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RV, I don't think you're heartless at all. My grandmother (on my dad's side) is one of the meanest people on earth. Yet, she still lives. It's like the Lewis Black joke of being mean and you'll live forever. Better than taking vitamins.

Kvetch: I know in my last post how I said that I loved the holidays. I get an email this morning from my mom telling me that they're coming up for Christma, when I thought they were going to Florida. . FUCK. Didn't I just see them 2 weeks ago? I honestly wanted a Christmas with Mcgeek and my friends. Her excuse for coming up was that Atlanta had better malls. WTF? I'm anxious and annoyed. Nothing like dropping a bomb on me at the last minute. Although, Mcgeek is going to have to clean now, and I guess that leaves the whole Christmas tree debate in my favor.

CCG, good luck on exam.

Buddycat get better.

RV, ouch for ovarian cyst! sad.gif

(((yuefie))) i'm so sorry for your loss, honey. that poor little baby.

(((sidecar))) sending all the copage vibage in the world to your grandma and you and martini and your families. try to keep thinking about how strong she is.

(((faerie))) you poor thing you. glad you weren’t hurt.

(((sassy))) look on the bright side - maybe you'll get better prezzies because mom's there. i say go shopping with her and point out what you want.

(((rose))) do go get checked, honey.

*healthy love for buddy cat*
*ace-that-exam vibes for candy*
*safe & dry vibes for pip's nearest & dearest*

congrats on the A+ job, mornington! i'm so proud of you!

thanks for your help, sybarite. *mwah*

amilita, your tree is purdy!

where’s bunny at???

(((dusty, raisin, pixie, tesao, kitten, lanie, zoya, star, polly, DM, everyone)))

it's snowing. i'm loving it. looking forward to testing out the pilot on the way home. hee.
((sassy)) I’m sorry that your parents are ruining your Christmas plans. Sometimes you do just need time away from family. Sorry about the interview.

((ccgirl)) Good luck on your French exam.

((rose)) Hope the ovarian cyst isn’t too painful. I can totally understand about BGP’s reaction to her mother dying. When my grandfather died, me, Twin DM and Mom DM felt the same way as he was a horrible man.

((pacific northwest busties and family))

((buddy cat))

((yuefie)) Hope your computer is fixed soon.

((tes)) Hope your flight went well.

((mornington)) Yay for the new job.

((amilita)) Your Christmas tree is cute. Mom DM gave us a small tree, but on the box it says the cord could have lead in it that causes cancer. So we decided not to have a tree.

((mando)) Yay for snow.

I stayed home from work today because I woke up with a migraine, and I also have a bunch of personal paperwork to go through. I also missed Monday, and am scheduled off on Friday. I’m just not feeling my job lately, so I can’t say I’m bothered by not going. I tell myself I will be motivated in the new year to either start caring or get a new job. I am starting to get into the Christmas spirit though.

(((omaha))) the victims were probably doing their Christmas shopping for their loved ones sad.gif.

(((pacific northwest)))

(((sidecar and grandmother))) we found out last week that my friend C's great uncle Jimmy (who we both call Uncle) has lung cancer; it's very upsetting but treatable.


mandi, I'm lurking. I'm less pain but been a bit hormonal and low. Getting into the Christmas spirit though and on Sunday after some Christmas shopping I sat watching Elf whilst making the covers for my Christmas mix CDs and I later read a Truman Cpaote short story about Christmas. Hee, maybe just as well as the other books I'm reading aren't too cheery! Although neither was the short story...

PM me too if you'd like a Christmas card. Rose, are we doing posties?

Hey all, sorry I have not been in to vibe and all. Just been kinda bummed with both Mr Muppetbutt and I both working so much and not seeing one another, and only really having time when the week on the calender is green. Just not sure I can handle another negative stick right now. :-(

Hope everyone is well. I will be back soon! I promise!
fly-by from the library once again...

((((Pacific Northwest))))



(((sidecar's grandma)))



I am doing my holiday cards and unfortunately either don't have or have lost most of your addresses. So far the only addresses I am sure of are Mando's & Sixela's. Can you all please PM me with your mailing info? 'Cause I would really like to send them to everyone, I just don't have time to send out individual messages. And I do mean everyone... if you want one, that is wink.gif
{{{{yuef PacNWfolk grandmas roseBGP sickiestestsjobsandsuch}}}}

Thankyouthankyouthankyou. Our Buddy is improving...slowly. The doctors believe he has hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver - wonder if Morn could explain?) and it's still touch and go, but he's rehydrated, eating "baby food," getting medication, and still being sweet and gentle enough to have the doctor call him "a sweetheart." Oh, so true. The doc made us feel better all around, and I can tell these are all really nice, professional people. I'll take my comfort where I can get it.

We got to spend about half an hour visiting him tonight, and while he wasn't quite so insistent as normal, he was still very deliberate in demanding Love Now Dammit. We got nosed quite a bit, and did not mind obliging with lots of head scratching.

Love and vibes to everybody...I have managed to skim but am just drained.
Where is everyone?

Glad to hear Buddy Cat is doing okay!

yuefie, I sent you a PM using one of our many mutual social networking sites.

undies: burnt orange padded bra with lace trim and chocolate brown girl shorts with lace trim. I forgot how much I loved this bra (it's part of a set) but I'd misplaced it after moving house. My boobs are at home again.

kvetch: I'm sick again; I don't know if it's dairy (I had some goat's cheese pasta last night) or coincidental but I feel crappy.
anti-kvetch: I have a quiet weekend planned: bunnymama and I are putting our Christmas tree up (I'll take photographs this year) and I'm going to write my Christmas cards and finish my CD mixes so that they are ready to post on Monday as it's the last day guaranteeing international delivery before Christmas.

(((omaha))) the victims were probably doing their Christmas shopping for their loved ones .

Or working retail in December for crap pay.



(((Sidecar))) FUCK CANCER

(((RV))) and your friend who lost her mother. I think sometimes you just have to mark someone's death as an important passage, and leave it at that.


A bunch of us are organizing a climate change rally for tomorrow. Ack. Tomorrow. There may well be one in your town too.

Black cotton underwire and red floral mesh bikinis.
((dusty)) Good luck at the rally.

((bunnyb)) Feel better.

((buddy)) Continue to improve.


((muppet)) Hope you get to spend time with the Mr. soon.

Today Mr. DM had an eye appointment, and got good news. Then we went for breakfast and to the mall to browse. Tonight we will be taking Mom DM to dinner for her birthday. I hope everyone has a nice weekend.

((Busties)) This is a hard time of the year to deal with adversity. Everyone expects happiness and a smile on your face. Life just doesn't work that way all the time.

Since Dusty dared to talk about her undies, I will, too. Not that there's much to talk about: the usual grey boxer briefs.
So true, billy.

(((((Kvetchies)))) *tight hugs* all around.

yay for a little good news regarding buddycat.

undies: red & blue argyle print hipsters, red cotton bra.
man billy, truer words have never been spoken.

i've been so tired and overworked that i feel a little removed from the whole christmas experience. like i'm going through the motions. plus, i went through the terrible blues this week. feelin' superlonely. blah. i can't wait to go home and see all of my friends. it will feel good to be around familiar faces.

((((txplum & buddycat)))) yay for good news. basically, if it's what I think/remember, it's where fat collects in the liver after being extracted from the blood. The liver uses fat to store toxins, but sometimes you get too much fat of a certain type and the liver actually stops being able to extract as much bad stuff, so it goes to other places where it gets in the way. I think it's one of those that can be liveable with on a special diet. But it's so good to hear he's feeling more himself!


((((billy)))) that's so very true

((((((rosev))))) big hugs, dearest.

I'll add myself to the chorus for christmas cards. I have some, but if you want to pm me... I'll try and get myself organised in time to send them out. if i get emails, I'll certainly be doing e-cards to everyone!

((((dusty)))) hope the rally goes/went well

((((dm & mr dm))))

((((mando, star, sassy, sixie, raisin, yuefie, pixie, zoya, syb, sidecar, amilita, ap, everyone)))))

I have monstrocold'07. blergh. and just as i'm starting work. the job is... ok. i just get a lot of people hanging up on me, or even worse... putting the phone down on the table and walking away. but some people are really sweet, so they make it worth it. i worked two shifts yesterday and was so drained by the end!

wish me luck for my exams next week! not looking forward to them at all....
((Hugs)) to Pacific-Northwest Busties, sick busties and family members (including kitties!), everyone with work and family woes.

Not much going on here. I'm working today. It's the last Saturday I'll have to do until we get a second dentist, which doesn't seem likely anytime soon. I'm feeling mostly better- just some lingering coughing.

I spent several hours at the mall yesterday. Not Christmas shopping, I was bra shopping. I haven't bought new ones in 2-3 years and the underwire is starting to poke me, so it was time. I'll save the details for the bra thread, but suffice to say I was completely unsuccessful and I think I would rather go bathing suit shopping than bra shopping. dry.gif I may try one of those custom bra places. At least to get professionally-fitted. I did find a couple of shirts on sale from $18 down to $5! I got two, in pretty colors. Went to the shelter to do some snorgling. Saw my kitty. wub.gif

I have to get started on my Christmas cards sometime soon. Oh, I have so much to do and not nearly enough time to do it. Christmas cards, decorating, cleaning, cooking, shopping, laundry, getting ready to go to Kansas City at the end of the month, preparing for the cat's arrival. *Sigh* Well, I'll take Tim Gunn's advice and "Make it work" rolleyes.gif

I, also, would like exchange cards with anyone who'd like to, so PM me your info if you'd like to do the same!

I dunno, dusty- today in Chicago I'd be grateful for a little global warming. My cough drops that I keep in my car froze and shattered as soon as I put it in my mouth. blink.gif

Bunny, I was going to ask how the lactose issues were going....not so well, I guess. Sorry. I hope it was coincidental and you and [some] cheese can still be friends.

More ((hugs)) to all!!
Well, well, well, glad to see so many of you are going to be sending out cards! I vowed to do it last year and how many years before that, and finally this year I am getting my act together to do it. Yay!

I've been so fucking overcommitted here, there, and everywhere. It's nice to be in demand, but sometimes I really do want to just go to bed early out of a genuine need for sleep... none of which I got last night with the phone ringing at all hours.

And I've been trying to write more, which means less fucking around on the innerwebz.

There was a death in my family recently, for the second Christmas season in a row, and I'm really just worn out crying about it.

Anyway, I am doing all sorts of Christmas-y stuff this weekend -- making presents, baking, tree decorating, -- Star! I am, in fact, going to be literally down the road from you at granny's house all afternoon, so I will give your house a ring when we finish up, whenever that's going to be. If you happen to be around, I'd love to pay you a visit afterwards. We could watch a movie and drink cheap wine or something (yes, do make note of the fact that I am inviting myself over, ha!)? I'm sorry you're feeling homesick, I sure know how that goes.

Oh, and I've saved the absolute best for last: I'm going to spend the last few days of 2007 in the tropics! Yeah! I'm joking with my sis that we need to find a Santa in a swimsuit (please please PLEASE, no Speedos + big pot belly, or I will really need the eye bleach) and take a picture with him on the beach.
am back in southern hemisphere, safe but not so sound, unfortunately. put me down with mornington and any other sick kvetchies....i managed to get myself a strep throat, undoubtedly from 15 hours of nasty recycled airplane air.....

~*~*~*~* buddy cat keep on feeling better! ~*~*~*~*

polly, i hear you on the bra issue. hatehatehatehate.

speaking of which -- i know that it isn't friday any longer, but: navy blue satin brar with big splashy lavender flowers and matching bikini.

(((((((groovin on billy b's boxer briefs!)))))))


so do mean people

and crazy overblown holiday expectations

and deaths during the holidays when there is already so much other pressure

i've got to say that i like being here in africa so much more at christmas time. this holiday in the states has completely lost its appeal for me - there is so little celebration of the real reason and so much emphasis on unimportant things - buying all of the unneccessary presents and outdoing the neighbors with your lights and trying to pretend that everything is perfect, including the economy and your relationships and your family.....i don't mean to sound like a scrooge, but seriously? i miss my pere buying a tree on christmas eve and decorating then and only then, and my mamae baking a birthday cake and singing happy birthday on december 25th. i'm happy that i am warm and the days are long and that it is mango season and that people aren't making themselves sick to "get it all done".

i think it is perfectly normal to be relieved when someone who has brought so much pain and unhappiness into your life leaves this mortal coil. it's also normal to feel guilty about it, especially if it is a family member. we are all supposed to adore our family -- i can't honestly say that i know anyone who wants to be with every single member of their family, even if they *love* them. loving someone doesn't automatically mean that you like or respect them.

raisin d'etre, let's hear it for warm, sunny, beachy fun, especially now!

just to remind everyone, it is warm and sunny and summer here in my part of the world - come and visit!

am back in southern hemisphere, safe but not so sound, unfortunately. put me down with mornington and any other sick kvetchies....i managed to get myself a strep throat, undoubtedly from 15 hours of nasty recycled airplane air.....

~*~*~*~* buddy cat keep on feeling better! ~*~*~*~*

polly, i hear you on the bra issue. hatehatehatehate.

speaking of which -- i know that it isn't friday any longer, but: navy blue satin brar with big splashy lavender flowers and matching bikini.

(((((((groovin on billy b's boxer briefs!)))))))


so do mean people

and crazy overblown holiday expectations

and deaths during the holidays when there is already so much other pressure

i've got to say that i like being here in africa so much more at christmas time. this holiday in the states has completely lost its appeal for me - there is so little celebration of the real reason and so much emphasis on unimportant things - buying all of the unneccessary presents and outdoing the neighbors with your lights and trying to pretend that everything is perfect, including the economy and your relationships and your family.....i don't mean to sound like a scrooge, but seriously? i miss my pere buying a tree on christmas eve and decorating then and only then, and my mamae baking a birthday cake and singing happy birthday on december 25th. i'm happy that i am warm and the days are long and that it is mango season and that people aren't making themselves sick to "get it all done".

i think it is perfectly normal to be relieved when someone who has brought so much pain and unhappiness into your life leaves this mortal coil. it's also normal to feel guilty about it, especially if it is a family member. we are all supposed to adore our family -- i can't honestly say that i know anyone who wants to be with every single member of their family, even if they *love* them. loving someone doesn't automatically mean that you like or respect them.

raisin d'etre, let's hear it for warm, sunny, beachy fun, especially now!

just to remind everyone, it is warm and sunny and summer here in my part of the world - come and visit!

WORD, Tesao. I love the idea of getting a tree the night before and making a birthday cake.

It sounds like you have so much freedom over there in mango-land, it's beautiful.

I just can't imagine what it would be like to live in an area (or know people who do this) where people try to out-accessorize each other with their lawn displays, flashing light shows, animated nativity scenes, holier-than-thou My Beaver Cleaver Family Is Better Than Yours and We Buy Lots of Expensive Presents, etc. etc. -- the whole thing gives me a headache.

I was anti-Christmas for so many years, but I'm coming around and softening my edges a little bit and doing it on my own terms. I'm sending out cards because I love to send mail. And I'm making this a buy-nothing Xmas as much as possible. I'm making presents. The older I get, the more noise I just want to turn down, if not totally OFF all the way.

Braving the malls? No thanks. Couldn't pay me to do it.

Getaway vacations to bond with family members I actually love AND like? Priceless.

There's several people I'm related to that I wish I weren't. So when one dies, one who loved me unconditionally and gave me great big bear hugs and wouldn't let me go, I can't help but have a hole in my heart that she's gone. She would have approved of us skipping out on the 25th to head for warmer climes, this I know.

Enough of this novella. I gotta call my granny, see if she's home yet so we can get our bake on. (Not that kind of baking, although I wonder at what would happen... heh)

xoxo to all...
I'm curious to know what Christmas is like for everyone else. I mean, is it really that bad for everyone? In my family it's just me, my brother, my parents and my mom's parents and we get together on Christmas day. We exchange gifts then everyone tends to have a nap and then we have a somewhat late dinner. It's nice, it's relaxed and we don't go crazy looking for the best gift ever. I only get stressed when I'm actually at the mall to get gifts but other than that I enjoy wrapping presents, decorating the tree, making all sorts of baked goods and going to church on Christmas Eve. I don't think we're extremely low key but we don't go all out crazy either.

I love Christmas and everything about it (except the marketing hype). I'm traditional and creative and like to put thought into gifts I know people will like and appreciate and I don't put a price on that. On Christmas day I spend it with my family (bunnymama, T, bunbun and Mandoo) opening gifts, watching movies and having dinner and then at night I go to the boy's to spend it with him and his family and open gifts with them (the boy and I open ours in private). It's simple and perfect.
I too don't stress on the amount I spend or what type of gift it is, as long is it is something the person I am getting it for will love. Fr'instance, my sis and bff are both very practical people. One could use a pizza cutter, the other a decent can opener and that is what they are both getting. For us it's way more about getting together and having a good time. Everyone else, with the exception of my niece (who also has a birthday right before christmas), my dad and my brother, are getting baked goods. I put my tree and decorations up early because I love them. I love the way my home feels and smells and it just makes me happy. I agree though that overcommercialization of the holidays is just wrong and annoying. All those commercials about a new car being the perfect gift. Gag me.
wow. we have a whole bunch of charlie browns in the house. wink.gif

the holidays is really what you make of it. and if you want commercialism to get to you, then it will. and thank goodness i'm not a big tv watcher. i just kinda do my own thing.

that being said, i was part of a group of friends in my 20s who placed a value on gifts. very greedy. and made me feel bad cause i would want to set a limit on things. or suggest a grab bag. i think they lost the spirit of things. plus, i stopped being friends with them cause they were just angry people.

i do miss having christmas. ask polly...i really decorated my place up. i miss my tree. sad.gif christmas lights make me happy. and i'm not surrounded by them like i want to be. oh well.

raisin, i really love the fact that your family uses the holiday to spend a vacation somewhere else. hhhmmm. maybe something i will start when i start my own family. my mom still has this thing with having to buy a gift for me for the holidays. i really am over the whole gift thing. i just rather hangout. i'm actually into sentimental gifts.

candy, i'm glad you asked everyone how they spend the holidays.
Re: taking vacations at this time of year -- my family did this for years. It definitely cut down on the dreariness of the short days where you have to turn your lights on at 3pm. Corny as it sounds, that really was the best present of all, to spend time together (especially in hot climates!), even if it was arguing over who got the bedroom, who got the sofabed, who got to use the bathroom first, etc. So the presents were kept to kind of a minimum because of the vacations. Anyway, now that we're getting older, us "kids" are trying to revive the tradition -- not all of us were free to travel this year (and holy shit, I'd better start saving my money now for next year), but we're hoping to make it all of us again for 2008. That would rock so much.

Candycane, it was never "really that bad" for me -- was I conveying that kind of tone? What I meant was the external pressures just got to me so much when I was younger. Working in retail when I was in high school didn't help matters, either, with the "BUY BUY BUY!" mentality. I haven't turned on my TV (except to watch movies) in weeks. I don't need that noise of all the ads. Again, maybe this is more prevalent in the US than in Canada, I don't know. I'd better stop before I REALLY start sounding like Charlie Brown.

Star, lights make me so happy. Why don't you pick up some lights from the drugstore? Or do you mean the rest of the house beyond your own room is what needs decorating? I keep my lights up until at least March, sometimes year-round!

Oh crap, my eyes are crossing and I'm going to get ready for bed. It's a miracle that I've even stayed up THIS late! Granny wore me out.

I absolutely love Christmas, the family get-togethers included. It's usually just my immediate family (my mom's siblings live in FL and TX while we're in IL, and we're not in touch with my dad's siblings because one of his sisters is married to a child molester) or sometimes our parents' best friends are included. We always end up at their house sometime during the hoildays, too. I never feel any stress about gifts. My parents genuinely don't care if we get them anything, and my sister makes such insane amounts of cash that she can buy anything she wants for herself. So it's mostly just about hanging out, playing games, having slightly more extravagant food than usual, etc.

This wasn't always the case, though. I remember being stressed about the holidays when I was in college. But just after Christmas of my senior year the revelation about the bastard child-molesting uncle came to light, and then my dad had a heart attack. So everyone has a slightly different perspective on things now. We do keep some of our childhood traditions alive. My favorite thing about Christmas as a child was that we'd have this plastic Santa in our room with a light in it, so it would cast this soft red glow over our room. And the parents would put a stack of Christmas albums on the turn table in the stereo*. So I still sleep with some sort of light-producing decoration plugged in and Christmas music playing from Thanksgiving until New Years.

((((star)))) I feel ya on being far away from where you'd like to be at this time of year.

* Does anyone else remember those giant stereos that were enclosed in a cabinet, making it a piece of furniture? My parents still have theirs. It even has an adapter to stick in the 8 track player so you can listen to a cassette tape.
I used to love Christmas, as my family is also very low-key and we'd all get each other thoughtful gifts and hang out and eat turkey and watch football.

Now I have to stress out about traveling and who's turn it is, and what days I have off that are the same as Martini's and can we get flights that aren't horrible. Some years, when I'm at my inlaws, it's just stress and no fun -- we have to go to the mall daily to look for "deals" and the food is terrible, and we can't just sit and enjoy each other's company.

I also find I put a lot of time into finding thoughtful and sweet gifts for people, and while some of my friends do the same for me, it's obvious that others just buy something random or regift something, and it annoys me.

Seriously, next year, I'm not traveling for the holidays. I don't mean to be heartless, but it's been five years of this, and I just feel exhausted and underappreciated.

((((busties)))) sorry I've been MIA this week. It's been really busy and stressful. I'm taking the week of Christmas off and I really can't wait, just to have some time off to do nothing. Best Pal C will probably come visit for part of it, and that'll be good.

I have to go to a baby shower today. I think technically I'm the cohost, but Martini did all the work.
When I was a kid, every year until I was about 20 or so (except one year when it was really bad and we didn't have enough $$) we would go to Kansas City to visit my mom's family. My dad's family is here in Chicago and Jewish, so there was no conflict with them. We'd either stay in a hotel, with family or the best arrangement was when a family member was going out of town themselves and we'd stay in their house while they were gone.

Because we weren't home for the holidays, we never really had a Christmas tree. Towards the later years, my mom got a little 2-foot tree that she'd bring with us, but that's not the same. My mom's family is Irish-Catholic and about half of them still live in the Kansas City area and the rest are spread out all over the country. About half of the spread-out people would also come back for the holidays, but there was never like a big family dinner or anything. Usually it was really low-key, hanging out at someone's house. Nobody is especially rich and there's so many siblings (my mom is one of 9) and everyone has kids, so there wasn't a whole lot of gift-exchange between families. Maybe small stuff, but that's it.

After I was done with school, had a "real" job and was dating LeBoy, I couldn't necessarily get time off from work to go to KC. So that first Christmas I was staying at home alone and celebrated Christmas Day with LeBoy's family. They still lived in the same town as we both grew up in. It was weird spending my first Christmas with someone else's family. They had a more formal, traditional Christmas ritual. Everybody comes over; his parents, his mom in particular, LOVE giving gifts, so there's like a whole process to the gifts- to prevent a mad frenzy of gift-opening where no one sees what everyone else got, gifts from his parents are numbered (usually everyone gets about the same number of gifts) and we take turns picking numbers and everyone opens that one number at the same time, then we show everyone what we got. The other thing about them is that everyone makes a wish list, several weeks before Christmas and they pretty strictly go by the list. Yeah, you get what you want, but I feel like there's no surprises and no one really has to put any thought into what they get's kind of a trade-off. Then they have this big family dinner with the good china and everything, and it's usually pretty good. Finally, this year the siblings have agreed that we're not going to exchange gifts amongst ourselves, just give to the kids. I feel a little shorted since we don't have kids, but have to buy for all of their kids. But that's not the point of Christmas, that's not the point of Christmas, I keep telling myself. rolleyes.gif

Anyway, this year, we are flying down to Kansas City on the 26th and staying with my parents, then driving back with them on the 30th. The last few years, they've managed to rent a furnished apartment from a company that rents them to corporations for their employees who are working away from home for a significant amount of time. They usually have some open apartments during the holidays, so my dad has made friends with the rental company and they give him a good price. It's nice to have a real kitchen and real furniture and separate rooms.

Things are not good in the Styrene house today. Last night, we went out with prophecy_grrl, her husband and some friends and came home at about 1:30am to discover that our dog had been left out of his kennel since about 7:00pm when we left. It's my fault- we took him outside right before we left, I checked the mail as I was bringing him back upstairs and then got distracted with opening a Christmas card that came and totally forgot to lock the dog up. So we came home to garbage strewn everywhere, he peed on the carpet in the bedroom, pooped on a pair of my underwear on the floor (what the hell does that say?) made a mystery stain on the couch (we're still fighting with the stain warranty people about the first stain he caused that we can't get out) and just generally wreaked havoc everywhere. Who knows what he ate and how it will affect his already-delicate digestive system for the next week or so.

So we spent an hour cleaning all of that up. To top off the night, we discovered mouse poop IN THE BED. It was all behind the pillows, like right along where the headboard meets the mattress. I have no clean sheets, I'm exhausted from cleaning up what the dog's mess....I know this is absolutely disgusting but we cleaned it off and slept there. I was too pissed off to care because LeBoy and I had an argument.

He's going to his friend's house today for their annual 'Baconfest"- he has several friends who have birthdays in December so to celebrate, they all bring a bacon dish. I asked him if he could skip it because of the crisis-level things have reached around here and he refused. There's fucking mouse poop in the bed, there's still stuff from the dog mess to clean up, I need to find the receipt from the couch to convince the stain people that we actually did purchase a warranty with it and he's going off to fucking eat bacon. I'm so pissed off right now I can't even speak to him. I just feel hurt and disrespected and nothing all at the same time. He says he's going to stay home from work tomorrow to clean, but this stuff has to dealt with today and I don't want him doing it himself. He's fine with regular household chores, but this is beyond that 9kinda one of those things where unless i do it myself i won't trust that it's been done right), and I don't have the luxury of staying home tomorrow to deal with it with him.

So yeah, today's going to be fun trying to mouse-proof the house (I'm at the point where I want to see the little bastard(s) die. I'm so sick of it.) and clean the office to find the receipt all by myself. ETA: and find time to wash some sheets. mad.gif
Update: The Buddy is about the same. His main (lady) doctor has no bedside manner whatsoever, but the nurses are giving good reports and he's still very alert and cuddly (I spent about three hours with him yesterday). Lady doc kind of wound me up yesterday, but then the nurse gave me the full skinny on his resumed puking (which was only once the night before).

Buddy threw up just after they brought him in the room. I thought it had something to do with the tech carrying him awkwardly and jostling him around, frankly. But when I said this to the doc, she just said, very dismissively: "No, I don't think so." Sure, lady. Because you've never seen somebody pick up a baby, bounce them around, and get yarfed on. She's talking about him needing to go to a specialist and possibly get a feeding tube *into his intestines.* Yet he's gained close to three pounds since we brought him in. I know we don't have all the medical knowledge...I just can't help feeling that she's being overly dramatic.

Sorry to ramble about this! I actually wanted to chime in on the Christmas stuff. I used to be an all-out sort - I always wanted to decorate, give/send out cards, give great presents that were absolutely perfect for the recipients. I had a lot of fun with it.

I'm not sure when I started feeling sort of Grinchy about the whole thing...even working retail in college didn't ruin it for me. But sometime in the last few years...sadly, perhaps connected to when we got just got to be too much. My experience has been that in a big city (which is all I've ever lived in), there is no way to avoid being beat over the head with a Christmas bat than to stay in your house with the TV off starting in October. I can't even grocery shop or go to work without being assaulted with music, lights, ads...

Plus, the last three holiday seasons have just kicked me in the ass. Two years ago, the GameParents pulled that big Christmas Day boner; last year was our first year without GameMom, which was hard on GB and his dad, plus my mom's relatives were being assholes; and this year, one of my dearest family members is in the hospital, and all our grand plans are out the window.

The thing is, in theory I still love a lot of the traditions. When I drive through the fancy neighborhoods with the truly beautiful displays, I enjoy it all over again. I still want to bake and wrap and give something to everyone around, and I get such great responses when I do. I even sort of enjoyed the company Christmas party last night, but knowing that my Buddy was sitting alone in the hospital made it much harder to relax.

I guess my final thought on this is: I don't want to spend the rest of my life going "next year, the holidays will be better." I want them to actually *be* better, and not just have to cope my way through it. I want to be able to do it on my terms, and not go ape trying to keep it all together.

Wow. Nice of me to come back and drop a big steaming pile of negativity on y'all. unsure.gif Ventation is good for the soul, right?

{{{all y'all}}}
((((polly)))) has your dog always been like that? Like...pooping and peeing all over the place if you leave him home alone?

(((txplumwine))) it totally makes sense to have trouble enjoying yourself knowing that Buddy is alone in the hospital. What was the Christmas Day boner?

I think it must be really hard to enjoy Christmas when you have family spread out all over and there is a lot of traveling involved. I'll only be traveling about 4 hours either by car or train and like I said, it's just the 6 of us (plus the dog tongue.gif).

We tend to do wish lists in my family but it's kind of fun because you still don't know exactly what you're going to get off of the list. We also take turn opening gifts and I usually take lots of pictures of everyone. Sometimes there are surprises, like, this year my gift for my dad is a total surprise, he hasn't asked for anything at all. I've gotten some surprises over the years like a luggage set, a stereo and a cellphone. I definitely was not expecting those!
I love Christmas, and I love presents. I love getting presents where I know the person really thought about it, and I love shopping for presents. Mom DM asked us to make a list of stuff we want, so Mr. DM and I asked mostly for house things like an electric can opener, a vacuum, kitchen utensils and an alarm clock. Last year we went to Canada to visit Mr. DM’s family, but this year we are going to my parent’s house which is about 5 minutes from where we live. We open presents in a circle, and open one at a time. The dogs open their presents first though. Pictures are usually taken with each present, and it takes us about two hours to open presents. Then we eat breakfast, go see a movie (I think we are seeing Charlie Wilson’s War this year), and then a small dinner. I loved going to Canada last year, but traveling by air is stressful. We haven’t really made it an every other year thing about which family to spend Christmas with, we’re kind of just figuring it out year by year.

((Buddy)) Continue to get better.

((polly)) I’m sorry about the mess your dog made and the mouse. Hopefully the Mr. will help cleaning and relieve some of the stress.

((sidecar)) I’m also taking the week of Christmas off just to relax.

((tes)) ((mornington)) Feel better.

((rasin)) Yay for a vacation.

((star)) Yay for going home to visit family and friends soon.

Today Mr. DM and I went to the gym, and then a little cat tried to follow us. Why do I feel bad when I see an animal without a collar, I just hope she has a home.
I don't want to spend the rest of my life going "next year, the holidays will be better." I want them to actually *be* better, and not just have to cope my way through it. I want to be able to do it on my terms, and not go ape trying to keep it all together.

Amen. And I hear you on living in the big city and being beat over the head with it. I work near the fancy shopping district ("the Magnificent Mile") so it's packed with tourists right now with everything going on about how awesome Christmas is. It gets oppressive enough that I don't want to go out to lunch. And I hate that I am totally Grinchy as a result.

I had this long talk with Best Pal C yesterday about how sometimes we both feel selfish for wanting to have holidays on our own terms, but I think there's a difference between caring only about yourself and caring about yourself.

((((((polly)))))))))) I would be spitting mad if I were you, too. (If you think it may help as you pick up yesterday's havoc, I know a cleaning service that goes to the suburbs and is only $20 an hour. Maybe LeBoy can make it his Chrismukkah gift.)
Thanks for the hugs ladies. I'm feeling better now. We talked some more before he left and things were better. More pissed off about the situation than at him now (he does have his own side of the story), and I've gotten more done than I thought I would.

CG, my dog is a basenji and because of their temperment, it's pretty well advised that they be kept caged when you're not home. They're really only semi-domesticated and yes, pooping/peeing in the house is pretty standard when he's not supervised. This site has one of my favorite descriptions of their behavior, especially the part about what kind of high school students they'd be. Pretty much sums it up.

Sidecar, I'm a little Grinchy this year, too. I've pretty much spent the last few weeks figuring out how few people I can give gifts to. Partly because of financial reasons and partly because we all just have too damn much stuff. Attempting to purge my house over the last couple of weeks has brought that revelation on. I do love getting and giving presents, it's just gotten too out of hand lately, and with how much other stuff I've got going on I just don't want to add to the list.

That being said, any ideas for gifts for co-workers? I'm doing $10 gift cards to Starbucks for the hygienists and assistants (not a place I'd normally support, but they're all coffee fiends.) I'd like to give them each something else in the $5-$8 range that will look like it cost more than that- maybe some cute scarves or mittens from Target (ah, cod bless cheap Chinese labor rolleyes.gif ) Then I don't know what to get for my cousin/boss and her husband/office manager. I don't think they need any more *stuff* and they're not into coffee...they're pretty liberal, so maybe I'll make a donation to Planned Parenthood or the ACLU or Human Rights Campaign in their name.
kvetch: I woke up and projectile vomited everywhere. Had bad gas/trapped wind for couple of hours before fell asleep and was burping like a trooper (I don't burp usually) and woke up with intense gas/bloated tummy/tummy pains and then was ILL. I identify with the way polly was feeling last night because the last thing I wanted to do was clean up the mess but I had no choice; my bedroom isn't spotless though and I'll be scrubbing it clean with anti-bacterial wash first thing. Hmmm, how do you even clean sick out from between the floorboards? Apologies for TMI.

anti-kvetch: whilst I was knee-deep in a pool of sick, Mandoo walked around me and ate quite contentedly from his dish a foot away from the disaster scene. Despite my upset it amused me (inside).


Now I'm going to try to go back to sleep although the tummy pains haven't abated and scared of lying down sad.gif.
Poor (((Bunny))), I'm sorry. An old toothbrush probably.

(((Raisin))) So sorry.

I used to spend Xmas with my immediate family and it was all a bit of a zoo and we all drank too much and my mom would get all stressed out and get sick. After that, there were a few extremely dismal Christmases with my mom and my brother at the retirement home. Then a couple of Christmases with my cousin's family, which was very good of her. Now its Christmas with Mr. Dusty's family, which feels so much less like stressful drama, I love it. I go to church, then Mr. Dusty and I drop in on my cousin, then we go to his parents' and open presents, then their cousins arrive, we have dinner, everyone leaves, Mr. Dusty and I stay to help clean up a bit, and then he and I come here and open our gifts. Last year there was a little bit of a heated argument about relocating rattlesnakes (apparently you can only move them so far or they die) but it was ok. They do lists, which is fine by me, gifts I don't want make me squirm. I really love a) sleeping in my own bed at Christmas and cool.gif waking up with Mr. Dusty, because I spent so many years sleeping on sofas at other family members' and spending Christmas apart from The X when we were together. And I love not being exhausted/hung over.

The rally was great! Thanks for all your vibes! We got about 3500 people out. One of the speakers called the Prime Minister and we all left a voice mail message for him yelling "Kyoto now"!

I can't believe I'm thinking of sending Xmas cards to Busties, when I had already decided I don't have time cards for IRL people.
I don't think I realized just how much I missed y'all until now.

Yay dusty! Nice one on the PM.

{{{bunny}}} The worst. Hope you and your floors are right as rain soon.

Polly, I meant to offer my sympathies on LeBoy's stupididity. GB and I had to work out some similar issues leading up to the move...not so much animal destruction as him fiddling while someone else burns Rome, but I feel your pain. You have every right to be torqued. Also, I support the donations-as-gifts idea big time - it was a nice addition last year. Also: I know someone with four (four!) basenjis, and while they are wicked smart, they are also rather willful, true.

CCgirl, I hope you'll forgive me if I don't rehash the whole thing...let's just say: on what was supposed to be an easy-on-everyone Christmas day dinner, I picked a restaurant in the wrong (read: gay) part of town and the GamePs decided that "the wait was too long."

Sidecar, if I hadn't seen pictures of you I'd *still* swear you were my doppelganger. I just moved from THE shopping area...a couple of miles down to ANOTHER shopping area. (Well...a little further away, but still.) The only thing that's worse than going to staying in (my gods, there's round-the-clock music in the lobby).

The only luck I have this year is that people who wouldn't (or shouldn't have to) understand my fund and resource shortage are few. GB and I already were only spending on the house...and now we're just spending on the Buddy and needful things. I've got my parents and grandma covered, and my sister should be easy to figure out. And TG? As usual, has redefined generosity so thoroughly that I would scarcely know what to do for her were the circumstances normal.

Speaking (briefly, I promise) of the Buddy: we got to see him only briefly today, but he's doing OK and Dr. Sandpaper Underpants said he hadn't vomited at all, and had quite a bit of food. And that if he continues this way the measures may not have to be too drastic. Gee, lady, you think?

Best part: we were asked to come back and see him in his cage, instead of them bringing him into an exam room, because, said Dr. Bedside Manner: "Every time we move him too much, he vomits." No. Really?

{{{anybody I missed}}}
((((polly)))) urgh. oh dear.

((((tes))))) feel better


bit of a fly-by...

but christmas is pretty low-key in the mornington house - this year i'm spending it with mornmama and boy wonder and the grandparents. there will be lots of food and we'll just hang out.
Happy Monday all. Sorry that I have been MIA. My excuses are just that, excuses.

{{{txplumwine & buddy}}} all of my sympathies. It is so frustrating do deal with sick animals. More than once I have looked at my cat and just said, "If you would just tell me what's wrong we could fix it!" And then I feel crazy. Olivia update - no more infection. Trying a new and fancier anti-anxiety medication.

{{{polly}}} I love the idea of cute mittens and scarves.

{{{sidecar}}} I work on Michigan Ave. and have for years. Four of thoes years were at Crate & Barrel. I think if that time didn't kill my love of all things Christmas, nothing will. rolleyes.gif I love looking out my office window and seeing the pretty lights. I know that I can't afford to go too crazy with the gifts so much of the madness gets to pass me by. Good luck, though. You have been through so much this year.


{{{designermedusa, dusty, mornington, candycanegirl, and all...........}}}

My Christmas varies between madness and fun. I cannot spend more than about $20 per person this year with all of my vet bills & other stuff, but I feel like I got my family some great stuff. I still need to buy something for my best friend and my mom's girlfriend. I know what I am getting the gf, at least. I think it will be a book about The L Word. She isn't hard to shop for. Make it lesbianic or something with dragons and she smiles for days. As for my closest girlfriends, I made scarves for them. Problem solved. Although I need to get stiching on the last one. I think we are exchanging next week. Woops. The family can get stressfull but mostly it is b/c when I am there, I am sleeping on the couch and breathing in tons of second-hand smoke. So different from my life here. I did have a conversation with mom's gf about last year's drama and requested that we not have that this year. She, of course, remembered nothing about it but promised that she would try to calm the hell down for a change. So that might help.

I spent the weekend going out. I swear I have had so much social life lately I cannot keep up. The Geek came over on Friday night, we did brunch Saturday morning, a fantastic "gothic" alternative-style belly-dance show on Saturday night and then saw The Golden Compass on Sunday (I really liked it but I think it needs a better director.) All of this with my friends. It was weird. This is the first relationship that I have bothered introducing to my friends and he fits in very well. Meanwhile I am turning into Suzanne from Postcards From the Edge and reminding myself that, No, you do not break up with someone just because you like him and all of your friends like him, and that feels so good it feel weird because that it crazy and we are not going to do that anymore ARE WE? So I am kind of glad that the weekend is over but I had a really great time.

Kvetch: my co-worker's being a bee-yotch today. Details later.
kvetch: I had this huge post written out vibing everyone and it was eaten up! And now I have limted time, so here goes:

((((bunny)))) ~~~soothing for your tummy~~~

((((buddycat & plummie)))) I've encountered those types of vets before, perhaps a bit socially inept and definetely without bedside manner. A great scientist does not always make a great doctor, as compassion and tact are key. and lady, you've been missed around here too.




Yesterday we drove almost 2 hours to take my niece to the Bubba Gump restaurant that just opened in Anaheim (almost next door to Disneyland) for her early b-day celebration with just us girls. Her all time fave movie is, of course, Forrest Gump. And we had such a blast. Even though she vehemently protested, they sang to her. Which of course embarassed her to pieces and delighted me, as it was payback for every time she has done that to me over the years. The little song went "Fried Fish, Cole Slaw, It's Your Birthday, Weee HA!" and we were doubled over and in tears with laughter. I bought a "Run Forest, Run" magnet for my 'fridge, and niecelette had the most decadent dessert of flourless chocolate cake, in a jar w/ vanilla ice cream & raspberry sauce. I tasted it, but resisted much more than that. I also scored her something for her b-day that made her squeal and not only hug me, but, *gasp* kiss me! I can't believe it's been almost 13 years since she came out a screechin'.

Off now to the post office to mail off this huge stack of holiday cards.

Plummie and GameBoy and (((Buddy))) But good to see you back 'round these parts!

(((bunnyb))) Oh my goodness. Hope you feel better very soon, that sounds scary.

((polly)) That would annoy the bejaysus out of me too.

(Zanylanie, that stereo sounds awesome.)

Our christmases have long been characterised by travel, as my immediate family and I live variously in Europe and the US. However, the holiday itself is usually wonderful, a reunion and celebration combined. We are all pretty laid back when it's just us, and both my and my sister's misters (hee) enjoy themselves with us too.

I have to say I am selfishly happy that our default tends to be my family's christmas rather than with the mister's folks, but they actually live closer to us than my own family, so we see them a fair bit during the year.

Saying that, I made a buffet spread for the mister's family and ours last year, when we all gathered in the same city. This year we're spiltting the difference: the mister is going home and I'm scooting over for a flying xmas with my sister. I'll miss him but I can't wait to see my sister.

More generally, the pressure to spend is getting to me this year, as I'm more broke than I am used to so I'm stressing. Where I live has become crazily commercial and I am literally planning hit n' run shopping forays into the city centre, so I won't have to deal with the crowds more than absolutely necessary.

I do love the lights and carols and even the wintry weather, but right now I am under different work pressures as well as financial. I'll be much happier by 22 December, when I've done everything I need to do (fingers crossed).

Holy xmas venting batman! Well, you asked...
*sticks head in*
I don't know how many of you have seen the news yet, but mornmama is ok. she is not blown up, which is good.
Mornington, I didn't know your mum was still there. How scary, especially as it looks like they were targeting govt and UN workers. You must be relieved. I'm glad she's okay.

(((Morn and mum))) Must be a shock to the system nonethelesss.

((((morn and mornmama)))) I'm glad to hear she's OK.

This is a super quick kvetchie fly-by to say that I'm sick and my town has been encased in ice. Which sounds like the perfect reason to have a sick day and not leave the house. But alas, two of my clients have court this morning so I'm going to have to bundle up and venture outside. Luckily neither of these court appearances are going to require much brain power on my part. I most definitely would not be bringing my A game today.
((morn and family)) How is everyone doing in the midwest? I hear they're covered in snow.

Christmas has been weird since I'm an adult now. My parents don't talk to my sister (loong boring story) since she got married, so it's been tense. I wanted to start the tradition of going somewhere great for Christmas every year (two years ago we decided to go to NY--just parents and myself. Saw an incredible version of Sweeney Todd), but that stopped. When I was engaged, it was hard to see both families. Last year, I went up to SC with Mcgeek. This year I'm just staying in town due to work. I was going to go to Boston to see Star and Mcgeek's family but tickets were high, and I have to work right after Christmas day. That being said...

Kvetch: So yeah. You know about my parents wanting to come up for 2 days at Christmas. My mother calls, and tells me that she doesn't feel like I'm up for it (this was after I told her that I only had two days off of work).
She basically tells me that they have three parties to go to on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. After all, the world revolves around my mother. I then get an email saying that they're staying at home because they have parties to go to. All of this crap went down in two days. It's as though she got pissed that I had plans. I think they thought that I was going to Boston, even though I told them at Thanksgiving we couldn't afford it.

Anti-kvetch: My belly hurts. I was supposed to go to this work party (I wanted to go buy a great outfit, and flirt with my IKEA crushes). My body told me no, and I'm just crashing on the futon.

Anti-kvetch: Our blue christmas tree is up. Pictures coming once I can find my camera.

Off to go write holiday cards and make stockings.


(((mornmomma))) & (((morn)))) yikes! gald to know she is okay. how long will she be in algiers?

~~~~safe & sound vibage for all our midwestern BUSTies~~~
I too am curious to know how they are faring in that hellacious ice storm. Is everyone okay?

be careful out there, lanie!

((((sassy)))) ~~~belly be better~~~

(((bunny))) how's the tummy?

~~~continued healing vibes for buddycat & soothing for his furparents~~~

((((Kvetchies))) so I am stuck next to creepmeister 2007 here at the library. He keeps craning his neck to look at my screen, I thought I'd share that with you all. What kind of idiot takes a POM tea jar, fills it with Sunny Delight (um yeah, I can tell by it's unnatural orange glow and corn syrup smoothness that it isn NOT orange juice) and then gulps it down loudly while sitting at a public library internet terminal? Feh dry.gif
((morn & mama)) glad to hear she's okay. There's so many bombings in so many places I have a hard time keeping up...this is Algiers we're talking about, right?

((sassy)) sorry about your PITA parents.

So, my co-worker story. It's one of the hygienists. One of my job duties that that when the hygienists need help charting (where they measure your gum recession and pockets) I go in and type in the numbers as they call them out since they have both hands in the patient's mouth. We have an inter-office paging and instant message system so we can page people in back when their patient arrives, they can page us if they need help charting, etc.

So yesterday morning, there had been a flurry of pages being sent back and forth as patients had just arrived and I swear, I did not get the one from this hygienist asking me to help her chart. It's accompanied with this distinct trumpet-y sound that I never heard. I'm at my desk and there was some down-time so I was checking the news online. Office manager is totally cool with me being online, as long as I'm getting my stuff done.

She comes up to the front, office manager was away from the desk and she says in this totally condescending tone, "Could you be bothered to help me chart please?!?!" I said, "of course!", but I was confused. When I get to her room, I see the message was sent three and a half minutes before, but like I said, I never got it. And I had mentioned to office manager about 20 minutes earlier that I didn't think I was getting all the messages that we being sent out. So I get the charting done and by the time I get back up to the desk, the hygienist is already sending snarky IM's to office manager telling him that I wasted her time and I was on the internet when she came up to get me, blah, blah, blah. I told office manager I didn't get the message, it's not like I would just ignore a message; any other time I've gotten them and I know it's going to be more than 30 seconds before I can get back there, I IM them back and let them know.

He defended me to the hygienist but it really just pisses me off that I have to feel like I'm being policed by my co-workers who aren't my boss, who have no idea what my day is like and how I spend my time. This isn't the first time I've had issues with her either. Being here only 7 months now, there's been a few mistakes I've made (not that being here longer means I'm perfect, but you know what I mean) and any time it's been one that's involved her, she seems to think that I'm doing this *to* her, like I'm thinking, "hmm, how can I really screw up her day? A-ha!"

Well, back from lunch and I'd better go...maybe I'll let the hygienst know that I've run out of things to do and see if she has any ideas since she clearly knows how I should do my job. rolleyes.gif

P.S. Still just slushy here- we're three degrees away from freezing. From what I hear, it's icy as few as 8 miles away from here, so let's hope we don't drop those 3 degrees.

I heard Oklahoma and Missouri are really bad (2 inches of ice in KC, from what my grandma says.) I hope pixie and six check in soon!
Bah! Yesterday I started a catch-up post but then had to run out the door and couldn't finish.

Boo on annoying coworkers and XMas mega-commercialization and creepmeisters and being sick and ice storms and mouse poops!

Yay for fun birthday celebrations and the good parts of XMas!

I'm feeling very XMas-y this year, I think because the Mr. and I are just staying here, so to get my fix of decorations and stuff, I have to make it happen. I work XMas eve, then the next day, I think I'll cook something easy and we'll exchange gifts...I'm thinking we should maybe go see a movie, too.

I got my nephews and niece good presents this year, and I love to watch them open mom always does a little trail of notes that leads each to their hidden big gift. They get so excited! But I'm also kind of glad to not have to worry about travel, and to feel like the Mr. and I are making our own traditions and all that. And to make up for not visiting, I'm going to give my mom a plane ticket to visit me sometime in '08 for her present.

I don't mind working on XMas because people generally only come in to the hospital if they really need to, and people are in good moods for the most part. And then there's holiday pay! Plus, I gotta work XMas so I can have Mardi Gras off!

Mornington, glad your mamma is OK.

Sidecar, so sorry to hear about your grandmother.

Be careful, Lanie, and anyone else in the icey zone!
((polly)) I can’t stand it when coworkers think they are your boss, and go and tell on you. I’m glad the OM stuck up for you.

((yuefie)) Yuck to the Sunny D.

((sassy)) ((lanie)) ((bunnyb)) Feel better.

((mornington)) When I saw the news online I thought of your mom. Glad she is okay.

((amilita, syb, kitten, pixie, rose, tex, star, txplum, dusty, sidecar, mando))

I had my review at work today, and it was excellent. It sounds like there might be a possibility for a promotion in the near future. I am ready for a different type of job, so this is very good news.
Yeah, today was another day where the crap hit the proverbial fan (nothing involving me, but there were some very disgruntled assistants in back and I'm not exactly sure why.) Should make for a very interesting staff meeting on Thursday. I'm ready to [very diplomatically] give her what-fer.

Sunny D is a disgusting violation of nature, especially when being slurped by creepos at the next computer over. Ick.

Still just slushy rain here. If I didn't love this city so much, I'd so be out of here because of the winters.
Drive by!

My family is buried by ice still, but their power came back on tonight so they're okay. I called Pixiedust & she hasn't had power for 48 hours. Luckily, they have a gas fireplace and stove, so they're survivng okay. The power came on at her mom's house tonight, so if their power isn't back on tomorrow night they may go stay over there.

I'll be sure to keep you all informed. For now, keep them in your thoughts!
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