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(((rose))) happy belated, punkin. Your evening sounds divine. But um, yeah, the mom-undies thing is a tad weird. Color me green with envy re your girl party.

(((kitten & morn))) A pox on judgmental people who are uberwrong about & cruel to beloved busties. A pox I say!

work dramarama is plagung me too. i'm sure i get gossiped about, but since my persona alternates between Bitch & Sweetheart, it all evens out. it was wonderful getting away from this place for 4 days. unfortunately i don't get another two days off in a row until mid-may. le sigh.

*behind-the-ear scritches for pirate petey & doris & indigo & ziggy & wally & millie & all and sundry kvetchie critters*

Lol @ “horrific couple” … Hee.

*antistrep protection vibes for {{{damona’s kidlets}}}*

*Special love & copage vibage for (((yuefie))) & (((sassy))) & (((dusty)))*

Sybarite, megacongrats on the thesis draft … I’m excited for you!

Antikvetch: My mini-vackay was very nice. The flights were not too harrowing (despite getting to the airport far too early sat morning, and discovering that in the state was apparently leaving for Passover/spring break and they were all flying jetblue, but I staved off the panic attack with a deliciously spicey double bloody mary and all was good, until the semi-rude dad with entitlement issues who asked me to give up my aisle seat so he and his little girl could sit together completely unnerved me - i wound up sitting next to a very nice girl, so it worked out fine - and let’s not talk about The Great & Comical Bathroom Adventure ...) but yeah, I pretty much feel like wonder woman. and i lurve everyone who works for jetblue, they are just the bee's knees.

Many thanks for the vibes and pep talks. <heart>

Kvetch: I miss my niecelette so bad it hurts. She’s so beautiful and fun and has a great little personality and I wish I could see her every weekend. sad.gif

Antikvetch: I’m fairly certain we bonded and she might even remember me next time I see her, whenever that is. i also got some great pictures. if anyone wants to see, shoot me a pm.

Antikvetch: lil sis cut my hair and I’m currently rocking a louise brooks bob. I’m The Cute!

(((sidecar-in-mexico, amilita, billy, DM & twin DM, stargazer, pixie, polly, candy, everyone)))

Black lace Wacoal, black microfiber light control panties … which are actually a lot sexier than they sound, in a betty paige 50’s way.
thanks for the vibes, kvetchies, keep 'em comin' please! i am scared to death of getting strep again, i had it in january and i was so sick i was afraid i wasn't going to die... seriously, i was actually in bed for over a week, cuz it was antibiotic-resistant strep! i am really afraid to get it again, and i really don't want the kids to get it... sick kids are bad enough, but special needs kids that can't tell you what or where it hurts? who shut down and refuse to speak or even look at you when they are sick? not an experience i'd like to repeat very often, thank you!

boo on work dramas. do people not realize that we are out of highschool? spreading rumors and ganging up on people is so 7th grade... i thought being adults meant there was less of that crap?!

mmmmm cake... i love cake. i love baking. just not in summer, since we have no air conditioning. but thanks to d, i now have a bread machine that is exclusively for gluten free bread, so we don't have to rely on store bought crap. i am lucky that i am both a good cook and a good baker. otherwise, my kids would have a really boring diet! i made "confetti pasta" last night. leftover pasta, throw in some frozen veggies, canned mushrooms, chopped up canadian bacon... stir and heat thru! aka, leftovers-that-mom-doesn't-know-what-to-do-with night!

i'm so scattered today, it's taken me almost an hour to post this much! so, in the interest of saving time.... (((((((busties))))))))

oh, undie report: none! but i need to go shower and get dressed before the friday night crowd shows up.
I wanna see pics of the niecelette and of your new do, mandi!

~~~continual loop of mega strength anti strep vibes for damona & kidlets~~~

rose, that restaurants sounds wonderful! glad your evening turned out great.

polly, that dessert sound yummay! And also like it would be fantastic for a summer dinner party dessert. I think I probably cook better than I bake, but thats because I do it more often. I bake alright, at least nobody around here seems to be complaining wink.gif

The cake turned out to be really good and very, very rich. It's rather dense and could use a scoop of vanilla ice cream to cut it a bit. Here is the recipe. I decided to google to see if I could find any reviews of it and found it on that site. It's not credited to Nigella, but it's exactly the same as the book, directions and all. I am giving some to the neighbors because we certainly don't need it all hanging around here. Last week I made that cheese bread recipe rose posted a while back and sent the bulk of that over to them too. As much as I love to cook/bake, my waistline (and ass) surely don't need any help!

Speaking of food, I had *the* strangest dream last night. I was at this local bbq restaurant with a large group of people (friends, family, strangers, LOTS of people), only it was located in a mall store front and for some odd reason I was responsible for ordering for everyone. Apparently I had been given a list of everyone's orders but when I got up to the counter I couldn't find it. So I kept having to go over to the crowd to take orders and then back up to add items on to the order, completely frustrating the person at the counter. Then suddenly, while standing at the front counter looking at the menu, my cell phone rang. It was my dearly departed mother, who said to me,"You forgot to order the rack of babyback ribs for me." huh.gif blink.gif Sweet fancy moses, I have no idea what the heck this bizzaro dream means but I am still laughing! laugh.gif

Hope everyone has a great weekend! ((((kvetchies))))

undie report: lime green hipsters w/ hot pink flamingoes & hot pink bra.
Yuefie, thanks for the recipe.

Just a quick flyby, before the Springsteen show! smile.gif

Kvetch: My parents. I wrote my mom an email explaining that I didn't like her telling me my dad was sick, 3 days later. I got a one word response back. It said: Our bad.
WTF? I now don't even want to send her a mother's day gift. Beetych. Sometimes I feel like the adult in the relationship, and she's the kid.

Undies: blue boyshorts with stars.

Oh my god, sassy, I can't believe your mom replied like that....wait, no, I've heard the stories about your mom, so I can imagine her saying that! rolleyes.gif

Mmm, rich, dense chocolate cake. Cake with ice cream is like heaven to me....when the ice cream melts into the cake ("Homer drool" over here!)

Boo on potential strep throat. The gum around my wisdom tooth has been puffy and ouchy the past couple of days so I had my cousin look at it. Says I have periocronitis, a recurring infection of the gum tissue that mostly occurs around impacted wisdom teeth. Why, oh why didn't I get those yanked when I had dental insurance?!?! I know that sounds funny since I work in a dental office, but my cousin doesn't do wisdom teeth, and I don't exactly have dental insurance- they just comp off any work we have done by her. She's going to call in a favor to the oral surgeons that we refer out to 98% of the time. They owe us. Anyway, she gave me antibiotics. Strong ones, since amoxicilin does nothing for me any more, due to my years and years of tonsil issues. Man, it would be great if I could get my tonsils and wisdom teeth removed at the same time. It's going to hurt in the same area, why go through that twice?

Yay thesis draft!

Yay for bonding with niecelettes! I'm glad your flight was mostly uneventful, mando.

Rose, that sounds like a great birthday at a great restaurant. Did you hear about the This American Life Live! event? It's $20/person around here. That's a little pricey for us right now, but I wish we could go. I agree on the baking thing- it is like a mysterious chemistry project. Usually, leaving out an ingredient, as long as it's not sugar (or mistaking salt for sugar!) doesn't really affect the taste too much, just the texture, and it's usually still edible.

I'm glad to hear that things were a little better today, kitten. My job 11:40am or so, I'm sitting at the front desk and everyone's been playing nicely. Then one of the assistants comes storming through with her purse and says, "I'm never talking to her again!" as she plows by. A few minutes later, I overhear the other one in back say, "I'm never talking to her about my animals again!" Office Manager and I just look at each other. A little while later, the assistant who stayed and the hygienist who was also there were in my cousin's office and there was some loud discussion going on. I'm proud to say that I kept my Switzerland status, didn't let my curiosity get the best of me (I may be Switzerland, but, I confess, I'm also an incorrigible snoop!) We didn't see the assistant who left for the rest of the day. Ooookay. Monday's gonna be interesting! Gah, I'm so tired of this crap.

Well, prophecy, her husband and some other friends are taking us out to dinner at our favorite Irish pub tonight, then we're seeing the new Harold & Kumar movie. I'm gonna see if I can squeeze in a nap before we leave.

ETA: Oh crap, how'd I leave this out? Silvie passed away this morning. She was plodding along for that last couple of weeks, then got bad again on Sunday. My mom went out of town on Monday and was not there to be the voice of reason for my dad. Silvie was his favorite and he had such a hard time accepting that he had to put her down. He'd finally made the appointment yesterday and she died in the car, during the 2 minute ride to the vet's office. Literally, they live 4 blocks away from the vet. My dad called me on the way to work and said it was further proof that that she was the greatest cat in the world, that she didn't make him make that decision. *sniffle*
I'm an evil lurker ph34r.gif
I had to butt in to post a couple photos of Silvie:

Thanks- I only had a not-so-good picture of her and it wasn't digital anyway. sad.gif
resst well slivie

(((((polly & familiy)))))

((((mando))))) pictures this way, 'specially sexeh hair

((((yuefie)))) I drooled laugh.gif

((((rose)))) cancer in bunnies is really quite common, but it's very rare to see external tumours... as long as thier bun is fixed it seems to be pot luck.

((((((sassy))))))) acos



pants report: booooooring white boyshorts and equally dull-as-ditchwater white tshirt bra. although now i'm in a boybeater going to bed.

mornmama arrives tomorrow. give me strength. I have to tidy up and then prepare to break the news to her that i'm sleeping at G's for most of the week because I don't want to sleep on the sofa when I have a bed with my boy in it. I've told the BoyWonder he's on mum-duty sunday.... I just don't feel I should put my life down for the week she decides to come visit (and I know she doesn't get a lot of choice when she gets leave, but still, argh, can she not choose a better time)

anyway, bed time. Indigo is passed out farting already blink.gif and I think I need sleep.
Awwww ((((((silvie)))))) sad.gif
*extra tight hugs* for (((((polly & humanist & family)))))

Silvie is probably like "Who in the heck is this dog hawking me?" 'cause I know Sashie was there waiting on the other side to welcome her. 'Cause seriously, she loved cats WAY more than she ever liked any dog. I'm only half kidding when I say she thought she was a cat.

laugh.gif @ Indigo polluting morn's air!
Thanks yuefie- she's over there keeping Sashie in line! laugh.gif

Oh god morn- that's why Tana sleeps in a box 2 rooms away from us. We seriously have to keep matches in the living room because when he lets one go, it's like someone lit a balloon on fire. It's awful.

So sleepy. Too much food. The movie was funny...not as good as the first one, though.
laugh.gif @ "she's over there keeping Sashie in line!" I can just see that

I just stuck my head in to say: why, when I start tidying, do I get a sudden urge to start (re)organising, and suddenly the place is an unholy mess again? Mind you, if I have a wiggle about, my flat will be so fuckin' tidy I'll have to take pictures to commemmorate this momentous occasion.

also: crochet socks!
hello everyone!

i have a little headache from some strong cosmos i had last night. argh. i hungout with crazyoldcatlady. we had a good time of course.

going out tonight w/some girlfriends. i just want to say that boys stink without going too much into things. i think i'll go back to lounging until i have to get in the shower to get ready. i can i add just a couple of more random things here:1)i still don't understand why gwyneth paltrow is famous. she's not that great of an actress or that pretty to me. blink.gif 2) i watched bill maher on hbo and was happy to see gary shandling and phil donahue on. i've had the hots for phil donahue since i was a kid. color me weird. but a smart articulate and animated man is sexy to me.

*~*~*multipurpose vibes and hugs to who needs 'em*~*~*

Heh, star, I too was all stoked to see Gary Shandling on Bill Maher last night. Also, I've never understood the Gwyneth Paltrow appeal. At all.

Morn, I suffer the same neurosis so I feel your pain. How's Sir Peteykins McFluffyarse doing? Give him and Doris, and of course Indigo, some head scritches for me.

So here's a "WTF?!" you don't see every day. Yesterday there was a freak shark attack which proved to be fatal in Solana Beach (Coastal North San Diego County) which is about a 35 minute drive from me. This poor guy went out for a swim with a group of people and suddenly he was tossed up in to the air and then had his legs shredded by what they are assuming (due to the season) was a female great white shark who was in the area giving birth. I'd heard on the radio that he was a retired vet doing triathalon training, but hadn't caught his name or seen his picture. This morning while reading the morning paper I saw his picture and name and it then dawned on me that he occasionally filled in at the vet office I used to take my cat to when I lived in No. County. I was sad already for his family, but wow, that man had a heart of gold and a special way with all critters sad.gif
(((polly, humanist and family))) RIP Silvie.

(((yuefie))) and (((morn))) a'cos.

Let me be the first (my time) to wish sixelacat a very happy birthday!!! You know that it's only because it's your birthday that I'll let you win our game of scrabulous wink.gif.

Happy early birthday, Sixela!!!

Silvie looks like such a sweetheart! I can see why your father loved her so much, Polly. I hope you're all coping okay.
((((((((Polly, her family, and all the Silvie lovers out there ))))))))))

Polly, I would love to go to the This American Life thing, but it sold out here pretty much as soon as it was announced. The same is true for the HD broadcasts from The Metropolitan Opera that's been going on for the last 2 years; they sell out months in advance here. Hopefully more movie theatres will start participating in these things so they won't sell out so fast!

Mandi, hooray for time with the neicelette! Sounds like you had a glorious visit. I hope you get to go down there again soon.

Yuefie, I cant believe you knew that guy. Talk about six-degrees-of-seperation! What a terrible, freak accident. Sory to hear that the world lost a sweet man like that.
((((((((((the vet & family)))))))))))

Star, I feel indifferent about Gwynth Paltrow, but I can understand why some people aren't fans of hers. What brings her to mind for you? Is she going to be in another movie or something?

Mornington, I am the same way about tidying! It's as if I'm convinced that everything must be perfect or there's no point in cleaning. So if I don't have time to make things perfect, then I shouldn't bother tidying at all. This is why I don't buy much anymore. It's just more stuff I have to tidy away!
~~~~~~~~ sanity-in-the-face-of-family vibes for Morn ~~~~~~~~

-s-s-s-s continued anti-strep vibes for Damona & the crew -s-s-s-s-

Anti-kvetch: Last night we went to the home of our friends who own 2 bunnies and a hedgehog. I got to pet one of the bunnies for a very long time, which is amazing because they're usually so skittish. Hooray!

Anti-kvetch: I went to a flower sale at the gorgeous gardens owned by the local university. There weren't a lot of plants left for sale by the time we got there, but there was a dixieland jazz band populated by senior citizens playing. It was so fabulous to hear them play "Honeysuckle Rose". Definitely a highlight of the day.

Sheff and I got up early to watch qualifying for the Formula One race. Then we ran a few other errands, which was fun. I got more birthday gifts in the mail (yay!). And now I'm relaxing on the couch with my Millie kitten on my lap. Life is good.

rose, the gwyneth thing was just something i've thought about for a long time. that' all. my mind works like that. wink.gif

i've realized that i've grown tired of clubs. and/or being out late. i had fun with my girlfriends, but i couldn't wait to get home in my bed. i'm lame.

Greetings, Busties!

I don't really know where to begin, but my life has been turned upside down the last 6 months. my bf and i decided to split up for a while. After 6 years of living together it felt like we were suffocating eachother. He wanted to move to another city, 2 hours away, and i don't want that because while it's a much nicer city than where i'm currently residing, it's too far away from everything. So now i'm sitting here in my new apartment, sipping coffee and Busting on my new laptop. The house we lived in was only available for a couple of years, so we had to move out anyway. My now ex bf (though we're still friends) lives two hours away.
It's weird.
And on top of that i decided to take on an offer of one of my best friends, and rent an office space in a city close to Amsterdam. It's where i want to go anyway, and while i have to travel like 3 hours a day to get there and back, i think this is a good opportunity. This office space is located in a building where my friends work, and it woud be great to see them more regularly. Also, this city offers far more opportunities for my line of work than where is work now. And it's closer to my agent.

I was like; if there are going to be changes, why not go all the way?

It feels good, i must say.

Happy belated birthday wishes to Sixelacat!!

Thanks for the Christmas card, by the way! It was a surprise and I'm very sorry I didn't reciprocate. Bad me. That is a lot of upheaval, but it sounds like things are working out!


Wow, yuefie, that's crazy. Sorry to hear about it.


Rose, isn't there a documentary out/coming out about some senior citizen musicians?

Meh, my presence has been requested at work today. I told them I'd be in at 10, but that's in 25 minutes and I still have to shower. Not going to happen. I should go get in the shower. I stink like a monkey. *grumble, grumble*

ETA: Morn & Rose- my mom had a plaque when i was growing up that had what's become my cleaning philosophy: "Dull Women Have immaculate Homes" tongue.gif Relax!

ETA, again: Got to the office, to find out that the assistant who stormed out on Friday has been let go. Apparently the loud discussion afterwards involved some damning evidence against her. Not exactly sure what, but my cousin said she was 110% sure about it all and it was justified. Ooookay.

Also found Office Manager's desk messy but unpacked and he found time to rearrange things on my desk and put stuff there that doesn't belong mad.gif au contraire mon frere...back to his side it went.

Happy Birthday Sixelacat!

I've always thought that Gwenyth Paltrow is a talanted actress and quite lovely but she seems like she considers herself such an "AHHHHctress!" that I can't take her seriously. If people seem to have no sense of humor about themselves, I cannot help but find them funny.

{{{polly}}} an unexpected work day on a Sunday. sad.gif Bummer.

{{{sonik}}} It is great to see you again! Sorry that things are so stressful at the moment.

{{{stargazer}}} yeah, like you I just can't do the late nights anymore. And I really want to go dancing so I need to find the energy somewhere.

{{{rv}}} life is almost always good w/cats in your lap. BTW, I tried to send you a PM but your mailbox was full.

{{{bunnyb, msyuefie, mornington}}}

It is a rather grey day in Chicago and I am feeling kind of glomy. Odd considering that I had a lovely night. The boy and I saw Baby Mama (fun but I wish it had been funnier) and then came home and watched Cloverfield (city go BOOM!) He has his improv stage debut tonight and I will be meeting his parents for the first time. I think it is making me batty. I am just worried that I will turn into Pheobe on Friends. "Your son is a kind and gentle man. But not in a sissy way. He can rattle a headboard w/the best of them!" I did offer to toss my panties at him while he was performing but he thinks that might not be the best way to meet his mom. cool.gif

Happy Birthday, Sixe!!!

SONIK! Wow. That is a lot of change, but I'm glad it sounds like you're mostly feeling good about it all! I think change is pretty exhilarating and exciting. Good luck with everything. Hope you keep kvetching!

I hate Gweneth. On D-listed, they call her Fishsticks, which I think fits perfectly.

Polly, I think I've heard of the documentary about older musicians, but can't think of the name. I love any old person who does something creative, or continues to be active with things they loved when younger. I totally understand when people say, "I don't feel old." I'm almost 40 and feel like...just like me, but happier than when I was 25, basically.

I saw Baby Mama yesterday, too, and liked it but thought it could have been better. Also went to this giant Asian market here for the first time and yay!!! Ate green tea chocolates for breakfast. Yum!

Good luck meeting the parents, Kitten.

Continued vibes for Dusty, Yuefie, and anyone else who needs 'em!!

Yuefie, that's sad about the vet...that such a good person was lost so suddenly.

Well, I haven't been writing much lately, so here's my Yays and Boos of late:

Boo: drug dealer pit bulls in our yard again
-spray paint on the front of our house
-man eating crawfish sitting against our house and throwing the shells everywhere this morning
-worked with HATED coworker on Friday night and only hate him more

Yay: quick trip to Houston was great, and I've totally warmed to that city...went to see Cat Power, which was canceled, but did lots of other fun stuff -aforementioned green tea chocolates
-finally getting to work more and make some $$$
-been talking to some long-lost friends due to a high school site someone started
-going to Jazz Fest one day this next weekend and the Mr. is going with me even though he usually doesn't love live music- gonna see Stevie Wonder
-oh, and I dyed my hair red again (had it that way for 10+ years and went to natural at some point after I met the Mr. because he wanted to see what color it really was and I was tired of the dying) and my complexion, which is ruddy and had been bothering me, looks so much better with this shade...and my blue eyes stand out more

The yays seem to outweigh the boos, and I hope that's how it is for everyone!!!


kitten, good luck meeting the parents!

things to shout yay for (thanks amilita):
-having my hair cut into a cute, longish bob today and dyed caramel brown with purple tips again.
-eating a box of belgian chocolates and drinking a bottle of chardonnay. I'm trying to lose weight and have been good all week so decided to blow it with a treat!
-my football (soccer) team winning an important game today.
-having a night planned of nothing more than drinking wine, eating chocolates and watching Ugly Betty and Gilmore Girls.
-virago books, a'cos.


eta: polly, that Top Chef contestant annoys me too - I keep wondering if she could possibly become any more obnoxious than she already is.
A quickie because I am tuckered out after travelling and social whirlwind weekend. The wedding and reunion was fantastic, all my friends are happy and fulfilled and all kinds of good stuff, so it was great to catch up and hear their news. The wedding itself was awesome, great food and actual dancing, which I haven't done for too long. It was lovely to see my friend and her new husband so happy. The sun was even out! Good times all around.

Happy belated birthday to RV!!! Glad you had a good one and that you have a girls meetup coming up soon.

Happy birthday to Sixela!!

Sonik, that's a lot of changes but you sound really positive. From what I remember Holland has great trains so hopefully the commute shouldn't be too bad.

Dusty, sounds like you have some good plans afoot. Revising what you spend is hard though, been there. Try to allocate yourself a few treats so you don't feel deprived.

Morn, my parents tend not to stay with me when they visit, but at a B&B or similiar (mostly because we never had the room...): I am a firm believer in intimacy without proximity when it comes to family visits (i.e. no battling for the shower each morning), but then my family and I are a bit weird like that.

This week I need to catch up on my sleep and try and slow down a little. Bank holday next weekend should take care of any further decompressing I need to do tongue.gif


*sticks head in*

happy birthday sixiela!!!!
(((amilita)))LOL. omg. that is so funny. fishsticks!!

(((bunnyb))) yeah for lazy days and colored hair!

(((sybarite))) i love government holidays. i am almost sad when i don't have a monday off during the month.

(((kittenb))) things sound like they are progressing if you are meeting the 'rents. wasn't someone worried not too long ago about not meeting his 'rents yet?? wink.gif i'm just giving you shit. ha! and i totally thought those were your boobs in that pic. cause, you are quite endowed if i may say. rolleyes.gif

(((polly))) your office is filled with drama! wow.

kvetch: on myself! i think my hormones have gotten the best of me this week. i stink. the boy was sick, i hadn't heard from him, and i'm thinking the he is blowing me off. insecure, am i? yes. how lame. dry.gif hee.

antikvetch: i'm looking forward to next weekend which is weird to say cause it is the start of the week. but, i'm looking forward to going to downtown boston, getting my hair did, and having a relaxing saturday. my hair has quite grown. i want to keep the length but i think i may go a shade lighter for the summertime.


Happy birthday, Sixela!!!

[blows kisses at Sonik] You've certainly been through a lot, but it sounds like you're moving in the right direction. Good for you!

Good luck with the boy's 'rents, Kitten!

(((((((((((((((all y'all))))))))))))))

Kvetch: Forgive me for not vibing properly. I was really really sick this morning & I still feel wiped out. That's the 3rd weekend in a row that I've been sick like this. Bah. Perhaps it's time to go to the doctor.
*Waves at everyone*. I've had a while to slow down a little since April 15th, though it never seems to stop. It's great to see Sonik's post. You've been missed!

Rose, what did you think of the Spanish Gran Prix? I hope you felt good enough to watch (I'm betting you did). Your ex-boyfriend had a good run going for a while. Many of the fans certainly lost interest when he retired. Kovalainen's crash was horrible and I'm so glad he's generally OK. Although Hamilton is doing well in the points, he seems to have lost a step since last year, or perhaps Ferrari gained a step.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sixela! Stargazer, YOU have a great week.
((billy, damona, mando, dusty))

((rose)) I hope you feel better soon. Happy belated birthday, glad you had fun.

((star)) Yay for looking forward to next weekend and getting your hair did. J

((sixela)) Happy birthday.

((syb)) Glad the wedding and reunion were fun.

((bunnyb)) Yay for new hair.

((amilita)) Yay for your trip to Houston.

((kittenb)) Good luck on meeting the boy’s parents.

((polly)) I love the cleaning philosophy plaque. Sorry to hear of Silvie’s passing.

((sonik)) Good to hear from you, sounds like a lot of changes. Glad you are happy.

((yuefie)) That’s crazy about the shark.

((mornington)) Hope you enjoy the time with your mom.

((sassy)) Hope you enjoyed the Springsteen show.

This was a film weekend, Friday I watched Hannah Takes the Stairs on dvd (mumblecore, but I liked it), Saturday I saw Deception (Michelle Williams, Ewan McGregor and Hugh Jackman), it was crappy, and watched Starting Out In the Evening on dvd, liked it. Sunday I saw Baby Mama, I liked the first half, but was disappointed that Tina Fey didn’t write it, I assumed she had. Mr. DM’s birthday is on Wednesday, but he opened his gift today. Twin DM and I got him a very nice Chun-Li action figure, and he loved it.

Thinking about my mom's plaque made me remember a poster that another relative had in her kitchen:

From doing a little research on the internets, I found out it's a pretty well-known women's lib-era poster and the artist's daughter still sells them. Here's a blog with the info. I think I'm gonna get one. laugh.gif
Polly, I can't see the poster. I just get the Red X of Doom. sad.gif

Star, I hope the hormone issues get better! You stopped taking those BC pills, right?

Morn, I'm dying to hear how your mother took the news that you're staying at G's house. Hope she didn't blow up on you or anything.

DM, congrats on finding a great present for Mr. DM!

~~~~~~ decompression vibes for Sybarite ~~~~~~~ Glad to hear you had so much fun at the wedding!

Bunny, the purple tips on your hair sound cool! Pics? Please?

Amilita, I have as of late developed a strange love of Stevie Wonder - not the "I Just Called To Say I Love You" Stevie, but the older stuff - so I am quite jealous that you'll get to see him live. Have a great time!

Billy, I did indeed watch the race, although I drifted in and out of sleep during the 2nd half. Heikki's crash scared the shit out of me! I felt so extraordinarily sick to my stomach, waiting for them to get his body out of that car. I was so afraid that his legs would be crushed to bits or something. But it turns out that he was fine! 100% fine! No broken bones or concussion or anything! It's amazing that they can make the cars that safe, isn't it? As for Alonso, I felt a teensy bit of sympathy, but I think most people giggled with demented glee when his car died. laugh.gif Kimmi continues to be the best driver; no surprise there. I just hope Lewis can spend a little more time on the podium.

Since a lot of you will be reading this on Monday morning, here's a cute picture to make you smile. It's my Millie cat sleeping in her favorite chair.

Oh, last night I agreed to work for someone on Tuesday now I'm working 3 in a row, and I worked Friday, too. So working 4 out of 5 nights. I need money, but bleh. Last night was good, at least, and I think we're going to order sushi tonight, so at least I have that to look forward to.

Millie is so sweet in that picture!

It reminds me that I got a little sheepskin rug and Wally loves it!! We call it his woolie. I'll get a picture next time.

Nighty night! Have a good Monday, everyone.
Hmm, it shows up at home, but when I got to work, I got the Red X of Doom, too. Now it's showing. Grr. Check out the link to the blog entry and you should be able to see it.

Well it's our first day in the new office, we're down a staff member, the voicemal doesn't work and the phones are's everyone else's day? blink.gif
test post: looks like the lounge is down/was down/will be down. I had a cool apocalyptic post written out but it was swallowed. Those on facebook muster in the bunker if it persists.

kvetch: we've been having problems with our bath leaking but thought it was fixed; tonight I was relaxing in a lovely hot, bubble bath and it leaked through floor into kitchen downstairs again. I only managed to read five bloody pages of my book before I had to get out and go for a shower downstairs.

nope, nobody here but you and me bunny...
Yeah, there are defintely lounge issues going on. I've tried to post several times and had them eaten right up dry.gif

i tried to post around 2pm my time and it just got chewed up and swallowed so i gave up in disgust.

(((((((((((polly and fam)))))))))) i'm sure that silvie was met by many friends on the other side of the bridge. those were very nice pictures, humanist.

((((((((~*~*~*~*~*~*~*hugs and vibes for everyone*~*~*~*~*~*~*~))))))))))))
I had tons of problems getting on, too. I had a huge post for the letter thread that got gobbled up. Damn you, dingos!

Polly, I followed the link. Fuck housework, indeed! Especially scrubbing the bathroom. Bah.

Pixie had a fairly shitty day and she wanted to vent about it in here, but had to settle for calling me on the phone instead. So on her behalf, I think I'll simply request some ...
^^^^^^^^ sharp kicks to the shins of Mr. Pixie's step-mother ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

It has been raining buckets here all day long. I can't wait to see how many inches of water we got. Perhaps this will finally be enough to make up the deficit from the long drought that started last summer. That would be gloriously wonderful.
The site weirdness was why you didn't hear from me yesterday. I was home sick and just couldn't deal with the frustration. And then, this morning, the universe decided to add to the stress by sending me an email from an old high school friend. Don't get me wrong, he was a great guy and a dear friend, but, as I have mentioned before, I still have A LOT of issues surrounding my years in high school. Anytime one of them find me I damn near have a panic attack. However, I was muture about it. I Googeled him, did some quick research and I think I found his wife's blog. As I suspected, he is every bit the good person he was back in 1991 (5 kids, preiest in the Mormon Church) so I emailed him back.

Gods, 5 kids and a priest in the Mormon Church. What will he do when he seems the lazy pagan chick I have become? rolleyes.gif

Anyway, I am back at work today. I made the appointment for the medical test that I need for next Wednesday. This should be the last one I need, yay!

{{{roseviolet}}} Millie is so cute. I love tuxedo cats.
{{{pixiedust}}} I am wearing my pointy toed red cowboy boots today so that kick to your step hurt, trust me.

{{{amalita, bunnyb, damona, polly, billy, msyuefie, mornington, designermedusa}}}

Well, I am off to grab some theraputic Pop-Tarts. Gods, what is it with high school? I graduated in 1991 and yet the merest mention of the place and I tense like someone is going to shove my into a locker and then I need sugar.
Thank you Rose! After more phone conversations, it turned out more members of Mr. pixie's family were involved and everyone had to embellish and sensationalize until a fairly benign comment became what we discussed. blink.gif So anyway, that situation seems to have resolved itself though there are lingering hurt feelings on both sides.

And of course Aunt Flo had to show up today, just in time for me and Mr. Pixie's 2 year anniversary!!!

Antikvetch: best 2 years of my life!

Antikvetch:Romantic dinner at fancy Italian restraunt tonight

Antikvetch: I had my interview yesterday to see if I get to keep my job June 1 when our council merges and I do, so that's a lot of stress off!
Sorry to be me me me (((((kvetchies)))))
belated birthday lovin' for sixelacat!

happy anniversary to the pixies!

yay for the return of beloved sonik & sybarite's happy trip!

milliekitty's tummy makes me smile. smile.gif

so very sad to hear about poor little (((silvie))). sad.gif

and sorry, folks, thas all i got. chalk it up to a bad run-in - perhaps even an allergic reaction? - with [TMI ALERT] laxative-from-hell. (dulcolax. just 2 tablets. thank christ i didn't take the recommended 1-3 tablets!) yeah, nothing like sitting on the can whimpering with killa cramps at 4 am wishing for the gods to smite me and put me out of my misery. what the holy FUCK was i thinking? i was just a teency bit backed up.

i'm sipping ginger ale and trying to force down a few saltines, but basically watching the clock and waiting for a decent time to vamoose. i shoulda called in sick. blech.

(((group hug)))
((((Mando's insides)))) That sounds awful, and at 4am too. Hope you feel better quickly!

Happy anniversary pixies!

Kittenb, I am the girl who carefully plotted a snub to two former high school friends who let me down (or betrayed my trust, if we're being honest/melodramatic) years later at our high school reunion. I stage managed a snub from overseas. What a healthy way to spend time and energy. huh.gif

The sun continues to shine and I am relishing my relative ease this week. Yay for going to bed at 11pm! (I am such a rock star...)
((Mando)) Ouch. sad.gif

Happy anniversary Pixies!

Kittenb, ah high school. I actually heard from a friend a year ago, and I went back into the same behavior that I had back then. Yet, I realized this ex boyfriend was still a fuckface. It was so weird.

Kvetch: Parents are still being asshats, and now sending me passive-aggressive emails with one word answers. They're coming up a few days before we leave for Boston, so that's all I need. 10 days of family hell.

Kvetch: This stupid wedding. Now the bride wants money as a gift (no down payment on a house, etc), yet we have to spend a lot of money to get up there, and Mcgeek already loaned his dad money to pay for the damn thing. I'm also having to find a decent dress. The worst part is going to be the shoes. Having CP and high heels does not mix. I walk out of most shoes unless they're strapped to my ankles, and I'm going to fall on my ass in heels. mad.gif

Kvetch: Due to parents bs and other things, Mcgeek and I aren't great. We're still fighting over the Portland issues, etc. We really need some therapy. Both of us are really stubborn, and aren't seeing eye to eye right now. Boys are stupid.

Anti-kvetch: Springsteen was really good! And the season finale of The Riches is on tonight.

((group hug))
*~*~*~*soothing intestinal vibes for mando*~*~*~*


(((pixie))) for sending me all of those cute gifts via facebook. smile.gif

(((sassy))) i'm sure you will look great for the wedding. and the boy stuff will work out. don't expect a mcgeek to be all jazzed for change. it sounds like he has alot going on right now.

(((bunnyb)) acos

(((morn))) acos

(((rose))) hoepfully the rain helps out where you are at.

(((sybarite))) yeah for sunshine!

kvetch: man, just when i'm feeling good. something in my internship has to make me feel like shit i HATEHATEHATEHATEHATE my internship. i've experienced such neglect here it is unreal. and it is hilarious [insert sarcasm] how i get blamed for things not being provided to me in supervision. talk about lack of guidance. very unprofessional here. i can't wait until my 4 months is done. so, i'm trying to make myself feel better with this bottle of wine.


Happy anniversary to the Pixies!
Glad to hear the the problem with the step-MIL wasn't as bad as you first thought.

~~~~~~~~ soothing for Mandi ~~~~~~~~ Poor thing! I hope you get a lots of rest tonight.

~~~~~~ healing for Kitten, too ~~~~~~

(((((( big hugs for Sassy ))))))

(((((( Star ))))))) How much longer does the internship last?

Today has been totally uneventful for me. However, Sheff's bosses may have had a big company-wide meeting today. If it wasn't today, it should take place tomorrow. Based on some events of the past year, I'm afraid that the news won't be entirely good. If words like "bonus" or "raise" or at least "stock options" are not mentioned, I will be PISSED. OFF.
*delurks to say happy anniversary to the pixies*

kvetch: i have syph eye. (not really, that's just my name for whatever undetermined shit keeps making my eyes super red)

kvetch: my mom is insane. quite literally, methinks.

anti-kvetch: i finally did laundry. now i can stop looking all grody. tongue.gif

((((healing vibes to my birfday twinkie, mando))))

(((Big raise vibes for RoseandSheff)))


(((Sassy))) Don't wear heels if you don't want. This wedding sounds very stressful.

(((Sybarite))) please post details of snub.

(((Feelbetter Mandi))) ouch.

Want it all to get better for (((Kitten))).

I need to get through the next 24 hours or so. I have had *four* months to organize myself to pack up my office. Right now, I have to do my taxes.
hello from mexico! we are having a great time. see you all this weekend!
Hooray for messages from Mexico!!! How sweet of you to stop by, Sidecar. Be sure to have a margarita for us!

(((((((((((((Dusty)))))))))))))) Ugh. Miserable.

~~~~~~~ soothing for FaerieTales eye ~~~~~~~
Sorry to hear that your mother has lost her mind. Maybe she'll find it in the couch cushions. That's always the first place I look when I lose something.

Kvetch: Sheff's big company meeting has been rescheduled for ... well, god knows when. It seems they still need to finalize some numbers with the corporate office. Don't know if that's the office in California or the main headquarters in Japan. Bah.

Kvetch: Bleeeeeeeeding. And a headache just to keep the pain in my hips company. 'Cause that hip pain gets lonely, you know.

Anti-kvetch: Toast with orange marmalade. And Millie has been extra sweet today; she's been curled up by my side all morning.

Time to take some pain killers and pass out in front of a movie.
Nice to see you, (((fairie)))! Hope your booboo eyes get better.

(((sassy))) just because the bride wants money, doesn’t mean you’re obligated to oblige. a nice, expensive-looking frame makes a nice gift, imho. Tis the thought that counts.

And was that the season finale of the riches? I’ve been mega-ho-hum about the past few episodes. So over dahlia’s weepy, self-pitying bs. And was I the only one that was hugely disappointed that our boyfriend eddie was the only one not cross-dressed at jim’s bday bash? I wish nina lived next door to me. I heart nina.

Ta for the intestinal vibes. I am much betta today. Lesson learned, tho. Lordamighty.

Kvetch: I am being a bitch to someone who was inadvertently mean to me yesterday, and I should just forgive and move on. But dammit I want an apology! Even if I’m being childish & irrational! Le pout.

Kvetch: I am also so over “hell week” … and we still have 4 days left. Despite being assured by the kidlet weeks ago that he’d get all his costume pieces for “cabaret”, somehow it’s become all MY FAULT that he doesn’t have a wrap-around bow-tie or plain white crew neck t-shirts. (I was told “a bow-tie” - I got him a clip on; I was also told “v-neck t-shirts” - I got him v-necks.) I realize he’s anxious and exhausted, but geez louise, the teenage accusatory snark is intolerable. thank god it’s over this weekend!

(((sybarite, stargazer, rose, dusty, sidecar, everyone)))
Wally on his new woolie.

He loves it. He grooms it.

(((Mando, Rose, Dusty, and everyone else)))

I got to come home after 3 hours at work last night, then I slept for about 12. And I'm still tired. I don't usually get sleepy with my PMS, but I think that's what's going on. The Mr. feels picked on, but I mean, when you wash the dishes, that should include the silverware...and you should unpack from a trip within a week, no? *sigh* I am more likely to bring things like that up when I'm premenstrual, but that doesn't make them invalid complaints.

Happy anniversary Pixies! (upon rereading, that almost looks like I threw that in ironically, but I really mean it!)
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