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Tes - that sounds so frustrating. I wonder if your sister even realized how upsetting it would be to you. My mother is forever telling her friends, "You should got o Chicago. Jennifer will put you up." It doesn't bother me b/c no one has ever done it but I can totally see how what she is doing is upsetting to you.
And I just cannot see someone not finding you to be good enough. You are wonderful.
Happy Tuesday, everyone.

CCGirl, that heat wave seems to be hitting everybody. Bizarre, isn't it? Good for you for getting organized!

DM, sorry the job sitch is annoying you. Here's hoping they come through on their promises soon.

Tes, how frustrating! Maybe your sister is one of those people who thinks, "Hey, there's no harm in asking! The worst she can say is no." So you know what you need to do: say no! Tell her that her friends can stay at a local hotel if they really want to, but you are unable to assist them with any costs. It's a perfectly reasonable response.

Thanks so much for the vibes, both for me and for the sweet Bubbenstein kitty. He's a great cat & I'm sure the shots won't bother him one bit. I'm just worried for BestGalPal. She had a cat named Lulu who was diabetic and did fine on the shots for a couple of years, but then her bloodsugar started going all over the place & despite tons of help from the vet, they just couldn't get her back on track and our dear Lulu wasted away. I know BestGalPal is scared that she'll have to watch another beloved cat die from this disease. sad.gif

Kvetch: This is Day 4 of Wibbly Tummy. Bah. All I can handle is toast and tea. Just watching other people eat on TV makes me nauseated.

Anti-kvetch: Despite feeling sickly, I want to start painting the living room today. I may not get it completely finished, but I'm desperate to get rid of this old wall color.
super fast drive by, because internet in new apt is not working, I can't find a close signal to poach from, and I am forced to sit in internet cafe each day until it gets fixed (could be over a week. shit. what will I do? I work from home. UGH. but I digress....)

((tes)) - that sucks. what a pain in the ass. I'd probably lose it if my sister just assumed she could add some friends on to her trip and I'd put them up and set everything up for them before she actually discussed it with me. blergh.

((rose)) hope you feel better.

aw crap... ((((everyone else)))) I just don't have time to read down the archives..

can I just say AGAIN how much bunnyb rocks? I seriously would not be where I am, with the general ease it took to get here, if it wasn't for her. Busties just rule in general, but she is exceptional in the level she went over and above to help me out. She even sent me links to some night classes here in town that she thought I might be interested in taking just for fun.

I can also report that mornington is doing well, and her hair matches her scarf and socks. That girl is the most coordinated person I know!!

ok gotta run..

((((zoya)))) yay! you got there ok! and I have eyeshadow to match my hair too... although sometimes I think it's a bit much wink.gif

((((bunny)))) does indeed rock

((((yuefie)))) squeeeee! boyfriend! yuefie and newboy sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g... /childishness. although boo on the meds, I hope the side effects wear off or you find new strength.

((((rose & bubbacat))))

((((tes)))) grr. how inconsiderate!

((((dm)))) hope the job sitch works out!

((((polly)))) your kitty is cute! and it's good to see him feeling better - fingers crossed he and tana get on!

((((kitten, pixie, sassy, sixie, syb, candy, lorie, lelu, lanie, everyone))))

indigo decided to take off after a cat last night (usually he just ignores them) and scraped the skin off the back of his front legs and broke a nail. It doesn't seem to be bothering him much, so hopefully we won't need to go to the vet! I'm just working on keeping it clean.

and now I have to go to work. *smooches* all round, I miss you all very much when I'm not able to get in here!

rose, it's metformin. a medication that is used for diabetics, which I am not, but it helps the symptoms of what I'm dealing with. my doc warned me that some women are not candidates for it, and that sometimes the symptoms are worse for those of us taking it who don't absolutely need it (like say, a diabetic). my tummy issues sound the same as yours. sometimes it's really, really bad like Sunday. but then other times, like right now, it's manageable. Sunday was just that bad and I was thinking maybe I couldn't hang. It's like I have morning sickness constantly, and NO appetite at all. It's also been giving me blood sugar dips and I have to force myself to eat, which sucks. And the headache, oh the dang headache. But I'm trying to be a trooper and to give my body a chance to adjust.

morn, that was too cute. I enjoyed the childishness tongue.gif

I heart the new boy so very much. yesterday I got a text message asking me if I was home, to which I said no and that I was at the grocery store and asked him why. a few moments later I suddenly hear from behind me "I couldn't just drive by again and not stop to hug you". he has to drive past the freeway that leads to my place on his way to and from school, and he'd already complained in an earlier text message that it was killing him to do so. awww. so yeah, even though he had limited time until he had to pick his son up from school, he took the detour just to see me. and tonight after class he is coming over to make soup for me.

sorry for my self absorption, promise to come back soon to properly vibe everyone. and thanks for all the squee's and love, ya'll rock like AC/DC.
Aww Yuefie! Your boy sounds amazing.

(((Rose and Yuefie))) Tummy troubles suck. Little Baby Boy DK made me sick all the time so I feel ya.

(((Tes))) Usually I call my sisters and tell them what bitches they are when they pull this shit. However, it seems your sis and you are already on thin ice so maybe you can just call her bad names in secret.


(((CCgirly))) Just cause I love T.O.

Pixie- yay for travel and payiong off debt. I can't do either haha

DM- Fuck work. Sorry, but for real. Fuck it.

I had a dream last night I was at a family party and I was talking about how I'd been married 3 times! Sure, not entirely unlike me but weird. Also, my cousin wasn't dead (he died 6 years ago) but was in a wheelchair. I was also pregnant. All very weird.

I think it all has to do with the other night I was talking with a friend about when I was 19 had to tell everyone I was pregnant. Blah. And the fact I may divorce my husband. How bad is it that the worst thing I can think of about divorce is that I have 3 kids? Shouldn't I care that I wont be married anymore? That I wont be in love anymore? Maybe I'm just not taking it serious enough? Maybe I hate my husband? Maybe both?
(((Tes))) Did you tell your sister yes or no yet? I hope you're not really thinking you're not good enough for your her...she's just the way she is, ya know?

(((Yuefie))) Boy, that is a lot of side effects!

Mornington! I miss you when you're not around.

Zoya, hooray for settling in! And how awesome of Bunny to help you so much!

Rosev, get better! And (((Bubbenstein)))

DM, good luck on figuring out the career stuff. I used to have a friend where we would have coffee and be each other's life coaches...we would help each other thinking about what we wanted to do with our jobs and lives and the big picture of it all. Could you do that with twin DM or someone? I found it really helpful and it made me feel hopeful at times when I needed it.

Oh, my killer green chicken enchiladas are heated up now! *tummy growling* And I should say that the sauce is green, not the chicken!

(((vibes to all!)))
hee, my ears are burning so thought I'd drop by!

I do, indeed, rock tongue.gif. Nah, seriously, t'was a pleasure. zoya is a very cool and together lady, who I admire a lot so anything I could do to help. Besides, I had a fab few days in London through it and now can hang out with zoya more often.

It was great to hang out with zoya and mornington for a couple of days and I ate soooooo well. On Saturday night we had amazing mexican food; Sunday night zoya introduced me to Ethiopian food, which I loved (it made me think of Chicago busties, especially polly); last night we had Italian back in Glasgow and it was all washed down with margaritas, copious amounts of red wine and interspersed with krispy kremes and reese's miniature peanut cups. Hardly surprising that my tummy is a little sensitive today, eh?!

I've also been congested with a cold but zoya hooked me up with Dayquil, which you can't get here and worked wonders over the weekend. We have really poor a/c in work though so when I was back tonight it made me feel so much worse and I had a nose bleed from being so stuffed up.

(((yuefie))) I hope the symptoms are alleviated, m'dear, and yay for adorable, cute, smitten boyfriends!!!

(((tes))) that's inconsiderate and bad manners. I hope you can resolve things amicably.

(((bubbacat))) and (((rose's tummy)))

(((indigo))) poor baby.

polly, how's your (((kitty)))?

(((amilita's mom))) I'm sorry, I forgot to vibe her and (((you)))

(((dm))) I feel you on the work sitch. I've decided now the area I want to find a job in though and have my eye on the company I want to work for so it's now a matter of attaining it. There are a few plot element changes in The Kite Runner; one rather big one, which I can understand why they left out and a relatively minor change they made, which I can't fathom.

(((lori))) I had a really weird and disturbing dream last night; I was being attacked by a guy I know and it felt dreadfully real and the boy's dad turned up and saved me. weird.

(((everybody I'm missing)))
*waves* hi everyone!

(((bunny))) you can't get dayquil there? boo (although it's well established that my fave congestion treatment is the neti pot)! Also I love Ethiopian film! That bread is right tasty. I had Armenian tonight (and thought of raisingirl).
(((yuefie))) your new boy sounds like a sweetheart
~~~settling in vibes for zoya~~~
(((everyone i missed)))

I pulled something in my neck grabbing my phone from where I dropped it underneath my car. The irony is that my phone is in its last gasps. Not sure if it was worth it.
I was offered a job this morning! Hurrah! *watches as wolf finally slinks away from my door* I am beyond over this hand to mouth freelance teaching thing. I can still work on the thesis nights (it's in editing stage) and I can walk to work!!

*relief* Thank you 2008; looking good so far!

Tes, that would piss me off and hurt me in equal measure. Hotels where you are are pretty reasonable, no? Maybe suggest the Holiday Inn? On no account should you feel you should put up your sister's friends. (((Tes))) Hoping situation resolves swiftly.

Bunnyb, gotta love those strong over the counter US medicines. I always bring back Midol for friends.

I miss Glasgow italian...

Cheers all for get well messages: I have finally recovered, just in time apparently!
yay sybarite for job!!! woo!!! (ps - I STILL owe you an email, which has been sitting in my 'drafts' folder for about 3 months and is completely outdated by now... or maybe you can just come visit.. wink.gif )

mornington - you must come visit, too.

(there is a copious amount of vodka in my house, so you see, so you guys would be visiting 3 busties here..since we know vodka is a bustie...)

yuefie - new boy sounds fab. can I have one, too? pretty please?


congrats, syb!
YAY for new kitties and new boys and new paint and new jobs!

BOO on rude sissers and non appreciative jobs and work in general

Hugs for everyone!

My new year has been full of drunken debauchery, a week long panic attack, a stupid Mr., and a now Sober Mr. going to AA.

Drunken fun was had when we went bowling on newyears. We all dressed to the nines and put on our bowling shoes and drank $1 champagne. It was fantastic. I didnt get home until 3:45 which is when my alarm went off telling me it was time to go to work. I told it to go to hell.

Last week, around tuesdayish, I started having anxiety issues, staved off the panic attack until I got home from work and spent two hours hiding in my bathtub. The next few days, I went to work, but things got worse. I stayed home friday and was okay for a while, but then the Mr got home and I went into full blown panic attack because he wasnt sober and I didnt have the capacity to take care of myself much less him. I was curled up on the bed, sobbing and hyperventilating. He didnt know how to handle it, so he yelled at me, kicked a hole in the door and yelled at me some more before finally sneaking out. I got up around 10 cause I had calmed down a little and he was no where to be found, he took the car and the phone. Sent me into full panic again. His family came to my rescue. The Mr. is now going to AA. Voluntarily. He didnt like that he just left me like that. So, we'll see how this goes.

Yesterday, it snowed. It was a fantastic surprise. The Mr. and I stayed home and did a little repair on our relationship by staying in bed and watching movies.

I am working on 4 or 5 projects now too.
My dad gave me the family rocking chair as its in need of serious TLC. I'm going to recane it and refinish it. I'm super excited. I've taken it apart for the repair, but I have to wait until I get the right cleaner for it. I need an antique furniture cleaner so that I dont damage it.

My dad also gave me a mahogany table that is fantastic but needs a little love. Well.. a lot of love. We've sanded it down and are working on the edges and legs now. Once thats done, we'll stain it a nice red mahogany color.

I just painted a set of shelves for the living room and just have to hang them now. I have the hallway and the rest of the upstairs to paint.

I inherited a lamp that is fantastic, but it needs to be rewired so thats my next small project.

I think I have plenty to keep myself occupied.

Yay, syb, for the new job. Congrats on giving the wolf the boot.

{{{prettyinpink}}} I don't know what to say but I am glad that the Mr. recognized the problems as well. Good luck, sweetie.

{{{sidecar's neck}}}

{{{zoya, amalita, bunnyb, loridk}}}

I am back at work after taking a sick day yesterday. I almost skipped out today b/c I was soooo tired after taking a shower that I thought I was going to fall over. So I am making it a short day today and skipping the gym until this weekend. Tonight I am meeting my Project Runway friends and tomorrow I am going to the movies w/the boy so I felt guilty about not coming into work. And I am not sich anymore, just a slight cough and I think I need a nap.
Congrats, syb!

(((zoya))) a'cos

(((sidecar's neck))) ouch.

(((kittenb))) feel better

(((prettynpink))) wow. I'm glad the mr is getting help.

I still have a cold and pretty tired and weak but upbeat. Have pretty new hair; I modelled for friend Babette today and now I have chestnut hair with subtle purple bits and it rocks.

kvetch: I read a news story night about THIRTY TWO dead horses found in England; EIGHTY emaciated and neglected horses were rescued from the site and a further THREE had to be put down. I feel sick, teary and it gave me the push I need to regularly donate to the RSPCA so I set that up immediately. I hope they string up the man reponsible - BASTARD.

kvetch/anti-kvetch: bunnymama works two jobs and returned to her nightshift one (elderly care) last night after a bout of sickness (joint problems with knee). She's just phoned to say she's handing her notice in tomorrow as she was shouted at by her supervisor tonight; it was uncalled for verbal aggression. It's horrible that she was pushed to it in such a way but she's been wanting to leave for a long time; she's worked there for 12 years and studied to be a podiatrist whilst doing it and now she has a well-paying job as a podiatrist so really doesn't need to work where she is treated badly.

((bunnyb)) Feel better. The new hair color sounds interesting with the purple.

((bunny’s mom)) Good for her for turning in her resignation, no one should be shouted at especially at work.

((kittenb)) Get your rest.

((pip)) Glad you had a nice holiday and that the mr. is getting help.

((syb)) Congratulations on the job.

((sidecar)) Hope your neck feels better.

((amilita)) Thanks for the advice about work.



((yuefie)) Hope the side effects are lessening. Aww the new boy stopping by just to say hello, that’s so cute.

((indigo)) Hope his wound heals quickly.



((tes)) Sorry your sister is being so frustrating

((ccgirl)) Feel better.

I made a decision today to start going to therapy again (I went for a short time last year), and I feel good about the decision. I have found a new therapist because my old one does not take my new insurance. I have two weeks until my first appointment, but just making the call has helped. I’m hoping she can also help me put the job thing in perspective, and if needed gain the courage to leave.

This evening has been nice because I received two cds in the mail from Amazon. Then Mr. DM and I were laughing and joking about various things, and that’s good for me because I’ve been so stressed and moody lately.
*~*~*multipurpose vibes and hugs to who need 'em*~*~*

just came in to kvetch of course. but, i got my application to san fran sent out. the due date was today. i had to email it. they didn't say what time it had to be emailed. so i long as it showed today's date on my email...then i'm ok. blah. oh well. i just put it out to the universe and see what happens. man, this sucks. i hate the potential rejection that may come. from any of my interviews. but, especially this one. i will be really bummed to be rejected....a third time. and for some reason, i'm kinda expecting to not be interviewed. i hate this process.

((((((PiP & DM))))) i hope you ladies do what you need to take care of yourselves. you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Hi everybody! (Reply: Hi Dr. Nick!)

Sorry I've been MIA...I haven't been sleeping enough and I'm just too tired to put sentences together coherently when i get home at night. Been lurking and vibing, though.

For anyone who asked, the cat is about the same. Still not eating voluntarily and is getting better at fighting me when I try to feed him. I just don't get it. I'll post more details in the cat thread tomorrow for anyone who's interested.

I have to work a half-day tomorrow, so I'm off to bed. I'll try to catch up tomorrow.

((hugs to all))
thanks to all of the kvetchies for their vibage/advice about the pennwee. i wrote to her telling her that i was hurt by her bringing friends with her (sidestepping the issue of being their travel agent for the moment) and she has sent a response which i am afraid to read. why is my family so dysfunctional?

i've been here, lurking and vibing but not posting. i always feel as if i need to respond to everyone and am afraid that i will inevitably miss some one. meh. the longer that i put off posting, the more people post that i will perhaps forget. one of those vicious cycle things.

kvetch: i appear to be suffering post-holiday tristesse.
kvetch: i miss mr. hotbuns.
kvetch: my crappy landlady just upped my rent by 25%.
kvetch: i couldn't write a coherent sentence this week if my life depended on it.
kvetch: i have work to do but no will to do it.

anti-kvetch: it's friday!

where is mandomyheart? i meece her.
Wow, it's so quiet in here huh.gif

((((tesao)))) awww sugar, I'm sorry you're feeling a bit blue. boo on the family issues, rent increase and the missing of mr hotbuns. ~~~~work productivity & soothing vibes~~~~

((((polly)))) ~~~~rest for you and some eat kitty vibage~~~~

((((mando)))) where ever she may be

((((star)))) sorry sweetie ~~~~get that interview~~~~

((((sidecar's neck)))))

((((indigo)))) ~~~boo boo healing~~~

((((pink)))) ~~~~anti-anxiety~~~~

((((dm, candy, kitten))))) feel better

yay syb!

bunny, any pics of the new do?

(((((morn, pixie, rose, zoya, sixela, amilita, billy, dusty, muppet, raisin, sonik, faith, flankerj, loridk, sassy, lelu, lanie, everyone)))))

So I've been feeling a little bit better the past few days. still have some nausea and no appetite, but the wracking pain and misery have lessened significantly. The upside of the lack of appetite is that all of my rings are beginning to fit loose. I sure do hope there is some sort of weight loss pay off! there is this trade show going on this Sunday, Monday & Tuesday in San Diego that the boy has attend for school and he is taking me with him. Yay! It sounds like it should be interesting, altho' I do wish that I actually had an appetite, since it is the Fancy Foods Show. But whatevs, I am just stoked to even be able to go.
AWWW everyone is so supportive in here today
It certainly is quiet, today. Yeufie.... hang in there, my friend. Tes.... pffft on your landlady. Star... best of luck on the interview process. Selfishly, I say Texas needs you.

No one mentioned undies today, so neither will I. But you know what they are, don't you?

A happy weekend to all!
Drive by! So sorry I've been MIA. Looks like a lot of Kvetchies have been missing lately. Hope everyone is okay!
I'll catch up on archives tomorrow, Mkay?

Anti-kvetch: It took me a few days, but I finally finished painting the living room and hallway! Woo hoo! I was feeling sickly so I didn't work as fast as I normally would. At least it's done now and it looks soooooooo much better. The sunnier color makes the house feel much happier and friendlier, which has had a great affect on my mood. Yay!

Anti-kvetch: We've spent TONS of time with friends this week. Oodles of fun. Eating out, playing Rock Band and board games, etc. I've gone out with a total of 17 people this week! My social calendar is really filling up. It's great.

Anti-kvetch: BestGuyPal interviewed for a new job and it looks very promising. Fingers crossed.

Kvetch: I hurt my left wrist last night. Typing hurts, amongst other things. Ouchie. But y'all are worth it.

Big ol' scary kvetch: One of our friends was laid off from his job on Friday (or "made redundent" for you Kvetchies in the UK). He is the sole breadwinner in his family because he & his wife have 4 kids, aged 7 & younger. Only the eldest child is in school, so the wife (who is my closest friend here in NC) stays home with the other 3 because daycare would be far too expensive. Anyway, I'm very very worried for them. I think he can get a job elsewhere, but he won't be paid nearly as much as he was getting (He worked in the same industry as Sheff, but not for the same company. That's why we're so familiar with the expected pay scale). They're afraid that they'll have to sell their house - a house they bought just 7 months ago - because they won't be able to afford it on the kind of salary these other companies are offering. I can't imagine how terrifying it must be to have a family that size & to lose your job. Anyway. keep them in your thoughts.
Happy weekend, everyone! I was supposed to be at work, but got put on call.

Rosev, glad you had a productive and fun week!

Yuefie, glad the side effects seem to be calming down!

Melancholia, leave Tes alone!

DM, good for you seeking out therapy again!

Feel better, Bunnyb!

I've just been working on my Mardi Gras outfit...for the first time, I'm actually doing an organized group thing! We will walk in the informal parade that is like a big street party with the most excellent costumes. I'll be sure to post pictures! Mardi Gras is early this year- Feb 4th or 5th or something. Next Sat. is Krewe du Vieux, one of my two favorite parades, and I'm gonna make red beans and rice and get a king cake for dinner.

Wally caught a mouse on the porch the other day, and it was so funny. He was excited, but didn't really know what to do with it. He was sorta growling and at the same time, going after his tail a little (his stress behavior)...with the mouse in his mouth!! The Mr. took care of the mouse- so glad I didn't have to. And I must say, the new medication he's on seems to be working better than the other one, so yay!

(((love to all)))
Hi everyone! I'm in Philadelphia at my conference. Things are going well so far. I'm having a pretty good itme.

Oh, and librarians know how to party. For serious.

Love to you all!
I didn't realize that I had not posted in here since Wednesday. Sorry everybody. No, my cold didn't kill me. I've just been spending a lot of time w/friends and the boy and work has actually had more than just busy work for me to take care of. But more on that in a minute.

sidecar - I would imagine that librarians party like rock stars. Have fun!

amalita - I could not tell if it was your cat or your Mr. who was on the new meds but I am glad that it seems to be working.

roseviolet - It really amazes me how much work you put into your house. I think that is wonderful. Your place must look beautiful.

polly - I hopehopehope the kitty starts to eat soon. Could it be that she doesn't like the food flavor? I think cats are more particular than dogs and they will not eat something that they don't like. I just had to switch out my cat food for that reason.

{{{sexysandee, yuefie, billybonka, tes, stargazer, designermedusa}}}

My weekend was pretty great. I have been so social it is a little maddening. It the result of combining my social life w/the Geek's social life. We have both decided that we need to schedule a weekend where we do nothing. But first we have a birthday party to get through. I just normally like to hibernate in winter.

Little Kvetch - I am trying to figure out what to do about the Oscars. Every year I throw a party. It is like my Super Bowl. I put a lot of work into it and everyone who comes has a good time. Well this year, I don't know if the Oscar's will even be worth watching. Did anyone care about the Golden Globes? Without writers and celebrities in fancy gowns, what it the point? And the show is really early this year, Feb. 24th. I am not even sure if I can afford to see all of the likely nominated movies. And I am really not sure if I can throw a party this year considering how much of my money if going to pay down my vet bills.

Anti-Kvetch - My vet bills were worth it. Olivia is doing so much better these days. Her medication has given me back the loving cat that I used to have. I can't belive how much her personality had changed w/o me realizing it. She is less needy and scared and palys with her brother like she used to.

Bigger Kvetch - After a great weekend my job is bringing me crashing me back to earth. Father's who tell their raped daughters (who end up requiring brain surgery due to the beating they receive) that the girl is no longer his "little angel" should have their parenting rights revoked. Asshats!
Damn, I haven't posted in like a week. My visit with my family was fine. A little weird though. My mom gave me these teacups that once belonged to my grandmother. I didn't really know what to say. So spent a lot of time in therapy... ugh.

Kvetch: Work. I go in yesterday to find out that my hours are cut. Just pisses me off. I can't live on 13 hours a week. Fuck, I don't know anyone that can. It's like a new year started, and more bullshit is happening. So that's lead me into some pretty fucked up depression. sad.gif I'm still going to take the GRE, and maybe go back into non-profits again... we'll see.

Anti-kvetch: Finally saw Juno. Loved it. smile.gif

Anti-kvetch: Mcgeek cleaned my apartment for me yesterday while I was at work. It needed it.

Bunny, I know what you mean about an Oscar party. I throw one every year just to gawk at the dresses. I'll be sad if it's not one.

sassy - I think you meant the Oscar comment for me, not my cyber-twin bunnyb. wink.gif I know, we look a lot alike. Please let me know what you decide to do about the party. It just doesn't seem worth the effort if there will be no gala party and actors.
Yep, it was for you kittenb...
Sorry, hadn't had my coffee yet. smile.gif
Kitten, it's Wally who's doing good on his new meds. Glad Olivia has improved so much!

Hope everyone's week is starting off reasonably well!

I did not sleep long enough today and will probably get very tired at starts to hit around 3-4 a.m. Bleh.

I'm gonna miss Oscar outfits, too, if it doesn't happen.
hee, cyber-twinning again!

I too will be sad if there are no Oscars this year; especially if it is (and I have high hopes that it will be) Johnny Depp's year for best actor. Sniff. I support the writers's strike, I understand why they are doing it but don't deprive me of my TV shows AND the Oscars!!! I want pretty and ugly frocks and need to lush over Mr Depp in a fab suit, maudedamnit!

Yeah, I feel strongly about this.

(((sassy))) can they do that? cut your hours without reason or warning?

amilita, I've been meaning to ask for wally; glad he's doing better.

yuefie, how was the good food show?

(((olivia and dumbledore)))

hmmm, what is it with sick kvetchie kitties? mandoo has lost a lot of weight recently and I'm fretting. It may just be down to the fact that we moved his food and now he has to move from my bed and walk downstairs for some but we're monitoring what he's eating and taking it from there. He seems to be over-grooming his back legs too.

I had a good weekend too. I hung out with zoya on Friday night; she made dinner, we drank a couple bottles of red wine, we stayed up late talking and I stayed over and we had sushi Saturday afternoon. The remainder of the weekend I watched Ugly Betty (I heart that show).

Dingo ate my post.
Please know that it was full of love and witty comments & all that. Maybe later when I'm not so ticked off I'll attempt to recreate it.

A woman I have known for 28 years has died. She is my parents' neighbor. This dear woman went to the doctor the week after she retired and was diagnosed with cancer. She had been fighting it for over a year, but it just spread and spread and spread. We knew she didn't have much time left, but it's still hard. At least she died peacefully in her sleep.

It's been said before, but I'll say it again: Fuck you, cancer.
Oh man rose, I know your pain. I just had a very detailed post swallowed up by a black hole and now I don't have much time to repost! Grrrr, damn dingos!

A huge FUCK YOU to cancer.

bunny, the food show was tremendous and also fabulous. it was so large that it took up exhibit halls A thru H of the San Diego Convention center, which means it was pretty damn big! We sampled so much that we were stuffed by the time we left. We had various wines & beer, tons of heavenly cheeses, serrano ham, proscuitto de parma, pates, various olive oils & vinegars, candies, pastries, decadent chocolates, all sorts of goodies. I was fortunate to be having a good day, only a little nausea in the morning so I was able to enjoy it all.

((((((kvetchies)))))) ~~~good things for everyone~~~

well the boy just arrived and is making dinner, so we are off to the market. I swear, this one is a keeper
FUCK YOU to cancer.


kinda too tired for any other individual vibes. not to make everyone feel left out.

kvetch: drained. i'm hoping the lovin' i received back home can carry me through the craziness of the upcoming months. i think i will cry with joy when june comes. yeah i said it. june. it's a long haul. hence the need for extra love and hugs.

antikvetch: a friend/coworker is cooking dinner for me sunday! i think someone has been listening when i said i needed caretaking.

kittenb, if you don't feel like having an oscar party, then don't. and if money is an issue, um, *cough* ask help from your boyfriend. the partners in your life are here to help you. stop being a Virgo by being too proud to ask for help. i'm sure he would more than willing.

((((((star))))) big hugs, you will make it

((((yuefie)))) I'm actually drooling. that sounds liek such a good time!

((((bunny)))) how old is mandoo? is he drinking/peeing lots? any massive behaviour changes? you're not to fret, it might well be that he's getting a little more exercise!


fuck you, cancer.

((((amilita)))) can wally come catch my mice? good to know the meds are making a difference!

((((kitten))))) yay for olivia doing better!

((((sassy)))) boo - did they say why they were cutting your hours?

((((sidecar)))) glad you're enjoying your conference!

(((((((tes))))))) big hug, lady.

((((polly)))) how's the kitty? have you tried a different food?

((((dm)))) i'm glad you're feeling more positive.

((((syb))) yay for the new job!

((((pink)))) glad the mr is getting help - and that you have such cool projects!





I think that's everyone, no? If not ((((you)))) get some vibes too

sorry i've been so lazy posting, i'm not in a particularly great frame of mind right now. I tried to go register with a doctor, but they won't accept my proof of address so I can only go as a temporary patient. and so getting my meds is becoming difficult - I haven't had any for about three weeks, and i've really started to feel it. I've got to see if the uni doctor will take me, or otherwise I'm screwed. or i have to change the address my bank has on file and wait over a month for my next statement to arrive as they'll only accept a utility bill or bank statement (my electricity is inclusive, apparently, as I don't get bills). It also means I can't go on the list to see a therapist (as I can't afford private therapy). Argh! just when I thought I was starting to get sorted out...

also, ikea take aaaages to deliver. and i want my shelves now, damnit. you'd think with the amount they charge for delivery they'd manage to deliver sooner than three weeks away. damnit.

although... today I met one of the people who runs the kennel where indigo came from, apparently he lives just around the corner! it was nice to see some other greyhounds, even if the big boss lady dog did growl at indigo (while wagging her tail, I don't think she knew what to do)
Quick fly by

Kvetch: Miles escaped last night. Mcgeek and I looked for that damn cat for 3 hours. There's a lot of woods behind my apartment. I'm just so worried he's not going to come back. I need some vibes. So much for curing my funk this week. mad.gif I'll be very sad if he never comes back. I loved him so much.,

I'll post more later. ((everybody)))

Quick vibes for quick flyby. Sassy, I hope Miles comes home soon. That's a terrible terrible feeling, I know.
~*~*~come home kitty vibes~*~*~* for Miles!

mornington, sorry to hear about the medical/bureaucratical issues. Hope that works out soon. Being off meds sucks.

Yay for Olivia doing better! Sorry about the Oscar party situation. Maybe you could rent some past Oscar-winning movies and watch those instead. You'd probably get through 2 or 3 in the time the Oscars would have been on!


Yuefie, that's great that you were able to enjoy the food show. My dad gets to go to those because he's in the biz, but he's never taken me with sad.gif And wonderful about the boy! I'm so glad you're happy with him!

((bunny, pixie, amilita, syb, pink, tes, dm, sidecar, zoya, billy, lori)) Where's muppetbutt (hee hee!) been? She was fun!

LeBoy is coming in to get his teeth cleaned today. It's only been since, oh, April 2006. Yuck.

Albus is doing okay. His blood work from Friday showed that his liver enzymes are up, which is good. But he's a little anemic, so he's on steroids that will make his body increase his red blood cell production. He's only been on them for a day and a half, so I'm not seeing a difference and I'm not sure what the difference will look like anyway. He's really finicky about drinking water- I was all worried about him not getting enough, but the vet said he'll drink when he's thirsty and he's getting a lot of water from his food. I just keep pulling on the scruff of his neck to see if the skin snaps back. Anyway, feeding is getting better. Still haven't found a food he likes, but I've found some ways to make the actual feeding process less stressful for both of us and faster. The steroids supposedly act as a appetite stimulant, so hopefully once those take full effect, he'll eat by himself. At least he seems happy when he's not being fed- this would really suck if I didn't have a happy, affectionate cat most of the time.

The dog was very, very bad the other day- he snapped at the cat. The cat thinks everyone is as friendly as he is, so he tried to rub up against the Tana and he snapped at him. He got a wap on the nose and sent to his kennel. We're going to have to work on this. Either the cat needs to learn to just stay out of the dog's space (he just gets territorial) or we need some positive reinforcement of cat-friendly behavior. rolleyes.gif

Okay, it's taken all afternoon to write this, so ((hugs to anyone I missed who's posted since I started!))
Thanks for the vibes all. He's still not back! I know it hasn't been 24 hours, but it's weird. He's gotten out a few times before, and always come back. My fear is someone picked him up. I'm going to make flyers tonight. I also posted on petfinder and craigslist.

Kvetch: My period. Cramps. Ugh.

Anti-kvetch: It's snowing!! Which is scaring me because the little cat's outside. But, it's so pretty!

Have you put some food out, sassy, something really tantalizing, like a can of tuna? Sometimes that brings them home. My parent's cat, Milo, got out a few years ago....that cat is afraid of his own shadow, had never been outside and no one's really sure how he got out, suddenly they just noticed they hadn't seen him in a few hours and he wasn't in the house. He was gone for about 36 hours when he suddenly just reappeared on th back porch, reeking of skunk and pretty freaked out. Seemed like he had an adventure, but probably never actually went much past the yard, and was probably paralyzed with fear and didn't come when we called him. But there is hope because he did eventually come home.

~*~*~more kitty-come-home vibes~*~*~

Did you say St. Anthony's Prayer? I'm not a religious person, but I swear, 95% of the time I find what I'm looking for, even when it turns up in the most unbelievable places- Dear Saint Anthony, please come around, [insert missing object/cat here] is lost and must be found. I just repeat it over and over while I look.
((((sassy)))) */*\*miles come home*/*\*
My Buddy passed away this morning. I don't know what else to say.
(((RIP Buddy)))
~~~come home Miles~~~

I'm in Manhattan! Caught up last night with Best Pal C and her husband, and it was great. We had delicious Indian food over in their neighborhood and chatted over beaujolais. And best of all, Martini and I reunited after five days apart. you'd have thought it was five months. smile.gif

And cancer should go fuck itself.
ETA: {{{{txplumwine}}}} I am so sorry! sad.gif

Please come home Miles. pleasepleaseplease.....

Good luck w/the cat-dog interaction polly. I hope the steroids do jump start his appetite. Olivia has started to put back the weight that she was stressing off. It is nice to see her at her "winter weight" as I call it. She gets a little chubby in the colder months.

msyuefie - that food show sounds wonderful! What fun!

{{{mornington, roseviolet, billybonka}}}

Oy, what a week. How is it not Saturday yet? Something awful happened at work and it was the kind of awful that actualy could leave some emotional scars on me and my coworkers. Even my boss is freaked and I have never seen her at least than 100% efficiency. I am pulling my grad school application together, I wanted to have it in on the 15th but w/everything going crazy I just couldn't do it. So it will get done and sent in today. Everything has just taken all of my reserves away. This whole week has felt like "Wake up, work out, go to work, sleep." No time for fun or recovery. I know that isn't accurate, but that is where I feel at the moment. I just want this day to end. I remember, now, that even positive stress is stress and there is so much new stuff going on in my life that I feel like I am on the edge of a cliff, just waiting to be pushed off. I need more sleep. I know after this weekend I'll be much better but getting there is not fun. sad.gif I don't like my current work schedule and if I had the chance I would take the next month off. Didn't I just have a vacation? Where did all of that "ready to work" energy go?
Okay, take two. I just wrote a long reply, and it got eaten. UGH!!!!


Day two in Miles watch. Mcgeek and my mom have a theory that he may be traveling to Mcgeek's house being he spends a lot of time there. I spent a lot of time looking for him yesterday, and no luck. I did put some stinky food in his cat carrier this morning (we have about 10-15 cats around the neighborhood, and I was afraid they were going to eat it) outside. I'm going to post flyers around the neighborhood as well. Just really sad. I had a weird dream about all my dead pets last night. I hope this wasn't a sign. Just really sad and angry he got out. One of my flaky friends offered one of her cats. I appreciate the offer, but it's not the same. It's odd to feel this weird over my pet. Sorry I'm being a thread hog.

Rip Buddy.

Yuefie, that food show sounded yummy!

Sidecar, have fun in NY! I think I may go again in Feb. I have a whole week (yay!) off in Feb, and just going to go by myself for a few days. I need a holiday. It'll be a late bday present.

Polly, how are the cat and the dog doing?

Star, I know you'll make it.

Mornington,sorry about all the health stuff. That sounds really annoying.

r.i.p. Buddy
(((TXplum))) so sorry about Buddy.

(((Kittenb))) I don't know what happened, but I can imagine it was pretty awful.

Polly, give the cat and dog some time. With every new cat I've gotten, I've thought it was absolutely not going to work out, but then it always has! They may not be lovey-dovey, but hopefully they will work something out.


I'm trying to get some stuff done, including working on the Mardi Gras outfit.
(((txplumwine))) R.I.P Buddy cat sad.gif.

(((sassy))) please come home, miles. It's not weird to feel like you are over a pet; I love mandoo so much it's scary.

(((albus))) and (((polly)))

(((kitten))) I hope you're doing okay.

(((morn))) hang in there, hun, and good luck with the uni doctor tomorrow.

(((sidecar, ccgirl, yuefie, zoya, rose, mandi -where are you?, dm, pixie, tes, star, everybody)))

Spent nice day with zoya today. We went to see a Romanian film about an illegal abortion, Four Months, Three Weeks and Two Days (it won the Palm D'Or at Cannes); it was bleak but very good.
Tomorrow I'm off to see the boy (sidecar, I'll see your five days and see you sixteen wink.gif). It's his birthday on Wednesday so we're going out for dinner and stuff; well, we'd be doing that anyway but it's more special cos it's for his birthday...

Sounds like this is not a good week for Bustie pets. sad.gif

~*!~*!~*!~*!~ super duper come-home vibes for Miles ~*!~*!~*!~*!~
I'm sending out my strongest vibes, Sassy. Hope a happy ending is in the near future.

((((((((((((((Plummie & GameBoy)))))))))))))))))) I'm so sorry about Buddy.

Polly, good luck with the animal strife!

(((((((KittenB & various work colleagues))))))))))


((((((((Bunny & SideCar & Yuefie & Pixie & Tes & Billy & CCGirl & Amilita & DM & the whoooooooole gang))))))))))

Kvetch: Still sad about Joan dying. Cancer is such a fucking bitch.

Kvetch: Also still worried about my friend who got laid off. I hope they don't have to move.

Kvetch: Sheff is playing this video game that bores me to tears. He loves it so I tolerate it as best as I can, but there's something about the pseudo-sci-fi-scary music and blue/grey color scheme that sucks my soul right out of my pores. Haaaaate it.

Kvetch: Yesterday's Project Runway still is not up on YouTube. I want to watch it, dammit!

Kvetch: The main reason why I'm annoyed by this game and by the lack of PR is because I'm emotional about Joan's death. And because my period has started. I just feel like pouting and sighing and feeling sorry for myself.

Anti-kvetch: I finally made a loaf of no-knead bread! This recipe has been all over the cooking blogs for a year now, so I figured I should give it a try. Very yummy stuff, but the loaf is bigger than I expected. There's no way the two of us can eat this whole thing before it goes stale. But at least it was easy & the ingredients were cheap!

Anti-kvetch: I also made french onion soup from scratch. Quite an undertaking! It took 2&1/2 hours just to caramelize the onions. But it's very tasty & we have leftovers so we can sip on it all weekend.
Yeah, LDRs=not for Sidecar and Martini. In the five years we've been married, the longest we've been apart is fifteen days and that is about the most we can handle. We are kinda pathetic.

I'm watching that Tom Cruise video, and it is crrrrraaaaaazy!

Went to the Met today with our good pal R and it was pretty cool. I also went to the Strand, and they were super rude! I did buy some good-lookin' books, though. Then we had hot chocolate with friends before heading back to the UES for a super-delish Italian dinner. We were gonna go back out but it is nasty, so I think we may just chillax at the apartment the rest of the night.

((((polly))))) my cat & dog are still in world war 3 and it's been a few years. They just need to learn to avoid each other.
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