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Big hugs to you, Yuefie. Few things are harder than what you just did. It may be the right thing to do, but that doesn't make it any easier or less gut-wrenching. Sashie was very fortunate to have you.

(((yuefie))) I am so sorry hon! No matter how much you know it's for the best, nothing makes it hurt any less.
Oh (((((yuefie))))) I'm so sorry.
((((((((((Yuefie and all of the Sahie lovers)))))))))))))
It sounds like you gave her some wonderful days. How sweet that you even gave her some chocolate. I'm sure she appreciated all of the love and care you gave her.

((((Amilita))))) Glad you stopped in & gave us an up-date. Hope you enjoy this new phase.

Belated wishes of happiness for Dusty & Damona!
(((Yuefie and Sashie))) awww. Two sweet, sweet photos. Made me all choked up...
((Yuefie, family & friends)) Her last days were so happy- that's so sweet that you took her on a goodbye tour. *sniff* Such a good doggie-mama.

I thought I was going to be back in here last night after the shelter, but I didn't make it, so happy [belated] birthday damona....hope the promise of cake came true. And a big "pfft!" to what your rugrat said! I was there, I know it wasn't that long ago! wink.gif

((amilita)) glad you're still around. Good luck on finding the next step.

muppetbutt! stick around!

My office is moving to our new place at the end of the month. Some of my downtime has been taken up by packing up whatever we don't need for the next two weeks. It's good to not be bored, but it's seriously cutting in on my bust time. tongue.gif

((hugs to all))
((((yuefie))) continued love your way, hon. I am so sorry for your loss but I know there will be lots of chocolate over the rainbow bridge.

(((amilita))) glad to see you de-lurking. You missed my birthday but I still loves ya wink.gif.
Speaking of mia busties and (possible) missed birthdays, where's designermedusa?

and sidecar has been awol this past week. *frets*

zoya is back in the states for a few weeks.

belated happy birthday, dusty!

hard ass momma (((mandi)))

damona, I had two wisdom teeth extracted three weeks ago and then the last on Friday. I think this one is infected though as I have such a disgusting taste in my mouth, yuck; I shall phone the dental hospital tomorrow.

Any more job vibes my way would be much appreciated. I am applying for one of the only graduate schemes available in publishing and want it badly (if I don't get in then I am basically canvassing my CV and cover letter to every other publishing house in London for anything that's going). The deadline is May 16th and it's incredibly competitive so I want my application to stand out but it comes with a questionnaire which is really scary - one of the questions is why I am excited about the digital age... so, um, what's the digital age, then? bugger.

eta: anti-kvetch: I had a lovely lunch with the boy's mum today -fabulous cheese board shared- and received pretty, birthday gifts of summer pjs, socks and fabulous chunky bangle in a gold-brown colour. Hee, I love being spoiled a week later!

bustie hugs and head-scritches.
Happy belated birthday Bunny!!! and ~~~job vibes, too~~~

(((more hugs for Yuefie)))
((Yuefie)) I am so sorry to hear about Sashie. You and your family are in my thoughts.

I've been lurking, just not posting. Trying to limit my internet time. ((Busties))
(((((((((yuefie & sashie & fam))))))))))))))))))) oh i am so sorry. what a sweet dog, and what a great life she had, and you had with her. it's the hardest thing to do, what you just did. you're in my thoughts (and i cried a little, knowing your loss). oh, poor, sweet sashie. I'm glad she went out herself and with a few indulgences.

bunny, no fretting! i'm fine, just incredibly busy. i had three freelance assignments due within a week, and work has been pretty crazy. plus i feel like i've had plans every night (friday: concert, saturday: shopping & a movie, sunday: friends over for dinner, monday: work, tonight: movie) and just haven't had a chance to check in. so now i have. I saw "Babymama" tonight. It's not all that high minded, but it's cute and funny, which is all I wanted. I also saw "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day," which is pretty slight but Amy Adams is great and Lee Pace is handsome enough that you don't really care that the movie isn't all that.

damona and dusty, i hope you both had wonderful birthdays!

(((((tes and mando)))))) sympathy hugs on the taxes. We got a 4-figure bill this year, and we also both withhold at zero. It was good because it made us really take stock of our finances, and now we're saving 10 percent of our salaries plus any freelance we make, so we'll be in better financial shape this time next year. But yeah, it's a drag.

anyway, off to bed with me. I promise to be around more!
Oh, my sweet Yuefie. I'm so sorry your girl had to go...grateful that you got to be there for her. I have no doubt that she's making a lot of new friends on the other side of the bridge...and I hope you know how much the ones on this side wish they could hug you for real.

{{{{belated birthday and general all-week hugs for everyone}}}}
*shamesless drive-by*

Petekins is ill, we're off to the vet in three hours (the soonest appointment we could have). He's got what looks like an abscess on his inside leg, it wasn't there a few days ago but today he stopped eating (bad sign) and I think he's limping a little. Any spare vibes would be much appreciated!

(((((((yuefie)))))) thinkin' of you
*kills thread*

Pete has what could be a partially-necrotised tumour. surgery friday, they want to drain it first just in case it is an abcess. Until then I will be bunny wrastlin' with antibiotics and a satellite dish collar.

(((Pete and Mornington)))
(((((((((Pete & Morn)))))))))))))))
(((((((((continued love for yuefie))))))))))
((((((((Mandi's kitty)))))))))))
((((((((all KvetchPets)))))))))
What is the deal with the KvetchPets lately?

~~~~~~~ soothing for Bunny~~~~~~~~~~ I hope you got to see the doctor today.
~$~$~ job vibes for Bunny, too ~$~$~

And while I'm at it... ~$~$~ job vibes for Dusty ~$~$~

All of this tax talk is scaring me! Ours will be done tomorrow & I reallyreallyreally hope we're getting money back.

I'm finally starting to get over my bad period. And Millie is back to her old self. She is even eating crunchy food again ... and not yelping! Yay!
wow, all the busties with sick kitties and puppies and bunnies.... ((((((((((((((you))))))))))))))


(((((bunnyb)))))) and ~*~*~*~job vibes~*~*~*~, i hope your mouth is feeling better. if it's still yucky, here's a suggestion (with the usual disclaimers of how i'm not a medical professional, etc, etc): try clove mouthwash. put a small handful of cloves into a cup of boiling water. let sit til cool, strain the cloves out, then swish around your mouth and spit. do not swallow it!! it's antiseptic and numbing, i used it for months before i could get those damn teeth pulled (1 was broken right in half and huuuuurt).

i am dying to get our tax refund... sadly, i'm going to have to borrow the money to pay the accountant to get the damn refund. it sucketh, cuz i really do hate borrowing from people.

omg, the 3 yr old was being very quiet and good and i just looked over and he was drawing on the window with crayons! beastly child! oh well, at least it wasn't yet another hole in the wall, since i spent my morning patching 2 of those in the little boys room. at least the crayon is removable with a baby wipe!

on the good news front, i got to go and spend my giftcard last night. i got bath bubbles and salts and hair stuff and nail polish. all the girly stuff that i rarely ever get anymore because there is always more important stuff to get!

(((pete and morn))) aw bunnykins.

(((yuefie))) many across the pond hugs your way.

*waves at sidecar and dm* now I'm clicking my heels and saying I want that job.

I didn't even know Miss Pettrigrew Lives For A Day had been adapted into a film and the book is on its way to me from Amazon! How uncanny.

speaking of uncanny: damona, I was treated at the dental hospital today with oil of cloves! I have dry socket (sidecar, you warned me about that last month) and they've treated it so hopefully it will heal over the next few days; the cloves really did soothe although the smell/taste is rather potent (far preferable to the infected taste, though!)

((bunnyb)) Good luck on your job hunt.

Happy belated birthday to damona, bunnyb and dusty.

((mornington and pete)) I hope he will be okay.


((sidecar)) I want to see Babymama, but I hope I’m not disappointed.

I woke up with a migraine, it went away and it started again while I was making dinner. I think I took my medicine in time though because it seems to be easing off. I have a short day at work tomorrow and then I am off Friday as Twin DM and I are going to a film festival.

(((Bunny's mouth)))


(((more for Yuefie)))

Boo on migraines, DM. Have fun at the film festival! Tell us what you like most and least.

I'm excited about seeing Baby Mama...I'm hoping I can go with my pregnant friend. I don't expect much more than silly funniness, so I hope I won't be disappointed. I've been watching The Tudors on DVD and I must say, I have thought about not finishing season one, but I'm powering through.

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I've got a massage appointment and a passion fruit and buttercream cake ordered...also plans to have fondue, steamed mussels and frites for dinner with friends! Woo. Should be a good day. And a new Office! Yeah, I party it up, all right. Ha.



Happy Birthday, Amilita! I hope you have a lovely day; what you have planned sounds perfect.

(((dm))) I hope your migraine has gone. Enjoy the film festival!

kvetch: okay, this may sound like an irrational, paranoid, freak-out but I am upset. So you may have gathered that the job I'm applying for means a lot to me - it really does, it's perfect in every way and I know I shouldn't become too attached to it or set my heart on it but I really, really want it. Anyway, the application mentioned finding the grad scheme on facebook and adding them and I thought it would be a good idea with the digital revolution being so important and that they might guage how keen and attuned applicants were through that or something so I joined. Yesterday my friend joined and I was a little miffed as I had a very strong gut feeling that something was going to happen as a result of that and something did: my friend is also friends with my psycho ex friend (follow that?) This is the psycho ex friend I have posted in here about years ago, who I did my degrees with and who was competitive, vindictive, passive-aggressive and majorly upset me (what went down with her was a contributing factor to my depression). I haven't seen her for a couple of years (except for random bump into) but I still hear about her/work with her boyfriend/have mutual friends/still tries to be friends with the boy's sis even though she met her a handful of times. I have a lot of issues around the demise of our friendship and the subsequent fall out (as this testifies to) and the remotest thing about her raises my hackles up so imagine my chagrin when I went onto that group today and see that she has joined it. Now, this could be a huge, freaky, coincidence and she could have been looking into it too or she has seen that our mutual friend has joined the group on her facebook homepage; I'm going for the latter. Now, maybe she hasn't seen that I'm a friend or has any idea that I am applying but it's not my point - I don't want her anywhere near anything that is important to me as she is pure poison. My heart breaks at the thought of her applying (I'm holding onto the fact that it's unlikely she would move to London) but still this has upset me to unbelievable proportions and I feel that my dream has been tainted. I know this probably sounds crazy and that I am over-reacting but I want this girl completely out of my life and she (and the hurt caused by the whole thing) won't disappear and I want it gone NOW. So, am I being irrational?
I'm sorry for the me-me-me post.
Bunnyb, I think you're being territorial, which is a reaction I understand as I've often felt it myself when it's something I am really invested in. I rarely fall out with friends but when it has happened I have tended to burn those bridges too, so I understand where you're coming from.

I would try not to take this personally though; she's probably just one of those facebook fans who adds things without thinking. I don't think your friend is to blame tbh. Maybe take some time to acknowledge how you feel and make sense of your response, which might be better than simply trying to rationalise your strong reaction away. As you say, it's unlikely she'd up sticks and move to London. Keep in mind she can't really impact on you anymore. Good luck and feel better.

Busy busy busy here, office job and thesis both demanding a lot of time and headspace. Can't wait until the weekend, when I will be taking friday night and saturday off...
Happy Birthday, Amilita!

(((Bunnyb))) Hope your mouth feels better soon. Facebook is a weird thing the way it can pull together your work life and your personal life.

happy birthday amilita!

bunny, i wouldn't worry about it. the best candidates will get into the grad scheme, and you will be one of them. and if she is there, just continue to pretend she's not around. you can leave her behind, and she will still be her, you know?

i am home sick and going back to bed. martini has had a bad cold all week and now i have it. yay.
Happy Bday Amilita! That cake sounds fabulous!

$~$~$$$~$Soothing tax vibes! I don't even want to get into our tax nightmare~~$~$$~$~$

Bunny, I hope your mouth feels better. Feh on phycho exfriends who try to steal job possibilities!!!

I came to ask for some travel vibes for tomorrow! First, it keeps flooding around our town. I'm wondering if Roseies parents can even get out of their neighborhood! Second, we are flying on american and tehy keep cancelling flights! Fret, fret!
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMILITA!!! Sounds like you have a really wonderful day planned. Good for you!

~~~~~ ->-- travel vibes for Pixie & family ~~~~~ ->--
I hope all of the problems with the various airlines hasn't given you any greif. I know a ton of flights have been cancelled around here lately.
By the by, I had no idea it was raining so much in your area. My parents are away on a cruise until the 14th, so I bet they have no clue about what's going on. Eep!

~~~~~~ soothing for Sidecar & Martini ~~~~~~

(((((Bunny))))) Just take some deeeeeeep breaths. Unfortunatly, you and Psycho have a lot of things in common, including friends and interests, so I think you should chaulk this up to coincidence. Don't jump to conclusions & place any blame on a real friend for this, okay? I think the shock may bother you for a couple of days, but I suspect that you won't be so bothered by it in time. You just need to see her as another name amongst a long list of names. Nothing more. This opportunity means a lot to you. Just focus on that and don't give anyone the power to spoil it.

Must run. Got tons to do!
Happy birthday amilita!!! Have a wonderful day!! (I love mussels n' frites, yum)
happy birthday amilita!

((((((((bunny))))))))) take a deep breath, honey. i'm sure it was just coincidence b/c of mutual friends. i do understand how you feel though. i've had similar occurrences.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~ feel better vibes for sidecar~*~*~*~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~*~*~travel vibes for pixie~*~*~*~*~*~
everything around here is flooded, too. roads are underwater, everybody has a pond instead of a yard, etc. it's lovely. i'm afraid to stand still too long, i might get mildewed. ugh. wretched rain. which i'm going to have to go stand in in about 10 minutes to gets the munchkins off the bus.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~migraine-be-gone vibes for DM~*~*~*~*~*~*~

i'm so tired today, and there is no good reason for it. i fell asleep downstairs at about 8 and the mr insisted i drag myself upstairs at about 9. maybe it's just trhe crappy, cold, rainy, gloomy weather that's got me draggin my tail. whatever it is, i so wish i could take a nap!
Happy Birthday amilita! Your dinner and cake both sound divine. Omg, passionfruit buttercream? Yum!

A big boo hiss on hurty mouths and headaches and colds and sick critters and asshatty ex-friend usurpers and tax nightmares! Oh and also a ginormous FUCK YOU to cancer.

~~~feel better and safe travel and get that job vibes a plenty~~~

(((((kvetchies)))) thanks to each and every one of you for all the love.

Do any of you remember the link I posted to that sweet pup Jenny I saw on petfinder a few months ago? She had a really sad story and I wanted to help her then, but couldn't. Well, I was browsing through last night and I saw she was still on there. I know it's soon and by no means am I trying to replace the irreplaceable, but I would love to give a good home to another doggie who needs one. She's about a 2 hour drive away and R said we'll just drive up there this weekend if she is still available. I emailed the people to see if she is still up for adoption and am waiting with all parts crossed to hear back from them. I keep saying to R & my sister that I am waiting for Jen-nay's people, of course doing my best Forrest Gump. 'Cause me and Jen-nay will be like peas & carrots wink.gif
Oh (((yuefie)))), I really hope you hear back from Jenny's people! All parts crossed for you.

*~*~*~*~uber successful surgery vibes for pete tomorrow*~*~*~*~*~

*~*~*~*~flight-don't-be-cancelled vibes for pixie*~*~*~*~*~

*~*~*~*~sunshine or at least dry weather and uplifting spirit vibes for everybody else~*~*~*~*~

Thanks for the love (((kvetchies))). I calmed down quite quickly and putting psycho (thanks, rose, you really cheered me up with that!) out of my mind and concentrating on my application; I'm also resigned to the fact that these things just happen as we do move in some of the same circles/have some of the same goals so it's not my friend's fault. I need to work through some things given time, mainly about giving people too much power over me and consequently disempowering myself but my dream job comes first just now. On a plus I was feeling creative today as emotions were high so managed a reply to one of the creative questions on the application, which I'm pleased with so far, and I cultivated a contact within the publishing house, who I've to email for pointers!

Now I'm off to tune out by watching last night's Top Chef.
(((((yuefie)))) fingers crossed!

happy birthday ((((amilita)))) passionfruit buttercream sounds divine

((((bunny)))) i think it's ok to react like that as long as you don't carry on feeling that way, which you clearly don't. i would have anyway, it's as much territorial as anything.

((((you)))) sorry for not vibing, I left it way too late and now i'm shattered and off to bed!

Pete's appointment is tomorrow morning, but he'll have the op later in the day and I'm expecting he'll stay in overnight.

Just popping in to wish Amilita happy birthday.

I'll have some cake in honor of your birthday.
Happy Birthday Amilita!

~*~*~safe surgery vibes to Pete~*~*~

~*~*~flying vibes to pixie~*~*~

~*~*~cold-be-gone vibes to sidecar~*~*~

It's been an illness-filled week here, too. LeBoy got his annual "cough up all the post-nasal drip crap that's been sitting in your lungs all winter" attack. I think he's coming around with the help of sudafed. I've had an oogey feeling for the past couple of days. Not nauseous, not the runs, just waves of stomach pain. Ick.

~*~*~job vibes for bunny~*~*~

Ignore the psychos!

((yuefie)) I think if you feel ready, then you are. You know you're not replacing Sashie, and you'd be doing a good thing for another dog. If Jenny's not available anymore, you'll find another one.

I need some job vibes for LeBoy- he found an opening at a great company for a job that would pay him to do something he loves (writing). We polished up his resume and wrote a great cover letter. He emailed it all tonight. The only thing that concerns me is salary. The job description just says, "If you have specific salary requirements, please mention it in your cover letter." Well, he didn't, even though I told him he should. His reply was that, "I want this job and I may take a small pay cut to get it." Um, no! We can hardly pay our bills as it is! I tried to explain this to him. When I was going through that staffing agency last year, one of the suggestions my agent gave me when it came to salary was to just say, "I currently make ("x" amount of money); I'd like to improve upon that." Any other suggestions for requesting salary?

Regardless, I hope he gets this job.

((hugs to all))
(((Morn and pete))) Fingers crossed for surgery success!

Pixie, wtf is up with all those flights in the US being cancelled? We're even getting the stories here. Hope all goes well with no cancellations!

Polly, I'm a big believer in confidently stating your value, salary-wise. Fingers crossed for you and boy re. job.

Friday friday friday!! Last night the mister and I had some great quality time together, which was sorely needed with all the teen related drama and our relative busyness. Talk and wine and other stuff (if you know what I mean, and I think you do...)

Blue silk frilly knickers and *sigh* mismatched black bra with flowers. I need some new bras.

Going shoe shopping (posh shoes to go with posh frock for wedding) and makeup shopping tonight! Credit crash be damned...
((syb)) Have fun shopping.

((polly)) Hope you and LeBoy feel better. About the salary I believe in giving a range of what you believe fits your skills and the job, but he can always do that at the interview. Good luck to LeBoy for the job.

((amilita)) Hope you had a Happy Birthday.

((mornington and pete)) Hope the surgery goes well.

((bunnyb)) I know it’s hard, but try not to think about the competition for the job you want. Just believe you are the best person for the job.

((yuefie)) Good luck with getting Jenny.

((pixie)) Hope your flight is on time and safe.

((sidecar)) Feel better.

((rose, damona,dusty))

I wish everyone a great Friday.
(((Pete and Morn)))

That photo of Pete is breaking my heart. Poor little bun!
((((((Pete & Morn))))))

Yuefie, it sounds like Jen-nay could use a great owner like you. I think it's a good idea to meet her just to see how it makes you feel. If it's too soon, then that's okay. Maybe she'll still be available in a month or so when you're feeling better.

~~~~~~ ->-- travelin vibes for the PixieFam ~~~~~~ ->--

~$~$~$~$~$~ job vibes for Bunny, LeBoy, & anyone else who wants 'em ~$~$~$~$~$~

Sybarite, sounds like you got a little HBI, as we'd say in OkayLand. wink.gif

Hope you're feeling more awake today, Damona!

~~~~~ soothing healing vibes for Bunny, Sidecar, Martini, & anyone else who needs them ~~~~~

[waves at Anoushh] Howdy, stranger!

Huge anti-kvetch: The taxes are done! And we're getting money back! And with that money, we're going to pay off our last two debts (well, other than the mortgage). Woo hoo!!!!

Kvetch: I have way too much to do today, so I better get going.

Undies: Very boring, but that's because I'm about to do some yard work.
*£*$*£*$*job vibes for le boy and bunny*£*$*£*$*

I'd do something like "I'm currently earning £X after tax and want to improve" or just baldly stating what you want. I'd be dreadful face-to-face but don't ask don't get...

((((syb)))) yay shoes! come show them off... I can shoe-shop vicariously

((((dm)))) acos

((((yuefie)))) I don't think there's anything wrong with looking at jenny, certainly meet her, see how you feel. Don't rush, but don't turn away because "it's too early". Sometimes the best way to mourn is to get on, and I don't think sashie would want you to turn down something that may be perfect! And jenny has a sweet smile!

travel safe ((((pixie))))

((((sidecar)))) go away cold!

((((damona, mando, sixie, sassy, kitten, culture, dusty, amilita, anoushh, rosev, billy, star my star, zoya, tes, everyone))))

I spoke to the vet nurse about an hour ago, Pete had to have his leg removed as the tumour was too big and too well attached; he's now a tripod bun. But he came through the operation fine, he's awake but very groggy and I'm calling in half an hour to see if I can bring him home tonight. I've spent some money on getting some babyfood in (several variations on a theme of apple puree, which he loves) and I've had to hit the savings to pay for the op (which I'm hopefully going to get a grant from uni to put back). I'm so fucking relieved he's ok. Dorris is a little upset as I've had to keep them apart, and i won't be able to put them back together until he's all fine, but they can sit together with the bars between them. G's been insanely supportive. and I'm really grateful to you guys for letting me be me-obsessed.
Thanks for the birthday wishes DM, Polly, Mornington, Yuefie, Anoushh (good to see you!!), Damona, Syb, Bunny, Sidecar, Pixie and Rose!!!!

I had a really good day yesterday...the Mr. and I walked to Cafe du Monde for bengiets and cafe au lait, then we went to a few shops on our way some half-off red corduroys for next winter and a family of 3 little wooden ducks from an antique shop. Then I got a great massage (1 1/2 hours, even!) and then went to dinner and had the cake! Yay!

I really wish I could share the cake with you was passion fruit curd-filled with this great butter cream- my friend says it was a meringue butter cream, and it was sort of iridescent. Beautiful. I have about half of it left in my fridge, and there's no way we'll finish it.

Yuefie, my first cat had kidney failure and I made the decision to put him to sleep, and I was surprised at how fast I was ready for a new cat. I still grieved, but it was easier with a new kitty to love. And easier is OK, I think. Not to mention that when we are getting rescue animals, you are helping that creature right now! That's a good and beautiful thing. Of course take your time if you need to, but don't feel bad if you decide to adopt pretty soon. It says nothing about your love for Sashie.

(((Sweet Pete))) I've never seen a 3-legged bunny, but I've seen plenty of 3-legged cats and dogs who all seemed to get on with speed and agility. Surely Pete will do great, as well. You're such a good bunny-mamma, Morn.

Bunny, everyone has already given you such sound advice, but I'll just chime in and say I'd probably react in a really personal way as well, but then I'd try to work to get through it just for my own sanity. I'm actually working on that with someone in the art scene here, and I still hate him, but my blood doesn't boil over him, so I've come a long way!

And I must run off to have lunch with the Mr. before I go get my hair cut, so I'm sending out some all-purpose good travel, good weather, good job, good health ~~~~vibes~~~~ for everyone who needs 'em!

Oh, and Yay! for the surprise money back, Rose!!
OMG, they had to remove his leg? Oh, the poor little bun! It was one of his back legs, right? He'll still be able to hop around, right? I guess those tripod dogs get along just fine. Poor little guy!

Thanks for reminding me that i've got to get all the tax stuff together, rose. We've got to get that done tomorrow.
Drive-by love for ((((((((Pete)))))))))) and (((((((((Mornington)))))))))))
Poor little tri-pod bunny! The good news, though, is that he is going to get through this. I hope you get to bring him home & cuddle him soon.

Kvetch: It is pine pollen season here. The sticky, yellow stuff was raining down on me while I was working in the garden. I was covered in yellow dust when I came back into the house. I washed it all off, but I've got a killer headache now. Bah. I don't have time for this!
@!#$%#&! Our W2's are MIA. Crap. I don't even know where to begin looking.

Pete's fine, he's hopping, albeit a little shakily and eating. He looks to be on good form and the vet nurse said he was already recovering nicely.
I seen a tripod Jack Russell on my way home for lunch. I have decided that it was a Sign. A Good Sign.

Didn't get the job. Poo. And poo on the person who recruited me back in *December* to apply for it.

Sorry about the pollen, Rose. Lucky you're not wearing yer fancy drawers today tongue.gif

(((Yuefie))) I suspect that a rebound pupper is a safer bet than a rebound boy. Because I doubt you would want to take her back because its too soon and it turns out she's not the one for you.

(((Polly))) It could be worse. You could be looking for tax documents at my place. Heh.
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