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msyuefie - YAY! Clean test results!!! Woohoo! I hope the infected feeling goes away.

sybarite - While I am always hungry when I am hungover I am not sure that I would be reaching for a shrimp/avacado sandwich. You must be a total rockstar.

Lady Selena - Welcome!

cstars - I hope you are feeling better. You might talk to another bustie, Turbojen, about what you are doing. I think she knows a lot about cleansing. She hangs in the "Okayers..." thread.

{{{damona and little d}}}} cause it sounds like you need it. smile.gif

roseviolet - with the time I have had off I have taken care of my houseplants. They all look and seem happier now. Gay fish?! Who knew?

{{{sidecar}}} non-profits-can-bite vibes. Sorry to hear the accident is still causing stress.

stargazer - I am not suprised to hear that a very liberal state is overmanaged and annoying. After all, I live in Chicago!

{{{Greetings new Sonik, now known as Futura!!!!}}}

Well my normal, reporting to work regularly life will resume next week, sort of. But last night I got to fulfil a long standing wish. I saw Duran Duran in concert!!! And it was awsome!!! Who knew that I still knew almost all the lyrics to "Planet Earth" or that Roger Taylor's nickname was "Froggy?"

One question, though. When did Simon LeBon and Eddie Izzard start to look so much alike?

Or is it just me?

If I get another ISP driver message, I'm going to throw a fit. Grr.

Hi Sonik/Futura. I completely understand where you're coming from re: summer dresses. I had the same problem last summer. Most of them make me look 6 months pregnant. Not a flattering look.

Kitten, glad to hear you enjoyed Duran Duran! They're doing a concert here, but Sheff said he wasn't interested. Craziness! I mean, look at that lucious hunk of man meat! Who wouldn't want to see that live & in person? wink.gif

(((((((Star)))))) Sorry to hear you're having such a hard time.

(((((((Sidecar)))))))) Thanks for the Car update!

I just got a call from BestGalPal. She is the maid of honor for a friend's wedding that is coming up in 2 weeks. Unfortunately, it appears that the florist has completely flaked and announced that they can't do the wedding! So now they need to find a florist that is willing to take them on at such short notice. Nightmare!!! I gave her the names of 2 florists I know, but I'm afraid it may be too late. BGP wouldn't give me the details on what happened, but I'm sure I'll hear more later. Ugh.
@$@$$!$##! I just had a long ass message with lots of individual vibes eaten! so (((YOU)))

Mr. Pixie and I are planning on getting our tats Tuesday!!! We threw away the gift certificate from the obnoxious tattooist and decided to get them together at the other place! I can't wait! It sucks that I have to have 2 sessions though. So mine won't be finished for at least 2 weeks. I'll posts pics of the work in progress over in the tattoo thread.
Pixie, yay for the mr. and you getting tattoos together. That is too cool.

Kittenb, yay for enjoying the Duran Duran concert.

Futura, why do you feel guilty about shopping at H&M?

Lady selena, welcome.

((star)) Sorry Massachusetts is sucking.

((sidecar)) Sorry work is making you feel underappreciated money wise. Hope everything works out for martini and family.

Rose, yay for flowers and friendly fish.

((cstars)) Feel better.

((syb)) Hope you are better, it is so hard for me to stay out late if I have to work the next day.

((yuefie)) Glad your biopsies were okay, and hoping you don’t have an infection.

((damona)) Sorry to hear about little d.

((mornington)) Hope you did well on your exams.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support about Dad DM. He goes tomorrow to find out his treatment options, and I must say after finding out how very common it is I feel better.

Twin DM and I took Lola (the boston terrier) to PetSmart, and she barked at some dogs about ten times her size.
Designermedusa, i feel guilty for shopping at H&M because of the mostly poor quality of the garments. Also, the people who work in the factories producing said clothing are probably underpaid and all that. H&M rips styles from the catwalk and copies them cheaply. I know there are lots of stores doing this, it's just that i'm aware of H&M doing it.

Wow Pixie! Let us kow how the tats turned out!

Roseviolet, that's so unprofessioal re:florist! I hope your BestGalPal finds a better on such a short notice.

Black undies and chique black bra; i finally went out and bought a bra that actually fits. I threw out all the old ones. Nothing but the best for me from now on smile.gif
I did recover, thanks all for the vibes! It was a fun night.

I am still somewhat under the weather--I've been feeling tired and heavy-headed for over a week now. I think it's just a delayed reaction to stress and am generally taking care of myself health-wise (late nights out notwithstanding) so I'm just hoping to feel right as rain soon. Bleeding vibes would be appreciated though--I'm anxious about the hold up!

Hope everyone is having a good Friday!! DM, do keep us posted about your dad; Futura, I also agree there are some fugly summer dress shapes out there... which is why I just spent about €100 on jersey summer tops and dresses from American Apparel blink.gif Eh, I need summer clothes for my holiday if nothing else.

'K, should get back to work. *silk green knickers and--sing it with me--black bra*
Lady Selena
Thanks all for the greetings!

I love to garden and I know I am most likely jumping the gun, but I went out and got flowers yesterday and then planted them with the help of my little ones. Let me just say when you give a shovels to twin 2 year olds you just never know what you will get. Yes I am nuts. Today is so sunny and nice I am going to get out and play in the dirt again.

Has anyone been given Amish Friendship bread? One of the mothers at my #1 daughters school gave me some with instructions. But I am not all the way sure what I can add to the mix to make it extra yummy. She also gave me a loaf that she had cooked and she added some pudding. Any suggestions

Must run my #2 child is running threw the house with the end of the toilet paper...Argh!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday...
QUOTE(Lady Selena @ May 16 2008, 11:19 AM) *
Has anyone been given Amish Friendship bread? One of the mothers at my #1 daughters school gave me some with instructions. But I am not all the way sure what I can add to the mix to make it extra yummy. She also gave me a loaf that she had cooked and she added some pudding. Any suggestions

Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday...

OMG Love that stuff!!! I could eat it by the truckload. Great additions: chopped pistachios and pistachio pudding; also butterscotch pudding is fab too. You could try different chopped nuts, and different flavors of pudding to give it a slightly different taste. ALL are wonderful!
Lady Selena....the recipe I had said you could switch out applesauce for part of the oil. It made it almost cake like and I told myself it was better for me without all the oil! tongue.gif
I've tasted the Amish Friendship Bread, but I haven't actually made it. Nuts and cinnamon would be good and switching the oil with applesauce is good, too.

I just spent $12 on ringtones. I got four of them- the theme song from Buffy, "Coin-Operated Boy" by The Dresden Dolls, "All I Want Is You" (the song from the opening credits of Juno) and the robot song by Flight of the Conchords.

I'm going shopping with my mom today. I might use part of my Lane Bryant gift card to buy her a pair of jeans. My mom almost never buys herself new clothes and her jeans are held up with a homemade drawstring right now. blink.gif I admire her thriftiness, but that's gotta go.

Tonight, we're going bowling with the Selena's! Yay! It's been so long since I've been bowling and now that Illinois is smoke-free....ahhh! Nothing to cover up the smell of rented shoes! tongue.gif
hey all, lots of drama around the damona household... as usual. my life is a soap opera. *announcer voice* "on today's episode of 'as the stomach turns'..." honestly.


yay for tattoos, flowers, new clothes, new ringtones, concerts, 2 year olds with shovels, and good results on medical tests!

boo on flaky florists, health troubles, ugly clothing and lousy days at work.

assorted ((((((((hugs))))))))) and ~*~*~*~*~vibage~*~*~*~*~ for whomever needs 'em. take what you need, there's plenty more!

lady selena, i used to make amish friendship bread, many moons ago. i got the starter from my aunt back when dai was tiny. i used to add butterscotch pudding to it, and walnuts or pecans. yummy!

syb, you can have my bleeding vibes, i'm so ready to be done, and it's only day 2! there are days i hate being female.

the mr and i took the whole crew grocery shopping with us the other night... all 4 of them. if i never do that again it will be too soon. all i can say is that when the autistic 5 yr old is the best behaved of the bunch, it's pretty bad. not to mention that i probably spent a good $50 that i wouldn't have spent if they weren't all there.

it's chilly and overcast here. not cold, just a bit shivery. where did summer go? i guess i shouldn't complain tho, since i am the one who sunburned my boobs yesterday, sitting outside with the other backyard mamas n watching all the kids play. it was overcast then too! the curse of the pale skinned.

i did find out that one of the mamas makes her own clothes, and she always wears pretty, long dresses with full skirts. i may approach her about possibly making me one or 2 if i buy the material. i'm really into skirts and dresses these days. maybe i can barter with her, make a couple meals for her family or something, since i know she doesn't really like to cook and that's my one true talent!

little w is trying to watch fern gully and it must be scratched or something cu the soundtrack keeps stuttering. it's going to drive me insane, very soon.
Hey, gang. I'm still getting driver errors from time to time, so I haven't been around as much. It's just too frustrating!

Yuefie, are you out there? How are you feeling? Give us an update when you can. I worry!

Polly, I love that you got the robot song as a ring tone. The binary solo is hysterical! Hope you had fun bowling.

~~~~~ soothing for Damona's skin ~~~~~ Ah, the curse of the pasty people. I feel your pain. You should definitely ask that woman if she might make a dress for you. I bet she'd love to barter.

What is this about Amish Friendship bread? I've never had it before. Is it a recipe or something? What's this about adding pudding to it? I'm so confused!

~~~~~ soothing for Sybarite ~~~~~~~

Pixie, I can't wait to see the new tat! Post photos of Mr. P's tattoo, too.

DM, I love going to Petsmart and seeing everyone's dogs in the store. So cute!
(((((((((more love for DaddyDM))))))))))))

Late undie report: black vlevet bra, navy blue silky thong. Totally not matching, but at least I'm comfy.

Kvetch: I have 3 zits on the tip of my nose. Three! All at the same time! And I'm supposed to go to a meet-up this weekend & see some new friends and meet brand new people, too. Su-hucks!

Anti-kvetch: The weather has been so nice lately. We've been getting rain pretty consistently & the region is almost totally recovered from last summer's drought. Hooray!

Well, it's after 1am, so I guess I should get into bed and read before I pass out. My mom gave me "Eat Pray Love" for my birthday, so I'm reading that. Not terribly deep so far, but I'm still on the "eat" bit so that isn't surprising. It makes me hungry, though! I long for pizza and gelato!
Eh, never made it bowling. LeBoy's foot is still bothering him where they took the biopsy and rented bowling shoes aren't known for their comfort. We went out to a cute Italian place and came back here for a little while before the Selenas had to pick up their kids. It was a good night, though- we dined al fresco!

Amish Friendship Bread is this bread that comes from a starter that you divide into two portions. One half you keep and bake for yourself, and the other half you give to someone else so they can add more ingredients, divide in half again and continue the cycle. Or something like that. I'm not sure how "Amish" it actually is, but it's tasty.

Ugh, I've got a zit coming in in that little dip above my lip. It's not even big enough to do anything about, just enough to hurt. That's such a sensitive place to begin with and now just brush against it with my hand or whatever makes my eyes well up.

Eat Pray Love was really good. I think it was the only book in the short-lived Chicago Bustie Book Club that I actually finished.

I fell asleep on the couch around 11:45pm, woke up at 2:00am or so when a really big gust of wind rattled the fan in the window, watched some TV and now I'm off to bed again. Probably going to the inlaws with LeBoy to help with the garage sale. rolleyes.gif It's one where the whole town does it the same day. Ha, funny story- LeSIL was telling us that their town is also doing a city-wide garage sale this weekend. LeMom called them earlier this week, not knowing about their sale, and asked if they wanted to put any baby stuff in their sale. Baby stuff is always a big draw, so she was all enthusiastic about it. When LeSIL told her they were selling it in there, LeMom just had all the wind taken out of her sails (no pun intended!) was all curt with her for the rest of the conversation.
Hello all.

Maybe we should start a Kvetchies Friendship Bread exchange. Might be fun. Can it be mailed?

It is a lovely Saturday morning here. The sun is shining and the air is soft. So of course I wake up with a deep cough. I feel okay just annoyed. And I am going to Springfeild (state capital and the corporate center for my job) this week. Something about that damn place, half the time I go there I am either getting a little sick or coming back from there sick. I think it is b/c I normally go there in spring and fall when my allergies beging to kick in.

I stayed in last night, made frozen pizza, baked brownies and did laundry. It was funny b/c when I stepped out to go to my laundry room I ran into my neighbor who I am friends w/. She had just come back from the ice cream place. She looked at my laundry basket and said, "Big Friday plans for you too, huh?"

I had just told the boy that I needed a Friday night to myself. Gosh did I miss him, though. I'll be seeing him tonight. We are doing a nice dinner and going to see Prince Caspian. smile.gif

Polly - I crashed on the couch last night, too. I woke up covered in cats, of course.

Roseviolet - I really loved Eat, Pray, Love, especially the food part. Yum!

Damona - I don't think I would survive a trip to the grocery store w/4 kids. Well, I know that someone wouldn't survive it.

Lady Selena - Everytime I walk past the garden center by my house I feel like I come home w/something new. My wondow sills are getting crowded.

{{{sybarite}}} feel better!

{{{dm and dm dad}}}

{{{pixiedust, konphusion, and all kvetchies}}}

Yuefie is doing well! She's been posting over at Facebook, but she's getting all the errors over here.

Rose you need to try some Amish friendship bread. You would love it!

Can I ask you guys for some mystery vibes? We had something very unexpected happen yesterday and we don't know yet if it's a good thing or a bad thing. A lot of stuff is really up in the air with us now.
rose, I am here, finally!

Ugh, I have been getting error message after error message for the past few days. In fact nine times out of ten I couldn't even get the Kvetch thread to display and when I finally did get it, my post would be swallowed up dry.gif

Welcome, lady selena! Mmm, never had Amish Friendship bread before but it sounds yummy.

~~~~~mystery vibage a plenty for the pixies~~~~~

(((((syb)))))) ~~~~health & bleeding vibes~~~~

damona, you survived a grocery shopping trip with four kidlets? I, for one, think that makes you superwoman.

((((((morn, bunny, rose, mandi, polly, sidecar, billy, dusty, star, kitten, dm, amilita, zoya, flanker, everyone))))))

It turns out I do have a bit of an infection at the surgery incision site. So far my doc and I have decided to try to treat it topically, so I am not actually taking antibiotics yet. Instead I am using an antibiotic ointment, plus an antifungal/steroid ointment. If it doesn't improve by Monday or if the fever returns, I will then begin the oral antibiotics. It's still pretty painful and with the heat wave that is hitting us, I am really uncomfortable. My plans today are to take the magic carpet ride drugs the doc gave me, lay on the couch with the AC cranked and catch up on all the shows I've recorded this week. What's a better excuse for being a complete couch potato than surgery recovery?
I'm waiting for a pizza to arrive, so I thought I'd make a quick post. smile.gif

Yuefie!!!! So glad to see you! Sorry to hear about the little infection. What kind of magic carpet are you riding? Loopy Lortap? wink.gif
~~~~~~ soothing and healing for Ms Yuefie's infected bits ~~~~~~

~*$@!~*!@$~ mysterious vibes of strange mystery for Pixie ~*$@!~*%&#!~
Ooooooh ... I'm so curious!!

~~~~~ soothing for coughy Kitten ~~~~~
Did you like the first Narnia movie? Let us know what you think of Prince Caspian and whether you think it's better than the first film. I'm really on the fence about seeing it.

Polly, al fresco Italian sounds divine! If it weren't for the mosquitos, I'd love to eat dinner on our deck, but I just know I'd get eaten alive.

I think I need to look up this Amish Frienship bread. Even if I don't share the starter, I bet it's worth making.

Kvetch: My aunt and uncle's house was burgled this week. The crooks took all of their medications as well as a GPS, a DVD player, and a couple of jewelry boxes (Luckily, none of Aunt Fay's good jewelry was taken). They live out in the countryside & had only been gone a few hours when it happened. They're pretty shook up about the whole thing & are having an alarm system installed next week. On top of this, Aunt Fay has been sick for a couple of months and the doctor is talking about performing surgery, so they really didn't need this extra stress. So if you have some love for my Uncle Buster and Aunt Fay, send it out there.

Yay! Pizza is here!

(((((((vibes for the Pixies))))))))


Have a fab weekend all!
~~~mystery vibes for the pixies~~~
((rose's family)) scary!

I saw Prince Caspian earlier this week at one of those special screenings Martini gets to go to, and I was pretty disappointed. Prince Caspian himself was boring, and the girl who plays Susan wasn't very good (lots of pouting). The four Pervense children used pretty modern language and acted more contemporary to 2008 than the late 1940s, which was distracting. There was some cool stuff, and seeing Aslan come back made me tear up a little, but it was not very inspired. And I liked the first one a lot.

I've had a nice weekend, albeit Martini-free. I had some friends over for a girls night, caught up with an old college roommate I hadn't seen in four years, and today I think I'm going to get out my bike and ride it to this fancy neighborhood's garage sale.
Just a quick flyby re:Prince Caspian. I was also dissapointed. While I liked the kids and the Prince I just felt like the story was too long, poorly paced and did not make a whole lot of sense. Shame as I loved the first one.
Hey, gang. Quiet day on my end. Spent a long time on the phone with Pixie, did some laundry, stuff like that. It's very pretty out, but Sheff's hay fever is killing him so we have to keep the windows closed. Such a shame! But the grass pollen is miserable on Sheff. He's taking allergy meds, but he keeps sneezing anyway. Poor thing.

Thanks for the Price Caspian reviews. Sorry to hear it was disappointing. I was not thrilled with the first Narnia movie. It felt like it was missing something, but I could never put my finger on it. I was hoping the series might improve, but now I think I'll spend my money on something else. Like air conditioning.

Kvetch: Booooooored. Which is compounded by laziness. I feel like one of those annoying kids who tells his mommy that there's nothing to do, but when his mother suggests other activities, he just whines that he doesn't want to do any of them. So, yeah, I'm a real joy to be around today. wink.gif
Lady Selena
So had a nice dinner with NO KIDS on Friday. Let me tell you that is a treasure for us!

Saturday started off to a good start with some ah bed wrestling with my Darlin. Well that is where things went bad. We were ah interrupted by my step dad stopping over. dry.gif Some how he decided that today was a good day to do some work around our place. >side note, we rent a town home from my parents. So the association wanted to add dirt around the building. I had just planted and my hosta were up and we have day lilies up too. Well besides trying to drown the plants they workers stepped all over my flowers and damaged or trampled most of them. mad.gif I decided to leave before I said unkind things to people that would take offense. So off to friends to forget about my poor garden.

That just means I need to go and buy more plants, and by god they will be paying for them this time!

Today we got a hedge hog! My cousin is at college and she decided she didn't have the time to take care of him anymore. And she thought our three girls would love to have him, but of course they were fascinated. So she dropped him off with all the things needed to keep a little hedge hog happy.
Kittenb, agreed on the plot. I found it pretty confusing too. Rose, if you're feeling like seeing a movie, I'd recommend Iron Man. It's fun & entertaining, and Robert Downey, Jr., is smoking hot in it, too.
Sidecar, I saw Iron Man on Monday. So good! Did you stick around to see the secret scene after the credits?

My only issue with Robert Downey Jr. is that he reminds me a lot of a certain man from my past. Similar face, similar eyes, similar charisma, similar snarky attitude, the whole deal. I always thought that he should be cast as RDjr's little brother in a movie someday. Anyway, that's just to say that watching Iron Man was kinda creepy for me. But I still loved it!

The next movie I have my sights on is the Indiana Jones movie. It sounds like Sheff's employer will be taking everyone to see it on Friday (they do this sort of thing once a year). I am terribly afraid that it's going to be a stinking pile of poo, but I feel a need to see it anyway.

Kvetch: I have a meet-up thingamy to go to. It's connected to a local on-line forum where I post. I really don't feel like going because it's mostly acquaintences and strangers I've only talked to on-line and, of course, none of them are as cool as the Busties. But I told two of the ladies on the forum that I would go & I like them, so I have to force myself to go anyway. And I'm dragging Sheff along, too, poor thing.

Time to shower. Have a great evening, everyone!
Happy Sunday!

rose, i'm superexcited for the indiana jones movie! i was watching the trilogy of the previous movies on sci-fi last night.

*~*~*mystery vibes for the pixies*~*~*

DM, good to hear your dad is doing ok. smile.gif

kitten, your friday night sounded lovely. pizza and brownies! what an awesome meal.

*~*~*infection be gone vibes for yuefie*~*~*

lady selena, oh how frustrating about your plants. that's a bummer.

hey sidecar! are you going to be around memorial weekend? being the busy woman you are, i'm sure you won't be able to meet up with some of us this weekend. thought i would ask.

i had a pretty relaxing weekend dogsitting for a friend. it was nice to be somewhere quiet. and while i've had thoughts about getting a dog, by the 3rd day i was over that fantasy. heh. maybe it is cause her dog's are needy and a little high strung. it was good to have some little beasts around. very happy to be home though.

kvetch: i wish it was the end of the week already. i just want these next 3 days to fly for me. i need to go home to get rejuvenated to make it the last of the 3 months here. TLC is what i need!

kvetch 2:i've started doing bikram yoga. i think the combination of that and this weather has me kickin' out toxins galore. meaning, i felt ill this weekend. but, i'm feeling better.

oh, and FYI, i read that we are entering a full moon soon. so, if things seem off this week. now you know.

Confession: I've never seen any of the Indiana Jones movies and have no interest in seeing this one.

Rose, good luck at your meet-up. Hopefully they'll at least be tolerable. Sorry to hear about your aunt & uncle's house getting burgled. That happened to us about 9 years ago. They stole my farking vibrator for cod's sake.

I can't wait to see the hedgehog, selena- what's its name?

I went fabric shopping with my mom today. She's having a helluva time finding fabric- she's the official seamstress for WGN's Bozo the Clown. Even though his show has been off the air for several years now, he still makes appearances and requires a new costume every few years. For some reason, royal blue just isn't a common fabric color anymore. The only place she can find that has it in stock is one of the locations of a local fabric store chain that's out in this bumblefuck suburb 30 miles away.

Anyway, I got some fabric for that Frida Kahlo sock monkey I promised you, stargazer, many moons ago. I don't think I'll have it done by this weekend, but definitely by the time you're back again.

Yuefie, I'm glad the infection is (hopefully) just being treated topically.

LeBoy and I didn't sleep well last night and I must stay awake for at least 3 more hours or the cycle will continue.

~*~*~*mystery vibes for the pixies~*~*~*
Polly, they stole your vibrator?! What on earth are they going to do with a used vibrator?! It's not like they can sell it or anything. I mean, there's a time when buying used is okay, but this sure isn't one of them.

And your mom makes costumes for Bozo the Clown?! That is so random! I feel her pain about the fabric hunt. My mother used to make costumes for dance companies and such. One summer, she needed a ton of red & white striped fabric & she could. not. find any anywhere. It drove her mad. For years afterwards, whenever I saw red & white striped fabric in a store, I'd call & ask her if she needed it. wink.gif

As for the Indy movies, I like the 1st & 3rd ones. The 2nd one (Temple of Doom) didn't thrill me. I think it was one of the first PG-13 films ever because of some of the gross stuff in it. I never need to watch that dinner scene again.

Lady Selena, congrats on the hedgehog! Does it have a name yet? Does it like to be held? A friend of mine has a hedgehog & it is super sweet. She likes to keep it on her lap when she's on the computer. The little hedgie just buries itself under a towel and sleeps the whole time. So cute!

Star I just looked up bikram yoga on Wikipedia & was surprised to read about the controversy surrounding it (copyright stuff). I can't believe some guy is trying to patent yoga poses. What a maroon!

~*#$*@**$*#!~ a huge heapin' load of mystery vibes for the Pixies ~*#$)%*%#)*)@(~

~~~~~~~ continued healing for Yuefie ~~~~~~~~

Anti-kvetch: We watched Casino Royale again last night and I had some yummy Daniel Craig dreams. Here's hoping I'm that lucky again tonight.

Anti-kvetch: Sheff and I went to the meet-up and actually had a very nice time. Before I even realized it, 2 hours flew by! I didn't meet any life-long friends or anything, but the crowd seemed nice. I'll happily meet up with them all again.

As soon as we got home my aunt and uncle called with an update. Aunt Fay is having a scope done towards the end of the month. They'll put the scope down her throat and look at her stomach. After that the specialist will hopefully have a better idea of what to do next. Poor woman. She's been through so much.
Lady Selena
Our little hedge hog came with the name Jack. We are deciding if we are going to change that or not. He is around 2 years old and he does well with being held. If I can figure out how to post a picture I will show you all how adorable he is!
Lady selena, I’m not sure what a hedge hog looks like. I’d love to see a pic.

Rose, yay for Daniel Craig dreams and meet ups.

((rose’s aunt and uncle))

Polly, that is so cool that your mom is the seamstress for Bozo. Twin DM and I used to watch that show when we were little because we got WGN on cable.

((star)) Hope the week goes by fast so you can enjoy your home time.

Sidecar, yay for a nice weekend.

((yuefie)) Hope the cream cures the infection.

((pixie)) Hope the mystery is a good thing.

((kittenb)) Feel better.

((damona, syb, futura))

Update on Dad DM, he is going to have radiation treatment with beads for his prostate cancer. From what I heard it takes 5 weeks, and he has to go for the treatment daily. I researched online and it says this treatment can up your chance of rectal cancer, but I’m not sure if I should bring that up to Dad DM or not.

I stayed home from work today as I just don’t feel like being at work. I am supposed to be able to work from home, but they are dragging their heels on it. I have known for a long time that I need to move on from this position because I am bored, but I am just not having any luck as of yet finding something else.
Nice to see some new faces in here!

(((DM))) *all parts crossed for papaDM*

(((sybarite))) u bleeding yet hon? Speaking of which, I’m on day 50. feeling ever-so-bloaty. blech. then again, I’m saving money on tampons now. Heh.

Pixie ... whadup with that mysterio thang???

Rose, I’m still in touch with car too. cooper’s just turned 4 – if you can belive it!!! - and bone’s just turned 2. I hope to get to see them live in person very soon.

I needs to see what a Frida Kahlo sock monkey might look like.

(((star, polly, kitten, sidecar, damona, sybarite, morn, bunny, sonic/future, amilita, everyone)))

antikvetch: a lovely weekend off.
kvetch: spent most of it cleaning my filthy disgusting house.
antikvetch: my house is no longer filthy and disgusting.

methinks i'm going to have to succumb to the facebook phenom, just to check in on my beloved m.i.a's. ... is that where all the cool kids are hanging now? how does one hook up with friends on there? and is livejournal passé?

did anyone see the desperate housewives season finale last night? WTF?!
yet another series down the tubes. (altho i haven't been watching it that regularly anymore.) thank christ for the office and rescue me.
Mando!! Nice to see you chica! (And no, I haven't started... I have, however, taken 2 preggo tests, both negative, so am relieved but confused. /TMI) I hope you start up soon, tampon prices notwithstanding.

DM, my dad had the bead treatment and, as I said, is doing well with no signs of the C. They stay in your system for some months though which led to some discomfort, but it is temporary. Best of luck to your dad.

I say meh to facebook. I'm not really on it anymore, if I ever was. I keep meaning to add people and then I get hit with random sticky applications.

(((mysterious vibes for the pixies)))

My job has become much less stressful and I feel on top of things there. Downside is that I don't quite have enough to do; no complaints with the thesis to do nights, but it makes me squirrelly in the office. Also, sorry to say, my co-workers are kind of boring. I always think the expression 'we have nothing in common' is a bit of a cop-out, but it's starting to feel true...
Yeah, my dad has a friend who works for WGN who got her the job about 12 years ago. Now my dad works there, too.

How have you missed out on the cuteness that is a hedgehog, DM? ohmy.gif

Here's what they look like rolled up:

((DM Dad)) ~*~*~*anti-cancer (of any kind) vibes~*~*~*

Lady, you know our friend Kris has/had a hedgehog. I'm sure you could ask him if you need any advice.

I'm glad your meet-up went well Rose. ((Aunt Fay))

Crap's hitting the fan at work....gotta go.
Bless all the little hedgehogs!

I'm a bit m.i.a. just now as been working (well mainly procrastinating until this weekend) over my grad job application; I wrote -what I think is- a kick ass application over the weekend and now I'm tweaking it and my C.V to submit mid-week. All and any vibes appreciated.

Other things about this weekend, good and bad: spent a lot of quality time with the boy, he took some holidays and was through from Thursday until today; getting into my writing groove again; finding out that bf C's great uncle Jimmy (we both called him Uncle) died of lung cancer yesterday sad.gif; having major PMS and acting like a crazy woman ALL weekend; scoring a second-hand book, published by Virago, a collectors' item and one I've been looking for, from a charity shop for the bargain price of £2.49! Oh, and today a bird majorly shit from above and missed me by a milimetre; it was either a huge bird or a workman vomiting from a great height.

(((dad DM)))

(((yuefie))) I hope your infection has healed.

(((syb))) I hope you bleed soon.

(((the pixies))) I read your blog and I am sure everything will work out for the best.

yay for Frida Kahlo sock monkeys (that will be so cool!), Robert Downey Jr. (the only reason I would kick him out of bed is to do him on the floor), successful meet ups, great weekends, retro 80s movies, Bikram yoga...

boo for crappy work situations, burglars and burglars stealing vibrators (WTF?!), CANCER, family woes and stresses, bleeding or lack thereof, homesickness...

I've come to squee over the hedgehog cuteness! They're illegal here but my friend Derek has one anyway and his name is Captain Awesome tongue.gif

and to send good vibes out to (((((YOU)))))

and some extra hugs and ~~~kick-ass application vibes~~~ for bunny

I am so glad to be feeling a little better. The infection hasn't completely cleared up, but it's a little better. I'm still sore, but at least I'm getting around some now. I was a cooking and baking fool this weekend. I made the most decadent brownies, banana bread, cilantro lime pesto (on pasta w/ jalapeno chicken sausage), and some ass kickin' salsa. It was good for my cabin fever, but not so good due to this damn heatwave that's kicking our asses. I went out and bought one of those tower fans to try to bring some of the AC's cold air toward the back of our apartment. My bedroom is sweltering!
Hello ladies! It's been a while since I posted in here. Things were getting a bit crazy with the end of exams and whatnot and then I went home to visit my family for a little bit. But now I'm back and am very happy to say that I got a job! I'm very happy because this means that I can stay in Toronto all summer rather than having to go back home and work at my crappy old job.

((((yuefie)))) glad that you're feeling better!

((((dm and dm's dad))))

(((mystery vibes for the pixies)))

((((star, sidecar, bunny, polly, kitten, mando, syb, everyone))))

kvetch: it's before 6am and I don't have to work. Why am I awake?


where is everyone these days? are youall just disheartened by the vast amount of issues the lounge is having lately? cuz i know that's partly why i don't poke in here much recently. or post big long posts, since i'm tired of having them disappear.

that said, i let out a huge squeal of excitement and nearly knocked over my husband with a hug earlier when he told me that.......... we're getting our income tax refund check tomorrow! i'm so happy! i can put gas in the truck! i can pay for dai's dr appt tomorrow! i can go get all the stuff i've been putting off for weeks, like detergent! and maybe even new jeans! and get the phones turned back on! squeeeeeeeee!

btw, i am also squeeeeeeing at the cuteness that is a hedgehog. those lil critters are just freakin' adorable!
Damona, it's definitely the fact that the lounge software is fucking up. Pixie called me earlier today partly to bitch about it with me. She had been trying to access the lounge all day & couldn't get through. I have a feeling that certain people are just hanging out on Facebook instead. But not me! Because I refused to get a Friendster account and I refued to get a MySpace account and I really need to keep up my record of not giving in to every one of those "social" websites or whatever they're called. Because, you know, I'm actually Kathy Lee Gifford in disguise and I'm afeared of the Interwebs. But don't tell anybody I told you, okay?

HOORAY for money from the IRS!!! That's fabulous!

And hooray for hedgehogs!

DM, sounds like they're treating your father's cancer the same way they did my dad's. Note that his life will have to be a bit different for a few weeks after they implant the radioactive "seeds". My father was told that he could not hold any babies or pets & that he should stay away from pregnant women. Also, Mom was not allowed to sleep in the same bed with him for a number of weeks. As a bonus, though, you get to call your dad Radioactive Man! So that's nice.

CCGirl, glad to hear you get to stay in Toronto!

~~~~~~ soothing and cooling for our sweet Yeufersons ~~~~~~

~!*!~*~!*~!~ kick-ass acceptance fibes for Bunny ~*!!~*~**!~~

Mandi, good for you for scrubbing the house! There are some areas of my house that could use a good hardcore scrubbing. Yesterday I scrubbed the deck furniture, so I'm getting there, slowly but surely.

Syb, I've had jobs where I had nothing in common with my co-workers. It makes the day feel longer when you have no one to joke around with. But you'll be out of there soon, right? Maybe?

~!(#(&@#)$(!)()!(@_)({@!)(~ continued mysterious vibes of strange mystery for the Pixies ~!*@$*%*@!**~*#@*~

I've been having a quiet yet happy time of it over the last couple of days. The highlights of this afternoon were (1) stopping by the gourmet popsicle store & ordering a mojito popsicle (so good!) and (2) stopping by a new patisserie and ordering 2 mango tarts for me and Sheff to have for dessert tonight. No they weren't cheap (almost $5 per tart), but they were so damn good. I need to learn to make those myself.

Speaking of mojitos and making things myself, I have decided that at some point soon I need to make mojito sherbet. I found a lime sherbet recipe, so if I just add some mint it should work out fine. I think. We shall see.

Bust vibes are amazing! The mystery is looking good so far. I may know for sure tomorrow morning! For those wondering, I am NOT pg! Anyway, I don't wanna say anything yet and jinx it...

I also got my tat outline today! I posted a pic in tattoo practicalities. It hurt worse than I expected, but I was told that I had freakishly little I guess that's cool.

Anyway, have to run.
I just have too much work to do.

I had horrible cramps today in honor of my first period in two months. Good lord, do I hate my reproductive system.
Lady Selena
So my hubby convinced me to join a bowling league because it is only four weeks long and you get a free ball out of it. Well last night was the very first. So we went without really knowing what we were getting into. Well it seems we signed up for a training league. Where they help you try and improve. Well despite others being around and needing help the resident expert hung around and talked to me all night. My darling tried to distract him but to no avail. FYI I get very nervous around strange people and when there are lots of people around. So the more he talked the worse I did the more he thought he had to help. Viscous circle!

This morning as I am reading some of your posts I happened to look up to see what the twins were doing. To spot one of them with her sippy cup emptying it into my shoe.. sigh

We have decided to keep our little hedge hog's name Jack. He has a wheel that he runs on. But as you might know the are most active at night. So around 2am you can hear his little wheel going, to cute.

We are going to pack up and take a trip to great out doors this weekend. Fishing, hiking, woods and nature! God do I need it.

((((here are warm wishes for all)))
I didn't know a hedgehog could be a pet!


Cooper's 4 already? Oh how time flies...

I'm glad you are feeling better ((((((Yuefie))))))))

Congrats on the job Candycane!

Yay for tax refunds!!


Right now i'm enjoying a plate of spaghetti with salmon and a glass of prosecco. My humble abode gives out such good vibes. The old house was downright spooky, so color me relieved! As of now, i have my very own wireless network.Hah!

I have no problems whatsoever with the lounge, although i cut and paste my post in word before posting, just to be sure.

()()(*&*)*()(*&Ongoing mystery vibes for the Pixies()(*&*&*()()

Roseviolet, you are such the domestic goddess!

((((Mandolyn, Sybarite, Bunnyb, Kittenb, Lady Selena, Damona, Polly, Designermedusa, Stargazer
I've been reading just not posting for a few days. I was staying at a hotel. WTF is up w/hotels charging $9 per day for internet access in your room? So I was using the public computer there and didn't want to hog all the time.

So, quickly...

YAY Damona! Glad you are getting the $$$.

{{{sidecar}}} cramp vibes...

{{{roseviolet}}} I love when you write about food.


((kittenb, furura, sidecar, pixie, ccgirl, bunnyb, syb))

((lady selena)) I hope the bowling expert leaves you alone so you can enjoy the game.

Rose, yay for yummy food.

Damona, yay for your refund.

((yuefie)) Glad you are feeling better.

Polly, the picture of the hedgehog rolled up is cute, but the other picture scares me as it looks to much like a rodent. I guess they are rodents, but I have a thing about rodents.

Mom DM was admitted to the hospital today, same symptoms as she had a few times last year. I really think it is stress related, as they have never been able to fully explain what is going on. She gets a CT scan tomorrow, but I think she will be fine.

Mr. DM bought the Wii Fit today and I love it, although I question the BMI calculator because it said Mr. DM is almost overweight (and he is definitely not). I rock at the hula hoop game.
hey kvetchies, exams are over but the internet at home is still not working! so... I'm in uni. boo.

(((((dm, momDM & dadDM)))))

(((((futura))))) hey!

welcome ((((lady selena)))) I'm so jealous of your hedgepigness, I want one, but they're not encouraged here in the uk (and I think the bunnies and dog would freak)


((((sidecar))))) cramps-be-gone!

((((ccgirl)))) yay on the job!

(((((yuefie))))) hope the infection clears up

(((((mando))))) hee, you gave in to crackbook....

((((bunny)))) fingers still crossed!

((((damona)))) yay for money!


kvetch: now exams are over, I have to find a job. aaaargh.
kvetch: fambly wedding. racists and catholics and yorkshire, oh my.

G took me out for breakfast at a posh restaurant (bunny, the next time you're down, we're going!) to celebrate the end of exams, then I went on a book-buying binge before we went home for a sex-and-heroes afternoon before seeing Jens Lekman. Although the downer was that G heard his retainer is being switched to piecework for the place he writes for, which means paying his rent will be stressful and he'll have to find a new office (so he basically got fired, which sucks). But it's been ok.

now i have to go pay uni money and start jobhunting before going home to bathe Pete and pack up Indigo's stuff, as G and I are going to see sunset rubdown this evening... busybusybusy doing not a lot.
Happy Friday all.

{{{dm mama}}} I hate when the stress gets so bad that it starts to lead to vague and hard to treat illnesses. B/c then you start getting stressed b/c you don't feel good. It just goes on and on and on...

{{{mornington}}} Excepting the firing that sounds like a great time. laugh.gif

I did an outside massage gig last night. It was fun but it was cold! Then I met up w/the boy for drinks. So my stomach is feeling a little woozy. Too much mixing of the drinks. I got the results from the CT Scan that I did a few weeks ago. As I suspected, nothing was wrong that they were actually looking for. However, they found a very small cyst on my liver. My doc said that was no big deal but I got curious and googled it (DAMN the google search!) and I found a very small link b/w liver cysts and a BIG BAD problem w/kidneys that I know there is a history of in my family. A very worried call to my doctor calmed me down (my kidneys look fine and healthy she says) but still! I almost stroked out. I need to stop using the Internet. So, I am fine and I hope that is my last CT Scan for a loooooooong time. blink.gif

Undies: white w/martinis, no bra yet.

*~*~*healing vibes for Mom DM*~*~*

*~*~*continued mystery vibes for the pixies*~*~*

DM, i must admit i'm starting to get curious about the wii. the push to use the wii for fitness stuff is intriguing me. i'm such a sucka.

Kitten, very glad to hear you are ok from the results. and tame that tummy so you can have sangria tonight! biggrin.gif

antikvetch: getting together with chicago busties tonight for good food, drink, and company.

kvetch: the weather right now. a little chilly. and i only have spring/summertime company clothes. boston was spoiling me with good temperature! damn

undie report: black boyshorts and no bra.

fly-by- gotta get in the shower and go to an eye doctor appointment- hopefully I'll be able to get new glasses!!

kitten, when I had what I thought were gall bladder problems a few months ago, and they did an ultrasound, they didn't find anything there, but my doctor said there may have been a cyst/cysts on my liver. I was supposed to get another ultrasound, but then the eye thing happened and I postponed it. Bad me.

See y'all tonight and I'll post more later...
omg, i have a phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well, my old phone is still f'd up, cuz it won't stay charged, but at least it's connected now, and i'll prolly get a new phone on monday. which i'm a little sad about, cuz i love my phone, and i've had it for ages... about 4 years now, which is practically unheard of with a cell phone.

and, thanks to my dearest darling lady selena and her dearest darling hubby, i have a new computer monitor that is NOT fuzzy and that is considerably bigger, so i can actually see what i am doing now!

~*~*~*~*~*~kitten feel better~*~*~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~*happy and healing vibes for the family DM*~*~*~*~

mornington, even tho you may be doing "nothing", at least you are having fun doing it!

stargazer, are you home now? cuz it is chilly and gloomy and generally un-nice out here, too. oh spring, why hast thou forsaken me?

polly, hope your eye dr appt goes well!

sidecar, i hope you are feeling better, hon.

futura, glad you like your new place! and that salmon sounded yummy. i love salmon.

~*~*~*~*~mystery vibes for the pixies~*~*~*~*~

(((((((((((((((anybody i missed)))))))))))))

dai is off on a wild weekend of outdoorsy stuff with the selenas. it sounds like he's having a great time, so i'm very glad he decided to go. he originally didn't want to go b/c he's had perfect attendance this year at school and he didn't want to miss a day, but i pointed out that they don't give awards for that anymore (stupid schools) and he decided it wasn't that big a deal. they left last night and the morning report tells me he's been running all over the beach finding shells n stuff. i'm so happy that he's happy.

the continuing saga of my back problems... i went to a new dr this morning, since my old dr is a PITA and acts like i'm a druggie looking for a fix. so the new dr is my hubby's dr and i asked hubby to go with me since i am not keen on meeting new people alone. dr said that by the sound of it, i've done everything i can do and he wants me to see a specialist. great, fine, no prob... except that there doesn't seem to be a specialist anywhere in the area that accepts our insurance. frickin' figures. so now i have to call the insurance company and argue with them.... this should be all kinds of fun.
I've decided to share the mystery....even though Mr. Pixie has been teachign for 2 years now, last year was his first year in our residential district. New teachers are always given a temporary contract and at the end of the first year, they find out if they get a permanent one. They are supposed to find out mid April. So in April Mr. Pixie was told he was being renewed permanently and had a room assignment and everything, and then the Friday before school let out the district had a massive unexpected budget cut and they had to cut a few teachers at every school. Of course, they don't sign new contracts until August, so even though he had been told he was getting on, his school had to let go 5 teachers and he got cut!# of teh other teachers have already been transferred to other schools in teh district where there were opening in their subject. We are trying to get Mr. Pixie transferred to the Senior High School because that is where he wanted to teach all along. Anyway, it's still in the works, but there were 3 other English teaches in the district let go and they still haven't decided which one gets to transfer yet. The up side is...because Mr. Pixie just finished his Master's he went ahead and applied at several private schools that pay about twice as much. He also applied at TU. If he gets any of those jobs, I would be able to stay home with the minipixies. So although he would prefer the High School, I have my eyes set on TU. Plus, if he got that job, tuition is free for family members and I could go back and finish my degree for free.

Anyway, that is the update on us. We still need vibes aplenty until something is decided. Luckily teachers get paid through teh summer, so as long as he has another job by August we're good.
wow, pixie, that kinda stank huh? i mean, telling him "oh, yeah, you have a job." and then turning around and canning him! well, i hope he gets the job at TU, that would be awesome for you, getting to get your degree for free? wow!

we (me and the mr and D and J) went out for dinner last night, but i'd forgotten that there's a carnival in town and there were fire works at 9 last night... traffic was appalling. we did get to watch the fireworks from our front yard however, along with a bunch of other people whose kids were too little to go down by the lake to see them. so it was pretty cool. and the restaurant stayed open later to catch the carnival goers, so we didn't have to rush thru our meal. all in all it was quite a nice evening. and i fell asleep early, even tho they hadn't left yet so i'm not exhausted and cranky today, for once!

it's so quiet in here it echoes! where the heck is everyone??
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