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((polly)) Your cat is so cute. I love the Juno soundtrack. For some reason I had heard of Kimya Dawson before, but never picked up any of her music prior to hearing the soundtrack.

((rose)) Yay for the flute. Sorry about the baby name thing.

((mando)) Yay for driving yesterday. That is a big accomplishment.

((star)) Anxiety go away so you may complete the reports.

((mornington)) Yay for money.

((kittenb)) Yay for your raise.

((sidecar)) Yay for Playstation and your friend having her baby.

((yuefie)) and ((bunnyb)) Hope both of you are feeling better.

((syb)) Glad the new job is going well.

((sassy)) Yay for Miles being back.

I haven’t posted for a few days because I just haven’t been feeling well. I was just sick at the end of December, and now I am sick again. I have been to two therapy sessions already, and I think my new therapist is a good fit. Last night Mr. DM, Twin DM and I met friends for dinner and then went to see The Dollyrots and Suffrajet (the singer kicks ass). It was a fun show. Today I finally saw Atonement, and really loved it. I hope everyone has a nice week.
Phew, I was starting to think I killed the thread!

((DM)) Sorry you're sick, but it's good that you've found a good therapist. I should start working on that myself. I don't think I need to go back to weekly sessions, maybe just monthly.

Well, I got cat food and dog bags. I tried a new brand of canned food and I am very pleased with it. The problem was that I'm syringe-feeding him and every one of the brands I tried, if they were a poultry flavor, there were little teensy bits of bone in them and the bone pieces would clog up the syringe and cause problems, so I was straining every serving. Pain in the ass. The brand I bought today had no bone pieces in the chicken flavor. Yay! I also got Albus the cutest collar- it's black with reflective silver stars and a little bell. How Dumbledorean! No more sidling up on us, either!

Then I stopped by the bakery and ordered two dozen paczki's (one for my office, one for LeBoy's) in lemon, custard w/ chocolate frosting, cherry with whipped cream and strawberry with whipped cream.

Stopped by the grocery store for fun cupcake stuff, and some hamburger after discovering the cat will willingly (!!!) eat it. Gobbles it up, in fact.

I still have to make the cupcakes and I intend on giving the dog a bath.

All while avoiding the Super Bowl! (No offense to the football fans out there- I'm happy you're excited, but there's nothing like a trip to the grocery store on Super Bowl Sunday to restore your faith in humanity. Pfft. Almost as bad as the day before Thanksgiving.)

Go [insert your favorite team here]!!!

(((((rosiev,))))) that sucks. just frelling sucks. use that name! those people are not your friends.


mandomyheart, that IS an accomplishment! go YOU!!!

mornington! yayay!! for money!

polly! yayayay!!! for hamburger!

~*~*~*~*~*get well fastest vibeage for designer m and yeufie~*~*~*~*~*

glad to hear that a's baybee has arrived!

i need kvetchie vibes:

mamae is in the hospital

my brother in law (the penwee's husband) has been diagnosed with leukaemia. with a 10% of making it with the help of chemo that he starts today.

my sister the pennwee is a mess. she is the one dealing with mamae, and he is her shoulder. she's really a strong person, but this has hit her really really hard.
(((tes))) and (((family)))

feel better (((dm))) and (((yuefie))) and (((the pixies)))

yay for hamburgers and cute collars, polly!

yay for bursaries, morn!

hope people enjoyed their superbowl parties! I imagine mandi and sidecar did, especially. Go Giants!

kvetch: it's February and I want to be well; I've had this cold/virus/whatever it is since the last day in December. I woke up yesterday with a nose bleed so my nose is obviously raw and strained with the sniffles.

anti-kvetch: hung out with zoya most of the weekend and had fun. Yesterday I cuddled up in my duvet.


That play where Eli Manning shrugged off three defensemen, then Tyree caught a pass with his helmet...that was football at its finest. Not at its finest? Belichik and his team walking off before the final kneeldown. So classless.

((((tes and family)))
((((((((((((Tes' Mamae))))))))))))))
((((((((((((Tes' BIL)))))))))))))))
((((((((((((Tes' sister))))))))))))))
and of course (((((((((((((((((((Tes)))))))))))))))))))))))
So sorry to hear that your family is going through such a tough time. sad.gif

Polly, glad to hear you found something that Albus will happily eat! Hooray!

~~~~~~ soothing, healing vibes for Bunny, DM, & all the other sickly Busties ~~~~~~~~~~

Anti-kvetch: Today marks 3 years since Sheff and I eloped. Hard to believe. What with all of the moving, it feels like a lot longer!

Anti-kvetch: Yummy pot roast in the oven. And I'm going to make our traditional spice cake cupcakes for dessert.

Kvetch: Sheff has to work late. And I have a headache. Time to hit the drugs! wink.gif
Happy Monday all. Chicago could not be any grayer today. Luckily the sun has now set so it actually looks a little less grim.

RV - Congrats on the three year anniversary! Enjoy the spice cupcakes.

polly - I think I would loose my mind if I had to syringe feed my cats. My sister makes her cats food and I know that hamburger is a big part of the ingredients. Let me know if you want the recipe and I will track it down.

bunnyb/designermedusa - I am fighting a cold myself so you have my sympathies. I don't know why I can't stay healthy this winter. It's annoying.

sidecar and all Giants fans - I hope you had a great Monday after your winning Sundays.


I am kind of glad that the weekend is over. I have some stuff going on that is just stressing me out, but I think it will be over tomorrow (pleasepleaseplease.) Sorry to be so vague but it isn't really my story to tell so...The boy and I are trying to figure out where we are. At this point, I am letting the coversation go. It is enough to have fun with him and to know that he cares about me. smile.gif
(((kitten))) here's hoping you guys sort it all out. having fun & caring is all good.

(((rose))) happy elopementversary!

*healthy vibage for bunny & DM*

(((family of tesao))) that's all just too much to bear. continual loop healthy vibage for mamee & b-i-l.

kvetch: our superbowl party was a whopping success!
antikvetch: i didn't get to see much of the game due to hostess duties. hey, at least i got to see the final 2 minutes. what a finale! ever so sweet to see the snotnose patriots eat shit ... bastids!
kvetch: we have waaaaay too many enticing, completely caloric leftovers that are calling my name. i've already killed the bag of fritos.

kvetch: i have no clue how to vote tomorrow. literally. i've always registered independent, and in NY state, you can't vote in a primary unless you're a registered democrat or republican. now i'm a registered democrat. but i don't know what to expect when i get in the (lever) booth. do i HAVE to vote democratic? can i vote republican? (don't hit me, i'm not saying i'm gonna vote republican!) i can't find anything online that 'splains. huh.gif

i don't even want to vote, i'm so disgusted with the two-party system, the mud-slinging, the say-anything-to-get-in-the-door. but danny says he'll be "quietly ashamed" of me if i don't vote. yes, i'm being guilted into voting. i'm not proud.

bustie miracle vibe request:
my flower girl, K, is all of 28, a mom of a beautiful 9 mo old boy, and is all of a sudden having heart issues. something about a complication from a procedure, and now she had to have a pacemaker put in. on top of having a miscarriage recently. she's the sweetest woman in the world, this is so unfair. i've had a huge lump in my throat all day.
((mando)) Glad the Super Bowl party was fun.


((kittenb)) Feel better.

((rose and sheff)) Happy anniversary.

((bunnyb)) Get well soon.

((tes and family))

((polly)) Sounds like you had a busy Sunday.

I stayed home from work today because I really didn’t want to sit at my desk and cough all day. I think maybe I am starting to feel better.

I am excited for Super Tuesday. For anyone interested Hillary Clinton will be having a Town Hall meeting tomorrow night airing on the Hallmark channel and on her website.
I voted last week (for Obama) with the early voting. Mando, Illinois requires you to declare one way or another. I don't know how it is in New York, but here, you get a ballot with only Democrats on it. Supposedly, you can ask for a Republican one, but I never have because I'm not voting for any of those shitheads.

(((DM)))) glad you're feeling better

(((morn))) yay for money!

((((kittenb))))) i hope things calm down

~~~health vibes for bunny & yuefie~~~

happy elopiversary sheff & rose!

(((((Tes & fam)))))

The Pug of Doom is back home with the new parents. It's much quieter, although it was fun to have two dogs for a few days. I saw the baby again and got to look at her big temporarily-blue eyes. She's such a good newborn -- very quiet and just beautiful.
an early - Happy Mardi Gras!!! - to everyone!

i've been lurking, but will catch up properly soon...and should have some fun pictures to share.
Amilita!!!! I was just thinking about you! How is Wally? Hope you're having a great time. Think of us while you munch on your king

Sidecar, somehow I missed that you had a pug visiting. I hate to say it, but I'm not very fond of pugs. Their buggy eyes freak me out.

Mandi, good for you for voting! Be sure to tell us if you're approached by one of those exit pollster. You should play with their heads & tell 'em you voted for Ron Paul. wink.gif

I am really really interested to hear what happens on Super Tuesday. I'm going to be glued to NPR all day. And then on Wednesday I'll be glued to the radio as they disect the results from the day before.

((((snuggles for Kitten))))

((((((((((((((((((( never-ending hugs of healing for K )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Kvetch: Just found out that my MIL's boyfriend had a mild heart attack. He's okay, but this sort of thing just reminds one that the older members of our family are getting, well, older.

Anti-kvetch: BestGuyPal got a new job! And he's going to be paid a lot more! And he doesn't have to move! Hooray! The best part, though, is that he gets to call his rude-as-hell boss from his curent job & basically tell him to go fuck himself. That has got to be sooooooo sweet.

Anti-kvetch: Sheff bought me flowers. Aaaaaw! And dinner was amazing. We aren't doing anything else special, though. Just hanging out in the living room & reading. Yup, we're boring old married folk now, so we gotta play the part. tongue.gif

[passes around platter of spice cupcakes]
(((((tes-family)))))) ~~~~~extra soothing and support~~~~~

~~~~get well vibage for all the sickies~~~~

~~~~heavy duty miracle heart healing vibes for K~~~~ poor thing.

Belated happy elopiversary wishes for rose & sheff.

can't wait to see your pictures, amilita! have a blast smile.gif

yay for prodigal kitties returning, driving triumphs, money and all manner of good things.

boo hiss on illness of any sort, shitty politics, shootings and all other bullshit.

((((sidecar, polly, mandi, pixie, bunny, morn, kitten, star, syb, dusty, billy, sassy, candy, dm, tes, everyone))))

Thanks for the get well vibes. I am feeling a whole lot better today, but now both R and my brother have it. I told R he should sleep over so I can take care of him the way he so sweetly took care of me. This is one nasty flu and I feel bad for getting them both sick, the least I can do is make tea and dose them up with some meds when needed. I got to spend a fair amount of time with R's son over the weekend. We've met previously and spent some time together, but this weekend he stayed over at my place with his dad. It was great and we've completely hit it off. He's a 12 (almost 13) yr old version of R, how could I not be smitten? He's a really smart kiddo with a good head on his shoulders, a heart of gold and fab sense of humor. What a relief! Not that I was expecting something less knowing his dad, but still... you never know. Apparently he is as taken with me as I am with him and he told R that I am by far the coolest of anyone he has ever dated and that he hopes I am going to be a part of their family for good. That just warms my heart, as I am hoping for the very same thing. I really think I have found the one for me and the fact that he has a super sweet and loving kid is a huge bonus. It also helps that my sis & niece are both really digging R and enjoy hanging out with him as much as they do me wink.gif We met them for dinner on Saturday and the kids hit it off too. So much so that my niece actually hugged R's son goodbye. Wonders never cease.
Happy Super Tuesday! I'm so excited. I'm pissed that I can't vote though. I found out that I was still registered in another county that I used to live in. Crap. Anyway, also being glued to NPR.

Get well vibes to everyone that needs them....

Also, glad the Super Bowl was fun. I watched it at work, mainly to see the halftime show.

We bought a car!! It's a blue Honda Civic. I'm just glad it won't break down like the Saturn did.
Mcgeek is now saying that it's my birthday present.

Kvetch: My glasses broke yesterday, so I had to get new ones. Boo. It caused a big fight with Mcgeek so I'm spending this week at my apartment watching dvds and such. He's just being a total dick. My parents are coming up this weekend for my bday, so that should be fun. We're going to an awesome restaurant. I'm even going to buy a new dress and shoes.

(((sidecar, polly, mandi, pixie, bunny, morn, kitten, star, syb, dusty, billy, sassy, candy, dm, tes, everyone))))

Anti-kvetch: Got the new Magnetic Fields cd the other day, and it does rock... Going to watch There Will be Blood and Once today as well.


Yay for the Giants! I didn't see the game, I was cleaning out my bathroom cupboard, and I don't have cable, but Mr. Dusty arrived just as the game was ending so we watched the very fuzzy last few minutes.

Yay for our snow day on Friday, although they could have called it at 8 am but nooooooo.

Yay for the elopiversary.

I have a new nephew! LeBoy's sister had her c-section today. LeBoy forgot the name, though. blink.gif

There's supposed to be a big snow storm here tonight, and LeSIL said she probably didn't want any visitors beyond the grandparents the first day anyway. We'll see the little monkey tomorrow after the roads are clear.

Sorry about the glasses and subsequent fight, sassy. What could he possibly argue about with buying new glasses? Yay for the car, though.

Aww, that's so nice that everyone likes your boy, yuefie! Sounds like an excellent catch!

Did you see Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations last night Amilita? It was all about New Orleans and the ongoing rebirth of the food scene. It was heartbreaking and inspiring all at the same time.

~*~*~health vibes for your niece, mando unsure.gif ~*~*~

~*~*~tes & family~*~*~

~*~*~pixie~ how're the kids doing?~*~*~

~~~virtual paczki's for everyone!~~~
Happy Super Fat Tuesday! It's also World Nutella Day! Add the pancakes and the paczkis to that Nutella and suddenly this starts looking like the fattest Fat Tuesday in a looooong time. Yum!

Yuefie, that boy sounds very very promising. Hooray!


((((((((((( continued love for Tes & family))))))))))

(((((((((((Mandi's niece )))))))))))

Congrats on the new nephew, Polly!

Anti-kvetch: It's really warm and nice around here. I mean freaky nice. High of 73F. I took advantage of the weather and did some desperately-needed yard work.

Kvetch: Sheff has to work late again. There's a special thing has has to put into the game before the big Game Developers' Conference later this month.
Yuefie, I am so happy for you!!!

Three years sure has gone fast, hasn't it, Rose? Mr. Pixie and I met 3 years ago next month!

Happy Mardi Gras, Amilita!!!! I am wanting me some King cake!

Yeah for the new nefew,Polly!

(((dusty, sidecar, bunny,sassy Dm, mandi,Kitten)))

The kids are finally getting better...although Mr. Pixie is still really sick, and he was nice enough to pass it back to me! I have some meds though,so I hope to kick this quick.

We had open enrollment at our office today. We are combining with 2 other GS councils to become 1 big council. Upto this point we had heard about how much expansion we were goign to do. they ended teh meeting today mentioning that although they wanted to grow staff numbers because of budgets ect....there might not be spots for everyone in the new council. It was a real Morale killer. My job is probably safe because there is no one else that does my job in teh other councils, but I was hoping to promote and it looks like competition might be a bit stiffer and teh position I was wanting may not even come to fruition for a while longer yet. *sigh*

congrats, polly! We've been enjoying A & S's baby -- closest we'll come to a niece in awhile I suspect.

(((pixie))) augh, how awful. Hope your mr. gets better soon.

((((yuefie)))) I am so, so happy for you. I remember how awful everything was that happened to you right after you started posting, and I'm so glad you've found happiness with R. You deserve it.

i've watched about as much super tuesday results as I can (I'm not staying up for hours to see how Cali went). Martini is playing a video game, and I've got killer cramps, so I may just take a Tylenol PM and read some Anthony Bourdain 'til I pass out.

Also, we're supposed to get some horrible storm, but it's still not snowing. WTF?
Found out the first name: Gavin. It's okay. I knew an asshole in high school named Gavin, but I'll get over it. Haven't seen any pictures yet.

Psst, sidecar- discussion of a Chicago bustie get-together in Midwestern Mamas.

I realized that I have to go to this dental convention in a couple weeks, the 21st-23rd. It's at the big convention hall here in town, so I at least don't have to travel anywhere. I'm trying to figure out some logistics, though. I'm going to have to drive into the city each morning, so was thinking of staying at my grandparent's house since they're a little closer. But I'd still have to come home every night and feed the cat. Maybe *fingers crossed* he'll be eating reliably by himself by then and I wouldn't have to worry about him eating for at least the first part of the day. Hmm, we'll see.

Voted. Used the touch screen thing. Made sure the machines weren't made by Diebold.

Nope, two hours after your post and still no snow, sidecar. I heard it wasn't going to start until midnight and it's been scaled back from 12-14 inches to 6-8 inches. Still, driving tomorrow morning will not be fun. Can't I just hibernate until April?!?! blink.gif

(((((((tes & sis & bil & mamae))))))

hurrah for sweet babies! and hurrah for food!

We got the storm early here. Its so so pretty and apparently we're getting more.

Yay for Gavin!

(((Mandi's niece, Sheff's mother's bf, Mamae)))

(((Pixie, Mornington, Sidecar, Rose, Yuefie, Polly, DM, Mandi, Kitten, Sassy, Bunny, Amilita, Tes, anyone I've missed)))
We are being hit by the same storm I think but it is pretty nasty. I like snow but for the most part we did not get snow. We have rain that turned to sleet that is beginning to be something like snow. As I was walking to the bus, I thought my eyelids were going to start bleeding. It hurts w/the wind. And it is so unrelentingly gray that I think I have been struch by acute Seasonal Effective Disorder.

Can you tell that I am crabby?

The weather is wearing me down, the elections are stressing me out (is anyone else worried that McCain might be a strong enough canidate to win in November?) and last night my mom broke her wrist. She needs to have a small surgery on it tomorrow but she will be out of work for 8 weeks. Even w/short-term disability, I do not know how she is going to feed her family. If I had a few less bills I could help, but I need a few more weeks before I am anybody's support. I should add that this is the third time in my life that she has broken that arm. First it was her elbow, then it was her shoulder, this time her wrist. Not good for a 60 y/o w/arthritis, fibromyalgia, & osteoporosis.

Add all of that w/this strong parnoia I have that I am going to be single soon and I am done with this day. Done. And it is not even noon.

{{{stay warm and dry vibes for all}}}
Just a fly-by to give some vibes!

(((((tes and family)))))

((((kitten and mom's wrist!))))

((((mando's friend)))

((((bunny, pixie, sidecar, rose, morn, sassy, polly, dusty, everyone!)))

This weather is making me not want to go to school. I'm gonna go. I just don't feel like it!
(((((((((((Kitten's mom)))))))))))))))) Poor thing!

((((((((((continued healing for the Pixiedust family))))))))))) Hang in there. You'll beat this someday.

((((((((((Tes & fam)))))))))))

(((((((((continued love for Mandi's niece)))))))))))

Welcome to the world, Gavin! smile.gif

Bunny, how are you doing out there?

Polly, a dental convention? Why are they making you go to this? I mean, I know you work in a dental office, but are they hoping you'll become a hygenist or something?

That reminds me ... a friend of mine called this morning and told me that she has to go to some work-related "retreat" this weekend where they'll be doing "team-building exercises". Ever since then I've had "Business Time" from Flight of the Conchords playing in my head.
"Team Building Exercise '99!!!!"

I, too, got tired of the Super Tuesday coverage fairly quickly. It seemed pretty obvious that there would be no landslide victories, so we shut off the TV & ate pancakes.

Kitten, I agree that McCain could be strong enough to beat Clinton or Obama. Such a shame because I would love for us to make history this year. I think having a woman or a black man win the presidency could help this country enormously. It would prove that you don't have to be an old, white man to be powerful in this country. I also think it could be just the shot in the arm our economy needs. And it would greatly improve the world's opinion of the US because, good lord, do we ever need help in that department. The one good thing about McCain is that, as a former POW, he knows better than most how hellish war can be. He'll certainly take the war more seriously than the shrub.

I just reeeeeeeeally really don't want Huckabee or Romney to win. I told Sheff that if one of those two win we'll have to move back to England. Romney is soooo out of touch. And Huckabee seems like a likeable guy (it's always fun to watch him on the Colbert Report) but ... well, frankly, I think it's time for us to have a president who believes in evolution. Call me crazy, but that's how I feel.

Anyway. Must run errands now.

Yay for cute babies, and bad for storms!

I watched the majority of the Super Tuesday coverage. Although, if Hucklebee (my friend calls him Huckleberry Hound....) wins I think I may move to England or something. I just want a president that believes in evolution. It's sad that he got most of Georgia, but we are in the south. sad.gif

Polly, I HATE those retreats. We had a bunch of them when I was in Americorps. Nothing makes you realize you hate your co-workers more when you've trapped in a cabin while it's snowing and there's no tv or radio.... I was so sick of playing charades and marshmallow roasting... puke.

Hopefully heading out to play trivia at a local pub. I'm getting a bit of cabin fever (it's rained in sheets the last few days).

hey rose, I'm here, mainly lurking. By the way, since the boy and I are not spawning and using my baby girl name for one of our kitties instead (the others being Judas and Hades) you are more than welcome to use it for a girl-child, if you like; the name I love is Bella.

Speaking of pro-choice: zoya and I saw Juno today and I LOVED it; I went straight to music store and bought the soundtrack, which does indeed rock. zoya also introduced me to oysters and I liked 'em (I wasn't sure if I would).

I'm enjoying the election talk and taking quite an interest (but hey it will be a relief just to have shrub gone). sidecar's shitheads comment cracked me up laugh.gif.

Still a little sniffly and very tired but nothing I can't handle. Eating a lot of fruit and veg and drinking smoothies with both to pick myself up.

(((mandi's flower girl)))

(((kittenb))) a'cos.

(((everybody else)))
Actually, I'm not not looking forward to the convention. It's more than just clinical dentist stuff, there's seminars for the other staff members about dealing with obnoxious patients, organization, the dreaded teamwork seminar; the one I'm looking forward to is sort of a "Dentistry for Dummies" course- it goes over all the stuff that the clinical staff does so I'll understand what they're talking about. And my co-workers say it's actually pretty fun.

Ugh, if I had to go to one more freaking corporate team building thing, I'd have to kill, kill, kill. Thank cod I got out of that field. Ha, nice Business Time reference, rose. I think I'm going to get LeBoy the Flight of the Conchords DVD's for V-Day.

The weather outside is frightful. We re-scheduled all of our afternoon patients, so I got to leave at 1:00, after shoveling out my and my coworker's car. Fun!

I dunno, though- I always heard McCain was a hypocrite because he himself was a POW, but didn't do much to protest what was going on at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay. I could be wrong though- I've never paid too much attention to him. I just don't know how after the last 8 years, anyone could vote for a member of the Rethuglican party in good conscience- even if whoever were to get voted in were a 1000 times better than Bush, they've totally farked up our country.

((kitten)) sorry to hear things may be going south, and sorry about your mom. Ouch.

((hugs to all))
I LOVE Juno, but I can't get into the soundtrack. Kimya Dawson's voice grates on me pretty badly. But to each his own.

You know, maybe McCain can beat them, maybe he can't. Democrats are getting record turnout and Republicans aren't. I won't let myself get hung up on the electability question because we all did in 2000 and 2004 and guess what? Our "electable" candidates weren't. (Although Gore won, but I digress.) And it's not gonna change my vote. At the very least, George W. Bush won't be president any more and outside of Huckabee, I'll take any of them over the current occupant.

((((kittenb & mom)))))
~~~mandi's flower girl~~~
~~~antisick vibes to yuefie, the pixies, and bunnyb~~~

Martini and I make up fake names for our future all the time, and that's what we tell people we're legitimately going with, so I am just waiting for the day one of my unscrupulous friends declares their child must be named Batman Bowie or Defender. (I don't think anyone believes us but you never know.)

I just walked home from the train, usually a 15-minute walk, and the whole time I was miserable. The snow is like super-hard gravelly pellets of horror. Polly, you're lucky you went home early!

Periodically, I make jokes to Martini that we should have sex because it's Wednesday night, and there aren't any television programs on that we enjoy, so it might be time for making loooooove. I love Flight of the Conchords.
hi all -

just a short one, I have a massive headache and I'm going to bed in a minute..

More and more I like Obama. I didn't much care for him at first, but the more I see him in action, the more I like him. I've never been a Hillary fan. I'll just leave it at that for now, as I just don't have the gumption to write more at the moment. Except to add that rose, you've just made me realize that if the Republicans win, at least I'm already out of the country. oh, and I'm looking forward to voting absentee!!!

Juno was great. And what bunny didn't say was that they were RAW oysters. I was a bit afraid that she wouldn't like them, because it's about a 50/50 gamble when someone tries raw oysters for the first time - but she liked them a lot! (which is great, because now I have a raw oyster eating partner)

I feel like I should be horny from the oysters, but instead I'm just tired. feh.

((kitten mom))

((tes and family))


((everyone else))

ok going to sleep

((zoya)) Feel better.

((sidecar)) Hope the weather clears up soon.

((bunnyb)) Yay for Juno and oysters (not sure I could eat them).

((sassy)) Huckleberry Hound, that’s funny.

((rose)) I dislike team building exercises so much. Yay for BGP’s new job.


((kittenb)) Sorry your day was bad.

((kitten’s mom))



((polly)) Yay for your new nephew.

((pixie)) Good luck on the work situation.

((yuefie)) Yay for your good man.


Here’s my hopefully short Super Tuesday thoughts. I believe John McCain basically has the Republican nomination now, it would too difficult for Romney to catch up and Huckabee is even more behind. Huckabee appeals to evangelicals and not much else. There’s no way he would become the Republican nominee because he would only win a few states in a general election, and possibly none. I think people see Romney as being too slick, and he has just radically changed his position on issues over the years. The news analysis about McCain in a general election was not promising for the Republican party, he didn’t win many red states last night, but he won many blue states. Not good for the most likely Republican nominee in a general election. Hillary Clinton and Obama basically tied last night which I was not too surprised by. I think we should have a National primary.
I'll write more later today but I wanted to make an update. I could not figure out why I was so depressed and paranoid yesterday. I seriously started crying three different times yesterday. Once at work, once on the bus, and once in the middle of CVS. It wasn't until I got close to my apartment that I remembered: I went on birth control this week. My hormones are everywhere. So I actually have no reason to believe that the boy is going to break up with me. Things aren't perfect but we are very happy together. I just somehow forgot that for most of the day yesterday. rolleyes.gif Once I put two and two together and got in from the terrible weather, I felt much better and secure.

Gods. As the song says, sometimes it's hard to be a woman.

Thanks for all of the kind thoughts, though. I appreciate it.
Like Juno but the soundtrack makes my teeth hurt, it's so twee. Love (raw) oysters; I always forget you can eat them other ways. And hey, they're good for you too!

I have to say I'm paying less attention to the primaries than I'd like to: I'm just up to my ears with different work and honestly don't feel I have time/space to. I think I'm leaning towards Obama; all candidates are ambitious, but Clinton's ambition feels so personal somehow--I don't trust her with power as much. (Emotive, unreasoned opinion anyone? smile.gif ) I need to gen up before voting in November, clearly. I do therefore really appreciate reading everyone's more iinformed viewpoints here.

Job is okay, veering between somewhat cushy and multitasking a go-go. Am wanting to get back to the thesis at night but am instead correcting 82 exams. Fun fun fun. Also the mister's daughter, through no fault of her own really, is annoying the hell out of me right now.

((((Tes and mamae and sister and b-i-l)))) Thinking of you.

Kitten, very happy you're on a more even keel now. Sorry to hear about your mom.
Sidecar, that reminds me of when I got my (one) ear pierced for the first time at 17. It was pretty unheard of then, guys didn't do it. At parties, people would ask me why I only got one ear done, and because I didn't have a reason, I would make something up on the spot, and then I would hear my mother repeating it to someone as gospel later on: "Oh, she didn't have enough pocket money left to get the second one done".

There's part of me wishes I never did get the second done ten years later, but earrings were so cheezy looking in the 80s, they had to travel in pairs, and I got tired of explaining it to people at work.
Kvetch: Food poisoning. Uuuuuuuuuugh. I'll vibe properly tomorrow.
dusty - I like the idea of the one ear peircing.

polly - enjoy the convention/training. Avoid all "team building" excersizes. I swear that the HMO I used to work for made Dunder-Miffline look functional and they were always trying this stuff.

I am w/the people who did not like the Juno soundtrack. I had to leave during the credits and wait for my friends in the lobby. It really got on my nerves.

My mom had a simple surgery and now sports a plate in her wrist. She fell over a bed at the store that she works at and the doc said that she "shattered" her wrist. That is not great news but the doc also thinks she will regain full mobility. Thanks for the kind thoughts.

I got new glasses today. Below is a picture. They are bigger and a little heavier than my old ones but I like them. This picture makes my forehead look huge, though.

QUOTE(kittenb @ Feb 7 2008, 08:11 AM) *
I'll write more later today but I wanted to make an update. I could not figure out why I was so depressed and paranoid yesterday. I seriously started crying three different times yesterday. Once at work, once on the bus, and once in the middle of CVS. It wasn't until I got close to my apartment that I remembered: I went on birth control this week. My hormones are everywhere. So I actually have no reason to believe that the boy is going to break up with me. Things aren't perfect but we are very happy together. I just somehow forgot that for most of the day yesterday. rolleyes.gif Once I put two and two together and got in from the terrible weather, I felt much better and secure.

Gods. As the song says, sometimes it's hard to be a woman.

Thanks for all of the kind thoughts, though. I appreciate it.

I seriously start crying like that when I'm Pmsing!
kittenb, that happened the first time I went on birth control. I'm not usually an emotional person but I started crying over everything and I got really depressed. And then I remembered that I was on birth control and got switched to a lighter dosage.
(((tesao & fam)))
(((kitten & mom))) and you rock those specs, m’dear!

Oysters? Yes please!
National primary? Yes please!
Someone, anyone other than dubya and his minions in power in t-minus 347 days? YES PLEASE!

Reasons to be cheerful:
1. Flower girl K is home and on the mend. i think the prognosis is good, too, thank all things holy. Heartfelt thanks for the vibes. you people are the bestest. *sniff*
2. romney’s out. Ba-bye, slick!
3. The granny smith apple and brie sandwich I just devoured.
4. Batman bowie. Hee.
5. yuefie & R, sitting in a tree ...

(((sidecar, bunny, rose, candy, dusty, polly, sassy, yuefie, dm, everyone)))

i hate to grub for more bustie miracle vibes, but this is a biggie. mamasan is convinced her colon cancer is back. "just" some blood in the bowl, but still. very scary. i'm trying to be the optimistic voice of reason for her ... could be a hemorrhoid, or just a polyp, there's no blood in the stool ... but sweet jesus, i'm petrified. *in thru the nose, out thru the mouth* one step at a time. tomorrow = first doctor's visit, then hopefully the colonoscopy will be scheduled quickly.

thank god for HBO & gabriel byrne in in therapy ... *drool*
Ok, I was feeling shy about posting a picture of me at Mardi Gras, but Kittenb's boldness inspired me! I'm the most unphotogenic person in the world, but the Mr. pegged it when he says I don't even try or I mess 'em up on purpose...I've given up! But he's gonna help me figure out how to make myself not look like a goofball by taking a million practice pictures.

Anyhoo, here's me (though I may be stricken with shyness and remove it at some point)

I feel like I can't post a group shot because I didn't ask anyone, but there were 10 or 11 of us Marie Antoinettes with the same wig and shrimp boots but with different dress and jacket colors and detailing. I wish I had made my skirt shorter and my jacket tighter! My tights were cute over the knee fishnets, and I made ribbon garters, but you can't even see!

This guy was great...we twittered and he flirted with us

This was one of my favorite costumes of the day

And this is a general procession picture...just gives you a hint of how this parade is a DIY costume/community thing. This is in my 'hood, then it goes into the French Quarter, stopping at bars along the way.

I had a good time!! I barely went to any parades this year, and I kind of missed that! Next year, my costume will be easier, so I'll have more energy for parades.

Kitten, I like the new glasses! ((your mom)) And I hope your hormone situation levels out!!

(((Rosev))) Get better!

(((Tes and family)))

Put me in the hate-the-Juno-soundtrack side...too twee for me!

And yum raw oysters, but fried oysters...swoon!!! There's a place here that makes a fried oyster po-boy with garlic butter. Sooo good.

I hope I'm not forgetting anyone who needs major vibes or hugs!!! I've just been preoccupied and lurking/skimming. ETA: (((Mando's mamasan)))

Now that Mardi Gras is over, I'm diving into our tax stuff to be ready for our appointment on the 19th! I have a lot to do, but once I'm getting into it, it's going along OK.

And we get to vote here on Saturday- at first, before I knew we had a different date, I was considering going after marching on Mardi Gras, but if you're visibly drunk, you can't vote, so I would've gotten denied for sure!
thanks for sharing, amilita! Mardi Gras looks really fun.
I am liking In Therapy as well, although I've only watched week one as we have the first four weeks on DVD.

Just got back from a challenging class at the gym, and I need to remind myself how good I feel after I work out.

((((((rose))))))))) food poisoning is the worst. just the worst.

I think my BC is not working for me, after nearly two good years. My cramps are effing terrible, like I can barely function and while my periods were lighter and shorter for awhile, they're starting to be long and somewhat heavier. I also think I want to be off hormonal birth control but I know condoms aren't really something we want, and I don't know if an IUD is a good option either. Sigh. Maybe it's time for a talk with the doctor.
Amilita, those pics are fabulous! NOLA seems like such a wonderful, colorful, creative city. It's so fun to see you out there enjoying it all. smile.gif

Kitten, I really like your glasses! Good for you for figuring out what was bothering you. Have you been on this strength of BC pills before?
((((((((Kitten's mom)))))))))))

(((((((((((((((((Mandi's mamasan)))))))))))))))))))))))))
Poor thing. I can totally understand why you'd be scared for her and for you. Here's hoping that it's something minor that can be fixed easily.
((((((((((((((continued vibes for MandiNiece)))))))))))))))))))))))))

(((((((((((((((Tes & the whole family)))))))))))))))))))))))))

(((((((snuggles for Bunny))))))))) Because everyone likes snuggling bunnies!

(((((((((Pixie))))))))))) Any more info on the job sitch?

Sybarite, sorry to hear the mr's daughter is being annoying. How old is she?

DM, that's an interesting point about McCain. I heard on the news that a lot of Republicans are furious that he might win the nomination. Some have even said that they'd vote for Clinton before they'd vote for McCain! Woo hoo!!! tongue.gif

ETA: (((((((((Sidecar)))))))))))) Definitely talk to a doctor. Something else could be going on.

I can enjoy the songs from Juno as long as I imagine them being sung by a young person. The simplicity of the tunes reminds me of the silly songs I wrote for my mom when I was in elementary school. smile.gif That being said, it feels a little weird to imagine them being sung by a grown adult woman ... unless, of course, she was inspired by her kid or something(?).

Big Honking Kvetch Part 1: I have only made one really good friend since moving to NC. And it looks like she will be moving away. As I mentioned before, her husband was laid off recently. This week he was offered a job in Austin, Texas. He interviewed with a local company today, but I'm sure they won't be able to offer him as much money as what they've been offered in Texas.

Big Honking Kvetch Part 2: This is all the more heartbreaking because the on-line forum where I met her has been ruined by over-zealous moderators. It's a forum that is devoted to providing info to people who are new or relocating to the area. Lately the moderators have been deleting tons of posts for stupid reasons. For instance, someone asked for recommendations on a lighting store in the area. I posted a link to a store, but it was removed. Another person said that she is a stay-at-home-mom who is new to the area and desperately needed to make friends. I posted the name - just the name, not a link - of an on-line club for moms in the area and that was deleted, too. It's heartbreaking for me because I'm just trying to help people, but they won't let me anymore. Now I don't feel welcome there. And so now I'm not sure where to make more friends locally. sad.gif

And yes, Tes, I know that you have friends here as well as Mr Hotbuns. I really should get together with them sometime. But a part of me would really like to make more girlfriends on my own who are my age. Does that make sense? Oh well. Thank goodness for the 2 girls I've met through Sheff & his job. Their interests aren't quite the same as mine, but they're still quite sweet.

Anti-kvetch: Feeling better. I've eaten a little bit today & didn't feel sick afterwards so that's good, but I'm still weak and a bit shaky.

Kvetch & anti-kvetch: Friday is Sheff's b-day! Hooray! But I was too sick today to buy various b-day related items that I need. So that means that tomorrow I need to buy those items as well as buy all of the groceries for the dinner party we're hosting on Saturday as well as the 8,764 other things I need to do. Bah.
(((Mando))) for being strong for your ((((mamasan))). I hope a diagnosis turns well.

Sidecar, I'm a cheerleader for the minipill. It's progesterone only and IMO very un-invasive. The only significant drawback is you have to take it around the same time each day, but I've been happy with it for 7 years.

Thanks RV: she's 14. Actually we had a fab time last night and I lent her some classic sci-fi books. She's just, um, very 14 sometimes. Glad to hear you're feeling better: food poisoning is the worst.

At work, happy it's Friday, looking forward to a weekend spent alone with lots of movies and special epis of BSG: Razor... but first, drinks tonight with some other academic friends. I never go out anymore so am happy.

And finally: black mesh knickers and unmatching black rose printed brar!
Happy Birthday Sheff!
RV - I've never actually taken BC before. I thought that was weird until I asked and realized that several of my friends have also never taken it. I also realized that since I am new to it the first week is just sugar pills, isn't it? So is there anything in it? Was the depression just my period? I have no idea. All I know is I wole up yesterday feeling much saner and much thinner. So whatever, it is over now. Sorry to hear about your friend. Have the mods given any indication why they keep deleting posts?

{{{mandomama & mando}}}

sidecar - any chance that you have fibroids? That could explain all of the changes in your period.

amalita - I love thoes costumes. So fun!

sybarite - have fun tonight!

{{{candycane_girl, thenewrussia, all kvetchies}}}

I just saw Roomney on the news saying that he dropped out of the race b/c he didn't want his campaign being something that divided the country in this time of Terror or something like that. As if the Dems are just going to roll over and let Terrorists kidnap our children and burn all of our fields or something. I just wanted to wiggle my fingers in my ears and start chanting "Quitters never win! Quitters never win!" Hey, if he doesn't have to be mature, why should I?

undies: older pink w/white patterning, no bra but I am rocking my snowman bathrobe, oh yes I am.
Sybarite, good to hear that things are a bit better with the Mr's daughter. Fourteen is such a tough age. By that point, Mother Nature has already flipped that switch that makes them distrust most adults. Jeez, I am so damn glad I'm not a teenager anymore.

Kitten, whether the pills have hormones or not depends on the prescription you're on. If you're taking pills that will allow you to have a period every month, then you'll notice that the pills in your pack are two colors: one color for the week you're on your period & another color for the other 3 weeks of the month. In this case, the pills that you take during your period do not have hormones in them. They are simply "reminder pills" to keep you in the habit of taking the pills. The colored pills that you take the other three weeks of the month do have hormones in them.

Of course, if you're on one of those prescriptions that's supposed to limit your period to just 4 times a year, you're in a totally different situation. Some women still have periods when they first start those pills - even when they're taking the pills that contain hormones. It can take a while for your system to stabilize. In the meanwhile, yes, it can really mess up your emotions.

Speaking of all things hormonal ...

Sidecar, I mentioned it before, but I just wanted to say again that I think you should talk to your OB/GYN about your period symptoms. It's understandable for a period to be uncomfortable, but when it's so painful & you're bleeding so much that it affects your ability to live your life, there is something not right. Sometimes a different dose of BC pills can help, but it varies depending upon your particular problem. Heavy, painful periods were one of my first symptoms of my endometriosis, but not everyone with problems like this end up with endo. At any rate, it's better to talk to your doctor so that you can find a solution & go back to living a more normal life.

Thanks for the support about my problems with the other forum.

The moderators at that other forum have not really explained why they're suddenly being so heavy-handed & deleting those posts. The posts aren't against the forum's Terms of Service, so I don't get it at all. The whole point of the forum is to help people who are recent transplants to our area (or who are considering moving to the area). I participate on those forums because I enjoy helping people. So when I extend my hand to someone to help them, it hurts a lot when a moderator comes along and chops my hand off.

I think they are stupidly assuming that if we provide helpful information that directs people to other websites, then that will keep people from staying on their own forums. Yeah. Because providing helpful information has been absolutely devastating to websites all over the planet. Just ask Google. rolleyes.gif The truth is that people return to those forums over and over again because it's such a great resource of information on the area. But if they tie our hands and prevent us from providing the very type of information that has made the forum such a great resource ... well ... then why should anybody visit the forum at all? It's bizarre.

Anti-lvetch: The best thing about this is that I appreciate Bust sooooooo much more than ever before! It feels so wonderful to know that I can come here & say ANYthing. I can swear all I want & it's okay. I can freely express my opinion on any subject and no one will remove it. I can post links to any damn website I please and know that the people who run this site don't see it as a threat! It's so amazing. Yes, there is the occasional troll, but no matter what I am still allowed to be ME. And that's priceless!

Anti-kvetch: I spoke to BestGalPal for 3 & 1/2 hours last night! The only reason why I hung up was because my phone was dying. It has been so damn long since we've been able to talk like that. We laughed so much. It brought tears to my eyes numerous times. Very good times.

Anri-kvetch: Sheff's birthday, of course! We're enjoying tonight alone, but tomorrow we're having friends over for dinner & games. Yay!
(((((mando & mando-mama)))))) ~~~~mega-strength healing & everything be ok~~~~ vibes

((((amilita))))) thanks for sharing the pictures with us, looks like a whole lotta fun!

((((rose))))) it is wonderful that we can come here and say anything and not be censored. boo on the other forums crapola.

((((kitten)))) Love the glasses. I was on Ortho Tricyclen for a couple years. I was a mess most of that time until one day my sister sat me down and told me I was becoming an "Ortho Tri-Psycho" and insisted I stop taking it immediately. I found through trial and error that I personally can't handle any of them, but some are definitely worse than others. Good luck!

((((sidecar)))) ~~~soothing~~~

(((((raisingirl))))) ~~~get better vibes~~~

~~~~get well vibes for all sickies~~~~

((((bunny, morn, syb, sassy, pixie, billy, dusty, star, candy, tes, plummie, everybody))))

I'm feeling a lot better but now my sis and niece have joined the flu club w/ pj & R. I'm doing my best Florence Nightengale wink.gif

undie report: black lace w/ teal underlay balconette bra & black lace cheeky panties.
so far, the bustie vibes are doing their miracle-thang just fine! mom just called. the doc says he doesn't see any reason to panic, this was probably just a one-time thing. her colonoscopy couldn't be scheduled until march 6, but he's not worried so she isn't either. we won't completely let out our collective breaths until all the results are in, but so far, so good.

many thanks for the love and concern. i heart (((you all))).

amilita, i'm so jealous of your cavorting with matching tipsy marie antoinettes - pure decadence! what's the costume agenda for next year?

(((sick busties & their loved ones)))

(((rose))) i completely empathize with your yearning for local galpals of similar age & interests. *heavy sigh*

(((sidecar))) i concur about a doc visit/search for a remedy, sweetie.

(((sybarite))) i can barely stand my 14 yr old niece for an hour let alone an entire evening. god knew what she was doing, giving me a son.

happy birthday, sheff!

tomorrow's the mr's birthday, too. can't wait til he sees what we got him - tix to a rangers / islanders game at MSG for him and the boy ... (i loathe hockey. sorry, hockey-lovers.) he's a fan of both teams, so his cup's gonna run over.

sometimes i'm not a sucky wife. heh.

eta: new white super-comfy & even a tad sexy satin n' lace panties from lands end of all places, black lace wacoal minimizer what else.
You talking to me? Hee. Cool gift, Ms. Mandi. I'm so glad the doctor doesn't think it is serious.

Happy birthday, Sheff!!!

I'm glad you're so level headed, Kitten. I can be aware that my mood is hormones, but still be pissy. BTW, I'm pissy. Also, I thought the sugar pills were at the end of the package, not the beginning? Or am I a couple of decades out of date?

George is *hugging* people again. Ugh.

Undie report: whatever was clean. Slim pickens.

Yeah, the placebo pills are at the end of the pack, so you were getting the real deal, Kitten. I didn't do so good on oral contraceptives, either, but for me it's cuz it would kill my sex drive! No thank you.

I was interested in an IUD, but then the Mr. agreed to get the vasectomy! The IUD can cause heavier bleeding, Sidecar, so that may not be the best option for you, but as RV says, I'd have a talk with your Doc about your cramps and periods and options. Also some Docs don't like to put IUDs in women who have never had children.

Glad things seem to be looking OK for your mamae, Mando. Try not to worry too much, but I know that's pretty impossible.

Thanks for the picture comments everyone! I like to try to show people that Mardi Gras is more than Bourbon St. and that whole scene. Our group is The Evangelines, after Evangeline the Oyster next year's theme is Oysters's going to be more bought and embellished, as far as the costumes go. Little top hats, and I dunno what else yet.

Happy Birthday Sheff and Mr. Mando!!! My Mr.'s birthday is Valentine's Day next week. I don't have a gift for him, but I am gonna cook dinner.

RV, sorry the other forum has taken a turn for the worse. P-U. And that your new friend is moving. Gosh.

Syb, glad you had a better time of it with the Mr.'s daughter. Oh, hey, speaking of 14-year-olds and was really funny watching my friend's daughter discover the joys of PMS a couple years ago. Ha. She would get super bitchy and demand sugar...her mamma was like, "Oh! You're a woman now!"

Yuefie, I forgot to say how cool it is that the boy's kiddo has taken to you!! How sweet. Glad things are going well, and I hope all your peeps start feeling better.

My kvetch for the day is that the drug dealers around the corner have pit bulls, and the back of their house buts up to our tiny back yard. So at 5 in the morning I was awakened by loud barking IN OUR ALLEY!! The dogs had actually made a hole in the corner of the house...yes, through the wall and the insulation etc. and were running around our space! The house is a total rickety mess.

The cops couldn't do anything at the time, so when we woke up around 10 today, the dogs were still out there. We called animal control, and they got one dog and the other ran back into the house. The animal control guy stayed while the Mr. patched the hole with boards (they have no back yard, and so really don't even have access to the back of their house from the outside) and then the animal control guy went to talk to the guys. Ai. We are nervous about retaliation from them, but I think it may be OK.

Just feeling a little creeped out by that and by the school shooting this morning in Baton Rouge, and the one last night at the city hall in Kirkwood MO which is near my mom's house. My nephews bike up to that city center all the time to hang out basically across the street from city hall. Sometimes I do wonder what the world is coming to.

On that cheery note, hope everyone has a great weekend!! I'm making good progress on our tax documentation! Fun, fun, fun! Tomorrow meeting a friend for Vietnamese and a trip to the Target.
Yay for mando-mama. So glad and relieved to hear that it seems it's nothing serious!

~~~birthday lovies for the kvetchie mr's~~~

Hope everyone has a great weekend smile.gif

The boy and I just picked up his son from school and they are hanging out here at my place for the weekend. We're going to have my niece and sis over for dinner tomorrow, if everyone is feeling up for it. Oh and the cutest thing is how much Sashie has taken to the boy's son, A. Sashie and A are are currently snuggled on the loveseat watching tv. When A saw that I was in the car he ran over, jumped in the back seat and then kissed me on the cheek. He's a really great kidlet. I feel so lucky, now I have two new wonderful men in my life. wub.gif
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