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aww (((mornington))) you poor thing. will you still be able to go to algiers? i think you need a well-deserved break.

eeeeek, downtime this weekend?! oh, how will I live if living is without you? hoping everything goes smoothly; I'm not a huge fan of change.
I'm supposed to be starting a work placement on monday. I don't know if a) there's any point or b) I can be bothered. I want a break! But I am going to Algiers.

H failed too - so don't know what's happening there. A quarter of the year failed.
I think you need a break and you'll need to weigh up the feasability of being able to juggle job, revision and your own well-being (as well as house-hunting...)

*~*~*~*vibes for H~*~*~*~*

Such a huge number failing, however, goes to prove how difficult the exams were :-(.
(((Mornington))) I agree with bunny. That's an oddly high percentage who failed; could the standard be skewed? Hopefully Algiers will provide a proper break for you and you can return refreshed.

Mando, got your email and replied: cheers!

Back to some serious work post-meeting. It's a good thing I got to party it up in London as I ain't going nowhere now for the rest of the summer. Oh well. At least it's warm here.
(((Mornington))) I don't know if veterinary science is as tough in the UK now as it was 25 years ago, but I do know that a friend of the family wanted to be a vet but he didn't have the marks so he became a doctor instead.
(((mornington)))) i also agree with bunny. and i'm sorry; i know how disheartening this must feel.

Hey there, my darlings. I just saw the news on the Lounge main page. The update is coming!!! How thrilling! I've got that Christmas-Eve-when-I-was-a-kid feeling. Wee!

(((((((((((( Mornington & H )))))))))))) That many failures sounds really wrong. Definitely speak to the professor or the department head's office or something. Maybe they can give you more information on how they scored the results.

(((((( Amilita )))))) Sorry to hear you were feeling low on the holiday.

DM, so glad to hear you had a good time in NYC. And I must admit, I'm a bit jealous of the great relationship you have with Twin DM. It always sounds like you two have a great time together! Oh, if only my siblings were my best friends, too ...

Bunny, sounds like you had a fabulous time! Yay!

Mandi, I sympathize. Sometimes holidays are just too stressful ... even the ones that aren't supposed to be.

Sheff & I didn't do much for the 4th. I must admit that celebrating Independence Day with a Brit in the house makes the holiday feel rather awkward! But it was nice. We slept in, built this fantastic Lego castle (yes, we're just a couple o' kids!), & I made a lovely Italian dinner. Some of our neighbors set off fireworks, which I watched out of our windows. That means I got to see the pretty splarklies without getting any mosquito bites. Definitely a good thing.

Kvetch: Last night I accidentally burned some olive oil onto one of my beloved Le Creuset pots. I just turned my back on it for too long while it was heating. With Sheff's help, we managed to get off most of the black stuff, but far from all. Ugh.

Anti-kvetch: I have been doing a LOT of cooking lately & am discovering my inner chef. My parents said they really loved my cooking while they were here (Mom even took home some of my recipes). And of course, Sheff is really enjoying it!
Mando, you have my e-mail, so...please to send linkage?
Mando, will you please send me linkage, too? So excited!



Yay for rosev cookin' and bunnyb and designerm's good times!

In talking with my sister, who has been missing some periods for awhile at 42, we are wondering if I'm starting to have perimenopause, with my more extreme pre-period mood swings. I'm in my late 30's, but sis says my mom had her last period at 40...

I need to start reading up on all this stuff. Weird.

My friend is dog sitting and one of the doggies crawled under the fence when she was at we called and called for him. And he finally came back around midnight, which was a huge relief. And while waiting, we got pizza from this neighborhood place I've been meaning to try and it was so yummy...kinda NY-style. We are trying to go to neighborhood restaurants as much as possible to help keep 'em going, so glad we have a new place!
Yesterday I thought I was in perimenopause or losing my mind. I went home at lunch and cried for half an hour. It turns out that I was PMSing and it just never occurred to me that that's what it was.

I want to know. Is menopause better or worse than that? I should read up too.
((dusty)) Hope you are feeling better.

((amilita)) Yay for the doggie coming back and a good pizza place.

((rose)) Twin DM and I are best friends, and can scream at each other one minute and be laughing the next. I don't know if all twins are like that, but we definately finish each other's sentences and think the exact same thing at the same time. Yay for your good cooking. It's so cute that you are Sheff built a Lego castle, sometimes it's nice to do things like that.

((mornington)) I'm so sorry you didn't pass exam.

((bunny)) Yay for the fun you've been having.

((tyger)) Yay for time off.

((mando))Yay for nip/tuck episodes.

I don't care for fireworks either. I was dreading Tuesday night as I thought people in my apartment complex would be partying all night, and blasting fireworks. To my suprise no one was loud. I told Mr. DM Happy Canada day on July 1, and that's about all the celebrating we did for either holiday.

Tomorrow is Friday! Yay for the weekend.


(((amilita))) yay! for pizza

(((rosev))) lego is all of the woo.

(((bunny))) yay! for the boy's graduation

(((tyger))) boo on not eating


(((mando))) ooh, photos! And you're not the only one who hates fireworks. I'm not fond of them, my mother hates them, and so does my grandfather.

(((sidecar))) & (((sophie))) poor doggie

(((dm))) woo! for trips and twin DM

(((polly, txplum, qspice, yuefie, the mcnasties, and everyone else)))

Ok, I have my results proper now. I failed, yes, but just. I got 45% (I needed 50%). I was let down on a couple of points, namely one very stinky examiner who asked me questions about subjects I hadn't studied. And having a shitty year brought my overall total down. But 5% isn't much to regain, and I've got retakes in september - and my year mark no longer counts. They'll also take the whole therapy/prozac malarkey into account then, which is nice.

Don't know what's happening with H yet - he might appeal. He was sooo close to passing, and it was one exam that let him down. But he's not expecting to be back in September, as he's already retaken once. We're going to see, it's all a bit up in the air.

Hello all! Drive-by from the City of Vancouver!

Can you all PLEASE send vibes tomorrow morning between 9 and 10 AM PST (Pacific time)? We are meeting with a cabinet minister to ask her to restore the funding that was cut from women's centres two years ago.

I know bustie vibes are powerful, so thank you in advance!
I'm going to give them a little early in case I get busy tomorrow.
~~~~~~ extra large vibes for Doodle & the women's centers ~~~~~~
total drive-by...

***********************************doodle & the women's centers**********************
~*$~*$~*$~*$funding vibes for Doodle~*$~*$~*$~*$

"$£"$£"$£"$£"funding vibes for doodlebug and a very worthy cause"£$"£$"£$"£$"

(((mornington))) that sounds more positive and they should take the crappy year into account.

undies report: black t-shirt bra and black girl's boxers with fuschia pink bow and "love" printed on ass.

PotC2 lots of fun, saying goodbye to the boy's sis and b-i-l very sad; swanky dinner with the boy tonight should cheer us up.

happy weekend (((everyone)))
(((Women's centres funding)))
Got some great news from Pixiedust yesterday. Her darling hubby, Mr. Pixie, got a full-time teaching job!!! Woo hoo!

~~~~~ early re-take vibes for Mornington ~~~~~

~$~$~$~$~$~ continual funding vibes for Doodle & the women's shelters ~$~$~$~$~$~

I spent sooooooo much time on the phone yesterday. I think BestGalPal and I talked for more than 3 hours. She just returned to LA after a weekend back home in T-Town. Poor thing truly can't stand living in LA. We gotta get her out of that town. Anywho, I gotta make up for all of that phone time today by doing heaps ofcleaning & laundry. Poor Sheff doesn't have a single clean sock in the house.

Undies: White cotton camisole with built-in bra, white cotton thong with multi-colored polka dots.
*Fly by*

Happy Friday everyone.

~~~mutli purpose vibes for all~~~

~~~special womens center vibage for doodle~~~

I had another date last night, and I'm looking forward to hanging out with this guy again. I had a great week with my neice, and she was actually sad it was over. Heh, so was I ;)

Hope everyones well, be back later to vibe everyone properly.


undie report - black bra, purple satin & black mesh undies with white bow on the booty.
~~~~funding vibes for women's centers and doodlebug~~~~
Hello from Louisville. I'm spending a few days here helping Ms. Bonka who is one of many putting on a conference.

Today, it's heather blue boxer briefs from the Gap. I've not yet read it, but Slate's In Praise of Boxer Briefs caught my eye a few minutes ago. It's true, they're wonderful.

Ok, i typed a long ass post last week and it's vanished.

(((((((Mornington))))))I'm sorry you and H didn't pass. Have fun in Algiers, you'll pass in September!

*********************Funding vibes************************

Yay for sassy haircuts! We need pics, Sidecar!

Congrats to Pixie and Mr. Pixie! That's great news!

NYC is great, isn't it, Designermedusa? I would go back in a heartbeat.

Last weekend i went to see the Raconteurs, my sister had won free tickets. So we had fun in Amsterdam.
Saturday we visited P's brother. He's throwing a birthday party (barbeque) every year just before Metropolis festival in Rotterdam, so we always go there the next day. When we're not completely hungover, that is.
P and his brother were hungover the next day so i went to Metropolis with P's sister. And boy was i glad i did! It's a free festival with upcoming (or not very known here yet) bands. We saw The Gossip and "Why?". Ths Gossip was awesome!

During the barbeque we decided to give P's brother a mohawk. He came up with it himself. We took pictures of the happening and P emailed them to his parents. His mother was furious! But hey, the guy lives on his own and he's 29. So what can ya do?

Man it is ever so hot in here, so i'm going to pop over to the supermarket and get be some beers, y'all.

Black bra and flowery bikini undies.

See you girls after the Bust update!

(((mornington))) i'm so sorry, poohbear. try not to let it bring you down. i know, easier said than done, right?

(((dusty))) so far, perimenopause sucks much. i have no clue when i'm due now. if i get it on vackay, i'll cry.


antikvetch: big fat paycheck! all those weekends paid off nicely!

antikvetch: my first weekend off since mandopalooza, and part of it will be spent relaxing in the sun at a dear old friend's parents' lake house in bumfuck CT. and we get to go to their private island on a boat and the boys can go fishing. color me chuffed!

hope to see you all on the other side, on the new and improved boards! *all parts crossed*
Yay for good bands, sonik! Did anyone end up naked at the barbeque? :-)

Yay for the good date, yuefie!

Yay for long calls with friends, rosev! I have a LA as well, in fact...with whom I have a hard time keeping calls under 2-3 hours. Though we've been speaking more frequently lately, so some are just an hour.

I painted the living room yesterday, and thought I'd be doing a second coat today, but because I used a nappy roller instead of a foam one, I don't need a second coat! Yay! So today I can do other errands. And I'm making yummy bread pudding right now. Mmmm. Cinnamon-y.

The other day in the grocery store, there was a little old lady in the dairy aisle, and she was talking to an employee who was stocking saying, "These prices are so high. They just go up and up..." Really loudly. And I'm thinking, yeah yeah another old person complaining about the prices...and then she says, "I've gotta get Oprah over here with her checkbook! (pause) Call 9-1-1! These prices are giving me a heart attack!..." I swear, she was like a little comedianne. And then when I was in line, she walked by with another employee carrying something for her and she was saying, "Call 9-1-1!" The routine went on and on! Ha!

Yay for Mr. Pixie!

Good luck, mornington! It sounds like a hard program, and like this kind of thing happens frequently what you can to get through and stand proud that you've accomplished what you have!

~~general vibes for all!~~

right, we're not available this weekend!

well, speaking of old friends, i am leaving tomorrow for my class reunion and won't be back til Monday. have a great weekend everyone!
Oh Mando, a lake house with dear old friends! That sounds WAY better than DMB at Fenway, and you know I'm not just saying that because DMB isn't my favorite band in the world... ::laughing:: Seriously, I hope you have a great relaxing weekend. That sounds faboo.
yay i can just choose my font colour without using html code (although that made me feel all accomplished!) so... swanky eh? I particularly like the cocktail glasses - any of you dahlings care to join me in a Cosmopolitan? Yes, it's half ten in the morning ... your point?

I don't have time just now to have a good look around and test out the new functions (IGNORE, IGNORE, IGNORE!!!) but I will be back later to catch up and kvetch up - I've missed my kvetchies this weekend and yesterday sad.gif

Anyway, must dash as have a meeting with my dissertation supervisor and he's so going to kick my arse.

Testing testing ... I hope this works! tongue.gif
I'm here![color=#FF0000]
Well, it's going to take me a bit of time to adjust to the new functions, but I think it looks pretty good so far. A shame about the extra step you have to take to get things to align to the left, but I read that they'll be working on that. Also, I had to reset my password in order to sign in. Hope that doesn't happen to too many other people!

So! How was everyone's weekend? Can't wait to hear from you all! biggrin.gif

I had to reset my password too...But I didn't have to reregister...and I lurve the fact that you can see who is online now! I always wondered if I had just missed you Rosie!
Pixie is back!!!! Hooray! I was soooo hoping you'd post today. Good to see you!

I gotta catch up on some vibes.
((((((bunny & her disertation meeting))))))
Mandi, how was your weekend at the lake house? Was it as fabulous as we imagine?
((((((((Dusty)))))))) Just 'cause!

So which of you fine Canadians mailed a hockey puck to me & Sheff? I know it had to be a Bustie! And I think I know who mailed it, too, but I can't be sure. At any rate, I LOVE it! Hilarious! I'm sure the peeps at our little post office have now labled us the Hockey Puck People. Thanks for properly welcoming us to our new Hockey Town! laugh.gif
Hi everyone! I'm gonna look around and read and stuff...I definately gotta get a picture up, too!

Nothing new with me...gonna be busy this week because I'm going to help in my friend's shop.

Awwww I love new digs!

And yay, (((pixie))) smile.gif

I am gonna go look around now, check out our perdy new updated lounge.


ooh, shiny new lounge... I had to fiddle with my password too.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay (((pixie)))
(((mando))) did you get my reply?

*toddles off to play*

This is awesome. I'm so glad the pink leopardprint is still here, even if it's just a sliver.

I had to reset my password, too.

I've gotta run, I have a crazy week with very good news expected this week, but will try to hop on again this weekend to look around the new Lounge.

*inaugural drive-by*

sooooo happy to see y'all on the other end! many thanks to the powers that be!
trying to convince myself that CHANGE can be GOOD. blink.gif
but i am a creature of hyper-sentimentality. so, you know how that goes.
knowing full well that i'm going to hella abuse the eye-roll smilie.
promise to catch-up proper soon.
(((group hug)))
Yes, I am back..and I really like all the new features...does anyone know if there is a maximum on how many people you can have on your ignore list? rolleyes.gif And the 'at work' skin is fabulous!

So Rosie told you all, Mr. Pixie got a new teaching job! We are so excited! It is at a really rough school, but there are pay advantages to that! We still haven't found out his exact salary yet, but it will be a minimum of $5k more than what he is currently making! And his dad gave us a new car this weekend! It is a 98 Taurus which has been in an accident, but it is so much nicer than Mr. Pixie's old car!

I can not wait until I get home tonight and can add a pic..btw Rose...we love the Emiliy pic! Anyone interested...I have posted about a dozen wedding pics on my flickr account. My username on there is ~pixiedust~. I can only post so many a month, so come August there will be more. Hummm..wondering if we can post into the body of messages now....will try it out tonight!

QUOTE(pixiedust @ Jul 11 2006, 12:05 PM) *

does anyone know if there is a maximum on how many people you can have on your ignore list?

i don't remember if inivision limits the number of people you can ignore (i don't think it does). if it doesn't, the limit is around 11,000 users.

Hi all. This looks snazzy... and nicely anonymous for the shared office!
tongue.gif It just dawned on me that I don't have to log in everytime or log in to make every post! How awesome! I also love how how much easier formatting and changeing color is. you have any objection if I start posting in purple too? I know you were doing it first.
I'm testing to see if the picture I uploaded is working...
Oh my God, I love it! It is everything I ever hoped for. Formatting made easy! An ignore button! Ah, bliss!

Work yesterday was crap, esp. after a missed flight and a 4:30 am wakeup. Also, Oscar (our cat) had to get his teeth cleaned and things went poorly. He's fine, but he had to have a wire put in his jaw, two extractions and a lot of anesthetic. He kinda looks like Bill the Cat right now. Poor baby.

In the good news front, I found out today I'm still in the running (and probably a final candidate) for The Promotion. Whee!
Och, this is BRILLIANT! Yay work-safe skin! Yay easy formatting! (Yay dark purple!) Only boo so far is, yes, the password dingo got me too...though that seems small, and reasonable, really.

The Cryptic Vibe Request is still outstanding, so may I add some Hurry The Hell Up Vibe Requests?

Today is DruidGirl's birthday. GameBoy and I are taking her out for Thai. Mmm, Thai.

Must work but wanted to check in! {~{~{~{~{hugs/vibes for all}~}~}~}~}
Well, hello all! I couldn't get my old screenname back, but yall recognize me right?
Hey hey to all, esp. good to see Billy and Sonik in here!

~~~Still vibing for Sarah~~~

I am sad that my avatar won't upload yet but it's ok.

Work is crazee. I really miss that feeling of being caught up. Or even knowing that I could get caught up. Enh, doesn't matter.

Am off to work on my pasta art project for a friend's birthday (bunny: it's F). She collects thimbles (but only really tacky ones, it's ironic) so we have designed a flying macaroni thimble with a rigatoni border etc over a couple of square feet. I got posh M&S fiorelli pasta for the wings. We are going to spray paint it silver and gold. It's so awesome. Why did we ever stop doing macaroni art when we were 6?
ooh, funny colours. sorry. I've only just discovered I can format if I switch browsers. Now I have to find a colour I like. I like this one. Hmm, pale pink. No-one can read this, right?

Alternatively, I could just continue writing in black. And then I will be resolutely not jumping on the bandwagon. But it's soooo temping. Would the major colour clash disturb anyone? unsure.gif

*****txplum****** yes, hurry up, I'm dying of curiosity.

kvetch: my flatmates left and didn't tidy up all thier mess. Grr.

antikvetch: Haircuts *inserts the usual myspace/flickr comments*. It's short. The Boy Wonder said it was very fifties. I prefer "gamine".

I met my mum's partner this weekend - we went over to Belgium to visit him. He's very nice, but the poor dear is so worried that I won't like him that he fusses all over the place - he got so worried when I was being quiet; mum had to explain that it was perfectly normal and it just meant that I had nothing to say. It's good to be back in my own space again though.

Daphne is running the bunbun400 up and down the corridor. I'm waiting for the thump when she loses her breaks and hits something.

(((mando, fina, sonik, billy, sidecar & oscar-cat, pixie, syb, qspice, yuefie, bunny and everyone else)))
drive by to tell y'all i'm ok and i miss you. i've been busy taking the mr. back and forth to work everyday (he's not allowed to drive) and kicking the s-i-l out. it's a long story but she didn't know how to tell the truth about anything so we knew we couldn't help her. she's back on her feet sort of. the evil m-i-l is in town and wants us to drive an hour and a 1/2 to have dinner w/her tonite. i don't want to go but it's the mr.'s call. she's suddenly all concerned about his injury. the fabric tape we've been using to dress his wound is giving him blisters. we had a guy threaten to kill everone in the building where i work, he had a knife but we're all ok & the police had to take him away. we go camping starting thurs. i'm hoping to relax some, the poor mr. can't go in the lake cause he's not supposed to 'submerge' his injury, and i'll have to carry everything to our campsite and maybe have to put the tent up by myself. zeke can't go cause the mr's uncle will be there and he's scared of him, plus he brought a boat & we want to ride in it and go tubing (of course the poor mr. can't do this either). so this was supposed to be short, but like everything i do, it isn't. love y'all!![/font]
Holy shit, would you look at all this! I'm amazed. I never thought it would happen. Now, this is a board I where I could spend some time...
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