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i slept in today. *yawn*

those burgers filled my tummy so that I was ready to sleep when i got home.

it is chilly here. i do need to buy a pair of jeans so i guess i can create a reason for shopping. the food and company was great last night as usual. i'm happy to be home. i think this visit will help to motivate me to come home. it is the reason why i stopped here for a mini vacation in the first place.

(((pixie))) i will send new vibes for the TU position for mr. pixie.

*~*~*TU position for mr. pixie*~*~*

I also slept in....well, stayed in bed with Albus, watchin' Buffy- good times!

Hmm, I need new jeans, too and have a gift card to Lane Bryant. Sounds like a good day for jeans shopping. Gotta run to the shelter too- they're really low on food and I bought some the other day for them.

We're going to a party in Wisconsin tonight- someone from one of the foodie sites I participate in is having their annual Memorial Day weekend party. This is the first year I've gone and I guess they have a big piece of land and have a live band and everything

Eye appt went well. He gave me the okay to get new glasses. I'm not sure what I want to do- I have the pair of glasses I wear every day, the pair of sunglasses I wear every day and a backup of each. If I decide to stick with them, I'll have to wear the backups while the new lenses are being put in the old frames. I really dislike my backup glasses (so much so that I don't even want to have to wear them for a week while I'm without my regular ones), but don't mind my backup sunglasses, so I'm thinking of getting a new pair of lenses AND frames for my glasses, but just have new lenses put into the sunglasses. Does that make sense? Either way, it's going to get expensive. And if I get new frames, that means I have to go shopping for them. I'm so picky, it takes forever and I'm afraid I'll end up settling for something.

I think I'll wait until Humanist gets back from Israel because she is soooo good at picking out glasses for people. She can just look at a pair and say, "that's it!" and she's right.

~*~*~TU vibes for the pixies~*~*~

Good luck with the back problems, damona. !*@&$^# insurance companies!!!

((hugs to all))
fly by ...

guess who scored awesome DAVE tix for MSG in september?! not only will it be an incredible show, it's for a good cause: Stand up for a Cure . (and it's nice not to feel hypocritical, now that i'm an official ex-smoker brag brag brag.)


other good things:
- as of this morning, we're hooked up to FIOS and now have showtime. i can't wait to catch up with the tudors and weeds and dexter ... aieeee!
- finally watched juno last night. definately a movie i must own.

mwahs to all ...
~~~~tu vibes~~~~
congrats mando!
~~~insurance vibes for damona~~~

i just ate at hot doug's for the first time and it was amazing. (This is a fancy hot dog stand in Chicago.) I had the duck fat fries. ooohhmmmm.

my period is still here, and getting less painful. hopefully next month will be better, but i think it's time to talk to my doctor.

anyway. hope you all are well!
Hot Doug's is amazing. Those fries...sublime. And Doug- so cute:

That's him with the cease & desist letter from the City of Chicago for serving fois gras when the ban was still effective. Three more weeks till that's over!

Doesn't he look like Jon Armstrong, husband of dooce:

LeBoy's twin was in a car accident! LeMom just called- they were in Iowa on the way to a wedding and I don't know the details of the accident, but she's got a bruise on her chest, her thumb is all out of whack (maybe dislocated or something) and they may need to do surgery on it. Her husband's okay and their kids were staying with LeMom and LeDad. We're awaiting further details, but LeMom said she was lucid and fine when she called- they gave her morphine in the ambulance.

We saw a freakish accident on the way home from the Bustie get-together last night. LeBoy was driving, I was looking down in my purse for my iPod and I heard this loud metal "clang", like when they're doing construction and to temporarily cover the hole, they put one of those big metal plates over it and you drive over the plate. LeBoy started to slow down and I looked up- it was really dark, so it was hard to see what happened, but there was a car in our lane, pointed towards us, but on the side of the road. As we drove forward slowly, we could see that he'd crossed the lanes and hit a light pole, which got knocked down across our lanes. We sort of drove around it and saw that that was actually the second light pole he'd knocked down- the one right at the corner of the intersection was down, too. There was a guy on the corner calling the police- not sure if it was the driver or not, but we decided to just go- we didn't really see enough to be witnesses, anyway. *Crazy!!*

~*~*~Safe driving vibes for everyone!!~*~*~
Update- she ended up having surgery on her hand. It was only an hour long and she's okay. Their car is totalled- apparently, she was making a left turn out of a parking lot onto a 4-lane divided highway. She went halfway, stopped on the median. Some guy was driving up the median and hit her. The insane thing is that the cop gave her the ticket, saying that it's illegal to stop on the median. blink.gif Maybe they do things differently in Iowa, but around here, how the hell are you supposed to get into the other side if you don't stop halfway? It would take an hour and an act of god to get a shot at both sides of traffic being clear at the same time.

And why the hell was the other guy driving up the median, so much so that he intended on going past the break that she was stopped at- now that will get you a ticket around here!

Anyway, LeParents are driving out there today. They'll probably release her and they'll need a ride back here. The kids are staying with LeBoy's brother and SIL.

LeMom said all her friends from the wedding came to the hospital to make sure she was okay. That was sweet.

ETA: And I found out that she actually *refused* morphine in the ambulance because she's had a bad reaction to it before. Dayum. They did give her demerol or something when she got to the hospital, but that had to hurt for the ambulance ride!
~~*~~~*~~~*~~~ sparkly, healing, soothing, safe vibes for LeMom and LeBoy's twin ~~~*~~~*~~~*~~~
How scary! Sounds like they are in pretty good shape, considering the car is totaled. Hope they're home soon!

And that Doug guy definitely looks a hell of a lot like Jon. It isn't just the glasses, either. They have the same nose and chin and everything!

~$$$~***~$$$~***~ Golden Hurricane vibes for the Pixies! ~$$$~***~$$$~***~

~~~~~~~ soothing for Sidecar ~~~~~~~~~

Congrats on the tickets, Mandi! I envy you and your FIOS. We heard rumors that they were going to bring it here, but now the phone company is denying it. Boo!

Damona, congrats on the phone! Woo hoo! And just in time, too, since it sounds like you'll be spending a lot of time calling your insurance company in the near future. dry.gif Best of luck with that.

Which reminds me.

Kvetch: On Friday I got an annoying letter saying that I owe money for the doctors appointment I had in Oklahoma last November when I got so sick on my visit. It appears that the clinic has not received any money from my health insurance company, so now they're expecting it from me. Have I mentioned that I have only been to a doctor ONCE since we got this insurance almost 2 years ago? And now they're not paying for it?! Even thought I called the insurance company and was told I could go to this specific clinic? What the hell? There's got to be something wrong. I'm just annoyed that I have to wait until Tuesday to deal with it. And of course I'm annoyed that I have to deal with it in the first place. Grr.

Kvetch: Idiots who post on the other forum where I hang out. Somebody posted a thread saying that they're thinking about moving to NC, but they "do not like too much diversity, and are planning on having a family soon." I asked what they mean by "too much diversity" & they said that they prefer it when people "stick to their own kind." I am not even kidding. I've had songs from "West Side Story" stuck in my head ever since.

Anti-kvetch: We went to a party last night and had a good time. One of our friends graduated from vetrinary school this month, so we had fun refering to her as Dr. Megan. smile.gif Here's hoping she finds a job in the area soon! Anyway, we drank mojitos and laughed a lot. Good times.

Anti-kvetch: Some of the people at the party told me about a restaurant in my area serves honeysuckle sorbet ... made from real honeysuckle blossoms! Doesn't that sound amazing?! I really really really want to go get some.
oh my goodness, poor LeTwin! i'm glad that she's going to be alright.

kvetch: i'm tired and grumpy and therefore, everything my children do is getting on my nerves. especially the things i have told them at least a hundred times not to do, like using the vacuum cleaner attachments as swords, or running up and down the (old, creaky, un-carpeted) stairs. i'm starting to get that sensory overload feeling... the noise level is really getting to me.

little w seems to be part raccoon... he's dipping everything in his glass of water before eating it! he also has this fascination for turning the dial so the fridge shuts off. nothing more irritating than to go in the fridge looking for something and realize it's warm in there....

i need a nap. or a nanny. whatever.

(((((((~*~*~*love and vibes for all*~*~*~)))))))

eta: x-posted with rose... insurance companies seriously suck ass.
happy sunday!

*~*~*soothing vibes for LeTwin*~*~*

(((polly))) i'm so glad you and leboy are ok and didn't get hurt w/crazy drivers. oh boy. and on the glasses front...i say get new ones. have you ever considered transition eye glasses?? i was a skeptic before, but i have some coworkers who have 'em and the lens seemed to have improved from back in the day. more discreet.

rose, honeysuckle sorbet? sounds yummy.

*~*~*kids behave vibes for damona*~*~*

kvetch or antikvetch depending on how you see it: dude, i thought boobs were supposed to stop growing. i haven't gained alot of weight or anything. well, i went up a cup size. from C to D. that's D for damn. well, i know the male species will revel in my makes looking for tops not so fun.

kvetch:spent time with my dad. i don't know if i mentioned it but i just started talking with him again last year after not speaking with him for about 7 years. so, i can only spend some time with him before i get frustrated. he can be a little pushy. he's lucky i'm talking with him again. dry.gif but, the visit went well.

antikvetch: have i said how happy i am to be in chicago?? biggrin.gif
star, i'm so looking forward to having you back here (sorry i missed the get-together; friends of mine broke up this week so i went to girls' night on friday to help)

rose, insurance bills are ridonk. it takes like 7-10 months for me to get billed for stuff sometimes.

(((letwin))) scary but glad she's okay!

today we reorganized half the kitchen, then went on a two-hour walk in the awesome weather. hope everyone is well!
Happy Memorial Day, all who celebrate it. I have the day off work and I've been to the gym and the grocery store. Now I am making sun tea while the pretty weather lasts. Chicago is supposed to get storms later today so the boy is coming over for a day of nothingness. Should be lovely. smile.gif
Yesterday I had brunch with the boy's parents. I finally got a chance to meet them. He was really quiet around his family, it seems. Mostly, his mom and I just chatted.

As a side note, there is the weirdest, funniest guy on Who Wants to be a Millionarie? Something about this game show seems to appeal to the hyper-smart geeks who never leave their houses.

{{{sidecar}}} we missed you but it sounds like you were where you needed to be.

{{{stargazer}}} It is really good that you make the effort with your dad.

{{{damona}}}maybe it is time to slip a little whiskey into the kid's Kool-Aid. Tranq 'em! Mother's Real Little Helper.

{{{roseviolet}}} Argh, health insurance.

{{{polly and leboy's family}}}


((((leTwin))))) ((((polly))))

((((star)))) yay for chicago and being happy

((((damona)))) ****shh, childrens, shh****

(((((rosev)))) boo for insurance, and silly people

((((mando)))) woo tixs and telly!

((((sidecar)))) mm, duck fat fries sound amazing

(((((yuefie, bunny, kitten, zoya, sassy, sixie, serena, futura, tes, billy, everyone))))

warning: big-ass post
ok, start with the kvetching: the freaking courier company who won't pick up so i can arrange to have my parcel redelivered. it can't be that complicated.

in further news: i went to a wedding this weekend - my cousin, who i don't really know, on my dad's side. It was only mildly horrific, but i think that's enough family for the next decade. My conservative/racist/homophobic uncle managed to keep his little englander views to himself, my aunt was chilled, we survived. just about.

oh, and antikvetch: I have a job!! I had the interview this morning and went straight into my week of training; it's teaching EFL again, but with the audio-lingual method, which is unusual, but they're super-flexible and very nice, and i don't have to do much preparation - and hopefully i'll be able to keep the job once my lectures start again. I don't actually teach a class until friday, so i've got time to ease back into things, it just means i have to go find my grammar books again and start thinking... but on the plus side i get paid.

G has been busy, he's tired after last week's stress so taking a day off (so working from home, really) which will hopefully do him some good. His dad is coming to visit at the weekend- they're going to see bruce springsteen (colour me jealous) but it does mean more stress. I might get to meet his dad though. I'm trying to engineer a way for him to meet the girlies and emoboy, but everyone's so busybusybusy.

right. my rome dvds aren't going to watch themselves!
*waves at morn* Your wedding outfit was awesome btw. Family weddings can be weird for sure, though. Congrats on the job!

((((le Twin and Polly))))

SG, I'm glad the visit with your dad went well. Good for you for making the effort and taking the higher road.

At work so must be quick... but came in to report (sorry if TMI) I am finally bleeding! I was way anxious so this is a relief...

(((to all)))
YAY for bleeding sybarite! I understand the relief but I am bleeding just now and not cheery; I've been in a lot of pain the last few times I've bled and I'm not happy about it (different from cramping, which I have too, and more of a pressure on the pelvis sensation).

YAY for the new job, morn! you look great in the wedding pics. We should definitely go for breakfast in the fancy restaurant the next time I'm in London (hopefully that will be soon for interviews...) I love breakfast places; the boy found a lovely one in Edinburgh for us to go to regularly.

YAY for meeting the parents, dave tickets, ice cream (rose, I had green tea ice cream on Monday and thought of you; I also have turkish delight ice cream in the freezer from a local ice cream shop and emailed zoya Nigella's margarita ice cream recipe, which is yummy), being back in Chicago, and potential jobs and free tuition.

BOO for car crashes (((le boy's twin))), bigger boobs, children-who-turn-into-raccoons, losing jobs...

I had a nice, relaxed weekend after the relief of submitting my grad scheme application and had dinner and french martinis with zoya on Sunday. After drinking we settled down with popcorn and mini reese's cups to watch six+ hours of the Colin Firth Pride and Prejudice but we both passed out within the first hour! The shame. We also had great sushi (and green tea ice cream) on Monday.

I also have a great remainder of the week planned: I'm on holiday from work and tonight have dinner, cocktails and Sex and the City: the Movie planned with my closest friends; tomorrow I have farewell drinks for a friend who is moving to London (so more like adieu drinks); Friday I'm off to see the boy for the weekend and we have a taste festival to go to, fancy breakfast, frisbee playing in the park and the new Indiana Jones movie planned.

If anybody wants to start with the things to do/see/eat in Florida recommendations now then that would be great as it's only five weeks away!

Lady Selena
We are back from the North Woods! Boy, I tell you it can be exhausting going on vacation wink.gif We make a small 45 min trip to Munising where there are many waterfalls and try and see a new one each time we make it up there. Camp fires, fishing, skipping stones and hiking through the woods!

So we went bowling last night again and am happy to report there was no one to help me with my skill. Let me give you an example of how much it effects me... When he was "helping" my high score was 94 without his assistance last night my high was 150. I get very nervous...

5 days and counting before my daughters Summer break.. I am not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing!

LeBoy twin! Goodness I hope she is doing well! Crazy drivers, shame on you.

<<<happy vibs >>>
this is just a drive by, i have way too much to do!

(((((hugs, vibes, love))))), whatever you need, please take a handful!

i am still in utter shock over how much money we spent over the weekend. BUT our phones are paid for the next 6-7 months, and we went to sams club (boo, hiss, i wish there was a costco nearby) so we are totally stocked up on all the goodies like detergent, diapers, ibuprofen, tampons (i really wish the cup-type things worked for me sad.gif ), toothbrushes, etc. as much crap as we got, it better last awhile! i also splurged a bit and got 2 books, 3 movies and 2 computer games. bad damona, no $$ for tattoo now

i'm doing my best to be even more eco conscious, so i bought a brita pitcher with 2 refillable screwtop water bottles. our water is nasty and we've been blowing money on bottled. this will cut down on that severely! i also bought a 30-pack of large, plain white washcloths, which are going in a basket in the kitchen for mopping up/hand drying/ kid cleaning/whatever purposes, so we can cut way down on paper towel use. i'm so proud of myself! tongue.gif
Hey, all. I've been having trouble getting into the Lounge again. Hmph.

Hooray for jobs and bleeding and telephones and bowling and movie nights with close friends and meeting the 'rents and and and and!

~$$$~$$$~ continued job vibs for Mr. Pixie ~$$$~$$$~

~~~~~~~ LeBoy's twin ~~~~~~~~~

Kvetch: Brain cramps. I hate them so much! I'll be doing my thing, minding my own business, and then CRAMP! CRAMPCRAMPCRAMP! Seriously sucks.

Anti-kvetch: The most recent "Crap E-mail from a Dude" on Jezebel. The e-mail itself is a pain in the ass to read, but worth the effort. And the comments totally made my day.

This morning Sheff left for his business trip. It's just me & the Millie cat until Saturday night. It's so strange to be alone like this. I'm usually the one who is taking off, leaving Sheff alone, so the shoe is on the other foot for once! That is, until next week when I'll be jetting off for Girl Party '08.
(((rose))) i hope you are feeling better. oh, and the lounge is acting goofy again. dry.gif

Hey Lady Selena and Damona!

(((bunnyb))) sounds like you had a great weekend. tell zoya to stop by in the thread. she is missed.

back in boston. the weather is great which puts me in a good mood. still get the loneliness blues now and then. did some retail therapy today. trying to stay focused these next 3 months to finish up here.

(((bunnyb begone pain vibes))) Oh I get pain too, it's just the relief outweighs it right now! You and zoya sound like you're having so much fun! (I've never been to Florida, sorry...)

(((RV' s head))) I love crap email from a dude. So much material, so little time...

Kitten meant to say I'm glad the visit with the boy's 'rents went well!

At work, everyone else is in meetings hence my presence here... busy with office and thesis nights but at least I'm getting work done again. I am counting the days until my holiday in July to the carribbean, where I've never been. I need some sun and sea swimming and chilling out with rum drinks...

Rose - I could not get through that Crap Email. I think it reminded me of too many college guys I knew. Theater majors can be sooooooo pretentious! My fave Crap Email was the "I am in love w/two women" haiku or whatever. Now that's comedy!

Damona - Glad to hear that the money helped you out so much. smile.gif

Sybarite - Thanks!

{{{stargazer}}} Chicago misses you too.

{{{bunnyb}}} I hope you are feeling better today. The SATC movie is a DVD rental for me but I hope you enjoy it. It feels like all the women in Chicago are in spasm of glee over it.

Mornington - YAY new jobs. And I liked your pics in "Say Cheese!"

Lady Selena - The vacation sounds like fun.

I went to a screening of At The Death House Door last night. It was good. There were some flaws with the film but I think, overall, it really brings something new to the debate over the death penalty. It will premire of IFC tonight and is worth seeing.

ok...I'm just a big old mess of kvetch this morning!

1. Mr. Pixie STILL has not heard about the transfer he had put in for even though they said it would be "early this week" at the latest. They even said they would call either way! He emailed them yesterday......and still nothing! And he hasn't had anyone else call for an interview yet so we are getting a little nervous. Some of the school systems around here are still in session through tomorrow so we are hoping that is the hold up.

2. We have been planning a vacation to Myrtle beach this summer and I'd *like* to make reservations now that I know my rebate will be in our bank account tomorrow, however we can't because the job situation is still up in the air. He could end up with something that starts right away and won't be able to go away...and I can't take off until July because it is just topo crazy busy in my department during June.

3. I have been trying to get the minipixie playroom sorted and cleaned so that we can move thier beds up there and the micropixie can have thier old room. It is just such slow going and I Need to have it done by Sunday because they will be home/underfoot all next week. I have something going on at work on Sat that will take most of the day!

4. AF is due anytime so I am one big bunch of PMS right now!

(((Rose's brain cramp)))


(((bunny's girly bits)))

(((sybrite, star, Damona, Selena, Mornington, and everyone else)))
~$$$~$$$~$$$~ continued job vibes for Mr. Pixie ~$$$~$$$~$$$~
~~abc~~abc~~ communication vibes for the Powers The Be ~~abc~~abc~~
Here's hoping that someone from the high school calls today!

Kitten, I don't think the writer of that crap e-mail was a theatre major. All they said was that they met in a theology class. At any rate, I totally agree that the e-mail from last week was stellar. Who knew so much douchery could fit into so few words?

Another glorious find on Jezebel yesterday: the Snap Judgement post about Clive Owen. There's some very interesting information to be found in the comments. Huminahuminahumina!

Thanks for the vibes, everyone. My brain is still causing me trouble & now my lady bits have joined in. It's Cramp Party USA! Woot! Meanwhile on the other side of the country, Sheff is in Silicon Valley getting all wrapped up in PlayStationLandia during the day & getting slightly sloshed with his coworkers at night. Good for him! I'm actually glad he doesn't have to be here to put up with my whiny, pathetic ass. I am free to be totally slovenly and eat as much cake as I want! See? Cramp Party USA isn't all bad.
Just to be clear Roseviolet, I was a theater major. So I meant that that dude reminded me of a few classmates.

As a public service, I feel that I must post a link to the Clive Owen picture because DA-YUM!
Ok..quick fly by...still haven't heard from the high school.....but TU called and Mr. Pixie is in a phone interview with them RIGHT NOW!!!!! Woot! I am crossing every piece of me that can cross.
extra strength ~*~*~*vibes*~*~*~ for the pixies!
Fingers and toes crossed!!!
~^&%#@$#*(*^$~ vibes of all sorts for Mr. Pixie ~)*@#$)*$#%@!$_(~
Be sure to tell us how it goes!

Ah, Kitten, I get it. Sounds like your theatre department was much different than mine. The boys in our department were not nearly so ... flowery. Or antiquated. Even the gay guys were more butch than that dude!

The pic of Clive was marvy, but the NSFW ones are definitely the icing on the cake: Totally NSFW! No kidding!
The view of Clive from behind reminds me of how happy I'll be when Sheff gets home on Saturday night. Yum.

I've been having my own movie marathon. Yesterday I saw Enchanted for the first time and I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. This afternoon I watched Lars & the Real Girl. Really good. I think my mom would enjoy it. Not sure what I'll watch next.

Soooooo crampy. Need more drugs.
I haven't posted in a few days- my thoughts are too scattery.

~*~*~job/money/health/love/vacation/school vibes to everyone who needs them~*~*~

Where's sassy been? I hope she's okay!

I heard from humanist in Israel- she's having a good time lounging by the jealous. She's finding lots of good stuff to eat, but her boyfriend is having a hard time with it- he's sort of a meat and potatoes person, so isn't getting into the schwarma and falafel. rolleyes.gif Not sure what he expected!

LeTwin is doing okay. The poor girl had to go back to work! She's a teacher and had a baby back in early February, so her maternity leave was up and had to work the last three weeks or so of the school year. She has no vacation time, so she had no choice.

Thanks for that Clive Owen picture, kitten. I never really paid attention to how good looking he was until someone used the term "slow burn" to describe him.....ooooo, they're right!

It's been a weird week at work- we're interviewing for a new dental assistant and we're in the second stage where the ones we like, we do a working interview with them where they come in and work for a day. We (everyone but the dentist and office manager) go out to lunch with them and see if we like them. It's really awkward and kind of annoying, having someone new in the office every day and then having to go to lunch with them...ugh. Just hire someone!

Can I get some mystery vibes for LeBoy please....details to come next week if it pans out....

Blah...I know I'm leaving stuff out....well, ((hugs to all!))
Quick update:The interview itself went well. It is basically an undergraduate advisor position. unfortunatly, it pays a lot less than we anticipated. It is still a little more than what Mr. pixie was making, but gas and Daycare would probably eat the difference. But it would still be an awesome opportunity to get in with the college, so if it was offered, we would still definitely consider it. At this point the high school job would probably be the best for our immediate goals. Just wish they would hurry up and call back, sent a letter, something!
did I just see several photos of Clive Owen's cock?

/too much red wine.
Yes, Bunny. Yes, you did.
[fans self]

~$$$~$$$~$$$~ continued vibeage for Mr. P ~$$$~$$$~$$$~

Polly, that's the way that Sheff's company does final interviews, but they spread them out. At least these group lunches are free, right?
Oh. My! *tottles off to find some Red Wine!!*
Oh yeah, free lunches. That is the upside. Of course the nice deli turkey I bought last weekend to make lunches with this week is probably going bad. I should just put it in the freezer. dry.gif The woman who's coming in on Monday, the dentist she's working with now only has one arm! Crazy! She seemed a little uptight, prim and proper, when she came in for her first interview.

I dunno, nice photos and all, but I think he's gotten better as he's aged. I looked up that movie on imdb- it's 17 years old and the woman he's having sex with there is his the movie, not in real life. Sounds disturbing. The comments in response to kitten's picture are hilarious- "Honey, please come back inside. I'm not done with you yet." laugh.gif

Ugh, pap smear tomorrow. I am going to talk to the doctor about the horrendous itchiness I'm having. I think its because of the bc pills I got. The mail order pharmacy switched from one generic version of Seasonale to the other and I think the formulation is slightly different. I've been miserable with the itchies ever since I started it. mad.gif
Oh my goodness. Thanks so much for posting those pics of Clive. I looked at them last night, um, before I went to bed... at work now so can't refresh my memory uuntil later!

*mystery vibes for LeBoy* , for (((LeTwin)))and feel better soon to polly's ladybits!

*ongoing vibes for mr P*

Happy friday all!! So happy: 3 day weekend ahead for us, and the Lost finale is on Sunday night. *awesomeness* Both work and thesis writing are going well so I feel a deserve a wee break.

(dark blue knickers and black mesh bra...)
Good morning all.
It is raining in Chicago so I am trying to decide if I want to bike over to the gym. I really should go this morning but I am thinking that it is not going to happen.
The Lost finale was awsome! My thoughts in the proper thread, so don't worry, no spoilers.
I spent all day yesterday cleaning my house. It just looks so nice now I don't want to leave it at all. smile.gif

Polly - anti-ich vibes! Mystery vibes for LeBoy.
Pixie - I-hope-you-hear-something vibes!!!

{{{all kvetchies}}}

Undies - white string panties w/polka dots, no bra yet but it will probably be blue.

Oooh, I'm a bit hungover. Clive is definitely hotter now he's older but I'd never pass up the chance to see his man-bits again.

I cannot wait until I watch the Lost finale this weekend - I am so excited! especially after kitten's positive review.

*~*~*~mystery vibes for le boy~*~*~*~

*~*~*~call-back for Mr Pixie~*~*~*~

(((polly and her ladybits))))

(((rose and her brain cramps))))


LOVED SaTC; it's for the true romantic/sentimentalist.

Off to see the boy - have a great weekend!

undies: chocolate brown with cream pinstripe satin bra and french knickers/girl shorts.
I'm baack!!!

The trip was less of a vacation and more like a trip to hell. We finally got to Lowell, and had to immediately meet the family. I thought about getting the parents some small gifts from Atlanta, because they don't come here much. Mcgeek told me that his mother collects spoons. We gave her a spoon, and she threw it on the table and walked away. The brother and sister-in-law said hello, and walked away. Then the sister in law came back, and proceeded to tell me that her daughter was on life support, and has a neurological disorder. Did I want to meet her? Welcome to the family! My dear busties, this was all within the first 10 minutes!! The night as well as the trip fell down from there. I had packed my bags the next morning. Also, we were in very cramped (mcgeek and I choose to stay in a hotel) quarters for 3 days. There are 8 people and 6 pets living in one small house. The bride to be kept bringing up very uncomfortable topics like divorce and health. FUCK. The wedding was tacky tacky tacky.

We got back to Atlanta on Thursday morning at midnight due to bad weather. As I'm getting onto the escalator, I had a seizure. I fell face first down the damn stairs. Nothing is broken, but I'm just bruised. It was a really shitty end to a hellish nightmare.

Two good things: There was a movie being filmed in Lowell called the "The Other Side of the Truth." We saw them film a few takes. Mcgeek saw John Hodges (the PC guy in the Apple/PC ads). Ricky Gevaris, Jennifer Gardner, and Jason Bateman are in it as well. The second thing was heading to the Ben and Jerry's in VT. Nothing unhappy can happen at a ice cream factory.

Mcgeek and I are just spending some time apart. I'm not sure where this leaves us, because he neglected to mention about the sick niece or that his dad is legally blind (or to what extent).


I'll vibe properly a little later.

Anti-kvetch: Plan to see SATC sometime this weekend, and catch up on my Lost and GA.
((sassy)) wow, not much else i can say than wow- that's pretty crappy. ~*~*~healing vibes~*~*~

Oh my god, Sassy, what a clusterfuck nightmare!
I hope this weekend is 1000 times better than that.

~*~*~*~* mystery vibes for LeBoy ~*~*~*~*

~$$$~$$$~ continued job vibes for Mr. Pixie ~$$$~$$$~

~~~~~~~ soothing for Polly's nether region ~~~~~~~~

I agree that Clive looks better now that he's older. Sheff is the same way. I swear, he's even hotter now than when I met him 5 years ago. Even the lady who checked him in at the airport told him that he looks ruggedly handsome. Even the grey in his hair is yummy. And the sexy accent just tips it over the edge.

Sadly, I am not improving with age, but Sheff still seems to like me anyway, so it's all good.

Not much happening here today. Feeling a little better than yesterday, which is great. And Sheff is having fun at the conference in California, which is fabulous. Last night the conference hosts took everybody bowling - all 200+ conference attendees! And there was free pizza and an open bar. Sheff said it was tons of fun & he and the guys got quite drunk. Thank goodness for hotel shuttles!

Undies: white silky hipsters.
(((sassy))) you poor thing you! Your visit sounds worse than The family stone meets running with scissors with a dab of junebug thrown in! Soft gentle kisses for your bruises, baby. both physical and emotional.

*all parts crossed for the pixies*
*mysterio vibes for leboy*

Um, guess who just opened up the nakey clive pics at work? so that's what ‘NSFW’ means! Hee.

Sybarite, glad to know all is well on the red tide front. I’m still without, but nothing to fret over. Par for the perimenopausal course.

Woots for morn’s new jobbie! Paychecks are indeed awesome things.

antiKvetch: I am in FIOS showtime on demand heaven!!!

antikvetch: an entire weekend off to enjoy FIOS showtime on demand heaven!!!

kvetch: due to our ancient washer's slow but sure death march, we purchased a new top-of-the-line washer & dryer on Monday (so many bells and whistles, I’m thinking they’re not only gonna wash & dry our clothes, but fold ‘em and put ‘em away ... and walk the dog, clean the dishes, and scrub the toilets to boot!) We have 18 months to pay them off but still … we signed a credit contract on the first day of mercury in retrograde! *cue doom music of choice* eeek!

antikvetch: Robert downey jr. in ironman. Nuff said. *homer drool* i may have to go see it again. i mean, i still rooted for and lusted after him during his down and out druggie days. so you can imagine how i feel about him now!

beige NEW SMALLER CUP SIZE(!) sexay wacoal minmizer, beige flexees panties.

Hey ladies, I just have a quick fly-by!

first off, Rose, that is the most awesome website I've ever seen!

(((((sassy))))) that sounds like it was very awkward.

anti-itch vibes for ((((polly))))

((((pixie, bunny, sidecar, syb, dm, kitten, star, morn, everyone)))

one biiiiig kvetch: ok so I finally got a job a few weeks ago. And everything was going great. Last week I had like, 4 shifts for 8 hours each and it was great. But a lot of people were hired so I didn't expect that to keep up, I would have been happy with say...20-30 hours a week. Then all of a sudden I'm barely even scheduled (as in one "maybe" shift next week). I even asked if I had done something wrong and I was told no but I would like to know wtf is going on. I need money and I need this job!
haven't mentioned this yet, but sophie had surgery today to get her teeth cleaned and remove three fatty tumors on her chest. she's cancer free, awake and doing just fine now. i was worried, so i'm thrilled to hear this.

(everybustie) things are crazy per usual and perhaps this weekend i'll have a chance to catch up.
(((((sassy))))) eurgh... oh hun, I've got nothin' helpful, that weekend sounds fucking nightmarish. Sending hugs and hairbrushings your way

((((sidecar)))) yay for sophie coming cleanly through surgery, glad she's ok

((((ccgirl)))) fuck. can you say something?

((((mando)))) yay for washer/dryer/toaster/cleaner!

((((polly)))) ***itch-b-gone***

((((pixie & mr pixie)))) fingers still crossed!

((((syb, bunny, yuefie, futura, selena, tes, billy,

mmm, clive nekkid. I have nekkid david tenant if you want wink.gif

taught my first lesson today, it was good, but i know it could be better... i start properly on monday morning at 9.30am! eek! but all will be well. I'm rowing for two hours tomorrow - myself and The Ginger President are going to try going in a double together, maybe compete next year. madness. I had my initiation yesterday. a pint of half beer half cider with blackcurrant squash, topped with cream doesn't taste as bad as you'd think, but i still think these things are ridiculous. It's treading the fine line between being a team player and retaining my sense...

ok, bedtime. I have to call G and take indigo out. And stop dorris from eating the house overnight. My pants, for the record, are flowery ones with a ribbon tie at the back.

Did somebody say naked David Tennant? Ummm, yes please, Morn!! And if you have some naked Billie Piper and Christopher Ecclestone, too, that'd be fab. Ah, the lovely, geeky dreams we all could have ...

Kvetch: Why must my sexual bedfellow be 3000 miles away from me this week?!?

~~~~~~ soothing for Sophie ~~~~~~~~ Poor pup. But hooray for no cancer!

((($$$(((((( CCgirl ))))))$$$)))) That sucks! You definitely need to talk to your manager about that.

Mandi, what washer and drier did you get? I got the LGs last year & promptly fell in love.

~*~*~*~*~ continued vibes of all sorts for Mr. Pixie, LeBoy, Polly, Sassy, Syb, Daddy DM, and anyone and everyone who wants some vibeage ~*~*~*~*~

I am feeling better and better all the time, but I'm not going to push myself. Just stay on the couch & relax for one more night. My big plans for the night include watching the national spelling bee - yes, really - and Doctor Who. Ah, what an exciting life I do lead!
sassy, that sounds horrible!

christopher eccleston is naked in movies a lot, apparently, so it can't be that hard to find. and billie piper is in a series about being a high class call girl ... what is it about a british kids' show that inspires so much nudity? smile.gif

sophie is still recovering and is very, very sleepy. But she's eating and that's good. Still, it's hard to see my little puppers so wiped out.

mando, congrats on the smaller cup size! and so glad to see you. i miss you when you're gone.
*~*~*soothing vibes for sophie*~*~*

sidecar, is billie piper the female lead in that british call girl role on showtime? whoever that chick is...her mouth frightens me. it is bigger than cameron diaz's mouth and that's not a compliment. mellow.gif

*~*~*relaxing vibes for sassy*~*~*

sassy, sounds like a very dysfunctional weekend. and i'm supersorry for the crash and fall on the escalator. how terrible. sad.gif


nothing new to report. same ol', same ol'. hate my 1 supervisor, but everything else is ok. 3 months left to go. all the traveling and such leaves me wanting a lazy weekend. i do need to run out for groceries, but i think i will take a nap first.

Happy Saturday, all!

The highlight of last night: this moment from the National Spelling Bee. So unexpected and, therefore, absolutely brilliantly funny!

Poor little Sophie. Hope she's feeling more herself soon.

Sheff comes home tonight. Yay!
rose, I give you super-skinny nekkid david I'm not sure whether to screw him or feed him something, 'cos he looks like I might break him...

sidecar, that billie piper series is terrible, i much preferred the book it was based on (which is fluff, but readable fluff). Give sophie a kiss for me.

((((star)))) acos

G has gone to see Bruce Springsteen with his dad, i'm several shades of jealous.

I'm going to kill the ginger president before we make it to a race. why are men so insistent that they have to grandstand and that muscle mass is so very important? He might be able to get whatever on an ergo, but if he wants to show off, get in a single. *head/boat*

kvetch: my grasp of english grammar and phonemes is shot through, i can't remember the differences between the conditionals... somebody remind me why I want to teach again?

(((((kvetchies))))) much weekend love
Ha! "The following image is provided for information purposes only". Riiiiiight.
Yes, dear ol' David certainly needs a few cookies there, which doesn't surprise me. He is rather skinny. I guess I just expected a little more body hair, but that could just be a question of photo quality.

Oh well. We'll always have Clive, right?

I had no idea that Billie Piper was on a show on Showtime. Sheff has a bit of a thing for her - partly because she's one of the few women on TV who isn't super skinny - so I should hunt that down for him.
ETA: Found it. Looks like she took off some weight for this role. Bah. Sheff isn't going to like that.

(((((((Star, Morn, et al))))))))))
We could hear Bruce Springsteen play from our garden, as the venue wasn't far from us. It was awesome. Apparently other nearby residents complained though. *lame suburbanities*

I wasn't a fan of Billie Piper before Dr Who, but I do think she was great as Rose. I haven't bothered with the call girl show though. And I'm afraid Mr Tennant is too thin for my tastes in that photo, although I do like his (own) accent...

Lovely long bank holiday weekend here, and the sun is shining for the third day in a row! I am grateful for the garden on days like these...
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