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{{{candycane_girl mom}}} My mother has chronic pain so I have some idea how stressful that can be. I hope the neurosurgeon can help. Has she tried some of the more intense forms of body work (cranial-sacral, neuromuscular massage, etc.)? Some of it can do wonders.

{{{rv}}} I kind of wish that I was a good enough cook that people worried about letting me down but that just isn't going to happen. rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif

{{{pixie & mrpixie}}} Congrats! OOOOO, a flatscreen....


{{{hello polly and mornington and pete}}}

I am swamped with kitties at the moment and let me tell you, Olivia is no featherweight at the moment. She burned off some pounds when she was having the anxiety problems but now she is back to what I call her "winter weight." I feel like I have a few encyclopedias sitting on my shoulder. After last after work I tried to spend some time with the boy at an improv show but he got paged by his job and to go run to solve some computer problem. He was so frazzled he didn't even remember to kiss me goodbye and I was left watching the show on my own. Not the way I had planned for the evening to end.
((candycane)) sciatica sucks- I had it a couple of years ago when I had back problems that caused me to walk off-kilter, which aggravated the nerve. Maybe your mom's is worse than LeMom's, but she went to a chiropractor who used radio waves (maybe ultrasonic? I don't remember exactly) on her sciatic nerve, which had been in pain for decades. After 2-3 treatment sessions, it was gone and hasn't been back since. Has she tried something like that?

Congrats to Mr. Pixie!!
((((((((((((CC Girl's Mom)))))))))))))))))))

Kvetch: Stressed. Oooooout.
There's just too much going on. Friends and family members in the hospital and things like that. BestGalPal's dad is doing very very poorly and probably won't survive the week. And my dear pal, A, had to go back to the ER (she's okay now, but she is SO ready for this pregnancy to be over). And my mother has yet another eye surgery schedule for this Friday. And all of this is happening so far away from me and there's nothing I can do to help my loved ones and aaaaaaaaaaahhhh! And I think the cat needs to go to the vet (I suspect that she has a bad tooth). And I need to mow the lawn and I have a terrible headache and I need to buy groceries and I still haven't done our taxes and uuuuuuuuuuuuggggghhhh. On top of this, I'm reading Girlbomb's new book which is good, but it's also stressing me out (a main character is in the hospital - and this is a memoir, of course, so that means that a REAL person that I now feel I know was suffering like this and my heart just goes out to her, which is, ya know, stressful). Plus, there's a discussion going on on a local blog about race, class, a socioeconomics (yes, a discussion completely seperate from what's going on in the white priviledge thread) & some idiot on there is suggesting that I am classist and racist because I prefer to live in a neighborhood that is populated by good, law-abiding citizens. It's so ridiculous ... especially if you actually knew where I lived! Grrrrrrrrrrr.

Millie got outside. She ran away. It happened about an hour ago. I tried to catch her ... chased her all around the house ... but I lost sight of her when she ran under the deck and now I don't know where she is. I looked everywhere on our property and around the neighbors' yards and stuff until Sheff came home. Now he's out looking for her while I sit here in case she comes back to the house.

I'm so upset. I'm so scared. We've only had her a month. She doesn't have a collar, but she has a microchip. God, I hope she comes home.

Sorry about all the family & friend's health woes!

And, oh no, Millie! She's probably closer than you think, just scared to come out. Put some tuna, something stinky, outside and hopefully she'll find her way back. Sit outside and call her name calmly....a lot of times they just need to get their courage up to come out to the familiar voice. ~*~*~*come home Millie vibes ~*~*~*
(((((rose))))) */*/*/come home millie\*\*\* what polly said, it's more likely she's close by but scared and needs tempting out. if she's got a favourite food i'd put that out, and maybe leave a door open and let her get on with it - she's probably more frightened than anything

congrats mr pixie!

((((cc mom))))
~*~**~*Millie come Home****
~*~**~*Soothing vibes to Rose~**~**~~*~* Hope all the loved one's get healthy! Don't let the book stress you too much, hon. It has a suprise ending that will piss you off.

Just had to do a flyby kvetch! I made teh mistake of telling minipixies dad that Mr. Pixie doesn't have to teach as early this semester as he did last semester on Wed nights. The ex's new wife is supposed to pick mini up at 4, but now she's coming later and later like 4:20-*4:30!!! It wouldn't be such an issue but the poor micropixie is stuck sitting that the babysitter's until she picks mini up and Mr. Pixie can come get him! Inconsiderate, freaking promptness-challenged people!
Good news! She's home! But I'm so wiped out from all the crying that my headache has turned into a migraine & I'm really nauseated. I'll tell you the whole story later. Thanks for the vibes!!!

Thank goodness! Feel better rose!!

Sorry about the asshattery, pixie.
Thank goodness rv... I know what hell I had with Miles....

I had a seizure over the weekend. It had been two months. So, I've been pretty depressed which is why I've been lurking. Luckily, I've had most of the week off. smile.gif I've just been chilling around the house, and watching dvds.

Anti-Kvetch: I'm going to Ave Q on Friday.... yay!


Yay! Millie is home! I hope you are feeling better as you give her lots of "I don't know whether to hug you or kill you cat" snuggles.


{{{pixie}}} that is soooooo rude. I am tired of people and their stupid controlling time issues.

{{{Mornington & polly & all!}}}

Happy Thursday, everybody! It feels like Friday to me, though.

(((((((((Sassy))))))))) I'm so sorry to hear about the seizure.

(((((((((More love for CC's Mom)))))))))))

(((((Pixie)))))))) Sorry to hear about the asshattery.

((((((((((endless love for Polly, Morn, & Pixie for the kind words while I was so stressed out))))))))))))))
When I couldn't find Millie, I thought about Miles and other Bustie cats who've gone missing in the past & my sympathy for all of you multiplied 10 fold. It was sooooooooo awful.

So here's the story. Basically, I left the side door and back door to the house open while I looked around for Millie. When Sheff came home, he went out in search of Millie with an open tin of cat food in his hand while I stayed home & put bowls of wet cat food by the open doors. Sheff came home empty-handed after looking for over an hour. Then he went upstairs, walked into our bedroom ... and saw Millie laying on our bed!
I have no idea when she got back into the house. For all we know, she ran right back into the house as quickly as she ran out of it. I can't believe we spent 2 hours looking for her! I didn't know whether to be pissed off with her or grateful to see that she was safe the whole time.
(((((((rose))))))) sorry you went through all that stress with Millie, but at least she's back! Animals can be so frustrating at times.

(((((sassy))))) take it easy


Thanks for the mom vibes. The doctor said that she most likely has nerve damage and she's going to be going back in a couple of weeks to get some kind of test where they shock your nerves or something to see exactly where the damage is. Or at least, that's how I understood it.
*dipping toes in to ease back into thread*

rosie v: SO happy to hear that millie is back! we love our furry babies, don't we?

speaking of which: mornington, WHAT a cutie pie pic of pete!!! (people who give their children baby bunnies and chicks for easter should be shot at dawn)

~*~*~*~*~*rose's loved ones*~*~*~*~*~*

sassy, BOO on the seizure. mad.gif but, YAY on Q street!!! tongue.gif

((((((((candy cane girl and her mom))))))))

pixie, babe, some people are just plain ass hats.

congratumalations to mr pixie!!!

my sister the pennwee healer is still devastated about the loss of her falcon. BUT there is good news! she is still planning to come and see me in october!! we will go on safari and also fly to madagascar for lemur watching! wooooooo hoooooo! i think that her being able to make plans for the future is a good sign. she also feels that continuing to do what she and falcon were planning to do is a way to honor him and keep him alive.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, i've got my e-tix to leave for the USA on 19 april!!!! i'll arrive on the 20th, and elle is scheduled to be induced on the 22cd. cross your fingers for me that she doesn't go into labor by herself until i can get there!

work is crazy busy and as stupid and screwy and wonderful and uplifting all at the same time, as usual.

i had to get there late on wednesday because they told us the night before that the electricity was "unavoidably and undelayably (is that even a word?)" going to be cut from 6 am until 9 am. gotta love it. at least they told us, a friend's water was shut off last friday and stayed off all weekend. he had to go to another friend's house to bathe!

big hugs, little kisses, and silly silly silly fishes!!!

eta: since it is friday: nude mesh net bra with black tattoo effect flowers and matching thong. damn, i've missed talking about my "drawers"!
Hey everybody! Happy Friday! I think I may change my avatar pic to Miles if I can find a cute picture of him.

Candycane, glad your mom is doing better.

Waves hello at Tes and Mornington!!

Kvetch: Where is those awesome decorator people when you need them? Mcgeek and I just found out that our little 5X7 bathroom is going to cost 20,000 to re-do because of water damage. Shit, we just bought the Civic! I wish I knew how to re-do a bathroom! I keep telling myself that we'll make some money back when we sell the house in a couple of years. Yet, I'm so happy that I still have an apartment and don't have to deal directly with this yet. It seems every month that there's a huge expense.

Anti-kvetch: Going to drool over the leads in Stop Loss this weekend.... and finally having a Saturday off. That hasn't happened in over a month.

Undies report: Blue boyshorts with stars on them. White Sports Bra.

*peeking in* *waving*

hi kvetchies! i realize i haven't been here in nearly 2 years, but i thought i'd poke my nose in and see who's still around. makes me happy to see so many familiar names!

*sneaks out again*
hi damona *waves*

((((sassy)))) fuck, that's some money. Are you redoing totally, new fittings etc? and how did you like avenue q?

((((tes)))) i've suddenly remembered - when i was in glasgow, bun and zoya and i were exploring a shop; we found a stamp saying "silly little fishes!" and everyone thought i was weird when I got excited. Fingers crossed for elle & bebe, and continued love to pennwee. I think it's great she's honouring falcon like that.

((((cc & ccmom)))) that's good news!

((((rose)))) that's such a relief! so good she found her way back

((((polly)))) how's your eye?

((((sixie, star, zoya, bun, pixie, yuefie, mando, sidecar & martini & fam, faith, syb, billy, culture & turbo & okayers & lurkers))))

so... turned in my last piece of coursework today and tomorrow i get up at six am to catch a train to scotland to go look at mountains and get excited by rocks. for a week. I'm kinda looking forward to it, but... i really hope it doesn't snow.

kvetch: my card got turned down today. I have a little money in my purse, and i *do* have some savings, but this means I've officially maxed out my overdraft, i'm now £1500 in debt and I'm fucked if my rent and school fees go into my account before the rest of my loan comes through. thankfully i have my exam timetable so i have three months to earn some money in.

and, uh, I'm getting back with G. yes, G who I was dating before the thing with F kicked off; he's been waiting for me all this time and I think I'm ready. I'm grinning like a damn fool; I've been weighing up the pros and cons of a relationship with him and we talked it over last night and... yes. and hot damn am i getting some. he might not be the handsomest catch but dear maude that man pushes all my buttons.
*fly-by* morn, zoya and I got why you were excited about the stamp! we all immediately thought of tes. Yay for hot portions!

(((damona))) good to see you! how are the children? how is little D?


(((ccgirl's mum)))

(((rose))) glad millie turned up.


I'm posting briefly whilst boy is on phone to a friend. Celebrating my birthday (Monday) this weekend in Edinburgh.

undies: pink mesh pants with curly cream lace trim with matching padded (t-shirt style) bra.

Have a great weekend!


My eye is doing well (thanks for asking, morn!) I had a dr's appt today and he thinks everything is progressing nicely. I go back on April 10th; unfortunately, he said I have to wait at least until then to get my vision re-tested for glasses. Also, he said that glasses might be okay but contacts would be better because my vision will be so different between the eyes and sometimes the brain has a hard time processing that, even with glasses. Contacts would be better because they're right up against the eye, whereas glasses sit an inch or so away. The last time I tried contacts I lost half my eyelashes trying to get the damn things in because I have such a strong blink reflex. Anyway, that's a bridge I'll cross when I get to it.

Albus is officially ours! We went and signed the papers tonight. We brought him with so the people at the shelter could see how much better he looks. They have a cat that they keep out in the main room because she doesn't get along with others. When Albus saw her, he hissed and started growling at her! We've never heard him do that, so we were pretty surprised! I guess he's gotten used to being the only cat in his environment!

Anyway, I was at dr's appointments and running errands with my mom all day, and now LeBoy and I are going out to dinner, so no time to catch up.

I'll be back later to post individually!

((hugs to all!))
Hi, Damona! Good to see you! What have you been up to for the last 2 years?

Happy early birthday, Bunny!

Morn, we just want you to be with somebody who makes you happy. Hooray for portions! Boo hiss on being broke.

Sassy, $20K is a hell of a lot of money for one little bathroom! What on earth are they going to do? And who gave you that quote? There's got to be a way you can do it for much less.

Tes, I can't believe Elle's baby is almost here! How exciting!!!!
(((((((((((((continued lovin' for Pennwee)))))))))))))))))

(((((((((more love for CC Girl's mom)))))))))))

Polly, thanks for the up-date! Maybe you could try those long-wearing contacts. Then you won't have to put them in every day. smile.gif

And Yuefie, are you out there? How's the neck?

Can I just say thank god it is Friday. It's been a stressful week for both me and Sheff and I'm so much happier now that he's home relaxing with me.

Kvetch: This week has been all about the Millie Cat.
Millie has been having trouble eating crunchy foods. A couple of times she has yelped out in pain while eating, causing her to drop the food out of her mouth and even run away from her food bowl. Well, I took her to the vet and, as expected, she needs to have some dental work done. Her poor gums are bright red and swollen, too. Poor baby. The bad news is that everything - antibiotics, bloodwork, everything - will cost almost $500. Oof.

Anti-kvetch: She was soooooooo good at the vet's office! She didn't hiss or meow or scratch or hide or anything. The vet said that she won the Best Cat of the Day award. biggrin.gif

If you have some extra vibes to spare, please send them along to my BestGalPal and her family. Her father has very advanced cancer & is expected to pass on within the week. BestGalPal is holding up okay so far, but her brothers are not.

I'm around Rose, just been lurking mostly. My neck is feeling a whole lot better, so yay for that. I was silently vibing really hard for Millie to come home and was so relieved to read that she had. Ugh, BUSTie kitties sure do love to give us scares. Ziggy has gotten out and stayed out ALL night a few times in recent weeks. I can never relax until he comes home and meows loudly at the door in the morning.

((((RoseV's bgp & family))))

Have a fabulous weekend, bunny!

Damona!! So great to see you, girlie smile.gif

~~~pain be gone vibes for CCmom~~~

~~~$$$$$ vibes for morn~~~

((((tes & pennwe)))) how exciting about Elle's bebe!

(((polly)))) yay for your eye progressing well and for Albus being official!

~~~no more seizures vibage for sassy~~~

((((mandi)))) just 'cause

where is amilita? and billy? it is Friday after all...

(((((sidecar, sixela, syb, star, pixie, faith, zoya, candy, kitten, amilita, billy, plummie, raisin, crassy, everyone)))))

Tonight R, PJ and I had dinner with a friend who is in town from AZ visiting her family. I was so nervous about it because she's basically a major ball-buster. And though I love her and know she doesn't mean any real harm, I was just nervous on R's behalf. I gave myself a farking headache over it and then she turned out to be on what could only be described as her best behavior. So yay for that. Don't get me wrong, there was a fair amount of trash talk and ball busting. But goddess love him, he held his own with much grace under fire.

Can I please ask for some vibes for Sashie? She just seems under the weather lately, but nothing I can pinpoint as being wrong. I took her to the vet and she checked out ok, though she had lost a little weight. But she's eating, drinking and eliminating just fine, taking her usual walks and even a little more active. But sometimes she seems sluggish, bordering on listless. I don't know what I'm expecting, she is 14 after all.

So both R's son and the niecelette had the past 2 weeks off for Spring Break and they both chose to spend much of it at my place. They playfully argue like siblings already and as you can imagine, my place was turned in to a teenage den of slack tongue.gif. I enjoyed it, mostly, being the mother hen type that I am. I have to say, they are both pretty darned good kiddos. But alas, they've both gone home and it is now fairly quiet again. Ahhhh...

under report: red hipsters with black polka dots & black lacy bra
Whoo hoo for Ms. Mornington's portions!!!Gotta love a man who can push your buttons!

And Happy early Birthday to Bunny!!

I too can not believe Elle is going to have a baby already. It wasn't that long ago Aunt Tes was stresing over wedding plans!

Hope Sashie feels better!

Holy maude, Rose! $500!! For something you and I used to do on a regular basis! man I do not miss the days of giving cat's dentals!

Everything is going ok with us. I am loving my new position at work! I have gotten a ton of compliments alredy about my ability to handle some situations that have cropped up and yesterday as i was cutting up with some one while stuffing envelopes some one came in and said," I have never heard you giggle before! The change in your demeanor here is amazing!" So good times at the pixie workplace even though I am working my fingers to teh bone and coming home dog weary. It's much better than crunching numbers for an unappreciative hag.

And we are starting to get uber excited about our trip to New York in 2 weeks!!! Can someone tell me what the weather is like up there right now? We are going to a fancy restraunt somewhere in The City (god, I love that I don't mean OKC) for the big shindig and I don't know if I should wear slacks and a sweater or a dress. I also need to figure out if I can shortalls or long pants for the micropixie.
I wish we are staying long enough for some Busty meet ups but all we are going to have time for is to see Patchouge where Mr. Pixie grew up, the Hamptons where the uncle lives(Squee, I'm going to The Hamptons!), and one day in Manhatten.
I just have to say my girl cat will never get "Best Cat of the Day." Not at a vet's. rolleyes.gif

Yay mornington for getting the good stuff!

{{{ms.yuefie}}} glad to hear that your neck is better.

{{{polly}}} good luck with the new eye wear. I would hate it if I had to wear contacts every day. I just don't like them that much.

{{{rv, damonda, bunnyb, candycane_girl, and all related kvetch pets and other furry creatures}}}

I had a great date last night with the boy and we had a nice conversation about what was happening b/w us. Today I am feeling all cooey and gooey and I can't stop grinning. At some point this week I hope to get my bike totally sold off. My best friend is buying $200 worth of massage from me and the money is going straight to the bike shop. SO tomorrow I am hoping to get to Target for a helmet, lock and some other accessories. So here is to new wheels very soon!

Have a great Saturday all!

ETA: Glad to hear that things are so great at work pixiedust.

{{{sassy}}} $20K? Holy crap!
wow, i honestly didn't think anyone would remember me lol. i feel all warm and fuzzy now biggrin.gif i loves me some busties!

let's see... yay for mornington gettin her some good portions... i'm jealous!

bunnyb, thanks for asking about the kiddos! big d, little z, little d and little w are all happy and healthy (and sassy!) now that we got their diets/therapies/supplements all pretty well sorted out. both little z and little d are diagnosed with pdd-nos, which is an autistic spectrum disorder, and it's been a long hard slog to get them everything they need (damn insurance companies). but! i have prevailed! oh, and lest i forget, happy birthday ((((((((bunnyb)))))))))!!

(((((polly))))) i was so sorry to hear about your eye problems, dear. very glad that things are getting better for you and i wish you luck with those wretched contacts. i had them briefly when i was in 8th grade and i was such a sissy about poking myself in the eye my mom had to help me get them out!

(((((rosev))))) ~*~*~*vibes for best galpal*~*~*~ and your poor kitty! my mama has a kitty that has had similar issues. he was not a happy camper and i'm sure that millie isn't either. and to answer your question about what i've been up to the last 2 years... 3 words pretty much describe my life. chaos, insanity and hysteria. we tend to go from 1 crisis to the next without much breathing space in between. i keep threatening that when we get our (pitifully tiny) tax refund i'm going to run away for a weekend and get a hotel room and bring a stack of books and not tell anybody where i am!

(((((msyuefie))))) ~*~*~*~feel better vibes for sashie~*~*~*~ glad to hear your neck is better and happy for you that your dinner with your friend turned out well!


i am so happy to be back!!!!
*waves* Wow, I totally missed your first post Damona! Welcome back!
Happy birthday bunnyb!!! Hope you have a glorious day!

*waves at damona* I remember you too; welcome back.

More working today, best get back to it.... spa weekend starts next Friday though!

ETA: Okay, I must be high. Um, happy early birthday bunnyb, in advance of tomorrow... tongue.gif
*~*~*vibes for bestgalpal and family*~*~*

(((RV))) glad millie is doing better. she sure did give you lots to worry about this week!

(((morn))) congrats on the boy!

*~*~*thesis be done vibes for sybarite*~*~*

(((pixie))) hooray for liking the new job! it sounds like things have been on the up and up for you.

*~*~*healing eye vibes for polly*~*~*

(((kittenb))) i can't wait 'til the payoff for the bike is done for you.

(((yuefie))) acos

(((DM))) hope you are well. What did you think of the season finale of the L word?

(((bunnyb))) your bday is coming up?? what do you have planned??

welcome back damona!

(((sassy, six, sidecar, zoya, dusty, candycane, and other kvetchies)))

kvetch: made some big decisions this week. focusing hardcore on having a great rest of the training year. however, it means putting my dissertation aside, which means that post doc/job search will be moved to the fall.

antikvetch: i've decided to move back in with the 'rents after this training year. which means, kittenb and polly, that i'll be moving back home! it is actually a relief to me. i miss chicago. plus, living rent free for a while will be a breather until uncle sam comes looking for me for loan repayments.

kvetch: i need major vibes that my financial aid situation will change this week. i got a notice friday afternoon about the money i was approved for the rest of the year. the amount was WAY short of what i normally receive. i hoping things will work out, but still...bustie vibes always work.
(((((((pixie, syb, kittenb, stargazer, anyone else i may have missed)))))))

i am a tired gal today. mr d's friends were over last night and stayed until nearly 3am. not that i object to the boys hanging out here, i'd rather that than be left here alone while they all get to go out lol, but still, 3am! i know that they don't have kids and/or have to get up early, but we do! grumblegrumblegrum*yawn*blegrumble.

my 3 year old, little w, is sitting next to me in his little chair and keeps asking me "what ya sayin mom? what ya sayin??" this adorable child is the same one who flooded the downstairs bathroom yesterday, by plugging up the sink. oy.

i know i'm early but i just want to wish the happiest of birthdays to my darling bunnyboo! i hope your day is filled with uber loveliness!

(((star))) free rent is a wondrous thing indeed. will you still be in b**t*n in july? i might be venturing northward then.

so nice to see you again, damona! happy to hear the kidlets are doing well.

congrats on the new impending arrival, auntie tesao!

(((sidecar))) did you get my birfday email, sweetheart?

pixie, do pack layers. i'm still wearing my winter coat for morning zoey walks, but methinks in 2 weeks, it'll be warm enough for light jackets and heavy sweaters. and how cool is it that you're gonna be on The Island before it gets packed with cars and an obscene number of humans? when we lived there, i loved going out east ... but only off season. westhampton beach is the purdiest beach on earth imho. worth a 30 minute detour, if you can.

(((yuefie))) *run-around-the-house-all-happy-and-healthy-and-stop-making-mama-worry-vibes for sashiepupper*

(((candy & candymom))) sciatica is the absolute worst. all parts crossed for your mom.

(((polly))) glad to hear your feeling better. and i tried contacts many times before they finally worked. luckily there are a billion types out there now. i recently switched from coopervision encore premiums to acuvue oasys - both 2 week disposables, and both very comfy for super-sensitives eye people, like moi.

millykitty ran away? boohiss on roaming kitties! and rose, dental work is so important for kitties. my mom's even taking 16 yr+ peachy to have hers cleaned soon (she's already been checked, and the vet says she's healthy enough for it). gum disease can lead to a host of bad issues for kitties. it'll be worth every penny in the long run.

kvetch: horribly boring weekend. *yawn*
antikvetch: my house - specially my kitchen floor - is clean, at least.
kvetch: period.and.accompanying.hormonal.blues.from.hell.

(((sassy, dm, kitten, mornington, sybarite, dusty, everyone)))
mando, i'll still be here. 'til the first week in september. it would be great if you came to visit. wink.gif
got back today from a fun conference/visiting friends weekend in the twin cities!

(mando i got yr email -- didn't i write you back? maybe it didn't go through. but many thanks!)

happy early birthday to bunnyb!
*pokes head in*

Hi Kvetchies! Hope everyone is doing well, I just wanted to say Happy Birfday to Bunny!!! Hope it's a great one!
*smooches*, culture!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! (sidecar and mando: you weren't early as it was already the 31st here! the clocks went forward in the UK yesterday).

I had a lovely early birthday weekend with the boy: we had Indian food, watched dvds, went to the pub to watch the Old Firm Game (football- Glasgow derby), went to see 27 dresses (cute), the boy cooked my favourite Jamie Oliver dish, shopped for holiday clothes (I spent so much), had pizza and lots of portions. Today, I travelled home, opened pressies (lots of lovely things received at home and from the boy), had lunch with bunnymama, read, watched 101 Dalmations (the boy bought me dvd) and in a while my friend kinkykatykins is coming over to make me pizza ... I like birthdays smile.gif.

(((everybody))) I'm sorry but I'm having a me day tongue.gif.
What a fabulous birthday, Bunny! Hooray!!!

~~~~~~~ soothing for Mandi ~~~~~~~

~$$$~$$$~$$$~ financial vibes for Stargazer ~$$$~$$$~$$$~

Glad to hear you had a good weekend, Sidecar.

Damona, I don't know how you do it. Major kudos to you, hon.

Miss Millie is at the vet's office today for her dental work. I'll pick her up in an hour. Here's hoping she doesn't hate me! And here's hoping that she doesn't have to go back to the vet for a looooong long time. Sweet kitten doesn't deserve to go through more of this.
(((((rosev and millie))))

happy bunny birthday! (little w is watching 101 dalmations right now. i squee'd when i heard it was out on dvd and begged the mr to go get it.) i'm glad you have had a good b-day weekend!

((((mando)))) how's your kidlet doin?

*~*~*~financial vibes for stargazer~*~*~*

kvetch: it's so cloudy and rainy here today... had a thunderstorm earlier and it freaked out little d to the screaming point. but it's just so generally gloomy i had a hard time even getting up this morning. i thought it was much earlier than it really was! and then i had to convince little d that going out to the bus in the rain wasn't going to hurt him. thank the gods that the thunder had stopped by then or i never would have got him out the door!

anti-kvetch: all but 1 kid is in school now! i am so glad spring break is over... i was getting to the pulling-my-hair-out stage.

Happy Birthday Bunnyb!

It is really gray and drizzly in Chicago today. So, to perk us up, here are some lovely photos:

Spring is coming, right?

I hope Millie had an easy vet visit.

Lots of happy energy vibes for stargazer. It will be nice to have you back here. smile.gif

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First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUNNY!!!! Mwah!

Second of all, can I get some "Crossing the Rainbow Bridge" vibes? My family kitty, Silvie, who lives with my parents, may not make it though the night. We've had her since 1991. She's 17 or 18 years old. When my mom got up this morning, she was just sort of laying at the bottom of the stairs. She seems to not have full use of her back legs anymore. We're not sure if it was a stroke or what. She's been wobbling around all day, but she was eating....until I got there after work and puked up everything she'd eaten today. If she makes it through the night, my parents are going to take her to the vet tomorrow and there's a 99.9% chance they'll put her to sleep. She's lived a good life, but I'm sad. sad.gif

Be back later.
Even after a long and good life, it's misery to say goodbye. I hope things work out as they should.
(((((((((((sweet Silvie kitty)))))))))))))
It sounds like she was a well loved cat who lived a long, happy life with your family. My thoughts will definitely be with Silvie and your family today.
(((((((((((Polly's family))))))))))))))

Speaking of cats, Millie is home. I brought her home yesterday afternoon. They had to remove 7 teeth. Seven! My poor kitten! She only has one of her 4 canine teeth left. Poor baby. Since coming home, she has spent almost all of her time in her favorite room, the guest room. She has spent a lot of time under the bed, but she'll come out to be pet and scratched and to eat or use her litter box. The good news is that she's eating and taking her pain meds and she should be feeling much better in 5 days. Seeing her like this is breaking my heart, though. I feel so guilty.

Kvetch & anti-kvetch: This is the 4th day in a row that it is raining here. It's supposed to rain every day this week. This is great because we're still under an extreme drought here (complete with the never-ending water restrictions. but it's bad because the trees and bushes are in bloom and I'd love to go to the park and enjoy it, but it's just too darm wet!
(((Polly and Sylvie)))

Yikes, (((Rose)))! Sucks that you have to take her for major tooth action so soon after she has joined your family. Glad that she doesn't seem pissed at you. I guess its kind of like getting cats fixed, which was way harder than I expected.
roseviolet - will Millie get new teeth to replace the ones that were removed? Were the bad ones "baby" teeth? It is pretty common for cats to hide when they are not feeling good so it makes sense that she is under the bed.

{{{pollystyrene and family}}} 18 years is so long to be blessed w/a pet but that doesn't make it any easier to say goodbye.

Today is a day off for me, sort of. I did an overnight at work so I got home around 8:30. It is still gray outside like yesterday but I need to get up the energy to get to the gym. At the moment I barly have interest in brushing my teeth. It is cold outside and that is making me whiney.

Meh. dry.gif I am going to load up on caffinee and then get moving.

{{{warm, sunny day vibes to kvetchies}}}

Drive by ...

Just wanted to share Gmail's April Fool's Day joke.
Did you see the Google joke?


Make sure to look at the questionnaire! laugh.gif

((rose & Millie)) It's pretty common for cats to need teeth extracted as they get older. She'll probably need soft food from now on, right? Don't feel guilty! She'd be in a lot more misery if you left them in there. She'll be back to herself soon!

It's icky here, too- it rained hard and harder yesterday and today it's cold, gray and flurrying. I wish it would just be freaking spring already. LeBoy heard that the same weather system that made the winter long and miserable is also going to make summer long and miserable. Wasn't last summer long and miserable, too? Ugh. I'd take summer over winter just about any day, but running the a/c gets expensive. I figured out how to clean the filter on our a/c units a couple months ago, so hopefully that will make them a little more efficient. And we put mylar up on our windows to reduce the heat that gets in. It actually helps a lot, even if it looks cheesy from the outside. Stupid western exposure.

Thanks for the hugs for Silvie. I haven't talked to my mom, so I'm not sure what's happened today. She was a tough old broad of a cat. I'll post a picture soon- I gotta find my photo album. unsure.gif
Cats can die from infected teeth/gums.
Polly, I was just looking at the Virgle page! I always love Google's April Fools Day pranks. smile.gif I hope LeBoy is wrong about the coming summer. I reallyreallyreally want this drought to end already.
((((((more love for Silvie and Polly's family))))))

Kitten, I feel ya. I have had no desire at all to venture out in the rain. I just want to sit inside with a book, some cake, and a warm drink.

Yeah, Dusty, that's why I took Millie into the vet's office & had this done in the first place. I was just surprised that she had to lose so many teeth! Not only was it harder on Mills than I expected, it was also harder on our bank account (I'm not even going to tell Sheff the finally tally. It was about $200 higher than the estimate).
The vet tech said that Millie will be able to eat crunchy food again in a week or so (she still has a lot of teeth left, especially on the left side). For now, she's on soft, tinned food - which is her favorite anyway. Her pain killers and antibiotics are liquids that can be mixed in her food. For instance, this morning I gave her a little bit of soft food with the pain killers mixed in. Then an hour later I gave her more soft food with the antibiotics mixed in. Luckily enough, she ate it all right up! Hooray! This means we won't have to hold her down & inject the meds into her mouth. What a relief! She's doing really well this afternoon. She came downstairs & has been hanging out in some of her favorite spots, but she isn't quite ready to curl up on my lap. Maybe tomorrow. And the vet called last night and this afternoon to check on her which is really sweet.

You can tell that life is boring for me right now since I'm spending so much time talking about my cat. wink.gif My only other news is that tomorrow marks 3 years since Sheff and I had our wedding. Aaaaaaaaw.
oh polly, i am sorry about your kitty (((((polly and fam))))) my mama's kitty, sundance, just crossed the bridge last week. he was 18, too! so many people don't even know that cats can live that long but if you take care of them, they can live to be 18-20, no prob.

rosev, glad to hear that millie will be okay!

kittenb, it's not raining here... at the moment, anyway. i heard on the radio weather this morn that we were supposed to get 14-18" of snow in our area. there was a sort of horrified pause from the dj's and then the weather chick yelled "april fool! i got ya, i got ya, didn't i??" i swear, i had stopped breathing for a sec there. everything around here is flooded, fields are underwater, the rivers are waaaay up or over their banks... that much more snow and the whole town would be trapped, literally!

kvetch: my freakin' phone got shut off. stupid sprint, not even giving any warnings. and it's just gonna have to stay off for awhile, cuz we is po'. so po' i can't even afford the "or" on the end of the word! please, please, tax refund come soon!

kvetch 2: my truck is almost out of gas. yes, i drive a gas-guzzling suv. unfortunately, i didn't really have a choice at the time. it was the only thing i could find that a) i could afford and cool.gif could fit everybody in! but now that gas is $3.40 a gallon... ugh. this sucks monkey toes. and i have to drive nearly 60 miles (round trip) to my kids' dr appointment today AND another one tomorrow...

anti-kvetch: little d's last physical therapy appointment is next week and his therapist doesn't think he will need anymore! i'll need to work with him some at home, and if he starts walking on his toes or having trouble with stairs again, then we will re-evaluate, but for the moment, it looks like we are done with phys!
Breaking news: I checked my cell phone voicemail (my dad refuses to call me at work because he doesn't want to tie up office lines....because me answering my cell phone at work looks sooo much better. huh.gif )....anyway, he said they're trying a "low-tech" course of treatment that will at least make Silvie more comfortable until nature takes its course. Not sure what the details are, but she may have a little more time. I'm waiting for their line to not be busy to hear what's going on.
(((((((polly & silvie)))))) sad.gif

*~*~*bring damona some $$$ vibes*~*~*
um... don't know how that smiley ended up in the middle of my last post, that was not my intention! i am so glad i made it back without running out of gas! tomorrow's appointment will be the real challenge...

the mr is watching the stargate movie (the new one) but since i have yet to watch the rest of season 10 i am trying to ignore it so i don't get completely confused. hence, i am wasting time online. on the plus side, the computer is right by the basement so i can hear when the washer beeps that it's done and go start the next load.
hey, what am i, the thread killa?

i'm totally freaked out to go in my basement right now. i was sitting downstairs, all alone, this morn. kids still sleeping, and both cats on my bed upstairs and the basement door rattled like someone/thing was pawing at it from the inside. yeah, i'm a little freaked! but i'm gonna have to stop being a chicken cuz i have to go flip laundry.

i think i'm gonna get the kids bundled up and go for a walk. i'm getting cabin fever.

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