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Oh my, ~*~*~*~health vibes for sassy!~*~*~*~ keep us posted!!

Star, please give me a little more "kick-in-the-ass" than Christmas! When are you coming home? Late August/September? I'm going to shoot for that. I have the socks, and fabric for half of the outfit. Barring any more unforeseen house or health issues, it should be doable. I think it only took me a week and a half to do my cowgirl monkey and that was only because there were a few props I needed to obtain (the hat and the badge). Making the monkey isn't the hard part, especially now that I've done it once.

LeBoy is better- he was a wreck that night and neither of us could eat or sleep very much until yesterday and last night- we were just wracked with stress. I ended up sleeping here at home last night. If I need to "go", I just fill up a bucket with water from the kitchen faucet (must be on a different "circuit" or something from water in the bathrooms because it still works) and pour it down afterwards, which manually flushes the toilet. I just needed to sleep in my own bed with Albus.

Ugh, humidity. It seems like I'm sweating more from my head than ever before. Like, just walking up the flight of stairs from the front door to our apartment, and I'm dripping.

...the plumbers just left- I have a shower and toilets and bathroom sinks again!! And a full day of bathroom cleaning to look forward to! In the insanity on Monday night, a bottle of liquid soap with a loose cap got tipped over and leaked all over the drier end of the bathroom. Now I've got to figure out how to clean up soap from a floor blink.gif I've heard vinegar will cut through the sudsy-ness, so I'm going to try that. Wish me luck.
I feel like an interloper when I stick my head in!

My very best vibes are for Sassy right now. That's why I'm here.

It's almost Friday, so you know what's on my mind. You also know what I'll be wearing (though I may mess with you and wear something else).
(((((sassy))))) I hope she's ok

This is very late but vibes for ((((((pixie and minipixie))))))) I can't believe your ex would act so horribly!

((((polly)))) vibes for you and your place and your grandma

house vibes for ((((rosev)))) as well

((((damona and your little one))))

(((((yuefie and fam)))))

(((((kitten, star, morn, syb, bunny, billy, anyone I forgot)))))

one huuuuuuuge anti-kvetch: my mom has a surgery date! She's getting her hip replaced before the end of the month. Hopefully she won't be in such horrible pain anymore. I just want to see her get better.

and one big kvetch: twice in less than a week I was walking home late and was cat-called by a creepy guy who would then start following me and I thought might attack me (it was a different guy on both occasions). I don't like feeling unsafe in my own neighbourhood and I've been feeling really freaked out about it.
((candycane)) My mom, sister and I took a self-defense class a couple years ago. It was for women, by women and it wasn't just how to physically defend yourself, but to have the confidence to do it verbally in situations like that, too. Is there something like that you could do in your area? That's so scary.

One of the tricks they taught us is to, as long as it's not a busy street, walk in the street instead of the sidewalk so you don't have to worry about doorways or alleyways that someone could pop out of. Also, get on your cell phone- even if you have to pretend you're on a call with someone, and talk loudly about what street you're on, how close you are to your house, all the while paying attention to your surroundings.

Don't worry about offending someone if you cross the street to the opposite side, or if you have to tell someone to BACK OFF!!! because they're making you uncomfortable. Your safety has to come first. That class really helped!
i'm sure sassygrrl appreciates the vibes. i will speak with her tomorrow. i told her to have mcgeek call me if anything changes. i will definitely let all of you know how she is doing.
continued love for ((((((sassy))))))

polly, vinegar sounds good. maybe a little saltwater?

candy - what polly said about being confident and not worrying about offending someone. If they're a decent person, they won't be offended 'cos they'll understand. Also, a think I do is keep my cell and keys in my pocket, rather than my bag - I can swing my bag, but if I have to, I can throw it at them and not have to worry about getting in or calling for help. Although that is more an anti-mugging thing, but it gives me confidence.

selfishness: The Boy Wonder has been to hospital - he's got some sort of viral infection and is on an exciting cocktail of pills. It's not meningitis, but they don't know what it is. I'm mildly concerned, but he seems more irritated than ill right now.

also, antikvetch: one of the very nice women I teach with has invited me to join her feministy book group. yay! Also, I bought wool. mm, wool.

((((((yuefie, bunny, star, sassy, billy, tes, mando, candy, kitten, polly, sidecar, syb, pixie, rose, damona, selena, futura, dm, amilita, luci, everyone))))
I hope The Boy Wonder is okay, morn! Have fun at the book group.

That's another good idea, morn- keep your keys in your hand, with the most substantial one between your fingers so you can stab at someone if you have to- I do that when i take the dog out at night. A guy got mugged in the parking lot here last summer or the summer before when he was taking his garbage out in the middle of the night.

LeBoy and I just got back from having sushi, probably the last time we'll be able to afford to go out for awhile sad.gif We made it worth it, though.

HAPPY 4th of JULY!

(((sassy))) please keep us informed, (((star))) sad.gif.

(((candycane))) yay for your mother's surgery but boo for feeling unsafe. It really infuriates me that we as women should HAVE to have discussions like this; I was really offended by a forward a friend sent recently about protecting ourselves when parked in a car/approaching it etc and I thought "why should we have to receive emails like this because of our gender?" Obviously I see the advantages of knowing how to defend ourselves but I hate that we need to know, that we're so at risk /rant.

(((boywonder))) that's scary. morn, I like the sound of the book group; you'll need t let me know which books you'll be reading.

(((kitten))) how is your bf doing?

(((polly))) eek! you reminded me of a time my stepdad nailed through a pipe in our old house and our downstairs neighbour ran upstairs shouting "we're being flooded!" and my stepdad shouted back "we have a fire!" and the neighbour quipped "you win".

(((yuefie))) hope you and your family are doing ok.

(((sidecar, rose, dm, damona, selena, dusty, billy, faith, futura, tes, mandliscious, pixie, syb, zoya, amilita, everybody)))

kvetch: so guess which silly cow went for her holiday pamper day with the boy's mum yesterday (had a lovely time) and had her legs and a brazilian wax done and now has an allergic reaction? can I say fucking OUCH? Oh yeah and I still need to pack as well as go buy antihistamines and a nice, cooling and soothing cream to apply. Well, at least now I definitely know I am allergic to hair removal wax and not just on my eyebrows (several years ago I looked like the elephant man over Christmas when I took a bad reaction). I'm hoping it clears up soon.

kvetch: my mobile (cell) phone also decided to break yesterday morning and had to send it away to be repaired so I've been without a phone since which has been plain inconvenient.

HUGE anti-kvetch: I am going to Florida tomorrow! I am so excited and it will great to be with the boy (and his family) for three whole weeks. I will miss you all but I plan to have an amazing time so not that much wink.gif.
(((candycane/candycane's mom)))
have a great vacay bunny!

I'm now on a short vacation break. Hooray! Happy 4th of July everyone.
Happy 4th, everyone!

Bunny, thanks for confirming that I'm not the only one who had a reaction to waxing. I've only ever had my eyebrows done, but I looked like a plucked chicken- red, puffy, bumpy, itchy. For about a week and a half. It was awful.

No plans for today yet. Still need to work on the bathroom some more. Meh.

Going back to bed.

((hugs to all))
happy fourth, to those who celebrate. i don't. i hate the 4th of july. i hate firecrackers and fireworks. bah humbug.
but i do like overtime holiday pay. hee.

*massive healthy vibage for sassy & mrsybaritesdad*
*safe travel & fun vackay vibes for morn* + *get better now vibes for BW*
*protection vibes for candy* + *early happy ending surgery vibes for candymom*
*copage vibage for polly & yuefie*
*multipurpose vibes and hugs for everyone*

"I feel like an interloper when I stick my head in!"
um, yeah, me too. but i miss you guys, so i am going to try and get past The Daunting and peek in more often. just bear with me til i get up to speed. if i leave anyone out, please don't be hurt.

mandi update:
in good news ... i've lost 16 lbs since 4/1, am happily keeping up with yoga and just dropped the zoloft dosage down a bit. feeling pretty good, pretty strong, emotionally ... physically. in other good news, my boy graduated 10th grade with flying colors. i'm uberproud. biggrin.gif

in icky news ... mom's beloved elderly kitty peaches had to be put to sleep 2 weeks ago (details in LJland). it's sent her into even more of a downward depression spiral, and i'm at a loss as to how to help her. my much procrastinated bloodwork has revealed that my cholesterol levels have sort of improved, but not really ... so today i'm starting a low-dose statin. i'm bummed, since i had high hopes the diet and exercise thang would show better results, and i'm thoroughly researched in the evils of statin drugs. but again, i'm at a loss as to viable alternatives. in other icky news, MUCH work dramarama. sad.gif so glad i have the weekend off.

undie report: humdrum beige microfiber shaping panties balanced by purdy beige minimizer.
Aaaaaaand, I'm back! smile.gif

I read thru the archives and I am going to try to respond to as much as I can, but if I forget someone I am sorry. There is A LOT going on here!

{{{billybonka}}} Hey, welcome back!
{{{candycanegirl}}} gods, that shit just pisses me off! I agree w/whomever said that self-defense training is great but the real key is learning the confidence to do it. It is hard, even for someone as aggressive as myself, to commit violence on someone else but sometimes just knowing that you know how to defend yourself will prevent the need to actually hurt someone.
{{{polly}}} ugh, sorry about the plumbing woes. I feel you on the "never getting anywhere financially" vibes.
{{{sassygirl}}} blink.gif
{{{mornington & boywonder}}}
{{{bunnyb}}}soothing vibes for the girlybits. unsure.gif
{{{sidecar}}} enjoy the vaction. Sounds like you've earned it.
{{{mandolyn}}} sounds like a mixed bag for you. Happy to hear that your health and fitness is good. Sorry about your mom. When I first read your post I read it as, "My boyfriend has just graduated 10th grade..."

I am back in Chicago now. Got back in Wednesday night. My friend is doing as well as can be expected. He is handling things so well that I am not sure what to make of it. I figure while he is in Ohio dealing with the family he can't really process his own grief. When he is back in the city, things might lessen up on him and he might react different. I don't know. I managed to cause some drama at my office while I was gone so I need to spend some time easing tensions. However, I can apologize when I am wrong and I did. I just hate being wrong.
Happy 4th to all. I spent today doing a picnic at the lake w/the Geek. Now we are home watching various sci-fi DVD's. eating, and watching various fireworks go off around my apartment. Very few are legal displays, I'm guessing. The one closest seems to be in grave danger of torching the building that they are setting them off from. Yikes.

Undies: pink boy-cut briefs and a pale blue sleep tank.
(((((((mando))))))) I have meeeced you! yay for danny and feeling good and I'm sorry about your mum's kitty so sending her vibes.

(((((bunny))))) have fun! I too am allergic to wax, it gives my legs a rash and makes me itch

(((((sidecar))))) yay for holidays

(((((polly, kitten, star, yuefie, billy, tes, pixie, candy, rose, sassy, sixie, dusty, damona, faith, futura, selena, zoya, everyone)))))

good news: I am moving next weekend. the flat is nice, two minutes from a park for indigo, communal garden for the nighttime, quiet, big... yayness. it's also mildly more expensive than here, but I think I'll live. And I've met the landlord, and he seems nice and has been helpful so far.

kvetch: my current landlord remains an arse and is not returning my increasingly frenzied calls. I want my deposit back! I gave loads of notice, but he doesn't seem to want to listen. this new place charges admin fees and I think I'm going to have to spend almost all my savings on it, because my everyday account is overdrawn as per usual. I need to work out how to get the money to the agent without withdrawing it... I'm sure there's some way (why must bunny go on holiday when I know she'd know the answer?)

G and I are going to a barbeque tomorrow; he and I and some friends went to a fete on the southbank (he won a book at the retro tombola, and I petted a duck) and it was a nice day all round. And now... bedtime. I hope everyone is having a good weekend!
(((kittenb))) welcome back! i'm sure you have helped your friend out alot by just being there.

(((polly))) i hope you were able to have a relaxing weekend after the chaotic week. oh, and another SOCKMONKEY BY SEPTEMBER's my birfday. wink.gif

(((bunnyb))) have fun in florida! and bring sunscreen. you are of the vanilla variety. don't want you to burn!

(((morn))) congrats on the new pad! dude, you have moved too much in the past year.

(((mando))) oh hush. just pop in when you get the chance.

(((sidecar))) i hope you got to have some down time with sophie. did i already mention how lovable your dog is?

kvetch: i need to call sassygrrl tomorrow. i'm sure she is doing ok. but still. i need to call her.
antikvetch: i had a very relaxing day which is what i was in need of...sleeping, eating, watching tv, surfing the net...i love being a hermit. being outside and physical is SO overrated. laugh.gif


*runrunrun HUG!!!*
"the DAUNTING". hee. damn i loves me some mandomyheart!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~ sassy ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

star, any update?

billy, did you mess with us and wear something else? do tell!

mornington, darling! so glad you are moving - and can i just say how much i love that you petted a DUCK?

have never experienced the - um - joys? of waxing, but warm fuzzies out to all of the girlie bits and other things that are red or itchy or bumpy or all of the above.

i miss having fireworks on the 4th. on the other hand, if we had them here, it would probably remind way too many people of the war. and that would freak them out, and that isn't good. maybe in another 20 years.

(((((((candy cane and candy cane's mum))))))

sidecar, hope you and martini and sophie enjoyed your short break!

BEGONE! to polly's plumbing problems!!!

(((((((mandi and mandi mom and peaches. rainbow bridge to you all)))))))

bunny b mine, have hot fun in the summer sun in fla land!

rosiev - houses are like boats only bigger. we just keep throwing money into that big old hole in the ground. i know that it's early days, yet but - will we see you and sheff at tday? you've GOT to meet elle's bebe. he is sleeping less and exploring the world around him november he will probably be a handful! can't believe how many rugrats we will have this year! at least seven.....yikes! we really WILL have a kid's table soon!

much love and vibeage to everyone i missed!!! booby-squishing huggage all around!!!

big hugs, little kisses and silly silly little fishes!!!
tes and PiP! this is too much excitement this early in the morning. and why am i up this early?? blink.gif

mixture of going to bed early and a disturbing dream. boo.

i am calling sassygrrl today. i got a txt from her last night that she had a seizure while in the hospital but she is hoping to be discharged today. keep sending those vibes!

HUGE kvetch: My laptop died. My constant companion. Dead. I think there was a way I could have revived it, but then Sheff did some things to it and ... well, I think it's all gone. The most painful thing is thinking about all of my favorite webpages that I had saved. There's no way I'll ever remember them all!!! There were well over 100. Maybe even 200. WAH!

So I'm horrifically depressed about this. The only good(?) news is that now I get to buy a new one! Granted, I don't want to spend the money (Uuuuuuggghhh. I hate spending money! I should be using this cash towards a new roof! GAH!), but it'll be nice having something new to play with.

I'm thinking about getting a Mac. I've never had one before, but I want to avoid messing with Vista so Mac seems to be the way to go. If anyone has advice or recs, please let me know!

(((((Continued love for Sassy))))))
(((((and continued love for everyone else))))))

Pink! Darling! How are you, babe?!?

Tes, you didn't miss much. There were horrendous thunderstorms here on the 4th, so most of the fireworks were postponed. Raleigh had theirs last night between storms (they just barely sneaked 'em in!). I'm not sure when Durham is rescheduling theirs, but I bet it'll coincide with a Bulls' game. By the by, we have no current plans for Turkey Day so you should save a seat for us. can't wait to see that baby!

Must run along now. Kisses and bluberry buckle to you all!!!
Yes, we did manage to have a decent weekend, so far. On the 4th, we went over to LeParent's house, ate BBQ ribs. Last night, we went over to humanist's, made beer bratwursts (soooo yummy!). Today, the fun ends and we have to clean the house. Poop.

Rose, sorry to hear about your laptop. You should definitely get a Mac. I'm going to PM you info- it's way too much to post here.

~*~*~*more health vibes for Sassy~*~*~*

Yay for the new flat, mornington! Sorry your landlord's being an ass!

September 12th, Star- it's on the calendar! I assume there will be a Bustie gathering at some point that weekend?

Tes and PiP! Hellooooo!

Mando, you know we just want to hear from you, we don't care if you catch every little minutiae of our lives! Sorry to hear about your mom's cat and your cholesterol. But yay on the 16lbs and Danny getting through 10th grade!

Where is amilita? Hmm. unsure.gif

((hugs to all)) Really must go clean the bathroom. For reals today.
Hello all! So many old faces around! *boobiesquishinghugsforall*

((Mornington)) Sorry the landlord is being and ARSE!

Mando...I guess it doesn't get any easier watchign teh kiddo's grow up! Minipixie is now offcially a 1st grader! Wah!

((((much love for Sassy))))

((Rose)) Hope you find a good laptop. Dh is vehmently opposed to Macs, so I have no advice to offer.

Here's our update. Since Mr. Pixie is still unemployed, we have yet again down graded our vacay plans. What was origionally going to be a full week in Myrtle Beach and a visit to Rose and Shef is now a measly 5 days in Branson. But it's all good. We got a great deal on a package that includes some shows. Most importantly , we just need a little break and a chance to go off as a family for a while. Mr. Pixie's dream job was advertised in the paper! So all the vibes that could be spared toward that end would be appreciated. All the stress of this summer would be so worth it if he actually gets a full time professorship!

(((((Love to all the kvetchies)))))
*~*~*mucho vibes for mr. pixies*~*~*
Thanks for all the vibes ladies. I've taken one or two self defense classes but they've always been one time only classes and I end up forgetting what they say. Strangely, I've done the key holding thing but only back home when I'm driving a car. I would have no problem kicking a guy's ass if I felt I was actually capable of it. But both of these men were quite big. To make matters worse I was pretty drunk which makes me feel like they probably could have overpowered me even more easily.

Rosev get a mac! They are awesome, trust me. Maybe I'm biased but I've had my Macbook for almost two years and I still love it.

bunny, have fun in Florida! boourns on evil waxing experiences.

mando, good work on the weight loss and congrats on your boy graduating with flying colours! *~vibes~* for your mom not doing so well.


(((((pixie family))))))

Update: I think someone outside is barbecuing and it smells so freakin good! I have no barbecue. sad.gif I also have no money which sucks but before I know I'll be back home for another two weeks so I can't really go out looking for a job just yet. However, it will be nice to see my mom again and be able to help her out.

(((((tes, PiP, morn, star, polly, sidecar, damona, yuefie, everyone!)))))

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ get healthy vibes for sassy~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~*~*~*~job vibes for mr pixie~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

((((((((((((hugs to all)))))))))))))

i had an excellent weekend. spent friday doing a huge mountain of laundry, at least it's all clean now so today i get to go upstairs and fold and sort and put away. we have way too many clothes. i need to get rid of stuff. badly. saturday was my run-away day. i got to go stay overnight (there was air conditioning!!!) with a dear friend and we went out for a fancy dinner. yum. prime rib. yesterday i got home, got mobbed by my children (it was nice to know they noticed i was gone laugh.gif ) and even got to take a nap. and then my mr went out n got me ice cream after the crew was in bed. all in all, quite a good time.

the only downside to things is that there is no a/c here and the genius who designed the place went for efficiency over ventilation. it is HOT in here. i have 5 fans in the downstairs alone and it is still too dang warm. falling asleep last night was a bit of a problem, since it was so hot and humid it was hard to breathe. sometimes i really miss my old house.

i really should go fold and put away more laundry.
Polly, thanks so much for the info!

~**$$$*$$$**~ oodles of dream job vibes for Mr. Pixie ~**$$$*$$$**~
I am keeping all of my fingers crossed, as well as my toes and my arms and legs and even my eyes. Because dammit, he deserves his dream job!!!!

Mando, congrats on losing al of that weight! That's really amazing! I'm so proud of you!

Kvetch: typing on this UK keyboard is annoying me. For those who don't know, some of the keys are in differnt places, so it screws with my mind quite a bit.

Kvetch: Siiiiiick. It hit me suddenly this morning. I was fine & dandy, when suddenly I felt SOOOOOOO dizzy and weak and hot and I seriously thought I was going to pass out or something. I'm feeling better now, but still icky & I'm feeling weak again so I hope you'll forgive me if I just go to bed & provide better vibes later.
Happy Monday all.

I did some physical labor for penance at the office yesterday and I feel like I have made up for my hissy fit a few days ago. My old boss' new office had never been emptied fomr all of the boxes that were being stored in there while it was unused. So the geek and I emptied it out yesterday so that she would have some place to work at today. So that is a good thing. Today I am pulling my schedule together for my first semester. I am really excited that everything is about to start. I know I have already said that but I really am. laugh.gif

{{{roseviolet}}} feel better sugar.
{{{damona}}} doing laundry annoys me but I love having all of those clean clothes.
{{{stargazer}}} thanks for the sassy updates. I hope she is doing better.
{{{job vibes for the pixies}}}

{{{candycanegirl, tes, pip, polly, all}}}

Update: Thanks for the Bustie vibes for my older sis. She is taking a loan out on her retirement at work so she will have the $$$ for a divorce. Now if she would just stop being so freaking soft about everything. I don't know what this marraige has done to her but damn she needs to remember how to fight!
It's been a couple hours since my last post & I'm feeling better. Sorry I had to cut off so quickly, but I suddenly felt so exhausted. But then I couldn't sleep! And now I feel restless. Is this bizarre or what?! Part of the resason why I'm restless is because I watched 5 minutes of the Oprah show and got annoyed. I'm not anti-Oprah, but that bit of today's show left me befuddled. I always find it amusing when you've got a woman telling a roomful of other women what she thinks men want. Howzabout we just let the men talk for themselves? I mean, I would be annoyed if some man tried to tell a roomful of men what he thinks women want. It's just bizarre. Plus I'm annoyed because I said something kinda stupid on another message board and I can't take it back (I got my math wrong on something & was called out on it).

This is stuff that normally wouldn't bother me, but like I said, I feel strangely restless. And I think it's tied to the dizziness because sometimes I get restless before I get really sick. Bah.

Am I rambling enough for you all? Huh?


~$~$~$~$~ continued job vibes for Mr. Pixie ~$~$~$~$~

Kitten, that was so sweet of you to clean up all of those boxes! What classes are you taking?
((((((((((((Kitten's Sis)))))))))))))) Maybe she's just hoping that if she isn't too pushy then it'll all be over faster. I'm not sure that divorces actually work that way, though. Poor thing.

~~~~~~~~ cool breezes for Damona ~~~~~~~~

(((((((more love for CCGirl & her mom))))))))

I'm so jealous of all the BBQ!!! Now I want ribs. Yum.

Morn, congrats on the new place!

I hope Bunny is having a great time in Florida! I just hope the weather stays nice for her.

I have never been professionally waxed, either. I tried doing it at home once (on my legs) but it was a disaster. Very little hair came up, but I got a massive bruise on my leg! That can't be normal, right?

Eep! Must run!
hello lovelies! I've had a really nice, relaxing weekend, with a whole 'nother day to go. Today was pretty lazy (I did laundry & dishes, and then sat on the couch before going for a swim) and it's been great. I have an impatient dog sitting next to me, so I think it's time to go for a walk.

(((you all)))
so... after much haring around, money stress and general worry, I got my shit together and put a deposit down on a flat, and arranged to move in on saturday.

the landlord has just pulled out, and now I'm not moving. I'm sick of this. I'm sick of this flat and the mice and being followed up the road and the hookers on the corner and the pigeons in the roof and the wardrobe falling apart and the three flights of stairs and not having a green space within a mile and fucking estate agents who don't call back, and landlords who won't help and being treated like an idiot and a leper because I'm female and I have a dog. I can't cope.

sorry to be so me me me (((((kvetchies)))))
Hi! I'm finally out of the hospital!! I got out yesterday, but I'm still a little shaky on my leg. It was a scary experience. Also, my parents were there and I can't take them for more than a few days when I'm healthy!
Now, I have to get used to these blood thinners on top of having my foot in a cast! Ergh. I'm just glad I'm home.
The vibes worked wonders. Star, thank you for calling. It did cheer me up.

The downside (I consider it more of an upside) is my work situation. Assholes didn't even call me back! I don't know more serious ICU is, but maybe they're not good with abbreviations. My father called twice, and they didn't return his calls. This gives me more time to job search. I hate my job anyways.

((love to everyone)) I need a nap.

Anti-kvetch: I got some lovely sunflowers from a group of my parents friends. I think my parents were pissed at them for being concerned about me and not my parents. Whatever.

Anti-kvetch: Mcgeek is finally getting me a puppy once my leg heals. smile.gif
((((((sassy))))) so good to hear that you are feeling better! we were all pretty worried about you when star told us. even my mr asked if you were back on the boards, and he's not even a bustie(er)!

((((((morn))))) ugh. that does suck. it perfectly ok to be mememe on here, hon. i really hope you find a place soon.

(((((rosev))))) i hope you are feeling better, sweetie. i get bit by the restless-bug now and then and i drive myself crazy for awhile. it's funny how something dumb you say online can bother you, almost more than dumb stuff you say/do IRL. been there, done that!

(((((kitten and kittensis))))

((((((((star, polly, yuefie, sidecar, ccgirl, pixie, tes, mando, bunny, billy and anyone i might have missed!)))))))

(((sassy))) glad you are ok!
(((mornington))) that sucks. i am so sorry! what a headache. i hope you're able to find a good place, fast and soon.
kitten, i'm so excited for you and school. you are gonna love it!

I'm on my last hours of my mini-vacay. It's been nice and relaxing, as I'd hoped. Three more days this week, a full week next week, then another week off! I'm already looking forward to it (and psst, yuefie: i'll be in yr neck o'the woods in two weeks!).
I have forgotten the names of my classes (grad school starts in September) but they are all Counseling Theory/Practice/etc. It is funny, to me, that I also have to take Psych 101 at the community college. I've never taken an official psych class. But when it comes to sexual violence (adult & kids) or domestic violence I bet I'll know more than some of the teachers. So that is what I am bringing to the party. tongue.gif

More thanks for the vibes for my sis. She is getting the money for her divorce lawyer by borrowing it from her retirement. Whatever works, I figure. And she has a date too. Bustie vibes work in mysterious ways.

Did I mention that I am bringing The Geek home to meet my family in Ohio? We are going at the end of August. I figure if this doesn't scare him off...well then we will see... biggrin.gif

Feelin better today RV?

Sidecar, you are making me really ready for my days off. Hmmm, tomorrow here I come.

{{{mornington}}} gads, I hate landlord drama. So sorry.

Welcome back sassygirl! Why were your parents upset?

{{{damona and all kvetchies}}}

mandikins and billyb, you are NOT interlopers. I can only speak for myself, but I would rather see some sort of fly-by post than none at all from your darling selves!

how nice that we are seeing the divine ms. tesao frequently!

((((rose))))) extra lovies, just 'cause.

where in the heck is amilita? unsure.gif

Yay for sassy being okay. You've been on my mind, girlie.

Good luck with school, kitten.

I hope bunny is having the time of her life in FLA right about now.

Oh ((((morn)))), I wish I could kick that landlord in his friggin' arse for ya. A pox on his stupid ass. I hope everything comes through for ya, babe. I know that kind of stress is a special brand and it just sucks big time.

~~~~~continued jobbie vibes for mr pixie, divorce vibes for kitten-sis, moving vibes for morn, health vibes for candycane's mama, mr. syb's dad, and sassy, and all purpose vibes for anyone I missed~~~~~

Wha, wha, whaaaat? You're gonna be in SD again, sidecar? oh man, I hope I can actually meet you for a drink or somethin' this time around. It will be my first official BUSTie meet-up.

Speaking of which, I kinda sorta met a BUSTie over the weekend. Well she said she's posted here before but not often or regularly and was more of a lurker. She can't even remember what her registered username is, but she is WAY cool and happens to be my bff's new girlfriend, Yvette. I really like her and she and Shan are terribly cute together and seem so happy. They came down for the 4th and a lovely time was had by all. It's her birthday this Friday and I thought a fellow BUSTie needed her very own copy of Girlbomb's book, so I mailed one off to her today. It's sort of a welcome to the family thing too. I am just thrilled for Shan that she found someone as intelligent and witty as she is, as I cannot say the same for her previous relationships. man, don't I sound like a bitch? I've just never thought any of them were good enough for my bff until now, so if that makes me a bitch, then so be it wink.gif

(((((polly, damona, sybarite, star, pixie, pink, candyc, sixela, ladyselena, everyone)))))

Thanks for all the vibes concerning my family. Things seem to have mellowed out around here, but I still have this nagging worry in my gut. Yes it's true, I am a worrier. I'm doing my best to let it go, knowing there is nothing I can accomplish by worrying and especially not something I have no power to change. These are the lessons I'm actually beginning to grasp at this juncture in my life. But hey, old habits die hard. I think they key is that I am concious of the problem and am working on it. My niece just left for 3 weeks to summer camp, so I will get some girl time with my sis soon. R and I pick the kidlet up tomorrow afternoon for a week and a half and then we won't see him until the 15th of August, as he is going on a trip to Italy and to see his aunt in London. I am very excited for him, it's all he can think of. R starts a new quarter of school and between work and school will not have one entire day off for 12 weeks. I am a bit concerned at how he is going to handle it without wearing himself down. But hey, he is living his dream and for that I am so proud of him. He keeps joking with me about how I waited until he was an underpaid cook with long hours when I should have been around when he had a well paid and cushy office job. I know that working his ass off like he does makes him feel good and I have to say, the man has a strong work ethic. I feel like for the first time in my life I am actually with a partner I can be proud of. Before I was with someone who made good money and who seemed to have no soul. I am just way, way over that.

Oh and today I discovered a whole new crop of grey's in my hair. Just in time for the big 35, I suppose. I don't much care about turning 35 but I could sure as hell do without all the greys!
Welcome home Sassy!!!! It is so damn good to see you in here. I must confess that I was worried, not only about your physical health, but about your mental health since you were probably spending multiple days with the 'rents. That's so strange that no one at your job called. Maybe they're just trying to give you space to heal or something? Who knows. But the IMPORTANT thing is that you're home! Hooray! And soon you'll have a puppy! Hooray again!
((((((((((((((continued healing for Sassy)))))))))))))))

Morn, my jaw hit my desk when I read your post. I can't believe you've been denied. That is so fucked up I have no words. Could you possibly hire an agency to find a place for you? Sheff did that when we moved down from Sheffield to Brighton. Just a thought.

Yuefie, I totally understand your worrying tendencies. My friends say that my super power is worrying. Heh. Maybe we start a Super Worriers Club. We could give it a cool name and everything. I agree that sometimes worrying is just a way of staying conscious of an issue and mulling it over so that you might come up with a solution. At least that's what I tell myself.
Sorry to hear that R's schedule is going to be so packed for the next 3 months, but hooray for him working towards his goal! It's wonderful to hear that you've found someone you are proud to be with. That's key.

And I agree that Mandi and Billy and any of the ol' Kvetchies who want to come in and gab should just go ahead and do it without worrying about send out vibes to everyone. That counts for Okayers and every one else who likes to poke in here.

So, Kitten, you're taking the boy to visit the ol' homestead ... and all the people who occupy it. What is one brave little man! Are you going to be allowed to sleep in the same room? wink.gif

~~~~~~~~ smooth divorce vibes for Kitten-sis ~~~~~~~~

~$$$~$$$~$$$~ continued job vibes for Mr. Pixie ~$$$~$$$~$$$~

(((((((((healing for CCmom and Mr. Syb's dad))))))))))

~~~~~ more cool breezes for Damona & the gang ~~~~~~

The weather around Walt Disney World looks really wonderful this week. Highs in only the lower 90s (it got above 100 when I was there last year). So I'm sure it's warm, but it's liveable. I hope Bunny & the Boy are having a fabulous time.

Thanks for all of the vibes. I'm feeling much better now. The restlessness and dizziness continued through to yesterday morning (I barely slept at all that night). But I'm all better now. Oddly enough, our carbon monoxide alart started acting up yesterday. I was afraid that maybe there was a small CO leak & it was causing me to feel funny. I opened up the windows & started the ceiling fans & put the cat out on the deck and everything. But then I realized that the detector was simply dying & needed replacing. It wasn't beeping consistently; just a few loud bursts every few minutes. And when I pulled out the batteries, I saw a label that said the entire unit should have been replaced in 2004. Wish our home inspector had caught that before we bought the place. dry.gif Anyway, I bought a new one yesterday & we installed it last night. This one beeps and talks, so if the alarm goes off, we'll know if it's because of smoke or CO or if the batteries are just dying. I figure that the more confusion we can eliminate, the better ... especially when it comes to life-threatening situations. The alarm has not sounded since we tested it last night, so we're all good now.

And that's what counts as excitement in my world.

In other news, my mother-in-law is moving tomorrow. She has sold her house in Wimbledon & is moving to a retirement community west of Brighton. It's one of those places where everyone has their own littl cottage or apartment and someone checks in on you ecery day to make sure you're okay. I am still in complete denial about this. I liked her little house with its sweet garden and everything. But she says it was getting to the point where she couldn't take care of it all anymore. Plus she broke her foot this year amd realized she didn't want to deal with stairs anymore. So. Off to the coast she goes. I hope it goes smoothly for her. Moving can be so stressful!

Must run. Chores to do, errands to run, etc. etc. etc.
So, Kitten, you're taking the boy to visit the ol' homestead ... and all the people who occupy it. What is one brave little man! Are you going to be allowed to sleep in the same room?

Are you kidding? We are staying at a hotel. I want him to meet my family not be so overwhelmed that he hitches a ride back to Chicago w/o me. wink.gif
I'd be less nervous if I hadn't noticed that his family is so quiet and polite when guests are present (meaning me.) My family has no "company manners." Once you are in the house, you are one of us. Goddess help him.
Have you seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding, kitten? Maybe you should watch that together to prepare him laugh.gif

Rose, glad you're feeling better. Hmm, I'd like a small cottage in England where someone comes to check on me every day! tongue.gif I guess that would be a step down for her, though.

Sounds like things are going well, yuefie. Other than one weird one I get in my eyebrow, I haven't found any gray hair. I'm hoping, praying that I've been blessed with my father's hair genes. He hardly has a receeding hairline, let alone balding. He turned 50 this year and only in the past year or so has he had any significant gray, and it's still mostly dark. My mom, on the other hand, has been graying since she was 19, and, as much as I hate to say it, not in a cool Emmylou Harris sort of way. It's unevenly gray and the texture has gotten coarse. Plus, it's thinning. ::Fingers crossed for Dad's hair genes::

Sassy! We're so glad you're okay! Sorry to hear your parents are up to their usual unpleasantness. Good luck on the impending job search.

~*~*~*~House-finding vibes for Morn~*~*~*~ ooo, a girl with a dog- sounds like trouble to me! blink.gif

Things have been weird at work. I posted that thing in the letters thread a week or two ago. There's been more issues and more tension. Drives me nuts. It seems like since my co-worker got canned a couple of months ago, it's gotten worse. Like people distrust me because I was friends with her (she told some major non-truths about herself, such as her husband was, very much alive, as it turns out! and used these non-truths to manipulate people) and it's like, the stuff she was telling everyone else, mostly she didn't tell me, except that stuff about her husband, so I really wasn't aware of anything bad; and also, the people you choose to hang around with at work, well, let's just say you usually lower your standards a little when all you want is someone to eat lunch with and gripe about your boss with. They're not necessarily the people you'd choose to be friends with outside of work. But things have gotten blown out of proportion and I feel like crap about work and it's starting to keep me up at night. *Add me to the Worriers Club* sad.gif

I made really yummy spaghetti sauce last night, using Italian sausage instead of ground beef or meatballs. Didn't even need to season it- the sausage was enough!
i'm just poking my nose in here to brag... forgive me! i made homemade tzatziki for the gyros i made last night and can i just say the stuff was awesome?! i totally impressed myself. i love when that happens.

i'll come back later... my kid wants me to get off the computer before i "use up all the internet!"
Damona will you pm your tzatziki recipe? I have been looking for a good one.
Polly, she lied about her husband being dead?! Wow! That's just ... insane. How did you find out she was lying?

I always use sausage when I make pasta with tomato sauce. Plain meat is too bland for me now.

Damona, I have no earthly idea what tzatziki, but if it's as difficult to make as it is to say, then I am very impressed!

~$$$~$$$~ continued job vibes for Mr. Pixie ~$$$~$$$~ I am determined that he will get an excellent job! Determined, I say!!!

Kvetch: I flipped out on my mom & yelled at her on the phone today. She and I never yell at eachother, so this is a big deal. She made some pithy comment about one of my dad's co-workers and it totally set me off. Basically, Dad is annoyed that this guy keeps getting sick and having to take off work. As a person with a long history of annoying chronic illness, it struck an angry nerve in me. I basically said that maybe Dad should be grateful that he is healthier & should show a little more compassion because this guy would probably much rather feel healthy & not worry about getting fired for using too many sick days and how would Dad feel if his coworkers complained about him missing work back when he was being treated for cancer and on and on and on. She took it well and said I had a good point and she was sorry, but she still didn't deserve for me to vomit all of that bile all over her. I'll have to apologize to her later.

Anti-kvetch: Tons of friends have called today, which is fun. And I'm thinking that Shef and I should go out for dinner and a movie tonight. Or at least the movie part.
Yeah, how did they find out, Polly? Did he just walk in the door to pick her up b/c that would be kind of funny. tongue.gif

I just made a major rant in the "Works sucks..." thread. But it is going to get better. I have my book club tonight so my house smells like sugar cookies. And it is really clean. So I am resting in a clean, sweet smelling house. I like my new work schedule so much.

roseviolet - I hate it when my mom and I argue. I feel for you right now.

What is tzatziki?


Can I be the secretary of the Super Worriers Club? Although, I’m probably overqualified. Heh.

(((sassy))) good to see you again, sweetie. Sending tons of speed-racer recovery vibes your way. And here’s a pre-squeal for the puppy: *squee*

*dream job vibes for mr pixie*

(((tesao))) congrats on your new little family addition! By the by, are you staying in Africa for another year, or did I miss something? I thought this position had an end-date? it just always saddens me to think of how far you and your beloved are from one another. and how's your mama doing?

(((mornington))) sending you much home-sweet-home vibage. And shame on me for wishing you a good trip. It was bunny who I meant to wish the good trip too. der. blink.gif

(((sidecar))) I’m pouting cuz I’m jealous you’re not in MY neck o’ the woods.

(((yuefie))) is R going to chef school? How’d I miss that? imagine, you falling for a fellow foodie … that’s like sickeninglysweetperfect. (tongue in cheek, darling. You know I wish you every possible happiness imaginable.)

(((kitten’s sis))) I don’t know the particulars, but it can’t be easy. Sending her mondo strength vibage. my sis has a whole new family and she still isn't over her 8-yr old divorce, emotionally.

*continued good thoughts for candymama and mrsybaritedaddy*

Glad you’re feeling better, rose … and yay for intergalactic carbon monoxide detectors. I hope everyone in here has at least one in their house, in good working order? *stern mamabear look*

(((polly))) she lied about her husband being dead? That’s candidacy for crazypants! For the sake of your sanity, can you make it clear that you were never bff’s with her?

“…use up all the internet” – bwah! Damona, you should copyright that one!

(((bunny, star, pink, billy, and dusty, amilita, faith and all the other m.i.a.’s)))

antikvetch: i'm helping a complete stranger - a friend of gay brazilian bf - redo her resume. out of the goodness of my heart. for free. this is so unlike me.

kvetch: i'm nervous about the new basic yoga class i have in 45 minutes. the one on sunday was supposed to be an intro glass and it was grueling. at least this studio isn't overrun with superskinny richie rich snobs like i thought it would be.

antikvetch: um, guess who scored 7th row seats for DAVE at MSG for a charity concert in sept ...? ok, well, they're 7th row in the second section, so they're halfway across the floor ... but still. DAMN FINE SEATS!!!!!!
tzatziki is a cucumber and yogurt sauce that is most commonly known as the little cups of white sauce that is served with a gyro. it's not that tough to make, just that it's something i never would have thought of making for myself until the other day. i just thought about what flavours are in it and i made it based on my idea of what it should taste like and it turned out yummy as hell. imagine my surprise when i looked it up online and discovered i was right on the money on how to make it!

polly, that is just so weird... i'm hung up on the thought of someone telling people their husband is dead. seriously. that's just like begging for a trip to psych. but i know what you mean about being friends with people you normally wouldn't. i had a ton of people i hung out with at faire last summer that i haven't talked to all year.

((((rose)))) i hate fighting with my mom.

kitten, i wish my house smelled like sugar cookies! at least it's still mostly clean...

i never, ever, put meat of any kind in spaghetti sauce. it's just a thing. i lovelovelove my marinara. eta: i just had a request from a friend i'm talking to via messenger to make my sauce when he comes up to visit this weekend! how funny!

we got a 12 hour notice for inspections last night. so i freaked out, and stayed up almost all night cleaning. so the manager shows up at 8am, asks if there's anything that needs repair (we have a blown outlet upstairs, a toilet that refuses to flush without lots of encouragement, broken heat registers, the tub needs recaulking... i'm patching and painting the little kids bedroom myself. again.) checks to see that the stove and fridge are working, tells us about the rummage sale the complex is having this weekend, and leaves! i damn near killed myself cleaning all night, and she barely looked around. not that i'm complaining, my bedroom is piled high with all the clean laundry i hate to fold and the littlest brat-children got ahold of the bottle of baby powder last night and it's all over the upstairs hall and the kids bedrooms cuz i didn't want to start vacuuming at 4am. anyway. apparently this was just in preparation for the "real" inspections next month, so everything can get fixed and be all pretty and happy when the housing authority comes to check up on us. hypocrisy at it's best. *sigh*

also eta: x-post with mando... that is so cool! yay for you!
((((sassy)))) good to hear you're out of hospital! fuck work, your health is more important, and the job sucked. but yay puppies!

((((damona)))) I *love* tzatziki, can you pm me the recipe? and hee at "using up the internets". urgh at short-notice inspections and nonsense. don't they have to give 24 hours?

((((mandomylovely)))) yay for dave tickets! did you see the police pictures on crackbook?

((((yuefie)))) yay for shan's bustie gf! R's kidlet sounds really sweet, I'm so glad you're enjoying having his company! And... you and R are so sweet. squee-inducingly so.

((((kitten)))) urgh on work dramas, but yay for clean houses! wanna come do mine? wink.gif I'm sure the man will be fine with the family, he sounds like such a good guy how could he not? Continues thoughts for your sister, too, glad to hear she's sorting herself out.

((((rosev)))) arguing with your mum sucks. Also, those little communities as your MIL is moving to are great; my nana has already said that if my granddad passes away before her she wants to go there, because she still has her independance while being looked after.

((((sidecar)))) no fair. I want a holiday... tongue.gif

((((pixie and mr pixie)))) fingers crossed for the dream job still!

((((polly)))) I'm going to join in on the blink.gif at the dead husband lie.

talking of grey hairs... I found one. on my nipple. tmi I know, but... why? where did that fucker come from? I'm starting to look in my hair now. G's beard is starting to sprout grey in bits about his ears too...

mm, cherry tomatoes with garlic and bacon and basil is my favourite.

thanks everyone for the landlord love. The place was so perfect, and I hatehatehate househunting. However, as this landlord won't get in touch, I'm staying another month so I have time to look. argh stress. It didn't help that it had come on top of my students barely passing thier test and feeling very... crappy at work due to one of the other teachers being less than nice to me. He seems to have pulled whatever stick out of his ass recently though. ooh, and one of the other teachers has invited me to her book club; I went yesterday and it was good and fun and I will go again. yay!

ok, bedtime. (((((kvetchies)))))
My sugar cookies tasted really, really good. I am suprised and somewhat pleased that I have leftovers. I plan to really enjoy them tonight. smile.gif

So thanks to some suprises this week, I have about $15 to get me till Tuesday (Hush, Hush) $21 counting what's in my wallets. Gods I really want to slap my boss at my apparently former job. However, I have food in my house and no plans for the weekend that cost money so it will be okay. I am doing the L.A.T.E. Ride in Chicago, which is an overnight bike ride through the city, on Saturday night/Sunday morning. Breakfast after is an expectation but I think I can get the boy to pay for my pancakes. I saved him some cookies, after all. wink.gif

{{{mornington}}} yay, for book clubs! I've been in mine for years.
{{{damona}}} That inspection process sounds intense. Will all the work you just did make next month's process go better? Or will your kids just undo everything? dry.gif Good luck.
{{{mandolyn}}} At the risk of sounding clueless, Dave who? Glad you are happy, though.

{{{Happy Friday, everyone!}}}

Undies report: White bra, pink flowered hipster panties.

(((Mornington)) I hope you're over the housing blues soon. You can't seem to get a break lately. I've got *lots* of grey and white, but none on my nipples. Insert some smugness here wink.gif

Here's proof that life can be very strange. I'm NOT wearing grey boxer briefs today. I'm trying to pack as light as possible on my upcoming trip, so I bought some microfiber boxer briefs - in black. The jury is still out. They feel way different than cotton.

Happy late night riding, Kittenb!
Dave Matthews Band,'ve heard of him, right? tongue.gif Congrats mando!

Yep, she lied about her husband being dead. My thoughts are either, she's batshit crazy and just a pathological liar, or that he was a really horrible person and did something so bad that it's easier for her to say he's dead....given the rest of the crap, I'm guessing the former. I never really found out from any of my co-workers what kind of stuff she told them. But a couple of weeks ago, I was thinking about the whole situation and her "dead" husband, so I googled his name. He has a pretty unusual name, and up pops an entry on as well as a profile on Started in 2004. Now, she always said that he'd been dead for like 13 years, so unless the internet has reached the afterlife, that sounds pretty unlikely to me (he hadn't really done much with the profile, so I wasn't able to get any other details). And I know it was the right guy because on the entry it listed her name as being a relation and mentioned all of the places she had said they'd lived (he was military, or so she said, and so they moved around a lot) including a place she implied she lived after he had died. According to, he lives in Hawaii, so it's pretty unlikely he'd just show up.

I've tried to make tzatziki a couple of times, but I always forget to seed the cucumber first and to just chop it by hand, not use the food processor because otherwise it ends up sooooo thin. Did you use real Greek yogurt, damona? That makes all the difference. So much richer than regular yogurt.

*Ugh* on the inspections. I thought it was bad at my house- LeBoy and I have very different definitions of a clean house- I'm okay with some clutter (as you're well aware of, damona!) and he wants the place to look spotless- we got into an argument the other night because I wanted the cat jungle gym (similar to this one, but it doesn't have the bottom level- just the top- a cube with a mesh archway) to be left in the living room- off to the side, but in the LR. He wanted to put it in the closet....uh, gonna be difficult for the cat to play with it in the closet. I tease him that "Architectural Digest is not showing up here any time soon! You don't have to arrange the remote controls on the coffee table! There can be a throw blanket on the couch!" rolleyes.gif

Anyway, I came into work for a few hours today and I'm done with what I needed to do, so I'm off! LeBrother & LeSIL have been in Mexico all week with LeParents watching the kids. We're giving them a little break and watching them tonight. Hopefully ProphecyGrrl & Guy are coming over, and maybe Mr. Selena- LadySelena is still up in the UP.

((((Big hugs to all!!))))
((Morn)) Book clubs rock, and hopefully the housing situation will work itself out.

((polly)) Mcgeek and I have fights about clutter all the time. He's freaking out b/c my therapist is actually going to do a house call next week. I'm like, "My therapist isn't going to charge me more for a messy living room!" My view is that it looks lived in.


Thanks for all the love busties!

So, I told my job to fuck off. HR was/is being a pain in the ass(duh) about this medical documentation, and I'm supposed to be recovering. My boss told me that I'm eligible for re-hire when I get better. I don't have medical leave to began with, and I'm only part time. I guess I have no excuse to look for a job right?

Anti-kvetch: Mcgeek and I are heading to a drive in tonight to see Get Smart. I need to get the hell out of the house.

Undies: Boring blue.

Happy Friday!
Hmmm....having problems with the site. I just wanted to pop by and say I FINALLY got my Tat finished last night! Whoo Hoo!

ALso, Mr. Pixie has an interview Monday! It's not for the dream job...and realistically, it might be another week before they start interviewing for that, but at least it is an interview! Schools have been forced to cut their budgets so bad because of high gas prices that for the first time in forever, school have been cutting staff instead of adding them! So it's been over a month since he's even gotten an interview!

((((Multipurpose vibes))))
Hi all. I got a PM from girltrouble, so thought I'd stick my nose in here and say that I'm thinking of you all and hope you're all doing well. Smooches. xoxoxo
hey everybody. it's been a crazy day so far... we had some wild thunderstorms last night and at about 4am lightning hit a transformer (or something major) on a pole at the front of the complex and blew all the lights in this insanely awesome shower of coloured flames and sparks. all 4 kids came screaming downstairs, almost instantly, and we all huddled on the couch for awhile. it was about 5am before i got them all back to bed.

so this morning, they all slept til nearly 11.30, and then my husband got up and got them all downstairs and let me sleep. isn't he great? a bit later, i'm woken up by little w jumping on my bed. i yelled at him (i'm so not cheerful when i wake up) he went downstairs, i dragged myself awake, called a friend, and was getting ready to come down and here comes little w again, running in. he starts jumping on the bed. i tell him "mommy's going downstairs, let's go" he says "ok!", does a running leap off the bed and lands facefirst on the edge of a laundry basket. he broke his front tooth off about a third of the way up! he screamed.... oh my gods... i thought he'd broken a bone or something at first, cuz there was blood (he cut his lip too) and he was just hysterical. i took him to the clinic and they refused to see him saying that the only thing they could do for a "tooth issue" was if it involved an infection that they could give antibiotics for. he was pretty calm by this point, so i didn't freak... i left and called a friend who's a dental hygenist (sp?) and she said to bring him over and she finally told me there's nothing to worry about, his tooth will probably turn black, but it's not loose and the root is not exposed. i swear, the sound of his tooth snapping off followed by that scream... that will live in my imagination for the rest of my life.

i think the part that just is crazy about all this is... i just looked over and little w was standing on the arm of the couch, preparing to jump off!!!! this child has no fear... who was talking about grey hairs?? i think most of mine will come from this kid!

anyway, love and vibes to everyone....
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