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polly, i'm glad you had a good birthday. and poo on lousy service at restaurants. and passover dinner sounds yummy! i didn't feel the earthquake either, but maybe i'm too far north? i talked to a few people from back home and they all said they heard/felt something. windows rattling, pictures shifted, etc.

(((((bunny and her toe)))))) i've done that. ouchie. hope you enjoy your weekend though!

(((((syb))))) i hope all work related stuff sorts itself out. and you're not the only one who gets error messages. i get them all the time.

rosev, i wish i could be as productive as you were!, all i did was walk to the store and get stuff for dinner and then cook dinner.

morn, "dangerous bum pants" made me almost snort pepsi out my nose.

(((((mando)))) deep breaths hon, you'll be fine.

i just had a pot roast sandwich with last night's leftovers. yummy yummy. it's a lazy day. i'm by myself with the crew, maybe we'll go for a walk. or maybe i'll just go sit on the back stoop and watch 'em play. or maybe i'll convince everybody that a nap is a really good idea. tongue.gif

so... d and j came up again last night. they hung out for awhile, and i fell asleep around 2. they were still here, but i was so tired. i woke up around 3.15 when they left, and then could not get back to sleep until almost 5! it was infuriating, cuz i'm lying there, knowing i need to sleep, knowing today would be a long day, but totally unable to sleep. it sucked.

we are going tonight to go see a friends band. i guess word has spread about our little gathering and it has turned into a huge gathering. which is cool as hell. from what i hear, there will be at least 12 people there that we know. i'm kind of excited. it's been a long time since we went anywhere besides the local diner! i can go to a bar and have a drink! or two! with friends! wow!
dude, i tried posting this morning and the site wouldn't let me post. mad.gif

anywho, happy birthday to all the kvetchie birthdays!!

(((polly))) i'm glad you had a good birthday. happy passover. is that something that is said? blink.gif oh, and that patient just sounds crazy. trust me. i know crazy.

i've been pretty cranky this week. sooooo tired. reason why i've been lurking alot lately. i decided i needed a mememe weekend. the fab weather we are having out here made me realize how i have no professional clothes for the spring/summer. so i HAD to go shopping today. rolleyes.gif i had to drop a pretty penny, but i was in dire need of clothes. and it was great to be out. now, i'm gonna chill by myself tonight.

i hope everyone is well.

*~*~*hugs and vibes to who needs 'em*~*~*
I've been getting a lot of error messages to, everyone. I don't know what the heck is going on.
Thanks for all of the wishes on the CT Scan. I know that they aren't going to find anything. It was time for the final follow up and, added to the small gastritis issue, it just seems like a good idea. The boy has promised me that he will make me dinner that night and take care of me. smile.gif
Actually the day that I found out about it things actually got worse. I got an email from my boss that a coworker is seriously upset about feeling bullied at work, presumably by me. This coworker and I have upset each other before but I actually thought things were going well. The email caught me totally by suprise and there has been no one that I can talk to about it. My boss has scheduled a meeting w/us both on Monday and no one has given me any more information than that. I swear, it is a godd thing that I had already requested the stomach meds (Previcid $50!!!!!!!) or I think my entire abdominal region would have flipped right outside of my body by now. I just don't know what the hell I did. I am trying not to overstress too much, but let's be serious, that just isn't how I do things. I mean, I've been bullied. That was my life K-12. To be accused of meaness like that just hurts me deeply. I am hoping that it is just some misunderstanding and I am hoping that I don't just loose it from the strain and burst into tears (or obscenities) in the middle of the meeting. I am just trying to remind myself that everyone in my company is on a razor's edge right now due to cutbacks and maybe I did something that can be apologized for and made better. Otherwise, I just don't know what to think.
I am taking tonight off from the world. The boy is at some kind of MAGIC:THE RECONING game thing and my period is making me sick. Tonight is a night for TV and cats and cleaning.

{{{all midwestern earthquakers}}} yeah, I totally missed it to.

{{{syb}}}you have my sympathies for job stress.

{{{stargazer}}} just 'cause.

{{{damona, mornington, bunnyb, msyuefie, all kvetchies!}}}

{{{rv}}} Doc WHo is going to be on PBS tonight and I am very happy about that. I love being a geekgirl.

Star, that sounds like a plan. Sorry I've been MIA, my internet was down for a good while.

Kvetch: I had a double date with this asshat that Mcgeek knows from high school. He made fun of not only me, but his current girlfriend for dieting among other issues. It was one of the longest evenings I'd had in a while. When I explained to Mcgeek that I didn't like this person, he flipped the fuck out. He's now not talking to me. It's been two days. No phone calls or emails. Nada. He also still hasn't booked the trip to Boston, and that's a month away. I feel like I'm on the verge of a bad breakup.

So this week has been great on my end. I am going to try to plan a few days next week just for myself. The problem with this is half my clothes and other stuff are at his house. It takes an hour to get there on the transit system. FUCK. I'm just going to have to try to go tomorrow, and get some of it before work.

Anti-kvetch: Hot IKEA crushie is moving into my dept at work!!! YUMMY.

PS I'm going to try not to drunk dial, even though it's so tempting....


man, who knew a mememe weekend involved alot of bad TV. and i mean, bad TV in a good way. i saw rock of love 2, discovered VH1 created a show for has beens to teach them to be magicians, AND, to attract the latino market...there is a show for people to try to be novella actors/actresses with maria conchita alonso. i lurve weekends like this. wink.gif

i'm surprised that i'm the first one to post today. doing some spring cleaning and work stuff. but, it is another great weather day here. and i look forward to chillin' out.

kvetch: i feel like i've put on a couple of pounds in the past 3 months. damn. i hope my state refund check comes soon so i can get back into yoga.

Lots of error messages here, too. Hmmm ...

(((((((Kitten)))))))) I can't imagine you as a bully. That's just crazy talk. It must be just a misunderstanding. Has this work colleague had problems with other people before?

(((((((Sassy)))))) Sorry to hear about the bad double date. I don't think it's right to make fun of someone you just met. That's just weird. How can you know when you've crossed the line with someone you've just met, you know? Also, I would feel really uncomfortable if some guy I just met repeatedly made fun of his girlfriend in front of everyone. That's embarassing to watch.

Hooray for new clothes, Stargazer!!!

Damona, that sandwich sounds fabulous. Hope you have a marvelous time with all of your friends!
~!!!~!!!~!!!~ stay-awake vibes ~!!!~!!!~!!!~

Polly, hope you're enjoying Passover with your family. You remind me of how much I miss my own family. Sigh ...
((((((((( hugs for the crazy patient at Polly's office who refuses to take care of herself )))))))))))) That is scaryscaryscary. Blood in the stool can be a BAD thing. Eek.

((((((((((Sybarite))))))))))) Sorry to hear about the work troubles. At least you have that wedding tolook forward to!

~~~~~~ soothing for Bunny's foot ~~~~~~ How is it feeling today?

((((((((continued lovinz for Pete)))))))))

Mandi, when is your flight? I missed that somewhere.

(((((((((Yeufie, Pixie, Amilita, Sidecar, Dusty, and eeeeeverybody else)))))))))))

We had friends over last night for dinner and games. I swear, half of the reason why we throw these dinner parties is because it forces us to clean the house. I had a huge pile of junk mail that needed to be sorted for shredding and recycling, plus the floors needed to be mopped or vaccuumed. And then there's the dusting. And, of course, the whole kitchen needed to be scrubbed & the trash taken out. Ugh. The good thing is the house is gorgeous again now, which makes it a happier place to be.

By the by, for dinner I made homemade deep -crust Hawaiian pizza (including dough that I made myself!) and chocolate refrigerator cake. Good stuff!

Anti-kvetch: Over the past week the leaves have really come out on our trees. The view of our back garden is gorgeous! And the pine pollen is pretty much over for the year, so my head and eyes will be feeling better.

My cat is staring at me. Occasionally she pokes me in the leg with her paw to get my attention. I know what she wants. She wants me to follow her to her food bowl so that I will pet her while she eats. Why does she do this? I know she is capeable of eating on her own, but sometimes she wants someone with her. Maybe we should make a place for her at the dinner table so that she can eat dinner with us. biggrin.gif
Star, your weekend sounds awesome.

(((sassy))) I hope you two can work something out.

(((kittenb))) I totally feel your pain re. your current work sitch. Good luck on Monday, it sounds as if it could indeed be a misunderstanding. Stressful though. sad.gif

I'm feeling better about my own work sitch. I'm reminded that my learning curve has generally been good, and that others have made much more serious mistakes. I'm seeing this as an opportunity to show what I can do in there; the job's not hard, but busy with attention to detail, which are both usually areas of strength for me.

/me me me work woes

I've just been to the health club, where it feels like I swam away all my anxiety and sauna'd away most of the weekend's excesses. me=chilled.
i drank way too much. for details, see the confessions thread. ugh. what possessed me????? i mean, besides the fact that i didn't buy a single drink for myself. rolleyes.gif

people are coming over soon. i kinda want company, but kinda not. i really, really need a quiet weekend. soon. one where i can either 1) escape to my best friends house where we just hang out and can sit and read or watch tv together and we don't have to talk all the time and there's no kids around and nothing pressing to do. or 2) stay here, but get the mr to deal with kids for the whole day so i can just lie around upstairs and read or sit in the tub or whatever. i'm starting to get fidgety cuz of there's always and always people around. i need a little space now and then!

I tried to post yesterday but I kept getting error messages. So here's what I tried to post:

I had a long week. I had a project at work that took up about twice the amount of time I'd anticipated, and I'm glad it's over. I worked late every day this week, often without a lunch break, and I'm happy with the results, but ugh. Then I made my to-do list for this week before I left for the day yesterday, and I have no idea how I'll complete it in four days.

(((mando))) hope your flight was okay!
(((rose))) We watched the Doctor Who debut last night as well. I thought it was pretty good, although the part where the Doctor snaps his fingers and the angels fly him away was silly. Oh, and it appears the man prefer blondes. Still, it was fun and Tennant put his glasses on, which I always like.
((kittenb))) it seems like you're having a rough time of it these days.
(((bunnyb's foot))) ouch.

...and now

(polly) how annoying!

I went to Ind. today to see my grandma, who broke her hip and had hip replacement on my birthday, and my mom, who has been there for 2.5 weeks taking care of her. We had a nice time, and she seems to be recovering well. Tonight we're seeing the New Pornographers, but I kinda wish we weren't going because I have too much to do (freelance work, work, laundry, packing, etc.) before we leave for Mexico on Friday. Ah, first world problems!

May I humbly ask for some vibes for Martini's parent's best friend? She has the inoperable brain tumor and things are going poorly. She is now on a feeding tube and it seems is wasting away. It's horrible.
((((((((Martini's parents' best friend)))))))) That's so awful. Is she married? Does she have children?
(((((((Sidecar's grandma))))))
You're going to Mexico? For how long?

Damona, I think you should be "sick" next weekend.

Glad to hear you're feeling better about work & life in general, Syb.

We had a super lazy day. It started to rain this afternoon, so Sheff, the cat, and I curled up together on the couch and watched the Eddie Izzard marathon on BBC America. Yes, they had to chop up his shows so they fit into the time frame, but it was still fun.
rose, yay for lazy Sundays.

((martini’s parent’s best friend))

sidecar, enjoy The New Pornographers concert.

damona, glad you enjoyed your night out.

syb, glad you were able to put the work thing in perspective. Sounds like the health club was just what you needed.

star, yay for clothes shopping and bad tv.

((sassy)) Sorry about you and mcgeek. His friend sounds like he needed to be told off.

((kittenb)) I’m sure the work thing is a big misunderstanding, but can understand how it could be stressful.

polly, glad your birthday was fun.

bunnyb, hope you enjoyed your weekend with the boy.

((mornington, mando, yuefie, amilita))

My weekend was kind of boring because I had such busy weekends for the past couple of weeks. Went to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall today, really not my type of movie, but I laughed. Twin DM has been having some issues, and she has finally gotten help. I’m so happy for her. Hope everyone has a good Monday.
((((((((Twin DM)))))))))))) Sorry to hear she's been having a hard time, but glad to hear she's getting help.

Sidecar, I forgot to comment about Doctor Who. I completely agree with you. When the two angels took his arms & started to fly and then the angels punched the air with their free arms?! Ridiculous. I turned to Sheff and said, "They just lost me."

Kvetch: I barely got any sleep last night. During the hours I was awake, I kept thinking the most morbid thoughts. I blame PBS because I watched "My Boy Jack" on Masterpiece Theater last night & cried my eyes out.
((((((martini's parent's best friend))))))

((((twinDM)))) & ((((DM))))

((((damona)))) ****peaceful vibes****

((((syb)))) glad you feel better about work and yay for relaxing

((((star)))) yay for bad tv. *smooches* you've been missed her lady!

((((sassy)))) boo on mcgeek's friend. I hope you can work it out with mcgeek

((((kitten, bunny & her foot, rose, yuefie, pixie, mando, sidecar, polly, tes, candy, flanker, pink, txplum, everyone))))

myself and G watched dr who together last night... we have concluded we both would (why I like this boy. He's totally gay for david tennant). But would he go "oh yes!" at the right moment? I swear when he does that I go a little bit soft. in the head.

bit of a rough weekend here; I've not been on top form, and went out to meet a pile of G's friends, except it was seeing several bands and I'm bad enough with strangers when I can hear them... feel a bit rotten for not being the great girlfriend. It's made worse by G's brother moving stateside in a few weeks (they're really close) and suddenly G's son is moving (with his mum and her husband) up north - they were talking about doing it when the Sprog was a little older and Sprog's mum didn't tell G they'd made the choice to move now, and Sprog is all excited and poor G had to pretend that he knew and that he's happy. And then he came to mine and just cried and cried and I don't know what to do.

screaming great kvetch: mornmama is coming to stay in a week. I don't know how long she's staying, what her plans are, anything. I don't want to commit to do anything because I get the feeling it'll upset her. And I still haven't told her about G, even though I'm planning to sleep at his while she's here. Gah. Families.

on the other hand, I have meds now. At last.
Hello ladies! Once again it's been far too long since I've been in here and I just want to send out some vibes to everyone. Not much is happening in my life. I just have one more final exam in a few days and then I will continue my hunt for a summer job. So far two interviews and no job offers sad.gif
Anyhoo, I had a decent weekend. I hung out with friends on Saturday night for a little birthday dinner and then we got together again yesterday for a tea party.

kvetch: craaaaaaaamps and what I would consider to be excessive bleeding that has me feeling tired, dizzy and whacked out for most of the day

((((morn)))) I hope your mum's visit goes well.

sleepy vibes to (((((rosev))))

((((dm and twin dm)))))

((((sidecar)))) and ((((martini's parent's best friend))))

((((sassy)))) sorry you had such an awful experience with your boy's friend


((((syb, tes, mando, star, damona, polly, bunny, txplumwine, yuefie, amilita, everyone!))))

Good morning, everykvetchie.
Seems that the work issue is less a "misunderstanding" and more a "big freaking problem." Not going to say more, not at this point, but our actual meeting had to be rescheduled for tomorrow because the person who brought the complaint backed out at the last minute.
My poor boss. As if budget cuts and job losses and an official site visit wasn't enough stress, now she has this to deal with.

I am so jelous of thoes who get to see Doctor Who. Wacky angels and all.

{{{candycane_girl}}}must be something going on with the moon this month. My period took me down last week. Glad that it is over.

{{{mornington and g}}} good vibes sent your way.

{{{rv, sidecar, dm, damona, sybarite, stargazer, and all}}}
Morn, you paint a vivid picture with a simple mention of that 'oh yes!' wink.gif and I'm at work and everything, albeit on my lunch hour. It's so hard to emphasise with someone's worry over their child when you don't have one, like some elemental common ground is missing. When the mister's worried about his young'un I just try and remember for a parent, their child is in their thoughts almost all the time.

Can't advise you on what to do about your mum though--I stress out completely when mine comes to visit, although last time we ended up having fun. I recommend spa breaks for family bonding these days.

Dr Who needs to cut out the whimsy, above observation notwithstanding. And I remain unconvinced by Catherine Tate.

(((TwinDM))) Glad she's getting help. I envy you working from home DM--I used to do that and got so much more done.

(((martini parents' friend))) How scary and distressing for her.

I finished my thesis draft and barring an industrial printing accident should submit it tonight. 200-odd pages of searing ideological critique... or not, as the case may be. I'll find out...

Kvetch: Still a little antsy about work.

Big thwacking anti-kvetch: The draft is done! For now anyway.
Syb, congrats on getting the thesis draft done! How exciting!

(((((((Kitten))))))) Sorry to hear the work stuff is more complicated than you thought. sad.gif

~$A+~$A+~ vibes of soothing, jobs, and great grades for CCGirl ~$A+~$A+~

((((((((G & the Sprog))))))))) Poor guy. And what a terrible way to find out the news.
~~~~~~ soothing, coping vibes for Morn ~~~~~~ How can your mother not know how long she's going to be staying with you? Crazy. Best of luck with that.

Thanks to you, Morn, I am thinking very vivid thoughts about David Tennant. I have to admit that I'm not as hot for him as others because he looks so much like my cousin Damon. It's uncanny. They have the same slightly crazed eyes and everything.

Kvetch: I've been feeling very down. I've done a good job of hiding it for a while, but I guess I'm starting to show some cracks because everyone keeps asking me if I'm okay ... and not in a casual way, but in a serious, probing way. My mom hinted that maybe she should come for a visit (which is a good thing in my world). Sheff has also suggested sending me away on a trip, but I don't know where I'd go - or how we'd afford it.
Anti-kvetch: We'll be much much better financially-speaking in June & a bunch of my girlfriends from across the country are talking about getting together then. I hope that works out! I could use some girl time.

Anti-Kvetch: I'm relaxing on the couch, watching a show about Yosemite National Park, and remembering what it was like to honeymoon there. It is such an amazing place. I'd love to go back there with my parents and my brother, R. They would really love it.
*drive by* i have to leave in about 5 min to go to my 6 yr olds kindergarten concert. this should be amusing... i also have to take little d and little w with. thank the stars that my mr was able to get home early to go with.

blessings on the dear friend who gave me $$$ so dai can go on his field trip next week!

((((((((((rosev, morn and g, kittenb, ccgirl, syb, bunnyb, tes, mando, polly, dm and twin dm, sidecar, and anybody else out there!))))))))))))

on the road again....

I'm picturing David Tennant pretty vividly, too, and with the glasses on (we should just start a club: "David Tennant? OH YES."). Although I had a dream a few weeks ago where he tried to hold my hand, and I told him I couldn't because I was married. Lamest sex dream ever. I watched the first proper episode of the new season via ... magic ... and I thought Catherine Tate was okay. The pantomime scene made me laugh out loud.


((((rosie))))) I know things have been rough. Be kind to yourself.
(((G & sprog))))
(((syb))) congrats!
((((twin DM)))
*waves to candycane girl*

Thanks for the hugs for Mrs. S., we'll call her. She is married, and this is really hard on her husband. It is tough all around. Everyone's sort of accepted that we'll never see her again. It came out of nowhere so it's pretty sad.

Well, I am packed now. At least clothes and shoes wise. It is going to be HOT HOT HOT in the Yucatan next week, so I packed very lightly. Oh, and I just remember I forgot my swimsuit. Guess I'm not entirely done.
(((Mrs. S, family and friends)))

Happy vacation vibes to Sidecar and Mandi.

I'm sorry, (((RV))). I hope you feel better soon.

Anxious about (((Kitten's))) work issue.

Yay for (((Sybarite's))) thesis draft.

Lamest sex dream ever.

I'll join the David Tennent Club. Have you ladies heard the "David Ten-Inch" joke? About how every Doctor regeneration gets an extra David Ten-Inch was christened. laugh.gif

I am trying not to be too stressed out about the work issue. My boss and I have talked and I am willing to meet the person half way. I'll find out today where she stands. And after next week, I think I am going to start using my time off that I have saved up. Not-for-profit work: They pay shit, but you get a lot of paid time off. Can't afford to go anywhere but I'll be biking to all the coffee shops in the city I think.

{{{sidecar}}} enjoy the Yucatan!
{{{damona}}} kindergarten concert! So cute! Were there costumes? I have this mental pictures of kids dressed as flowers for spring.
{{{roseviolet}}}I am sorry to hear that you have been feeling so down. Not to make light of the situation, but if you are looking for a place to visit, you are welcome in Chicago. I only have a spare couch, but it's free. And you could meet the other Chicago Busties.

{{{dusty, sybarite, candycane_girl, polly, all Kvetchies}}}
kittenb, no, there were no costumes, they did six songs about spring and rainbows and earthday and it really was cute. my kid only picked his nose on stage once rolleyes.gif but he remembered his 1 line that he had to say. the only real "costume" was when the principal dressed as a bunny and hopped on stage for the last song! us parents were rolling... it was great.
oh, and yay for paid time off and coffee shops!

my 2 littlest ones are in great moods today... not. little d whining, little w whining, rinse, repeat... ugh.

sidecar, the "lamest sex dream ever" made me giggle. i miss my pregnancy sex dreams... omg those were hot! have fun on your vacation!

((((((((rosev))))))) i hope you feel better honey. maybe having your mom come out would be a good idea. i dunno, cuz my mom and i get along ok-ish, but still not great. i can't imagine being in the same house with her again, even for a few days!

syb, yay for getting thesis (theses?) done!

ccgirl, i hope you are feeling better and less crampy and bleedy. i found out a few months back that vitamin k can help slow down the bleeding part and calcium can help with cramps. *insert usual disclaimers of a lack of any medical degree here* i don't know if supplements really help, i generally just up the amount of spinach, etc. it seems to help. doesn't solve the problem, mind you, just helps a bit.

morn, good luck with mornmama. all i can say, cuz i feel your pain.

i need to go to the store. not desperately, but i need some fresh stuff so i can cook. of course, it would also be nice if i had clean dishes and pans, so i could cook. that is the mr's job and i do enough around here. i refuse to do that, too. but i will probably end up doing enough so i can make and eat dinner with the kids cuz who knows when he'll be home??

i also need to get myself off this computer so i can go finish up the blanket i started for a friend. we saw her the other day and the mr was all "oh, yeah, damona has it just about done for you"... guess i'd better finish! good thing i just have the edges left to do.
Thanks all!! I also feel I pulled it together and did a good job at work this week; I got a good feeling from my boss as I left, so I'm feeling better about that.

Speaking of which (((kitten))) I hope this gets resolved for you quickly. I can't imagine you've done anything wrong;good luck with discussions today.

(((Rv)))Happens to us all, I was feeling pretty down last autumn but only realised it later. Hoping you get to catch up with loved ones soon.

Sidecar, I hope you and martini have a great time in the Yucatan!

Okay, I'm off to finish packing for this wedding. It'll be a reunion of some uni friends and the first wedding of our group. I fear drama, but then I worry about everything lately and I'll probably just have a great time.

All the best for the rest of the week... *waves*
Anybody know when this season of Doctor Who will be available on DVD? I know Sheff is going to want it. We tend to watch this show over and over and over again. I hear that Billie Piper may be on an episode this season. If that's true, it's going to make Sheff soooooooo happy. He's got quite a crush on her.

(((((((( Mrs. S & her husband ))))))))

Have a glorious time in Mexico, Sidecar!

((((((((Kitten)))))))))) Hope things turn out okay at work. You should definitely take some time off. Sounds like you could use it!

Dusty, how are things in your world?

Damona, glad to hear that the kindergarten concert was fun. How sweet of youir friend to fund Dai's field trip! Sounds like a great friend you've got there. What's this about a blanket? Are you knitting it? Crocheting it?

Sybarite, here's hoping the wedding is drama-free. Well, other than the expected drama of any wedding. wink.gif

Thank you all so much for all of the love and support. I really appreciate it. I think I'm down because I realized that it's been 2 years since we moved here and I'm really missing my family and old friends. Plus, I turn 33 tomorrow & I won't get to celebrate with them, so that just makes it harder. Frankly, I have a feeling that Sheff has nothing special planned for me other than maybe taking me out to dinner. I'll be surprised if he even remembers to buy me a card. He doesn't mean to hurt my feelings. It's just that things have been a little odd at work lately. As Sheff would say, his risk-to-reward ratio keeps getting higher and higher ... which just makes me more nervous and depressed. Vicious cycle!

Anti-kvetch: Girl Party 2008 has officially been scheduled! I will be spending June 6, 7, and 8 with a bunch of my girlfriends, celebrating birthdays, one new divorce, two upcoming weddings, and one new baby. It'll be great!
((((sidecar)))) laugh.gif at your sex dream. raaaacy. have fun in mexico!

((((syb)))) enjoy the wedding, and thank you for the advice, sometimes I just need someone to tell me it's cool not to know the answer blink.gif And WOO! on the thesis

(((((kitten)))) I hope work gets sorted, I too don't think you could have done something wrong intentionally, so fingers crossed

((((damona)))) what kind of blanket? yay for good kindergarten concerts! your friend sounds like a sweetheart

((((mrs s & husband))))

((((dusty, yuefie, mando, bunny, sassy, sixie, star, zoya, pixie, candy, everyone))))

catherine tate's character isn't as irritating as in the christmas special; she's still annoying but I think I'm getting used to it - Martha could be a bit bland at times, and Donna most definitely isn't that.

kvetch: freaking workmen. The landlord is having work done on a couple of the flats downstairs, but he's not there to supervise the men doing it, and nor has he given them a street door key. So they ring my doorbell at half seven. Repeatedly.

had a great rowing session today; it was warm enough to row in shorts and a tee. The downside of this is I get blisters more easily, but I'm in a no pain no gain mood. I've also got the card of one of the coaches there, and I'm going to look at being a volunteer coach for the youth rowing - and even better, there is a subsidised coaching course I could do and get me some qualifications.

We'll be here for your birthday, (((Rose)))! I have it right here in my palm pilot. You are a brave one, by the way. I know you're just sucking it up 'cause your team didn't make it into the playoffs this year.

I love dreams where I get the opportunity to hook up and I say "No, I can't, I'm with Mr. Dusty!"

Sorry about your weekend, (((Morn))).

I'm waiting for my job to finish. I have signed off on an agreement that goes a long way to getting me another job in the same place. When one turns up. And it likely won't pay as much. Meanwhile, I have to decide what I want to do when I grow up. I am looking forward to having some time to myself. And for the first time in 17 years, I'll have time off where I'm not worrying about what's happening at work. I have a stack of books to read and craft supplies, and an apartment to clean, tidy and organize, but not unlimited funds. Thanks for asking, Rose.
Let me be the first to say

to our dearest roseviolet!


I've been lurking mostly, lacking the motivation to post properly but vibing for you all nonetheless. Kinda been all sorts of hormonal and in a bit of a funk lately with missing Sashie, stressing about my impending surgery and finances and the usual stuff. Also one of my nieces turned 18 today and man do I ever feel old! But I keep thinking things could be and *have* been worse, so I need to put my big girl panties on and deal. But you know, sometimes that's easier said than done. I have my pre-op appointment on Monday and the surgery itself is scheduled for the 7th. I can't wait for it to just be over with. R and I are still going strong, so that's the silver lining. And yay, I have someone to take care of me after my surgery that doesn't have to take unpaid time off of work and drive 2 hours like my bff S was going to. My sis informed me today she was taking the day off so she could be there when I wake up. She works for my HMO and says she's going to wear her work badge and stand around making sure I get the very best care. Hee, she cracks me up sometimes.

*emerges from Okayland Kvetch tunnel*

Just stopping by to say Happy Birfday to RV!!!!!!!


Happy Birthday Rose!!!

I hope you're having a good day and maybe Sheff has something more up his sleeve. And if not, dinner is nice, too! Yeesh, I can't believe it's been 2 years since you moved. Of course, we'll be hitting three years here this summer. Time flies!

I'll be back later. I need to leave for work soon. Hmm, it's Thursday- let's see if Office Manager decides to actually show up at the office today and unpack his things. When we packed up the office last Friday, he chose not to be there (yeah, the rest of us show up in grubby clothes to pack up the whole office, he shows up in dress clothes to go run errands) so I packed his desk for him. He's notorious for having a lot of junk on his desk. I packed it all right- removed all the important papers and stuff that he never should have had in the first place, put a box on the floor at the end of the desk and pushed everything into it. Yeah. I don't think he's opened a single one of his boxes this week and boy is he going to be surprised. I'm tempted to unpack it, put his stapler and a pen on his desk and toss the rest.

Happy Birthday Rose!
Oh man! I totally posted before work today and it got et. Bleh!

happy birthday rose!

(((dusty; yuefie))) love for your very healthy attitudes about life these days

alright, back to work. then: mexico. see you next week!
Happy Birthday RoseViolet!!!

Holy Cow! 2 years! I don't believe it! I can't imagine Sheff not doing something special!

(((much Love to yuefie)))

(((everyone else))) I haven't had time to breath lately, let alone Bust! Hope to havce time to update later!
happy birthday rose!!!!!!
i hope you have a wonderful, wonderful day! and hooray for girl party '08!

((((pixie)))) keep breathing hon, we'll be here when you get time!

sidecar, poo on et posts. i've had that happen a few times lately. it is very annoying.

polly, sounds like you took a little extra enjoyment in "packing" o.m.'s stuff... good for you!

((((((((yuefie)))))))) stay strong hon. you will get thru it all.

dusty, being broke has it's downsides, but having time to do stuff can make it a lot better!

morn, poo on workmen that show up at the crack of dawn. a couple weeks ago, they were doing what i'm told is called "mud-jacking" out back of my apartment. at 7am. *shudder*

to answer a few people's question... the blanket i'm making is crocheted. i learned to crochet when i was.... oh boy... 7 or 8? somewhere around there. i've been doing it so long that it's automatic. i don't even have to look at what i'm doing, it just... happens. laugh.gif anyway, the blanket is for a lady in her 70's. she was in the hospital, in a coma and nobody was sure if she would come out of it, but she's a tough old bird, and she's runnin around town in her van again. i meant to give it to her for her birthday, but i ran out of the right colour yarn and had to wait to get more! it's big dark purple and red squares, outlined with black. red hat society colours, y'know! anyway, i've got one more row to do for the edging, so i'll finish it tonight.

i did my nails last night. bright blue!
I'm so sorry that you're down, (((Yuefie))).

Have fun (((Sidecar)))!!!

Damona, I guess one upside is that I can feel vindicated for the all craft supplies I've been hoarding, hee. "See? Turns out, there *is* such a thing as a craft emergency!"

I'm a bit blue today. I feel like I'm bombarded by the message of 'do what you love'. I feel like I'm stuck always doing things that I don't enjoy and I"m not good at and that I don't know what I love or I'm good at. On the bright side, I feel like I'm always spending on me, me, me but now that I really have to be careful of my money, I am shocked at how much I miss not the spending on me, but giving money away without having to think about it.

Have a blast Sidecar!

((pixie)) ((yuefie))

Kvetch: Mcgeek and I are still weird. It's mainly about money. I also have to deal with his family in a month, which is freaking me the fuck out. I'm still considering Portland thing.

Work is also driving me apeshit. My boss got shat on from corporate for being a bad boss, and now it's just trickling down my leg.

Very BIG Kvetch: I find out via email from my mom that my dad was in hospital on Monday. Today, Thursday. WTF? I put myself into a panic. It was due to his heart. I just can't stand my family b/c their plan was not to tell me, so I wouldn't worry. I almost booked a flight down there. Yet, they're coming up to Atl in a few weeks before we head to Boston. So vibes for my dad if possible please. I just wanted to tell my mom to f off. I mean right now I feel my life is not in control, and the last thing I need is to hear my parents are sick.

Anti-kvetch: Two days off and Bruce Springsteen tomorrow. I need some retail therapy like no one's business today.. think I'll head to the outdoor mall, and go clothes shopping. biggrin.gif

Anti-kvetch: Planning a trip to Asheville in a few weeks when my vacation hits. I may or may not take Mcgeek. I was thinking of heading there around cinco de mayo.


Happy Birthday Rose Violet!

{{{sassy}}} sorry things are still so weird w/McGeek. Are you seeing Bruce Springstein in concert?

{{{dusty}}} feel better vibes. I hope things start to make sense.

{{{polly}}}you should totally do that to the office dude.

{{{msyuefie}}} I hope your surgery goes smoothly. You've been through so much lately.

{{{sidecar, candycane_girl, culturehandy, and all}}}

I know there were more comments I wanted to make but they fall off the page when I click to reply.

My meeting could have gone worse but only if I had actually burst into flames in the middle of it. I spent a good deal of time yesterday either crying or trying not to cry. Some really horrible things were said about me and now I am honestly worried that there are many people at the office who either don't like me, don't respect me, or actually fear me. I had to go in today because we had a Big Deal Site Visit and there was also a news conference about the funding cuts that are hurting us. It all felt so ridiculous and I am wiped out from the stress. So now I am the gym, looking to burn off some frustration. As long as I work out today and tomorrow I won't have to work out this weekend. That is a goal worth reaching for. smile.gif

OMG, (((Kitten))), I am so sorry! That is awful! How horrible. Did people lie about you? I'm sending lots of hugs your way.
I've been hypnotized by the luscious boobies! blink.gif

(((((((Kitten)))))))) I'm so sorry things aren't going well at work. I'm stunned by the very notion that someone might fear you. What's to fear?!

((((((((Sassy's dad)))))))))) Glad to hear he didn't have to stay in the hospital.
(((((((Sassy)))))))))) Asheville is great! I hope you enjoy it!

(((((((Dusty)))))))) I've got so much sympathy for you. But hey - at least your hockey team is doing better than the 'Canes, right? wink.gif

Damona, that's so sweet of you to make that blanket!

Have a fab time, Sidecar!

(((((((((Yuefie))))))))))) So sorry to hear you've been feeling down. I'm glad that R is there for you. What date is your surgery?

((((((Pixie, Polly, CH, & everyone else)))))

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes! It's been a nice day so far. I spent the morning cuddling my Millie kitty, then I put on a brand new dress (a gift I bought for myself) and met up with Sheff and 4 friends for lunch. Then I ran a few errands, talked to a few people on the phone ... just simple stuff. My birthday gift from my mom is new flowers for the house, but I didn't have time to shop for them (maybe tomorrow). Tonight Sheff and I are going to go to a restaurant with the word "dessertery" in the title. As you can imagine, the desserts there are supposed to be great! The celebrations will continue tomorrow because some friends of ours are hosting a party. They have 2 bunnies and a hedgehog, so it's always fun to visit them. Plus, they have promised pizza and tons of chocolate. Hooray!

Kvetch: Sheff confessed last night that he had not bought a gift for me. He said he just wasn't sure what I'd want (although he never asked for suggestions, either). I must admit that I'm a bit annoyed, but not horrifically so.
Happy Birthday Rose!!!!




(((anyone else who needs 'em)))

Have fun Sidecar!
((((((((((((kitten)))))))))))))) i hate rumors and nasty people who spread them. or worse, when something you say is misinterpreted and then stuff starts.

(((((((((((sassy)))))))))))) i hope your parents are doing better, and that you are too!


i just heard that 6 kids in our complex have strep... can i get some kids-stay-healthy vibes??? please please??
This needs to be a bit of a fly-by but must post to say:

Happy Birthday, roseviolet!

I hope you have a great day/birthday celebrations, that sheff makes it up to you and you're shitting us about moving there 2 years ago, right? wow.

(((yuefie))) soothing hairbrushing trans-atlantic style.

(((dusty))) so much you have said in your last few posts is resonating with me.

(((kitten))) I feel for you; things like that are so upsetting. I always feel as if I am going mad when people lie/distort the truth about me because I know what I am and how can somebody change that but then I worry about perception... okay, that totally didn't make sense but I know what I mean deep down wink.gif.



must go but will post over weekend when have more time!
happy birthday ((((((rose)))))))

(((((((kitten))))))) i'm sorry people feel the need to lie about you, and can't believe anyone could be afraid of you! you're a sweet, kind and wonderful person. we know this, and what busties say is true. Although I know the feeling, one of the guys I go to uni with told me I was "terrifying" and everyone agreed and I nearly burst into tears.

(((((yuefie))))) been thinking of you lots, just hold on.

((((damona)))) the blanket sounds cool! fingers crossed the little 'uns don't get anything



((((pixie, amilita, sidecar, polly, star, zoya, bunny, sixiela, culture, candy, everyone))))

nothin' happening here. Indigo fell out the bed this morningon and scratched me on his way down - and terrified G. Mornmama has no plans, which is somehow worse because I feel like I have to entertain her and be around. G gave a seminar to 300 people today, and I'm suitably proud of him rolleyes.gif ; we're becoming a horrific couple, we said the same thing at the same time as a response yesterday...

antikvetch: the bunnies are chasing each other. cuteness. and Pete is totally better!

kvetch: I 'ave zee 'eadache. and blisters which make holding a pen achy after a while.
Happy Birthdy Rose!
Yay for dinners at "dessertery's", new flowers & dresses, and pizza & tons of chocolate with friends, rose! Right now I have a raspberry chocolate pudding cake in the oven, in your honor wink.gif

It's a recipe from Nigella Lawson's "How To Eat", but the recipe called for framboise & red raspberries but instead I used chambord & black rasperries because it's what I had on hand already. It smells soooo good and PJ keeps asking when it will be done. I felt like maybe baking something would cheer me up, so I went for it. It's good as long as I don't over indulge, meaning more than just a couple bites to try it. I am trying to get myself back on track with being back to the gym and eating better. But darnit, baking is so soothing sometimes and today I was quite McGrumpy-Pants Yuefie. But yay, between the smell of the chocolate baking and the sight of my sweet Ziggy boy all stretched out on the back of the couch, it's as if I had a nice relaxing cup of chamomille tea smile.gif

((((kitten & mornington)))) neither of you are terrifying or anything of the sort. Sometimes people say things like that when they are intimidated, so try not to take it to heart.

Yay for tri-pod petey fluff 'o doom feeling better!

((((sassy)))) ~~~sending heart helthy vibes your dad's way~~~

~~~~mega strength anti-strep vibage for damona & the kidlets~~~~

~~~~safe travel & super fun vacay vibes for sidecar & martini~~~~

booby squishin hugs for (((bunny))) just 'cause

and for (((dusty))) & (((amilita))) too

(((((polly, star, syb, pixie, mandi, billy, sixela, dm, sonik, faith, muppetb, zoya, candy, pink, flanker, plummie, tesao, crassy, raisin, & everyone I'm forgetting)))))
((kitten)) Office bullshit sucks. As someone who's met you in person, I'm not sure how anyone could think of you like that- you seem like a competent, confident, laid-back but passionate person. BTW, are those your boobs? tongue.gif Grrrrrrooooowww!

(Not trying to turn this back to me, but this has been on my mind the past few days) I just try to be like Switzerland in my office. I don't think I'm the subject of gossip, I try to be friendly with everyone and keep my opinions to myself, but hearing from other people about the gossip going on around me about each other just makes me sick and with only 7 people working in the office, we can't afford to have people pissed off at each other about stuff that isn't even true. These are adults I work with and there's just all this petty crap and stuff that gets misconstrued and twisted into lies. WE'RE TRYING TO HAVE A CIVILIZATION HERE, PEOPLE!!! Anyway, much more of it and I'm bringing it up in a staff meeting.

/steps down from soapbox.


((sidecar, martini, friends and family)) Enjoy your time in Mexico. Climb a pyramid or something. Pet a monkey for me.

((rose)) Mmm, desseertiness. I was watching Top Chef tonight and part of the challenge was making a dessert. One of the contestants, someone who gets more annoying as each episode goes by, was pissed off that she had to make a dessert, and in the "off to the side" interview, she said, "I promised myself I wasn't going to make a dessert here!" blink.gif I can understand some people being more into cooking than baking, but everybody's gotta have a dessert they can make that makes them happy. Even if it's something simple. And when you're a contestant on a cooking show, dontcha think it might be worth it to memorize at least one dessert recipe that will impress the judges? The infuriating part was that her dessert was one of the top three that the guest judge really liked.

Not to toot my own horn, but I guess I'm one of those people that other people hate because I can cook and bake and am equally happy to do either. One thing I did learn this weekend, however, is that's worth a little extra money to buy a pre-disassembled chicken and not try to cut apart a whole one. What a nightmare. Fortunately it was going into chicken soup, so it didn't have to look pretty.

((sassy)) I'm sorry to hear about your dad and the family crap surrounding that. And for the issues with McGeek. And work. Go shopping, honey!

((mornington)) ditto what I said about kitten. I think some people just don't make good assesments of other people...not in a prejudice sort of way, but some people just consistently misinterpret other people. People always think I'm sad/shy/quiet when they first meet me, and I'm really not; I'm just not someone who immediately jumps into conversations and puts it all out on the table the at first. It takes me a long time to warm up to people and feel comfortable. I think it's them who have the problem. And psst, go check out the Amy Sedaris and her bunnies video I posted in the YouTube thread. Oh, I could nibble their little ears!!

((yuefie)) Mmm, is that cake ready yet? I think I can smell it from here. Last year, prophecy made LeBoy and I a French dinner for our birthdays and one of the desserts was coeur a la creme...I'm not a huge raspberry fan, but I still crave that dessert. I hope it was delicious and has put you in a better mood. I love that zen feeling I get from cooking, when I've created something and it makes me happy, and [should I decide to share] makes other people happy.

((bunny, star, damona, muppetbutt, ccgirl, mando (wherever she is), amilita, dusty, pixie, and anyone I missed))

P.S. Office manager's boxes remain unpacked. rolleyes.gif

Quick fly-by to say:
1st: no those are not my boobs. I found the pic on Photobucket and it made me laugh. I think I need to find some new clevage shirts though. I miss showing mine.
2nd: Thanks for the support ladies. Every so often someone will tell me that I come off as harsh. This is the first time that someone has felt that I am malicious and abusive as well as harsh. By the end of our meeting she agreed that I am not malicious nor have I willfully hurt her feelings. I guess that is progress. I just have a way of putting forth my opinions as if they are facts. I expect people to challange me if it bothers them. My friends know that is just the way I talk. Anyway, just glad it is the weekend soon.

Undies - my fav blue panties with little bikinis pictured all over. Right now a sports bra but I am about to shower and dress for work.
Happy Friday, my beloved Kvetchies!!! Hope it treats you all well!

I don't understand why people have to be so petty and strange at work. They play little mind games that they would never play in a social situation, but at work they start acting like children & they put far too much importance on little things that don't mean anything at all. I wish people would just remember that if you spend hours and hours each day with anyone, eventually you will all do something that will annoy or offend someone else. IT's easier to fix problems and move on with your lives when you keep this in mind.


-s-s-s-s- anti-strep vibes for Damona & the kids -s-s-s-s- My throat feels soar just thinking about it!

Polly, I'm also one of those people who can cook or bake. I think I prefer baking, though. There's an added mystery to baking - whipping up something cold, then putting it in a hot oven & just waiting to see what comes out! It's fun! Plus, the lazy side of me likes that most baked goods don't have to be served hot. I can make them hours ahead of time instead of having to time it so that it's ready right on tme for dinner. I hear that some people hate baking because there isn't as much room for experimentation. Sure, you can't just throw any amount of baking soda into a cake, but you can still play around with spices & other ingredients, ya know?

Speaking of baking, Yuefie, that cake sounds divine! I own that Nigella book, so I'll have to look up the recipe today. Baking really is soothing, isn't it? I love sitting on the couch with a cup of tea, the smell of lovely foods wafting through the house.

Mornington, I'm so happy to hear that Pete is doing so well! Yesterday I told my friends who own 2 bunnies about Petey. They've heard that it's common for rabbits to develop cancer on their legs as they get older, so they were relieved to hear that your bundle of fluff is recovering so well.

(((((((((Amilita, Bunny, Mornington, MuppetButt (hi!), Stargazer )))))))))))) Thank you all for the birthday wishes! I may have gotten them a day late, but I still appreciate them.

The evening of my birthday was really really nice. Sheff stopped by my favorite gourmet store where he picked up some flowers for me as well as some adorable little chocolates in the shape of cats and dogs. Too cute to eat! He also made reservations at one of our favorite restaurants at a corner table with our favorite waiter. A sweet idea, but I reeeeeeeally wanted to go to this new place. Sheff said he was a little concerned because "dessertery" looks a little too much like "dysentery". rolleyes.gif But it was my day, so we went to the other restaurant and, good god, was it ever wonderful! It's a small little restaurant with a '40s theme to the decor. Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday were playing in the background. We were seated as a sweet little corner table, just big enough for 2. The ambiance was perfect - beautiful and romantic, but comfortable and casual at the same time. And the food was fab! The sauces and cheeses complimented the meats and the greens in such an amazing way. We couldn't have been happier. For dinner we decided to split a slice of flourless chocolate cake with a layer of strawberry buttercream. It was astonishingly rich. I could only eat 3 bites. It was beyond amazing! The waitress and I joked that it would take us a week to finish it off, so we took the rest home. We finished off the evening by watching a couple episodes of "This American Life".

So yes, I had a lovely birthday. I really enjoyed it.

But I have to tell you about the bizarre present I got from my mom! A big box was delivered to the house yesterday evening. When I opened it, a large helium balloon emerged - my mom's favorite thing to include in birthday packages. But that isn't the weird bit! Along with a check for flowers and some bath goodies, there was a package of random, silkie panties. Yes, panties. From my mom. Of varrying sized and styles. And there was a note, too, with an explanation. If you'll recall, my mother used to own a company that made costumes for dancers and performers of all sorts. They once got an order from a group that was putting on a tribute to Hank Williams Jr. and they had the silly idea that the band would throw underwear at the audience. Mom discovered recently that they still had some of those panties sitting around in a closet, so she figured she'd mail them to me. I told my brother about it when he called, & he said that, yes, Mom had mentioned that idea, but he thought she was kidding. He kept saying, "I can't believe she did that!" Neither can I! blink.gif

Does that count as an undie report? Even though I'm not actually wearing them?
Noooooooo! Huge lost post! (((Everyones)))
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