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Stargazer, sorry to hear about SF. Fingers crossed on your other applications! I'm sorry to hear about your headcahe too: I've had a nasty cold drag on through most of January that I first picked up at Christmas. Feeling ill when you have work to do sucks.

But! This weekend we finally got high speed broadband at home. The mr and I spent Friday night watching DL'd sci-fi TV shows. Today I visited a local health club to see what it was like and it was great. The place itself isn't amazing, but it's a 10 minute walk from home with a sauna and steam room and some great classes. I feel all refreshed after a sauna and swim: I've missed my Sunday health club visits and it is awesome to have somewhere decent so close by. Bliss all around!

Hope everyone else's Sundays are going well. I have to do some thesis work tonight. dry.gif
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Jan 26 2008, 06:35 PM) *

Anti-kvetch: Sheff and I ordered a new over-the-range microwave today. Our old one died last summer, so we figured it was about time to replace it. Since Consumer Reports rated them in the latest issue, we took it as a sign.
Kvetch: Unfortunately, a lot of other people read the same article & the micro-hood we want will not arive until the first week of March. Oh well. I've waited this long, right? What's another 5 weeks in the grand scheme of things?

See isn't married life exciting? No wonder my gal pals are so desperate to tie the knot! rolleyes.gif

Hee Hee...Mr. Pixie got a kick out of our Washing machine talk the other night! I did get it installed this weekend...I am in LOVE! Think if I got Mr. Pixie a new Dishwasher he would stop griping about having to do them? Yeah, probably not.
Kvetch: Bleedign liek a stuck pig

Kvetch: I am sick of being sick, of my kids being sick, and the weather ping ponging between 20 and 60 so that we continue to keep getting sick.

Kvetch: the FDA pulling over the counter infant meds for kids under 2

bigger kvetch: Asshole Doc at the Urgent Care clinic who used it as an excuse yesterday to tell us to go home and wait out micropixie's cold, .....It's a dozzy and no one has slept in 4 nights because all he does is cough and cry all night. He didn't even like culture for RSV or xray for pneumonia, just took our copay and gave us a 5 minute exam and told us to go home! I am so fricking sick of health care in this country!
Where is everybody?!?!

Saw three movies this weekend- Juno (loved it!), No Country For Old Men (great Coen Bros. movie, interesting to watch, interesting story, don't think I could watch it too often. Anton Chigurh is just too freaking creepy) and Brokeback Mountain (no, hadn't seen it before; yes, saw it because of Heath Ledger...was a little let-down. It was just built up so much and I guess I was expecting more. Well-acted, decent story, but I was just kinda like "that's it?" at the end.)

Sorry about the SF situation, stargazer. I've had this email I've been trying to write you for about a week and a half now. Just a general "what's up". I should finish that!

Yay for the greencard, rose & sheff! That sounds like such a hassle- glad you won't have to do it for awhile though.

(((sassy))) hope you're recovering. Sorry January has just sucked on so many levels for you.

My back was feeling fine this morning, then I dared to sit down or something equally exciting and something shifted and now it hurts. Due to bleed this week, too. Fabulous. Though, I have NOTHING to complain about in that regard- with the Seasonale, I bleed so little I don't even wear anything to catch it (*maybe* a pantiliner, that's it). I do still get blechy cramps though, but nothing nearly as bad as I had before I was on the pill.

ETA: (((pixie & micropixie))) ~*~*~feel better!~*~*~

I haven't been around these parts in a while. Just been feeling kind of drained a lot of the time but trying to get better.

(((polly))) hope your back feels better

Congrats rosev and sheff!

(((star))) I hope the sinus pain goes away. I know all too well how horrible it is.

amilita - nutella cookies?! lordy, that sounds good.


no kvetches or anti-kvetches just wanted to let everyone know that I'm alive but I've been lurking!
Hi, CC Girl! Good ta see ya!

Pixie, are you telling me she's still sick? Good lord. Was this doctor the one SmokeBoy took her to last week or a different doctor? Poor thing. Oh well. At least you have a faaaaaaabulous washing machine, right? wink.gif

Polly, I haven't seen Brokeback Mountain yet, so it's good teo hear a review from someone who has also waited. Sorry to hear about your back. ~~~~ soothing for Polly's back ~~~~

Note to self: look into getting on Seasonale.

Hooray for Sybarite's high sped internet!

Yuefie, glad to hear that things are still going will with the new guy.

((((((many hugs for Stargazer)))))))

Kvetch: What is the deal with all of the headaches lately? Sheff and I have both been getting headaches every day for at least a week now. It's driving me a little batty.

Anti-kvetch: It's been very sunny over the last few days. Even though it's still cold out, the sun just makes everything happier around here.
I am here today. I have just been quietly accomplishing nothing. smile.gif Since Saturday I have watched 9 hours of Big Love. It made all of my problems seems managable.

(((kittenb))) relax. breathe. enjoy your time watching free love.
I wanted to say that stargazer's new title for BL really made me laugh. Hers sounds like a very interesting show...

Saw the boy last night. We were too tired to talk so instead we watched Free Enterprise (boring) and then just fell asleep. It was nice.

{{{polly, pixie, candy, syb, star, ms.yuefie, roseviolet}}}
happy belated birthday wishes to yuefie's (((m))) ... whose old screen name i have completely forgotten?!?!? i know it began with a p ... ? blink.gif

sung to the tune of whoville's theme song: ba hoo dor ayz, ba hoo dor ayz, welcome welcome Amelia Elanor!
heh. now you all have that tune firmly ensconced in your pretty little heads ... mwah ha ha!

i so heart big love. i watch all the reruns. when does the new season begin?

speaking of season, i finally dumped netflix (every.single.disc.SKIPPED.argh.) and signed up with blockbuster total access ... and right now weeds season 2 is winging itself to me. aieeeeee! this is especially happy news, since there's nothing on tv worth watching, outside of nip/tuck.

i also have dexter season one in my queue. (we don't get showtime.) color me happy with anticipation. biggrin.gif

watched eastern promises the other night. excellent flick. viggo with a russian accent = YUM! the fight scene everyone's talking about? um, yeah. intense! naomi watts nearly ruined it tho. girl can't act her way outta a paper bag, imho.

psst: south = FL, rose. fort myers area. beloved cousin left yesterday *sniffle*, we made tentative plans ... but who knows if it'll truly come to fruition?

i too am lovin' the sunshine. seems like i can take things much better when it's blue skies outside, even if it is cold and barren.

(((vesicapisces, yuefie, sidecar, wb, dusty, plummie, bunny, mornington - where is mornington? - tesao, candy, star, pixie, rose, polly, sassy, kitten, sybarite, amilita, designerM, zoya, lurkers, everyone)))
i keeled the thread. i sorry.

(not miss zoey, but nearly as kewt. my girl is still camera-shy.)
Aw, Mandi, you didn't kill the thread! The Kvetchies are simply busy people nowadays. Not so many people can post from work anymore, I think. smile.gif

Kvetch: I have been deeply hurt by a friend. Hurt in a way that she can never really understand. And there's no way she can fix it.
Roll call! I'm here finally.

I have good news! We're getting a car! (Why do I feel like Bob Barker when I say that?) Mcgeek's car died as you all know, and we have been shopping the last couple of days. I'm between a Jetta or a Civic. We can't afford a new car yet, but this used one will be new to me! I even got to test drive some last night, which was a blast. We had an asshole salesmen though. The minute he figured out Mcgeek would be doing the majority of the driving, started treating me like a little housewife and telling me that "I could play with the radio..." Asshat! Why do they automatically think woman don't know a damn thing about cars? It's just stupid to make such a generalization.

Kvetch: Still not over this damn cold. Miles is still missing, and I'm still really sad. Thank goodness for therapy tonight.

Anti-kvetch: Have Lost and Gilmore Girls dvds to keep me company. smile.gif


Huge fly by here...

MILES is BACK!!!! Thank you for all your kitty vibes for they seemed to work! I was just sitting on the futon watching tv, and he jumped on the window...


*drags self in to selfishly plead for vibes*

Uhhhhnn... I feel so sick. It started as a little sinus congestion, pressure & headache last night, but by this morning both my ears were plugged up and painful, my chest is tight with a dry, itchy, hacking cough that feels like I inhaled sand. Oh and I have almost no voice. I need to go to Urgent Care but I have to wait until after I pick up my niece from school. Bleh sad.gif

YAY for Miles being back!!!

~~~~~all purpose good vibage for everyone~~~~~

((((mandi, bunny, morn, rose, pixie, syb, polly, sidecar, amilita, star, sixela, sassy, raisin, candy, dusty, billy, plummie, tes, zoya, kitten, dm, vesica, everyone))))
Sassy that is WONDERFUL!!!!!! Welcome home Miles. God, it would just make me insane to be missing my cats for so long. And congrats on the new car. Too bad you have to give the commission to an idiot. Maybe you should make a complaint to his boss.

{{{{Yuefie}}}} You must feel miserable. I hope you get good meds and healthy soon.

{{{{roseviolet}}}} let us know if we can help.

Mando - I just picked up Weeds S. 2 this morning. I am on Netflix and haven't had that many problems. There is a Hollywood Viceo across the street from me that offers a Netflix-like deal that my best friend subscribes to. He lets me use his account and that is how I watched Big Love & Weeds.

WELCOME HOME, MILES!!!!!! Oh, what wonderful news, Sassy! Congratulations!

And congrats on getting a new car, too. I don't know which car you should get, but I suggest you go to a different dealership. No sense in giving that assmunch a commision, right?

~~~~~ soothing for Yuefie & Sassy ~~~~~

Mandi, if you go to Florida, will you fly? I would hate to drive that far.

Kitten, thanks for caring. Unfortunately, there is nothing anyone can do. It's very complicated, but irreversible. Sheff is so furious he has basically decided to disown these particular friends. They live half a continent away, so it's not like it affects us that much anyway. Kinda easy to avoid people when they're a 2 days drive away, ya know?
Yay for Miles! I knew he'd come back! Yay for January not being so sucky!

((rose)) sorry about your "friends". What a crappy situation.

((yuefie)) feel better!

kitten, have you patched things up with The Boy then? I hope so.

So sleepy. You'd think I'd learn that I need more than 5 1/2-6 hours of sleep a night, rather than waiting until the end of the week to catch up, but here we are. Eyes falling shut at my desk. At least office manager brought back cookies from Potbelly. Say what you will about their sandwiches- you can't argue with the tastiness of their cookies and other baked stuff.
yay for Miles returning home!

(((Rose))) Do I need to kick some Butt here in T town?

I'm still in a foul mood. All 3 of my kids are sick right now! It seems like just when one starts to get better another will get worse! I am really angry over the infant OTC meds being pulled off the shelves last year and it is killing me to hear the baby cough and cry all night long! mad.gif

Squeeeeee for puppy cutness!

Polly, what kind of cookies? Sounds yummy. Maybe if I make some cookies it'll cheer me up.

~~~~~~~~ soothing for T, T, & K ~~~~~~~~ Poor little pixie kids!
~~~~~~~~ vibes of strength & sanity for Pixie & the Mr. ~~~~~~~~
Thanks for offering to kick some butt for me. smile.gif No, you don't need to do anything. Actually, I don't want this to get back to my friends in Oklahoma. I'm not even telling BestGalPal about it. I'm not going to confront the people who hurt me. I'm just going to take some time to seperate myself from the situation & get over it. Sheff called me this afternoon just to check on me & said, "I'll stand beside you no matter what you decide." But I can't hold a grudge forever. I never can. Sometimes I really wish that I could, but I can't. I will never be as close with this person again, though. I'm definitely putting my guard up from now on. In the mean time, I'll just sit here and sulk and cry for a while. And rant to Sheff and my mom a bit. And then suck it up and move on.

In happier(?) news, Sheff has decided that he really misses his old musical instruments, so he is considering getting a bass guitar. He and one of his friends (who dabbles in music) are currently at a music store looking at guitars. Heaven help us! wink.gif
WELCOME HOME, MILES! YAY! CONGRATS, sassy! that's one clever kitty. BUSTie vibes are the best.

(((rose))) I'm sending you virtual hair-brushings, hun. I read about it in the confessions thread and thought "ouch"; that's gotta hurt. At least you have literal distance between you and you don't have to deal with it (and the hurt/continual reminder) head on.

(((yuefie))) feel better!

(((the pixies))) hope the whole family feels better soon!

(((star))) I'm sorry about san fran, sweetie sad.gif.

(((mandi))) a'cos.

(((everyone else)))

I love Big Love, Weeds and Dexter and all caught up with them; finished watching season 2 of Dexter today, in fact. I think the new series of Big Love will be delayed/postponed because of the writers' strike sad.gif.

I had a great weekend with the boy. Highlights were going to see Sweeney Todd (LOVED it) and having fabulous sushi.

Could I ask for vibes for the boy's sis please? She badly broke her arm in the snow yesterday and now can't hold my 4 m/o nephew. Yeah, breast-feeding is going to be so easy. I'm annoyed with her though because she had the gall to expect her parents to drop their lives and jobs here and fly to Vancouver to help her out; understandably they're not going. I think if you choose to move to another continent then you choose everything difficult that may entail. Grrr, this follows on from a terrible visit over Christmas, which has resulted in her no longer being welcome to stay in her family home because she was such a monster; her, hubby and baby will have to stay with friends or in a hotel from now on (she alienated other family members too). 'K, so I asked for vibes and it turned into big kvetch! She may be annoying me but I don't want her to be in pain.
Yipee again for Miles returning!

((((rose))))) ugh, sorry sweetheart.

((((star))))) sorry hon.

(((pixie-fam)))) feel better

(((mandi)))) thanks for the birfday wishes for mah' lil bro. He was pinchejoto, or pj. He turns 30 tomorrow, which really blows me away.


Kvetch: Urgent Care didn't have any appts until 8:20 pm, so I am just here and miserable. I have a fever and am absolutely chilled to the bone. Seriously, I am wearing a long sleeved shirt, sweater and jacket w/ jeans and socks in the freakin house and my teeth are still chattering. Bear in mind I live in Southern, CA. Geez! I'm hoping the boy is done with his stuff in time so he can drive me because my equilibrium is way off and I'm feeling dizzy. Driving just to pick up my niece was scary enough unsure.gif
~*~*~*more feel better vibes for yuefie~*~*~* Sending you thoughts of hot, soothing tea and a snuggly blankie!

~*~*~*mixed feeling vibes for bunny's boy's sister~*~*~* oo, what a mess.

((rose)) whatever you decide to do is the right decision.

They were chocolate-chip oatmeal cookies. Every location makes them right there, every day. I'm sure it's pre-mixed and everything, but they're fresh-ish. They also have these amazing things called Sheila's Dream Bars that are these cookie bars with oatmeal and chocolate and coconut and they taste like there's a stick of butter in each one....they're freaking amazing.

Oooo, cute puppy, mando!!

Going to bed now. Really. I swear.
(((yuefie))) (((PJ)))

(((bunny boy's sis))) poor thing. sounds like she has issues other than logistic.

(((rose))) my heart's been broken by dear friends, more times than i care to recall. my only solace has been thinking of minnie driver in grosse point blank, when she says to john cusak ..."you don't get it, do you? you don't get to have me!" they don't get that part of us ever again. their loss.

(((pixie fam))) i don't get the baby cough meds thing at all. bastids.

if my FL trip happens, i'd fly. solo at least maybe one way, maybe both. *gulp*

miles' homecoming has brightened my day! good kitty! *head scritches galore*

as has the headlines about the feds investigating 14 major companies for fraud in the subprime scandal. not that these grand pooba crooks will ever serve time or pay hefty fines. no. they take early retirement, with lavish pensions/payoffs. and go work for their other crook buddy's hedge funds as ghost consultants. and work on their golf games. fuckers.
Wow, it's after noon here and I am just waking up thanks to some mega strength cough syrup called Hydromet . I feel a little better today than yesterday, but still feel like I could sleep the rest of the day away. It turns out I have a terrible case of the flu, along with a sinus/ear infection and bronchitis. Man, when I get sick I really get sick, eh? When they took my temp at check in, it was 101. This was after I had taken tylenol AND advil a couple hours later. My body temp usually runs on the low end (97.3 about my average), so 101 is pretty damn high. Hopefully now the antibiotics will do their magic and not set up a bakery in my ladybits. Thanks for all the extra vibage!

(((pixie family)))

(((Feel better Yuefie!)))

(((Bunnyboysis...get better soon, and *get* it soon)))

Yay for Miles coming back!!!
~*~*~more feel better vibes for yuefie~*~*~

I used to work for the American College of Chest Physicians, the doctors group that first advised the removal of OTC cough/cold meds for kids, and based on their findings and from the professional opinion of the er/pediatric nurse sitting in my waiting room right now, I assure you, the medicines they pulled weren't effective and their risk of overdose, which would introduce a whole host of other problems, greatly outweighed any possible benefits. The doctor you had, pixie, does indeed sound like a jackass, and I can only imagine what having an unhappy sick baby is like, but the drugs were pulled for valid reasons.

Grr, white collar crime. mad.gif
*fly-by to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PINCHEJOTO! give him my best, (((yuefie))).

kvetch: chesty cough and the sniffles. ugh, I've been unable to shake the sniffles since new year (when we caught the virus the boy's sis and family brought with them for Christmas).

anti-kvetch: turkish apple tea, baklava and Californication.

(((rose))) I've been dealing with a lot of insensitivity from friends lately. I def. feel for you.
((((bunnyb's sil)))))
~~~feel better yuefie~~~
~~~feel better pixiefam~~~

I am also illing a bit - my left side has had an intermittent stabby pain since 11 last night. It's on my left side, so it's not my appendix, but it's still painful. I'm hoping it's not anything serious.

Best Pal A is being induced tomorrow! She's not feeling great about this as she's worried she'll have to have a c-section now. Anyway, safe vibes for her would be much appreciated.

So many sickly Kvetchies!
~~~~~~~~~~ massive soothing vibes for Yuefie, Bunny, Sidecar, the entire PixieFamily, and anyone else who is feeling poorly ~~~~~~~~~~

~*~*~*~ sparkly safe birthing vibes for A ~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~ sparkly healing vibes for BunnyBoy's sister's arm ~*~*~*~ I cannot imagine trying to nurse with a broken arm. Ouchie.

Mandi, I hadn't heard that story re: subprime lenders. About time!

Thank you so much for the understanding and love, everyone. It means a lot to me.

If you've seen my post in the confessions thread, you know the basics of the story, but I felt that I should explain. Basically, way back in 2004 after Sheff and I got engaged, we started talking about when we might start a family and we decided that when we have a daughter, we want to name her XXXX (Not literally, of course. In light of recent events, I'd like to keep the name private). This is a big deal because, as many of you may remember, I have endometriosis. Endo is the leading cause of infertility in women. As far as we know, I can still have babies, but my periods have gotten a lot worse over the last couple of years and we're honestly not so sure how healthy things are down there anymore. But still, through all of this, I have held onto hope - and that hope has always been a little girl named XXXX.

Fastforward a few years. A friend of ours gets pregnant. She mentions that, if she has a daughter, she wants to give it a name that is recognizable, but not popular. She wants it to be a name that no one else she knows has. At that time, Sheff and I basically said, "Well then, you shouldn't name her XXXX because that's what we're going to name our future daughter." Last month when we saw these same people over Christmas, the baby name thing got brought up ... as did the name XXXX. And we reminded the parents-to-be yet again that we plan on using this name in the future.

They had a little girl this week. Can you guess what they named their baby? sad.gif

I tell you, I feel like they punched me in the face. They violated our trust. The new mother has never had trouble getting pregnant. She has no idea what it is like to be me. She doesn't know what it's like to go through what I went through - dozens of doctors and medications and surgery and a heartbreaking diagnosis and doctors telling me "you better hurry up and get pregnant while you still can" back when I was still a broke college student with a semi-abusive boyfriend. She has no idea what it means to have this one word - this one name - that symbolizes hope and happiness for me and for my husband. And then for them to just TAKE that. To steal it. It almost feels like she ripped the baby out of my own womb.

Before the baby arrived, the new parents said that they didn't want their child to have the same name as any of their friends' children. So that means that either (1) they have decided that Sheff and I will never be able to have a family or (2) they no longer consider us friends. I refuse to believe option #1, so I guess I will have to accept option #2.

So. Anyway. That's the painful story. I've decided not to confront the mother about this because ... well, what can she do? I'm certainly not going to demand that she change her child's name. That's silly. I understand that I don't hold a trademark on the name or anything. And yet, there's nothing she can say to make it better. An apology would feel like salt in the wound.

I'm feeling better about it today. Time helps, although the multiple e-mails full of photos of that baby does not. mad.gif I just keep reminding myself that we live in North Carolina now and we have new friends here and that I don't need those people anymore. That helps. We'll just move on. But one thing is for certain: I am not giving up that name. XXXX has stood for hope for me for 4 years now and nothing is going to change that.
Aha. Yes, that makes it very clear, (((Rose))). I had tentatively made the connection between Confessions and Kvetch, but I wasn't sure why you would be so angry and hurt, but now I can see, and I feel for you.
yay for miles being home! oh yay! good news! *cabbage patches*

((((rosev)))) acos

****safe induction for sidecar's friend A****

busybusybusybusybusy but I freaking love my critical geographies course. and i hate my rowing captain with a blind unswerving passion. and rage. oh, the rage. even thinking about her makes me angry. and i do not like the section they've moved me to at work.
msyuefie - it sounds like sleeping the day away is exactly what you need to do. I hope you are feeling a little better today.

roseviolet - thanks for explaining that. I was willing to go with the "It upsets RV and that is why it is important," but now I really understand why it is important.

bunnyb, sidecar - {{{feel better}}}.

{{{{mornington}}}} cause it sounds like you need a hug.

{{{all kvetchies}}}

Someone asked if I patched things up w/the boy. Yes, but we haven't had time to really talk about it. I wanted to see him last Sunday but he wasn't ready to "talk" so we just watched a movie. I also gave him a great back massage (using my powers for manipulation, yes, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, you know rolleyes.gif ) and after that he seemed a lot warmer to me. We are getting together tonight and he is going to share with me what he has been thinking. I feel pretty optimistic.

Now I am off to the gym. I have been eating less than great these past few days so I need to get some of it out of my system. I am pretty much done with the actual loosing weight phase of South Beach. I stopped Phase 2 awhile back but the other day I realized that I just didn't feel like going back. I've lost 50 lbs. total and I feel good about that. My legs looks great and my bust got smaller. I still have a stomach and I know that the way I look would send many a woman into a diet frenzy (I get so sad for the women who wail, "I was a size 14!" as if that makes them a genetic freak or something) but to get much smaller of flatter of stomach would just require effort and sacrifice I am not making. So now I need to learn to live at this weight so I don't gain it back.

Have a great day all!

RV, I'm so sorry. What struck me was her possessive attitude about the baby's name: not wanting her friends to use the same one. To me that sounds like she/they were well aware of the enormity of what taking that name meant. I'm glad you and sheff can support each other, and you should plan on using the name regardless. Oh, and block those baby pic emails!

*Feel better vibes to all who are illin'* Could this month be any longer? Sheesh.

*Safe vibes for sidecar's friend A*

*waves at mornington* Your course sounds fab!

I have a chapter edit submission deadline tomorrow; hence my procrastination in here.

New job is going well but I am really not used to being around other people all day long. I work much better on my own. However, it's a crowded office so whatcha gonna do. The work is multifaceted and fast-moving which is cool. I have no office clothes however and am loath to buy boring officewear, but unfortunately everything I like is either pricey or possibly too funky.

Tomorrow will rock after about 4pm or so and I'm taking the whole weekend off for the first time in 2008. Can't wait smile.gif
(((((rose))))) Having dealt with something similar, I can definitely empathize with the hurt you are feeling. It's more like a punch in the gut than a slap in the face. They sound like very selfish people and it sounds like you are certainly better off without their brand of friendship, dearest. You hold on to that name and the hope it symbolizes.

feel better (((pixie-family))) & (((bunny))) & (((sidecar))) & (((bunny-boy's sis))) and anyone else feeling yucky or hurty.

~~~safe delivery vibes for sidecars friend A~~~

((((morn)))) just 'cause

(((((syb, polly, star, sassy, dusty, billy, amilita, mandi, kitten, sixela, candy, dm, flanker, zoya, everybody)))))

I'm still feeling cruddy and sleeping a whole lot. I'm hoping tomorrow I will feel somewhat better. Thanks again for all the healing vibes.
I strained a muscle by my ribs, and the pain results from my rib pressing on it. At least it's nothing serious!

And I forgot to say earlier: hooray for Miles coming home!

((((((RV))))))))) knowing the full back story, that is especially egregious.

congrats to kitten for the weight loss!

We are in the middle of a yucky snowstorm. I hope A is at the hospital and all set.

*~*get well vibes for sidecar and yuefie*~*

kvetch: i've been thinking about my good friend who passed away last year. i am a month away from the anniv. date of his death. what makes it worse is that i am away from my friends who supported me during this time. makes me feel sadder. and the grief it me hard today. i was kinda in a funk. managing but not really. and i cried really hard on the ride home. and in my room. boo.

(((polly, morn, bunnyb, zoya, sybarite, dusty, and other kvetchies)))
((((((stargazer))))))) I know that feeling too well. You learn to live with it, but it's not easy.

antikvetch: snow day! they called off work for me today. hoooooray! i made muffins and edited a movie of our dog and Best Pal A and her husband's dog playing.

antikvetch: Speaking of A, she had the baby at 11:30 this morning! 8 lbs, 13 oz., full head of black hair, after 26 (!) hours of labor. I hope we'll get to go see her tomorrow, but they were pretty tired and she's getting used to nursing, so it sounds like they may have us wait until they get home Sunday. Still, glad to hear she's here finally!

antikvetch: the dogs are sleeping near me. it's cute.
so nice I posted twice!
(((stargazer))) hope today is better.

This is what you're missing here in Chicago:

Would you venture out if you had to clean this off?

Maybe I'll just stay inside with the cat. he knows how to reeeelllaaaaxxx:

I'm so glad I don't work on Fridays. We were supposed to have our post-holiday holiday party for work tonight, but a couple of my coworkers are snowed in. So we're going next Friday, to one of those meat-on-swords places.

The Juno soundtrack is very good for these trapped-in-the-house days.
Wowza, that's a lot of snow! A couple of weeks ago we got about half an inch. You wouldn't believe how much people freaked out about it.

Polly, you are so lucky that I don't know where you live. Because I would totally sneak over there and steal your cat. Well, after the snow melts a bit, of course.

Congrats to A & the new baby!

Kvetch: Booooooored. Bored bored bored.

Anti-kvetch: I've got homemade pizza in the oven.

Undie report: black cotton cami with shelf bra and white cotton thong. It's sexier than it sounds. Promise.

Sorry I had to cut that off. The oven beeped at me. I have 9 minutes until it beeps again. So .....

((((((((((Polly, Sidecar, Stargazer, Dusty, Yuefie, Sybarite, Kitten, Mornington, Pixie, Bunny, Mandi, DM, CCgirl, and on and on and on!)))))))))))))))))
I should have had a snow day if my Friday boss wasn't such a greedy money hording pain in my ass bitch! Seriously, I had to go to my massage place to sit for 5 1/2 hours so that I could work a total of one. Subtracting lunch and travel, I probable earned about $20. And I was feeling dangerous b/c I got a raise at my fulltime job. Not everything that I need, but enough that quitting my pt work will only set me back about $30 a week. I had to keep reminding myself that I have some bills still to pay and that $30 makes a difference. But oh I was close to loosing it.

I will properly say hello to all when I can think clearer. It has been far too emotional a week and I want sleep. Till then: {{{everykvetchie}}}

undies: red lace bra and red string panties. I thought I was going to have a date tonight. dry.gif
*lies on floor and attempts to play pattypaw with albus*

stheriously, polly, he's one cute kitty. and that is a lot of snow.

((((kitten)))) acos

congrats to A and hello new baby!


antikvetch: my uni has given me a bursary. it's not a great amount of money, but it's money.

*goes back to lurking*
(((polly))) that kitty is adorable!! and i'm glad i am missing out on the snow and cold weather back home. the weather has been decent here. oh, and i am feeling better. just a little stress about upcoming research work.

kvetch:i'm hating this anxiety towards 2 reports i have to work on. i am caught up on all of my other work. damn.

antikvetch:i'm not really into sports, but i am going to a coworker's home to watch the superbowl. should be fun.


Hiya kvetchies! Forgive me for sort of spamming you, but I have a desperate need for an opinion, if you have a second or two....

Doodlebug's Poll: Which Dixie Chicks Song For The Vagina Monologues?
we bought a playstation 3 and i am now obsessed with rock band. Oh my God, it is amazing.

we meet a's baby tomorrow!

and albus is really cute.

anyway, i'm a bit buzzed (there's a smoking ban now so we went back to our favorite bar and played the jukebox for awhile) so i will leave you all with ((((kvetchies))))).
ah, thanks for the reminder, sidecar. i still owe danny guitar hero III from xmas. yay. more money to spend. ack.

glad to hear the new bebe's here, safe and sound!

(((chicagobusties))) for the snow and the shootings. re: the latter, so fucking sad & unfair.

(((rose))) not to sound like a pissing contest, but my mom's brother stole the name that would've been her firstborn son's, and she's never forgiven him. to make matters worse, it was my father's father's name, too. it had no special meaning to my uncle or aunt.

people can be such callous selfish shits, i swear.


major antikvetch: i drove mamasan and myself to a family function yesterday, 40 minutes north, on two scary highways. for those of you who might recall my driving anxiety thing, this is a major accomplishment. i feel like wonder woman.

must dash: we're hosting a superbowl soiree. and yes, i'm wearing my lucky giants jersey, and it's nearly the mr's birthday, so they will definitely win!

I'm rooting for the Giants too, although it breaks my heart not to see my Packers in this game. We're having a very casual small Super Bowl get-together, so I have a few little things to finish up.

(((mando))) Congrats!! That is a major accomplishment!
Go Whatever Football Team You Are Rooting For! GO!!!

I am going to a SB party tonight. Just friends & fried food but it should be fun.

I wanted to say that the shooting that was referred to was this one. I just keep waitin to find out that the killer was at some point in a relationship with one of the victims. Is my job making me jaded? As far as I know they have not caught the guy and they only have the vaguest description of him. Yesterday 4 different suburban buses were pulled over b/c someone matching the description was on it. Kind of dangerous considering that CPD alwaya seems trigger happy these days anyway.
I have no idea who is playing in the Super Bowl today! Yay!!! Sheff and I are thinking about going out to see a movie instead, but only if I can be home in time for the Jane Austen movie on PBS tonight.

Mandi, congrats on the long drive! Good for you! And thanks for the sympathy. I appreciate it.

Sidecar, which parts did you play on Rock Band? I've only played lead guitar & singer. I found the singing a lot easier than anything else, actually. I even got in the 90 percentile on songs I didn't know!



Hooray for Mornington's moolah!

I did something kinda silly yesterday. Sheff and I were at a music store looking for various things for his bass. While we were there, I decided to rent a flute. My old one is back in Oklahoma somewhere, but I just didn't want to wait & it only costs about $1 a day. Luckily, they had some of my old music books, too, so I've been playing some old favorite tunes. It feels good to be making music again. smile.gif
Yeah, that shooting was a little scary. I was just shopping at Lane Bryant a couple weeks ago, but at one far away from that one. They haven't released any of the victims names yet, but they are calling it a botched robbery.

I've got so much to do today and actually have the energy to do it....something just keeps pulling me back to the couch.

I've got to make cupcakes for my coworker's birthday tomorrow....I'm a little miffed because my other coworker has food issues. There's certain things she can't ever eat, certain things she can eat if they're cooked, certain things she can eat if she takes medicine ahead of time (she's got problems digesting stuff) and we've talked about it before, but I've gotten it mixed up. I text messaged her yesterday and said "M wants a banana-walnut cake for her birthday- can you eat nuts and bananas?" I got a reply back, "Don't worry about me, I don't need cake." Ugh. Puhleez, I've never seen this woman turn down dessert, so I know she'd want it. But I also feel bad for maybe making an issue of food. I can't help it. I'm a foodie, and I want to make something everyone can enjoy. I decided I'm just doing chocolate-chocolate cupcakes, some with nuts on top, maybe some with sprinkles.

I've got to go buy cat food and dog poop bags.

I've got to stop by the Polish bakery and order my paczki's for Paczki Day....oh, it's going to be a dessert-laden week. Crap, Paczki Day means LeBoy is going to be following his tradition of half-assed observing Lent. He doesn't give anything up, he just doesn't eat meat on Fridays....except when he forgets and eats a big cheeseburger...which is most of the Fridays. I don't mind cooking fish, I just don't like being told what and when I can cook things. *Sigh*

I think I'm the one with the food issues. rolleyes.gif

ETA: Cross-post with Rose- that's so good that you rented the flute. My dad used to play, too, but he hasn't picked his up in years. I wish he would.

((mando)) yay for the driving!

((hugs to all!))
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