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-->- -->- -->- fly by -->- -->- -->-

brief memememe update: antibiotics rock! im feeling much better, penicillin really kicks strep throat’s bum bum! things are crazy in the office because almost all of the brasileiros are going on home leave beginning tomorrow. in addition to that, our admin and finance director is going on leave beginning next monday. so all of them are running around trying to get everything done before they leave. i should be more concerned about all of this than i am, but i just got back from home leave, and MR. HOTBUNS will be here next week!!!!! less than 10 days!!! wooooo hoooooooooo!

mean people suck. someone has been parked in my space in my car park for the last 2 days, so i stopped on the way out to talk to the guard and ask him to call the owner of the car. In the meantime (for the all of 5 minutes max that this took me) there was some horrid woman leaning on her horn. then, after i took my time about telling the guard what to do, and pulled out onto the street, she zoomed past me and started yelling at me (in english) about what a CRAZY PERSON i am. she then turned left after i did, tried to run me off the road, and then kept screaming as she zoomed past me again (having gone out of her way to follow me, she then had to turn around to go the way that she wanted to go before she started berating me). egads. how dast i make her wait a few minutes! crazy, indeed!

i promise that i will be back soon for proper reading of archives and vibeage for all.

big hugs, little kisses, and silly silly silly fishes!

((((ice-covered busties))))

(((sassy))) sorry your parents are acting like that. I hope your tummy is better.

(((bunny))) hope your stomach is better

(((morn and mom))) I'm glad she's okay

(((txplumwine and buddy cat)))

((((polly)))) that's just ridiculous. Sometimes people are just...gah!

(((tes))) boo to fucking crazy drivers.

(((sidecar, amilita, yuefie, dm, raisin, rose, syb, pixie, mando, dusty, lanie, kitten)))

I'm just gonna say it, I really love Sunny D. I don't care how bad it is, it's soooo delicious! However, it's gross and weird to go around slurping it in a library.

anti-kvetch: just one more exam to go!

anti-kvetch: I got one of my big essays back yesterday and I got an A-

anti-kvetch: less than a week till I see my adorable puppy. And by puppy I mean my 11 year old dog. tongue.gif
(((((ice covered BUSTies))))

((((pixie & fam)))) (((roseviolet's family)))) thanks for keeping us updated, rose.

continued vibage for (((buddycat)))

amilita, I think the plane ticket is a wonderful idea smile.gif

yay for tes feeling better!

yay for good work reviews, dm!

yay for A's on tests and pupper reunions, candy!

a huge boo hiss on work drama and asshatty coworkers, polly dry.gif


I got a jury duty summons week before last, which begins on Monday. This will be first time, which is crazy since everyone else I know has been called at least twice already.
Hey all!

My grandma had her lung surgery today and it went really well. It sounds like she'll probably have chemo but she's going to recover pretty well. She's not out of the woods yet, but we're feeling pretty good about how things will shake out from here. She finally quit smoking for good two weeks ago and it's made a world of difference. (Note to self: eat well and exercise, as that's what's mitigated the many years of smoking for her).

((((pixie & RVfam & Okies)))))
ok, sorry girls, another not having had time to read the archives drive by..

hello everyone - and ((((everyone)))

I just wanted to report that I thought I'd worked out an agreement with new employer (well, I did actually) but I emailed them to tell them when I could be in town to start and I haven't heard back from them. It's been 4 days. shit. well it is the holidays so I'll try again. HOWEVER....I just went for it and found a flat in new city. And it's an absolute dream flat. and I also have to say that without bunnyb, I would have never found it. that woman rules in so many ways, it's not even funny. (and why the hell didn't you tell me you were sick, woman?!)

shit, I'm trying to read down the archives to make a proper post, but I'm getting called away by my boss. shit. This work project ends next week. I hope to be back regularly busting by then


and again (((everyone)))
I'm sick and tired of ice and snow. I'm tired of sitting in the house all day with the baby. I want to get out. I blew out a BRAND NEW tire after sliding into a curb while taking my oldest to Kindergarten...and the part of the curb I hit was the ONLY part that wasn't covered in snow and ice. Goodbye $75 tire, and hello $59 MORE dollars buying a used tire and having it balanced and put on.

Two of our children have birthdays in December and with christmas and traveling to see Mark's daughter and hotels and food and rental cars, we bounced our account to the tune of $70. I want to bury my head in the sand.

I'm hanging in there. Mark is hanging in there. The kids are doing fine.

Julia will be 6 in a few days. I cannot believe the child I gave birth to when I was a regular here is 6 friggin years old. Makes me feel old. And I can't believe in that time I've been divorced and remarried and moved and had 2 more children.

I'm very "woe is me" today.

Hope you are all well.

Snow day! The drive home was from hell. Car will sit in the driveway for a few days because rear wheel drive + crappy road conditions = too stressful. I will walk to get groceries and go out, no biggie. I love living in the city because I can hoof it everywhere even in crappy weather (thank cod there's no ice). I'm gonna do laundry all afternoon and some cleaning and also pack for my beach trip (!!!!)... sinking my rough heels into the hot sand can't come soon enough. I am SO excited for it. It's, like, better than therapy.

And Star & I have plans for curry tomorrow night. Whoo!

Say "Sunny D" and I think of 90210. Product placement.

Okay, the internets have been boring me lately, so I'll end this for now. Just wanted to say hola.
(((sidecar grandma)))

((((ice covered BUSTies and families)))) hope everyone is safe.

Please be careful out there driving! I can't even imagine driving in such conditions. I don't even like driving when it's raining too hard. But yeah, I am spoiled as far as weather goes. It's shocking for us when our windshield's are covered in ice like morning rolleyes.gif

Because Ike Turner-woman beater kicked the bucket (rest in torment, bastid), I thought I'd come in and share a tale with you all. Back when I first moved up to San Marcos, I heard from my then 83 year old neighbor that she was friends with Ike through her church, and that he lived nearby. Well one day while driving down San Marcos Blvd, some jerkoff was tail-gating me something fierce. So I slowed down just to annoy the assclown and he changed lanes, sped up to pass me and got in front of me. I was feeling particularly aggro that day, so I flipped the driver the bird (thankfully I've calmed down a lot with my road rage since). While stopped behind him at the next light, I noticed the personalized license plate said "IKETURN" and it was then I realized I'd just flipped off the bastid himself. A few months later while grocery shopping I nearly ran in to him with my cart when the turning the corner in to the frozen section. I just had to call Shan and loudly announce that I was grocery shopping along side a woman beater extrodinaire. True story! tongue.gif


i wrote a post twice this morning and it got eaten both times. so this post is short and sweet.

kvetch: home sick from work. i've basically slept and ate all day. that's it. i feel a little bit better. in some ways, it helped me to avoid the massive snow we are getting here. i still have work tomorrow. but, i would expect cancellations.

antikvetch: found a postdoc position in chicago. i think i'm gonna apply. couldn't hurt. and i know i want to head out west, but it would be cool if i could go home sooner. who knows. everything seems up in the air.

OMG, yuefie, that fuckin' RULES! Haha. That's right, I read he'd died this morning but forgot all about it; have been far more upset about Terry Pratchett having early stage Alzheimers sad.gif.

I can testify to zoya's flat being a dream flat - I cannot wait to hang out with her there! her new flatmate rocks too. zoya, I didn't want to complain about being unwell and I've been fine last couple of days when been heavily walking around the city-centre! I'm just glad we found you a place without much trouble and I hope everything works out with the job.

sidecar, yay for your grandma doing okay so far!

(((mornington))) for making me laugh and for texting.

(((pixie and six and mid-west BUSTies)))


Thanks for the feel better vibes - they worked! I need to get whatever is wrong with me sorted out though as it just isn't right. As I'm never going to receive allergy testing through the NHS (they no longer do it unless you are in anaphalaxis), I'm going to have a homeopathic food intolerance consultation and then testing through them if needs me (supposedly the nutrionist/allergist person can normally tell through symptoms and doesn't need to test). UK BUSTies: I'm having it done through the therapy rooms in Neal's Yard Remedies.

I've been busy this week with Christmas preparations and flat-viewing for zoya amongst other things. Today I blitzed the remainder of my Christmas shopping and feel very proud of myself as it was a successful excursion and the gifts bought are perfect for the recipients so I'm really pleased. After shopping I had great sushi with a friend, went to work and now I'm about to go to bed. Going to Edinburgh tomorrow and have to pack and run a couple of errands before I do so I want to go to sleep.

If I don't have a chance to post: have a great weekend, kvetchies!
worry, worry, worry over iced in busties - has everyone checked in?

*wrings hands*

~*~*~*~stay warm and safe vibes to pixie and rosiev fambly and all other icy, frozen busties~*~*~*

(((((((((lelu, darling))))))))) boo hiss on blowing out a brand new tire and THEN having to shell out for a used one. however: you are SO not old! you are fabulous and have amazing children! fie on any who think otherwise!

they let people DRINK in the library? isn't that potentially dangerous for the books? especially in the hands of slimy creeps like this one?

(((((((sidecar and granny)))))) you are both in my prayers, querida.

candy cane -- are those exams over yet? when do you get to see your puppy???

i had no idea that ike turner had died. but yeufie? that story is HILARIOUS!!! muito thanks for sharing!

and bunny be mine? i am shocked and saddened by your news about Terry Pratchett! i just saw a televised version of the Hogfather - i had no idea that it had even been made! several (um, maybe 6 or 7?) years ago, elle and i read that to each other a chapter at a time over the holidays. what FUN! *heavy sigh* i hope that he will continue to write while he can.

i'm glad that you are feeling better, though. hope that the homeopathic consultation does the trick.

((((((star)))))) losing really long posts SUCKS. we can all sympathize. i hope you feel better, and that you didn't/don't have to go to work today!

~*~*~*~*~* apply for post doc in chi town vibes!! ~*~*~*~*~*

raisin d'etre, when do you leave for warm sunny climes?

amilita, the plane ticket sounds perfectamundo!!!

polly, that is outrageous. a POX on idiotas at work who engage in muito asshattage!

zoya!!! HUZZAH for dream flats!!! i'm sure that everything will be fine and the deal that you worked out is still on. we've been having a lot of problems with our email server, you might want to send another note asking them if they received your last email...

okies, we HAVE been having problems with our server, so i am stopping here to post this before it gets eaten! i'll be back to update later.

big hugs, little kisses, and silly silly silly whale sharks!

The staff meeting yesterday went ok- office manager defended the internet-usage again and it blew over, despite more whining from the hygienist....we talked about some other "office environment" stuff that's been going on lately. Apparently, the week I was out, office manager said something really offensive to one of the assistants (along the lines of the comments he made about the overweight relatives she and I both have) and we dealt with that. He hasn't made any of those comments to me lately; in fact, a small part of me wonders if he's been lurking around here, since he knows I post here and he's the type to do that...but I have nothing to hide here and the end justifies the means, so whatever.

The downside is that we made a rule of no eating in our workspaces- it makes sense for the clinical staff in the operatories, since there's all sorts of biological matter flying around back there, but up front it's just for appearances sake and I'm kinda miffed that I can't have a bowl of cereal at my desk anymore. Oh well. I did have a really productive (and internet-free) afternoon- we did a major cleaning of the front desk area...I was finding stuff that was three and four years old, some older from when the office still did paper charts. It looks sooo much better now. We're going to be moving the office in February or March because we're busting out at the seams of this office, so getting rid of all that crap is going to make the next 3-4 months so much easier, and less to deal with when we have to pack.

Yuefie, I got your card; it was delightful. I haven't sent out anything yet and I think I'm just going to get individual cards for all of you because I don't think I'm going to be sending out cards to family and non-bust friends this year.

I have an appointment in an hour and a half to get a strep test- I've had this very specific sore spot in my throat the past couple of days, so I think it's something. Meh, more antibiotics. Thankfully, I don't have the tendedency to get yeasties from being on them (please don't throw things!) Hopefully he'll give me azithromycin, which only needs to be taken once a day. I'm okay with twice, but I was supposed to take the amoxicillan from my cousin 3x a day and that dose in the middle of the day just gets forgotten....probably why I'm sick again now rolleyes.gif

sidecar, glad to hear your grandma is doing well. Just so you know, we're talking about the Chicago bustie holiday party/ornament exchange over in Midwestern Mamas.

yuefie, your Ike Turner story is hilarious.

((stargazer)) I hope you're feeling better today. And I hope the postdoc in Chicago works out. Out west would be very cool, too, though.

bunny, glad to hear you're feeling better. I just have a few gifts left to buy for the few people we're buying for. So far only one person at work has given gifts, so if no one else is, I don't think I'm going to.

((hugs to all))
~~quick fly-by kvetch~~

so you all know about how my fairly new computer is toast because the power cord/ac supply had a short and it fried my motherboard. And also how the tail lights on my car shorted out and I had to buy a whole new tail light assembly and circuit board to fix that. Well yesterday as I was taking my cell phone out my pocket to answer it, the neck snapped on one side. So yeah, now my cell is broken too. I feel like everything I touch is breaking and am afraid to turn the damn TV on! It's not as if I can really afford to get a new phone right now. I just sank money in to the car's light problem, my registration and insurance are both due, I have jury duty starting monday, it's the holidays, plus I still have to pay $500 for my upcoming surgery blink.gif. I'm suddenly feeling kinda scroogy.

(((star & polly))) feel better

rose, any updates?

Blaaargh!!! Drunken Okayer invasion!!! *passes Jag shots out to kvetchers* Okay, I'm gonna do my hair now. Ciao kvetch babes!!!

Hi everybody! I'm writing this from the best friend's where today is "early Christmas"- the day where we do our gift exchange. We'll also be going on a completely over-the-top baking spree, making chocolate cookies with bits of Andes mint, shortbread cookies with Ghirardelli's version of Hershey's kisses, and a gingerbread house. I anticipate jewelry-making, too, as I got the kidlets a ton of beads and stretchy cord for their gift. Making the whole thing even more lovely, we woke up to a fine powdering of snow, probably not enough to cause any big driving problems but enough to make everything pretty.

$$$$$~money vibes~$$$$$ for (((Yuefie))) with enough to spare for anyone else who needs them

>>>>>polly<<<<< feel better! and boo on asshat coworkers mad.gif

!-!-!-!-! clarity vibes for stargazer

I didn't read far enough to see what other vibes are needed, so here are some all-purpose vibes *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* for ((((everyBUSTie))))

Kvetch: I live near a big mall and I was out all day, so I had to drive past another huge shopping center to get home. It took about 45 minutes. I made a mistake and got into the wrong lane about a block from my house, but the traffic was inching, so I couldn't exactly correct my error. I ended up squeezing into the other lane at the next light, but as soon as this big suv saw what I was doing, he sped up to not let me in (there was plenty of room) and almost crashed into me, but I got in ahead of him anyway. He then proceeded to be aggressive by holding his horn down and turning his high beams on me while inching aggressively closer. I just waved to him and bopped my head along to the music in my car, which I'm sure infuriated him. And then it turns out he didn't even need to be in that lane, so he sped past me while honking. I threw him the finger.

I hate christmas shoppers. They're ridiculously psychotic.

yuefie, that's an awesome ike story. lol

((get well vibes)) to everyone who needs them

raisin, when i first glanced at your title i thought it said SNUG twat! laugh.gif
((faerie)) I work by two malls, and on my drive home I pass another one. The Christmas traffic is just crazy. There is an electronic sign by one of the malls that reads “Happy Holiday, Have Patience”.

((lanie)) Hope you had fun spending time with your friend today.

((yuefie)) Hopefully your luck with electronics turns around soon. Your Ike Turner story was hilarious.

((polly)) Glad the staff meeting went okay, and that the antibiotics will help you feel better.

((bunny)) Glad you are feeling better.

((star)) Good luck on the postdoc in Chicago.

((lelu)) Sorry about the bad weather and your tire.

((zoya)) Yay for the new flat.

((sidecar’s grandma))

((ccgirl)) Good luck on your exam, and yay for getting to see your dog.


I had a nice Saturday shopping with Twin DM, and just relaxing. Tomorrow I’m going to see I Am Legend, and I hope it’s good. I’ve been watching all these documentaries on BBC America which are really interesting. Two were about weight extremes, one was about women who unknowingly were married to gay men and one was about men who love their Real Dolls. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.
*throws back shot of Jag*

*makes face at poodle as she scurries out of thread to do her hair*

lanie, i hope that your day with the best friend was half as fabu as it sounded! what a blast! take pictures of your gingerbread house and let us see them, i'm sure it turned out beautifully.

polly, i hear you on missing your bowl of cereal. i'm guessing that it might be because the managers don't want to have an unequal policy whereby some can do something in their work space that others can't. i'd still miss eating at my desk, though.

a nasty, runny, scabby POX on psychotic holiday drivers! mr. hotbuns calls one of the local malls the hell-hole of calcutta because entering and exiting it, parking at it, and driving anywhere near it is insane. this is one of the reasons that these holidays get to me. this is consumerism at its' worst.

~*~*~*~*~*~* no more electronic snap crackle pops! for yeufie ~*~*~*~*~*~*

designer m: men who love their Real Dolls? yikes! scary thought. at least this means that real live women won't have to put up with them.

hope that you had a great time with twin DM!

kvetch: the sun is now coming up at 4 am.
kvetch: this wakes mimi the african attack cat up and she bites my toes
kvetch: this wakes *me* up

anti-kvetch: the sun is now coming up at 4 am
anti-kvetch: this means that the sun is now going down at almost 7 pm
anti-kvetch: i love sun light! and i am now getting more almost 15 hours of it daily!
anti-kvetch: mr hotbuns will be here on friday!!!!!
anti-kvetch: we are going on safari for christmas
anti-kvetch: we will have portions!
Just a quick fly-by to say that exams are over and I'm going home in a few days to see my puppy! (and my family but I cant' wait to see my puppy!)

Also, storm's a brewin around here, I don't know how much snow we're supposed to get but there are a lot of weather warnings on tv.

Hi all!

Sorry about everyone's miserable holiday-related traffic experiences. After my dr.'s appointment yesterday I went shopping for groceries, then to Costco for my meds and it was ridiculous. Farking old people who think they've earned the privilege to not use turn signals, to drive down the middle of the parking lot lane and not look when they back out of a spot. mad.gif

I wish my cable had BBCAmerica. But, alas, I'd have to upgrade for that. No, I'd much rather have 4 ESPN's for no extra charge blink.gif Fortunately, I have all the channels I can't stand unprogrammed from the TV, so they don't even exist to me.

So my mom got the link to the photos from my cousin's wedding back in September, the one who became an evangelist. There's a great picture of me, humanist and LeBoy sitting in the ceremony:

That's humanist on the left, looking confused/disgusted, LeBoy in the middle in restrained shock and me on the right; you can tell by my furrowed chin that I'm perplexed. Thank cod the photographer didn't catch me in one of the many eyerolls I had that day, or making a finger-in-throat gagging gesture.

My guess is that this was the part where the pastor was paraphrasing the Bible passage someone else had just read, a "bullet-point" type list of how to be a good Christian. The actual reading included a part about "helping your brothers in need", which to me implies your fellow humans. No problem with that. Then the pastor summarized it all, and he interpreted it as "help your fellow Christians". huh.gif Hmm, that's not what the book said.

"How con-veeeeen-ient" says the church lady.
that is specifically my just threw up in my mouth a little look~
(((polly)))omg. that pic is hilarious. cause i can tell neither one of you are happy. laugh.gif can't wait to see you and humanist next weekend!! yeah!

(((DM))) i love BBC america. i remember last year watching a marathon of ab fab into the new year. i actually miss tv in europe. they have so many commericals for car insurance. i remember that from my visit there.

(((tesao))) yeah for time with mr. hotbuns! i'm sure i will see postings in the portions thread soon.


i had a great time with raisin eating yummy thai food and walking around harvard square. i've been homeward bound this weekend. the weather made me want to stay in, which i did. plus, it made me productive to get xmas cards done, post doc stuff, and paperwork (which i'm doing today!)

antikvetch: going home to sweet home chicago friday!!

i'm so hoping the weather is better by then.
(((Mornington and mom))) Glad she's ok.

I could post a photograph of the funeral Mr. Dusty and I went to a while ago. It was the first time I had been in a place of worship with an ATM in it and the preacher gave a long sermon about how the minutiae of this life are nothing, heaven is everything. I think it was a sermon he had given many times, with the cheesy music in the background and "plug in name of deceased here" and "plug in whatever friends and family have just said about his earthly accomplishments there" because, frankly, I don't think that 'his life spent absolutely dedicated to making life better for other people means nothing because its all about heaven' doesn't really add up to any flavour of christianity that I'm aware of. I didn't make any gagging gestures, but I had to sit on my hands to avoid pointing my cell phone at him like a converter and trying to change the channel to the late night movie or the shopping channel, because it was televangelist city.

dusty, et al - Ministers who talk about that kind of stuff are all hung up on Isaiah 64:6 which says our good works are like filthy rags before God. Some versions even take it up a misogynstic notch by saying they're like the rag of a "menstruous" woman.

My weekend has been just as wonderful as it sounded, even though that pretty powdering of snow has now turned into several inches. Tomorrow is supposed to be my appointment to have Dish Network installed. What do you want to bet it gets cancelled?

I got a Chia herb garden for one of my gifts. I can barely wait to get home and get it started. smile.gif
Well, we survived! We were without power from 7 am monday morning until 6 pm Saturday night! My mom got power back on briefly as Rose mentioned, but lost it again an hour later for several more days. Most everyone we knew had electricity back by Thursday except us, and by yesterday afternoon we were begining to feel like the only people in the world without elctricty! Let me tell ya, you just wanna go rip down any Christmas light displays when you can't even heat your own home! My office didn't even get electricty back until 1 pm today! The week off would have been nice if we hadn't spent much of it huddled around teh fireplace in teh dark, walking th eovercrowded mall for heat and light, and spending 2 days at my inlaws in an incredibly small bed.
Incredibly, we had no damage to our house or cars depite the fact that it looks like a bomb blew up in my back yard with all the downed tree limbs. All of our animals made it through the cold weather too. It's going to take a long time to clean up all the can not imagine..just driving through town it is hard to find a tree that doesn't have big ugly torn branches!
Luckily, since I traveled teh country in an RV when minipixie was ababy, I am pretty prepared for this sort of thing. But I am soooooo glad to have my computer and TV back! Also I am glad we can sleep through the night now without haveing to shove more logs into the fireplace every 2 hours!

Sorry for the mememe. I'll try to vibe later after catching up.
pixie - glad that you survived everything okay. Yay for electricity!
lanie - good luck with the Dish.
dusty - I can't even imagine a church with an ATM. That is so tacky.
stargazer - I don't know that I'll see you while you are in Chicago but I hope you have a great time!
polly & humanist - I love that picture! Too unintentionally funny.
tes - 4AM? My goddess that is early. I am a morning person, but I have my limits.
{{{fairietales, designermedusa, candycane_girl, and all}}}

I feel like it has been too long since I have been in here. Sorry about that. My job is making me a little batty batty b/c of the lack of work. I finally looked at my timecard, added up my vacation hours and realized that I do not have to come in the office until after New Year's Day, except for tomorrow. So I am taking time off. I can't stand just sitting there, bored.
But on to good stuff. My weekend was great. On Friday, I went to see a play with The Geek. On Saturday, he took me to his company's Christmas party. I was having fits about what to wear as I assumed his company is more conservative than mine. Well, I probably could have worn something less conservative than what I chose so I felt a little frumpy. But I stopped caring when my boy reminded me he knew how to swing dance. While I don't know what I am doing with swing, he is a strong enough lead that we looked great together. Everybody was complimenting us after we danced. Pictures were taken that I have permission to post once he gets them. The food was good and most of his coworkers were great. As we were leaving, his (drunk, female) boss kind of pinned us down and raved to me about how wonderful he is and how lucky I was to meet him. It was both funny and embarressing. During the party, Chicago was getting snowed in which made our cab ride home a little scary. Today we spent all day watching Buffy, eating, and having our second portions of the weekend (I think we actually disturbed my neighbor who started playing "Don't You Want Me Baby" really loud on his stereo blink.gif laugh.gif .) At the moment I am exhausted both physically and emotionally. 8 PM isn't too early for bed, is it?
Aww, kitten, that's such a good weekend- I'm so happy you're happy! We want pictures!

Yay for electricity, pixie! My grandma in Missouri had her electricity and heat out for a few days. I feel so bad for her. She was pretty much stuck at home, under blankets. She's a bit of a hoarder, and hasn't been able to reach her oven in, oh, years, so I think all she had access to was her microwave. Her sister on the other side of town was going to try to come get her, even though her power was out, too, but there were power lines down all over and it was too dangerous. Fortunately, they're both on the same grid as the hospital so their power got turned back on a couple days before other parts of the city.

I got soooo much done yesterday. I cleaned the whole office all by myself. I rearranged the furniture in there to make it more kitty-friendly, and people-friendly. The futon still has [organized] piles of stuff on it, but at least there's not paper shreds all over (damn shredder tipped over) and the mouse poop is gone. I bought the non-humane traps....I just have to set them out tonight. sad.gif I did some craigslisting to try to get a file cabinet and a bookshelf for in here. I think I have obtained a file cabinet, but no luck on the bookshelf yet. Only downside is that the file cabinet seller wants to deliver it, which is nice, but I don't really want some strange dude in my house, checkin' out my stuff. I think we'll borrow LeDad's hand truck, meet the guy at the front door of our building and take it from there. Oh, and I made it to my parent's to do a load of laundry.

Everything hurts today, though. I'm old.

Ta-ta, ladies! (and non-ladies wink.gif ) ((hugs to all))

ETA: I found my Christmas cards, so those will be going out this week. Yay!
Hi all - not much time as I have to run a couple of errands and then be somewhere by 11 am local. Where is that, you may ask? Why, the vet's office to bring my Buddy Cat home!!! I wanted to pass out drive-by hugs and keeces for all the vibes that have kept us going these two weeks. Thank you!

Since there will be a lot of on-the-couch time today, I will probably stop back by later for general gabbage. Hope y'all have a great day!
Yay for Buddy Cat!

I take it that by non-humane traps, you mean the kind that kill mice quickly, Polly, as opposed to certain other inhumane traps, ie. mouse glue pads?
Absolutely, dusty. The ones that snap their necks as opposed to the [ineffective] hippie ones that just capture them. I'd never do the glue strips or d-con. LeBoy's mom asked why we don't just do the d-con and I was like, "um, because then they'd die god-knows-where and I wouldn't know until I smelled them." Ick. They used that stuff in their attic and they recently turned the attic into a real room. Even after all the work they did, we still found some d-con pellets here and there and we said, "maybe you should make sure you find all of those before the grandkids do." Duh.
Bah. I just wrote a HUGE post that got eaten. Don't you hate that? It was full of lots of individual vibes for lots of people and everything. Grrr. Well, here's a Cliff's Notes version.

Hooray for Buddy Cat and electricity and sunlight and portions and swing dancing and all things good and happy!

Boo on scary weddings of scary people and insensitive ministers and mice who live where they shouldn't. And boo on 4am, too.

I have been a busy little bee lately. First of all, I've been very social. I hung out with some ladies last Wednesday and we had the company party on Friday (which turned out to be really fun!) and we had friends over to the house on Sunday. But mainly I've been busy because I FINALLY finished the work on our dining room. We had a heatwave move through, so I took that as an opportunity to throw open the windows & paint. The dining room looks sooooo good now! Honestly, it's a thousand times better than it looked before. As you may recall, I scraped the popcorn ceilings off a while back. This week I finished up the job by painting the walls a nice sagey green. Here's an after shot.

Yay! Hopefully another heatwave will move through in January so I can paint the living room and hallway.

Anti-kvetch: Sheff goes in to get his "biometrics" (fingerprint, signature, photo) done for his greencard tomorrow. Fingers crossed that he doesn't get lost!
rose, that looks beautiful!

That picture gave me the lols, polly and humanist.

txplumwine, I'm so glad that Buddy Cat is alright!

pixie, glad you made it through the power outage. That so unds like it must have been a bit scary.

faerietails, boo on psychotic drivers. The one thing I'm not looking forward to when I go home is having to drive everywhere.

((((lelus)))) $money vibes for you!

(((star, raisin, dm, tes, bunny, amilita, sidecar, sassy, lanie, dusty, zoya, everyone)))

anti-kvetch: I'm going home tomorrow! I am actually really excited to see my family and be back home, even though it might be a bit weird. I've totally gotten used to living on my own and being in a big city so it might feel strange when I get back there. And as I've mentioned a million times, I get to see my puppers!!

This is what he looked like when I made him wear a santa hat. He was not impressed.

eeck. mice. we have some in our office. i noticed the chocolate on my desk were eaten. i was grossed out. yuck. i'm sorry, but i've used the glue traps for mice. i have learned to share the space with spiders. i just can't be that nice with mice.


kvetch: i need to get in touch with my inner muse for writing reports. i HATE this anxiety r/t this. terrible. BUT, i did so some personal writing of my own yesterday. go figure.

(((kittenb))) thanks for the well wishes! and i can't wait to see The Geek. i'm happy things are working out for you.

*~*~*general mulipurpose vibes for whoever needs 'em*~*~*
candy: puppers!!!

humanist and polly – awards for the most inadvertently humorous photo ever –too bad that the photographer DIDN'T catch you in a finger gag pose, polly!

stargazer – yayayay! For yummy thai and productive weekends and sweet home chicago friday!!!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~writer's block unblockage vibeage ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

dusty, those people make me certifiable. grrrr. that means that ghandi is rotting in hell somewhere. gah. how can anyone believe in a god that petty?

lanie, I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuurve chia stuff!!! Never seen a chia herb garden, though, how does that work?

(((((((pixie))))))) you are allowed to be mememe after all of that. i'm just happy that you and yours and your house and your car all survived and in one piece!

HUZZAH!!! for great weekends and parties! post pictures, post pictures! believe me, kitten b, 4 am is past my tolerance point too. problem is that I am incredibly phototropic. the light wakes me up, even with my black out curtains drawn. not a true kvetch, though, because that much darkness would be waaaaaaaaay worse!

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! for buddy cat!!! SO good to see you round these hyah parts, get that plummy tes'ass of yours back in here sos i can whomp it good!!

*giggling at dusty* babe, imiss you and your wicked sense of humor! (not to mention your friday undie reports! tell me whatcha sportin today, howsabout?)

rosie v, that room is so beautimous. the colors remind me of the house you and sheff got married in. hope all is going well with his *biometrics* appointment (are they going to measure anything interesting? *snigger*)

i am at work. i am bored, although i have no right to be. i should be looking at donor comments in response to our proposal for next fiscal year's funding. but i just can't bring myself to. my mind is off somewhere else, can't imagine where. okay, so maybe i'm not exactly bored. just distracted, maybe?

i did manage to make tollhouse cookies last night for a small party that we are having here at work on friday. i also want to make a cake of some kind. the cookies and cakes here are very different than in the usa; way sweeter and a much heavier texture. it doesn't hurt that i bring my own brown sugar and chocolate chips and pecans.

then there will be another very different party later in the day on friday. *smirks*
Where is everyone?

Anti-kvetch: a semi-successful bra shopping trip! My grandma took me to Macy's for a belated Hanukkah gift. I got fitted. The good news: I have a size! The bad news: I'm a weird size. 44C. Yeah, small and thick rolleyes.gif But it's a size. They only had 2 brands there that went up to 44 (Wacoal and Goddess) so I found a decent Wacoal.

When I got home, I found some more online. Ahh, no more ill-fitting, underwire-sticking-out bras and no more camisoles with shelf bras under my shirt (even though that is really comfy).

Now I need to take some muscle relaxants because my back is still unhappy from all the work I did Sunday.

Good night everyone!
Good morning!

Isn't Wacoal the Bustie bra of choice? I started wearing them after hearing good things about them from oldtime Busties who migrated to LJ land and beyond.

RV, I love your dining room! I like the green. And I LOVE those chairs! Ooh.

I'm still laughing at the cousins Polly & Humanist in church trying not to make the barfy sign.

So la di da, I'm up extra early to take the subway to work, as my car is still encased in ice and snow. GOOD TIMES. GOOD TIMES. Because I love it when the crazy drunk people are on there shouting random things like "AL CAPONE! AL CAPONE!" like they were doing last night. WTF? And I love it when walking on the street is safer than walking on the sidewalk because some of the idiotas around here don't bother to shovel and salt their brick sidewalks.

I am feeling the crunch of time right about now. All of the errands to do, visits to have, loose ends to tie up... who needs to work this week? Because I certainly don't! Oh yeah, and I need to get the new Mary J. CD. It came out yesterday and I still haven't listened to it. tongue.gif

But whatever, I don't really care about all of this crap, since I'm going to be on the beach in a few days. Nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, HEY HEY HEY, good-bye! I cannot WAIT for this trip. We will take tons of photos. And relax and let the sun toast us and so on and so forth. And I am finally going to read Cien Anos de Soledad, my copy with the hippie 1970s cover, in English. Yeah!

In case I don't post again before I go...

*~*~*easy and hassle-free travel vibes to all of you~*~*~*~

FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raisin, I think heading off to a sunny island is the best way to spend christmas EVER!! Have an amazing time!

I too am feeling the time crunch. Two deadlines to hit and my last lecture to complete preparing and teach. BUT by tomorrow night all three things will be completed and I will be whooping it up. Presents and foodstuffs have been bought so that's a relief.

ETA: I started this post over an hour ago...
No no no no! It is NOT safer to walk on the street because it hasn't occurred to drivers to SLOW DOWN in the snow and the ice.

As I discovered on Sunday night as a car came barrelling down a sidestreet towards me.
ugh. so its been a good what, month since I posted? Well a real post anyway? I'm lazy.

I love the pictures! Barfy church faces! Cute christmas doggies! Gorgeous sage dining rooms! ooooohhhh lala! I'm overwhelmed with the wonderfulness!
I've totally made that face in church.

Rose, the room is beeeeutiful. I just painted my living room and dining room as well! I'll have to post pictures too! They're actually more of a deep green.

I need new bras. I love new bras. nothing quite like a beautiful bra that fits perfectly. I envy you a little Polly!

Its a TES! YAY for santa bringing you a Mr. Hotbuns!!!

Yufie, thank you for the lovely christmas card! Its my first one this year!!!

I'm so tired recently. My life has been crazy hectic. I've been sick and stressed and mostly unhappy.

The Mr. and I have been having more issues. I gave him until the end of the year to have an appointment with a therapist, or I'm leaving. It hurts, but I have to protect myself. I've talked to his family about it and they support me, which is a blessing.

The Mr.'s best friend just got his 3rd dui in a year and a half and it was a doozy. He was dropped off at home and then decided he needed cigs, so instead of walking to the minimart, he chose to drive, hit the traffic light, went to the mini mart, got his cigs and then on his way back tried to turn onto a road that he thought was his and then over corrected and went into a ditch. The front of the truck was smashed to hell, the axles were both broken, tires popped off. He was 4 times over the legal limit and only remembers being arrested. He wasnt given medical treatment all weekend.
I made it to his arraignment and on advice from his attorney, left a note with the sherrif's dept letting them know the injuries he's mentioned to us, a bloody nose, blood in his urine, pain in his chest, bruising, etc, and requesting that he receive medical treatment for them. Hopefully, he'll be moved to a lock down treatment facility that forces him to be sober, go to meetings and see a counselor and from there he would be released to a half way house at least 100 miles from here so that he cant fall into a familiar routine.
His mother has been crazy and hysterical through the whole thing. The Mr. and I tried to help her by raising money to help her get her truck out of impound, and then she effed that up by lying about us to family friends.
She told them that Irishboy called her a cunt and said that J deserved to rot in jail and they confronted him in the hallway of the courthouse telling him that he should leave, etc. Irishboy spent two hours the night before talking her down from hysteria, explaining what its like being an alcoholic, explaining that there is no one to blame but J for his own actions, and generally just being nice and trying to help. I have done the same and this is how we're shown appreciation. She even tried to get us to not come to the arraignment. She's uber controlling and wants to be able to tell J how she was the only one who was there for him. She's done this before too. *sigh* theres just no being nice to some people.

I'm so worn out from the weekend of that crap and being sick that I cant wait for my 5 day vacation!

Oh! besides the drama mama and son that we dealt with this weekend, I saw Hells Belles, an all female ACDC cover band, the Nutcracker with front-row-reach-out-and-touch-the-conductor-inappropriately seats, and then went to brunch at the Mr's family's house and my company holiday party at the Pyramid Ale House, during which we stole 4 pint glasses and 1 pilsner glass because thats apparently how we stock our barware.

I cant wait for Christmas though! I'm super excited as always. Its such a wonderfully magic time of year for me. I have lots of wonderful memories and really feel like I can somewhat channel my mom in my decor and cheer. I love it.

anywho, thats all for me for now.
first post in here but goodness knows i need it

kvetch#1: some shitheads have burgled my little bro's place - he is away on holiday. i'm going over as soon as i can get the new keys from the girl who lives upstairs from him. i hate the thought of someone trashing the place he has worked so hard for. i really hope it's not too bad. i will clean so he doesn't have to see it. he doesn't even have anything worth stealing, he is the only boy i know without a fancy stereo, he doesn't have a TV either. stupid junkie arseholes. I'm now scared that we will be too (we live in the same neighbourhood) and have a locksmith downstairs right now fixing new deadlocks. i hate how crime makes you suspicious of everyone. bastards.

kvetch#2: lily allen and jamie lynn spears are pregnant and i am not. bah. at least it's not winehouse.

anti-kvetch: the girl upstairs from my brother has arranged new doors and locks for his flat. i am so grateful. if it wasn't for her we wouldn't have known what happened. i'll take her a bottle of wine round when i go over.
Sorry for the fly-by again, but I's at the library and on the run today wink.gif

Yay for festive pooches and beautiful dining rooms and holidays with loved ones smile.gif


Things are not as poopy as they felt a few days ago. I was gifted the extra money to facilitate the replacement phone and I also have a phone to use in the interim until my replacement one arrives next week. Last night I had the most wonderful first date, it was great from start to finish which wasn't until nearly 2 am. And a plus is PJ met him and gave a preliminary stamp of approval which is quite the rarity. So yeah, we'll see if this goes anywhere...

(((beck bro))) You're being a wonderful sister by dealing with all this for him while he's out of town and trying to shield him from some of the distress of the situation. So hugs for you, too. (((beck)))

(((pnp))) I went through those same deadlines and such with my ex. There was something empowering about finally saying to him that I wasn't going to allow him to treat me poorly anymore and that he needed to address the reasons he thought he was acting the way he was. But it was also heartbreaking that he didn't step up and try to fix things. If you ever need an ear to vent at, feel free to PM or otherwise contact me.

Yay! for well-fitting bras, purty dining rooms, the reinstatement of heat, holiday visits home, and all manner of other things that are brightening your BUSTie days.

Boo! on asshat drivers and roads/sidewalks that are still all jacked up with snow and ice. We're dealing with that here. Things are starting to melt, but the piles from the snow plows are so tall that it's going to take a lot of consecutive days of (relative) warmth to get them cleared out. Maybe by the time I'm back from my trip home for Christmas...

tes - the Chia herb garden works pretty similarly to the other Chia stuff, only it's not in a fun-shaped container. There are six little flower pots, six "pre-formed growing sponges", and six seed packets, each a different herb. You just pop the sponge in the pot, sprinkle it with a seed packet, water regularly, and wait for yummy herbs to sprout. I think I'm going to wait until I get back from St. Louis to start it, though, so it doesn't die from lack of water.

First kvetch about my job: Due to regulations from the people who give us money, we have a sheet-load of administrative crap that has to be done by the end of the year. I'm already feeling homesick and not all that happy that I have to drive back here Christmas night so I can work on the 26th because my boss took vacation from 12/21-12/30. But now I also have to work a bunch of overtime to get all that admin stuff done so she can review it before she goes on vacation. I'm concerned this is going to keep me from getting my mom's gift (an afghan I'm crocheting) done in time. Grrrr. At least by this time next year there should be a third person in the office, so my boss having vacation won't automatically preclude me from having it, too.
Hey everyone smile.gif I've been lurking.

Beck, you've being a good sister.

Pnp, I also dealt with deadlines with my ex. So, if you ever need to talk.

So yeah. I'm throwing this little party tomorrow at Mcgeek's house. We got a little crazy and wanted to cook everything, and then realized just that two people were coming. Now my friend is being an uber bitch by saying that she's going to be stranded at Mcgeek's house b/c she has no way home (she takes public transit like me). I told her that Mcgeek or my best friend could give her a ride back. She now is saying that my boyfriend hates her. That isn't the case, he just thinks she's annoying. She's also getting on my nerves b/c she's insulting Mcgeek too much(one incident when he was in a shitty mood, but I found out later he didn't get promoted), but her boyfriend is a total homophob redneck asshat. I'm always wanted to tell her DTMFA, but I can't because I'm too good a friend. I just told her that she didn't have to come if she's being a bitch. I don't need the drama at this party! I'll post some pictures of the tree, once I find the camera.

Kvetch: My mom keeps sending me these depressing emails saying she's sad. Although, they were the ones that decided to not come up!

I'll have to try those bras.

I'm still working on some last minute gifts, and just need to wrap them and send them. I think Mcgeek and I may go see "Santaland Diaries" next week. That's my favorite anti-holiday play, and it rings true now that I work in retail.

Anti-kvetch: I had some incredible thai food last night at this new restaurant in midtown... yummy!


bad: crazy drivers, annoying friends, redneck homophobes, sad emails, bad bosses and working overtime at christmas mad.gif

good: BUSTie hugs, good dates for yuefie, and the nice girl upstairs from my bro, who is out doing christmas shopping but will let me in soon, and who says nothing seems to be damaged or taken at my bro's place. I was so scared it would have been trashed but sounds like they didn't even bother to take the one vaguely valuable thing in there which was his work laptop. i think they must've got interrupted or something. smile.gif

thanks for cheering me up everyone(((hugs all round)))!
Yay for first dates, Yuefie!!! That's great! I hope it works out. about you help me tackle my ugly ass kitchen while you're in town?

(((pnp))) I hope hubby gets his shit together!

(((bunny, mornington, Sassy, polly, lanie,dusty, sybrite,Tesao,Rasin and teh lurkers)))

I am done with Christmas shopping! No more, I refuse! I don't want to see the mall again for a good long time, unless i come into some unexpected windfall of money.
Hello, lovelies.

I've been so busy lately to post but things have quietened down a little now and all I have to do is wrap gifts (today and tomorrow), work tonight, meet my friend Damnit for gift exchange and cocktails tomorrow, Christmas food shopping with bunnymama on Saturday morning, deliver a couple of gifts and enjoy time with the boy and my family. Oh, and meet my new pseudo nephew who is over from Vancouver biggrin.gif.

I do, however, have a disciplinary meeting tonight in work over my sickness in the last twelve months... to be fair, I have been off work an awful lot but one of the instances of sickness was long-term running from last year when I was depressed and over the last four months I have been vomiting continually so... Anyway, wish me luck for that.

mornington has been without internet at home AND uni and is understandably a little demented but she'll hopefully be able to pop in on Sunday.

(((prettynpink))) and (((sassy))) I hope you don't have any more dealings with idiots and people being mean when you're helping them/being nice and inclusive.

(((beck))) welcome to kvetchlandia! Did you hear that Edith Bowman is pregnant too (Radio 1 DJ)? Celeb pregnancies always seem to come at once... when the time is right you will be sharing their joy (well, maybe not Jamie Lynn's...)

Safe travel vibes for everybody (star, have you left for Chicago yet?) Also, safe on the road if you're out walking. My work colleague crashed his motorbike last night due to the frost and fog; more damage was done to the car he crashed into.

Have a fab trip, raisin!

yay for fabulous first dates yuefie! I am very excited for you! Are you able to share any more details?

Hope nobody is snowed in/without power over the holidays. We're cold here and icy but it's lovely; I'm happy it's dry. On Sunday the boy and I were walking along a fancy shopping street in Edinburgh and it started to snow; it was only flurries but it was lovely.

Yay for new bra shopping. I enjoy pampering myself with new underwear or beauty treatments. Yesterday I had a fabulous clarins facial and massage, which left my skin feeling hydrated (it's been very dry with the weather), wonderfully soft and radiant. I loved that during the treatment they have a cosy duvet covering you; it was bliss.

I realise this is more of a stream of conscious post but I haven't really posted lately.

Right, I'm off to wrap some gifts. I did most of my shopping last week, everything has arrived and I picked up a couple of last minute things that I had planned so I'm all set; I've even done most of my step-dad's shopping for him!

Hello everybody!

polly - a great fitting bra is so important so congrats on getting fitted. Lane Bryany will be having their semi-annual bra sale statting the day after Christmas. Buy 2 get 2 free. I know I have seen that size there.

candycanegirl - such a cute puppy picture.

prettyinpink - I really jope he chooses a therapist. I have another friend who seems to be in a similar situation as you and it is heartbreaking to see him just give up and refuse to participate. You deserve his effort.

bunnyb - I'll be wrapping gifts today as well. My least favorite part of the whole damn season. Maybe I'l give myself a facial while I am at it.

lanie - is there anyone else in your family who crochets? Last year my sis did throws for everyone and I helped her finish on Christmas Eve. It was fun.

{{{tes, pixiedust, sassygirl, beck, yuefie, dusty, sybarite, stargazer, and all}}}

This might be my last post until after Christmas. I don't tend to Bust much while I am with the family because it seems like an odd blending of my worlds. Does that make any sense? I am off work today. My three days of vacation did not work out. I picked up a massage gig on Tuesday and yeasterday I had a meeting at the office. But on the bright side I got several errands done so today is all about stuff I can do in my neighborhood/house. I have one more gift to buy, my money is tight but I can squeeze another one out, and I have laundry to do. So it will be a good day off. smile.gif Last night I got together with several friends and The Geek to play Rock Band on an enourmous TV. Has anyone else played that? It's like kareoke combined with Guitar Hero . It is so awsome.

Merry Christmas everyone! I'll talk to you all soon!!!!!
Anti-kvetch: I don't have to be at work until 7:45 tomorrow! Yay! We figured if we had to see patients five days this week (since we'll be closed 3 days next week) we'd at least start the day an hour later. Plus we get out at 2:30. Woohoo! Gonna take a muscle-relaxant and go to bed. Yeah, I'm all sore from dragging that filing cabinet up the stairs last night. Even with a hand truck it was bad.

Christmas cards are going out tomorrow (mornington, yours will be pending your reply to my PM question.) Better late than never. Bought the last of the gifts for the kids tonight. Just have to buy a gift card for LeParents and order flowers for LeAunt. I got a mutual gift for LeBoy and I- the movie Once on DVD and the soundtrack. I highly recommend the movie. Very sweet and well-done.

((hugs to all)) can't wait to see you on Saturday star!

One hour 'til I head to the airport. Close friend is being a total asshole, and I can't even believe it. So not getting into it on the Internet, but it's really disappointing when you can't depend on your friends. I am so tired of people who take and take and take and can't be bothered to give.

On top of that, my grandma is much worse so this may likely be the last time I see her. All I want to do is go home and cry but instead am going to O'Hare. Sorry to be a bummer. I am really not feeling very Christmas-y.

But I do hope you all have a nice holiday, whatever you celebrate.
'Scuse me for doing another meme flyby. I wish I had more time to vibe you all individually, but alas, I'm at the library and in even more of a hurry today. But I had to come back to say we had a second date that was even better than the first. He is a culinary student and cooked dinner for me, which was amazing. And we just continue to click on so many levels. Have any of you ever met someone where by the second date you could already finish eachother's scentences if you wanted to? It's like we've known eachother before and it's kinda crazy. I am cautiously optimistic wink.gif

I have so been enjoying getting all these holiday cards. I adore postal love!

((((sidecar)))) *tight hugs* I am sorry, sweetie.

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