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Warning: Aunt Flow has arrived at Chez Violet-Steel. So I am moody and bleedy and gassy and grrrrrrr. I feel like I should have a warning sign next to me that says, "Go away. Seriously. Just go."

(((((((((((((((everyone affected by the NIU shooting))))))))))))))))))))) Just yesterday I read an article mentioning that it has been about a year since the Virginia Tech shootings. So sad to see this happening again.

((((((((((((Falcon & The Healer))))))))))))
~zzz~zzz~ soothing, pleasant dreams for Tes ~zzz~zzz~
Tes, I was thinking about Mr. Hotbuns yesterday & how much this area has changed in the years he has lived here. I know he isn't the only native who is unhappy with it. Makes me feel kinda guilty for moving here.

Oh, the weather gets weirder, Tes. When I woke up yesterday morning, the news said that our school district was delayed by 2 hours because of snow. Was there any actual snow on the ground? Nope! But there had been a few flakes the night before & the school system over-reacted. At least we didn't close school for the whole day like they did in Orange County!
By the by, today's high will be in the 60s & sunny. Wacky.

Mornington, what terrible news about the rowing team! Does that just mean it's inelligible to compete in certain tournaments or is it so bad that you aren't even allowed to practice anymore?
~zzz~zzz~ sleep vibes for Morn, too ~zzz~zzz~

Polly, that necklace is gorgeous! Boy did a very good job. Hope he enjoys FotC. Now I'm going to be singing "Business Time" in my head for the rest of the day. wink.gif

Dusty, thank you SO MUCH for the Valentine card! That gave me the biggest smile of the day yesterday. smile.gif

((((CCGirl)))) Don't let the guilt weigh you down & keep you from improving, hon. Just get up & go.

I don't have a crock pot, so I can't help anyone there. My mom has only ever made pot roast in hers so I never even thought about making something else.

Kitty up-date: I'm sending in our application today. I realized that I feel guilty about getting a new cat because I miss my dear ol' kitty, Ariel. I know she could be a holy terror sometimes, but she's still my baby and I sometimes feel that I should have fought harder to keep her rather than just let SmokeBoy have her. Sheff is helping me work through it. He thinks we'd both be happier with a cat around & I know he's right. I just wish it could be Ariel.

Kvetch: My friend who is moving leaves in less than a week. Sniff.
Anti-kvetch: I'm throwing an all-girl farewell party for her on Sunday. Nine fabulous ladies and a bunch of cocktails! Woot!
Kvetch: As I mentioned, Aunt Flow.
Anti-kvetch: A big bowl of strawberries and a marathon of America's Next Top Model.

Undies: Granny style all the way.
Are all busties on the same cycle? I got my period yesterday (what a lovely valentine's day gift!), and have been cranky ever since. Not to mention that I have a cold and just got over a yeast infection. Grrr...

My birthday was okay. My mother got really insanely drunk (wasn't I supposed to do that??) and fell aslep at the table. My favorite gift was the "Once" soundtrack, and Mcgeek got me one of those Ipod things you can run with. I guess he was serious when he said he was getting a car for my gift. It was so cool to see my dad though. Thank you for all the birthday wishes. smile.gif I would post pictures but they'll all shitty. However, I got some birthday money. Now where to go on a trip-- NY, Boston, Disney World, or Chicago.... or maybe a cruise??

Kvetch: The sickness I described earlier, and some bad depression. My hours are still being cut at work. Considering going back into the non profit field.

Anti-kvetch: Mcgeek got me the Muppet Show for Valentine's Day. I forgot how funny it is.

I adore my crockpot. It's great for barbecue or I'll put in a whole fryer, some stock, and a bunch of herbs and let it sit all day, along with some potatoes or onions. It's a good way to make chili, too. When I make barbecue chicken, I put a dry rub on the chicken then cook it in stock for about 4 hours, and then I add barbecue sauce for 2 hours.

I have a couple cookbooks but my favorite is Not Your Mother's Slow-Cooker. Seriously, I'm crazy about mine. It's great to set it up and then go to work, and come home to barbecue.

((((penwee & the falcon))))

I just finished my period. Weird, huh?

I'm a little drunk. Martini and I just watched "Shoot 'Em Up," which was awesome. There's a lot of shooting (hence the name) and also Clive Owen and um, Clive Owen? That's all I needed.

Anyway, I am on a three-day weekend.Yay!
~~~~~healing vibes for falcon & mega strength coping vibes for penwee~~~~~

((((NIU))))) how terrible sad.gif

sidecar, we rented "Shoot Em Up" without even reading the description on the dang box. We were expecting it to an action flick, so imagine the looks on our faces when it began with Clive Owen and the carrot. We kept looking at eachother and finally I got up and grabbed the box to make sure it was indeed a farce. I loved it, but then again I'd watch Clive pick his nose.

boo hiss on aunt flow's untimely visits, cramps, general ickiness, kitty snatchers and all other annoyances.

but yay for crock-pot's and all the other good things smile.gif


I am pooped out here. We drove up this morning to get R's son, drove back down to the zoo where we walked around until closing, met my sis for sushi, drove his son back home and then back down here. I swear it was the perfect zoo day today. We saw so many animals out, I think because yesterday was so rainy and today was gorgeously sunny. My favorite of the day was the black jaguar that gave itself a bath while we were standing there. He reminded of an enormous Ziggy and I couldn't help but coo "aww kitty, kitty" while the boys laughed at me rolleyes.gif. We had a really nice V-day also. I think he was a bit surprised when I suggested we keep it low key, as I also can't stand the whole forced romance Hallmark holiday vibe of it all. We decided it was best to stay in, especially since it was pouring balls out. I got a heart shaped red velvet cake for dessert, we grabbed some chinese and rented a few cheesy romantic tear jerkers. And um, the movies were actually his idea tongue.gif. It was a perfect evening and really the nicest one I've ever had.
*sticks head in*

tes, we have to be registered with the ARA, which is the monitoring/refereeing/licensing body in order to compete in ARA races (which is every race we can enter, except ones we organise privately). Basically it's like driving on the road without a license - we haven't done any damage, but it's still against the rules. Rose, we're still allowed to train.

They might fine us, but it seems we're allowed to race as we're going to put the boats on the trailer this afternoon. Wish me luck. although personally, i can't see the point - we're only going to race against the other crew because our captain misread the groupings and there is no senior women's coxed quad. one of those situations where we're getting stressed over which is wholly avoidable.

i know mine is usually about a week after everyone has thiers... but then again, i'm on the pill.

*continual loop healing vibes for falcon & copage vibage for penwee* (tesao, could you splain their nicknames please?)
*anti-crampy-bloaty-gassy-bloaty-moody vibes for rose*

yay for an annoush siting!

mornington, is there anywhere online i can see your new tat? can you send me pics?

belated chocolate-love for my (((kvetchies))).

i have no words about the shooting. except that i selfishly want my kid to pick a college that has rampant metal detectors. i'm this close to throwing away all the school solicitations sitting next to me on the desk.

(((dusty, sidecar, yuefie, raisin, sybarite, amilita, sassy, candy, pixie, polly, dm, star, kitten, billy, sexysandee, faith, everyone)))

i'm afraid that's all i have time for right now ... off for a driving-practice/shopping afternoon with mommy.
Ooh! I lost my post. Dammit.

To recap, I drove all the way out to work to do something that MUST be done by Monday only to find that the server is down. I left a message for the IT guy and if he doesn't call me back soon, I'm going to have to go home and come back tomorrow.

I found out that my former best friend, who I rarely have contact with, but my other BGP still talks to occasionally went to high school with the NIU shooter. He was in her circle of friends, like he sat at the same lunch table, but she wasn't really friends with him. She said he was not one of the people she'd imagine doing that, that he seemed happy and friendly. Interesting since the article I read said that shortly after high school his parents placed him in a mental health facility. The spokesperson from there said that he had a history of cutting, was resistant to taking medication and generally didn't want to accept the fact that he was mentally ill.

Sidecar, I think soups/stews/chili do work really well in the crock pot since they're supposed to be all homogeneous. Cuts of meat with veggies just end up tasting the same though. Oh, but BBQ in there is really good.

Sassy, sounds like an *interesting* birthday. I vote for Chicago!!

Mando, as tragic as the shooting was, as all school shootings are, the likelyhood of them happening is so small. Remember, if it was happening often, it wouldn't be in the news, despite what that raving lunatic Nancy Grace whips herself and anyone who watches into a tizzy about. Perspective, honey, perspective. ((mando))

Ok, I've been here over an hour longer than when I said I was going to leave if the damn IT person didn't call me back....grr, guess I'm coming in tomorrow. mad.gif

((hugs to all))
We had a bit of good political luck yesterday: Bill Clinton was in town for a Hillary rally. Normally, we don't get much attention in Texas since our primary is late and the nominee is normally in place by then. Obama and Clinton(s) are having to ask for our votes this time. Because it was put together so quickly, the Clinton rally was in a small venue (1,200 seats), but I got in. Clinton kept the audience revved up for over an hour. It was also announced yesterday that Obama will be here either the 25th or 28th. The Texas Tech basketball arena that seats 15,000 has been reserved. If he makes it to town, I believe he'll fill it. Obama has my support, but there was no way I was going to pass up a chance to hear Bill Clinton.

I guess he learned his lesson about being combative against Obama. He was very gracious about Obama last night and mainly concentrated on trying to differentiate the two candidates.
(((falcon and penwee)))

I've been lurking and vibing but there's no way I'm going to catch up so multi-purpose vibes to all. Apologies but I'm tired and slightly hungover.
I've had a good week with highlights being a spa day with bunnymama, seeing The Smashing Pumpkins in concert and a dinner party last night. My friend Amanda is a great cook and she made a very tasty Shepherd's Pie with spiced mince, sweet potato and chorizo; for dessert she made margarita ice cream (courtesy of Nigella), tequila jelly (lethal) and nuclear hot chocolate stuffed chillis (courtesy of the Green and Black's cookbook). Mmmm, tasty-licious food and lots of cocktails. I love food! Tonight we are having a roast chicken stuffed with haggis and I think I'll make some bellinis.

This week I have nothing planned except for working lots (taking advantage of overtime to save for Florida holiday in July) and a trip to the dental hospital on Thursday to have wisdom teeth removed.

The boy and I really enjoyed the farcical Shoot 'Em Up.

Hope (((everyone))) is having a good weekend.

eta: forget to say that best friend C is pregnant again (Arron is 1 yo) and is due in August. I found out via a social networking site, through her boyfriend's status update; I wasn't too amused finding out that way and C wasn't too impressed with him.
happy belated to tesao! i know you're going through a lot of difficulty, but i hope you had a smashing day.
I think I missed your birthday, too, tes. Hope it was a happy one and continued ~*~*all-purpose feel-better vibes for you and family~*~*~

Well, I finally got into work and got done what I needed to. I was afraid Paul Newman was gonna have my legs broke! (Simpsons reference)

Where have raisingirl and sixelacat been? I realized I haven't seen them in awhile. Raisin, if you're lurking, I got your PM and I'm a bad, bad person for not replying. Let me know if you're still around and I'll update you. Clearing out my full inbox here would probably help, wouldn't it?

Bunny, what exactly is mince? I've never been quite sure. But shepard's pie with chorizo and sweet potatoes sounds AWESOME!

Well, must pry myself away from the computer and do laundry at the 'rent's. At least they have food there.
We missed Tes' birthday?!? Oh no!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DARLING TESAO!!!!!!! Albeit belatedly. smile.gif

Kvetch: My brain spider is giving me trouble. Strange, sudden headaches. Hmph. The hypochondriac in me is wondering if I need to find myself a neurologist & have an MRI done.

Kvetch/Anti-kvetch: Just got back from the farewell party for my friend. It was lovely to hang out with so many ladies, but sad to say good-bye to our friend.

Anti-kvetch: Pride & Prejudice on PBS.
Sooo, I came home from doing laundry at my parent's house and I could hear Albus's collar jingling somewhere in the house. I called him, and there's really only a 50/50 shot he'll come anyway, so I put my laundry down and found him in the doorway of the office, playing with something. At first, I thought it was his toy mouse.....then I noticed that the tail was longer than I remembered his toy's being and unless the toy was stuffed with red stuffing...oh god.

Yeah, he caught a mouse. It was very much deceased and Albus was munching away. I called my mom. After I got off the phone with her, and he walked away from his prize, I put two plastic shopping bags over my hand, then two paper towels and grabbed it, tied up the bags. He came back to look for it and started crying. I patted his head and told him he did a good job, but he's not allowed to kiss me or sleep in bed with me for a couple of days. blink.gif

Can't wait till LeBoy comes home and I can tell him all about it. And make him take the bag out to the dumpster.

Oh, and my new source of constant aggravation: some jackass has a car parked in the lot whose horn is broken and goes off sporadically for several minutes at a time, just a constant "hhhhooooooonnnnnnkkkkkk". And I swear, it only goes off at night. I'm sleeping with earplugs again. It's been happening since Thursday night. I'm 99% sure which car it is, and once I pin it down for sure, I'm calling the cops. Ridiculous! Go park the car in a non-residential area until you can get it fixed!!

Rose, I'm sorry to hear your spidah is bothering you again. You probably should get it checked out. I know you've talked about it before, but what's the status on it? Is it a static condition? Is it just sort of unpredictable? Feel better. unsure.gif
polly, that's kind of gross about the mouse but at least your cat caught one! Good cat!

Happy very belated birthday Tes!
(((((tes and fam))))))

anti cramp vibes for (((((rose))))

((((sassy)))) hope you are feeling better

yuefie, that sounds like a very romantic Valentine's day! But not in the cheesy forced way.

((((mando, dm, sidecar, billy, bunny, star, dusty, kitten, pixie, anoushh, everyone!)))

kvetch: I was walking around downtown on Saturday. I was going to take the subway home and as I stepped on the stairs to go down into the station I slipped and fell and I swear I heard something crack! I ended up being taken to the emergency room by ambulance and four hours and three x-rays later I found out that I had a bad sprain.

The good and bad news is that my really good friend is coming to visit today. It's bad because I had plans about showing him all around Toronto and now I'm on crutches but good because he can keep me company and he said he's going to make me breakfast in bed. I love him.



kvetch:flight cancelled yesterday. i wanted to come home so badly. plus, i was missing the boy i've been dating. i was homesick.

antikvetch: sixelacat saved the day and offered me shelter for the night. we hungout in kansas city on friday night and had some great bbq. then, on sunday, i got to meet her good friend (who is a hoot!) and ate in lawrence, kansas. i had a great time.

antikvetch: being able to spend time with not only six but another friend who pampered me rotten. great time.

antikvetch: the interview rocked. the place seems fantastic...except....the city is not much for me...but i kinda problem solved and if they offer me the position...then i'm taking it.

kvetch: walked back home to den mom being all hyper and telling me how sick she has been. this woman has not been well since i've been here. and the whole time i'm thinking, "what happened to the serenity and laidback feeling i had in missouri?"

Kansas City was one of your options? That's one of the few places I'd leave Chicago for; I'd be sad about it, but it's really not a bad place. Surprisingly, a lot of good food (not nearly as extensive as Chicago, of course, but still very good) and a decent arts & cultural scene. Where did you go for BBQ?

Sorry for the buzzkill when you got home.

Brr, it's cold in here again.

Ouch, candycane. Hope you have a good time with your friend, even if it's not as you planned.
thanks polly for the reassurance! six and zoya have been really reassuring to me. i've need alot of reassurance this past couple of months. don't know why. i've just noticed that.

and you know the funny thing, i remembered how you had family down there. and i'm like..."well, polly could visit me when she visits the family."

((((((((Continued love for Falcon, the Healer, Tes & the whole family)))))))))
When is your beloved niece's due date? Isn't that coming up pretty soon?

Stargazer, my brother has lived in Kansas City for many years now and is very active in their arts & music scene. There is some pretty kickass stuff around there once you start looking in the right places. I think you could like it.

~~~~~ healing for CC Girl ~~~~~ I did that once. It hurt so damn bad and I couldn't believe I hadn't actually broken anything. Oddly enough I was taking a Sports Medicine class at the time & my teacher told me that sometimes sprains can take longer to heal than breaks. Strange, hmm? Anyway, my point is that it's still good that you got yourself checked. Keep that foot elevated whenever you can & take care of yourself.

Polly! Eek! Gross! Blech! Well ... ummm ... I guess the good news is that Albus is eating well on his own. blink.gif

Billy, glad to hear you had fun at the Clinton rally. Barak Obama has visited here a few times, but never at a place where I could get in. And of course he and Hillary Clinton have been in the neighborhood recently since they're both courting John Edwards. The locals are intrigued, as you can imagine.

(((((((((((Pixie, Bunny, Yuefie, Mornington, Mandi, Sidecar, Sassy, Dusty, Annoush, and anybody else hiding out there)))))))))))))

Good news! You know that cat I want to adopt? I heard from her foster mom today & she wants to arrange a meeting with us to meet the little Millie kitty! Hooray! I'm actually feeling a bit nervous about this. Hopefully all my fears will be washed away when I hold that furry lump of love in my arms. smile.gif
((roseviolet, sheff and kittie, Tes and the whole web of family, warm vibes for Polly, mando, candy, sidecar my dearest, bunnybbb, billy, star, yeufie, sassy, dusty, and everybustie))
polly, would albus like to take his mouse-catching skillzors international? Gross, but good kitty!

I spoke too soon, aunt flo arrived on sunday, I was wholly unprepared, and spent yesterday in bed with the mother of all migraines, which is lingering today. It means I've failed part of one of my modules 'cos there was no way I was going to go on a fieldtrip when I couldn't see straight for the dizzyness and nausea.

we raced. it was good, except I spent most of my time feeling very fat and old because all the other rowers were skinny 14-yo posh girls.

happy belated birthday ((((((tes))))))

((((((((penwee and falcon and tes' mamae))))))

((((candy)))) ouch! keep it elevated whenever possible and rub tiger balm into it!

(((((star))))) yay for sixie! and what's this about a date? wink.gif

((((rose)))) yay kitties!

((((bunny)))) that sounds... like an interesting peversion of shepherds pie. must... try...

((((polly)))) mince is, well, minced lamb. the meat they use in bolognese, uh... *checks wikipedia*. oh yeah. ground lamb. I knew it was called something different in the states.

((((mando)))) unforch I can't upload photos onto the interwebs, but I shall do my best soon enough! plus they're in a really difficult place to take photos of...

(((((faith))))) good to see you!

(((((billy, pixie, yuefie, sassy, sixie, dusty, sidecar, amilita, lelu, lanie, everyone)))))
Happy belated bday Tes!!!

(((Mornington, bunny, Rose, Yuefie, Faith , Star, Polly, CCgirl,and evereyone else)))

I came to ask some Bustie advice. I know several of you have had issues with ovarian cysts and stuff....I've been have a weird pain on my left side about where my ovary would be for most of the night and some this morning. At times it hurts enough to make me wince. It seems to have eased a little since I got to work and got active. But I was wondering if it could be a cyst or something. Its too early to be Aunt Flo, too painful to be ovulation, and Mr. Pixie says the appendix is on the right side, so I am at a loss.

Minipixie had a great bday party even though only 3 little girls came. 2 others were supposed to come but didn't at the last minute. We had some bad weather. We also had all her grandparents and everyone over Saturday evening. One of her presents was a 29 gallon aquarium and stand for our living room! She and I absolutely love fish, but DH has never had now he is catching on to the addiction fast! We bougth 8 fish and a crab Sunday, but our tank still looks woefully empty! I need to get some guppies like Rosies that will reproduce often!

OMG. Stay home, (((Candycane!))) It is SO icy out there.

(((Pixie))), do you have experience with ovulation pain? Mine can be very painful, how many times have I lain awake convinced I had appendicitis?

Feelbetter, (((Mornington))).
Pixiedust, that could be a number of things. I've had more than my fair share of ovarian cysts, as you know, and your symptoms sound familiar. Don't freak out, though. Most of the time they go away on their own. Go to your doctor anyway just to be safe. Sorry to hear that some of K's friends couldn't make it to the party. I'm sure she had a great time afterall. Hooray for grandparents & fish!

((((Morn)))) Ouchie. That sucks - especially missing the field trip & how that'll affect your grade. Hope you feel better today.

Hi, Faith! Come back when you get a chance!
That is interesting Dusty...That is exactly what I thought it was during the night. It has actually stopped since I posted...go figure! I've been able to feel ovulation occasionally, but it's never been this painful, but it is the right time of the month of for it.
That sounds about right then. I have been doubled over with piercing pain from ovulation, and it was something that developed at least a decade after puberty. If it comes back in, oh, less than about 28 days, I would see a doctor.
Drive by to say...middleschmirtz! That's the medical term for ovulation pain, and it's one of my favorite medical words. So fun to say, not so fun to have.
What an appropriate word, amilita- "my middle really schmirtzes right now!" tongue.gif

Anti-kvetch: Verizon upgraded my phone after the replacement phone for the one LeBoy broke didn't vibrate (can't have that, can we?) The new one is all new and shiny and has a much better camera (something I never thought I'd care about, but it's funny what we get used to).

Kvetch: I don't think I'm cool enough for any of the ringtones that it came with. unsure.gif
Hello all.

Stargazer - It is understandable that you need some reassurance right now. You've changed a lot in your life this past year or so. It is fine that you are looking to recharge your considerable inner strength.

polly - what a good cat! My kitties won't even go after bugs unless I place the cat right in front of the damn things.


roseviolet - Good luck with the adoptable cat!!!

{{{amalita, dusty, mornington. and all}}}

Not much to say today. I just spent a little more $$$ on Lane Bryant clearance than I had expected today but they had a bustier on sale that I had my eye on for awhile. And I figured it was an advance celebration for the fact that as of next month I will be clearing up a long standing debt problem. Woohoo! Go me!
Polly, I used to say my middle schmirtzes! Ha. My other favorite term in spinnbarkeit, which is the term for your cervical mucus when you're fertile...once, after one of the nurses studying midwifery told us that, we said all night, "he can spin my barkeit!"

We saw our accountant today and got all our tax stuff feels so great to have it done so early!!! No extension!!! Woot!!! Plus, it was good news generally. I'm feeling all celebratory, so I'm running off and will post more later! (((everyone)))
QUOTE(amilita @ Feb 19 2008, 06:40 PM) *
Drive by to say...middleschmirtz! That's the medical term for ovulation pain, and it's one of my favorite medical words.

Me too. Are there any better? Ok, I like acetabulum too.

Ok, spinnbarkeit is up there too. That's a new one on me. You'd think with the 2.5 years of charting cervial mucus I'd have learned that one.

middleschmirtz! Just because it's fun to say.

Busy, busy, busy as always these days. Good vibes to everyone, though.
going off to look up acetabulum....
You have to say spinnbarkeit while you're moving your fingers apart to see how far it will stretch...
Acetabulum has always been one of my favorites, too!
And gubernaculum.
I had our taxes done today, and we got the biggest bill we've ever received. Turns out my job ain't withholding enough. Ugh. So we came home and did some number-crunching and put together a budget. So in the end, it was another crisitunity.

(((stargazer)))) I hear Lawrence is pretty cool, too.
((((tes/the penwee/the falcon))))
so does that mean that we have two acetabula? or would that be acetabulae? my latin escapes me!

YAYAY!!! for both faith AND dusty sightings!

~*~*~*~* serenity and laid back feeling vibes for star *~*~*~*~

YAYAY!!! albus is eating!!! that's the ticket! buy mice and let him kill them!

(mimi the african attack cat doesn't eat her kills, she just leaves them on the bath mat)

~*~*~*~* warm, healing blue-white light for cc ~*~*~*~*

YAYAY!!! pixie's pain is gone! let us know if it is back in about 28 days, ok?

~*~*~good kitty adoption karma for rosie v (even though she doesn't need it!) ~*~*~*

BOOOO!!! for skinny 14 yo posh girls! you know that they were vapid and annoying, mornington!

YAYAY!!! for getting taxes done early!

DOUBLE YAYAY YAYAY!! for "crisi - tunities"!! (hee!)

kitten, ooooooooooooooooo! a bustier, how appropriate! does anyone else think that we should all get matching "bustie"rs???

mornington, does mince have to be lamb? here, at least, mince can be any meat, but when only "mince" is stated, it generally refers to beef. that may be south african "english", though.

which reminds me: i have a south african recipe that calls for 2 punnets of mushrooms. anyone have a clue?

pixie, we want birthday pix of cute kidlets with wings!!! please???

once again, busties have been the bringers of knowledge. lovin' all the new cool words. middleschmirtz!!! heeeee!!!

news re falcon is bad. the chemo failed. he can't swallow, he is in constant pain. he almost died on sat/sunday, but has been hanging on fighting, for his lady the healer. he's promised her a week. he's being discharged from the hospital so that he can die at home, holding her and petting their fur babies.

it is just so sad. so so so sad. i can't express it. i talk to her pretty much every morning. their friends are cleaning their house, bringing food, taking care of their cats, bringing wood, chopping wood (they have a wood stover), going to visit mamãe since the healer can't (she doesn't want to inadvertently bring some bug to falcon, his immune system is shot from the chemo)...i talk to her (via skype) almost every morning. yesterday we both broke out in sobs. if i feel this bad, i simply cannot imagine how horrible she must has all happened so FAST! tell the people that you love that you love them. show them how much at every opportunity!

speaking of mamãe, this is a good story, and shows how positive she is. one of the healer's friends took mamãe to the hospital to get some sort of IV (iron or some such), and brought mamãe to wave at falcon from down the hall (people can't get too close, the immune system thing again). she smiled at him when she was leaving, waved, and said: "see you on the other side"! it is soooooooooooooooooo her.

mando my heart, you asked about their names:

falcon's real name is something similar. they both love birds and nature, so that is a natural.

pennwe: a friend of mine who is a vet listened to me talk about my sister, and told me "I know where your sister went to school". i didn't believe her. c'mon, there are a LOT of vet schools. but she insisted. and then she said, "Your sister is a pennwe". i hadn't heard the term. seems that when a vet who went to U of Pennsylvania hears another vet talk about something, the response is almost always, "well. that's okay, but at PENN, we ........"

and my friend was right! penn. that's where she went to school. granted, i've never heard her say that! anyway, that seems a bit perjorative, and i don't mean it to be. so the healer just sounds better. use whatever you like. she knows i call her the pennwee. i've even told her the story.

someone asked when elle's baby was due. last week in april - first week in may. they may induce or suggest a c-section, though. elle has gestational diabetes and they may want to head off any issues regarding that. but we DO have NEWS!!!! her bébé is a BOY!!!!
(((Tes and penwee and falcon))) The speed at which this has happened must be such a shock. I'm so sorry for all your family. FWIW, I'm glad he can be at home soon.

Sidecar, sorry to hear about your tax bill!

Mornington, of course I live with a (un-posh) 14 year old. They're scariest in groups IMO.

On a much more trivial level, I am grumpy as all get out. I have what feels like 60 thousand exams to correct, many of which are unintelligible (penmanship still counts people!), which i'm spending hours on each night, after work. Still settling into new job and have a thesis submission date looming after I finish these cursed exams, plus a book chapter revision due.

I've been wrestling with data on Xcel this morning, which I hate and which never means real engaging work but mindless transfer of info instead. And the mister brought home some home exotic bug from his longhaul flight, so I am feeling ill and under the weather, again. GRRRR!

*feels marginally better*

Thanks for listening.
((((((((((falcon and pennwee and tes and mamae)))))))))))))))
(((falcon and pennwee and tes and mamae))) You are a good sister and a loving daughter, Tes, and I can't imagine how stressful it must be for you to be so far away.

(((Sidecar))) sounds long on the crisis and short on the opportunity to me, but glad that you're able to deal with it.

Worried that I might be out of my depth with this job interview.

((Tes and her family)))

Kvetch: Well, I thought I was over this cold that Mcgeek had. Woke up yesterday to coughing up stuff. Bleh. Mucinex is helping a little(I hate those ads for it ), but I'm just glad that I'm not working this week. Really bummed about not being able to see my friend though. I just don't want to make anyone sick.
We were going to see Juno.

Sidecar, sorry about the tax bill.



Anti-kvetch: Runway is on tonight!!

(((tesao))) (((falcon))) (((pennwee))) (((mamae))) i don't know what to say. i hope it helps a bit to know that i'm keeping you all in my heart.

*healthy vibes for sassy & candy & pixie*
*you-are-women-hear-you roar vibes for dusty & star*
*in-thru-the-nose-out-thru-the-mouth cleansing vibes for sybarite*
*parts crossed for rose & millie*

belated birthday wishes for minipixie!

That bill clinton is a charmer in person, isn’t he, billy?

special love for (((polly))) for the danny-will-be-ok-at-college pep talk. i'm going to need a lot of that in not-so-distant future.

(((sidecar, yuefie, mornington, bunny, annoush, amilita, kitten, faith, sixelacat, dm, lurkers, everyone)))

antikvetch: the boy's home from his 3-day vackay at the outlaws. he's such a good boy, spending time with his grandparents, without internet or video games. he did have full run of his aunt's upstairs apartment, tho - not to mention their 50+ inch flatscreen and unlimited movie access.

kvetch: fretting about the NV earthquake.
Happy Thursday, gang!

((((((((((((((((Falcon, Pennwee, & the whole family)))))))))))))))))))))) Words fail me. I'm just so so sorry they're going through this. I can't even imagine.

~~~~~ healing vibes for Sassy ~~~~~

~$$~$$~$$~ moolah-finding vibes for Sidecar ~$$~$$~$$~ You have just described my big fear right now. I plan on tackling our taxes next week & I have no idea how it's going to turn out. Eep.

Mandi, what's this about an earthquake? I didn't hear anything about one on the news this morning. Glad to hear that Danny Boy had a good time with the fam.

Last night we got to meet the Millie, the cat we're adopting (and yes, we are officially adopting her!). She is sooooooo laid back. I have never been around a cat that is this relaxed. She reminds me of those cats you see on TV shows who just sit there in front of all of those people & cameras and are perfectly calm when most cats would be I always figured those cats were drugged because I had never met a cat that patient ... until now. Millie isn't the sort to beg for affection, but she has no problem being around new people & allowing them to pet her. If you scratch her in just the right places, she can really purr. At one point when I was stroking her back she flopped over & showed me her belly so I pet it, too. I can't quite tell if she actually enjoyed that or if she's just extraordinarily tolerant! I mentioned that to Sheff and he said, "Does it really matter?" wink.gif I get the feeling that if Millie doesn't like something, she's not going to growl or fuss. Instead, she'll just give you a "Please don't" look and, if necessary, walk away. At any rate, she seemed to like us both (she even walked right up to Sheff & rubbed against him). We figure that if she's this calm and sweet to total strangers like us, that she'll be even better once she gets to know us. The foster family seems to approve of us, too, (hooray!) & said they can bring her over whenever we're ready. So tonight we're going to buy all the necessary stuff & Millie will come home to us on Friday night! Wee!

My other anti-kvetch: Last month I met a really really awesome lady whom I liked a lot. She could so be a Bustie. Yesterday out of the blue she sent me an e-mail and asked me out to lunch on Friday. Yay! Friday is shaping up to be a pretty great day. smile.gif
Hey all.

I'm heading to the doctor today to get some real drugs.

Kvetch: I know I should be happy about this, but we got invited to Mcgeek's brother's wedding on Memorial Day weekend. Mcgeek is stoked, but we have to pay for 3K of it. I couldn't oppose, because it's not my family. Apparantly, this is a suprise. I'm not sure if we're in the wedding party or not. I just don't do well at weddings. There's a novel waiting to happen about what a family fuckup my sister's wedding was. It's just ironic b/c he and I were fighting about weddings like two days ago. I don't think he believes in marriage, which concerns me. Maybe it's just the remains of being bitter about a divorce. It's just been on my mind, because one of my co-workers is getting married. Star, we're heading out for thai food that weekend. I don't think I can deal with Mcgeek's family the whole weekend.

I'm making myself some matzo ball soup today.

(((Sassy)) Yay for real drugs! You have to pay what?!

Yay for Millie!!! I don't think there is a cat on earth that will roll over and show its belly just to be polite. I think she likes you.

There was an earthquake in northwest Nevada.

Thanks for the vibes, Mandi! Danny is not ready for university for another couple of decades, surely???

So yes, I have a job interview tomorrow at 11, my first in oh, fifteen years or so.
Ok..the stress is getting to me and I'm about to crack so I have to let it out here.......I am supposed to get my yearly review sometime today. It was supposed to be yesterday morning, but my boss got sick. I abhor reviews! I mean seriously..sit you down in a room and tell you for an hour how you've fucked in the last year. My boss has a hard time letting go of little mistakes! It isn't so bad when you know that there's at least a possibilty that if you suffer through thi sthere will be a raise albeit very small at the end. No such delusion this time! With our council combining with 2 others in 4 months, and having to reapply for our jobs as there will be more people than jobs in our new one is deluding themselves enough to think they'll actually raise wages!
My job should be pretty secure. I've been here 2 years and no one else wants to be my boss's assistant. She had a bad reputation of going through assistsnts. But I still really dislike review time. She thinks it's amusing that people can be intimidated enough to CRY at their review.
I am hoping that I'll at least getsome inkling of how my job will be changing.

Soothing vibes would be appreciated.
~~~soothing vibes for pixie~~~

and some for (((star))) too

~~~feel better vibes for sybarite candycane, & sassy~~~

~~~good luck interview vibes for dusty~~~

belated birfday smooches for ((((tesao)))))

and of course, continued mega strength soothing, healing and coping vibage for ((((falcon, pennwe, mamae, & tes))))

boo on asshatty bosses, earthquakes, tax bills, migraines, ovarian pain and any others illness

but yay for new kitties, kidlets coming home, and MIA kvetchie sightings!

((((mandi, amilita, polly, sidecar, billy, sixela, faith, mornington, bunny, kitten, lanie, tes, plat, plummie, tg, rose, pixie, dusty, syb, star, candy, sassy, sonik, flanker, pink, muppet, lelu, crassy, anoushh, msp, lurkers, everyone))))

I've been lurking lots and sending out vibes to you all, just too lazy to post properly rolleyes.gif

My new sweetie R lives one town over from where I used to live in San Marcos, and his son actually lives there . So I've been up in that neck of the woods a bit more frequently and honestly, it made me a little nervous. Well I heard thru the grapevine that the ex asshat king is back in the slammer, which makes me a whole lot more at ease while up there. And boy, actually getting to watch the karma continually unfold, well that's just icing on the cake.

*mwahs & hugs all around*
QUOTE(sidecar @ Feb 11 2008, 12:05 AM) *
(((((bunnyb)))))) it seems like you have been sick forever! has your doctor given you any insight into this?

Yes, it does sad.gif. Now I have the cold AGAIN and my tummy is majorly upset (no, no insight from doctor although need to go back to see him). Excuse me whilst I have a small pity party to myself; I feel crappy.

My crappiness is nothing compared to what some of you are going through, especially (((tes, pennwe, falcon and mamae))) my heart goes out to you all.

and (((pixie and her ovaries))), (((candy and her leg))), (((rose and her spider))), (((sassy and her cold - can I join your club?))) and (((everybody's aches and pains)))

(((star))) I am sorry you are missing Michael so much sad.gif. It's natural but it doesn't help to say that.

dusty, good luck with your interview tomorrow! and pixie, your review!

yay for new kitties, new friends, drugs, ex asshat karma, everything to be thankful for.

boo for taxes, dead mice, prententious 14 y/os, paying for other people's weddings (wtf?) and everything else crappy.

kvetch: I spent an obscene amount of money on a new pair of glasses today and it hurt. goddamnit I want them to be able to replace the cracked lenses of my current glasses -which I love- but they can't. I also spent a lot on Mother's Day and Easter gifts.
kvetch/anti-kvetch: in two weeks I am having THREE wisdom teeth removed but at least it will stop the intermittent pain.
major ant-kvetch: the boy and I booked our flights today to Florida in July! Thanks to zoya for directing us to continental airlines as direct flight prices here were astronomical. We may be travelling for a lot longer but it works out really well time-wise for us with good departure and arrival times. Mandolyn, I'll be stopping over in Newark airport for 3 and a half hours so visiting NY a little earlier than planned!

Off to sleep with the tissues (((everybody))).
((((tes, her sister, and BIL)))))) I am so sorry for all of you.
~~~feel better bunny & pixiedust~~~~
yay for the cat!

((((((stargazer)))))))) oh sweetie. you'll always feel it at unexpected times and places. the other day, i was trying to find some kind of login in an old email account and found an IM with my brother that i'd forwarded to Martini back before we were even married. It's been nearly four years and just some small memory takes me back. try to remember the good things and why you loved him, and take comfort in that.

thanks for all the tax love. It's complicated by one thing: we decided in late January to take a vacation to Mexico in April. Because we're stupid, we decided to put it on my credit card (which gets airline miles) and pay it off this month. Well, finding out that you have a four-figure tax bill has got in the way of that. We're gonna be fine, we just have to be extra frugal for the next couple months. It was a good wakeup call because we aren't always good with our money, so now we have a budget. But it's just frustrating to be in this situation.
Good luck with the interview dusty! Wear something you're comfortable in. I've been known to talk too much, above and beyond the question, which I think makes me sound like a know-it-all, so I guess try not to do that! Keep us posted...

Sassy, if I read you right that is an insane amount of money to spend on anyone's wedding. I probably wouldn't spend that on my sister's wedding.

Hope the review goes well pixie. RV, glad your new cat is so mellow! I love chilled-out cats, they're like normal cats but on brandy.

Bunnyb, I'm sniffling right along with you. I was sneezing all over the office yesterday so I stayed home today with my office-mates' blessing, I think. I hope so, it's a new job, but I felt crappy about being so sneezy in a small office and I didn't have much to do today anyway.

I meant to use today to correct more exams but have been staring bleary-eyed at daytime TV instead (which has been bliss, frankly).

Mesh boyshorts w/ contrasting lace trim which the mister likes as they are the same colours as his football team. No bra as am at home...
Drive by!

~$$$~$$$~$$$~ oodles of job interview vibes for Dusty ~$$$~$$$~$$$~
I'm sure you'll be stellar. The interviewers will be awed by your professionalism & experience & will sit back, slack-jawed, awash in the glory that is you.

~*~*~*~*~ sparkly review vibes for Pixie ~*~*~*~*~
Sorry these are late! How did it go?

(((((((((((( never-ending love for Falcon, Pennwee, Mamae, Tes, Elle & the bean, and the whole family ))))))))))))))))

Sassy, why on earth do you have to pay $3K to be part of this wedding?!? That's insane!
Note that my entire wedding - yup the WHOLE thing - cost about $10K. That included a gorgeous B&B, a swanky sit-town dinner for about 20 people, my dress, Sheff's suit, everything. This doesn't include tansportation and such for family, of course, but I know even my family from England did not pay that much to attend our wedding. Madness!

~~~~~~ continued healing for Bunnylicious ~~~~~
~~~~~~ healing for Sybarite, too ~~~~~~

(((((((((((( oodles of hugs for SideCar )))))))))))))

Yeufie, I knew karma was going to bite him in the ass, but who know that the King of Asshats would pay this much for this long! It's amazing to see how different your lives are now, isn't it?

Poor Sheff is home sick today with a stomach bug. He's doing better now than he was earlier this morning, but he doesn't want to stray too far from the bathroom just in case. Poor thing.

My tummy is a little wibbly, too, but I think it's mainly because I'm excited about our new cat! I had trouble falling asleep last night because I kept thinking about her. I've never adopted an adult cat before, so I'm not quite sure how to ease her into the transition. Instead of seeing her as my "baby", I find that I'm thinking of her as a roommate. Is that weird? I mean, she's an adult & her personality is already developed & she's just so laid back that I feel that she doesn't need me as desperately as a kitten. That brings up weird concerns. For instance, she has her own cat bed that she likes to sleep in at night (the foster owner is giving it to us), but I'm not sure if we should put the cat bed in our room so she can be close to us (like what I would do with a kitten) or if it's better to put it in the kitchen near her food or put her in the guest room so she can have some private space or what. Advice, anyone?

Anywho. Must finish cleaning for the big inspection tonight. And must buy groceries so we can stay in with the cat all weekend. smile.gif

Knickers: Pink cotton thong with multi-colored stars all over. No bra yet as I'm not properly dressed.

PS: For those who missed the link I posted last week, here's a pic of our new kitty.

good luck, dusty!

and i concur on the flabbergast at mcgeek's brother's wedding. 3K was half of what I spent on my own wedding. the most i spent on any one else's was just under 1K, and both Martini and I stood up in it and we threw a wedding shower for the couple in question.
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