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I'm sad that my cable doesn't get least not without upgrading. I don't think I'd get into Dr. Who (but *who* knows tongue.gif ) since I'm not much of a sci-fi person, but How Clean is Your House and Kitchen Nightmares and Top Gear are pretty good, from the few episodes I've seen at other people's houses.

Rose, that spelling bee clip is hilarious! Numbnut?!?!?

LeTwin's thumb is looking better. She had a doctor appointment on Friday. New problem, though- her corneas are really scratched up. A lesson to learn for all you contact wearers out there: If you're in a car accident where the airbag pops, remove your contacts!! The theory they're going with is that the powder from the airbag stuck to her contacts and took a few days to permeate, then it scratched up her eyes. She has the kind where you can sleep with them in, so she didn't remove them at any time. They gave her some drops or something, so she should be okay.

((Sophie)) LeBoy had that third mole biopsied last week. They called him this week and said it wasn't normal. It wasn't cancerous yet, but they called it "atypical", meaning it has the potential to become cancer in the future. So they're going to remove it on the 13th. Oh, the mystery vibes were for something else, something good, that we're still waiting for.

Ugh, I need to go do laundry at my parent's house.

*~*~*continued mystery vibes for polly & leboy*~*~*

rose, yay for sheff coming home!

(((morn))) acos

syb, yeah for long weekends!

i hope you are doing better sassygrrl. sad.gif

no kvetches today. i'm feeling pretty good. i mean, i wish some things were a little different, but what are you gonna do. the sun is shining and i did some shopping.

Happy Monday all! Mondays are always quiet in this thread.

I had a lovely weekend filled w/Target shopping, BBQ ribs and some work. The weather has been just about perfect. I had the frustrating realization today that I need to buy a new bed ASAP. The last thing I can afford is an $800 purchase but I also can't afford many more headaches, stiff necks and sore hips that my 10 1/2 y/o matress is giving me. So I am going to look into financing plans. blink.gif

{{{sassy}}} I hope you have had a chance to recover now.

{{{roseviolet}}} glad that Sheff is back. I hope you made him feel welcome after all the David Tennant lusting.

{{{mornington}}} How did your first day of lessons go?

{{{sidecar and sophie}}}

{{{stargazer}}} I love Billie Piper's mouth but her new show looks terrible!

{{{polly}}} Good tip re: the contacts. Glad she is recovering.


Oh, before I forget, I have another grad school interview on Wednesday. Is it terribly bad form to wear nice sandles? I hate heels but plan on wearing a dress.

~*~*~*~*~ more mystery vibes for Polly & LeBoy ~*~*~*~*~
Thank goodness he had a doctor check out those moles. Glad to hear they caught the problem early.

Poor LeTwin!
~~~~~~~~~ soothing for her eyes & continued vibes for her thumb ~~~~~~~~~

ETA: Kitten, Best of luck at the grad school interview!

Hope you all had a good Monday. I had a bad endo day, unfortunately, but I'm perking up now. Ted Kennedy is in my neighborhood having surgery on his brain tumor and it's all they can talk about on the news. I wish they'd spend more time talking about tonight's city council meeting, but oh well. I get grumpy like this when I'm sickly. Let's focus on the positive, shall we?

Major anti-kvetch: Two of my friends got married yesterday! Hooray! There were a few hiccups. A storm knocked out the power for a little while before the ceremony. And the car that was transporting their wedding cake got in a wreck and the cake was ruined, but luckily they had a grooms cake/pie/thing, so not all was lost. It was a small ceremony (which is why I wasn't there), but a drunken BestGalPal called me afterwards, so I imagine it all worked out fine in the end.
(Pixie, in case you're curious, the couple in question is BestGalPal's brother and the Ballerina)

Another anti-kvetch: Yesterday I made my very first key lime pie from scratch. I used real key limes & everything. Soooooooooo good. Oh my.

Anti-kvetch #3: In about 37 hours, I will be on a plane flying towards Girl Party '08! Hooray!
hey kvetchies! how's it goin'? it's hot and humid and everyone has been crabby all day here. it's nice outside now, but in the house is still yucky. and it's raining, so i'm stuck. besides, mosquitoes are out and they seem to think i am a tasty dish just for them.

polly, glad to hear that leboy is well and that letwin will be alright. contacts scare me, that's just another reason on my list to avoid them.

rose, ~*~*~*~feel better vibes~*~*~*~ and i hope you have a lovely time at girlparty '08! oh, and key lime pie? you are a goddess and must be worshiped.

kitten, i think that as long as they are dressy sandals, you will be fine. i wore dressy white sandals to an interview once, at a bank even! and i got the job. (sadly, i had to turn them down for lack of daycare. and i would have been making 9.50 an hour, too!)

stargazer, yay for good days!

to whomever: thank you for the naked boy pictures, i needed to brighten up my day! but yeah, david tennant definitely needs some good homecookin'.

yahoo messenger apparently has the hiccups tonight. i keep getting kicked off for no apparent reason. weird.
kitten, I think as long as the outfit looks "put together" it should be fine. It's not like a job interview where you have to look professional; you just have to look responsible...I think there are responsible sandals out there!

rose, did Ted get his surgery at Duke University? (That's in NC, right?) I had a co-worker who had a brain tumor and apparently Duke's the place to go to get that taken care of. She lived there for about 3 months while getting treatment. Mmm, homemade key lime pie. So delicious. I made brownies last night because it wasn't too hot in the house. It was a mix, but a Ghirardelli mix. So yummy. I'm really craving banana-coconut cream pie, but I've never really made my own crust, so I'm debating if I should or just buy a pre-made one.

Our bathtub was leaking into our neighbors downstairs! We had the maintenance guy come out and he determined there was just some spots that needed re-caulking, that it wasn't from a pipe or anything. Anyway, I hardly slept last night because of it- I was worried about having to spend oodles of money on a plumber, and the catnaps I kept taking in the afternoon didn't help. I went into work about an hour and half late this morning (I let them know, of course!)

Must go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight. Must.

((Hugs to all)) Where's yuefie?
I'm here. I've just had such trouble accessing the Lounge lately. Sometimes I can get the page up, but can't access Kvetch at all. And then today I tried and couldn't even get to display. WTF is going on?? dry.gif

Yay for nekkid Clive Owen pics!

((((le twin))))

~~~~soothing for our lovely rosev~~~~


glad to hear sophie is feeling better

good luck on your interview, kitten!

where is amilita?

(((mandi, morn, bunny, sidecar, syb, pixie, star, polly, billy, dusty, futura, dm, lanie, faith, candy, ladys, damona, sixela, flanker, pink, zoya, faerie, lelu, muppetb, lurkers, everyone))))

Things are pretty good around here. I'm almost completely healed up and see the doc for my post-op appointment on Friday. I'm still looking at doggies but haven't found the right one yet. R and I are practically living together, though not officially. It's just that with his schedule we don't have much time together as it is, and it's convenient since he goes to school down much closer to my place than his and also his new job is down here too. Not to mention we can hardly stand to be apart. I know, gag. But yay, his new job is as the pantry cook at a bistro called Cafe Bleu. He's responsible for the hors d'ouevers, salads, soups and desserts. Last night be brought home these dates stuffed with pecorino, wrapped in applewood bacon with candied marcona almonds and picholine olives. It was yummalicious, as was the red wine poached pear w/ white chocolate mousse and pistachios he brought home the night before and the super decadent chocolate cake the night before that. I told him tonight that he can't keep bringing all these goodies or my ass will need it's own zipcode tongue.gif
((yeuffie, kitten, sassy, ccgirl, mando, sidecar and sophie, rosev and sheff, morn, polly leBoy and leTwin, damona, stargazer, uteri, on-demand, Billie Piper's mouth, pie, weddings, BBQ, Pixie and Mr. Pixie, nakey pictures, teaching, and all my busties))

Went to a very fun wedding this weekend, not the actual ceremony but a picnic and dance night for a few far-flung friends I don't get to see very often. Scary relationship stuff with my prof, but also hopeful. Had an IQ test requested by my shrink, and I am both a genius and severely learning disabled. Yeah. Hard to get used to, explains why a lot of basic life stuff comes really really hard to me when other stuff comes easily, and thus why sometimes I feel like a total moron because I forget basic information, cannot find anything including important things like wallets or documents, cannot maintain a workspace or apartment that is not covered in crap and have a hard time planning and executing tasks. (Important disclaimer: I think alleged "intelligence" tests measure a very limited kind of intelligence, and as for LDs, my older brother is severely dyslexic and yet brilliant and amazingly successful as a community organizer/public health guru, furthermore IQ numbers in particular are totally odd artifacts of an outdated intelligence-classification system, but for some weird competitive reason I always wanted to know my IQ so that was the silver lining to a very grueling day of tests, because they did the adult Wechsler IQ test but then also a special battery to clarify/classify my learning disability). The main thing that came out of the test was the evaluator's observation of my behavior during the test. She said "what struck me was that on the untimed portions, you would find a way to use your strengths to literally construct an alternate cognitive path to a conclusion that most people would be able to reach using their [other skills, e.g. perception of spatial relationship, working memory, etc.]." So basically my whole sense of being a fraud is explained - I actually have been tricking my way through my academic career by doing things in a bizarre way, but it's a good thing rather than a bad thing. But hard to deal with being told that parts of my brain "don't work correctly" -- in the sense of far, far below the norm. Essentially I am fucking Rainman, but in reverse. No Vegas for me.
((((((faith))))))) gosh. i hope you are doing ok. i hope i don't sound as awful when discussing psychological results with clients as that person did. Did you find the feedback helpful?

*~*~*interview vibes for kittenb*~*~*

kittenb, being a doc student...dress as you would for a prof. interview. please. they take your presentation as a consideration of how serious you are about grad school. i know it is an online school, but still. dress as you would for a job interview. seriously.

(((yuefie))) so good to see you here! how lucky to have a boy who cooks for you.

(((rose))) i can't wait to hear how your girlie get together goes. wow. that was alot of g's.

kvetch: man, i swear i have drawn blood getting through this internship. lordy. they are so passive aggressive here. i hate passive aggressive behavior. i don't like scare tactics. especially if you don't do anything about it. how immature. so, i've had to light a match under their asses to be responsible for me. they can talk about how i'm underperforming, but drag their asses with guiding through my training year. blah. i've never been in a position in my life where i've felt so imcompetent. i just want to feel good about something. sad.gif

off to do laundry.....

Need some advice- over the weekend, we found out our bathtub was leaking into the condo below us. LeBoy was in the shower and soon after he got out, our neighbor knocked on the door and asked if we knew of a problem with our plumbing because there was water leaking into their unit.

I told her we'd look into it and get it fixed. We called the maintenance guy, who came over yesterday morning, and determined that it wasn't a leaky pipe. He said some of the caulk around the tub needed to be replaced. LeBoy took the day off and LeDad came over- they scraped all the caulk off, cleaned up the mildew (eww!) and recaulked the whole thing.

We have not tried running the shower yet, so we don't know if it is really fixed. Our neighbor (the female-half of these neighbors is the one who bitched at me about letting the dog pee in the foliage outside the front door, right before I had my surgery a few months ago) came back up tonight and asked what the status was. We weren't really sure if there was any lasting damage done to their place because after they first told us there was a problem, they left for the day, so we thought, "how bad could it be?"

Anyway, LeBoy sort of over-explained things to him because he wasn't really sure what to tell the guy. I was restraining the dog and cat from running out the door and I finally had to go over there and tell LeBoy, "we'll call the insurance agent in the morning and deal with it then!" just so he could have something definitive to tell the guy. The conversation ended- the guy wasn't rude or anything, but he said his ceiling is damaged and he wants to get it fixed, by us or the association. Since it was our tub that (supposedly) leaked, it's our responsibility. I don't know where to go from here, though.

I kinda want to call the maintenance guy back and have him check their ceiling- maybe even be down there while I'm upstairs spraying the shower to see if there's still a drip- that way the maintenance guy knows his diagnosis was wrong. I'm going to call my insurance company tomorrow- assuming it's determined to be our fault, do we each find someone to look at it and get an estimate?

I've never done this....any help?

((hugs to all)) Sorry about the me-me-me post, I'm just a smidge worried about this, but you're really all in my thoughts!

Hey damona, anything new with that recently widowed neighbor of yours?
((((Faith)))) You're not a fraud; you get things done your way. Clearly you compensate for your alternative approaches and manage to kick ass. Hope you're feeling better. Come back anytime, always good to see you!

Stargazer, I believe something similar happened to me at my current job; I wasn't fully briefed but dove in anyway and was then told I was wrong to do so. Ugh. It feels weird to me to place the blame on those training me, so I sucked it up, but I feel your pain.

I also empathise in that I want to hear something good work-wise; I submitted a decent thesis draft over a month ago now and I want some bloody feedback. I'm starting to really stress about this, even though I have (thesis) work to do in the meantime. I do have a kick-ass carribbean conference coming up next month though, so looking forward to that!

Polly, I would ask the maintenance guy to check their ceiling so you have an objective/second assessment of actual damage, if any. You don't want to give the neighbours the chance to be obnoxious about this.

Anti-kvetch: the mister is being awesome wink.gif
Lady Selena
Hi there to all you kvetchies... Life seems to have a way of wrecking my computer time! Well I may have an unrealistic hope the one day I will get everything under control. But heck let me dream.

Poly - IMHO, I would call your insurance and see what they would say about all of this.

This weekend seems like everyone and there brother wants or needs something! I really don't mind all the attention but I am going to have to schedule very carefully. The worst part is last weekend we had to empty our storage unit and our dining room and kitchen are filled with stuff. Can you guess what I am making my hubby do tonight?

I have had issues with my family in the last few years. My grandfather was the glue that held us all together, and he pasted 6 years ago and we have slowly fell apart. I have tried on more than one occation to get close to my cousins and their families. Well we went to dinner with half of the group last night (we have out of state visitors) and it was very uncomfortable.
Hi all.

(((((((Pollystyrene, LeTwin and LeBoy)))))))))))

(((((((Ongoing vibes for Yuefie)))))))))

((((Faith))))Wow! That's a lot of information to digest...was it helpful?

I hear you, Kitten. Matresses are expensive as hel, but it's an invaluable investment in you health!

My life is still a telex from Interpol...i would like to divulge more (it's such a soap opera!!!) but i'm still abit paranoid re:ex.

I've taken up doing yoga every morning; it's great to be really awake without having to yawn every five minutes (coffee doesn't help)!

Right now i'm making soup from scratch, and i've prepared all kinds of dips (mashed chickpeas with spices and pepper and onion) with yummy bread because two of my friends are coming over for food and drinks; it's my birthday tomorrow. And because i ain't home tomorrow (unpack in my new studio), we've decided to party early. Like some chick on Pardise Hotel said: I'm pretty much in the pro level of partying. Well, that's me!

I bought a very cute dress last week. It fits perfectly:
I guess it's a Flash based site, so you'll have to scroll to the 21st image. But boy, are those nice clothes!
I'll wear the dress tomorrow, like a good birthday girl should.

The ex is ok he's starting a life for himself. I went to visit him last weekend (i was his birthday. yes we were two Geminis in a relationship. Very exhausting). There was some weirdness (and some attraction on my part when i saw him-that was over when the good ol' bickering began. In my head i was like;aaaahh this is why we broke up!!!) We went for pizza with his parents and bro and sis; it was nice. And it felt very uncomplicated, since i was crashing at my best galpal's place.

((((((((Mornington, Roseviolet, Sidecar&Sophie, Stargazer, Sybarite, Kitten, Damona, Lady Selena)))))))))

Hmm, our insurance company says that even though our bath tub caused the damage, our neighbor's insurance has to cover it. I'm waiting to hear back from the condo association for their take on this. Our neighbors are going to like us even less. Maybe I'll deliver the news to them with some cookies. That'll make everything better! Right? blink.gif

kitten, we just bought a new mattress last summer- it was $1000. I think it's worth it, but learn from my mistake- make sure it has two sides. I know that sounds stupid, but I didn't think to check and the bottom of our mattress doesn't have the pillowtop that the top does. It's just flat. So I can't flip it- I can only rotate it. I guess I could buy a mattress topper and flip it- I haven't looked at the bottom in so long, I don't remember what it actually looks like, just that I was very confused and pissed when I went to flip it the first time.

More motivation to buy a new one- unless you've kept it in a mattress protector, think of all the dustmites in there- ech!!

Gotta go to lunch!
High five me ladies! I had a great interview at my potential grad school. The woman really got me in all the ways the last guy I interviewed with did not. At this moment, even if I don't get in for some inconcieveable reason (bad spelling, perhaps?) I still feel validated on my career choice. AND, I had a quick meeting w/the Financial Aid people and I got good news, for a change. That never happens.
Add to this, I am rocking this interview outfit. It is a black, jersey Ann Taylor dress that is a faux-wrap on the top, swingy skirt with crisp white cuffs and collar. I love it.

{{{futura}}} You just made me want to cook.

{{{polly}}} I am hoping to get a mattress for $800. Fingers crossed!

{{{Lady Selena}}} I barely know my cousins. Sad to say everyone seems ok with that. We just aren't a close family.

{{{sybarite}}} yay! The mister is being cool.

{{{stargazer}}} sad.gif I hope things either get better or that time passed quickly for you.

{{{faith}}} Wow. That all makes a lot of sense. I hope having some answers makes things better for you. I don't think you are a fraud. It sounds like you are a survivor.

{{{yuefie}}} Keep on healing.

{{{damona}}} I hope the weather is nicer today w/no mosquitoes.

Happy Birthday, futura!

yay for great interviews, kitten! I have all parts crossed for you.




(((lady selena))) sorry it was so awkward with your family.

(((polly))) neighbour problems are so difficult.

(((morn))) feel better.

(((rose))) hope you are enjoying girlfest '08!

(((yuefie))) mmmm, all that lovely food - you're so lucky!

how are sophie and dad dm?


kvetch: I haven't heard back from the grad scheme yet and I'm really nervous. I'm also feeling really run down and have slept lots and have had a sore throat for the last few days; the boy's sore throat developed into a cold but I had one a few weeks ago so it would blow if mine does too.
happy birthday futura! that is an awesome dress!

today is little z's 7th birthday.... i am absolutely shocked that he is 7 already. utterly amazed.

kitten, i am so glad that things went well for you.

polly, i hope things work out well with the leaky ceiling/annoyed neighbors sitch. that kind of thing sucks. btw, it's funny that you asked about my neighbor, since at that same moment, i had a big ol' pot of chili simmering on the stove, part of which was destined for her family! she's doing ok, holding it together. she doesn't come outside much anymore, tho i see the kids out sometimes.

lady selena, sad.gif ((((hugs)))) honey, family may be family and all that, but my friends are closer to me than my blood is these days. i hope that things with your cousins resolve themselves eventually.

syb and stargazer, here are some ~*~*~*~*~*~ happy work vibes ~*~*~*~*~*~*~ for the both of you.

faith, i hope it's helped getting some answers. it's possible to just float blindly thru life, but sometimes it's nice to know stuff for sure. ((((hugs))))

yuefie, i am happy to hear that you are feeling and doing better! somewhere there is a doggie that is waiting just for you.

it is hot here. hot and hideously humid. i feel like i'm trying to breathe thru a wet towel. no central air, either, and the management charges a $64 fee per air conditioner, plus, of course, the cost to get one.... not happening. summer was much nicer when i had the option of using the a/c, whether i actually did or not! gonna be a long couple months here...

on the positive... i found a great pair of jeans and some 100% cotton tank tops at the salvation army store last night, and an umbrella stroller for $5!!! which is awesome, cuz ours is disintegrating.

i just stepped out side to check on the crew and i inhaled a bug! right up my nose! yuck!

*sigh* and little d just came in covered in mud... bath time!
*sneaks in to high-five kittenb*

SLAP! You go with your bad self!

*hugs everyone*

happy birthday futura and little z!

kvetch: i have the flu. bloody students infecting me with their silly international viruses.

*high-fives kitten*

(((((kittenb))))) congrats on a great interview!!

*~*~*get well vibes for morn*~*~*

damona, a nice cool drink helps with the weather. i'm thinking a lovely gin & tonic with a squeeze of lime. hmmmmm. sounds good.

Hey Six! Comeback and let us know how they be hanging!

(((bunnyb))) acos

Happy birthday to Futura, little z, and SONIK!!

Chicago is miserable today but I am in a really good mood. I have been running for hours, biking to errands, cleaning up, doing laundry, unearthing my fans!!!. Finally I am done and I am about to sit down to a nice summer meal of veggie corn dogs and salad w/strawberries.
I bought a new bed today. I found a nice Serta Delux Plush that was priced at $1050. By hesitating and hemming and hawing about what I could afford, the sales person dropped the price to $800, exactly what I could afford. It will be delivered on Saturday. biggrin.gif I am considering sleeping on my sofa tonight. I stripped everything off my bed, the protecter and stuff, and wow, I had forgotten how old that thing looked. I am almost embarressed to have the movers take it away. Not embarressed enough to move it myself, but still. Mattresses suffer.

Thanks for all the congrats, BTW. I'll know by the end of next week, maybe sooner. I picked up some catalouges from the local community colleges for the basic classes that I need but didn't take in college. I am getting ecited about how everything is coming together.


Happy Birthday Futura!!!

{{{get healthy mornington. Dratted students.}}}

{{{bunnyb}}} What is a grad scheme?

{{damona}}} I had some good thrift store finds today, too. It must have been a shopper-sky.

Happy (belated) birthdays to little z and futura!!!

Well done kittenb!! More than makes up for the last interviewing asshat, no?

Get well soon mornington! Ugh, I always seem to pick up nasty bugs on long haul flights. I think you can only expect your immune system to function locally...

Fingers crossed for good news for bunnyb! (And get well soon to you and boy too.)

Oops, boss is back, must go... (((everyone))) Happy Friday! Radiohead tonight with the mister, woot!

Belated happy birthday to little z!

Enjoy Radiohead, sybarite!

(((star))) a'cos

yay for the new bed, kitten! a grad scheme is a graduate scheme where a company in a particular industry takes graduates and trains them in that industry for a certain period of time - the boy is going into his final year in a banking one (tech side) and I have applied to one of the few publishing graduate schemes. I am really hoping I hear something today; the not knowing is driving me crazy and the deadline was two weeks ago today and interviews begin two weeks on Monday...

feel better (((morn)))

*waves to sixela* cooooome back!

I'm not dressed yet so no undies to report.

eta: oh HELL. I've just received email from grad scheme to say that they have only just started to screen candidates, that the interviews have been moved to early July with final assessment in mid-July. I will be in Florida in July and I have given my dates for availability on my covering letter so perhaps they will discount me anyway. It doesn't matter; even if I did get an interview I won't be here. I am so disappointed and now I need to work on getting lots of speculative applications out before Florida. I want this so badly; it is perfect for me. Oh well, what will happen will happen; if it's meant to be then things will work out.
{{{bunnyb}}} that sucks! Can you talk to them, remind them that you did tell them about your availability? Maybe they can squeeze you in ahead of time?

{{{all kvethchies}}}

Undies report: peach sating and lace panties and pale blue lace bra. I am all fancy today. Since I have a date tonight I am going to consider this my "panties w/a purpose" look. laugh.gif
Belated birfday wishes to futura & littel z!

High five, kitten!

Oh syb, color me muy jealous on your getting to see Radiohead. Have a blast!

sixela! Get'cher ass back in here, woman!

awww, (((honeybun)))

~~~feel better morn~~~

Hope everyone has a great weekend, so I am sending out lots of hugs and vibes for ((((YOU))))

I'm just back from my 'giney doc appt. and all is clear and all is good. Woohoo! I texted R to let him know and asked if he'd be too tired after a 10 hour Friday night shift and he said "Hell no!". So yeah, got me a hot midnight date tonight wink.gif

undie report: teh sexay deep violet lacey cheeky shorts & matching bra
((yuefie)) Glad the doctor’s appointment went well.

((bunnyb)) Boo for the grad scheme issue. Hope it gets resolved.

((syb)) Enjoy the concert.

((mornington)) Feel better.

((damona)) Yay for a good deal on jeans.

((kittenb)) Congrats on your interview and the good deal on a new bed.

((polly)) Hope the insurance thing works out.

Happy belated birthday to furtura and little z.

((star)) Hope your work situation gets better.

((lady selena, faith, rose))

Dad DM is doing well, he and Mom DM are going on vacation to the beach for about a week. Then he starts his radiation treatments.

Mr. DM, Twin DM and I are going to Disney tomorrow for GayDays for Pride (It’s not officially recognized by Disney, but it’s obvious to anyone at the park that day).
Biiiiiiiiiiiig kvetch: I got fired from my job basically for not looking busy enough. I'm really pissed off. I didn't exactly love working there (everyone seemed like a bunch of fake hipsters) but at least it was a job. And also I was really good at selling stuff to people. Now I'm back to looking for a job again. Ugh.

So basically I'm just going to go for a loooong walk today and then hopefully buy myself a new pair of sandals (cause retail therapy is the best kind for me).

one more kvetch: I'm having stomach issues. I feel so bloated and gross and I've never gone through this before. It sucks.

Anyhoo, do any of you ladies know of any jewelry websites that sell real silver necklaces? Everything else gives me a rash.

(((yuefie))) I'm glad your appointment went well.

(((selena))) family issues suck but you'll get through it

(((star))) I'm sorry you're going through so much with your internship

(((bunny))) good luck!

(((dm and fam)))

(((sixela, kitten, syb, faith, rosev)))

((((candy)))) for not looking busy?!?! fuckwads. They didn't appreciate your skills, so fuck 'em.

(((dm))) gay disney sounds so fun!

(((yuefie)))) yay for the doc appt being good!

((((bunny)))) what kitten said, that bites major ass and is just silly of them!

(((syb))) how was radiohead?

(((kitten))) yay bed!

(((star, sixie-come-back, pixie, rose, mando, billy, tes, futura, selena, damon, polly, sidecar, sassy, faith, dusty, everyone))))

I know this is old, but I managed to charge my camera and remember to take... but, here's my star tattoos and one of my bird

managed to lock myself out, luckily dad was on hand to shout at my brother until he gave him my spare key (the little shit was all "I'm not sure what I'm doing in two hours, I don't know where it is" while I'm busy having hysterics 'cos I'm on one side of the door and indigo is on the other). I've still got this cold, but I'm a little better. G went out late last night to hunt me down some lemsip (he's so manly) so I'm a little better. Work is good, I have a really sweet class who are a delight to teach as they're so bright and chatty. And I've been asked if i'd like to write a few book reviews for a cafe/bookshop place's forum (the next time there's a london bustie meetup, we're going there)
(((morn))) cute tats! miss you dude.

(((yuefie))) yay for a healthy vajayjay.

(((DM))) good to hear that dad DM is doing well. have fun at gaydays in Disney. do they still wear red or whatever color to identify themselves??

*~*~*job vibes for candycane girl and bunnyb*~*~*


just chillin' in the ac at home. it is a hawt and humid next couple of days here. i'm seeking safety in the home today. my sinuses can't handle all of this nature out here. i'm use to the pollution of chicago. doing laundry and reading today. but, i think i will venture out tomorrow to walk around walden pond, take some pictures, and walk the trail there. and i will do that in the am when it is not too hot. oh, i think i might go for a bike ride tonight. we'll see how ambitious i am.

kvetch: oh boy, when it is hot and humid outside, it feels twice as horrible in bikram yoga. it is twice the heat and humidity. i thought i was gonna die this morning. but, sweating is good for the body, right??

*~*~*~*mutlipurpose hugs and vibes to who needs 'em cause i'm giving like that*~*~*
Just a quick fly by

I'm writing this on my new Mac Mini! This thing is so neat!! I bought it yesterday... yay tax refund. smile.gif

I'll be back to vibe more later once the coffee kicks in.

Hey all!
Nice tats Morn! I love the bird!

Awesome on the minimac sassy!

((((cancycane girl))))

~*~**~*jobbie vibes, mystery vibes, health vibes, and birthday wishes to all who need them~*~**~*~

Mr. pixie's job situation is looking a little better today. He almost got the transfer he wanted, but in all thier wisdom, they decided to give it to someone who could also sponsor the cheerleaders! blink.gif WTF!!! (This is also the reason he was the English teacher cut at his school, the other 2 new teachers were cheerleading coachs!!!) So needless to say, one more reason to hate the perky stuck up ones! But he did apply with another school district online late Friday night and by nonn yesterday...on a Saturday no less, got called for an interview first thing Monday morning. So that looks good. He also applied for several more jobs that are more up to his educational level and pay scale, so we are still hoping he'll hear from some of those soon too.

Tomorrow I go back to have my tat colored in. I'm looking forward to finally having it finished, but not looking forward to the pain or healing process. Before I had it done evryone told me how addictive getting tat's could be. I'm glad I have one, and will be proud of it when it's finished, but I seriously doubt I'll ever get anymore.

We finally got our tax rebate check!! And a letter from the IRS stateing that I didn't owe them any more $$ for the old tax debts from my ex's business so I no longer have to fear the taxman or auditors! Whoo hoo!

morn, that's pretty much how it sounded. Nevermind the times that I was busy and actually helping customers, it was the little spats of downtime when I wasn't folding t-shirts fast enough.
Anyhoo, cool tats.

sassy, don't you love Macs? I love mine, I've had very minimal problems with it compared to PCs.

(((pixie and mr. pixie))) hopefully something will come up.
*~*~*major job vibes for mr. pixies*~*~*

((pixie)) post the pics of your tat once it is done!

((sassy)) yeah for mac!

antikvetch: walking the trail around walden pond. i will post pics on myspace, facebook, flickr, and any other sites i belong to. ha.

kvetch: i got a blister on the bottom of my foot that hurts. boo.

antikvetch: watching this movie recount on hbo. i'm a sucka for movies dealing with politics.

((star)) Yay for a nice walk, boo to the blister.

((the pixies))

((mornington)) I really love the star tattoos.

((ccgirl)) Sorry about your job.

Disney was fun, but it was so hot that I got a heat headache. Star, everyone that is gay or gay friendly wear red shirts. There were definitely some funny outfits, and generally people seemed to be having a good time. I’m not big on rides, so I just rode the cars and the tea cups. I also forgot to put sunscreen on, so I got a little too much sun.

I’ve got a busy week, three concerts (Marie Digby, Ladytron and Ingrid Michaelson). I hope everyone has a nice Monday.
Happy Monday all.

Is it too early for a large Diet Coke? It is not so much that I am tired but I am hungry and I kind of want one of the fancy pretzels from across the street and to get there I'll pass McDonald's and they are selling all of thier large drinks for $1 this summer. So now I want Diet Coke and a pretzel and it isn't even 9 AM. rolleyes.gif

{{{ms.yuefie}}} woohoo! Glad to hear all is well.
{{{designermedusa}}} Yay for Gay Disney Days. And I am glad to hear that your father is doing okay as well.
{{{candycane_girl}}} THAT SUCKS! I hope you at least got lovely sandles.
{{{mornington}}} that is so cool that you got asked to write reviews. That is the kind of thing I always thought I would enjoy doing but then I remember how pedestrian my reading tastes are and realize that no one cares what I read. However, I could totally review TV shows.
{{{stargazer}}} my gym is also unbearable in the heat. You have my sympathies.
{{{sassygirl}}}I have just never felt the Mac love but folks who love them swear by them.
{{{pixiedust}}}I also thought I would get another tattoo but they are so expensive in Chicago. Very cost-prohibitive addiction for me.

I had my new bed deliverd on Saturday. I got a Serta Perfect Sleep Delux Plush. I could almost write a sonnet about how much I love this new bed. It even has memory foam worked into the top. I can just feel my entire body being supported. The only downside is that I have had to be at work everyday since I got it at 7 AM so I haven't had much "linger in bed" time yet, but I will biggrin.gif I should have bought this years ago.
Update: I got into grad school!!!

Huzzah, kitten!! Congratulations!!

Just curious- which shoes did you wear to the interview? tongue.gif

((hugs to all))
Open toed pink sandels.
*happy dances*

yay kitten!!!!
WELL DONE, kitten!!! biggrin.gif
GO KITTENB!!! biggrin.gif
omg, congrats kittenb!
Yay kittenb!

Whoo Hoo Kitten!!!

I can not even put into words everything that has happened in Pixieland today. To sum it up, at the exact same time my FIL was being taken to the hospital by ambulance because he thought he was having a stroke....his wife was packing her shit and moving out (and no, he did NOT know about it and it did not cause the Health hiccup!)
Thankfully after a long day in the ER he is home and we still don't know exactly what happened to him, but they ruled out stroke. And now that the shock of coming home to half empty house is over there is much bitching and pity partying going on. I am so freaking pissed I can't even stand it. I don't balme her for leaving, we really sort of expected it, but taking the cowards way out and hiring the moving van to come while your dh is at work (or the ER as it turned out) is just dirty! For all his faults, FIL is not violent, she just didn't want the confrontation of him begging her to stay!

I went to my second tattoo session. Because of all the aforementioned drama, I had a hard time relaxing so it hurt like a son of a bitch and I still have to back for one more time to get some of the fine line detailing done. I'll post a picture after it's had a day or two to heal. Right now It just looks red and painful.
Congrats kittenb!! smile.gif

it's quiet in here today. sorry for the double post. just surfing the lounge since i'm home from work sick. sad.gif
Lady Selena
Hope you feel better SG

Congrats Kitten!

Wow sounds like a full day Pixie.

I think I have now recovered enough from my weekend to post. We had two additional rugrats sleeping over on Friday night. Wow let me tell you that 5 kids under 6 is a handful! But I had a wonderful show on sturday to look forward to so we made it with much help. Saturday night the hubby and I got to skip the kids and have a fun evening for us! We went to go see a good friend preform at a belly dance show. She and the others were amazing and we enjoyed the night. After the show we headed back to their house and i must say I uverindulged with the drink just a bit. Sunday was spent trying to recover and oil change for a bike. So weekend excitement...

Ever have one of those days where its one little thing after the other until it just makes you sit on the floor and cry? That was my day yesterday.

(((Happy For All)))
congrats kittenb!

((pixies)) jeez. i hope mr pixie's job sitch gets settled soon!

i am, per usual, way too busy. Work has been very overwhelming lately. My weekends have been quiet and spent nearly exclusively with Martini, because I'm just too burned out to do anything but chill.
(((pixies))) eek at the drama.

kvetch: publishers who won't change their assessment dates (the ones *they* changed in the first place) for anybody who can't make them. Wake up; people plan summer holidays over fucking summer (even two years in advance).

kvetch: BOYS. I had an argument with mine and ended up hanging up on him which he HATES.

kvetch: I am exhausted from working twelve hour days and am a cranky motherf*cker.
((((pixie)))) ugh!

~~~soothing hair brushing for bunny~~~

~~~extra strength and energy for sidecar~~~

~~~feel better star~~~

More woots for kittenb!

I've sooo had those days, LadyS.


This is the first time in quite a while that I've had no problems accessing the Lounge. Let's hope I didn't just jinx it!

Kvetch: Allergies are kicking my ass today! My nose has been like a faucet, I sure hope I'm not getting a cold.

Kvetch: Okay, it's actually a rant. A few days ago my poor niece (the younger one) wasn't feeling good and fell asleep in class and as a result got Friday evening detention. That night she noticed a rash on her hip, but didn't say anything to her mom about it for a few days. Turns out it's shingles. Yipes! I wish I could call the school and make them drop the damn detention, she was sick for crying out loud. But her mom doesn't feel like going through the "hassle" of it, which annoys me. I have several other issues with some of the schools policies, one being the kids taking a tardy for having to use the restroom during class when they don't allow adequate time for the kids to use the restrooms during passing and still make it to the next class on time. And if you get three tardy's you get lunch detention. See, if it were my kid I'd be up in someone's ass for punishing the students for having to do a normal bodily function. We're talking about pre-teen and teenage girls here, new to the whole menses thing. I remember what that was like and it horrifies me that these kids are being punished for needing to change their pads. I understand that the bathroom pass may be overused and abused by some, but there are other ways to deal with that. I had an english teacher who had no problem handing out passes, but you had to carry this GIANT log that the pass was attached to. It was annoying then and hilarious now that I think about it, but it sure was effective. Sometimes it crosses my mind that maybe this is why I have not been able to have kids, because I'd be the crazy ass mother raising hell and driving the school nuts
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