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I just found out last night that my father is having surgery today to have tumor in his back removed.
I am a little freaked out about the entire thing and the fact that he did not tell any of us about this before.
He is acting like it is no big deal.

I am really stressed out sad.gif
Thanks for all the vibes. The review got pushed off until this morning. It was pretty rough. Like I said, my boss remembers every little mistake you've made for an entire year! Anyway, It's kind of given the little push I needed I guess. I formally expressed interest in another position here in our office. The position I was hoping was being created is at least a year off and might require a higher degree than I'll be able to have finished by then. Anyway, the new position would be a lateral move. Same pay ect, but would have a different supervisor and I think would be a lot less stressful.

Rose, congrats on the new kitty! I would put her in your room just like a kitten if that's where you want her. My persian is extreamly laid back...he loves to come cuddle in our bed when he feels like it.

~*~*~*~**feel better vibes fo rbunny and other sick busties*~*~**~**~*

Yuefie, Karma can be a bitch, can't she! You can't help feel a little smug when exasshats get what they have coming!

(((sassy))) I can't imagine spending that amount on someone elses wedding! My entire wedding, the harpist, carriage, my dress ect was only $5-7k!!

(((sidecar, sandee,sybrite, dusty, mornington, fina, faith and everyone else)))

ETA: I interviewed for the position this afternoon and was offered it if I want it. the only downside is that it is part time until June 1 so the only way I can make it work is if my current supervisor will let me split my time between the 2 positions until June. Which would give me time to train my replacement. SO I can use a lot vibes Monday when I go in to ask my superviser if she will work me on it.
this is one of the posts that my sister put on the website for the falcon:

i heard something once that has been resonating so i share it: you know what you are willing to die for, but what are you willing to live for. falcon has always asked himself and others, 'why choose life?' it is definitely a question to be pondered.

she also tells us that he will fly free within the day. i knew that in my belly but didn't want to believe.

please send wind for his wings.

hugs for you all. i'll be back later for proper posting and vibeage.

~~~~~~safe passage to the other side for the falcon~~~~~~~
((((tes' sister)))))))
thank you, editrix.

i woke up at around 3 am, couldn't sleep, couldn't get comfortable, wound up in bathroom being sick several times. couldn't go back to sleep, so jumped on the computer.

the falcon flew from this world at around 17:05 PST. which is - you guessed it - around 3 am here in Maputo.

maybe i can sleep now. and maybe not. my sister's journey without her anchor, her rock, is just beginning.

Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there; I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow,
I am the sun on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning's hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there; I did not die.

Doh, had a big post and I accidentally closed my browser tab.


~*~*windy vibes and a peaceful voyage for the falcon~*~* ((tes & family))

Rose, she looks like a girl-Albus! So cute! I say put her bed in the room with you. That way she has her own space, but you're there and she won't feel lonely or lost. Remember to cat-proof though, until you know whether or not she's one of those cats that makes a sport of knocking things over in the middle of the night. Nothing like a 3am *crash* Albus mostly does mouse patrolling at night.

She's so much more substantial than he is now. He used to be and someday he will be again. Good news- he's eating by himself! I haven't had to syringe-feed him since Wednesday morning! This is huge considering 8 weeks ago he was probably hours from death because he was in liver failure from not eating. So far, he's just eating canned food in one flavor. This morning I gave him the last can of that flavor, so we'll see how well the other ones go over tonight.

After his mousing incident, my mom sent me this:

Now you know where I get my sense of humor from. laugh.gif

Today was day 2 of the dental convention. Yesterday was good. Today the classes kinda sucked and i left the second one early. Since tomorrow is a similar subject and the same presenter, I think I'm going to skip it. I emailed my boss/cousin. Hopefully she won't be pissed, since these were the only two classes that had a fee ($45 each), but it was really a waste of my time.

Plus I feel a cold coming on in the back of my throat and if I don't have one day off this weekend (I have a class on Sunday that I intend on going to) I think next week is going to be ugly!

Well, I'm very tired and my eyes are falling shut. Will post more tomorrow. Still haven't heard from my boss.

ETA: Cross-post with tes- ((more hugs))
(((((tes)))))))) oh i'm so sorry. for you and your family, and for how quickly you were forced there. i wish i had something better to say than i'm sorry. take comfort in each other.
((tes and family)) I'm so very sorry for your sister and family. I hope he is at peace now.
super-strength hugs for (((tes))), (((penwee))) and (((family))). That was so quick and shocking.
Oh (((tesao))). This happened so, so quickly. My heart goes out to you, your family and your sister especially.
((((TES and Family))))
(((((((((((Endless love and support for Pennwee))))))))))))))))
(((((((((((additional support for Tes and the whole family))))))))))))))
Thank you so much for posting that poem. It brought tears to my eyes.

Our Millie kitty is wonderful. I'm a bit choaked up now, so I'll post a kitty up-date later.
(((((((((((tes & family)))))))))))))))))) sad.gif
{{{pixie}}} good luck on the job request!!!
{{{rv and new kitty}}} I like the idea about putting the bed in your bedroom.

{{{tes, penwee & falcon}}} I remember that poem from years ago. I just love it. Much light and love your way.

{{{dusty, star, syb, bunnyb, yuefie, all kvetchies}}}

I had another of those birth control related mood swings yesterday. Sad to say that my response, before I realized what was happening, was to come on-line AGAIN and basically say that my relationship was ending. I was crying so hard I barely remember typing. Suprisingly, my post was not just rambling craziness. Anyway, I had a lovely date last night and the boy and I talked about how I was still balancing out on the meds. I have given my mom and my best friend the task with keeping my on Earth if I call them crying hysterically that the boy was going to break up with me. And my mom told me to call my doctor to see how long this would last or if I should get on a different bc 'script. Sounds like a good plan. rolleyes.gif
Wow (((Tes and fam))). I'm sorry.

Ugh. I had that experience when my Dad died, twenty-five years ago, of being up half the night restless and sick, and not finding out until the next day that he had died during the same time. He got such a kick out of that 'love to eat those mousies' cartoon. I'm sorry, I know that its not all about me, but to have two posts in a row that remind me so vividly of my father, after all these years. Freaky.

(((tesao))) heartfelt condolences, my love.


the heartache never gets any easier. you just get used to living with it.

(((group hug)))

(((sexysandee))) do you know what kind of tumor it is? maybe it's just a lipoma - which are really no big deal. (i've had two removed.) i hope all goes well.

*welcome headscritches for gorgeous millie*
You know what this thread needs right about now? Some cute, fuzzy fur-babies.

That is my sweet Millie's tail. I love that little white tip! So cute!

Millie is doing pretty okay so far. For some reason she only wants to be upstairs. We decided to just let her be wherever she is comfortable, so we moved her litter box into the guest bathroom & her food to the guest bedroom. Luckily, she is responding very well to us. She's so very sweet and cuddly! Last night she even chose to sleep on the bed with us instead of in her cat bed or in the guest room. I think that's a good sign. smile.gif She's a bit short and fat so she has trouble jumping up on the bed by herself. This morning after she went to the bathroom, she came to my side of the bed & meowed so that I would pick her up & put her back on the bed with us. It's very sweet, but I don't want her doing that at 3am! So we're going to buy a little step stool for her to help her get up on our bed by herself. Luckily the bed in the guest room isn't quite as high and, with the help of her claws, she can climb up there just fine.
Oooooo! Kitty backside!
(((Tes and family))) I've been thinking of you and your family a lot, even if I have not been posting. I'm so glad Falcon got to die at home with your sister and all their furry ones. I'm glad your sister has you- even if you are not by her side, I know she feels your love. The poem was really beautiful.

Welcome, Millie!
(((((((((tes))))))))) & (((((((((pennwee)))))))) I am so sorry. my heart goes out to you both and all your family.

((((rose)))) squee! millie is super cute!

((((polly)))) how's tana dealing with albus?

((((bunny)))) acos


love and kisses and silly fishes to all of you, you have been so wonderful. thank you for being out there. i'm feeling very lonely out here, i haven't talked to ANY of my family since the news. i feel sort of adrift and numb.

i'm lurking, but not up to posting much.

millie is adorable.

dusty and polly, i've always been crazy for "love to eat them mousies" - i used to have a t-shirt with that cartoon. mr. hotbuns and i still sing it to each other. badly and off key, but that makes it funnier.

i wonder what makes us get sick when someone dies? the waking up part makes sense - but the vomiting? curiouser and curiouser, said alice.
(((((((((((tes)))))))))))))))) my heart goes out to you.

(((((kittenb))))) do you think that bc is worth the type of mood swings you are experiencing? can you try a different type of bc? i'm sure this talk is better for a different thread...just concerned that the bc is having such an impact on your mood swings. sad.gif hope you are feeling better.

rose and polly, keep those cat pictures coming! so cute!


oh, and kansas city lets those interested for a position on thursday. vibes would help. i really liked that place. plus, having the frustration over of having a post doc position would be nice.

(((((star))))) vibes a'plenty your way...

ok, I'm just coming in to kvetch. I fucking hate soil analysis. fuckfuckettyfuckfucking hate. apart from us not being given half the freaking results to do the analysis by the lab, or having any of it properly explained, they expect me to write 2000 words by tuesday on a heap of fucking dirt.

I'm going insane. actually insane.
(((tes))) I think it's the overwhelming feeling of grief that makes you vomit. It's that hollow, gaping, chasm in your tummy where you physically feel the loss you have suffered.



(((star))) I hope Kansas comes through for you!

(((morn))) I hope the insanity lapses.

millie is very cute! she looks like a wise kitty.

The boy and I are full of the cold together sad.gif; the silver lining though is that we manage to spend another night together as he's taking a couple of sick days.

(((Tes))) Just a lot of love over to you.

Get better, Bunny and boy!

~~~Kansas City vibes for Star~~~ I gotta say, I think that city is pretty great, too- I'm a fan of mid-size cities with enough culture to keep ya happy. I have some good friends that are going to leave here eventually for there.

I love the mousies song, too. When I was a kid, my brothers and I had a very dog-eared copy of Never Eat Anything Bigger Than Your Head. One of our favorites was the panel of the guy in the factory who was a cracker salter. I used to crack myself up saying that when I grew up I wanted to be a cracker salter...or the Tidy Bowl man.

(((Dusty))) I've been missing my dad a lot lately. Dunno why.

Good luck on the dirt paper, Morn!

Off to work!
quick drive by because I am busy busy and have to get up HELLA early tomorrow

Just wanted to give my love to you, tes, and your sis... (((((hugs)))))

~*~*good job, teeth, surgery, health, pet, school, relationship, and all other types of needed vibes*~*~

(how's that for a blanket vibing! haha)

((((((tes & pennwe)))))) I am so sorry for your loss, sweetie. ~~~~hugs & strength for you and your family~~~~

((((morn))))) ~~~soothing~~~

Whoa, where is everyone? Am I a thread killah? huh.gif
Hey, Yuef! No, you're not a thread killer. I suspect everyone was just busy today.

I must admit that I am unfamilar with the mousies song. What's it from?

Morn, soil annalysis sounds tedious as all hell. Hope it's over soon.

~~~~~~ healing vibes for Bunny & the boy ~~~~~~~~~~

(((((((((( continued love for Pennwee & the family )))))))))))

~*KC*~*KC*~ Kansas City vibes for Stargazer ~*KC*~*KC*~

Hope everyone had a good day. I spent all my time at home with the Millie cat. She seems far less frightened of going downstairs now. She also acts like she'd like to play a bit, so I think I'll buy a few cat toys & see what she likes best. Tomorrow I need to run some errands, so that means she'll be alone for the very first time. Here's hoping she doesn't get too scared.

Anti-kvetch: My brother, R, is going to visit us this spring! Hooray! I think he and I might drive up to Virginia & hit the theme parks. He's the only person I know who likes roller coasters as much as I do (Sheff won't go near them), so I want to take advantage of his presence as much as I can.
Hey Rose, I like roller coasters! And how come in all this time I didn't know that? Did you never get drug into the family trips to Silver Dollar City?

Mornington, soil analysis does indeed sound tedious!

(((extra love for Tes and Fam)))

Can I ask for a few vibes? This job situation has gotten really complicated all of a sudden. Things are kind of tense here and everything is up in the air. I have accepted the new position but as of yet we don't know if it will be full time or part time, hourly or salary, and so on. It is a really leteral move. evidently I make more now than they were plannign on paying that position but they are willing to let me move hour with my pay intact, but I guess things are going to need board approval since they are really changing things any rate, I need to get out of my current department.


{{{job vibes for pixie dust!!!!!!!!!!!}}}

Happy to see that Millie is setteling in.

I didn't post anything yesterday b/c it was such a ho-hum blah kind of day. I could think of nothing to write. Watched the Oscars on Sunday and drank a more than a little wine. So that was fun.
Now I am watching another snow fall in Chicago. You know, I like cold weather but this is seriously getting annoying.
(((much love for Tes))) I'm so sorry honey.

((jobbie vibes for pixie))

((Kansas City vibes for Star))

Yay for Millie for being so damn cute!

I'm finally feeling better. Mcgeek told me that he's just loaning the money to his dad for the wedding. But I'm sure I'll get the "When are you two getting married??" Star, I'm writing you to see if you'll be around. Save me from the weird Tennessee Williams family!

I took off Sunday to see the Oscars. Also trying to find a new job. Maybe I'll get a web designer certificate somewhere, I don't see myself working at IKEA forever.

I hope everyone is having a great day.


~*~*~KC vibes for Star~*~*~

It warms my heart to know I wasn't the only one raised on B. Kliban cartoons wub.gif

Oooo, soil analysis. Now if only I had a wall to paint so I could watch it dry.

~*~*~health vibes for all who need it~*~*~, including me, since I coughed something up this morning that was a color not normally found in nature. blink.gif

Can I make a cat toy recommendation for you, rose? There's these toys that Albus LOVES...they're basically little mylar balls that make this crunchy noise when chewed on (you can sort of see one of them in this picture, behind the other two- the purple and green toy.) Also, those fishing pole toys are fun for them- I get the ones that don't have feathers because we had a cat who got some feather stuck in his throat and coughed for a couple of weeks because of it.

I wasn't around yesterday because after work, I went to the shelter, then went home, took some NyQuil Cough (drug of the Gods!!) and went to bed. I think it was the first time I got 8 hours of sleep in about 10 days.

~*~*~work vibes for pixie & sassy~*~*~
Albus and Millie = separated at birth?
Fly By:Busties vibes work , I tell ya!!! I start my new position Monday! I've never been this excited over a lateral move before!

Health vibes for bunny, syb, pixie, Sheff, Rose, Sandee’s dad, kitten and the horrible hormones, coughing Polly
(Tes, Falcon, the whole family))
Poor Bunny feeling sick, but so exciting to be going to Florida!
((edit)) I didn’t realize it had been four years. Holding you all in the Light. And taxes totally completely suck, I never do them right, I always wind up paying fine upon fine for little late fees, etc. I hate it.
((stargazer))) ((amilita))) ((zoya)) ((mando)) ((yeuffie)) ((sassy))
Rah rah dusty and the interview! Job congrats for Pixie!
Fucking soil analysis sad.gif

All is same over here, I am breathing through it and hopefully will have good job/housing/love/life news to post before I am shrivelled and gray. Love to my busties, sorry if I forgot anyone, you are in my heart.
Oh my kitties love those mylar toys. I should pick some up today.

{{{faith}}} keep on breathing love.

{{{pixiedust, polly, sassy, dusty, and all}}}

Morning kvetch: I am turning into such a nag but did I have to fall in love w/such a slob? And could I be a bigger cliche? Argh. But I sent him an apology so my response/reaction time is aces. rolleyes.gif

I am getting a haircut today and I am trying a new style. Something shorter and, hopefully, bouncier. I want to use the curl/wave that I keep trying to beat out of my hair. I'll post pictures if it is nice.
[drags self in]

(((((((continued love for Tes & family))))))))

Hooray, Pixie! That's great! Yes, I enjoy roller coasters, but somehow I keep getting involved with men who hate them. Not a good combo! The main reason why I didn't go on the family trips to SDC were because of work and school. I think my parents spent more time there with the Smokeboy Family than I did!

((((((((Faith)))))))))) Good to see you in here again. smile.gif

Sassy, that web designer idea sounds promising.

Kitten, we must see the hair! Pics pics pics!

Polly, thanks for the tip. I know I've seen those before, so I'll be sure to check them out. I might also get some catnip just to see if she likes it. wink.gif

Kvetch: Digestive issues. This is becoming a weekly problem for me. Once a week I wake up feeling miserably ill & I have to spend hours in th bathroom. Bleh.

Kvetch: Sheff is feeling really depressed about his job. He's having a lot of trouble trying to figure out how to implement some new features in the software "engine" at work & he worries that the company is going to fold and and and and. Today he said that he wondered if we should go back to Tulsa & maybe he could get a job as a science teacher or something. I don't think he realizes that science teachers get paid about half of what he's getting now. I wish there was something I could say to help him.

Anti-kvetch: Millie has been spending a lot more time downstairs, which is really great. Now, if only I felt well enough to go buy her some toys ...
*kvetch* A couple weeks ago the exasshat sent me several emails (which also go to our Parenting Coordinator) bitching at me for taking Kimmie's report card out of her backpack on a Wed night before he came to pick her up. Th eteacher knows she sees her daddy Wed nights so she sends dupilates of important papers for his house on that night. However, report cards just happened to come out on Wed and she did not send 2 copies, and as I was at work until after he picks her up, I had Mr. Pixie take it out. So..after much asshattery about it, just now i notice a phoen message. It's from him. He not only removed some papers from her backpack on Friday night (which were meant for me) But he just noticed that one of them was abotu a library book she damamged and we have to pay instead of just paying it himself, he calls me( so that the PC doesn't know that he did the same thing he griped about me doing) to tell me I need to do it! So I sent an email back!

*antikvetch* I've almost got everything in my old office wrapped up so I will be ready to move to my new cube on Monday! My cube will actually be bigger than my office was! laugh.gif

*kvetch* Mr. Pixie had a conference with his minipixie's school today several towns over. We knew she was LD and possibily has some mental problem, but he found out today she only has an IQ of 79 and they think she's ADHD. My minipixie is 5 years younger and is already about to surpass her in most subjects at school. It's kind of depressing because we really can't do a whole lot to help her because her mother has full custody and doesn't really want to be bothered with it all even though we live in one of the best school districts in the area for special needs kids.

*antikvetch* having a place to vent with the wonderful kvetchies!

fly-by: I basically wasn't on the internet at all last week because I was busy entertaining a very wonderful friend from out of town. And now with school starting I'm having to get back into the swing of things.

(((((((all purpose kvetchies for everyone))))))))

I am so sorry that everyone has to deal with such tragedies.

My dad is in recovery mode right now. It is hard to see him lying in a hospital bed.
He's breathing is very weak right now; they have him on Oxygen.
While removing the tumor they had to cut to of the nerves in his spinal cord area.
The doctor said that he would have some weakness, but we will not know exactly where until he is up and walking.

Thank you for all the support.

(((sexysandee and sexysandee's dad)))

(((faith))) it's such a pleasure to see you posting again; honestly, my heart lifted when I saw your name as last poster the other day smile.gif.

(((pixie))) could you and the mr have full custody of his minipixie?

(((rose))) if you had a job that paid as well as a teaching job then you and sheff would have the same income you have now... would that be an option?

I've been lurking but been too tired to post; I've been vibing, though.
Recovered from the cold, still have an upset tummy, been working as much overtime as I can to save up for Florida.
Tomorrow I'm working some more then meeting zoya in our favorite bar for dinner and some drinks before going to see Tegan and Sara.
My friend kinkykatykins and I have tickets to see the Backstreet Boys in May! Hee, we're such girls at heart.
Tomorrow's undies will be cute dusky print mesh padded bra with cream lace trim and matching pants.

Bunny, I wish! We would either have to get her mom to agree, which she hasn't seemed too interested in doing thus far though we've offered. Or we'd have to take her to court and it's unlikely we'd get more then joint custody which still wouldn't insure that we could put her in school here unless her mom agrees.
((((((Sandee's dad)))))))

CCgirl, glad you had fun with your friend!

Pixie, good to se the ExAssHat is living up to his name. rolleyes.gif Sorry to hear about T having so many problems.

The Backstreet Boys are touring again?!?

Today Millie discovered that the kitchen is the source of all of the food ... and that I am usually the one who prepares the food, too. She was SO attentive while I was making dinner, wrapping around my legs & meowing & acting extra cute. I suspect that her old owner used to feed her human food. Guess we're going to have trouble breaking her from that habit.

I don't know if I've mentioned this, but Millie is kinda short and a little heavy, so she has trouble jumping up on things. She can get on the couch okay, but needs a little assistance getting on our bed. The best thing about this is that she cannot get up on the kitchen counters! Hooray! It's so nice to not have to worry about that.
Aw, Rose, that's how Sophie is when I cook! We refer to her as our helper dog or the most helpful dog. Perhaps I should call her my sous chef!

((((sexysandee & dad))))))))

((((the pixies))))) i'm sorry that mr. pixie's ex-wife won't be sensible about this. It only hurts their child.

I'm really stressed at work and very much looking forward to the weekend. Too much going on.
Fly-by as I jump in the shower:

Psst, sidecar- Chicago Bustie plans are being made in the Midwestern Mamas thread!

((hugs to all)) I'll be back later!
Advance wishes for a happy and relaxed weekend for you and martini, sidecar. You utterly deserve it.

(((sexysandee))) I'm sorry to hear about your dad; I hope he improves and that you get some good news soon.

Pixie, the mister's daughter's mother/ex (got that?) can be unreasonable at times about her kid, which drives us absolutely nuts, so I feel your pain. I wish people would realise that their unreasonable behaviour impacts the most on the child. Grrr.

I am happy it is the end of another long week. Finally finished correcting exams and got back to thesis editing, only to run into teen angst drama. Happily, that's been resolved now. The mister and I are going out tomorrow night; we desperately need some fun time together sans daughter. Looking forward to that.

In the meantime, teal mesh knickers and (as ever) mismatched black mesh bra. I do have other bras, honest...

(((Busties who are ready for the weekend)))


(((Millie))) I think I might have mentioned that one of mine loves food and one attention, and the one who loves attention hit upon the lie on his back/show you his belly strategy in the middle of the kitchen floor at the cottage right before dinner. It was quite sudden, he is so lucky he didn't get stepped on. The cottage part is significant because there's more people running around at dinner there. Not much activity in *my* kitchen at dinnertime. Now he knows to whine at Mr. Dusty for attention, but that it doesn't work with me, but lying on his back with his paws flopped forward will work every time. Or whining and yawning at the same time.

Thanks so much for the job interview vibes last week. I have a second interview today. I am kind of cranky. I think it may be hormones. Not that the things I am cranky about don't deserve it. F'rinstance, these women I worked closely with/for are having a women's day event. Ummm, yes, let's celebrate women's day when the WOMEN who work in the department you are celebrating are being laid off in six weeks. Its even weirder than that, but I don't want to go into it here.

Uh-oh, I'm being whiny again, aren't I?
dusty - it's ok. It sounds like you have reasons to be whiney.


{{{rv & millie}}} nice to see the family is working well.

{{{sidecar}}} I am counting the minute to the weekend too. Although mine begins at 6 PM Saturday I am sad to say.

{{{bunnyb!!!!!!!}}} The package was waiting for me at my door yesterday. THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!

{{{sybarite, candy_canegirl, pixie, faith, all kvetchies}}}

My job is a little weird for the next few weeks. I am working from a different center three days a week and it is doubling my commute time. But the trip isn't bad and I am going to use the time to clear off the top of Mount Toberead. Yesterday I picked up Into Thin Air and then left it at the office (dammit.). By the time I got home last night I had a screaming headache. The kind that creeps into my ears and throat and makes me nauseous. Today I feel much better but my shoulders and neck are all tight. My girl cat will not leave me alone. She gets nervous when I am on the computer sometimes. It is really annoying.

Undies - Nothing fancy. They are just teal. No bra yet.
Thanks, (((Kitten))), I'm sorry about your headache. I guess birth control pills aren't as strong as they used to be, but I think they're worth keeping in mind if you get more of these headaches and you didn't get them before. I loved Into Thin Air, still can't picture Into the Wild as a movie.

This is what I mean by the floppy paw thing (but this isn't my cat).

My weekend is looking way too busy: friends are having a pizza and movie night tonight as a fundraiser, Saturday afternoon there is some kind of event on labour and climate change that I am interested in, Saturday night, Mr. Dusty's mom wants us to come over for dinner to meet Mr. Dusty's cousin's new fiancee and Sunday I am reading at church.
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