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(((Everyone))) I need to check this tomorrow when it's not 11:45pm and I need to go to bed. I'm going to have to get used to associating an avatar with people (and get one of my own!) So glad you're back Pixie!

See y'all later!

ETA: Yay for monkey avatars! smile.gif
hey all! so glad we are back up and running (although prompted me to spend precious time doing work and tidying my bedroom). I missed you all and so glad we're back and looking goooooood.

sonikk, yeah we recognised you! I panicked as thought I was going to lose bunnyb but just had to reset password, small price to pay although the moments of panic haunt me *sniff.

will take some messing around with (read procrastination time) and experimenting - although glad I had my colour chosen previously although I do love me some fuschia pink and upset they have none of that...

for some reason, I find the new set up more conducive to rambling!

*~*~*~more mystery vibes for txplumwine*~*~*~*~ and ditto what mornington said.

yay for pixie being back and for mr pixie's job!

yay for new hairdos and trips to belgium and nice caring ne partners! (((mornington)))

rosev, thanks for the vibes - supervisor did kick my ass but now I have clearer idea of what I'm doing.

fina, sounds like a great birthday gift for F! I love being all creative a'la childhood.

(((crassy))) you poor thing, it's been such a stressful time and we miss you too.

(((everyone))) [color=#33CC00] okay, I've forgotten how do do the colour thing already - how do I do it again?
Yay! We're back! Pixie & I were going into some serious withdrawl yesterday. If Bust wasn't back today, I'm sure we'd be back on the phone saying, "WTF?!?" over & over again!

MsP!!! Could it be that you're back to stay? I hope so. I've missed you!

Crassy, your life is soooooo busy! How long will it be before the Mr. has healed enough to drive? With a break as bad as his I'm afraid it might be as long as a couple of months. Am I anywhere close to being correct on that? As for the SIL ... sorry she couldn't behave herself and make it work. Hopefully someday she'll mature enough to realize what a generous thing you did by taking her in. I guess it'll take some time. Just make sure the MIL doesn't guilt the Mr into taking her back!!! Agree on a game plan before you get there!

Imagining Daphne sliding about on her fluffy bunny feetsies is making me smile enormously.

~~~~~ more mystery vibes for Plummie ~~~~~

Pasta art kicks ass, Fina! I'm sure your friend will adore it.

So, did everyone else's period start on Monday? Uuuuuuuugggghhhhh. I felt sooooooo damn miserable Monday and Tuesday. Much better today, though, so I'm going to work out for an hour. I'll be back!
(((Crassy))) when we were kids and we cut our feet on clam shells (all the time), we used to tape plastic bags over our feet so we could go in swimming and not get the wound wet. Couldn't you tape a garbage bag on the Mr. maybe?

Heh heh. Who ever said that a postie had to be a 4" x 6" piece of paper?
*does the happy dance* Woot! I can WORK today instead of spending the whole day waiting for Bust to come back! Tuesday I was so happy to be back I totally ignored my period cramps...yesterday I was so depressed I felt like ass.

But I haven't been idle, lovely Busties! I discovered UNLIMITED uploads at shutterfly, so I got my entire wedding least what we are going to have printed...into an online album veiwable in a slideslow! I'll have to come back with the link in a little bit. Also, I had it out with my long time lurkers by email yesterday.(RV it went on 2 more messages after I talked to you) And I THINK maybe we got some issues out of the way and I'll no longer be bothered on here *crossing fingers*.

My kvetches:1)Bust withdrawl 2) when i opened my work e-mail this morning there was a non delivery message that a spam ie. porn email that I had supposedly sent was undeliverable. WTF?!! I called our semi IT person to come see it and was basically like, yeah, somewhere along the way someone might have gotten your email address I wouldn't worry about it unless you start getting a lot of these messages?!!! Ok...but um..I work for Girl porn coming from my e-mail is just too squicky for me to contemplate! back in a bit with the link to the wedding pictures.

morningtonluv, i owe you pictures, yes? i will get right on that. promise.

and billy, i owe you a good long catch-up session, too. i haven't forgotton.

(((msp))) goes without saying that it would be loverly if you came back to the five and dime!

welcome back, pixie. i knew you couldn't stay away. hee.

fina, now i'm grinning, thinking of the south park episode, where the jewish camp kids must appease moses with macaroni art. biggrin.gif

*cryptic vibes for plummie* and you know you're one of the few in the world i'd be ok sending cryptic vibes to. because The Cryptic drives me NUTS. you must fess up soon, darlin!

(((the mcnasty's))) i hope they have a fabulous time on their camping trip. they deserve it. poor zeke, tho. (i sort of have no patience for people who fear dogs. even tho i understand completely about phobias. ok. well. that makes no sense, does it? except that i'm an intolerant judgemental bitch about people who don't like cats and/or dogs.)

bunny, to do color, you select the text and then click on the underlined A thingie.
i can't figure out how to do tiny print. i guess you can't go lower than "1" point?

and what the heck is "guided mode"?

also wondering what happens when you click on "check post length"? perhaps a pop-up smilie that hollers, "shut up already, you windbag! go get a blog!"

antikvetch: my day by the lakehouse was beyond lovely, rose, thanks for asking. i haven't had that perfect a day in a long time. it was especially heartening to pick up right where i left off with dear friend, considering that - before a few emails and a 2-hr quickie visit last summer - we hadn't been in communication with one another since 1987. i'd been questioning my friendship abilities lately. so it's nice to know someone still thinks i'm ... worth it. (but of course now i'm depressed that she and i live on opposite coasts. le sigh.)

kvetch: week from hell. period from hell. (mine started tuesday. but thank all things holy i won't have it on vacation now!) and more than a little drama with my sister's outlaws (which may or may not affect our staying with them during vackay). and with danny's bipolar bastid of an english teacher, who gave him an unwarranted crap final quarter grade. and i'm uberworried about a friend who's going thru a grueling piece of trauma. and even tho i know this is all for the better, and fairly soon, i shall be head over heels in love with the new lounge, right now, i'm just not in the mood for anything i can't grasp easily. so it's best i stay scarce til i get a chance to peruse properly. and/or stop bleeding.

QUOTE(bunnyb @ Jul 13 2006, 07:20 AM) *
okay, I've forgotten how do do the colour thing already - how do I do it again?

the easiest way to do the color thang is to type everything out, highlight it all, click on the little "A" iwth a bar under it, and then pick your color.

otherwise, you type:
[color={color}]color text[/color]

if you know what color you want to use (like #993366 or DarkNavy or whatever), the second method is usually faster than hte first. name is qspice, and i know way too much about forum software tongue.gif

QUOTE(mandolyn @ Jul 13 2006, 10:00 AM) *

i can't figure out how to do tiny print. i guess you can't go lower than "1" point?

yeah, the size ranges from 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Q, do you understand what Guided Mode means?
QUOTE(msp @ Jul 11 2006, 05:24 PM) *

Holy shit, would you look at all this! I'm amazed. I never thought it would happen. Now, this is a board I where I could spend some time...

Aha!!! I was just thinking of emailing you that the new Bust looked promising... Stick around? (I never could get into that Phoenix board, and I never remember to check your non-Friendster blog, so I've missed you...)

Oh, and BTW, I'm JillieC - lost my username in the Dec. '05 dingo massacreeee.
My wedding album

EEEE! I LOVE,[size=2]LOVE,[size=3]LOVE [size=1]The new easy formatting buttons! The insert link button is my new hero! There is an insert pic button too....should I try it...could it be that we can insert pics directly into messages again? I'm scared..someone else try it first!

Q...wth went wrong with the sizing?
QUOTE(amilita @ Jul 11 2006, 02:27 PM) *

I'm testing to see if the picture I uploaded is working...

EEEEE!!! Tiny Wally!!!
Speaking of squees, Rose is that a *long-haired dachshund* in your photo?
No, Dusty, that sweet little dog is my mother's beloved Emily pup. She's a mut - half miniature pincher, half shitz zu! That's why she has longer fringe-y hair on her ears, legs, & her long curly tail. She's a bit hyper, but very very sweet and everybody looooves her. When my parents go out of town, they have multiple friends who offer to take care of Emily. But as Pixie can confirm, she's squirrly!

By the by, that pic was taken by Sheff during the weekend when we got engaged. The title of the pic is "My Beetches" rolleyes.gif

And Dusty, I knew you were the one to send the hockey puck!! Fantastic! That was the best piece of mail ever! I'm keeping it on the coffee table because every time I see it, it makes me smile.

I made a pseudo-typo earlier. My period actually started on Tuesday. One moment I was fine, the next I felt like I'd been struck over the back with a baseball bat. Uuuuuuuugggggghhhhh. It was a really really bad day.

And unfortunately, that was the night for me to go to a local theater company's open house & find out about volunteer opportunities. Which leads me to ...
Anti-kvetch: They seemed very excited to meet me. When Sheff leaked to them that I have stage management experience, they were practically drooling with delight.
Kvetch: I mentioned that I act, too. They didn't seem to care. Sounds like they usually use the same small group of actors over & over again, so breaking through may be difficult. Hmmm.
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Jul 13 2006, 11:03 AM) *

Q, do you understand what Guided Mode means?

if guided mode is enabled, when you click on a button, it'll pop up something asking you to type what you want. so, for instance, if you click on 'b' for bold, the pop up will say
enter the text to be formated, [b]text[/b]

QUOTE(pixiedust @ Jul 13 2006, 11:23 AM) *

My wedding album

EEEE! I LOVE,[size=2]LOVE,[size=3]LOVE [size=1]The new easy formatting buttons! The insert link button is my new hero! There is an insert pic button too....should I try it...could it be that we can insert pics directly into messages again? I'm scared..someone else try it first!

Q...wth went wrong with the sizing?

you need to 'close' the tags. so instead of
you need to have

one of the negative things about invision is that itdoesn't require you close all of your tags sad.gif
Emily is a sweet squirrley though! I miss me some Emily lovins! BTW-meant to mention last night...I just discovered my neighbors have 2 Bassett hounds! It made me think of poor Buckingham!

Even though I have not gotten to enjoy the pretty leapord and martini theme, being as how I have been at work since the new lounge came up...I do LOVE the new lounge much better! Much easier for me to navigate.
(((pixie))) oooh, you look stunning. And the minipixie is so sweet!
(((rosev))) can I chime in and say emily looks adorable. It's cool about the theatre company - although boo that they weren't impressed with your acting - and I hope you can find something there.
(((mando))) I had a fear you never got my reply due to the whole lounge move. but you did. yay! boo on danny's english teacher. But woo for old friends.
(((qspice the software goddess)))
(((crassy & mr mcnasty)))
***continued vibes for txplum***

my period started tuesday too. odd (I mean, it was due, just odd that everyone's getting thiers). I still have a lingering headache, but I'm not sure if that's the rag or the meds... ah well, painkillers a-go-go and get on. I've been doing my work placement with the police stables and I smell of horse s**t and I'm covered in hair. Grooming is relaxing, but I'm sweeping the yard at least three times a day - and because all but one of the horses are greys, we have to shampoo them every day blink.gif . But I get plenty of time to revise my anatomy.

Off to shower and meet my mum in town for dinner!


Is anyone else having as much fun with this new board as I am? It's woo. tongue.gif
Interesting....down at the bottom where it tells you who is online...if you click on shows you where everyone is in the lounge...including unregistered lurkers!
QUOTE(pixiedust @ Jul 13 2006, 12:58 PM) *

Interesting....down at the bottom where it tells you who is online...if you click on shows you where everyone is in the lounge...including unregistered lurkers!

Hmmm, I don't have "Detail"...? huh.gif

Mornin' all. So glad to see the Lounge is back up for action.

(((((rosev, mornington, pixie, dusty, vesica, mandi, bunny, qspice, crassy, amilita, plummie, everyone I missed)))))

~~~continued mystery & hurry up already vibes for plummie~~~ & ~~~get better vibes for mr crassy~~~

I had another date last night, we saw Pirates Of The Carribean at the Drive-In. This guys is very sweet, but a little timid or something for my taste. Maybe it's cause I can't keep the other guy who I went out with last week, out of my head. And according to email in my box when I got home last night and the one there this morning, he is feeling the same way. Hee, dating is so freaking weird.

I need to request some vibage for pup Sashie. She's been sick, so I am taking her to the vet. Unfortunately as broke as I've been I had to choose between that or getting my car fixed. Of course she won over that hunk of metal. It's just that my brake lights and turn signals/hazards are only working intermittently. We changed all the fuses and bulbs so it's something else more costly, fun. I don't want to drive not knowing if they are going to be working, but the vet is not too far away. I am just nervous and stressed cause she's not a youngster anymore. I'm not positive on her exact age, but I've had her for 9 1/2 years and she was already full grown when I got her. The vet guesses her to be around 13 or 14. They say its common for daschunds to live to be 17 or 18, and she is part doxie, but I don't know about the pug. She really is my baby, I love her so very much.

I am so glad for the Lounge revamp. I know it's going to take some getting used to by some of us, but it is so worth the adjustments to have the peace of an ignore button wink.gif

Vesica, I found it by going to the main BUST Lounge page & scrolling down to the bottom of the page where the Board Statistics are shown. There will be a list of everyone who is logged in. Then you can click on the "Last Click" & it will show you all. Verrrrrrrry interesting!

Pixie, I know I said it elsewhere, but I love the pics! As for Bucky ... aaaaaw ... I miss that sweet basset hound. My parents occasionally consider getting another basset, but even after 4 years, I think ti's still hard for my dad to consider replacing ol' Buck (and yes, it really has been 4 years since he died. Amazing how time flies).

Mornington, since I went off the pill, my period naturally started arriving on the full moon. I'm guessing that a lot of ladies are the same way.


~~~~~~ vibes of safety for Yeufie & her car ~~~~~~

I need to stop playing with the Lounge & do some cleaning & shopping! Somebody pry my fingers away from my laptop!!!
QUOTE(vesicapisces @ Jul 13 2006, 01:23 PM) *

Hmmm, I don't have "Detail"...? huh.gif

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page in a topic (likee this one), it'll show you who's reading it. If you go here, you can see what people who are online are looking at smile.gif

BTW, have tix to the Elvis C show tomorrow?
It is very intersting to see how many lurkers we have at Bust. When I checked earlier there were 24! makes you wonder if that's normal or is it a lot of people who are checking Bust out before logging in again or what. But it is a little creepy that anyone can click on that and know what I'm reading. unsure.gif That is BTW how the discussion with the lurker came about yesterday. We both belong to another board and I had posted a link to my pics on there and found her in there looking at them. I wasn't searchin glike you can here...but the top of every thread there lists who is reading. Anyway, like I said, I hope that issue has been resolved on both boards. The other misc lurkers I've had, I don't really care a flying flip about.

4 years Rose? Wow...that is unbelievable! That means Daisy has been gone almost that long. I miss all the puppers we used to have! Mr. Dust let me see Cessna 2 weeks ago...can you belive she's gotta be 12! Hit by a car twice...that poor dog is a survivor!
If you dont' want people to see that you're logged in, log out, and then log in (using the form next to "Hello guest!" not the form above the forum listing) and check the post asking if you want to be invisible.
Ah...maybe we already have a lot of Busties who have figured this out...maybe that explains so many guests! Thanks Q! tongue.gif
I really missed you guys! Really, i feel alone, just working in my workingplace and not being able tocheck in and read how y'all are doing. Glad that people at work can bust now, too. Kisses!

Black bra and black girl shorts with pink lining...
QUOTE(pixiedust @ Jul 13 2006, 03:42 PM) *

Ah...maybe we already have a lot of Busties who have figured this out...maybe that explains so many guests! Thanks Q! tongue.gif

If you're invisible, you're a "Anonymous User" in the list on the topics. I dont' remember if the "last click" view is set up to list hidden users as anonymous or guset. (Being an admin on another forum that uses this software, I usually see all tongue.gif)
just testing a "stealth post" ... hee.
thanks again, q!
Thanks for all the love! I missed you guys too. This place had just gotten to be such a mess! But I'm loving the new setup and I could kiss an Ignore function full on the mouth. That's brilliant. This all new and different will take some getting used to, but it's wonderful.

Jillie, I hear you on The Phoenix. I like it, but I know it's not for everyone. I also spend time at The Chicken, another feminist board that doesn't require registration. But I don't want to hear this "I don't have time read your blog" nonsense. wink.gif
QUOTE(msp @ Jul 13 2006, 05:19 PM) *

[But I don't want to hear this "I don't have time read your blog" nonsense. wink.gif[/color][/font]

No, no, not "I don't have time", it's just that I always forget to make a point to read it. (You're not the only one, I have another friend who moved from LJ to Blogspot and I forget to read her too.) I'll try to do better, honest. unsure.gif
QUOTE(vesicapisces @ Jul 13 2006, 05:24 PM) *

No, no, not "I don't have time", it's just that I always forget to make a point to read it. (You're not the only one, I have another friend who moved from LJ to Blogspot and I forget to read her too.) I'll try to do better, honest. unsure.gif

you can syndicate blogspot and other blogs in LJ so it shows up in your f'list using this page smile.gif for blogger and blogspot, the RSS feed (which is what they ask for in the syndication page) is http://[username]
Bloglines is a good one, too. If you work in Outlook all day, as I do, you should check out RSS Popper. It delivers RSS feeds directly to folders you can set up in your Inbox. I hardly read anything anymore without RSS.

Here's my feed.

(((((yuefie and sashie)))))

rose, I'm on the pill... and my cycle seems to like the full moon too. I will never understand my period.

tongue.gif ooh, interesting that I can see myself, lurking in here. And everyone else. How odd.



thanks for all the help quantumspice! It's great having someone in the know!

(((lively))) I hope that you continue having fun with the dating and that whatever happens happens happily. Oh, and how's my darlin PJ (PM me if you prefer)? Tell him to get his ass in to check out the new swanky lounge! *~*~*~major vibes for sashie~*~*~*

~*~*~*~anti period cramp and crankiness to moontime busties*~*~*~*

(((mando))) some reassurance from real friends- friends for sa lifetime rathe than season or reason- works wonders.

sonik, you lost the extra k?

pixie, you looked beautiful and so very very happy; it looks like such as perfect day as your wedding day should be.

so many guests/gatecrashers/[i]strangers[i] reading our posts skeeves me out a little.

((Sashie)) I hope she gets well.

I kind of missed the board these past days. Yay for it being back.

Kvetch: I thought I had a good chance at a job in NYC this wek, but it seems to have fallen through. I had a great conversation with one of the department heads on Tuesday, and they said they would have someone in Florida interview me and that they were really impressed by my experience and knowledge of a particular computer program. So no call on Tuesday like he promised, called Wednesday morning, and it sounded like he just rolled out of bed. Promised me he would call as soon as his computer came up, well a day and a half later I'm still waiting. I can tell I wouldn't want to work for this company, but it's still disappointing.

Tomorrow is Friday.


Oh, mando thats for the mandopalooza pics. It looks like everyone had a fun time.
biggrin.gif You didn't hear it from me, but... Plummie's vibes were for a job interview that was scheduled, then rescheduled, then rescheduled again, then happened, and now has finally been offered. The contract/temp job she's been doing for almost a year now is finally hers for good.
Uhhhhh, I'm completely confuzzled huh.gif by all the new, but at least I managed to get in! I'll muddle through it all eventually.

Hi, everyone!! *waves*
Yay, its Funjules!
Dammit, I *knew* TG would beat me to the punch! *shakes fist impotently* This is the first free non-working second I've had at a computer all day! BTW, heartage to the avatar, dear.

Well, it's true...and by the way, y'all, PLEASE DON'T start vibing for me to get preggers, because DAMN Y'ALL ARE GOOD.

- $3000/year pay raise
- More vacation than new hires are usually offered (I had to ask, but still)
- All other benefits backdated to my *contract* start date for eligibility, so
- Insurance as of Aug. 1

Lots of people cheered, my mother's head almost exploded from glee, my husband took me out for way too much dinner, and I spent Stitch 'n' Bitch alternately crowing, cracking up, and recruiting new pilgrims for a group Yarn Harlot odyssey to Austin (long story).

But today brought The Weird too. Remember the nice but flaky young lady who was fired from the job that I've been doing ever since? Remember how she kept swearing she'd come to an SnB or go out to dinner with us and never did? So much so that I stopped answering her e-mails about five months ago?

Yeah, I totally ran into her tonight. That's right - on the same day that I finally get hired for what used to be her job. Talk about WEIRD. (In good news, she was happy for me and sincerely much happier doing what she's doing now/not having the job.)

OK, per usual I'm spewing and not wishing, so...

{{{{mornington}}}} Because I totally and unintentionally went "TEE HEE!" out loud when I read "bunbun400." (My Baby Dog, and then his daughter, used to do the Puppy 500 through the house - twice around the coffee table, down the hall, back up the hall, repeat. Even in different houses.)

{{{{yuefie & pupper}}}}

{{{{crimson tide comfort vibes}}}} I'm taking a small helping for myself. Though, I am happy to say, much smaller than normal. Kvetch: my first heavy day coinciding with having to go Pee In A Cup for employment.

{{{{crassy}}}} For, well, everything.

I'd keep going, but I should be in bed.
Still can't used to 'reply' for posting or the quote function. It all looks so... official and, like, *legitimate*. :)

Happy Friday all!

Congrats TX!! Well done. I hear you especially on the insurance... my parents were suspiciously happy when I had a job with health insurance. They clearly hbeen hiding their worries about my general well being in the land of the freelancer for a while. And yay for extra time off!

It's sunny here and work is going *reasonably* well. I have no motivation however which is bad. i cannot continue to let fear of deadlines be my main incentive.

But I have a crayfish sandwich for lunch which is good. Clearly my priorities are in order.

ETA: I can't format on this new board for shit, unfortunately, which is annoying. Apologies for messiness of post/s...

White lace-edged boyshorts and violet bra (which I fear is slightly vegas-esque).
practice, practice which is why I am making a conscious effort to kvetch even though I have nothing to kvetch about and simply procrastinating from the reading and writing tasks I've to submit tosupervisor on Tuesday (which I really do appreciate as it gives me focus and I work better to mini deadlines and suck at setting my own and sticking to them).

yay to txplumwine! and thanks to tallgirl for putting us all out of our misery!

(((mornington))) I meant to say: I've been having horrible headaches this week and not sure if it's the pills or the sucky lighting in work... this week has been a tough one, I've felt the same as I did before the pills but then the *main* reason I was put on them (the reactive) popped up this week so that's maybe why (the ex best friend who I had horrible ending of friendship with February/March).

(((designermedusa))) as bustie vibes are know to work: *~*~*~*get a fantastic NYC job dm~*~*~*~*

for all you food lovers (I was unable to salivate in here last weekend which drove me insane): for the boy's graduation meal we went (as party of 11) to favourite, swanky Scottish restaurant and I had vegetarian haggis fritters to start (the veg as came with a tomato salsa I wanted to try!) and mussels in tomato and garlic sauce which were to die for with seaweed salted fat chips (more like potato wedges) as side and orkney fudge ice cream as dessert (I always indulge in the same dessert when I go as it's delectable). Last Friday I took the boy out for our own celebratory meal to another swanky restaurant that serves traditional grub with a contemporary twist (I had chicken kiev which was a breast of chicken atop garlic potatoes); the dessert was the peice-de-resitance (?) as I had the chef's selection (plate of all the desserts in miniature including home-made turkish delight mmmm...) AND a black forest gateau cocktail... Okay, now I'm hungry.

eta: okay I've just read a confessional email from my friend (fina, the one who is in a relationship with the certain sport manager that T was so excited about!) and she wrote "I accidentally had sex with a co-worker". Um, you happened to fall on his cock?! (L, if you're lurking I am composing an email back and I don't mean that to sound as scathing as it does!)

undies: scandalous but I'm still in pjs, however I'm planning to wear hot pink sheer balcony and matching thong.

Jules! My beloved! Please stick around & just play with the new equipment. I want you to post more now.

((((((DM))))) Your luck is bound to turn around.

Many huge congrats to Plummie!!!! That is soooooooo fabulous! Insurance and extra vacation time?! Fantastic!

BunnyB, that chef's selection dessert thingy sounds marvelous. Numnumnum. But I have to admit that the haggis scares me a bit. Eep!

I'm hoping that I finally start feeling better today. This period has been beyond miserable.

QUOTE(quantumspice @ Jul 13 2006, 05:36 PM) *

you can syndicate blogspot and other blogs in LJ so it shows up in your f'list

Genius! I should have known I could count on you. *skitters off to figure this out*

I'm so psyched to see my old skool busties coming outta the woodwork... laugh.gif
*raising hand* Umm..I'll take those get preggers vibes that plummie doesn't want. Specifically I am looking for a boy sperm vibe! Mr. Pixie and I have been half assed trying to get pg since the wedding, But this month we are kicking it into full on trying mode.

I hate to be a vibe hog but...My MIL got laid off yesterday. She worked at Worldcom which got eaten by Verizon a while back and yesterday they axed all the old Worldcom employees that were still left. Anyway she just had her 50th bday last week so she is not excited about looking for another job expecially since there just aren't that many jobs available at her level and no where near her payscale.

In good news...Mr. Pixie only has 3 more weeks working at his father's craptatsic Transmission shop before he officially becomes a high school english teacher! We though he had another week and budgeted accordingly, so he is going to ask his dad today to pay him a weeks vacation. *crossing fingers*
OK, I think I'm gonna love the new system, but it's freaking me out a bit for now. I feel all discombobulated.

Been putting my house back together after painting, and it makes me so glad! I'm so happy with how everything looks. Sad stuff is my friend who has been working here is leaving in two weeks...she and my Mr.'s best friend are the only two people I feel totally, totally comfortable with lately...besides the Mr., of course! I think she'll be back, and it's good for her to get out of here, but I'm sad.

My mom and the Mr.'s mom are going to visit at the same time in October...they will stay in a B&B together. I think that will be great, because we can mix it up real good. Spend time all together, each with our own mamma, and the two mammas can hang out, too. Hopefully, it will defer some of the familial weirdness that can be problematic...more for the Mr. than for me.

So, I'm all caught up on the boards, but I feel spacey! Congrats, txplum! Yay! And hi to everyone else!

Oh, and I'm now calling Wally's spaz-out bolting all over the house the Kitten500.



(((txplum))) yay yay yay yay yay! and fankoo (((tg)))


(((bunny))) I now want dessert. I know what you mean about the headaches. I feel a little brighter, but horses always make me feel happier - I've got the bun as well - and I'm exercising a lot. I'm not sure... but I think you do have to give it quite a while.

(((syb))) lunch is always important. This from the girl who's eaten nothing but jaffa cakes and mini rolls all day.

((((yuefie and sashie))))


can I request some vibes? I'm going house-viewing this afternoon and tomorrow, and from the description alone I want the house I'm seeing tomorrow. It looks good.

white granny-pants with purple hearts, pink bra.

eta: (((amilita))) squee! wally! The bunbun400 has been replaced with the olympic food-dish throwing. While full of food.
It seems *such* a luxury when I'm home when the postman arrives. I am so rarely home for postal deliveries it just seems almost decadent. He shows up with package and voila! right at my door, no machinations to get to the postal outlet by six.

Hee, on the down side, I'm always nakie when he buzzes me, so there's the scramble to find some clothes.

Mandi is an ABSOLUTE GODDESS to be so kind to send me my precious union jacket that I left at her place. Especially since Mr. Mando wanted to keep it, hee.
QUOTE(mornington @ Jul 14 2006, 11:03 AM) *

The bunbun400
At my house this is called The Rips.

Last night my poor pupster, who has been having GI distress for a couple of days, was feeling much better (thank you, miraculous plain yogurt, healer of all things stomach-yucky) and felt good enough to demonstrate his (lack of) tail-chasing prowess in the middle of the living room until he fell over in a panting heap. SO graceful. tongue.gif

Ooh, Dusty, postal packages! I love getting fun things in the mail. Pity that most of the time getting things in the mail is a result of spending money I shouldn't have.
~~~~I^I~~~~ housing vibes for Mornington! ~~~~I^I~~~~
Those are supposed to look like little houses for you smile.gif
So, is Daphne practicing her discus throwing with her food bowl? Or is she just tossing around the food itself?

~~~~~~ preggo vibes for Pixie ~~~~~~

~~$$~~$$~~ vacation pay for Mr. P ~~$$~~$$~~

Amilita, tha't so funny about the moms visiting in October because that's exactly what's happening here, too! Sheff's mom is going to fly aaaaaaall the way over &, because they get along so well, my mom is going to stay during part of the visit, too. And it'll all be in October while it's much cooler 'round these parts.

Yay for good mail for Dusty! That woman deserves good mail.

Somehow I've gotten sucked into some sort of Extreme Makeover marathon. Damn you, Style Network! [shakes fist]

I think I'm going to see a play this weekend, but it's in a part of town I've never visited. So I think I might drive out to the theatre this afternoon just so I'm sure I can find it later. Hope that doesn't sound too pathetic! At least I'm getting out, right? Also, there's a cool artsy-crafsty show in Raleigh that I want to go to tomorrow, but I get soooooo turned around when I drive there. I'm afraid to go just because I'm afraid of getting lost. So if anyone has a spine of steel they'd like to lend to me, I'd appreciate it! biggrin.gif

My postal joy is all too frequently a result of money I shouldn''t have spent. But then it often is bustie posties.
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