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((((((((texas plum wine))))))))

querida, i know that nothing can replace your buddy cat. you have a huge kitty sized hole in your heart and that will take a long time to heal. he is in kitty heaven, where the rivers run with cream and the mice are FAT and sloooooow.

polly, things are going to work out. promise. albus will eat. and although he may never be dog's best friend (after all, albus gets to sleep with you!), they will figure out how to live together, if not peacefully then at least in cease fire mode.


(so does that video game. bah. tell sheff i said that, if you like. bah.)

we wanna know how to make the yummy bread!!!! please???

~*~*~*~*~*~ guiding light to bring miles home ~*~*~*~*~*~

sassy, please don't worry about being a thread hog! we all do it from time to time...and losing miles is losing your baby. we know you can't think of anything else.

YAY!!! for martini and side car reunions! and for MANHATTAN!!!

(((((kitten cool.gif))))

i don't know what happened, minha vida, but that situation sounds horrendous. i hope that it works itself out as best as possible.

yeufie, of everything that you tasted, what was the ONE BEST THING that stood out? anything that you can recommend that we can purchase for at-home taste testing? and that boy! sounds like a real keeper, that one!

bunny be mine, enjoy your time with the boy and his birthday!!! (bunny boy birthday!! beautiful!! bad! bustilicious!)

glad to hear that zoya is doing well.

wednesday, our office lost power. it was 39 C outside. our generator came on, so at least we had computers, even if it was hotter than hades. then the generator blew. no AC, no computers. then the water quit.

that's when i gave up and went home.

we FINALLY got everything back today around 13:30. i'm overdue with a whole lot of things. mostly because i didnt get around to doing them BEFORE we lost power because the home office had me doing a bunch of foolish "urgent" certifications that only really apply to THEM and not the field offices.

i am thrilled that it is friday, and highly tempted to ignore my "deadlines". grrrr.

my "inappropriate" mozambican friend and i are driving to south africa tomorrow to buy him some new work clothes. this ought to be interesting. i've been having this conversation with him about whether or not he should marry his girlfriend. it is difficult, given how different our cultures are. or is that being "paternalistic"? i'm in a quandry about what to tell him. hmmmm.

big hugs, little kisses, and silly silly little fishes!

((plummie and Buddy)) I'm very sorry that Buddy passed away. Tes, that's a good description of kitty heaven.

Albus has started eating by himself again. Hopefully he keeps this up.

Off to work!
Jan is a bad month for our pets! Miles is still not back. I keep going back to my apartment and calling his name, but no luck. I'm still hoping he's on his way to Mcgeek's house. I'm losing hope. I'm feeling like a failure, because all three cats I've had as an adult have run away. Maybe I should switch to dogs. Issac (one of Mcgeek's cats) curled up to me last night. I think he misses Miles. I've only had him since March.

Kvetch: I fell down the stairs yesterday at Mcgeek's house, and bruised the hell out of my elbow.

It's just not a good week. I have to go to work tomorrow, and that's going to be a bitch.


Off to work out. Maybe that will help.

((((((Sassygirl)))))) you need extra today... I hope things start looking up for you, sweetie
(((((((Miles, wherever he is))))))))

Polly, thanks for the update on Albus. Hope things continue to improve!

Tes, jeez that is HOT! Hope you don't melt into a big, gorgeous puddle. wink.gif

Sidecar, what Tom Cruise video are you talking about? Share!

One of my best girlfriends got engaged last night. The guy is super sweet. However, she has been engaged soooooo many times before. I sincerely hope it works out this time.

Anti-kvetch: It's the weekend! And it's supposed to snow a little here tomorrow. Sounds like a great opportunity to cuddle up with Sheff around a roaring fire.

Anti-kvetch: I found the grocery store where all the hot guys shop. Nothing like a little eye candy while I'm picking up some milk. wink.gif

Kvetch: Aunt Flow. At least she's behaving herself fairly well.

Undies: Black velvet bra, black satin thong.

ETA: For those who are interested in the no-knead bread recipe, I'm going to put it in the Barefoot thread.
{{{sassygirl}}} I am still hopful that Miles will return. I can't imagine what you are going through.

{{{rv}}} I hear you on the fire. The weather here made me want to do nothing but wrap myself around the boy. Which I got to do last night but tonight we have to go to a party in zero degree weather. dry.gif

{{{polly}}} Yay Albus!

{{{tes, sidecar, amalita, bunnyb, candycangirl, and all}}}

I was going to post here last night but as soon as I got on-line the boy got here. We did a lovely night of Buffy and dinner. I made a really good meatloaf in muffin pans. First time I've ever made it. I used onion soup mix and Woschestershire sauce and I roasted califlower. For dessert we have Strawberry Ice Cream Dips. The whole meal was wonderful. And then I gave him the option of more Buffy, or we could talk about just how bad my week was, or he could do things to me that would make me forget just how bad my week was. Guess what he choose? And then we tried to watch more tv but we both fell asleep.

So all in all, my week did improve. I sent in my graduate school application and I think I have figured out a way that working full time and going to school full time will not kill me. Lukily with my job I can do a 24 hour shift that will count as three of my working days. I have been doing one 16-hour shift for a few years now and after you are there for 16 hours, going home seems pointless. So yay for me!
Miles still isn't back. sad.gif

Kvetch: It's snowing again here. They're saying up to three inches which is a lot for Georgia. But guess what is open? IKEA!! Motherfuckers can't even close on a snow day, because they think someone may buy a bookcase! I was just looking so forward to curling up with the boy and having a Harry Potter marathon.
So yeah I'm pissed. I mean the roads are fine, but they're just being assholes about it. I'm more worried about mcgeek picking me up tonight, because of the black ice.

Kvetch: Still worried about kitty. He picked the worst time to go have a kitty adventure. We're going to drive by my apartment before work to see if he's there.




kvetch: in my efforts to be helpful with den mom and take the christmas tree out...(yeah she still has the live one up)...the tree accidentially hit the chandlier...which caused part of the chandlier to hit me in the forehead. after a mild 15 min freak out about possibly having to go to the was just a nice scrap...not deep enough for stitches...should probably heal in 2 weeks. why am i so accident prone?

Hihi guys.

((((stargazer's poor noggin))))
(((((txplum)))) I'm so sorry

((((star)))) owwww...

((((sassy)))) fingers still crossed...

Hey puppykitty! Haven't seen you in awhile. smile.gif

Stargazer, hope your head feels all better now.


Happy Monday all. I have the day off from work, well half a day off half a day working from home as Mondays are my long day. I plan on spending the whole time cleaning my house and goddess knows there is enough work to keep my busy. I just have to get to it!

Have fun everybody.

thanks kitten, puppykitty, and morn!

the cut doesn't look so bad. it will heal.

i have the day off today. it is cold outside, but the sun is shining. that's cool. i had a great busy social weekend. spent time with dorkface on friday. crazycatlady on saturday. and coworker/friend cooked for me on sunday. it seems like things are looking up for me this year.

kvetch: nerves about postdocs. the next couple of weeks i should hear yay's or nay's. some bustie vibeage would be helpful now. i just want 3 interviews. that's all.

Where is everyone?

I'm at work. For a day filled with kids (because it's MLK Day and they're out of school), it's been pretty quiet here.

Went to prophecy_grrl's husband's b-day last night, at a great bar. I am LOVING this state-wide smoking ban. This was my first time in a bar since it went into effect January 1st. It was clear, no burning eyes, no coughing, no stink afterwards. You may find me in bars more often now! tongue.gif I was so comfortable that I was inspired to get back into photography with a series of pictures where I put the camera down on the table at the bar, turn off the flash and take table-level pictures. It started with some good ones last night, of candles, glasses with ice, people's hands, etc. We'll see how well it works. I haven't really done much serious picture taking since college.

Anti-kvetch: Triple-A saved the day last night- our friend who we carpooled with locked his keys in the car, and it's, oh, a sultry 2 degrees F out. I was able to use my membership to save us. So glad he noticed it right when we got to the party and not at the end!

((stargazer)) owwwwww. ~*~*icepack vibes to you~*~*

((sassy)) still no kitty? ~*~*more Miles come home vibes!!~*~*

((hugs to everyone)) where's mando been? A lot of people don't seem to be around lately!
the tom cruise video that sidecar mentioned:

i did NOT sleep well last night. it is just a bit after 16:00, and i cannot keep my eyes open. i may actually leave early today simply because i'm afraid i might pass out behind the wheel of my car if i don't. it's really weird. i'm wondering if it might be due to my new blood pressure meds.....\

rosie v, muito thank you for the no knead bread recipe! i plan to try it this weekend! yay!

hyväa päiväa, puppy kitty!!!

*blows soothing kisses at star's brow*

~*~*~*~*~* THREE interview vibes for stargazer!!! ~*~*~*~*~*

kitten b, hope the house cleaning was successful! (love the idea of those little muffin-loaves! you should post THAT recipe over in the barefoot thread!!)

~*~*~*~*~*~* miles, still out here with my stinky tuna and my kitty come home vibes!! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

yay for AAA!!! polly, please post photos???

hugs and kisses and silly silly fishes!!


*~*~*sleep tight-don't let the bed bugs bite vibes for tes*~*~*

kvetch: home sick from work today. i was sweating something awful last night. instead of forcing myself to go to work, i decided to stay home. i have sick days for a reason, right? i was reading my copy of veg news this morning and one of the things it mentioned about getting sick is a decrease in water intake. mine has sucked. since i've moved, i've done bad with the following through of my daily vitamins and water intake. i guess i need to get my act together so i can have my energy for the next couple of months.

polly, yeah for taking pics again! i guess you just needed to get inspired. and a smoke free environment to do so. chicago has lots of bars for great photo ops. we won't say how i know about all of these bars.... wink.gif

((((kvetchies))))) off to use my time wisely today....
hello everyone! I have been lurking even if I haven't been posting. Nothing exciting happening here. I've been busy at work wrapping up end of year stuff and getting ready for our audit next week.

Everyone in our house has been sick for most of the past month. I swear I got this cough before christmas and it is just now getting better. Little T had croup, and then we all had some sort of stomach virus. It's is also ass cold right now! I wish I could just hibernate until Spring!

((((Love to all kvetchies!))))
Happy Tuesday all.
Yes, tes, the house keeping went well. There was a big point to the cleaning. I have a noticlible mold problem in the walls of my apartment. They wanted to come in today to clean it up and look inside the walls. So I had to move everything away from the west side of my apartment. So everything is clean but disordered. I am looking forward to putting everything back where it is supposed to go.

I spent the night at the boys house and he took me out to dinner. So a little mold was worth the food that we got. It was gooood.

{{{health vibes to all}}}
hellooo everyone *waves madly*

ok, antikvetch: I have a new tattoo. well, several, but it's all one design - a line of stars, done like a stocking seam up each leg. I feel very emo about it but I'm bouncing around despite the pain.

antikvetch two: good rowing outing, nice clear glassy water and no sign of our shortarsed nazi/cox (who is driving me up the fucking pole of late). Thankfully the riggers on our coxed quad are broken and so we can only go coxless. even if that means putting me in charge of steering/shouting.

((((star)))) *~*~*~*postdoc vibes*~*~*~* and hope you feel better - maybe it was one of those 24hr viruses (I know I sweat a lot with those)


((((pixie & fam))))

((((sick busties everywhere))))

((((polly))) yes, photos please!

((((tes)))) *zzz* sleep well *zzz*

has anyone seen mando?

((((bunny, yuefie, zoya, syb, sixie, sidecar, txplum, amilita, billy, pink, flanker, everyone))))

Kvetch: Have a cold, so I'm staying out sick today. Luckily, I have the day off. Woke up sneezing and coughing. Bleh.

Miles still hasn't come back. I'm giving him until my bday (three weeks), and then considering talking about getting a new cat. I'm just amazed how much emotional power his escape has had over me. I really miss him. Mcgeek's cats are being very sweet, but they're not the same.

Kvetch: My job is really pissing me off. My supervisor is a bitch from hell, and thinks that the loss prevention agents really are cops. Um, they're retail mall cops. I'm going to apply for a position in Seattle, and see where it goes.

Anti-kvetch: Trying to research for MA programs for library science. University of Washington looks so kick ass. smile.gif

hey lovelies. i'm alive and well. just daunted on the Catching Up and getting sidetracked by life. you know how it is. warms my cockles to see i'm thought of in here, even tho i don't deserve it cuz i suck.

(((sassy))) sending superstrength come-home-little-sheba vibes miles' way.

mornington, pictures please?

*healthy vibes for casa pixie*

nice to see tesao in here!

extra tight hug for (((plummie)))

mandi update:

1. the holidays sucked.
2. my vacation sucked.
3. zoey had a tick and i didn't know what it was and freaked that she had a growth. (the tick was safely removed, she's getting a blood test in a few weeks.)
4. danny had another bout of cyclical vomiting last week. he's fine now. (eating sushi, as a matter of fact). my nerves are still shot. it had been ten months, i thought he had outgrown it.
5. niecelette is doing well, but i'm majorly bummed cuz i don't know when i'll get to see her again cuz there's alotta irritating shit going on with my sis & her idjit spouse that makes even the thought of even a short visit ... *shudder*
6. finally taking a yoga class. so far so good with the back. i heart the teacher.
7. i'm trying to talk myself into flying solo to visit beloved cousin while he's down south this winter. i need to get away something fierce. i also need to prove to myself that i'm a grownup who can do normal grownup things like ... travel.

how 'bout a roll call? everyone doing ok?

You don't suck. I, on the other hand, suck monstrously 'cause 1) I didn't answer your xmas email even though I meant to and have meant to a couple of other times but keep forgetting to go back and do it and 2) I've been gone from here longer than I ever intended (not that I actually intended to be gone but you know what I mean) and 3) I'm put out 'cause no one misses *me* {pouts a little}. So I suck harder than you do, so there.
[hears Mandi's roll call & pops head out of red tent]
Although I'm craptastic. My period started out easy and pain free, but then WHAM! POW! My life turned into a cheesy, old-school comic book!
No ... wait ... that isn't what happened. That would have been cool, but no. I've just been bleeding a lot and in heaps of pain.

Major anti-kvetch: My very very pregnant friend, R, went into the hospital this evening to be induced. With any luck, her new baby will be here before morning. The sex isn't known, so this is extra exciting. smile.gif

Headaches & cramps returning. Bah.
(((((((((((((((much love for all & sundry))))))))))))))

PS: Vesica, I missed you. Just so you know. [shyly smooches VP's cheek & runs away]
(((TXplum))) I'm sorry about Buddy.

(((Sassy))) Miles, call home.

(((RV))) feel better soon.


Yay, Mandi's back! And woohoo, VS!

A lot of what I have to say is around my job situation and the campaign to save our jobs, and it would not be appropriate to do so here. But I'm happy and contented.

My period has come and gone but my tits still hurt. Is this menopause?

Grrrr. Tried to write a good, thorough post to make up for that crappy one, but it got eaten. Bah.

(((((((((((Miles & Sassy))))))))))))))))

(((((((more love for Plummie))))))))))

(((((((healing hugs for Stargazer))))))

Pixie, hope you and the gang are feeling better.

Morn, do you have pics of the tats posted on-line somewhere?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ cool breezes for Tes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(((((Danny)))))))) Hope his tummy bug doesn't come back, Mandi. BTW, good to see you!

Dusty, sounds like things are going well! Yay!

Polly, good for you for trying the photography again!

(((((Kitten just 'cause))))

Has anybody talked to WalkingBitch lately? I hope she & her husband are doing okay. Sometimes it seems like this strike is never going to end.
(((sassy))) any sign yet?

(((txplumwine))) continued condolences.

(((star))) any word about interviews yet?

morn will post photos once her legs are no longer red - I can't wait! They sound fabulous; I love that they are like a stockings seam.

(((mandi))) yay for appearing! poor (((danny))). Would your trip down South happen to be in July? I'll be there then.

(((vesica))) we do miss you but you haven't posted in here for YEARS! I remember when you posted here as jilliec too.


vesica reminded me that I've been pretty crap recently too and forget to give thanks to mandolyn for the Christmas Day email; to Dusty for the new year card; and to polly for the sushi fabric links. Thank you, ladies!

My tummy has been upset the last couple of days and I'm bleeding but nothing too bad. I have a couple of nights off on holiday so not back to work until Monday smile.gif.

The writers have said they won't picket the Grammies so hopefully the same will apply to the Oscars. Not all of the movies are out here yet so I'm looking forward to a few weeks of cinema going. I'm most looking forward to seeing Sweeney Todd (this weekend), Juno and The Diving-Bell and the Butterfly. I was not impressed by No Country For Old Men.

*jumps up and down and claps*


*throws sparkly glitter into thread*

VP the bustie previously known as Jilliec!!


*sprays thread with Miles come home scent*

*passes out vitamin c and orange juice to the pixies*

omggg. (goodness gracious gracie!) those stars up mornington's legs (all the way to munchkin land???) sound SO RAD!

(((((((((plummy tes'ass, i love you, darling))))))))

so turns out that one of the side effects of my blood pressure meds is: (you guessed it) tiredness.

guess that it is better to fall asleep at the wheel of my car than to have a stroke behind it. blink.gif

a good friend of mine is coming out to visit in about a week. she has work here; and when she comes she stays with me. ROCK! she is bringing me goodies: chocolate chips, coffee, brown sugar, The Blood of Flowers, The Book Thief, and slutty temporary tattoos so i can try one of those lower back ones on for "size" to see if i think it goes with the tatt i already have on my arse cheek.

which makes me think of weedy sea dragon. i meeeece her. anyone know how she's doing?

hugs and kisses and silly silly sea horses!!

Ooh, tes, those goodies sound goooooood! The Blood of Flowers is a really good read (I have a feeling that you, m'dear, are going to love it!) and I'm currently reading The Book Thief, which is great but I think it's going to be heartbreaking.

I think fina is still in contact with weedyseadragon but I haven't spoken to fina for a while (note to self to do that soon).
QUOTE(tesao @ Jan 23 2008, 08:01 AM) *
so turns out that one of the side effects of my blood pressure meds is: (you guessed it) tiredness.

Tes, my mom's BP meds knocked her out too, so they tried her on a different kind and she feels like her old self. Maybe they can try something else?
Ha. Mebbe if the US office were better at communicating, Tes wouldn't NEED BP meds.

Actually, things are pretty much same old with the campaign. It certainly has given me a new lack of respect for organized religion. Its just I'm pretty happy in spite of the campaign.


mornington - you did it!! awesome!! I can't wait to see them when you *ahem* come to visit *ahem* soon...

kittenb - when you said "health vibes to all" I read it "HEATH vibes to all" and I thought "how sweet, she's feeling all of our pain over Heath" haha

and speaking of Heath, I know this sounds awful, but who is going to be the third? Brad Renfro, Heath, and ?? I can't help think it..

bunny - how are you feeling, and you reminded me that I need to talk to fina too. I'm sorry you didn't like "no country" when I have been raving about it.. but it's definitely an either love it or hate it movie, I think.

((rose)) sorry to hear you've got hella cramps. I almost wish I had cramps - I'm on my period and all I am is extremely horny. I want to go find a hot young no strings attached boy to have sex with. However it's too much of a pain in the ass. so meh. I'll just bleed. anyway, I digress. I hope you feel better.

mando - TRAVEL, DAMMIT!!! traveling is one of the best things in life. do it!! (I'm biased cause I love to travel, but I still think it would be great for you!)

I remember jilliec too!

((tes' blood pressure))

((everyone else))

anti-kvetch - I love my new apt, I love the place I'm living in, I love (so far) my new job, and I can't wait until I make more friends here so I can have a more active social life.. but just hanging with a few good friends right now is a good, mellow thing too.

kvetch - I swear to god, there is something in the water here that affects the men's brains. WTF is their problem with contacting you when they say they will? Honest to god, I have never dealt with a race of men so shitty across the board about it. It seriously can't be just me.

ok, will catch up more and write more later.

((zoya)) Yay for loving your new apartment.

((tes)) Yay for your friend coming for a visit.

((mando)) Sorry things have been crappy.

((sassy)) Feel better. Hope miles comes back.

((mornington)) Can’t wait to see pics of the tattoos.

((pixie and family)) ((star)) Feel better.

((polly)) Yay for taking pictures.

((kittenb)) Yay for dinner with the boy.

((bunnyb)) I really want to see Four Months, Three Weeks and Two Days, but it’s not playing here. Happy belated birthday to the boy.

((txplum)) Sorry about Buddy.

((amilita, ccgirl, rose, yuefie))
bunny, you should read "I Am the Messenger," another Markus Zusak book. Also, Markus Zusak is hot.

*waves to everyone* I'm back! I had a great vacay but am happy to be home, even if it is miserable weather here.

(((mando))) you don't suck! and we're glad you're here.

hooray for new flats and tattoos and visits!

boo to missing kitties and pains and medicine side effects.

polly i haven't been to a bar yet since the smoking ban but it will happen this weekend. I am stoked to be able to drink in public once more!

Best Pal A's baby is due to come out any day now, although apparently the young miss would rather stay inside her mom.
Writing from work... new job good, having money again=priceless.

Will pop in again soon...hopefully at the weekend with new and improved internet at home!
I had decided to take today off of work to get my house back in order but,unfortunetly, the work (mold removal, repainting) is still going on. So now I am selfishly sitting here at home, typing away even though having my computer plugged in means that the guy doing the work has to keep stepping over the cords. Oh well, soon I am going to throw on my gym clothes and go work out. It is just really REALLY cold outside and I can't quite bring myself to do it. I had weird ass dreams last night where I was being assaulted and I feel that strange lethargy that sometimes clings to me after a bad dream.


tes - I will post that recipie. The meatloaf muffins were wonderful!
syb - yay for $$$ and working!
zoya - You sound so happy.
{{{vesicapieces, bunnyb, txplumwine, polly, and all!}}}

Have a lovely day. Stay warm!

It's cold here. Office manager let me cover the vent over my head with cardboard. Much better now.

Here are those pictures:

I kinda wish the focus was clearer on the glass in the first one instead of the bottles in the background, but you kinda play the hit-or-miss game when you're taking pictures with no flash in a dark bar.

Albus is so freaking cute. The past couple mornings, when I've been forgiven for force-feeding him the night before, he has figured out that when my alarm goes off, I wake up. He's nice enough to wait until I've hit the snooze button a couple of times and should be getting up anyway, then he runs in the room, meowing and jumps on me, snorgles my face. It's the best way to wake up, even when it's negative three degrees and it's more night than day outside at 5:45am.

~*~*~*still holding out for Miles to come home vibes~*~*~* for sassy. It could happen. Stanger things have.

~*~*~*happy dreams vibes~*~*~* for kitten. I hate those bad dreams that stick.

Rose, what happened with your friend? I assume she had the baby?

Jeez, I've been working on this since this morning!....~*~*~*all-purpose work/health/family/friends/money vibes to everyone!~*~*~*

ETA: Where's yuefie?
Kvetch: I woke up this morning, and had a seizure. It's a good thing I'm heading to my doctor tomorrow. I think it's related to the crap cold I have right now.

Miles still isn't back yet, but some stray cats are coming around to get food. Hopefully, they'll spread the word. If he doesn't come back in a few weeks, I'll get a girl kitty.

Hooray for Zoya's internet access! And hooray for Sybarite's job! And hooray for Sidecar's vacay!

((((((((((((Sassy))))))))))))))) Glad to hear you'll be seeing the doc soon.

Polly, Albus sounds absolutely wonderful.

Kitten, I hope your day improved.

Mandi, when you say you'd be traveling "south", how far south do you mean?

Anti-kvetch: My friend, R, had her baby yesterday afternoon. It's a girl! Yay! Her name is Amelia Elanor. No, that isn't a typo; that's how they're spelling her middle name. It's from The Lord of the Rings, believe it or not. Anyway, sounds like mom and baby are healthy and happy. Both of the parents come from pretty big families, so I'm sure things are crazy there. I'm going to give them a week or so to recuperate before I call & bug them. biggrin.gif It's fun to think that we have anther baby girl in our little urban family. All babies are cute, of course, but there's something extra special about girls.

Anti-kvetch: My new friend, S, will be closing on her house tomorrow. Soon she'll be done moving & we can finally hang out again. Yay! I really really like this person. She could so be a Bustie. I just hope she likes me, too.

Anti-kvetch: BestGuyPal had a big job interview today and it went REALLYreallyreally well. Before he flew home, they told him to expect their offer in a day or so. Yes, they said "offer"! Hooray!

Kvetch: My eyes hurt. I wore by contacts for a bit too long I guess. So I'm back in the ol' glasses for a while. Reading isn't too fun and, of course, staring at a computer screen isn't exactly a laugh a minute, so I should spend less time on the internet for a while. Siiiiiiigh. Oh well.
I am nursing such a sore head today. zoya and I drank close to 3 bottles of red wine last night and had some whiskey; we're both feeling a bit worse for wear and poor zoya is working.

I'm lying down in a darkened and quiet room but I'll need to venture out into the world soon. The boy is through this evening, we're celebrating his birthday again this weekend (with his parents this time) and I've still to wrap his gifts.

(((sassy))) glad you're visiting the doctor.

(((miles))) I hope he hears you're looking for him on the cat-vine.

sidecar, I'll check out the book at some point - literally. I need to stop buying books and use the library more; although I own many books I haven't read yet. I unpacked a few boxes of books yesterday and I have to say that I have a kick ass library of my own!

polly, albus sounds adorable. Speaking of cute cats: mandoo was sitting on the arm of the sofa the other day and I stopped to scratch his head as I walked past; he sat up on his back legs, doing a meer cat impression, lost his balance and fell backwards like a turtle. hee, with my help he righted himself but looked a little startled; he can be so accident-prone at times!

dm, thanks for the birthday wishes for the boy. They weren't belated: Wednesday was his actual birthday smile.gif. Hope the film is shown somewhere near soon.

I'm still sad about Heath Ledger and think a few of us could use heath vibes. zoya said what I've been thinking: who's next? these things always happen in threes.

yes, where's yuefie?

yay for new babies, new jobs, new flats, high speed internet access, successful trips, smoke free bars

boo for seizures, medication side effects, missing cats, mould

undies: fuschia pink plunge bra and black hipster shorts with pink "kisses" written across one side and white hearts

(((kvetchies))) have a good weekend!
rv - I think that is a beautiful name for a little girl.
bunnyb - I've rediscovered the library lately. Lack of money has driven me too it as I am terrible about returning books and I always end up owing money anyway but I am going to try to buy less. Hope your head stops hurting.
polly - have we seen pictures of the new kitty? I love when my cats sleep w/me in winter. In summer they wake up with the sunrise. In cold weather they are more inclind to sleep & cuddle.

My day yesterday did improve but tonight will be much better. The boy and I have plans to do absolutely nothing but stay in. biggrin.gif I've noticed that I am also having a strong reactiong to Heath Ledger's death. With the exceptions of Brokeback Mountain & Monster's Ball I wasn't even that big a fan but it just seems that he was such a nice guy. And with the baby and all, it is too sad. As for the "third," well counting Suzanne Pleschett, wasn't Heath the "third"?

Undies report: blue string panties w/bikinis printed all over (I miss warm weather) and blue lace bra.
...suzanne pleschett died??? I had no idea.

icky stomach and bad head at work....oof.


black meshy hipster shorts with black lacy trim, matching bra.
Suzanne was the third? Man...

Fuck. Another seizure this morning. sad.gif

Mcgeek's car died.

Jan is just a shitty month for me.

I'll post more tomorrow.

(((((((McGeek's car)))))))))

~~~~~~~ hang-over recovery vibes for Bunny & Zoya ~~~~~~~

Kitten, a night in with the boy sounds very nice. wink.gif

I, too, am surprised by how hard the death of Heath Ledger has hit me. I guess because he was so young. Like his daughter, my mom was 2 years old when her father died. She has no memories of him which I know is hard for her, so I definitely feel for Heath's family and baby girl.

Well, to lighten the mood a little, I have good news! Actually, GREAT news! Sheff got his greencard in the mail today! He is no longer a "temporary permanent resident". He is now simply a permanent resident. And it's good for 10 whole years! This means we don't have to go through the dreaded immigration interview, either. Woo hoo!
((((sassy & mcgeek))))

kvetch: san francisco rejected me. boo. sorry west coast busties. i won't be able to see ya this year. sad.gif
got a touch o' the insomnia, so just a drive-by to say hey! and i thought of you all the other night when my friend's husband made nutella cookies! yum!

he made 'em like peanut butter cookies, but subbing nutella for P.B. delish.

yay for shef's green card!!!
(((stargazer))) i'm so sorry to hear that!
(((sheff & rose))) congrats!

I heart the library (I work for a library association so I kinda have to) but I do check out a lot of books there. In fact, I checked out "I Am the Messenger." The nice thing about the library in Chicago is that they cap your fines at $5/book and it's only ten cents a day per book so it takes a while to get to that amount. I always take mine back and then I feel like an idiot because of where I work.

Best Pal A's baby still hasn't made her debut. We had dinner with A and her husband last night, and I was like, "So I guess you're not having a baby today?"

It's been super cold here so we've been staying in most nights watching season 4 of "The Wire." That show will break your heart.
amalita - Nutella cookies? Good god I am trying that!
{{{{sassy}}}} I really hope that things get better soon.
{{{stargazer}}} that sucks and I am really sorry to hear it.
RV & Shef!!! Woohoo!

{{{Sidecar, zoya}}}

My night in w/the boy did not turn out as planned and I am now spending tonight with Big Love season 2 on DVD by myself. I just needed a break from the intensity, esp. b/c he...well he just doesn't know where we are right now. I know where I am but he needs more time. I can give him that but I needed some alone time. unsure.gif But I told him that I wasn't ending it (I am impatient but not stupid), I just thought that a night off would be the best for me.
I just got back from seeing 27 Dresses with a couple of girlfriends. The theater was PACKED! Scores and scores of women. It felt kinda odd. First of all, I didn't want to see the movie that desperately, but I went just so I could spend time with the girls. Secondly, the whole thing just felt too much like ... porn. All the dresses and the wedding planning and blah blah blah. And since I was sitting there - the older, married lady sandwiched between two women who desperately want to get married - it felt uncomfortable. We left the theater & they had stars in their eyes ... that kinda crazed, hungry look, you know? - until they remembered that neither of their boyfriends want to get married. And I was stuck there kinda stammering, saying, "Oh, getting married isn't everything. It's actually extremely stressful. You're much better off as you are now." Ugh. So awkward.

So anyway. Now I'm home & I have a headache. What a way to start a Saurday night. tongue.gif

(((((((((more love for Sassy)))))))))))

((((((((Sidecar's BestPal A))))))))))))) Keep us informed! Hope the baby comes soon & that it's perfect.

Kitten, a little break can be good. Gotta leave 'em wanting more, ya know? Hope you enjoy your private time.

(((((((((Stargazer))))))))))) I've never been to San Fransico, but since you were rejected I've decided that it sucks. That's right, San Fran sucks the big one!!!! For one thing, it's too damn expensive to live there. And for another thing, it's WAY too damn expensive to live there. And ... well, that's all I got. But that's enough, right? wink.gif

Amilita, I think your mention of Nutella cookies has started a mass wave of salivating among KvetchKind.

Thanks for all of the love on the greencard. I'm still thrilled that we don't have to deal with that again for 10 years! Woot!

Anti-kvetch: Sheff and I ordered a new over-the-range microwave today. Our old one died last summer, so we figured it was about time to replace it. Since Consumer Reports rated them in the latest issue, we took it as a sign.
Kvetch: Unfortunately, a lot of other people read the same article & the micro-hood we want will not arive until the first week of March. Oh well. I've waited this long, right? What's another 5 weeks in the grand scheme of things?

See isn't married life exciting? No wonder my gal pals are so desperate to tie the knot! rolleyes.gif
*tip toes in with a sheepish grin*

I'm here, mostly lurking. I just haven't had time to catch up on reading so I'm not able to properly vibe everyone. But I can love you all! (((kvetchies)))

Tonight is my baby bro's 30th birthday party, so I am about to be the lone chick in a room full of dudes and a big ol' keg. Fun, eh, not so much. But I know he is going to have a blast, as he got Guitar Hero last night from Shan & Nat. The boy and I are gonna go off and do our own thing in a bit, so it shouldn't be too bad wink.gif

Where is billy's undie report?

Alright, my belated undie report: burgundy lace cheeky shorts & black lace bra
thanks everyone for the support. smile.gif

(((kittenb))) relax. breathe. enjoy your time watching free love.

(((rose))) congrats again on Sheff's greencard! and to the microwave! kitchen appliances in general! biggrin.gif

(((sidecar))) have you encouraged BestPal A to get alittle frisky with hubby to get the baby movin'?

(((amilita))) yum. i want to try those cookies so bad!

(((yuefie))) miss seeing you 'round these parts. i'm sure your boy is keepin' you busy. wink.gif

do we really need to know billy's boxer report? we all know the color. laugh.gif

kvetch: this sinus headache has been awful. i'm still getting over this cold. it makes hard to try and concentrate.

antikvetch: laying low to get some R & R to get better. but, i've been watching alot of 80's movies, sleeping, and eating cheesecake!


where is everyone?? unsure.gif

kvetch: i made the shittiest coffee this morning. must buy my own coffee and not use den mom's.

kvetch2: the sinus headache continues and woke me out of my sleep. seriously. sinus pain blows.
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