't agree with her, but she seems a good choice for him." And now, today, that I've read up on her more and learned more about Alaska ... seriously? What a terrible choice. Alaska has a population of 670,000 people. There are 19 U.S. cities larger than the entire state! She is against women's rights, the environment, gun control, and gay rights. Honestly, I think she is politically out of touch with the American people and in no way should she be one step away from a budget that goes into the trillions. I cannot wait to watch Biden destroy her in debates. She's not just politically out of touch but she has no practical experience. I recognize that she's charming, but I sincerely hope that people see her for who she is: George W. Bush in a skirt.
I'm amazed by this Palin woman. I grew up in a very conservative town, and she reminds me of one of the people that I used to live around. I am looking forward to having Biden beat the shit out of her in the debates. smile.gif

vibes to the nola busties.

The bathroom is finally done!! Mcgeek and I have to mud and paint it this weekend. That will be the fun part. Home Depot was going to charge $800 to mud the walls, and I think we have given them enough money. So, we'll do it ourselves.

I have to move out of my apartment finally this weekend. Boo. I'm slowly getting used to Mcgeek's house, but I miss the comfort of having my own place.

Anti-kvetch: Wii fit! I know it's not a tread mill, but those balance games are a lot of fun.


Kvetchies, I have a question. I'm on another forum (yes, it's true, I whore around on the interwebs that way and I'm ok with it), and on this other forum, there is currently an argument going on between some jerky men and ill-informed women (adjectives are completely my own editorializing) and me, regarding "the male gaze." The jerky guys and ill-informed women seem to be of the impression that if a woman dresses in a provocative or 'slutty' way, she's asking to be leered at by men. I'm arguing from the point that no woman asks for something she doesn't want, including unwanted attention of a sexual nature, even if it stays in the category of leering and doesn't go any further. But maybe my POV is a little cracked and I'm not considering other sides of the argument. I'd love to hear some other opinions on the issue.
Wow! There are so many vibes that need to be spread around!

((((((((((((((continued love for Amilita & everyone in the path of Gustav)))))))))

Tes, so sorry to hear about the mix up. What a nightmare! I hope this photo of my Millie cat will help cheer you up a bit (sorry it's a bit blurry) She purrs loudest when getting a belly rub!

Glad to hear that so many people got through their various medical treatments well! Hooray for good news!

Polly, that is a lot of change for an eye prescription in one year, but I think you'll be okay. My eyes are much much worse than yours (7.5 in one eye, 10.0 in the other) and I get around just fine. You'll be okay, too.

Kvetch: I'm so pissed off about the Palin thing. Grrr.
Kvetch: Sheff is worse. I think today will be his sickest day, so hopefully he'll be doing better tomorrow.

ThirtiesGirl, I gotta be honest. I certainly think it's possible for a person to dress with the pure intention of getting noticed ... even leered at. I've done it myself. There have been times in my life when I, myself, dressed in provocative ways with the pure intention of getting noticed by guys. Sometimes when guys "leered" at me or watched me walk by, it did a lot for my ego. It made me feel powerful. It made me feel good. I enjoyed it.

Nowadays I tend to dress for myself. Sometimes I dress in a way that I hope will impress potential employers or my husband's co-workers. Sometimes I dress in a sexier way when I want to get my husband's attention. It's just another form of non-verbal communication. Everybody does it, even if we may be trying to communicate different things.

Note, though, that there is a line that must not be crossed. Everyone is free to look at other human beings, but no one should ever touch another person without consent. If a woman tells a person to leave her alone, the other person should respect that no matter what clothes she happens to be wearing. We always have a right to say no.
Hey, all! I'm safe at my mom's, and I'm really glad I left town yesterday because it sounds like the highways out were packed today. I do wish we had done more to hurricane-proof the house, but (I hope) we can work on that for next time. I also could not bring myself to grab any photos or whatnot...I just couldn't put myself in that frame of mind. I did grab my engagement ring, which I never wear.

It's nerve-wracking watching stuff on TV and waiting. Ah well. Gonna see Traitor tomorrow with my mom.

Thanks for the vibes...sorry I can't focus on anything but my own little world right now!

Millie makes me glad - and Tank Girl!!! Poor Wally is scared here in my mom's garage - I realized he's never been anywhere else but our house since we rescued him! He's hiding on this shelf, but he ate food when I put it up by him.
Hello all! I am back from Ohio and I lived thru the experience. So did my boy. laugh.gif

I just finished reading all of the archives from what I missed. My brain is too full of fried foods and sugar (all the comforts of home) to respond to everything I read so I will cheat with this:

I send all the best vibes to {{{YOU}}} for {{{THAT THING YOU NEED VIBES FOR!!!!}}}

Well, two exceptions: {{{Amalita}}}, glad you are safe and {{{{Stargazer}}}} because you need it and deserve it.

So now back to me. The trip home was kind of hilarious. My family is very loving and giving but we are a weird and fucked up bunch. The Geek's family just doesn't seem to be like that so I was nervous about the whole thing. Add to that the fact that visiting home for me is always stressful because I am still learning to seperate myself from the various dramatics and suchwhat and I did spend some time during the trip with a really bad stomach ache. I think my gastritis is trying to make a comeback sad.gif but I have felt much better the last two days. I have to credit much of that to my boy being present. Since he is not related to my family he doesn't have the boundry issues that I have. So he was able to just have fun and make me laugh. It took him a day or so to adjust to the pace of being surrounded by people who wanted to see us at all times but once he caught up, he was 100%. I am going to write the rest of this trip up in the "Committed..." thread (maybe tomorrow, I am whipped!) but I will add this: this is the longest amount of time that he and I have shared without a break and when we drove into town tonight he wanted to sleep at my place. I wanted it to but I would have understood if he needed a break. He bought a used PlayStation 2 while we were in Ohio and he has hooked it up to play with while I am catching up on my computer stuff. Somehow the whole thing just feels very homey and settled. biggrin.gif I am a little gooey over him right now.

More later when I have slept in my own bed.
So glad you're safe, amilita. ~*~*~parts crossed for NOLA and the gulf-coast area~*~*~

aww, warm and fuzzies, kitten! So glad it was better than you'd expected!

Oh, I think Millie is Albus' mom! They're both so freaking cute. LeBoy did dishes tonight and after they were done, he opened the door to let them air dry and cool faster so he could put them away for the next load. We heard Albus in the kitchen and yelled from the living room, "Albus, come here, don't touch those dishes!" Next thing we hear is the clatter of dishes, and he's got both front paws in the washer basket rolleyes.gif We ran it for a rinse cycle, and the water by itself is hot enough to sanitize them, so I'm sure they're fine. *Sigh* that cat o' mine. He gets away with so much more than the dog. They're lucky they're not children, or there'd be some massive therapy bills. laugh.gif

We've gotten wrangled into going over to LeParent's tomorrow. They live on a small lake and they have a little pier that's in bad shape. They want us to come over to help rip it out. Eh, we'll get a free meal out of it.

ETA: The other cute/annoying thing he did this weekend- he launched from the paper shredder to the window ledge and knocked over the paper shredder. There was some shreddiness on the floor and I was going to clean it up after my dr.'s appointment. When I came back, he had pulled more of it out and has been laying in it like a nest ever since. Must vacuum.....
Happy to hear you are out of the storm's way amilita. Take care and enjoy hanging out with your mom and I'm hoping you (and everyone else from the areas affected) will be able to return home soon.

The Palin appointment frustrates me because I feel McCain timed it to overshadow the Democratic Convention, and because as sidecar notes, she sounds scary. Pro-gun, pro-drilling and pro-life and never had a passport until a year ago.

ETA: I've been watching news reportage of preparations in New Orleans--I'm thinking of you and your husband, amilita, and everyone in the NOLA area, and hoping for the best.
quick fly by to send vibes for safety for all of the Busties in NOLA!

i'm at a hotel, tired, and going to bed soon.

i'm almost home chicago busties.

I got up this morning and watched about an hour of the Gustav coverage. I saw the waves lapping over the top of the levee in NO and heard about the boats near the upper 9th ward that lost their morings & are now floating around, threatening to damage the levees there. It started to stress me out way too much, so since there's nothing I can do to fix it right now, I'm choosing to avoid the coverage for a while.

I'm so glad you got out of harms way, Amilita.
(((((((((((((((vibes of love and safety for Amilita & all of her friends and loved ones))))))))))))))))))

((((((((((((((((everyone in the storm's path))))))))))))))

~~~~~~ safe travel vibes for Star~~~~~~ Glad to see you're nearly there!

Not much happening around here this weekend. I saw a movie with a girlfriend last night and we talked for a long time afterward, which was nice. That's really all we've done, though. We've spent most of our time playing on the computers with a little bit of book reading and TV watching sprinkled in. Sheff is finally looking less like death warmed over, so he should be in good enough shape to return to work tomorrow.

Kvetch: My family arrives in a week and a half! EEP! I'm going to make out a to-do list today so I can accomplish all I need to before they get here. Job #1: clean out the guest room!
(((everyone in the path of Gustav)))

kvetch: I have taken a major allergic reaction and have broken out in hives all over. I was sent home from work as have some on my lips, making them all swollen and difficult to speak.
anti-kvetch: we may have found a lovely flat with ideal location and within our budget - please cross all parts we get it (if it's suitable after our viewing on Thursday).
anti-kvetch: I get to see mornington when in London later this week.

Oh, Rose, tell me about it...especially because the overtopping levee is the one protecting my house. Really. I'd been worried about the west side of the industrial canal, as the east side is the side that broke and was a priority to fix. The west side is slated to be finished around 2010. And those loose barges and boat - if they crash into the west side, my house is surely underwater. I'm tense.

We went out to breakfast with my sister and her husband, and I had already made it clear that I did not want to watch news coverage with a group - and then what do they do? They turn on CNN. I was pissed. I went out the garage to hang out with the cats, then came in after awhile - they were still here, TV still on. I totally went back out to the garage. I sorta had a minor fit, but I can't bear to watch it and listen to people's comments or try to explain stuff to them. It's hard to even watch with my mom, but I can do that. I'm trying to just be chilled out and optimistic, because the storm is mostly passed and it didn't strengthen and it didn't hit NO directly...but we're really not out of the woods.

Also, this really brings up some issues about the standards the levees are at now and what we can hope for in the future. A nondirect category 2 hurricane should not have me on the edge of my seat wondering if my house is going to be underwater!!!! The Mr. is talking about being out of NO in 10 years, and I am pretty much on the same page as he is...I'm still holding out the dream of being half-time NO and half-time somewhere else, though. Hurricane season somewhere else, of course!

I'm off to my brother's for dinner. I'm not sure when I'll get to go home...assuming all stays stable, I guess Wed or Thurs I will head home. I'd like to avoid big traffic jams into the city, but how will I figure out when that will be?

Rant over. Thanks everyone, for the good wishes. So far, so good, I guess. Could be a lot worse!

Oh, one stupid statement heard on CNN was about how Gustav has effected the whole country "especially people in St. Paul." HA and fuck you, commentator!!
((((((((amilita))))))) i have all my parts crossed for you, darling. i have to admit, i have not seen any coverage of the storm. i read about it online and in the papers. i am hoping for the best for you.

((((bunnyb)))) oh hon, that sucks. i hope you are feeling better. any idea what you are allergic to?

((((rosie))))) deep breaths, you can do it, hon.


since i am being pestered to get off the computer... *grumble*... i will just say this: we went to renaissance faire on saturday afternoon, meeting up with the selenas' and my parents and sister. it was awesome. except that little d was having a bad day, behavior-wise, and kept stopping to rub his hands in the dirt and throw dirt and rocks (sensory-seeking, typical stuff for him on a bad day). the mr ended up volunteering to take the 3 younger kids home, along with the selenas eldest daughter, so that the rest of us could enjoy the end of the day, including drum jam. i live for drum jam at faire. when i worked there last year, my boss let us take turns on who went to jam and when it was my turn i was one happy girl! anyway, i just wanted to point out that my mr is the bomb. laugh.gif he is such a sweetie about stuff like that.
(((((amilita))))) Glad you are okay and keeping all parts crossed your house stays unharmed. Ugh, I just don't understand why people can't be more considerate and sensitive to how you must be feeling. Sorry, it's just asinine.

~~~continued saftey vibes for NOLA and anyone else in Gustav's path~~~

~~~hives be gone~~~ for poor bunny! all parts crossed for you and the boy to find the *right* place for you.

hope you made it home safely, star!

glad your trip was a good one, kitten.

Hey rose, put on some upbeat tunes that you really enjoy and the room will be cleaned out before you know it wink.gif

re: The Palin thing - *gag* dry.gif

*head scritches for all the kvetchie kitties* & *belly rubs for the all the kevtchie pooches*


My honey just told me this morning that he requested Thursday off because it's my brithday. He's taking me on a gourmet market/farmers market crawl to pick out stuff for the birthday meal he is cooking for me. And for lunch he is taking me to this great cuban bakery for cubano sanwiches and the yummiest coconut cupcake evar. I'm dragging my ass to the gym tomorrow and Wednesday so I can be a piggie (without guilt, that is) that day

((((bunny)))) feel better hun!

*runs off to work*
I'm on the phone with Pixiedust right now. She needs vibes!!!!

Remember her relaxing, spa birthday getaway? It all fell apart. As she was walking up to the building to get her massage, she fell down & (1) broke her left leg in 2 places and (2) sprained her right ankle. The woman is in a wheelchair. She may have to have surgery. Mr. P is at home taking care of her today ... which means that he has had to take off time at his brand new job at the high school. So basically, it's one of those ridiculous situations where they don't know whether to laugh or cry so they're doing a bit of both.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ oodles upon oodles of healing & sanity vibes for the whole Pixie family ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
(((pixie))) ((pixies family)))

What is up with the Busties and hurting our toes/legs this summer???


OMG, that's insane! ~*~*~health, job and all-purpose coping vibes to the Pixies!~*~*~

My legs hurt all the way up through my ass because I was squatting on the floor on Saturday to bathe the dog. Hopefully things don't get any worse!
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