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Yuefie! Glad the Dr. was nice and the drugs worked! Rest up. Everything went as it should, yeah?

Get well, Bunny. Sucks about missing work.

Yay for not-yet-engagement, Polly. I love the idea of a stone with color instead of a diamond.

Kitten, I've been dying to just put out stimulus checks into a savings account, but unfortunately, I'm doing this mini-redecoration of the house, so it'll all get spent.

Rose, here's my just got here today!

It is very, very purple, no? It's not my favorite all-time, but it looks quite good on, especially considering I'm not thrilled with my figure these days. There were some absolutely gorgeous ones on eBay, like 50s glamourous, but this one was not too spendy and fits!
((((((((((((Yuefie)))))))))))))) It's so good to hear from you! Sorry to hear you had a bad reaction to the anesthesia. Good to hear that your doctor is so wonderful, though. And R, too, of course! Take it easy and keep us updated.

~~~~~~ healing for Bunny ~~~~~~ Sorry to hear you're still feeling poorly. But it's better to feel bad now than while you're in Florida, right? Okay, I know I'm grasping at straws here, but forgive me for trying to make you feel better. wink.gif

~~~~~~ healing for Le Boy ~~~~~~ Polly, are they going so far as to test the biopsied bits for cancer? Or do they thing just removing the moles is enough?


Where is Mornington? Is she taking exams this week?

ETA: Amilita, I love it! So cute! And I really like that it's so purple. That's part of what makes it so great!

((((((((Kitten, Sonik, Polly, Sidecar, Faith, Dusty, and the whole rest of the gang))))))))))

I am bad. Here I've been, fretting about spending money, and what did I do today? I bought an ice cream maker. But it was on sale! Half off! And it came with a 2nd freezer bowl and everything. I was going to resist it, but my mom pointed out that I could make cherry vanilla ice cream for Sheff - his favorite - without nuts or anything else in it. That's very very hard to find. So I caved. And frankly, I don't feel very guilty about it because I've wanted one of these babies for years. Luckily, Sheff seems okay about it. So that's good. I'm sure he'll be even happier once he gets some ice cream in his system.
Oh, I've always wanted an ice cream maker!

Recently, at a fancy birthday lunch I had Earl Grey Tea ice good. That's my favorite tea. I also love green tea ice cream, and I think oolong ice cream sounds like a good idea, but I've never had it. They apparently have it at some Chinese buffet here- I usually shun buffets, but I may have to check that one out. I think it would be so much fun to make new flavors! Oh, I also love the lychee ice cream at Chinatown Ice Cream, or whatever that place is called. Can you tell that I'm an ice cream freak?

I've always wanted a standing mixer, too. My friend got a car place to do detail painting on hers, and I'd love to do that. There are so many things I could spend a fortune on- kitchen equipment is definitely one.

I just came this close to having a mini-hissy fit at work because I had to wait around for someone for 20 minutes, when I have lots to do today. I seem to have a very short fuse lately. I'm hoping it's pre-bleeding moodiness, because that would mean I start bleeding soon! (thx RV, btw!)

(((Yuefie))) Glad you're out of your surgery and that people are looking after you. Anaesthesia's such strong stuff; I'm sorry to hear about your reaction.

Polly, my mr has similar reactions health-wise. He flipped out over some bad *mosquito bites* recently, but then he didn't grow up in Wisconsin...

(((feel better soon bunnyb)))

I am overtired, over extended and generally stressed, but the weather has been gorgeous: sunny and low 70s! It hasn't been this warm for over a year, honestly. I'm off to see my dad this weekend so both these things are things to be cheerful about!

(((Yuefie))) Glad the surgery went well!

~*~*~*~*Bunny feel better~*~*~*~**~

Yay for the ice cream maker!

I Lurve your bathing suit Amilita!

The only thing going on here is that I am finally getting a tattoo after talking about it for like 4 years!!! I dropped my artwork off at the place this morning. For me this is all about reclaiming my body from the memory of all who came before Mr. Pixie.
I haven't been here in FOREVER, but I wanted to say hello to everyone!

I hear Yuefie is having surgery so good vibes to her!

I do the same thing, roseviolet and complain about not having any money, and then buy stuff. I bought myself a $54 outfit yesterday cause I felt like I needed new clothes for work. But, as long as you get good use out of it, I think it's ok. smile.gif

How exciting for you, polly to be looking at rings! I just got my engagement ring in February after discussing rings for MONTHS. Even though you know it's coming, it's still very exciting and fun when you actually DO get it!

Regarding the tax rebates, if they are going by the last two digits of your social, I have a LONG ways til I get mine, seeing as i'm 99. sad.gif Can't really get any higher than that, huh?

Hello to everyone else! Hopefully, i'll be stopping by a whole lot more seeing as my new job doesn't block bust. Yay!

stupid dingoes....

my computer screen is just slightly fuzzy... it's rather hard to read on here... grr... i thought i'd fixed that.

polly, my mr insisted that i had to have a diamond, nothing else counted as an engagement ring. i haven't worn it in 5 years (been married almost 8), cuz it caught on everything! so that was a waste of $1000. oh for the days of disposable income... *sigh*. hell, i don't even wear my wedding ring anymore. my fingers got too fat with the last pregnancy and it won't fit anymore. so anyway, my point is, make sure that YOU like what you get, and that it's wearable! you don't have to worry about scratching kids or anything with it (did that) but if it's a high setting it will get caught on everything and drive you nuts!

i hope all is well with leboy.

((((((yuefie))))) glad to hear you are doing ok hon. you have my sympathies on the anesthesia nausea attacks. i've had that happen. most notably, after my c-section. but i am very glad that all else went well for you and that you are home and being taken care of.

(((((((((((((((much lovin' to all))))))))))))))

i'm cheating cuz i really need to ask some advice here, and i don't have much time before the circus comes home.

here's what i need to ask y'all... i met the couple in apt. 3 just a couple weeks ago. they were real nice, we talked a bit, all cool, right? the husband died this past sunday! just out of the blue. he had an anurysm and just keeled over, he was only 38. i didn't realize until after, that some of my friends are also the wife's, or, i guess, the widow's friends, so i've gotten all the gory details (which i won't share here) and heard how she's just a wreck and can't hardly cope with anything. so i made some pasta and sauce and brought it over for her last night, cuz i just figured that cooking is probably the last thing on her mind right now and there's a couple of tween-age kids there, too. she was amazed that i'd done that and she started crying and everything and she was all upset and i wasn't quite sure how to handle it. i just gave her a hug and told her that if she wanted to come over and talk or anything, i'm home a lot, or if she needed someone to watch the kids or something. i also told her that i'd bring some more stuff over for them this weekend.
so, there's the background, i guess my real question is this... is there anything else i can do? how else can i help this poor lady who thought that everything was going good, only to have her life fall apart? i don't want to make her cry anymore!
Cstars, if you having it direct deposited, you should have it by May 16. If it's papercheck it could be as late as the end of July. There is a schedule on the IRS website.

Yuefie! Yay! Sorry to hear about the anesthetic, but glad you're okay and everything! Enjoy your food and DVD's!

Bunny, I hope you get better by the time you cross the pond. Maybe that warm, humid air will help?

Cute bathing suit, amilita!

Rose, that's a very good ice cream maker and I think it was a wise purchase.

They are testing the biopsies for cancer. Not sure how long it will take to get the results back. He goes in on the 21st for that third one. He really liked the dermatologist, which is good because good dermatologists are hard to find. I was shocked that they were able to get him in so quickly- the one I used to go to, who I didn't like that much- I'd have to wait weeks to get an appointment with him. I think I'm switching over to her.

Congrats on the tattoo, pixie. I've been talking about getting one for a long time too. I think I'm going to wait until I lose some weight. I already know what I want- a monkey, drawn in Japanese calligraphy style.

The duckling my mom acquired died. sad.gif We're not sure what happened, if he was cold or maybe he was already sick and couldn't keep up with his mom and got left behind.

Hi cstars!

I got a couple of filet mignons last night that I'm going to make tonight as a belated anniversary dinner. Yum!

Well, back to work.
Yeah, damona, that was a nice ring, but I can see it catching on everything. That's why I like that cushion-cut.

I think offering to bring over the occasional meal, keep an eye on her kids and just being there to get away is great. Even if she doesn't take you up on it, it's really nice of you to offer. That's so sad about her husband.
Hey everyone, thanks for all the love. I'm feeling pretty shitty today being all the bloated out, achy and crampy. And also a little nervous because my neck is very, very sore, to the point of feeling sort of stiff. Also my throat hurts so bad I can hardly swallow pills. But apparently it's normal to feel sore and all that, especially in the throat from being intubated. Also I think I slept weird last night, which could explain my neck being so sore. I just feel really hungover and generally crappy. The doctor prescribed an anti nausea/pain killer/muscle relaxer/anti inflammatory cocktail that would normally put me out, but I'm so achy I can hardly stay asleep. Right now I am dozing in and out in the recliner because it's the only place I've been able to get semi comfortable. Hopefully it's just the day after pain and it will ease up by tomorrow. R has been taking such good care of me and I know it isn't easy with me being so obstinate most of the time. I know I am not an easy patient to nurse because I am so used to being the one nursing others. Me, a control freak? rolleyes.gif He's been a good sport but has also *gingerly* calling me on my shit, which is a pretty good balancing act on his part. It's amazing to be with someone who actually takes care of me like he does. I think if I am feeling the same tomorrow, especially if the neck pain worsens, I will put a call in to my doctor. I just took another round of medications and am hoping it knocks me out this time. And yay, I've managed to keep all the fluids and soup down.

Hope everyone else is well. ~~~~~all purpose vibes around~~~~~ ((((kvetchies)))))
Oh, I forgot about the sore throat afterwards.

Not fun.

Gentle pats on head.
((((((Yuefie)))))) In my experience, the day after a surgery is always the worst. If your intuition tells you to call the doctor tomorrow, do it.

Damona, you are such a sweethert! Don't feel bad for making her cry. I'm sure everything is making her cry right now, so don't take it personally. Are they new to the area? Does she have family nearby?

Pixie, when will you get inked? Did you officially decide to put it on your lower back?

Sorry to hear about the duck, Polly. sad.gif
-c-c-c- anti-cancer vibes for Le Boy -c-c-c-

~~~~~~~ bleed dammit vibes for syb ~~~~~~~

Good to see you Cstars! Hope that rebate lands in your account earlier than the other '99ers.

Amilita, the guy who helped me at Williams Sonoma said that his daught loves making green tea ice cream. Sound worth trying!

Anti-kvetch: I have been properly productive today. I bought groceries, mowed the lawn, trimmed the holly bush, and - most importantly - made some cherry vanilla ice cream for Sheff. For dinner I'm making tacos. I need me some mexican food!!!

Anti-kvetch: Sheff is going to a big conference in a couple of weeks. This is the first time he's been asked to do anything like this, so it's a pretty nice compliment. Yay! He'll be gone for a couple of days at the end of the month. Unfortunately, he's not sure where he's going! Somewhere in California we think.

Anti-kvtch: Millie is napping on my lap. Is it silly that I still get a kick out of that after 2 months?
rose, i know that she's got 2 older daughters who live not too far away, but i don't know if there's family in town or anything. they'd only moved in maybe 3 weeks ago. i know that i didn't make her cry, i just felt bad that i wasn't sure what to do, y'know? like, if it was a friend, i'd be hugging her and all, but cuz it's someone i don't know very well, it was a little awkward.

and btw, yay for ice cream makers! and yummy homemade ice cream!

polly, i hope leboy is ok, that must be a little nerve wracking! poor little duckling. wonder what happened?

yuefie, after i read your post i remembered that after my c-section my neck was all stiff and sore. i was out for a long time, but i swear, they musta let my head hang off the table or something! ((((((((((yuefie))))))))))

i started a big pot of chili about 2 hours ago and it scorched, so i poured it into a different pot. and burned my arm on the side of the hot pot. it sucks. it's not too bad, no blisters, just red and tender. thank goddess, cuz i am here, alone with the kids, no phone, no car... oy. i don't like that big pot very much!
Aw, Yuefie. Sometimes when you have anesthesia you shake, which could make your neck and shoulders sore...also vomiting a lot and HARD can make you sore, too. Are you putting a heating pad on your neck? That could help a little.

Bleh, Damona, I hate burns. And I think what you did for your neighbor was very Rose, she's probably crying constantly now so don't feel as if you made her do it. Plus, I've found from experience that many people don't know what to do when someone dies, and may avoid the person or not approach things directly...for me it was a relief if people actually said something and could handle the emotions. The only other thing I could think of to do would be to do something like say you were going to the movies and ask if her kids want to come along or something...set up a situation where you would take charge of them and she could get a break. Something they could say no to easily, too. But really, you've done a lot for someone who you don't know well at all.

Yay for the tattoo, Pixie!

I'm having some drama related to the gallery! I can't believe it- I thought this was all done. Bleh. Don't wanna go into it online, but boy, I don't like some people. After a nice workout on the elliptical, I feel like I don't need to like everyone, so there. But I sure don't need this sh*t.


And can I say that it's hard to be watching what you eat and watching Top Chef (old seasons, too, on U Tube) and researching restaurants for trips AND reading in-town menus!!! I'm dying to go to Stella in the French Quarter. (
damona, i think you were being really kind and thoughtful too. It may have been overwhelming for her to see someone just help her out in a way that she needed help -- I know I was often overwhelmed when someone was kind to me in the ways I needed after my brother's death. Whoever said most people don't know what to do had it right, and damona, you did exactly the right thing.


~~~anti-cancer vibes for leboy~~~

So Rose, how big is your ice cream maker? Because I would love one, but I have a galley kitchen that's already overstuffed ... but ice cream maker!

anyway, dinner's done so i have to go. (Martini made plantain tacos. Yum!)
Damona, I agree with sidecar and amilita and everyone else who commented... it's great you're being both kind and practical: that's probably what moved her to tears. Good on you for being so compassionate. Sorry about the burn!

Meant to say polly a) congrats!, cool.gif I like the art deco-y settings on those rings and c) a high-ish setting does indeed catch on everything. I have an otherwise simple ring with a conflict-free diamond, and it either catches on things or I just keep playing with it, which probably looks like I'm trying to show it off huh.gif Have fun with choosing!

Ongoing ((((yuefie))))) I'm a bad patient too--I just like to be left alone, preferably with books or DVDs!

Away for the weekend and looking forward to it. In the meantime: black mesh knickers and (sorta matching) black mesh bra with flowers...
Big old fat kvetch:I dropped the artwork I wanted to use for my tattoo off yesterday morning at teh shop before I went to work. The tattoo guy said to just leave it in the mailbox so I did. Only it wasn't there when he got there!!! Then he pulled it up on the internet justto see and starts telling me that the only way he'll do that artwork is as a full back tat and it will cost like $1000!!! blink.gif I wasn't expecting to be able to shrink it down very far because it is very detailed, however it looked just fine at the 5x7 size the artist sent me. The good news is the artist was very nice and sent me out a new print today. But I have to decide if I want to go to another tattooer and see if I can get the tat I had my heart set on and pay however much it is going to cost...or choose something else that can be done at the origonal tatoo parlor that I can use my gift certificate on. I have an alternate design that would probably work. But I really had my heart set on this other one! And Mr. Pixie only wants me to get 1 tattoo.

I have an ice cream maker my mother bought me. It isn't very big. I may have to dig out now. I bet the minipixies would love to make their own ice cream!

~*~**~*feel better vibes for Yuefie and Bunny~*~*~*~

((Amilita, Sidecar, Damona, Polly, Mandoand everyone else))))

*fly-by* pixie, there is no way that your tattoo should cost you that much; it's not *that* detailed. The tattooist should not be dictating the size either. This is YOUR tattoo and YOUR body that you are reclaiming so nobody should be imposing sanctions on it from "I'll only do it if it's on your full back" to the cost to how many you should have. Why settle for second best? this is something you have thought long and hard about, that you have waited for and that you have your heart set on so you should have what you want (I'm all for some creative input on the part of the tattooist but this man sounds like an ass). Also, if you don't want to waste your gift certificate by going elsewhere to have the work done then you could get a smaller tattoo from this guy if that's what YOU want.

I still feel like shit and sometimes men bloody vex me.


(((damona's neighbour)))
Thanks bunny! Mr Pixie told me if I can find a tattooist to do what I want he'll go ahead and use the gift certificate himself to get one he's been thinking about. So now I just have to find a better artist. I think I might have already.
Are there more than just one artist at the tattoo parlor that you have a gift cert for, pixie? Maybe there's someone else who could do it at the size you want? I agree with Bunny in that the artist shouldn't tell you how big your tattoo should be. When it comes down to it, if you want it a certain size, then that's what it will be!

I checked this credit union's website and I'm not scheduled to get my rebate until July. Which is fine, I suppose. I kinda forgot about it, honestly. Any money I get back will have to go towards my house fund anyway, so I'm ok with that.

I'm glad to hear Yuefie is ok after the surgery. I probably missed it in an earlier post, but what were you having surgery on?

I agree with everyone else, Damona in that you did the right thing to support your neighbor. Honestly, I don't know if I would have stepped up to the plate like that and offered to help and make dinner and things like that. That's awesome. I'm sure she really appreciates it!

It's rainy in Boston today. I have to walk in the rain after work to the train station. Boo. But, it makes for good napping weather, which I guess is a plus. smile.gif
wow, you guys made me feel like i just got a big bouquet of roses! i didn't think i was doing anything all that special, i was concerned that i hadn't done enough! when i was on bedrest with #4, there was a group of women in town who took turns bringing meals for my family 2 or 3 times a week. they would just show up, everything all made and done and ready to plate and serve. i'm just passing it on.

cstars, i'm sorry it's rainy, but you're right, it's great napping weather!

pixie, that sucks that you couldn't get things the way you wanted it the first time, but it sounds like it's all working out ok. and i'm totally with bunny, the artist does not dictate to you what and how, unless you are asking the impossible! i've had 3 tats, by 3 different artists, and each time, i chose the size, the placement, etc. i have more planned, hopefully to develop into a full backpiece, but that is probably in the far distant future. (and another thread!)

amilita, boo on gallery dramas and diets. that is all.

so last night was just one adventure after another. about an hour after i burned myself, i hear this strange, watery sort of noise. i go exploring, and... the downstairs toilet has decided it was destined to be a fountain! seriously. i could not get the water shut off valve to turn, so i'm throwing down newspapers, and trying to hold the float in the tank up so the water will stop. 3 kids still running around, sloshing thru the water, thinking that this is high entertainment. well, the 2 little ones were, dai was trying to help me put down papers. the bathroom, the back hall, part of the kitchen.... did i mention it went thru the floor into the basement? i was so pissed. oh, and when the mr got home, while there was still water everywhere and wet newspapers and crazed kids, he yelled at me! i was like, "yeah, cuz i did this on purpose, just to annoy you when you got home." jerkface.
(((Damona))) Venting frustrations on innocent parties is not cool! Mr. Pixie and I call each other on that stuff all the time. It's easy to forget that you aren't actually mad at the person you are yelling at!

I'm feeling a lot more optomistic than I was this morning. Unfortuantly the tattooist is a 1 person shop, so there isn't anyone else I can use the gift certificate with, but sinc ethis is somethign I'll have the rest of my life, I'd rather pay what's necessary to get it the way I want it. It wasn't like I expected a $65 gift certificate to cover the whole thing anyway. I'll take the couple hundred dollars I expected to pay to someone elses shop.
Chiming in, albeit late: Definitely don't settle on a tattoo, pixie. It's with you the rest of your life and some uncooperative artist shouldn't dictate how you do it.

Ugh, toilet troubles. We've been down to one toilet for a couple of weeks. The one in our half-bath runs and runs, but only like a trickle. I figured out what it needs, but at Home Despot, the part is "not recommended for one-piece toilets"....guess what I have? I need to do a little research to find a place that sells it for one-piece toilets.

Sorry about Mr. Damona- a couple of weeks ago, LeBoy got pissed at me when he cut his finger a little bit on the ring I currently wear (it's a claddagh with green amber for the heart- no sharp edges- how do you cut yourself on it?!?!) and he just wouldn't let it go- "you need to watch how you swing your arms!" blink.gif I was reduced to frustrated tears. He has a phobia of having open cuts, so I knew that's where it was coming from, but he kept blaming me for what was obviously a fluke accident. ETA: He did apologize afterwards!

Speaking of which, the doctor's office called him today- the moles are BENIGN!!! They still want to biopsy that third one in a couple of weeks, though.

I am going shopping today- I'm making divala's daffodil cake for Sunday; this time for my family, not LeBoy's.

Oh, Tana's snarling at Albus- better go break it up. Ta ta!
Sorry to be so, Me,me, me today! But I founf a better tattoo artist who is totally awesome! She and I just clicked! She loved my artwork, and was really that she'll get to do it. She's done some similar stuff and I loved her entire portfoli! Now I just have to wait until I get my tax rebate to be able to afford it!
Mr. Pixie is excited about the idea of getting his as well.
Oh and it was the mail carrier who took my print from the other guys mailbox because it showed up in my mail again today!
((pixie)) I hope your tattoo comes out good.

((polly)) Yay for leboy’s moles being benign. I’ve had a bunch of moles removed, and luckily there has never been a problem. Hope the toilet is fixed soon.

((yuefie)) I hope you are feeling okay after surgery.

((amilita)) That bathing suit is cute. Yay for seeing John C. Reilly, as much as I don’t like to admit it, I love seeing famous people.


I’ve not been posting because I have been stressed about big and little things for about two weeks. I found out that Dad DM has prostate cancer, early stages but still hard to hear. That’s a biggie, and then I’ve had a few other things happen lately where I feel like no one lives up to my expectations and I am just frustrated. I am still going to therapy so I have been able to deal okay, but I just feel like I am having a time where nothing is going right. I am just trying to get through all this shit to hopefully see some good things happen soon. I broke down and cried this morning, and I think I really scared Mr. DM, but he understands. Sorry to be all bitching and shit.

Happy Mother’s day to all mothers of human and fur babies.
((((DM and DM dad)))) My dad had the same diagnosis this time last year, and he has been successfully treated and is now recovering from treatment. Early stage prostate cancer is very treatable and is also very, very common amongst older men.

I know it's scary to hear a parent has any kind of cancer, but believe me, prostate cancer really is one of the most treatable, with good success rates for full recovery. I can post more about his treatment if you like. Take care and try not to worry.
just a fly-by to give some happy love to all my kvetchie-mamas (both of humans & furbabies, of course!) ... and an extra tight hug to (((DM))). sending all good healing vibes to your papa, honey. and ditto what sybarite said.

off to the outlaws, and then to my mom's. yay bridge traffic. yay we can't bring the dog. [too many people at the outlaws, too confusing; and then my bro's wife is trying to get pregnant and can't take claritin ... trying to be understanding about it, but i want to be with my dog today, dammit!]

actually, i'd druther be being catered to by cabana boys bearing mojitos & massage oil, on a tropical beach, but, oh well ...

(((((DM)))))) What syb said. My family has been affected by cancer this year (lung & breast in my grandmother and melanoma in my dad) and we've been lucky. It's still very scary and hard to deal with.

happy mother's day to all the bustie mommas!

I am doing a bunch of work, day job and freelance today, so it's been a boring weekend. But it's nice to get stuff taken care of.
((((((((((DM)))))))))) sorry the past couple of weeks have been so stressful. sad.gif

*~*~*~*healing vibes for dad DM*~*~*~*

good to hear you found a cool tattoo artist, pixie!

polly, boo on not functioning toliets. buy, yay for benign moles! i'm superexcited to come home and see you and the rest of the mamas in a couple of weeks.

i spent the weekend being reflective, watching a marathon of ANTM, and reading. It has been a good weekend. Don't know why, but I've been feeling a bit more hermit in the past couple of weeks. I feel a little grumpy around people. So, I've been keeping to myself. I am getting back into bikram yoga, going 3 times this week. I'm feeling pretty good about it. Oh, vibes for encouragement would be nice so I can get back into finishing dissertation. I'm 80% done. So, I just need the 20% for data analysis and the write-up. I can do it. Right? blink.gif

(((((morn, bunnyb, sassy, six, damona, pixie, DM, rose, polly, sidecar, kitten, dusty, faith, sonik, tes, billy, and YOU)))))

ETA: For those stateside, did you know the stamp is going up AGAIN?!?! it will now be .42 a stamp. so, if you ever get a card from me, then ya bitches better appreciate it cause uncle sam is robbing in so many ways. biggrin.gif
(((((DM)))))) super-strength hair-brushing soothing vibes for you.

*~*~*~*successful treatment vibes for dad DM*~*~*~*~

(((mandi))) I want to join you in the margarita relaxation.

star, sounds like a great weekend!

yay for benign moles for le boy!


I have had a headache (I think sinus) since Friday morning, which hasn't eased up at all until this afternoon. I have slept lots and idly watched dvds when it wasn't too painful but haven't picked up a book until today. I'm glad I'm feeling better though as going to see The Backstreet Boys tonight rolleyes.gif.
(((DM)))Hopefully they caught it early enough that it won't be too bad.

Mando..I like your idea for Mother's day! A cabana boy would be a huge improvement over the minipixie's vomiting all over restraunt we went to! Oiy! I am so sick of having sick kids!

((Polly)) Boo on toilet trouble, yay for benign moles!

(((Bunny, Yuefie, Rose, Star, Sybrite, Damona, Mornington et all)))

I tried to post earlier today, but I kept getting that damn IPS Driver Error message mad.gif

Short post since I need to go to bed!

Boo on pukey children, prostate cancer and increase in stamp prices (in no particular order)

Yay for new tattoo artists, cabana boy dreams and Happy Mother's Day!!

I get back on the pill tonight. Grumble, grumble. Although this week off has been a bit of a roller coaster....I think I'm afraid that if I did go off the pill, LeBoy wouldn't be able to keep up with me. unsure.gif

Well, I'm going to research some non-hormonal contraception before I go to bed. rolleyes.gif

bunnyb - each time I read that you were seeing BSB I saw it as you were seeing New Kids on the Block. I still cannot believe that they are back together.

{{{polly}}} ahh, hormones. tongue.gif

stargazer - I totally feel like hermiting myself up for the next few weeks. Actually if someone could just sedate me until November's election day that would be grand. Just wake me when we have a new president. Unless it's McCain.


{{{msyuefie, sidecar, mando, pixiedust, roseviolet, and all.}}}

This was not my best weekend ever. A little too much relationship analyization. I am really tired now and I have no idea what the end result will be or what I want anymore.

However, things don't look all grim. I found a very grass roots organization that I am going to start giving my time to. It is somewhat connected to my career and it is nice to be at a place, professionaly and feel wanted. It's been awhile.
Syb and others, thank you so much for your words. I have heard that prostate cancer is very common and it seems like there are a lot of treatment options. I think it just kind of hits you when you realize your parents are getting older and they start having possible serious health issues. Dad DM is obsessed with his health, takes a ton of vitamins and works out almost everyday. He takes so much pride in staying healthy, and I know he has been very upset with how he has been aging these past few years.

((star)) Good luck on the dissertation and congratulations on getting back into yoga. I desperately need to get back to a workout routine for my sanity.

Bunnyb, are you really seeing The Backstreet Boys? I didn’t know they were still together, or is this some other group?

Kittenb, yay for the grass roots organization.
Major kvetch: my posts keep getting eaten!!!!! GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

Each and every one of you, please know that in the last 36 hours I have sent you all individual vibes more than once. I've also sent vibes to your injured organs and your families and your boyfriends and your toilets and your tatoo artists and everything. Please forgive me for being too frustrated to try typing them again.

((((((((((((( Daddy DM )))))))))))))) My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer 3 years ago. He underwent a few months of treatments and has been cancer-free for a couple years now. So take heart. The docs have some great tools at their disposal.


(((((dm and dadDM))))) thinking of you both

((((mando, polly, sidecar, bunny, star, syb, pixie, yuefie, sassy, sixie, kitten, rosiev, tes, billy, dusty, sonik, faith, everyone))))

Exams are treading that space where they're either fine or i've got the answers horribly wrong and they've sucked ass. I have to pay the college money, but now my checks have stopped bouncing it should be fine. All say hurrah for student loans coming through a week after being hit with bank charges when your rent and fees go out. Roll on next year when I don't have to pay fees and will be able to buy food without agonising over it. and Aunt Flo is early. le sigh.

oh, and the internet isn't working at home, which explains my absence far better than my exams wink.gif but know i've been thinking of you all!


what is UP with the lounge? and wtf IS an ips driver error anyway??

so... got some not-so-great news today... little d's speech therapist wants him to go to an ENT dr and get a vocal cord scan. i guess it's not really a big deal, and they would normally do it while you are awake and all, but throw in the fact that he's 5, and has autism... there's a good possibility that we are looking at having to put him under for this. she's concerned that he has scarring and/or nodules on the vocal cords because of his speech patterns and the tone of his voice. further news and updates as we find out exactly what/when/how we're doing this.

(((((((dm and daddy dm)))))))) my uncle had prostate cancer a few years ago, they caught it early and he was treated and all is well. ~*~*~*~*~*~anti-cancer vibes~*~*~*~*~*~

((((((dm)))))) sorry sweetie. ~~~~~~mega strength anti-cancer vibes for dm dad~~~~~~

((((kitten, star, rose, bunny, morn, mandi, polly, sidecar, pixie, syb, sonik, damona, everyone))))

I've been trying to post for the last couple of days and couldn't. Grrrrr dry.gif
I got my first biopsy back over the weekend (My doc called me, on a Sunday no less!) and everything was normal, no cancer or pre-cancer or abnormal cells of any kind, so yay for that. Unfortuantely I've been in more pain the past few days and think I may have the beginnings of an infection. The surgery site is increasingly painful and I was running a low grade fever this morning, but it has subsided. My doctor wasn't available today, but I left a message and expect to hear from him tomorrow morning. If the fever comes back at all, I'm going to urgent care or the ER. But I would really like to wait for him and really, really hope it's not an infection and is nothing to worry about. I can't wait to be fully recovered from this and get back to real life. There is only so much bedrest one can stand!
(((Yuefie))) Hoping fervently you don't have an infection.

(((Damona and little d))) It does sound like a stressful procedure for d, but it would be better to know, wouldn't it?

Ay yi yi. I was out last night at a gig and then hanging with people afterwards until 2am. I can. not do this kind of thing mid-week anymore! I feel seriously unwell.

I'm hoping the shrimp and avocado sandwich I just had will make me feel better...

Lady Selena
(((little d)))) Poor baby he is going to hate that! Give him kisses for me!

Hey Lady!

Another disclosure- I've lured another friend onto Bust- Lady Selena. Back in high school, she, damona and I were quite the trio. We'll just leave it at that. wink.gif

Yay for cancer-free, yuefie. Sorry about the incision. I hope that turns out okay.

((syb)) feel better!
Hello everyone!

It's been kinda dead in here lately, huh? sad.gif

Just a quick kvetch: natural cleansing is just not working for me. I am sooooo sick, it's awful! I can't hold anything down. sad.gif

heh heh heh.... yeah, we were. sometimes it seems like a really long time ago.

thanks lady, i will.

yuefie, i'm so glad it's not cancer! ~*~*~*~*~anti-infection vibes~*~*~*~*~*~


syb, i was out til 4am. i feel your pain.

as to why i was out til 4am on a school/work night... one of my best friends texted our babysitter last night to come over here and tell me that bf needed me (still no phones here). so he came over and told me to jump online. bf proceeds to tell me that her idiot room mate was trying to deep fry something and started a grease fire. which was nicely contained in the pot, until she panicked and threw water on it. i knew that was a bad idea, but i never realized quite WHY that was a bad idea.... now i know! (if you don't know already, you smother the flames with a lid or another pan or pour baking soda on the flames... that's my public service announcement for the day!) bf's entire kitchen was blackened. fortunately, nothing actually caught fire except the grease, but it musta been pretty darn hot b/c the paint on walls and ceiling was bubbled, a couple 2-liter pop bottles on top of the fridge melted, and the ceiling was black clear across the living room. she lives in the upper of a 2-flat that's over 100 years old... we are all grateful that no one was hurt and the fire didn't spread, that place would have gone up in a heartbeat. but damn that was a lot of scrubbing. walls, ceilings, cupboards, inside the cupboards. i'm worn out and my arms and back hurt like hell. i need another cup of tea.

Damona, that is quite a story! I can't believe the even the soda bottles on top of the fridge melted. Wild!
(((((((((hugs for the little D)))))))))))

~*~*~*~*~*~ sparkly, magical healing vibes for Yuefie ~*~*~*~*~*~
Hope you're better today, dollface.

Morn, sorry to hear the interwebs aren't connecting to your home right now. Hurrah for student loan money!!!

Hi there, Lady Selena! Welcome to the club!

Has anyone heard from Car lately? I was thinking about her this afternoon and missing her like crazy. I'm sure she has no time for us now, what with the kids and all, so it would be grad to hear an up-date.

I've spent a lot of time working in the garden this week. I planted flowers around the mailbox and I have a couple of pots of herbs on the back deck. Lovely. In other news, we adopted 2 fish (blue ram ciclids) that appear to be gay. We were afraid that they'd be super territorial and that they'd fight since they're both male, but we caught them building a nest together in a quiet corner of the aquarium. Isn't that precious?
funny you ask, RV -- I just exchanged a couple emails with her yesterday. She, Mr. Car and the boys bought a house in the suburbs last fall, and after getting to full-time mom for a few months, now works for a hospice. She's doing really well! Her boys are ultra cute.

~~anti-cancer vibes for DadDM~~

((little d)) nothing but excitement at the damona household, i swear!

I've been enduring a bout of feeling overworked and underpaid, and I need to get over it. That's life at a nonprofit. Martini is going to his parents tomorrow for a long weekend, in which they have to make some legal decisions regarding the accident last summer. I can't go into too much detail, but it's just a lot to deal with. I can't wait for it all to be over with, but it's probably going to be awhile.
(((yuefie))) hope you are feeling ok.

(((cstars))) well, it's only been slow cuz the boards are going bonkers alot lately.

(((rose))) gardening! i miss my plants. my mom is watching them back home.

Welcome Lady Selena!

(((polly))) i'm looking forward to seeing you soon! smile.gif

(((kittenb))) acos


kvetch: i'm SO over massachusetts. seriously. i'm not sure if it is PMS or i'm just ready for a change. i think the change is me wanting to move back to chicago and just settling down there. bah. for real though, i would have clients describe this area as being peyton's place and they are right! people live here comfortably with dysfunction surrounded by their pretty homes. man, living in a democratic state is not what it is cracked up to be. it is SO micromanaged. ironically, nothing STILL gets done around here. /end of rant
Lady Selena
roseviolet and stargazer thanks much for the greetings!

I got tired of asking Polly what the news was ever time i saw her...=)

((((DMdad and family)))))))

all parts crossed for ((((mornington))))).

(((((Damona, little d)))))))) i'm glad no one got hurt in that little water stunt!!

(((((Yuefie)))))) *possible infection begone*. I'm sorry to hear you're in pain.

Hi Lady Selena! Welcome!

Time to disclose that this is my new handle; the artist formerly known as sonik...



My life is a telex from Interpol. Seriously. Why can't people just say what they mean, instead of dancing around stuff. I have this tendency where i think i'm the insecure one. Newsflash! Others aren't always sure of what they want. Heh.
Anyways, can't say that my life's not interesting.

Kvetch: what's up with summer dresses this year?? I know i'm picky as hell, but why can't the whole blousy way above knee thing go out of style, like pronto?? There's so much stuff out there that wouldn't look good on anyone.

Anti Kvetch: i found a red dress in H&M, with straps and true waist. I feel a bit guilty for buying at H&M, but this was too perfect.

I'm procrastinating like crazy. Time to get to my studio and work. Got a deadline tomorrow.

(((Stargazer, Bunny, Kittenb, Pixiedust, Pollystyrene, Roseviolet, Sybarite)))))

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