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Congrats kitten!!!! Well done to you!

Lady S, I'm having one of those days right now. ARGH!! Stupid work-related avoidable crap keeps happening. Bunnyb, I too am cranky-ass today.

Yuefie, shingles is unusual for kidlets, isn't it? Your poor niece; detention should definitely be cancelled under those circs.

(((Sidecar))) I feel you, as they'd say in The Wire. Hope things smooth out soon.

(((Pixie family)))

Anti-kvetch: Life in general is looking up, and I spoke to the mister, currently on the other side of the world, last night.

Can I request mysetry vibes for 6ish pm today please??? (1pm east coast time...) Thanks!
Definitely had days like that lady S!

(((Yuefie I am soooo with you!))) Thankfully with Dh being a teacher it's easier to let him deal with the school BS.

~*~**~*Mystery vibes for Sybrite~*~*~*~*~*

Drama seems to be calming down now. The first night was pretty awful. My FIL was still disoriented and just laid around crying and saying she could take evrything, he didn't care. Yesterday he finally got angry and started protecting himself. So at least he's feeling better and moving through the grief cycle.

Mr.P had a good interview Monday. We are pretty confident he'll be offered the job, but the principal is going out of town until next week, so we still have to wait. it wouldn't be so bad, but I have a place picked out for our vacation and i don't want to rent it until I am positive we can go.
That is b.s., yuefie. I think this irrational strictness is pretty much going on everywhere. LeNephew just finished up kindergarten and there's already issues with the school. He's a good kid, but he's high energy and a little prone to peer pressure. He's nowhere near ADD or anything- he's just a normal, squirrely 6-year-old boy. Well, his teacher is a newbie and doesn't know how to discipline kids, so every time there's a minor infraction (i.e., he pushed someone in front of him in line because they weren't moving, or they called him a name or something) the teacher sends him to the principal's office....when I was a kid, if you were sent to the principal's office, that was a BIG deal. You must have kicked a teacher or beaten the snot out of some kid- a little shove was just dealt with by the teacher and usually just meant you didn't get recess or something.

When we babysat him a couple weeks ago, LeSIL came home right at bedtime, so she put him to bed and asked how school was....keep in mind, this kid was fine the whole evening with us...and he burst into tears, saying "I didn't mean to do it, it was an accident!" LeSIL is a 5th grade teacher and she doesn't put up with any crap from her kids, and she knows what's normal behavior, what's unacceptable and is totally honest about where her kid falls in there- doesn't pooh-pooh criticism about her kids at all. She said, in that mom voice, "what did you do?"- turns out he was playing on the playground and he and another kid ran into each other- totally unintentional-they're 6-year-olds on a playground fer crissakes. The dimwitted teacher yelled at both of them and sent LeNephew to the office. blink.gif I don't think he ever made it to the principal, once it got sorted out and decided amongst the adults that it was an accident. But this constant discipline has got this poor kid so screwed up, he constantly thinks he's done something wrong. They were ready to send him to a social worker earlier in the year and all this crap. It's ridiculous, and of course all of this is on his Permanant Record *dun dun dunnn!* LeSIL & LeBIL are mostly worried that this is going to make him hate school for the rest of his life...I had an AWFUL kindergarten teacher, too and it pretty much made me hate school for the rest of my life, so I told them their concerns weren't unfounded. Compound all of this with the fact that he's slightly behind in reading and it's a recipe for disaster. He's going to be getting some tutoring over the summer, though, so hopefully things will get better, at least academically.

Yay for the good interview, pixie! I hope everything gets worked out with the in-laws. That a mess.

I'm feeling shlumpy today. That's the best word to describe it. Just achy and run-down. Yesterday, my allergies were bothering me in the morning. I'm in a heartburn cycle and Sunday and Monday nights I woke up in the middle of the night with acid reflux. That's bad as it is, but it was worse because I was wearing ear plugs (helps me sleep better since we have a window a/c in the bedroom that's loud) and when I'd have the acid reflux, I couldn't swallow properly because of the vacuum created in my head by the ear plugs. So instead of just half-waking up, grabbing a Tums off my nightstand and going back to bed, I'd wake up gasping, have to sit up, catch my breath, take the Tums...yuck.

Anyway, I took some Aleve a while ago and I feel about 50% better. I hope I'm not getting sick.

~*~*~*positive energy vibes to all who need them!~*~*~*
Polly, it sounds to me like the newbie teacher is unsure about disciplining kids, so sends them off to the principal's office so someone else can take responsibility for disciplinary decisions rather than tackling the issue herself. I think (from our single school year with resident teen) that boring reinforcment at home works well to introduce discipline. We try and stick to ground rules and be consistent, I think that's more reassuring for resident teen. She's much older of course, but random shouts of 'don't do that!' without an explanation are less instructive, in my very fledging opinion child rearing-wise.

/slight derail.

Thanks pixie for the vibes: I had an interview for something awesome; 'tis a long shot but fingers crossed... ongoing hopes your FIL starts to feel better: that's a shock for sure.

What was up w/ the lounge being down? *goes to look for changes*
What is up with these schools? When I was little it was only the really rotten kids that got sent to the principal's office for bad behaviour, and usually they had done something really awful. And that bathroom thing is just ridiculous. Being marked tardy because you have to pee?! Geez. I remember I had one teacher in gr. 10 who always said that once we were in his classroom we weren't allowed to leave. I was having a horrible period and after pleading with him he finally let me go to the bathroom. That whole situation sounds ridiculous.

Nothing much to report here. I'm going home to spend time with my mom for a couple of weeks and then I'll be back here then hopefully I can make another trip to NYC.

one little kvetch: I've been feeling unusually tired and also really dizzy today. wtf?

((((pixies, yuefie, polly, syb, star, morn, bunny, sidecar, lady s, rosev, everyone))))
((((yuefie)))) & ((((niece))))


((((pixies)))) fingers crossed! ((((FIL)))) ouch. sending some care his way.

((((syb)))) oooooh biggrin.gif

((((bunny)))) w. t. f?? twats.


((((star)))) smile.gif *smooch*

((((candy, kitten, rose, tes, billy, futura, sassy, sixie, everyone))))

That sounds a bit... much. I mean, come on! (mind you, the tardy system seems so wholly alien to me...). And poor LeNephew, being sent to the principle's for silly little things! Don't they do classroom management in teacher-training any more? I can remember being sent to the principle's office for asking for left-handed scissors... and my brother was sent there for not saying the allegiance on a monday morning (he was four but he'd already decided that saluting flags, especially one not belonging to his country, was wrong).

So, the mice are back. they've chewed through the crappy plasterboard wall... no doubt my landlord will start making "it's your fault" noises (wanker). One of the girls I go rowing with has asked if I'd like to move in with her and three others next year, I'm definitely thinking about it - they're a nice bunch, even if it's more people than I'd ideally like (I don't know how Indigo will cope) - and she's not sure about dogs. But wish me luck!

right. sleep. work tomorrow. work social tomorrow. uuuurgh /zombie groan
I had a little freakout in the Facebook group when I realized that the Lounge was down. I couldn't tell how long it would be for and I neeeeeeeeded some Bustie time.
I woke up this morning w/really bad cramps. In everyway I feel like I am on the first day of my period except for actually being on my period. I guess this will just be a rough PMS phase. I want to crawl into my lovely bed and hide. Guess what I am doing tomorrow?

{{{yuefie}}} that is class A Bullshit.

Sorry that I can't vibe properly today. I am dumb as a post right now.
I'm going to go ahead and post a pic of my tat. I had just put some goo on it so it was really shiney and didn't take a good pic. After it's completely finished I'll take one without goo. The dress is supposed to look marbled, so there are still some very fine brown lines to be drawn in. There is also some detailing on the face and highlighting in the hair in wings left.
2:30am and i'm online for the first time in a week... not fair that i need sleep! anyway, much love and hugs to all, i'm sunburned, mosquito-bit and tired as hell. i'll post more individual stuff later, if my internet will just kindly co-operate!

btw, pixie, awesome tat!
Belated congrats Kitten!! That's great news!

I didn't know tattoos could be so detailed, Pixie. (((((((F-I-L and family situation))))))

Ptoo on the little buggers, Mornington. Mice are cute, but not when they're not invited. I hope things work out for you and Indigo.

Polly, that teacher is probably so busy keeping the lead in the class that she doesn't realise the damage she does. That's not good.

And tardy's /detention because of having to go to the bathroom doesn't teach a child anything, IMHO.

*^*^*^*^*Mystery vibes just to be sure*^^*^*^*^Sybarite, can you unveil the mystery?

I moved into my new workplace. A friend of mine is on holiday for 3 weeks, so i can stay at his apartment in the same city. I'm going to have drinks with colleagues later on, and then watch the world championships soccer. I'm not much of a football fan, and my going is purely out of social motives.
I must admit it all feels a bit weird. I have work to do, but can't really get myself to do stuff. It's all a bit...undefined. Which doesn't matter, i can hold my own. The transition i made from wanting to have everything under control, being stressed out by the slightest hurdle, insecure- is something i bnever imagined i could. Bt i did. And my gut is alright. Everybody has been so welcoming; i really feel loved. And to come in here and read about how y'all are doing doubles that.

Still. I need to get laid. And aunti Flo's not helping.

((((((((Damona, Kittenb, Pixiedust, Mornington, Candycane Girl, Polly, Yuefie, Bunny, Sidecar, Selena, Stargazer, Sassy)))))))

Pearly pink bra & black undies
~~~delurks, lured in by the smell of fresh ink~~~

nice tat pixie!! *wolfwhistles*

~~~bashful now, relurks~~~

Thanks guys! The pic really doesn't do it justice. When it isn't covered in goo it isn't such a bright pink. Some of the color is supposed to fade too. I am really looking forward to when it is completely done and completely healed! Now I just have to lose enough weight to look good in the bikini's I'll be wqearing to show it off this summer!
Hello, my darling Kvetchies! I'm back! Girl Party '08 was a great success. Much alcohol was consumed, many laughs were had, and a few tears were shed. Good times. Now I'm back home & I have oodles to do, so forgive me if it takes a few days for me to start posting again.

[blows kisses around & skips back out of the room]
Happy Sunday, all. It was a lovely Ssaturday in the city. Not too hot, very sunny. Today is cooler and grayer and I think it is raining. Thankfully I got some outside time yesterday. There was a street fair a few blocks away from my house. Street fairs always sound like fun but unless there are carnival rides, what are you supposed to do after about two hours? That is when I start needing ice cream or booze to keep the boredom away.

Last night the boy and I saw The Hulk. It was a fun action movie, suprisingly family friendly. And, of course, The Geek giggled like a 3y/o when we finally got to see "HULK SMASH! Today we are doing a Father's Day dinner w/his family.

Pixiedust - Lovely tattoo. You can show us more pictures when it heals and looks the way you want it to.

Roseviolet!!!! Glad that your thing was so fun. Glad to see you back here.

futura - sounds like things are doing well for you.

damona - get some sleep sweetie.


(((rose))) so good girl's night out was a blast!

(((futura))) how was your bday?? so sorry i wished happy bday to your former moniker.

(((pixie))) where is the tat located?

(((kittenb))) it sounded like you had a good weekend.

kvetch: not really a kvetch, merely an observation. coming from a working class background, it is a struggle to learn alot as i enter a different class structure. alot of white, heterosexual privilege. not a bad thing. these people worked hard. don't get me wrong. i just have alot of learning to do with very little money to help me get into some of these professional organizations to get recognition. damn. it costs alot of money to get an education, experience, and exposure.

phew. sorry.

*~*~*mulipurpose vibes for everyone who needs 'em*~*~*
Hi rose! Glad your Girl Party was fun!


Nice tattoo, pixie!

So, we're another step closer to the big "W"- see the "A Day to Remember" thread for details. Still no ring.

Like kitten said, it's kinda gray here today. No significant rain out here, and it's cool enough to leave the windows open!

We saw LeBoy's family yesterday- it's the first Mother's/Father's Day in a couple of years that neither LeSister or LeBrother announced another baby on the way. LeBrother, I think, is done and LeSister just gave birth to the "surprise" they announced at Father's Day last year. I think they're going to wait a couple of years before going for a third.

We're going over to my grandparent's house today to do stuff with my family.

Crap, it's late and I still have to clean the litterbox- ew.
Stargazer, I get what you're talking about. I do feel it's wrong that a good education is often so expensive, and that access to good opportunities can be restricted. I don't know what you work at/study but what you describe happens across a lot of areas I've been interested in working in. Good for you for persevering: it will pay off in more ways than one.

Futura, things definitely are looking up for you! Great to hear. No mystery really: I had a job interview for what has been my dream job for years. Getting it would complicate things for sure, but even being interviewed was good. We'll see, it's kind of a long shot for several reasons.

Eh, kitten, I wasn't crazy about the Incredible Hulk, although I did like their attempts to reference the 70s TV show. Glad you liked it and had a good weekend!

My weekend has been mixed. Mister is away so I chilled out on my own, which I usually enjoy. However, there's been another death in my family and I feel I'm resisting thinking about it, putting myself in denial. We weren't close but it is sad, and I feel for his wife and kid. Then the mister's mother got in touch as his dad is in hospital. I think she was undecided about passing the mister a message while he is away, so as not to worry him. I sent him a message because I thought he'd want to know, and then she told me today his dad is doing much better. I'm very glad to hear it but am stressing somewhat that I did the wrong thing. Och, I'll find out tomorrow. I'm overthinking everything lately so I'm probably overthinking this.

I did go for a long walk and did some tae bo, so I should start feeling better soon! I've some work to do now... sorry for the me me me novel!
Yay for getting one step closer Polly!

Glad you made it home safe Rose! I think we have officially called off Myrtle beach. It was frightenng how much we were going to be spending on gas, so now we are looking at Galveston!

Futura...As I've now realized, the problem with very detailed tats is that they take extreamly long and hurt a whole lot worse! I've already spent 7 hours on this one and I have at leats one more hour to go!

My tat is on my back...pretty much everything between my bra strap and waist line. Can't ever accuse me of doing things half asses...I had to go get a big mo fo!

(((star, sybarite, kitten, beck, mornington, bunny, yuefie, where the heck has Tes been? mando, and everyone else!))))

yay polly for little steps!

pixie, my stepdad never had a tat before, and then when he was 70 he went and got a huge "native american riding a pony" thing on his entire upper arm literally, shoulder to elbow. if yer gonna do it.... tongue.gif oh, and btw, you are driving me crazy! i want to get the next part of my back piece done so bad! i hate being broke.

stargazer, i hear you on how it takes money to get education to get experience to get the job you want!

i'm glad to hear that everyone had a decent weekend. mine was rather mixed as well. friday i was cranky and crampy but we had people over so i had to act civilized. we watched "jumper", which was a pretty good movie, well, at least 3 of us did! our 4th person fell asleep 2 seconds after we started the movie. so i just used him for a pillow! saturday started badly, kids and i were all cranky and there was a lot of yelling on all sides. but when the mr came home he brought me a rootbeer float! smart man lol. and then i got to run away to my girfriends house for the night. we stayed up way too late watching all the stuff on tv that we can't watch with kids around, like real sex and secret lives of women and cathouse (i know, quality television!) and we made bbq ribs and chocolate cupcakes and ate cheetoes at 2am with dr pepper! it's nice to just be me once in awhile, and not always somebody's mom.

yesterday was the big day for the family. my little sister graduated high school! which was a 4 hour endurance trial for me, both because of sitting on those horrid metal folding chairs (which left me with a cramp in my back so bad i can't take a deep breath. it sucks, severely.)and because of listening to assorted family remind me that SHE graduated while I am the dropout-slacker of the family *grumble*. but i am proud of my sister, i really am. i got a cool picture of her in her cap and gown standing between my mom and i.

*sigh* It is a day of mixed blessings here. I just found out that my wonderful boss whom I love and respect has been offered a new job w/the company that we work for. I am really, really happy for her (and frankly suprised that the company was smart enough to hire her for it) but she won't be in charge of us any more. I'll never see her and I don't trust too many people to know how to manage us as a department. I am hoping that they hire a certain person from our staff to fill the position. That would pretty much rock. I am just going to miss my boss. sad.gif

How lucky am I to have a boss that I'll miss so much that I want to cry just because she is moving to a different department? smile.gif

{{{damona}}} wow, back pain and rude relatives. What a combo. It's good that you get along w/your sister, though.
{{{pixie}}}it seems that travel of any sort, car or plane, is just priced out of reach this summer. Good luck.
{{{polly}}}I seriously wonder how anyone affords a wedding. I was reading your entry. Good luck to you figuring it all out.
{{{stargazer}}}I kind of feel your pain. Trust me.

I bought a new swimsuit today. The one that I really wanted from Land's End didn't work out. I am to small for the "Women's" size but the regular size was a halter neck that would have hurt me. So I went to and found this:

What do you think?
oo, kitten, that's a really nice suit - i like the cherries!

((((damona)))) congrats to your sister, hope you back is feeling better!

((((pixie)))) that's gorgeous! I didn't realise it was quite so big, but it looks great

((((syb, star, sidecar, futura, mando, rosev, everyone))))
(((kittenb))) sorry you will be losing your fav boss. sad.gif

(((morn))) acos

(((damona))) that meal of ribs and dr. pepper sounds so good right now... *drool* i've been craving some good bbq.

kvetch: my fav and most supportive supervisor here is leaving the workplace this week. i'm supersad. it will be our last meeting. i think she will be worried for me too because she knows how tough peeps have here. i asked her if we could just spend our last supervision crying together. sad.gif

antikvetch: even though i'm kinda bummed about the is the strongest i've felt in awhile. i didn't get pissed when the one supercritcal sup was being a stooge. plus, aunt flo came today and i still had the energy to get through sweaty yoga.

(((kittenb))) that is so sad
(((polly))) I wrote you a ridonk-long response in the wedding thread.

sorry i've been around here rarely. i just have too much going on. our big conference is in a week and a half in anaheim, and it's just working like a dog 'til i make it there. then, when i get back, i have a lovely long july 4 weekend in which nothing is planned, followed by vacation at the end of the month.

but other than work, i am spending my time glaring at my slowly growing herbs (i'm just going to replant the mint and the rosemary they're so bad), cooking, and doing freelance projects. the other day i made a peanut butter buttercream and i was very happy with it.
Sidecar, I was thinking about you last night (can't remember why), so I'm glad you checked in. Sorry to hear that you've got so much to do before the conference, but at least you have vacay to look forward to!

((((((((Kitten & Stargazer))))))))))) I feel for you. Changes like that can have a huge impact on the whole department & your everyday quality of life. Here's hoping the replacements are wonderful people, too.

Cute suit, Kitten!

Pixie, the tat is beautiful! Sorry you can't make it to visit this year. I was looking forward to seeing all of you.
Any news on the job front for Mr. P?
~$$~$$~$$~ continued jobby job vibes for Mr. Pixie ~$$~$$~$$~

Damona, hooray for girl time! You deserve it more than anyone I know. smile.gif

((((((((Sybarite)))))))))) Sorry you've been having a rough time. I think you did the right thing by telling the mister about his dad. If I had been in his shoes, I would have been pissed if that info had been kept from me.

Morn, what's happening with you? Is your rowing captain continuing to drive you insane?

Bunny, when do you leave for Florida?

Has anyone heard from Tes lately? I don't think she has posted anything since maybe early April. We haven't heard anything about Elle & the new baby or anything.

And in other MIA Bustie news, I miss QSpice. I wonder where she's spending her summer. That woman is always on the move.

Must run! Much to do!
Thanks RV. The mister's been in touch and I very much feel I did the right thing now. I always feel weird making a call when it involves members of someone else's family, even though I know them. I've been in touch w/ my family stateside too, so I'm feeling better. Also got a lovely message from the mister today smile.gif

Kitten, I love that suit, so cute!

I'm glad you've got chilling out time scheduled sidecar; it's good to know that's waiting for you at the other end of the conf. *swoons at peanut butter buttercream*

Damona, I'm only a part-time stepmum but I totally know what you mean about just being *you*, not The Mom all the time. Glad you had fun.

Star, good for you for going to yoga on day one of aunt flo. You must feel amazing after that.

Things good here, getting thesis work done after a busy/messy week last week. Must. be. productive... but day job is going better which is nice. Our office is tiny so I completely understand the importance of working with people you like/feel supported by.

You know that sonic boom you heard way off in the distance about 30 minutes ago? That was my brain.
I hate my insurance company with a passion. A firey passion. A heated, firey, sweaty passion that would be really great if it were love rather than HATEHATEHATE!!!!!!

We have been charged a higher rate since we moved to NC because Sheff has been considered an "inexperienced driver" in this state (Oklahoma has a different law, under which he was NOT considered inexperienced). So we've been paying about 300% more for insurance since we moved here 2 years ago. Well, as of this month Sheff has finally had his license for 3 years & by NC state law he is no longer considered and inexperienced driver, so our rates should be going down, right?
I have been told that contracts with State Farm run on a 6 month schedule. Our current contract runs from May to November. So even though Sheff is no longer an "inexperienced driver", they are still going to charge us the same old inflated rate until November when the contract expires. Can you believe that shit?!?!?! UUUUUGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I am beyond furious. Truly beyond.

Anybody out there want to recommend a new insurance company? Preferably a group that covers car and home insurance? Please? Because I refuse to put up with this shit anylonger.

Hence ends today's kvetch.
Rose we are with Geico. I haven't had anything to do with State Farm since they allowed Mr. Dust to remove me from our insurance before our divorce was filed. Amusingly enough...his rates went up without me, so that he was actually paying more to have me off his insurance than he would have paid to keep me on.

And no word yet on the job front for Mr. Pixie. He's had a greta couple of interviews, but it seems everyone needs a pom/cheerleading coach! I'm really hoping he gets out of public education period. So far none of the non teaching jobs have called back.

Kitten , georgeous suit! Sorry about losing your great boss.

Uggh! Damona, I can.not.stand.graduations!!!

(((sybarite, star, sidecar, mornington, and everyone else)))
((((rose)))) thanks for asking! smile.gif fucking insurance, that blows


((((star)))) what rose said, i'm sorry it's got you so down. but yay for yoga and workin' up a sweat!

((((syb)))) glad you're feeling better, yay for job improvements!

((((polly, damona, bunny, yuefie, zoya, sixie, sassy, candy, faith, futura, maaaaaaaaaandoooo, billy, teswemissyou, everyone))))

sad news today: mornmama's ex, fusspot P (he who lived in Belgium) died on thursday. He was 58, and apparently died in his sleep. He drove me up the wall, but he was a very sweet, dear, kind person, and I know mornmama will miss him lots.

I've been busy teaching - dramatic weekend in glasgow for zoya's birthday, although i shamefully passed out before midnight (memo to self: never let zoya make margaritas again, or at least until you've eaten lots) followed by me getting stranded in glasgow... but G took care of Indigo and all was well. Yesterday he and I made passive-aggressive cupcakes for his last day at work (today, he's out getting hammered now) and I've been on a cooking binge since. I want to start making smoothies for breakfast.

G has asked me if I'd like to meet the sproglet next weekend. I'm very, very touched - and absolutely terrified. I'm going to take Indigo, but apparently I have to learn everything about Transformers before sunday tongue.gif

oh and: I'm starting to see a therapist again, and also being referred to a psychiatrist to look at my meds. aaaand I'm getting the b.c. implant done next month. woo me and my proactive self rolleyes.gif
((((kvetchies one and all))))) ~~~~all purpose vibes around~~~~

I had an especially craptastic day today, so forgive me for barging in to kvetch without individual vibage. I feel super shitty and the only thing keeping me sane is all the hugs from the psuedo step-kidlet who is a major cuddle bug and super sweet. He's here with us until Friday and then is coming back the following Wednesday. The visitation schedule in the summer is 9 days here, 5 days at home with mom, then back here so that we get more time with him. R is off of school for the next 4 weeks, but is working a lot of overtime, getting home around midnight most nights and is only getting one day off a week. This means a lot more one on one time for me with the kiddo and today was kinda rough. I got really crabby and snapped at him and feel pretty bad about it. He's such a sweet kid but sometimes overly dramatic and quite smothering and I just needed a few minutes to breathe today. The day got off to a rocky start, just one of those everything that can go wrong does kind of mornings. As soon as I sat up this morning I knew I was going to throw up. While making a run for the bathroom I tripped on something someone left sitting in the hallway and slightly twisted my ankle. Then we misplaced a very important document, tore apart the place looking for it and after an hour of searching found it in an odd spot. Then I got an annoying as fuck phone call from someone I did *not* need to talk to today. Plus I'm majorly hormonal and crampy, my face has had an explosion including a zit on my lip line and the freaking north star on my nose. And because I had to stop my medication while recovering from surgery, I'm having to go through the process of working my dosage back up. It's basically starting over which was a difficult and seemed to last forever the first time around. Ugh, I feel sick and nauseated most of the time, have an almost constant headache and zero appetite. I just feel shitty and grouchy over all and not fit to be around. The kidlet is completely over it and has been a doll tonight, he even told me I'm the best second mommy ever. But damnit, I feel like a jerk.
{{{yuefie}}} Sorry that your day was such a mess. Kids are very forgiving of adult stupidity, thankfully.
{{{roseviolet}}} Wow, sounds like you are having a rough day, too. I can not make recommendations. I don't own a car.
{{{mornington}}} Way to go w/the proactiveness!
{{{pixiedust}}} The ex/State Farm thing sounds like what I like to call "instant karma."
{{{sidecar}}} Glad to see you. smile.gif
{{{stargazer}}} I feel your pain.
{{{sybarite}}} Yay, for being productive!

I had a great start to my morning. I rode my bike into work. It took a little over an hour but it was the lake shore path the whole way. I had a great view. smile.gif

forgive my selfcenteredness, please, don't hate me. i have had such a rotten day. i woke up with a migraine, drove to the chiropractor, drove home and crawled back into bed. the mr got kids up, changed and fed them and they went back into their room to play (the 5 and 3 yr olds) and my 7 and 9 yr olds were playing a video game and put on "keep an ear on your brothers" watch. the mr had to leave for a bit, so they probably played in their room for an hour or so before i got up again. i still had a headache, but at least i could get my eyes open. i went into their room and i just looked around and burst into tears and sat on the floor and cried and cried. my 3 yr old had sneaked a bag of pens and markers from my oldest boys' room in there while the mr was helping the 5 yr old with pottying. they coloured on absolutely everything with sharpie and yellow highliter. pen gouges and marks on the walls, a hole in one wall that i had just patched over. did i mention that i just scrubbed and patched and painted their whole room, just a few days ago?? walls, floors, window sills, radiator covers, the beds, the sheets, blankets, pillows, clothes, each other..... black sharpie and neon yellow highliter, everywhere. i couldn't do anything but cry. i called the mr and sobbed at him and he said he was on his way home. my oldest, dai, came upstairs, looked at me, went back down stairs and brought me a box of kleenex and said "ok mom, where are the sponges?" he went and got them, handed one to little z and one to little d and started scrubbing. there are days when i think dai is going to drive me to distraction, but he was my sanity-saver today, that's for sure. i still have a headache. the mr is awake now, i think i'm goig to go back to bed. he can deal with dinner.

{{{damona}}} Oh gosh, what a rotten day. sad.gif I don't know why, but for some reason that reminded me of something that I did when I was little. I was given this really big coloring book, about as long as I was tall. My older brother got out of bed and woke me up and we started to color in this book. We were making all kinds of noise and it was the middle of the night. I remember my parents coming into the room and my mom gave me this patented "Kittenbmom" look: "What are you doing?" It just makes me laugh as it just seemed so natural to be coloring at 3 AM or whatever time it was.
As kids we were never allowed Play-Dough b/c we ground too much of it in the carpet. We could be destructive.
I hope Thursday is better.
((((((damona)))))) I hope today was better

(((((yuefie)))))) *smooches* what kitten said, I'm sure the kidlet understands, kids can be very intuitive.

sooooo... I got a 2:1 in my exams!!! *cabbage patches*
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Jun 17 2008, 10:01 AM) *
And in other MIA Bustie news, I miss QSpice. I wonder where she's spending her summer. That woman is always on the move.
I think you conjured me, because I was sitting here, about to go to bed, and suddenly the though popped in my head that I really ought to go check out the lounge since I'm chillin' with raisin in the coming days.

I'm super busy right now - back in AZ working full time for the summer BUT on top of that, I'm working 10-15 hrs/wk for my major prof back at school (the only way he'd let me leave for the summer), working on things, AND trying to fit time in to work on my new project ( and, you know, relax a bit. It's been even worse the last two weeks as everything I'd planned to do before my trip to MIT next week had gone to crap with the floods back home (my building proper didn't flood, but the steam tunnel beneath my building did, so they cut off power, which made preparations *really* fun)... and at the same time, we're getting ready for the next set of major tests at work (which take a *ton* of work to make sure all the hardware is juuuust so) and I have had to spent way too much time training my intern. (It amuses me to no end that my director gave me an intern.)

HOLY CRAP has it really been six months since I said anything at all on BUST and a year in Kvetch?! OMFG did time fly! You should really locate me on LJ, because I'm marginally better about posting there than here.
(((Damona))) My sister and I covered out bedroom in vaseline when we were kids. Can you imagine how hard that was to get off? I hope today was better.

Congrats morn, that is an awesome result! Goes to show the course was a good fit. Well done.

Big-ass kvetch: My day job has decided to let my contract run out, which means at the end of next week I'm outta here. I've learned that I bloody hate HR, but I didn't expect this and need the money. They don't have a problem with me; they want to restructure the office, but it's still a shock.
*sigh* thanks for the bustie love y'all. today has been slightly better. at least, no lasting damage done, just a half carton of juice on the living room floor. and my sis stopped by to hang out for an hour before she went to work, so there was some form of adult(ish) interaction. at the moment, dai is outside (with only one shoe on. whatever.), little z is in the bath, little d is playing with legos on the floor next to me, and little w is asleep. relative peace, for a few minutes anyway.

syb, omg, vaseline? that took some scrubbing! ~*~*~*~*~*~ find a good job quick vibes~*~*~*~*~*~*

qspice!!! i hope all goes well with all of your projects. you are an ambitious person, that's for darn sure. good luck!

go mornington, go mornington, go go go mornington!

kitten, my kids are no longer allowed playdough either. i hated the mess they always made with it but let them have it on a highchair tray or cookie sheet on the kitchen floor, until i found a legit reason to outlaw it: it's made with wheat flour. ooops, that's gluten! bye bye playdough! i am such a mean mom...

i discovered that the methodist church in the next town has several 4 day "camps" for kids up thru 6th grade. it's only 3 hours a day, but it's better than nothing. dai and little z are each eligible for 3 of them, although they are not at the same time, and they're only $7 each camp. i can do this!!! yay for a few hours of slightly less chaos!

i'm making beef and mushroom fried rice for dinner. yum.
QSpice!!!!! So good to see you, dollface! Looks like you're keeping busy, as usual. I noticed that your cooking blog was down. Are you hoping to get that back up someday or are you too busy to play in the kitchen?

((((((((((((((Damona))))))))))))))))))))) I saw the word "sharpie" and my jaw hit the floor. I hope next week is 1000% better than this one.

(((((((((((((Yuefie))))))))))))))))) Hope you're feeling better!

((((((((((Sybarite)))))))))) Sorry to hear about the job. ~$$~$$~$$~ job vibes ~$$~$$~$$~

Mornington, I don't know what that means, but if you're happy then I'm happy for you! Congrats!

Kitten, at my parents house we were allowed to play with Play Doh, but ONLY on the kitchen table!!! Upon penalty of death!!!

Bunny, I think I have finally finished gathering info for you for your big trip to Florida. Warning: it's a lot to take in! But I've been to Disney World 5 times, so I know what I'm talkin' about. wink.gif

Sorry I've been MIA, gang. I've been very busy, but in a good way. Some of it was just boring ol' chores and stuff, but I've had some fun, too. I mailed off some packages to the gals who attended Girl Party '08 with me. And I took my knives in to be sharpened (good god, did they need it!) and my favorite gourmet food store is having a huge sale, so I stocked up on vanilla beans (about $1 each! Woot!). Good times.

Tonight we're having dinner with friends. Tomorrow we're going to a BBQ party. Our host is the VP of the company where Sheff works. There will be swimming! And free food and drinks! And the only other guests are good friends of ours, so we're guaranteed to have a good time. So yay!

Kvetch: mosquito bites. I have them on my legs, arms, feet, hands, and even one on my face. There are 4 bites on my left hand alone! Oh, how I hate them.
It'll be back as soon as I figure out what broke! I moved hosts in a snit back in March, and didn't notice that it broke until pretty recently, and just haven't had the time with all the prep work for my MIT trip (aka, this week). It's just as well, I really haven't been cooking much this summer -- it's all same stuff/different day, but delicious.

*****TROLL ALERT*****

our usual shmuck troll is back. with 2 profiles. instead of putting up with his bs, click on the link below to block his posts and doctored photos. on the next pages, click on the block button at the bottom of the page. you must click both.

BLOCK TROLL: filibuster
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Thanks for the warning! Ugh.
(Posting more subtly here)

Actually, it's posting under 3 names- I got oodles of comments from "MissLips", so block that one, too!

Crap, not sure how you formatted that GT, to go directly to my ignore list, so here's a link to the profile!

Remember to IGNORE POSTS and BLOCK PM'S!!

BLOCK TROLL: filibuster
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argh. trolls. isn't sunday supposed to be a day of rest aka the sabbath?? blink.gif funny that's when all of these postings came on.

kvetch: brunch and good bloody marys. in need.

qspice, so you are coming up to beantown, huh. i live up these parts too. feel free to drop me a PM.

off to an art museum i go....

Thanks for the troll warning.

I just returned from San Francisco where Mr. DM, Twin DM and I were vacationing for a week. I was amazed at how nice people were, store clerks, wait staff and really almost everyone. I had two people ask if they could help us with directions. The weather was cool the first few days, and then it got hot. I preferred the cool days because we were walking around all day and evening. I did a lot of shopping, eating, walking, saw two films, went to see Jaymay in concert, went to the cartoon art museum and a gallery exhibit about women, art and politics. Twin DM and I were obsessed with this one crane machine at an arcade. We got many dog toys for Lola and my parent's dog Betsy. I would definately consider moving to San Francisco someday.

I read the archives, but I will just give general vibes. ((Busties))

I hope everyone has a nice Monday.
DM, glad you had such a good time! I was there last year on vacay and loved it. I like the Cartoon Art museum, it was pretty cool. It's such a fun place to visit.

Today was lazy, except for the freelance assignment I did. Otherwise, it was sitting around, eating junk food and watching the X-files with Martini. We saw Willie Nelson on Friday (yay, he was awesome!) and Tracy Morgan last night (ugh! he wasn't funny, it was so disappointing) so I definitely got my out-of-the-house quotient.

This week, I have 3 days in the office and then am off to Anaheim for a conference. Too much work.

(((((damona))))))) i read your super sad post, and oh, your son d ... what a sweetheart. hope the room is coming back to normal.
Ongoing vibes for (((damona))) and fam.

Sidecar, there's a vacay silver lining for you two after the conference, isn't there? In the meantime, good luck for this week!

I'd like to request vibes for the mister's father please: he has been unwell with heart problems for a while, and has been in the hospital for over a week. He had a heart attack on Saturday; he is doing okay now, but he's old and a little frail, so the mister is worried. We didn't know about the heart attack until today as the mister's been away until this morning. I of course am at work where I can't do much, but I'm keeping in touch with his mum and him.

This week will be a bastard. We'll be on wait and see standby for mister's father; it's my last week in this job so if need be I can travel w/ him to his family. Meanwhile I have to find another job, write to a deadline, revise my conference paper and attend a graduate assessment. I'm due to go to a conference followed by vacay next week, and I don't know what to do.

(((hope all is well out in bustieland)))
~~~~syb's mister's father~~~
((((syb)))) hang in there.
((sidecar)) Hope work is not too hectic. We also found Tracey Morgan to be a little disappointing, and kind of gross looking. He might have been drunk or high when we saw him or it may just be his usual demeanor.

((syb)) Good luck on all the work stuff.

((syb’s mister’s father))

I was supposed to be back at work today, but my ears were stuffy and hurting. I went to urgent care and the doctor said I had an infection in both ears. My ears always hurt when I fly, but the last flight home was really bad, and I knew they were probably going to get infected. So now I have to take three medications and go back in five days for a re-check. It’s fine, but it’s frustrating to get sick after a fun vacation. I got an email from a coworker and it seems some stuff has been going down, and at least one person has been downsized (our company was bought last year). I don’t want to lose my job, but at the same time I’m not really overly concerned.
((((syb's mr's father)))))
((((syb)))) hang in there. On an aside, the module I was always raving about (that you gave me that book reference for), I got a very shiny 82%. Woo!

((((dm)))) urgh, hope your ears clear up sharpish; I always get nasty colds after flying, so I feel your pain

((((sidecar)))) yay for laziness and willie nelson!

((((qspice)))) *waves*

((((damona)))) continuing love for you. I know we used to make our own playdough, 'cos my brother used to eat it, and obv this stuff wasn't unlovely, but.... the no wheat sounds reasonable to me!


((((star)))) mm, brunch...

((((polly, sassy, kitten, mando, bunny, yuefie, pixie, tes, billy, zoya, sixie... everyone))))

I met the Sprog yesterday, it wasn't as terrifying as it could have been; he was more interested in rifling through G's computer games than anything. |He seems quite sweet, really.

Indigo and I are hanging out, doing not much. I'm taking G to meet Girlies 1 and 2 (and thier flatmate), along with me meeting Girly 1's new man - we're going for dinner tomorrow. He's mildly terrified. It's going to be one of those weeks that is mildly busy with seeing people, but not *actually* that busy.
~~~~~~~ Syb's Mister's father ~~~~~~~

~~~~ DM's ears ~~~~

Morn, glad to here the meeting with the sprog went well.

((((((((((((((All my darling Kvetchies)))))))))))))))

Sheff and I had another nice weekend! Yay! Saturday night we went out to dinner with a couple of friends. One of them has been working hard on her thesis for the past couple of weeks, so we let her pick the place. She chose PF Chang's, which was kinda disappointing to me because it's one of those super loud chain restaurants where you can barely hear your dining companions. But the food was nice ... better than I expected, frankly. We brought them back to our house afterwards where we drank and ate chocolate and played with the Millie cat and had a great time. Then yesterday we went out to Sheff's Big Boss's house. The guy lives out in the middle of NO WHERE. But he has a large piece of land, upon which he has a lovely pool and the biggest garage I have ever seen. It was practically an airport hanger. He has an RV parked in there, as well as a couple of cars and a boat (of the "gin palace" variety) and additional space to play with his power tools. Amazing. Anyway, we all had a great time swimming and eating and swimming some more. Big Boss gave me the biggest rum & Coke ever. And then he made me another one after that. And yet, I managed not to be the drunkest person present! It was really really fun. I can totally see us all hanging out again sometime. I might even invite them to our place for dinner. Who knows.

The only downside: I woke up with a hangover AND cramps from Aunt Flow. Thank the gods for water and ibuprophen!!!
Oy my goodness. Things in my office are totally off the freakin' rails. All of my fantasies of having a nice gentle summer before I started school are just flying away. Dammit, I am getting pouty about it.

I had a lovely weekend, though. We had a hail storm yesterday. Hail really scares me as I then start looking for tornadoes. But, nothing too bad. It could have been worse. I was riding my bike outside about 5-7 minutes before the hail blew in.

{{{stargazer}}} missed you on Friday!
{{{designermedusa}}} {{{hugs and healthy ear vibes}}}
{{{sidecar}}}I found X-Files season 4 used yesterday for $10. Woohoo!
{{{sybarite}}} healthy vibes for the boy's father.
{{{mornington}}} a Sprog is what again?

I need some magical bustie/kvetchie vibes for my older sister. Her serial cheating asshat of a pleasegodsoontobe ex-husband is really putting her through hell over a divorce and he is being a passive-aggressive controlling nightmare. She can't even afford a divorce and her car keeps breaking. Help!

ETA: {{{hello rose! Yum, rum & Cokes}}}
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