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happy birthday to sheff (and mando's mr.)!

and yay for the good news for mamasan!

thanks for the advice. And if y'all don't mind, I'm just gonna hijack the thread with some gross period talk. (Sorry Billy.)

I should probably clarify that I'm on an low-dose pill already. It's Loestrin FE24, which means I only take three days of sugar pills (which I don't bother taking, I just skip those three days). It's supposed to give you shorter, lighter periods and I went on it in September '06 b/c my periods were out of control on my previous BC pill (after being on the shot for 3 yrs and the patch for six months -- man I loved he patch but it's too dangerous). So since Sept. '06, my heaviest period before January '08 was maybe two days of light spotting. So with that in mind, I would describe what's going on now as probably what constitutes a normal period. But it is heavier than I'm used to and it seems to be recurring. So I suppose a doctor's visit is in order, but I truthfully am not super worried about fibroids or anything like that. Still, it does seem odd that all of a sudden, it's become like this.

Anyway. Back to your regularly scheduled underwear-describing. I'm wearing gross white boy shorts and a black satin Cacique bra.
quick fly by ---->--

muito cool NOLA/mardi gras pix! obrigada for sharing!

PERFECT mr. mandomyheart gift!


~*~*~*~ brow smoothing, hair brushing feel better vibes for raisin d'etre and sidecar~*~*~*

rosie v: i have some friends in the area who are your age group - one is here visiting right now, she works in the park near your house. can i share your info??? you are both sweeties, i'm sure you would like each other!!

my b-i-l the pennwee's husband started chemo on tuesday. word is he is "doing as expected" . trouble is i don't know what that *means*. sad.gif keep up the bustie vibes, we know they work miracles.

speaking of which, mamae is out of the hospital. her fever is down, she is lucid; told the pennwee that she knew and understood that her hubby had to come first, and that now that the chemo has started that will mean she will not get to see the pennwee as that rocks.

haven't been in touch with anyone much this week; we had some civil unrest, riots in the streets, rock throwing, police firing bullets into the crowd. people were reacting against a price doubling of the cost to take public transport (gas prices are astronomical here). for three days we were in a state of "going to work, closing the office, sending people home, what's the best decision"? a total of 3-6 people were killed, many many more injured/hospitalized. we were lucky, only one of our staff was affected, big rocks were thrown at his car but no one was hurt. scary. scarier still being the one making decisions that could affect staff so darn much. i can see why people err on the side of caution!

thinking of all of you, lurking and vibing!

undie report: nude no-show lace brar and matching cheeky pants.

no more white while i live here! my white and pale pink undies are now all a lighter shade of grey -- the water here isn't all that "clean" and unmentionables don't do well with bleach....

hugs and kisses and silly silly fishes!!!!
Happy Birthday, sassygrrl!

Happy birthday to sheff and mr mandolyn!

ongoing vibes for (((tes's family)))

is raisingirl ill, tes? feel better vibes her way.

yay for the sweetness of the man's boy, yuefie!

multi-purpose vibes for (((everybody else))) (sorry, it's a fly-by).

I'm spending the weekend with the boy but been pretty ill. Vomited lots Fri/Sat and slept most of yesterday but the boy has taken good care of me and I'm feeling a bit better. We may even make it to the cinema today (we saw Cloverfield Friday night before the sickness).


Eddie wants to wish you a Very Happy Birthday, Sassygrrl!

And so do I wink.gif

Stay safe, tes! ~~~~saftey for tesao and crew~~~~

~~~~continued BUSTie magik vibes for tesao's family members~~~~

~~~~soothing for bunny's tummy~~~~

~~~get well all sickies~~~

Hope everyone has enjoyed a nice, relaxing weekend.

kvetch: I finally finished the antibiotics and now that I'm done with them, the bakery seems to have set up shop. Bleh.
anti-kvetch: Fab weekend with the boy & kidlet, including dinner with sis and niece last night. We may even take the kids up to Julian (our local quaint mountain town) next weekend, since they seem to have really hit it off.

Can I please ask for some vibes for my dad? He's been pretty out of it these past few weeks and his seizures seem to be more frequent. He even fell out of his wheelchair on the way to a dr's appt last week. Fortunately he only sustained a minor bruise. I've tried several times to bring R to meet him, but he has been too incoherent. When I spoke with him this morning he was pretty lucid and when I brought up him meeting R, he seemed tickled by the idea. I just hope by the time we make it up there that he is still that coherent.
Yuefie, glad you had a nice weekend.

((yuefie’s dad))

((bunnyb)) Feel better.

((tes and family))

Happy birthday to sassy, sheff and mr. mando.

((sidecar)) I’m on a regular bc pill, not low dose and my flow fluctuates, but it can’t hurt to see a doctor just to make sure.

Amilita, the dog story sounds not good, hope all is well. Thanks for sharing the Mardi Gras pictures, it looks like fun. Was the one girl a bunch of grapes? If so that is hilarious.

Mando, glad your mom is okay.

Kitten, glad you are feeling better. I love your new glasses.

Syb, hope you had fun with your friends.

I didn’t have a good weekend, did nothing fun really and have just been stressed about certain things that are beyond my control. I don't me to whine, just feel really crappy. I’m really hoping that this week brings me some good news.

Oh, gosh, I knew I'd been forgetting something! (((Tes))) Glad your mom seems to be doing better- thinking of your b-i-l and your whole family. And take care of your safety- definitely better to err on the cautious side.

(((DM))) Hope you DO get good news this week! And yes, that girl was a bunch of purple grapes!

(((Yuefie's dad)))

Get better Bunny!

Happy Birthday Sassy!


I'm working the next three nights. Hope it's not too crazy.

Oh, and I have a friend who is pregnant and due at the end of summer. Had my first dream about being at the delivery- which they have asked me to do! I'm so excited! And that also reminds me that hooray!!! for the safe arrivals of the babies you guys were anticipating when I was in lurker mode...
happy birthday, sassy!
(((((tes)))))) and (((((((((bil))))))))))
~~~cheer up dm~~~
~~~go away bakery!~~~
(((((bunnyb)))))) it seems like you have been sick forever! has your doctor given you any insight into this?

Best Pal C's estranged father died over the weekend, which I'm sure is very difficult for her to deal with. Any spare coping vibes would be much appreciated.

Martini and I spent the day at a friend's house. She's housesitting for her parents, who have a new puppy, so we ate too much and let the puppy and our dog play all afternoon. It was a lot of fun.

Other than that, it's been the usual here: movies (No Country for Old Men), TV on DVD (The Wire & Twin Peaks) and Rock Band. I need to finish up some freelance work so I think I'll do that while I watch the Grammys (not that I care but I want to see a couple of the performances, like Keely Smith who I thought was dead).
Yikes. This is a fly-by because I have been skimming archives but not made my usual notes and can just say that I am rejoycing when loved ones aren't sick, commiserating when they are or are just plain annoying, confident that anyone who can make so many friends in the odd but wonderful venue of cyberspace will find excellent friends in other places as well, sending my strongest healing vibes to everyone feeling ill or unhappy, sending calm and rewarding job vibes, fervent prayers for safe travels, joy in love, and overall Bustie thriving.

It's odd - the thread mirrors some of my most recent issues. (1) I have to get a sonogram of my uterus because I had hemmoraging - I am usually a very heavy bleeder but this was way, way out of the spectrum of normal. They also checked for hormone imbalance (prolactin and thyroid) but they were OK. And they threatened me with a transfusion. Yuck. (2) I have been investigating bc pills as a component of my mood management. I shall keep you all posted here or elsewhere if I find something that works.

This past week was the worst I have had since my Great Depression of 2006. I got the news that I had to have the sonogram to check for a "polyp" in the uterus, I got the stomach flu, and I got a job review that led to me telling off the partners giving the review, three people I've worked with, sending an angry but absolutely beautiful email to our managing partner, and um, obviously in a hurry to make my job search work so I can get the hell out of Dodge.

I don't want to get into politics here myself, for a million reasons, but I had another interview with the headquarters of my favorite candidate (la blonde) but narrowly missed it. [I just wrote this long paragraph on the topic and realized it was dumb since I just said I didn't want to get into politics here!] I have absolutely no quarrel with anyone who supports a different candidate (well, no quarrel with brilliant, informed and thoughtful folks like all of you) but for me it became this mesh of personal/professional/political and it would have been a nice way out of my current job.

Which I REALLY need since I am going to have to face the music tomorrow morning. The review happened on Friday. I couldn't eat or sleep this weekend. I alternate between feeling outraged (short story: a weird policy change in our "main office" which is in another city, and has a totally different culture/quality than our small office resulted in me getting screwed re. bonus, but it was cloaked in bizarre performance criticisms about me not trying to develop skills, even though I have been banging my head against walls to get an opportunity to develop those exact skills but keep getting stuck with really crappy jobs instead) and totally humiliated and hurt. So I unleashed the organizational and professional critique of the office that had been simmering for months. Loudly. I was scathing. Then I went and emailed the reviewers (Maude, I didn't so much shoot the messengers as riddle them with holes) four of the multitude of emails I had sent to various people I work with saying "I appreciate you need me on this [crappy assignment] but I am really eager for opportunities to develop my other professional skills [insert the two skills that they wanted me to develop!] etc."

I am going to be so sad to leave my trafficking client but I think I have talked the FBI agent handling her case to consider the relief we need. And I just need to find a better place, and really pound the pavement instead of these half-assed "feelers" I keep sending out to various political jobs. And frankly, I was waiting for the bonus to leave, so it kind of serves me right for not being more proactive. But I just won a pro bono case that requires the government to pay our attorney fees ($150,000). When we do pro bono, we don't do it for the money (hence "pro bono") so if you get fees, it's magic, unexpected money for the firm. So I told the managing partner that I hoped he would either put that money toward an associate morale fund in my memory or please distribute it to each partner in cash, because though it's not much it's much more than my bonus would have been. heeeeee. Do you think possibly I am not a natural fit for a fancy law firm? Could it be?

OK this is a novel. I love you all very much. I promise to be less self-ranty ASAP. xooxox faith
Helloooooooo Busties, hope you all are surviving winter. It's almost over, I can't WAIT for Spring!!

I've been MIA thanks to gallbladder surgery and complications...I've kept my bitching about it to a minimum, mostly over at LJ. It's been unpleasant. The most unpleasant month of my life so far. I thought 2006 was The Year of The Sick, but it seems it's still going...damn.

My new IUD is causing serious mood swings...I'm only spotting but I am a raging asshole and can't stop my mouth and snark. Snark snark snark. I feel sorry for Mr. Lu...I'm ranging from periods of weepy instability to serious raging vitriol. Poor guy...he's taking it like the man I know he is though. It's been going on for a week now, so I hope it's over soon. I hope it never happens again. We HAVE been enjoying spontaneous sex without fear of me getting knocked up.

Kids are well. Mr. Lu is well. We're just trucking a long.

Love to you all.
Good Morning kvetchies!

Thank goodness I think we've almost kicked the sickies out of our house! I missed 2 more days od work last week with Broncitis, but thank God for antibiotics and lots of sleep. Mr. Pixie is well now too. The little pixies still have some lingering coughs, but I think on the whole we are finally starting to feel better!

Yay to the Lu's for spontaneous sex! We've finally been getting a bit more of that at our house too! We moved micropixie into his own bed last week because everyone's coughing was keeping everyone else awake. Everyone is getting more sleep now and Mr. Pixie and I can finally cuddle and cunoodle to our hearts content!

Mr. Pixie is also officially half finished with his Master's Thesis now too! Whoo hoo! I'll be so glad when the end of March is here and this thing no longer rules our life!

Minipixie turns 6 tomorrow! I can not believe how fast she's growing up! This weekend we are having a butterfly birthday party. All the little girls will get thier own wings to decorate and wear during the party! This is our first real friend party so I am starting to go a little crazy and wanting togooverboard on things to do!

Does anyone else have any good plans for Valentine's Day? The Mr. and I are going to a really fancy restraunt. Grandma gets to spend soem time with her favorite valentines!

((((Amilita, dusty, fina, faith, Dm, sassy, Tes, mando, Rosie, Bunny, Yuefie, Mornington, and everyone else I missed))))
Happy belated birthday, Sassy!

((((((((ultra-thick, protective hugs of safety for our darling Tes))))))))))))
Thanks for the love. I'm feeling a bit better now & I'm happy for the other friends I've made here. I always love making more friends, though, so yes, you can definitely tell your friend about me if you like. smile.gif

~*$~*$~ sparkles of happiness & health & a good job for Faith ~*$~*$~ So sorry to hear about all of the bleeding. How scary! That job opportunity sounds very intriguing. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

((((((((((((Lelu)))))))))))))))) Lu-honey, sounds like your body has been put through the ringer. I'm astounded that you had to have gall bladder surgery! You poor thing! Do you think your emotional stuff could be a combination of hormonal changes and the stress from the surgery? Here's hoping that it all calms down soon!

((((((((Sidecar's pal, C ))))))))))
Glad to hear that the bleeding isn't too heavy.

((((((((((Amilita & the AmilitaHouse))))))))) That is freaky. I hope everything turns out okay & that you feel safe soon. unsure.gif

Yuefie, that pic of Eddie Izzard is priceless. It is so amazing to hear you sounding so happy! You definitely deserve to be loved by 2 such wonderful guys. Shame about the bakery, though. --------- anti-yeastie vibes -------
((((((((Yuefie dad))))))))

Hooray for a healthier Pixie family!!! So glad to hear that you're feeling better. Just in time for MiniP's birthday! That sounds like oodles of fun. Wish I could be there. smile.gif

~~~~~~~~ soothing for Bunny ~~~~~~~~ Seems like you're sick more often than not lately. Here's hoping that you started to feel better before you left the boy's place.

(((((((((DM))))))))))) It sucks when weekends go bad, soesn't it? Hope things get better.

((((((((((((((Anybody & everybody))))))))))))))))

Thanks for the birthday happiness for Sheff! His birthday was actually kinda sucky (I'll get to that in a minute) but we had friends over on Saturday which was tons of fun. He also got some great cards from friends & the best box from mom! She actually mailed him a helium balloon with the rest of his birthday gifts. It was such a surprise to open the box & have this thing rise out of it. Wonderfully clever!

Major kvetch:
My brain imploded on Friday & I've been pretty stressed out ever since. We got a note from the county saying that we haven't paid our property tax for last yeat & that this was their "last notice before advertisement" ... meaning that if they don't get the money in 2 weeks, they will foreclose on the house.
This was the first we had heard about ANY of this, so we were totally shocked and panicked. Okay, Sheff managed to maintain his composure, but I was a wreck.
Because we didn't check the mail until Friday night after 5pm, there was no way for us to get any answers until Monday morning. And therefore I have been sick with worry all weekend - literally sick. Tons of time spent in the bathroom. And nightmares, too. Ugh.

Well, this morning I called the county tax department as soon as their office opened. Found out that they originally sent the property tax notice to the old owners of this house - not to us. Aparently the law says that when it comes to property taxes for 2007, the law says they have to send the bill to whoever owned the house on January 1, 2007. We bought the house in May 2007. That's why the bill wasn't sent to us. Crazy, isn't it? Since we are now in the new year, the county was able to contact us - the owners as of January 1, 2008. Luckily, the lady at the tax office was wonderfully helpful. Thanks to her, I know exactly what needs to be done next & I know that there's no risk of us losing the house. And my stomach is already behaving better. So yay!

Major anti-kvetch: Dog show!!! The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show begins tonight! Weeee!
Oo, rose, that sucks- when we bought our place, they paid it at the closing so it was taken care of ahead of time. Maybe they could do that because of when we bought it. I'm guessing that if the tax bill wasn't out there at the closing time, they couldn't have paid it. At least it's taken care of now.

And thanks for reminding me- our mortgage company pays ours out of escrow and they sent us a letter saying that the county now charges them a fee (that they'll pass along to us) if they don't submit the payment with the original bill. I got the bill a couple days after the letter, so I need to mail that to them.

Sorry to hear about everyone's PMS issues. While the benefits of Seasonale are wonderful (4 periods a year, basically no bleeding when it does come), it's affecting my sex drive- I'm just sort of indifferent about doing it. That's getting a little old. I'm thinking of switching to another monophasic pill and still taking it like Seasonale, but maybe it won't have the same side effect and I'll still get the benefits.

My back is all sucky today.

((hugs to everyone...sorry I'm not more eloquent today...I feel like I've used up all the sentences I can put together now...))
That's crazy about the house, Rose! I've never heard of them not paying it at closing. When we closed on our house we even had to reimburse the old owner for the 2 months of 2005 that we owned the house instead of her. I know that here you have to be 3 years delinquet on property taxes before they will "sell" your tax debt off to a private invester who could charge you interest or possibly put a lein on your house. But it would take a lot for them to be able to foreclose on the house for just one year of property taxes owed.
(((sassy))) hope your birthday celebration lasts all week long!

(((tesao))) stay safe, sweetie. Glad to hear mom’s doing better. And beat-this-thing vibes are continually looping for b-i-l.

(((rose))) thank goodness is was a mistake. Poo that it ruined your weekend, tho.

(((faith))) kudos for doing the right thing & letting your voice be heard. I have no doubt you’ll find your niche.

((( C ))) losing a parent is decimating, no matter what condition the relationship.

(((lelu))) here’s hoping you’ve used up your sickie quota for the year.

(((DM))) I had a crap weekend too. le blergh.

(((sidecar, dusty, stargazer, pixie, amilita, polly, bunny, morn, lurkers, everyone)))
Mandi, sorry to hear your weekend wasn't that great. Here's a video that might make you feel better. It's the Best In Breed competition for Cardigan Welsh Corgis. More than 6 minues of adorable, short-legged cuteness!
((mando)) Hopefully next weekend will be better.

((polly)) Hope you back feels better.

((rose)) I’m glad you got the house thing figured out today. I can understand how stressful it would be.

((pixie)) Glad the family is feeling better. Yay for the mr. being half way through his thesis. Happy birthday to minipixie.

((lelu)) Hope you get better soon.

((faith)) Sorry to hear about work and your health problems.

((sidecar’s friend C))

Today was a high stress level day, but only because I can’t stop worrying about certain things. I will now go de-stress, and do some reading for my therapy appointment.
I've had the worst fucking headache almost all day. Ugh.

(((rose))) how nerve wracking!

polly, we pay out of escrow as well, but we got a second notice from our mortgage company saying that the county couldn't do that fee/original bill thing to those of us who pay out of escrow, so now we don't need to send it in. I don't know why we got out of it (maybe it's a city of Chicago thing?) but you may want to look into it further.

((((mando, DM)))))

~~~~~safey for tes~~~~~~
~~~~fuck cancer vibes for bil~~~~~~
*waves to faith* i enjoyed your novel. and good for you for sticking it to the bosses!
I found this dachshund/corgi mix named Jenny on petfinder and I want to go and rescue her so badly. I sooo wish I could.
Thanks so much for the support, everyone. I think my digestive system has finally recovered from the stress!

~~~~~ soothing for Polly & SideCar ~~~~~

Yuefie, Jenny's story is so sad. I'm sure you could give her a great home.

Funnily enough, I have also been spending some time on PetFinder tonight while watching the dog show. I'm looking at cats. My two favorites right now are Millie and Basement. Little Basey looks super sweet & fun, but I think Millie might be a better fit for us. Plus it's always harder to adopt out adult cats so my heart always goes out to them.

I'm annoyed that the Standard Poodle won the non-sporting group. It seems like that happens every damn year. Grrr.

The cardi corgi they just showed has the prettiest coat! I don't even know how to describe it. There are lots so many colors all swirled together.
I used to not believe that anyone watched the Westminster Show until I worked at this place where it was all the women talked about. I still find it hilarious but I am happy that it makes so many other people happy. It must be a huge ratings thing for Animal Planet. That is who airs it right?

{{{roseviolet}}} that tax thing sucks. I know that I would have been freaking out and crying just like you did. I did love the mental pic of the gift box opening and a balloon rising out of it, though. laugh.gif

{{{sidecar}}}I hope your headache gets better ASAP.

{{{msyuefie, dm, mando}}}happy and relaxed vibage cause it sounds like you all could use them.

{{{pixiedust}}} The only V Day plans that I have are a simple gift exchange w/the boy. I requested that we find the tackiest gift for under $10 and give them. I bought his today at Walgreen's, the home for tacky holiday merch. It is a pink heart pillow, fuzzy, w/the words "Truly Yours" stitched on it. There was tackier stuff but this is a good size and it will be very embarressing for a guy to have it. How could I resist?

I hope everyone has a great night. {{{kvetchies}}}
I think it's USA. We started to freak out last night because we thought we'd forgotten to tape it, but it turns out we gave it a season pass last year. Ha.

My head's not much better, so I'm staying home. I think it's time to go back to bed.

last night the first hour was on USA, and then it switched to CNBC. tonite i think it's all USA.

(((rose))) thank you so much for that video! my head exploded 49 times! almost makes me wish that zoey had a tail, hee.

i so thought of you last night while i was watching. ditto on the damn poodle. i was so rooting for ebenezer in the hound group, but i'm ecstatic that the beagle won! (did you catch his name? the announcers are suckier than usual this year with passing along doggie names. there's no help on the westminster site either.) and i usually don't like terriers, but tucker stole my heart. tonite the kid will watch with me, he loves the retrievers.

and this year was much better than all the other years, because now i have my own best in show. laugh.gif i don't tear up and my heart doesn't ache when i see the corgis anymore. the pedigree shelter commercials, however ... oy. they KILL me. *sob*

(((jenny, basement, millie))) what little loves. i wish i could wave a magick wand ...

i'm so thankful zoey found us.

it's actually pretty pathetic that i care more about the westminster dog show than campaign coverage.
Oo, dog show! Nuthin' else on TV tonight, so I'll be there. Too bad I missed the first night. I'm sure they'll replay it.

I've been put in charge of a project at work! I'm making the arrangements for the packing and moving of all our stuff when we move to our new office in April. When the insurance company I used to work for moved, we used this service where you'd rent these heavy-duty plastic crates from them, pack your stuff in them and then they move them to your new space. The problem here is that we have no room to store the hundred or so crates that it will take to pack everything, so the plan was to have them give us 10 crates at a time, fill them and take them to my cousin/boss's garage until the moving day, then have them pick it up and take it to the new office. I found out today that every time they have to deliver more crates to you, there's a delivery charge of $200. That's a lot of money for 10 crates at a time. I just emailed my cousin/boss, who's in Cancun for a dental convention (damn, wish I was in Cancun right now.) to see what she wants to do. I think we should rent a storage space to have them deliver all the boxes at once and we'll move them back and forth as needed. That's only a little over $100 a month, so it's like nothing until the end of April.

Office manager emailed me- he's questioning the whole thing, thinks it's too much, but hiring movers costs a crap load of money- what does he expect? Well, I sent him my idea and research about the storage space, so we'll see.

No patients today, I get to go home early! Yay!

((hugs to all))
my sophie came from a shelter. she had a family when she was a puppy and one day they decided they didn't want her anymore, so they dropped her off at the shelter. and she was there for about three weeks. and now, as she's sleepily chewing on her toys next to me, my shock that anyone would give up this dog and leave her alone at a shelter for three weeks is replace by such happiness that we have her. I feel so lucky to have her as my dog.
*skipping the dog talk* Ever since my Harley died, I can't look at or discuss dogs without crying.

RoseV, you know what's even more strange? I had absolutely NO gallstones! None. It just died. Stopped pumping. They have no idea why, but there is some evidence out there that some antibiotics can cause the gallbladder to just stop working. I was on 2000mg of amoxicilin a day for a root canal I was supposed to have. I also spent the first 6 months post-divorce drowning my sorrows in serious quantities of vodka...I dunno. But from the first start of my symptoms to the surgery was less than 2 weeks, but I was home less than 2 hours after the surgery. I didn't take it easy enough and I tore my stomach muscles open from where they removed the gallbladder, down along my right ribcage. It's been 3 weeks and I'm JUST starting to feel better. The Suck.

Thank god for insurance. All the tests and scans and radiology and drugs have come out to be a TON of money. I'm so happy my body waited to fall apart until I got insurance in December.

Mark and I found a babysitter for V-day, I can't believe it. 10 bucks an hour, but at least we'll be able to have dinner alone for once. It'll be niiiiiiiice. And we've had hot sexy portions 5 times in the last couple of days, but maybe I'll get lucky Thursday night too (ok, not so hot because I can't really move much, but we're doing the position we invented from my last trimester so it doesn't require much action on my part). Weeee! I don't even want presents or chocolate or flowers, just a dinner where there aren't sticky hands feeling me up, and kids trying to crawl across the table and someone screaming because there is pepper on their food. Just us adults.

Hope you all have an amazing v-day too. It's one of the few days for decadence...single or coupled.
OoooOOooooo! I love me some dogs! omg. And sophie is the best! when sidecar gave me the walk of shame in her apartment...i was totally lovin' the dog. such a great dog.

and kittenb, i love the dog show! plus, i also like to watch the movie "best in show." "we love to talk and not talk. we can not talk for days!" sorry, i love that movie.

some ol' kvetch right now:still kinda mourning my friend. cried this morning. blah.

"God loves a terrier, yes he does!
Small, sturdy, bright and true,
they give their love to you.
God loves a terrier!"

QUOTE(amilita @ Feb 8 2008, 01:19 AM) *
Anyhoo, here's me (though I may be stricken with shyness and remove it at some point)

Wow, do I love that picture! I too would love to see a whole parade of Marie Antoinettes, but I'd rather see a picturre of this one, if forced to choose.

And how much do I love Marie waiting for a bus? That is hilarious.
Today I got the most wonderful piece of mail... the Republican National Committee "Liberal Agenda Ballot". I'd normally just tear it up, but I think I'm going to write my friends at the RNC a letter and tell them just how badly they've fucked it up.

"Think about this: A Democrat President in the White House. It's a terrifying thought, I know. But it's a very real possibility"

The RNC better get used to it.

There's a list of 12 liberal abominations to check off and a place to fill in my own. If anyone wants a copy, just let me know smile.gif
Billy, that is hilarious! I wonder how you got on their mailing list. Maybe it's a joke organized by one of your friends.

Mandi, it's so sweet to imagine you watching the dog show with your beloved puppers by your side. I'm so glad you've found eachother!


Lelu, holy crap, girl, that sounds agonizing! Glad to hear you're doing better. And that the Mr. is doing all he can to keep you happy. wink.gif

Congrats on the assignment, Polly!

Sidecar, I hope you're feeling better. Sophie sounds like such a love. I'm sure she's glad she found you. smile.gif

Anti-kvetch: One of my oldest friends - a woman I have known for 22 years - had a baby girl this week! She named her Chloe Ellen. Aaaaaw.

Anti-kvetch: Girlbomb's latest book is out! Yay! I think I'll run out & buy it tomorrow.

Sheff and I talked a bit more about adopting a cat - specifically Millie from the link below. The problem is that the adoption agency will not adopt animals to non-US citizens. Who knows why. Maybe they're afraid the people might leave the country and abandon the animals? Anyway, I'm also concerned because the application asks if you've ever had a cat declawed. I'm sure that's a huge no-no for them, but unfortunately my old kitty, Ariel, is declawed. She was scratching everyone up terribly. We always had scabby scratches on our arms & hands from her. Oddly enough, she never did anything to the furniture. She just tried to sharpen her claws on our arms & faces instead. dry.gif Pixiedust knows this first hand & can tell you all about it. Anyway, I don't think the adoption agency will aprove & may reject us because of that. Add this to the citizenship stuff & you can see why I'm not getting my hopes up.

Anybody have any experience with animal adoption agencies like this? What do you think I should do?
That's very strange, rose. The shelter I volunteer at doesn't ask about that. You're probably right on their reasoning for it, but I would think they would have some leeway in that situation. I think if they looked at Sheff's current status, the fact that he's married, you guys own a house, he has a steady job, etc., there's no reason to think he'd be any more likely to leave the country than anyone else. Maybe if you mention the hell you guys went through to get the status he has now they'd take you more seriously.

Also, my shelter is very anti-declawing, but mostly they mention it to you because some people don't think of not declawing, it's just automatic. I don't think they could hold it against you if you had one cat in the past declawed. You're obviously aware of the problems with declawing and you don't intend on doing it; that's the best they could hope for.

I think if you explained the situations surrounding both issues upfront, you'll have a good chance. Also, there's always the option of doing this without a shelter- like someone who took in a pregnant stray or just a stray in general. They're not going to care about that stuff, and you're still helping out a cat without going to a pet store or breeder.

Billy, have you ever voted as an independent? My dad usually does, so he gets hit with junk mail from both sides. I think he even got a "signed" picture from dubya once. Used it for target practice tongue.gif

I got off work early, came home and took a muscle relaxant, slept for a couple hours. Made and ate dinner, started watching the dog show. Got to when they came back from commercial to do Best in Show....and fell soundly asleep againand woke up when Law & Order was on. I saw the headline that the beagle won. That's good, he was cute. Our friends have a beagle. She's not as cute. Mostly because she barks and barks and has a doggie smell, but that's all pretty normal for a beagle. I'm just used to a barkless, funk-free basenji.

Called the vet to follow-up on Albus's blood work from Friday- his red blood cell level is at the low end of normal, so that's good! They don't need to see him back for a couple months unless anything happens. The bad news is that by then, I will have probably officially adopted him and the shelter won't be paying for the vet bills anymore. Poop.

((stargazer, lelu, sidecar, mando, kitten, bunny, morn, faith, tes, pixie, yuefie, DM, amilita, anoushh!, sassy, dusty, sybarite and candycane))
please forgive the mememe post.....

my sister the pennwee is a wreck. things don't look good for her husband, the falcon. he fell 2 days ago, and broke several bones in his back. the blast cells are back in his bone marrow. he has NO appetite, doesn't want to eat. they added an IV into his central line for nutrition. she is always crying or on the verge of tears when i talk to her (daily, now)

i haven't managed to call at a time when falcon is awake, so i haven't gotten to speak with him. i feel like dren. i am a rotten sister in law. sad.gif prolly a pretty rotten sister, too. sad.gif

i don't know what to do from here -- what can i do to HELP? i'm so sad. (which is also really selfish of me)

they didn't show the dog show here. i could have used it. any chance that animal planet will show a rerun?

rose, i can think of three things:

1. fill out the form as YOU. you aren't a foreigner.

2. LIE. don't tell them you had a de-clawed cat.

3. let me give you the name of our vet - she always has several kitties that need adopting, and she won't be so strict. if i recommend you, she will KNOW that you are a good kitty mommy!

oh, and i plan to give my new friend your name and phone number. her name is emily. i really think that you will like each other. she is *almost* as sweet as you (but not quite!)

i'm at work. trying to distract myself by writing a report. it seems to be working. it is already 12:30! i miss mr. hotbuns. sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif

(((Tes and fam))) So sorry, it must be so hard for you.

I agree with Tes, Rose. I found one of my cats, and I wanted a second one to keep him company, but I heard the Humane Society makes you bring a letter from the landlord (even though they have no right to stop you from having pets) so I had to just wait until a friend had kittens.

We've had 28 inches of snow so far this month.

(((Albus and Polly)))



biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif Chicago has sunshine today!!!!! I love it!!!!

Sorry to be so obnoxious but it has been sooooooo very grey here for far too long.

{{{tes}}} It doesn't sound to me like you are being selfish. You are grieving. You are being the best help that you can be.

roseviolet - I swear, some shelters get really stricy about adopting rules. I can understand some of them but it seems that Sheff is a pretty permanent resident and he is married to a citizen for goodness sake. I say lie. Tell them that your cat was declawed before you got her.

polly - glad to hear that Albus is doing somuch better. This morning I was watching Olivia sleep and it was just so nice to see her relaxed and happy. It feels good when our pets are happy & healthy.

billybonka - I am beginning to wonder if this country is ever going to stop being so damn partisan. How are we ever going to get anything done if we keep seeing the other side as flat out evil. I mean, I don't even think that Republicans are evil. Shortsighted and selfish, yes, but only Chaney really seems eeeevvvviiiiiiillll to me. And maybe Mitt Romney.

{{{dusty, annoush, mando, stargazer, sidecar}}}

It irritates me that when I hit "reply" I loose access to a few posts. I know that there are people that I am not responding to because I can't see them.
Rose...the better way to remark on Ariel's character is to tell everyone that her nickname was Lucifer! You and Smokeboy are the only people I know that she didn't plot to kill or maime and I'm not so sure about Smokeboy. I seriously doubt they would reject your application based soley on having had a cat declawed. Frankly, YOU didn't. It was the rest of the family, myself included. But having rescued numerous animals for different organizations, I think they try to come across as ultrastrict to deter some people from applying. I've never been turned down(all my cats have been declawed) or seen anyone else be turned down from providing a home to an animal that needed it unless there was multiple people interested in it. I would go for it. If you get turned down, you can always try a different shelter.

Tes, You are not a bad SIL! I know you probably feel a little helpless to help, but there isn't much you can do from where you are except be there for your Sis to talk to, and you are doing that!

Yay for Sunshine, Kitten! I am so ready for Spring!!!

28 inches of snow!!!! Holy Cow, Dusty! I would be hibernating!

Lelu! I had to laugh when I read what you wanted out of a dinner! That is so true! When anyone asks me what we're doing and I say we are just going to dinner, no presents or anything, several people have said, that's all? A chance to have dinner child free is worth more than gold and diamonds sometimes!

Things are going good here. Slowly getting better. Minipixie had a good birthday yesterday. Now we just have to make it through the party on Saturday!

((((kvetchie hugs))))

Hmmm. There appears to have been some kind of protest around here. Something about a department being shut down.
BTW, I don't think I ever told you, Kitten, that I like your new glasses! But I think Dubya is eeeeeeeeevil.
I always view Bush as The Tool of Evil.
I got an email from my shelter this morning- someone stole a cat from them! This woman walked in, gave some harebrained story about having a male cat with a high sex drive who tries to spray but can't and she wants another dominant male cat to keep him company....ooookay. So she was in the cat room looking at cats and she just walked out with one named Slim when no one was at the front desk.

I gotta say, if she was looking for a dominant male cat, he's a good choice. He was returned once already after he bit another cat at the adopter's house. He's microchipped, so if she takes him to a vet and they run it, it won't come up with her name on it. I don't know if that's common practice at a vet's office though, if someone presents a cat as belonging to them, do they run it just to be sure? Other than the biting issue, he's a good cat. I hope she doesn't do anything bad to him. I'm going to suggest that they take the driver's license of anyone who comes in to keep as collateral until you leave. There was recently a pet store around here who started doing that after someone stole a $600 Boston terrier puppy from them. And used her kids to distract the store owners while she did it! People are such a-holes.

((Tes and family)) sad.gif Please don't be so hard on yourself. Like pixie said, there's only so much you can do from where you are. Being there for your sister is still helping.
Polly, I can’t believe someone would steal a cat from a shelter. Seems kind of weird. Glad Albus is doing well.

Kittenb, yay for sunshine.

((tes and family)) I can’t imagine what your sister is going through, or how to even console someone going through something that tough. I know you are definitely a good sister because you seem to be such a sweet person.

Rose, yay for your friend’s baby. I’m confused by the whole shelter not wanting to adopt to a non-U.S. citizen. I mean you are a citizen, so I don’t see what the issue would be. Good luck on getting the kitty.

Billy, your post made me laugh so much. I needed to laugh because I am getting a little political fatigue as it feels like this election season has been going on forever.


Mando, those Pedigree shelter commercials make me sad.

Yuefie, jenny is adorable.

I hope everyone has a nice Valentine’s day for those that celebrate it. We really aren’t going to do anything special except exchange cards that we made.

Happy Wednesday, gang!

Pixie, I am getting to the point where I don't know if I want the MiniPixie to get older. It's starting to make me feel old. wink.gif

((((((((((((((((((((Tes' sis & BIL)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Honey, I know you are hard on yourself, but please attempt to believe me when I say that you are an extraordinarily wonderful person! Because you are! I'm sure it's extremely hard to hear your sister cry & not be there to hug her or help her in some other way, but I bet she appreciates your phone calls & that you're there to listen to her in her time of need. Chin up, love.

And yes, definitely pass along my info to Emily. Any opportunity to make new friends is a good thing. smile.gif

Hooray for Albus' happy bloodwork!
Polly, that is so strange about that cat. Do you suppose that she didn't know the proper procedure? Maybe she thought that she could just leave with the cat if she liked it & that she didn't have to sign anything. People can be pretty wacky like that. Oh well. I think your idea about taking the drivers license as collateral is a good one.

Dusty, what's this about a protest? Complete with signs and everything? You don't work next to a Scientology center, do you? No wait ... that was on Sunday. wink.gif

DM, your V-day sounds just like ours. I'm giving Sheff a card, but we have no big plans. I don't react well to forced romance, so that has a lot to do with it. If a guy wants to get into my pants the worst thing for him to do is give me a bunch of roses and a box of chocolate. Gives me performance anxiety or something.

Kitten, congrats on the sunshine!

As for us, it rained today! Woo hoo! We've been in the midst of the worst drought this year, so it's super exciting when it rains. I am so damn sick of water restrictions. It would be so exciting to be able to flush every time I go to the bathroom. Or take a long shower whenever I want. As it is, I usually feel too guilty to even cook pasta because of all of that wasted water.

Thanks for the advice on the cat thing. We fully intend to apply under my name. I'm just hoping they don't have a problem with Sheff. Luckily his Greencard is good for 10 years, so if they deny us then that just means that they're crazy & don't have the cat's best interest at heart. Right? Right.

Random question: Do any of you live in a town that has been visited by GoogleMaps StreetView? They were here last summer & the images are now available on GoogleMaps. What's weird is that when I asked it to show my house, it dumped me in the middle of the intersection near my house. So now I'm afraid it's not as reliable as I'd hoped.

Anti-kvetch: New shoes! Target is selling Converse now, so I picked up some black ones to replace my old tennis shoes that are falling apart. Hooray!
(((((((((((((pennwee & falcon))))))))))))))
hun, you are a fantastic sister; it's horrible when you're so far apart but trust me, she appreciates the calls. really.

(((((rose, pixie, mando, dusty, dm, amilita, polly, sidecar, syb, bunny, zoya, kitten, sassy, sixie, yuefie, billy, star, lelu, everyone)))))

busybusybusy. We have a race this weekend but we might not be able to race as the club has, apparently, been racing illegally for the past four years. how they only realised now is beyond me, as is how our club didn't think of it. I'm not going to cry; 4.5km is not a fun length. I have blisters on my hands.

ex-goth is coming back from france, so she and I and emoboy (the german's fiance; she's in japan still) are spending the evening together with a bottle of alcomohol. It will be good.

rose, what tes suggested - I don't think they'll see it as a problem; you're a citizen and sheff has leave to remain, so you're not going anywhere. Same with the declawing.

amilita, the photos were great, loved your costume

yay for albus getting better!

kitten, your glasses rock. and yay sunshine. it's been super-warm here recently, although not today.

Indigo has started the whole crying-in-the-night thing again, and it's driving me insane. He does it for a few nights in a week, I make some sort of change to my lifestyle (so far, quitting the job from hell - which i wanted to do - leaving the radio on all night, and sitting on my bed to work/read/eat instead of the sofa) and it shuts him up for a week at most but then he starts again. Sometimes he needs to pee, but sometimes it seems he just wants to wake me up. And then he gets upset when I get mad at him, but he's doing it every night, sometimes several times, for no reason.
Valentine's Day Hugs all around!!!

I wanted everyone to know that all of you have been a great support system to me. At times, I feel really down and then I come here and see the wonderful things that you guys write. I am so glad I came across this place.

(thanks to the good people at Someecards for the best selection of Valentine's cards.)

Hello all and Happy Valentines Day!
Welcome sexysandie.
Great to see you Mornington.
Yay for rain when it is wanted, roseviolet.
{{{dusty, pixie, polly, dm, and all}}}
Eek, the NIU shooting.

I went there for three semesters, LeBoy graduated from there, prophecy_grrl and her husband graduated from there...about a dozen of our friends are from there.

I worked in the photo lab in the basement of that building and had a theater class there.

As of now, they've confirmed 5 dead.

Not sure if that includes the gunman, but it's been confirmed he killed himself.

Happy Valentines Day.
According to ABC, the number included the gunman.
It's up to six, including the gunman.

I forgot, LeBoy's RPG friend is a professor there and we found out he teaches a class in that auditorium Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Guess he's never been more grateful for a Thursday.

Well, on happier note, my V-Day was okay despite the concerns. My roast pork was pretty good...a little dry, but I left it in the crock pot too long because of my work schedule today. The only thing I don't like about the crock pot is that it seems like when you make meat and veggies in there together, everything tastes like everything else. My potatoes tasted like the meat, the meat absorbed the flavor of the sauce, rather than the sauce complimenting it. I guess there's no way to avoid that. But the dessert I picked up from the bakery was good.

I gave LeBoy season 1 of Flight of the Conchords and a El Toro of Love toy from Hallmark (someone made a videotape of it here- it cracked me up and he loved it too.) He got me flowers and this necklace. It's really pretty. I love the asymmetry of it.
MUITO thank you for all of the vibes, you don't know how much they mean to me.

keep sending that healing light out to falcon. i may have to change my sister's screen name to healer. she is an animal healer, and aren't we all animals?

billy, thank the gods that i am not in the USA dealing with THE ELECTION. i think that they ought to pass some sort of law that limits the amount of time that people can advertise - like, for two weeks prior to the final vote. period. or, as my administrative deputy here says, "dot com". i don't think i could take all of that hype. soooooooooooooo thankful that i'm living here instead of there.

(((((((hugs to all of you who have close connections to the NIU shooting))))))

it's awful to hear about NOT knowing what those places look like, polly. can't imagine how weirded out you must be.

so polly, while i'm thinking about you: such a cool necklace! i love love love it! i want one! that's a really cool website too, by the way. also, YAYAYAY!!! for albus' blood work! this has been such a struggle for the two of you, i'm happy that it is working out!

and what is UP with that woman who stole the cat? too strange. i hope that whatever happens, the kitty is okay. he deserves a good home.

i have a crock pot. i make soupy and stewy things in mine. i've found that cooking big pieces of meat does just what you describe. the last time i cooked pork, i used cubed pieces and added chopped green, red and yellow pepper (big pieces) and pineapple. yummmmm.

if anyone has other good crockpot recipes, please post them! i feel sort of lost without my cookbooks.

rosiev, it RAINED?????? hallelujah!!!! maybe our gardens won't die completely?? how are things working out with the kitty adoption? emily has your email address, the gmail one, i couldn't find your phone number. so check your email! you will love her, she is really sweet. turns out that she is trained as a civil engineer. isn't that cool?

mornington, how can your club be illegal???? i'm pleading a blonde moment, or maybe a senior moment, because i just don't get it.....

i wonder why indigo is crying? i just bought some new tables (a matching coffee and end table) and mimi the african attack cat did the same thing, meowed a lot in the middle of the night. i thought that she might be upset about the tables, but i also had a friend staying here with me for the last 2 1/2 weeks, and she left yesterday, so that might be it, too. cats don't like change. has anything changed in the house recently? since greyhounds are so cat-like, maybe that is what is happening?

dusty, daaaahling, tell us more about the strike!

shrub is a TOOL, as well as a tool of evil. cheney and his pals are just plain EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVIL.

amilita, those photos of Mardi Gras and (particularly!) you as MA were fabu! i wonder if the grape girl was part of a "fruit of the loom" group? you know, apple, banana, grapes......what/who was the blue thing? it was cool, too. very different from Carnaval in one way, but very similar in another....esp the guy with the codpiece and the MA costumes made me think of Carnaval!

lelu, here's hoping that you got your adult dinner with the mr, complete with not "being pawed by sticky hands"! hee!

in fact, hope that all of you had a lovely valentines day. (i tend to be in the not-into-forced-romance camp with rose violet, but - we did something cool here. one of the other members of the leadership group had this great idea that everyone think of a romantic phrase, and we passed out red hearts to write our phrases on. everyone but 5 people participated, and then the best 5 were selected, hung up so that people could read them, and then those 5 people were given certificates and asked to read their phrases out loud, as if to the person that inspired them. the winner got a heart shaped basket with chocolates and sparkling wine. she broke down while she was trying to read the poem she had written - 4 times! it was really sweet! and of course we had a heart shaped chocolate cake, and fruit juice. it was a fun thing to do, we should do things like that more often. i was impressed at how many romantic people we have here! out of the 6 - there was one tie - only 2 of the winners were women!!!)

i had a horrible, violent and bloody dream last night, involving lots of murdering. no one i knew, it was as if i was reading a book or watching a movie. but it was really awful. dismembering. not sure what is going on there....

hmmm. it's FRIDAY! but my unmentionables aren't that exciting. bubble gum pink bra, matching thong with red, dark pink, blue and purple hearts all over.

big hugs, little kisses, and silly silly silly fishes to stargazer, sidecar, mando my heart, kitten, bunny be mine, faith, pixie, yuefie, DM, anoushh!ka!, sassy, sybarite and candycane and everyone else that i am missing!

I bought a crock pot for crafty things, and I was thinking that I could use it for cooking as well if I bought another crock. But I was in the cook book store one day (yes, we have one, and its so cool) and a guy came in looking for a crock pot cookbook that didn't make everything taste the same. He said not only did everything in the pot taste the same, but every recipe tasted the same. The saleswoman told him that that's kind of what crock pots do. So I haven't bought another crock yet. Besides, realistically? Am I going to be preparing dinner at 7 am? I *think* not...

Hmmm. Well, there *seemed* to have been some kind of occupation in the lobby of the main administrative building, and some kind of rally out front.

Just a fly by

((((tes and family))))

((((anyone around NIU))))

(((mando, morn, dm, sidecar, yuefie, rosev, pixie, bunny, dusty, polly, star, sassy, everyone)))

kvetch: myself. I keep skipping class and I don't know why. I only went to two classes this week. I feel like such an idiot, I'm screwing myself over and I don't know why.

edit: dusty, my family's favourite thing to make in the crock pot is honey garlic meatballs in the laziest way possible. Get a package of pre cooked meatballs (I prefer PC blue menu italian meatballs) and a bottle of honey garlic Diana sauce, put it in the pot for about two hours on low and voila! We always serve them at parties.
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