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eep! ((((damona and little w))))

((((pixie)))) it looks gorgeous!

((((kitten)))) enjoy the ride!

((((sassy)))) stupid work. focus on recovering, I say, and don't let the asshats vex you!

(((lys))) hello!


quiet day. need to clean house and put away laundry. instead G and I have been eating ice-cream and watching clone wars. All is well.
Greetings and Salutations!!

(((damona))) i hope you and the little one are better.

(((pixie))) oh gosh, i hope this interview goes somewhere for mr. pixie. i've been thinking and sending all kinds of vibes for your family. congrats on your tat!

Hi Lys!! Wow. Haven't seen you 'round in awhile. Comeback when you can!

(((sassygrrl))) it sounds like you are feeling better. that's good. tell mcgeek i said hi!

(((polly))) acos

i spent the weekend at kripalu. it was totally relaxing, just what i needed. i wanted to stay and not have to deal with the real world. argh. this weekend is the break i've been needing for some time. in august i go to montreal with crazyoldcatlady. Yeah!

kvetch: minor internal anxiety about money. to which my mother told me not to worry about it. she said, "don't be stupid. don't worry about it. things will work out. and if not, then we know which corner you can work on." my mom is sure funny. wink.gif


Just a quick fly by...Mr. Pixie got a job!!!!!!! It isn't what we were hoping ofr..wasn't even the one he interviewed for today, but the district he worked for last year called him out of the blue today to offer him a position at the senior high! He'll still interview for the university jobs he has applied for recently, but if those don't pan out, he has a backup plan now and thsi would be a permanent contract so he couldn't get laid off again next year!
YAY! PIXIE! Great tattoo, BTW.

{{{stargazer}}} glad you got to relax and chill a little. You deserve it.

{{{mornington}}}mmm, ice cream and Star Wars. Good times.

{{{damona}}} some kids are way too brave. My brother was like that.


{{{sassygirl}}} Here is to giving annoying bosses the boot!

{{{pollystyrene}}} tell the boy that Architectual Digest would want a fetching throw on the couch. *sigh* I wish my boy's problem was a tendancy to be too clean around the house.



I was waiting to post to see if anything exciting happened today but so far nothing. I did have a fun time on the L.A.T.E. Ride this weekend and posted in the "Say Cheese" thread.

Have a nice night, all.

Just a real quick fly by:

congrats pixie fam!

(((((damona and your little one))))) oh how I miss the days of bouncing off beds!

((((kitten, star, polly, sidecar, yuefie, bunny, sassy, everyone))))

kvetch: myself. Whyyyyyy do I procrastinate so much?

kvetch: I have almost no money. As in I'm trying to figure out what the cheapest things are to get from the grocery store because I really just can't afford to have anything too great right now. Ramen anyone?

(((((((ccgirl, stargazer, pixie, kitten, morn, sassy, polly, and anyone and everyone else)))))))

for once, no drama at the damona household today.

we walked to the grocery store, which is about a mile each way, and came back with $65 of groceries stuffed into 3 backpacks, which the kids wore home. after that they were all too tired to get into much trouble for awhile laugh.gif methinks we will start doing this on a regular basis again. except next time i will take ibuprofen beforehand, so i'm not limping by the time we get home. damn hip. oh well. if i lose weight it will help, so i guess i just have to suck it up meanwhile.

polly, i'll pm you the tzatziki recipe if you'd like. you know, i still make garlic bread the way you taught me back in high school! (gods, i feel old saying that.)

pixie, that is a kickass tat. i love the colours. i cannot wait to be able to get the next step of mine done. maybe i'll set out the alms basket for myself for christmas, instead of my family getting me a bunch of crap that will just take up space.... oh! and yay for mr pixie getting a job!

ccgirl, ramen is cheap and you can embellish it with bits of meat or mushrooms or frozen veggies or canned black beans. i feel ya...

kitten, i'm so glad that you had a good time this weekend.

love to all, and here's to another uneventful day tomorrow...

HOORAY for Mr. Pixie!!!! Fabulous news!!!! And what a relief, too. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the university position, but it's wonderful to hear that he has this to fall back on. I wonder which building he'll be in. I think all of my English classes were in H, but I'm not completely sure.
By the by, the tat looks lovely!

Damona, I'm still squicked out from reading the tooth story. [shudder]

~$$$~£££~ money vibes for Damona, CCGirl, Pixie, & everyone ~$$$~£££~
Because who amongst us could not use some extra cash, right?

Sorry I've been MIA. Sharing a computer with Sheff means I have far fewer hours to play. Nope, I still have not replaced the laptop. I'd like to go to our local Apple Store to play acround with their offerings, but it's been very very busy because of the new iPhone (lines stretching out the door). I still have a lot of questions about Macs, too. For instance, how do you "right click"? And don't just tell me to push the Ctn button because that means a simple task requires 2 hands. I'm hoping there's a way to still accomplish this with just the mouse alone. Can any of you advise?

Other than that, all is well. My period is trying to start, but I'll live. We've been getting plenty of rain, so hopefully we won't have a repeat of last year's drought. I have settled on a paint color for the kitchen. Boring stuff like that, ya know. Nothing to complain about, really ... except Aunt Flow, of course.
Roseviolet - I know nothing about Macs other than I don't want one. I don't like the layout of the desktop. Good luck making you r choice, though.

Damona - Child labor can be such a lovely thing. Work 'em hard. biggrin.gif

candycane_girl - I feel your financial pain. Sometimes it really embarresses me that I am rather poor. All I can think is that I am 34 and sometimes I still have to empty my change jar to buy groceries. And I am sure that will get much better when I am in grad school. rolleyes.gif

In good news today, I bought a dollhouse! I've often though about getting one as an adult. This junk/antique store down the street had an old one in it's window. The price came down to $10 (there was a sign on it saying "foreclosed." Hee!) The base is about 3 feet wide and it has 5 rooms and an attic. I have never refinished anything before so this will take me some time but for $10 I can take the risk. I'll post pictures later.

Who says noone invests in real estate anymore?

Rosev, about right clicking, I just bought a mouse that wasn't an Apple one so that I could do it.

thanks for the money vibes ladies!

Rose, on a laptop, if you're using the mouse pad, you do have to push a button down- that quickly becomes second nature (as do all the adjustments you have to make with a Mac.) Your other option, is to get a real mouse, one that has 2 buttons and just use that. Depending on where you use your laptop most, that may be easier said than done....when our laptop was still alive, we used it on the couch a lot, and a separate mouse would have just gotten tangled and lost in the cushions, not to mention even an optical mouse might have a hard time on upholstery.

Eek, damona, the tooth story. Teeth getting knocked out makes me a little green, even working in a dentist's office. In the year I've been here, there's only been one kid who knocked out his tooth and came in while I was here- there's been others, but mostly they happen on weekends and my cousin just comes in to deal with it. This kid was 11 or 12 and was messing around with his friends in the hallway at school and he turned really quick and hit his face on the side of a door that was propped open. Oooowwwwww! Just thinking about it makes me shudder. How did I teach you to make garlic bread in high school? blink.gif Doesn't include blackening it, does it? laugh.gif Actually, I made some pork kebabs from a recipe in Saveur over the weekend and used the tzatiki recipe that came with that- it was pretty good- I remembered to seed the cucumber, which helped!

Kitten, here's the thing with LeBoy cleaning the house- he doesn't...until the day we have to clean up because there's people coming over or whatever, then he turns into Martha Stewart on crack It's literally easier for both of us if I just leave the house and stay out of his way. I come back, the house is clean, he's happy, but I can't find any of my stuff. dry.gif

Yay for Mr. Pixie! One of my friends who is a teacher hasn't gotten a permanant position yet and every year she goes through this. I can't imagine what a colossal PITA it must be. Lovely finished product on the tattoo, btw!

Any flat news, mornington? *fingers crossed*

Candy, try rice & beans instead of ramen- much healthier, pretty much just as cheap- and you can add chicken or other veggies, too. Ramen is pretty much salt and fat and not much else.

No news here. I got a card in the mailbox over the weekend for a certified letter I need to pick up at the post office. I'm scared. It's probably from the insurance company about the claim for the plumbing disaster, but who knows. I've sort of been procrastinating on the bills from the surgery and I'm afraid it's in relation to that, somebody ready to break my thumbs. I'll have time to pick it up tonight so we'll see.

~*~*~all-purpose money/health/relationship/family/friends/etc. vibes to all~*~*~

ETA: 5:30 now and I'm home- all that worry over a stupid notice from the city zoning board because they're having a meeting about whether or not to allow the motel around the corner to put up an LED sign. I'm going to vote NO just for making me worry and drive to the post office to pick it up! dry.gif
Hello all! *waves* Back from my conference/holiday, slightly tanned, boasting some mosquito bites and generally jetlagged, but happy to be home. Trip was awesome but intense, even the vacay part, but I got in some swims in the carribbean, a lot of reading and some overproof rum cocktails, so it turned out well.

I have come back to a pretty firm job offer with my old boss. I know the job and it's in the city centre, thus mitigating my entirely suburban existence of the last 6 months. Also, we have tipped into a full-on recession here, with a public sector job freeze, so I got in just in time.

I hear all of you struggling with finances. I paid for my trip over 6 months but still have some catching up to do now, so it will be a lean month. The mister and I so often prioritise travel over, say, new shoes or in my case office clothes, so the next 6 months will be about getting together a office-y wardrobe and paying off my CC. I have been ramen-broke too, so I should feel grateful I can (eventually) pay off my CC...

Morn, hope you find a new, awesome flat asap!

Congrats on mr pixie's new job!!!

Damona, I'm a big believer in putting Resident Teen to work, both because the house needs it and I think she could do with the discipline (oops, sorry: I thought I heard my mother speaking... blink.gif ) Basically I think it's right she pitches in, rather than me cleaning up around her and acquiring some serious resentment along the way.

Off to a meeting with my thesis supervisor: wish me luck?
~$$$~£££~ continued cash vibes for us a;; ~$$$~£££~

Sybarite, welcome home! Sounds like things are working out really well in your world. Wonderful!

Polly, glad to hear that the letter wasn't anything scary. Why so much hubub over a sign?

Kitten, that doll house sounds fantastic! I had a doll house when I was a kid & I adored it. There are so many cool miniature things out there! I bet decorating the rooms will feel very satisfying. Much easier and less expensive than working on a real room, you know?

QUOTE(kittenb @ Jul 15 2008, 12:07 PM) *
Roseviolet - I know nothing about Macs other than I don't want one. I don't like the layout of the desktop. Good luck making you r choice, though.

I know what you mean, but I'm getting soooooooo sick of Microsoft. It feels like every operating system is worse than the last one. My parents recently got a new PC with Vista and, I swear, I've never heard them complain so much about a computer. I had XP on my laptop and continued to have numerous problems. Sheff has 2 operating sytems on his PC - XP Professional and Windows 2000. For the past week I've been signing in on Windows 2000 and it behaves SO much better for me. It's unreal. It also angers me because it shows that Microsoft keeps putting out products that get worse and worse with each generation. I have no desire to fund that kind of inept thinking. So that's why I'm considering converting to Mac-ism.


In other irritating new, I'm not bleeding. I've been feeling shitty for days (and grumpy, if you haven't noticed) and I feel like I should be bleeding, but I'm not and I'm not and I'm not and it's pissing me off and worrying me at the same time. I may pick up a pregnancy test today just in the hopes that it'll speed things along.

And as if I'm not already irritated enough, I got on a scale and I weigh more than I ever have in my entire life. Fer chrissakes, I'm actually having a lot of trouble taking off my wedding rings. I've gained about 20 pounds since we got married 3 years ago. Sheff has put on even more than that. So it's time for some changes. This morning I worked out for 30 minutes & I'm going to make a point of serving more vegetables. Sheff is trying to figure out how to fit more exercise into his schedule, too (which is difficult because it's too hot for him to do anything outside at this time of year). This isn't just about vanity. Sheff's family develops diabetes easily & I'm afraid he's reaching the point where it could be a possibility. And on my side of the family, there are major issues with high blood pressure (which I fear I'm developing). We need to be healthier. We reeeeeeally reeeeeeeeeeally need this to work, so if you have any self control vibes to spare, that would be great.
((rose and sheff)) I hear you on the weight thing. I am at my heaviest that I have ever been, but honestly I was underweight for many years (not an eating disorder or anything, just too skinny). I workout pretty regularly, but I love to eat. Best of luck to you and Sheff with your dieting and exercising.

((syb)) Yay for a great trip, and a job offer. Good luck on the meeting.

((polly)) Glad the certified letter was nothing to worry about, but I understand how it was an annoyance.

((kittenb)) Yay for a cute dollhouse.

((damona)) Walking to the supermarket seems like a really good idea.

((ccgirl)) $$$$$$$$$

((pixie)) Yay for Mr. Pixie’s new job.

((star)) Yay for a relaxing weekend.

I read all the archives, but am too tired to vibe anymore. ((Busties))

This is going to be a big ramble on and on.

Health - Since I’ve been back from vacation I have been feeling like crap. I had the ear infections in both ears, the doctor told me it cleared, but now I have fluid in both my ears. She gave me a nasal spray, one ear is feeling better, but the other one still feels clogged. So tomorrow I got see an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist to see if they can tell me anything. On top of that I have been having headaches and stomach pains. I feel like I am too young for my body to be having one problem after another. The thing that kind of scares me is wondering if some of it is psychological. I don’t want to go to the doctor and seem like a hypochondriac.

Work - I have been unhappy at my job for many years now, and have been looking for a new job for a long time. I have yet to get an interview or even a call. I feel worthless, and it really upsets me because I know I am a really good worker, and that I can learn and handle just about any job. My coworker mentioned a government job to me, which for some reason I did not apply for, and now she has an interview. I am happy for her, but now I feel like shit for not applying for it. I was promised that I would be able to work from home, but they have been dicking me around on that for months now. Even if I get to finally work from home I still won’t be happy that I have basically felt stagnant in my career for about five years now. I just want to scream and yell and cry sometimes. It’s not an option for me to quit this job before getting another because we would not be able to pay all of our bills with just Mr. DM’s salary.

I can’t help but feel like some of my health problems are from my unhappiness and stress from my job and my job search. I have no idea what else to do.
Mutherfucking GRRRRR! My next door neighbor's college age daughter is home for the next few weeks, and she is a MAJOR door slammer. I swear, she has been going in and out of the apartment all day and I haven't had a moment's peace. Not to mention, when she came home two days ago, she was shouting at the top of her lungs as she entered the courtyard and headed towards her mom's apartment (not in a bad way, but just saying hi very loudly to her mom and friends who were there to see her). Her mom is a pretty damn loud person, too. She occasionally slams doors (although not NEARLY as much as her daughter), but her big thing is talking extremely loudly on her cell phone while wandering around the courtyard. She's a smoker, so she's got a loud, throaty smoker's rasp, kind of like a baby Stevie Nicks, if you can imagine it. So mom's not very aware of others outside of herself either. No surprise that daughter suffers under the same delusion. One more door slam, though, and I'm about ready to snap and seriously get nasty on their asses. They are not the only people who live here.
congrats to the pixies!!
~~~job for dm~~~

I know I'm missing some folks.

RV, I have a Macbook and I'm rather fond of it. I've had it now for two years. I need a new battery but it's lasted a long time for a laptop battery. I did have a hard drive problem, which sucked, so I'd recommend backing things up monthly. That being said, I like it -- I like the interface and think it's a better, more intuitive operating system than windows.

Also, I'm at the heaviest in my life, so I am starting to run again, every morning, and cutting back on sweets and fried anything. It's veggies, fruit, and lean meat & dairy for me for awhile, at least until I drop 5-10 pounds.

*waves* hi! Got busy again. The inlaws were in town and it was actually okay. I have two big freelance projects in the next two weeks, then I go to San Diego for the comic-con (and yuefie, I'll PM you!). I have next week off work and am big time looking forward to it.
Sidecar, the in-laws came and they didn't drive you mad?! Wow! Congrats! ComicCon should be a blast. Any particular artists you're hoping to meet?

((((((((DM)))))))) Sorry that work stress is making you feel sick & that feeling sick is causing you to feel more stressed. That job sounds really unhealthy for you. You should definitely start looking for something better. We'll be here to encourage you when you need it.

My sympathies, ThirtiesGirl. Do these people live above you? I certainly hope not.

Anti-kvetch: I finally started bleeding. Just 4 days late. I suspect my body was getting back in sync with the full moon, resulting in the delay. So I'm crampy and miserable this morning, but at least there's a light at the end of the tunnel now. Yay!

Anti-kvetch: I worked out yesterday for 30 minutes. I can't remember the last time I did that. Remember when we first moved to NC and I would work out for a few hours a week? I'm hoping to work up to that again, but I don't want to push myself too hard in the beginning lest I hurt myself.
sybarite, welcome back! and congrats on the job offer … most excellent!

(((sassy))) here’s hoping you find a job where they are more understanding of your health issues.

(((DM))) I know you’re feeling overwhelmed, sweetie, but try to focus on your health first. once you get that sorted out and begin to feel better, you’ll feel stronger to take on a real job search.

a lysistrata drive-by ... tres cool!

yay for the pixies!

kitten, how exciting! i’m a dollhouse-lover too, although I never had one of my own. my childhood friend had a huge lovely antique one that I adored. I still have fond memories of the hours we spent playing with it.

(((w))) (((damona))) gah. my tooth hurts just reading about it! hope his toofy mends ok.

(((rose))) the neat thing about having a diet & exercise buddy is the built-in support. it truly does make it easier (not that i'd know about it firsthand, sniff pout sniff). and you’re such a foodie, i'm sure you’ll be getting into cooking light & healthy meals in no time. that’s half the battle right there.

i’d buy a mac in a second if it wasn’t for how expensive they are, not only to purchase, but to fix. that and all the free tech help i have available to me is PC-only.

(((Star, morn, polly, sidecar, yuefie, bunny, candy, billy, everyone)))

beige micofiber flexee panty, white lace Wacoal … sexy form fitting albeit outdated dress that hasn’t fit in 10 years. rowr.

may i request some non-bleedy vibes for this weekend? i haven't bled in 4+ months (just 6 more to go and then i'd be done proper, fingers crossed fingers crossed fingers crossed!) ... but i have fun things planned and i just have this icky feeling the dam is about to let go. please just wait til tuesday, auntie flo, please?!!!

might i also request healthy vibes for beloved bossman? he may need surgery for diverticulitis. which would be a good thing, actually. the poor man suffers so. i'm just so nervous that today's catscan points to a simple laproscopic solution.
Mando! *~*~*non-bleedy vibes (ah, can't wait for that!~*~* and ~*~*health vibes for the boss~*~*

Yay for the pixies!

Sidecar, so glad you had a good visit with the in-laws.

I, too, am at my heaviest, having gained back everything i lost in WW 3 years ago, plus some extra. I know I need to do something (besides buy bigger clothes rolleyes.gif I have had to switch my claddaugh ring from my middle finger to my ring finger, which prompts all sorts of questions from people) I'm just not sure what. I don't think I want to go back to WW. In theory, it works....I just usually felt hungry and their program relies on a lot of processed food, and not just their own products. Maybe like WW with a South Beach Diet/Mediterranean twist or something.

((DM)) feel better! I hope the ENT helps.

I'm very jealous of the dollhouse, kitten. I never really had one as a kid, other than a Barbie Dream House, but that had cardboard furniture. So not fun- not even back then. I used to love going to the hobby store and looking at all the dollhouse furniture, wishing I had one. We had some distant relatives who we'd see a couple times a year and their daughters were both grown-up and out of the house, but they had their dollhouse in the basement, a huge 4-story one, so humanist and I would spend hours down there playing with it.

I made baklava tonight, and we went over to the Selena's. It was a belated birthday cake for both of them- her birthday was back in March, a few days after my surgery so she didn't get it then, and his b-day was in late June. We would have celebrated in Michigan, but thanks to the leetle plumbing fiasco, we didn't go up. Very tasty.

We're debating getting up early and going to see The Dark Knight before noon when we can get matinee prices. But that would require getting up and out if the house before noon. Feh. I guess we could do it and come back and take a nap. We'll see.

Happy Saturday all.

I've spent the past few days (and the next two) at a conference to learn about sex worker's rights. It has been interesting, inspiring, infuriating and exhausting. And, most of all, hot. We are meeting in an un-airconditioned converted artist's warehouse. There are tons of industrial fans but they can only do so much. Thursday and Friday and dragged myself home and just stood in a cold shower spray. Tonight there is going to be a big party to support the movement that I am looking forward to. I am still not exactly sure where I stand on this issue but I have been given so much to think about.

{{{All struggling w/weight and excersize issues}}} The Geek and I decided to do South Beach. I've gained back about 10 pounds of what I lost but I really wanted to remind myself what life w/o sugar feels like. A lot has crept back into my diet ohmy.gif . He wants to loose 30 pounds. So I've helped him figure out how to get started and I think it is going to work. Once I finish Phase 1, I am going back to maintanence/Phase 3 but I like most of the recipies for Phase 2. I've also been on my bike a ton this summer so that is helping too. Good luck!

{{{no bleed and bossman vibes for mando}}}

{{{thirtiesgirl}}} I really hope they shut up soon.

I can’t help but feel like some of my health problems are from my unhappiness and stress from my job and my job search. I have no idea what else to do.

DM - It sounds like you are on to something here. I wish I could give you more advice but, sometimes, being able to identify the problem is the first step in solving it. Good luck.

{{{congrats sybarite!}}}

{{{candy_cane girl}}}

Have a great weekend everyone. smile.gif

*huge vibeage for all*

just wanted everyone to know that i am lurking.
*sticks head in*

my internet was down, and then I went to a music festival for the weekend. back when I'm more human

Hey, gang. Hope y'all are well. Since it's so quiet around here, I'm going to take that as a good sign that people are out & about, being fabulous, and living their lives away from their computers. And that's a very good thing!

Life is sooooo boring around here, it's not even worth talking about. I think the most exciting event of the past week was when I moved Millie's litter box from the guest bathroom to the laundry room. Whoopity doo! Well, that's not quite right. We had one bit of good news on the financial front. As of last week, Sheff has been a licensed driver in the USA for 3 years ... which means our car insurance rate is FINALLY going down! Believe it or not, this is going to save us about $100 a month. Madness, isn't it? I am happy about this, but mostly relieved. These higher rates have pissed me off for far too long.

Other than that, we've just been terribly lazy. Watching movies & blah. Nothing terribly exciting, but definitely nothing to complain about either.

By the by, I talked to PixieDust yesterday. She and the fam are on vacation this week. Hope they're having a wonderful time!
We had a pretty good weekend. We made it to The Dark Knight on Saturday morning (as late as we could and still get matinee prices wink.gif )...Saturday night we drove up to Wisconsin to go out to eat with some friends from a foodie site I post on. Yesterday, I didn't really do anything. LeBoy is in a wedding next weekend for an old college friend and he's supplying them with camera/mic equipment. Someone else is doing the actual filming, but he'll edit the video. Anyway, he had to drive out to bumblefuck to drop all the stuff off at their house. It's an hour each way, so he stayed awhile and played Rock Band and I stayed home and did nothing.

I'm skipping the wedding, though- I met this guy once 10 years ago and he's part of LeBoy's group of friends that I don't really like. I have nothing to wear and no desire to spend $ on clothes for a wedding I'm not interested in (plus they're doing a renaissance-themed wedding- not really my style, so I'm not going to buy an outfit I'll wear once, or risk being the only one who doesn't dress up.) I'll just spend a nice Friday night at home with Albus and What Not to Wear.

Ugh, I have to make an appointment to get my haircut on Friday, too. I haven't had it so much as trimmed since before my surgery back in March and it's getting too long and perpetually tangly, not to mention about 2 inches of roots showing *gasp* ohmy.gif Humanist trades massages for haircuts from a friend and she "donated" one of them to me, so I've just got to call in the favor.

*hi tes!*

Cold showers are one of my favorite things about summer, kitten- so refreshing and relieving. Sounds like you deserved it.

Yay for the lower insurance rates, rose....crap, you just reminded me that mine expired yesterday. Hmm, have to wait until Friday to pay that when LeBoy gets paid. Must not get into accident until then! Eek!
Things are cool with me; back to being busy, but most of it is good busy, so I'll take it. Back on track revising the thesis, with next submission at start of Sept. Advisors being very supportive, yay! Started new job with old boss which thus far is going well, it's familiar territory with more responsibility.

Had an awesome weekend in hermitville: watched the 1995 Pride and Prejudice and baked (awesome)brownies, then cleaned hell out of the house, all of which I enjoyed. I'm probably boring but I know what makes me happy...

Morn, fill us in on who you saw at the festival (not that miss unhipster here would recognise any of the bands...)

~~~start already vibes for mando~~~

My weight fluctuates, but since getting rid of about half a stone a few years back and walking everywhere I'm usually happy with my size. On vacay I ate really well so bringing brownies into the equation this weekend probably wasn't the best idea. Generally I eat healthily during the week but then go nuts with toast and cheese and pizza at the weekend.

What works for me is the lazy solution of simply eating dinner earlier, giving your body a chance to work it off before bed. And I try and eat mostly salady things for dinner too. I think a lot of it is simply building good habits, easier said than done, however! (See brownies, above.)
((syb)) Glad all is well with the thesis and the new job.

((polly)) Glad to hear you had a nice weekend.

((rose)) Yay for a lower car insurance rate.

((mornington)) Who did you see at the music festival?

((kittenb)) The conference you went to sounds interesting.

((mando)) Hope you had a non-bleedy weekend.

((mando's bossman))

((sidecar)) I've never been to comic-con, but I am curious about it. I know Mr. DM would love it.

You know how sometimes everything is going wrong, and then one day you have multiple good things happen, that was my Friday. I go to work on Friday after being out sick, and the IT person set up my laptop, so I could start working from home today. I still have to go in the office probably once a week, but it is very good to be away from the office. About 30 minutes after I got my laptop on Friday, I got a call from the company my sister works for, and had a phone interview on Friday afternoon. I’m not exactly sure I would like the job, but it was nice to finally have an interview.

I went to the Ear, Nose and Throat specialist on Friday and he said I didn’t have an infection or any fluid in my ears. They also did a hearing test which was fine. He said sometimes when you use ear drops it can take a couple weeks for the ears to get back to feeling normal. So I felt silly for going to the doctor when there turned out to nothing wrong, but I also felt better knowing that I was okay.

On Saturday Mr. DM, Twin DM and I went to see The Dark Knight. Twin DM did not like it at all, and Mr. DM and I thought it was okay. Then we went to the casino, and Mr. DM won $97, so then we went cd shopping. Sunday was a lazy day.
I have a job interview on Thursday! This is the place where I had the phone interview on Friday.
oh cod. something's wrong with Pete. I've got a horrible feeling he's had a stroke, he's not got complete control over his limbs and he can't stand up. Oh fuck. sorry to come in like this. fuck. uh... back in the morning (it's 2.37am here) when I've taken him to the vet.
QUOTE(kittenb @ Jul 19 2008, 10:30 AM) *
Happy Saturday all.

I've spent the past few days (and the next two) at a conference to learn about sex worker's rights. It has been interesting, inspiring, infuriating and exhausting. And, most of all, hot. We are meeting in an un-airconditioned converted artist's warehouse. There are tons of industrial fans but they can only do so much. Thursday and Friday and dragged myself home and just stood in a cold shower spray. Tonight there is going to be a big party to support the movement that I am looking forward to. I am still not exactly sure where I stand on this issue but I have been given so much to think about.

I just got home from the conference and will be in sleeping recharge mode for about 3 days. I saw our dear kitten b at the end-of-conference-party and had to rub my eyes, cartoon-like, saying....what the...who IS that red haired bombshell!?!?! She acts all coy, but I can assure you all that kitten b is smokin' hot on the dance floor!

Also, good vibes to ailing pets ((mornington))
Please mornington, keep us posted. All good thoughts to Pete.

vixen - *giggle, blush* well, I had to look good for that crowd. And I never get a chance to wear that dress. It was so nice meeting you. If you come to Chicago again, we will have to have a Bustie meet up. I hope we see you in Kvetch Up more, too.

For thoes who are curious, the outfit in question is a bright red Ann Taylor dress that is sort of a faux wrap. The front is so low cut that it ends under my breasts. Sorry to say I did not get a picture of myself in it. I also added a crystal tattoo on my breast bone. I must say, I did look smoking hot. As soon as the boy and I walked outside the bar we got caught in a drenching rain. Of course. rolleyes.gif

Cool news, dm. I hope the job turns out to be what you want and I hope you get it. smile.gif

Sybarite - glad to hear that you are doing well. mmmmm, brownies....

pollystyrene - I would love to go to a Rennesance wedding, but I'm weird like that.


My financial aid loan was approved today. The computers were acting up so I couldn't get to my promissory note but that should be fixed tomorrow. So. I guess I'm going to grad school.

Where is the emoticon for excitedhappyfear?

{{{Pete please be okay.}}}

Awww ((((morn))))) unsure.gif sad.gif
~~~~~superstrengthmegahealingpleasebeokay vibes~~~~ for dear ((((((peteykins))))))

((((kvetchies)))) one and all
((((((((((((((morn and pete)))))))))))))))

good luck vibes for ((((dm))))

(((((syb, tes, yuefie, polly, star, kitten, rosev, everyone)))))

I haven't been up to much. I saw The Dark Knight in IMAX and I loooooved it. I totally want to see it again.

kvetch: evil cramps that don't go away when I take Midol.

possible huge kvetch: my mom is supposed to have her hip replaced this friday. However, today she received a call that there was a tiny bit of infection in her urine analysis and now she's waiting to see if the doctor is still going to operate on her. This is so frustrating, everything was going along just fine and now they might have to push back her surgery. I feel so bad, I could hear the disappointment in her voice when I called today. sad.gif
((((morn and pete))))
~~~interview vibes for DM~~~
thanks everyone. I'm just back from the vet. Pete either has an infection, a brain tumour, or cancer somewhere else, but it's manifesting as meningitis, possibly with added sceptacemia. He's had a massive dose of antibiotics, fluids etc, and it's just a matter of waiting. If he's going to fight this, I'll see an improvement within the next 24-48 hours. I don't think it's sunk in.

(((((dm))))) fingers crossed for interview!

yay for mr pixie's job!

((((ccgirl and ccmum))))

((((mando)))) get well bossman!

((((syb)))) mm, brownies...

yay for good but exhausing conferences (((vixen))) and (((kitten)))! and yay for smokin' hot kitten!

(((((yuefie, rose, tes, sassy, sixie, polly, sidecar, bunny, everyone)))))

For the musically-inclined, I saw Franz Ferdinand, Death Cab for Cutie, Joanna Newsom, Elbow, Sky Larkin, Johnny Foreigner, and G made me see The Golden Silvers. For the less musically-inclined, I also saw Bill Bailey (and about four other comedians) and Iain Banks (the author). I've got photos of the multi-coloured sheep and stuff. Although I will say this: I have never been more thankful to see a proper toilet than I was on sunday. And not sleep in a tent next to kids (as in 6 years old) who insist on getting up at seven am.

Right. Dinner. bunny wrastlin'. laundry. tidying.
~*~*~health vibes for Pete~*~*~ oh noes!

~*~*~health vibes for candycane's mom~*~*~*

~*~*~job vibes for DM~*~*~

~*~*~thesis vibes for syb~*~*~

Kvetch: I got locked out of the house last night. I was supposed to meet my mom at 6:00 at the shelter. LeBoy was meeting a friend for a movie right after work. I ran home, took the dog out, changed my clothes, and was distracted with something else, and I just walked out of the house with my keys on the counter. Luckily, I had my purse with me. LeBoy doesn't have a cell phone, so I called his friend's phone. They were still in the movie though, and I left a message. I tried calling the shelter, but they're closed to the public on Mondays, so they don't answer the phone. They do have the vet tech's cell phone # on there in case an adopter has a medical emergency. I left a message for her, asking her to have my mom call me. I don't know if the vet tech never got the message or what, but my mom never called. I was so pissed. Not so much pissed that I was outside for 2 hours, but more disturbed that my own mother wouldn't be worried enough to call me when I didn't show up. blink.gif I finally got a hold of LeBoy, who came straight home. My mom finally called when she got home from the shelter. I made it clear that I was pissed off...I don't have that tumultuous relationship with my mom that some women do. We just get along 99% of the time, so I've never had one of those "I'm not talking to my mother" fights. I think I'm going to suggest that from now on, if we're meeting each other and one of us is more than 30 minutes late, the other should start doing all that is reasonable to find out what's going on...not start calling hospitals and police stations right away, but at least call my freaking cell phone. At least it was a lovely evening out last night.

So, I've spent the day looking at those electronic, keyless door locks online rolleyes.gif

The new dental assistant we hired a few weeks ago got attacked by her boyfriend's roommate's pit bull. She and her boyfriend were play-fighting and the dog just went into protection mode and latched onto her thigh and dragged her to the ground. She had to get 6 sitiches. It sounds awful, but her doctor put her on bedrest for a couple days because one of the stitches popped and it got infected. Now they can't re-close it with stitches and she's not supposed to be at work- she's supposed to keep her leg up. So what does she do? Comes to work today. She kinda did this last week, too- she thought she had a cold, but couldn't decide, so she'd come in, then go home after an hour or so. Turns out it was just allergies, but we went through this with the dental assistant we had last summer, the one who'd drink an entire bottle of Pepto-Bismol (hello aspirin overdose!) and show up sick to work just to get sent home (my boss can't risk everyone getting sick, so out you go!).....just no common sense. huh.gif

Almost cross-posted with mornington & kitten... ((pete & morn)) *fingers crossed*
(((pete & morn)))

I went to a music festival this weekend, too, although mine was nearby and involved no tent-sleeping, as I am def. too old for that shit. I did see Jarvis Cocker for the first time, as he (or Pulp) rarely come to the U.S., so that was pretty exciting.
*~*~*health vibes for pete*~*~*

(((morn))) i hope you are doing ok. dude, the music festival is like emo fest 2008. i'm sure there were striped shirts and tight jeans galore. i hope you had fun.

polly, those electronic locks kickass. denmom has them here. keys seem archaic to me now. love 'em.

*~*~*good luck interview vibes for DM*~*~*

DM, let us know how the interview goes for you.

sidecar, was jarvis at pitchfork?? how did he perform? more importantly, how hawt did he look?

kitten, welcome to the land of the financially strapped graduate student. it is a great place to be. btw, you always look dressed nicely. and you should be proud to show off those twins of yours.

candycane, let us know how your mom does with her surgery.


i've been lurking here and there. hard to believe i'll be moving in another month. i just don't want to think about the actual moving part....
been lurking, but i have such sporadic internet all of a sudden, half the time if i'm trying to post it goes down before i get a chance.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*vibes for sir peteykins and morn~*~*~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~*~*~*ccgirl and mom~*~*~*~*~*~

much love to all busties.
((pete)) I hope the doctors are able to help him.

((polly)) That sucks about being locked out, at least the weather was nice.

((ccgirl’s mom))

((kittenb)) Yay for the financial aid coming through.

((star, sidecar, yuefie, damona))
Drive by!


((((((((((((((All y'all)))))))))))))))))))))

I'm super busy today. I did a lot of work in the garden. Noticed that our new neighbors are moving in, so I should go by and introduce myself, but I have errands to run and a British ex-pay meet-up to attend this evening at the local pub & then I'm going to a friend's house to watch Project Runway. Sooooo busy!
((((Pete)))) and ((((morn)))) I hope he fights this. Keep us posted.

Pollyv, I've been locked out twice in my life and both times I was pissed. On a tangent, it's always good to hear that some of us can have good, unproblematic relationships with our moms. I do now; it's only taken 15 years or so... wink.gif

I can't do sleepover festivals anymore. The closest I've gotten recently is seeing Bat for Lashes and Radiohead outdoors this summer, which was awesome. It rained and Thom Yorke pointed at the sky afterwards and said 'did you all see the rainbow?'

~~~Good interview luck DM!!~~~

Candycane, fingers crossed your mom's surgery can go ahead.

Things good here: I'm bleedy but at least it's on schedule this time. I wolfed a bunch of brownies as a consequence, and as reward for learning the accounting system at work blink.gif . New job otherwise going well; after the last place I'm cautious but optimistic, and I'm back in the city centre again instead of the suburban desert of the last place, which is a buzz in itself.
((pete and morn))

I'm been lurking mostly.

I finally got the stitches out last week! It's so nice to finally wear shoes! I can also finally take a shower, which feels awesome.

I did go to the cardiologist yesterday, and now they think this may be a pre-existing condition. which may mean I have to be on this damn blood thinner forever. I'm seeing a blood doctort next week. Meanwhile, I have to take happy blood tests every frigging week!

I also got a letter from IKEA basically stating that without daily doctor's notes, they were going to fire me anyway. Bastards. Ergh.

Kvetch: Too heavy periods... Blooooood. And way too many cramps.

Kvetch: Due to the foot injury, I was trying to get them to move up the installattion date. Now, they're saying they'll still be out here at the normal date set. Fuck...

Also fighting with my mother over my health problems, and also bitching about Mcgeek to me(typical when are you going to get engaged questions...etc). Evil bitch.

Anti-kvetch: Finally got into Weeds over this long hiatus. I'm also doing a lot of writing.


I found a house! c'est perfect! Also, Pete is also a little better, eating and hoppin'.

((((((kvetchies))))) back when I'm not half asleep
argh. i woke up from a nap to my mom calling me to say that one of the cats passed away today. that's 2 pets that passed away this year. so sad. i will miss boo. that cat went through alot. i'm glad my folks were able to be with him when he was put asleep. sad.gif

((stargazer & family)) Sorry about the kitty. Albus sends his condolences also. sad.gif

Morn! That's all such good news!

Sassy, sorry about IKEA- it always seemed to me they were a good company to work for. Feh! on your mom and cramps and blood thinners! Feh! but yay for showers! I know how much that sucks- I couldn't shower for over a week when I had my surgery. Sponge baths are not the satisfying experience that porn movies would lead you to believe.

I've never done a sleepover festival. I'm not much of a camper; at least not tent camping. I at least like a trailer, not even a luxurious RV; just something with a real bed and walls and a door that locks. If I have the money, I really want a teardrop camper:

It's basically just a little bigger than the mattress inside and it has the little cooking/storage area in the back. That's all I need.

Did you meet the neighbors, rose?

*Sigh* I'm posting now because I can't get used to the fact that Project Runway's not on at 9, it's on at 8. Stupid Shear Genius! I'll catch it when it's on again at 10.

My grandma, my mom's mom, sent me a little booklet of daily Catholic prayers. She's in total denial that my mom hasn't been a practicing Catholic in 30 years, I wasn't raised Catholic and have no interest in becoming Catholic. rolleyes.gif I'm not offended by it or anything; I guess I just know it's how she shows she cares about me. But now, it's like, uh, do I thank her for it? Will that only encourage her more? It's sort of a weird situation because I'm not really close to her, emotionally or geographically. I'm not really comfortable with calling her; I'm not much of a phone person to begin with, so it would just be torturous. I guess I'll write her a letter. I know she'll like that more anyway. She saves everything (no, literally- she has a real hoarding problem) so this will be a nice little tangible thing for her to she needs more.....Well, may as well- I've got oodles of stationary that I never use!

((hugs to all))
{{{stargazer and kitty and family}}} That must be hard for you being away. sad.gif

polly - the reason your showers were non-porn like is b/c you didn't have a tall strapping man named Sven do it while playing "baw-chicka-bawaw!" Trust me. My insurance covered that after my surgery. It made all the difference.

{{{mornington and Sir Peteykins}}} Thank goodness he bouncing a little. laugh.gif

{{{sassygirl}}} 'cause you seem to need it. smile.gif

{{{sidecar, rv, dm, damona}}}

I have a day off today. My book on dollhouse restoration came into the library so I think I am going to spend some time puttering around the little house. I should mop my apartment floors but we will see if I get to that. Went and saw Hellboy 2 last night. OMG! Visually, that may be my favorite movie since Pan's Labarynth. The story was predictable but I still spent a lot of it w/my jaw on the floor.

I think I am spoiled now because the closest thing to camping I have experienced in the last 15 years is sleeping on a boat. It's like camping, only on water instead of land.

Kitten, you found a book on dollhouse restoration? That sounds so cool! What's the title?

((((((((Stargazer))))))))) Sorry to hear about Boo. sad.gif

Morn, congrats on the house!
!*!*!*!*! get-that-house vibes for Morn !*!*!*!*!*!*!*
~~~~~~~~~ soothing for Peteykins ~~~~~~~~~

I think all you need is one note from your doctor that says, "Yup, I'm her doctor & I say she was too sick to work on all of the days when she wasn't at work" and that's it. No further explanation necessary. Good lucj with the blood specialist. I hope they find an answer for you.

((((((((CCGirl's momma))))))))))

(((((((((Mando's BossMan))))))))))) Any updates?

~~~~~~ soothing for Sassy, Syb, & all the other bleeders ~~~~~~~~~~

((((((snuggles for Sidecar)))))))) just 'cause I feel like it.

Damona, what's up with the flaky connection?

~$$$~$$$~$$$~ job & interview vibes-a-plenty for DM ~$$$~$$$~$$$~

Polly, I do not know what to say about the Catholic paraphenalia. Maybe she just wants you to understand your family's cultural history or something? Or, ya know, she could be trying to save your soul or something. Hmm.

Does anybody remember when Bunny is supposed to get home? She's spending 3 weeks in Florida, right?

I had such a good time last night! I didn't get home until 2am. Madness! But it was great. First Sheff and I went to the British Ex-Pat meet-up. We spent the whole time talking to a lady I already know & her husband (I feel bad that we didn't ciruclate more, but I was feeling shy). After that I went to my friend D's house to watch Project Runway. After the show we watched Shear Genius (which I've never seen before but don't think I need to see again). But then we started talking and talking and talking and we totally lost track of time. Which is why I ended up coming home at 2am. D & I had so much fun talking that we're going to hang out again today. I just love having new girlfriends.

Ridiculous Kvetch o' the Day: We spent a lot of time talking about TV in the UK last night & suddenly I find myself reallyreally missing the glorious cheesey goodness of the Eurovision Song Contest. I really really wish we could watch it here in the states. Pout.
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Jul 24 2008, 09:01 AM) *

Polly, I do not know what to say about the Catholic paraphenalia. Maybe she just wants you to understand your family's cultural history or something? Or, ya know, she could be trying to save your soul or something. Hmm.

Definitely along the soul-savin' lines. It's not like it was a family heirloom book or something, just this little booklet that gets published every month and it's got a little prayer or insprirational message for every day. My grandma's a compulsive worrier and I think it makes her feel better to believe I'm a good Catholic. Y'know despite the fact that she knows I was never baptised, no first communion, no confirmation, living in sin, etc.

Although, we actually are considering having a semi-Catholic wedding ceremony- still at the Unitarian church that I like, but they'll let you bring in your own officiant and LeBoy's family has a friend who is a former priest. He gave up the priesthood to marry a nun, and apparently, he can still perform weddings, and doesn't have to do them in the church like a priest would. I dunno, I'm not sold on the idea- I was looking forward to having a completely secular wedding, but I know LeBoy still identifies as a Catholic and I'm standing firm on not getting married in the church, so I guess I'll compromise on this.

I'm so glad you had a good time last night, rose!

Hmm, yeah, a Sven would have helped, kitten. I guess eye surgery isn't debilitating enough to warrant an aide dry.gif I was fully capable of standing, but I was supposed to stay in that prone position 90% of the day. Ugh, that sucked. Even now, I have a hard time sleeping on my right side (and I'm a side-sleeper!) because it reminds me of the recovery!

Have fun with the dollhouse. I'm getting anxious for a project- I gotta get going on star's sock monkey. Maybe I'll stop at the fabric store on the way home today and get the stuff I need. I'm so looking forward to going home and crashing on the couch. LeBoy has the rehearsal dinner for that wedding tonight, so I'll be all alone.
RIP family kitty ((stargazer))
(oh by the way: jarvis looked good, and his dancing is still super sexy. He's not Glastonbury-in-1996 sexy, but he's still working it.)

(((syb)))) belated congrats on your job!

polly, that camper looks cute!

that being said, i am never camping again. i am a little too princessy and i like watching tv in bed in a hotel too much. nature is for suckers. smile.gif

RV, glad to hear you're getting out! My friend Scott calles shear genius "top haircut."

DM, how was the interview?

Uh, I have to run now as a geeky day awaits me. First up is a panel on Doctor Who with Russell T. Davies, Julie Gardner and Steven Moffatt. Unforch, David Tennant is in England playing Hamlet and seducing starlets, and not here, waiting to sweep me off my feet. (Oh, and I am here with Martini, so that would be awkward).
QUOTE(sidecar @ Jul 24 2008, 12:08 PM) *
Uh, I have to run now as a geeky day awaits me. First up is a panel on Doctor Who with Russell T. Davies, Julie Gardner and Steven Moffatt.

I am seething with jealousy. Seething, I say.

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