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Phew- found them. They were a few layers deep on my desk. rolleyes.gif

Then I accidentally kicked my bare heel into the leg of my desk chair. Ow.
poor little tripod (((pete))). do bunnies hop with their back or front legs? *realises that she doesn't have to frown and think so hard about this and goes check how pebbles does it*

(((dusty))) I'm sorry about the job.

good luck and feel better, le boy!

(((yuefie))) follow your heart, chica, you'll know what's right for you.

yay for tax rebates, great birthdays, trips to nyc and shopping trips for shoes and makeup (my kind of shopping trip)!

boo on the bad stuff.

I worked OT today (usually my day off) and I am again tomorrow and I wish I wasn't but it's all for the Florida fund.

undies: baby pink bra and frilly black and white pants with baby pink hearts.

Kvetch: I felt all good about myself after checking my credit report service online and discovering that my credit score is pretty damn good. Then I checked the mail, got the anesthesia bill and called them to see if I could make payments. They'll only divide it into 10 payments and the first one is due in 2 weeks. I don't know where I'm going to come up with an extra $187 a month, and this is only the first bill I've gotten from anyone involved in the surgery.

We may have to say goodbye to our Netflix, which makes me sad.

What a time to not be a drug user.

I'm thinking about seeing if any of the nearby Williams-Sonomas are hiring. Even if I just work there on Fridays and the occasional weekend shift, it would help.
((((morn)))) awww, your poor tri-pod (((Peteykins))). But yay he is gonna be okay! I too think that dusty spotting the tri-pod Jack Russel Terrier was indeed a good sign. I'd take a tri-pod critter in a heartbeat.

((((polly)))) ugh, medical bills BLOW.

((((dusty))) poo on them!

((((rose)))) ~~~headache be gone~~~ I've had an allergy headache for the past 2 weeks straight! I can't even imagine how much worse it would be without my Zyrtec.

(((bunny, syb, sidecar, amilita, mandi, billy, kitten, damona, zoya, pixie, plummie, tes, et al)))
You have all been so supportive and understanding, I just wanted to let you know how much it means to me.

My neighbor gave me this stuffed doggie that comes with the option to go to the national star registry and name a star. I named one after Sashie in Ursa Major, so I can look for the Big Dipper and think of her. R and I are are driving out to the desert tomorrow morning to watch the sunrise, which means we have to leave here by 3 am to make it there on time. Yep, we are so goin' to bed eaaarly tonight! The cool part is that when we get out there it will still be dark enough that I can find the Big Dipper and wave to my girl. I know I'm silly (or perhaps certifiably insane) but it helps. So the news on Jenny is that she is not still available, at least not through that particular shelter. They said she was transfered to another shelter a few more hours away and likely had been since adopted out. I actually tried to find out where, but ran in to dead ends at every turn, so I am taking that as a sign that there is another pooch out there for me. Perhaps Jenny's purpose was to open me up to the idea sooner than I would have otherwise. I mean, with her cute smile and sad story, how could my heart not melt?

Hope you all have a great weekend!

undie report: black & teal lace bra, black hipsters.
Wow, I go away for one day....

((((pete)))) oh poor tripod bun! i'm glad to hear he is feeling okay.

(((polly)))) I always ask for $2000 more than I really want because it's a big enough number that you'll feel it but ssmall enough to a company that it wouldn't be that big of a deal.

(((dusty))) sorry about the job. sad.gif

((((yuefie)))) you and sashie are still in my thoughts.

anyway, thai food's here. ttyl!
Chicago seems to be the American center for three-legged dogs so if Pete feels out of place where you are, you can both move over here, mornington.

polly - if it is a choice b/w cancelling cable and cancelling Netflix, I would cancel the cable. I am suprised at how much tv I can still find worth watching and then I get dvds for everything else.

bunnyb - ahhh, the psycho-friend that never fully seems to leave a life. Yep, been there. I checked out Facebook and saw the face of my high school nemisis. I almost had a heart attack.

{{{yuefie}}} - good luck with whatever you decide to do w/the new pet/family member. smile.gif

{{{all kvetchies}}}

I've been gone a few days. I was in the state capital for two days, begging our legislators for $$$. It was very draining as, at the same time, coworkers and collegues were being notified about being laid-off as of the end of June. The federal gov't cut the Vicitms of Crime Act and the Violence Against Women Act rather hard. My job is still there but several others aren't. Now I just can't shake the feeling that I am supposed to be doing something. I think that is just the residual of many Saturdays at work and the constant feeling that my coworkers do more than I do. At the moment, I am netsurfing while the boy is watching cartoons and dozing. What is it with cartoons? Give me Saturday morning NPR any Saturday.

I think I am feeling crabby and I want hot chocolate.

(((sashie))) will always have a place in my heart, despite our never having met IRL. i'm heartbroken that it happened so fast. but i'm proud of my brave girl (((yuefie))) for being so courageous and doing the right thing. what a lovely last day. and chocolate too! we should all be so lucky.

poor (((petiebunny)))! *sniffle* extra love & head scritches heading across the pond. (((morn)))(((doris)))

(((jen-nay))) what a cutie!
(((tripod jack Russell terrier)))

Belated birthday love for (((amilita))). Sorry I missed it, sweetie. sounds like it was a good one indeed.

(((dusty))) this too shall pass.

Thanks for all the support on my tough lovin’. All is well on the home-front, ‘cept that I’m trying to hold out on the no-Xbox ... but my willpower is slipping.

kvetch: At work. First Saturday we’re open. Grand Pooba Meeting. lotsa agita. Ack.
antikvetch: I look the hott, tho. Hee.

(((Kitten, sidecar, plummie, bunny, polly & le boy, sybarite, rose, damona, DM, anoushh, billy, candy, pixie, star, sassy, anyone I missed)))
continued love for ((((((((yuefie)))))))) naming a star after sashie is great idea! you can still talk to her and have someplace to direct your comments to, instead of just talking to the air. (that made more sense in my head. ah well, i think you'll understand.)

(((((((polly))))))) medical bills are the worst. i still owe the doc that i saw the first few months i was preg with little z, before we moved! i still get "reminders" now and then, but i think they lost us after this last move! and i have lived without tv for... 3 years? 4? anyway, a long time! i would ditch cable and keep netflix, cuz even if there's a show you are into, 99/100 times you can find it on dvd within a couple months. even my kids don't miss tv. i know you don't have kids, but every time we get a little money and i start thinking about getting cable again, i stop and think of how much more "gimmegimmegimme" i'll have to listen to if they really know what's "cool"!

((((((((((pete and morn)))))))))) poor lil 3 legged bunny! he'll be fine, i'm sure. most animals just automatically compensate and after a few days you'd never know they started with 4 legs, cuz they get so good with 3!

(((((((((mando)))))))) stay strong mama!

kittenb, i hope you got your hot chocolate!

warning! i have a big kvetch today: i love my friends, i really really do, but i really wish they wouldn't stay so darn late on friday nights! see, d and j ALWAYS come up friday nights. they get here around 7, and stay a couple hours. usually, we go out to dinner or else order in (which we did last night), we hang out, talk, maybe watch a movie at my place. they live pretty far away, so we only see each other once a week. the problem is, d, especially, gets up super early for work on friday, like before sunrise early, so he is always worn out by the time dinner's over. he nearly always falls asleep, usually leaning on me (he lives alone and likes to cuddle), which means i can't get up until he does. so... i told you all that to tell you this... last night, he passed out around midnight, and i didn't realize it right away, so i missed my chance to keep him awake. it took over two hours to wake him up, cuz he sleeps like a dead thing, and another 1/2 hour after that to get them out the door. i didn't get to sleep until after 3.30 this morning! so of course, i overslept, my hubby was late for his stuff this morning, the kids are getting into everything cuz i'm still sleeping... (which is another kvetch... big d ate all the g.d. frosting off my 3 slices of birthday cake that were leftover. he didn't even have the decency to swipe a whole piece, he licked the frosting off the whole blasted thing. i was ready to kill him. and now he's all spazzed on sugar and i sent him to his room cuz i just could not deal with him right now. but i digress... sorry.) the thing is, i don't think either d or j understands how hard this is on me every single week, cuz i am alone with the kids all day too, because d never had kids and lives alone and as long as he lets the dog out a couple times a day, he only has to take care of himself. and j's kids go with their dad every weekend, friday thru sunday, so she can usually sleep in and not have to do much of anything, either. but here i am, stuck with the whole crew, alone, exhausted (and pms-y, which really doesn't help)... anyway, i'm sorry for the huge whiny fit, but i just had to vent. my apologies for bitching and moaning when other people have more pressing issues... anybody that actually read all this, i love you!
(((((((( continued hugs & healing for Pete )))))))))

Yeufie, I think you're coming from a very good frame of mined re: Jenny.

Mandi! Hi sweetie! Good luck with the first Saturday of the season. I will not tell you whether or not to get the Xbox because we have one ... and I like it. biggrin.gif

((((((((((((Dusty)))))))))))))) Sorry about the job.

((((((((((((Damona))))))))))) I don't know how you stay sane. Truly.

((((((((((Kitten)))))))))) ~~~~~~Virtual hot chocolate for you ~~~~~~~~~

Polly, hooray for finding the W2s! When I read that they were missing, my heart jumped. Scary! Sorry about the money woes, though.

Kvetch: So sick this morning. Some of my old endometriosis/digestive issues sprung up. I'm past the worst of it, but my energy is gone and my head hurts & I'm still nauseated. We were supposed to have friends over tonight, but I told Sheff to cancel because I just don't want to deal with it. I don't want to clean, I don't want to cook. Sheffsaid he could clean & take care of the food, but it's more than that. I don't want to have to entertain people late into the night when what I really want is to lay on the couch in my robe & drift in and out of consciousness while listening to NPR.

Sheff is disappointed that the evening is canceled. I can tell he's trying not to be annoyed with me, but his efforts have not been entirely successful.

Anti-kvetch: It's raining. Here's hoping it cleans more of the pine pollen out of the air.
Funny BUSTie related story: I received an email to notify me that [name here] had added me as a friend on facebook. I freaked the fuck out as it was the name of one of my university lecturers a few years ago and I started to think "why would he add me as a friend and how would he even be able to find me?" The freak out was curtailed when I logged onto facebook and realised it was a BUSTie with the same name! Phew.
popping in VERY quickly before flying to Cape Town for a workshop. a heavy duty workshop which already gave me homework to do.

my inappropriate driver is picking me up at 9:30.

((((((sashie)))))) yeufie, you are the epitome of a good doggie mamma.

~~$~$~$$~$~$~$~$ may your taxes be few ~$~$~$~$~$~$~$

or at least your tax problems.....

billy, hang in there, coming into the home stretch

dusty, m'dear, darling dusty busty -- i'm sorry about the job, too. i know how soul sucking that kind of experience can be.

(((((((feel mo' betta vibes for rosiev)))))))

i'll BE THERE in a few weeks!!! maybe we can see each other?

damona, you are a SAINT. or perhaps that should be SAINTE.

mornington, i feel so sorry for poor pete. sad.gif he looks pitiful (but still adorably cute) in his elizabethan collar....

you and i were the BESTEST bustie spies evah!

(((((((((mando my heart)))))))) acos.

(((((((polly))))))) a big frell you barbara to medical bills.

much much love, big hugs, little kisses and silly silly fishes to ALL of you!
I have so been missing y'all! I didn't realize how much until my laptop fell ill and I couldn't lurk but a minute or two for the past few weeks. So just jumping in:

(((Yuefieness))) What a wonderful, full life Sashie had with you. Considering an average canine life span, she lived to a ripe old age surrounded by love--thanks to you. We should all be so lucky.

Mornington, ((Pete)). Can he tune in to Sky with that satellite dish?! I picture him like a dashing pirate with his missing leg, like a fluffy version of Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow. (((Pirate Pete)))

(((Birthday Bunnie))) I missed the day, but much love anyway! And *ptooey* on past psychos popping up. It's understandable to be startled by it, but you have moved on and grown up/past it. She's the past, YOU are the future! (and I am ~*~*~*~ super-vibing~*~*~*~ you get a super-cool job in London, 'cause I harbor a secret dream to go there next summer and visiting you and Morn could be an entire chapter in my memoirs!)

(((polly)) ~~~~eyeball-healing vibes~~~~ medical bills suck arse. My BFF dealt with that shite for years due to all the things that get billed separately (ambulance, etc.). But, regardless what they say, they will take what they can get. BFF was told she must make payments larger than she could afford, she told them she could only give them fifty a month and they (after fussing) took it because slow money is better than none and they don't really want to have to bother going after it if they can avoid it. Although working at Williams-Sonoma would give me wet dreams! All those gorgeous specialized implements *drools*...

Damn, that's all I can remember for now, I'm going to go read back a few pages to catch up properly.

Myself, I'm just treading water. I've gone through my savings indulging in self-reflection for the past 6-7 months and am now (or still) job-hunting. I'm also moving at the end of the month. I'm sort of ambivalent about it, I could go on for ten minutes about how much I love this apartment, but sharing a house with a roommate will be good financially and I think mentally. We'll see about that last bit. I haven't shared space with another person for over 10 years. I think it will be an "experience" all around.

((((((Kvetchies one and all))))))
Missing, missing, missing, Sixela.
((sixel)) Good luck with the move and job searching.

((rose)) Feel better.

((damona)) Sorry about your friends, but I’d let them know exactly how you feel.

((kittenb)) Sorry to hear about coworkers and colleagues losing their jobs.

((yuefie)) The star thing for Sashie is sweet.

((polly)) Sorry about the medical bills.

((bunnyb)) Yay for OT and extra money.

((dusty)) Sorry about the job.

((amilita)) Your mention of beignets really made me want one.

((mornington)) Sorry to hear about Pete’s leg.



Saturday was my birthday so I celebrated by going to a film festival Friday and Saturday (I saw Water Lilies, The Edge of Heaven, Then She Found Me and last week I saw Priceless at the same festival). I liked the first two most. I also went shopping and bought some new shoes. I got some nice presents from my family which made me happy. Today we went to dinner with my family and saw Smart People. I was a little pissed because my coworkers did not get me a card or a cake for my birthday. We usually atleast do a card, and sometimes cake and a gift. I didn't want to feel hurt, but I couldn't help it. Oh well.
happy belated, DM! The film festival sounds like a great way to spend the day.

((kvetchies)) I'm procrastinating and I have a loooong week ahead of me. Ack. Hope everyone is well.
Happy Sunday, all.

It seems that this weekend was my time to "process" my "stress." I went to a friend's going away party and had a few too many rum/Diet Coke mixes. I don't think I did anything unforgivable but my boy said I was pretty funny (ie. loud/crude.) Just in case, I sent an email to my friend apologizing for any offense I might have done. rolleyes.gif When we got home, I ended up crying myself to sleep, just so tired and upset. He handled it very well, thankfully.
When I woke up this morning, I felt way better than I had any right to. So I took my bike out and rode the lake front path downtown. The ride seemed fairly easy until I went to come back home and realized that there was a strong wind that had been pushing my back the whole way. Getting home was a lot less fun. I pulled off the lake path and rode on a busy street that has a bike path. It seemed somewhat easier but frack me! I am shredded. But it was fun and I have been afraid of biking that street for a long time.

{{{mandolyn, sixelacat, ap, tes, bunnyb}}}

{{{dm}}} that is a real bummer about the coworkers. I believe that offices should have an "everyone or no one" policy. What bothers me about my place is that all the superiors get a cake but no one else.

{{{rv}}} I hope you are feeling better today. It sounds like cancelling the party was the right thing to do.

{{{damona}}} I read your whole post. Kids can be the devil. cool.gif

Happy (belated) Birthday, DM!!! Sounds like a great weekend.

But I do think that was crappy of your coworkers- I agree that it should be equal for everyone. I can't believe only the superiors get cake where you work, Kitten! I would almost think it should be the other way around, ya know, the way you sort of give gifts down in the workplace.

Hope you're feeling better, Rose.

I must run off to get ready for work- I actually was not put on call and get to go make money! Woot!
(((dm)))) belated happy birfday! sucks about the coworkers but glad you had a good time at the festival!

((((rose)))) hope you're feeling better.

(((dusty))) a good sign indeed smile.gif

((((yuefie)))) naming a star is a beautiful idea

((((mando)))) stay strong on the no-xbox. and yay for teh hott.

((((damona)))) acos

*smooooooches ((((sixiela))))* I too think i ought to get a roommate for financial reasons. not sure about mental/social reasons, but I know it would be good in the end. I think i get so used to being on my own I struggle with people sometimes.

(((((tes, sidecar, kitten, bunny, ap, sassy, star, polly and her taxes, billy, everyone))))

Pete is hopping about and eating. I wish I didn't have to put the collar on him, but I don't want him to chew his stitches, so he gets supervised time out to eat.

kvetch: rain. was supposed to go rowing and just as we were getting the boat out it started tipping it down. boo.

G and I went to a houseparty yesterday, was good but poor G is unwell with a cold/man flu and so didn't feel great (especially after mixing ibroprufen and wine). We spent a lazy saturday in bed with the paper; Indigo is really warming to him and they've been hanging out. And I've been fussing over G with him being all run down - I think it's more tired than anything. He went off to see his son this morning when I went rowing. We're quite the sickeningly domestic couple at times.
Where is everyone? Happy Monday!!! Just a drive-by, as I'm actually working two nights in a row!!! (((everyone)))
((((((dm)))))) happy belated birthday! and you are right, i did talk to them, or, at least to him, and i think there will be some changes made.

((((((tes)))))) i am about the farthest thing from a saint EVER, but thank you!

yeah, where the heck is everyone?? hello hello hello hello.....

my weekend, while exhausting, was pretty fun. we saw a guy that the mr used to work with about, oh, 5 or 6 years ago who had moved cross country. all of a sudden, here he is, walking into the diner in town! pretty cool. turns out he's moved back and is playing in a local band that we are going to go see o saturday! i can't wait. he was one of my favourite people back then. one of those guys that is just beautiful to look at but actually has a brain and isn't just a dimwit. also got to hang out with e and j, who are 2 of my "local girlfriends" last night. really need to get some sleep tonight tho! this 2 or 3 hours a night shit has got to stop, or i am gonna get sick again!
Just a fly by to say we are back from the Big Apple! One of our flights was cancelled on Friday and we had to take a later one which almost crash landed due to a thunder storm. Then coming home today our last flight was delayed because of some maintenence problems they claimed to have fixed, however, we couldn't help noticing the rescue response team on standby as we landed, and as we were getting off the plane, they ordered the next flight cancelled and were sending the plane back to Dallas for major repair, so needless to say, we are glad to be back on solid ground for a while!
Other than that, I LOVED New York and wish I could have spent more time sight seeing! We walked all over Manhatten and I went to the very top of the Empire State building! I think we might have even been very close to the Pope! We had a motorcaid pass us and his holiness is supposed to be there today. Now my poor legs do not want to move at all today!

I'll be back later to vibe properly, but I read about Pete! OMG! Poor little Bunny flufff!
Doh! I had my post, then I accidentally closed the browser tab and lost it. mad.gif

Condensed version:

Pixie, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed NYC (and survived the plane ride- eek! Someday I'll visit there- I want to at least wait until I know someone there. Not because I'm intimidated or anything, but I wouldn't even know where to start and I want someone who knows all the best places to show me around.

Damona, good for you for putting your foot down about Friday nights. If they insist on sticking around, get some good earplugs (I like these for my dainty ear canals) and go to bed!

Happy belated birthday, dm- that's totally craptastic about the cake thing. Fascists.

mornington, I'm so glad Pete's adjusting.

six! Thanks for the advice about the medical bills. I'm going to call them to make my payment next week and tell them they're only getting $50-$75 a month. The hospital bill (before insurance pays) is seven times their piddly-shit little bill, and that hasn't cleared through insurance yet, so who knows how much I'll owe on that. They're just gooing to have to like it.

((rose)) I hope you're feeling better now.

We downgraded our Netflix subscription to 1 DVD at a time, but unlimited within a month. The problem with getting rid of cable is that it's a package deal with the phone and internet, and I don't know if you can ditch one element of it. I'm almost tempted to get rid of our LAN line, though. I just worry about in emergencies, having to make sure my cell phone is charged and stuff.

I ate all Italian food this weekend. Sounds like a good thing, but not so much. Friday night, we took my mom out to dinner at an Italian place that we had a gift card for, to thank her for helping me so much after my surgery. Had those leftovers for lunch on Saturday. Saturday night, we went out for dinner to the pizza place my dad works at. Sunday, we went to LeBoy's nephew's birthday party, where they served pizza and pasta. They sent us home with a huge tray of pasta because they over-ordered. We hardly ate any at the party, because we were going out to dinner with my family guessed it, an Italian restaurant. Oh god, no more carbs! But of course, we have no money to spend this week, so I'll be taking that pasta for lunch. Maybe my coworkers will take me out to lunch on Thursday to celebrate my birthday and our last day in the old office.

Another potential part-time job opportunity, though- the aforementioned pizza place that my dad works at. My dad travels every other week during the summer for his business and that means that the wife of the owner of the pizza place is left by herself to work the front of the house. It's been this way for years, but apparently she's not happy about it this year, and so my dad is going to suggest to them that I come in and bus tables, fill drinks, make salads, etc. I'd only do it a couple nights a week, but he thinks I could make $50 a night or so. I've never really worked in a restaurant (I did do a summer in the cafeteria in college once. Eek.) but I think I could handle it. We'll see if they go for it.

Ok, I have the chance to go to bed on time....pulling myself away from the computer.....

((hugs to all))
I was having access problems w/the Lounge yesterday so I wasn't able to post anything in this thread. Anyone else have that problem?

{{{mornington}}} glad to hear that Pete is bunnying around.
{{{polly}}} mmmmm, Italian carbs....yum.
{{{pixie}}} that flight sounds terrifying. Glad that you are back and safe after a fun trip.
{{{damona, amalita, all kvetchies}}}

I am less cranky than I was yesterday at this time. A coworker of mine is having some health issues so I am doing two 7 AM days in a row but this does mean that I'll be done with my work day at 3 so I like the trade off. I have a doctors appt. for myself tomorrow. I scheduled it to look at what I think might be a tailor's bunion on my toe (it's not to early for foot talk, is it?) but now I have also had a stomach ache for several days so I might need her to look at that as well. I really don't want to get gastritis again. But I also don't want to get back on daily mediction again. sad.gif I know it is the caffine that does it to me. Well, that and stress and too much of one tends to be connected to too much of another. I am weak and addicted.

But the weather is lovely and I just need to remind myself that it will be much easier to treat the gastritis this time, if that is in fact what I have, b/c overall I am so much healthier. So, I just need to stop being so crabby. I think I am going to Target after work and getting a new DVD/VCR combo and a digital converter for my TV. Is there anyone else here who has to buy one of thoes? It burns my ass that the one thing this administration has accomplished over the past 7-8 years will cost me $20 or the price of a new TV. I mailed away for the coupon, which is why it only costs $20, but I didn't realize that the coupons expire 90 days from date of issue. Now, what is the point of that? The change won't take effect until next winter. Why does my coupon expire at the end of May 2008?
i couldn't post yesterday either. i wrote a post and emailed it to myself, but now can't find it. grrrr. and i think i'm coming down with something, or it's allergies, and i feel like poo on a stick. and i had a very bad day yesterday, due to a particular irritating evil incarnate lying cruel inept bastid coworker who is this short of being worthy of 'dexter justice'. so please forgive me in advance for not making much sense.

much belated and/or early love for damona & amilita & dm & polly & dusty and all the april birthday busties. how could i forget that april is bustie birthday month?! i believe it was jilliec's the other day, and chatnoire's is coming up, too. (beloved old skoolers.)

(((yuefie))) where are you, punkin? i'm a-worryin'.

(((pete the pirate bunny)))

(((kitten))) i have a hurty little toe, and i keep putting off surgery. (or at least a second opinion.) it's never too early for foot talk, imo.

(((pixie))) glad you had a good time. uh, what airline did you fly? please don't say jetblue! i'm flying solo to VA to see niecelette on saturday, and i'm a wreck as it is, goddamn anticipatory anxiety. *fret*
((mando)) Sorry to hear about your crappy coworker.

((kittenb)) Hope your doctor’s appointment goes well. My tv is about 16 years old so I guess we will have to get another one or get the converter. The color is starting to go so we’ll probably just buy a new one. I am just always hesitant to spend money on big ticket items.

((polly)) Just reading about all the Italian food made me feel full. I love Italian, but there is only so much one can take of the same food. Good luck on the pizza job.

((pixie)) I’m so glad you enjoyed NYC. Sorry about the airline issues. Did you fly with American Airlines?

((damona)) Glad you had a nice weekend.

((amilita)) Yay for getting to work two days in a row.

((mornington)) Glad Pete is feeling better, hope G feels better soon.

I called in sick to work yesterday and today. I do feel a little sick, but I think I am mainly avoiding the b.s. of office politics. One of my coworkers doesn’t like that I now must audit her work, and well she complains about it loudly for hours at a time and she just gets to me. She doesn’t like that she makes errors, and calls me nitpicky (no it’s my job). If I even talk to her to answer a question she says I am rude, well that’s probably because she is a very hostile person. I guess I must know that there are some people I will never be able to get along with.
Ugh. (((Pixie))) Hate hate hate flying.

Anti-poo on a stick vibes for (((Mandi))). Thanks for birthday and job wishes!

((((mando)))) come and snuggle under the kvetch duvet with me, I too feel like poo on a stick. and boo on lame-ass coworkers.

((((dm)))) hope you feel better soon. could you talk to a managery-type person about the situation? or maybe talk to the person you're having problems with. urgh. office politics sucks goat balls.

((((kitten)))) feel better. and it's never too early for foot talk... seriously, feet are important, it's only when something cocks up that you realise how much they take.

((((pixie)))) glad you got home safely and enjoyed nyc.

((((polly)))) now i want pizza. good luck with the p/t job!

((((damona)))) yay for good weekends

I was having problems posting... thought i'd killed the thread if not the whole intertubes. blink.gif

aunt flo came to stay today (she's a little early) so last night had a raging migraine, today wicked cramps... and naturally I have no 'pons. So I just sent G for some... he's a nice boy, came round to look after me and gets sent for sanitary products and bread. I'm going to take him for dinner tonight though, i have a junk food craving that must be satisfied. oh, and i changed my crackbook status to "in a relationship with G..." so it's official. we're a disgusting couple.

going to see Smoosh play tonight, yay! I'll dose up on ibroprufen before we go and all shall be well. And then on thursday I'm going to a crochet meetup, my very first but I want to hang out with different people... I'm going to start a jumper, methinks. Have to buy wool tomorrow. mm, wool...

Oh, and guess what Pete did? Gross bunny. But he went to the vet yesterday and apparently all is well and he's on form. so yay.

(((((bunny, star, sixie, dusty, sassy, zoya, yuefie, sidecar amilita, anoushh, candy, flanker, txplum, ap, faith, everyone))))
Yes, It was American Airlines! I have never flown on them before and *knock on wood* I don't plan to again! Hopefully Delta or Continiental flies to New York for my next trip there. Just an aside, I have an ex who has worked for American for way to long. It is suddenly very sad and depressing.

Mando, I actaully thought of you yesterday when I was getting off my flight. First, knowing you live in New York, and then because of your anxiety issues. I couldn't help thinking you would NOT have enjoyed my flight!


((rose)) I hope you feel better soon! It's been a while since you've mentioned having an endo attack.

~**~***~health vibes to all the sick Busties~**~*~*~*~**~*

Polly, I too ate WAY too much Italian this weekend! Mr. Pixie's uncles owns a pizza place on Long Island and we ate there as well as a big Fancy Italian meal for his other uncles birthday. Then Sunday night my MIL wasn't feeling well and so FIL told us to order oom service and all they had was Italian! So as soon as we got home, we headed to a Mexican restraunt!

I fly to Mexico on American next week, and while I know they're working on it, I'm nervous.

((((mando))) feel better

I forgot my pills when I was in Minneapolis last month and immediately got my period, so I had it twice in March. I took this as a sign to leave the pills I didn't like, so now I'm switching to YAZ, but my doctor guessed my period would arrive next week thursday ... right before I leave for Mexico! Your period on vacation is bullshit. And I am pre-emptively cranky over it.
Drive by just to say that I'm glad you made it home okay, Pixie. I was worried!

Good news is that my endo stuff cleared up. Bad news is that my head is killing me. I'm so sick of this pine pollen! UGH!

Also, my mom and one of my brothers were talking about coming out for a visit, but now it sounds like they will have to put it off until autumn. Bah. I miss my family. sad.gif

[crawls under Kvetch duvet & cuddles with Mandi, Mornington, & sweet little Petey]
can i crawl under the kvetch duvet? i'm cold and crampy and would really rather be in bed than talking about my friends divorce for the thousandth time via im's. it's not that i don't love her or care what's going on, i'm just kind of over-saturated in it right now. but i am being a good(ish) friend and making the appropriate responses, tho i feel bad that my heart really isn't in it right now.

Save room for me under the Kvetch duvet. I'll bring the Fanny May Pixie flavored hot chocolate I bought on Monday.

I went to the doc's this morning. This is a different doc than the one I saw when I had all the health issues about 2 years ago. I knew that I needed to have a follow up CT Scan (I have an enlarged spleen, seemingly for no reason) but I just didn't want to do it. Well, since I am having the stomach pain and I knew that she didn't know about the spleen, I mentioned it. Guess who is having another CT Scan! I hate thoes thing. You can't eat but you have to drink 32 oz. of this nasty potion that tastes like vanilla scented paper. And about 2 hours after taking it, it leaves your body in a violent and prolonged manner so you need to be close to a bathroom. I know they are not going to find anything but dammit! The first time I had one it lead to several other "discoveries" that resulted in a surgery a half year later, totally unconnected to the spleen things.

So...whatever...I am just gonna do it and get it out of the way. I may have to go and buy some yarn to make myself feel better.

On the upside, I was able to ride my bike to the doctors and it was a lovely morning for a bike ride. And the fact that I could ride my bike kind of proves that I am not sick, right?

{{{damona}}} I've phoned in a few sympathetic conversations in that kind of situation. Go easy on yourself.

{{{rv}}} I don't get bad allergies but I kind of felt it this morning. Take care of yourself.

{{{sidecar}}} you have all my sympathies.

{{{dm}}} Recently, I have been taking a lot of work time off to escape my coworkers. Luckily, I have a ton of vacation time.

{{{pixie, mornington, dusty, mando, all kvetchies}}}

((((((((Kitten))))))))) Sorry to hear about the CT scan. You know it's for the best, but it still sucks.

((((((Damona)))))) On behalf of all people who've been through bad break-ups and leaned a little too heavily on friends afterwards, I apologize!

~/~/~/ flow-stoppage for Sidecar ~/~/~/

Morn, a boy who will buy tampons for you is a treasure.

((((((((((DM))))))))))) I've been there. Su-ucks.


I can't help but think about what happened one year ago today.
(((((((((((Virginia Tech)))))))))))))
32 people. I still can't really comprehend that. It's just such an enormous number.

And there's a horrible story in our local news today. A 16 year old was arrested this week. He got into an argument with some people in a car, so he started shooting at the car. One of the stray bullets hit a 9 year old boy between the eyes. The boy had just been standing in his driveway, watching a family member work on a car. Well, the 16 year old is in custody. And, whaddayaknow, the 16 year old's girlfriend is knocked up.
The judge just looked at him and said, "Sixteen. Only sixteen," and shook his head.
What the hell is wrong with these people?!?!

Sorry to bring everyone down. As you can tell, I'm not in the best mood this afternoon.

Anti-kvetch: I don't why, but my cat is acting like she NEEDS to be on my lap today. It's rather cute.

Kvetch: I didn't get diddly squat done today. Good thing we're having leftovers for dinner.
Happy birthday, Polly!!!

Anti-kvetch: I'm in a better mood today. smile.gif
happy birthday (((((polly)))))


I'm supposed to be going to a crochet meetup and i'm having a crisis of confidence. I'll still go, I just need to psych myself up to leaving the house and meeting strangers.


Happy Birthday Polly!!!

The site seems to be acting a little wonkey today but I'll see if I can post. At the moment I want to throw myself on the ground kicking and flailing "Why does my life suck so hard?!"

Gonna take my grumpy ass elsewhere and try to finish work.

Happy Birthday, Polly!!!

They will love you, Morn.

(((Kittenb))) awwwww.

Hope you're feeling better, RV. I cannot believe it has been a year since Virginia Tech. Its like yesterday.
Happiest of birthdays to (((polly)))!

(((VA tech)))

(((morn))) you will dazzle ‘em. This I know.

(((gross petiebunny))) hee!

(((damona))) I feel your pain. I’ve actually disassociated myself nearly completely from nutsogalpal due to her on again/off again 8+ year relationship-from-hell. i no longer feel guilty, either.

(((kitten))) having gone thru a recent similar, nasty “cleaning out”, ditto what rose says. It’s for the best, sweetie. Do keep us posted.

(((sidecar))) bleeding whilst on vackay sucketh much indeed. hopefully yaz will be kind to your innards, at least.

(((DM))) I nearly called in sick today too. I shoulda. I’ve already gotten into one fight, and the day’s only half over. I just can.NOT suffer the fools gladly anymore. and this place is crawling with fools. my cup runneth over. mad.gif

kvetch: i can’t believe i’m going down to VA with a cold/sinus infection/whateva. last year, i had to push back my vackay a week, and went down with a hurty back. fuck fuck fuck.

(((pixie, yuefie, amilita, sybarite, candy, six, dusty, plummie, everyone)))
((polly)) Happy birthday.

((mando)) Hope you feel better soon, and get to enjoy your vacation.

((dusty)) ((rose)) ((damona)) ((sidecar)) ((pixie))

((mornington)) Enjoy the crochet meet-up.

((kittenb)) Sorry about the CT scan, but good luck.

Really good news at work, the process has started for me to be able work from home. I’m so excited because I will have quiet to do my work, and will probably end up getting more done.

Happy Birthday Polly!!!

(((morn))) I hope you went to the crochet meet up! fancy coming to book group at the women's library when I live in London? We can go see Neil together too! (((stinky pete)))

(((kitten))) it's just to be on the safe side, sweetie, so don't fret too much (although I know it's hard).

(((pixie))) that's so crappy about the flights but I'm glad you had a great time!

(((dm, damona, mandi, rose and everybody else under the duvet))) I'm joining you. I am so bloody tired.

(((dusty, sidecar, amilita, txplumwine, syb, tes, yuefie, zoya, star, candycane, sassy, everybody)))

I'm a tired bunny; there's no major reason (well today I did a twelve hour shift at work but I've been tired all week). I think I need to up my B12 intake again.
happy birthday polly!
Happy Birthday, Polly!!!!

Hope it was a great one, polly!
i could not get online to save my life all day. cranky internet. and since the weather will be crappy for the next few days, i will probably have much issues with it staying connected. *grumpgrump*

happy birthday polly!!!! (it's a lil late, but i didn't forget!) hope you had a good day!

i just printed out my boarding ticket.
NOW i'm in full-blown panic mode.
*steps around*

(((((mando)))))) have a good holiday dearest! *soothing hairbrushings*

((((bunny)))) I keep meaning to go, especially as it's not far from uni, but yes! and neil? where's neil?

((((dm)))) yay! great news!

((((damona)))) acos

((((rv)))) hope you're feeling better

((((polly, sidecar, sassy, sixie, star, syb, zoya, kitten, yuefie, tes, candy, pixie, amilita, dusty, everyone))))

I'm a bad person, I slept in until past midday. Well, no, I got up at eight as G was here, and uh, stuff, and then went back to sleep when he went to work. He's - technically - still working now, but sometimes with him I'm not sure what's work and what's not. rolleyes.gif

awww, Indigo's dreaming on the bed next to me and is wagging his tail.

the crochet meetup was good, met some nice people. I think I'll go again as it was fun, felt a little out-of-place as I'm not experienced or wealthy enough to afford fancy wool, but hey, let's see.

Pete's good, still getting a regular bath which he hates. I'm going to go post something in the say cheese thread of him now...

oh, and friday pants. Black, with skulls on 'em. My dangerous bum pants.
(((((((((Mandi)))))))))) It'll be worth it!

Morn, good for you for going to the crochet meet-up. I should do something like that.

Damona, sorry to hear about the flaky connection!

((((((((Yuefie, Bunny, Dusty, Polly, Amilita, Sidecar, DM, Sybarite, CCGirl, Tes, Sassy, and so many more ))))))))))

I have been so busy today! I went to Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, the liquor store, the post office, Target, and Harris Teeter. And while I shopped I talked to my mom and BestGalPal. And once I came home, I prepared the refrigerator cake that we're eating with dinner tomorrow night. And there's still more for me to do! Eep! But I decided to take a break to love on the Millie cat. She really missed me. Now she's napping on my lap. Aaaaaaw. smile.gif

Anti-kvetch: The new series of Doctor Who starts on SciFi Channel tonight! Woo hoo!!!

Anti-kvetch: I found a hanging basket of fuchsia! It's one of my favorite flowers, but I've had trouble finding it here. It may sound silly, but I'm pleased as Punch to have it hanging on our front porch.

Undies: white boy shorts & black velvet bra.
kvetch: I dropped a bloody plate on my foot last night and it hurts.

anti-kvetch: the boy and I are going to have a lovely, relaxed, weekend with Ben & Jerry's, pizza and movies.


yay for hanging baskets of fuchsia!

morn, he's not anywhere yet but when he is, WE"LL be there wink.gif.

Have a great weekend, folks!
Happy belated birthday polly!! Hope you had fun!

(((Sidecar and holiday bleeding))) Finder crossed it might be a light one, I find the pill can do that sometimes?

(((Mando))) You'll be fine, this I deemeth. Honestly, I've flown something like 30+ times and it's always been fine. Try to carry your bags on board with you would be my only recommendation, rather than checking them in. And have fun on the vacay!

Glad to hear Pete's doing well Morn. Sorry about your foot bunnyb!

Kvetch: Working weekend as thesis draft submission is next week.

Kvetch #2: I made a stupid mistake at work yesterday which resulted in a chat with my boss sad.gif I have felt that I was inadequately bedded in in this job, but didn't want to make an issue of it in case 1) I was reading the situation wrongly and 2)I figured I could pick up things on my own. A few weeks ago I handled something less than well, mostly because I was trying to provide full information to people: information which I shouldn't have passed on. Consequently my stupid mistake was seen in this context, hence the 'chat'.

It's basically okay, I see where they're coming from and I'm not about to complain about the way I was trained. I also think I've been overextended so the day job has suffered from that, but after this week I will have more energy for it. I just feel bummed for being stupid

Anti-kvetch: Have sorted out cute shoes for the wedding I'm going to next weekend. It's a bit of a reunion as well so I wanted to look good, and now I will. (See how my priorities are in order? tongue.gif ) Also I'm sauna-ing and swimming tomorrow, which should get the kinks out.

Could there be any more icons in this post? Hope everyone's having a great Saturday...

ETA: WTF keeps happening to the site? I’m getting tired of ongoing error messages when I try to post.
I don't think I've been in here to thank everyone for the birthday wishes! I actually started typing something on Thursday morning, got swamped at work with our last day in the old office, and by the time I got back to it, it was all irrelevant and I didn't like it anymore.

Anywho, my birthday celebrations have been good. We went to a fancy steak restaurant with LeBoy's parents on Thursday. It was a carnivorous delight.

Last night, we went out with humanist for's a place LeBoy and I go to pretty frequently, but last night's service was just awful. It was busy, but not packed. They brought out the main plate of sushi and said the rest would be out in a moment. We noticed there was something on there that we didn't order, but told them to leave it. It was another 45 minutes before we got the rest of our food. blink.gif They screwed up the order on the table behind us, too, and by the time they got it corrected, those people were pissed and told them they didn't even want it anymore. It was just infuriating because orders for other tables kept coming out, but they didn't bump up the stuff they screwed up on to the front of the queue.

And it's not like it's ever taken anywhere close to 45 minutes to get an order there when they get it right, so it was just bizarre. Plus, there's a language barrier, because they've got Japanese waitresses who speak enough English to take your order and not much else. They seemed embarrassed, but didn't apologize and didn't offer any explanation, even in broken English. And they still charged us for the item we didn't want (a whole $4, so I didn't complain- I just wanted to get out of there.) We noticed that the man who seems to be the owner wasn't around- he usually is, and I don't think the waitresses were slacking off or anything, but he just wasn't there to make everything work smoothly and they were just FUBAR'ed. We'll still go back there, but not for awhile.

Today, I am cooking for Passover tomorrow. I'm making the meal, but the party will be at my grandparent's house, since they have more room. I'm only making the matzo ball soup ahead of time (first time ever making it!) and tomorrow I'll make the side dishes (sweet & sour baby carrots and herbed new potatoes) and the main dishes (sweet & sour brisket and chicken with olives & tomatoes, both family recipes). Dessert and appetizers are up to everyone else. Wish me luck!

Am I the only midwesterner who didn't feel the earthquake yesterday morning? I slept right through it. My co-worker was telling me that she couldn't sleep, so was on the couch watching The Omen on cable and suddenly the couch started shaking. Oo boy, did she freak out until she flipped to the news and saw what happened!

((bunny's toe)) owwie!

fuschia's are my grandma's favorite, too. They're getting harder to find around here, too.

Deep breaths, mando!

Yay for working at home, DM- I could never do that. No discipline!

((kitten)) sorry for the ongoing health issues. I'm glad to hear you're being brave, though. We had this patient on Thursday who came in upset, said she had pain on her right side, fever, blood when she wiped and described her stools as being like coffee grounds. ohmy.gif She's been our patient for a long time, had a hysterectomy a few months ago, so we took her down to the urgent care facility at the end of the strip mall we're in and didn't see her for the dental work. She was very reluctant to go.

About 30 minutes later, she came back and claimed that the doctor told her there was nothing wrong with her. We thought that was unbelievable and the assistant who took her down there originally went back and asked what happened. The nurse said, practically winking, "Well, it would violate HIPPA for me to tell you, but I can say that the last time I saw her, she was in the waiting area filling out paperwork." We suspect that she left before the doctor even saw her. When the assistant called back to check on her yesterday, she was really pissed that we were checking up on her and said that she was taken to the hospital last night, refused to have an MRI and went back home. I don't understand how people can just ignore stuff like that. She has teenaged kids and everything.

Phew, long post. Gotta go eat my steak leftovers- yum!
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