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~$$$~$$$~ continued interview vibes for Dust ~$$$~$$$~
My kitty does the exposed-belly-paws-up thing, too. So cute!

~~~~ soothing for Kitten ~~~~

Sybarite, what are you and the Mr. going to do on your date?


I have had SUCH a lazy morning & have not gotten dressed yet, so there are no undies to report. I have a ton to do this afternoon, though, so I better get my skates on & head out.
would you believe I've been in the library for six hours straight and i haven't posted once?!? the shock, the horror. actually, saying six hours doesn't make it seem impressive as I've only written 800 words. I'm trying to write everything this weekend so I can go see bunny and zoya the weekend before i have two essays and a presentation due *head/desk*

(((((pixie))))) here's hoping T's mum sees sense! i really think it does help special needs kids to have specialist schooling, at least some of the time. And grrr! at exasshat.

((((bunny)))) any news on why you've been so unwell?

((((dusty)))) you have plenty to be cranky about. but the floppy-paw thing... so cute!

((((kitten)))) hope your headache clears

((((syb)))) yay for time with the mister!

((((sidecar)))) ***destress vibes***

((((rose)))) glad millie is settling in!

((((sexysandee & dad)))))

((((faith)))) acos

((((polly)))) that was my thoughts exactly on the soil. how's the exciting-coloured coughing coming?

((((sassy)))) the web designer thing sounds good

ongoing love for (((((((tes & fam)))))))

((((zoya, yuefie, mando, amilita, candycane, billy, everyone))))

pants report: black boyshorts, white t-shirt bra. i am teh dullness today (although I did get rather excited, topshop do dangermouse pants now. i'll have to wear them on a friday and tell everyone)

kvetch: essays on feminism and geography (where to start? but yay!) and ways of discussing thermohaline circulation (boo). also presentation funfunfun. so busy.

I'm not rowing quite so much as I'm not racing 'cos I said I'd visit bunny and zoya (and so can't do the next race minicaptain sprung on us) but i'm training in a double with another girl who just wants to keep her hand in, as it were. It's good. I'm also thinking of running for captain next year, if I can get someone to support my nomination. I know I can do the job, but I'm not especially popular.

the crush is flirting with me again. I didn't tell you, but phd boy (that's what I shall be calling him) and I got drunk last week, and confessed that we do rather fancy each other, except we both feel that doing something about it would be a Bad Thing, because he has a gf. I'm an idiot.

Oh, antikvetch: a guy I went to school with is playing rugby for england! He played last weekend and so I went round to G's and watched. although G is still holding a wee torch for me, which I'm not sure how to deal with.

and i'm back on the meds, thankfully, and waiting to register properly. although i'm finding i'm getting a lot of headaches and feeling tired since I started taking them again.

tomorrow night i have a school reunion-type thing to go to. it's not a formal event, but I still feel kinda-nervous as I haven't seen these people in years

sorry i'm so memememememe... ((((((you))))) I've been thinking of you all
Oh, Dusty, I'd say you have the right to be whiny, as well. Bleh.

Pixie, is Mr. Pixie going to work on getting his daughter into the schools in your district? Man, education (and perhaps especially early education) can be such a life-effecting factor. What a difference good schools could make in her life, especially if her mom isn't particularly with-it or willing to exert herself. Geez, like you guys don't have busy enough lives, right?

Good luck on all the writing, Mornington! Yay for meds!

I love belly-up, floppy-paw kitties!!! Or when they lay all stretched-out, which ours do mostly on their sides. When Brody (Wally) lays like that, we say, "Get long, little Brody!"

Awww. I miss the kitties, as we're in Florida! The Mr. has his first big out-of-town solo show (maybe second, he's had one at a Louisiana university in the past) so we've been driving and setting up. Opening is tomorrow night, then we move down near the Disney to frolic around for a few days. I hope the show goes well!!!

Sorry I don't have time to vibe everyone...(((general hugs)))
kittenb glad today is over. I hope everyone had a lovely one.

Don't worry dusty. My headache was a standard tension headache that I just didn't get fixed soon enough. Once I had the Aleve, I was all better. smile.gif
((amilita)) Enjoy Florida, and good luck on the mr’s show.

((mornington)) Have fun at the reunion thing.

((rose)) Your new cat is so cute.

((sheff)) Hope the job stress gets resolved.

((kittenb)) Glad your headache went away. Do you like your new haircut?

((dusty)) I hope you get the job.

((syb)) Enjoy your night out with the mr.

((sidecar)) Sorry work was stressful, enjoy the weekend.

((bunnyb)) Enjoy the Tegan and Sara show. Who is opening for them?

((sexysandee)) Hope your dad gets better soon.

((ccgirl)) Yay for a fun time with your friend.

((pixie)) Yay for your new job.

((star)) Good luck on the KC position.

((faith, polly, sassy, yuefie, zoya, mando, tes))

I’ve been busy watching a bunch of dvds and reading. I spoke with my boss about the possible new position she mentioned awhile ago, and it seems like it’s all up in the air but I’m not surprised. I am going to give it until after my vacation in June, and then decide if I should start applying elsewhere. I am really getting somewhere with my therapy, and feel like I am heading in a good direction. I’m going to relax this weekend, and maybe go see a film. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.
I'm at BGP's house watching the boys play Guitar Hero. Musical instruments and I don't mix and BGP went to bed- I think she has the same cold I have. Fortunately, my cold is on the way out. I'm just in that endless coughing stage. I think I'm keeping Ricola in business.

We had a staff meeting thing today. It's a non-patient day, so we met at my cousin's house. We all went over all the stuff we learned at the dental convention. One of my classes was about teamwork and communication....usually, that would be a boring, cheesy class, but this one actually had a good speaker who made it more interesting. So, in the class, we talked about how you have to have those "uncomfortable conversations" with your co-workers sometimes to confront them (constructively) about problems. I actually had to have one in the meeting....

There's this restaurant we go to a lot for lunch and there's a server who's always really friendly to us. Just from talking to him, you can tell he has a lot of dental problems- he's probably only in his 30's but we're pretty sure he's HIV+ and has a partial denture that is in really bad shape. A few weeks ago, after discussing it with my cousin, we decided we'd offer to take a look at him and maybe do what we could to make it better for no charge. My co-worker, M, is the one who talks to him the most, so she gave him her card and told him to call us to set up an appointment. Well, on Wednesday, he called. I put him on hold and found M to ask her how I should schedule him. She said, "Oh, we're not going to be able to work on him, Dr. said because we think he's HIV+ and we just don't have extra money for pro bono work right now." It sounded fishy to me- even after the needle stick incident last summer, my cousin isn't someone who would turn someone away because of their possible HIV status. I wasn't comfortable telling the guy that we couldn't do it, so I took down his number and was going to have Office Manager call him back.

Well, later that afternoon, my cousin comes over and sees his name written down and says, "Oh, he finally called." I said, "yeah, it's too bad we can't treat him." She just looked confused, and said, "what do you mean?" I told her what M said and she just sighed and said, "I never said anything like that, the last I heard was when I gave you guys permission to make the offer. This is what happens when people make assumptions about things they think they hear come out of my mouth."

So, I brought it up in the meeting today and M denied ever saying that my cousin said we weren't going to treat him, that she just assumed we couldn't handle it because of the costs to us (so glad she assumed and made that decision for my boss rolleyes.gif) Anyway, it got straightened out, we're going to offer to see him after we move in April.

Okay, I'm sleepy....time to put the kibosh on the Guitar Hero.

((rose, morn, bunny, amilita, dusty, designer, pixie, kitten, syb, yuefie, billy, candycane, sandee, sidecar, star, tes, mando, faith, sassy, anyone I missed))

i'm here, lurking and vibing.

hugs and kisses and silly silly fishes to all of you.
I am awake far too early for a Saturday. Oh well.

(((((((((((Tes)))))))))))) Good to see you, love.

~~~~ soothing for Polly & BGP ~~~~ Ah, the never-ending cough. It took me a month to stop coughing when I got that bug in November. My heart goes out to you.
It's so sweet that you all are going to help that man with his dental issues. Acts like that restore my faith in humanity. But a big ppppttthhhbbbppp to M for making such an assumption. Good for you for double checking that.

DM, glad to hear therapy is helping. Sorry the job isn't so great, though. I hope they pull their heads out before June.

Amilita, that is SO exciting that the Mr's work is showing in Florida! Bravo! This must be a wonderful time to be there - beautiful weather & short lines at the theme parks!

Morn, that's rough about phd boy. Drunken confessions are such horribly confusing things. Anyway, hope you got plenty of work done & that you get to hang out with Bunny & Zoya afterall. And by the by, which meds are you starting again?

Dusty, last night while we were in bed, Millie was laying on her back, paws up, and snoring. It was so adorable! I wish I could have taken a photo just for you. smile.gif

Latest musing from the land of the Millie Cat: I noticed that she likes to knead at the ground & sharpen her claws on the carpet (which isn't good) so yesterday I got her one of those scratching pads that lie on the ground. It's a long rectangular plastic frame filled with layers of cardboard. If you've been to a pet store you may've seen one. Anyway, I put it near her food last night so that she would sniff at it and have positive associations with it. I even fed her a couple of little treats while my hand was resting on it. And I scratched at it with my fingers while she was watching just to give her the basic idea, you know? Well, she just looked at me like I was losing my mind (cats are so good at that look, aren't they?). The cat showed much more interest in the box that the scratching pad came in. Typical. Well, this morning I put the scratching pad in Millie's favorite sunning spot. I pet her & scratched her while she sat next to it. I demonstrated it again. She looked at me like I was crazy again. Then I walked off & started doing my own thing around the house. Well, what do you know, within 5 minutes Millie was using the scratching pad all on her own! Hooray! You CAN teach an old cat new tricks! She really seemed to like it, too, so hopefully she'll start using the pad instead of ripping up the carpet.

We're having friends over today so I need to run off & clean, but before I go - and since it's Caturday - here's a photo of Millie sleeping (and, no doubt, snoring) in her favorite sunning spot.

Happy CATurday!

DM - thanks for asking. I love my new haircut. I have a great picture to show but I can't post it until Monday. It is too hard to do on my home computer. I'll do it when I am at work.

I also have a cute new kitty pic that I will post then as well.

polly - that is great that your office does that. Sucks about the coworker, though.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I am working on Saturdays for a short while. But tonight I will be greeted by a cute boy with great mac'n'cheese and movies. smile.gif We had a...dissagreement, let's call it...about our differing definitions of "clean" earlier this week. Last night he told me that he bought new sheets at Linens'n'Things. I can't help think that I won this one. But don't tell him I said it. And he's actually rearranged his Sunday schedule so he can join me meeting the Chicago Busties. It just all makes me so happy!

So, today did not go as expected.

I had an eye doctor appointment this morning. I've never had any eye problems worse than wearing glasses. I haven't had an eye exam in about two years and it was getting to the point where it felt like I was having to concentrate on focussing on things, so I figured it was time to update my prescription.

I went to the eye doctor at Costco, because they were half the price of my old doctor (I went to him back when I had vision insurance) and I'd actually heard pretty good things about them. I mentioned to the doctor that for the past few weeks, I've had a floater in my left eye- a little gray circle that hangs around the lower half of my field of vision. After the normal exam, she dilated my eye and looked around in there and determined that I have a detached retina. It had probably been developing for longer than the past few weeks.

She immediately sent me to a retinal specialist. I picked up my parents and LeBoy. After an hour or so of uncomfortable eye poking and light shining, the doctor determined that my retina at the top of my left eye is detached, as well as having a couple of retinal holes. There's also a couple of other holes in my left retina and a couple in my right eye, as well as some spots where the retina has become thin.

So, on Tuesday, I'm going to have surgery- general anesthesia, cutting, stitches, everything. They'll be able to fix the right eye with a laser, probably, so I won't have a patch or anything on that one. But the left one will have the stitches and the patch and that's where the really hard part comes in- I can't read ANYTHING for TWO WEEKS!!!! I'll be able to watch TV, but no reading because you have to move your eyes back and forth, and I can't move the right one without moving the left one. So no books, magazines, internet, newspapers. It's going to be torture. I'm going to miss you all so much. I'm probably going to have to unplug my computer so I'm not tempted to go on.

My mom's going to come stay with me during the day until LeBoy gets home because at least for the first couple of days I have to lay on my right side with my head propped up and move as little as possible.

*Sigh* I've never had any major injuries or illnesses, no stitches or broken bones, no general anesthesia.

I found a decent site about the problem. I'm going to have one of those scleral buckles put on my left eye- it's just a silicon band. They'll inject a little gas into my left eye also, and that's why I have to keep my head still.

I'll have LeBoy come in and update on Tuesday night.

Well, I'll be around tomorrow and Monday, soaking up all the internet-y goodness. I have no shame about my fondness for TV, but I can't stand more than a day of vegging in front of it before I start to lose my mind. Anyone have any suggestions that don't involve reading?

And yes, I'll still be at the Chicago Bustie thing tomorrow.

ETA: Rose, that's one happy cat. Glad you've found a scratching alternative for her.
(((((((tes))))))) hope you are doing well.


well, it was a trying week my friends. lots of politics is being played where i am. i'm kinda concerned about finishing where i am at. i know i will just doesn't feel good where i am at. there is so much conflict with some of my supervisors. oh vey. but, tis the nature of the workplace. what sucks is that fact that people in the field of psychology OVERanalyze everything and are shitty at business. thank goodness i'm more level headed.

in the week which has been shitty. i got rejected by KC. but, i was actually ok with it. trying to keep my head up to finish my dissertation and get the work i need done to keep from getting in trouble at work. i did get a call from austin. **looks around for billy** we'll see where that goes. haven't heard back from them. still awaiting word from cleveland. still don't know what's up with the chicago site... blink.gif

*~*~*vibes and well wishes to who need 'em*~*~*
(((polly))) oh my God: you poor thing! That must have been so scary but it's good they are taking prompt action and surgery should resolve things. I read what you posted about no reading (no pun intended) and thought "wtf? no BOOKS?" and then I read about the lounge... it didn't even occur to me! I suggest going to the library and picking up lots of audio books to keep you entertained and lots of movies and CDs you've been wanting to catch up on. Would doing something crafty be an option? obviously something for you which you don't have to read instructions. I am vibing you successful surgery and quick (and entertained) recovery time.

(((kitten))) I'm glad it arrived so quickly and you liked it!

(((dm))) Tegan and Sara were very, very good but their support -Northern State- sucked and appeared to be a bit full of themselves.

(((tes and pennwee)))

eta: (((star))) I'm sorry KC fell through.

Not much to report here: having my hair cut tomorrow as the current long length is driving me mad. I'm also planning on making myself a lovely meal and enjoying a good bottle of rioja.; actually, I'll cook for, eat and drink with bunnymama as it's mother's day here.
Bunny, you reminded me that LeBoy is an member and there's a $4.95/book sale going on. I picked The Mistress's Daughter, Funny in Farsi, Final Exam, Microthrills and Toast....anyone read any of those? I haven't actually checked-out the cart, so let me know if they suck before I pay for them.

((star)) I'm sorry Kansas City fell through, also. Hang in there. Fingers crossed for you, especially Chicago smile.gif

I realized that the Sock Monkey Festival is next weekend. Oh, I hope I'm well enough to go!!

Yeah, maybe crafty stuff will be possible. I bought some fancy coloring books awhile back and a big thing of colored pencils. Maybe I'll pick those up again.
((polly)) I’m sorry about your eye, but it’s good that you went to the doctor and are now getting it fixed. If I didn’t work for an eye insurance company I probably wouldn’t even think to get an annual exam.

((bunnyb)) Glad you liked Tegan and Sara, but sorry to hear that Northern State seemed full of themselves. They also opened when I saw Tegan and Sara, and I liked them but that‘s probably because they are so political. I find for some performers I like them on cd, but not so much live due to their personality.

((star)) Sorry about KC, but good luck on Austin, Cleveland and Chicago. Sometimes workplace drama makes me wish I could work from home.

((kittenb)) Enjoy the Chicago Bustie get together, yay for the boy going with you.

((rose)) The Millie story was so cute, she seems like a smart cat. I also love that you adopted an older cat because it seems like so many people only want kittens.


Mr. DM and I are going to see The Other Boleyn Girl tomorrow if we aren’t lazy.
(((Polly))) so sorry about your eye, glad you're having it taken care of. Ack. Two whole weeks.

Yay for CATURDAY!!!



I would say that I didn't get the job, I think the head boss totally unclicked with me.

Did I mention that a friend of mine is going blind, and her granddaughter has just been diagnosed as having no hearing at all?
(((polly))) so sorry about the eye issues. at least you can practice on a good pirate imitation with you eye patch? wink.gif

(((dusty))) sorry about your friend and her granddaughter. and the job situation.

(((DM))) acos.

(((bunnyb))) meece you

just tickering 'round til bed. i like lazy saturday nights when i decide to stay in.
I saw Tegan & Sara open for The Killers a couple years ago and they were great. "The Con" is such a good album. I like that Northern State EP, the one with "Went to the Party" on it, but their full-length didn't do much for me. Sorry to hear they weren't good, though.

(((((((polly))))))))) The Harry Potter audiobooks are all supposed to be great. I hear wonderful things about audiobooks of a Terry Pratchett series -- the one that includes "The Wee Free Men." Wintersmith, I think it's called?

(((tes & sister))))

(((((star))))))) hang in there.

We had a condo meeting this morning (snore) followed by cleaning, then I made brownies and had some friends over for Rock Band, and the baby came over too! She was very well behaved and Sophie was very into her. It was fun.
(((((((((((((((extra hugs and kisses and silly fishes for polly))))))))))))))

so scary about the eye thing, SO glad that you/they caught it!

best of luck, querida. we will all be vibing for you!!

~*~ *loving vibes to dusty, dusty's friend, & dusty's friend's g'daughter ~*~*~


chicago will be a yes!!!

rosie v, millie is wonderful! so glad she is a part of your family.

~*~*~*~*~ good job vibes for sheff ~*~*~*~*~

my sister's still grieving. her journal is heartbreaking. when we last skype, on thursday, she was unrecognizable. her face looked like a lamp without the light on, if that makes any sense. i hate being so far away from everyone. i did not get enough hugs last week. my organization/project might be audited by the donor. we had more civil unrest last week. and my inappropriate crush was out all last week with malaria. can we say the last week of february sucked? let me amend that: can we say FEBRUARY SUCKED?

hugs and kisses and silly silly feeeshies for everyone else, you know i am thinking and vibing you all!
((((Polly)))) That is astounding! My chin was in my lap the whole time I read your post. I'm sure you'll come out of this just fine, though. My dad had the same procedure done a couple of years ago & he recovered very quickly. Now, as for entertainment. If I were you, I would get audiobooks by Neil Gaiman and David Sedaris because they both read their own works so well. You could also ask LeBoy to read posts from Bust to you. Or you could listen to NPR. They have tons of their old shows available on-line. You could listen to episodes of This American Life for days! And there are so many pod casts out there now it's overwhelming. There's even a Savage Love pod cast, so you can listen to sex advice for hours one end if you choose. biggrin.gif

((((Star))))) Sorry work has been crap & Kansas City didn't work out. Austin sounds promising, though. There's all kinds of cool stuff to do there.

((((Dusty)))) Sorry to hear the interview didn't go well. The good news is that if you don't get the job, you won't have to deal with that sucky head boss again.
((((((((Dusty's friend & granddaughter))))))))

(((((((Tes, Pennwee, & the family))))))))) Is there a chance your sister could visit you? It might be good for her to get away for a while.

Sidecar, your evening sounds so fun! Mmmmm ... broooownieeeeees ...

Kitten, mac & cheese and movies sounds like the perfect date.

DM, be sure to post a review of that movie if you go. I'm not sure if I want to see it or not.

Bunny, I hope you're feeling better. Happy Mothers Day to your momma!

We had some friends over last night (2 other couples) so that they could meet the cat, have dinner, & play games. Millie was very good. She was a little shy at first, but within 30 minutes, she was hanging out with us & letting everyone pet her. Our friends think she's wonderful, of course, & said they'd be very happy to be our petsitters whenever we leave town. biggrin.gif We had a great time. We stayed up until 1am, just talking & playing a new card game that Sheff bought.
*slips through okayland-kvetch secret passageway*

(((((((Polly)))))))) Gah, what an awful situation - eye surgery is bad enough, but NO READING??? Truly, this is serious torture, and I know you love to read as much as I do. I was immediately going to suggest audio books, too! For the foodie fix, I'd highly recommend Jacques Pepin's memoir, The Apprentice....that man has led an extraordinary life, and the narrator is good. Ditto for the Bill Buford memoir of his time as a kitchen bitch for Mario Batali, Heat. For an intellectual exploration of animal behavior, Animals in Translation. For suspense/thriller/general daring-do, Shadow Divers. For a historical fiction/travel adventure, and vampire hunting, The Historian. I could go on and on....I've listened to about 150 audio books by now, so if you need more recommendations, just let me know. I am glad that your mom will be staying with you - to provide company, and to keep you from going too crazy.

See you this afternoon!

(((((tes & sis))))))
*sticks head in*

polly, wow. omg. so glad they caught it! I second jenn - animals in translation by temple grandin is great. And the historian. I'd also go for some Terry Pratchett, read by Tony Robinson, 'cos they're brilliant. and the Gaiman. and the podcasts. And Harry Potter read by Stephen Fry. and Bill Bryson is teh funneh.


excuse me while I go find something intelligent to say about gender as spatial performance. I think my brain is going to melt.
Oo, thanks for reminding me about This American Life, rose. My iPod hasn't seen a lot of action lately (my commute to work isn't long enough to warrant plugging it in, finding what I want to hear, etc.) and I forgot that LeBoy downloads all of them. I'll make sure I have those.

We already have all the Harry Potter audiobooks, though we prefer the version narrated by Jim Dale. Maybe I'll re-listen to those....I told my mom I might do that, and force her to listen to them, too. She said, "oh no, I'm going to become one of those Harry Potter nuts!" And the problem with that is...??? laugh.gif

Those Temple Grandin books would be good. I think I like non-fiction on audiobooks better than fiction.

Well, I ran some errands that needed to be done. I'm going to go into work tomorrow morning. The former-front-desk-Queen is going to filling in for me the second week and I want to remove some of my personal items, lest she decide to toss them or something. Also, I need to have someone there take my blood pressure. The opthamologist wanted me to get it and at the two stores I went to today, there was a fancy one for $62 and a completely manual one for $25, and I kinda want something in the middle; I'm just going to avoid the purchase altogether and have someone there take it for me with our monitor.

I was reading on a website that they may have to trim my eye lashes! Oh noes! Anyone know a good, natural-looking false eye lash?
Good luck on Austin, Star! I'm thinking about you, my friend.

And now, on the topic of Texas... Tuesday is a big day here. Keep your Obama vibes in high gear.
(((Polly's eyeballs))) That is one rough recovery, lady. Glad you're able to prep for it, at least!

The Mr. sold 3 pieces so far and got a really good reception at the opening...hopefully there will be more sales before the end of the month!!

Tomorrow is Disney!!! I'm highly excited!!! ~~~~off to get dinner and make use of the hotel's laundry facilities~~~

(((Love to all)))
((amilita)) Yay for the mr. selling some of his work. Enjoy Disney.

((polly, mornington, turbojenn, tes and family, sidecar, star))

((rose)) Yay for a fun time playing cards.

((dusty)) Sorry to hear about the interview.

((dusty’s friend and friend’s granddaughter))

Kind of in a funk from the weekend as I completely wasted yesterday by sleeping all day. I stayed home from work today partly because my neck hurts and partly because I can’t be bothered with the boredom of work. I hurt my neck by playing air hockey, how amusing is that. Anyways, I hope all Busties are having a nice Monday.
((tes & pennwe))

yay amilita!

As good as sleeping all day feels, DM, I hate that crappy feeling afterwards.

I talked to the doctor's office. They were thinking of trying to do the laser on my right eye in their office today, but after thinking about it, I think I want to get it all done at once, tomorrow, under general anesthesia. I think doing it today would just make me more anxious for tomorrow. The doctor agreed, so I don't have to see him today. They've already pre-certified with my insurance company and I'll have to pay my $500 deductible and 20% of the cost. I have no concept of what this is going to run, but I hope they take payments.

The hospital is going to call me today around 4:00 and let me know what time my surgery will be. I'm hoping for something early so that I don't have to spend more time hungry, waiting around. I'm not a nice person when I'm hungry.

Went to dinner with some of the Chicago Busties last night. I got to meet kitten's man- he is very nice and funny; the two of you are so very cute together!

I'll post more later!
I am glad that I got a chance to see you yesterday, polly! Good luck tomorrow and I hope the healing is fast & thorough.

I had a nice Sunday altogether. In fact, if I could, I would go back to Sunday and stay there. I am so aggravated at the moment with my job. This post is going to be a little mememememe!

As I mentioned the other day I am working from a different center this month. Well, do to nerves and newness, I made a few mistakes. I wasn't as careful as I should have been about cleaning up after the class. I take responsibility for the way that I leave the center. But:

What is it about companies that makes it so that no one could just pull me aside and say, "Hey, there was a bit of a mess the other day, can you be more careful?" Did it really have to become a big email conversation that talks as if I am some over-privildged idiot who thinks that everyone is there to clean up after me? It was a mistake! There was some paper left around. That was it! Maybe if there had been just a little more planning on the part of the other center, I wouldn't have been so freakin' frazzled!

Argh! I hate working for humans. mad.gif

On a brighter note:

Here is my new haircut:

And here is a cute pic of my cat Olivia:

*drive by* wish you luck for tomorrow polly!! Hope it goes quickly and smoothly. I second the suggestion of catching up on quality radio.

Obama vibes for tomorrow at the ready...

Ok, so my surgery will be tomorrow at 11:00am, central time, barring any operating room delays (if the people scheduled ahead of us don't run over.) It should last about 4 hours.

I will have LeBoy post ASAP afterwards.

Today on the phone, I mentioned to LeBoy that the hospital person said I could only have 2 visitors in the pre-surgery area. He said, "your parents can go, I'll wait in the regular waiting area. I want to be there, but they're your parents and they come ahead of me." I didn't feel like arguing, but I told my mom tonight that she and my dad should decide ahead of time, because I want LeBoy there. He's basically my husband at this point, and I consider him at least as important as they are.

Now I need to write a polite little note to my downstairs neighbor who felt that she needed to express her opinion about where I let my dog pee. I let him go in the landscaped area next to the front steps. "Landscaped" as in pointy bushes, not grass and not on the stairs. She said "there's too many kids around." I don't know if she thinks kids are playing in the pointy bushes (and if they are, they need better parents) or if because my dog lunges at people...I ALWAYS keep his leash as short as possible whenever one of my neighbors passes us outside or in the hallway and I have no qualms about physically restraining him if a short leash isn't enough.

Anyway, she needs to be reminded that living in a condominium means compromises on everyones part and we haven't complained [to her face] about the fact that we haven't been able to leave our windows open since they moved in because her husband chain smokes on their patio and we haven't said a damn word when we can hear their baby wailing at 3AM.

So a little dog pee in a place no human walks on shouldn't bother her.
Hope everything goes well, (((Polly))), we'll miss you while you're recovering...

Yay for Kitten's foxy haircut!
Thanks, Dusty!

Tell me, honestly; did I go too far here?

Dear Neighbor,
While I appreciate your interest in where my dog urinates, I’m not sure I agree with or understand your objection. He’s not urinating on the steps; he’s urinating in the landscaped area next to the steps. The area landscaped with rough, pointy shrubbery that children shouldn’t be playing in.

As I’m sure you’re aware, living in a multi-unit condominium requires some compromises on the parts of all the residents. For instance, we both have respiratory problems and we cannot tolerate cigarette smoke. We’d love to keep our windows open for fresh air. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to do that since you moved in because you smoke on your patio on a daily basis.

I will continue to make every attempt to keep my dog’s urine in the landscaped area, and I hope we will continue to have a good, neighborly relationship.

Your Upstairs Neighbors

These people have lived downstairs for about a year. We haven't said more than "hi" in the hallway and suddenly tonight the wife gives me shit as she's walking out the door to her car. Doesn't stop to have an actual constructive conversation.

Well, any feedback you give me is going to clue LeBoy into the fact that I'm considering giving them this note; he doesn't want to rock the boat in any situation with our neighbors. I wrote out the note (since I'm not allowed to read/write after 11am tomorrow), but I'm going to run it past my mom (and you guys) before I actually put it down there. I just don't want to wait two weeks.
Good luck Polly; I've been lurking in this thread for quite a while. Didn't quite know what a kvetch was. But thank God for LOL Big hugs to everyone.

Edited: rest of post moved to committed thread

*~*~*~*~*safe eye op vibes, polly~*~*~*~*~ I think the note is fine but then I'm snarky by nature...

welcome, konphusion!

cool hair, kitten! I had violet/purple added to mine again at the weekend.

what's happening today with Obama?


eta: star, I meece you too!
polly - the note made me laugh. It is snarky but to the point. Good luck today and I agree with you on the boy issue.

Welcome konfusion. You might want to try the "Committed" Thread in the Mating Game. You'll get lots of good advice there.

I am off to work soon. The situation I mentioned yesterday has gotten more ridiculous. Can't wait to be there. rolleyes.gif

*sticks head in*

fingers crossed for (((((polly)))))

(((((tes & pennwee)))))

kitten, your hair is teh cute. as is your kitten.

huge farking antikvetch: going to see bunny and zoya this weekend! woo!

*toddles back to work*
((((((((((((Polly)))))))))))))))) Best of luck today! As for the letter? I wouldn't send it ... yet. Maybe the neighbor was just having a bad day & vented some of that at you. So for now, ignore her. If she says something to you again, then go ahead and give her the letter. Just understand that she'll likely respond to your snarky note with additional snarkiness of her own. People are annoying like that. dry.gif

Kitten, that haircut is fabulous! Love it! Sorry people at the new center are being so annoying. I don't understand why people get like that at work, either. They insist on making assumptions & blowing shit out of proportion over the tiniest little things! Bah!

Bunny, your hair sounds really cool, too. Pics? Maybe? Please?

DM, hope your neck is feeling better. Who knew air hockey could be so hazardous! wink.gif

Konphusion, definitely ask your question in the Committed thread. Hopefully someone over there will have a suggestion for you that has worked for them.

Billy, good luck during the Texas primary today! Hope the weather is pleasant & helps get people out to vote. A friend of mine who lives in Dallas says it was sleeting there last night.

I need to spend a lot of time on the garden today. I'm hoping I can bring our lawn back from the dead after last summer's terrible drought.
Drive-by to post a little somethin' for all of my fellow corgi lovers out there.

*casually slips through secret passage*


Polly/LeBoy, don't send the note as is...if you want to respond to the urination thing - do it. Not the smoking though. I expressed my dismay at the neighbor's smoking habits when they moved in three years ago, and all it did was piss them off, and the guy sits on the patio (2 feet from my bedroom windows), and chain smokes until 1am ALL SUMMER. I'm just hoping they move soon - they've got one kid, one on the way, MIL and SIL living with them in a 2 bedroom - its got to be getting cozy in there. Truly, its my only complaint about condo living, but not being able to open the windows in the summertime really sucks.


RV, I have several items from that cafepress artist for Obey the Greyhound! smile.gif
((rose)) Love the corgi poster.

((kittenb)) Your hair looks so cute. Sorry to hear work is being bitchy.

((polly)) Hope your operation went well. I think the note is fine, but can understand hesitation in giving it to your neighbor.

My neck feels better today, so I am happy about that. Work was really annoying today, but it seems to be almost daily though.
Hi everyone,

This is Polly's bf.

I just wanted to drop in to tell you that Polly had surgery on her eyes today to repair a detached retina and some retinal holes. The procedure went well and Polly is resting and recovering at home right now.

I'm not sure whether she mentioned this earlier or not, but the procedure requires that she not read anything for at least two weeks. That being the case, she will be absent from the forums for a little while, though I'm sure she'll dictate some messages to me to post on her behalf.

Please feel free to send any well wishes and I'll be sure to read them to her.
thanks for updating us, le boy! please tell polly that *~*~*~*speedy recovery*~*~*~* vibes are being sent her way! I hope she chose good audio books/podcasts and has a restful time.

(((tes and pennwee))) continued love and support for you.

*waves at turbojenn* I love when okayers come to visit *lays out kvetchie welcome mat with some delectable tasties of choice on it*

(((morn))) de-stress vibes your way, sweetie. I'm looking forward to seeing you and hope I'm up to hanging out for while over weekend (everybody else: I'm having 3 of my wisdom teeth removed on Friday afternoon).

(((dm))) a'cos.

where's yuefie? I meeeeeeeece her!

good health/work stress easing vibes for all.

So there's an update in the ongoing saga of bunnyb's health! (I just love speaking about myself in the third person) I finally took myself back to the doctor, gave him a longer list of symptoms and he is now thinking inflammatory or irritable bowel disease/syndrome. A lot of blood tests ensued, I'm back on Tuesday for results and depending on those he'll put me on medication to manage it or refer me to gastroenterologist. I've also to come off my anti-depressants in case they are the culprit but it's about time anyway as been on them for almost 2 years and don't feel depressed... For the time being I am still going to stay off the dairy (well, except for the cheese, which I just can't do) as it does seem to be exacerbating whatever is there.

Yay for (((Polly))) and (((LeBoy)))!

Glad Polly's surgery went well!!!

Sea World today, home tomorrow. Tired. Miss the kitties. Having fun.

~*~*~*~*~ sparkling vibes of happy healing for Polly's peepers ~*~*~*~*~
Yup, that's right. I'm gonna make Polly's boyfriend say "peepers". 'Cause she deserves a good giggle. wink.gif Hope you're healing well! Give us reviews of your audiobooks when you get the chance.

~*~*~*~*~ sparkling vibes of health for Bunny, too ~*~*~*~*~
I had 3 of my wisdom teeth removed at once. I recovered much more quickly than I expected, so here's hoping you recover just as well! Here's my trick that helped the most: get some ice packs (at least 4), thin towels, and an ace bandage (the stretchy sort that you use on sprained ankles & wrists). Once you get home from the surgery, wrap 2 ice packs in the towels. Then wrap the ace bandage around your head (down under the chin & back up again over the top of your head). Wedge the ice packs under the bandage so that the bandages hold the ice packs against your jaw. Yes, you will look ridiculous, but you will feel so much better & you'll heal more quickly, too.
As for your gut, I hope the docs are getting closer to an answer. I've never heard of anti-depressants affecting the digestive system, but hey ... it's worth a try, right?

((((((( massive love for Pennwee ))))))

Glad to hear you're having fun, Amilita. Give us a full report once you get home, mkay?

I can't wait to hear the final results of he caucuses in Texas. So exciting!

We had massive storms here yesterday - one in the afternoon & 2 during the night. Tons of rain and winds and worries about tornadoes (lordy, how I miss living in a place where they have tornado sirens). The good news is that the rains should put a significant amount of water in our lakes which we need desperately. We're still under strict water restrictions from the drought that started last summer.
((((((((super healing vibes for Polly's eyes!)))))))))
YAY for polly's surgery going well! ~~~~~speedy recovery~~~~~

((((tes & pennwe))))

(((bunny's tummy)))) I meece you too, sweets.

speaking of which, where in the heck is sixela hiding?

I too love it when okayer's stop by smile.gif


On Monday the boy's car died while we were on a highway. Luckily we were able to coast off to the shoulder and AAA rescued us. $900 later and we were still laughing about it, which is a good sign I suppose. As a birfday present we took his son (and my brother) to see Bad Religion on Saturday night. The show was fantastic, the kiddo had a great time. He turns 13 tomorrow and is hanging out with us for the weekend. I'm looking forward to it, as I am smitten with both of them. In some ways it seems like our relationship has progressed rather quickly. But then again, when you know, you just know. My daddy is also having eye surgery on Tuesday, so any spare vibes would be appreciated. I have yet to get my surgery date scheduled, which is frustrating. They keep calling me with dates that are a week away and I need more time to plan and coordinate. They aren't very accomodating dry.gif

~~~~mutli-purpose vibes for all~~~~
hee, I love when you mention a BUSTie and she comes a'posting wink.gif sixela, sixela, sixela... I miss her posts but she's kicking my arse at scrabulous so she is around and doing dandy.

rose, I shall take your advice! I don't do any pain well so whatever helps.
also photos of my hair should follow shortly (maybe morn or zoya will oblige me as any photos I've taken of myself don't show the purple) and some overdue photos of mandoo.

amilita, I hope you are having a great time! perhaps you could give me some recommendations of places to go and things to do for when I'm there.

I am really looking forward to seeing mornington this weekend! zoya and I are taking her for the haggis biggrin.gif.

head scritches to the bustie kitties.
((polly)) Glad to hear the surgery went well. Thanks to le boy for the update.

((bunnyb)) When I was on Lexapro for a short period of time I had some digestive issues, and Mom DM did as well. So the anti-depressant could quite possibly be a culprit. Good luck with getting your wisdom teeth out. Also, if you have any specific questions for your Florida vacation I would be happy to help.

((rose)) Glad your area got much needed rain.

((yuefie)) Yay for things going great with the boy. Hope they schedule your surgery soon.

((yuefie’s dad))

Twin DM is very concerned about a work meeting she has tomorrow, and I am really hoping it works out well. Today my boss was once again talking about this new position she wants to offer me. I enjoy her enthusiasm to get me promoted, but I also don’t want to get my hopes up. Yay, Project Runway season finale tonight.

I will definitely give you guys a detailed report when I'm home...and some ideas for your trip, Bunny.

~~~And here are some vibes for your health~~~ It's exciting to be on the road to figuring out a diagnosis, cuz then you can address the problem! And Rosev's advice about the ice is really good- ice is an undervalued treatment! It really, really helps.

~~~work vibes for DM and twin DM~~~

~~~Yuefie's dad~~~ And yup, I agree that when you know, you just know. The Mr. and I were engaged about 6 weeks after meeting! (I did make sure we didn't actually get hitched for another year, just in case.)




Can't wait to see the kitties tomorrow!!! I've gotta go digging around the internets in a minute to see who won Project Runway! Crappy hotel cable, boo.
flyby ...

*megahealing vibes for (((polly)))*

*soothing belly rubs for (((bunny)))*

(((tesao & penwee))) you've been in my thoughts.

today's mom's colonoscopy. *fret* any spare good anti-cancer thoughts would be uber-appreciated.

proper catch-up later, my loves. promise.
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