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(((Mandolyn's Mamasan)))
-c-c-c-c- anti-cancer vibes for MandiMama -c-c-c-c-

~~~~~~~~ smooth surgery vibes for YuefieDad ~~~~~~~~ Glad to hear things are going so well with the 2 men in your life!

~$~$~$~ happy job vibes for DM & TwimDM ~$~$~$~

~~~~~~ ->-- safe travel vibes for Amilita ~~~~~~ ->--

The London Bustie meet-up sounds so fun!

Millie was in Crazy Cat mode earlier this morning. Running around all over the house with that strange look in her eyes.

Kvetch: I am impatiently waiting for Project Runway to show up on You Tube. [taps foot nervously]

Anti-kvetch: I made some amazing, crewy ginger cookies last night. So tasty! And they're HUGE so one cookie is just enough.
[passes plate of cookies around the room]
Well, I won't tell anyone who won Project Runway, but I was quite happy. smile.gif

Kvetch: Mcgeek has been influenced by Biggest Loser the last couple of weeks, so we're trying a new diet and exercise program. My body is killing me though. I guess it's the side effects of cutting calories and such. I'm trying to walk the dog more, and go hiking. Also I'm PMSing and crying at dog commericals again.


This is a quick flyby, but I'll vibe properly later.

((((mandi's mama)))) ~~~~super strength anti-cancer vibes~~~~~
& ((((mandi)))) ~~~~ soothing hair brushing~~~~ 'cause like me, I know you worry
(((yuefie))) (((rose))) (((dusty))) heartfelt thanks for the good thoughts. i love you guys.

mom's fine. A-OK. we just got back from a celebratory diner lunch.
i am tres relieved. *massive understatement*

and have scheduled my consult with my gastro. because i've been putting this thing off for 8 years now. and there's really nothing to it. the night-before prep is the worst part. except it's not even that horrible ... mom lost 4 lbs. hey, i'll take that.

more later ...
Yay for Mando and her mom!! smile.gif I'm glad things are okay.
*Does the happy dance for Mandi and Mamasan*

I didn't get the job, btw. Oh, well, I'm not bent out of shape. I'm, er, bent out of shape over the next job application.

I flew to DC last night for a press event and just got back home now. I missed a lot so (((((everyone))))). Glad all the surgeries 'round these parts went well.

Martini is flying to visit his parents tonight and turned out, my plane turned into his plane, so I was even able to see him for a few minutes and say hi. Bad news from his parents; their friend J, who was kind of a second mom to him, has been ill for awhile and not been good about seeing a doctor. It turns out she has a brain tumor. We don't know what their options are, but he's pretty upset. It's a rough time to be apart, but he comes home on Sunday.

Anyway I'm going to make dinner and watch some TV. Our event went well, but it's been stressful and I'm tired. Love you all!
I only had two of the three wisdom teeth removed (they were reluctant to numb up my entire face) so back again in four weeks for the remaining one. The extractions seemed to be successful; the worse part was the injections. My face is still numb so not sure how the pain will be; I probably shouldn't have taken painkillers so early but I didn't know when the numbness would wear off.

Looking forward to the boy arriving to look after me and to hanging out with zoya and mornington tomorrow.

dusty, I'm sorry you didn't get the job.

undies: black and white pants with frilly trim and baby pink hearts and baby pink bra.

Happy weekend, everybody!
(((Bunny))) That doesn't sound like fun. I had general anesthetic for my wisdom teeth, which was kind of nice, but my chest was really sore after, so I always pictured the surgeon with his knee braced up against my chest for traction.
My thoughts will definitely be with Martini, his family, J and her family.

Hooray for MandiMom! And hooray for Mandi for schduling her appointment. I know it's not fun (I've lived through it, too), but you'll feel so much more relaxed knowing that a doctor has checked you out properly. (((((Mandi)))))

(((((Bunny)))))) I'm sure you didn't take the pain meds too soon. My mother (who has been an RN for more than 40 years) alwyas urges us to take our prescriptions the very moment we get them! And I remember that my oral surgeon had me take my pain meds as soon as I could after the surgery. Afterall, there was no doubt I was going to be in pain, so you might as well get those drugs working as soon as possible! smile.gif

~~~~ soothing for Sassy's poor muscles & nerves ~~~~

Sorry about the job, Dusty, but this just means there's something better out there for you. ((((Dusty))))

~~~~~~~~~ more smooth surgery vibes for YuefieDad ~~~~~~~~~


Kvetch: I hurt my acheles tendon while working on the yard. I don't even know how I did it, but it's made walking rather annoying.

Anti-kvetch: It's raining agin! And the lake that feeds my city's water system may officially be back up to normal after this storm! Woo hoo! granted, I think they'll keep water restrictions in place for a while just to be on the safe side, but it's still a lovely thing to see.

Anti-kvetch: My cat is snoring next to me. It's rather cute. And this morning for the first time she successfully jumped up on our bed without any help from us or having to climb up with her claws. So yay! This is especially good since she doesn't seem interested in the step stool I put at the foot of her bed. Maybe I need to demonstrate it to her like I did with the scratching pad.

Kvetch: Soooooo unmotivated. Bah.
~~~anti-pain vibes for bunny~~~

~~~pms-be-gone for sassy~~~

~~~quick healing and recovery for polly's peepers~~~

((((rose's foot))))

((((martini)))) ugh, how sad. (((sidecar))), 'cause you need some hugs too.

sorry you didn't get the job, (((dusty)))

yay for mandi-mama being a-ok!

((((tes & pennwe & mamae))))

((((morn, billy, pixie, syb, amilita, kitten, candy, sixela, everybody))))

I'm with sassy and am in super PMSy, megabitch crybaby mode today. I feel like I could go from sane to irrational in 30 seconds, dropkick someone if they looked at me sideways and then cry at a Hallmark commercial. I had a tummy ache last night that kept me up late and then when I did manage to fall asleep, I had terrible dreams. I feel like I barely slept at all and my tummy still feels a little off. I hate how my belly reacts to the hormones. Like regular cramps, breakouts, blues and crabbiness aren't enough? My stomach has to react to yogurt & toast like it was a greasy sausage sammich? For fucks sake, it's yogurt and whole grain bread rolleyes.gif.

undie report: purple print cheeky shorts that say rebel and have a pink glittery star w/ purple bra.
Kvetch: Still in super PMS mode. Also, this new diet isn't helping my food cravings. I realize Mcgeek is being a love and trying to help me, but fuck. I want some NY Fudge Super Chunk!! :(Tomorrow I weigh myself to see if I've lost any.... My tummy has also been hurting. I told Mcgeek to fuck off right before work. I'm such a good girlfriend aren't I? I miss date night, and we were supposed to go out tonight. He didn't want to go to a bar to play trivia. Really irked me. We're going to have to face restaurant food at some point. Hence me telling him to fuck off.

Kvetch: All my chick flicks are at my apartment which sucks because I could really use watching Pretty in Pink or something. It would take me an hour to get there by bus.

Yuefie, pms be gone! Hormones suck don't they?

Bunny, I hope your teeth are better.

Polly, speedy recovery on your eyes.

undies: Pink plaid and no bra...

and today my dog had bloody diarrhea, so she got to spend the day at the vet! and i am $300 poorer. She seems okay -- sleepy and uninterested in food, but okay. Poor baby. I wish I could make her better.

(((((bunny))))))) be careful about hollow...oh, i forget what they're called, but it's when the cavity that used to be your wisdom tooth doesn't heal correctly. It can be really painful.

~~~anti-pms for yuefie~~~
QUOTE(sidecar @ Mar 7 2008, 07:16 PM) *
(((((bunny))))))) be careful about hollow...oh, i forget what they're called, but it's when the cavity that used to be your wisdom tooth doesn't heal correctly. It can be really painful.

~~~anti-pms for yuefie~~~

i think its called a "dry socket" - my friend had hers taken out all at the same time ; said it hurts like hell.

work stuff being it what it is. i've had a great couple of days. i got to hang yesterday with crazyoldcatlady. tonight, i went to a book reading by girlbomb. bustie company always is great.

*~*~*general multipurpose vibes and hugs to who needs 'em*~*~*
Happy Caturday, kids! Anybody want to share some kitty pics? Or bunnies or puppies or anything?

We need a Polly up-date! Hope she's healing well. ~~~~~~ soothing for Polly ~~~~~~~

~~~~~~ soothing for Bunny ~~~~~~ Hope your mouth is feeling a lot better today.

(((((((hugs for Sidecar & the puppers))))))))
(((((((more love for J)))))))))

~~~~~~ anti-PMS vibes for Sassy & Yuefie ~~~~~~

Stargazer, lucky you! COCL and Girlbomb, too. Kickass!

I did not mention my unmentionables yesterday because they were too boring to mention.

If you've been watching the news, you may know that it's been an odd few days in my area. UNC's student body president was killed on Thursday and tonight is the big basketball game between UNC & Duke. Normally there's a lot of good-spirited competition & parties all over town, but instead it's very somber & the news reporters aren't just focusing on the sports rivalry. I must admit that I'm kinda sorta a Dukie (my grandpa graduated from there), but tonight I really really hope UNC wins it. The Tar Heels deserve the healing balm of a win right now.

Kvetch: I had a bit of an emotional breakdown last night. Don't you hate those? Poor Sheff. He's so good and tolerant. I feel guilty for keeping him up so late trying to figure out such self-involved questions as "Who Am I?" and "Why Do I Exist?"

Kvetch: After staying up too late, I got a call at 7:51am. Today. A Saturday. Indeed, the shortest Saturday of the entire year. The phone woke up Sheff &, as you can imagine, he was not happy about it.

Anti-kvetch: The call was from the guy who's going to install our new microwave/hood. He'll be here between noon & 2pm today! Woo hoo!

Kvetch: Weird dreams. Really really weird dreams.

Anti-kvetch: It's raining again!
(((((((RV))))))) well, i hope the weekend improves for you. bad dreams be gone!

sassy, when are you coming to b-town?

antikvetch:dorkface and i are gonna make dinner and watch a movie tonight.

now, off to make breakfast and watch dirty dancing, which is on cable right now....

i am going to try to ease back into kvetchlandia.....

please be patient with me?

rosiev, i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy to hear that it is raining! and raining! and raining some more!!

sorry to hear about the existentialist blues. sad.gif i get those, too. glad that sheffield steele was to the rescue!

and WHAT? the UNC student body president was killed? huh? that certainly didn't make the news in maputo. who won? please please please say the tarheels?

cuddling with millie might help, too!

every since dusty mentioned the flopping over with paws up, curled, mimi the african attack cat does it hard to be totally mopey with that sort of cuteness in your face.

speaking of dusty, i'm sorry you didn't get the job. it is because there is an even BETTER one waiting for you. promise.

bunny b mine, hope that your tooofies are feeling better. *blows kisses*

mandomyheart, YAYAYAYAY for heathy mando-matriarchs!!!

NO MORE PMS vibes for yeufi and sassy!

(i'm about to start, give em all to me!!)

star, what did you and (hee) dorkface make for dindin and what movie did you watch?

kvetch: i had the week from hell last week. many people practicing transference of their own incompetence onto others, including myself. BOOO.

kvetch: not having spoken to the healer pennwee since a week thursday

anti-kvetch: speaking with mr. hotbuns TWICE yesterday. he has spoken with the healer, she appears more even between crying bouts.

anti-kvetch: have reservations for coming home in april for neicoid elle's BAYBEE to be born!!!!

woooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

hugs and kisses and silly silly fishes to EVERYONE. if i missed you this time, i will try to make up for it next time. i'm still off my game.
(((tes))) dorkface and i made spaghetti sauce with vegan meatballs and pasta. oh, he also brought some yummy dipping sauce to have with bread. we ended up watching the last king of scotland.

i need some vibeage for my roomie. i always suspected she had an eating disorder. well, she told me she is entering a tx for her eating disorder tomorrow. it is not far from home. i told her i would take her, but she said she was going to go by cab. i was more livid that den mom said she would've taken her if she didn't need to work. wtf? just take the half day to care for someone else. i was willing to do it for my roommie, but she said she was ok. i did tell her i would go to visit her and to call me if she needs anything. i just feel bad. i was glad she felt comfortable enough to tell me.

*~*~*vibeage to whoever needs 'em*~*~*
Did anybody else have trouble accessing Bust today? Or is it just me?

Yes, the student body president at UNC was shot. They've released a photo of the suspect.
But there's good news! The Tar Heels won! Duke was in the lead with only 5 minutes left, but UNC came back & snatched up the win. Hooray!

((((((((hugs of support for Stargazer's roomie))))))))))) It's good to hear that she's getting the help she needs.

Kvetch: I found some pictures of the house from when we bought it last year. The lawn was so full and lush then. Now about 50% of it is bare dirt. Siiiiiiiiigh. I hate having to worry about stupid, boring, "adult" shit like the state of my lawn.

Kvetch: I'm worried that our new over-the-stove microwave is too big. It definitely hangs down lower than our old one & I'm afraid it's too close to the surface of the stove. There's only 14 inches between the surface of the cooker & the bottom of the microwave. Eep.

But the good news is it's pretty outside & Sheff & I took a drive which was fun. Hope everyone is having a good day!
Hey all!

Rosev, I love that Millie snores- my Eli does, and it cracks me up.

OK, so our trip! I can't remember what I already told you guys, but the Mr.'s art show went well, and after that we did the Magic Kingdom Monday, Epcot Center Tuesday and the Cirque de Soleil that night, and then Sea World the last day.

For Magic Kingdom, we were totally fresh and excited, and we got up early and powered through the whole day trying to go on as many rides as we could. I'm not usually a scary ride person, but part of that is wondering how well they are maintained, and I figured these would be pretty darn safe. Plus, they are for the most part not very intense- Space Mountain scared me, though.

We slept in the next day and it rained, so we didn't spend as much time at Epcot. In the countries part of the park, none of the outdoor performances were going on or anything like that, so we just walked through quickly. Cirque de Soleil was great! It was pretty expensive, but I'm so glad the Mr. said we should just go ahead and go.

On the last day, for Sea World, I think we were both kinda parked-out, especially the Mr. We both liked the manatee rescue and feeding the dolphins. I think we both may be 2-day maximum park people. I'm glad we did it all- my favorite overall was the Magic Kingdom, for sure.

Here's my favorite picture of the Mr. and I in fake China at Epcot.

And me on the little ferry over to Tom Sawyer's (boring) island at Magic Kingdom.

I've had a couple days at home to get things in order a bit, and now I'm in for a ton of work this week! Trying to make up for time I've been gone. Off to bathe!

Happy Sunday, ya'll. Sorry I have been MIA for days. My internet at home is spotty and my work this time so I am trying to look busy when I am there. rolleyes.gif I am looking forward to April, I must say.

Has anyone heard from pollystyrene since her eye surgery?

Happy vibes for mandolyn and mandomama!!!

{{{dusty job dissapointment}}}

{{{health vibes for martini and martini & sidecars pup}}}

{{{bunnyb teeth health}}} My docs always say that it is easier to prevent the pain than to get rid of it. Take the pills.

{{{tesao happy and peaceful vibes, just cause}}}

{{{hello to stargazer}}}

{{{all kvetchies I am missing}}}

I have had a nice weekend. The Geek came over last night and I made lasagna. Then we watched News Radio for the evening. It was lovely. Today I went to see Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day. I though is was really charming and I adore Francis MacDormand. smile.gif I've decided to take the day off from work tomorrow b/c I just need a break. I am staying home and cleaning my closet and trying to catch up on my laundry. I figure if I am going to nag the boy about his place I need to keep mine looking good.

This week I also made the final decision to give up the Ortho-Tricyclene. Even w/the crying "episodes" that I had I smile.gif just didn't realize how depressed and anxious it was making me on a daily basis. I may try a lower dose something in a few months but right now I am enjoying being balanced again.
~~~flyby to send out lovies to 'mah kvetchies~~~

My power cord bit the dust, so I am without a 'puter til I get a new one. Thanks for the anti-pms vibes everyone. I surely do need them as I am feeling it big time. But I still managed to have a very nice weekend with the boy and the kidlet. We celebrated his 13th birthday with a mocha devils food cake, blood orange buttercream icing & chocolate ganache. YUM!

Nobody likes Mondays, huh? I must admit that mine was pretty shitty.

amilita, the second photo of you alone is very pretty smile.gif. I am so excited about my trip there! I think my limit is way more than two days of theme parks ... I hope so anyway!

kvetch: back to the dr this morning and it's very likely I have IBS but they want to give me nasty tests at the hospital to make sure; they also need to rule out Celiacs disease.
kvetch: my mouth is sore and I now have an ulcer sad.gif.
anti-kvetch: I spent some time with mornington and zoya over the weekend, which was lovely, and quality time with the boy. The boy and I made a big decision about our (near) future which I am very happy and excited about.

Yeah, Monday sucked. I'm still too annoyed with various piddly shit to be of much use. And Aunt Flow showed up, so that has added a whole other layer of crankitude. Grrr.

~~~~~~ soothing for Bunny ~~~~~~
(((((Yuefie's computer))))
Kitten, sounds like the right decision re: the ortho tricyclene.
Amilita, glad you had a good time!
Monday's always seem to suck all the way around!

Yuefie, hon, I think you have some bad computer Karma or something!

I am very envious of the Scottish Bustie meet up!!

Nothing major going on here. I've moved over into my new position and I really like it, but it keeps me a lot more busy during the day, so not as much time for Busting! I just had to swing on over here and add a signature that someone gave me today!
pixiedust - I feel like that new signature was sent just to brighten my day.

bunnyb - I hope that they figure out what it wrong. You deserve health. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it isn't celiac's disease but rather something that can be treated simply.

rosev - I was off the ortho-tir for about two days before my period showed up. I just had one about 1 week ago. This is so not fair.

Also not fair, I had my interview for the grad school of my choice. I had turned in a writing sample and all of that already. Today we had to do three short essays and an interview w/one person. I do not think that the person who interviewed me liked me at all. I just don't feel good about my chances and that is breaking my heart. Everyone else I have met who is invloved with the school thinks that I would be a natural fit. This guy just seemed to think that I was a bit flaky and really underqualified. sad.gif It really sucks that one person's opinion might fuck this whole thing up for me.
(transcribed by LeBoy)

Hello everyBustie!!

Sorry I haven't posted in a week; I was too tired the first few days after the surgery to have LeBoy start reading this to me, so I'm just going to wait until I can read again to catch up. That being the case, this post will be completely non-sequitur.

The good news is I'm still alive. My right eye, the one that just had the laser surgery, is fine; my left eye, the one I had the more extensive surgery in, is still a work in progress. It doesn't really hurt anymore; the first four days after the surgery were very uncomfortable because there were stitches in my eye. Fortunately they're dissolvable; at this point I can barley feel them and they should be gone in a few days. At this point my left eye is really bloodshot and weird looking because the drops I have to take keep it dilated. I only keep a patch on it when I sleep and when I go outside. My left eyelid mostly wants to stay closed for now and when I do make the effort to open it everything's really blurry and seems to be tilted.

My doctor seems to think the procedure went really well; he says my glasses prescription, particularly the left eye, will likely change drastically, but it's hard to tell until the eye is healed and I'm done with my current regimen of eye drops.

Obviously not being allowed to read has really sucked. This has been exacerbated by the fact that I'm suppose to lay in the same position 80 to 90 percent of the day, including while I'm sleeping. This is because part of the procedure involved injecting a gas bubble into my left eye to keep pressure on the repaired retina. The pressure keeps the retina in place as it reattaches to the inside of my eye. The gas bubble will eventually dissipate by itself, hopefully in the next couple of days. Laying in the same position, on my right side, has caused that side of my body from my neck to my ankle to become very sore. I am able to change the position of my body slightly, but I'm very limited.

While I have every confidence in my doctor and his expertise regarding my eyes, I sometimes feel that he treats the rest of my body as simply the pesky flesh that surrounds it. I haven't been able to shower in a week and even though I'm cleaning myself with baby wipes, I'm starting to feel like a cesspool. I have another follow-up appointment tomorrow and hopefully I'll be green-lit to shower.

LeBoy and my mom have tended to my every need and I should probably stop complaining because there are people in far worse situations than I'm in.

Well I need to go assume the position now. I hope this past week has been good for all of you. ~*~*~* general all-purpose vibes for anyone who needs them ~*~*~* hopefully in a week I'll be allowed to read again and send more specific thoughts to everyone.

P.S. If anyone can find a site with cute yet functional eye-patches, please let me know. wink.gif
Polly (and le Boy), thanks for the update. I'm glad you're being so well looked after and hope healing continues smoothly. Remember: this is temporary--you'll be back reading in no time!

((((polly)))) thank you le boy!

((((amilita)))) you look like you're having fun!

((((kitten)))) fingers crossed. some interviewers are just nasty on purpose.

yay for mandomama & ((((mando))))

((((yuefie)))) I'm actually going to start drooling.

((((bunny)))) acos

((((zoya, pixie, syb, sidecar, faith, billy, culture, sixie, sassy, rosev, tes, everyone))))

kvetch: the wind. no rowing. boo.

kvetch: the room my tutor group was giving a presentation in was double-booked, so we have to reschedule, which is just annoying. although it does give me time to change the slide scheme back to what it was. at what point is red on green a good idea?!?

antikvetch: I have a date. not with phd guy, with someone else. We shall see.

oh, did i tell you guys I've put in for rowing captain? I'm sending my manifesto off now... wish me luck!


Hey y'all. Sorry about the MIA, I've been sort of hiding away and re-evaluating, well, life. Bleh, I hate the way depression just makes you feel stupid. Anyway, I've been lurking here and there (and of course, playing Scrabble online with Her Bunnyness!). Catching up is a bit intimidating, so for now

~*~*~*~*~all purpose vibes for everyKvetchie~*~*~*~*~

Polly (via Le Boy), A while back a friend's kid needed an eyepatch, so I bought her one from this site Custom Eyepatches. The link goes to their custom page, you can design your own. They also have ready-made. I kind of like the camo with the skull in their "new" section (but the SpongeBob one just freaks me out. That is seriously creepy-looking!). I do like the idea of having googly eyes on an eyepatch, or maybe one big googly eye? Then again, I might be a little twisted....

Oh, and I did notice Stargazer left out one small detail about her trip to KC....namely falling asleep in the backseat of my car and covering herself with warm cocoa! Poor thing had such a long day, she was all tuckered out. wink.gif

And one bit of exciting news before I go: Eddie Izzard is doing a US tour! Better yet, he's coming to KC, which I NEVER thought would happen. So...I bought a ticket. In fact, I spent my grocery money on it. It was a mad impulse, but but but when am I going to get an opportunity to see Le Izzard live again, right? Right. I'll just keep telling myself that....

Six, I was just running in here to tell everyone that! Eddie is coming to GA!! For two days! I find that amazing... It's in a tiny theatre outside of Atlanta, but you know I'm excited. smile.gif Mcgeek just seems meh about it which is weird to me. May just get tickets for both of us. He doesn't seem to do anything about tickets to concerts/shows until the concert is already sold out. Bastard.

Been MIA as well. Depression mixed with just a general "ick" feeling. Also been temping or working. IKEA is cutting people left and right for having colds or what not. I'm been trying to figure out what step to do next... (job, lovelife, wanting to move to Portland like NOW) Basically, feel like running in circles.

((polly)) So glad you're feeling better.

Extremely Good News: I have lost 6 pounds! Just watching diet and trying to exercise some. Got that wedding in May, and wanting to look halfway decent in photos.

Kvetch: Bad Cramps and crying spells. Ugh. Looking forward to therapy tomorrow. Is that weird?

Star, coming to see you Memorial Day weekend. smile.gif

(((General Purpose Vibes))

((((polly))))) hang in there.
(((everyone))) tonight's the first night all week that I haven't had freelance projects hanging over my head, so i'm going to enjoy doing nothing. smile.gif oh, and i'm excited to watch "top chef."
(((sixela))) yay for eddie! we all deserve to treat ourselves, especially when we're depressed. I want to tell eddie that I am very upset he'll be in Tampa a few weeks before I'm close by. I am, however, over the moon that Dave Matthews Band will be in Tampa when I am and we're going to try to buy tickets!

(((sassy))) go you losing weight!

(((morn))) you'd make a fab captain!

(((polly))) glad you're doing okay and the eye patches sixela linked to are fab!

(((syb, rose, pixie, sidecar, amilita, yuefie, kitten, mandi, star, zoya, tes, everybody)))

eta: sidecar, I've recently seen Top Chef for the first time and excited about new season!

Mouth sore and I'm a tired bunny but other than that I'm doing ok... seem to be fine off the anti-depressants.
Yay for a polly update and a sixela sighting!

yay for morn's hot date & for Eddie Izzard tix!


You know pixie, I am beginning to think that I do have some bad 'puter karma! It could just be that I have a bad kitty who likes to chew the power cord though seeing that this one is frayed in the exact same spot as the last one. So I bought this cord keeper thingie that should keep them safe. Hopefully!
((yuefie, sidecar, syb, rose, star, tes))

((bunnyb)) FYI about the venue for the Dave Matthews Band show in Tampa, they have actual seats, but they also usually have lawn seats available for a really cheap price. Hope your mouth feels better.

((sassy)) Yay for the Eddie show, and I hope you can get tickets. Congrats on your weight loss. It’s not weird to be looking forward to therapy, I love therapy.

((sixel)) Yay for getting an Eddie ticket.

((mornington)) Good luck on the rowing captain thing.

((polly)) Glad you are feeling well.

((kittenb)) I can see how the grad school interview would be stressful. Good luck.

((pixie)) Glad you like your new position.

((amilita)) Glad you guys had fun at Disney, The Magic Kingdom is my favorite park as well. My theme park tolerance is one day, usually after 5 or 6 hours I am done. Is that green and white shirt from Target, if so I almost bought the same shirt?

((star’s roomie))

Twin DM’s neighbor is trying to get me to adopt a stray cat, and it is really frustrating me. This woman already has three cats and a dog in a one bedroom apartment. She is making me feel bad because I don’t want a cat. I have compassion for all animals, but that doesn’t mean I need to take in every stray I see. I am so ready for the weekend as there are finally some films to see, and we are going to Disney Quest and the Virgin Megastore (I always find cds that I can‘t find anywhere else, so I need to make a list).

Hope the rest of the week goes well for all Busties.
Kitten, my day job is in the thick of academic bureaucracy, so I can see how a crappy interviewer could be selected as part of the assessment process even though he's clearly bad with people! I am sorry, I can imagine how frustrating that must be. Do ask for feedback afterwards (maybe after you hear the decision) and if later you feel the interviewer seriously affected your chances, you should appeal if you're not happy with the decision. Good luck (((fingers crossed)))

*waves at mornington and bunny* I feel I can't say how much I would have loved hanging with you guys last weekend because I never manage to get myself over there! Soon, soon... hope lots of fun was had.

DM, I would feel the same. I love cats but know that we can't commit to having one for a few years. I would feel guilty and annoyed in turn if someone was pressuring me to adopt one despite me saying no.

Nice to see you sixela! I keep blowing parts of my paycheck on posh food or other random treats even though I'm currently fairly broke so I'm all in favour of spoiling yourself.

I have the office to myself and have been super-unproductive, at least job-wise. I did find some epic t-shirts online for the mister for his upcoming birthday though, so I'm pleased about that. I have been and will continue to be under a lot of pressure with this (final?) draft of the thesis to complete and growing demands at the day job, so I'm not feeling guilty this morning about taking some breathing space. I should get to it before lunch though.

A good friend is visiting at the weekend which I'm looking forward to; I really don't have many female friends here so I can't wait to catch up. And I have a spa weekend away booked for a few weeks' time, to give me a break and/or celebrate my handing in the thesis draft. Counting the days...

Looking forward to seeing The Other Boleyn Girl tomorrow...
I am SOOOOOOOOO pissed off.

Fred Fucking Phelps is coming to town to protest the memorial service for Eve Carson, the college student who was killed here last week. I am even more enraged about this because one of my father's oldest friends - a man he's known since they were 5 years old - is an administrator at the university and just so happens to be a gay man. Can't wait to hear about the counter protest. Grrrrrrr ...

((((((((((((( endless love for all of my Kvetchies ))))))))))))))))))
*sticks head in*

fuck fred phelps, the fucking fuckstain. cod, that man's a cock.

date went well, saw juno and chatted. he's nice. not convinced either way but there might be another one. oh, and might have another date with another boy.

and now... the geography of bdsm. or the geography of feminism. the choice the choice.

*goes to clean house*

I've been lucky (?) enough to see the Fred Phelps Fucktard Family in person twice. Once in California for who knows what and the second time in sleepy Lubbock when they came to town to protest the Buddy Holly Musuem. The musuem has a pair of Elton John glasses and they were exorcised about that (I'm not making this up!). When they were here, I had the change to counterprotest. They are a strange lot.

Protesting at Eve Carson's memorial service is beyond the pale.
Hey, gang. Thanks for tolerating my drive-by rant earlier. This whole thing is stressing me out way too much on so many different levels. I can't even get started. Fred Phelps is just the tip of the iceberg.

((((((((((((((((( massive healing hugs for Polly ))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Stitches. On your eyes. Just thinking about it make my tummy flip-floppy. I cannot imagine!

Sixela! So good to hear from you! Many congrats on scoring the ticket. I have friends who are going to see Eddie in Kansas City and Dallas. Oh, if only he were coming to NC! The closest he'll get to me is Washington DC. Poo.

(((((((((((( healing hugs for Bunny )))))))))))) Glad to hear that you're doing well off of the anti-depressants. How's the tum?

=^-^= anti kitty-chewing-on-cable vibes for Yuefie =^-^= Have you tried spraying that Bitter Apple stuff on the cords?

~C~C~C~ Captain-my-Captain vibes for Mornington ~C~C~C~
Morn, what is this about the georgraphy of BDSM? You gotta explain that! Would you be talking about how certain BDSM practices are more popular in some areas than others? Or what?

Congrats on the weight loss, Sassy!

~*~*~*~ interview vibes for Kitten ~*~*~*~*~

DM, sorry to hear that lady is pressuring you. People have done that to me before, too. I know they're trying to help the animals, but sometimes they shoot themselves in the foot.

Sybarite, sounds like you have some fun stuff to look forward to! I've never been to a spa weekend thingamy before. What will you be doing while you're there?

Kvetch: Headache. And I'm annoyed by stupid people who seem to think my town is a boiling cesspool of gangs and murderers, despite the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of law-abiding citizens living here. Grrrrrrr.

Anti-kvetch: Today I got an e-mail from a friend I hadn't talked to in about a decade! I was so unbelieveably thrilled to hear from him! Yay! And no, Pixie, this isn't anyone you know. Just a sweet guy I knew in college.

Could I request some vibes for my friends, V & T? They had to put down their cat, Muffin, this week. She had been very sick for a while & they tried everything they could to help her, including at-home IV treatments. Sadly, nothing helped & they had to let her go.
DM, that green and white shirt is from Target. I guess I gotta wear it if I go to the St. Patrick's Day parade!

I've been so tired lately, even though I'm getting tons of sleep. I gotta get back to the gym.

I just finished watching season one of The Riches, and was thinking of how I'd love to see Eddie Izzard in concert. No New Orleans dates, unfortunately.

I'm sorry I don't have the energy for individual shout-outs...(((everyone)))

ok, basically, it's partly to do with queered geography, geography of sexuality, and also post-feminist humanistic geography, looking at behaviour and performance in and outside of the home, perception of "safe" places, geography of cultural sub-groups, non-heteronormativity and how spaces are percieved as het/norm until someone comes along and fucks with our perception of space/place.

i fucking love my degree at times

oh, pants: boyshorts with white background and black vines.
Just a quick update and I am sorry I don't have time for proper vibage but it seems that my fears about my admissions interview were totally justified. My rejection letter was in my mail slot yesterday.

So...Chicago has a notoriously slow mail system and yet I can be rejected w/in 48 hours of my interview. My application must have been on the "reject" pile before my feet hit the streets.

Fuck them. All that really means is that they don't want my money to train me to do a job that I have kind of been doing for the past 4 years. I will find someone better and less expensive. mad.gif

Undies report: pink panties, white bra. Too tired to be fancy.
Mornington, that sounds awesome. You could read Lefebvre on the production of space, he gets into more abstract theories of spatiality. He's French and tricky sometimes though. Personally I don't know if I accept a post-feminist humanist approach to anything as valid, but that's a bigger debate which should probably take place at a pub!

/academic geekery derail

RV, I'm getting a facial and a massage, lots of sleep, and breakfast served at noon, for starters. I will probably also amble about the picturesque countryside, use the spa pools and sauna and generally indulge myself as much as possible. *swoons* I got a great deal so all this luxury is still quite reasonable!

Loving the Friday feeling today. Last run at loads of work due by 5pm and then I'm free! (Until I rewrite my conference paper over the weekend in between hanging w/ friend, but I digress.) We have a long weekend here which is awesome. I'm doing sweet F-A for paddy's day.

Mismatched (but of course) baby blue transparent boyshorts and a plain black bra.

ETA: Kittenb, honestly, you are within your rights to request feedback. Ring their HR dept and ask how you go about it. I'm sorry (((kb)))

(((V & T & muffin))) how well i know what they're feeling. and not to be allaboutME, but maggie kitty was just diagnosed with possible beginning-stage kidney disease. (somehow she's 9 yrs old, which is considered 'senior'. how the fuck did that happen?!) we're just going to work on it with diet for now, but i've been torturing myself with memories of poor chelsea wasting away, and how much she hated the IV drip. i won't put maggie - or myself - thru that. here's praying it reverses itself, but the little bitch so far loathes and despises the special food. le sigh.

kvetch: my colonoscopy is on monday. somehow i was much more proud of making the appt last week than i am right now. le sigh again.

sorry that i'm not up for individual lovin shout-outs. it's been a long week.

(((everyone ... especially polly, tesao, kitten, sixela, sassy)))

white comfy nylon briefs, old faithful lacey beige wacoal.


(((((((((kb))))))))))) email me if you want. what school did you apply to? man, i wish you would've contacted me cause i could've coached you to help for the interview process. damn. call me for the next school you apply to.
(((((kitten))))) fuck them. you're awesome. also, i would request feedback

(((((mando)))) you'll be fine. and so will maggie-kitty if you're hard-hearted and give her nothing but the special food until she sucks up and eats it. most cats aren't keen the first few times but they get used to it.

(((syb))) I've read a bit of lefebvre, but as we've only got 1500 words I'm trying to stick to the big figures in geog. sexuality/feminism, and he's not one of them, he came in earlier with the humanistic/cultural stuff - i've got to concentrate on bell, valentine and knopf. And rose for the feminism stuff. basically it's about a political approach within the subject, and i keep getting distracted by it all. I should have clarified, i put that badly - it's not post-feminist, just humanistic geography after the feminists got thier claws into it; early humanistic (ie Tuan) was very masculinist, claiming to be gender-neutral etc... it was looking at the home as a place of rest, privacy and peace, a non-productive space, while the feminist argument looks at the spatiality of fear, and that obv. includes domestic violence, and also reproductive space (ie non-paid labour that supports paid labour). /geeks out.

(((((((kvetchies))))))) happy weekend!
Morn, that all sounds awesome. I didn't do geography but have been intrigued by the aspects of it which cross over (arguably) to cultural studies. I love theories of spatiality and really want to incorporate them back into my work. Finally, have you read Jameson's essay on the production of space?

/geek derail concluded.... um, again.

(((Mando))) and ((((maggiekitty)))) FWIW, I've had a colonoscopy and it's dealable-with. Uncomfortable but it shouldn't last too long and then it'll be over. I'll think of you monday.
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