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Thanks all so much for the vibes. It's very much appreciated. We'll see what happens: he's being well looked after which is comforting. The mister is shattered after travelling for over 24 hours solid, but it is good to have him home again.

Kittenb, the office I am leaving has major problems which make it difficult to get anything done, so I feel your pain. I hope things smooth out for you soon.

DM, same goes for you, and I hope your ears feel better soon! What's up w/ all the workplace crap happening in here? I don't mind working hard but I find lack of decent communication in any office to be so frustrating. It makes things harder than they ned to be and needlessly takes up time. But then I'm used to working on my own so I'm probably intolerant to some degree.

Woot for the 82 mornington!! For statesiders, an 82% on our side of the pond is a first class grade--not a B as it might be in the US.

***vibes for kittenb's sister***

RV, I always find mixed drinks in the US to be so strong compared to our measly quarter-gill o'booze here. ***fighting dehydration vibes***

And now... back to work, part 2.
(((sidecar))) have fun at your conference!

(((kittenb))) the chicago bustie meetup sounded like a great time. i can't wait to come home.

(((morn))) acos

(((DM))) you looked so adorable in your pics from San Fran. then again, you are a cutey.

*~*~*get well vibes for mister's dad*~*~*

*~*~*strength to get rid of the bad soontobeex for kittenb's sis*~*~*

*~*~*soothing ear vibes for DM*~*~*

kvetch: i was an ass and stayed up late. off for a nap.


((((kitten)))) I love watching hail, but hate being in it, although i don't associate it with tornadoes. Oh, and the Sprog is G's 9yo son.

continued grading talk: rose, I meant to say, a 2:1 is pretty much equivalent to a decent B-grade (the degree grades go 3rd, 2:2, 2:1, 1st here). My tutor basically said that it's a good first-year grade, especially as I feel I didn't do much work, and I should be able to maintain it if not do better next year.

ok, dilemma. I want to move; and there is a place I've seen an ad for. It's a bit further out than I would like (but it is close to rowing, like down-the-road close, and according to tfl, it'll take 30mins to cycle to uni, which is the same as from here) although admittedly with london that's not the greatest issue. The rent is a £20 more than here, but it's a 2-bed flat. It's also unfurnished, which I'm hoping will mean they'll be happier for me to have Indigo - and while I need the heavier furnishings (a bed, chairs etc) I'm all set for soft stuff and I do have savings... I don't think it's undoable. But I don't know if they'll let me have pets. Option two is with some friends - rent is a little less than it is here, but then I have to share with four others. It's closer to uni, and I do like these people (although I'm not sure if I want to live with one of them, he's a sweetheart but I want somewhere quiet). aaaargh. help? advice?
Kvetch: Have you ever felt so frustrated that you can't even articulate the proper curse words to express your frustration? I am just walking around muttering half-finished phrases today.
So, as I mentioned, my beloved boss is moving on to a new and better position. Well, I found out yesterday that the coworker who is supposed to move into my former position has been offered a great new job, effective immediately. So this means that the person who position was going to be cut as of 7/1 (budget cuts) is now going to move into my old position (I decided to step out of that postion b/c of school.)
None of these changes are bad, really, it is just so much! This is as much change as this department normally sees in a year and it is happening all at once.
I am just.....AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHH! ohmy.gif huh.gif mad.gif blink.gif I don't like not having a boss (my current/soontobeformer boss is on vacation before her new job kicks in). I don't like not knowing what my schedule will be next week. I want to whine and kick and fuss and that is exactly what I am doing!


{{{stargazer}}} I might just take a nap right now, too.
{{{mornington}}} Four people would be too much for me but I think that is what college is about. Good luck!

~~~~~~~ continued healing for Syb's mister's dad ~~~~~~~

((((((((( asshole-proof force field for Kitten's sister )))))))))

~*~*~*~*~*~ workplace happiness vibes for Kitten & everyone else ~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Morn, the largest number of roommates I've ever had was 2, so I'm not much help there. What is your study style? Do you perfer to work at home or at the library or what? If you do your work at home and you prefer a quiet setting, then that definitely needs to be a priority. I think you might as well check to see if Option #1 accepts pets.

I talked to Pixie briefly yesterday and it sounds like Mr. P heard about a rather promising job in their area, so here are some ...
~$$$~$$$~$$$~$$$~ massive bunches of jobby job vibes for Mr. Pixie! ~$$$~$$$~$$$~$$$~

We had some good news yesterday! Sheff had his annual review and Big Boss had nothing but great things to say about him (nothing on his review says "needs improvement", and tons of items said "exceeds expectations", so yay!). To top it off, Sheff was given a promotion within his department (he is now Senior Engineer) and a 6% raise! Can you say woot? biggrin.gif
~*~*~*~*~*~asshole go away vibes for kitten's sister*~*~*~*~*~*

~*~*~*~*~*~*~healing vibes for syb's mr's dad~*~*~*~*~*~

~$~$~$~$~$~job vibes for mr pixie~$~$~$~$~$~$~

~*~*~*~*~*~*~ happy workplace vibes for everyone~*~*~*~*~*~

woot! for rose

morn, i say go with wherever lets you keep indigo. but that's just me. i fought like hell to keep my kitties when we moved in here. also, i'm glad that meeting the sprog went well!

dm, i hope your ears are feeling better. (((((((dm)))))))

star, did you get your nap, hon?


i appreciate all the love and vibes from everyone, i really really do. the little barbarians have enlarged the hole in the wall again... i'm going to have to cut out a huge square of drywall and repair it again.

on the plus side, i took little w to the dr yesterday to address the issue of him eating the drywall and whatever else he can get his hands on. she did blood work and a tummy xray and the physical exam, and i haven't gotten the blood results back yet, but the xrays didn't show that he has any blockages or anything from eating all the weird stuff. so that's good. he was really funny when they did the blood test, i expected him to freak, since all my others have, but he just sat there, totally still, watching them poke him, and when the blood started filling the vial he said, loudly, "ketchup!!" everyone just about died laughing. it was pretty funny. but that was the only thing he said! no screaming, no nothin'.

my oldest convinced me to try the dance dance revolution game last night. i used to do it, when we first got it, and i was pretty good. my sister was way better, but oh well. anyway, my hip and back have been feeling pretty good the last week or so, and gods know i need the exercise, so i gave it a shot. MISTAKE! i could barely get out of bed and my hip is all weak and keeps cracking and popping. ouch.

and the mr is feeling brave and wants to take the whole crew to the chinese buffet place in town. yikes.

Thanks all for the ongoing health vibes for the mister's dad. I'll get an update tonight when he gets back. I'm really hoping he's on the mend and doing better. He's a lovely guy, very funny and charming: like the mister really.

Damona, I used to love buffet dinners out when I was little: something for everyone, and nobody gets anything they don't want. Good for kids, no?

Mornington, I get the impression somehow that you like your own space (plus space for Indigo et al) so I would say go for the place on your own if they'll take the pupper. Much better for studying too.

RV, that's great news about Sheff's review! Pass on my congrats!

Kitten, I much prefer to know what my work week will involve in advance, so I hear ya.

Up to my eyes with work here; just sent in an online application and now back to the thesis. Last week at the day job is going well, way less pressure. I am still wrecked tired, but apparently productive...
Thanks for the troll warnings ladies.

Gah, it's been a while since I've been on here. I'm back home just kinda looking after my mom and keeping her company. I'd really appreciate some vibes for her. She needs hip replacement surgery but she has had osteomalitis (sp?) twice so first they had to check her blood to make sure that she was free of infection before moving onto the surgery. So on Monday we'll get the results from her blood test and then find out when her surgery is. I hope it's ASAP because she is in so much pain and can barely walk.

((((damona)))) I don't really know what to say just that I hope things are getting better.

(((((syb's mister's father and syb)))))

(((((dm))))) ear infections suck. I used to get them so much that I finally had to have surgery.

((((rosev)))) boourns to cramps!

((((kitten and kitten's sister))))

((((pixie, bunny, star, morn, sidecar, polly, qspice, yuefie, everyone))))

one big kvetch: since I'm now at home I have to deal with my dad and my brother who are both being assholes! I am so sick of them, I just want to go home but I don't want to leave my mom.

((cc girl’s mom))

((ccgirl)) Sorry your dad and brother are being dicks.

((syb’s mister’s father))

((syb)) Glad to hear your last week of work is going well.

(damona)) Hope your hip feels better.

((mr. pixie))

((sheff)) Yay for a great review and raise. Working hard pays off.

((rose)) You and Sheff seem so social, sometimes I feel like Mr. DM and I are anti-social, but I really don’t have an easy time making friends.

((kittenb)) That seems like a lot of change at work, hope it all works out.

((mornington)) I’d go with the first rental option, but that’s because I wouldn’t be able to stand having a bunch of roommates.


I think my ears are feeling better, I have to take ear drops four times a day and take an antibiotic. I am back at work tomorrow hopefully.
Hey every bustie: I'm sorry I've been MIA. I had a seizure at work last week, and have been trying to recover. My doctor put me on a new med as an add-on, and my body is just trying to get used to it. My job didn't fire me, but I'm still going to search for a new one.

Mcgeek has been seriously thinking of going back to grad school for math. We've also been trying to get some summer projects done: the bathroom, I'm starting a veggie garden, etc... I figure I'll finally move in with him in Sept/Oct. I just really love having my own place.

Kvetch: I just found out my best friend's grandmother died. sad.gif

Anti-kvetch: Eddie is tonight! Eddie is tonight! I wanted to change my avatar back to a pic of him, but am still learning my Mac. tongue.gif

Anti-kvetch: Two of my really good friends have recently contacted me which is awesome. I finally had to just stop hanging out with this one friend, because she ended up being so negative to me and mean. I really don't need that in my life right now. One of those people that is always trying to out-do you. If I was having a bad day, she wouldn't care. The final straw was that she went to a homeless shelter to get food, and she has a nice apartment in a posh area of the city. I think that's so wrong to take advantage of people that really need those services...


Lady Selena
((((Vibs for ALL))) Sorry I am just to drained.

So yesterday I spent 7 hours in the ER with my youngest child. She is apparently allergic to misquotes? How the hell!? Any way she was messing with one of her many bites it happens to be on her eye. So I took her to a clinic and they took one look and said we needed to get her to the ER cause the infection could be in her eye and they might have to do a CAT scan. So mom panic mode sets in and I picture her lying on a table passed out from meds and burst into tears. Well after hours of waiting to see the doc she says all she really needs is some blood work and IV antibiotics. Then we could go home with a few scripts and follow up with her Ped. She looks like such a mess, my poor baby. She is a twin and her sister has maybe 2 bites. My little B looks like she was born to be a buffet for bugs. How does one keep things away from her? We put Deep Woods Off on her, gave her a citronella bracelet and one of those patches not sure what they had (I will look). What more can I do?

(((((selena & little cool.gif))) would she be able to sleep under a mosquito net? And have a citronella candle in the room? poor kid, that's gotta itch.


(((((candy))))) & ((((((candymum))))) would you be able to say anything to your dad and brother?

((((((damona)))))) ongoing love for you

((((syb)))) job vibes your way!

((((kitten)))) ****soothingness****

((((dm, rose, bunny, star, yuefie, futura, sixie, tes, billy, mando, polly, sidecar, faith, everyone))))

thanks for the advice guys - I'm probably going to go with the no-flatmates option; I do like my space, and somewhere I can just close the door away from it all. I'm seeing somewhere tomorrow, and fingers crossed! I've still got to hand my notice in here, admittedly, but I'll do that once I've seen if I like either of these places. I want to move over the summer, but I don't *have* to move now. blergh. I hate moving.

/toddles off to find dinner
And the good times just keep on coming...

Work drama is still evolving on many fronts. I am both curious and scared to see what will happen next. rolleyes.gif

{{{roseviolet}}} congrats to Shef on his job news.

{{{candycanegirl & mom}}} it is so frustrating to worry about our parents health. I hope the men in your family straighten up.

{{{designermedusa}}} glad you are begining to feel better.

{{{sassygirl}}} enjoy The Eddie.

{{{LadySelena & daughter}}} owww. What a mess. sad.gif

{{{damona, mornington, all kvetchies}}}

Eek, Selena!! Do NOT tell LeBoy about this- he won't want to leave the house when we come up there for 4th of July!! I've never heard of someone being allergic to mosquitos, though. I guess a bite, like any open wound could get infected, but I didn't know you could be allergic to them.

Kvetch: LeBoy, love of my life dry.gif , stayed home yesterday to get the stitches removed from where they cut out the mole. After I left for work yesterday, he apparently re-set my alarm clock for 8:30am to get up for the doctor's appointment. And then neglected to tell me. So, I turned on the alarm last night thinking it would go off at 5:whatever-time-I-get-up and didn't wake up until 7:30, a half-hour after I was supposed to BE at work! mad.gif I was in too much of a hurry to even yell at him properly this morning (I didn't know I could get ready in 4 minutes, including pants!)

I think his punishment will be that he's babysitting his nephews by himself tonight. His mom will be there anyway. I'm going to take the night off and watch bad tv without him. Mmm, and there's leftover cheesecake in the fridge.

((sassy)) Wow, you've got to have some cajones to take advantage of a homeless shelter unnecessarily.

((candycane & mom)) ~*~*~health vibes for mom~*~*~ Sorry about the men in your life.

My grandma was diagnosed last week with inclusion body myositis- it's a slow-progressing degenerative muscle disease. It's not really fatal, but eventually debilitating. She's 85 or 86, so hopefully she'll die of natural causes rather than this- if it gets far enough, you lose the ability to swallow.

Yay for Sheff's promotion! Woot!

Sorry about all the crappiness at work, kitten. I'm up to my ears in work crappiness (see the letters thread from a few days ago).

~*~*~soothing ear vibes for DM~*~*~

~*~*~job vibes for syb and Mr. Pixie!~*~*~

~*~*~flat vibes for morn~*~*~

I was thinking about who hasn't posted in awhile- I hope things have improved for yuefie since she was last here. Is bunny in Florida yet? Where's amilita been?

((hugs to anyone I missed!!))
Things are a whole lot better since I was last here, polly. Thanks for thinking of me!

I'm lurking, but have been lacking the time to catch up on reading and properly vibing everyone. Today is my honey's one day off and we are having a sunset beach picnic for dinner. The weather here has been perfect for it, so yay for that. I got some good news on the job front (can't remember if I'd mentioned that I was concerned about that or not), so that is a relief. I have more to update on, but will not do so until I can come back and get caught up on everyone else first.

polly, I'm lurking too. I've been crazy busy with work, applying for jobs in London and preparing for Florida (I go a week on Saturday).

(((polly's grandmother))) that sounds like such a horrible disease sad.gif.

(((sassy))) yay for eddie! your ex friend sounds like a lovely person.

(((ccg))) and (((ccg's mom))), I hope she is able to have the surgery to alleviate the pain.

(((selena's little_b)))) ouch. I suffer from allergies too so I feel her pain.

(((dm))) hope your ears are lots better. IOU a reply to facebook message - lots to digest!

(((rose))) a'cos and yay for sheff's promotion!

(((damona))) how are arranging camps and reading material for your eldest coming along?

(((kitten))) sorry for the work drama

(((yuefie))) yay for good job stuff and sunset beach picnics!

(((morn))) I'd go for the no flatmates thing too. Which areas are you looking at (PM/message me)? I have no idea where we'll be living yet; need to find employment first.

(((sybarite's mr's father))) any news?

(((sidecar, star, mandi, dusty, amilita, sixela, zoya ... and those I know I'm missing)))

This week is draaaagging by and I want it to be next Saturday already.

((((Polly, Sassy, CCG,Selena,DM, Damona, Kitten,Yuefie,Morning, Sybarite and everyone else who needs vibes))))

Anti-kvetch:we went to see Phantom of the Opera last night! It was good, but we had nosebleed seats and we felt the movie did a better job of explaining several plot elements.

Big Old kvetch: The Ex Asshat! On the weeks when minipixie is at his house, I get to pick her up for a midweek overnight. Usuallu, I do it on Wed. However, because of Phantom, I told him 2 weeks ago that I would not pick her up last night and would pick her up tonight instead. He sent his dad to pick her up from me Sunday, and again, I told his dad to remind him that I was not picking her up until Thursday. So of course, he starts calling my phone last night. I didn't hear it because we were in a restraunt at the time, but he finally got ahold of my mom who told him we were out and were picking her up tomorrow. He told her he had taken his family to a restraunt, hadn't ordered her any food and she had been picking off his plate! OMG who takes a child to a restraunt and makes them watch the rest of family eat! That is like cruel! If I had been in a similar situation and thought he might pick her up while we were eating, I would have either told him he was late and would have to wait until she had finished eating, or would have gotten her a to go box. I would NEVER make my child feel like they had to beg food from the rest of the family!!!!

Of course my email server is down today and I haven't even been able to see if he has written anything to me about how *I* forgot her last night!
((pixie)) That’s so terrible that your ex did not buy his daughter dinner. Hopefully there is not too much drama that you have to deal with regarding switching days.

((bunnyb)) Hope the time goes by fast, and you are on your vacation before you know it.

((yuefie)) Glad you are better, enjoy your picnic.

((polly)) I would have been screaming mad about the alarm clock, but hey at least you can get ready fast.



((lady selena’s child))

((sassy)) Sorry to hear about your seizure, and your best friend’s grandma. Enjoy Eddie.

I was back at work yesterday, but called in today because I am feeling crappy. Part of me is just scared about going to the doctor again on Saturday, I really want my ear infections to be cleared. I have piles of work to do, but I just don’t care.

Last night I went to see the film The Foot Fist Way, and it was hilarious.

Mr. DM has pissed me off a little because he wanted me to pick him up from work (he rides the bus) due to it’s been raining for a few hours. He knows I don’t feel good, and the traffic would be insane. The thing that pisses me off the most is he knows I will feel bad that I told him no.
Squee! I just logged in to my MsYuefie account only to find a message from the new Lounge Lady saying that *someone had requested she restore my old account, so... I'm baaaack!

I'm still lacking in time to properly post and vibe ya'll, but I just had to share the news that my sweetie gave me a gorgeous opal ring, much like the one of my mama's that I coveted for many years that he's heard me talk about. It fits perfectly and it isn't yellow gold, which I just don't care for on my skin tone. I love it! It's so pretty, I can't stop looking at it. It's not an engagement ring, per se, but it is a "promise ring" of sorts. Hee, how cute is he?

Be back later to catch up, really!

*I can't help but wonder who that someone is, mostly cause I wanna hug them!
Hey, gang. I've got a few minutes, so I thought I'd check up on all y'all.

What a gorgeous ring, Yuefie! Your sweetie has good taste. Of course, that's obvious since he's with you. wink.gif

(((((((((((((Sassy)))))))))))))))))) Sorry to hear about the seizure & about your best friend's grandmother. Tough stuff. But at least you go to se Eddie!!!!!!! Give us all the details!!!

((((((((((((Little Lady Selena))))))))))))))))) I had no idea that people could be more allergic to mosquitos than, well, the usual amount. Mosquitos really love to munch on me, but last year I heard that they're less likely to bite you if you take complex B vitamins. I tried it last summer and it helped a lot. I still got a couple of bites over the summer, but far far fewer

((((((((((((((((CCgirl's mom))))))))))))))))) I'm sure she really appreciates having you there.

((((((((((((((((Polly's grandma))))))))))))))))))) Sorry to hear about the diagnosis. sad.gif

~~~~~~ more soothing for DM's ears ~~~~~~ Hope you're feeling better today.

Pixie, interesting to see that the asshat is living up to his name. rolleyes.gif
~$$$~$$$~$$$~ continued job vibes for Mr. Pixie ~$$$~$$$~$$$~

~*~*~*~*~ continued vibes for Kitten's sis ~*~*~*~*~

((((((Syb's mister's dad))))))

Morn, let us know what happens with the flat.

Sidecar, hope you're having a good time wherever you are!

Bunny, I am so excited about your trip to Walt Disney World! Sooooooooo excited. Honestly, it's unreasonable how excited I am since I won't actually be there myself. Sheff and I are hoping we can go back again someday, but preferably in cooler months and with far fewer family members in tow (I think there were 16 of us last year for my parents' wedding anniversary. Crazy!).

Where is Dusty? She hasn't posted in a while. Did she go on vacay or something & I missed it?

Thanks to everyone for the congrats for Sheff. I'm so proud! He's been pretty stressed out because of his job over the last couple of months, so it's great to see him get the recognition he deserves.

My only other big news is that my second cousin, M, is expecting a baby with his new wife! Hooray! Looks like she got pregnant just 3 months after their wedding. I can't even imagine! They are thrilled to bits and my Aunt Faye cannot believe she's going to be a great grandmother. Sooooooo bizarre! Speaking of Aunt Faye, she is finally feeling much better & it looks like she won't need surgery afterall (hooray!), so Sheff and I are going to drive up to visit them soon. He's never been to Kentucky before, so I look forward to showing him how pretty it is there.

Kvetch: All this talk about babies suddenly has people asking me when I'm "finally going to have a baby". Ugh. Mother pointed out that neither of my brothers are likely to ever get married & have a family. And we know that Sheff's brothers aren't going to have kids, either. So the future of both of these families depends upon me and my endometriosis-infested ovaries. Great. Lucky me. And it's all that much worse because, frankly, Sheff and I don't want to have a baby now. We talk about having a kid someday, but neither of us want one now. I honestly want a KitchenAid mixer much much more than I want a baby, so I think it would be wrong for us to try to reproduce now just to keep everyone else happy, you know? Ugh.

Undies: silky boy shorts
{{{pixie and daughter}}} good god! What a fuck-wad. mad.gif
{{{designermedusa}}} feel better. The boy won't melt in the rain.
{{{yuefi}}} WOW. WHat a beautiful ring! Welcome back.
{{{hi bunny, rv, polly, all}}}

Undies - peach string bikinis w/dasies, no bra yet.
((((((pixie and minipixie))))))) fucking asshat.

kvetch: Indigo just ate what I think was a cockroach, and the mice are back. There's no food out, except for the bunnies hay. And the wardrobe has just collapsed. Fuck this, I'm moving asap.
(((pixie and mini-pixie))) in the absence of tes: asshats do vex ME!

(((yuefie))) what a beautiful ring! your man is a sweetie and a lucky on at that wub.gif. by the way, your bustie heroine deserves a carebear cape! what a sweet thing to do.

(((rose))) I'm incredibly excited myself! more and more by the day biggrin.gif. I'm also really psyched about seeing DAVE whilst I'm there!

(((morn))) EEEK! or should that be squeak? you need to move asap.

(((dm))) hope you're feeling better again.

*waves at kitten and everybody else*

undies: new frilly black mesh bra with hot pink trim and mini white polka-dots and matching girl shorts (tres cute).

I am super tired after working another long day but I have one last short OT shift tomorrow and then I can catch up on some much needed sleep and, oh yeah, maybe pack for Florida. I find myself using mornington's coined word "SQUEE" quite a lot in the run up to my holiday. I did manage to fit in some shopping today between working and bought a Dr Seuss book for my bf C's lil boy and a lovely zebra striped romper suit and matching socks for the baby on the way (due in five weeks and I have a feeling she'll give birth whilst I'm away); I'm meeting up with her and lil A next week. I plan to buy a few Disney baby things as well as stocking up on some birthday and Christmas gifts for the other children in my life.



the lounge is like crack. even though i have had a migraine since i went to bed last night, even though it still hurts to open my eyes, i had to check and see what y'all are up to. pretty pathetic, that's me.

obrigada, bunny be mine! i can't tell you how warm&fuzzy i feel to pop in after weeks and weeks and see that peeps remember me!

assholes do VEX me!!!!!!!

first, for not remembering that you were going to pick her up thursday, not wednesday. um, this is your DAUGHTER we are talking about, mr. fuckhead. and second: WHO MAKES THEIR KID WATCH EVERYONE ELSE EAT? jeesh. this guy is beyond the fringe.

this is going to be a mememe post, please forgive me?

yeufie, what a lovely ring! and, even better - how sweet is it that he listened and remembered your mother's opal ring that you used to covet? it just doesn't get any better than that!

YAYAY! for sheff's promotion! and for the biggest rum & coke you've ever seen! and for good times with colleagues. hope that he is feeling less stressed out now. he needs to just sit and be and watch his silly silly feeeshies!

*cleans out ears* damona, did i hear that right? a hole in the wall? woah. you deserve a medal for mother of the year. realio trulio!

~*~*~*~*~ smooth moving vibes for ms. mornington, cuz she NEEDS to move. dot com.~*~*~*~*~*

(((((((designer medusa))))))) hope that you are feeling more betterer, querida. and don't feel guilty about not going out in the rain and dealing with mind splitting traffic. you did the right thing, and even HE knows it.

(((((mr. syb's pere)))))

(((((((little lady selena)))))) i'm just glad that the moustiques there don't carry malaria!

rosiev, you go right ahead and BUY that kitchen aid! babies will take care of themselves in their own time - and the right time will happen when the universe deems it so - or not. the universe may deem it not so. and that's all right. i'm living breathing evidence of that. (and i LURVE my kitchen aid!!)

(((((syb and family)))))

does anyone know where sidecar and martini went? hope you are having a faboo time wherever you are, you two crazy kids!!!!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~* vibeage for those i missed. like YOU. and YOU. yes, YOU!!!~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

reader's digest condensed version: i went back to the states in late april and arrived in time for neiceoid elle's delivery of her firstborn, a beautiful curly headed baby boy, let's call him rufus. she was my hero! natural birth. small episiotomy. no epidural. and only asked for meds towards the end of heavy labor. start to finish, about 5 hours, 33 minutes heavy pushing. she might just have the next one at home!

oh, my, he is BEAUTIMOUS!!! i don't think that i have ever felt this way about anyone. amazing. so glad that i was there for it all. got to know her mister's parents much better, and that was fun, too.

only thing i *didn't* enjoy was winding up with horrid tooth pain, oral surgery to remove bone fragments and eventually a root canal. thank the gods that i was in the usa!!

back in africa now. mr. hotbuns plans to visit me in july or august, and then i'll be home for thanksgiving. can't believe how time has been flying by!

back soon!

til then, hugs and kisses and silliest of little fishes to all of you!!!!
Thanks all so, so much for the ongoing vibes. He's back in hospital, we're driving up there now. (((all of you)))

*throw self at Tes and gives big hugs*

so good to see your post. doubly good that you are doing well.

i got so excited seeing Tes that i can't remember what i wanted to post... rolleyes.gif
[tackles Tes & covers her in smooches & giggles & additional smooches]
Howzit goin' hot stuff?!?!? It's SOOOOOOO good to see you! I've been worried!

Heaps and heaps of congrats to Elle on the birth of her baby boy. Rufus sounds absolutely wonderful. I can't wait to meet him!

((((((((Mr. Syb's dad)))))))))))))

~~~~ movin' right along vibes for Mornington ~~~~~

Bunny, those undies sound adorable! I should really buy more cute underwear. I've somehow gotten terribly plain with my undies in the last few years. And that ain't right!

Well, I did not buy a KitchenAid mixer. But I did buy a new pot yesterday. Well, technically it's a "sauteuse". I've been wanting this specific pan for years & I found it at a fabulous discount! Woo hoo!

In lieu of an undie report, I thought I'd offer a foodie report!
I went to our local farmers market, so today I'm cooking up glorious things with local produce. This morning I made blueberry buckle with local blueberries. Yum! For dinner tonight, I'm grilling some chicken breasts to accompany homemade panzanella. In case you don't know, panzanella is a salad made from cubed bread, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, and basil with olive oil and a splash of red wine vinegar. All of the produce is local & I even made the bread myself (the no-knead bread recipe). I've been looking forward to making this all week long! Can't wait!!!
*is waiting impatiently to covet roseviolet's hypothetical kitchenaid mixer*
tes! luci! tes! luci! tes! luci! tes! luci! tes! luci! tes! luci!

*has to go for a sit down*

(((((syb & mister & mister's dad)))))

yay for neiceoid elle's bebe!

((((damona)))) feel better! *gentle smooch*

((((yuefie)))) this man of yours - I like him. he sounds like a total sweetie, and that ring is gorgeous!

((((bunny, pixie, rose, mando, selena, futura, sidecar, polly, sassy, sixie, zoya, candy, everyone))))

I've spent the day cleaning house, doing a little packing and... yeah. stuff. Was supposed to go out for Hobbit's birthday, but haven't the energy to play nice. Tomorrow I'm going to see The Police at Hyde Park, because G got tickets and then went to Glastonbury instead. I'm taking the Boy Wonder, who is feeling less than bright after some girl trouble. Night all!
hey all!!

((((tes)))) good to see you!
~~~~syb's mister's dad~~~~
safe travels to bunny!
yuefie, that's a pretty ring.
pixie, that is the flat-out worst shared custody story i have ever heard. OMG.
RV, I am with you in that Kitchen-Aid mixer > babies for me.

Conference is going well; I'm resting a little before going to Disneyland.
*tackles tes and covers her with smooches*
Yay for baby rufus! Boo on the mouth pain though - ouch!

Wow, we get a visit from tes and long lost lucizoe?

((((syb, the mister and dad)))) ~~~ongoing vibage a plenty~~~

((((dm)))) ~~~feel better~~~ and what tes said, stay in and stay dry.

bunny, squee for you finally going to FLA and seeing DAVE!

Oh morn, poo poo on meeces and all other sort of unwanted/unwelcome cretins. ~~~~quick move vibage~~~~

((((polly's grandma)))). I would be totally annoyed at the alarm clock thing too. ugh, boys sometimes.

damona, I too think the lounge can be addictive. I'm not here as much, but it's not like I'm not always thinking about how I need to post about such and such.

((((kittenb)))) I hope the work stuff gets worked out, and in the mean time here are some ~~~soothing vibes~~~
(((kitten-sis))) a pox on his passive agressive ass.

(((lady selena's kidlet)))


((((candy's mama))))

gah, pixie. sometimes I wanna come out there just so I can kick ex asshat right in the shins. what kind of fucktard makes his little girl sit there in a restaurant while the rest of the family eats? MORON!

sidecar, I treat my kitchen-aid mixer like it IS my child. Hope you're having a fabulous time in Anaheim!

mmm, rose, that menu sounds delicious. I think the boy and I are going to make some sourdough bread soon and he made me some mayonnaise today. He used the recipe for how they make it at the restaurant, but cut down for a quantity we can handle. Now that I've had it, I am spoiled. We took some of it with Point Reyes Bleu Cheese and buttermilk and made dressing. I swear he has inspired me to stay in the kitchen and to take more chances with my cooking. I've made a few things lately that I've even impressed myself with wink.gif

where in the heck is mandi? and dangit, another Friday without a billybonka undie report? Oh yeah, and amilita's been MIA for a bit now.

((((star, sixela, futura, pink, faith, zoya, flanker, qspice, muppet, everyone))))

R got an extra day off today, so we've been hangin' out with the kidlet in the air conditioning, playing cards and watching movies. We're gonna grill up some fruit kabobs later (mando, pineapple and banana) which will then be brushed with a honey and lime mixture, served atop a scoop of vanilla ice cream and piece of pouncake which has been soaked in a syrup we made from the mango & pineapple peels. We made it once before and it was a major hit with everyone. Last night the kid and I went and picked my dad up, which was nice. He got to hang out with us for a few hours, enjoy a nice dinner and dessert and by then was ready to go home to bed. He adores the kid and it's mutual. They sat and talked and watched baseball together and were like two peas in a pod. He even said to me last night, so A is like my step-grandson now, right? Too cute.

Tes! ((everybody)))

I apologize in advance if this kvetchie is me me me...

So... yeah. Let me start with the bad news. I had the day off yesterday to volunteer at an epilepsy charity walk. Mcgeek and I helped out. We decided finally to start building this vegetable bed in the backyard. We waited 3 hours at Home Depot to rent a damn truck. So,we got into the driveway w/ all the building supplies in the back. Unloading the truck, Mcgeek told me to drop the lumber, I did. It fell on my right foot. 6 hours in the hospital to find out that it's not broken, but a bad gash that needed 5 stitches. I can't walk without hopping, and need to learn crutches again. You haven't had a great night until someone shoots novicane into your foot. I usually have a high tolerance for pain, but FUCK.

In awesome news, Eddie was everything I thought he would be and more. For those of you seeing him in other cities, he does a Q&A after the show. He's really sexy in person. I'm still quoting some of the lines.

Anti-kvetch: Mcgeek sort of gave me a promise ring this morning. I had at least 5 people call him "husband" yesterday, and I still thinks he feels bad about yesterday. He carved a ring out of a bagel, and placed it on my finger. smile.gif

I need sleep.


Big "ouch" vibes to sassy's feet and tes' teeth.
For everyone else, I did read everything but I am in a rush so {{{hugs}}}

I am back in Ohio today. I found out Friday afternoon that my best friend's mother died very unexpectedly. He is devastated but has to be the "problem solver" as he is kind of the only person in his family who is worth much. His grandmother is lovely but not good in a crisis and her daughter just died. Anyway, my friend's boyfriend and I are trying to help w/o being in the way. sad.gif

I'll be back on Thursday, I think.
*swings in*

(((((kitten and friend)))))

(((((sassy's foot))))))

((((yuefie)))) aww, cuteness!


I have this to say: roooooooooooooooxanne, youdon'havetoputontheredliiiight, rooooooooxanne
I think I've just resurrected my love of the police.

*skips off to bed*
(((sassy))) congrats on the promise ring! so cute.

(((kittenb))) sorry to hear about your friend's loss. it is good that you are there for support.

(((yuefie))) congrats on getting your name back! wink.gif and double congrats on the ring!

(((morn))) glad you had a good time at the concert.

all these busties gettin' rings 'round here.

no kvetchies today. which is i guess a good thing. i had a relatively quiet weekend. spend time with some friends. had an interesting therapy session. basically, i did alot of thinking which is my usual type of day.

*~*~*~*multipurpose vibes to whoever needs them*~*~*~*

Thanks all again for all the vibes... they must have worked, because the mister's dad is now getting treatment he needs to keep him stable. It was a scary few days for everyone.

So jealous of the Police concert morn! I would love love love to see them live...

(((kitten's BF))) My mister is the same way in his family: it must be hard for your friend. I'm sure he appreciates your combined help/support.

Yuefie, that's a lovely ring. So glad you're so happy!

Anti-pain vibes for sassy and tes, and a big-ass 'welcome back!' to tes as well!

Sidecar, half my extended family lived in Anaheim when I was a kid, but all I remember is lots of sunshine and Disneyland smile.gif

*back to working towards deadline and preparing for my conference trip...* I'm just so relieved. I'll be able to work better now.
Today has been extrordinarily craptastic sad.gif
Can I please ask for some emergency coping and calming vibes? Someone very close to me is having a serious mental and emotional breakdown and is basically taking all of us who love them emotionally hostage in the process. We're dealing with it the way we have to, but it doesn't make it any easier or hurt any less. Sorry to be so vague, but I cant really post any details here. And on top of it I got a call from family who live in OK who are going through a crisis of their own and I have no help to offer. I just feel guilty, even though I know it isn't my fault and there is really nothing I can do. Also my aunt, who is one of those family members, was diagnosed with COPD (which means she is dying of lung disease) and she is currently caring for her 2 1/2 year old granddaughter. When it rains it really fucking pours, I guess.

Thanks everyone.
(((((((Yuefie & her family and friends))))))))) Good god, it's like your whole family has imploded. You'll all be in my heart.

Kitten, you are a real sweetheart and a true friend. I'm sure your best friend deeply appreciates all that you're doing for her and her family.
((((((((Kitten, her best friend, the best friend's bf, and the whole family))))))))

((((((((continued vibes for Mr. Sybarite's father)))))))))) Glad to hear that he's stabalized. Here's hoping things improve from here.

So Sassy, did you eat your promise ring? wink.gif So sorry to hear about your foot! Is this your first time on crutches?

I am soooooooo jealous of everyone who gets to see Eddie. I can't talk about it. I am positively green.

Hi there, LuciZoe!!!

((((((((((((((((Sidecar & Morn & Bunny & Pixie & CCGirl & Star & Dusty & Mandi & Amilita & Tes & eeeeeeverybody))))))))))))))))))

We had a very low-key weekend. We just stayed home & hung out together. Read books, watched movies, played video games, stuff like that. Nice and quiet. I was going to hang out with one of my girlfriends, but she got a terrible migraine - the type where you have to stay in a dark room for a day or two. Luckily she's feeling better today, so that's good.

Kvetch: I'm feeling very negative and doom-&-gloom-y today. Life has been going so well for me and Sheff lately & I just feel sure that something is bound to happen & ruin it all. Life just can't stay this peaceful for this long, you know? My life is NEVER this peaceful. There's always something wrong. Someone gets diagnosed with cancer or loses a job or something. But nothing like that is happening. Everything is fine. My family is quite healthy and happy and successful, too. I know this can't last, so I feel so tense. I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop, you know. I'm scared that Sheff is going to get in a car accident or that the water pipes are going to fail & the house will flood. Am I crazy to feel this way? Is it simply impossible for me to not worry about anything & just enjoy life?
Rose, I think your shoe dropped over here....I came home tonight to find my downstairs neighbors about to pound on our door because water was pouring down their wall. We tried to follow the instructions that the plumber at the plumbing supply place gave us over the weekend to fix the little leak in our shower. He neglected to mention that we should turn the water supply off first. dry.gif

I came in to find LeBoy in tears, panicking, water all over the floor in our bathroom and water shooting out of the wall where the faucet handle once was, into the bathtub as well as behind the tile, down into our neighbors places (our bathroom is on the shared wall and it was leaking into the units of the people below us and their next-door neighbors.)

I started baling water out of the tub and into the toilet so at least the tub wouldn't overflow. There was about an inch of water on the floor.

Ugh....I can't re-hash this right now. Long story short, the maintenance guy came over, turned off the water to our unit. The plumber will be here tomorrow morning. I've already called our insurance company. I'm going to bed. Gotta be up in 6 hours.

Not trying to be snarky, just to put it into perspective- at least if your house floods, it's only *your* house. sad.gif

ETA: Gah, I didn't even read your posts before I posted, yuefie & kitten. Hugs and vibes to you and your respective friends and families. I think it's just going to be a crappy few days here in kvetch.
((((((polly and yuefie and kitten and rose and everyone))))))

more drama here as well... poor dai got sick today. he was outside playing and just came in and curled up on the couch, which is very unlike him. i really wasn't worried tho, even when he said his tummy hurt. he's a very good actor and we've been thru this game before. but around 7pm he started crying cuz it was hurting so much. so off to the walk-in clinic we went. not 2 minutes after we got in the exam room the poor kid started barfing. *sigh* i felt so bad for even thinking that he was faking, but my boy is such a drama king, i have a hard time knowing when it is for real! anyway. the dr wanted blood work and a urine test and a tummy x-ray. oh, the dreaded blood test... it took me and 2 nurses to hold him for the needle stick. he was crying so hard, he was gagging himself. and after all that, it was nothing. the dr said it's probably just some stomach bug or he ate something a bit off. so we came home and he proceeded to barf every 20 minutes for the next 4 hours. it finally stopped and he is finally in bed and sleeping now, but oh my gods, i was almost ready to take him in to the ER. i am about as worn out as he is, but i don't want to go to bed in case he wakes up and gets sick again.

oh, and today was my mr's birfday. i never got a chance to make him a cake. i feel so bad!
(((((polly))))) gah, what a freakin' nightmare. ohmy.gif

(((((damona))))) hope little D feels better soon.

((((rose & kitten))))


I hope things get better for everyone!

Things are a little better today, so thanks for the vibes sent our way. It's especially hard to watch loved ones struggle through mental illness when they aren't taking the medications and steps they should to help themselves. Sometimes tough love is required and I am not always the best at that part. But I am really proud of myself though because yesterday I bucked up and broke a pattern of being their emotional hostage that has been going on for years by calling their bluff. And as scary as it was at the time, I now realize I should have been doing it all along. R was fabulous support through it too, man I feel so lucky.
Oh Polly, how horrible!!! I'm so so sorry to hear about that. Do you know what happened? Did a pipe leak or is there a problem at one of the connectors or what? I hope it can be fixed easily (and cheaply!).

Yuefie, it's good to hear that R has been such a great support to you. I'm sure it must me incredibly hard to watch your loved one suffer from mental illness. I know that when I was suffering from suicidal depression, the disease seemed to undermine any work I was trying to accomplish. It was very difficult for me to keep up with my medication until I finally found one that actually worked for me (Prozac was the 3rd anti-depressant I tried and it was SO much better for me than the others). My heart goes out to all of you that are mixed up in this.

(((((((Little D))))))) Poor little thing! How is he feeling today? Hopefully he's recovered enough to enjoy some of the Mr's birthday.

I am trying not to be so stressed out today. I'm not so sure if I can do that, though. See, the problem is that our house is 20 years old so it's reached that time when a lot of things need to be replaced. Everything is in working order now, but I am well aware that a number of things will need replacement in the next 2 years & it's going to cost a lot of money (roof, furnace, hot water heater). There are also some things that I think we may need to do because of resale value, but at the same time I don't want us to do too many updates. But what is too much? And I'm not talking about happy, fun stuff like renovating the kitchen. I'm talking about boring stuff like replacing the polybutylene pipes or the masonite siding. Bah. Too damn stressful!

Anti-kvetch: My mom and my brother are coming to visit in September! They bought their plane tickets today.
Anti-kvetch: Today is my parents' 4st wedding anniversary! Good for them!
((((((polly))))))) eeek! I hope insurance and neighbours and landlords are all co-operating for you!

(((((yuefie))))) much love to you and family member and R and your aunt and family. Hope and support and good stuff your way, and an internet-shoulder to lean on.

(((((damona and LittleD))))) I hope he's feeling better, and you can all enjoy mr damona's birthday

(((((kitten and friend)))))

(((((syb and mister and mister's dad))))))

G is back *happy dance* and I'm shattered. Still haven't found somewhere to live, but work is good and... yeah. I'm ok. Better than I have been recently.

Thanks for the hugs everyone. Things are looking better...the maintenance guy replaced the emergency valve yesterday, so we'll be able to turn off the water in the future (yeah, 'cause we'll be trying this again reeeal soon rolleyes.gif ) The plumber came and looked at the faucet. Between the fee for them coming out, the diagnostic test they ran and the repair itself, it's going to be $700.

The insurance company is going to cover the repairs needed as a result of the damage, but not the faucet repair itself. We're having a contractor come out today to look at our floors and walls, determine if there's any dampness and start drying it out with dehumidifiers and fans. If mildew/mold damage were to occur, that's where the insurance company draws the line and won't pay for it, so we need to prevent that from happening.

We went down to our neighbor's last night to pass along our insurance info and they were very understanding. We only talked to one of them, but I think the other ones will be okay too.

As a result of all this, we had to cancel our trip this weekend with the Selena's to her mom's cabin in the U.P. I'm very sad about that. They've had the cabin for a couple of years and this was the first time we were able to get our poop in a group and commit to going up there. It's a 6.5 hour drive, so it's not really worth it unless you've got a long weekend. The next opportunity we'll have would be Labor Day, but I think we have a wedding that weekend. We may be seeing the fall colors there by the time we get our asses in gear.

We stayed at LeBrother's house last night because we have no water in the bathrooms, so no toilets. I slept on an Aero mattress- one of those high quality air mattresses. It wasn't nearly as bad as a regular air mattress, but I think I might stay at my mom's tonight in a real bed, since I don't have to work tomorrow but I do have to be home at some point for the plumber to come.

I do get what you're saying about feeling gloomy and doomy, rose. This whole thing just reinforces that feeling like we're two little kids playing house (when in actuality, this *is* adulthood. Not exactly what I thought it would be when I was 12.) Monday night, neither of us slept- we both had dreamt the whole thing over and over. Y'know how with vivid dreams, you wake up still feeling whatever your dream was about? I kept half-waking up and visualizing my body as a pile of pipes.

I just feel like we'll never get ahead, we'll never make enough money to even live comfortably, let alone do everything we want to do (travel, good food, nicer house, etc.) And my motivation to do anything about it is slipping away by the day. Hmm, time to go back on the drugs, perhaps?


((damona & d)) those stomach bugs always hit kids so much worse than adults. Like we puke once or twice and we're done. Poor kid!

((yuefie)) more hugs. I'm so glad R is backing you up in all of this. Lovely ring, btw.

((syb)) good to hear that mr.'s dad has stabilized.

((kitten)) I hope everything's ok.

((sassy's foot)) owie owie owie! shots in the foot are never fun- I've had to be anesthitized there to get ingrown toenails removed- ugh! The worst. Okay, maybe a spinal tap is worse. Maybe.

Mornington, I'm glad to hear things have improved lately. *Living vicariously through you!!*

I think after all of this is over, LeBoy and I are going to treat ourselves to dinner at our favorite steak restaurant that we have a gift card to. We were going to save it to go there with his siblings, who also got gift cards for Christmas to the same place, but I say, it's July and we haven't done it yet- screw it, I'm going out for steak!
Good news! The contractor found no evidence of moisture in our unit! He had this little meter instrument thingy and he put it up to the walls, floor, drywall behind the faucet, etc. and found no dampness. I guess it's all dried out. Yay! I'm still keeping a fan blowing into there for a couple of days, though. Can't be too sure!

Since it didn't take as long as I thought it would, I had a bit of time before I had to get back to the office- took a little nap on the couch with Albus smile.gif I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open while I was driving home, so a little cat nap (literally!) is just what I needed!

Morn, glad to hear that G is home!

Polly, glad to hear you got some good news from the contractor!

I spent a few hours working on the garden today (Mowing and raking and trimming hedges and such). It looks pretty damn good out there if I do say so myself. Our plum tree has produced fruit, which is exciting! It didn't do this last year. I was thinking about making plum preserves, but the birds and squirrels and bunnies love the plums so much that I don't have the heart. Lordy, I am such a softie.

Anywho, the point is that I'm dirty! And stinky! And I should be getting in he shower, but I'm going to watch an episode of Gilmore Girls first. A girl has got to have her priorities, ya know?
me no likey trolls. mad.gif

((((polly & leboy)))) how's leboy doing?? i'm sure he was a wreck. how are you doing? first mice and now leaking water. may no more condo issues happen to you. sad.gif btw, i love your new avatar. maybe you can make my frida sockmonkey for a christmas gift. wink.gif

(((damona))) i hope you are feeling well.

(((yuefie))) it is hard to be supportive without taking on other's problems. Boo.

(((morn))) acos

(((sidecar, tes, bunnyb, pixie, rose, sassy, DM, and other kvetchies)))

kvetch: HUMIDITY. man, my hair has never been frizzier. i've not been having my best hair days.

antikvetch: tomorrow is technically the last day of the week for me. thank maude. this week could have not ended sooner. asshat supervisor did not help things on monday. he had to be his usual asshat self. today, is an emotional eating day. aunt flo is expected in another week and she was requesting carbs, pizza, and ice cream. damn her.

*~*~*multipurpose vibes and hugs for who needs 'em*~*~*

ETA: Vibes needed STAT for sassygrrl. i got a txt from her that she wanted me to let you all know she is in the hospital with a blood clot in her lungs or PE. i spoke on the phone with her. she sounded in good spirits, but definitely concerned.

star, will you keep us up to date?
((((((((((((((((((( endless love and healing for Sassy )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Star, pleasepleaseplease post the instant you hear something, okay?

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