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Best of luck stargazer! Hoping for an excellent outcome for you.

(((Julie, V and their family)))

The electricity went out for over an hour when I got home, and some weird surge seems to have set off all the home alarms in our leafy-ass cul de sac. As it's August (and the south side suburbs), half the neighbourhood is away on holidays. So not a fan of the suburbs sometimes!

*reverts back to people with real problems*

Loving the Bourdain gossip by the way...
~~~~~continued miraculous healing vibes for julie & coping strength vibes for V & family~~~~~

~~~~~mega vibeage for star~~~~~

I've been watching the swimming too, sidecar. Woot for Michael Phelps!

also loving the Bourdain gossip tongue.gif


So Saturday went pretty well, all in all. Her, shall we say, energy was quite different in person. She was almost demure whenever I was around, which was kind of odd. R said it was the nicest surprise anyone has ever done for him and that he appreciates that I have so much trust in him to be comfortable enough to bring down an ex girlfriend to my own home and then to leave them be to catch up with one another. He also said that while he enjoyed the visit, he was glad that it was relatively short because he realized that the friendship they have wasn't what he remembered it to be. He said that after a certain amount of time together, they begin to push each others buttons like they used to. He said that the visit helped him to see how much he has grown as a person and that he truly has redifined what friendship means to him. He also said that a lot of that change was brought on by his meeting and getting to know me and all of the friends and family that he feels he has gained through me. He couldn't tell me enough how much he appreciates that I have that much faith in him. I told him I don't know how I couldn't have that much faith in him, because of who he is. And then I laughed because *that* was the last thing I was worried about. I just don't like being disrespected, especially in my own home. But alas, none of that happened. The whole thing worked out smoothly and seeing him so happy and surprised stoked me out.

But then we found out that R's sister has ovarian cancer. We don't know much more than that right now, so any spare vibage would be greatly appreciated.
~~~~fuck cancer vibes~~~~~

STAR!! How'd it go!? Hope it went awesome!

~~~~Julie and V~~~~

Yuefie, I'm so glad to hear things went well! R sounds like such a keeper.

(((syb))) I feel like that about car alarms. I hope the alarms wear out soon!

((yuefie)) Glad R’s surprise went well.

((R’s sister))


((star)) I hope it went well! **********Good evaluation************

((polly)) Glad your dad got to meet Bourdain.

((mando)) Happy belated birthday.

The men’s swimming relay last night at the Olympics was amazing. I was watching men’s diving today, and I never realized there was an competition that two people dive at a time, and it’s synchronized.

FUCK the cancer!

yuefie - I am so happy to hear that the trip turned out way better than you expected. Of course she was intimidated by you. It is obvious that your man loves you and now he knows for a fact that you are the better choice.

stargazer - I hope you got exactly what you wanted today. Please keep us posted (like there is any doubt you would.)

syb - So home alarms are/were just going off all around you? Weird.

Happy Birthday Mandolyn and Fairietales!!!

polly - I am thinking about sock monkeys, trying to decide if they would make a Christmas gift or two. I'll let you know ASAP if I think of something.

roseviolet - soothing healing vibes for your friend.

sidecar - I know nothing about the Olympics but perving on the men's swim team is always a good time. smile.gif

DM - I saw a little of the sync'ed diving. It was cool.

So I am an idiot. Working an overnight shift is a lousy time to dig up old episodes of Night Gallery especially ones dealing with ear wigs. I think I may never sleep again. unsure.gif I want my ear plugs.

This weekend wasn't too bad. On Friday I cracked under financial strain and sort of cried for a good portion of the evening. But the boy came over and just let me talk. He's good at that. He doesn't say much, but I am learning how to read his body language and it was very comforting. So Friday was pizza and TV. Saturday we went to a street fair and saw a band called Powder that he loves and I thought was awesome. Bascially he had to pay for everything all weekend but it was no big deal (he is better at paying for things than I am at letting him pay for things.

So I am very happy with him right now. rolleyes.gif
*~*~*get well vibes for R's sister and Julie*~*~*

(((yuefie))) very sweet what you did for R. and you look very cute with your haircut.

(((DM))) acos

(((tes))) how are things with you and the job search??

Yay for an Amilita sighting!

(((polly))) sorry your foodies plans fizzled out. but all of your talk about food REALLY makes me miss all the great food back home.

(((kitten))) sounds like you had a great weekend with the geek. minus the financial stress. argh.

(((sidecar))) well, i think you spend being locked out of your place in a good way. hopleaf is awesome!

antikvetch: well, most of my morning was cancelled so i'm taking my time going into work today.

kvetch: thank you SO much for all of the vibes. the meeting wasn't so bad. they are deciding this morning about my case. still not sure. but, i have mixed feelings about the meeting. like, "Should I continue in this profession?" but, alot of that had to do with my asshat supervisor. argh. still not sure when i will come home and that makes me sad.

(((mando, sybarite, rose, bunnyb, candy, faeretails)))
Omg omg omg, my head just exploded with those singing corgis! BESTEST HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREETING EVA! i truly loves you, ms yuefie – thank you!

Special kisses to tesao, sidecar, polly, rose, DM, kitten ... and everyone who emailed & facebooked me the birthday love. you guys are just divine and i really appreciate the thoughtfulness.

Where is my birthday twin (((faerietails))) anyway? Happy belated, wherever you are!

(((Julie))) (((v & fam))))
(((R’s sister))) fuck you cancer.

*superstrength good news vibes for star*

Morn, glad to hear you’re in your new digs and away from that asshat landlord. I hope the doctor can figure out your fatigue issue, and that it’s nothing serious. Give pete a head scritch for me, poor little bun. I’m so sad to hear he’s ill.

Yuefie, so glad to hear all went well and your effort was so appreciated. You are indeed a kind and giving girlfriend. I think I woulda wound up pulling my usual passive-aggressive shit long ago on little Ms. High Maintenance. i'm extra happy to hear that YOU wound up being the star. And you look ABFAB, sweetie darling - but then, i'm biased, because i always think you look beautiful!

Welcome back (((amilita))) Meeced you! And you go with that gym mania!

(((polly))) so sorry the Anthony plans fell thru. I’m all Grrrr–y on your behalf.

*findthatPERFECTjob vibes for those in need*

*moneyfromheaven vibes for EVERYONE*

(((Rose))) you’re such a carebear, with your continual loop vibes for bossman. Much appreciated, darling. he's getting better day by day, tho he also fears never feeling normal again, poor baby. i remember feeling that way after my c-section. my first normal poop was cause for major celebration. TMI. sorry.

*tooth resolution vibes for shef*

Candy, so glad to hear mommy’s doing well. I’m proud of YOU for being such a good daughter! *copage vibage for the friend issue*

Many thanks for the poundage-loss congrats. Although I have certainly gained a few since Sunday. Oy. Had a lovely birthday brunch with the fam. Ate my weight in waffles and blintzes. Oy again.

I also took a 4-day weekend. it was very nice not being here. work has been insufferable during bossman's absence. all these stupid idjits acting like they're in charge. it's beyond aggravating and more than a little pathetic. thank CHRIST bossman's back on thursday.

Thanks for asking about danny (((tesao))). As a matter of fact, he’s turning 16 on Friday! we have a little surprise planned for him – I don’t want to talk about it, even here, I’m so fucking paranoid about him finding out – but may-everything-go-perfectly vibes would be very much appreciated. *fret*

right now he's enjoying Madden Day. i just called and reminded him to take food and beverage and eye and thumb breaks every so often. hee.


finally saw no country for old men.
gah. wtF?
Danny is turning sixteen?!?!? Holy crap. Time flies by so damn fast!
~***~***~ perfect day vibes for Mandi and Danny Boy ~***~***~

I totally understand about the first post-surgery normal poo. wink.gif

(((((((((((((((((((((((R's sister))))))))))))))))))))))))0
A hearty "fuck you barbara" to cancer. Grrrr.

Yuefie, you deserve a crown for Best Girlfriend on the Planet or something. Tell R that I said he should make one for you.

~!~!~!~ good news for Star ~!~!~!~

Sidecar, you kick ass. Just thought I should say that in case it wasn't totally obvious to you.

Kitten, glad to hear you had a good weekend with the boy.

(((((CCgirl)))))) (((((CCmom)))))

~~~~~~ smooth moving vibes for Morn & everyone else ~~~~~~~~~

~$~$~$~$~ job & money vibes for everyone, too ~$~$~$~$~

Thanks for the vibes for Julie. I have a feeling she'll be in the ICU for quite some time. Poor thing. I'm still amazed that she can move her fingers and toes. Miraculous.

Good news: Sheff got the tooth pulled today & it went really well. He is currently napping. Hopefully he'll feel good enough to go to work tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath.

Other big anti-kvetch: The weather here as been goooorgeous lately. This morning the air actually felt autumnal! Love it!

I have not been watching nearly as much of the Olympics as usual. Sheff and I went out for dessert on Friday night so I didn't even see the opening ceremonies. That's, like, sacrilegious in my world. What is up with me? I've seen some of the swimming (saw Michael Phelps win his first gold of the games) and a bit of gymnastics, but that's about it.

I think the Millie cat is stuck behind Sheff's desk. Bah. Better fish her out.
Mandi, glad you loved the singing corgis smile.gif
Also glad to hear you had a nice birthday brunch and that bossman will soon return. Wow, Danny is turning 16?!
~~~~super duper everything go smoothly for Danny's birfday surprise vibes~~~~
I too was annoyed at having wasted my time on No Country For Old Men.
Sometimes boys need those food/water/rest reminders. I've been known to remind PJ to take breaks from gaming because he'll get caught in in the xbox live stuff for hours on end. Of course all I get is rolleyes.gif

hey now, a normal poop can mean the difference between a good day or a very, very bad one tongue.gif

Hope you got Millie out of there, Rose. Ziggy likes to hide unerneath the recliner, which makes me so nervous I hardly sit in it anymore. Last night I left the front door open and he brought a field mouse in and was hiding under the recliner with it. I walked by and all I saw was this black tail sticking out, swishing around but I could hear these little squeaks. Thankfully he decided to take it back outside!

Yay for Sheff's tooth issues being taken care of. ~~~speedy recovery~~~

~~~continued healing vibes for Candy-mama~~~

~~~contiued vibes for Morn, Sassy and anyone else who might be moving~~~

~~~continual loop of vibage for star~~~

(((((kitten, pixie, syb, sidecar, polly, bunny, dm, tes, amilita, everyone)))))

Today I met best guy pal for lunch and the place we chose just happened to taping an episode of Food Networks Diners, Dives & Drive In's. I didn't actually see Guy Fieri, which was fine with me. I hid off the corner trying avoid any camera's, lights or crew. The place was an absolute mob scene.

I got to talk to the kidlet on the phone a couple of days ago and he was so excited to tell me he'd just gone to Abbey Road and wrote on the wall. I always record the Live At Abbey Road show on the Sundance channel and right before he left for the trip we watched the episode with Mary J Blige together. I explained how it was *the* studio to record in and told him all about the Beatles, so he just couldn't wait to tell me all about his visit. He comes home on Friday and is flying by himself. With how nervous I am about it, I can only imagine what his mom and dad are feeling.

Thanks for all the vibes for R's sister. She just moved to Oregon and is completely without medical insurance. How fucked is that? From what R was told, the doctors don't know if there is much that can be done for her. She has a 9 year old son and a 13 year old daughter, who is autistic and very anti-social. Her eldest daughter is currently in North Dakota working on the Obama campaign, so she is really on her own up there. I see R getting himself all worked up and anxious with worry about what will happen to the kids and feeling powerless to do anything to help. It doesn't help that his father is also terminally ill and was given a year to live almost two years ago and they are really the only family he has left. R is devastated and of course deeply sad that both of the kids will end up with their fathers in different places and the family will just be basically ripped apart. I feel so bad for him right now, especially because there really isn't much he can do to help any of them.

Good news Star!! smile.gif

FUCK Cancer as well ((R's sister))

Quick fly by about move:

MOVING SUCKED. The Uhaul people fucked up our time,so we only had three hours with the truck. Then I had a lot of sadness leaving my kick ass apartment. The day ended with Mcgeek wanting me to shovel composte(read shit) so we could finish the garden bed. I know there's some metaphor in there somewhere. It was just a looooooooong shitty day (pun intended).

Home Depot called today saying that they won't be out tomorrow(for the big awesome bath redo), because our tub liner isn't it. They're saying they don't know where it is. Mcgeek took the whole week off because of this. Asshats. They could have mentioned this last week, or last month. mad.gif

Anti-Kvetch: The whole season of Pen/Teller's BS from Netflix, and yummy mac/cheese with bacon. Homer Simpson drool....


happy birthday mando and faerie! Sorry it's so belated and glad you had a good time mando!

omgholycowbbq, when did danny turn sixteen?!?!?

((((sassy)))) boo shit-shovelling. hope things smoothen out and the bath liner turns up.

((((yuefie)))) fuck cancer ***r's sister***

((((rosev)))) ***julie***

((((star)))) been thinkin' of you


total flyby, I'm on the internet at the library and don't like saying much or spending much time. Moving was ok, still not sorted everything but at least it's all in the right place. My bank might have fucked up the rent transfer, but they're usually slow the first time so I hope it's ok. Internet at home should arrive today or tomorrow; I have book club this evening.

New bunny has been called TankBunny (as in Tankgirl) as she reacts to it. She's settling ok, there will be photos soon!

ok, must dash! (((((kvetchies))))
Happy Belated Birthdays to Mando and faerietales!!

And Mando, we just watched NCFOM last night! The first half Mr. Pixie was saying, what a great the ending it was a great big , WTF!!!! I'm never going to get those 2 hours of my life back! Bah. And I can't belive Danny is 16!

Rose, glad Sheff is feeling better!

Yuefie, you are such a kickass Gfriend! I went to lunch with one of Mr. Pixies ex's once. He had a very similar reaction...I don't think he ever really talked to her again after that. Somethign about seeing us together at the same time made every click to him that she wasn't even friend material.

Fuck cancer!

Mornington, I am soo glad you finally got moved!

(((Star, Kitten , DM, Sidecar, Bunny, Tes, Billy, ect)))

Today was minipixies first day of 1st grade! Of course she complained she had a stomach ache . It seems she was afraid the new teacher would expect her to be able to read aloud! At leats it was something explainable! She complained of a stomach ache the other other symptoms, and finally worked herself up so much that she threw up outside of Red Lobster!

Mr. Pixie started his first day teaching 12th grade too. It is soo weird that he is teaching where I went to school and there are even a few old teachers around! His boss is was my 7th grade science teacher! (and yes, Rose, it is in building H!) We are going to go to a football game next Friday! Pretty cool that I am going to get a chance to relive some of my high school fun since i wasted a lot of it spending too much time with the exasshat the first time around! Here's hoping Mr. Pixie gets to chaperone the prom!
Ahhhhhh....we had a spa day at work today. We cancelled all the patients we had scheduled today (we did that, like a month ago) and my sister came in and did massages, my cousin's nail girl came in and did mani/pedi's, and her esthetician did facials. We had finger sandwiches and salad for lunch.

I feel like goo. I'm done with all my stuff, but my sister is giving my cousin a massage, so I'm stuck here. Plus, she wants me to go to Ikea with her afterwards since she's out this way. Ugh, I soooo don't feel like doing that. I have a sheer pale pink on my fingers with a layer of sparkly over it and "spank me" red on my toes. It's been foooorever since I had a manicure and even longer since a pedicure.

LeBoy didn't get the job. Poop. They'd already hired someone by the time he submitted his application, and the funny thing is the guy they hired is the guy who used to be his mom's student teacher and dated his sister for awhile. Apparently, he wasn't cut out for the teaching thing and got fired, so he's going back into IT. I'm a little sad about it. It was a lot more money and a little closer, and he'd be in his mom's district. Now that's realized how much more other schools are paying for positions he's qualified for than the school he's at, he's determined to find a job in one of the swankier suburbs around here. H has another connection at one of them, but there's no openings.

Fuck cancer, fuck U-Haul, fuck Home Depot.

Sorry for the lack of other individual vibes....I'm just in post-massage cloudiness.
(((polly))) oh that sounds awesome!! a spa day at work. aaaahhhhh.

(((morn))) i hate moving. i feel your pain. luckily i am moving in with the 'rents. but i hate the actual moving and hauling of things.

(((pixie))) congrats on mr. pixie starting his new job! and i hope minipixie transitions into school gets smoother.

nothing to report. i'm off tomorrow to attend a convention. the big meeting was tuesday and i haven't heard anything. no news is good news i guess. and my sup knows i will be out of town tomorrow. and he won't be here the rest of the i'm trying to not get my hopes up....but hopefully i'm heading home at the end of the month....i gotta do it for the sock monkey!!

Happy belated birthday Mando and Faerietales!! Wanna hear what Danny's surprise is...

That spa day sounds great! I need a massage sometime soon.

Sorry LeBoy didn't get the job, but Yay! for Mr. P's new one.

Boo on moving and Boo on cancer. My co-worker should be getting surgery for her breast cancer this week - it was postponed once, and it's an aggressive one, so I've been thinking of her a lot. Now thinking of R's sister, too. Bleh.

Star, have a good convention. I think I have to start saying, "Do it for the sock monkey!" now.

I liked No Country For Old Men - am I the only one?

Must get lots done tomorrow! So glad I'm off for a few days.


Pete died in the early hours of this morning. He just stopped fighting and decided it was his time to go.
((((((mornington, indigo, doris and tankbunny)))))) I am so, so sorry.

RIP Pete, you'll be missed.

FUCK cancer.

(((Morn)) RIP Pete.

((((((((morn)))))))) r.i.p. Pete.
((morn)) RIP Pete
Amilita, I have mixed feelings about it. I think it's a great movie, but it's so nihilistic. I was moved by it, by Tommy Lee Jones' monologue at the end about how there's nothing you can do, but just thinking of the violence makes my stomach drop. I don't know if I can ever watch it again.

My boss is out today, so I need to make myself work. Wish me luck.
(((Mornington))) Rip Pete.
((((mornington and pete)))) i'm sorry.
(((((((((Mornington & Pete))))))))))
I'm so so sorry, Morn. Even though I never met Peteykins, I feel like I knew him from all of the adorable photos you posted of him. My heart goes out to you.

I was going to ay more, but I've forgotten it all now. Feeling a bit choked up, honestly. sad.gif
oh, (((morn)))
i'm so sorry, sweetie.
know that pete was much loved in here.
Oh (((morn))) I'm so sorry, but glad you were able to care for him and cuddle him and look after him during this time. I'm sure he felt very loved. RIP Pete.
sad.gif ((((((morn))))))

RIP pete. you are a cute-y and i'm glad i got to play with you last year.
((((syb, star, mando, pixie, bun, rosev, fj, ccgirl, sidecar, sassy, everyone)))) thank you. I know, in my heart, that it was his time to go and he was ready, but I don't think I was. I took the day off work and spent some time with Dorris and Tankbunny, and I'm calmer now. I hope he was happy and knew how much he was loved.
{{{mornington}}} There is just no way that bunny did not feel loved considering what a wonderful bunny momma you are. I am so sorry to hear this news. I hope that your pets, friends and family are comforting you now. sad.gif
Aw, ((((Mornington)))), so sorry about Pete. I'm sure you weren't ready, but you did what was best for him which shows how much you loved him. And he knew.
((mornington)) I am so sorry to hear about Pete. He knew that he had the best mommy ever.
((mornington and the other fur-sons)) so sorry to hear about Pete. *sniff* sad.gif

I would have been in here sooner today, but the url for the site changed from back to I seem to be the only one who had this problem? If I didn't think to check on a whim, I never would have known.

I like NCFOM. Yeah, it was creepy and uncomfortable and disturbing and I'm not sure if I'll watch it again, but I love the Coen Bros., and think this was a great return to their darker, non-comedic movies. That said, I love their comedies even more- I was just thinking today that there's no way I could decide which I like more, Raising Arizona, O Brother! Where Art Thou or The Big Lebowski. They're all so freaking brilliant. So much so, that I changed my avatar again.

Awwww, (((((((morn))))))) sad.gif
So sorry, sweetheart. Sending extra tight hugs and love your way.
RIP, sweet Peteykins.
((((morn, losing a pet is so hard))))

In the good news department, if you guys get your hands on a New York Times today, a logo I made is featured in an ad in the arts section! It's for the I Love My Librarian Award. If you get a chance, look through the arts for it.

(((((((continued love for Mornington)))))))
I'm sure he felt very loved. You are an excellent fur-baby-momma. Hope you're finding some comfort in your happy memories and in your other darling pets.
((((((((extra snuggles for Doris, TankBunny, and Indigo)))))))

Fuck cancer & tumors of all sorts.

In happier news ...

Happy Sweet 16, Danny Boy!!!!
Can't wait to hear about the big surprise, Mandi!

Pixie, how is the 1st grade treating MiniPixie? Hope she started to enjoy herself.

Sassy, did Home Depot finally show up with anything or did you have to reschedule?
<^>^<^>^<^> painful kicks in multiple tender places to all idiots who make Bustie lives more difficult <^><^><^>^>

Sidecar, congrats! Post the logo here if you get the chance.

Polly, I had the same issue with the url. It was easy enough to find the Lounge again, so I didn't think to mention it before. Sorry to hear LeBoy didn't get the job.

RE: Sheff's tooth. Here's why they had to wait for the antibiotics to work before they could pull the tooth. When he went in last week, they shot his mouth full of pain killers & turned his whole face numb - except for the tooth. It hurt just as much as ever. The dentists said that the infection must have affected the ph of the fluids in the tooth (?!) or something like that which is why the painkillers were not working. They had to kill off the infection so that they could numb him enough to do the extraction. Does that make sense? I hope so!

Anyway, the tooth came out Tuesday & he's doing much better. Today he's going to attempt to eat food that requires chewing, so that's a good sign.

In other news, I am seriously thinking of joining Weight Watchers. Mandi, TurboJenn, my mom, and others have inspired me. smile.gif I have gained 20 pounds in the last 4 years or so and it needs to go because I just don't feel so healthy anymore. It's hard to explain, but I almost feel like my blood is thicker & it takes too much effort to do simple things. I think I still look cute, but I feel lousy, you know? So I'm going to start exercising everyday - even if only for 15 minutes - and watching what I eat. I figure that if I'm paying to be a part of something like WW, I'm far more likely to stick with the program. You know how I hate to waste money. wink.gif

I have oodles of errands to run before the weekend, so I'm outta here!

Undies: None yet. Still in my robe.
happy birthday danny!

((sheff's tooth)) did i tell you all about how martini accidentally pulled out his tooth while flossing earlier this summer? Yeah, he did. He'd already had a root canal, so he wasn't in a lot of pain. He had the rest of it pulled, and I now call him Cletus since he's missing teeth.

Pixie, I'm so glad that the mister has a steady job for this year, even if it's different. Much luck to all the school years starting in your family.

Polly, I did the same thing. I updated my bookmarks though and was all good.

Oh! You all can see the logo on the website that I put together for it as well. (I didn't do the whole site, just the pages for this project). It's at

I'm back on the plan wagon too. I'm not doing WW, 'cos I'm cheap and fitting meetings into my schedule isn't easy, but I'm doing SparkPeople, which is free and has you record what you're eating, plus your exercise. It's similar, but not quite the same. I like it a little better, in part 'cos it's free but also I like that it tracks nutrients, too. My weight is up about 10-15 pounds over what I considered a not good place, and I just can't live with it anymore. Someone on the bus a few weeks ago asked if I was pregnant, and I was so embarrassed. I said, "No, I'm not," and then she seemed upset that I was chagrined. I realize she was trying to be nice, but it was just embarrassing for me. As if I needed more evidence it was time to get back to watching what I eat.

Anyway. Back to work.
I'll have to check out spark people...right now, I'm using my food diary dot com, which is $9 a month. Not bad, but free is better. I'm steady losin' at this point, but mostly I'm glad I'm feeling good with the exercise. I'm writing it down in my calender and going even if I don't feel like it, which is about half the time. But by the time I've been on the elliptical for about 10-15 minutes, I start feeling energetic and good. Yay for that! And yay for all of us trying to be healthier!

Poor Shef's tooth! Glad he's on the mend. Today, my two oldest kitties are at the vet getting cleanings and extractions. They knew Eli had a cavity that needed to be pulled, but found one in Max, too. Bleh. Poor babies. Max acted as if chewing hurt him sometimes, so hope he feels better than before eventually. Not sure if they'll stay overnight or get to come home yet.

More for (((Mornington))) How ya doing?


happy birthday danny!!

(((amilita))) better, thanks. not great, but better.

I too need to lose a little weight. not much, just a few kg (ok, so 12-14lbs). maybe I should check out spark. Maybe I should actually start, y'know, exercising before rowing starts again blink.gif

Hey strangers. Long time no Lounge. Thought I'd come in and say HELLO after hanging out with Star tonight... so, HELLO!
((((((((((((((mornington and pete))))))))))))))

you are the best fur mom ever, mornington.

~*~*~*~*extra pets and head scritches and snuggles for indigo, doris and tankbunny *~*~*~*~

Continued love for (((morn))).

*waves at raisingirl*

I'm joining everyone in the wanting to lose weight camp: I am so fat just now and look obese in Florida photos; I want to drop down two dress sizes, back to my happiest shape. The boy and I are in it together once we go to London at the end of next month; we're joining a gym and will be too poor to eat out much/have takeaways and cooking for two should ensure smaller portion sizes!

I have had a headache since yesterday morning and feeling terrible. I was supposed to go visit childhood friend C and her new baby boy, Struan, but I'm not up to driving over; besides, the poor thing was sent back to hospital this morning by widwife as she has infection (difficult labour, forceps, no pain relief and in lot of pain with stitches) so she's home resting with antibiotics and not really up to visitors. I'm going to call tomorrow and hopefully she's feeling a little better and I can visit then.

As it is I am going to sleep, read if my eyes can take it and then if the headache wears off create another one with some wine.

Happy Saturday, folks.
Raisingirl!!!!! So good to see you! How've you been? What are you up to? Give us some details!


(((((Bunny))))) (((((((C & baby))))))

Anti-kvetch: I've officially gotten back into the saddle exercise-wise. My cable service has a free exercise on-demand channel, so I have dozens of options to chose from whenever I want, which I think will help a lot.

Kvetch: We have nothing planned for this weekend. Not one thing. And I'm already bored to tears! Here's hoping I can convince Sheff to go somewhere other than the fish store for a change.
OMG, my next door neighbors are being incredibly, rudely noisy. Constant front door slamming, yelling, running back & forth past my open sliding glass door (which is at the front of my apt)...ach. No quiet around here on a Saturday morning until they LEAVE. I really hate apartment living sometimes.
Hello raisingrl!! smile.gif

(((rose))) i have nothing planned for today too. but, i'm ok with that.

(((bunnyb))) i'm sure you will get back on the exercise routine. i thought you looked lovely in your florida pictures.

kvetch: terrible sinus headache. argh.

antikvetch: i'm choosing to stay in today. and i likes it that way.

RaisinGirl! We missed you!! Updates, please!!

Quiet 'round here yesterday.

We had an uneventful weekend- went to the Selena's on Friday. Saturday and Sunday we pretty much loafed around all day. We have zero dinero until this Friday.

I slept terribly last night- we had a late dinner and I ate too much, went to bed too late, couldn't fall asleep and once I did, Albus came and stomped around and meooooowed for awhile. Then I had to go to the bathroom, then my alarm went off...snooze-snooze-snooze...crap, woke up 15 minutes late.

It will be a miracle if I make it through the day. Luckily, I have my secret stash of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

Which leads me to my next subject- sidecar, tell me about this SparkPeople...I looked at the website this weekend, but couldn't really get an idea of how it works...I sorta lost motivation on WW and always felt kinda hungry on it, not to mention the cost. If SparkPeople has more realistic portions, I'd be happy to try it. It's getting dire over here. WTF is with people who ask if you're pregnant, especially women...they should know better.

My ears have been itchy and a little achy the last couple of days, so I put olive oil in them this morning. Much better! I thought I wiped off the excess, but I've gotten oil on my fingers a couple of times now. Ick.

Star, I hope your headache went away.

Bunny, where were the Florida pictures? I wanna see! Hope you're feeling better!

Rose, did you end up doing anything this weekend? How's Sheff's tooth? Do I need to send him one of our stickers? tongue.gif Sidecar, Martini can have one, too after he gets that fixed! And I know what you mean about feeling like it takes longer to do things. For me, I fell my ass grazing more objects when I pass them rolleyes.gif


Eh, better get back to work. Lovely Monday to all!
Happy Monday everyone.

I had a nice weekend. Took the boy to a friend's birthday party on Saturday. After all the wine we drank there we ended up making out in a school playground. Not saying it wasn't fun but it was a little more public than I normally get. I'm blaming the booze. ohmy.gif
On Sunday we went to Target where I got to continue my quest to replace all of his clothes that have holes in them. Seriously, why don't men throw shirts away when they shouldn't be worn anymore?

polly -I also had sleep issues last night. The only thing more annoying than having to be at work at 7 AM is waking up an hour and a half earlier than I have to to get there. mad.gif


hello raisingirl!

bunnyb - I think it is a good rule of thumb to stay away from babies when you are not feeling good. I hope you and your friend are better today.

{{{healthy eating vibes to all who want them!!!}}}

{{{stargazer, rv, amalita, sidecar, and all}}}
Happy Monday!

Kittenb, I have the same problem with Mcgeek.

Well, on the Home Depot front the tub is finally in the warehouse. We found this out late Friday night. However, the downstairs bathroom ceiling is leaking. A piece of drywall fell on Mcgeek's head last night. So, Home Depot is going to fix it for free. I'm happy they're finally going to do something. This is just a bad start to living together.
We're still moving stuff out of my apartment. It's amazing how much stuff one person can have over a year. I think we have one more trip. I'm also trying to sell a lot of it on Craigslist.

Joining on the losing weight wagon. I got weighed by the doctor. I've gained almost 10 pounds since this injury(not to mention that I'm about 40-50 pounds overweight) I try to calculate my calories on, but I think this foot injury is to blame. Considering WW or Jillian Michaels. I'm just bummed about it. I'd love to go walk the dog, but with nerve damage in your foot. The doctor said get a recumbent bike, but they're really pricey.

Kvetch: Bad migrane today.

Anti-kvetch: I may go see Tropic Thunder or the new Woody Allen movie this week sometime. smile.gif

((healthy vibes))


I've been on a weight loss kick the last week. I've been riding my bike 3 mornings a week and I joined a jazzercise class on Saturday! I've already lost 2 lbs!

Sassy, have you tried freecycle? I got my bike on there for free. It's a semi recumbant.

(((lotsa love for morn and dorris and - even tho she didn't get to know pete - tankbunny))) you've been in my heart, morn.

thanks to all the bustie aunties for the birthday wishes for my baby boy. *sniff*

antikvetch: ok, i apologize for being cryptic, but i just didn't want some silly thoughtless internet slip to ruin DANNY'S SUPRISE PARTY on saturday. i was a nervous wreck these past two weeks (ask yuefie!), but i pulled it off without a hitch, and he was genuinely suprised and thoroughly pleased - despite The Collision of His Two Worlds (friends & fam). the weather cooperated beautifully. his friends were so polite and pleasant and nice. and - despite 99% of my cousins completely disappointing me and being huge, rudeass flakes - i could care less, because in the end, the people who were there are the ones who truly count. and on a selfish note, i finally had beloved cousin and bestgayboyfriend together in one place, after three years ... so the world's tilting on its axis much better for me now.

it was soooo hard spending the day with danny on friday tho - his real birthday. gah!!!! we had a great day - saw the dark knight (i savored every drop of heath's performance!) and sushi'd out at our fave restaurant. but i was completely shot by evening's end. i'm way too neurotic to plan a suprise party. i was so petrified i was the one who was going to make The Slip!

we also got him tickets to see his beloved jaguars play baltimore in december.
and we let him pick out a new used GORGEOUS trumpet.
i do belived he's on cloud nine. smile.gif
even tho band camp started today and he's so not happy having to wake up at 8 am.

apologies for being mememe. or dannydannydanny, rather.

we should somehow start our own private weight loss group, since many of us are in the same boat. if anyone would like ww tips, i'd be happy to help! (um, even tho i've gained 7 lbs during these birthday celebrations, weep!)

**walks in with head down**

i was told that i am not passing my internship. blink.gif i am completely confused and in denial. i'm trying to see if there is a way to remedy this situation because it feels terribly unfair. i don't know if i'm just in denial, but part of me feels that it is not finished. don't ask me why. maybe it is the bargaining phase. eh. i am a combination of sad and numb.

well, the good news is that i am coming home at the end of august.

maybe i'm not doctor material.

any career suggestions?

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