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Thank you for the birthday wishes!! I had the best birthday gift yesterday.. over the weekend, we were in Dallas for a Van Morrison concert. OMG OMG OMG.. it was great. What show!

Happy New Years to my busties. Mwahhhhhhhhh.
Happy Birthday, Billy!!!

Happy New Year, everyone!!!

I usually try to not make my resolutions about weight loss, because that seems to be a constant issue for me, but I think this is the year to do it...I really can't think of anything else as important for me to work on right now. So there. I like to make them about one main focus, and I like to write them down, so I need to do that today.

Vibe request, please, for my mamma's biopsy results. She had a lesion removed from her chest that she's pretty certain was cancerous, but the treatment needed is the thing we're most worried about. When she had breast cancer, she just had mastectomies, no chemo or radiation, so nervous about how she may do with that. She hasn't called me today, so looks like she'll find out Wed. at her appointment.

Wow, Tes, a leopard!! We saw a red fox when in Co. and that made me giddy!

Hope everyone has a nice night tonight, whether out partying or snuggled up at home! (Especially Yuefie, alone with her new man- oh-la-la!!) I'm supposed to work from 7-11, then I'll go meet the Mr. wherever he is to give him a midnight kiss.
(((amilita mama vibes)))

quick drive by on my way out the door....

re: Sweeney Todd - saw it the other night, and pixie, though it's gory, it's really theatrical gore, not like "Dead Alive" gore.. There's lots of blood, but well, you just have to see it. It's really really good. You kind of have to get past the singing, it's a full on musical (as in, very little spoken dialogue) but you kind of don't notice it after awhile and just get into the movie. Anyway, highly recommended.

happy birthday billy!

happy new year!!
Happy New Year, Kvetchies!

LeBoy caused our toilet to overflow tonight. Not just back up, but gallons of water coming out. It was a little funny because I was in the office, and I hear him yelling "Oh shit! No! Bring me the fucking plunger!" I ran into the other bathroom and grabbed the plunger, opened the door of the bathroom he was in and he's got his pants around his ankles with water everywhere, pouring out of the toilet. Fortunately, there was no real ickiness in there, besides toilet water. He plunged it, which stopped the water and it didn't make it to the hallway and hit the laminate floors. Phew! We got it all soaked up. Had to toss the bathroom rug, but it was getting old and probably needed to be thrown away. I hate the damn toilets in our house- they're low-flow and made by Eljer, which is supposed to be a good company but they're really poorly designed and we have to plunge a couple times a week. So tempting to go to Canada and smuggle a couple of higher capacity toilets back. It's so pointless when you have to flush 2-3 times to get everything to go down.

Anyway, then we went to BGP's house, had shrimp cocktail (I could have eaten it all by myself!), dip, pasta. Very low-key.

I get my kitty on Wednesday! Assuming all goes well with his health and LeBoy's allergies, we'll have him on a foster care arrangement for 30 days, then adopt him.

We stopped at LeBrother's house to pick up our keys- he was getting our mail while we were gone. Had a little bitch session with LeSIL about all the crap in LeBoy's family lately. His sister is pregnant, due in February with her second kid. It was sort of an "oops!"- their first will be turning two 2 weeks after the due date of this baby. They had intended on waiting until this summer to try for number two, but weren't using any preventative measures last summer, so what did they expect? Anyway, they're strapped for cash and now their basement that they just finished this summer has been ruined by a flood caused by their sump pump hose freezing a couple weeks ago. LeMom is totally stressed out about their problems and is taking it out on everyone else. She seems to have lost all perspective that not every Christmas is perfect, this is life and we all have our ups and downs and we just have to get through it, grateful for what we have. We're going over to visit them tomorrow, so hopefully there will be no drama. Apparently there was lots at the family party we missed while we were in KC. rolleyes.gif

Well, off to bed. Sleep tight, y'all!

~*~*~health, wealth and happiness vibes to everybody and their mommas for 2008!~*~*~*~
Ooo, forgot to ask: I'm going to post this in a couple different places, but is anyone here on ortho-tri-cyclen LO? My SIL has about 6 months worth that she doesn't want (not exactly sure why; I think she just didn't react well to them)...I don't think she wants anything for them, but don't quote me on that. Let me know if you're interested and I'll get more details.

ETA, because I can't remember to say anything at the same time tonight: Happy Birthday Billy!
Happy belated, Billy!
~~~vibes to amilita's momma~~~

This is the year I get in shape and start taking care of myself physically. I turn 30 in three months, and it's time. It's an eternal wish for me as well, but you know, getting in shape now means that I will have an easier time of it when I'm older. And I am all for that.

Our party was loads of fun, and people left between 1 and 2, so I was able to have the house picked up and be in bed by 3. Oh, that was delightful (in the past, we've had stragglers here until 4!).

Anyway, I have some freelance work I need to do, and I need to get off the computer. I hope everyone had wonderful NYE's and a happy 2008!

((((((billy))))))) happy belated birthday! and if i get interviewed in texas for a postdoc position, then i insist you come out my way. i'm applying to a place in san antonio and austin. vibeage would be excellent for austin btw.

man. i'm so lame. i fell asleep before midnight. i passed out about 9ish. superlame. i had no plans. i was just gonna chill by myself. i actually felt kinda lightheaded. my blood sugar felt superlow. and then i woke up to the new year with my period. dude, what kind of year am i gonna have? laugh.gif

well, i do know that this year will be a continuation of work for me. but, i mean that in a good way. i kinda feel like i'm at this pinnacle in my career where i am paving things so i can lead a more settled life eventually. and with part of 2007 being about change and loss for me, i'm looking at 2008 as a time where i feel pretty confident and strong about myself. so, i need to have some patience with myself that things will work out eventually.

antikvetch: i will be finished with my data collection for my research this week. feb.-april will be about analyzing and finishing the writing of my dissertation. i'm hoping i can have my dissertation defended by june. here's hoping i can stay on task!!

(((((((((((hugs and vibes to EVERYONE in 2008)))))))))))))))
Happy New Year, Kvetchies!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful 2008.

Happy belated birthday, Billy!

(((star))) you're not lame. I say huzzah to just taking it easy on New Year's!

(((polly))) over flowing toilets suck.

(((sidecar, doodle, pixie, mando, amilita, bunny, sassy, tes, raisin, zoya, everyone)))

Damn, I feel like going back to bed.
((ccgirl, zoya, amilita, mando, bunnyb, sidecar))

Happy belated birthday to billy.

((star)) Good luck with the Austin post doc opportunity. You’re not lame for falling asleep. Mr. DM and I fell asleep around 10:00, I woke up at 11:58, we turned the tv on to watch the ball drop, and then went back to bed.

((amilita’s mom))

((polly)) I was laughing at your toilet story. It’s so not funny, but it is at the same time. When Twin DM and I had our townhouse I stopped the toilet up downstairs and it overflowed, she was screaming at me, but I just had to laugh.

My resolutions are to eat more fruit and veggies, work out more, be less anxiety ridden, start a new career and save more money for a nice vacation. I think my most important resolution is to be more social and make friends. Honestly most people disappoint or annoy me, so I have a hard time making friends.

I don’t mean to bitch, but I am getting really down about having to go back to work tomorrow after being off for 11 days. Even though I have been given some hope for a possible promotion I just dread going and sitting in a cubicle doing the same job everyday. **I just need to snap out of it, and either push for the promotion or get a new job**.
***leaving the shelter of the okayers thread****

Happy New Year, Kvetchies!!! Hope it's a good one..... smile.gif
Happy New Year, everybody!!!

Nice to see that everyone had the New Year's Eve that they wanted. Star, I don't think that you are lame. Sometimes a person just has to prioritize sleep and solitude.
I spent NYE at a friend's party, eating too much good food and playing board games. On NYD, The Geek and I watched Buffy and ate waffles and ice cream. When it was time for him to go home it was so depressing as I knew that I had to get back to my regular life. (I feel your pain designermedusa sad.gif )

Which is where I am right now. Freezing in my office. Chicago is bitching cold today and there is a strong draft in the window by my desk so I am wearing a heavy sweater and I have a space heater on my feet.

My goal for this year is to get into graduate school. And to continue all of the healthy life-style choices I made last year.

Happy very belated birthday billy!

{{{candycanegirl, sidecar, polly, doodle, treehugger, amalita, zoya, and all!}}}

Happy NYE everyone! I just spend NYE watching South Park, and drinking too much. I had to work the next day. I went to bed at 12:30, which is lame as well. Star, don't feel bad! Sometimes, you just need sleep.

I don't have many resolutions except to eat better, and get into grad school. 2007 was a lot of positive changes (new apartment, boyfriend, cat) for me, and some negative ones. All in all it was a decent year. I'm just hoping 2008 turns out that good. Oh, I also want a puppy. I don't know if that's a resolution. It's more of a early birthday present.

Atlanta is frigging cold. It actually snowed last night! smile.gif It didn't stick.

Damn, don't want to go to work today.

Zoya, I saw the Angela Lansbury version of Sweeney. I also saw a live version with Michael Cervais(who I'm in love with right now. He was incredible) and Patty Lupone two years ago in NY. Both were great. So, it was hard to watch the movie without thinking of the play. Mcgeek called Sweeny a "gory musical.." I think it was a musical for people that don't like musicals.

Fly-by to say that my mom's skin thing was a carcinoma, but it was noninvasive and superficial so no more treatment required. So relieved. Thanks for the vibes. Just got up, so must go get some stuff done.

Happy New Year everyBUSTie!!

I had a great holiday season. Good times with the fam. Blown away by Wicked. Serious haul of loot including some spiffy apartment decorations made from recycled magazines and such, several small appliances, a bunch of baking supplies, and a GUITAR!

I also realized a wish that has spanned about 2 decades: I got my nose pierced. Now I think I need a new haircut, as my present 'do just looks too boring with my new facial adornment.

My NYE was really low-key and fun. A feast of finger foods and a games extravaganza including Apples to Apples and Music Scene It? We also had a variety of scrumptious hot drink concoctions made in the "Cocoa Latte" machine the best friend had given her hubby for Christmas. Now I just have to convince myself to go back home. It's a challenge because I hate going back to that empty apartment after having constant companionship and good times for so many days. But, c'est la vie, right?

A belated Happy New Year to everyone!! Skimming through the archives, it seems some good holidays were had. I had a lovely time with family and good food but fell seriously ill with a nasty flu-type thing which was really not fun. This may have been the only christmas I actually lost weight.

I am however very very happy 2007 is over with and am just waiting to get completely better so I can start enjoying 2008 (and get some work done).
Pictures of my kitty!!!

So many people petting me!

Toys! And I don't have to share!

I just got him home. He's already been eating, so that's good. He hasn't met the dog yet. We'll save that for tomorrow after I get home from work! Humanist is sleeping over tonight to stay in the office with him, and my mom will be with him during the day.

Gotta go to bed! *Sleep tight!*
Awww, what a sweetie!

I pulled myself out of bed despite being wedged in between Martini and the dog (who was very warm and snuggly) so we can go to the gym. Rrgh. Cold mornings are the worst. At least there's only two-four months of winter left. (Oy.)

~~feel better syb!~~
Happy New Year!

This has to be a fly-by post because I'm short on time. I got a little distracted last night and didn't get to post here.

I had a wonderful vacation in the Caribbean. It was really relaxing and we split most of our time between the beach (the water was v. warm) and the hotel pool. We went to a rainforest! I took a ton of pictures. Oh, I just didn't want to leave.

And now this morning I am waking up to single degree temperatures. So wrong. So very wrong.

This year I'm going to work on my time management/procrastination problems. For real.

And with that... *vroom*... crossing fingers that my car doors actually open this morning.
Fly by to say:

Cute Kitty!!! Cute Kitty!!!! Cute Kitty!!!
Hey gang! Happy New Year!!!!

After 2 days of driving, Sheff and I are finally back in our happy home in NC. Good lord, that was a long trip. Although I've done nothing but sit on my butt for two days, I'm pretty exhausted, so I'll have to catch up on most of the archives tomorrow. But I can't pass up commenting on that sweet little kitten!

Polly, your kitty looks wonderful! I looooooooove tuxedo cats. This week I found a tuxedo cat in Oklahoma that needs a new home. Her name is Lily and she is sooooo sweet! But we couldn't take her. I'm still pretty sad about it. However, it makes me feel better to see that you've brought home a cuddly, tuxedo fur baby. It's good to see these sweet animals find new homes. smile.gif

Many many thanks to Raisin, Bunny, and Sonik for the holiday cards! They were nice to come home to.

Mkay. Must eat. And do laundry. And collapse.
So much kitty cuteness, it's mind bending tongue.gif

Happy New Year, everyone!
OMG, I am tearing up watching Obama.
Hey ladies!

I used to come here a long time ago. My name is Lori. I'm a 25 year old, Canadian, punk rock mom. Among other things. I missed this place so much. It's good to be back.



(fashionably late, just like a good brasileira)

squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee at the onslaught of tuxedo kittie cuteness!!

HUZZAH (and a huge sigh of relief) for moms without serious cancer!

*winking at lanie* sexxxxxxxxxxxxx-ay new nose jewelry, querida!!

(((((((syb)))))) hope you are feeling more the thing, doll-ing!

*flings fuzzy blankie over raisin and sidecar* c'mon, get warm!!!

aside to raisin: couldn't agree with you more about the wrongness! there's still time to come and visit me!!! c'mon, you know you waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanna!!!

welcome back, loridk! i don't go back that far so i dont remember you....isn't it great to know that this community is thriving?

glad to see that so many of the kvetchies had good holidays! mine was FABU. simply couldn not have been better. seven lions sunning on rocks in the sabi river. full grown male leopard lounging in a marula tree, all four legs hanging over the branch. some 50 elephants all in a row. two male lions sleeping alongside the dirt road, in the rain. PURRING. a cheetah mama and youngling, still with fuzzy head. baby warthogs! hee. the.BEST.EVAH. and all shared with my beloved hotbuns.

sigh. more about the place we stayed later. need to get back to work after lunch break.

BIG hugs, little keeeeces, and silly silly fishes!!!
good morning ladies...

wow, tesao, your holiday sounds amazing. So does yours, Raisin.

I get to see bunnyb and mornington in less than 48 hours!

yay for obama!!! (although I'm still not 100% sold on him, I do like him better than any of the other candidates, including Hillary)

getting ready for moving day.... can someone please explain to me how I can move in with two suitcases full of stuff only a few months ago, and now have so much shit that I need to ship several boxes to my new place, on top of the 4 gigantic suitcases I will be dragging with me? How does stuff multiply like that? Are my books having sex while I'm away? (god, I wish, then I wouldn't shell out so much to the bookstore...) It's seriously insane.

I've decided that this will be the year of focusing on my shit and trying not to get too distracted by boys. (not to say I won't hook up, but I just get way too derailed by them) I'll just be the make-out queen, since honestly I do terribly with random hook up sex. I've just never been able to have sex with someone I don't like in some way -so I get way too attached. And my only FWB are 5000 miles away and don't show any signs of coming to visit any time soon....I've recently done quite a bit of random snogging, which I find I'm fond of. Very easily non-attachable. So there you go. I've got a total job change coming up - one that I'll be juggling with a couple of other projects - so I need to focus on my shit anyway.

Sybarite - god, I actually kinda wish I'd pick up some flu-bug... my mid-section has been getting thicker and thicker over this holiday season. I decided I wasn't going to give a damn for once and I just went for it on the food / drink. Had fun holidays, but oof. must get back in shape.

polly - cute kitty!

Lori, I remember you -- you have a bulldog, right? I used to be editrix and steviek. Welcome back!

super-quick fly by to say that zoya's ponderance about her books gettin' it on and producing book-spawn has caused my mind to be consumed with what would happen if certain couplings of books created offspring. Like what would happen if A Handmaid's Tale and The Sun Also Rises had a book-baby? Or what two books would have had to contribute their literary DNA to create cunt?


Oh, and lime green cotton briefs with a light blue bra.
Hmmm, I am also pondering the propagation of books... mine must be rabbits as they breed like them. Hee bunny's bunny-making rabbit books.

Less than 24 hours now, zoya! I'm looking forward to it too.

Love the kitty, polly! I hope Le Boy's allergies are fine.

I spent a lovely afternoon with the boy's mum, having tea and then going to see The Kite Runner at the cinema. eta: both the film and the book are great! heartbreaking but very good.

It's very cold here -it's been snowing- and I've had some soup, wrapped up warm and going to watch a movie once I've packed a bag for London.

undies: girl shorts with hot pink trim and pink hearts all over with hot pink bra.

Hee hee, the thought of books reproducing....that's a little scary, but it would explain the crowding problem at my house.

The kitty is doing well- I found something that has made him enthusiastic about eating again, even if it makes me a little green- chicken livers. Pureed with some KMR (basically replacement formula for kittens). He's not wolfing it down, but he seems happy to be eating it. He just needs to eat more, otherwise I have to force feed him by putting the chicken liver/KMR into a syringe, holding his mouth open and shooting it in in small amounts. Not pleasant, messy and stressful for him. I'm taking him into the shelter tonight to get fluids injected, since he's not really drinking. LeBly doesn't seem to be having any reaction to him yet. Maybe because he hasn't been there long enough, maybe because we've had the air filter running, maybe because I put some stuff on his fur that is supposed to neutralize the protein that causes the allergy. So far, so good, though. LeBoy's at home with him today and he seems to be doing well- I was worried he'd be freaking out- he's never had a cat before. They had some male bonding after I went to bed last night though.

How was The Kite Runner, bunny? I haven't read the book yet, but I hear it's good.

Cold but intermittently sunny here. It's supposed to be 55 degrees F on Sunday. The week started out in single digits, so 55 sounds fabulous!
So my books are having sex? That totally makes sense why I'm going to need at least 3 bookcases when I move in with Mcgeek....

Just a quick flyby before working out (yay!) to say Cute Kitty! My favorite cat growing up was a tuxedo cat. smile.gif

Good afternoon ladies!

Sidecar! Yes, I have a bulldog and I remember you too (as both former names). Wasn't your husband a film critic?

Speaking of films, Sister #2 (of 3, it's easier this way) and I went to see Juno last night. It was so sweet. I loved it. Both of us had babies young so we understood. Thankfully we both did well in our lives. Anyway, afterwards we went and had a bite to eat afterwards at my nephew's work and gushed about how 16 years have flew by and how responsible he is, blah, blah. Goodtimes. I even got to eat the leftovers while feeding the Baby Boy at 6am haha.

I'm quitting smoking. I don't even know why I picked it up again. I quit for 4 years, started and quit again between baby 2 and baby 3 and then picked it again a couple months ago. I crave it but hate it. I'm trying though. The Mr needs to be more supportive instead of just saying he quits and it's no big deal. He will sufferduring this time!

{{{{{strong quitting vibes for loridk}}}}}

Glad to hear that the kitty is doing okay, polly. I hopehopehope no allergies arise.

I really am going to look at the idea of my books breeding. Although in my case the spawn must be mostly random papers that seems to proliferate onto my shelves.

Going to see a play tonight with the boy. The weather has warmed a shade so I might even pull out my "girl clothes" and wear a dress. I can only go so long in jeans and pants before I really want to wear a dress or a skirt.

Have a great weekend all.
((((amilita's mama))))

(((((kvetchies))))) ~~~multipurpose vibes all around~~~

Sorry, but another fly by is all I can manage right now. The doctor started me on a medication that has some horrendous side effects until your body adjusts. Which, according to what I've read and what the pharmacist said, can take up to a couple of months. I feel like I have the stomach flu: nausea, headache, tummyache - bleh. But I know that in the long run it's best, so I need to just tough it out. And it's pouring out today, which makes me not want to drive anywhere while my head is already pounding.

But the good news is that 2008 is already shaping up to be a better year than last. I have a computer again (yay!) and also, as star so kindly pointed out in the crushies thread, a *boyfriend* (squee!). And he is such a doll he wants to come down tonight to snuggle me and pet my head since I'm feeling like creamed crap on toast. He is, by far, the sweetest and most kind man I've ever dated. And yes, I am ridiculously happy rolleyes.gif
((yuefie)) Yay for your boyfriend. J Boo to side effects, but at least you know it will be better later.

Kittenb, what play are you seeing tonight? Have fun.

((loridk)) Good luck with giving up smoking.

Bunnyb, glad you liked The Kite Runner, I am probably going to see it tomorrow.

Zoya, hope the moves goes well.

Raisin, yay for vacation being super sunny and fun.

Polly, the kitty is so cute.

Amilita, glad your mom is okay.

((sassy, syb, lanie, sidecar, rose, tes))

I was kind of disappointed with the Iowa caucus (I am a Hillary Clinton supporter), but after reading many opinions online it seems like not much emphasis should be put on it. I somewhat like Barack Obama, but just fully support Hillary Clinton. Mom DM supports Hillary Clinton so much that she wears her t-shirt every weekend (she has a different one for each day). The thing I love about that is Mom DM really got into politics late in life, but she has a passion for it because of Twin DM and I.

This morning I went for a nice walk, then ran a few errands, went to Target and Borders, and had Tex-Mex for lunch. Later we are going to see Atonement.
Yuefie, awesome about boyfriend! He sounds like a keeper! That sucks about side effects though.

Kitten, what play?

I'm also disappointed about Iowa caucus, because I'm also a Hillary fan. Ah well.

Kvetch: My dad called today at work, and informed me that they're coming to town tomorrow! Nothing like a little notice eh? I was able to get Monday-Weds off from work, so that's great. I'm just really getting sick of the last minute trips.

Kvetch: After much debate, I'm not moving in with Mcgeek. There's some bs with his ex that he's got to take care of. I want to move in when I'm ready. The good thing is once a year is up at my apartment, they do month to month leases. I know that I spend half my time at his house, but I'm just not ready to move in when his ex still has keys. Bleh. Boys. wink.gif Maybe I'll be ready in a few months, but not right now. I just don't want to rush into things, and have them fall apart.

Now I really want to see Juno! smile.gif

Thanks, DM and Yuefie for the well-wishes about my mom.

One big change in my new year I'm excited about is that we are transitioning the gallery into a place for the Mr.'s work and not having shows and openings like we were. I'm really glad. It's been so much work, and though it has its rewards, I'd rather put my energy into other things. We are extending the show we have up now for 2 more weeks and then it'll start feeling like it's really changing.

Sassy, sounds smart to me, you waiting to move in.

I was surprised at the Iowa caucus. It doesn't seem like it SHOULD count for that much, so I'm glad that is the way it seems to be according to what you read, DM. And I totally love your mom wearing her Hillary shirts.

Yuefie, glad to have you back on the 'puter. And so glad things are going well for you and the boy!

Kitten, what play are you seeing? It seems like whenever I see a play, it's a drag show or satirical or both...and I love those, but I'd love to see some serious plays.

Good luck quitting smoking, Loridk!

What a sweet baby kitty, Polly!

Hello to Bunny, Sidecar, Lanie, Rosev, Zoya, Raisin, Tes, Syb, and everyone!!!
Sassy, sounds like a good call. I have a friend that wasn't so sure about moving in with her boy so she moved her cat in! And go see Juno, like, now.

Yay for Yuefie's boy but no yays for side effects. Laaaaame!

Amilita, I just wanna kiss the kitty in your pic all over his (or her) sweet tiny head. Love it.

DM, the thought of your mama wearing Hilary shirts makes me smile. The Mr and I are both Hilary supporters but we're Canadian so while it affects us somewhat, we don't have a say haha.

Kitten, I know what you mean about the girl clothes. Every so often I bust out with something ultra girly and my husband eyes me all weird. Sometimes you just gotta so it.

One whole day without smoking at all! It's killing me. But Mama DK cleaned my house and did laundry and dishes when I was out last night and she was babysitting. Moms rule. She quit smoking too a few years ago after like 40 years or something. If she can, I can.
The play that I saw was a musical and some puppetry version of Hans Christian Anderson's The Snow Queen. It was a lovely show but some of the script did not make sense. So I just enjoyed the spectacle and left the script analysis go. The boy came over last night after the play and I made us a version of a hot toddy (I have a head cold) that almost knocked him off his ass. I am not sure how they are supposed to be made, if there is a recipe, so I just boiled 1/2 cup of whiskey w/ about 1/2 cup of water and tea bags and added honey. Tasted lovely and put us both right to sleep. I think I'll be having one tonight. For the head cold, you know.

More quitting vibes for loridk!!!

amalita - I want to get the shirt I saw that reads, "Whoever for Whatever."

sassy - sounds like a good decision.

dm - I feel like I should see The Kite Runner, and I do want to, but the book gutted me so bad that I am not sure I can see it.


((((((Amilita's mama))))))) Good for you for simplifying your life!

~~~~~~ easy, clean breathing for Lori ~~~~~~

Hooray for Yuefie & her happiness! That boyfriend sounds super sweet. Sorry the drugs are making you feel lurgy.
((((((soothing hugs for Yuef))))))

Sassy, good for you for following your instincts. Hope everything clears up with McGeek soon.

Hope you're feeling better, Kitten.

DM, be sure to tell us what you think of Atonement. That's great about your mom getting involved in politics. My family is pretty much split down the middle - half Republican and half Democrat - so we find that it's best not to discuss politics with eachother.

I am still surprised about the results of the Iowa caucus. I'm just astounded that John Edwards won a higher percentage than Hillary! And I'm saying this as a person who lives in Edwards' territory (his house is probably about 15 miles away from mine). Even here he doesn't seem to have as strong of a following as you'd expect (I've seen very few Edwards bumper stickers & he just doesn't come up in conversation or on the news very often). Strange!

We saw Juno with The BestPals the night before we left Oklahoma. Loooooooved it. I may ask some NC friends if they want to see it so I'll have an excuse to go again. Ellen Page is so great in it.

Kvetch: My beloved godcat, Bubba, has be diagnosed with diabetes. I knew something was up because when we were visiting for Xmas he seemed much thinner than usual and didn't meow nearly as much, either. Poor thing. He's on daily insulin shots. The BestPals lost a cat to diabetes a few years ago so I know this diagnosis has been hard on them. Siiiiiigh.

Kvetch: We were supposed to go to a party last night, but I got a migraine and my stomach started to feel wibbly and my left knee started to hurt for no reason. Even with all of this I was still determined to just take some drugs and go, but then I fell down the stairs hard. I decided that this was god's way of telling me to stay the fuck home already. So we did. Boo. I was really looking forward to that party.

Anti-kvetch: A heat wave is hitting us tomorrow! Predicted high: 70F! So I'm going to throw open the windows and do more painting. And yes, Sidecar, I'll be using Benjamin Moore's Oklahoma Wheat. I plan on painting the downtairs hallway and the upstairs landing. The weather should be warm again on Tuesday, so hopefully I can get the living room painted, too.

Kvetch: I hate taping around the woodwork. Prep work sucks!

Thanks for all the love, everyone. I know it's supposed to help in the long run, but I just don't know if I can hack it. The medication, I mean. The side effects on the first day were bad enough, yesterday was even worse, but it eased up a bit last night. But man, today takes the frikkin' cake. I thought I was okay and suddenly this afternoon it began to feel like I have a volcano in my tummy x morning sickness and a big fat headache. I am a miserable mess and feel like I can barely leave my bed, let alone my apartment. I promised myself I'd give it two weeks, but at this rate I don't know if I can make it that long sad.gif
Yuefie, do you mind telling us what you're on? Maybe one of us has taken it before & can help you.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ soooooooooothing for Yuefie ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Yay for Yuefie being rediculously happy! boo for drug side effects!

Whoo hoo on Painting Rose!

Yay for Amilita not having to do shows! That really seemed to stress you out!

((((Star , Polly, Bunny, Tes, Mando,Kitten Sassy, Dm))))

So far 2008 is shaping up to be a good one for me and the fam. Our biggest resolution is to pay off all of our credit card debt. We'll be doing a big chunk of it at the end of the month! We are going to be doing some traveling. We plan on taking the kids on a beach vacay this year. We are trying to decide between Myrtle beach (and being able to see Rosies fab house) or somewhere down in Florida. FIL also asked us last night to go to New York with him in April for a family reunion! I have never been anywhere in New England, and this trip would include the Hamptons and Long Island, so Whoo Hoo!

Just a fly by that I'm anxious to see my parents tomorrow. I know Mcgeek will be there, but it's still going to be so weird. I'm getting super sick of them not even giving me 24 hr notice to just showing up in GA. I know that this probably goes in another thread, but just need some busty vibes that we don't get into a screaming match. Bleh. I have a work kvetch too, but that's for another thread.

Going to go get my nails done, shop, and see Juno. smile.gif

I'll post more later....

((sassy)) A nice non-stressful visit with family.

((pixie)) Yay for planning on paying down credit card debt, and potential vacations. I want to go somewhere good for vacation this year, but can’t seem to narrow it down to one place yet.

((yuefie)) Sorry the medication side effects are getting worse.

((rose)) I ended up being lazy and not seeing Atonement. It is playing at a theatre that’s not very close to my apartment, so I am waiting to next week to see if it expands to other theatres. Yay for painting.


((kittenb)) The play sounds interesting. Hope you feel better.

((loridk)) Continued strength for quitting smoking.

((amilita)) Success for the gallery.

I saw The Kite Runner, and I found it very interesting. I haven’t read the book, and I am very curious if there are any main differences. I may decide pick up the book after I am done with my current book. Other than that I didn’t do much this weekend, but Twin DM got The Biggest Loser workout dvds, and my body can feel it already.

Kvetch: Same old Monday kvetch, my job. I am applying for positions with other companies, but haven’t heard anything yet. Trying to stay optimistic, but after awhile it gets hard.
pixie - that is great that you can do both traveling and pay off debt. It always seems like one or the other with me.

designermedusa - {{{{job search vibes}}}}

sassygirl - I hope you have fun with your parents.

roseviolet - I hope you are feeling better. Have fun with the painting.

MsYuefie - {{{health vibes}}}

I am sneezing my damn head off but I know that normally means that I will feel better tomorrow. This cold always hits in phases. The sore throat day, the tired and stuffy day, and the sneezy, leaky, headachy day (which always seems to hit on a work day. Thankfully not a massage job day at least.) So I'll be good tomorrow. rolleyes.gif
Hey gang! I'm posting in here for 2 whole days in a row. Feels like forever since I've accomplished this, so it feels good to get back on the wagon. wink.gif

Pixie, is there a way you can go to the Hamptons and come down south?

Sassy, good luck with the 'rents. How long are they staying? Hopefully it isn't long.

DM, what's up with the job? Is there a chance for advancement or a raise any time soon?

~~~~~~~~~ soothing for Kitten & Yuefie ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

((((((hugs for Bunny just 'cause))))))

How was the Bustie meet-up in London? Hope you had fun!

Kvetch: I was sick for about half of the day. Stomach nastiness. Bleh.

Anti-kvetch: I got over it mostly by the afternoon, so I painting the downstairs hallway. It looks soooooo much better! It used to be dingy and dark and depressing. Now it's warm and light and inviting. Can't wait to get the living room done, too!
rose, about my job, I have been promised advancement potential for years now including in my review last month. The company was bought out last year, so maybe there will actually be some advancement, but I am just cynical. I am just to the point where I am tired of doing the same job duties since I started basically, and I don't feel like it's challenging. I think maybe I am having a time in my life where I am thinking career wise, is this it? I sound really depressing I know.
Damn, I have a lot of catching up to do. I'm back in Toronto now, back in school, same old same old. However, I have been feeling the "get clean! get organized!" fever that I catch every January so that's good. Last night I organized my sock drawer and tonight I organized a bunch of stuff under my kitchen sink!


(((syb, tes, bunny, kitten, sidecar, raisin, amilita, star, pixie, everyone!!)))

((dm)) let's hope that you actually do get some advancement!

(((zoya))) good luck with the move!

(((loridk))) good luck with quitting smoking! My brother started some kind of anti-smoking medication and has been smoke free for about 5 months. I hope you have success!

(((polly and kitty)))

((((yuefie)))) down with bad side effects!

(((sassy))) good luck with your parents' visit

(((rosev and kitty)))

kvetch: period is making me feel awful. Not all the time but I've been extremely tired and at times feel shaky and sweaty and it's kinda scary.

kvetch: It's 11 degrees here. In January! We should be having snow but instead it has all melted and there is nothing but rain in the forecast! This is ridiculous, fuck global warming!

kvetch: I miss my puppy

anti-kvetch: had some wonderful portions earlier this week and also saw Sweeney Todd which was awesome.

"No One for President, Every One for Vice"

that's the ticket i'm voting for.

sorry you missed your party, rosiev. ((((((rose)))))

((((((bubba the godcat)))))))

he should be fine, rose; cats don't really mind shots (they are subcutaneous and cats have loads of loose skin. they LOATHE being pilled, but barely feel the shots - and diabetes can totally be controlled this way. he should be fine)

~*~*~*~*~ feel better yesterday vibes for yeufie and continued feel better vibes for rose ~*~*~*~*~

kvetch: my sister the pennwee was supposed to come and visit me in june/july. with her husband. which was GREAT. saturday, i talk to her and tell her if she can foot the airfare for them both, i will pay for the safari part for both of them. sunday, she sends me an email saying that "some friends" are accompanying them, can i put them up? and can i book safari for them, too?

kvetch: it is RUDE to invite other people to someone else's house/vacation. how can this person have been raised by the same parents that raised me?

kvetch: JUST when i thought that finally my relationship with my sister was improving.

kvetch: my shrink told me YEARS ago that i should stop trying to be friends with my sisters, that it was never going to work. i hate it that she was right.

kvetch: this entire thing, in addition to making me angry, makes me very sad. why does she need to have friends come along? aren't i good enough?

*heavy sigh*
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