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So sorry, star! That totally sucks.

Give yourself a minute to get your thoughts and emotions together...maybe you should try to contest the decision, maybe you should pick some other career. A friend and I used to have "life coach" coffee dates, where we would talk through stuff like: What kind of life do I want? What do I want out of my job?

Hi, raisingirl!

Yay for Danny's birthday going so well! Awww.

I'm totally into the idea of a weight loss group among us Kvetchies. Do we want it in a separate place/thread? On Bust or not? I've lost 12# of the 60# total I'd like to lose, but I know I'm past that initial phase where it comes off fast. Feeling like I'm in a groove, though, so that's good.

I woke up totally abruptly this morning to one flash of lightning/thunderclap that seemed very, very close. But then nothing- no more lightning or thunder, no rain. I'm glad the Mr. was home to tell me I was not dreaming it. So weird.

I know what you mean about No Country..., Sidecar. I'm not sure why I liked that one but hated Magnolia for it's darkness. Maybe just the Cohen brother's style. Yay for the logo!!

(((Mornington))) Take care of yourself.

stargazer - that is unbelievable. I hope that you have some time that you can recover from what has been a very trying experience for you before you have to make any long lasting decisions about your career. It sounds like this internship has been a poor fit for you for a very long time. I don't know enough about getting your doctorate to help you with your options but I believe that you can do pretty much anything you want.

As cliched as it sounds, I learned so much when my first career fell apart. I don't think you are done with this but it seems that you will have to find a different path to get where you want to go. And once you get there, you will be even more helpful to your clients because you will have an idea of some of what they have gone though, I'll bet.

(((star))) oh hunny, I'm sorry. Maybe it's not meant to be or maybe this is just a temporary flux; sometimes we need more time to attain our dreams and if it is meant to be then it will happen. I truly believe in something that's for you not going by you but I feel your pain although I too don't think it's finished. In the meantime please cheer yourself up by coming to visit your favourite UK based BUSTies!

Danny's birthday sounds PERFECT! I'm glad the collision of both worlds went well. hee, I wouldn't want that even now and stress out about my wedding for that reason alone!

kitten, my head is still a bit fuzzy and now I'm feeling nauseous too so just as well I didn't visit mother and baby.

polly, the photos are on facebook... one of these days I'll make a flikr account so everybody can see.

(((rose, pixie, sassy, candycanegirl, tesao, raisingirl, sidecar, yuefie, amilita, designermedusa...)))

I am already looking forward to the weekend. So much to do and not enough hours in the day.



WTF is wrong with them?

So sorry I can't be there to take you out drinking (or whatever your anaesthesia of choice would be) and help you remember that this setback has no bearing on the fact that you are supercool, whipsmart, and inspiring, and you'll find your niche. You will. I'm glad you're going home soon so you can re-orient yourself properly.

I hope you can take some time out for yourself today and for the next little while to breathe deep, and treat yourself to something(s) special. Be kind to yourself, please?


((star))) I don't understand that at all. WTF?? I know this has been a very learning experience for you. You'll find your path(I know that sounds so cliche). Just keep in mind that you're very smart and an amazing person. If I was there, we'd go get some yummy martinis or local brews. I'm so sorry. ((big hugs))

((star)) I don't really have anything to add to what the wise Busties have said before me, other than I've been through it and it sucks. I think kitten's right, that this place never sounded like a good fit for you and amilita's idea to take a few days, collect your thoughts about what you want to do in the long run are also good.

And of course, all the wonderful things everyone else has already said about you are 100% true. wink.gif

Mando, I'm glad Danny's party went well. I had a few of those "worlds collide" events when I was a teenager, and it was my wonderful family, especially my parents, that made all the difference. Danny's very lucky to have you!

*Sigh* Bunny, stop giving me reasons to join facebook!! tongue.gif
((star)) I’m so sorry about the internship. It seems like you worked really hard, so it is very confusing. I wish you the best of luck.

((mando)) Glad Danny’s birthday went well.

((sassy)) Hope the migraine went away. I also want to see Tropic Thunder and Vicky Cristina Barcelona, but have just not felt like actually going to the theatre lately.

((kittenb)) Glad you and the boy had a nice weekend.

((polly)) I hate not being able to sleep.

((bunnyb)) Hope your headache went away.

((mornington)) Take care.

((sidecar)) Thanks for mentioning SparkPeople, I checked it out and it looks promising.

((rose, pixie, yeufie, rasin, tes, amilita))

My neighbor is screaming at the top of her lungs on the phone outside. Why go outside and scream on the phone? I hope she calms down soon because people make me nervous when they act like that.

My weekend was basically shit. I worked on a work project on Saturday and Sunday, today was my third day of staring at a spreadsheet, and my eyes and head were throbbing with pain. Good news is I should complete the project tomorrow.

Twin DM adopted a black pug this weekend, and she picks her up tomorrow morning. She doesn’t know why she was at the animal shelter, but it appears that she was used for breeding, and she was no longer wanted. I can’t wait to see her, as her picture is adorable.
((((star))))) i am so sorry. kitten's absolutely right -- you haven't felt right about this place at all. Take tomorrow for yourself, do whatever you want to do, and give yourself some time to think about it. I don't think this means this career isn't for you, unless that's what you decide.

(((((mando)))))) oh yay! That sounds like a great day for a great kid.

(((polly))) It's not a plan the way WW is, but basically, you fill out info on your weight, your height, and it helps you determine a deadline (like, you say how much you want to lose and how many pounds per week, and it'll give you a goal date). Then, based on your date, you calculate how many calories you should eat per day, along with a recommended amount of fat, carbs and protein (you can track other stuff, too.) They'll offer you meal plans if you want them, but I typically don't. You also plug in how many times a week you can exercise, both strength and cardio. They do it in a couple stages, and there are lots of articles and tips.

I found with WW that I was not eating enough, or trying to eat low-fat processed foods to stay under points, rather than, say, avocados or salmon. I've been erratic with Sparkpeople, but I find for me, it's more realistic. I just need to make myself follow it.

(((everyone))) i need to get to bed. i have olympics-based sleep deprivation.

kitten and sidecar are very wise women. you yourself felt in your gut that this internship wasn't a good fit. that doesn't mean that this isn't your career path. it just means "that this internship wasn't a good fit". you are a wise woman; trust your instincts. take this as an opportunity to think things out. so many times, a plant doesn't grow - not because it isn't a good plant - but because of where it is planted. it needs the right soil, and the right amount of sun, and the right amount of water, and the right number and kinds of other plants around it to thrive. consider the possibility that it was the conditions and not you that were wrong.

mando, you never have to apologize for talking too much about either yourself OR that fab kid of yours in here. you are loved, and we always want to hear what it up with the two of you!

dm, post pictures! don't you hate that the pretty pug was "dumped" because she couldn't breed any more? grrr. women viewed as their reproductive organs.

oops. sorry. getting carried away there.

okies, off to face the obnoxious proposal and merit increase letters that i have to write today. i don't really agree with either the proposal OR what is being suggested in the letters, but....sigh. that's what deputy directors do sometimes.

BIG hugs, little kisses, and silly silly silly fishes to ALL!!
((((((((star))))))))) I can only repeat what everyone else has said; you are awesome and you've been saying this internship wasn't great from the start, so I'd contest it, ask for minute feedback and everything. But take a few days to relax and think first. You're smart, caring, gorgeous and all-round amazing.

(((((kvetchies)))) must go to work. I have a sore throat and do. not. want. to work. mm, four hours of talking...

although, I totally love my new class. They might only be grasping the basics still (zero and first conditionals) but that doesn't mean they can't want to know how to say "transwoman" and how it differs from "transvestite" laugh.gif
(((star))) I agree with the wise advice given here. It really seems like the problem is with the internship, not your chosen career path as a whole. I would think about asking for feedback, even if you're sceptical of the reasons this happened, so that you can make your own sense of this and move on to new opportunities which will be a better fit.

Hope everyone else is having a good tuesday... *zooms back to work*
(((((star))))) I wish I knew what to say about your internship. I think you should definitely talk to them, but like kitten said it sounded like it wasn't a great fit from the beginning. Can you redo your internship at a different place? Either way, I hope that you aren't hard on yourself and just take it easy.

mando, I'm glad Danny's party went well. That's great that he had a good time and is on cloud nine.

I'm also up for a weight loss group! I can't wait to get back to my own apartment so that I can go back to using the gym and also I won't have to go past so many fast food places on a daily basis.


dm, I sure hope you can post pics of twin dm's pug! I think pugs are so cute because of their googly eyes.

helloooooo raisin!

((((rosev, polly, sassy, tes, sidecar, syb, bunny, everyone))))

kvetch: my dad was being a total ass the other day and the next day my mom was almost in tears while talking to a friend about it. I wish I could just smack him in the face and tell him to calm the fuck down. She said that I made her feel better but I wish I could do more.

kvetch: feeling like absolute crap lately. My allergies are acting up and I'm having the worst period I've had in a loooong time (always hungry, always exhausted, bad cramps and super emotional).

anti-kvetch: I have a job interview next week! I really hope that I get it, I just want a few shifts a week so that I don't constantly have to hit up my parents for grocery money.
(((Star))) I hope you have teh opportunity to try again someplace that will appreciate what a kickass person we all know you to be!

((((Mando)))) Glad Danny's surprise party went off without a hitch! I HATE planning parties!! It's one of those Mama duties I wish I could get out of. It's way too stressful!

I think it would be awesome if we started a weight loss club. Perhaps on Facebook at the Bustie group there? My only hesitation about doing it here is that it might be bound to bring preachy people and trolls who really want to do nothing more than tell us all why we are overweight to begin with. If I'm part of a group I want it to be a place where I can celebrate small accomplishments...Like only eating one slice of cake instead of 2! LOL!
(((((((((((Stargazer))))))))))))) So many wise women have already said such wonderful things here. I hope their words help you.

Mandi, glad to hear that Danny's big day went well!

~~$!~$!~ job interview vibes for CCGirl ~$!~$!~

((((((more love for Morn)))))

~~~~~~ soothing for CCGirl, Bunny, DM, and anyone else who needs 'em ~~~~~~~

I miss Dusty. Where has she been?!?

Re: the weight loss club. I'm not on Facebook, so I wouldn't be able to participate in any group like that. Don't we have some threads in the Our Bodies section that would be appropriate? I'll have to look into the SparkPeople thing, SideCar. I must admit that the thing I haven't liked about WW in the past is that there seemed to be a lot of processed foods, but now they have a program on their website that allows you to put in a recipe & it'll give you the points for a serving. If I can do that and keep cooking at home, I'll be happy.

Kvetch: Worst period in aaaaaaages. On Sunday I took 4 ibuprophen at once and it still could not kill the cramping. Awful.
Anti-kvetch: I spent most of Sunday on the couch watching a Gene Kelley movie marathon. So it wasn't a total waste.

BIG anti-kvetch: We have a Lush store!!! HOORAY! It opened this past weekend, so I went yesterday to buy some bath bombs and a bubble bar. Because dammit, after this shitty period, I deserve a little luxury. Tes, it's at the Mall of the Crabby Tree, if ya know what I mean, so it isn't terribly convenient, but I figure the distance will keep me from going there too often & spending too much money on bath goodies. biggrin.gif
thanks for all of your support! i truly appreciate it. i'm going to contest the decision and report this info to other people. we'll see what happens.

re: weight club...blah...all i've been doing is stress eating.

(((star))) i hope it helps to know we all believe in you and that you're loved.

(((pixie))) thanks for understanding the pre-party-planning-stress. it's hard to 'splain unless you know. ya know?

(((rose's tummy)))

(((morn))) acos i wish i could hug you in person.

fwiw, facebook isn't hard to join, nor is it time-consuming like LJ can be. but i very much understand staying away from yet another internet network thingie.

also, fwiw, ww now has a "core" plan that promotes healthier eating, ie: "real food" vs. processed crap. (disclaimer: i'm the premier Processed Crap Whore.) what i love about ww is the food journaling - i so can't deal with counting calories, fat grams, carbs, etc, i like that they figure it out for me - and the ideas i get from their threads. (and believe it or not, i've gotten great support from their flex threads. i know i know, but there ya go. i was desperate to bond, what can i say?) that said, this is the first time i'm doing it soley online and being successful. the bottom line is, no matter what you do, you have to want it and you have to be in it for the long haul.

(holy fuck, did that sound preachy! gah! those that know me know i'm the least preachy person on the planet. right? right?)

i'd prefer doing our weightloss club somewhere other than bustlandia. just my two cents.

kvetch: i'm pms-ing like a mf, can you tell? i could just as easily kill or cry. feh. bad mood thy name is mandi.

(((You go, Star!)))

(((More for Mornington)))

Rose, is your belly better? I'm about to bleed - bleh. Yay, Lush! I haven't been in forever, but I think I'm about due some good smelling treats.

Good luck on the job interview, Candy!

DM, I want some pictures of the pug, too!


I'm so happy because I'm at home watching The Wire and NOT WORKING!! We got so slammed last night, and I had some difficult communication with a patient...I wondered, driving home, if it was because she did not know what the word constant meant. As in constant pain. It's good to realize this stuff for the next time, I guess.

I am waiting for ultrasound results regarding a small mass on my mom's thyroid. Trying not to worry about it too much, and wait 'til we know what is going on. It very well could just be a cyst or something.

What if we did a little blog or something for our weight loss group? I wouldn't feel comfortable having it on Facebook, either, but I also prefer it be away from Bust, too.
Oh, I love those patients, amilita. A few weeks ago, my cousin/boss was on vacation, but the hygienists can still do cleanings on certain people without her in the office. We always tell the patient ahead of time that she won't be there, make sure they're okay with that. One of them came in that day and said he had a question to ask the dentist and the hygienist said, "you were told that she's not in the office today, right?" "yes" "well, then she's not here to answer your question." "oh, I wasn't really sure what that meant when you told me she wasn't going to be in the office." blink.gif

Or when we have to determine how much of an emergency a situation is and they have all the symptoms of something bad- pain, swelling, oozing, etc. Then you say, "okay, that sounds serious, the doctor wants you to come over right now!" To which some of them reply, "oh, I have an appointment to get my hair done/oil changed/lunch with my mom right now, I can't come over until tomorrow!" Then you tell them you have no time tomorrow, how about the next day and they get all pissy with you- "I can't wait until then!"...if it's that urgent, wouldn't you come over now? dry.gif

I guess I'm leery of Facebook because it seems like it seeks out people for you to befriend. With MySpace, as sucky as it might be otherwise, you have to actively seek people out and approach them to connect.

I found out that my high school reunion will be $75 for open bar and a dinner buffet at an [albeit decent] Italian restaurant/banquet place in my hometown. Oh yeah, screw that.

Amilita, I hope your mom's okay!

((hugs to all))
Happy Birthday Mornington!!!

(((amilita's mum)))

polly, some of your customers remind me of some of mine at the bank who have had fraud on their account and yet aren't willing to wait in a long queue on a FREEPHONE number to speak to the fraud department. It would be fair enough if they were complaining that they wanted it resolved there and then but they are simply complaining at the length of time to wait and even hanging up. I know if it was my account which had thousands of pounds transferred out of it I would stop what I was doing and remain on the phone to get it sorted out. I don't understand people.

kvetch: I woke up yesterday with a sore throat and it hasn't gone away sad.gif. I'm sure it's karma for pretending to be sick two weeks ago and going to stay with the boy instead.
kvetch: my lil sis broke her index finger last night (on her writing hand and she started highschool on Monday), spent two hours in er before it was braced and this morning when my mum woke her for school she had taken the brace off because "it was annoying her" rolleyes.gif.

I need to apply for more job today and go to the bookstore if I have time before work as I have a gift voucher I am itching to use.

Happy Birthday Mornington!

I went to a dance concert last night, outdoors. The entire time I was having a hard time sitting still and I kept itching. More so than even my usual fidgityness. When I woke up this morning, I realized why: I have bug bites all up and down my back. *sigh* Officially waiting for fall.
all the birthday love in the world for my darling (((mornington)))!
i know your heart's still achey, love, but i hope you're having a good one.

omg, kitten ... BWAH!!! where'd you find that?!

*all good thoughts for amilitamum*
*soothing brandy-honey vibes for bunny's throat*
*calamine lotion vibes for kitten*

" ... What if we did a little blog or something for our weight loss group?"
yes, please! how does one set up a blog? i have the time, i do not have the know-how.

kvetch: could all-about-ME coworker be any more talky this week? i don't think so. I SO DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYTHING YOU HAVE TO SAY! sorry. i needed to get that out.

antikvetch: i get to see my sis & niece tomorrow! first time since april! *squee*

kvetch: already dreading this weekend's impending family dramarama. le sigh.

eta: anyone else having problems posting? took me foreva to post this. so farkin annoying.
thank you mando and bunny and amilita and everyone!

((((star)))) the card made me giggle! thank you hun, big hugs your way

((((mando)))) yay for danny's partay! boo on mememecoworker

((((bunny)))) feel better!

((((kitten)))) we now have mosquitoes in london. I feel your itchyness. One of my co-workers got bitten (by a mozzie or a spider) and has convinced himself he has bedbugs. or scabies.

((((amilita)))) acos


I have to put TankGirl back in her hutch and go get ready. G and I are going to see Amanda Palmer (of the Dresden Dolls) tonight. He bought me pants and Absolute Sandman II, both of which was lovely of him. I'm very pleased!

I would very much like some sort of weight group blog thing.
Happy Birthday, Mornington!!!

Kitten, that card is fabulous! My little ferrett looks like I am going to have to find some funny hats for her to wear!

Re:weight loss blog
Where it is decided that we will hold it, I'm game. I mentioned facebook because we have a private Busty Bunker there that doesn't get a whole lotta use lately.
*slips in through okay-kvetch tunnel*

happy Birfday Mornington!


*slips back into tunnel*
Just wanted to drop in and wish you a very happy birthday Morn!!

Happy Bday Morn!!

Happy birthday, Morn. Hope it's a good one (...or was...?).

Star, I've been where you are, to a certain extent. After my first year of teaching, I was nearly kicked out of the school district where I was first hired. It had nothing to do with me, other than the fact that I was brand new and learning, had very little training at the time, and was dealing with a group of very difficult students with learning and behavioral disorders. The issue was with school administration and the organization of the school district where I was working.

The year that I started working at that school, they were setting up for the accreditation process, which all public and private schools have to go through. People from the California Teaching Commission in Sacramento come to the school, do a walk-through, see classrooms, observe teachers, ask students questions on the spur of the moment, and basically see if the school is upholding all the state standards the CTC has set forth. It's a serious, scary process for any school because they don't want to lose their accreditation, so they spend a whole year, if not more, preparing for the accreditation team in advance.

That was the year I was hired at that school. As is the case with every new teacher, they are observed and evaluated by a school administrator. But I was observed and evaluated far more than the norm and was given many unfair and biased evaluation memos by my administrator. Because I was an 'emergency credentialed' teacher (meaning, I was in school working on my credential, but had been hired as a teacher without it), the teacher's union couldn't do much to protect me against the unfair evaluations. At the end of the year, I would get my official evaluation, and if I received 'unsatisfactory' scores in every area, I would lose my job and be unable to work for that school district again, until I'd proven myself in another school district and brought back satisfactory evaluations from them. Even with satisfactory evals from another school district, the district for which I was working could still decide not to hire me back until they were ready and willing to do so. Essentially, my administrator was trying to kick me out of his school, and the school district so I didn't stand a chance to screw things up with the accreditation team.

Near the end of the year, I found out I wasn't the only teacher this administrator was trying to get rid of. Two other new teachers were experiencing the same treatment from him. And the school principal was backing him up all the way. It seemed they were in it together. I spoke to my union rep about the unfair treatment and she told me what I already knew, which is that she couldn't do much to help me. She did tell me, however, to let her know if I got an all unsatisfactory end-of-year eval.

Which is exactly what I did when it came. I was supposed to have one last meeting with my condescending administrator where he'd demand that I sign the evaluation, which meant that I agreed with it and would be willing to leave my job and the school district. While I was certainly willing to leave my job (I mean, who would want to stay at that school after all that shit?!), I wasn't willing to leave the school district because it would greatly lessen my chances of employment. So I talked to the union rep who went with me to that final meeting and acted on my behalf. She convinced the administrator that, since I was willing to leave the school with no intention to return, I didn't need to sign the evaluation. I was also able to file a grievance memo in my permanent file, indicating why I disagreed with the unsatisfactory eval.

Despite not being kicked out of the school district, the whole process shook me to the core and I seriously started to question whether teaching was the right career for me. I took the greater part of a month to do some soul searching. But my self confidence had been so shaken that even after a month, I didn't trust my own judgment. I decided to visit a professional career counselor for a couple of sessions to help me figure things out.

Professional career counselors aren't cheap, but I only saw her 4 sessions and they made a big difference for me. She did several aptitude tests and career interest inventories, and had me do several exercises to help me focus in on what was important for me in my career. She also listened, just as a therapist would, to my horrible job experience story and my feelings about it. In the end, after 4 sessions, I came out of it with a better idea of what I wanted and some of my self confidence restored. It was one hell of an experience, though. But I managed to live through it, and you will, too, Star.

I'm not suggesting that you should re-think your whole career. I am suggesting that a career counselor might not be a bad idea. Having someone else in your corner to help you negotiate through the tough decisions is a great thing. They can give you the best career interest inventories and help you re-focus your desires and career interests. You may even be able to get free career counseling services at your college or university, or get a discount on private career counseling services because you're a student.

I'll share one last story and then I'll shut the hell up. Years ago, a girl friend of mine went to law school and was loving it until she started interning at a law firm. Once she actually got into it, she found practicing law to be far too adversarial for her personality and realized it really wasn't what she wanted to do, although she still loved many aspects of practicing law. After talking to her advisors and getting some career counseling, she shifted her focus from practicing law to becoming a family law mediator - an attorney who works with divorcing families either during the divorce or afterwards, during post-judgment hearings, to help keep the proceedings civil. She found mediation to be a lot more help-oriented than being a litigation attorney, and her work made her much happier. Nor did she have to sacrifice all the work she'd done in law school up to that point. But it's a path she might not have discovered without the help of some good advisors and career counselors. I highly recommend them.
happy birthday, morn!

I'm up for a blog, but I like Facebook too. I find the exact opposite Polly -- I get so many more random inquiries of people I don't know on MySpace.

But I think a private blog is more likely. Can you do a private blog on blogspot?
Happy birthday mornington. I hope you had a fun day.

I wanted to post a photo of Lucia, so I hope this works and it's not massive. I am taking her to the vet tomorrow for a checkup because Twin DM could not get time off work, she appears to have dermatitis and Twin DM wants to find out the best way to treat it. Lucia and Lola (the boston terrier) are getting along very well, playing, but not fighting. Lucia was spayed at the shelter, so she doesn't have to worry about having anymore puppies. I just love her cute face, and am happy that she has a good home now.

Happy birthday morn!!

Eh, nothing to add....except ((more hugs for stargazer))

Happy Birfday, Morn!

tight hugs for both (((((morn & star)))))


~~~~feel better bunny~~~~

Ugh mellow.gif. I have a nasty summer cold and sore throat that R brought home from work and I feel like absolute hell. Apparently the head chef brought it in from his baby and they've all been passing it around for the past three weeks, but R had managed to somehow avoid it until this week. He had his one day off today and slept almost the entire day with the help of Nyquil. I was not so fortunate as I had responsibilities that kept me from taking anything to knock me out until now. I feel like I swallowed a razor blade and inhaled some sand. And I keep getting all achy and chilled from the fever, then it breaks and I'm all sweaty and super hot and then the cycle repeats itself. Blergh, I just want it to be over. Being sick in the heat is the worst! I pray to the gods that the good old 'quil knocks me teh fuck out, 'cause I am mega crabby and miserable.
Happy Birthday, Mornington!!!

DM, that pup is such a cutie!

Feel better, Yuefie!

Sidecar, I just looked, and it seems you can make a private blog on blogspot. I'd go set it up, but I can't think of a good name! Anyone else?
I'll go with the flow on where we have the weight loss group ... what about bust (hee) the blubber for a name? wink.gif.

Lucia is adorable!

(((yuefie))) feel better. Thankfully mine seems to have come to nothing; I took dayquil (I stocked up on both that and nyquil in Florida) yesterday and it seems to have done the trick.

(((star))) ongoing vibes.

(((kitten))) ouch. I hate being bitten mad.gif

rose, are you out there? not like you not to post...

Where's damona too?

Yay for seeing your sis and niece, mandi!

Yay for great birthdays!

Could I ask for some mystery vibes please? the boy and I need to make a big decision this weekend and we need some help making the best one. If it comes to pass I'll reveal next week.

The boy is through for the weekend and as well as having some food for thought we're going to our favourite Indian restaurant with his parents tonight and the rest of the weekend will include sushi, shopping and seeing Hellboy 2.

undies: black mesh with pink trim and white polka dots bra and girl shorts.

((strong mystery vibes for bunny)) I also love the new busty name for the weight loss blog as well!

Yuefie, feel better! I think I'm coming down with something. Maybe just a summer cold.

Thirtiesgirl, that's good advice in general. I too went to a career counselor as well a few years back. I was trying to get my career on track. The sessions at least helped try to pinpoint likely careers. I was going to become a special education teacher in college, but the politics of the school I was at forced me out of the program. I've have a BA in English (much like the Ave Q song), but haven't put it to much use.


Home Depot. Fucking A. As you know they were supposed to be out here on the 13th. They first said our tub liner was in Kansas. After many calls, all we seemed to be getting was double talk. I wanted to keep going up the chain to bigger higher ups. I kept getting really sexist answers from some of the point of contacts. I guess b/c my name wasn't on the bill. I was just seen as "the girlfriend/wife" Argh!! 1950's logic! Mcgeek kept being the nice guy, and not wanting to cause a fuss. I kept wanting this to be done quickly because they had two months to notice we had a "weird" tub. No one mentioned it as a problem. The liner finally came in on Friday night. Monday morning HD said they'd be out either Tuesday or Weds. Tuesday we never got a call. Mcgeek finally got livid, and started calling them every 20 minutes. The job finally got started(late Weds morning), and we had to get a new vanity b/c it would fuck with the plumbing valves. They upgraded the wood(the one we picked out had knots) and also decided to throw in a medicine cabinet. The biggest annoying issue is that we were left without water Tuesday night. The lead supervisor gave the installer the wrong sink valves. He just assumed that the right ones would fit. He was using current 2008 ones, and Mcgeek and I live in a house built in the early 60's. We do have to hang up drywall this weekend. I don't mind it, because it's skill I've never tried.

So there you have it. Hopefully, they'll be out of here by Monday afternoon. What a fucking pain in the arse. This is my first foray into any house renovation project, and ugh. My parents haven't been very supportive, but oh well. My mother found out that we were considering moving to Pacific NW, and has given me the freeze out.

Kvetch: Damn nerve damage! I hate that this foot injury has caused me my summer. sad.gif I'm going to try to find a cheap bike this weekend.

Anti-kvetch: Bought some LUSH items to use in the bathroom once it finally gets done. smile.gif
I think Mcgeek and I are finally eating in a nice restaurant(no shitty fast food) this weekend. There's a restaurant week thingie were you can get a fixed price menu for $25 a person! smile.gif


Undies: Pink boy shorts.
~*~*~*~mystery vibes for Bunny~*~*~**~* Great name for the weight loss blog!

Rose is fine. I just talked to her last night. Sheff has been really busy at work and she's getting ready for a friends wedding next month.

(((Sassy))) I hate home renovations even as much as I love the end results. We are in the middle of trying to get really flowerdy wallpaper (that is the exact same as was in my ex mother in laws bathroom) off little T's room so we can repaint it red and blue and set up his Spiderman furniture!

~*~*~*~*feel better Yuefie~*~*~*~*~
For Mornington's birthday, I'm a day late and dollar (or quid) short. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great celebration.

Tomorrow morning, I'll be leaving for Germany for two weeks. It's just me, my backpack and man purse smile.gif The travel itinerary is still rather fluid. That makes it sound like I don't know what I'm going to do.. and that's pretty accurate. I'll try to post a picture or two along the way.

As you may have guessed.... boxer briefs.. grey.

(((pixie))) you have my sympathies. removing wallpaper is The Suck.

*echinacea vibage for yuefie*
*superstrength Right Decision vibage for bunny & the boy*

sassy, hope your night out is sublime. you guys sure deserve it! argh indeed!

bust the blubber. hee. i am tres excited about our weight loss blog. specially since the last 2 festivity-laden weekends have caused me to gain. this weekend promises more of the same. le sigh. monday starts Mandi's Ferociously Back On Plan Month.

lucia is so squee-able!

morn, how's tankbunny getting along with dorris and indigo? and danny devoured sandman II in something ridiculous like a day or something.

beige lace wacoal, white comfy lands end panties.

antikvetch: i got to see niecelette for 7 minutes before work this morning! *squee* she is BEYOND gorgeous!

kvetch: poor little thing was completely discombobulated (they didn't get in until 2 am) and looked at me with combination fear/horror. it pains me that my sister and crap weasel b-i-l don't make the effort to visit more often. they live 5 hrs away, not on another continent for chrissakes. but that's a whole 'nother can o'worms. *gnashing of teeth*
OK, lay-dies! I just set up bust the blubber on blogspot. I set it up as private, so if you wanna do it, please PM me your email and I will add you as an administrator. If someone wants to tinker with the layout n' stuff, feel free. I just picked a template pretty randomly. I'm excited - woo! Oh, and I know I have some of your emails, but hope you guys don't mind PMing them to me just so I don't have to go looking for them! Thanks!

Yay for seeing neicelette, Mando!

Have fun, Billy! That sounds like a great trip.

Spiderman furniture! Awesome, Pixie.

Sassy, there are some fixed price menus around here (more in the summer) that I've been meaning to try...have a great night out.

Mystery vibes for Bunny!!!

(((More for Star)))

~~~more get-well-ones for Yuefie~~~


Thanks for the vibes for my mamma! I haven't been able to reach her today, but I'm hoping she doesn't have to wait for her ultrasound results until after the weekend. Bleh.

And stay away Fay!!! Tropical storm in the Gulf. Bleh again.

On the good side, I just had Vietnamese food for lunch - yum. And I just got an awesome paycheck to show for all my hard work the last few weeks. The Mr. is buying a super cool, expensive new welder, so I've been feeling like I can treat myself more with a little bit of shopping. Heh.

((((amilita)))) you're awesome, have I told you that? continued vibes for mama-amilita

((((yuefie)))) come hang with me, one of my students gave me his cold and I feel like death reheated. sore throat all week. I have lemsip. and I lovelovelove the dancing greyhound!

((((mando)))) yay for neicelette! I'm having to re-read sandman, just because it's there now. TankGirl is arguing with Dorris, but not to the same extent as she was, although I haven't forced them to hang out in a while, since they tried to take chunks out of each other last weekend. Indigo got bitten on the schnoz by TG (he shouldn't have stuck it against her hutch door) so he's avoiding her. Dorris has discovered the garden, and it terrifies Indigo, he stands there whining while she runs about.

*waves to ((((billy))))* enjoy your trip

((((pixie)))) hee, spiderman furniture

((((sassy)))) ***renovation vibes***

((((bunny)))) mystery vibes your way!

((((dm)))) lucia is *adorable*. such a sweet, happy face. Yay for twinDM bringing her home. Has she been introduced to Lola yet?

((((polly)))) I did wake-n-cake this morning. and will do it again tomorrow. How are Tana and Albus getting along now?

hi thirtiesgirl! *waves*

(((((star))))) acos

((((ccgirl, culture, syb, tes, sidecar, sixie, everyone))))

pants report: pink mens y's from american apparel. A present from G laugh.gif as long as I turn the waistband down, they're actually really comfy. I likes them.

three-day weekend now. I need this. I'm going to potter in the house, start my diet, see if I can buy a bike pump somewhere (I'm going to sell my soul and go look in asda, aka walmart, which has lots of built-in little shops). I might have to go further afield, though, which sucks. I want to get my bike up so I can cycle to the shops and to the tube station instead of taking the bus; it's not far but it's a long enough walk to be a pain when you're busy/loaded with shopping. I want to get a basket too, so I'm not loading myself by putting everything in a backpack.
Drive by ...

Happy belated b-day to Morn! Sorry I missed the celebration.

~~~~~~ safe travel vibes for Billy ~~~~~~

Looks like Yuefie, Morn & I are in the same boat because I, too, have a summer cold. Sneezing, sore throat, and very tired. So pardon me, but I'm going to wander off and collapse on the couch again.

((((((((((((((((((((((love for all the Busties)))))))))))))))))))))))))
thirtiesgirl, thanks for the advice but it doesn't fit my situation. i know what i want to do for a living. i was just feeling frustrated by systemic issues which made me doubt my skills. BUT, i am skilled. i need to keep telling myself that.

kvetch: trolls

antikvetch: moving back to the chi next weekend!! Yeah!!

Kvetch: LeBoy and I fell asleep on the couch, woke up at 4:30, tried going to bed, now we can't fall asleep. Now my sleep cycle is going to be screwed up and the rest of the day's going to suck and who knows if I'll be able to fall asleep tonight....

Anti-kvetch: I forgot how lovely the sunrise is.

Anti-kvetch: Star's coming home next weekend!!

((yuefie & rose)) No summer cold, but more allergies than usual. I've just been sniffly and sneezy for several weeks. I heard somewhere that this year has been unusually bad for pollen counts and other allergens.

Albus and Tana are getting along okay- no better or worse than before. The other day, Tana was sniffing Albus for a change and Albus turned around, playfully boxed Tana's ears and then did the same to his hind quarters! Unfortunately, only LeBoy witnessed it. LOL!

Sorry about the Home Despot troubles, sassy. I didn't want to say anything when you first mentioned that they were doing the work because I hate it when people pull an "I told you so!" (I can't tell you how many people did that when I told them about our plumbing situation- it's like, 'There was water shooting out of my wall- I wasn't going to fucking shop around for plumbers so stop giving me shit about how I paid too much!") but I've seen/heard numerous horror stories about HD's installation/repair services. Like "As Seen on 60 Minutes" horror stories. Seems like the missing parts/no-show contractors/condescending customer service and all-around asshattery is par for the course with them. I hope everything works out. unsure.gif

~*~*~mystery vibes for bunny & boy~*~*~

We got the print copy of the magazine LeBoy was published in yesterday. It can also be downloaded as a .pdf here, issue six, for $1.50 (US)...if you're interested, PM me and I'll tell you which story is his.

Well, I'm going to try getting in bed and watching Veronica Mars; maybe I'll fall asleep.
Polly, I hate when my sleep cycle is fucked up. Awesome for the sunrise though!

Kvetch: Seizure Saturday night. I was opening the front door of the house. Fuck. I was really looking forward to going to that restaurant. sad.gif

Kvetch: HD. Sexist pieces of shit (the main contractor). They fired the last installer, so we have a new guy.
He was joking about me living under a man. I wanted to slap him. "Well, I like woman under my thumb."
I just glared at him, and went downstairs.

Anti-kvetch: We got a Wii Sunday morning! There's something theraputic about beating the shit out of your partner is a fake boxing match. I saw Tropic Thunder as well.

Anti-kvetch: Mcgeek finally went to work. I'm just glad he's out of the house. I'm going out with a girlfriend on Weds night for drinks, and so happy about that. Been around too many men.

Mcgeek used the word fiancee today. It sort of shocked me in a weird way.


Hope it's not too late for ~~~mystery vibes for bunnyb and boy~~~

Ongoing thoughts for amilita's mom, and *warding off tropical storm for amilita and all in the area*

Sassy, I can't believe there are still people out there who are so socially unreconstructed. Boo on sexist builders. And 'fiancee' still surprises me when I hear it said about me

Sunrises are awesome polly... oddly I only see them on vacay when we're up early to head off somewhere. Oh, and walking to work in winter... *shivers*

Eee, lucia is so adorable!

*Envious of certain people's three day weekends*

Good news on the move star!

Things good here. The resident teen is back in situ and it's great having her back--we've been hanging out and having some random chats, and I think she's in good shape for the new school year. And monday is almost over...
I meant to post kitty porn yesterday! These are from a couple weeks ago, out on the balcony in his little harness:

Feh on that jackass, sassy! And feh on seizures! Yay for the Wii, though. I really want one, especially for the Fit thing. Unfortunately, LeBoy found out he's getting an XBox for Christmas. He wanted one just so he can play Rock Band. He plans on saving $ in his own account by not buying lunch between now and then, just in case someone doesn't get him the game. Gee, I wish buying me an engagement ring was that important to him. Perhaps this postcard on PostSecret this week wasn't a coincidence. mad.gif

I was mostly able to sleep last night. I still didn't go to bed until midnight and had to get up at 5:30...somehow slept through the alarm until 5:55, though- eek! I only got to work a few minutes late, though.

Albus looks so cute!!! Love that speckled little nose. And I love that so many Kvetchies have tuxedo cats. They're the best, aren't they?

~*~*~* mystery vibes for Bunny & Boy ~*~*~*

Sorry to hear about the seizure, Sassy. That really sucks. sad.gif

Fie on sexist asshats. Fie, I say!

(((((((((((((all y'all)))))))))))))) I'll have to read the archives later so I can vibe properly. My eyes are teary from sinus pressure & it's hard to read.

Kvetch: Still battling this cold. It's a bit better today than yesterday, thank god. Yesterday I was too sick to do anything. I just curled up on the couch with the cat and called for Sheff whenever I needed a drink or meds. Totally pathetic. Luckily today I feel good enough to get my drugs for myself.

Anti-kvetch: Saturday night I rustled up enough energy to go out for a birthday dinner for our friend, J. We went to one of my favorite restaurants - a place I'd told J about, but she'd never been before - and the food was so good! Everyone was very satisfied. Afterwards the 6 of us played Apples To Apples & played with our friends' bunnies and hedgehog. It was such a nice night. I wish I hadn't been so sick during it, but Sheff said I did a very good job of hiding it. I didn't feel really bad until the next day.

I'm going to run along and force myself to work out a bit before Gilmore Girls comes on. Wish me luck!
Oh this day is the SUCK!!!! I just want to lay my head down and cry. Mr. Pixie got asked to sponsor the Academic team. It is only Sept through the 1st week of December, and it carries a $200/mo raise!! But our new babysitter whom I really love is unflexible in working with us around the practice/game times and it looks like I am going to have to find a new babysitter! It is just making me sick! It doesn't help that I want to quit my job and stay home sooo bad, but I just can't right now! We got our electric bill this weekend and it is totally outrageous! So we are having the A/C looked at tomorrow and hopefully getting a new energy efficient one. In the meantime we have the thermostat turned up as high as we can tolerate it.

antikvetch: we are taking our annual trip to Big Cedar this weekend. We found out that Jason has to take Friday off for an Academic Team coah coference, but will be done at noon, so I am taking the day off and we are going a day early! And because my bday is next week, my MIL is paying for me to go to the Day Spa there and get a 45 minute massage and a 45 minute aromatherapy body wrap! Th ebodywrap I have gotten before and it was better than sex!
Thanks everyone for the get well vibes. I'm still sick, but I think I'm over the worst. I haven't had a fever since Saturday night, so yay for that. The weekend is a blur I slept so much. Now if I could only get rid of this itchy, hacking cough and never ending congestion. The boys are all sick now, so as you can imagine, it's no picnic 'round here. Poor R is just powering through work and collapsing when he gets home. PJ and A are miserable and driving me nuts. I dragged myself to the market and spent a small fortune on soup, juice, tissue, and cold meds and now I am just pooped. It's back to bed for me.

Be back soon to catch up and vibe everyone individually, but for now ~~~~all purpose vibes a plenty~~~~

it's a bird, it's a plane.... it's damona! laugh.gif

i apparently have internet again. woohoo! i skimmed the archives, but i've missed so damn much...

~*~*~*~*~*~*~* health vibes for the sickies*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

~$~$~$~$~$~$~$~ financial/job vibes for the broke and unemployed~$~$~$~$~$~$~$~

~@~@~@~@~@ assorted pet vibes@~@~@~@~@~

~!~@#$%^&*(~!@#$%^&*( general vibes for everyone)*&^%$#@!~)*&^%$#@!~

i shall return later!
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Aug 25 2008, 02:49 PM) *
Albus looks so cute!!! Love that speckled little nose. And I love that so many Kvetchies have tuxedo cats. They're the best, aren't they?

While Tuxedo cats are lovely, there is a special beauty to be found only in grey and white kitties with pale green eyes (and loud, shrieky voices). I'm just saying I don't think we need to be pitting Bustie cats against Bustie cats in a feline beauty contest. Is there not enough pressure on us already?


"My cat's breath smells like cat food."

Happy Monday all!

polly - I don't know what to say about the game system vs. engagement ring. Have you talked to LeBoy about it?

damona - glad to see you. smile.gif I was just wondering where you were.

roseviolet - I hope the nasty sinus pain goes away soon. Take care.

sassygirl - Gods, fuck the seziures! Sorry about the asshat contractor too.

{{{yuefie}}} get better soon!

{{{pixiedust}}}I hope you get your job quitting wish soon.

{{{all kvetchies!!!!}}}

I am visiting my family in Ohio this week, starting tomorrow. I am taking The Geek home to meet the Crazies From Whom I Came. It will be fun, I really believe that, but I am bit nervous about it as well. I won't be posting much as I bet our hotel charges for Internet access but I'll tell all when I am back.

Have a great week!

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