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cute kitty amilita!

hello sidecar! smile.gif

well, i am happy to report that i'm going home memorial weekend. i'm missing chicago and all of the great people that come with the city....meaning, my family and friends and the midwestern mamas.

oh, i will be meeting up with anarch this saturday! hopefully i didn't frighten her with my midwestern eagerness and perk. laugh.gif i'm kinda freakishly social. heh.

amilita, is that really wally? wow... i remember when you found him... crazy.

happy anniversary to the pixies!!!!

mando, you're almost there hon, don't let it get you down!

((((rose)))) hope you are feeling better soon. no, fuck that, feel better NOW!

sidecar, glad y'all are having fun!

~*~*~*feel better vibes for faeries' eyes*~*~*~

((((sassy)))) things will get better. they generally do.

i'm in a weird place today. not really feeling good, but not really feeling bad either... don't know how to explain it. i have stuff to do and i just don't feel like it. i'm kind of depressed, but not really. people want me to go out tonight, cuz this whole no-phone thing is driving them nuts, and they want to talk to me, but i kinda just don't feel like it. i'm actually kind of enjoying not having a phone, b/c it's cut down on the amount of bullshit i have to deal with, but at the same time, it freaks me out b/c what if something happens and i can't get hold of anyone? i don't know wtf is wrong with me. well, i kind of do, but that discussion belongs in survivors space and i jut don't want to get all into it. i really just want to go to bed and pull the covers over my head. for weeks. anyway. sorry to bring everybody down, but it's hard to talk to people irl about this right now.
sassy - sorry that the wedding is causing you so much stress. I would say that if heels are dangerous or painful for you, the bride just needs to deal with that. And as for the request for money, well I know how little I can give for most weddings. If that $30 makes that big a difference to her, she is welcome to it, I suppose.

{{{damona}}} well, when you are ready to talk the Space will be there.

{{{amalita and wally}}} what a regal looking cat. My cats normally shun any gift that I spend more than $1 on but every time I pass those wollies at Ikea I am tempted.

{{{stargazer!!!!}}} yay you are coming home. When are you home for good? Sorry that your internship has turned into such a downer.

{{{sidecar, fairietales, roseviolet, dusty, sidecar, mandolyn, and all}}}

I am taking a day to run errands. I am not needed at work and don't want to be there. It seems impossible for me to schedule an actual vacation so days here and there will keep me for awhile. Going to Target, going to the gym, finishing up my grad school application, and all of that today. But the weather will be nice and I'll be on my bike. smile.gif
Aw, that's so cute that Wally grooms his new woolie. Wally and Albus and Millie all look like they're related. smile.gif

((((((((((((((Damona)))))))))))))))))))) We're here for you. You know that, right?

Enjoy your day, Kitten! Sounds lovely!

Congrats on the visit to Chicago, Star. You deserve some time with loved ones.

((((((Mandi)))))) The show is this weekend, right? So it'll all be over soon!

Dusty, how are you doing? I've been thinking about you a lot.


Kvetch: I'm grumpy. Consider yourself warned.

Kvetch: I'm having trouble killing my cramps this month. 3 pills of ibuprophen don't do it like they usually do. Yesterday I kept thinking, "Ouch. I need to take some drugs, " but then I'd remember that I just took some drugs an hour earlier. I've got some hard-core prescription meds, but they honestly don't do much for me. I'm freaky like that. Bah.

Kvetch: Mom thinks it may be time for me to have another surgery for my endometriosis. It's been over 10 years since my last one - which is a really excellent sign, honestly. I suspect that Mom is right but, dammit, I'm nervous. Mom says she'll come out and take care of me while I recover

Anti-kvetch: Sheff's big company meeting took place yesterday. Bonuses are coming within a month & raises are on their way, too. So that's a relief. The two games they published last year have done well (I think 720,000 have sold so far), so that's good. I'm still a little wary because we don't know how big the bonus and raise will be, but Sheff feels better. They said that they want to hire a lot of new people, but Sheff got the impression that retaining the good workers they already have is a top priority. Hmm. Promising. Maybe.
not much to say today, i just wanted to say thanks for the hugs rose and kitten.

i'm really tired and draggy and just want to hibernate. which sounds so weird cuz it's spring and it's so nice out. it has nothing to do with the weather though, just the stuff i'm trying to deal with right now. just so y'all know, it's not anything new, just old stuff that pops up now and then.

Thanks for all the well wishes! We had a nice romantic dinner and we are going to go to Branson for the weekend. We also decided in leiu of presents we are getting tickets to Phantom which will be playing here next month.

Wally looks so cute on his woolie!

Who hoo for bonuses and raises!

I am also on the can't-believe- meds -aren't- making- a- dent -this- month train!


~*~*~*soothign vibes for mama mando~*~**~*

((dusty, faiery, sidecar, star, bunny, mornington, yuefie, and everyone else))
((((pixie)))) happy aniversary! phantom sounds fun!


(((amilita))) wally looks cute on his woolie! I still can't stop thinking of him as a ickle kitten though


*waves to sidecar*

((((mamamando, rosev, bun, star, sassy, kitten, sixie, yuefie, zoya, faerie, candyc, syb, faith, sonik, everyone))))

mornmama goes home tomorrow; while I like spending time with her, it'll be good to have my place back to being mine again. but on the plus side i have a hair cut and the flat is cleancleanclean. Although as G put it, there's nothing that criticises your cleaning quite like your mum arriving and doing it all over.

weird, I was rolling around in pain on my flo... there's something in the internet/water...

exaaaaaaaaams are looming. 'scuse me while I go mental.
(((mornington))) focus and luck in abundance your way for exams.

belated anniversaries to the pixies! time goes by so quickly in kvetchlandia: the pixies have been married 2yrs, rose moved 2yrs ago, tes has been in africa for 2 yrs? wally is all grown up...


*waves to sidecar* I am so jealous of your holiday. Mine is in 9 weeks and yes, I am counting down.

(((syb, dusty, amilita, mando, rose, yuefie, dm, kittenb, polly, candycane, star, sassy, faerie, sonik, everybody)))

I feel exhausted, run down and have a painful throat infection sad.gif. I've been working lots to save for Florida and I'm stressing about my grad scheme application and trying to lose weight and there's just not enough time ... especially when I'm so tired.
My anti-kvetch though is that I am spending this weekend with the boy and he can give me TLC (we're also seeing Iron Man, which I'm very excited about smile.gif).

undies: I am still in my PJs but I will be wearing something sexy and matching once I dress.

Have a fab weekend, everyone!
(((((((((Bunny)))))))))) Poor thing! You certainly have a lot on your plate right now. I hope your throat feels better & that you have a fab time with the boy this weekend.
[thinks about making "sexual healing" joke, but decides against it]

~*~*~*~*~* magical vibes of sanity and brilliance for Mornington ~*~*~*~*~*

((((((((((((continued lovinz for Damona)))))))))))))

Pixie, glad to hear you had a nice anniversary. Are all of the kids going with you to Branson or just the wee boy?

Anti-kvetch: I was feeling better last night, so I went to the bookstore and out to dinner with Sheff. The weather has been perfect here & it felt so good to put the windows down and breathe in that gorgeous air! We would have eaten outside, but by that time there was a bit of a chill in the air. I love it when the highs are in the 70s.

Kvetch: This morning I'm feeling crappy again. The pain feels deeper than usual this month. Does that make any sense? How strange that so many of us are having extra-painful periods. Is something going on with the moon the I don't know about?

Undies: white cotton boyshorts
Yay for the pixies anniversary!

boo on wedding stress, sassy.

awww, wally looks so caaayoot on his new woolie smile.gif

*waves back to sidecar*

((((star)))) yay for going home

((((damona)))) ~~~anti-blues vibes~~~

((((bunny)))) feel better, darlin'. I can't believe your trip is only 9 weeks away! I forgot, which part of FL are you visiting again?

((((mandi)))) how's everything, sweet pea?

where is our Friday underoo report from billy?

(((((dusty, polly, kitten, sixela, dm, lanie, faith, sonik, syb, candy, fairie, everyone)))))

((((rose & morn)))) I think there is something in the air, 'cause Aunt Flo is not being very kind here either.

Yeah, she arrived just in time to accompany me to my pre-op appointment dry.gif. My surgery is next Wednesday and as it looms larger, I am getting more and more nervous. I keep thinking if the cramps and pain are like this now, what the hell is my recovery going to be like? Ugh. But I know I need to do it and it's for my best health in the long run. Doesn't mean I have to be thrilled about it though.

undies: red w/ black polka dots hipsters, black bra.
I have good news! My pseudo-sis had her baby! It's a little boy named Jeremiah ... although his big brother insists on calling him Nugget. biggrin.gif Momma and baby are perfect & will be leaving the hospital in less than 24 hours. Wee!!!

Congrats on the new baby!! How exciting RV.

(((Yuefie))) It's good you can see your surgery in big picture terms, and remember you will ultimately feel better for it. In the meantime, get your boy to look after you a bit.

Bunnyb, I liked Iron Man (except for the insipid presence of Ms Paltrow). I love Robert Downey Jr, I think he's about twice as alive and expressive than anyone else on the screen. And he's foxy too. wink.gif

It's a three day weekend and I don't have to do anything... well almost anything. I am delighted with all this free time, but don't know what to do with it all! So far I've caught up on BSG and Dr Who, so I've no idea what to watch for the rest of the weekend. Such problems.

Auntie Flo behave yourself vibes all round.

Big hugs to Yuefie.

Thanks for the kind thoughts everyone, I'm kind of relieved to be done now. Just wondering why I still don't have enough time and wondering how I will ever have time to go back to work.
(((((yuefie)))))) in the long run, it will be worth it, as scared as you are. be strong (and yes, have R take care of you!)
(((rose & morn & bunny))) goodbye illness/period pain!
(((sassy))) you're under no obligation to give cash to someone who's already getting plenty from you. or wear heels or do anything you don't want to do. i think you need to talk pretty frankly with mcgeek about what's reasonable, because it sounds like things are not reasonable at all.
(((star))) hang in there
((((kitten))) has work settled at all?
(((mando))) you can do it!

So I'm back! We had such a lovely time. Mexico was so beautiful and we met so many kind, gracious people who gave us directions, suggested restaurants and local food & drink. Also, I think Yucatecan food is the best, ever. My favorite was this dish called pibil, which is pork or chicken marinated in achiote and then cooked in a whole in the ground. We saw loads of ruins, climbed pyramids, swam in cenotes (lakes in underground caverns) and then spent some quality time on the beach with cervezas. We ended up in Tulum, which is a nice little beach town and now I'm so afraid it'll develop too fast, and by the time we get back there, our wonderful little oasis will be gone.

We came home yesterday after a bunch of delays to find out that Sophie got sick in her crate after our dogsitter left in the morning, and luckily one of our friends was able to clean her up before we go there. Poor baby; she seems okay today but it was a scare.

Martini and I spent the morning catching up on some of the TV we missed, then saw "Iron Man" and ended up shopping at this amazing grocery on Devon, which had cheap produce and tons of ethnic food from Eastern Europe, China and Mexico. I bought some housemade Italian sausage and am so excited to use it tomorrow for dinner.

For now, Martini is making turkey burgers and sweet potato fries, and I think we are going to finish catching up with Battlestar and Top Chef.
Dusty, I hope you're allowing some time in your schedule for you to relax and pamper yourself a bit. The biggest blessing (and curse) of unemployment is the freedom. Be sure to make some time to do those things you've been waning to do for yourself for a long, long time.

Sybarite, I'm glad to hear you liked Iron Man. I really want to see it, but we may wait until later in the week when the crowds are smaller.

((((((((continued love for Yuefie))))))))))

~*~*~*~*~*~ continued sanity and brilliance for Morn ~*~*~*~*~*~

(((((((more hugs for Damona))))))))

~~~~~~~ soothing for Bunny ~~~~~~~~~

Mandi, I hope you're getting through the weekend okay!

I can't wait to hear about Tes and the neicoid and the new baby. She's due by now, isn't she?

I'm having a splendid weekend. This afternoon I went to an indie craft show with a new gal pal. This woman is so. fucking. cool. I really really hope she likes me because I think she is simply the bee's knees. Honeslty, I could rattle on about her overwhelming coolness for a long time. Note, though, that this is the 3rd time I've gotten really excited by a new girlfriend since we moved here. The first woman was really super busy and barely ever had time to hang out (and had so many other friends that I think I was an after-thought). The second girlfriend moved away 2 months ago (sniff). So hopefully 3rd time is the charm. Fingers crossed!

In other happy news, one of Sheff's big bosses invited us to his house next weekend to swim and hang out. It seems a bit early in the season to go swimming, but maybe their pool is heated. At any rate, this is extra cool because I think only one other couple is invited (and it's a couple I like a lot). And hey ... the closer and friendlier you can be with the big boss, the better, right? So yay! Now I just need to get a new swimsuit. I wonder if we should bring a hostess gift. Hmmm. I hope not.
Sidecar, that vacation sounds absolutely blissful! So glad to hear you had such a wonderful time.

Kvetch: Dude, I was trying to get that last message to post for 2 hours, but I was denied by the dingos. Madness!!!

Are any of you on While I was waiting for Bust to sort itself out, I listened to Neil Gaiman's playlist on there. Good stuff.

Well, I had an actually splendid day today. I started the day off with getting my hair all nice and purty. if you are on myspace or facebook, then you can check out the hairdo on there. then, i had a great lunch with anarch. kinda sad that we just met and she will be moving soon. sad.gif but, hopefully, the california busties can meet up with her when she moves out west. she is really great. i was so stuff from lunch that i had to take a disco nap and met up with a friend for a drink. i was so excited to show off my cute 'do that i needed to share it with some more people. hair never looks as good after it has been done for you. especially a blow out.

(((sidecar))) good to hear you had a great vacation. us mexicans know how to relax AND party. wink.gif not that i'm braggin' or anything. ha!

(((rose))) acos.

Star, how can I get to your myspace? I wanna see your new ‘do … alas, I am myspace-challanged.

Welcome back, sidecar! Your trip sounds exquisite. and you so deserve it.

Strength & soothing vibage for my (((yuefieluv))).

(((dusty))) too bad you can’t just hop on the train and head south. I would pamper you.

(((bunny))) cuz.

(((morn))) so glad you survived The Visit!

Rose, I say yes on the hostess gift. You could bake one of your masterful creations.

and yes, I survived the weekend intact - thanks for thinking of me. The play was marvelous, the inlaws were receptive, my mom didn’t blow a gasket at danny’s onstage ‘gaities’ … plus I got to catch up on my sleep yesterday. And work has been entirely blissful today (ie: no annoying officemates, yay!)

I’m still stunned at how well those kids did. An entirely professional performance all the way round. Even my mom said, “I feel like I want to get their autographs!” … hee! sally was very good (Thesbian Diva, so glad she's finally graduating!), but the Emcee was perfect & stole the show. I wonder when I’ll be able to get “mein herr” and “Willkommen” and “maybe this time” and “I don’t care much” outta my head, tho? I had no idea the score was so brilliant. Now I’m pouty I never saw the alan cumming/michael c. hall revivals.

But yeah ... everso relieved it’s over and life can get back to normal!

Yay for Danny & co! I always loved Cabaret. I saw it live about five years ago. Those songs are never out of my head.

Yay for Sidecar's vacation!

We listened to Jim Stafford's song, My Girl Bill in honour of Pixie's visit to Branson.

Thanks (((all of youz))) for the good wishes. I am totally enjoying the idea of freedom, think I could get used to it very quickly, am worried that it might not happen quite as I planned. I think a friend and I just got our knuckles rapped for not wanting to do a meeting tonight when I think probably both of us just wanted some time with our men as our weekends have been overbooked lately. But I have no regrets. Instead of the meeting, Mr. Dusty and I wandered out for a couple of hours with an architectural guidebook. And I have totally been fantasizing about going down to New York. It has nothing to do with my recent discovery that Jimmy Fallon lives in the neighbourhood where we stay.

hey all, just a quick post to say hi, and to thank everyone for all the good vibes. i really appreciate you all thinking of me! i'm sorry for whining, i was having a very, very hard time with nightmares and memories and was just generally freaking out.

a very good friend of mine offered me a sudden, surprise trip to iowa, to see the professional bull riders! we left saturday morning, got there late, finally found the right place, saw the show (which was just awesome),admired the view (oooh cowboys... tongue.gif ), and made it home after getting only slightly lost. it was good girl-bonding time. i'm feeling a lot better tonite!

but i am very tired, since we shared a tiny room and a double bed and i'm used to having my bed to myself!

Wow, look at how Wally has grown! What a sophisticated cat.

(((((Damona))))))Take care.

((((roseV)))) and yay for bonuses! And congrats with the Nugget smile.gif

(((((Pixies)))))Good to hear you had a nice time!

(((Mornington))))good luck with your exams!



((((Sybarite, Dusty, Sidecar, Stargazer, Mandolyn, Kittenb)))))

The day after cleaning out our old house (and the bickering and joking around and heavy stuff that happens between 2 people who've just broken up. P took Rat, our cat , with him. I cried in its fur) i decided it was time for diversion. It was Queensday and i hung out with my friends. I bought junk from fleemarkets (a Jan Hammer record, and the Miami Vice Theme, Trivial Pursuit for 50 cents). The piece de resistace i got were family pics; 2 dorky guys making music and one of those 'official' family photos. I put it in my living room. I just bought myself a whole new family.

I also got one of those Fisher Price playing centers; i've been a lifelong fan of those, since i didn't have one myself when i was a wee one. It was funny, because after buying that, people assumed me an my friend were a couple and they tried to get us to buy Maxicosis and baby clothes.

The day after that 2 of my best galpals came over to visit and we drunk champagne and talked about men. The day after that i drank coffee with 2 cool women i know. My life is turning into Sex and the City.

You know, it's weird. Ever since our break , p keeps asking when we're going to get back together. I guess my best galpal was right when she said we had to be real clear about the conditions after breaking up (like; are we on a hiatus or is this a clean break? He wants the former, i the latter). I think p and i are on a different level when it comes to how to move on. I mean, he keeps looking at the future determining whther i'll still be there or not. But i live this on a day by day basis. It's not that i don't think of the future, but i can't say anything for sure about what will be. And i don't want to. Man, my head sometimes hurts thinking about it. There are so many angles. The only thing that makes me not doubt this decision is my gut feeling.

This afternoon i'm going to a music festival, Juliette and the Licks will be performing. The 5th of May is traditionally celebrated as the day the Allied Forces freed our country from the Germans.

I'm meeting up with a cute guy. Go figure.
Happy Monday everyone.

As usual I am at work, very sore from yesterdays workout but otherwise okay. I saw Iron Man this weekend. The Geek was giggling like a school girl everytime Stark put on his fighting gear and I had to remind him that, no, he actually did not have the room in his apartment to make his own Iron Man costume. I'll be posting a picture in the "Say Cheese" thread later of us at a Kentucky Derby party w/our big flowery hats.

{{{sonik}}} sounds like you are handling the breakup pretty well. Good for you.

{{{damona}}} hmmm, yummy cowboy vibes!

{{{dusty}}} Freedom vibes!

{{{mando}}} wee! Talented children. smile.gif

{{{stargazer}}} I like the new hair!

{{{rv}}} happy to hear about the new friend. Girl crushes are fun.

{{{sidecar}}} sad.gif poor Sophie. Glad to hear that she is doing better. To answer your question, work is kind of at a truce at the moment. So that is the best I can hope for.

{{{sybarite}}} I hope your TV watching free time was fun.

See you later everyone!

pixiedust sounds like there was lots of good vibes flowing around the kvetchers this weekend! The Mr. And I had fabulous weekend! It was just us and micropixie. We really did a very laid back trip, got to see my sis's new house and even managed to meet up FIL who was also there this weekend. It's been a while since we've had a 4 hour drive to just chat uninterupted abotu everything going on. We came back feeling rested and its the first time in a while where I didn't feel we needed a vaction after our vacation! We are probably going to go back in a few weeks and take the minipixies now that my sis has a new house we can stay in.

Yay for Danny's play!

((yuefie)) I hope the surgery goes well.'s been a while since I've gotten to admire a nice cowboy! Here there is a very thin line between cowboy/redneck hick!

(((Sonik))) Dh and I were just talking this weekend about the akwardness when you are breaking up with someone and you sort of try to patch things up, but you really don't know if you want to and you just sort of dance around things for a while until one person finally gives up and makes a clean break. I hope things fall into place for you soon.

Welcome back from Mexico Sidecar!

Glad things are looking up Rose. Hope things work our with your new friend!

(((Bunny, Mornington, Amilita, and everyone else))))
Sorry, the dingos have been keeping me away.
~**~ shut the heck up vibes to gossips~**~
~*~* happy vibes to the gorgeous pets *~*~
~*~* ease and gentle vibes to the girl parts of the period crew *~*~
~*~* rays of Light to the depressed *~*~*
~*~* welcome home vibes to the travelers~*~*~
~*~* strength and peace to Sonik, handling a challenging time with grace per usual ~*~*

Congrats on wonderful kids, bonuses, fun nights in, luscious deserts, belated birthdays, flowery hats, gorgeous haircuts and everything else.

On this end, still dealing with some work-related anxiety, threw an awesome shower/bachelorette for Best Friend and counting down to her wedding in TWO WEEKS, busy, restless.
Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone!

See, Sidecar, you can extend your Mexican vacation by one extra day today. Lucky you! Although I'm sure it'll be hard to find food as marvelous as you had down there. I'm still in awe that you swam in a cave. That is so freakin' cool!

Hooray for Danny & his fabulous production of Cabaret! Sounds a bit racy for high school. You couldn't get away with that in Oklahoma! wink.gif I hope he's coping okay with the post-show letdown. That's always the toughest part for me.

Dusty, good for you for saying no & taking some private time. Those people will get over it.
So ... New York City, hmm? Anything else attracting you there other than Jimmy Falon? How do you know that you'd be so close to him?

Damona, I'm so glad to hear you're feeling a bit better. Hooray for girl time!

I know it's wrong, but the world somehow seems so much better when your hair is just right. I totally understand, Star. Glad to hear you had such a great time!

Sonik, nothing wrong with living life like it's an episode of "Sex & the City" as long as you don't waste all of your money on shoes, right? Live it up! I love that you got a Fischer Price play set. Those things are the best!

Sunday was fairly quiet and uneventful. I tried making pizza crust, but I really suck at kneading dough. I don't know what my problem is. I think my dough was too wet when I turned it out on the table, anyway. Bah. Anyway, the pizza was still okay. Sheff said that maybe we should get one of those Kitchenaid stand mixers so it can do the mixing for me. I think the one I like costs about $400, so it'll be a long while before that happens! blink.gif Other than that, we were totally lazy. Sheff spent a lot of time on the internet while I watched Pride & Prejudice again and the first episode of Cranford on PBS. I've been watching a lot more PBS lately. What does that say about me? Am I totally out of touch with pop culture now?

Pseudo-kvetch: I spent a shitload of money on Sunday & I'm freaking out about it a bit. I bought a bathing suit, which wasn't so bad, but then I bought plane tickets for Girl Party next month. The cheapest flights all required me to fly all the way up to Chicago or Detroit and sit around through really long layovers. Madness! So I paid extra to fly through Dallas & get the whole trip over in less than 6 hours. Sheff says it was the right thing to do, but ... well, you people know I'm always worried about money so I can't help but feel guilty for indulging myself like this.

ETA: D'oh! 3 people posted while I was writing that! I didn't mean to neglect you, honest!
I had this huge post typed out at work on Thursday, then I had to log off my computer, but I saved it....then didn't get back on Bust for the rest of the day. Most of it's not even relavant anymore anyway.

I'll post more later, but just wanted to say now that I was supposed to start my bc pills last night after being on the "off week", but due to a delay from the mail order pharmacy, I haven't gotten them yet....but being off them for a week plus a day has confirmed that they are basically squashing my libido....yeah, I've been thinking pretty dirty thoughts about half the patients that come through the door today. I'm pretty shocked to discover we have that many good looking patients tongue.gif

My throat infection developed into a nasty cold. I am feeling crappy and sorry for myself but I came by to vibe yuefie aplenty for her surgery (in case I die under the duvet tomorrow and forget to post 'em). Lots of go smoothly vibes your way, chica, and make sure R looks after you post-op. Oh, and I'm going to Orlando: Kissimmee for weeks one and three for major theme park fun and Sarasota for the week between to chill out - I can't wait!

***everybody*** (I am vibing you for everything rather than giving you germ-filled cuddles.
Yikes... the lounge is DL'ing in a warped way today. I hope I can post this!

Back at work after a 3-day weekend. Yesterday was warm and sunny (for the first time in about 10 months. Not exaggerating here) so we jumped in the car and took a drive to a Scenic Spot and went for a walk. It was glorious... well, except for the million tourists, but even that was okay.

Now I find I have all kinds of little stuff to do, in addition to returning to thesis work this week. Oh, and doing my day job. I'm glad I chilled completely this weekend though; I needed it, and the mr and I got some nice time together.

(((feel better bunnyb!)))

RV, I've been overspending like mad lately; it's not quite out of control but I seem to believe my paycheck is larger than it is actually is.

Sidecar, glad you and martini had such a good time! Mexico has such lovely and fascinating alternatives to the Acapulco option; glad you found one!

Mando, we did Cabaret in our high school too, and I'm sure I didn't get any of the references. Glad it was such a success!

Should get back to it... I'd like to request some 'start bleeding soon' vibes please, if I may.
Just a quick fly by.

I went shopping yesterday for dress, and found a cute sheath one from Anne Taylor Loft, the last shop I went into. It's pink/black with a matching jacket. It was the last one I tried on. In the process, I broke my new glasses on the side. Fuck.

Kvetch 2: My boss called me a "retard." I'm not sure why, but I'm documenting it. Universe keeps sending me these horrid bosses....

Anti-kvetch: Running to go pack b/c mcgeek and I are heading to Black Mountain NC (near Asheville) for a few days. It's more of a vacation for me, b/c I'm going to loathe the Boston wedding... We're also bringing the dog, and renting a little cabin.

Will vibe proper when I get back.

((kvetchie love))
Good morning all. I just had my (last, please goddess) CT Scan. They did it a little different than the place that I had the other two. The thing that I had to drink last night and this morning did not have quite the same "explosive" effect of the stuff I had to drink before. But lordy did it taste like sugar soaked death and not in a good way. I knew that I was in trouble when I saw it was labeled "Apple smoothie." blink.gif So send me small spleen and no fibroid vibes please!

{{{bunnyb}}} you have to get better! No two ways about it. You are going to have a great vacation. Have you been to Florida before?

{{{sassy}}} WTF is wrong with your boss? I have come to the conclusion that using the word "retard" is just gross.

{{{sybarite}}} happy to hear that you are doing so well. smile.gif

{{{polly}}} Woohoo! Hormones!

{{{rv}}} you know, if you had had a layover in Chicago, we could have come out and visited you.

{{{faith, damona, sonik, and all!}}}

Have a great day all!

~~~kittenb~~~ apple smoothie- bleh!

syb, glad you had a relaxing weekend!

~~~get better bunny~~~ i can't wait to hear how your theme parkin' goes!

polly, i hated the pill for that reason. so reliable, yet so sucky.

rose, you deserve to spend some money sometimes! it's unhealthy to never have fun with money. and this coming from the girl who got her 1940s turquoise cocktail ring delivered this morning!

i love cabaret, too, and i love musical theater kids! yay, danny!

sidecar, i may need to write down the specifics of your vacation and copy parts of it...we've been talking about a mexico trip for some time, and i love unusual, beautiful places to swim. and ruins.

sonik, those post-breakup times can be hard...and trying to form a new relationship with the ex that both people can be happy with. anything happen with this cute new boy?

(((faith, sassy, pixie, dusty, and everyone!)))

i went to jazz fest on sunday and had such fun! my friend works for the fest, and she drove us around on her golf cart, so we felt all special and fancy. then, she was able to score side stage passes for the raconteurs!! yay. and john c. reilly was behind us with his very good lookin' family...i like him, so i got a kick out of that.

and i had the cochon de lait sandwich that gets written up all the time...and oh mah gah. tender, tender pork with a dijon dressing and slaw on a yeasty roll. yum. i wish you could get it year-round.
Amilita, my stomach growled while I read the description of that sandwich. No joke. It sounds sooooooo goood. Glad to had a grea time at Jazz Fest! Did you say anything to Mr. Reilly? I don't know if I'd be able to keep my mouth shut if I saw him. I'm probably do some sort of shy, "I really think you're a great actor, honest really I'm not just saying this because you're standing behind me" nervous-giggle thing. 'Cause I'm a huge, flaming dork like that!

(((((((((Kitten))))))))))) Poor poor thing! Glad to hear it was easier than in the past. Do you think part of that was just because you knew what to expect?
~s~s~s~s~s~s~ small spleen vibes ~s~s~s~s~s~ -o-o-o-o- anti-fibroid vibes -o-o-o-o-
It occured to me that if I had a really long layover in Chicago that I might be able to meet some of the Busties, but 3 hours sadly doesn't feel like long enough to get out of the terminal, hang out with you all, go through security, and catch my plane. I should just go up there for the hell of it someday.

Sassy, good for you for writing up that boss! Language like that should not be tolerated. Grr. Hope you have a fabulous time in the mountains. It should be gorgeous.

Glad to hear you had such a nice 3rd day on your weekend, Syb!

~~~~~~~~~~ soothing and healing for our sweet Bunny ~~~~~~~~~~

Polly, that's actually a big part of why I went off of BCPs a few years ago. I was a newlywed with a low sex drive and, dammit, that ain't right. Steps had to be taken. (Sorry, was that TMI?)

((((((((((((((((( pre-surgery vibes for Yuefie ))))))))))))))))

Anti-kvetch: The bathing suit I ordered arrived in the mail today. I bought it from Lands End which, I know, makes me sound like a boring mom-pants wearing loser, but honestly the swimsuits I've bought from them have always been so well made that I don't give a rat's ass. I bought this top in cosmic blue with the matching bottoms with ties on the side. It looks so cute on me! Hooray!

Anti-kvetch: My new Gal Pal who I saw this weekend said that she also had a great time & has already suggested another outing for us. EEE! Yay for new friends!

Must go vote and buy allergy meds for Sheff. And eat something which, sadly, will not be a fabulous pork sandwich.
*~*~*~*~*~kitten be ok vibes~*~*~*~*~*

~*~*~*~*~*~*bunny be better vibes*~*~*~*~*~

*~*~*~*~*~bleed vibes for syb~*~*~*~*~*

polly, yay for libido returns! i was on anti-depressants for a couple months after baby #3 and i was in a fog the whole time, emotionally, mentally, and sexually. i went off of 'em and about 3 days later i was all "omg, let's go let's go let's go!" it was kind of a strange feeling.

amilita, sounds like you had a good time! that sandwich sounds yummy.

sassy, that is just awful that your boss said that to you! what in the world was s/he thinking??

rosev, my mom got me a stand mixer for my bday, it's not a kitchenaid, it's a sunbeam (i think). i haven't used it yet. all my baking, etc, is done with a glass bowl and a wooden spoon! seriously! wish i could offer some pizza dough tips, but all i've ever made is gfcf dough, which has the consistancy of thick cake batter, so there's no kneading involved.

oh...oh boy....uh oh... i felt something odd on my inner thigh just now and i looked down and um... there's a huge rip. i wore these to the kiddo's therapy this morn. i really hope that it just happened! ok, guess i am down to 1 pair of presentable jeans... crap. good thing it's almost summer, i've got 3 good pairs of capris!

anyway. to continue.

~*~*~*~*~peaceful vibes for faith~*~*~*~*~

pixie, it sounds like y'all had a great weekend. it's nice when things just work out huh? and yeah, the cowboys were yummy. but the rodeo clown was better! we don't have "real" cowboys up here either, just farmers and rednecks. this was a definite treat!

so... we found out yesterday that the very nice people at the tax place have not only filed an extension for us, but they actually went ahead and filed the taxes yesterday after they tried to call us and found that the phones are off. so we should be getting at least part of our return within 2 weeks! yay for phones being back on and car repairs and paying off friends we owe! yay for having a bit of cash!

ok, little d and little w are fighting over who's turn it is to pick a movie. imust go make an executive decision.
Rose, I was able to refrain from saying anything to him...but the Mr. said he couldn't help from staring because "it was cool to see that deep furrow between his eyes in person." Ha. Some girl asked if she could take a picture with him and he said no and seemed to indicate that it was because he was with his family. I always think of him as sorta...not hefty, but pot-bellied...but he was quite slim. Apparently Jude Law was on the other side of the stage, but I didn't see him. I used to love him, but I'm over it anyway. I liked our side of the stage best!

And I almost ordered a swimsuit from Land's End...I only didn't because I found a vintage one on eBay that I hope fits well. Swimsuits seem only to be made for one type of person these days. It's like the year that 75% of tops in stores were halters and strapless. Oh yeah, not so much for me. Well, heck, now they are all blousey and make folks over a B cup look pregnant. Geez. You can tell I have a hard time shopping. Yay for cute suit!!

Yay for tax money, Damona!!

And I forgot ~~~surgery vibes~~~ for Yuefie!!! I feel ignorant, but I cannot remember what procedure you are getting exactly, or if you've told us! I have a brain like a sieve.

Must go to the fabric store now! Bringing the day bed into the living room, so must recover pillows and mattress. Hoping to find more of this awesome stuff I have already, or at least something that coordinates.
@$#%!^!! Dingoes ate my post from this afternoon.

To recap:

~*~*health vibes to yuefie and kitten~*~*~ blech, sugary death.

Rose, that's an adorable bathing suit. Lands End makes the best ones! I have one that's about 5-6 years old, still in great condition. It's a 2-piece tankini with a skirty bottom. Retro-y brown with white hibiscus or something. Love it.

Yeah, Zoloft had the same effect on me. I was on it right when LeBoy and I started dating. I think it was worse with Zoloft though- I really wanted to, but couldn't. With BCP, I can, but I'm indifferent. And LeBoy's just not persistent enough. Neither of us makes it a high enough priority. Hmm, I'll take this to the Sex & Long Term Relationships thread at some point.

And yes, Rose- you need to come visit us! I'm so glad you're getting away somewhere and that your girl-date over the weekend seems to be panning out.

Hmm, what else did I say this afternoon?

Oh yeah, Sassy- what a dick! Document the crap outta that!! I have a friend who works for Ikea here, and I think he likes it. It seems like a decent company to work for. I guess they're all different. sad.gif Enjoy the vacay, though!

/Homer drooling at the mere thought of that sandwich, amilita. I have beer brats simmering right now. Just waiting for the sweet potato fries to get more cooked in the oven and I'll throw the brats on the grill.

My mom acquired an orphaned baby duck today. She found a wildlife rehab place that will take him tomorrow.

Yay for tax returns! I already got my "economic stimulus" check (what a joke!)...we used our refund to pay off the couch and the mattress we bought last year and paid off most of the dining room chairs and rug we also got last year with the stimulus check. As soon as LeBoy's stimulus check comes in, we'll pay the rest and have some left over.

I should do something sensible with it, but I'm thinking we should see how much *ring* we can get with $400-$500. It helps that I don't want a diamond for the big stone and that my aunt owns a jewelry shop, so we'll get a good deal. I'm thinking aquamarine, something like one of these:
Aquamarine #1
Aquamarine #2
Aquamarine #3

I also like green tourmaline:
Green Tourmaline #1
Green Tourmaline #2

I think I like aquamarine better and it would look good in the green tourmaline settings, too.

We'll see. wink.gif
Gah. What is with the lounge these days?? Farking dingoes ate my post too and I don't have it in me to retype it all only to have it possibly eaten again. So I'm sending all sorts of ~~~mutli-purpose vibes for all of ((((YOU))))~~~

And thank you all for the vibes for my surgery tomorrow. It's 7 hours until check in time and I am sure I won't be getting much sleep. I think the hardest part for me is the thought of going under anesthesia. I'm not saying the pain isn't a daunting thought, but damnit, I don't enjoy the thought of being put under unsure.gif. I'm having a few different procedures done, all of which involve various girlie bits. I made the mistake of talking to my cousin who had one of them done before and she was all about how terribly painful it was. I so do not want to go now, but I know I have to. All's I know is somebody better be bringing on the pain meds. Just sayin'.
Yay for girl bonding time, Damona. Especially if combined with cowboys!

Roseviolet, isn't it strange how we sometimes feel guilty over spending money like that? You should enjoy, because you deserve it! And that bathing suit is totally gorgeous.

(((Bunny)))feel better soon.

Sassy that is outrageous. Your boss is way out of line.


(((((Yuefie)))))))wishing you strength for the surgery.

You know, i'm seriously considering a new screenname. I'm about to start a whole new life; at least that's what it feels like. I'm moving into a studio close to my friends, and that city is a hell of a dating pool if you ask me. my ex knows my screenname, and while i don't have anything to hide, i don't know for how long that will be. He might seriously freak out if it comes to the point that i'd make out with some other guy. I always thought it would be me freaking out and being all torn up, but i guess not. I'm still waiting for the whole 'ohmigod what have i done i want him back' feeling, but it's not coming on. It's been three weeks, so it's still fresh.

I had a nice day Monday. I never quite like mondays, but it was great. Drinking beer, getting sloshed...At some point in the morning my ex called, but he calls every day, and sometimes i don't feel like picking up. I had my cell on 'mute' and i forgot to turn it back to 'normal' so i missed his call. I guessed he wanted to come with me, but i had already made plans with this other guy. And it's not that he can't come with, but i was afraid he'd get all grumpy and spill the beans in a childish way about how i like this guy (before breaking up we've been pretty honest about people we like- he was kinda into a girl he's really good friends with, but apparently now she's not that interesting anymore; you know want what you can't have and all that. And while it's nothing serious, he put everything under a magnifying glass since breaking up). Anyway, he stayed home in the end, saying he didn't want to sit on a train for 3 hours to get there. When he calls it's about nothing in particular, and when the conversation goes on, it's always about us as a couple. It's not that i don't understand, and i don't want to be deliberately rude, but at this point i have more things on my mind than our breakup. I'm trying to move forward, while he wants to hold on to the past. I thought we could stay friends, but i think that will take a while.

So i feel watched, even if that might not be the case. I'm wondering if 9 years is my relationship limit. My first bf and i lasted 8 years, and this past relationship 9 years. I prolly should take this to another thread.

Julliette and the Licks were nice. I just came to see Juliette Lewis, because i really like her. I had a hangover the next day, from all the yucky beer we drank. Then i went to my new studio to break out the ceiling. The view is great. I probably need some fans, since it can get quite hot in there.

(((((Amilitia, Sassy, Roseviolet, Pollystyrene, Sybarite, Faith, Pixiedust, Dusty, Mandolyn, Stargazer)))))))))

just coming in to send (((((((((((((yuefie)))))))))) all the safe-surgery-with-easy-recovery-and-minimal-pain vibes.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~all-purpose love and vibes to all the rest of the kvetchies~*~*~*~*~*~*~

~~~~~surgery vibes for yuefie~~~~~~~~
((polly)) hey, a ring! my engagement ring is a sapphire and it was around $250. We got a 20 percent discount from the jeweler because we live in the neighborhood.


(((rose))) I think sometimes it's hard to spend money, especially if you are typically rather frugal. But there's a reason why we're frugal -- so we can do things like splurge on a direct flight to see our friends.

I'm hoping our tax bonus comes in soon, but I don't know if it's coming with my SSN or Martini's (ah the joy of married filing jointly).
You're probably already checked in and won't read this ahead of time, yuefie, but anesthesia was no big deal. Unless you're one of the few people who have a reaction to it, it's like nothing. I had it for the first time with my eye surgery- they hooked me up to an IV with just fluids- I was on that for about an hour or so before the surgery.

My anesthesiologist met with me before the surgery, asked about my medical history, told me what the "going under" process would be. He was a funny guy, definitely made me feel comfortable. Awhile later, they wheeled me into the OR and the anesthesiologist told me he was going to get me that "Bahama Mama cocktail we talked about earlier". I think they put it in through my IV, not a mask over my face and everything just went black. Then you wake up later like no time has passed. I was in the post-op area and suddenly everything was loud again- nurses, other patients and a TV somewhere. It's just like coming out of a long sleep- you can hear stuff, but it doesn't really make sense.

I was convinced that someone had told me I needed to hold the bandage over my right eye, so I was trying to do that, but was still groggy and couldn't really move. I couldn't see anything and a nurse, one that wasn't there before the surgery, asked if I needed anything and I asked about the bandage on my right eye. She just said, "no, no, no" and walked away. Turns out, I didn't even have a bandage on my right eye, only on the left one. Still, a less-than-helpful nurse.

After awhile, my mom and LeBoy came in and helped me get dressed. I still wasn't opening my right eye so I was just sort of groping aimlessly- it was like when I've been on hydrocodone and all your movements are slow and sloppy and you just feel weak and out of it. I just felt sleepy the rest of the day and don't remember much of it.

Back to work!
((((((((( Yuefie )))))))))))) I'm sure strong drugs will be plentiful. I hope you or R can check in here & give us an update.

When I was put under for the first time, I totally didn't see it coming. They hooked me up on the IV & I was out in less than 30 seconds. When I woke up after the surgery, I didn't even know any time had passed! I even asked the nurse in the recovery room when they were going to start. So personally, I love it!

~~~~~~~~bleeding vibes for Syb~~~~~~~~

Polly, that's a tough decision! I really like AquaMarine #1 because of the filligrie (sp?) along the sides. I also love the oval shape of the stone of Tourmaline #1. However, if you're going to wear your wedding ring with the engagement ring, I'm not sure how these settings would work.

Sidecar, I heard something on the news about who is getting the money this week. I think if the last 2 digits of the SS# is between 30 and 70, this is your week. But don't hold me to that.

Wow, Sonik, I had no idea that you'd been with that guy for so long. I wonder if one of the reasons why you're coping well (in addition to the fact that this was your choice) is because you've ended a long-term relationship before. I don't mean to imply that it's not hard at all and that this relationship wasn't unique, but there's a big difference between ending a relationship after 9 months compared to 9 years.

Amilita, I want to see your bathing suit!

Damona, the same thing happened to a pair of my jeans, too! The rip was along my inner thigh & I had no clue when it happened. I just felt this strange tickle, looked down, and wowza! Flesh!

Hi, FJ!

I am not surprised by the results of the local primary election. In my county, Obama got 75% of primary votes. That's the highest percentage I've heard from anywhere!

Anti-kvetch: Sheff's boss said that he'll get his bonus by the end of the week. Woot! We have no idea how big it will be, but it will certainly be enough to pay for my plane tickets, so I'm feeling less guilty about them now. biggrin.gif

Heather from Dooce was on the Today show this morning, so I tolerated Kathy Lee Gifford just to watch her. Apparently Mrs Gifford is a-feared of the Interwebs & thinks it's somehow dangerous that Heather talks about her daughter on-line. But how is that any different than Kathy Lee rambling on and on about her own kids in front of a much larger audience on television? Freakin' hypocrite. dry.gif
Oo, thanks for reminding me of dooce on TV this morning rose....Kathie Lee is such a twit. I'll find it on YouTube, but I hope Heather had a good reply for her.

Damona- I had like 6 or 7 pairs of jeans that I bought at the same time because it was a style Old Navy was discontinuing, they looked faboo on me and I wanted to get them before I couldn't anymore. Of course, now that means they're all wearing out at the same time in the same places, right in the thighs, like you. Fortunately, my mom is the uber-seamstress and can patch them up without making it look too obvious. Still awful when they all split at the same time.

Yes, the stimulus check distribution goes by the last 2 digits of your SSN. Mine's 00, so I got it last week. LeBoy's 22, so probably this week.

As for the rings, I'll probably go with something my aunt has in stock or can order- those are mostly just an idea of what I like. I definitely like a round/rounded or oval shape. I do like a cushion cut square, though. I'm not sure about how to deal with the wedding band issue. At some point, I'll probably go down to just a wedding band, but I think whatever ring I get will be so lovely I won't want to do that for awhile. I've seen wedding bands that curve around the stone, but the stones were smaller. I'm sure I'll figure something out.

~*~*more vibes for Yuefie~*~* I hope PJ posts an update!
Polly, I think I missed your announcement! Congrats on the engagement.
ohmy.gif Ohh, there was no real announcement. Holy crap, yesterday was our 7 year anniversary and I/we totally missed it. Ha, I should send him flowers today- he stayed home for a doctor's appointment!

Anyway, after 7 years of being together, the last [almost] three living together, we may as well be married and it's just financial issues holding up the official announcement.
Oops..missed that:

Congrats Polly!!
*happy healthy no pain excellent results surgery vibes for yuefie*
*small spleen and no fibroid vibes for kitten*
*you did the right thing copage vibage for sonik*
*wave to beloved FJ*
*heartfelt congrats to polly*

crazy day at work + no patience for lounge wonkiness ... love to (((all))).
polly - Congrats! I kinda thought you were engaged but I didn't know. I really like the first two Aquamarine rings. smile.gif


sonic - just be sure to let us know who you change into. Every so often I consider changing my screen name but "kittenb" speaks to a a good memory for me so I guess it stays here.

{{{sidecar, rv, falljackets, damona, mandolyn, all}}}

I got my "stimulus" check on Friday. Some it actually paid off the remaining back taxes that I owed the government, the rest goesx to Financial Aid (alright, I confess to using some to buy popcorn and drinks at the movies.) I was committed to not using it in any way that would stimulate the economy. I hate the president and his stupid attempts at buying friend's. "Sure I'll just let the Victim of Crime Act and the Violence Against Women Act be decimated but, hey, you're getting $600! Doesn't that make it all better?" mad.gif

The only thing I remember about being under anethesia was seeing the walls melt right before my eyes. I think I said, "Wow, that was cool!" A friend of mine wants to write a book about what people say while sedated. Right before he went under he announced, "This whole room needs to be redecorated!"

Just to clarify- still NOT officially engaged...but seven years together, yes. Thanks you for the congrats, no matter what you were congratting me for! laugh.gif

So that doctor's appointment that LeBoy had today- he ended up getting a biopsy, two actually. He's what I like to call an "apathetic hypochondriac"- worries about everything, but is too lazy to actually go to the doctor and find out what it is. He's been concerned about the oodles of freckles and birthmarks he has (love that Irish skin!) and finally made an appointment with a dermatologist. They found three spots they were worried about. Nothing definite, but they removed two of them. They said insurance company gets cranky when they do too much at once, so he'll have to go back to get the third one removed.

I'm not too worried about it- mostly relieved that they were proactive about it, the spots are gone and he'll stop freaking out about them. And maybe this will make him go to the doctor more often so I don't go through months/years of "does this look like something? Does it? Maybe it's infected? Does it look infected?" rolleyes.gif

When do you find out about your scan, kitten?
(((yuefie))) I hope your op was successful and you're not in too much pain, darlin! I'd love if PJ dropped by with an update.

(((kitten))) small spleen and no fibroid vibes for you. Also, it's my first trip to the States, let alone Florida! I am so excited.

(((sonik))) I think the ease of your coping points to this being the right choice for you. Also, I didn't find your other post too cryptic wink.gif.

(((falljackets))) cos she's sweet and lovely and I like when she drops by!

(((polly))) a happy un-engagement to you! The boy and I have been talking rings recently although engagement is a while off yet (we celebrated 5 years together last month and will only be moving in together later this year); somehow I was persuaded that when it's time I'll buy him an engagement watch for the same value as the ring, which will be one month's salary before tax...

(((mornington))) good luck with your exam on Friday!

(((rose))) I love the swimsuit! I am trying to find something fabulous for Florida or lose weight so I can look decent in a bikini.

(((mandilicious))) a'cos.

(((sassy))) fuck. your. manager. how fucking dare she? GRRRR!

(((damona))) I recently lost a pair of much loved jeans to the split across inside thigh and I am bereft. I say recently but it was at last six months ago! They were comfy, fit perfectly and looked really good and I've been finding it difficult to replace them; your post reminded me of them and then today it was very sunny and I remembered how great they were last year with my summer shoes. Sniff.

(((sidecar, sybarite, amilita, dusty, pixiedust, designermedusa, stargazer, zoya, tesao, faith, everybody I've missed)))

kvetch: I'm still not feeling too well and have a terrible cough. I've had to work through the illness (I'll be in big trouble if I have any more sicknesses and I can't afford that to show up on a reference for the graduate job application I'm making) but cancelled the overtime I had arranged for yesterday and today -I was barely able to work my own shift, let alone a twelve hour day- and they have banned me from working the other overtime I have booked for the weekend and beginning of next week and I can't apply for any more for a week! I am not amused as I really need the money for Florida, so now I'll need to work lots more once the ban has been lifted but the overtime availability seems to be scarcer in the coming weeks sad.gif.

anti-kvetch: I cheered myself up today by watching The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, which was a cute and fluffy movie smile.gif.
Just a fly by to check in. I'm home now, yay. I'm all hurty and feeling kinda sick, but R is taking good care of me. The only reaction I seem to have had to anesthesia is severe nausea, so it was several hours past when they estimated I'd be released that I was able to go home. They gave me some strong pain med called Dilottid and I got the spins from it. Also my nose itches like crazy! But hey, it helped the pain. They gave me some anti nausea stuff in my IV and then sent me home with some too. The surgery went well, the doctor was standing over me when I woke up and was smiling at me. I swear he has the best bedside manner I've ever encountered. I really am glad I was asleep for it all, but I can't wait for it all to be out of system. My head feels sorta foggy still. R made me some chicken soup for tonight, carrot ginger soup for tomorrow, lime jello, and also got me a pint of passionfruit sorbet, several magazines and seasons 1 & 2 of Grey's Anatomy. Be back tomorrow.

Thanks for all the vibes and well wishes!
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