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hi everyone!
i read, but i'm all spacey and can't remember who needs what, so hugs and vibes for everyone!

today was CRAZY chez restaurant. why the feck did everyone in the world want chinese buffet for lunch today? i didn't even get time for staff lunch, i had to quickly ninja-grab fortune cookies, nanaimo bars, and spring rolls while doing work. and then sneakily ninja-eat. i'm gonna nap and make my mom drive me back for the second half of my split
(((raisin))) deep cleansing breath, girlfriend. it's all gonna go your way. this i deemeth.

(((amilita))) let their be light! vibes.

(((tyger))) i used to ninja-grab-n-eat when i hostessed for my friend's indian restaurant. once i even ate my samosa in the bathroom. ick.
mandolyn- i have missed this place sorely as well, 'specially you! hope you are faboo and danny must be growing so big!

blooming lilies and violets make me smile. *griiin*

**power vibes to amlita**

good luck raisingirl! you will get that position and we *all* shall drink champagne!

requests for pictures of my little one? well, she has a new website:

today work was insanely crazy. the hospital has been jumping al week. lots of surgeries and sick people. oy.

some gals were going out for dinner after work, but i am home instead. didnt feel up to going out. bah. anywho, gonna go snuggle with the avocado
mavin, that child is gorgeous. (i used to be editrix/steviek; can't remember if you were here since my name change.)



(((((mando))))) just 'cause

long day at work, and then because i love fun, i spent my evening doing freelance copyediting. (i do love money, though, and the latter gets me that.)

i'm taking monday off and having a four-day weekend. it's about time.
mavin, she is so sweet. (she is the avocado, oui? i'm getting all doubtful of myself remembering old bustnames, for some reason)

i bought a bunch of stuff from the saddly creek record company store yesterday. i decided it was justified, though, 'cause i wanted the first now it's overhead cd, but hmv was all like 'we can get it, but it'll be an import', which means 30$, and i could get it online for 15ish. soooo, if i was buying that i might as well buy, oh, half of everything else i want while i'm there. but i have 6 cds, one shirt, and two buttons headed my way, payed for by the canadian parents for french scholarship.

working at the restaurant is really growing on me. that said, i won't be able to manage two jobs during the school year, and no way am i giving up my cushy school job (i get 10$/hour, and five-hour shifts have maybe 2-3 hours of real work to be done, so i get to do my homework on the clock) to work waitressing. i figure now i have experience for next summer and can get a job where my hair can by whatever wacky colours it happens to be

i'm hungry but nothing seems appealing.

whoops, i should be in the shower already...
The wee one is so cute Mavin.
It was nice knowing everyone, but given the current climate here at Bust, I have decided that I do not want to participate for a while. When Busties have nothing better to do than slam other Busties and fight with trolls.I quit!
Oh, mavin, she's gorgeous! That smile and those cheeks! Squee!

Sidecar, hope you have a great weekend and get some relaxation!

Tyger, definately keep the cushy job! Two jobs and full classload sound like way too much, though I know people who have done it.

Glad you told us you were taking a break, pixie, so we wouldn't worry about you...

Nothing new here...I realize I'm PMSing again; it seems so soon! My new leaf is gonna be turned on Saturday...July 1!

The gym is opening, I'm going to impose some kind of schedule of myself so I'm more productive...not sure what else. But I'm really gonna try to get back to my old self more.

~~~~vibes for all~~~~
Mandi, great job with the African violet! That's amazing, after 9 years. I don't have any patience at all with violets, I find them very fussy little buggers, but I feel bad about it because my grandmother has an insane gift for them and I feel that if I'm not going to learn how she knits I should at least take over the mantle of Keeper of the Violets. She used to have hundreds of them but has now scaled back to only a dozen or two.

Pixie didn't just flounce, did she? Say it ain't so.

Mavin, OMG, I cannot believe the Avocado is that old! She is SO cute too.

Enjoy your weekend Stevie!

~~~Get that job vibes to Raisin~~~
(((amilita))) & (((amilita's mum))) I'm sure it was what polly said about bitey kitty. Sometimes they will bite if they've had enough - my mum's cat used to do that - but don't mean to draw blood.

(((pixie))) noooooooooooo. come baaaaaaaaaaaack. *sniffle*

(((mavin))) so kay-ute! I love smiley tots.

(((tyger))) yay for spending but boo! on ninja-eating.


(((crassy & mr mcnasty)))


(((sidecar))) yay! for four-day weekends




(((mando))) exotic foreign holidays ain't everything, and you're going to have fun. And yay! for danny not being away (it's the summer holidays already? damn lucky thing)

(((yuefie))) acos.

I have had a major plan-upset. I've got a placement starting a week monday - luckily uni will count it even though I should have sent the papers in ages ago - but they only contacted me yesterday. It's working with police horses, and so I have to do all sorts of security checks... and my passport is with my mum as I'm getting my visa for her move next month. But the placement will be cool! I just have to rearrange lots of things, like finding a house and getting my stuff from tripoli.

Anti-kvetch: spoke to N (the ex-bf) and he's doing a course (and getting a job) down here. We're going to hang out. We do have the oddest relationship, but I'm kindof proud that we did what we said we would, and stay friends even if i'm still a little bit in love with him still.

Anti-kvetch: went out with a girlfriend from school, and survived her negativity. But I did forget her birthday present in my bag. But I got two meters of the most gorgeous jersey fabric in the liberty sale to make a dress from.

Anti-kvetch: boots. new boots. (yes, I know it's summer, they were in the sale).

Right... ice-cream and slacking. love and vibes and hugs to all
Pixie has deleted her profile :-(. (((pixie))) if you're lurking, please come back!!! (roseviolet, if you speak to pixiedust can you please send her our love and reassure her we are not all so ... antagonising?)

(((yuefie))) I know you're feeling it too, hun, and thanks for the love in the tr*ll thread (I had to jump to *your* defense but, apart from that, I'm trying to stay out of that train-wreck thread). In all the commotion no-one seems to have noticed that we've lost the other Billy Goat Gruff's enemy.

fina, good for you doing the half-marathon, it's for such a good cause. You reminded me that I must sponsor my friend, he's training for it too.

ze avocado is cuteness incarnate!

(((mornington))) negative people suck. That is all. Oh, and shopping doesn't (I have indulged in a lot of retail therapy recently, I swear by it!)

(((amilita))) keep posting, you are keeping the light on for us all as they news isn't shedding any on it.


~*~*~*~continued healthy vibes for sidecar's grandpa~*~*~*~* (((sidecar)))

My papa has to go back into hospital again tomorrow as his eye still isn't right :-(.

The son of a guy I work with and get along with well (his family live close by and I was friends with his sister as a child) was hit by a car earlier in the week (a heavily pregnant driver) and has suffered head injuries and is in a coma. He's nine years old and sometimes plays with my little sis. It's very upsetting, workmate hasn't left his bedside and his own father died a matter of weeks ago. Please spare some vibes.

I've been okay; doctor is keeping me on anti-depressenats for another 2 months as seem to be working. Been a busy time and not as productive as I would hope (masters dissertation). The boy's graduation is next wed -most of the shopping is been for him, I'm spoiling him a she deserves it- and his sis and b-i-l are leaving for vancouver next fri (b-i-l is canadian and they've lived here for 2 and a half years but are moving back over there, will miss them).

oh, and for all you cheese lovers: I was out for tapas at the weekend and one of my dishes was grilled goat's cheese with orange marmalade (more like a dressing), it was delectable and divine and should have featured on the dessert menu it was so good.


((Pixie)) You'll come back when (I should say "if" at the rate it's goin') we get new software with an ignore button, won't you?

Rose, if she's not lurking, tell her we miss her and we're hoping she feels safe to return soon!

((Bunnyb)) for your dad, your coworker's son, and everything else




((mavin and her cutie- look at those cheeks!!))

((everyone else))
hey, i have a bit of good news: grandpa is getting better! he was moved to an rehab center and nursing home for the next 20-100 days (depending on how he responds to treatment) with hopes that he'll get strong enough to go home. bustie vibes are terrific!

also, the rest of my mother's family is crazy. my uncle who i really don't like today announced that someone gave him and his HIV-positive Mormon wife (yes, you read that right) a mobile home that used to be a crackhouse, and they're going to move into it so they can be homeowners and not rent.

Yay for grandpa Sidecar!

Mandi, you should tell Vesica about your African violet triumph.


The Avocado is beyond adorable.

yay indeed for sidecar grandpa!

oh, and "papa" is my grandpa, I have a step-dad not a dad. I forgot that it's not very clear across the pond - for some here nana and papa are grandparents.

undie report: bought lovely new lingerie on sale yesterday (odille at oasis) and wearing one of the sets, a sheer/lace mint green bra with white flowers and matching french knickers. ooh la la, there's nothing like new underwear!

have a great Friday and weekend (((everyone)))

p.s. tyger, I can't get enough of the lovely Hugh Laurie! House is great and so worth staying in and curled up with boy!

eta: ok, some emergency vibes please: step-dad's niece is 30 weeks pregnant and her waters broke last night. The hospital are trying to hold labour off and baby is 3lbs in weight. She is due in September, same time as my friend C.
Sidecar, that's great news about your grandad!!

(((bunnyb coworker's son))) that's sad and scary. Hope he pulls through.

I'm only doing a tiny bit of work today as this was a busy and productive week. Went out with a bunch of people last night and ended up having a boogie which I haven't done in ages. It rocked.

Working from home... so pink and black knickers and no brar.
well, the mr. is ok. we got to the surgery center at 7:15am and didn't leave until 3:30pm! his surgery was complicated, the x-rays showed a clean break but when they opened him they found a lot of fragments that needed to be removed before proceeding. so he was under for 3 hours. afterwards he was nauseous and groggy but he slept most of the night only having to wake me once for his pain killers. i had to get over my squeamishness to bandage him this morning. he's doing very well considering. the s-i-l has also stepped up and has been helping. she mowed the lawn yesterday and did some laundry so he had more clean shirts (i had to get him really big ones to fit over the brace and wound comfortably). anyway, the surgery center was great -they even called this morning to make sure he was ok. he's resting at home today (even though he wanted to go in to work!!, i made him stay at home). thanks for all your hugs and vibes!

(((every bustie)))
(((mr mcnasty)))) i'm glad it went okay -- poor mr. mcnasty.

I just have to get through three more hours, then: FOUR DAY WEEKEND.

My plans are to attend my fitness classes, see Glen Campbell for free, and watch "Spaced" and maybe "Office" reruns. And sleep, lots and lots of sleep.

Beige wacoal, white dkny eyelet panties
(((Mr. Crassy))) Silly man, trying to go to work! Amirable, but no way!

Does everyone (in the states) have some kind of extra time off over the weekend? I hope so.

Yay, sidecar's gramps! ~~~recovery vibes for him~~~

I'm in heaven today...recovering my dining room chairs (see House of the Gods if you wanna) and watching season 2 of Project Runway. And baking a potato to be eaten with gobs of butter and sour cream. La-La-La.

Vibes for all!
wow mavin, what a cutie pie avocado you got there :-)

(((amilita))) ~~general vibage for you and for (((NOLA)))~~

why thank ya (((mandi))), the mini vacay was just what the doc ordered. I had an incredible time and it defintely soothed my soul.

((((mr. crassy))) speedy recovery and ~~~pain away vibes~~~ and hugs for ((((crassy)))) cause it ain't always easy and is awfully stressful to take of loved ones when they are down and out.

Yay for sidecars grampa!

~~~vibes for bunny's co-worker & family~~~ and also for her (((papa)))

(((rosev, mornington, polly, tyger, fina, syb, dusty, raisin, faith, miri, walkingb, damona, ladylib, designerm, qspice, anybody I was remiss in mentioning)))

and ((((bunny)))) for being a sweetie as always. Thanks for having my back in there ;) I can't believe someone actually registered as livelyupurself. I mean, c'mon! I guess the silver lining is that so far no posts have been made using it for *evil*. Knock on wood! Really, I just wanted to try to help stop the madness going on in there. Wtf is up with everyone biting everyone elses head off? And believe me, I know I am as guilty as anyone in there. That is why I was pleading for us to take it to PM's if we must call eachother out on aything. SHEESH. It's like PMS en masse, and the trolls like efilorp-a-heffalump are sitting back whacking away with glee.

I'm so sad that poor ((((pixie)))) got run off by someone who didn't seem to even know what had really transpired, just coming in half cocked, blasting her for trying to do the right thing. Up until that point, Pixie had been trying to give fucknuts the benefit of the doubt and was a voice of reason in there. And she had finally seen enough to know when to call a troll a troll. So then she gets her head bitten off by a sort of bustie-come-lately (atleast to that particular thread and subject) who didn't even know the score. That my friends, is a damn shame. Like I said in there, the BUSTie on BUSTie crime is some serious bullshit that needs to effing stop. And yeah, like someone else pointed out, all of us need to stop bitching about BUST going downhill. If we don't like it, we should stop contributing to it. That is why I made a deal with myself that I need to stay out of those threads if I am feeling crabby. /rant

I had a nice date last night. We saw Superman Returns, which I enjoyed. He was very sweet and smelled really good. He hugged me extra tight and long when he walked me to my car and when I got home last night I smelled like his cologne. He left me a message that said he loved the way my hair smelled, the sound of my laugh and enjoyed my company immensely. How sweet is that? He really wants to take me out again as soon as I am free. Tonight I have another date, with a different guy. Hee :-)

Starting Saturday, I have my sixteen year old neice for a week. Her family is going to AZ for vacation, but she took a summer job at Sea World, so she couldn't go. She left me a little message on my MySpace page that she is really excited. I think it's more for the dog than me, heh. I really only joined MS to be able to keep an eye on her page for mom, but now that most of my loved ones are on it, I'm addicted.
*hangs head* The shame I feel.

Undie report: lavender with white polka dots and pink bow, lavender bra with pink lace trim.
(((yuefie))) yay! for dates and nieces!

(((mr mcnasty))) & (((crassy))) going to work? silly man. but good to know surgery went well.

(((sidecar))) yay! for sidecargrampa

(((bunny))) & (((bunnypapa))) & (((coworker's son))) & ((((bunnystepdad's niece))))

((((polly, dusty, mando, mavin & the avocado, amilita, sidecar, syb, fina, tyger, pixie I hope you're lurking, walkingb, raisin, damona, dm, qspice, fina, and everyone else))))

undies: pink boyshorts, black bra.

kvetch: see friend thread over *there* somewhere. Grr. bloody O. mahoosive argument.

antikvetch: evening spent with H and Daphne. Although Daphne has a weepy eye, but going to keep an eye on it. She seems bright, and her usual bitey self. I need to trim her nails.

I need to eat more. I'm loosing my appetite - although I'm hungry, I'm just not interested in food until I get really, really hungry and lightheaded. I seem to want to sleep lots. Oh, and the headache is back. Silly thing... I'm starting to wonder if I am one of the lucky people with sideeffects.

***friday love and vibes to all***
((((mrmcnasty)))) i'd try and go to work. i'm the girl who would go to school and have her friends call her mom and send her home, 'cause i'd, like, have a fever and be totally white or some such thing.

twenty sleeps until i leave for vacay! wheeee!

i honestly don't know what undies i'm wearing. whatever i threw on at six this morning
You guys, I'm drunk! Best Pal C and I attempted to see the Devil Wears Prada, but it was sold out. We ended up drinking and talking about her wedding, how much corruption will tolerate in our goverment, and job stuff. And we had a great time.

So all of my bestest friends from college have gotten engaged in the last four months. I told the most recent engagee, "Everyone is getting married!" and he said I was the trendsetter.
(((Mr. McNasty and Crassy)))

We tried to see Casablanca last night. It was the last show at a rep theatre that was closing. When we got there, there was a line-up around the block and so we went home and watched it on video, hee.

Its Canada Day here, so we have today or Monday off, depending where you work.
Last night, we went to a drive-in in the west suburbs and it was a lot of fun. We saw Superman Returns (which I'd seen once already) and then The Lake House, which was surprisingly good.

You know what else is good? It being Sunday and knowing I have TWO MORE DAYS before I have to go back to work.

Even better? Having the WEEK off work .

All you lucky people at the movies ... I'm seeing Pirates of the Carribean and my man Depp (oh how I wish Orlando Bloom had his Legolas look and it would be a double-whammy) on Thursday and maybe eventually get around to watching Walk the Line on dvd this week.

Easy Sunday reading (for dissertation) and eating olives. Having impromptou dinner out tonight even though I'm eating out a further three times this week - it's a busy one!

(((the crassys)))
go right ahead and rub it in, girls. i'm working today, tomorrow and the 4th. le sigh. at least i had yesterday off.

bunny, you'll enjoy walk the line. very well done. any word on (((step-dad's niece & bebe)))? only 3 lbs ... that's worrisome. and anything new on (((coworker's poor son)))?

dusty, sorry, but i know not of "Vesica"?

sidecar, great to hear (((grampa))) has taken a turn for the better! and you liked the lake house? i had such high hopes for a sandy-keanu reunion, but it's gotten such crappy reviews.

(((the mcnasty's))) so glad to hear the surgery went well ... and especially nice to hear sil's pitching in. *keeping the recovery vibes on continual loop for the mr*

tyger, where are you going on vackay? sorry if i missed it.

(((mornington))) try and give it a few more weeks, sweetie. but then, yeah, if the appetite doesn't return & your sleep doesn't regulate, definitely call the doc. or maybe just give a call now, just to put your mind at ease?

mavin, those pictures are lovely - many thanks for sharing. your avocado is like the perfect little girl, in my book. she maketh my ovaries hurt. hee.

i'm a little surprised to see that poor pixie flounced. she's been thru alot worse here. maybe she's just taking a break. which i can totally sympathize with.

PMS en masse. heh. but one thing i've learned, you can't like everyone. and sometimes, as much as we all want everyone to get along, people will always take things the wrong way and/or will just plain not like one another. and there ain't a whole helluva lot you can do about it. i try to give The Annoying Ones a wide berth. and yeah, i do alot of tongue-biting, which (god-forbid, eek!) is tantamount to sacrilege to some. i have enough RL aggravation, so it's worth it to me to just ignore. this place is too precious to me. then again, if i ever became a target again, all bets are off.

*stepping down & putting soapbox away*

antikvetch: lying in the sun listening to music for most of yesterday ... twas just what i needed. my soul feels a bit recharged. it also helps alot that mr and son are home doing chores. it's nice to have some help for a change.
((((mando)))) boo! on lack of holiday, but yay! for help with chores.

yay! for (((sidecar))) being drunk.

yay! for holidays (((tyger)))

(((bunny))) yay! for a week off work. but ***continued vibes*** for your stepdad's niece & coworker's son

(((dusty, crassy & mr mcnasty, polly, mavin, walkingb, pixie, syb, yuefie, amilita, rosev, fina, rasin, sidecar's grampa, and everyone else)))

It's hot and sticky... I'm bored of cramming, and the whole thing is making me crabby. Grr. And I keep wanting to nap at inappropriate times.

antikvetch: my grandparents gave me a stuffed toy dog. it's wholly silly, but rather cute, although I can't help wondering why. He's called Boris (thanks to The Boy Wonder).

Night all. ***vibes***
mando, if it's any consolation (and probably not) I have a big freelance assignment due tomorrow so I have spent a decent portion of my weekend working along with having fun.
i prolly haven't said in here where i'm going for vacation. first i'm driving to calgary with my friend the boy and maybe cougarlion and we're going to the vans warped tour, and then we're driving back, and the next day i'm catching a plane to vancouver to go to cirque du soleil, and to see the dresden dolls and maybe a broken social scene concert.

it's soooooo frigging warm. feh. at least i'm housesitting, and therefore get to sleep in a basement. chez moi 'tis all unfinished and full of boxes 'o shit.

booooo! on lack of holidays!

mornington, i have a flower clock named boris. he's my boyfriend (my friend J started this thing where you buy a flower, give it a name, and call it your boyfriend. no hassle, and you just toss him when you get sick of him). but boris will never leave me, he just needs new batteries sometimes :P
Hello, beloved Busties! The parents have left, so I'm back to Busting. I've been able to read just a bit of the archives. Goodness, it's been eventful around here! So let me start off with some (((( BIG LOVE )))) for all of you.

For those of you worried about Pixie, I think she just meant to take a break for a while. Unfortunately I lost my phone last week (just found it at a restaurant last night! Yay!) so I haven't been able to call her yet. But I think when things calm down in certain parts of the community, she'll return.

(((((((( Mr. McNasty ))))))))) All I can say is OUCH!!! And yet again, OOOOOOOUCH!!! Hope he's feeling better.

Mando, I'm so sorry to hear that you have to work all weekend! But at least the guys at home are taking care of some chores.

~~~~~~get that assignment done quick, Sidecar~~~~~~ Yay for the drive-in! And super-yay for Grandpa doing better!

Tyger, I am so envious that you get to see Cirque!

~~~~~ cool breezes & brilliant thoughts for Mornington ~~~~~

((((Yeufie)))) Yay for dates & kick-ass nieces!

I missed MaVin. Boo! But damn that Avacado is scrumptious. I just want to nibble those cute widdle cheeks!

Kvetch: England lost at the World Cup. It was heartbreaking. Sheff and I still have not been able to discuss it. If there was some way we could have known that they'd lose, we would have spent the time down the road watching Dar Williams in concert. So this is a double-kvetch. Boo.

Kvetch: My parents are gone & I feel lonely.

Anti-kvetch: As a thank you gift, my Mom bought me an America's Test Kitchens cookbook. I am in love with this book! I've made the most delicious meals from it. Hooray!

Anti-kvetch: Sheff fixed our wireless internet connection, which has not worked since we moved to NC in April. So right now I'm Kvetching from the living room! Yay!

*waves at rosev* good to have you back! and it was indeed devastating that England were put out (seriously).

~*~*~*~some quiet, productive vibes for mornington~*~*~*~

sounds like a fab trip tyger! espec the dresden dolls!

can we have a head's up on the mystery vibes now, plummy? pretty please? p.s. I loved the exchange between tallgirl and yourself in the confessions thread! Not enough tallgirl around these parts. *sniff*

mando, by vesica I think dusty is referring to vesicapisces (aka jillie) who is sadly m.i.a.

no word on step-dad's niece (drugged to stop labour and still in hospital where I think she'll be up until bebe arrives) or co-worker's son (I am hoping that no news is good news and I'm off work this week but hopefully when I return all will be good) but thanks for the vibes.

okay, I'm off out for thai and then cocktails for a friend's birthday.

...x-posted in ye olde el jay...

Well, Kvetchies, I'm kinda sorta taking the summer off from most things computer. I have always had such a love/hate relationship with computers and technology -- and it's time for me to show some love for all things non-electronic and so forth. And so goes summer...


I mean, I'm not totally going away for the summer; I'll still be reading and writing sporadically, just not as much as before.

Summer is too short and I'm already feeling it slipping away. Don't you hate that? Who's with me on this?

p.s. I had a DOLL sighting in OBOH! I hope she sticks around. You hear that, Doll?!

(((bunny))) & (((step-dad's niece))) (((coworker's son)))

(((rosev))) hello! I admit, I didn't watch the match. I feel sorry for Beckham though

(((tyger))) boris is a good name, I feel. I think I ought to start buying flowers to call my boyfriend.


(((the mcnasties, sidecar & grandpa, yuefie, txplum, syb, walkingb, mavin, fina, sonik, everybustie)))

For today's kvetch see the "are we functional yet" thread. Grr.

And now... cramming. Did I mention this exam? I'm going to diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie. A slow, painful death. *panics*
(((raisin))) say it ain't so! i shall be very weepy without you. (and will most likely resort to stalking you via email. hee.) but you don't have to splain the time suckage to me, doll. i wish i had it in me to go cold turkey. (tho i have gone a week without LJ, so that's a tiny brag, anyway.)

*continued good thoughts for bunny's step-dad's niece & coworker's son*

(((tallgirl))) & (((plummie))): what bunny said. color me jealous in a good way of your connection.

and plummie, yeah ... do fess up?!

(((everyone else, who are off enjoying their long weekend)))

antikvetch: coworker and wife had a baby boy, and all is well! (she's had miscarriages, and is a bit older, so it's especially nice that their worries are over!)

happy 4th, everyone. even tho this is my least favorite holiday, any patriotism i may have once had has been sucked dry. but socialist-leaning coworker just suggested i go read the actual declaration of independence, and i'm learning a bit as we speak. what they were railing against king george about? um, yeah. you can apply it nearly verbatim to our current king george. "... unfit to be the Ruler of a free People" ..."He has erected a multitude of new offices, and sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance ..." ..."He has obstructed the administration of justice, by refusing his assent to laws for establishing judiciary powers ..." it's unnerving, really.

kvetch: i'm worried about the space shuttle astronauts. i think they're pushing this launch for no good reasons. *fretfretfret*
Hoping everyone US-side has a good 4th. I don't feel patriotic in the least, but I support any holiday that gives people a day off of work in the middle of summer. And cheers for the link Mando; historical perspective always helps...

I totally forgot about it myself until I saw the date on my phone and then went 'oh yeah.'

I'm back from a weekend in London, where I had a fabulous time. Lovely sunny weather, some shopping, a *great* exhibit on modernism at the V+A and a couple of nights out with some fabulous people :-)
I wish I had it in me to go cold turkey, too! Heh.
I'm pretty patriotic actually, although it's getting harder, what with the current climate here. (I did yell, "America, fuck yeah!" during a fireworks display tonight.)

I'm trying to extend my weekend. I don't wanna go back to work, even if it's just a three-day week.
Nothing to share yet, dudes, but I'll pass on good news when I get some.

In other news, I'm with Sidecar. And it blows to have one day off in the middle of the week.
awwww poor tx

i had a lovely four day weekend, and now i don't wanna go to work even though it's just a three-day week and i love my job ... i've just found so many more interesting things to do with my time!
Ha ha, I had Monday off and I have tomorrow off (as well as today, obviously.) I took tomorrow off because I was supposed to be going out of town this weekend, and would be driving back tomorrow, then the trip got cancelled and I never un-took the day off. I'm going to be doing laundry all day, anyway, so nothing exciting.

But when I sleep in until 10:30 and stay in my pj's all day while I do laundry, I'll think of all of you! :-)

It's going to be very hard next week when I have to work all 5 days!
Hey, all. I'm certianly not feelin' patriotic this year...I feel like I'm living in the city that's the hated stepchild of the U.S. The one that has their bedroom in the moldy basement with a cot and cardboard boxes instead of real furniture.

Damn. I'm like sidecar, usually, and try to bring the patriotism...but like you said, it gets harder and harder. Bleh.

It's been forever since I wrote my nephews and neice letters, so I did that yesterday. And I talked to my sister, who called me weeks ago. So I guess I transferred my unification and solidarity vibes over to my family!

Yay for days off for those who had 'em and yay for money for those who didn't!

Mando, yay for coworker and baby! That warms my heart.

Rosev, whenever my mom leaves after a visit, I feel lonely and homesick, too...and you just moved so it must be doubly hard. ((hugs))

How's Mr. Crassy doing?

Good luck on tests, mornington!

Love to all!
Polly, that's what is so hard. Today is the first day since last Friday that I had to get up before 9:30 (and most days, I got up between 10 and noon). Martini and I decided that it's time for us to retire. Between our IRAs, we figure we can make it to November, at least.

I am glad that the fireworks are over. I love fireworks, but it was pretty hard on Sophie. We came back from a big display in one of the northern suburbs last night, and we could hear her barking from down the street because she was so scared.
*shuffles in*

Can I be really super-cheeky and request some vibes? I'm getting my results tomorrow... and I'm scared.

(((sidecar & sophie, polly, amilita, qspice, txplum, mando, yuefie, bunny & family, raisin, syb, tyger, the mcnasties, rosev, dusty, and everyone else)))

*shuffles out*
I read the archives. ((Happy things for all Busties))

I got back from NYC yesterday evening, myself, Mr. DM and Twin DM had a fun time. It was very hot though, Twin DM and I thought we would pass out waiting for the train. We did much shopping, eating, walking and saw a film. No shows or museums as it was a short trip. As we were sitting on the plane to come back to Florida lightning struck, and we were slightly delayed. No biggie, but Twin DM was a little scared. Today it was back to work, but atleast it's a short week.

edited to add ((mornington))

*excellent results for mornington, because i sez so dammit*

(((sophie))) i feel her pain. my nerves are so shot, i even ditched my kid's performance with the band at the traditional town fireworks up the street. (too many neighborhood parties, too many obnoxious drunks firing off backyard fireworks/firecrackers ... oy, every year, i hate it more and more.) watched them from our upstairs window. for two minutes. with the a/c blaring, drowning out the booms. then i went back down to the my living room ie, sanctum and kathy griffen. it's a relief finally admitting that i hate fireworks. even if i feel a bit of a freak. and begged off due to exhaustion.

i too hope mr mcnasty's doing ok.

i FINALLY captioned the mandopalooza photos, so if you're interested, PM me.

hundreds of channels, and taint NOTHING on tv tonite. thank god for netflix, at least i have two more episodes of nip/tuck to see me thru.
(((mornington))) good luck!
(((mando))) my dog will be happy to hear that you hugged her. in return, she would probably rest on her front paws, stick her butt in the air and wag her tail.

I got my hair cut tonight! Brad, my stylist, is a genius. I'll post some pics later (he made my wavy hair curly!)
i'm empty of patriotism, too. canada day was an excuse to fire off roman candles at each other and eat too many nanaimo bars.

i worked 6 hours today at the restaurant. 1.5 at lunch and then 5:30-10:00 tonight. I didn't get to eat until, like 9:00. not even a chance for ninjaeating. my feet hurt and i'm tired, but i have a day off off tomorrow! wheeeee!
good luck mornington!
(((mornington))) good luck babes!

(((mandi))) I've replied to your email, sweetness, and, no, you haven't told me how much you love me recently so lovely to hear - I love you back!

(((everyone))) happy holidays/back to work. Sounds like, on the most part, fun was had by all except for pesky fireworks. Patriotism for me is a mixed bag: it mainly extends to Braveheart.

I've had a busy but blissful few days: Monday I met up with uni friends for dinner and cocktails and had a blast and some much needed giggles; Tuesday I went for an early charity meeting in work and then for manicure and pedicure, MAJOR shopping and coffee with friend; on Tuesday night I had a driving lesson which was nice as I'm never out in the evenings as always working and then went to the boy's. Yesterday was his graduation and it was beautiful; such a gloriously hot, sunny day (although the boy was unbearably hot in kilt and knee-length woolen socks) and then we had bucks fizz and strawberries back at home before a beautiful meal at one of our favourite restaurants Arisaig. Oh, and the boy loved his gifts - I went a bit OTT in my beaming pride for him and bought him 4x shirts with matching ties and cufflinks (for when he starts his new job), cufflink box, aftershave, graduation teddies and I'm taking him out for dinner tomorrow.

Today is another beautiful day and I think I'm going to read in the garden and then we're going to see Pirates of the Carribean 2 tonight, it's the last night of boy's sis and b-i-l in the country before they move back to Vancouver and go on three month hike through Rockies.

(((yuefie, sidecar, designermedusa, dusty, crassymcnasty, txplumwine, tallgirl, tyger, amilita, roseviolet, fina, pixie, quantumspice, ladylibrary, pollystyrene, sybarite, raisingirl, everyone I've missed)))
damnit. retakes here I come.

thanks everyone. (((busties)))
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