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(((((((((((((Kitten)))))))))))))))) I'm so so sorry. You deserve to sit in front of the TV & eat a whole pint of ice cream in one sitting.
~~#^%$^&^(*^%#~~ Unspeakable disappointment vibes towards the asshat who rejected Kitten ~~$#&*)&$#@^%##%~~

(((((((((Maggie Kitty))))))))))))
((((((((Mandi)))))))))) I'm so sorry to hear your sweet kitty is sick.

~ABC~ writing vibes for Morn ~ABC~

Sybarite, that spa weekend sounds amazing! I should send my mother to someplace like that.

((((((((continued love for Polly)))))))

((((((((((((( continued love for Pennwee ))))))))))))))

Billy, are you out there? Did you watch qualifying yet? Sheff and I are going to watch the race on Sunday afternoon when Speed replays it, so no spoilers! wink.gif

Did anybody celebrate Pi Day yesterday? I made a custard pie & turkey pot pie for dinner. Good times.

Millie Kitty, who is normally kinda distant (in that very cat-like way) has been sticking by my side since last night. I have no idea why. She just feels this need to be wherever I am, usually sitting on my feet or by my side. For instance, each time I've gone to the bathroom today, she has followed me, sat outside the door and waited for me to come out. So weird.
(((((kb)))))) you definitely deserve feedback.
((((mando)))) poor kitty

Nothing to report here. It's pretty quiet these days. I'll enjoy the peace while it lasts.
(((kitten))) I second the suggestion of ice cream and you must eat it whilst watching something from the whedon-verse - that's an order!

polly/le boy, what audio books have you been listening to?

(((mandi))) I think I'm having one of those done sad.gif.

hmmm, is Foucault not a big player in spaces? I'm thinking of heterotopias... but that's it for my knowledge on the matter; most of the conversation has gone over my head although I do find it interesting.
also, morn, what did you think of Juno, now you've seen it?

sidecar, I curse zoya for mentioning Top Chef to me as now I have another addictive, guilty pleasure!

I was working overtime today and I'm very sleepy so relaxing tonight finishing a (great) book and starting to watch season 1 of Gilmore Girls. My mouth hurts lots so I'm going to call the dental hospital on Monday to see what they can do.

*sneaks into thread*

Just stopping by to check on our beloved Polly, and very glad to see LeBoy post progress. ((((((polly))))) Sorry to hear you have to lay in the same position...that sounds even more annoying than the not reading part. I am glad to hear that you are being so well cared for!

(((((bunny belly)))) BTW, I have celiac (though not as badly as some...yet), so if that turns out to be the culprit and you want any advice, etc - let me know. Also, my favorite and most delicious blog ever is Gluten-Free Girl...its as much a community as a blog now. And she has a most excellent and inspiring book too. I'm also off cow dairy too. I used to go totally dairy-free, but now I do goat/sheeps cheeses and yogurt, and they treat me fine. If you have any questions just send me a PM. smile.gif

((((good colonoscopy vibes for Mando)))) I'm so glad you're going to get it done - unpleasant as it is, its better than getting seriously ill. And its colon cancer awareness month, so good for you for the timeliness of it! Okay, I'm a dork, but I work for the cancer society, so I've just spent the last 6 weeks designing and writing colon cancer awareness marketing & PR materials, so I'm glad to hear of folks getting the test.

(((((kitten)))) Bummer about the school - I *know* you will find the right program - you're already an amazing counselor, and, honestly, I think social work programs should be happy to allow all applicants in who know what they're getting into, and have a passion for caring for others professionally.

*slides back through secret passage*
Hooray for a visit from TurboJenn! Woo hoo! And thanks for posting the link to Gluten Free Girl. I keep meaning to mention her, but it slips my mind. Did you see her post about the bacon party? What a fabulous idea!

Poor Bun. Sorry to hear your mouth is still hurting you so much.
~~~~~~~ healing for Bunny ~~~~~~~

Hi, Sidecar! Good to hear that things are going smoothly.

I am sooooooooo bored tonight. Saturday night and nothing to do. Bah. Sheff and I made dinner and we watched an episode of Black Adder (we've been watching the 2nd series this week). But now he's upstairs, tinkering with a game he's designing and I'm bored to tears. I thought about making some cookies, but I don't have all of the ingredients I need so I'm thinking about making a run to the grocery store for butter & milk. Saturday night at the grocery store. Bah. Can you tell I'm desperate for entertainment?

Maybe I'll just cuddle up in bed with a book & the cat instead.
RV, I have to admit that I have been cooking *alot* more bacon since GFgirl posted about the bacon party...and now I find myself hooked to cooking cabbage every which way I can think of....those "ingredient of the week" posts are so great for inspiring me. smile.gif
Hey my lovely busties! I don't know if anyone heard about the Atlanta weather over the weekend, but we actually had a tornado... I of course was at work, but it mainly hit the downtown area. I'm okay, and I don't think anyone got hurt. Just a lot of damage. Freaky though.

Kitten, I'm so sorry honey. That sucks. Keep your chin up.

Turbo, thank you for posting that website as well.

Sidecar, do we have a Top Chef thread yet? We need to create one.

((mando) Good luck tomorrow.

So my parents sent me and Mcgeek gifts from Sedona. They got him a vibrator. I know my parents are crazy, but....

Kvetch: Damn hormones.... My period is late, and I just want to bleed.

Anti-kvetch: Got Eddie and Ave Q tickets today! Both are great seats! smile.gif Ave Q is coming in a few weeks, and Eddie is coming in June. Also, Riches starts Tuesday! Color me happy.

Anti-kvetch: Big St. Patrick's Day celebration at a pub near my house tomorrow--- there's an insanely hot waiter that works there. I have to work tomorrow night, but plan to drink a pint or two after.

~*~*~*~*~*~ happy colonoscopy vibes for Mandi ~*~*~*~*~*~
I'm sure you're not feeling your best right now, but it'll be SO much better once the procedure is over.

~~~~~~ soothing for Bunny ~~~~~~ Be sure to tell us what the dental hospital says.

Sassy, glad to hear you're okay. How strange that the tornado hit in the downtown area. That's pretty rare! Congrats on the Eddie & Avenue Q tickets! You're making me jealous. wink.gif

Billy, what did you think? That was one wacky race to start off the season! Hooray for Lewis! And hooray for Niko on his first podium. I feel sorry for Kimi (oh, how I groaned when he first went off the track. What an amateur mistake!) but at least he ended up with a point in the end. I wonder what's going to happen to the lollipop man for Honda. Something tells me he's going to face a LOT of wrath - not just because Barrichello took off too early, resulting in personal and property damage, but because all the confusion meant that Barrichello was certainly too distracted to notice that red light at the end of the pit lane, leading to his disqualification. Three whole points gone. That's more than what Honda earned all season long last year!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Sunday was just busy enough for me. Got a lot of things done around the house, baked some cookies while listening to NPR, & then our friend, M, came over to watch the F1 race & brought a pizza. Afterwards I talked to BestGalPal for ages, which was great.
*sticks head in*

syb, can you pm me the jameson reference? or at least the title...

((((sassy)))) woo for tix! avenue q is great, you'll love it (and colour me jealous over eddie)

((((bunny)))) I loved it, was really great. not too challenging (but it is a comedy after all) but yeah, I liked.

(((((mando, rose, turbojenn, kitten, sixie, yuefie, zoya, pixie, tes, billy, sidecar, polly, everyone))))
How'do all? Thanks so much for all of the support about the grad school rejection. I feel in love with that program for many reasons but mostly it was their focus on social justice and activism. Well, I can learn that just by sticking with my current job. I am still going to school but now I am looking at again at the first school I was interested in. It is an on-line program that meets in person every three weeks. There are just so many ways to get a respectable master's degree these days and with the career path I am choosing (community mental health care) there is only so much financial incentive to go to an expensive school. I have no interest in going back to a university system so this other school sounds great for me. And I will be done within two years so yay!
As for getting feedback from the rejection, the letter specifically says that they don't give reasons. And it's not like knowing the reason will change anything so the hell with it.

I recovered from my week with a discount shopping trip. I bought randoms at Ikea, a pretty new shirt at Nordstrom Rack ($5, can't beat it) and some cute pink rainboots at Target. They are knockoffs of that style that I see everywhere where the rubber looks like it is all one piece. The boots were the only thing that I was actually looking for so I am really happy that I found them.

Oh and good news at last. I paid off a bad credit card debt yesterday! Go me!

roseviolet - yum, cookies!

sassygirl - A TORNADO? In a downtown? That is just so weird. Glad that you weren't hurt.

{{{bunnyb}}} - happy tooth vibes.

{{{mando health vibes}}}

{{{mornington, turbojen, sidecar, sybarite, billybonka}}}
((Kitten)) Glad your other option sounds promising!

(((mando))) You'll feel so much better after you get that clean bill of health!

(((Atlanta))) It's weird, having grown up in Tornado Alley, I'm amazed at how it has sort of "shifted" the last couple of years and we've had very few major tornados here in Oklahoma and they tend to be happening more North and East of us.

This weekend was our semiannual clothes shopping spree for Minipixie! We had a rare weekend where we didn't have Mr. P's minipixie(she hates shopping and sucks all the fun out of it). We got mini the most beautiful Easter dress and very sweet "high heels" for Easter. I think I am going to have to take her somewhere to have some pics made! We went to half a dozen stores, and now I think she has enough clothes to get through the Spring and Summer with the exception of a new bathingsuit and some vacation clothes. It was fun to do a little spoiling of her for a change since we've been buying so much baby stuff the last 8 months!

Kvetch: My minipixie is growing up! It really is bittersweet. Of course, I want her to be an independant, confidant young woman, but at the same time, she told me today at lunch that she would order for herself and I couldn't help wondering where my little girl went. And she's only 6!!!
(((polly & her booboo eye)))

All is well. Not even a polyp. Thank all things holy.

(((Turbo))) thanks especially for your post. makes me teary to hear someone say they're proud of me. And it really wasn’t that awful. (ok, the prep completely sucks, but the test itself was nothing. God bless propofol!) kudos to you – and thank you - for all your good work.

((yuefie, dusty, raisin, rose, DM, amilita, pixie, kitten, mornington, bunny, sassy, sidecar, sybarite, stargazer, faith, sixel, billy, kvetchies))) Much love for the love. You carebears always warm my cockles.

Happy st patty’s day!
Someone – sassy, perhaps? - hoist a Guinness for me, k?

My tummy’s still icky and I feel uberdrained. So that’s all I got.
I'm baaaaaaaack!

I'm going to catch up, then post....this could take awhile! blink.gif

ETA: Two and a half hours later, and I've read everything else I wanted to on the boards except kvetch. I wanted to save this for last so I could focus on my poor widdle eye is exhausted and wants to go to bed.

I'll be back tomorrow (er, later today- hello 3am!) to properly devote my time, even if it means dealing with dial-up at my parent's while I do my laundry.
*throws confetti and passes champagne around thread*

Welcome back Polly!!! So glad you can read again - even if your eyes tire easily! Do tell us how you're progressing, and what the rest of your healing process looks like.

Mando, I'm glad the test went okay! Now, tell all your friends that its not *that* horrible, and to go out and get tested!! People are so afraid to do it, but it is SO important. Thank YOU for taking care of yourself. smile.gif

Minipixie is 6 years old??? How is that possible?! ...wowza, time flies.

Kitten, I think you are wise to weigh the cost against what you really need in requirements. You've got WAY more skillz than 95% of applicants, so a smaller investment would not be such a bad thing. Esp., if you might be able to do some of the online work at your job. That would be awesome.
*cabbage patches in*

good things 1: polly!!!!11eleventy. woo!

good things 2: I has the captaincy

good things 3: lolz and ichcb overload

*cabbage patches out*
Hooray for the return of Polly!!! How are your eyes feeling today?

And hooray for Mandi & her healthy innerds!

Aw, Pixie, it's so nice that you got to have some one-on-one time with K. I'm so proud of her for ordering her food all by herself!

Kitten, sounds like some nice retail therapy there. Best of luck figuring out the school stuff.

Congrats, Captain Mornington!

Anti-kvetch: Millie is getting more and more accustomed to us. She has been very reluctant to sit on our laps & has only offered to do so twice in the last month - once on Sheff's lap for 10 minutes and once on my lap for 10 minutes. Well, yesterday, she voluntarily curled up in my lap for 2 hours and 40 minutes! Yay! What's funny is that I had a lot to do, but I didn't want to discourage her, so I just stayed on the couch & listened to NPR the whole time. smile.gif

Of course, now I have to run off and do the things I was supposed to do yesterday!
Big yay's for polly being back, mandi's results being good, and morn being captain!

((((bunny's tummy))))

~~~multi-purpose vibes all around~~~

(((((rose, pixie, amilita, syb, sassy, kitten, bunny, zoya, morn, mandi, polly, sidecar, billy, tes, sixela, turbojenn, everyone))))

Kvetch: yesterday morning I was blow drying my hair and when I turned to the left I heard this little pop and my neck and left shoulder began to ache. This morning my shoulder is so swollen and tender to the touch that it was agony to rub muscle relief balm in to it and having a bra strap on it is torture. So yeah, I've made an urgent care appt for 1:30 today. I took both Tylenol and Advil last night just to try to get some sleep, and I can't say it helped much. Here's hoping they have something better for me!

Ok, finally caught up.

Thanks for all the well-wishes, everyone! And thanks for the eye patch recommendation, six. I'm hoping to recover soon enough that it won't be worth getting. I'm back at work today. I stayed with my cousin/boss to get to work this morning, and I'll do the same tonight. At my doctor appointment on Monday, he said I could try to start driving again, but that seems a little iffy to me. I might practice in an empty parking lot this weekend to see if it's even possible.

After tomorrow, I'll be off the eye drops that keep my eye dilated. After that wears off, they'll be able to re-evaluate my vision and I'll be able to get new glasses. My left eye is still pretty blood-shot, dilated and because of the band they put around it, the muscles are out of whack and it looks off in the other direction, which causes double vision....yeah, I look like a freak right now. I'm wearing my glasses with tape over the left lens so that my eye can still function (blink, move around as much as possible) but I don't have to deal with the double vision and no one can see my eye. My lovely co-worker has putting my eye drops in for me, since I've been incapable of doing that even before this debacle.

Anyhoo....I took notes as I read:

Bunny, I hope your tummy issues get worked out, and that your wisdom teeth are bothering you less. Did you get the Celiac's results back yet?

Yuefie, how did your dad's surgery go? [sorry if you already posted about this- I may have seen where you originally posted about it, but then missed the follow-up post] Sorry that you keep having miserable pain- PMS, tummy stuff, now shoulder & neck. Ech.

Mando, I'm so glad your and your mom's colonoscopies came back clean! I have a family history of colon cancer and polyps so I have a lifetime of colonoscopies to look forward to. Turbo, are you still around? What age do they recommend you start getting those if you have a family history? Sorry to hear about your kitty. I'm sending ~*~*~Albus-strength kitty health vibes~*~*~*!!!! You should check out The Cat Site forums- that's where I got some good advice when dealing with Albus's Fatty Liver Disease. They're pretty easy-going about starting new threads, and there's a pinned thread at the top of the health & nutrition section about kidney disease and chronic renal failure.

Rose, it's good to hear Millie's warming up to you. Albus was always affectionate, but it was weeks before he'd sit on the couch with us. I don't know why, but then our friend Anthony came over and Albus just loved him and sat on the couch next to him all night. Ever since then, he's sits on the couch all the time. They're strange little creatures. He was my best friend the last couple weeks. Technically, I wasn't supposed to be petting him (trying to avoid kitty germs getting in my eye), but c'mon, like that's going to happen. I just kept him from snorgling my eyes. Last night was my first night away from him since we got him and I'm missing him.

Feh on Fred Phelps! He's such an ass! I hope they got the Patriot Guard out there.

Looks like you had a fun vacation, amilita- cute pictures!

Stargazer- ~*~*~health vibes for your roommate~*~*~ You're a good person for offering to take her to the facility, even if she didn't take you up on it.

Kitten, are you going to switch to Ortho-Tri Cyclen Lo? Humanist was on it for awhile, and she too is susceptible to the mood swings/depression that the pill sometimes causes, and she still had the side effects, even with the Lo. I hope you find one that works. And poo on those grad student people. Asshats. mad.gif You'll find a place that you like and who likes you! What's not to like?!?!

Sidecar, how'd you like Top Chef? I'm not sure if I'll get to see tonight's episode since I'm staying at my cousin's house. LeBoy will tape it for me, though, and I'll see it tomorrow night. I found out where the house they're staying in is located (here) I hope they do some cool Chicago stuff and don't go to anymore tourist places like Pizzeria Uno!

Sassy, yay for Ave. Q tickets! It will be in Chicago at the end of May, so we're going to try to get tickets.

Congrats on being crowned captain, mornington!

Yay for successful shopping trips, pixie!

I'm very jealous of your spa trip, syb. $$ is extra tight around here, since I only took vacation time for the first week of my time off and I can't even get a manicure. Time to call grandma- she enjoys taking me to her salon to get my hair and nails done.

I hope I didn't miss anyone....hugs to all!
You ladies are so great and supportive. I just love that.

{{{polly}}} great to have you back, freaky eye and all!
{{{yuefie}}} gosh I hope that your shoulder heals. Were they able to do anything?
{{{roseviolet and kitty}}} we make such sacrifices for our cats, don't we?
{{{mando, pixie, turbo, mornington, and all}}}

Kvetch - Something is not working on my computer. I think it might need a new ethernet card or something like that. dry.gif Argh.

Kvetch - I am having the strangest problem at work. I can't really write down the details but my actual integrity as a professional is being attacked by a "crazier-than-we-knew" person. I think it will all be over tonight but, seriously, it it was a man saying this kind of stuff about me, I might have called the cops by now. blink.gif

Anti-kvetch - I paid a down payment on a new bike today. Some of you might remember when my bike was stolen last September. I haven't been able to replace it yet. Well, I have fallen in love with a Schwinn Sierra 7. The price is good and it is painted an irredescent silver that looks lavender in sunlight. I even bought a wicker basket for it. I should have it paid off just as the weather turns permenently warm.
(((((((((continued hugs & healing for Polly))))))))))))))))

~~~~~~~~~ soothing for Yuefie ~~~~~~~~~~~ What did the doctor have to say? Hope you're feeling better!

Kitten, sorry to hear about the crazy lady. Don't let her sex keep you from protecting yourself, okay? There are some seriously wacky females on this planet, ya know. blink.gif On a happier note, that bike sounds suh-weet!

Bunny, how's your mouth feeling?

(((((((((((massive hugs to all of you)))))))))))))))

I got a scary phone call today. My oldest friend and pseudo-sis, A, was rushed to the hospital. Mom said it's because she "couldn't see". A is 7 months pregnant & her blood sugar bottomed out, resulting in some sort of temporary blindness. The doctors at the hospital were able to bring her sight back, but her blood sugar levels have been all over the map. It appears she has developed gestational diabetes ... and a pretty bad case of it, too. Last I heard, the doctors were going to keep her at the hospital overnight, but she should go home in the morning. Poor thing.

In happier news, Millie is currently curled up at my side, snoring squeakily, with her tongue sticking out. It's fuckin' adorable.
((((polly)))) glad you're reading again!
((((rose's pal))))
((((soothing for yuefie)))))

There's been drama relating to Martini's dad's criminal case stemming from the accident, and it looks like we're going to be put through a jury trial. This is really not fair (we didn't have a jury trial, for example, when my brother was killed by a speeding drunk who was also high on pot, for some context) and unexpected, so that's been kinda sucky. Also, Martini's parent's BFF has an inoperable brain tumor and his bff from high school's mom has breast cancer.

Oh, and I have a yeast infection. First one in nearly a year! I'm taking Diflucan and boric acid and improving, but ugh, the timing could not be worse.

Anyway. Hope all is well in kvetchland.
Quick update: the night is over and the drama seems to have passed! Yay! And I came home to a $50 check I kind of forgot was coming. I am going to apply that to my vet bill and pay it off even sooner so I'll have more money for my bike next month. smile.gif

{{{sidecar}}} gods, I am so sorry that you are having even more drama from that car accident. How is the fil doing after all this time?

{{{rv}}} your new kitty stories are making me laugh. A dear friend of mine just got a new cat (named Captain Jaques, inspired by Torchwood) and she was trying to tell us that she wasn't becoming "one of us" (cat people) until she flipped open her cell phone and realized that the first 4 pics were the Captain and she'd only had him 4 days.
Glad the drama has passed kittenb. That kind of stuff always makes me feel sick, even when I know whoever's stirring shit is in the wrong.

(((sidecar and martini and family))) I'm sorry there's more (unjust) drama around the FIL's case.

(((RV's friend A))) How scary.

(((Yuefie))) Hope your shoulder's feeling better.

Thanks pollyst! I have to say, I'm looking forward to that trip with an unseemly degree of joy. It's been a busy time and I really crave the peace and quiet as much as all the pampering. I'm going to bring a couple of books and read them like a nerd over my hotel dinner.

Congrats morn! Glad you found the reference in your liberry. I loved that whole reader.

I have the day off for Good Friday (yay for random catholic days off) and am using it to get some thesis stuff done. As ever, I'm loving having the house to myself. The mister and I plan to watch Torchwood all weekend and drink wine. Heaven. (Me=easily pleased.)

Speaking of work, I should get back to it...

Frilly mint coloured silk knickers (with the mister in mind) and no bra as am at home!
((((sidecar))))) yeasties be gone!
((((martini & family))))

((((A)))) yikes to her blood sugar dipping so low, glad she didn't fall into a diabetic coma.

(((((mandi, billy, tesao, faith, pixie, rose, bunny, morn, syb, zoya, sidecar, polly, amilita, kitten, star, raisin, flanker, pink, candy, sassy, sixela, lelu, muppetb, everyone)))))

Polly, I forget to mention that my dad's surgery was postponed until June because he had a pretty bad seizure the morning of the procedure. He's okay now, but I'm glad they could put it off a little because yesterday was his birthday and tomorrow I am bringing him to my place to hang out for the day and we are having a combo his b-day/uncle's b-day/Easter dinner.

Thanks for all the soothing and well wishes. My shoulder was so swollen that the doctor took a look and then immediately ordered a shot of something to relax the muscle and then sent me home with muscle relaxers as well. I've been alternating a heat pad to loosen the muscle and then ice to bring the swelling down. When I asked how I could have done something like this while merely blow drying my hair, she said "Welcome to your mid thirties". It still hurts quite a bit, but I can turn my head again.

ETA: undie report: purple bra, lavender and navy blue striped hipsters
Hi my Busties!! I tried to catch up so forgive if I am forgetting anyone. Deep breath:

(((yeuffie's poor shoulder, Polly's poor eyeballs, Bunnie's poor mouth, Edit's ladyparts, Mando's test, Mando's Maggie, Edit and Martini's family, RoseV's friend A, all the loved ones who are sick, kittenb, stargazer and roomie, tes, dusty, turbojenn, designer M and twin DM, sybarite, pixie, zoya, amalita, mornington, sixela, everybustie)))

FUCK YOU BARBERA to anything messing with my busties including neighbors, job interviewers, bosses, relatives, weather, illnesses, computers, hormones, doctors, boredom, insane idiot Fred, etc.

La Capitana Mornington!!! All hail!! But don't cabbage patch in the boat lest it tip over. And keep us posted on dates -- I shall live vicariously.

Congrats Sassy on the new fitness regime and well-deserved results. I very much need to get fit and build a muscle or two.

Joy to relatives who are healthy or healing, loved ones who are sexy and supportive, unexpected checks, spiffy Easter outfits, tasty baked goods, corgis, scrabulousity, good tv, amusement parks, safe travels, and belated St. Patrick's luck and hullaballoo.

My life has been topsy turvy but not actually changed. Took a minibreak with the boy to the Bahamas, which was somewhat last minute and in a silly cheap spring break place (which we are quite old for) but so fun and I really loved the beach and snorkeling. But then I came back and got pretty ill, just the flu but I have had some substantive health problems and then gotten colds/flus in rapid succession for the past three months. Job shit is still shit, but lots of interviewing and pondering the point of my existence and what will make me happy and be meaningful yet fun.

Yay for impromptu trips to the Bahamas! I'm sorry you're feeling unwell though, (((faith))).

(((sidecar))) I feel for you having to deal with so much just now.

(((polly))) and (((yuefie))) and (((mando))) and anybody else with illnesses and tests including family members and friends.

It's so nice to see turbojenn here! I thought of you when I saw the farmers' market in Chicago (Greenfields?) on Top Chef!

Yay for kitties. I have mine curled up beside me just now; he is being such a sook recently and I said that two weeks ago after having dental surgery, which was rather funny as I had a lisp at the time.

Thanks for the mouth and tummy vibes. My mouth is ok but still uncomfortable at times; I am having the third wisdom tooth removed in two weeks. My tummy has been quite upset this week but it has been my moontime (and has nothing to do with the abundance of Cadbury's cream eggs I've eaten...) I won't have the tests (the invasive one for IBS; whatever it is they do to rule out Celiac's and a biopsy to rule out cancer) until after I meet with the consultant and as yet I don't have an appointment as only referred last week.

I had a great reunion lunch with friends today; I'm close with them all (one is my hairdresser, Lord Farquhar) and text/online message them several times a week or see one of them at work but we haven't met as a group for ages so it was great to catch up. We have such fun together and the tears were rolling down my face with laughing so hard and I've missed that so much. Now I'm looking forward to a lovely Easter weekend with the boy.

undies: chocolate brown, pinstripe bra with lace and ribbon trim and matching french knickers.

Have a great weekend (((everybody)))!
It was Green City Market. Oh it was so lovely to see Chicago in warm weather on the TV. It gives me hope! I've never been to GCM but I'm thinking I'm going to try to visit the Edgewater Farmer's Market on a regular basis this year. In Madison, we had a great farmer's market every Saturday, which is where I bought most of my groceries, and it was so much better.

(((bunny)))) I hope you get your health problems worked out soon.
hooray for last-minute trips to the bahamas!

I should probably get dressed and stuff. I've got an eye appointment and a hair appointment before my birthday party tonight.
Ugh! FUCK THIS YEAR. My mom just called -- my other grandma fell this morning and broke her hip! She's having hip replacement surgery tomorrow. At least my dad's mom's biopsy showed that her breast cancer (that's cancer #2 in the past year for her!) has not spread to her lymph nodes. We'll get the pathology around April 1 and that's when we'll find out whether she has to have radiation/chemo or just a lumpectomy.

I am so over bad stuff happening to everyone I love. Enough already!
(((((((((((((Martini's dad, both of Sidecar's grandmothers, and the whole freakin' family))))))))))))))))))))
Jeezus, what a crazy clusterfuck of strife!

((((((((Faith)))))))))) Sorry work is still shit. But hooray for the Bahamas!

Happy belated b-day to YuefieDad! Glad to hear you're feeling better.

Kitten, glad to hear the drama has been resolved.

Sybarite, you are so good and disciplned for working on your thesis on your day off. How's it coming along? Do you think you'll finish it this semester?

Bunny, do you know what type of tests they're going to do? Is it something, uh, invasive?

Kvetch: I drank way too much wine last night & I'm still feeling dehydrated.

Anti-kvetch: It's Caturday!

((((Sidecar, martini and family)))) I'm so sorry. This year has to get better for you asap. I hope you can relax and enjoy your birthday party tonight. And an early happy birthday to you!

RV, said discipline has taken some time to develop, I can tell you blink.gif In the end I only did about an hour on it, to be honest. The end is visible though, thanks for asking! I'm in the editing stage which is a little easier. Big submission deadline looming: I've to have the (possibly) final edit pre-externs in by mid-April.

Enjoy your weekend bunnyb!

((sidecar, martini and families)) You're all in my thoughts.

Good luck with the school stuff, syb. I must have missed it- what degree are you going for?

To continue the Caturday theme:

Albus on a recent sunny day:

And an art shot from the same day of Tana and Albus, chillin':

We went to the pet store today and I got Albus a harness and leash. I can't wait until this snow melts and he can go out on the balcony with me.

I'm making mashed potatoes for Easter tomorrow. I've given up on making dessert for LeBoy's family- by the time dinner's over, everyone's full and trying to get out to get their kids home.

I'm going to be at my cousin's house this week again.
Happy Easter, everybody!

Happy Birthday, sidecar!!! I hope you had a great party and a lovely day and it leaves you feeling relaxed and happy. (((your grandmothers)))

Millie and Albus and Tana are all so cute! I need to take some new photos of Mandoo and post them. The boy has a new camera and took some photos of me yesterday so I'll try to upload those too.

sybarite, it must be so exciting and such a relief to have the end of your doctorate in sight ... as well as nerve-wracking!

anti-kvetches: The boy's mum brought me a hot cross bun, tea and an easter egg in bed this morning smile.gif. The boy and I are going for sushi today then a bit of light shopping before a family Easter dinner.

*emerges from okayland/kvetch tunnel*

Hello all! Just popping into say that I hope everyone is have a good weekend and Happy Birfday to Sidecar!!!

*re-enters tunnel*
Hey CH!

Happy Easter everyone! Click here for adorable Easter corgis that I couldn't get to post directly as an image rolleyes.gif

Happy Birthday Sidecar! Perfect Easter-Birthday picture! tongue.gif
thanks everyone!! I had a really great birthday -- my party was loads of fun (although it turned out to be a wee bit more expensive than I'd thought it would and I felt kinda bad, but everyone else seemed pretty happy) and we had a nice day, with brunch followed by a trip to the Art Institute for the Hopper/Homer exhibit and the dog park. Now I need to put away groceries and Martini is making me steak fajitas.

I feel like a really loved girl.
happy belated birthday, sidecar!

glad to hear it was such a good time!

i'm lurking, will try to find time to make a proper post sometime today.....

hugs and kisses and silly silly fishes to evvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvery bustie!!

happy birthday for yesterday ((((((sidecar))))))

(((((martinidad & sidecargrans)))))

(((((tes & pennwee))))) acos

((((polly)))) albus and tana are cute together!

((((faith)))) yay for minibreaks though!


((((syb)))) the reading is awsum. and yay for torchwood; the iplayer is my new best friend

((((rosev, kitten, pixie, mando, fina, flanker, sassy, sixie, star, zoya, bunny, everyone)))))

it's SNOWING. fuck that shit. *grumps back to realphabetising bookshelf*
Happy Monday all.

{{{mornington}}} we got a nice Easter snowstorm. The local paper had a very funny front page with a man w/a snow plow and a large caption, "Ahhh, Spring." Made me laugh everytime I saw it. BTW, I love your new icon. Too me a few to figure out what it was, though.

Happy Birthday Sidecar!!!

{{{tes, polly, roseviolet, culturehandy, bunnyb, sybarite, and all}}}

I think I mentioned last week that I am getting a new bike. I finally found a postable picture:

And here is the basket I bought to go with it:

I am so excited about this! I want the summer farmer's markets to start the minute I pay this bike off.

Have a great day all!!! I think I need to use more exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!

Happy belated birthday, Sidecar! So glad to hear you had so much fun at the party. You deserve to feel loved. smile.gif

Kitten, the bike is great but that basket! It is so freakin' adorable! Lovelovelove.

Albus & Tana look so much alike! They remind me of Bunny's avatar. So cute!

Speaking of Bunny, that's so cute that the boy's mum frought you hot buns & tea.

Morn, how much snow did you get?

~!~!~!~! vibes of productivity for Syb ~!~!~!~!

I got to tour Sheff's new office today (his company moved to a new building). Holy shit, is it ever fancy. One of the girls there told me I had to check out the bathrooms before I left so I could truly appreciate the swankiness. Not only were the toilets automatic. And not only were the sink faucets automatic. But even the soap dispenser had an automated sensor. I'd never seen that before. Very cool!
RV, Sheff's office reminds me of when I encountered my first Japanese toilet in NYC. It does everything. I came out feeling like my bum had gone to a spa.

And thanks for the vibes; today has actually been really productive (another catholic holiday today=day off from the admin job), but it ain't over yet. I feel I'm on a roll.

Polly, it's a Ph.D thesis in cultural theory, because I like being broke and holed up over a PC for years on end. tongue.gif

Morn, I saw you guys had snow. I'm really really over this 9 month stretch of shit weather, thanks very much. Our heating bill is through the roof.

*back to it...*

QUOTE(sybarite @ Mar 24 2008, 02:59 PM) *
RV, Sheff's office reminds me of when I encountered my first Japanese toilet in NYC. It does everything. I came out feeling like my bum had gone to a spa.

I really want to know what that feels like.

rv- it really is all about the basket. In the instructions, after stating that the max weight is 8 pounds, it is clearly stated the the largest French Baguette loaf that the basket holds in 18". Good to know. I'll keep that in mind. rolleyes.gif
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Mar 24 2008, 02:34 PM) *
Albus & Tana look so much alike! They remind me of Bunny's avatar. So cute!

They do, don't they? It wasn't intentional; we call them our little bichrome pets.

Oo, swanky office. Our new office is going to have Dyson AirBlades in the bathrooms:

I think we might have gotten TOTO toilets, too, but not the butt-spa models. Speaking of which, our toilet at the office has been broken for the last hour or so....just when I have to pee! I hope my cousin or office manager goes home soon, so I won't have to go to Walgreen's and use theirs. Thankfully, the plumber will be here tomorrow morning.
I killed the thread ohmy.gif

I finally saw Borat tonight. It was funny. So offensive, so amusing.

The only problem with staying at my cousin's is that they go to bed eeeeaaaaarrrlllllyyyyy on work nights. Like 9:00 at the latest. I just can't do that. So, I have to find quiet things to do to amuse myself. I've listened to all my audiobooks. I've got maybe two This American Life's left. I think I can make it another hour, until 10:30, I should be able to fall asleep shortly after that and stay asleep all night.

Last night, I felt so bad. I had a load of laundry to do in their machine, which they're cool with. They have this fancy billions-of-cycles washer and dryer. It was socks and underwear, so I selected the "Sanitary" cycle. The machines are in what looks like a hallway closet outside their bedroom door. I put it in at 9:00, just as they were going to bed and this stupid cycle ended up lasting two hours and had about 8 rinse/spin cycles. When it would fill with water, it sounded like Niagra Falls out there and when it would spin, it sounded like a helicopter landing in the hallway. They didn't say any thing this morning, but needless to say, I won't be starting any late loads of laundry again.

LeBoy thinks the pets are plotting against him. He says Albus is inconsolable, crying around the house, pawing at the front door. When he took the dog out this morning, Tana insisted on eating snow. He was eating some hard-packed snow, and it was so rough it tore up his muzzle, like his lip- he was actually bleeding. Poor dumb dog. I called the vet's office and they said to clean it off with some peroxide and as long as it doesn't look infected, it should take care of itself. I made an appointment for Friday to get his shots anyway, so they can look at it then.

Sigh, this post did not take long enough to type. 50 more minutes.

Oh, forgot to say how cute that bike is, kitten...and with that basket?!?!? Adorable.

I, too, would like to experience the butt-spa toilet. Actually, what I'd really like in my house is something I saw on Anthony Bourdain. He was staying at a very nice hotel in India and the toilet in the room had a sprayer on a hose next to the toilet; similar to the kind on a kitchen sink that you could use to rinse yourself off. I think it would give you more control over what got sprayed than one of the butt-spa toilets. And it's probably not too expensive to install.

I'm a little miffed at Pete's family. His family never makes real mashed potatoes- they always do the potato flakes, even for holidays. No offense, but I just find them to be an abomination of nature. Ok, not really, but they're just not the same. So I volunteered to make REAL mashed potatoes for Easter dinner. They were perfect- perfect butter and garlic, perfect salt and pepper. They were a little lumpy, but still creamy and moist. His mom thanked me for making them at the end of the night, but no one else said anything about them. Except for his sister-in-law (who they think is a culinary genius because she mixes frozen hash browns with velveeta and bakes it) who said she would have to make macaroni and cheese for her kids because they wouldn't eat the mashed potatoes. God forbid your little snowflakes actually eat something new.

I dunno, I'd like to think I don't cook to get praise, but it's just such a let-down to spend all this time making something from scratch and nobody there even seems to care. Whereas my family is so enthusiastic about cooking, especially for holidays- it's like a friendly competition. And I do genuinely mean friendly- we just all enjoy the art of cooking (and those who don't, enjoy the art of eating it all!) and everyone's super-supportive of experiments and new stuff.

Ok, gotta think about something happy before I end this so I don't go to bed pissed. Um, tomorrow's payday. And my cousin gave me an advance on my vacation days, so I took the second week of the time I was out, so it will be a healthy paycheck. Oh, and I got the hospital bill....hee, hee! $27,533. That's before insurance pays anything- phew! I'm choosing to be as happy as I can about it, because you can either laugh or cry....and crying just irritates my very expensive eye tongue.gif

Woo hoo, 26 minutes to go!

((hugs to all)) Where's mando- I wanna hear how her kitty is!

ETA: And to top off my annoyance with his family, his mom made a couple of comments about how we should have kids because they'd be so cute. Grr.

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts!

ETA, again: My comment about my SIL and the cheesy potatoes was not supposed to sound as snarky as it did. Hey, I'm completely guilty of eating them.
Belated Birthday Wishes for our beloved Sidecar!

Oh polly, that would have annoyed me too. We never had anything but honest to goodness, lumpy yet creamy mashed potatoes growing up. I didn't even know that instant potatoes existed until I was at a friends house and saw her mother pour the flakes in to some hot milk. I was so visibly appalled that I'm quite sure that is why I was never asked to dinner there again tongue.gif

Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend, whatever you were or were not celebrating.


Okay, now I have to vent to you all. Last night the boy, the kidlet and I were on our way back to my place after Easter dinner with his family when some complete idiot made a left hand turn RIGHT in front of the car. We'd just come through an intersection and if I hadn't noticed and screamed like I did, we'd have plowed right in to this persons SUV. R swerved so quickly that we avoided the other vehicle and hit the curb so hard it popped the front right tire. We were about three feet from hitting a utility pole and another couple from hitting one of those green electrical boxes. To make matters worse the guy backed up and started screaming at US, the people with the right of way. And when R ranted back how he had his family, including his KID in the effing car, the guy snottily retorted "SO?" and then sped off. The pour kidlet and I both nearly peed our pants it was so scary and such a close call. I am not even kidding when I say my life flashed before my eyes. None of us could really sleep last night and all of us have been feeling a bit off today. I am just so thankful it wasn't worse because man did it have the potential to be. Whew.
eeek (((((yuefie)))) I'm glad you're ok. what an asshat driver!

((((polly))) I hatehatehatehate fake mashed potatoes, reminds me of school. Mashed tatties are supposed to have lumps in them. of potato.

also, those hand-dryers are the shit. they make the skin on your hands look like you're going through a comedy wind-tunnel. The sprayer-on-a-hose in india has many purposes - it's a loo roll alternative, a cheap bidet, and it can be used to flush the loo if the cistern breaks. Although i too wish my butt to go to a spa.

((((kitten)))) baguette size is a handy thing. also, colour me jealous, I *want* a basket for my bike, I want to make Pete sit in it...

we had... well, snow fell from the sky, but didn't settle. that in itself is an event, one which causes me to run and hide indoors going "noooo"

yes, where are you mando? how's the kitty doing?

((((syb)))) ***productivity***


I hate hate hate having to cut things out of essays because I've gone over the word limit. gah.

also, I have my exam timetable, not too bad - they're all in one go over eleven days, so I'll be done by mid-may, which is nice.

and... i have to show off. It was Pete's birthday over easter ('cos I don't actually know when he was born, but he was an abandoned easter bunny)
Aww, what a cute picture of Pete! How sad he was an abandoned Easter bunny...sad for him, but good for you!

When we were deciding if we wanted to buy one of the Airblades, we had a Dyson rep come in with a demo model so we all got to try it. Somehow, it actually leaves your skin feeling really soft. He told us a story about how another rep did a presentation at the corporate offices of Aveda and the Aveda people were convinced that the Dyson had added something in the air to make your skin softer, but it's really just filtered air.

Mmm, I made meatloaf over the weekend to bring with me this week for lunch. And leftover mashed potatoes. dry.gif It's gonna be so yummy- can't wait for lunch!

Yuefie, that's so scary! You didn't get the guy's plate number or anything? What an asshat!
Potato flakes =evil!

(((yuefie))) I hate asshats who yeall you when they did something wrong!

Polly, I have the sanitation setting on my new washer. I used it once just to play around with it. Man, I thought that load would never end!!!

((Morn))Happy belated birfday to Pete!

Happy belated birthday to Sidecar!

Mr. Pixie did it! He finished his master's theseis!!! He's turning it into the graduate office today! I am so excited! It is going to be so nice not having him consumed with graduate school anymore! It sucks that as a teacher he gets less than $1k raise for getting his masters, but in a few years he will probably take the administrator's test if he doesn't get a professorship anywhere.
Congrats to Mr. Pixie!!! That is fabulous news!!! What are you doing to celebrate? Because you've GOT to do something, ya know. wink.gif
And yeah, that sanitation cycle lasts I don't use it very often because of that.

Many happy returns of the day to Pete! He is sooooooo adorable. I want to bury my nose in all of that fluff!

((((((((((((((((((((((((Yuefie & the boys)))))))))))))))))))))))))) How horrifying! I'm so glad you guys are okay. I hope the accident didn't stir up your sore neck.

I told Sheff that his office needs to get the airblade. The hands-free bathroom is the wave of the future, ya know?

Polly, you have my sympathies.
On Friday we had friends over for dinner. And as usual, I had spent the whole day cooking: pot roast, carrots, baked potatoes, homemade bread, and blondies. Everything from scratch. I do this for these people once or twice a month. Usually they seem pretty appreciative, but lately they haven't said much ... as if it's just expected that I'm supposed to do this. Note that in the last two years, only 2 of our friends have invited us to their homes for dinner - once each - while they've eaten at our place over and over and over again. It can be pretty frustrating. I was venting about this to Sheff on Sunday before our friend, M, came over. And amazingly enough, when M arrived he brought coffee cake that he had baked himself. He said that he didn't mean to imply that I was a bad cook because he LOVES my cooking, but he thought he should give back by cooking for me for a change. Isn't that sweet? Now, if only everyone else could learn from his example, but they all claim that I'm a much better cook than they are, so they're "embarassed" to cook for me. As if I'm that judgemental or something. rolleyes.gif

Mkay. Must do laundry.
Hee hee..we already celebrated Saturday! We went driving to a couple little wineries, bought a nice expensive bottle of dessert wine, then stopped at that Chocolatier on main street and got a 1/4 pound of gourmet chocolate to go with it! Mummm! His parents are also going to take us out to eat one night this week. Oh and did I mention..his dad is buying us a flat screen as a graduation gift!!!
Hello ladies! It has been far too long since I've been in here. I hope everyone had a good Easter weekend.

morn, that is a cute picture of your bunny!

congrats to Mr. Pixie!

polly, sorry that LeBoy's family didn't appreciate your mashed potatoes. I made all of the Easter dinner for my family (including real potatoes) and real potatoes are always better than the flakes (although I use those at home when I'm feeling lazy).

(((((yuefie))))) stupid drivers suck!

((((((((((sidecar and her family))))))))))

((((tes, RV, morn, kittenb, bunnyb, syb, everyone!))))

If it's possible I really need some good vibes for my mom. She has horrible sciatica and has spent the last year off work and limping around the house and having to take pain pills. It just seems to be getting worse and worse. Back in October our family doctor told her that he was going to refer her to a neurosurgeon to see what could be done about the problem. She called the doctor last Tuesday to see how the referral was coming along only to be told by the secretary that it had never been made! So that has been 6 months of her thinking that maybe progress was being made when it wasn't! It's so fucking ridiculous. She needs surgery and our idiot family doctor isn't doing a damn thing to help her!

So anyway, she managed to see a different doctor who made a referral for her to see a neurologist right away and today is the appointment. I'm just hoping that this doctor can actually tell her exactly what needs to be done and refer her onto a neurosurgeon. I am so sick of seeing my mother in constant pain and I just want her to get better.

kvetch: it's 7am and I don't have class until 2. Why am I awake?

Also, after being inspired by some of my friends' crafts, I have decided that I want to learn how to crochet. I don't plan on making anything practical, just cute little things. Can anyone suggest a good book to get started?

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