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Hope you and the mister were able to have a lovely picnic together.

(((((morn's foot))))) and a pox on asshatty landlords
((((((mando's bossman)))))
(((((candycane & mama)))))

~~~~stateside job vibes for our darling tesao~~~~

~~~~all purpose vibes for all~~~~

sidecar, I am still cracking up at the remark about needing a lawn so you can yell it kids to stay off. I always feel so old at shows anymore. Hey, I know what it's like to be in party mode but it's still no excuse to be a complete asshole to everyone around you.

polly, color me insanely jealous!

and seriously now, where in the heck is amilita?? has anyone heard from her?


My honey turned 40 yesterday and was insistent on keeping it very low key. Yeah. I kept it as low key as I possibly could, which means I cooked up a storm and had a few close friends and family over ;-) I made his favorite cake, tres leches, which I'd somehow missed trying until now. OH MY is it ever good, especially with fresh strawberries and peaches.
Rosie, you're no more an old lady than I am biggrin.gif

Except: I am planning on getting a tattoo this spring, to commemorate my graduation - no, not the END, it's the new BS, because it was cheaper/faster to enroll as an undergrad to finish my prereq courses, and I only needed 2 extra classes so it'd take the same amount of time either way - slash being with my girlz in NOLA the week after graduation. I've wanted an infinity-like tat for a long, long time. I was going to get a Klein bottle when I was a mathematician, but now that I'm not, it doesn't seem as appropriate. So I'm getting an ouroboros.

T-11 months until I (maybe) buy a condo.
T-28 months until I'm done moving twice a year. Unless I get my PhD, and then it may be another 24 months.
(Yeah... moving again tongue.gif)
bwahahahahahah!!! getting a lawn so you can yell at kids to get off it!!! <3<3<3 sidecar <3<3<3

i am fixated on the birthday cake yeufie posted for sybarite. why are all of the candles black except one? i shall ponder that as i drink my morning coffee.

speaking of birthdays for syb - please tell us that you got your picnic. sidecar has an excellent point.

i wanted kids. mr hb was ambivalent. i got pregnant 3 times and never managed to carry past 3 months. i think that sometimes the universe *does* know what it is doing. if we had had kids, i would not have had africa. we got married when i was 36, so you can do the math. i am SO lucky to have elle, and my pseudo grandson finnboy. i rather like the idea of having grandchildren without having had the kids.

mando, i'm older than you are.....and my tats are holding up just fine. all of my tats have meaning to me - i need to get someone to take photos of them (they are both on my back). one is the first totem animal i found out about; the second is an amalgam of ALL of my totem animals. they "have my back".

i'm thinking of a swirly print entwined with more of my "prettier" totem animal just above my buttocks. i've also thought about getting the art nouveau flowers from the perrier jouet bottle around my shoulder and back. toyed with the idea of two small drops of blood on my chest. maybe something small at the nape of my neck, so that my hair could cover it.

what i like about my tats is that they don't have to show unless i want them to.

weedy has a (SURPRISE!) weedy sea dragon tattoo. i miss her.

i also miss AMILITA!! where is that girl? does anyone know how to reach her? i've also missed maVin and (i can't remember her name, how embarassing is that?) the wonderful woman who lives in georgia near atlanta and makes really cool jewelry?

qspice, why not some version of one of mc escher's drawings? that would be cool. or one of those (i can't remember their names, need cooooooofeeeeee) things that are shaped like the infinity symbol except they are 3 dimensional and don't have any beginning or end and exist in two planes? you know what i mean!!

random question for all of you: have any of you heard of "Nutty Wheat Flour"? does it exist in the states? if not, does anyone know the right proportions of stuff to mix to make it yourself?

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. tres leches. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. i think i saw some strawberries for sale the other day.....i may have to investigate this. we should share recipes, yeufie. what a PERFECT summer dessert!!! (so what that it is winter here!)

continued bustie vibeage for:

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* cc and her mum ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*mandi bossman~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

rose, what sorts of things would be good? i have a flamingo feather, from my trip to africa with my dearly deceased best friend who died the next year of kaposi's sarcoma in his throat and lungs...trying to think of other african things that might work. maybe something small and you have any ideas? or might your mom?

tttthhhhhbbbbtttthhhhhhhhhh aimed at the RTP!!!!

(((((((mandomyheart, hope that you got through the storms all right. i personally love them, but NOT if i have to drive in them, especially at night!))))))

mandomyheart - i have my colors and fonts etc etc back.....i wonder why i have them and you don't???
QUOTE(tesao @ Aug 3 2008, 01:23 AM) *

qspice, why not some version of one of mc escher's drawings? that would be cool. or one of those (i can't remember their names, need cooooooofeeeeee) things that are shaped like the infinity symbol except they are 3 dimensional and don't have any beginning or end and exist in two planes? you know what i mean!!

I believe mobius strip is what you're looking for.
oooooooooooooo, polly, that's IT!!! muito thank you!!!

but now that i think of it, a klein bottle is somehow two moebius strips. so scratch those. i don't remember all of this math very has been far too long for me to admit to.

*snickers* I'm in my twenties and I've got a cartoon character on my leg...

All up I've got 3 tattoos (5 if you count the leg one as seperate bits). 3 boxes on my thigh: one with a Seuss fish, one with Eeyore and one that will have little red riding hood in it when I find a new artist down here. I've got a white ink spiral on my shoulder and a dragonfly on my wrist. I figure when I'm old and crepe-skinned, I'll be able to talk about how important children's literature was to my life. I'm planning on a fragment of Sappho's poetry next.

kvetch: why do people leave their kids alone in the library? I had a druggie asleep in the kid's section today, SUPERVISE YOUR CHILDREN

kvetch:: wtf are these odd pains? The right side of my lower abdomen has been getting tender on and off for a while now and it's shitting me to tears.

kvetch::: I'm about to host 5 adults and 2 kids in a two bedroom flat - do you think the husband and the housemate could help prepare a bit?

anti-kvetch: Pecorino
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SYBARITE!! I hope you were able to have your birthday picnic as well.

((ananke)) to each their own! (although the cartoon character my acquaintance has is, uh, less literary.) I work with librarians (though not a librarian) so I love yr people.

(((tesao))) Sapphire is who you're thinking of! I wonder how she is too. I have her email. I also have some of her jewelry and I wear the earrings all the time. Mavin had a second baby earlier this year/late last year. I wonder how amilita is, too, (although I also think i have her email.) Maybe we should all PM her and be like, "dude where are you? we miss you!"

((yuefie)) I was just thinking yesterday about how happy I am that you've found R. You deserve some happiness in that department.

DM, did you get to Brideshead Revisited? I admit to not being too familiar with the novel, but I watched the preview for it and was like, damn, that looks juicy, time to put down the comic books and read me some Evelyn Waugh!

My neighborhood had a sidewalk sale yesterday, so we went out and trolled the goods. I bought a pair of awesome silver sequined flats, and then we bought a new leash for the dog. We stayed in last night and watched I'm Not There, which is kind of a mess, but still pretty good/interesting. Heath Ledger is so good in it, it makes you so sad. (Also, wow, what a chameleon; it was hard to picture him as the Joker watching that role).
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SYBARITE!!! hope you had a great day - picnic or otherwise - and things go smoothly with the RT
((Kitten)) Wow 5! I guess I am not a good judge though, mine is big enough to be 5! DH's sister is like that (though she's 27) And has at least 6 tats that I know about She's like model beautiful, so I really don't get it. One of the tats is some sort of symbol on her leg and it iseally poor quality.

I spent a really long time wanting a tat...just ask Rose! I decided 3 years ago to definitely get one and it took me all this time to find someone I knew I was still going to love when I am old. Like Tes, I love that mine isn't visible unless I want it to be. Most peopel who know me well are a little shocked when they find out I have one. To me it's liek wearing a permanent piece of jewlery, like a wedding band.

Happy Bday Sybrite!

~$~$~$~job vibes for Tes~$~$~$$ I can't imagine living so far away from the Mr. for so long! It was bad enopugh with my ex who at least came home once a month.

((((Rose, Qspice, Anake, Dm, Yuefie, mornignton, Bunny, Mando, sidecar, Polly))))

We had the micropixie bday party yesterday. Days of cleaning, shampooing carpets ect, and everyone was gone within an hour and a half! I'll try to post a picture later this week of what the first birthday cake eating looked like! Lets just say, green icing on chocolate cake is not very attractive when mashed up and smeared all over!
"Seriously, I just need a yard so I can yell at kids to keep off it." Hell, yes. I know that is becoming me. I am just sick of large groups of "young people" annoying me.


I saw The Dark Knight yesterday. I must be the only person on the planet who did not like it. I can't argue that it is a good movie but, god, it is so depressing and nihalistic and waaaaaaayyyyyyyy tooooooooooo loooooooooonnnnnggggggg. Seriosly, is editing a crime in Hollywood these days?

Thanks all with the support on my silly family drama. I have since learned that none of the new tattoos were paid by the boyfriend which is something. However, three of the new ones were done by a kit that a friend of my step-sis owns. The true punchline is that step-sis' mom (my mom's g/f) also let the friend tattoo her. My mom says they do not look good. Well, amature tattoo artists have to find someone dumb enough to let them practice I suppose. rolleyes.gif

yufie - Happy B-day to your man.

pixie - happy b-day to the micro. I am looking forward to pictures.

anake - I am just discovering the beauty of my city's library system. It is a good thing.

q-spice - I've always like the oroburus.

polly - enjoy the cooking show. That picture was...interesting.

{{{tes, roseviolet, designermedusa, all}}}

kittenb, good to hear you are feeling better about the family drama.


*~*~*job vibes to be back with mr. hotbuns vibes*~*~*

tes, it sounds like a big move for you, but it sounds like one you will come to be ok with.

so, i'm gonna be alittle mememe right now. but i'm in major need of passing internship vibes right now. i'm trying to be hopeful that i can finish at the end of august and not have to stay here longer. so any vibes to get me through this grey time will help.

Happy belated B-day, Sybarite!

~*~*~*~* pass that internship, StarGazer! ~*~*~*~*

~$$$~$$$~ continued jobby job vibes for Tes ~$$$~$$$~
Re feathers & kaleidoscopes: Yes, that would work! Mom has put bird feathers in a number of her kaleidoscopes before, so it's nothing new for her.

Kitten, here's hoping the amateur tattoos can easily be removed someday.
-*-*-*- no red ink vibes for Kitten's sis -*-*-*- wink.gif

QSpice! Good to see you! So you're buying a condo within a year, but you still plan on moving a lot in the next couple of years? Suddenly I'm more confused on your whereabouts than ever. huh.gif

Happy birthday to the boy, Yeuf!

Pixie, glad to hear the munchkin's party went well. I know all of those hours of cleaning were a pain, but I'm sure on some level you were glad to have a reason to get it all done, right? Maybe? Possibly?

(((((((((all the glorious Busties in the world))))))))))))

I've got Flight of the Concords "All the Ladies in the World" playing in my head tonight, so I shall dedicate it to the fine Kvetchies.

~~~pass that internship star~~~

You guys, I went to the Cubs game tonight and it got called DUE TO TORNADO! So I stood in the concourse of Wrigley Field and watched wind and rain whip together so fast that people's hats went flying out into the air. It was scary as outside of an announcement to leave the seats and seek shelter in the concourse, Wrigley Field's staff communicated nothing else (however, the beer vendors were sent into the crowd waiting to leave). But it was memorable, that's for sure. Glad to be home where I am safe and dry.

Um, I love that card Rose. Ha.
Give us an S! Give us a T! Give us an A! Give us an R! What's that spell? STARGAZER!!! Well, sort of. Lots of happy "pass the internship" vibes! We need you back in Chicago. I mean, look at what happens when you are gone. Tornado warnings at Wrigley Field? It's all gone wrong.

Sidecar, I was at the movies (sneak preview of Pineapple Express. Sort of funny but more a DVD when drunk/stoned than a theater movie) and I could hear the thunder rumbling. Must have missed a hell of a storm. blink.gif
I saw Pineapple Express at comic-con and thought the same. It was funny, but not as funny as it thought it was. And I'm not sure why it they had the girlfriend character in it, as she was given nothing to do. I loved James Franco in it though.

Yeah, it was crazy. I've been in 4 tornado warnings since I moved here, and this was by far the scariest.
Aww, thanks so much all of you for the birthday wishes!!! I love all the graphics, yuefie cake and the 'cards'! You are all awesome.

I did have a great weekend, even though the RT is still in situ and didn't head off as was planned (she is now due to leave tomorrow...fingers remain crossed) Lovely weekend w/ my dad, eating at fab restaurants and talking. I don't get to see him a lot so it was good to catch up.

Then last night I finally had the birthday picnic with the mister, albeit w/ RT present. Lots of good fishy food, some champers and Sancerre and lots of great music... had to explain to RT the irony in 'We care a Lot' and 'Orange Crush.' It was a lovely evening, albeit a little different from what I had initially hoped for. (Don't get me started on managing nookie with a teen in the house... blink.gif )

Sidecar, I really appreciate what you said re. the mister and I needing alone time. RT is somewhat clingy, so when she is around she's around us mostly, rather than chilling in her room. There are deeper reasons she's clingy, based around the upheaval of the last few years, but it does mean we don't get much 'us' time if she's at home. Following on from what you said, I want to think of ways we can ensure that time more regularly in the upcoming school year.

At work so should go! Btw, I too am of the 'those kids today' perspective: I still like going to gigs, but hate queuing for beer, the bathroom, etc etc, and visibly drunk people annoy me.

I'll be back to vibe more individually later today...

...and I'm back after reading up. I miss Sapphire too: I have a lovely pair of her earrings. And yes, where is amilita??

Happy birthday to yuefie's mister!! It's leo-tastic in here.

Mornington, belated congrats on finding a house, but sympathies too if your soon-to-be-ex landlord is being an arse.

Yikes on tornadoes!!! I We used to have tornado drills at school, but I don't think I've ever been in one. Hoping all dodgy weather passes through quickly.

~~~~pass that internship vibes for stargazer~~~~~ Good luck!

*Jealous that polly gets to meet Mr Bourdain* Report back with details please...

I have no tattoos. I could never settle on a single symbol that somehow summed me up (such was my pretentious thinking in my 20s), and at this stage I'll probably remain tat-free. The mister has a few though: his most recent is a Tibetan phrase, which looks beautiful written out.

Am tired today from the wine and fizz last night, but I also feel oddly refreshed. Which is good, as I'm back to the thesis tonight and doing the accounts today (ugh). I'm happy it's a short week though!

Happy [*cough* Belated] Birthday, sybarite! And to R!

~*~*~*Internship vibes for stargazer~*~*~* You have to pass. You have to come back sooner rather than later. And there will be a sock monkey waiting for you. Do it for the sock monkey. Or I'll sic Mr. T on you:

The weather yesterday was crazy, sidecar! It was darker when I got to work at 6:30am than when I got up at 5:30am! Then last night, it was hitting the patio doors so hard we thought it was hail. That must have been scary at Wrigley!

Not much going on here. Humanist's best friend since 1st grade (or so) is getting married next summer and we're going to look for wedding dresses tomorrow night. We're not actually buying one, but my mom is going to make her one and we want to find one she likes that my mom can copy (don't worry, we won't tell the saleslady that!)

Frankly, I was surprised my mom volunteered to do it. I don't know why; it's not like she doesn't have the talent....she just tends to start projects and not finish them, and she is aware of this; remember this dress she was supposed to make me for my cousin's wedding last September? $50 of fabric later, it's still sitting in pieces. I ended up wearing something I already had. We'll see how it goes and maybe I'll have her make mine...maybe I'll tell her she has to finish my dress before she can start humanist's friend's dress! Otherwise, what will I wear to her wedding? wink.gif

The hospital I had my surgery at managed to squeeze more money out of my insurance company and now I'll only owe them $1900 instead of $9000- woohoo!
yay for typesetting options - thanks, loungeladies!

*generic tornado protection vibes for those that need ‘em*

Sybarite, glad to hear your birfday was mostly good. Sancerre …*homer drool* It’s been way too long since I’ve had some. Thanks for the reminder.

Omg, polly, great pics … roflmao! And yay for insurance companies that do the right thing! (diametrically opposed concept if there ever was one!)

*go stargazer go cheerleading vibes*

Yuefie, your mr is a leo? Now I heart him even more.

belated birfday hugs for the micropixie!

always nice to see you, q ... welcome back!

(((sidecar, bunny, candy & candymom, ananke, kitten, rose, sassy, six, mornington, DM, tesao, kitten, pixie, m.i.a's, lurkers, everyone)))

Thanks for the bossman love. He’s healing well. The doc’s pleased. I feel betta. smile.gif

Kvetch: annoying coworker is alternately arguing on the phone every 15 minutes with her lazyass college-bound son and making upteen phonecalls on his behalf. how does one have roomie issues before the fact? Le sigh. It’s going to be a long semester, I can tell. I’m trying to give her the benefit, because, afterall, in two years i'm sure i'll be going as batshit as she is. But … um, no. I may be neurotic, but she’s neurotic and dumber-than-dirt and irritating and isn't happy unless there's Drama. Some people just have the gift. *severe eye roll*

antikvetch: i FINALLY hit my ww 10% weight-loss goal today! officially i only have to lose another 5.5 lbs to reach goal-goal, but i think i may go further because this just feels so damn good! (and, ya know, to hedge against the invitable gain at some point.) *happysnoopydance*
woo typesetting!

((((syb)))) yay for good birthdays

((((yuefie)))) yay for the boy being a leo!

((((sidecar)))) eeeek!

(((((stargazer))))) appendages crossed! I have faith in you being awesome

((((kitten)))) I can agree with you about the loooooong. I *did* love it, but dear god it went on some...

((((polly)))) yay for not paying so much, that's good news.

((((tes)))) I'm not sure, might it be wholewheat flour?

((((qspice)))) good to see you

((((dm, bunny, pixie, sassy, sixie, everyone))))

So on the landlord drama - basically it turns out he never had planning permission from the council to turn the house into flats, so I had a very stern letter from them with all sorts of legalese that freaked me out, especially as I didn't know the answers to most of the questions. It's all sorted now, but the landlord is still king of the asshats.

antikvetch: I have my keys to the new place and I'm moving saturday! woo!

Still tired. going to go to dr and see if there's a root cause, 'cos this is just mental. I can sleep 12+ hours and still not feel better, I can make sure I sleep 8 hours a night and no more and I don't feel better. I'm asleep on my feet.
(((((polly)))))) i laughed so hard at your post. of course i will do it for the sock monkey!! laugh.gif

thanks for the vibes everyone. i have faith in those vibes, trust me. i should find out next week about my status. dudettes, i hope to maude i pass in august. i don't wanna stay longer. sad.gif

(((morn))) congrats on the new pad!

(((chicago busties))) i hope everyone was ok during the terrible weather. i guess i should call my folks and see how they are. unsure.gif

(((mando))) congrats on getting your blue back! and on the weight accomplishment!

(((bunnyb, kittenb, sidecar, rose, syb, tes, sassy, candy, and other kvetchies)))
Polly, that is the coolest sock monkey ever!! smile.gif

Star, you can do it!!!

Morn, yay for flat.

Kvetch: Moving so sucks. I feel like just throwing up all my and Mcgeek's furniture on Craiglist, and just moving out west. Honestly, do I really need two futons? Then next week we have to deal with Home Depot re-doing the bathroom. The only cool thing is I get to re-decorate everything.

Kvetch: All my silly girlfriends are asking about the wedding, when I don't even have a ring yet. Still thinking I'm playing house.

I have one tattoo. On my neck. It's Chinese for compassion. My idiot ex-fiancee got the same one. I don't mind them, but 17 is a little too young in my opinion.

I've been lurking lately. Just a lot with this move, job searching, etc. I'm finally able to walk better though! This is really huge. I see Dr. Mcdreamy (his name is actually Mcglamery, but it's so Grey's) on Friday.


((((mando)))) I don't know how I missed you out, but yay for the weightloss! I want to see sexeh mando pics wink.gif How's Danny doing over the summer?

((((sassy)))) I'll second that. I fucking *hate* packing, but yeah, decorating is fun.



Just got back from the vet with Pete. He's still wobbling a little - not as much, but a little. This means it's probably a tumour, but unless he goes majorly downhill soon, the vet and I have agreed it looks like he'll be manageable for at least the next couple of months - I've got anti-inflamatories for him, but he's still perky and eating and snuggling so I'm happy to keep him happy (if that makes sense). I'm also thinking about taking an abandoned bunny home (she's been at the vet's for three weeks now)...
((mornington)) I’m glad Pete is doing okay for now, and yay for your new place. About taking on an abandoned bunny, you have got to have one of the biggest hearts when it comes to pets.

((sassy)) Glad you are feeling better. Best of luck on the move and job search.

((star)) Pass the internship.

((mando)) Congrats on your weight loss.

((polly)) Love the sock money and the pug and frenchie picture. Yay for a cheaper hospital bill.

((syb)) Glad you had a nice birthday even with RT there.

((sidecar)) That sounds crazy about the weather at the Cubs game, but glad you made it home safely. I saw Brideshead Revisited last night, and I really loved it. I have not read the book or seen the miniseries, but the acting was superb.

((tes, rose ,kittenb))

I’m going to see Pineapple Express tonight, but I don’t have high expectations so I shouldn’t be disappointed. I’m mainly seeing it for the guy in the trailer that says “Thug Life”. It makes me laugh every time I see it.
*~*~*get well vibes for pete*~*~*

(((((morn))))) i hope you are doing ok. sad.gif

DM, let us know how pineapple express is. i'm not expecting it to be funny either.

Sassy, good to hear that you are walking ok. i hope things go smoothly with the move.

Polly, that sock monkey picture and comment still has me laughing. i miss you.

(((Ongoing good health vibes for pete, and for morn))) Delighted you're able to move: asshat landlords are the worst. Have you gotten to the stage of choosing names for the potentially new bunny?

And (((sassyg))) moving is the pits, but as I always say, at least it's temporary discomfort. I find a bottle of wine can ease the packing process. wink.gif

Loving the short week, and the fact my boss if out of the office. I should however probabyl get some actual work done tho...
drive by hugging... ((((((((((busties))))))))))

i haven't been able to get online much lately, stupid computer. and it's friggin' 6am. how did i do this yet again????
Good morning all. I didn't stop by yesterday b/c I could barely keep a thought in my head. I was veering b/w screaming rage and depression. No real reason, just the fun of hormones and the first day of my period. Gods. Today I physically feel better but I am so tired that I want to lie down on the floor.
I decided to work out my rage on my dollhouse and spent some time prying off the roof tiles. Made a huge mess and I am impressed I didn't stab myself in the hand or get a splinter in my eye but it is almost done. Then I found a dollhouse in the trash behind my apartment. It was in nice shape but I really just wanted to take peices of it. Try as I might (and I was pounding on it) I could not get the staircase out of it. Instead I snagged a cute medicine cabinet and two picture frames. What I did not realize was that a child and her mother were watching me do all of this because they wanted it. Apparently the child was really scared that I was going to take it before her mom got downstairs. Happily, I didn't do any real damage to it, just chipped the staircase, so everyone got what they wanted.
Dumpster diving is such a fun recycling plan. I love how, at least in Chicago, when people are tossing something that can be reused, we just place it gently next to the dumpsters so someone else can easily get it.

mornington - fingers crossed for Pete. What does it mean for a bunny to have a brain tumor? Can he just live with it? I think it is great that you are considering taking in another pet. You are such a good pet-mama.


polly - It seems everyone knows this but me, but do you actually make sock-monkeys? Do you make them to order? How much?

mandolyn - congrats on the weight loss! WooHoo!

sassygirl - I might be weird, but I love throwing things out. Just makes me feel good.

{{{stargazer, sybarite, designermedusa, all}}}
Oh, polly, what did you do to me by posting that photograph of Anthony Bourdain? Sheesh. I've just watched the No Reservations episode where he is in Edinburgh and London, the city I am currently in and the city I am going to... Funnily enough, both the chip shop and the seafood restaurant he visited in Edinburgh with Ian Rankin are both a couple of minutes away from the boy's flat.

I called into work sick this week and came to see the boy. I'm bad but I was missing him like crazy post-(three weeks together in)Florida and was coming through this weekend anyway so decided to bring it forward by a few days. I am also trying to find a job in London; the time for the move is rapidly approaching but we can't do it unless I find a job. I should focus on that instead of procrastinating and freaking out about other details of the move including packing (syb, I like the tip about the wine!) and finding the money for a flat deposit (I am going to be selling a lot of books and dvds).

I'm looking forward to the boy coming home from work; this is a little taster of what London will be like soon enough (providing I can find a job, in which case we'll both be coming home to one another).

Me, me, me... sorry (((everybody))).
Hey gang. Can't stick around because I have far too much to do, but I haven't posted in days and that ain't right!

((((((((((((Pete)))))))))))))) Poor widdle fur baby. He has been through so much! By the by, thanks for the card! It totally brightened my day.

~~~~~~~~ smooth move vibes for Morn, Bunny, Sassy, & anyone else who needs 'em ~~~~~~~~~~

~$$$~ jobby job vibes for Bunny, Tes, Star, & anyone else who needs 'em ~$$$~

~*=====*~ series-of-tubes vibes for Damona ~*=====*~

~~~~~ soothing for Kitten's girly bits as well as her nerves ~~~~~~

Polly, I remember that sock monkey from Craftster! It is the most kick ass sock monkey ever. Much much love.

Mandi, I am still totally blown away by your amazing weight loss. You are my hero!
~*~*~* more healing for BossMan ~*~*~*

((((((((((((Sidecar & Pixie & Yeufie & DM and eeeeeverybody))))))))))))))))))

Kvetch: Sheff is having tooth issues again. It's the same tooth that has been giving him grief for a couple of years now. Multiple dentists have attempted to save it, but it's a wisdom tooth & it seems determined to die. Unfortunately it's infected & the dentist wants to get the infection under control before pulling it out. Dear Sheff is taking antibiotics and pain meds, but the pain meds are not helping much at all. He's in so much pain. I wish I could help. He says the only thing that really makes him feel better is lying down, but he can't afford to miss work. Poor love. sad.gif

Kvetch: Money woes. Our property tax bill for the house arrived, as well as the property tax bill on my car. And now I'm sure we'll have to pay a ton of cash for Sheff's dental work (we have dental insurance but it only goes so far). And we're supposed to go to Dallas for a wedding next month & we still haven't bought the plane tickets. And my family is visiting next month, too, and I have a lot I need to do to the house before they arrive as well as feeding them and driving them around while they're here & paying entrance fees for various parks and attractions. Plus Sheff wants us to drive up to Kentucky to visit my aunt & uncle once he starts feeling better. I have no earthly idea how we're going to afford to pay for all of these things in the next 6 weeks. I thought the property tax wasn't due until winter, but the bill says it's due September 1st! WTF?!

Potential rays of hope: The tax bill may say it's due September 1st, but they don't charge a penalty until January, so hopefully I can call and work something out. And we can always put off the trip to Kentucky until October (It'll be prettier then anyway). And hopefully my family can kick in a bit of money for gas and food while they're here. If I can do those things then we can survive okay.

Enough whining from me. Must run!
((((sassy)))) moving suuuuucks. I found that out last year even though I was excited to be moving the city I'd always dreamed of living in.

(((pete and morn))) I'm glad he's doing better.

((((rose)))) money vibes and anti-tooth pain vibes for Sheff!

mando, congrats on reaching your 10% goal!

((((star))))) passing vibes!

dm, I actually heard that Pineapple Express is exceeding everyone's expectations. I want to see it cause sometimes stoner flicks are just plain hilarious.

((((polly, kitten, bunny, damona, sidecar, yuefie, syb, everyone)))

My mom is doing quite well with her recovery. I had to drive her two hours back to the surgeon for a check-up and he said that everything looks great. I'm so proud of her.

kvetch: been having really weird and unsettling dreams lately.

another kvetch: Just when I think I'm starting to get over my friend I start having fantasies about me and him making sweet sweet love. Dammit.

last kvetch: I can't visit the one guy who would actually take my mind off friend boy because he's going through his own set of huuuuuge issues right now. Blargh.
Hi everyone! I'm sorry I've been so sucky and not bustin' a move lately! I haven't even been lurking, just working a lot and traveling a lot and having a little more of a social life and I guess taking a break. I've been thinking of everyone, though, really! And in funny little random ways, like when I saw an illustration that could have been Sonik's.

And I have come to the point in my life when I can't remember what era certain friends are from...I'll be thinking so-and-so knows so-and-so and then I remember he is from high school and she is from college. I'm old-ish! But my point is that sometimes I'll think of a Bustie and then realize oh, I know her from online. I feel lucky that I've got an awesome bunch of people all jumbled up in my brain, including you guys!

Not much really new with me - visited family and had a great time, have finally begun the massive prep work needed prior to painting my bathroom, have been going to the gym 4 times a week (and woot!! Mando on the 10%!! I skimmed a couple pages back, just now), and just everyday junk.

Bleh on weird and unsettling dreams, candycane! I had one the other day that on TV was computer generated imagery of New Orleans flooding and in the dream I fell to the floor and was trying to call for the Mr. but nothing would come out. Ew. I remembered the dream on the way to work and I almost puked. It's pretty obviously some sublimated hurricane season anxiety, but the good news is I'm not feeling any perceptible anxiety. So, yay!

Oh, I also thought of you guys when Eddie Izzard came here and did a benefit show. I couldn't go because I was working, but he did a local radio show and I was all touched by his awesomeness.

For the record, I have no tattoos, which is good considering the ones I thought of getting over the years. I'm too fickle for ink, though I love many I see. I hate many I see, too, though. Especially dirty ones near girls' cho-chos. TMI for me.


Hope everyone is well!!
--->-- --->-- --->-- fly by for rose --->-- --->-- --->--

the property tax is DUE now, but they don't FINE you until after 1 Jan. don't worry about calling, you don't need to. practically no one sends it early. be sure to do it this calendar year, though, so you can take it as a tax deduction.

love and kisses and silly silly little fishes to everyone reading this!
YAY - an amilita sighting! glad you're okay and doing well.

kvetch: I had a bout of insomnia last night (my sleep pattern has been screwed since returning from Florida) and now I feel a bit out of it.

anti-kvetch: the boy and I are going out for dinner tonight and seeing a movie.

undies: chocolate brown pinstripe satin bra with matching girl shorts.
indeed, yay for an amilita update smile.gif

((((bunny))))) I hate when my sleep schedule is all messed up too, which it is lately because of the unbearable heat. I can't stand all the yawning all the time. Oh, and the being cranky rolleyes.gif

~~~healing vibes for peteykins, sheff's tooth, candycanes mama, sassy and anyone who needs 'em~~~

~~~super duper passing vibes for star~~~

~~~reliable net access for damona~~~

~~~moving vibes for morn & sassy~~~

squee for mando's 10% loss!

Boo hiss on unsettling dreams and money problems. There have been a little of both around here lately too.

I heart the Mr. T sock monkey!

it's Friday, where is billy?

((((polly, sidecar, rose, pizie, syb, dm, kitten, tes, everyone))))

My apologies for the very long and verbose rant ahead-

kvetch: so... I am helping to facilitate a nice surprise for R but it's kinda stressing me out. His best friend (who lives in Indiana, is also a long ago ex, and who now only dates women) and I have been communicating through MySpace these past few weeks, which he knows about. What he does not know is that she is currently visitng her family a couple of hours away from where we live. She doesn't have transportation to get down here, so I've arranged for Shannon to pick her up and bring her down here on Saturday. I told him that Shan and her girlfriend were coming down so that we could do a belated birthday celebration dinner. At first another one of their mutual friends was involved so that she was going to hang out with him until it was time to meet at the restaurant, but he has to work on Saturday and will be out of town. R was scheduled to work a short lunch shift on Saturday, but was told they most likely will not need him after all. If for some reason they do need him, I will need to hang out with her by msyelf on Saturday. The part that is really stressing me out about that is that I've already got a taste of the one-upmanship R had warned me about with her. He was just saying that is was cool that we were talking but asked if I'd been one upped by her yet and went on to explain that she can act out a bit when she feels insecure about something or is dealing with someone she doesn't know. She has been mostly sweet to me, but there is that streak of insecurity that causes her to say things to me such as "He is going to be so excited to see me that you'd better make sure you move out of the way or he'll knock you down to get to me". I've gone out of my way to try and put her at ease, assure her that I am excited for them to see eachother, that it's a big surprise for him, that I get to finally meet her, that the fact that she is R's best friend is important to me, and even brought up stories I've heard from R and his son to try and show her that I understand they have history and that nobody is trying to erase or discount that. I understand that they were hers first and she feels the need to mark her territory, but she is also someone who hurt R very deeply once upon a time. I want to like her, but all of this is making it a tad bit difficult. Also I've been letting my own insecurities get the better of me. I had my hair colored and decided to "slightly" deepend the shade of auburn only it processed weirdly and came out more of a very deep burgundy. I flipped out and have been doing what I can to try and naturally strip some of the color out and lighten it up a little. But damnit, now I feel all ridiculous like I look like a 30-something woman trying to look goth. And my face broke out. No, make that exploded. And I'm all pms-y, bloated and crampy. And I feel like my house isn't clean enough. I know this isn't about it me, it's about R being very pleasantly surprised. But god, I feel like screaming today. Am I being selfish and bitchy here?

anti-kvetch: R is getting a fantastic surprise and I cannot wait to see the look on his face smile.gif

undie report: purple and lavender stripe with purple bra
yuefie - it is perfectly fine to be selfish and bitchy here wink.gif . No one will judge you for it. It also sounds like you are being tremendously giving and loving to invite someone who takes a lot of effort to your house. She is just insecure and needs to reassure herself, as you seem to know. And I'll be your hair looks great. But I like all shades of red that nature cannot produce.

bunnyb - must have been something in the air last night. I had a hard time sleeping as well.

I'll join in w/everyone's money and weird dreams stress. I am getting tired of not being able to pay for things and I am worried I will never be able to go out again or something. If I ever get a chance to talk to my former boss I will have strong words for her. Letting me go when she did really fucked up my $$$ for a few weeks. Truthfully, I am suprised that I am sleeping at all since ever time I close my eyes I start budgeting so I have food all week and bus fare and can catch up on the bills that did not fully get paid yet. sad.gif

*deep breath* It is going to get better. I know this. I just keep panicking.
((((yuefie)))) it sounds like you're doing something really wonderful for R, so you've got every right to kvetch here. I know being warned doesn't make it easier to like her, and remember - you don't have to. I'm still so very pleased you and R are going well and it's awesome and stuff. I have contact good-relationship-itis laugh.gif

((((amilita)))) good to see you hun! yay for the gym, I wish I had your commitment to do that

((((kitten)))) argh bills. I hate bills. hope the period hormones have settled down

$£$£$£$£money vibes all round $£$£$£$£

((((sheff)))) hope the tooth feels better! (((((rose)))))


((((syb)))) current list: Scrabble, Tankgirl, Shamus, Cinnabun (although with the last two - she's a girl, and she's grey)

((((dm)))) acos


((((ccgirl)))) yay for ccmum's continued recovery!

((((bunny, pixie, sassy, sixie, everyone))))

packing. moving tomorrow. Indigo's being a Bad Dog - he pee'd on the floor after I'd left him on his own for 15 minutes (after asking him to come out and getting no reaction whatsoever). Argh. And my dad - understandably to some degree - wants to start at 8am. He forgets that 5am is not a sensible waking hour for most of us.

antikvetch: seeing The German for the first time in about a year, now she's back from Japan. Now all I need is the ExGoth and all will be well.

pants report: black with skulls, white t-shirt bra.
YAY!! amilita!!! muito muito great to get an update. i know just what you mean about busties. hmmm. actually, i think that we all do.

yeuf, i have to agree with everyone else. you're going out of your way to make it special. kvetch away! isn't that what this thread is for?

~*~*~*~*~* toof feel betta vibes for sheff~*~*~*~*~*~*

seriously, tooth pain is the worst. i hope that he gets that cleared up VERY soon. i have the name of a really good dentist in "derm -rhymes with germ" if you need it, rosiev.

(((((((candy cane and candy cane mom))))))))

glad that things are improving!

<3<3<3<3 petey <3<3<3<3

your mornington mom loves you and will see to it that your life is the best.

(((((mornington))))) i can guess how hard this must be. you are coming from a place of love, so rest assured that you will do the right thing, whatever it is, whenever you need to.

my personal vote for the new bun: cinnabun. even if she is grey. what a faboo name! it makes me happy.

do you think that indigo was just freaked out by the move? kitties do that sort of thing when their world gets turned inside out and upside down by a move.


jeez, *i* feel like peeing on the floor every time i have to move!

(((((kitten))))) le blerg. bills suck. my BFF plat and i call them "hate mail".

snooze vibes for bunny be mine. jet lag is the WORST. i've found that it takes about a day per hour time difference.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz catch up sleep this weekend! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

i just want everyone to know that when i read mornington's last post, i read "contact good-relationship-TITS"

the sock munkey is awesome, polly but --- why mr. t?

mandomyheart, GO YOU on the weight loss!! how is danny? i miss hearing about him!

so, i have had no word at all from the three jobs i applied for. *sigh* i don't want to leave africa. but i need my mister. i miss being a "we". and at the risk of being called vain and egotistical, he needs to have me back. he says that he has become a "badger husband". can't yank him out of his hole. sad.gif sad.gif

my inappropriate friend has been acting weird. or more precisely, he hasn't been continuing to act as though he has a crush on me. i know that is a good thing, since he and i both have partners - but i miss the attention. does that make me a bad person?

(((((((star, damona, sixla, sassy, designer m, billy bonka, pixie, sybarite, YOU)))))))

Thanks everyone. I was just feeling guilty for being annoyed at his so called bff without even having met her yet. I get where she is coming from, I know she feels protective. It sort of helps that my sister is very similar with new people, you basically have to prove yourself as worthy before she even bothers considering liking you. I am the opposite most of the time, everyone gets the benefit of the doubt until I get a reason not to like them. That is unless my creepdar immediately goes off, then I hightail it the other way. And I also think that part of it is her own unresolved guilt for how badly she screwed him over when they were dating. He's said that while he confronted her with what he knew he never got an actual apology, it was just sort of brushed under the rug. They are on their way to my place right now. Wish me luck!

So I was really hating my hair until I went and got it cut yesterday. Now I love it, color and all.
Check it out:
Of course it's styled straight because it's out of the salon hair and I will never be able to coax my curls to behave that way myself. But they cut it really cute and it made the color look so much better.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!

Kvetch: My Anthony Bourdain plans went down the drain. Now that the proverbial cat has been let out of the bag I can divulge the information. He's in Chicago taping an episode of No Reservations and one of the places he's going is the pizza place my dad has worked at since he was 15. They're filming there tomorrow and Mr. Bourdain's host around town is someone who posts on the foodie message board I frequent. I've known about it since that day I posted, and I was given the information under the implication that it was a secret. On Wednesday, the local free paper mentioned he's in town and some of the places he's going to. One of the places they mentioned by name was the pizza place, but they didn't exactly say when he'd be there.

I still thought I had the inside track, because I knew what day and approximately what such luck. Either the producers of the show invited specific people to come or the owner of the place has been telling people when he'll be there because when I went in tonight to make my reservation, they said they were completely booked. My dad is out of town right now and may not even make it there himself by tomorrow night. *Sigh* Very disappointed. And I can't even say I'm that happy that the restaurant's going to be featured because the place is only slightly bigger than my living room and based on what happened when they were on the cover of Saveur last fall, I can only imagine how insane it's going to be in there once he's on the TV show. sad.gif No reservations, indeed.

When I stopped in tonight, I witnessed some asshattery- like I said, the place is about as big as my living room and it's deep dish Chicago-style pizza, so it takes a little finesse to get it out of the pan. They keep all the pizzas on a center table and serve it to you. This guy snapped his finger at the waitress and yelled out "I need another slice here!"....I'd serve it to him on his lap.

Ok, enough of my pity party.

Yuefie, your hair looks lovely, dah-ling. I have the same issue with my hair- it's just wavy, and somehow the stylist can get it nice and smooth, but with a good shape...when I try to use the flat iron at home it just looks limp and blah. I hope the event with the bff went okay. I can see where that would be an uncomfortable situation and you're a bigger woman than I to try to be okay with it.

Tes, I didn't make the Mr. T monkey- I just found a picture of him on Google and used him as a *ahem* motivational tool for stargazer....sounds like it was effective tongue.gif When do you come home for good?

~*~*~moving vibes for mornington~*~*~ moving does suck. I hope Indigo settles down. Poor puppy!

Kitten, save some room for me to curl up in a fetal position with you in that dark closet of financial hell. Somehow we keep getting through, with only the occasional phone call from someone we owe money to. So far, no broken thumbs. There may be a light at the end of our tunnel, though- LeBoy applied for a new job yesterday, so any spare vibes would be appreciated- they worked on getting him published! It's an IT job in the school district his mom works in and he did an unpaid internship there before he started at his current job. They like him and he liked them, so at least he has a little advantage. This job would pay significantly more money an would alleviate so much stress.

BTW: Yes, I do make sock, technically, I should say, I have made one sock monkey- the cowgirl one that's on my MySpace page. I have made other stuffed toys- a few teddy bears, mostly. I am working on my second sock monkey, one for stargazer, a Frida Kahlo monkey. Sure, I can make one to order- what did you have in mind? I have been thinking about Buffy & Angel sock monkeys....we'll see.

~zzz~zzz~zzz~sleepy-time vibes for bunny & damona~zzz~zzz~zzz~

Amilita! We're so glad you're okay! We get worried, you know!

Candycane, it's good to hear your mom's doing well!

Rose, sorry about sheff's tooth. I've never heard of them trying to get the infection out before removing it- from what I've gathered from working at the front desk of a dental office, there's such a symbiotic relationship between the tooth and the infection that to get rid of the latter, you need to extract the former. I could be totally wrong, though. Well, I hope he's put of his misery ASAP.

Okay, I'm tired now....I have to get up and go to the housewarming party of an old high school friend. She's a great person, a good heart, but she's got some character flaws that really grate on my nerves sometimes. Then we're going to the Selena's daughter's birthday party. We *would* have been going to see Anthony Bourdain after that, but noooooo. dry.gif
happy birthday

mando my heart !
happy birthday to ms. mandolyn!

(((polly))) he went to hot doug's on friday and apparently it was quite a scene, even for hot doug's. you know, i read the list of places he's going, and i'm like, "L20, really?" I appreciate that he's not just going to places that lie between Fullerton and Madison, the lake and Halsted, but I think he could do better. If I were planning for him, my choices would be: Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder, Hopleaf, Hot Doug's, Vermilion and maybe somewhere in Greektown. If Calo was still windowless with the atmosphere of a nonstop 1980s wedding reception, I'd go with there, but it looks like any other place now.

((((yuefie)))) your hair looks cute!

you guys! I was locked out of my house all Friday afternoon. I took a half day and left my keys at work. So I ate a nice lunch then did what any other sensible person would do and went to the bar. I started at Simon's and watched the Cubs game, then I went to Hopleaf and nearly finished Brideshead Revisited. Mostly this weekend, I've been sitting around. A couple friends came over last night and we alternated between Rock Band and the Olympics. Oh, swimming, how I wish you were on TV more than every 4 years.
Happy Birthday mando and faerietails!!!

I agree, sidecar- I wasn't familiar with L2o until this whole thing, but I'm surprised he didn't, as far as I know, go to Alinea- it's sort of the epicenter of the Chicago molecular gastronomy scene, plus the whole human interest angle of the chef, Grant Achatz having tongue cancer that was supposed to kill him and didn't (and the irony of a chef having tongue's quite fascinating to hear about how it's changed him and how he's getting his sense of taste back.) I think Alinea should have been the high-end restaurant he went to. I'm really looking forward to the Hot Doug's segment, though. I bet Doug created a hot dog/sausage in his name.
For the lovely mandolicious:
Happy Birfday, Corgi style!
The only reason I thought he might skip Alinea is that Achatz just had profiles on him in the New Yorker and Food & Wine, and he just won a Beard award. It's a great story and certainly a one-of-a-kind restaurant, but I think he likes places a little less well known. Still, I really thought that would be his high-end pick. And I'm sure L20 is a fine place, but the guys not even from Chicago! He could've gone with Moto, Tru, Graham Elliot, Salpicon ... I'd rather see him eat somewhere run by a homer, but that's just me.

Anyway. I went to Arlington Park today and did pretty well. I flat-out won two races plus I showed and placed in addition. I only had one race where I didn't pick up anything, so that was pretty fun. And I had some great brisket and carmel corn.

Mando, I hope you had a lovely day!
That's true, sidecar. Turns out my dad made it in from Cincinnati just before Bourdain left. I'm glad he did- I think it was really validating to him, that he's worked there for 35 years, the only consistent employee besides the owner's wife. He got to talk to Mr. Bourdain, said he was very nice, soft-spoken and appreciative. My dad got to give him a case of the BBQ sauce he makes, too.

Plus, they didn't finish all their pizza, so my dad saved me some of the leftovers- spinach, mushroom, onion, tomatoes, garlic. I'm guessing he went veggie after all the meat he's undoubtedly eaten on this trip. Even though I'm not a spinach fan, that's a rule I'll break this time!

Yay for the wins, sidecar. I haven't been to Arlington, but we did go to Maywood a couple years ago where they do harness racing (with the horse pulling the guy in the cart) and it was a lot more fun than I thought. Obviously, Arlington's a lot swankier. Lady Selena won big there a few years ago.
**fly by post**

sorry to be so mememe, but i have my final eval this afternoon with all of my supervisions. argh. plus, tomorrow is the deciding day for my fate at this maudeforsakenplace. major vibes needed!

man, i feel sick. blink.gif

**fly out**
Go, stargazer, go! You can do it!

Polly, I'm glad your dad made it there. And you guys should go to Arlington some time -- it's nice and pastoral, and they have amazing brisket sandwiches. You can even take the metra, I think.

I am working at home today because were supposed to have an HD installation this evening, from 6:30 to 8, but the crew showed up THIS MORNING at 8. It worked out that I could stay home, but I was about to get in the shower when the two techs got here, so thankfully I was running late. (And I threw some clothes on before letting them in, pervs.)

Speaking of pervs, who else is watching the Olympics? Swimming has been pretty awesome. The 4x100 men's relay was one of the most exciting bits of sports I've ever watched.
Happy belated birthday, Mandi and Ferietales!!!!

Don't have a lot of time, but I need to request some vibes. I have a good friend, V, who is getting married next month. Her niece, Julie (who just turned 21), was in a really bad car accident this weekend. She has 2 collapsed lungs, bruised liver, cracked ribs, and multiple broken vertebrae. The good news is that she can move her fingers and toes really well! That's downright miraculous. However, she's still in bad shape. She's in ICU & they've decided to put her under heavy sedation (she's intubated & she tried to pull out the tube). As you can imagine, the whole family is really scared and stressed, so please keep them in your thoughts.
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