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That's scary, Damona! Eek!

(((((((((((continued love for Silvie and good vibes for her low-tech treatment))))))))))))))))

I was a very good person this morning because I went out and mowed the lawn and tidied up the garden. But in the 4 hours since I came in, I've just sat on my butt. I really need to get up & start working on our anniversary dinner. I'm going to try to make cheese and onion pasties for Sheff because I know he loves them, but hasn't been able to eat one since he left England to be with me. If he can have me and pasties, he'll be much happier. If I can make scotch eggs for him, too, he'll be in heaven, but I'll give that a try some other time. wink.gif
(((silviekitty))) poor little girl.

happy anniversary, rose & shef! i have no clue what pasties & scotch eggs are, but i want some. now.

kvetch: asshole golf pro & the ridiculous number of kids he's just hired. i have very little confidence in any of them learning how to properly transfer phonecalls, much less running the golf department smoothly.

this season is gonna sucketh mucheth.

Pasties are what Rose wears while she's serving the scotch eggs, right? Heh heh. Or they're like samosas without the spice? Anyway, happyversary, you two.

Today is the anniversary of when we found out our department was shutting down.

How nice is it to have Mandi back?

Are those Cornish pasties? Where I went to college, we had the most wonderful shop where you could get pasties, although you could only eat them, like, yearly because of the density.

Happy anniversary!

Busy week, again. I hope everyone is well.
pasties... yum... my mom used to make em when i was a kid. it's something i haven't dared try to make gluten-free. might turn out kinda scary.

so ok, i stopped being a baby and went in the basement. i have no idea what made the door rattle like that, but it's not the first weirdness that's happened here. i was in the bathtub last week and a freakin bath toy jumped off the shelf and landed on me. i do not see how it went from sitting on the shelf under the shower head to damn near landing on my head, at the other end of the tub!! and last night some stuff just fell off a bookshelf in the living room. stuff that was firmly on the shelf, mind you. not balanced precariously on the edge. anyway. time for a home cleansing i think.

it was soooo nice out today. bright and sunny and 50! i took little d and little w for a walk and then we played at the playground for awhile and i got to talk to a bunch of the other mamas in the complex. it was pretty cool.


Holy shite, y'all, I pop by for the first time in manymany weeks and am greeted by not one, but TWO similarly long-lost faces!

*pounces and drags damona and mandolicious into a big friendly girlpile*
*drags everybody else in too*

I have to tell you how I wound up here: googling my favorite (apparently no longer) Celtic-drum-playing man-cake and ending up with posts from 2006. biggrin.gif

Anyhoo, I came to this too late tonight and am already dozing off. But I am apparently happy and relaxed, somewhat to my surprise, in general lately. Alternately thrilled and annoyed with my husband. Nursing a crush I cannot discuss in any recordable fashion. And still feeling like one cat in this house isn't nearly enough. I guess you might say life is pretty good, still.

{{{{muchas kitty and kitty-fam vibes and hugs}}}}

Wishing everyone a happy (just now) Thursday, and time-with-cute-people-who-smell-really-good vibes. Hasta la nacho!
(((Mando))) and the (((texplumwine))) Good to see you both!

Damona, um, yikes. Good for you for being brave though.

My first pasty came from (I think) a bakery in Eagle River WI. I remember it still. Yum, but yes, super dense pastry bomb.

Busy busy busy, thesis editing at night, work during the day and the odd teenager-related stuff to field. All well though overall.

Leaving for spa break tomorrow evening... Yay!
I talked to my mom last night- Silvie is at home; they're giving her saline injections to keep her hydrated, but she's not eating much. The doctor gave her a shot of prenisone to reduce inflammation and pain. My parents are suppsed to call the doctor back today and let her know whether she's improved or not. They're really not trying to keep her alive, but at least she'll be comfortable when she goes, probably in the next few days. My mom said she was ready to put her down on Tuesday when they went into the vet, but my dad (and the vet agreed) that Silvie really seemed to have a strong will to live, so they decided not to do it right away. She is a very stubborn little cat, so this is totally in character for her. rolleyes.gif

Eek, damona- I hate those things that go bump in the night...or day. Time to get out the sage stick!

Speaking of damona, I just want to let everyone know, in the interest of full disclosure and to avoid any awkwardness in the future- damona and I are IRL friends. We've sort of grown apart over the last few years, due to different paths in life and geography, but we still remain friendly.

Mmm, pasties. Happy anniversary, rose & sheff!

~*~*~thesis vibes for syb~*~*~

tx! stick around!

((hugs to all))
poor silvie kitty (((((((polly and fam))))))) yes, polly and i were friends for a long time, but i had kids and moved and we just kinda grew apart. it happens. i am glad that we are still friendly though!

i totally forgot to say "happy anniversary rosev and sheff!!"

plummie!!!! squeee! i meeeeced you!

i just this second realized that little d missed his bus! crap! bad mommy! i totally forgot that he had school today. time to quit wasting time and go get the kid to school!
(((silviekitty))) any pics, polly? poor kitty. i'm heartbroken, i can only imagine how you & your family are feeling. *sniff*

i thought of those pasties too, dusty ... hee.

i take it cornish pasties are like hot pockets, only better times a thousand?

(((plummie))) "... I am apparently happy and relaxed, somewhat to my surprise, in general lately." yay! me too!
"Alternately thrilled and annoyed with my husband." me too, minus the thrilled part.
"Nursing a crush I cannot discuss in any recordable fashion." um, yup, me too. shhh. don't tell!

sybarite, enjoy your spa vackay. please come back and post every single gory detail. so i can live vicariously.

kvetch: beloved cousin is back in town, playing at our fave bar tonite, but it's parent-teacher conference night, and i have a busy day at work tomorrow. so i shouldn't go out, really. but beloved-gay-boyfriend (the one with parkinson's, he broke my heart, we've been estranged, now we're not, we had a recent most excellent reunion, and once more the earth is rotating nicely on its axis) might be journeying forth for a surprise appearance ... i'm tres torn.

sometimes i truly hate being old n'responsible. oh for my wild n'crazy midlife crisis days. le sigh.
silly double post.
((((silvie kitty)))) ((((polly & family))))) I am so sorry sweetie.


Thanks for the vibes for my Sashie girl. I just got back from the vet. I noticed last night that she really looks like she's been thinning out over this past week and also that she's been extra clingy with all of us, even for her. Welp... it's not good news. First off she has dropped 3 lbs. in a very short amount of time. She's been eating and I do mean eating, just fine. She's been drinking fine, going potty fine but somehow she is down to 15 lbs. At her heaviest she was almost 23 lbs, and when we got her down a bit the vet said that around 19-20 lbs was healthy for her. She was down to 18lbs when they checked last week and he said that was ok but not much less or there would be cause for concern. When they put her on the scale and it registered at 15.1 unsure.gif. I could just see it on his face. Then while doing the examination he found that her lymph nodes were all swollen and said he needed to do a biopsy right away. He said there is a small chance that could be an infection somewhere, but likely it's worse than that considering how inflamed all of her lymph nodes are. I could tell he was just trying to give me some glimmer of hope, but the truth is there is a very great chance it's lymphoma. I am devastated. I know she's a dog, and one that is up there in years and who has lived a very good life. But to me she's been like my baby for the past 11 years and I feel like someone has kicked me in the gut. The results won't be back until Monday and I feel like I can barely stop myself from bawling my head off continuously. I have to keep it together because I have my niece with me until Sunday night, and also plans to hang out with R and his son this weekend so that the kids can hang out. I don't even feel like doing anything except hugging Sashie. I stopped at the pet store on the way home and bought her a whole bunch of her doggie cookies and candy that she loves so much. I figure if this is the end of the road for my pooch, she's going out in style and with a happy tummy while she can still enjoy all the goodies she's such a little fiend for. But damnit, I am just NOT. Ready. For. This.
((yuefie & sashie)) I'm so sorry. At least with Silvie, I haven't lived with my parents for two and a half years, so I already feel a little separated from her. It's hard enough like this.

{{{{{{MsYuefie and sashie}}}}} What a terrible shock. I hope your weekend is full of lots of puppy hugging and love and I hope that your Monday brings great news. Fingers and toes crossed for you.

{{{polly and fam and silvie}}}

mando - I hear you on the "tired of being old'n'responsible."

{{{damona, sybarite, txplumwine, roseviolet, sidecar, dusty and all}}}

I am using vacation time today. I did a massage trade w/a coworker, went to the gym and bought my new bike! Yep, I got wheels! Now I am indulging my People's Court addiction and eating some popcorn. I swear my massage somehow triggered my appitite. All in all, a good day off. Esp. considering The Office comes back on tonight. smile.gif
(((((((((((yuefie and sashie)))))))))))) I am so, so, sorry, hun sad.gif. That's shocking and heartbreaking. I feel as if sashie is our resident kvetch dog because we're been hearing about her exploits for years now. Give her lotsa hugs from her kvetchie surrogate mamas.

((((polly, fam and silvie)))) I'm glad she's fighting!!! get over to your parents' for snuggles and head scritches.

so, damona and polly: were you both posting here when you were closer or did that come later and by coincidence? Sorry, I'm intrigued! polly seems to know lots of people on the board!

*waves at txplumwine*

belated happy anniversary, rose and sheff! rose, check into the postie thread once you have a spare minute.

(((designermedusa))) a'cos.

damona, do you believe in friendly Caspers? also, it's pleasing to see the blue back too!

enjoy your spa break, syb! you deserve some relaxation and pampering.

yay for the new bike, kitten! I've been meaning to say that it and the basket are very pretty.

mandi, you know you wanna go out! you should. btw, I'll email you back soon.

I hope morn isn't too cold on her week long field trip to Scotland - brrrr!

(((sidecar, dusty, amilita - where are you?, pixie, sixela, sassy, billy, star, zoya, tes, everybody)))

kvetch: I am having my third and final wisdom tooth removed tomorrow.
kvetch: job-hunting is so daunting, especially as it is my first graduate job. Added to that there is the pressure of doing it long-distance... I haven't mentioned but I've decided to move to London with the boy later this year but it's all dependent on whether I can find a job. It's exciting and scary and nerve-wracking!
anti-kvetch: I have another long weekend off work smile.gif (happy despite the fact that I have it in case I'm in pain).
((((((((yuefie and sashie)))))))))))))) sad.gif
i cannot seem to resist the lure of the internet today.

((((((((((((yuefie and sashie))))))))))) yuefie, honey, i am so sorry. i have various appendages crossed for you that things will turn out ok.

~*~*~*~ continued vibes for polly and fam and silvie~*~*~*~

bunnyb, yes, i have known polly since we were kids. she introduced me to the boards... 8 years ago? something like that. i have her to thank for me getting to know so many of the warm and wonderful people here.
also, yes, i totally believe in friendly spooks, but having stuff thrown at me seems a little to the other side of things! when my gramma died, about 6 months ago, i was sitting with her a few hours before she died and a wreath that was over her bed fell off the wall and landed on her bed. thing was, it was hanging directly over her head and it landed at least a foot to the side of where it should have if it had just fallen, kwim? AND when it fell, it knocked into a picture of my grampa. i think he was letting us know he was there to lead her to whatever comes next.

(((((((((((((((((yuefie and sashie))))))))))))))))))))))
I hope she's okay.
(((Yuefie and sashie))) and (((polly and family and silviekitty)))

Bunnyb, job hunting is no fun. I suggest you draft a CV and a few targeted cover letters you're happy with and use them as templates; makes the process easier. (((bunnyb's mouth tomorrow)))

Happy (belated) anniversary Rose n' Sheff!!

Thanks all for the spa vibes and for supporting me in my self-indulgence. I found out today that I can really barely afford this, but I'm going anyway, because they'd take a deposit from me now if I cancelled (so, y'know, I may as well go, right? Right? smile.gif )

I do feel I deserve this at least a little; I have been working my ass off. My office is busy and overpopulated so I'm looking forward to relative silence as much as all the other stuff.

MsMando, I hear you. I am so well behaved these days I don't recognise myself. In bed at 11pm, lots of greens etc etc. Mostly it's to ensure I don't get ill from current stresses (what a boring reason) but I feel very uncool. So did you go out???

Because it's Friday: *peeks* black knickers and black bra!
Happy Friday all! This is the last week that I have to work on Saturday for awhile so I am kind of excited. smile.gif
I have nothing about me to add from what I said yesterday, except this: is there any food that tastes as good as the food you eat right after a work-out? I am inhaling a South Beach Chocolate cereal bar and a Diet Coke and it tastes fabulous! I know it is early for the Coke but the changing weather makes me a little dizzy and this seems to help.

{{{sybarite}}} enjoy your day.

{{{bunnyb}}} happt job hunting vibes. I hope you get to move in w/the boy soon.

{{{friendly ghost vibes for damona}}}

{{{stargazer and candycane_girl and all kvetchies}}}

Undies report: black bra and blue undies w/pretty yellow flowers on the edges.
(((yufie & sashie))) I’m completely distraught. Sending all the love in my heart westward as we speak, fiercely, continuously.

(((silviekitty & pollyfam)))

Kitten, congrats on the new bike! Post a pic when you can.

*percoset or codeine vibes for bunny’s toofies* how exciting, ‘bout the move! All parts crossed for the job-hunt. We’re here for vibing & venting, of course.

I didn’t go out. Neither of my beloveds called me anyway. Le pout.

last night’s office-fest got me thru a rough night. Can’t wait for the new one next week.

Kvetch: the kidlet’s having issues with late assignments. Combination of time-mismanagement (he’s in the school play, caberet, a small part, but a major time-suckage nonetheless) & trouble keeping all his pie plates spinning … but he’s also inherited his parents’ LazyAssProcrastination Gene. Long story short, parent-teacher conferences last night did not go well. And I’ve had to put my foot down. Hard. I threatened to take him out of the play, but I know that would break his heart, not to mention putting the director, choreographer & cast thru hell. Instead I made him dismantle the Xbox, tv-time is severely shortened & he’s to report to me with all his assignments. His English teacher graciously gave him an extension on the really late assignment (which there was truly no excuse for and he doesn't deserve). he's completely ashamed of himself & thoroughly repentant - he knows he let his favorite teachers and his parents down. but i know i have to be a hardass on this one. this lesson must be learned.

On the plus side, all his teachers say he’s a good kid, a good student, polite, respectful, engaged, bright, a joy to have in class. I did let him know we’re proud of him, of all his accomplishments. being in all honors classes & two bands & the play & student senate is a lot to handle. But he also knows I can’t trust him right now. i ask him every day if he has homework, assignments, is he all caught up in every class ... and when he says yes, i believe him. so he's been lying fast & furious lately.

Oh and the mr? useless, as usual. “I agee with everything you said. How bout those mets?” farking space cadet.

I’m emotionally exhausted. i need a good cry. thank all things holy i get to see Warm & Loving Chiro later.

Sorry for the self-absorption. Specially when others have far more serious issues going on. sad.gif

Beige lacy Wacoal, black comfy satin n’lace panties.
(((((((((((Yuefie & Sashie)))))))))))) Oh sweetie, I am so so sorry that your dear pup is going through this. Honestly, there are no words. Just keep loving her as always. You know she appreciates it.

(((((((((((more love for Silvie & Polly & family))))))))))))))) Polly, how are your eyes?

~~~~~~~ soothing for Bunny's mouth ~~~~~~~~
~$~$~$~$~ job vibes for Bunny, too ~$~$~$~$~
London! How exciting! Are you hoping to work in any particular part of town or are you keeping your options open?

Plummie!!!! How ya doin'?! I was thinking about you just the other day. smile.gif

Mandi, sorry to hear that things have been rough. I hope Danny can get his act together. Hopefully he'll discover that he doesn't miss TV & video games nearly as much as he thought. And even if he does, he can always catch up over the summer. wink.gif

Syb, enjoy the spa! And be sure to give us all the details when you return.

Congrats on the bike, Kitten!

I talked to Pixie on the phone on Wednesday. We didn't get to chat long, but she said she has been really really busy at work & hasn't had time to Bust.

Thanks to all of your for the warm wishes for me and Sheff on our anniversary. We had a nice, quiet time. The pasties were sooooo good (yes, Mandi, kinda like hot pockets, but much better). I'll have to make them again soon. We didn't buy one another gifts just because we don't tend to do that very often. After Millie's surgery, we can't really afford gifts anyway.

Kvetch: I wish the dollar wasn't so weak. And that we weren't so broke. I'd really like to visit Sheff's family. His brother & SIL got a new sailboat which sounds fantastic. And the little town where is father lives is so beautiful in the spring it brings tears to your eyes. Sigh.

Anti-kvetch: Millie seems to be healing really really well. For the first time since the surgery on Monday, she slept through the night! Woo hoo!

Kvetch: I still haven't done our taxes. Bah.

Undies: white lace thong.
*sneaking in* Hi all!

(((Sashie))) I hope you get good news yuefie! I can't imagine you losing your pupper!


((Mando))Hope you have a good time at the Chiro's! I haven't been this week and I miss it!

As Rose said, I have been crazy, busy at work! I am looking forward to next weekend when I can go to New York. It's kinda scarey that it sound s relaxing despite the fact that there is almost guarenteed to be major family drama.
Happy Friday everybody!

(((yuefie and sashie))

Kitten, awesome about the bike! I wish Georgia had better sidewalks. I'm afraid I'd break my other arm....


Stargazer, $$$$ money vibes $$$

Not much is happening here. My parents are going to a Clinton (Bill not Hillary) fundraiser this weekend. They're stoked.

Oh, Ave Q was FAB!! I was laughing so hard people were looking at me. It was great to see a show that you know all the lyrics to... One of the characters were called "Bad News Bears," which were a parody of the Care Bears.

Kvetch: . I had to tell my shitty boss about my seizures. It just wasn't a good meeting. Mostly, because she's an idiot. I wasn't there for Easter, and she was giving me sure third degree that I cracked. I really didn't want to tell her of all people. Visions of my last job/last boss kept popping in my head.

Bunny, happy job hunting!

Syb, I'm heading for a massage next week. It's not a spa, but I'm really excited.

Anti-kvetch: It's Friday!! smile.gif

Undie report: Pink boyshorts.
*lurking and vibing*

*like billy. hee.*

~*~*~*~*~*~* sashie be well ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

money money money moneeeeeeey for stargazer

(((((((mando my heart))))))) my belief in you as the bestest mom EVAH is confirmed. tough love is the HARDEST. hugs galore coz you deserve them.

serious jealousy aimed sassy's way for seeing Ave Q!!! I WANNNNNNNNA!

((((((silvie cat)))))))

bestest of late 'versary wishes to rosiev and sheff. (we don't give each other "required gifts" either, rose)

*begging for pastie recipe*



*throws self at damona*
*tes and damona land in pile on thread floor*

so fabu to have you here, querida! never knew the polly connection.

speaking of polly - how are your eyes, cara?

i hear you about the dollar. my paycheck isn't going as far. the dollar has dropped tremendously. stooopid shrub.

syb: TOOOO right! you would LOSE money if you didn't go. so GO!

kittenb - enjoy your bike!

undie report: leopard print bra and matching bikini.

(i almost always have matching undies. mr. hotbuns laughs at me. hell, *i* laugh at me. OCD, much? sometimes my undies even match my outer wear! AGH!!!!)

work is nuts. nuff said.

love to everyone i've missed - plummie tes'ass, zoya, billy, bunnybmine (not sure what sucks worse, tooth pain or job hunting), candy cane, sidecar........

biiiiiiiiiiiig hugs, little kisses, and silly silly silly fishes!!!

(mornington! i LOOOOOOOOOOOVE that the UK busties saw that stamp and thought of me!!! yay!! many thanks for sharing that!)
Hello Busties. I feel like I'm drowning in a sea of taxes, as I usually am this time of year. The End is Near, I hope. You'd expect me to say I'm wearing Tommy Hilfiger grey boxer briefs... and that's almost right. But I have some new ones with contrast stitching and piping. I'm styling, though no one (but you) knows.

I'm too flummoxed to single out those who need vibes the worst. I'm thinking about all of you.
(((Billy, Mandi, Yuefie, Sassy, and all)))

Black bra, red g-string because I had a job interview.
*giggles* hi tes! i missed you and your silly silly fishes, too!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ take your vibes as needed~*~*~*~*~*~*~

sorry, i know that's a cheesy shortcut but i'm too scatterbrained today. just please know that i am thinking of all of you.

i need to come up with something for dinner tonight, friends coming over and all that. usually, i'm way on top of it and know what i'll make and have all the stuff i need, but i am flat broke and we are living on rice and canned goods, no meat, no fish, no fresh fruit or veggies... *growl* anybody have any ideas for stuff one can toss together using canned stuff? i'm just totally blank. maybe i'll just beg my friends to spring for pizza. i'll bake brownies!

it's kinda nice not having a phone. sometimes. but i miss talking to real live adults! i think i'll go outside and see if anyone is in the courtyard.
The eyes are doing well- I drove today! With my left eye uncovered. And I didn't hit anyone/anything!! It was a little weird, but I don't think I'll have to stay with my cousin next week. There was one big bloodshot spot that almost gone, too. I see my doctor on Thursday, so hopefully he'll okay me to get a new glasses prescription.

Damona, that does sound like your grandpa visiting the shower blink.gif laugh.gif

Glad your anniversary was good, you deep fry the pasties? Share the recipe?

Stargazer, I think I got distracted by something shiny when I meant to say YAHOO to you returning to Chicago! I hope it continues to not feel like a concession to come back, and just as a chance to regroup.

((sassy)) I hope your job doesn't give you a hard time about your seizures. Pre-emptive "asshats!"

Speaking of taxes, LeBoy and I are sort stuck with what to do about our taxes- we had been going to a private CPA to have them done and have been happy, but we've decided this year that it just costs too much- he charges each of us $150. We file separately since we're not married. Both of us own the house, so one of us claims that, based on who would get more $$ back. I have a student loan that affects stuff. I worked in 2 places in 2007, as well as collecting unemployment for the first couple of months....overall, our situation is not very complicated. Has anyone used one of those chain tax places, like H&R Block/Jackson Hewitt? We need to make a decision soon.

~*~*~*tooth & job vibes for bunny~*~*~* Mm, damona, prophecy and humanist are the only ones I knew before Bust. Everyone else I met because of Bust.

So, wait was the new episode of The Office last night? I thought it was, LeBoy thought it wasn't, so we didn't watch. I'm gonna pisssssed if he was wrong.

I saw Silvie today. She's getting around, my mom's force-feeding her just so she doesn't starve to death (though, I guess that's a natural, fairly pain-free way to go.) It's still just a matter of time, but at least it's more on her terms.

Sorry about Danny, mando. I have no advice since I was a totally lousy student and homework was always the problem.

Yay for the new bike, kitten! We need to pick a bike-able place for our next gathering so we can all ooo and aah! over it!

okay, gotta pee and I should be more social, since I'm at friend's house now.

((hugs to all))
hey everyone! my post just got eaten so here goes attempt two!

(((((((yuefie & sashie)))))

(((((polly & silviecat)))))

((((tes)))) matching underroos is good. I occasionally match my socks to my scarf...

((((mando)))) better danny learn to manage time now than later, and he does sound crazy-busy.

((((kitten)))) yay for the new bike!


((((damona)))) weird you know polly... and yay for d's physio ending!

((((bunny)))) happy belated birthday! glad you had a good day.

((((syb)))) you deserve a break, hope you enjoy the spa

((((billy)))) stylin' wink.gif

happy anniversary ((((rose & sheff)))) and yay for milliekitty feeling better

((((txplum)))) *waves madly*

((((everyone else)))))

scotland was nice, but i'm going to be glad to get back home, i miss indigo and the buns and - strangely - G. He's meeting me at the station.

photos are on flickr; i didn't get my camera charger in time so had to go oldschool and take a disposable camera so they'll take a little longer. the phone photos didn't come out so bad, and there are some spectacular views from the corrie we went to. lots of snow involved.

oh, and everybody wave to N2, who despite not talking to me for the eighteen months or so it's been since we split up, still lurks here and doesn't like me getting back with G, as he decided to tell me in a rude email the other day.
Thanks for all the love and vibes everyone. I don't need the test results back to know, I feel it in my gut. Not to mention how skinny my poor pupper is getting. She's still eating and wagging her tail, but she sleeps more than anything. I am just hoping she can hang on long enough so that everyone has a chance to say goodbye. My sister gets back from Hawaii late tomorrow night. I feel like I ruined her vacation, but she knew I was hiding something and demanded to know what. Best guy pal is planning on coming down tomorrow, and this is after having driven for 9 hours. My niece has been spending lots of time petting her and feeding her treats. And my other niece, who was with me the day I got Sashie, broke down so hard on the phone that she had to hand it to her mom. Everybody wants to say goodbye to her, which I must say, really touches me. I know she was special to me but I had no idea how much everyone else adored her too. Even R has been fighting back the tears. He told me that he can hardly believe how attached he feels to her after only a few months. She really is such a sweet dog, I feel lucky to have been her mama for this long. I know I must do the humane thing and not allow her to suffer and waste away. But damnit, it doesn't make it any easier sad.gif

(((((kvetchies))))) thanks for listening and always being so supportive.

~~~~multi-purpose vibes all around~~~~
((((((((Sashie & Yuefie & all of the SashieLovers))))))))) There are special pets out there who seem to connect with everyone they meet. Sounds like Sashie is one of those wonderful pets.

((((((((Silvie & PollyFam))))))))

[waves enthusiastically at N2 ... then suddenly flips him the bird] Get a hobby. Because internet-stalking your ex is beyond lame.

Polly, congrats on the ever-improving eyes!

Pardon me for not vibing everyone appropriately. My period has hit me like a ton of bricks & I feel a lot worse than I usually do.

Here's the recipe I used for the pasties: Cheese & Onion Pasties
I cut down the recipe to feed just the two of us (the shortcrust pastry dough I made was enough for just 2 pasties). Sheff said yesterday that every time he thinks back about them, he feels happy that he married me, so I'll definitely have to make them again. biggrin.gif
Looks like a good recipe, rose- that's so sweet what sheff said wub.gif So, just so I'm clear- the pasties recipe calls for 2 lbs. of the shortcrust pastry (16 oz) and the shortcrust pastry recipe makes 6 oz., so I'd need to make about triple the pastry recipe (making 18 oz) and I'd have 2 oz. left over? I hate it when cooking makes me use my brain tongue.gif

So, now Silvie is gobbling up food on her own blink.gif Remember when I said this was a stubborn cat who does things on her own terms?

Hey N2! Get a life!

It was so lovely here yesterday! And it's lovely again today- 63F, sunny, a little breezy. Last night, LeBoy and I picked up my mom and met humanist for Costa Rican food, then went to a cutesy ice cream place. We're broke but it was worth it.

Hmm, do I spend $2.25/load and do my laundry here or do I pack it up and go to my mom's? Only problem is that if I go to my mom's I have to make sure it's all done before dark (by 7:15pm or so) because I can't drive at night yet- all the lights turn into little diffused starbursts against a black background.

((more hugs for yuefie and sashie))
Happy belated birthday wishes for (((dusty)))! hope you’re enjoying your birthday weekend, love.

Tight hugs & loving head scritches for all kvetchie furbabies, but ‘specially (((sashie))) & (((silvie)))

(((yuefie))) I’m at a loss, sweetpea. Just please know that I love you and I’m here for you.

(((billy))) sending you caffeine vibage, my friend.

Polly, woots on the mobility! we used H&R block a couple of years, and never had a problem. the good thing about them is they're fast - 2 hrs and you can pop it in the mail. Now we go to Cousin CPA, who charges us $150 total. Not sure who I trust more at this point. We usually get a significant return. This year we barely broke even. The mr says it’s because we didn’t have as many deductions, but I’m pretty grumpy about it. (we both claim zero, the govt takes out the max from both our paychecks. Grrrrr.) then again, I’m, a finance tard, what do I know?

*soothing hot water bottle vibes for rose*

(((sassy))) here’s hoping new boss will grow a heart.

(((Bunny, mornington, sidecar, plummie, damona, pixie, amilita, sybarite, tesao, kitten, dm, star, candy, six, everyone)))

kvetch: Danny’s holed up in his room, cranking out his late English assignment. I’m trying not to feel sorry for him, but i can't help it. but i'm acting tough and not showing it. he's been super sweet to me, too. *heavy sigh*

antikvetch: richard russo (my new novelist boyfriend) and dexter season one (dvd blockbuster) are the only things getting me thru yet another horribly boring weekend. my own fault for not planning anything fun. le blergh.

then again, the club opens tomorrow which means i'll be working 6 day weeks soon enough. i should just relax and enjoy my lardass-a-thon.
(((((((((((((yuefie and sashie))))))))))))))))

((((((((((((((polly and silvie)))))))))))))))

thanks for the recipe rosev! sounds yummy! maybe i'll just make it as is for the 4 of us and make a gfcf pizza for the little ones. *filing away for sometime this week* oh and ~*~*~*~*period-calm-down-vibes*~*~*~*~*~

(((((mando))))) the tough love thing is hard, but you are doing the right thing.

i just came in from an hour of playing catch with my oldest while watching the 2 middle boys dig in the dirt. sadly, i think i over strained my back a bit. again. i really wish this would just get better and stop bothering me all the time. i'm getting tired of hobbling like an old lady! (i tore a muscle in my left lower back feb '07 and it has taken forever to get better and it's still not 100%, maybe 80% better) but it felt good to get out there and really play with the kiddos for a bit, even if i will be sore for a few days!

the mr is getting the grill ready, i found a package of "hockey pucks" aka frozen pre-formed burgers in the back of the freezer. yay for easy dinner! got a couple cans of pineapple rings too... mmmmm... grilled pineapple.

mornington: i dreamt about us last night. i knew it was you because of the pink hair! we were spies, looking for super secret documents that would show the world that women were secretly running the world - we wanted to OUT them! we had super-animal sidekicks, a bun-bun, a greyhound and a raven. it was all very convoluted, not even sure that i understood all of the twists and turns, but it was all very cool. lots of dark sillouettes and half-lighting and spy music.

didya read that, N2??? she is OVER your ass! so get lost, m'kay???

(((((mando-my-heart))))) your danny tough-love proves to me that you are the world's best mom! (not that it needed proving!) and querida? you enjoy your lardass-o-thon! that is pretty much what i have planned today! today -monday - is a national holiday - Mozambican Women's Day - to honor the many women who were a big part of the mozambican revolution. this means no work. my plans: bake, sleep, read, watch movies, sleep, play with mimi the african attack cat, read some more, sleep some more, if i am feeling REALLY adventurous, go out in search of mozarella cheese - MUCH easier said than done here! so that i can make eggplant parmegiana for din din. if i can't find moz, i will just use some other kind of really melty cheese, like gryere or emmenthal.

(((((((((sashie and yeufie)))))))))

~*~*~*~*~hang in there it's almost over, billy!! vibes~*~*~*~*~*~

we are using a new CPA to do our taxes this year. she comes highly recommended by other friends who have lived overseas. we are hoping that we will get more back this year than last (but since i am having NO tax taken out of my pay check, we KNOW that we will owe. hopefully, it isn't the huge amount it was last year. )

kvetch: it probably WILL be the huge amount it was last year
anti-kvetch: THIS year, we are ready for it & have saved more than it was last year to be able to pay it.

rosiev- muito thank you for sharing!!! yum! i actually have short crust pastry left over from making a quiche that is in the i can skip that step! finding good cheddar here, though? KVETCH!!

~*~*~*~*~ crampage begone!!! vibes for rose ~*~*~*~*~

maybe millie will lie on your belly. mimi does that for me. amazingly helpful, especially when she purrs!

(((((((polly))))))) i hope that you took your laundry home!! SO glad to hear that your eye is improving. it was scary there for a while. (and how cute was it that mr polly was giving us updates????)

damona, m'dear!

~*~*~*~ healing vibrations for your lower back muscles ~*~*~*~*~*

getting old doth indeed, SUCKETH. good thing for you that you are still a sweet young thing and don't have to worry about it yet!
happy bir
thday damona!!

kiss kiss!

okies. off to start my busybusybusy lardothon day!!

hugs and kisses and silly silly sillly leeeeetle feeeshies!
Hello all! Spa breaks are the awesome. Fact. Unfortunately my newfound mellowness was rudely eroded this morning by someone from another dept giving me sh*t over something which is not my area. I actually see her point but can't say so. Grrr. I'm an academic, let me out of here!

Hotel and spa were good though. Lots of swimming and walking and massaging and hanging out doing nothing with Philippa

(((Yuefie and Sashie)))) She sounds like a very well loved dog. Fingers crossed for those test results today.

Mando, our resident teen has been pretty slack on her homework all year, so I think you're doing the right thing with the tough love. I think in her case she's had to deal with some serious changes, so the mister's cut her some slack, but he's now instituted a new regime to encourage her concentration skillz.

*waves at N2* Still got nothing better to do huh?

Kvetch: politically tense meeting after lunch + person venting to me= that Monday feeling. Another busy two weeks loom before I hit my deadline. Is it bad I can't wait for next weekend already?

Kvetch #2: I had a nightmare about said meeting last night: I showed up sans documents and everyone looked at me pityingly.

Happy Monday everyone.

Happy Birthday Damona!

{{{reenergizing lazy teen vibes to Mando and Sybarite}}} My step-sis seems to have mastered the "I did my homework, I just forgot to turn it in" BS. I do not understand that at all. And now Kittenb reveales herself to be a curmudgeonly old man who always mutteres about "Kids today..."

{{{tes}}} sounds like a fun dream.

{{{polly can drive vibes!}}} Yes, I want to learn to be comfortable enough on my bike that I will ride anywhere. A good friend of mine is my role model for that. She will ride anywhere but downtown.

{{{yuefie}}} I am glad that you are surrounded by so much love right now. It sounds like Sashie is a fantastic companion.

{{{mornington}}} At least you have a life, and a wonderful one at that, and don't need to go stalk somone on the Internet.

{{{roseviolet}}} You've made me curious about trying pasties. I have only ever had one once before. I might poke around and see if I can find a recipe I like. Onions and cheese do not sounds great to me, but only because I don't like onions. Now, cheese and meat, that might be fun. But it that really any different than a Hot Pocket? rolleyes.gif

My weekend was really fun. The boy and I saw Run, Fat Boy, Run on Saturday. Yesterday, I did brunch, rode around on my bike, went to the gym and ended the day at a previously cancelled Easter Dinner. We laughed so hard the entire night I thought I was going to pull a muscle. I must confess to the some early bitchiness on my part at the party. My best friend hosted and I never get to see him anymore. Meanwhile, his boyfriend and his boyfriend's best friend helped to host the party. They are both wonderful people and I have no jelousy towards the boyfriend. But the best friend, well, I can't help view her as "The Other Woman." After all, her and my friend work in the same field and always have professional events that I am not invited to go to and they are all part of the same social group and I miss out on the action. It is so stupid that I feel this way b/c most of my party going fag-hag days are over by my choice, but I am still really jelous about how much time she gets to spend with my best friend. I am honselty not sure if I would get this jelous if my boyfriend were hanging out with another woman. Okay, I probably would but it's different. *sigh* I need to get over this.

Happy Birthday, Damona!

((((((((yuefie and sashie))))))))) I'm thinking of you today.

N2, there are far more productive things you could be doing than lurking here and stalking an ex from years ago... how about wanking? or trainspotting? or reading the dictionary and multiplying those few brain cells of yours?

(((everybody else))) I have a very painful mouth from wisdom tooth extraction Friday and have spent a long weekend doing absolutely nothing and now I'm intending to do more of the same.
*popping in to check on Sashie*

QUOTE(roseviolet @ Apr 6 2008, 09:33 AM) *
Get a hobby. Because internet-stalking your ex is beyond lame.

That can probably be directed at someone else we both know. *waving* Stalking is stalking and even over the internet it is still a crime!!!

(((Sashie))) Yuefie, even I am fighting the tears, and I've only seen her in pictures!

(((Silvie))) glad she's eating on her own!

Happy B day to Dusty and Damona!!!!

happy birthday (((((damona)))))

(((((yuefie & sashie))))) been thinking of you both all day

((((((kvetchies))))) you make me laff. I got an apology from N2.

((((polly)))) yay for silvie eating on her own!

((((bunny)))) ***mouf feel better*** can you eat ice-cream?

((((kitten)))) seriously, your life will be changed when you eat pasties. and sometimes... well, a little jealousy is natural if you feel left out!

((((syb))) boo on deadlines but yay for enjoying the break *boots teen up the bum* D'ya think you could improve my concentration skillzors too wink.gif

((((mando)))) tough love is what's needed, you're doing great!

(((((tes))))) hee, a dream about me?! we'd make excellent sleuth-spies!

((((rosev)))) */*period boo!*\*

has anyone seen zoya?


i've spent the day lounging; I know I have to tidy up and start revising, but I'm shattered after scotland and then G.

kvetch: mornmama wants to know when I'm flying out to visit, but I don't *really* want to visit and haven't got the heart to tell her that sitting on my arse in algiers for two weeks isn't what I had planned for a summer break - I'm planning on getting a job 'cos I is po' (I'm so using your phrase Damona) and going to a music festival with G, maybe visiting Zoya and Bunny... y'know, things. Besides, she might be moving in july, and I'd rather visit her somewhere new and I know she'll strop if I don't visit there as well I'm such a bad daughter.

antikvetch: I'm proud of G... he's giving seminars on an area he works in. And other stuff. 'scuse me while i go see if he's googleable again. laugh.gif

Happy birthday damona!! Happy belated birthday wishes for the year ahead to dusty! Hope you had a good one.

Kittenb, I have turned overnight into Miss Curmudgeonly from Curmudgeon street. According to me, back in the (unspecified) day, TV shows were more benign, kids played outdoors from dawn 'til dusk, did chores uncomplainingly and never demanded the remote. Oh, and we walked six miles to school in the snow too. Although I have to say all this ferrying of kids from activity to activity these days annoys me on about ten different levels... see, there I go again...

Anyway, Mando, it sounds like Danny is responding well to your tough love, and also like he was genuinely pressured for time. There's an expectation with theatre productions that everything must be dropped for rehearsals etc, which is unrealistic if you're in school, no?

We survived the meeting *breathes out*
Thanks for the birthday wishes, (((Mandi))), (((Pixie))) and (((Sybarite))). I had a great weekend, except for worrying about the really obvious questions I didn't ask in my interview on Friday. Arg. Like when they would get back to me. Double arg.

I hope Danny got his assignment done.

So...please help me with my chronology: N2, G, American dude, G?

(((Sashie and Yuefie)))

knew I forgot something!

((((dusty)))) belated happy birthday!

and in terms of cronology... G, N2, american, J, the swede/B, G (although J & B only lasted for a few weeks and can't remember if i mentioned them)

syb, I mutter about kids today. and the last time i checked... well, I was a kid today a few years ago.
(((((kvetchies))))) I seriously love you all so much.

~~belated birthday wishes for our dearest dusty and damona~~

((((mandi)))) tough love isn't just tough on them, it's tough on you too honey.

~~~bunny's mouth feel better~~~

ha, eating crow N2?

Oh and yes, yay for silvie eating on her own!

We haven't heard anything yet, still holding my breath but really, I know what's coming. I did a but of reading on canine lymphosarcoma and it's stages and progression and judging from all of the lymph nodes being hard and her stomach swelling, she is nearing the end stages of it. I'm at home with her waiting for the phone call so I can figure out how soon we are saying goodbye. I really can't allow myself to be selfish and let suffer any more than she already has, but it's hard to know when is best. Of course I've already called the vet's office twice today and am probably annoying them but I don't give a crap.

She slept most of the weekend, but she is still eating and all the normal stuff. Yesterday we did a little tour in the car so she could see all of her favorite people. Then R and I drove up the coast highway with the window down so she could smell the ocean air. She has always loved the ocean. I have a feeling whoever had her before me lived up that way because of the way she has always perked up with her sniffer going crazy in the that area of San Diego. So yeah, there she was riding on my lap with her head out the window, ears flapping in the wind while we listened to Mustang Sally and sang "Ride, Sashie, Ride". Then we picked up my sis at the airport and by the time we made it home, the poor girl was ready for bed. Our total trip lasted about 3 hours and it was the most alert she was all weekend. I think it's been nice for her, but really it's for us. She's been sleeping between R and I, who has been staying with me and being so wonderfully supportive and sweet. I will update you all as soon as I know what's happening.

awwwwwww.... thank you guys for all the birthday wishes!! you are all so sweet!


((((((((((((happy belated birthday dusty!))))))))))

internet stalkers need to seriously get a life. they suck spotted monkey toes.

(((((((bunnyb))))))))) i feel your pain dear, i had 2 wisdom teeth out about a month ago. it's highly unpleasant. i recall eating a lot of yogurt for a couple days.

kittenb, i too am a curmudgeon these days. damn kids, why can't they just behave like we always did? oh, wait, they kinda do... biggrin.gif my oldest son told me the other day that it's been a really long time since i was a kid and i don't understand. ouch.

tes, i hope you are enjoying your lazy day. keeeces!

i stayed out far too late last night, especially since i had to be up at 6.30... but it was fun. got to see some friends i don't see very often and got embarrassed when j. got the waitress to bring me a piece of cake and everybody sang to me. i was so red, i matched the strawberry on the cake!

kvetch: so i drag myself out of bed, after less than 4 hours sleep, drag little z out, and away we go for his therapy. all well and good, right? no problem, right? yeah, right. i get there, and his o.t. looks at me and says, "didn't you get my message? the insurance turned him down. we have to refile his clam. i can't see him today." remember, i still have no phone, so she left a message with my mother on friday about this. i've seen my mother and/or stepdad twice since friday! not a word was mentioned about any message! *sigh* so i now have a pissed off kid (cuz he loves his therapy sessions) who is screaming at me for the whole ride home (did i mention it's over 30 miles? each way?) about how he's mad at me and i made him late for school, etc. we get to school and he won't talk to the secretary, or the aide, or the teacher... oy.

kvetch 2: after i dropped little z off, i was on my way home when my ex drove past, waved frantically and pulled over. so *big sigh* i pulled over and he came trotting up to my window and proceeded to bitch and moan about his latest romantic disaster. eh, whatever, i really don't mind listening, BUT i really just wanted to get back to bed!

so i finally get home and am told i cannot go back to bed because i need to get to bed early tonight b/c i am on my own with the crew tomorrow. *growl*

anti-kvetch: my hubby made me pepperoni pizza for lunch. and there was mention of cake. but so far it's just a rumor.

anti-kvetch: the said ex popped up with a gift bag a couple hours ago, just to be nice.

anti-kvetch: lots of birthday greetings in my email and online msgs and here and my other boards. it's nice to be loved.

anti-kvetch: got a birthday card from my dad with a $50 wal-mart gift card. which is cool, cuz now i can get some stuff i really need but have been putting off in favour of, oh, diapers, cat litter, etc.

oh, 1 final kvetch? i was playing bookworm online (cuz i'm a dork like that) and i was doing really good, highest score i ever had... and i lost my internet connection and my game disappeared! i was deeply annoyed.

The vet called finally and said that it was far more advanced than even they thought. It was hard to tell because she was still able to walk, to eat and even frisky sometimes. Most dogs in her stage lose their sight and mobility. He was amazed that she wasn't worse off given how advanced it was and said that she must just be a little trooper, but clearly she was suffering and recommended that bring her in as soon as possible. So I did. First I let her have a last meal, which you can see her here sharing with Ziggy.

R, my sis and I stayed with her, holding her and petting her. In the parking lot before going in I let her have a Hershey's Kiss because that dog wanted chocolate more than anything, so much that on a few occasions she nearly killed herself by getting ahold of some. She got to lay on the fluffy throw rug she'd been obsessed with, surrounded by her people and just went to sleep. I will get her ashes back in a cedar box next week and then R and I are probably going to drive out to the desert, see the sunrise and spread some of her ashes out there.

So yeah, Sashie crossed the Rainbow Bridge around 4:45 pm
(((Yuefie))) Glad Sashie had a peaceful passing and that she no longer suffers.

Sorry I've been MIA...I know I've missed a few birthdays, but Sidecar, Dusty, Damona, a belated good one to you all!!! Did I miss anyone? I hope not.

I've been in a funny head space...with the gallery closing and graduating from therapy, I feel like I'm starting a new phase of my life. It's good, and I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with myself. I haven't been working much (census very low), but I haven't gotten much done around the house, either.
Whoops...maybe it's the downtime I need...yeah, that's it! I've been lurking, but every time I go to post, I just can't focus on it. So lurking, and thinking of everyone.
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