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hi kvetchies!
i just wanted to pop in before you've all gone to wish you all a glorious holiday, however you are celebrating this year. be safe, be merry, be nice. and oh but yes, a little naughty too.



Aww, thanks, FJ; warm and fuzzy holiday wishes to you and yours too! Jack's footsies look absolutely delectable! wink.gif

Sidecar, sorry it's been sucky lately. I hope things improve. unsure.gif

Yay for good dates, yuefie!

I was supposed to work today, but we had a little plumbing problem at the office and we had to cancel all the patients and go home. My throat still isn't better, so my dr. is putting me back on antibiotics for 3 days. Joy. Hopefully this kicks it because after today, getting more will involve calls to the dr's answering service and they'll contact him, trying to find an open drug store, etc.

I came home and slept for awhile. Now I have to battle people at the grocery store for all the stuff I have to make in the next few days. dry.gif
((polly)) Feel better.

((yuefie)) Yay for a good first date, and an even better second date.

((sidecar)) I’m sorry to hear things are rough.

((kittenb)) Yay for getting errands done.

((bunnyb)) I hope the work meeting went well.

((pixie)) Yay for being done with Christmas shopping.

((beck)) Welcome, and yay for being a good sister.

((sassy)) I hope your party was fun.

((pip)) I hope things with the mr. improves.

((raisin)) Enjoy your vacation.

((lanie, syb, dusty, tes, star, ccgirl,rose, txplum))

I have been sick almost all week, but I think I am starting to feel better. I have the rest of the year off work, and I have plans to see lots of films in the theatre and dvds from Netflix. I wish everyone a very nice holiday.
Hey my lovely busties-- just a quick flyby to tell everyone before they leave to have an awesome xmas and a happy new year!

I'll be back probably tomorrow to post about awesome party (with pics), and my work hell... (it was dealing with a work shift... bleh).

((love to all))

Huge anti-kvetch: Catching Sweeney Todd today!! smile.gif
((((Sidecar)))) So sorry your friend is letting you down. I hope you have a lovely christmas and are able to truly relax and enjoy your time off. 2008 will be better.

I am packing for my christmas break which includes a ton of food: posh cheeses, a side of smoked salmon and loads of chocolate. I think it's hilarious I'm bringing so much food but at the same time I can get good stuff here so I try to make the most of it.

My work deadlines have all been met and I still can't seem to switch off. Instead, I've been running around cleaning, packing and otherwise organising. i'm hoping once i'm on my way I will finally chill out. I've already bought The Other Boleyn Girl to aid said relaxation...

Saying that the mister and I have finally been able to hang out together which we really needed to do. Good times.

In case I'm not in here again, an early happy holiday to you all!!! May your holiday break(s) be filled with awesome food, supportive and loving friends and family and an absence of feud-creating relations. Trashy TV is an optional extra smile.gif

Happy happy joy joy... and roll on 2008!
Howdy, everybody!!! Oh, I have missed you all soooooo much. I've been so busy over the last few weeks. But I thought I should pop in and say that we made it to Oklahoma okay.

Kvetch: Aunt Flow showed up this morning and has been kicking my ass ever since.

Anti-kvetch: At least she waited until our 2 day car trip was over to arrive. I was so afraid that I'd have to deal with bleeding and cramping and nausea while trapped in a car for hours on end.

MAJOR anti-kvetch: My eldest brother got a major promotion at work! I am beyond thrilled for him. He has worked his ass off for the last few years and it's wonderful to see that it is paying off for him!

Raisin! Have a great trip!!! And thank you for the card. smile.gif

(((((((((((((((hugs for Sidecar)))))))))))))))))) I've been thinking of you & I didn't even know why, but now I see that you're having a terrible time of it. I hope things with your friend smooth over soon. And I'm sending many tender thoughts out to your grandmother.

I'm jealous of the new bra shopping! I haven't bought a new bra in, umm, 3 years. I desperately need new ones, but I've officially grown out of the offerings at Victoria's Secret and most of the DD cups I see in stores like Macy's make me feel depressed. I'm big, but I don't want my boobs to look matronly, ya know?

Hooray for Yuefie's second date! Sounds promising. smile.gif And it couldn't happen to a more deserving person, my love. Hope lots of happiness is coming your way!

Forgive me for cutting this short, but I'm suddenly feeling a lot worse. Damn organs. Why must they torture me so?!
(((((((((((((((Bunny, Polly, Kitten, dusty, Pixie, Bunny, Morn, Syb, Sassy, Tes, DM, and eeeeeverybody else)))))))))))))))))))))))
Have a great time visiting OK, Rose!! And yay for your brother!

~~~relaxation vibes for Syb~~~ I really enjoyed The Other Boleyn Girl - anyone who's read others of hers have a recommendation for which I should read next?

Oooh, Sassy, Sweeney Todd is on my list...very excited to see it.

~~~keep getting better vibes for DM~~~ I've been watching Season Two of Big Love on DVD- what are you watching?

~~~get better, Polly~~~

Jack is looking very handsome, Falljackets!! Merry XMas!

Yuefie, very exciting about your second date! Woo! Sorry about all your machine and money woes.

(((Sidecar))) That sucks about your friend. And sorry about your grandma.

(((Hugs and holiday love to all!!!)))

I agreed to sit in my friend's antique shop tomorrow so that her worker would not be alone there. Then I'm on call tomorrow night, work XMas eve, but have XMas day off. I'm getting lasagna ready, so when I wake up, I can pop that in the oven...then me and the Mr. will exchange gifts.

I miss my family, but still feeling OK about not going up there. My mom tried to send me my favorite key lime cheesecake (and our traditional XMas eve dessert), but it only made it as far as Memphis!! I think some Fed X worker is having a nice treat- humph. It was a surprise, but now I'm dying for one...I think I'm gonna order another for New Year's Eve! (My mom is getting her money back, at least.)

(((More kvetchie love)))

ETA: Bunny, hope the meeting went well.

PnP- yikes on your friend's dui!

And I forgot my funny XMas-y mom took my niece to see the Nutcracker and I asked her how that went and she said, "Well, it was great, but I got rear-ended in the parking lot by a sugar plum fairy!" Ha.
mr. hotbuns is here, we had humongo shrimp for lunch, i have a glass of champers in my hand, we leave tomorrow on safari, and although i don't have time to do more than say that each and every one of you ROCKS, and to wish you the very best of new years, i wanted you to know that i was thinking of you and to send you

the plains down in africa

um.....this link has been fixed since polly told me about it having double http in the okay thread.... sorry for any problems. this link works FINE.

I fixed Tes's linky.

Holiday Love Down in Africa

No need to re-lurk, six! Come back! I'm going to be in KC from Wednesday until Sunday! Maybe we could have lunch sometime, if you'll be around? PM me!

Thanks for fixing the link- don't know why I didn't just do that in the okay thread.

I hear you on the not wanting to look matronly, rose. Delving into the "full figure bra" thing was a jump for me....not that I was into little skimpy ones before, but not the "nuclear war-proof" ones either. Here's the Wacoal I got, and I think in my size, the middle comes up a little more than the one in the picture, but it's so comfortable and everything sits in the right place, I hardly notice.

I ventured into my closet today (I hardly go in there because laundry either never gets put away or it goes into drawers) only to find the mice have been having a super-happy-fun-time in there. Ugh. Had to pull everything out, vacuumed, sprayed mint oil all over (a natural mouse repellent), sent LeBoy out to get more mouse traps. I just put the first round down yesterday and no catches yet. I'm going to have to re-wash 95% of our bedding, since they got into the plastic tote I keep it all in. Grr.

Feeling somewhat better. As I said in the Midwestern Mamas thread, the antibiotics that don't seem to have much effect on my tonsils have cleaned out all that pesky [good] bacteria from my digestive system. I've been eating bananas and kefir today, hoping to replenish it.
Drive-by on my way to bed....

Bad news for me- my kitty at the shelter is sick. They called me tonight and said that he's on the list to see the vet tomorrow because he was really lethargic, and they had to give him fluids and force-feed him. They said his gums were white, that's how dehydrated he was. If he doesn't get better, he may go into liver failure. I'm going in tomorrow to see him. The woman who called me, another volunteer who I've met a few times, didn't come out and say it didn't look good, but she implied it. She said, "I'm sorry to call you with the news, but I thought that if I were adopting a cat and they got sick, I'd want to come spend some time with him." sad.gif

I'm kicking myself because he's seemed more lethargic than usual, but he's always been a little reserved, so I thought maybe he's just depressed about being in the shelter or something, or maybe I was generally coming in during his sleepy-time. It's hard when you only see a cat a few hours a week what's normal behavior- unless there's some blatant physical signs of illness, sometimes you just don't know.

I'm sad.
(((polly's kitty))))
feel better DM
~~~safe travel to everyone en route~~~
*waves to tes & mr. hotbuns in africa*

hello from florida! the good news is that Grandma is doing better. They moved her out of CCU yesterday to a regular room, and while she's still weak and having some trouble, she's improving bit by bit. I feel better than I did last week.

As for my friend ... ugh. This is someone we've done a lot for this year, and we asked for one minor thing, and she threw a fit. I've come to the realization that we frequently do things for our friends, large and small, and rarely ask for any favors in return. Whenever we do, it's usually something minor, and people have no problem saying no to us. I guess I just feel taken advantage of and like my friends don't really pay much attention to me some times. I guess I don't expect them to, but sometimes it would be nice. But you know, this has taught me to stop...I think it's time for me to return other's investments, you know? I'm not going out of my way for people who can't be bothered to divert from their path an inch or two for us.
((((polly's kitty)))) and boo on the mouse
((((rose)))) feel better but yay for your brother
((((yuefie)))) yay for dates
yay for ((((tes)))) on safari
((((amilita)))) hope you have a quiet night at work tonight!


((((sidecar)))) i'm sorry your friend is, well, not being a friend. but yay for your grandma!

((((dm)))) glad your starting to feel better in time for xmas!

((((fj)))) aww, jack looks super-cute!

((((sassy)))) how was the party?


((((beck)))) you're a fab sister! and welcome to kvetchland.

((((bunny)))) acos


(((((((pink)))))) big hugs for being so strong

((((raisin)))) bring me back some sunshine! and thankyouuuu for the super-cute card!


((((candy)))) aww, pupper looks cute!

((((txplum)))) yay for bringing buddy home!







((((zoya)))) the mexican place you were talking about was reviewed on the radio. now we have to go.

((((((kvetchies and busties and lurkers and families and pets))))))

I'm up with mornmama, boy wonder and the grandparents this christmas. and the hound. it hasn't stopped raining since we got here.
oh, and antikvetch: new boy. I shall call him... the swede. he's nice, we have had two highly successful dates (the second entailing spending nearly all of 72 hours in bed) and we're seeing each other after christmas.

and at that point.... I hope you all have a highly satisfactory winter gift-giving. laugh.gif
I feel bad all I've had time for is flyby's, but I promise to do a proper catch up soon.

((((Kvetchies))))) hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.

My new friend is coming down tonight to meet my girls, how cool is that? And he is cooking something to bring, which is fab 'cause he is a culinary arts student. I like this one a lot. More than I'm even comfortable with, so yeah... good times tongue.gif
I saw my kitty. He looks better than I expected. He's definitely lost some weight and he was all messy from the force-feeding. His ears, where they should be pink, were whitish-yellowish because of the liver issues. He saw the vet this morning and they did a bunch of tests, but won't have the results back until Wednesday.

He was in the room where they keep the sickies, but he wasn't being kept in a cage. He seemed to recognize me when I came in, let out a voice-less "mew" and started purring. LeBoy came in with me- it was the first time he'd met him- and he immediately loved him. He was rubbing all over both of us, then sat in my lap for about a half-hour and purred and slept. It's good that he's responsive, purring, tail-wagging...he must not be feeling too bad.

They tried to get him to eat, but he wasn't too interested, so he's going to have to be force-fed. They do it by hand because using a syringe can freak them out more and even if they get well, they can still develop a food-aversion because of the trauma of the syringe.

I'm going back there tonight for my usual Monday night shift and maybe in the morning tomorrow. The shelter director is going to take him home when she's not at the shelter to take care of him and when I get back, I'll take him from there, on a "foster care" basis, not an adoption basis, at least at first.

At least I'm feeling better today- my tonsil doesn't hurt and I got some probiotics, under turbo's advice, to replace what those damn antibiotics killed. A couple of LeBoy's family member's had stomach flu on Friday and Saturday and I'm secretly hoping they'll just cancel the Christmas festivities.

Oooo, yuefie and mornington with the new friends! Yay!

((sidecar)) It's good to hear your grandma is doing better, but that sucks about your friend. Is your grandma in Florida or Wisconsin?

((hugs to all))
She lives in both, actually. She lives in Wisconsin in the summer and fall, and then Florida in the winter and spring, so she's in Florida right now. They're saying she may come home tomorrow, but frankly, I'd be surprised if they released her on Christmas Day, but maybe later this week. I just hope she doesn't go back to smoking when she's released.

(((morn))) your description hit it on the head. Meh. 2008 is the year in which I make new friends.

(((yuefie))) I mean to say, I am so happy to hear you've found a new boy! You deserve someone awesome, especially after what Ex-Asshat did to you.

Anyone been thinking about their 2008 resolutions? I'm repeating two of my 2007 resolutions (pay off my crap student loan lose some weight) and adding a couple others. I want to write a novel and go to Europe. I hope I can make it happen.

Well, I will be off to church and then dinner and pressies shortly. We're having brats! I hope you all have lovely holidays! Mine has turned out much better than expected.
My flyby is worse than Yuefie's! Merry Christmas my fellow Busties!
(((Polly's kitty))) Believe me, it can be hard to note behavior changes in cats when they live with you! I've experienced that several times...hindsight is 20/20.

Wooo, Yuefie!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you and this boy. Have fun tonight.

And Mornington, too!! The Swede! Crossed parts for you, sweetie. Missed you lately.

Sidecar, glad you grandma is making improvements. Your friend makes me think of MY friend who works for a large chain of clubs...he can get people tickets or VIP access...and he kind of reached his limit with folks asking for these kinds of favors when they don't bother to hang out with him otherwise. I think it's really healthy to set limits with people and to even cut some people off. It's sad, though.

(((Tes))) Have fun!!

Yesterday while sitting in my friend's shop in the quarter, a certain foot loose star came in and I didn't even notice him!!! Bah. Then I got called in to work when they really didn't need me...I guess I should just be glad that I made time and a half for 5 hours and that I then got to come home at 12:30 am and assemble my lasagna for tomorrow. But I was quite irritated last night.

Now I need to go make some 7-layer dip to bring in tonight...I had a coworker request it from me. Hope all the pregnant ladies drink lots of water and don't eat too much and take it easy (around holidays you tend to get people who get dehydrated, have indigestion and/or overdo it) and stay pregnant tonight!!

And I have an anti-kvetch! My husband, after 3+ years of my knowing him, has suddenly whipped out great massage skills!!! He used to give these lame shoulder rubs, and all of a sudden, he's workin' it. Yay.

Have a happy XMas, to all who are celebrating it!!!

ETA: I love New Year's resolutions, but I haven't figured out mine yet, sidecar. Glad your trip is going well so far!

And hellloooo, Billy! Merry XMas to you!

ETAagain: I just got put on call! I guess that's good...missing my family, though, and work was the reason I stayed here. Might be fun to walk around the Quarter or something, later. Or maybe see a movie tonight instead of (or in addition to!) tomorrow.
This is a drunken kvetch, because Mcgeek and I made rosemary peach cosmos tonight. smile.gif

Here's a belated picture of our tree. I needed to put more Elvis stuff on it, being it was Blue Xmas tree.

Polly, I hope kitty is better.

Yuefie, yay for date. I love a boy that can cook!! It's just damn sexy. Also, loved your card. You'll be getting a late one next week.

Mornington, I've missed you.

Sidecar, sorry about your friend being an asshat. I'm trying to think of better resolutions (the normal lose weight etc). I think I like making more friends, because my friends lately (even the minor ones) are being really rude.

Star, hey!

Billy, you wearing grey boxers again?

My xmas party just turned out to be Mcgeek and my best friend. It was a blast, and we all woke up extremely hungover (I think best friend and I drank 2 six packs of beer a piece, and at least three martinis). So, we all called out sick for work. Granted I got in trouble for it, but whatev. Apparantly, I was supposed to call my manager. But who thinks straight at 6 in the morning without java?

(((love to all kvetchies)))
*pops head in*

Just wanted to say Happy Holidays to everyone! Stay safe!


Hugs to everyone and all who need them.

I heart you busties

Saw my kitty. I had to force-feed him. It took 90 minutes, but I got a lot down him. I hope he still likes me after this unsure.gif

Now I need to start cooking. I'm making three appetizers for tomorrow: this, this, and this.

LeBoy's watching the movie, but it's too much for Christmas. dry.gif

Yeah, sidecar, my resolution for 2008 is to lose weight. My goal is 5 pounds a month. We're going to a wedding in July and to lose 35 pounds by then would be great. My 10-year high school reunion is happening next fall and if I could lose 50 pounds by then, I'd be almost at my high school weight. Gah, can't believe it's been 10 years. I don't know if I'm even going to go...I may just stay home and revel in my success.

Ok, Goodfellas is over....time to cook.
hello my lovelies. hope everyone is having a good christmas. my heartfelt wish for all is good/better health and big and little special moments of happiness ... for you and yours ... including furbabies, of course ... today, tomorrow, and evermore.

i've already gotten my little piece of happiness: a wish for wings that work. because i taped over my vhs version several years ago, idjit that i am.

and now if only the christmas angels would smite my baby boy's mysterio outta nowhere 101.5 fever, all will be right in the world. *fret*

nonfat lowsugar gingerbread latte smooches.

Oh mando, I didn't know there was a cartoon of that! I was raised on Berkeley Breathed- we have all his books.

Merry Christmas to you, too; hope Danny feels better....this is the first Christmas with your doggie, too, right? Aww!

Food is prepared, just have to cook it at the in-laws. Bags for tomorrow are packed. House is not clean for LeBrother who's picking up mail and checking the mouse traps. I'll do what I can when we get home tonight and screw the rest.

We caught a mouse this morning. Eek. I made LeBoy deal with it.

ETA: LeBoy just had a meltdown because the bacon be baked for the appetizer he's making didn't cook evenly. And it did the last time he made it, so a meltdown was in order. ((Sigh)) I can't wait to get to my in-laws and have a drink.
Merry Christmas! I am now at home. We had Christmas dinner with my parents, then flew home and had dinner in a chaotic restaurant in Chinatown with the friends who picked us up from the airport. Now I'm home, with a very happy and sleepy dog sitting at my feet and I'm gonna watch some Twin Peaks.

I'll post more substantially tomorrow, as I'm ON VACATION! WHOO!
{{{{polly}}}} That all sounds very familiar. In fact, I'm starting to worry that Buddy has developed food aversion. Yet he's sitting on the other side of the door, in "his room," trying to get in here.

That's as much kvetching as I'm going to do. Here were the good things about our day:

- making our living room actually look like a living room
- Vietnamese food with my parents and NO COOKING
- my folks brought lovely fudge (which I don't usually go for) and cookie bars made by my mom's best friend (note to TG: ergo why I actually ate the fudge)
- my folks gave us some really nice presents, including a rather large sum for GB and I at our favorite clothing stores
- my folks liked the presents we gave them
- my mom didn't drive me completely bonkers and only pestered me to let her help us unpack once
- I finally heard from my father after more than a year (though the word was cryptic at best)

As for me, I'm back to work tomorrow. Off NYE, though...yay! Anyway, now that I've missed the day for many of you...Merry Christmas and may 2008 suck much less than 2007. Love to everybody, your SOs, your on-good-terms family members (which includes real friends), and your critters, too. smile.gif
Merry Christmas everyone!

Okay, I know it's a day late but I've been so busy since I got home! Since I've been here I have decorated our Christmas tree and put up all the other decorations, cleaned all over the place, taken my poor dog to the vet and to the groomers, bought almost everyone's presents but my own, wrapped said presents, made Christmas eve dinner, a Christmas brunch and Christmas dinner all by myself (which was a huge accomplishment for me!). So finally today I slept in and then went back to sleep after only being up for a few hours. We're having a Boxing Day party tonight so I have to go get all of the food ready for that too.

I hope you all had a good Christmas, I'm sorry I don't have time to give out individual vibes.

A Very Merry (though belated) Christmas to everyone! I hope you've all had blissful holidays and if you didn't, here are some *extra hugs*

Hoping to have a new 'puter soon, but not sure when exactly. This library stuff is for the birds.

I had *the* best holiday in years. And that seems to be the consenus around here. The niece was with her dad's family, which meant we were sans kidlets so there was free flowing bevvies and much debauchery. Shan, Nat, Mel, PJ, & R (new boy) partied both x-mas eve and last night, which was fab. He has passed the siblings and the bff tests with flying colors. We drove around looking at lights and my girls proceeded to have the most embarassing conversations evar. And I had far too much wine, and I mean that sincerely. I figure if he could make it through the conversations that were taking place and see me as goofy as I was and not run, he's a keeper. He has more in common music taste wise with PJ than with me, so they were in their own discussion about shows they've been to. Yup, I think PJ is almost as stoked as me tongue.gif

~~~candycane kisses & misletoe smooches~~~
*happyhappierhappiest for yuefie*
*exhausted just reading bout candy's christmas*
*special hug for polly for wishing danny gets betta*
*excited to see plummie in here*
*reveling in vackay glory along with sidecar*

kvetch 1: i got some nice gifts. but i'm completely pouting because i didn't get my ipod. christ in a camry, i sure as hell hinted enough.

bratty much, mandi?

kvetch 2: massive.sugar.overload. ugh.
*squeezes stuffed self through kvetchlandia door*

'Tis the season to be indulgent tra la la la la la la la la ...

I've had a huge plate of left-overs tonight, followed by raspberry meringue roulade and now bunnymama has handed me a plate piled high with cherry cake, orange and mint matchmakers, flying saucers (sherbet filled wafer ufos) and pistachio turkish delight .... mmmmmmm.

My 2008 resolutions? lose weight and find a graduate job. No point attempting either until the new year begins.

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and that the festivities are continuing. I had a great time and Santa Claus spoiled me rotten (SEVEN Johnny Depp dvds! my collection is almost complete). I am off work until the 8th Jan so more than taking advantage of eating out; going to see movies (so far American Gangster and I Am Legend and tomorrow and the next day Enchanted and The Golden Compass; watching dvds (bunnymama bought me Ugly Betty); and spending quality time with the boy, who is here until the 2nd Jan. Oh, and spending lots of time with my too-cute-for-words nephew (the boy's nephew) who loves his Auntie Clarabelle - SQUEE!

I'm also excited about next weekend as I should be going to mornington's city to meet up with the pink lady herself and zoya and helping the latter move up here to her luscious new pad.

polly, hope you and the kitty are both doing better.

glad buddy cat has picked up.

(((mandi))) for being a sweetheart.

(((yuefie))) and her man. I'm sure he would pass BUSTie inspection too...

(((sidecar))) from a previous PM conversation I think you and I approach friendships similarly... we give so much and put a lot into those relationships that we expect the same in return and feel incredibly let down when we don't receive it. Some people just don't have the same priorities or expectations of what friendship should be and it's often better to invest the wasted energy spent on them into finding other like-minded individuals instead.

bunnyb, glad to hear Santa was generous, and you are having a fabulous holiday time.

mando, yay for nice gift, but boo for not getting what you really wanted.

((danny)) Feel better.

yuefie, yay for things going good with the new guy, and spending time with friends and family.

ccgirl, yay for enjoying time with your family.

txplum, yay for good food and presents.

sidecar, yay for your vacation.

polly, yay for catching a mouse, boo for the bacon not cooking properly.

sassy, glad your party was fun.

mornington, yay for a new boy.

amilta, hope your Christmas was nice. My NetFlix choices haven’t been that great lately. I watched The Reaping which was okay, and two duds that I didn’t even finish Chalk and The Hottest State. I did however watch This is England which was very good, and I have Talk to Me waiting to be watched.

rose, hope you and sheff are enjoying your visit with family.

syb, hope you are enjoying your time off.

I have had an okay vacation so far. I am still getting over being sick so I haven’t been able to work out much and I had a few other stresses. My family went to see Juno on Christmas, and we all loved it. I saw P.S. I Love You, but didn’t like it very much. I am waiting to go shopping on Saturday when everyone is off. Dad DM won $500 on a lotto scratch off on Christmas Eve, and he shared it with all of us. Oh and I got really great Christmas gifts which made me very happy.
LOL, dusty- the bacon was fine. LeBoy's poutiness about it (before I fixed it by simply cutting off the done part and putting the rest back in for a few minutes) was just uncalled for. Boys. rolleyes.gif

I'm glad to hear everyone survived the holidays least those we've heard from. I got some good stuff- a spice rack, some knives, gift cards. LeBoy got the third season of Veronica Mars, some music. We didn't get to see all of his family before we left, and they must have been the ones who bought me the Flight of the Conchords DVD's (I snuck a quick peek at the "purchased" section of my Amazon list, so I know someone got them for me)...I really wanted to watch those here in Kansas City, but alas, I'll get them when I get back.

LeMom was in perfection hyperdrive on Christmas, so I was a little annoyed. I didn't get to make my Spanish olive dip because she booted me out of the kitchen before I could assemble it. dry.gif It's in my fridge at home and I'm hoping it will still be good when I get back on Sunday and I'll have something tasty to eat for NYE.

Update on my kitty- he has fatty liver, caused by him not eating and his liver using fat to sustain itself, then failing. They haven't really determined why he wasn't eating though. Could be depression (what they most suspect) or could be some other illness. I'm a little unclear about whether or not the tests that came back actually tested for causes of fatty liver or just confirmed he has fatty liver. Anyway, they've been successfully feeding him; they're still having to force him to eat, but he's not throwing it up, so that's good. Now it's just a matter of getting his liver re-started by forcing him to eat again; the shelter director who's taking care of him said she's been successful doing this with many cats before, so I'm hopeful. It may take 6-8 weeks of feeding him like this to get him healthy again. Oy. I may be having my mom come over while I'm at work.

Kansas City has been good so far. My sleep was so screwed up yesterday- I didn't go to bed until 1:30am Christmas night and got up at 4:30 am for the plane. I slept for about 25 minutes on the plane (the whole trip was just over an hour), then a catnap here and there throughout the day. I got 9 hours last night so I'm better now.

Today we went out for BBQ for lunch, went to some of our favorite stores, including The Reading Reptile, a subversive children's bookstore. I bought new we're leaving for dinner...gotta go before my dad gets all impatient. *Sigh* How I've missed living with my family. blink.gif

Hello everybody. Happy Holidays! I apologize for the lack of individual vibes but it has been a while since I have posted and I am not sure I could catch up. I did read some so please don't hate me. smile.gif
Oh, but before I forget: yuefie thanks for the card. It was lovely. And, polly, if my girl cat is still speaking to me after a year of forcing her to take medication, a few feedings should be forgivable.

My Christmas was pretty darn nice. Especially compared to last year. This year there was only one emergency room visit. Mom's g/f has diverticulitis and it is really hurting her. However, the docs gave her enough medication that she was even fine the next day, her birthday, so she was able to join us for some shopping a nice dinner.

One upsetting thing did happen on Christmas Day. My mom realized that a bag of my step-sister's gifts were missing. My sis is a total lable whore and mom is really good about finding deals at the store she works at. So mom was really upset that the items that were missing were all DKNY and Baby Phat. The only logical answer as to where the stuff went is that one of my sis's friends stole them from the house. My sis handled it all pretty well and seems to be in denial about the idea that her friends stole from her. What little respect that I had for the teenagers of that town is pretty much gone.

It's funny. When I look this over, my holiday seems pretty damn dramatic. But you have to realize, my mom & her g/f seem to thrive on stress and bickering. It makes me nuts as I always over-react to it. So one ER visit and a little theivery is still pretty relaxing.

I did some great clothes shopping on the 26th. Got new sneakers and some nice sweaters. This season I seem to be feeling the cold more than I used to. Is that a "getting old" thing? As for gifts, I got seasons 2&3 of Angel (suprising as I don't have season 1), some cookware (yay!), nice spring clothes, oh and an iPod shuffle. From The Geek. I asked him for something simple, like a pretty teapot. He gave me an iPod. And took care of my cats while I was out of town. And sent my racy text messages at innaproprite times. *sigh*

Do to a last minute emergency on my best friends half, I ended up taking the Greyhound Bus back to Chicago today. God, I forgot how dumb & annoying people can be. The bus left an hour late. I was sitting in front of some trashy little hick who was bragging about trashing peoples Christmas decor, and people talked the whole damn trip. The two best lines I heard were, "How far is 21 miles?" and "I couldn't live here [Chicago]. It's to citified. So many people, so many murders." God I was so happy to get to my apartment I almost kissed the ground.
Happy Holidays everyone - it's been ages since I posted in here, I was unbelievably busy with work and I was limiting myself to posting here and there in random threads and trying to just read kvetch as much as I could. (it's way to easy to spend way too much time in here - enough time to interfere with work!) And like Kittenb, I just don't know if I can catch up, so suffice to say, vibes to everyone!

My christmas was pretty good, I didn't go to see my family until yesterday, so I spent christmas with friends, which was nice. Got WAY too drunk on a really strong cocktail (that didn't taste strong) at friend's house party christmas night and made myself throw up in the guest bathroom, which I suspect I did not do as stealthily as I thought I did. UGH. A somewhat crush was there, and I think I put the nail in that coffin with my dork-ness at the party. Oh well, what can you do...

Been overindulging way too much in the last couple of weeks, but as bunny says, it's the season of indulgence... I have to say, though, my body is craving some exercise, which is probably a good thing.

The only other new thing to report is that I'm going to be moving at the beginning of January, it's weird, it's somewhere I've always wanted to live, working for a company I wanted to work for so much - and now I'm getting all freaked out about it. I'm questioning if I made the right choice, if I'm gonna feel trapped, not going to make friends, etc. etc. Which I know intellectually is just crazy. If I don't like it, I can always just move on. It's not like I'm NOT going to do it, I'm going to just plow straight ahead into it like I always do, and see how it goes - but I'm just all of a sudden really freaked out, which I never thought I'd be. weird.

Well that's about it for now, I plan on being around more in Kvetch land..


ps - black cotton boy shorts that look like a mini version of guys' boxerbriefs & black sheer with black satin stripes elle mcphereson push up bra.
I like hearing about everyone's XMas. Mine was good...XMas eve I got called off of work, so we went to see Walk Hard (funny!) and then on XMas, we walked around the French Quarter and then drove to Mississippi and walked on the beach a little. It's the first time I've gone over that way since the storm, and it is still very devastated...sad. Many houses rebuilt, many empty lots, a few homes not touched. Streets ruined. But it was novel for me, a midwestern girl, to take a beachy walk on XMas.

Then we came home and baked up the lasagna I made and watched The Office DVDs. Yay.

The Mr. got me a digital camera (the one of his that I inherited only took good shots about 1/3 of the time) and credit at a fine art print shop. I got him books and for both of us I got neti pots!! We both have tried it doesn't feel revolutionary to me yet, but I did get it to work and it didn't hurt.

The other day we went to see Juno, which I liked, but I guess my expectations were pretty high...and I'd say I liked it a little less than I thought I would.

Now it's back to work tonight and tomorrow night. The Mr. has a stomach virus that started at 6 am seems like it may be getting better, which is good because I worry about him ending up with seizures if he can't keep his meds in/down.

(((Post-holiday hugs for everyone)))

Sounds like everyone's having fairly decent holidays. Hooray! I've been lurking/reading, just not up to posting much. But I have been sending ~~~~~vibes for everyone~~~~. Christmas was okay, the best parts were my best friend showing up unexpectedly on my doorstep Christmas Eve morning, and this:

My favorite niece lost her front tooth, and apparently the Tooth Fairy doubles down on Christmas (she was SO excited to get three whole dollars instead of the usual 6 quarters!).

Oh, and I got a digital camera, so once I figure it out a bit more I may actually post pictures now and again. Most of them (exception above) are pretty crap so far though! laugh.gif

I'm glad to hear everyone has had such nice weeks. I had a cold, albeit a low-grade one, and things didn't work out quite as I'd planned. I had to cancel Martini's birthday party (due to many people not coming/not responding to the invite) which was a bummer. So instead he and I ordered in from the fancy Mexican place last night, had a couple cocktails and watched one of his favorite movies. I think honestly it was what he wanted more than a party. Tonight we're doing more of the same. We have a screener of Persepolis, so we'll watch that, have some pasta and crack a bottle of wine, I think.

His dad's legal case re: the accident began this week, and while things will probably be okay, it's just another stressor. I'll be so happy when this terrible month is over.

Also, BFC, who now lives in New York, was supposed to visit yesterday but cancelled due to family obligations. I'll be going there in a couple weeks (have I mentioned this? Yeah, I'll be in New York in January although I don't know how much time I'll have on my hands) so we'll catch up then. Still, it was a bit sad not to be able to hang out as we'd planned.

Oh, and Martini and I finally exchanged gifts. I got him a rare version of the complete works of Shakespeare from 1901 that's illustrated and annotated, of which only 1,000 copies were printed. He got me a Dorothy Parker book from the 40s, a Martian Manhunter action figure, the Venture Brothers 2008 calendar, a cooking class in our neighborhood to take together, and a new anthology of American food writing from the Library of America. So I am feeling quite spoiled! (And he was really into his, too. As he started to open it, he gasped "Did you get me the complete works?" So I felt pretty good about it.) For his birthday, I got him a rare Todd Klein/Alan Moore print and a gift certificate to Broadway in Chicago to use when Avenue Q and Sweeney Todd go on sale.

Oh, and as a Christmas gift to myself, I went back on Weight Watchers (although just counting points, no meetings - I bought a journal and a points calculator off eBay along with the Food Companion). Probably for another thread, but as big of a pain as counting points can be, it kept me honest and losing/maintaining. I'm only two pounds away from my highest weight ever, and I'd rather be crazy thinking of points than inching higher on the scale.
sidecar, those are the best christmas gifts ever!! make sure you keep the shakespeare and dorothy parker books out of my sight if i ever visit your place again. i love both of them SO much. you have no idea. i hope you are feeling better. sorry to hear about the crappy month. the crappy friends. just a big boo on december for you. (((((sidecar))))))

(((polly))) i hope you are feeling better. i was really bummed not to see you while back home.

(((DM))) hope you are gettin' over your cold.

(((morn, bunny, zoya))) have fun at your get together!! go to the hagen das restaurant! on second thought, bunny can't have that. go somewhere where she won't get a tummyache!

(((six, tes, mando, kitten, amilita, rose, yuefie, dusty, billy, PiP, and other kvetchies)))

well, i was REALLY burnt out last week. and going home to get luvin' from my family and friends is just what the doctor ordered to help rejuvenate me. i feel better. still have mixed feelings about where i live, but i want to be more open and hope to do some traveling on the east coast while i'm here. i think i made a new friend tonight, which is cool. he seems pretty open to doing random things. perfect for me. i can use all of the friends i can get out here.

kvetch: PMS. argh. i hate feeling bloated. i need to cut back on the salt. not good for me. but, damn, yo, this NE food is bland. i miss the spice of chicago.

hey, is there a thread for new year's resolutions? it would be cool to see what resolutions other busties are making....
Merry belated Christmas to everyone!

We had a decent Christmas. We manage to avoid MOST, but not all the family drama. Little T was amazing! He loved everythign abotu christmas and it fun and enjoyable! It amazing how much pleasure teh little guy got out of a wad of wrapping paper! If only everyone could be that easily pleasured on Christmas!

I got to hang out with Rose and Sheff last night which is always fun!

Today we went to see National Treasure 2!

((love and vibes to all!))

And special thank yous to Bunny and Yuefie for the cards which I placed side by side on my mantle!
How was National Treasure 2? I am a big film geek, but I'd be lying if I said that wasn't the movie I'm most excited about this holiday season.
Hey everyone!

It seems like everyone had rad holidays. My favorite gifts were a Twin Peaks/Monty Python dvd sets, and my mother got me a very nice Coach purse, and the new Jamie Oliver cookbook. I also got the new version of Christoper Moore's Lamb(the one that looks like a Bible), and another David Sedaris book. I got Mcgeek an fake IPod,so he could stop stealing mine to put his science lectures on it.

I have been lurking, beacuse I've been crazy busy at work.

Kvetch: Really bad depression. As fucked up as my family is, I missed them. Mcgeek and I started fighting again about his damn ex wife, just when I was getting ready to trust him again. Bleh. Luckily, the fight happened after Christmas day. But, been in a shit mood since the 27th or so. I'm hoping my New Years Eve is perkier.

Anti-kvetch: Sweeny Todd was really cool, and plan to see it with best friend again in a few weeks. We're huge Sondheim fans., and Johnny did a good job.

Anti-kvetch: Speaking of Sedaris, we saw Santland Diaries last night. at a local playhouse. It was a blast. It holds double meaning now that I've worked thru a Christmas in retail hell.

I'm home! Nine hours in a cramped car is not fun. I'm so glad to be home. Mostly feeling better. Those probiotics help, but I think they're helping too much, if you know what I mean.

I got an email from the shelter director this morning saying she thought it would be best if we waited until my kitty is eating by himself again before I take him....when I got home there was an email waiting for me saying he'd started! Yay! So we're going to give it a couple of days and then I'll take him.

Time for food porn from Kansas City!

This is from a place called Stroud's. They have the most amazing fried chicken. It comes with not-out-of-a-can green beans, REAL mashed potatoes and REAL gravy, all of which they give you free refills on. And instead of dinner rolls, you get fresh, homemade cinnamon buns. Unlimited. Holy crap. My picture of the cinnamon buns kinda sucks. We also tried the catfish for the first time- it was delish, of course.

These are BBQ ribs from a place called B.B.'s Lawnside BBQ. (Yeah, their website's cheesy!) It was the first time we'd been there, but it won't be the last. LeBoy and I split those ribs and still had four left. It was like The Flintstones, they were so huge.

I have had so much freaking red meat in the past few days....I'm eating nothing but salad and grains for the few days...oh yeah, that oughta make my probiotics issue better. blink.gif

Sidecar, I'm jealous of your Persepolis screener; I got the latest issue of Bust in KC and just read the interview with the woman who did it- it said it was supposed to be in theaters at it? Sounds amazing. I hear you on the WW....I think I put on 3 pounds or so on this trip (you can see why in those pictures) and nothing freaking fits. So glad LeBoy's on board with the resolution to eat better. I'm not officially going back to WW (can't afford it, too many rules), but I'm going to modify the system a little....I always felt hungry when I did it, so I'm going to blend it with the South Beach theory of "eat until you're satisfied". We'll see how that goes. ETA: I forgot to ask- I'm also looking forward to Avenue Q coming to town- do you know anything about when tickets will go on sale? I can't believe they haven't yet.

Hi pixie!!

Sorry about the kvetches, sassy, particularly the family stuff (or lack thereof.) I hope you feel better. For the most part, the trip was good, but my dad's attitude the whole time really pissed me off. He was so adversarial towards me most of the time, just sniping at me and stuff. Part of it's just the way we talk to each other, but lately, even before the trip, he's just been above and beyond. Annoying.
QUOTE(stargazer @ Dec 30 2007, 04:58 AM) *
go to the hagen das restaurant! on second thought, bunny can't have that. go somewhere where she won't get a tummyache!

hee, this made me giggle! I had to buy some mango sorbet yesterday because I miss ice cream lots; I can handle cheese in moderation (thank God!) but I react badly to ice cream.

I am so jealous of people being able to see Sweeney Todd; it's not out here for another four weeks! Neither is National Treasure: Book of Secrets sad.gif. We saw The Golden Compass the other night and loved it; Enchanted was sweet.

kvetch: I broke a filling last night (on bloody Haribo, of all things). More dental treatment is the last thing I need to pay for in the month of January but things like that always happen. Sigh.

kvetch2: the boy and I both have a cold. It probably has a lot to do with the heating in the house being on continually for the last two weeks for the baby and all of the Canadians' germs (they were ill before they arrived) have been transferred through the circulating unfresh air.

Speaking of great gifts (and I received many): the boy bought me the postcard box of the bunny suicides and the Buffy season 8 comic book volume one collection biggrin.gif.

Have a great new year everyone! We're staying home as it's the visiting relatives last night. I'll miss the boy's (and mine, by proxy) nephew lots.

psssssssst. am lurking!

taking a few moments while mr hotbuns is snoozing to pop in and tell everyone happy new year's eve day!

more, much much more, later, but.....our best present on christmas day was -- a leopard sighting!!! spots danced before our eyes!

sooooooooooooooooo beautiful.....i sat there watching and cried.

back later.

in the meantime, all of the best for a happy, healthy, full of the best things in life 2008!
Happy New Year's Eve everybody! Thanks for being such an important part of 2007 for me. This thread has become so important to me. {{{{hugs for all}}}}

Nice to see that I am not the only one thinking it is time to go back to healthier eating. I am such a sugar addict and I have waaaaaaaayyyyyy too much of it in my house at the moment. I have two parties to go to tonight and the boy and I are planning a waffle sundae/mimosa breakfast tomorrow but after that we will behave! He is starting with a trainer and I am just going to cut back on the sugar again. I swear that stuff is like heroin to me. rolleyes.gif

polly -I am w/you on everything in those pictures except the green beans. Yuck. But the ribs look good!

bunnyb - Glad that you found some cheese you can eat.

tes - That is so cool about the lepoard!

sassygirl - I've been listening to Dress Your Family in Couderoy and Denim on a Playaway (it's like a mini-iPod for a single book.) Hearing Sedaris's voice really made it better for me. I think I am going to look for more of his audio books.

{{{sidecar, amalita, stargazer. pixie, and all Kvetchies!}}}

Happiest Birthday wishes to our dearest, billybonka

Yay for leopard sigthings, good trips, gifts and times with loved ones.

Boo hiss on all the bad stuff, like fights, depression & sickness.

My darling kvetchies: I hope all of you are safe and sound and enjoying the last day of 2007. And here is wishing for nothing but good things for everyone in 2008.

(((((mandi, bunny, mornington, polly, sidecar, kittenb, tes, rose, pixie, plummie, stargazer, raisin, sassy, billy, syb, sonik, dusty, amilita, designermedusa, candycane, zanylanie, prettyinpink, flankerjl, zoya, crassy, lelu, plat, faith, fina, msp, walkingb, everyone))))))

I was SPOILED this year, particularly by Santa Shannon. I got books ("Sellivision" - the only Augusten Burroughs I didn't already own, Nigella's "How To Be A Domestic Goddess", the new Dexter book I didn't even know was out, Jon Stewart's "America", and a few others), various Kitchen Aid items (box grater w. mandoline, utensils, bakeware, towels, hotpads), various sized bamboo cutting boards, a cheese board set (yay), Costco membership renewal, several gorgeous candle holders and tons of candles, fabulous ornaments, bookmarks, Trader Joe's gift card, black & white prints of nieces, a black sweater, new pajamas, Jim Gaffigan's "Beyond The Pale" dvd, The Simpsons movie, Target gift card specifically for me to buy the new Radiohead cd tomorrow, a new calendar, greeting card organizer, and lots of little odds and ends. It was like when I was a kid and my mother went crazy!

Polly, that food sounds fabulous. Yesterday I had catfish the only way I like it, made by my friend's fiance. We had our annual gift exchange and he made fried catfish & tilapia which he caught himself, and shrimp, black eyed peas, green beans, I made au gratin potaotes, and she made brownies. Uhh, I am still stuffed feeling. Back to the gym I go!

The new boy and I are hanging out tonight, wooo. PJ is going to concert with friends, so I actually get lots of alone time with him. Yay! He was gone all weekend on a fishing trip up north and it has been established that neither of us can wait to see the other. My girls keep making gagging noises at us, but I don't care... I am enjoying it.
NT was really good! It may not have been quite as good as the first, but definitly worth seeing, plus they left a big opening for a third!!!

I am debating about Sweeny Todd. I really wanted to see it, but Rose and Sheff saw it the other night and gave me the impresson that it's pretty gorey and I just don't do a lot blood...especially squirting out of necks! glad about you and the new boy!

Tes...a leopard! Wow! That would be soooo cool!

Happy Birthday Billy!!!!

(((kitten, bunny,Polly, Sassy, Star and everyone else lurking!)))
Yeah, Polly, I can't waste the money or time at meetings. I bought my calculator, three month journal and food companion off eBay for less than $20 total. It's going okay. I'm weighing myself more than once a week, but i've held steady at 2.5 pounds dropped this week, which is a good start.

(((hugs to the kvetchies)))) May this new year bring us all good things. I, for one, cannot wait to put 2007 behind me and look forward to hanging in here with y'all in 2008.

We didn't watch Persepolis 'cos our screener ran this annoying scroll throughout the whole thing. Ugh! Instead we watched the 1966 version of Bedazzled, with Dudley Moore and Peter Cooke, which was pretty fun. Not quite Perspolis though.

We're having a party tonight, so I'm hoping I get off work early to finish stuff up for it. We got a lot done yesterday, so at least there's that.
Yuefie, sounds like you got some great gifts. Enjoy spending time with the new guy tonight.

Kittenb, I need to stop eating so much sugar as well. I’ve tried so many times, and it is just beyond difficult.

Tes, a leopard sighting, very cool.

Bunnyb, feel better. Boo to the broken filling.

Polly, that fried chicken looks delicious.

Sassy, I hope you and mcgeek works things out. Yay for Santaland Diaries.

Pixie, yay for a nice Chrsitmas.

Star, glad you had a nice visit with your family.

Sidecar, too bad about the Persepolis screener being crap. I went ahead and added to my NetFlix queue because I doubt it will be released where I live.

((sixel, amilita, zoya, rose, mando, morning ton))

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Years, and be safe tonight. Mr. DM and I are staying in and having a Corner Gas dvd marathon, and I will probably make nachos and some drinks. Good things for all ((Busties)) in 2008.
I looked up Persepolis and it won't be released here until April! wtf? I've been waiting for Penelope to come out here for an age too.

I will put up with gore if it means Mr Depp AND Mr Rickman wink.gif.

wow, tes, that sounds blissful. Although all I keep thinking is that the boy opened a gift-wrapped leopard on Christmas day... that would be Apple's new operating system, leopard tongue.gif.

Have fun with your loved ones and squeezes tonight! I'll be with my mr squeezable; he's making fajitas for the family and then him and I may watch the last episode of Heroes aired before the writers' strike (we've been saving it the last few days!) and a movie. Tomorrow it's the boy's parents, us and their new, huge widescreen lcd tv and Transformers on dvd.

Off to read some of The Kite Runner (great book, want to see the film) before dinner.

(((kvetchies))) may 2008 bring us happiness, health and success.

and best wishes to all my beloved (((kvetchies))) for an upcoming year of all good things.

2007 brought me some excellent things (ie: zoey), but i can't say i'm sad to see it go. i'm eager & uncharacteristically optimistic for 2008.

kvetch: the boys are painting danny's room jaguars teal and gold. ick. damn you, glidden paint, damn you to hell!

kvetch: i can't wait to get back to work wednesday. i have my reasons. some sad & pathetic, some ... not.

antikvetch: looking forward to dinner tonite at our favorite local fish restaurant (our friend is the owner/chef). i can already taste the fresh oysters, delicious seared salmon, garlic smashed potatoes ... and probably a mojito or two. *growling belly noises*
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