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I just wanted to thank everyone for the vibes for my mom. At this time tomorrow she'll be in surgery!! I'm nervous, excited and worried for her.

I will be back later with proper vibes but in the meantime (((((((((kvetchies))))))))))))
Add me to the seething with jelousy list. dry.gif

Rose, the books I got are Dollhouse Construction and Restoration by Nina Glenn Joyner and A Beginners' Guide to the Dolls' House Hobby by Jean Nisbet. I got these from the library but I think I'll end up buying both. My doll house is dirty so cleaning it and scraping off the ugly ass wall paper seems to be my first priority. Then I can start with the more fun stuff.

BTW, is anyone here on GoodReads? I may have asked before but I love the site and am always looking for new friends.

{{{candycane_girl and candycane_mom}}} Maybe you should request a post-surgery Sven for her. wink.gif
I am every shade of jealous, sidecar. and I have G's permission to shag David Tennant senseless if I so wish, as long as he gets to do him too

Rose, bunny gets back on sunday, but she's been lurking a bit. The eurovision isn't as great as it used to be; although the entries are still a laugh, the voting is *so* predicable, and Wogan is thinking he won't do it next year, so it'll just be crap.

(((((star))))) r.i.p. kitty. I'm sorry for your family's loss

fingers crossed for a successful surgery and quick recovery for ccmum (((ccgirl)))

Kitten, post pictures of the doll house! My granddad made me an awesome doll house when I was a kid (it matched the one my parents bought) which I still have, wrapped up and in storage. When I have a big house, I'm going to get it out and put it on display. (my granddad's great, he used to make all this stuff in his garage with his mate Cyril - who passed away a couple of years ago - including a Tracy Island a la Blue Peter that was several shades of brilliant and had moving palm trees. Now he's into computers as his hands are a bit shaky for the delicate wookwork)

I never liked camping. I'm thinking I should learn to drive for next year, then we can take a vw camper... although I now want that one, Polly. it looks very retro and fun.

Add me as well to the jealous list.

((star)) R.I.P.

((CC and CC's mom))

RV, good for going out! Sounds like you had fun.

Morn! Awesome news!!

I finally got some great news! Mcgeek and I have finally started talking seriously about moving out west. He now wants to go to University of Washington for grad school in math, and eventually get an doctorate. This morning, he said he wanted to marry me once we're out west. He left work, and told me to start shopping for engagement rings. There wasn't a proposal, but I think "start shopping for rings" is good no? Mcgeek the romantic eh? Ha!

I'm shocked, but in a good way.


((sassy)) Yay for good news with mcgeek.

((ccgirl’s mom))

((star)) I’m sorry to hear about your cat.

((mornington)) Glad Pete is better and that you found a house.

The interview went okay, but the salary was too low to make a change. It was also very similar to my job now, but in a different field. I’m not too disappointed because an interview is always good practice for the next.
I hate community college teachers who don't know how to teach. Even worse, I hate some of the lunkhead students in class.

Explanation: I have my BA and MA in counseling. I've done the school thing. I'm a smart lady. But in order for me to make more money from the school district where I work, I need to have more post-graduate units (classes taken after I got my BA). So last summer and this, I signed up for classes at the local community college.

Now, my school district does offer their own classes from which you can earn 'salary points' (aka, more units to make more money), but the problem with that is if I ever move to another school district in another part of the state, those units that I got from my current school district won't travel with me. Which is why I prefer to get my salary points by taking classes at the local community college. Those at least travel with me should I ever decide to move.

SO my kvetch is actually about a student in my Art Appreciation class (yeah, the one good thing about getting salary points from the community college is that I can take 'enrichment' classes like art and music appreciation). ...So anyway, this guy in my art appreciation class is some young college dude in his early 20s, getting over the worst cold in his life. And every 5 minutes, he lets out this massive, booming chest cough that obscures anything the teacher is saying. The teacher is already a soft-spoken guy who talks in kind of a monotone, so it's hard to hear what he's saying as it is. When this guy coughs, you can't hear a thing. Not to mention, he doesn't cover his mouth when he coughs. Just opens up and lets out this huge, barking cough with no regard to the people around him. I swear I want to hand him a cough suppressant lozenge and just say "take care of it!" But then *I* would be the rude one, not him.

The real issue is that I have to sit next to this guy. Even though it's an art appreciation class, it's held in the music building, in a music performance room - one of those rooms with chairs only and no desks. The reason is that the college is currently undergoing some new construction, which they have been since last year, so they're limited in the number of classrooms they have to use. Never mind that we have to take notes in this class, we apparently don't merit a classroom with desks. Which I won't tolerate. I have a bad back, I'm not in my 20s any more, and I can't sit in a chair and lean over my lap to write notes for the next 5 weeks. It's just not gonna happen.

I asked the teacher on the first day of class if it was possible to move to another classroom with desks, but the teacher won't be proactive to make that happen. He's sticking with the classroom they gave him, which means the students suffer. ...But since I don't tolerate that shit lightly, I made an issue of it, and finally got the teacher to move a large table in the room so I could sit at it. So now that's my desk, and there it stays, at the edge of the group of students, because I can't move a big table anywhere else in the classroom, and I don't really want to ask anyone else to help me since it was such a big damn deal in the first place.

All that is prelude to the fact that this guy with the worst cold in the world sits on the edge of the group, right next to where 'my' table was put. He's not one of those center of the room type of guys, or front of the room/teacher's pet kinda guys. He prefers to hang out on the edge. So I have no choice but to sit next to him and his massive chest cough because I can't move the damn table.

You'd think if he had a modicum of awareness, he's sit somewhere else in the classroom. Or, better yet, TAKE SOME DAMN COUGH MEDICINE and help himself out. But, no. There he sits, completely unaware of his rudeness, and I can't move away from him.

You think maybe I've spent a little too much time thinking about this? I can't help it. It's what I do. Ugh. I hate community college.
oops. goddammit. double posting.
I was a theater major at my community college and I remember many classes sprawled onto of exercise mats. Ah we thought we were so cool.
Thirtiesgirl, hand the guy a cough drop w/a smile. I used to get bronchitis every damn season and that left me w/a deep horrible sounding cough, even when I wasn't sick. I had no idea that it bothered other people until it was pointed out to me. The person who told me was very rude but you do have the right to some quiet. He really might not know.

{{{sassygirl}}} Yay! You know we want to know what you pick.

{{{mornington}}} I posted pictures in the Say Cheese thread. Yesterday I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and knocked down walls.

I am supposed to go to a friend's AIDS marathon fundraiser tonight. $40 all you can drink. I would be okay with staying in all weekend b/c I am really tired but I want to see my friends. Of course, I am also worried that my bank account will just laugh when I request the money but I think I am being paranoid.

Or am I?

Anyone seeing X-Files: I Want to Believe this weekend?

Undies report: salmon boy-cut briefs, white bra.
Kvetch #2 from me in just a couple of days. This one's not as long.

Besides this lovely forum, I also frequent a music forum on which there are a couple of young, happily in new love girls. On this forum there is a "what made you happy today" thread, and in this thread, these young girls frequently post things about their boyfriends, specifically their sexual escapades. One young girl's b/f is also a member of the forum and, I believe, 20 years her senior (the girl is 18). From what I've read from the b/f so far, he's an older British dude who was possibly in the indie goth music scene in the '80s. (Both guy & girl live in the UK.) ...Which means the guy is my age, or close to it, and dating an 18 year old. Who frequently writes about how much she misses him on a music forum, how great their sex life is, how many times and where.

It's becoming nearly impossible to take, considering that I'm currently long-distance dating a guy who lives 5 hours away, and things are still too new to even think about progressing to sex. And even if we were at that stage already, HE STILL LIVES 5 HOURS AWAY! I can't just ring him up for a booty call any time I've got the jones.

UGH, ugh and ugh. That's all I've got to say.
((((((((candy cane and candy mom)))))))))

i think that we should ALL have sven sponge sweeties!

rosiev, i'm jealous of your time in the garden. i get very sporadic reports from mr. hotbuns about ours. and "white floppy flowers are bloomin" isn't really what i want to know......did you ever meet your neighbors?

mornington, YAYAYAY!!!! for the house!!!! is pete still doing better? ((((((bunny hugs for petey))))))

hmmm. could be an entry for a busty band name!

sassy!!! there is only one way to interpret "start shopping for engagement rings"!!! wheeeeeeeeee!

thirties girl, listen to the lovely bunny be mine re the cough drops with a smile. sometimes people can be clueless. i hear you on the long distance relationships.


if ONLY mr. hotbuns lived only 5 hours away!

sidecar: one more for the seething with jealousy list over here in antipodeanlandia!

**************pause for david tennant love*************

designer medusa - couldn't agree more about the practice interviews!

(((((((stargazer))))))) boo has gone over the rainbow bridge, and is now living where the rivers are filled with cream and the mice are all fat and slow........

kittenb, did you go to the fundraiser??

please post pictures of the doll house???? keep a before/after set of fotos, those are always so amazing. house doctors in miniature!

hugs and kisses and silly silly silly little fishes!!!
Happy weekend, gang! As I type this, Sheff is performing virtual CPR on my laptop. For some odd reason, this only thing that has worked is installing Windows 2000. Bizarre, hmm? But it will get me on the internet. And it will save me from having to shell out hundreds of dollars on a new laptop, so that's fabulous.

((((((((((((CCMom)))))))))))))))) How is she? Is the infection under control now? Did they go ahead with the surgery?

((((((((((More snuggles for Pete)))))))))))))))

Hi, Tes! How's life on the southern half of the globe? And when are you finally moving back to the states?

Sassy, how exciting! Both the moving-out-west thing and the future-hitchery talk. Sounds like you have some great adventures in your future!

DM, sorry to hear they weren't offering more money. I agree that it was worth a shot. You gotta get back in the saddle sometime, right?

Kitten, I want to see pics of the dollhouse, too!
When I was a kid, my family built a dollhouse for me. I loooooved that thing & I spent endless hours playing with it. Funnily enough, the house Sheff and I bought last year has an eerie similarity to that doll house. I didn't pick up on it until last Christmas when I was visiting my parents.

(((((((((oodles of smooches for you all))))))))))))

Looks like the new neighbors were not neighbors afterall. The house is still on the market & the real estate agent had some furniture brought in so the place didn't look so empty. Now, if they painted some of the walls while they were at it, that sould be wonderful. I hate to say it but I think the biggest thing keeping that house from selling is the atrocious paint colors in many of the rooms. The quality of the photos on the on-line listing are pretty crap, too.


Not much happening here this weekend. Just hoping Sheff is successful with my laptop.
thanks for the wishes about the family cat. i'm actually more concerned about my folks because they lost 2 pets this year. that's gotta be pretty tough. sad.gif

kvetch: these past 2 days have been pretty shitty at the internship. i cried so hard last night that i'm tired too from the emotional drainage. i'm trying to keep my head up, but it is kinda hard.

antikvetch: i took care of a friend recuping from a c-section. i got to hold her newborn son all day which helped me to get out of my head. so adorable! i love kids. it was great to hold him.

Just a quick fly by...can you belive the micropixie turned 1 today!

Kvetch: not liking the new lounge backgrounds....I miss the leopard print...and why am I defaulting to pink?
You guys! I had to wait an hour to get in, but I went to a panel with the Office writers and I TOTALLY GOT TO ASK A QUESTION. Yes. It was awesome. (OH! And I was outside for part of the line and I got a sunburn. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT.)

It was another fun day, although I'm glad to be going home tomorrow. I miss my dog and regular access to fruit and vegetables.

((((love to all of you!)))))
sidecar, what question did you ask the Office writers?

Happy birthday micropixie.

((star)) Boo to internships blues, but yay for caring for a friend and her baby.

((rose)) Hope Sheff’s work on the laptop is successful.

tes, hope all is well.

((thirties girl)) LDR’s are hard, and I can understand how the girl on the music forum would grate on your nerves.

((kittenb)) I saw The X Files film this weekend. Twin DM and I both liked it, she is a fan who has seen every episode and I have only seen a few episodes.

Friday, Mr. DM, Twin DM and I went to the casino and came out almost $200 ahead. The only bad thing about going to the casino is the cigarette smoke, it really makes me feel sick. Saturday was The X Files film and dinner with Parents DM. Dad DM is almost done with his first part of the prostate cancer treatment, and he is doing very well. I went to the grocery store today, and I was really shocked to see that these pre-packaged sandwiches Mr. DM likes are now $3.19 each, they used to be $2.39, WTF? I hope everyone had a nice weekend.
I posted pictures in Say Cheese! Most of the work will have to wait until I have more money but I am in no hurry. First I need to figure out how to get all the old wall-paper off the walls.

I saw X-Files: I Want To Believe today. It felt good to help boost the opening weekend box office b/c I am a big X-Files geek. rolleyes.gif

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I'll write more tomorrow.
Hey all, I'm home. I am very tired though as even though it's only a five hour time difference jet lag is kicking my ass; we also didn't have much sleep on flight over on Saturday night. I definitely have the post-holiday blues; I'm missing the boy (thankfully we'll be living together in a couple of months and I'll be seeing him next weekend) and I'm alone at home as family are on holiday until Saturday. Mandoo is very glad I am home, however, and I am catching up on some much missed cuddles and head scritches. I had an amazing time and wish I was still there; I'll post details once I'm more with it and once I've caught up on the archives. In the meantime:

(((star and family))) I am so sorry you have lost another pet sad.gif.

(((morn))) glad Pete is doing better and have some successful packing vibes. Please message me your new address.

kitten, I have two Victorian dollhouses; one which will be too big to move to London though. I have some great miniature furniture, including a handpainted Swan Lake bedroom screen.

kvetch: I am home and I have to work this evening (this morning, bodyclock time) sad.gif.

Poking my head back in here. At some point I'll figure out how to get my avatar back up.

I am off today and at some point I have to get my lazy self to the gym. Of course, to counteract that, I just made Golden Grahms S'mores for the outdoor movie fest I am going to tonight. I haven't had them in years but for some reason I wanted them today. Well, I wanted them on Saturday but I held off as long as I could.

Welcome back bunnyb! Glad to hear that you had such a great time.

Hmm...weird side note from the news...Bennigan's is closing all over Chicago? Where will people get their chain food goodness?

Stargazer, I think you were in my dream last night. Weird. I didn't realize that until I saw your name here.

Rose - glad to hear that the computer is up and running.

{{{Love to all!}}}

Did anybody else have trouble getting in here? Also, my little toolbar is missing so I can't change my font or the color of my text. Is that just me and this new computer or is it true for everyone else, too?

Welcome home, Bunny!
~zzzz~ soothing sleep vibes ~zzzz~

Kitten, love the pics!

I've been sick for a couple days. Nasty tummy stuff plus a headache. As for Sheff, he has a major milestone at work this week. Technically it was due yesterday, but they didn't quite finish things, so everyone has to keep staying late for another night or 2. The good thing about that is he's eating away from home & my nauseated self does not have to deal with food smells.

My laptop is officially dead, by the by. We came up with a great cheap solution, though! Sheff had lots of parts laying around from his old PC, so he cobbled together a FrankenComputer for me! All told, I think we may have spend $150 to get this baby up and running. Sooooo much cheaper than the hundreds and hundreds of dollars we were thinking about spending on a laptop. And honestly, I think we'll still end up getting a new laptop for me in a number of months, but not now. This old baby isn't perfect, but it suits most of my needs for now & that's good.
No trouble getting in, but I'm missing all the icons from my reply window sad.gif <--- manually created sad face.

I heard about the Bennigans, kitten. Humanist had a baaad experience at that one on Michigan Ave. involving roaches that I won't go into. Suffice to say, Bennigans never was my favorite chain restaurant (or as someone on the foodie board I post on called them, "junk on the wall restaurants" laugh.gif) I think TGI Fridays is probably the best- I think their buffalo wings are pretty good. Actually, we have a lesser-known but still national chain around here called Max & Erma's that's pretty good. Excellent tortilla soup. I sometimes go there just for that.

Bunny's back! Yay!!

Not much going on here. Just glad to have the lounge back, even if it's a little wonky for now.

ETA: Forgot to mention- rose, your avatar is the only one I can see. I wonder what's different about yours.
Yuefie, I heard it got a little rumbly there today- are you okay?
Yes indeed, it was a little rumbly here. I was on the phone with my sis and all of a sudden I felt like my seat was rocking back and forth and I was *not* in a rocker. I asked my sis if she felt anything and she said "Uh, my whole desk just rocked. Gotta go!". Just as I turned the phone off my cell phone rang from Shannon, who was much closer to the area the quake was centered in. She was at a lunch meeting and she said the entire restaurant shook. The preliminary reports said it was a 5.8, but it has been downgraded to 5.6 with no reports of significant damage or injuries. Ah, sweet home California.

I know I've been MIA but when I couldn't access the Lounge last night, I was bummed. Just glad it's back up!

Oh noes, Bennigans and roaches? Feh! I've only gone there when I was dining with friends or family who insist on a chain type establishment. The only thing I ever tried was the Turkey O'Toole sandwich, which is yummy. But uh, la cucaracha and I are not pals so I'll be rethinking that plan. Kinda reminds of when my cousins sister got hired at Chili's and within two days quit. She watched them use the same tongs on the uncooked and cooked meats (cross contamination much?!) and then turn around and use it on someone's veggie burger. I get that most places throw the veggie stuff on with the meat, so it's an assumed risk but uncooked meat touching anything, veggie or meat? NASTAY! And when she complained to the manager, he told her to stick to her job of waiting tables and let the cooks worry about the cooking. I am well aware that there are practices in every restaurant kitchen that my shock or disturb the general public, but that is WAY crossing the line. Needless to say, Chili's has been on our permanent ban list since.

Welcome home bunny! Can't wait to hear about your FLA adventure and see photos too. We'll have to PM 'cause I want all the deets about the Dave show ;-)

~~~~Feel better rose~~~~

Wow pixie, I can't believe baby T is a year already! Man, time sure flies.

((((kvetchies)))) Hope everyone is doing well.
yay, lounge is back... although apparently I'm writing in pink. hmmm... anyway. the pink hair returns, photos tomorrow when I'm awake. Dropped a stanley knife on my foot (I think they're called craft knives in the states, not sure) so had to go to a&e for stitches and I'm not quite functioning. G came to pick me up and take me home on the bus (he was in Birmingham when I did it).


eek, earthquakes. glad all is ok yuefie

Hello ladies. I just wanted to drop in quickly and thank you all for the vibes for my mom. Her surgery went really well and she's already back at home. I'm here for a few weeks to help take care of her and I'm just so glad that everything has turned out well.

Hello all.

Glad the earthquake wasn't too destructive, yuefie. Anyone else seen that Judge Judy clip? Now that's comedy. You can tell the defendents had no idea what to do, much like me were I in an earthquake.

Mornington - Feeling better? How's Pete?

Polly - I do like Max and Erma's a lot but I never see them in Chicago. Must be suburbs only. Maybe they will move into the old Bennigans? It just kills me when companies close down w/o telling thier staff, even. Chicagoans might remember when Cheetah Gym did that stuff. Pissed me off!

Feel better RV!
[crawls in]
~~~~~ soothing for Morn's foot ~~~~~ Ouch!

(((((((Yuefie & all the California Busties))))))))))

Bunny, could you please tell me happy stories of Disney World just to make me feel better? Pretty please with sugar on top?

Yup, I'm still sick. I'm talkin' afraid-to-leave-the-house-lest-I-have-an-accident-in-public kind of sick. Oddly enough, my mother has aquired the same bug, even though we're seperated by hundreds of miles. Odd, hmm? Guess I won't be going to my friends' house to watch Project Runway tonight afterall. Bah.

I happy news, have I told you all about my mom's new business? She is making custom-made kaleidoscopes. She has made a number of them as gifts over the last 5 years, but her skills have improved so she's taking custom orders now. She hired a company to make a website & my brother (the professional photographer) came down to take photos of her work, so she's really getting all of her ducks in a row. Today she sent me an e-mail with her company brochure attached. Holy crap, it's gorgeous! I know this sounds silly, but it's the prettiest brochure I've ever seen. It really highlights the beauty of mom's work. The words needs work, though, so I sent her off to deal with that, but the photos! Wow! Amazing stuff!

I'm wiped out now. Time to crawl back into bed. Take care, everyone.

Why am I still writing in pink? Is that a default?

RV, get better! That's neat about your mom's business.

((vibes for Morn foot--how many stitches?))

((all California busties))

Bunny, yes! Happy Disney stories please.

((ccg's mom))

Kvetch: Just feeling overwhelmed with stress. Yes, I'm happy to be pre-engaged, but Mcgeek is already thinking he's in grad school and living in Washington. There was this talk about him wanting to live in a grad school dorm. Um, no. I'm not going to move across the country to live in a dorm. I know he's being positive, but I'm concerned he won't get into school.

As far as for me, dealing with some depression that is about losing the stupid job. I'm also so over the cabin fever.

Also, I got a weird care package from my drunky parents today. A bottle of double coffee vodka and a bottle of wine. I can't drink for right now b/c of all these drugs in my system. WTF??

Anti-kvetch: The engagement ring is within our price range. Yay! I'll try to post, once I can figure out how to post it.

Anti-kvetch: Project Runway smile.gif


(((rose))) feel better

(((morn))) ouch!

(((cc's mom))) recovery vibes


(((yuefie))) thought of you when saw earthquake news, eek! definitely need to PM you.


IOU Disney details and I will post over the next couple of days. Promise. I'm still on Florida time and have been concentrating on uploading photos but now that's done I will definitely write out a long post. Tidbit for moment: Magic Kingdom highlights were being drenched (Scottish soaked?) on Splash Mountain, before the splash itself (the splash from another log flume going down as we were going up!) and the boy in Minnie Mouse ears (all of the other funny hat/ears photos on facebook but that one is not allowed!) I am also addicted to chili cheese fries, ranch dressing and cherry Coke/Dr Pepper (the last I drink occasionally here but they aren't as common and are certainly not served -yay for free refills, greatest invention ever- on tap. I'm so healthy.

Must sleep.
yayayayay!! the lounge is back!!

pink must be the default for typing in replies; i hope it changes when i post.

(((((((((no more bumpy vibes for those in califor-ni-ay))))))))

i feel "off" today. no other way to describe it. tummy all in a twist. head about to explode. le blerg.
(((feel better RV)))

Morn, a stanley knife?? Ouch! Hope you're okay.

*waves at tes* feel better-ness to you too.

Now I want chili cheese fries and water rides. Sometimes I miss the states...

Kvetch: the mister and I had planned a lovely home picnic for my birthday over the upcoming 3-day weekend here. Now we have to postpone as his daughter is arriving on sunday, so no adult fun for us. I'm going to camp out an extra day with my dad down the country instead (which will still be cool), but I wanted the time with the mister and am not ready to take up looking after Resident Teen again just yet.

She does go off the following day though, hopefully *fingers crossed* so we should still get our time and picnic goodness together. I know, I'm not a nice person... but I want my birthday with my mister! *whines*
((((rose)))) feel better, hun! and yay for your mum's new business!

((((syb)))) I can feel the grrrr-factor. I hope you have a good birthday nonetheless!

((((tes)))) feel better soon too!

((((bunny)))) I rarely drink coke, but there's something about free refills... mmm. And I love the pictures!

((((sassy)))) yay for affordableness and big hugs for everything else. And no, I wouldn't live in a dorm either.

((((ccgirl)))) yay for good surgery and hope ccmum's recovery goes well

belated happy birthday for little T - I can't believe micropixie is a year already either!

((((yuefie, kitten, polly, sixie, sidecar, billy, pixie, everyone))))

I had to have three stitches, I'm such a clumsy oaf. But it's better today, at least I can walk properly. also, I have pink hair.

I'm just really, really tired. like bone-weary tired and i've been like this for weeks and it's starting to worry me more than a bit.
Chili cheese fries? Well, all right! It's not a corndog, it's a step better/worse, BunnyB!
Grumbly Kvetch: My stomach started to bother me on the bus ride home. I decided to go to the gym and just work through it. Well, that didn't work. So I went to the grocery store and picked out some nice healthy food for the next couple of days and soup for tonight. Once I got everything I wanted, I realized that I had left my wallet at home. :<

Whatever. Now I am on my couch in a comfy cotton dress. I feel a little better but damn I want chocolate.

mornington - glad to hear your foot isn't causing you too much problem.
bunnyb - I'm going to have to check your pics out at Facebook.
{{{{hugs for sassy who seems to need it}}}}}
Hello Tes!
roseviolet - be sure to pass your mom's website around.

Have a great night all!
Kvetch: so i tried to get back into the lounge last night but it wasn't having it. oh, no.


maybe that is what was wrong with me, too.

Kvetch: i actually had a panic attack followed by a migraine. the mother of all migraines.

Kvetch: i thought that i had sent my office a text message but apparently not. i found it this morning in my "drafts" file.

Kvetch: so they got really worried about me, when they couldn't reach me via phone, and sent three guys to pound on my door. when i wake up with a migraine, i take a narcotic "knock out" pill, close the blinds, put my phone on mute, and close the door to my bedroom. light and sound HURT. i actually slept through the three big dudes at my door.

Anti-kvetch: someone finally had the excellent idea of calling laura, my maid -- she has a key. i guess she told them that i was sick.

i think that what is going on with me is that i sent 3 CVs out on wednesday, to NGOS in the area that MR HB lives in. i love my work here. i ADORE africa. but i'm obviously missing my mr, my nieceoid elle, her bebe, my mamae, my sister, my home, my support group.....

Bottom line: i don't WANT to leave africa. what i want is to have my job, in africa, and ALSO have my husband and my family and my friends and my house. but life doesn't work like that. so i'm looking for a job in the USA so that i can go back and have the other part of my life that i love. i wish it didn't have to be a CHOICE. sad.gif


i'm guessing that a stanley kinfe is an exacto knife? one that has a blade that slides in and out and that you use to cut cardboard, etc? (((((poor morn))))) at least you have pink hair!! i want pink hair!

!*!*!*!*! emergency virtual chocolate for kittenb !*!*!*!*!

(((((((sassy))))))) acos.

dare i ask what "chili cheese fries are"? fried cheese with a chili breadcrumb covering?

rosiev, WANT to see your mum's brochure!! how cool!

((((syb)))) *more heavy sighs* hope she leaves AS SCHEDULED and that you get your alone time!

~*~*~*~*~*~*good, FAST recovery vibes for ccmom~*~*~*~*~*~*

bunny be mine.......just WHY was the pic of the boy with minnie ears not allowed???? inquiring minds......

must run to office. more work to do than care to think about. if i get to the office, all will be okay. must keep telling myself that.

hugs and kisses and silly little fishes!!
Tes! I think it's wonderful how much you love what you're doing and where you are....maybe someday I'll feel that certain about that sort of thing in my life. I hope so!

((Morn & foot)) owwie! Between you and sassy, I think we're going to have to start a Bustie podiatric hospital! According to Wikipedia, what you call a Stanley knife, we call a utility knife. Damn, that's some heavy duty shit. An x-acto knife (seen here) is smaller, more like what artists and drafters use.

Kitten, I hope your tummy's better and you found some chocolate. I found out my lovely health insurance won't pay for an OTC dosage of prilosec, so unless I can get my doctor to increase the amount, I'm going to have to pay out of pocket for it. Actually, we just switched health insurance companies at work and the new one went into effect today, so maybe that coverage changed.

Rose, that's pretty cool about your mom's kaleidescopes. You'll have to send me a link to the website once it's up.

I love it when you wake up thinking it's Wednesday and get to work and realize it's actually Thursday. Especially when you're a lucky person who has a 4-day work week. I love Thursdays because I get to come home and fall asleep on the couch without worrying about whether I'll have trouble falling asleep for real later. I fell asleep at 9:00, and woke up a little while ago at 2:00am, to the sound of the cat coughing up a hairball. How lovely. But I had to get up anyway to feed the dog. Now I'm wide awake and ready to party. Ha! Not so much.

I had a kvetch to post and I can't remember what it was. Poop. Guess it wasn't that bad.

Oh, good news that I forgot about!!!! Remember a few weeks ago when I asked for some mystery vibes for LeBoy? They worked! He got published! He got a piece of flash fiction published in a UK short story magazine called The Delinquent. It goes to press in a couple of weeks! I don't think they pay him much, if anything (like $20, if that) but I guess in the writing world, it's a much bigger deal just to have some publishing credits than whatever money they give you, at least until you make it big.

Hmm, maybe I'll go finish that Veronica Mars episode I fell asleep during....ta-ta! ((hugs to all)) I wish we knew how amilita was doing! unsure.gif
Thanks all. My stomach is feeling better. Now I am looking forward to the free Summer Dance in the Park tonight. The Geek can dance better than I can so I am dragging him to a swing dancing night. {{{rain, rain, stay away!}}}

Kvetch: %^&$# (translation: the first thing I had to do at work today must stay anonymous but I know it wasn't a legit crisis. I hate pervs.)


tes - chili cheese fries are just what they sound like they should be: french fries with cheese and chili smothered over them. Yum!

polly - Nothing like waking up to hairballs. The only other more annoying time to hear it is when you are...let's say...having a "private moment" with your significent other. I can ignore it for awhile but as soon as we are done I must jump up and clean so that I don't forget and step in it. Since I have a studio, my cats food dish is right by my bed. Congrats on Le Boy's news. What is the genre of slash?

undies report: red and pink striped undies, white bra.

Thanks all for your sympathy with my whinging: I feel the boy and I need this time together and a 3 day weekend means that, for once, we both have monday off. (Fingers remain crossed...)

Anti-kvetch: Friday! before a 3-day weekend! Travelling to stay w/ my pop for 3 days! First class seat on the train! It's all good. Also, my new boss has affirmed that I can indeed wear converse to work sometimes if I like. This makes me happy.

Congrats to mr polly on publication! That's the way to start...

(((Tes))) I can sympathise somewhat, I think: I've got seriously itchy feet and want to get my teeth into more interesting work, maybe academic, maybe policy... and ideally abroad, like the mister and I used to talk about. Now he's committed to seeing Resident Teen (RT?) through school I've still got itchy feet, but would miss him like crazy. Eh, I should be patient... and finish that bloody thesis already! Good luck in your next move Tes, whatever you decide on.

RV, I loved kaleidescopes as a kid: so beautiful. What a cool thing for your mom to make!

K', back to work for a few more hours... mismatched blue boyshorts and t-shirt bra (summer-proof undies, basically). Happy weekend everyone!

um, how do i get my blue back? what happened to all the typesetting options? *POUT*

(((sybarite))) have a wonderful birthday weekend, love!

(((yuefie))) I was thinking about you when I heard about the quake … yikes!

Welcome back, bunny … pics & DAVE details, please!

Congrats to leboy – polly, you must be so proud!

(((tesao))) I wish I could wave a majick wand and solve your africa-great-job-missing-home woes.

Candy, glad to hear mom’s doing well. I was thinking bout her. kudos to you for taking good care of her.

(((morn))) keeces for your booboo foot.

(((rose))) keeces for your icky tummy.

(((kitten, six, sidecar, m.i.a. dusty & amilita, billy, pixie, everyone))))

antikvetch: bossman’s surgery went well.

Kvetch: he’s in a lot of pain and I’m afraid the recovery is going to be much rockier than he thought. (NB: don’t ever ever read up on bowel resection surgery online – the horror stores are … Horrible. Gah.) Speedy feel-betta Vibes would be appreciated.

Antivketch: i spent last weekend catching up live-in person with heven2mergatroid, dinaofdoom, car and betchka. It was wonderful. girlie time is a good thing. Bustie girlie time is a great thing. smile.gif

black lacy wacoal, black microfiber panties, little black dress, pearls, pumps ... channeling jackie-o much, mandi?
I have been thinking about Heven so much in the last week. I have no idea why, either. Tell us how she's doing, Mandi! And Car & Dina & Betchka, too, of course. I miss those ladies.

((((((((MandiBossman))))))))))) Poor thing. Sounds scary.

(((((((Tes))))))))))) Sorry you're having to make such difficult decisions. That must be terribly painful. I mean, you know I'd be thrilled if you were back in the neighborhood, but most of all I want you to be happy! So here's hoping that you find a job that makes you very happy and which will send you on some international trips from time to time. smile.gif

(((((((healing for CCgirl's mom))))))))

Hope you have fun, Syb. Happy early birthday!

Polly, pass along our congrats to LeBoy! Very cool!

~*!~*!~ belated birthday sparkles for the MicroPixie, t ~*!~*!~

~~~~~~~ soothing for all of the tummies and feet & heads out there ~~~~~~~~~~

I'm finally feeling better! Hooray! But that means I have a TON of work to do today to make up for all of the hours I've been laying about on the couch.

Thanks for the interest in mom's kaleidoscopes. She really does amazing work. I just love how personal each kaleidoscope is. For instance, she made one for us for a wedding present. In the wheels of the kaleidoscope, she put flower petals from my bouquet and a piece of ribbon from our gift bags. There's also blue glass that perfectly matches the unbelievably beautiful sky that day and even a little piece of red glass shaped like a heart. Awwwww. wink.gif Her most recent kaleidoscope was made in memory of a young man who died recently. He loved the beach, so there's a piece of a shell. Plus he was a boy scout so she incorporated one of his scouting pins. There are also pressed flowers from his memorial service. Here are some photos.

Pretty cool,. huh? Notice that there are 2 wheels on each kaleidoscope. The inner wheel has various textures & patterns of clear glass, while the outer wheel has all of the colored pieces. Both wheels move independently. Very cool. But not cheap! I think she's charging about $500 for these babies, but she already has a number of orders lined up so I guess people think it's worth it.

Almost forgot!
Undies: pink lace bra with baby blue satin boy shorts
KVETCH! I just went on my sister's MySpace page. She has about 5 tattoos now. 5! Let's just assume that she had her sweet but stupid boyfriend pay for them since that is what she does with everything.

God! I just don't get her at all! She is 17. The mothers allowed her to get 1 tattoo a few months ago b/c she promised them that she would do it herself if they didn't consent. It was a case of "pick your battles." So now she has 5?! And of course one of them is her b/f's initials. Because the love you have at 17 is something that you should brand on your ass.

Don't get me wrong. I like tattoos. But I don't like that many on young girls. It just looks trashy. And it IS trashy to use your boyfriend as an ATM.

I need to hear from women who were "rebellious" (ie. nightmarish) teenagers but who grew up to be smart, self-sufficent women. Otherwise I am never having kids.

Sidenote: Girlbomb's book actually did make me feel better since she is just that. Maybe I should just reread it. sad.gif
((((mando and bossman)))) speedy recovery vibes!!

And I know it's a few days late but (((yuefie))) and Cali busties.

rose, your mom's kaleidoscopes are beautiful!

(((morn))) no more knife dropping vibes!

(((((tes)))) sorry you're going through so much

(((syb))) good weekend vibes.

(((kitten))), I wish I knew what to tell you about tattoos. My brother started getting his when he was 16. I'm not sure how many he has now and I think some of them are quite stupid but it's his body. I didn't get a tattoo until I was 20 and I'm not sure if I'll ever get another one.

(((((six, bunny, sassy, polly, sidecar, everyone)))))

undie report: ugly stripey ones with colours that don't go together.

Thanks for the recovery vibes for my mom. She's doing pretty well but she's really tired a lot of the time. However, she's got me around in case she needs anything and I've been making her meals and everything.

kvetch: feeling depressed in general and I'm not sure why. I woke up to the newspaper headline about a crazy man who stabbed and beheaded a fellow passenger on a Greyhound bus. I'm so disgusted.

On a more personal level I'm feeling down about my best guy friend who I keep having feelings for. I've decided that when I get back to TO I'm just going to stay away from him for a bit until my feelings go away. I don't know what else to do.

small kvetch: I used a Tide to Go pen on my shirt and it smells like puke. Gross.

*sticks head in*

acos I haven't made a pants report in ages: black with red polka dots and ladybirds boyshorts.

((((ccgirl & ccmum))))
((((mando)))) colour me jealous!
((((kitten)))) I have no help... but yeah, 5 tattoos at 17 seems a bit much.
((((rose)))) gorgeousness!
((((syb)))) damn you and your bank holiday
((((tes)))) massive love, hun, and I hope things turn out for the best.
((((polly))))) eeee, congrats, leboy! I'm gonna see if I can get a copy...

just saw the dark knight: omfgholycowbbqwowcheebus

and now I must sleep... I'll update you on the landlord drama tomorrow (oh, the fun never ends with this asshat)
*sticks head in*

morn, I have those underoos! (topshop, yes?) landlord more of an asshat than landlord who threw your furniture and other belongings away?

"omfgholycowbbqwowcheebus" sums up The Dark Knight about right.

(((kitten))) we all love the tattoos but I'm only thinking about number 5 now that I'm a whole ten years older than your sis. As for worrying lil sisters, I feel your pain and mine is only 11 yo.

beautiful kaleidoscopes!

(((tes))) as for the minnie photo... the boy threatened to withhold sex if I put that particular photo on any social networking sites!

(((ccgirl))) unrequited feelings are painful, especially for a friend.

(((mandi Bossman)))

mandi & yuefie, I sent you a facebook message about DAVE.


congrats le boy!

Had a lovely tapas lunch with boy's mum today (reminiscing about our fab holiday) and then made a delicious dinner of salad (see barefoot and precocious) with Nigella's roquemole (guacamole with blue cheese), bread and more cheese for myself and kinkykatykins. Family home from their holiday tomorrow and looking forward to seeing them as been four weeks.

undies: pale pink padded bra with cream lace trim and black with pale pink hearts frilly pants.


Oh. My. God. I'm going to get to get to meet Anthony Bourdain.

I can't say when or where, but he's filming an episode of No Reservations in Chicago and one of the restaurants he's going to is one I have an "in" at and I'm one of the few people who knows about it. The local rabid foodies here would love to know and they won't! Ha ha ha ha! Those smug bastards!

Oh, so excited. I'll post more after it happens, but for now I must keep my mouth shut. Dammit, how do you make that little ninja emoticon???
oh MY! that's quite a photo there, polly!

now, he has a few tattoos that i wouldn't mind seeing a bit closer!!

5 tattoos at 17? well, i suppose that it depends on where they are. names, initials, anything like that should be banned - unless it's "mother". ask johnny depp.

i WANTED my first tattoo at 17. my parents told me they would quit paying for college if i did it. i waited until i was 40....ya, ya, a bit of overkill, i know ... but i still wanted the SAME tattoo, so i knew it was ok. i think you really need to weigh your ideas for a good long time before you have something permanent put on your body. i have two; i know i'll get another one at least. just not sure what yet, although i have some ideas.

oooooooooooooo, rose! those kaleidascopes are AMAZING. would she do special ones with items that clients picked out?

*blows kisses at mornington's foot*

sounds as if you have an eye for asshattery in landlords. can not wait for the update!!

((((((mandi Bossman))))))

work that little black dress, grrrl friend!

congrats to polly's leboy!

must live vicariously through all of you re the dark knight - it won't be here for months.

~*~*~*~*~*~ no unrequited love for candy cane girl ~*~*~*~*~*~*~

glad that your mother is on the mend! (and that's some story about the bus. scary. very scary.)

withholding sex because of a minnie mouse hat? obviously, it is a fantastic photo and should be shared with busties, who clearly have more ovaries than he does..... rolleyes.gif

just kidding.

*heavy sigh*

am looking for jobs so that i can move back to the states. mr. hotbuns has been really depressed, and asked me to move back, he misses me and he misses who HE IS when he is with me. i miss him, too. i know that i will wind up with a pay cut and that i will miss the people here - but hopefully, as you say, i will get an interesting job that will let me travel.

hugs and kisses and silly little fishes!
kitten: My sister and I were terrors - drank, smoked, small amounts of drugs and general obnoxiousness. I was convinced that no-one knew misery like I did.

Now? I'm 28, happily married and a librarian. LIBRARIAN.

I think I would have died if someone told me that when I was 17. I'm not even a 'cool' librarian - I do have awesome glasses though. But I have a distressing tendency to wear black most of the time and something seriously frumpy going on with the crazy hair. I'm mostly happy though.

Particularly after that photo...
holy crap, that photo is so not work friendly! roawr! (but, um, the bone is grossing me out a wee bit. it's enough to make me go vegetarian again! don't even know what to make of that, psychologically, hee.)

k. i'm so missing my blue and my quotation marks and my small print .... grrrr!

tesao, interesting you want another tat. i kept saying i was finally going to get one at 30. then 40. and here i am honing in on 50, and still no tat. i can't even say why, other than i have a conservative job and i would want my tat to show. plus i could never decide on exactly what i want.

i don't know, i just heart tats.
except i don't know any older peeps with lots of 'em. i imagine they get kinda gross when one's skin gets wrinkly and thin. (don't mean to sound ageist, but it's a fact. older skin gets wrinkly and thin and decidedly un-tattoo-friendly.)

i was pretty ... rambunctious at 17. but i mellowed.
but then i got a little insane at 37. that lasted a few years.
but then, i always was a party gal. hee.

i'm also lovin on the purdy kaleidascopes ... wish i could afford one! your mama is ubertalented, rose!

(((candy))) maybe time & distance will help you find perspective re guypal.

i hadn't planned on seeing 'knight' in the theater, but i might have to rethink that.

kvetch: working today, and we have some MAJOR storms heading in. i don't even know if i can get the phones back up if we take any lightning hits. and we ALWAYS lose the phones on the course during storms. getting verizon here, on a weekend? HAR!

i really really hate thunder storms. 'specially fierce ones. *whimper*

sincere thanks for the love for bossman. he sounded more like himself last night, thank all things holy. but do keep those vibes a-comin if you are so inclined. bustie vibes are wondrous things indeed.

hey all!

(((mandi bossman)))

((((syb & RT angst)))) You know, even if she was your own daughter, you should be allowed personal time with your mister. I think sometimes, culturally, people lose sight of the importance of the relationship between parents (which, while she's not your daughter, she is your family and a child you take care of). One of the reasons I've been ambivalent about motherhood is that I've worried somehow we'll lose each other in a baby. I love the life we've built together and the home we've made, but I'm still passionate about him as a person, and too often, it's about the family or the children, not the relationship that started it all. (Am I making sense?)

(((mornington's landlord drama))))

welcome back, bunny!

congrats to rv's mom!

((((((tesao))))))) it's so hard when you need to choose between what you want professionally and what you want personally. you'll find the right fit for yourself, and you've had such a great experience in Maputo. You'll always have the memories of these past couple years and the knowledge that you've accomplished a great deal of good.

(((kittenb))) Five tattoos at 17? I'm a giant prude, so take this with a grain of salt, but you all knew that. I am with tesao on this. I thought, when I was younger, that it would be super-cool to have a tattoo on my ankle of some flowers. I am so thankful I was always too cheap to actually have this done, because I would be MORTIFIED now. I mean, someone I know is in her 20s and she has five tattoos, and one of them is of a popular cartoon character, and all I can think is, you have 60-70 years of having cartoons on your legs. Sigh. One of my friends has a tattoo of the word "Maudlin" on her wrist, from a Morrissey song and that's pretty cool. But she is also 32. Sometimes I think I'd like to have one, but the truth is, I like my skin without augmentation.

Polly, I am so jealous! I love Kitchen Confidential so much. I also love the episode of No Reservations where Bourdain goes to Mexico by way of Texas.

You guys, I am totes turning into an old lady (please see my take on tattoos). I went to Lollapalooza last night to see Radiohead and was totally yelling at people for not watching where they were walking and rolling my eyes at people who were shouting. I waited in line to pee and some chick was so drunk she was having a hard time opening the porta potty door. And I said out loud, "If you're so drunk you can't open a door, you need to not be here." And everyone was drunk and stoned, and I am no stranger to the enjoyment of substances, but you need to pick one of them AND keep it real. (As we left, some kid was carrying his buddy out over his shoulder, and his buddy was puking all over him.)

Seriously, I just need a yard so I can yell at kids to keep off it. But I'm glad I went. As annoying as the crowd was, Radiohead was awesome and I was so happy to finally see them.

I have nothing planned this weekend for the first time in six weeks. I'm having drinks or something with an old college buddy tonight, and maybe tomorrow, we'll go see the X-Files movie. It is so awesome not to have to do anything.
Mandi, I miss colors and fonts, too!
(((((Continued healing for Mandi's BossMan)))))

Polly, that's so cool! Can't wait to hear what he's like in real life.

~$$$~$$$~ jobby job vibes for Tes ~$$$~$$$~
Actually, Tes, the whole point of mom's business is to make bespoke kaleidoscopes. The whole point is to feature special little momentos, so if there's a particular object you want her to use, she'd be all to happy to incorporate it. Pretty cool, huh?

((((((CCgirl's mom))))))

5 tattoos. At 17. And one of the tattoos is the initials of her boyfriend.
I guess the good news is that it's just the boy's initials and not his actual name. Someday she can tell people that's she's a member of some top-secret society & those initials represent the name of the organization. It'll be a lot easier to play off than if it said "Jeremy".

I don't have any tattoos and I doubt I ever will. For me, having a tattoo would feel like wearing the same outfit every day for the rest of my life. But mainly I doubt I'll ever get one because I would never be able to come up with one design that would properly represent me. I find that I have changed in so many ways over the years and I'm sure that I will continue to change as time goes by, so the tattoo that I like today may be something I really don't like at all 10 years from now. Does that make sense?

On the other hand, there's my best friend. Like Ananke, she was a holy terror in her younger days. Drinking and smoking and doing all sorts of drugs. She attempted suicide. She ran away from home & lived under a bridge for a while. She sold drugs. The whole bit. And she got a few tattoos along the way. Now she's in her 30s, married, & a home owner. She's still got a spunky edge to her, but she's also a very active member of her community. She teaches summer camp and everything. So perhaps there's still hope for your sister, Kitten. If nothing else, laser tattoo removal is getting better and better all the time.

Sidecar, you are not the only one who's turning into a stick in the mud ... although to be honest, I think I've always been a bit of an old lady at heart. I don't even go to concerts anymore because almost every single time I tried, I ended up next to some drunken asshole who'd ruin the whole night for me by screaming so much I couldn't hear the music or jumping around and plowing into me repeatedly. When a bunch of assholes decided to form a mosh pit at a They Might Be Giants concert, I knew I couldn't take much more. But when a bunch of drunken idiots ruined Elvis Costello for me, I decided enough was enough. I might try concerts again as long as it's at a venue with seats & where people are expected to spend most of the night sober. But that's it.

This afternoon I'm going to see "Momma Mia" with a galpal. Sheff was supposed to go with us, but he has wimped out. Why? My guess is because it's a musical. Wimpy little party pooper boy. I urge you all to blow raspberries in the general direction of the south eastern United States.

((rose)) Enjoy Mamma Mia, but I can’t lie, I’d wimp out too. Your mom’s kaleidoscopes are really pretty.

((sidecar)) Enjoy The X Files, if you go. I find myself getting really annoyed at concerts especially when beer gets spilled on me or people insist on talking while the performer is on stage.

((mando)) Hope the storms aren’t too bad. I feel really anxious if a bad storm starts and I am at work.

((mando’s bossman))

((tes)) Good luck on the job hunt.

((polly)) I showed Mr. DM the picture of Anthony Bourdain, and he said WTF, what is that? Ha, ha , ha.

((bunnyb)) I’m go glad you enjoyed your vacation to Florida.

((mornington)) Sorry about the landlord issues.

((ccgirl)) Glad you mom is doing well. Boo to feeling bad about your guy friend.

((kittenb)) I don’t have any advice about your sister because I was never rebellious. I have two tattoos, but they both have meaning.

((syb)) I hope you get to enjoy some birthday time with the mister.

Today I went shopping, and got a cute handbag for $10. I told myself that I wasn’t going to shop this weekend, but I gave in. Mr. DM and I went to exchange our cable box for an HD cable box, and at first it wasn’t working, I got annoyed and then he called the cable company and it was fixed. I just hate being annoyed with electronics. Twin DM and I are supposed to see Brideshead Revisited tonight, but I kind of don’t feel like seeing a film. So we’ll see if I have the guts to tell her.

I started working from home most days about two weeks ago, and I am seriously thinking about getting a dog. Twin DM has Lola (the boston terrier), and I would like a dog to live with Mr. DM and I. There is a four year old pug at a local shelter that I really want to go see, but the shelter was closed today. I hope she is still there next week. I decided I would prefer to get an adult dog because most people just want puppies.

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