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Thanks for the support all. I just wish I had the time/$$$ to eat a really lovely lunch after my doc visit. I promised myself that I would do something really nice for myself everytime I had to see the gyno. This started last year when I had to see every other week for a while there. Of course, I am getting together with friends tomorrow night for Pushing Daisies & Project Runway so I guess that will be my nice thing to do for myself. Whatever entertainment god decided to air those two shows on the same night has all of my love. smile.gif

I had a long talk with my cat, Olivia, last night. She seemed so unhappy over the weekend. I don't know if I am overmedicating her ot what but nothing is working. Her behavior is back and she seems even crazier than normal. I noticed that she has lost some weight and her fur seems to be harder than it used to be. She still eats and is affectionate but I think that over a year of illness is wearing her down. So I have another vet visit on Friday. I just wish Olivia could tell me what was going on.

Mando - sorry that you mom was so clueless.
lanie - IFC was always one of those channels that I wish that I wanted to watch but I was always lured by TLC and Discovery
polly - that sound kind of awful to have dental work done while your face already hurt. Take care!
RV- YAY! You are feeling better!!!!!

{{{tes, bunnyb, dusty, and all!!!}}}
Hi Busties and Busters. Hope you had a good holiday weekend, or at least are glad it's over.'s the week from hell. Tiniest Baby Lu has RSV so it's been nonstop meds, breathing treatments and dr visits. The other two babies Lu are hanging in there. Mr. Lu's grandpa is dying, and they don't expect him to make it through the day. he's going to have to fly home to NC for the funeral, and I can't go because we already shelled out tickets for our trip to Connecticut next week.

But I'm not sick except for a tiny cough and a squishy ear. Yay!

I braved the crowds on Black Friday and had an absolute blast shopping with my mom...I don't know which one is the most surprising.

I'm STARVING, but all I've done all day is eat. Wonder if my pre-pregnancy metabolism is finally coming back. That would rock.

Love to you all. Take care.

Oy, Dusty. I really wish I had the foresight of your friends...perhaps they've been burned in the past as I'm getting scorched now? The owner of the cabin (a stranger to us) offered to just charge us 1/2 of the plumbing bill (about $125) and I wrote another email outlining why I don't think it should be our expense. I chose not to stop payment on the deposit check, which he holds until after the try to keep things from getting ugly...and I hope I don't regret that. I think some people would have been demanding money from him for the inconvenience and the cleaning we did. Very stressful. Craptastic, indeed.

Yuck, RSV. (((baby Lu)))

(((Olivia))) How was the Dr. visit, Kittenb?

Aw, Mando. Glad the Christening was lovely, sorry about your mom's inappropriate question.

Lanie, glad your holiday was fun!!

(((Polly))) Get better! All the neti pot talk around here (and talking about it with the Mr.) has led both of us to want one...I'm scared, but intrigued.

Rosev, glad you are feeling better!! Yay for renewing immigration stuff!!

(((Bunny' tooth)))

(((Sidecar))) Is XMas going to be better? I can't remember if you've said whether or not it will involve the in-laws...

Pixie, yay for XMas decorations...I've got to get on that this week.

Hellllloooooo, Tes!!!

(((Love to Yuefie, Candycane, Raisin, everyone)))

((lelu)) Hope things get better.

((kittenb)) I agree Pushing Daisies and Project Runway all in one evening is nice.


((mando)) Glad the christening went well, but sorry some of your relatives didn’t act right.

((lanie)) Yay for a nice family gathering with board games and for IFC.

((polly)) Feel better.

((rose)) Yay for feeling better and getting stuff done, and for the biometrics appointment.

((bunnyb)) I hope you are able to get your wisdom teeth out soon.

((amilita)) That plumbing issue is a bunch of bs. Why should you have to pay anything, it’s not your property.

((raisin)) Yay for embracing 2008, I am so ready for the new year.

((yuefie, dusty, sidecar, tes, pixie, ccgirl))

I tried to start the week off being happy and positive, but I am worrying about stuff for no reason and it’s making me cranky. Work is pissing me off too because my yearly review was due almost three weeks ago, and I want my raise like now. Anyways I am off to meditate, and hopefully get out of my funk.
(((lelu and baby)))

(((amilita))) that sucks

(((sidecar))) glad you made it through Thanksgiving

(((bunny))) wisdom teeth suck!

(((polly))) hope you're feeling better

(((mando))) sorry your mom said that in front of everyone. at least the christening was good

(((dm))) I hope you get out of your funk

(((lanie, pixie, rose, tes, kittenb, yuefie, raisin, anyone I forgot)))

Five loads of laundry later I have cleaned up my gross puke mess. Meh.

Two exams next week (one is a French oral exam! Gah!) and two more the following week. It's not so bad but it's all going to happen before I know it so I need some super concentration vibes.

anti-kvetch: I have now been on two dates with a super cute guy who really seems into me. And he actually likes to cuddle!

I spoke too soon about the DIRECTV, of course - the installation guy never showed. The story kept changing as the afternoon went by. First, they had the wrong number and hadn't been able to verify that I was home. Then they were "lost" even though about 3 minutes later they told me they'd call when they left the house they were at. (Yeah, you're not lost if you're at someone else's house, dude - and at that time they were already late.)

At that point my phone stopped working along with my internet (same provider and all) so I had to call back from my cell, sit on hold for about 15 minutes, and give them that number. Then all of a sudden the woman I was talking to said the tech guy called to report he'd been in an accident - he wasn't hurt, but the equipment for my installation was destroyed.

So even though I wasn't actually at work, I got to make lots of forceful phone calls which is fairly typical of a day when I am at work. So I guess it all evened out. Allegedly my service will now be hooked up on Saturday.

In the meantime, I'm comforting myself with a bottle of Riesling, some garlic and herb Alouette and wheat thins, and a shrimp cocktail. And watching The Holiday, completely redeemed by Jack Black. I heart him so. wub.gif

(((((You))))) - yes, you!
okies, trying this there anything worse while busting than to lose an entire loooooooong post right as you are about to click on "add reply"?

pixie, what is your secret? how have you managed to get your christmas tree and lights up, and gotten more than 90% of your shopping done? amazing woman!

~*~*~*~*~*~* healing blue light form bunnybmine's sore throat and teef *~*~*~*~*~*~*

sidecar, good for you for standing up to the MIL from hell. you have dealt with her shit for so long! does martini realize what a lucky lucky guy he is???
*soothes your fevered brow*

dusty darling!! glad that you saw the legislative guy and that you are no longer feeling an imminent urge to frow up. i'm sure that i have told you this a thousand and one times - but i still have your last postcard with me in africa. it cheers me and makes me think of you, definitely a plus!

the raleigh area does have some pretty cool ladies -- i'm SO LUCKY that i get to see rosieviolet and sheffield steele at least once a year!!

speaking of whom: YAYAYAYAY!!! for a healthier, feeling better, rosier rosiev!!! and DOUBLE yayayayay!! for sheff moving forward with the immingration process, i know it can seem painfully never ending. glad to hear that it is inching forward.

we went on two hikes, rose, one to a trail near jordan lake and one closer to home. the one near the lake was really nice, about 5 miles worth of trail through the woods, with an overlook of the lake where we had gouda cheese, mixed nuts and apples. i miss the woods here.

yeufie, i'll see that ass smack and raise you two!!! smile.gif come back and "proper post"!

kittenb, that idea of "rewarding" yourself is a good one. pat yourself on the back for thinking of it -- and for going! please give olivia kitty some head rubbins for me. i know that whatever happens, she is lucky to have you to take care of it.

(((((((((poly)))))))))) feel mo bettah, darling. that bed buddy looks really nifty. i'm having a filling replaced today - wish i had one of those!

regarding the neti pot -- does anyone else have the same problem that i do? when i use it, the warm water doesn't rinse through my sinuses, it just comes back out the same nostril. bah.

lanie, that is, as you say, SUCKTASTIC that the direct tv guy never showed. that is an incredibly long list of mishaps! i'm glad that you work from home, though, so it wasn't a total waste of your time. jack black is awesome, isn't he? i just rewatched Mars Attacks again for the nth time, and just realized that HE is in it!!! wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

MANDOMYHEART!!! *flings self at mando and squeezes her tiiiiiiiiiiiight*
so so happy to know that the christening went well! sounds as if she is blessed to have you as a godmommy, if only you lived closer! speaking of children, how is danny? i've missed hearing about his band escapades!

lelu!!! are you back or was this a surprise visit?? is bébé lu feeling more the thing? what is RSV (pardon my ignorance)?

amilita, querida, DO write to the landlord/owner again. if he is willing to split the cost 50/50, perhaps he knows that something was up? mean people SUCK.

~$~$~$~$~$~$~$ overdue raise vibage for designerm ~$~$~$~$~$~$~$~

zeeeese supair concentration vibes are for zeeee lovelee CANDYCANE:


big hugs and little kisses and silly silly fishes to raisin and stargazer and everyone else i missed!!! back later for an update.
QUOTE(tesao @ Nov 28 2007, 06:37 AM) *

lelu!!! are you back or was this a surprise visit?? is bébé lu feeling more the thing? what is RSV (pardon my ignorance)?

Hi Bonita!! It's really good to see you here! xoxoxo

I'm back extremely part time. I'm still running that Mama board (MUFF) that I'm always bitching about over at LJ, so it sucks up almost ALL of my free time. And my not so free time too.

RSV is respiratory syncytial virus, which is highly contagious. It's a lower respiratory virus and it causes a buildup of fluid in the lungs, and the lungs get really inflamed. In adults and older kids it just causes a really nasty lingering cough, but in babies younger than 4, it can be life-threatening, especially for preemies. An RSV cough is really nasty and gurgly, it sounds like the person is drowning in their own lung fluid. If the oxygen saturation in the blood falls below 93 (ppm?), then it requires hospitalization and oxygen treatment. The worst part is it's a virus, so you can't really treat it, although antivirals are proving to help. Mostly, you treat it like you would asthma, with inhalation therapy (albuterol) and sometimes corticosteroids (usually oral). Also, there is usually a secondary infection that can make it worse, so you treat that with antibx if you can. It can turn into bronchiolitis and pneumonia, cause long-term lung scarring and other long-term lung issues (reactive airway disease - which my oldest two were blessed with after their bouts with RSV).

I hate it with a flaming full-on passion and there is almost NOTHING you can do to avoid it in the winter months. My oldest was hospitalized for 5 days with it when she was 3 months old. It was the scariest few days of my LIFE, and every time I see a baby with it, especially my own, it scares me.

/public service announcement
oh, lelu! how scary!

(((((((littlest lelu-bébé)))))
(((Lelu and Lubaby)))

Hee (((Tes))). I am happy to say that the legislator is a woman and a super cool woman at that!

Grrr for (((Lany))). That new film with Jack Black and Nicole Kidman sounds interesting. But squirmy.

Les vibes de school pour (((Candy))).

Calmhapppyvibes for (((DM))).

Awww (((Mandi and niecelette))). Where families gather, it seems, there is tactlessness. Did I ever tell you that my bro and his wife adopted her niece????

I gots a clean bill of health from my dentist this morning.
((lelu & family))

tes, I have the same issue with the neti pot- it never comes out the other side, even when my sinuses are clear. But I definitely feel it working in there and when I'm sick, it definitely flushes some crud out.

I am at home today. They were nice enough to let me go home early yesterday...honestly, for a sinus infection, my face didn't hurt. It's really weird. Everyday, they symptoms are different. Today- I have no voice. I am waiting for my doctor's office to call me back to see if i can get an appointment today because today is now the 5th day day of feeling crappy and there's no end in sight.

amilita, something's definitely fishy there.

Grr, doctor's office hasn't called me back yet.
((baby lu)) I hate when my babies are sick and there isn't anything to avoid it.

Tes, my secret is simple...much tighter budget this year,so we have been spreading our Christmas shopping out over several months. And Dh couldn't wait to put up the lights for the baby to see.

Rose, glad Immigration stuff is moving! And when will you be back in town for the fam Christmas?

Amilita, that really sucks that the owner is being like that. It's his responsibility to keep his property in good working order and unless you deliberatly did something to cause the plumbing problem, he should not be trying to charge you for it. If it was me, I'd threaten small claims court if he keeps it up.

(((bunny,Mornington,Mando,polly,dusty, lainey,ccgirl,DM , Yuefie, and everyone else)))
(((((polly & bunny))))) ugh. sinus infections & painful teeth are something I have first hand knowledge of the utter sucktacularness. I hope both of you find some relief and are on the mend.

((((lelu & bebe)))) that sounds awful and scary. ~~~extra strength healing vibes~~~

((((amilita))))) what a friggin' nightmare.

(((((tesao))))) it's wonderful to see that familiar purple font around here!

(((((mando, sidecar, dusty, billy, syb, sixela, morn, pixie, rose, lanie, dm, kitten, raisin, sassy, candy, muppet, sonik, flanker, pink, everyone)))))

We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving this year, not an ounce of stress or family drama, which was blissful. I went back home with Shannon for the weekend where we managed to put a hurtin' on several bottles of white Lambrusco, put up all of her christmas lights and lawn ornaments, two trees, (a mini one for the den, regular one for the living room) and tons of other x-mas decor around the house. Then we came home and put my tree up. I've finally moved on from holding out any hope that ex-asshat might some day come to his senses and return my mothers x-mas stuff and began my own collection of new ornaments. I like what I have so far, and think my tree is really pretty. So anyway, my fab weekend extended all the way in to last night. That is, until I had the unfortunate task of having to inform my poor grandfather that one of his great grandbabies was dead. It's the daughter of one of my cousins who live in the midwest. We aren't sure what happened yet, cause of death is pending autopsy. Poor baby was only three years old sad.gif
((yuefie & family)) sorry about your cousin's kid. Was it a sudden illness or something?

Like life hasn't been screwy enough the last few days, I now have a mouse in the house....or possibly mice. On Monday, the dog was sitting calmly next to me, then jumped up and chased after something under the entertainment center. I thought he was just nuts. Then yesterday afternoon, when I was lying in bed, I heard a little munching sound in the bedroom. Later, I swear, I heard a mouse sneeze (I know what that sounds like!) LeBoy thought I was crazy. Today, I was watching Jeopardy! and a little movement under the entertainment center caught my eye. I see a mouse run along the wall, across the hallway and under the bookshelf. He stayed there for a second, then came out and ran around the hallway corner into the front hall closet.

Besides humane traps, what else should I do? I've never unintentionally had a rodent. Mice, rats, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs as pets, never pests. I'm sure he's had quite a smorgasbord in my house since I have yet to clean up the flotsam and jetsam of kitchen trash after Thanksgiving. I should probably get a plastic container for the dog food. *sigh*

My cousin phoned in some antibiotics for me. Apparently, if your voice is gone, it's a good indication it is a bacterial infection. At least I'm past the point of contagiousness, so I should be ok to go to work tomorrow, as long as my voice is back. Being at home is actually getting boring. Plus, I don't want mousies nibbling my toes.

I'm going to feel bad about dumping the poor thing in the woods, especially since the temps are supposed to get into the single digits this weekend.
(((((((Yuefie's cousin & the whole family))))))) How awful. Your cousin will certainly be in my thoughts.

~~~~~~~ healing for LuBaby ~~~~~~~ Keep us updated, ya hear? ((((((Lelu))))))

((((((((Bunny & Polly & Pixie & Tes & Mandi & Dusty & Sidecar & CCGirl & DM & Star & Syb & Six & Sassy & Kitten & Raisin & Lanie & Muppet & eeeeeeverybody))))))))

Pardon me for not vibing properly, but I am soooooo exhausted. Good ol' Aunt Flow decided to show up a few days early and has been kicking my ass all day. However, I'm so sick of sitting around at home that I ran errands, anyway. I got a TON done (and I bought the cutest flannel sheets on sale at Target. Only $13 for a queen sized set!). But now I'm home and Sheff is home, too, so we're going to eat Indian food & play on our new Xbox 360.
Yup, life is good.

My only little kvetch: I was going to go to a new friend's house to watch Project Runway with her, but she & her girlfriend are having a little fight & had to cancel. Oh well. I'm really too tired anyway. Better luck next week.

Anti-kvetch: A bunch of women I've met here are getting together on Saturday night. There are a few people I've talked to on-line but haven't met in person yet who should be there, too. So basically I should be making a lot more friends this week! Wee!
((((((yuefie, cousin and family))))))

(((lelu and baby)))

((polly)) we had mice in our house once. It sucked and kind of freaked me out.

(((kvetchies to everyone)))

sorry I'm not properly kvetching
yeufie, that is so so sad.
~*~*~*~*~*~*~healing for you, your cousin and your family~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

polly, don't feel so bad about the mice. they can carry disease, of course you don't want them mucking around in your kitchen, leaving little rice-shaped mice poo all about. i have had mice, both here in the USA and in africa. i just let my kitties take care of the problem.

i have been working about 2-3 hours/day in our garden, pulling weeds, cutting back shrubs and roses and generally tidying up. our home owner's association sent mr hotbuns a letter saying that we were in violation of our covenants because we had "dead plants". um, isn't that what happens in winter?

dusty, that so rocks that the legislator is a Super Cool Woman!

kvetch: i have my moontime.
kvetch: everytime i see mr hotbuns, i have my moontime.

anti-kvetch: plat took me out yesterday and gave me a wicked cool holiday gift of a new hairstyle and highlights! best BFF ever!

anti-kvetch: we are going out tonight to our fave resto

anti-kvetch: tomorrow night we are going out with friends to hear a brasileira sing and play guitar

anti-kvetch: i have a purring russian blue kitty in my lap

anti-kvetch: i just adore being cozy at home

anti-kvetch: hanging with all of the kvetchies!!!
((yuefie and family)) You're in my thoughts.

Polly, I'm not sure what to say about the mice. We had squirrels once in my family's attic. It seemed like they were bowling. My dad would buy humane traps, but they kept coming back. We finally put my sister's cat to help. It made sense, their house was made of ceder wood.

RV, target sheets rock! You've inspired me to go buy some tomorrow. There's a new Super Target that opened near work. And cool about party.

Sorry I haven't been kvetching much, thanksgiving was a pain in the ass. I suffered some bad depression from it. But, I've been lurking.

Kvetch: I was going to take a temp IRS gig, but found out the orientation was like a day and a half. My boss and I are already on thin water right now, so I decided to stay at my job. I'm still not thrilled (she yelled at me for being sick...but, I sure as hell wasn't go to show up at work and have another seizure. De ja vu anyone?) with it, but it's a paycheck. dry.gif

Anti-kvetch: I think I've finally forced Mcgeek to get a tree. Now to find silly decorations!! We're also doing a festivus pole.


Just a quick flyby. Sorry I was MIA for a few days. So very busy!

{{{Yuefie}}} That is so sad. My thoughts to your family.

I'll post more in a few days. I must get some sleep now............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Anti-kvetch: Stuck in the house because of the icky weather, I'm going through some old papers. I found a whole day's worth of mail that somehow never got opened and there was a check from our insurance company, a dividend check from the profits they made for $92!! Woohoo!

I filled out the paperwork to adopt this cat from the shelter yesterday. I won't be able to take him home until after New Years (it just doesn't make sense with us going out of town at the end of the month) but hopefully we'll be able to borrow him for a weekend before then to see if LeBoy is still allergic *crossing fingers* He's a big head-nuzzler like the description says, and he loves to affectionately lick the kittens at the shelter. Such a sweet cat! And that $92 almost covers the adoption fee, so that's convenient.

Feeling better. Still congested, but that's about it.

We're still infested with mice. It's disturbing how many places we keep finding little "presents" left behind by the mouse. On our desks, the couch, the coffee table. Yuck! My confidence in these humane traps is waning, but I so don't want to have to seal with dead mousies.

((hugs to everyone!!))
polly, wow. where do you think the mice are coming from? besides obvious nesting for the winter. and they must be hungry with all the movement you are talking about. and i know they chewing you speak of. who knew mice could eat so loudly? blink.gif

just chllin' today. i am proud i went to yoga today. i'm suppose to meet a colleague for lunch tomorrow. but, the cold is making me feel so unmotivated. i just want to lounge in my jammies and watch tv. i hope this upcoming week is better for me cause last week sucked ass.

Polly, what a sweet kittie! I love tuxedo cats. They're the cutest! I have no advice on the mice. Maybe Gorgeous George will fix that problem for you. smile.gif

Tes, sorry to hear your HOA is being annoying. I know some of the HOAs in your town are SUPER restictive. It just sucks that you get to spend so little time here & yet you had to spend a lot of it doing yardwork. Bah humbug!

~$$~$$~ better job vibes for Sassy ~$$~$$~

Sorry I've been MIA, too. I'm just coughing and coughing and coughing. Not much else. Well, I've been shopping a lot, too, but not for anything terribly interesting (kitchenware, etc.).And I went to see Beowulf with friends & went to a Pampered Chef party with a bunch of girls. But that's as exciting as it gets for me lately.
hi everyone. I've been lurking all week. I've been trying to deal with all the emotional fallout from our Thanksgiving (and that people keep asking me "How was your Thanksgiving?" and it just exhausts me to even think about it, much less talk about it, so I keep saying 'it was all right,' like, understatement of the year) and I just haven't felt up to posting.

In addition to everything with Martini's parents (it's been a rough transition to him coming home,and his mom still doesn't believe that his dad has dementia or that he's not going to go back to how he was pre-accident), my grandmother finally had her appointment with the oncologist. The cancerous spot on her lung has spread to her lymph nodes. If she's lucky, they'll be able to pull it and get rid of it via radiation and chemotherapy. If she's not, they're taking her lung. They also think it may have spread into her breast as something turned up on her mammogram as well.

Oh, and she's 80. She's in good shape for 80 but neither of those options are particularly easy for someone her age. I am so angry that I'm basically going to be forced to watch this vibrant woman, who volunteers all the time and reads tons of books and does so much stuff, wither away, and I can't decide if it's sorrow or anger at the fact that she smoked for 66 years and just wouldn't quit.

Plus, I've mentioned before, my friendships are in transition, so I feel adrift, like I have no one to really talk to. And I'm also feeling like, jeez, when does it stop? In three years, I've had two close family members die and two get incredibly life-threatening diseases that completely changed their lives, and not in good ways. When do I get a year where no one dies or gets really ill?

Fuck cancer.
(((polly))) I hate to say it but I've never heard of the humane traps being very effective. When we had mice we ended up using the regular traps. I'll never forget how freaked out I was when I was home alone and I heard some very loud scratching sounds in the walls.

((((sidecar)))) cancer sucks. I hate how pretty much everyone I know has had someone close to them affected by cancer.

(((sassy))) I hope you can find a much better job.

(((rose))) coughing be-gone!

(((star))) I feel the same way with this weather. I just want to take hot baths, put on some fuzzy socks and comfy pyjamas and lay on the couch watching Christmas specials.

(((tes, kitten, bunny, yuefie, anoussh, tes, lelu, pixie, dm, mandy, dusty, syb, raisin, sixelacat, everyone!)))

kvetch: exaaaaaams! Ack! I'm a bit terrified.

anti-kvetch: my dad visited yesterday and my brother is coming over today. smile.gif I can't wait to see my bro, I'm sure there will be lots of teasing and stuff.

I also made cookies last night for him, myself and our dad. Here's hoping they bring some cookies back for my mom and don't eat them all on the drive home.
{{{sidecar}}} I am so sorry that everything is so rough right now. Cancer does suck ass. And I feel you on the conflicting issues regarding the smoking. My whole family does it and it makes me crazy. If you ever need to get together and talk or just go for ice cream or drinks just let me know.

{{{polly}}} I think you are going to have to kill the mice. Otherwise, they just won't leave. Good luck on the cat, though. He is very hansome.

{{{candycane_girl}}} Good exam vibes!

{{{sassy, star, tes, roseviolet, and all}}} It seems that many of us are beginning to hibernate for the season. Chicago had a ice storm and I really wish I had just stayed home last night.

And here is why:

BIG KVETCH!!! I decided to go see Enchanted last night with my friend S. On my way to the theater I stopped to get some chili from Quizno's b/c I realized I hadn't eaten much during the day. About 1/3 of the way though the movie I started to feel not-so-great so I ut down the candy and started to drink some water. Didn't work and close to the end of the movie I had to run out of the theater to go throw up in the bathroom. I am so glad that the theater we were in was right next to the ladies room. Instead of sleeping, I spent all last night throwing up. After 5 times, I got sicker and well, everything started coming out the other end, to be indelicate. I finally managed to swallow some Imodium (even water was making me nauseus) and I got a few hours sleep. When I woke up today I felt like someone had been punching me in the gut for the entire night. I have managed some ice cream and some bread and some Coke today. And lots of water, of course, as I figure I am pretty dehydrated. I think the bread has helped. The idea of anything that has a strong smell makes me want to be sick again.
I cancelled plans with the boy once I realized that I was going to be so sick. He was supposed to come over last night after he finished up with his plans. He called me last night and left me a voice mail (I had turned off my phone so that I could die in peace) and then he called me this morning to check up on me. What he did not tell me when he called today was that he had sent me an email last night, before he left my voice mail, saying that, while he knew he was being stupid, he wanted to check to make sure that it was real (me being sick) and that if I ever didn't want to spend time with him I could just tell him. What the fuck is that?! I replied to him that I had no idea what to do with his email, I don't think I have done anything that would indicate that I would lie to him, and that he owed me an apology.
That has got to be some kind of past relationship bullshit coming out there. I bet he sent it when he was drunk and just wishes he could "Un-send" it somehow. But that doesn't make me less angry about it. I am too sick to deal with this shit!

/rant. Sorry. I just had to get all of that out.

QUOTE(candycane_girl @ Dec 2 2007, 08:57 AM) *
(((polly))) I hate to say it but I've never heard of the humane traps being very effective. When we had mice we ended up using the regular traps.

Yeah, this seems to be the consensus so far. I haven't heard of anyone having good luck with them. Even if I wanted to wait that long to deal with this, I don't think the cat will be much help. He's more of a loafer than a mouser, I think. tongue.gif The good news is that there was no mouse poop on the couch or the coffee table this morning. Not that I think they're gone or anything, and so far, nothing in the traps.

We're going to LeBoy's parent's today for his mom's birthday. My SIL's and I had decided that there would be no gift exchange for Xmas this year among the siblings, that we were just going to do dinner together. Well, his brother's wife must not have mentioned this to his brother, because he sent out an email with his list today (they're very "by the list" when it comes to Christmas in his family. Sort of sucks the fun and surprise out of it if you ask me). Yeah, this is going to be awkward.

FUCK CANCER!! ((sidecar & family))

~*~*tummy-settling vibes to kitten~*~* That's pretty messed-up about the boy. Just insult to injury.

((hugs to all))
((Kittenb)), that sounds like food poisoning to me. I once got it (from chili too) and for 2 days I felt like I was dying. I'm glad you're able to get some food down. Food poisoning is the worst, but it is temporary. Hope you feel better soon.

Oh, and hopefully once the boy gets past his own insecurities he'll realise you were deathly ill, and apologise.

((((Sidecar)))), I'm sorry too to hear about your grandma. My remaining grandma's very active too and I'm aware I probably take her vivacity for granted. Sometimes things do pile on top of you all at once; I'm sorry you've had such a rough time this year. Roll on a new improved year in 2008 is what I say.

I hope everyone who's sick gets well soon! I've been eating a ton of garlic in an attempt to stave off getting ill; one of the benefits from working at home most days. Thus far, I recommend it...
big fucking kvetch: i fucking crashed my car this morning. it snowed last night, and this morning on my way to an cat adoption event i skidded into a telephone pole, jumped the curb, and who knows what else. the only thing that was damaged (so far as i can tell) was my tire, which got all bent. i had to wait 2 hours for the damn tow truck, which set me back $150 plus whatever it'll take to fix the car. and then i had to walk about a mile home in 20 degree weather because the tow guy made it clear that the mechanic place was the end of the line for me.

now i can't go to work or dogsit tomorrow, so there goes what little money was coming to me. AND my two favorite boys got adopted today and i didn't get to say goodbye. AND all my laundry was is still in my car because i was gonna wash it later, so now i don't have my flannel bedsheets (or clothes). UGH!!! i don't need this!!!

((((sidecar)))) i'm so sorry. i know how it is. my grandma just started her second round of chemo this week.

((((kitten)))) food poisoning sucks. hope you feel better soon.

((polly)) aww, cute little guy!!

((((healing vibes to all the sick busties))))

((faeire)) Sorry about your car, but I’m glad you are okay.

((polly)) Sorry about the mice. Mr. DM and I once had a rat in a apartment we lived in, and we got the glue traps. Yes glue traps are cruel, but I’m terrified of rodents.

((kittenb)) Hope you feel better. Sorry about the boy being rude, but hopefully he will apologize.

((ccgirl)) Yay for family visits.

((sidecar)) ((sidecar’s grandma)) Sorry to hear that things have been rough.

((star)) Hope this week is better for you.

((tes)) Glad you are having a nice visit home. Sorry about the HOA.

((rose)) Yay for getting a good deal on sheets.



((yuefie and family))


((dusty)) Yay for no problems at the dentist.

((lelu and family))

((lanie)) Hope the Direct TV people finally showed up.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Mr. DM and I have almost completed our Christmas shopping, and it was only a little stressful. I am going to be busy at work and home with various things this week as the busy December has started.

I am just getting very tired of my job for many different reasons. I am starting to think it would be better for my overall health if I were to look for a new job in the new year.
Quick post!!!

Here's my tree! It's small, but it makes me glad:

I have some individual vibing I wanna do, but I gotta do it when I have more time...
(((big hugs to everyone)))

Polly, we've used Victor Tin Cat humane traps in our garage and on the farm and had pretty good luck with them. However, they'll only work if they don't have an easier food supply around than the bait inside the trap. So you'll need to make sure all foodstuffs are put away and in tightly sealed containers.

Here's a pic of the one we used (

They way it works is that there is a ramp in each of those small rectangular passageways inside the trap. The ramp's pivot is installed off-centre, so once the mouse walks in, his weight allows him inside the large part of the trap, where the bait is, but then the ramp returns to its "entrance only" position. There's no maintenance to it and no complicated set-up. Also, we found that because it is made of a galvanized metal, you can hear their claws on the inside of the trap, so you won't have to constantly check them (although it appears that the new models have a see-through top, making inspection easier).

As with other traps, place it so that the entrances are right against the wall; mice don't have particularly good eyesight and often navigate by feel along walls.

Good luck!
*runs in screaming*

tesssssssssss! I meeced you my darling

((((bunny)))) *smoooch* are you feeling better lovey?

((((polly)))) I too have mice issues. fucking old houses and thier crappy brickwork.

((((lelu)))) eek

(((((sidecar)))) fuck cancer

((((amilita)))) yay for the tree!

((((dm)))) if you think it would help, go for it. there's no harm in looking.

((((yuefie)))) acos


((((faerie)))) glad you're ok, which is the most important thing

((((raisin)))) eee! exciting!

((((syb, sassy, kitten, sixiela, candy, dusty, crassy, star, lanie, north, billy, everyone))))

sorry i've been so mia, my internet at home has been down and i haven't had a lot of time. I have meeced you all sooooo much.

so... news. I have a JOB. i'm working for a company that raises money for charities, i start properly tomorrow for unicef. it will cut down on my busting, but i will have income. Also, i get my loan by the end of the week, so I will finally be out of the red.

I've been busy rowing, we raced saturday and lost by a few seconds (three caught a crab twice, but it's the first time we've rowed in a current so it does make a difference). But on the plus side, i met a cute boy. wink.gif

(((((kvetchies))))) big smooches to you all
hello to all - I'm also sorry for being so MIA.. I've been just stupid slammed with work. haven't been this slammed in ages.. been lurking and doing little posts in some other threads, but I just have not had the time to catch up on the archives here and etc etc..

but I wanted to poke my head in and say hello, and give great big ((((((((((hugs))))))))))) to everyone.

someday I'll catch up and write a *real* post

This is going to be a super-quick flyby because this is my only day in the office all week (Chicago for training Tues-Thur, then exciting Batavia, IL for training on Friday), but I just wanted to report that DIRECTV didn't come again on Saturday. Rat bastids. I told them to cancel my order.

I've heard nothing but badness about the local cable company (Comcast), and Dish Network would be at least $15 more per month when you factor in the fact that you have to pay $5/month for local channels. So I'm at a loss. Maybe this is the universe telling me I need to stick with my non-TV watching ways. *sigh*
a northpole sighting! how exciting!

just checking in to make sure everyone's ok. this storm was a bad'un. we only got a coating of snow, and then the rain washed it all away.

question: how do you block someone again? i have zero patience to figger it out this a.m.

love to all.
i'll be bok.
bom dia, kvetchies!

this is a super fast fly-by to let everyone know that i am leaving the USA to go back to africa today. just finished packing. need to go and take a shower and do some last minute stuff....not sure if i will have time to post again. wanted to ask for smooth trip vibes and to say i'll try to post when i get in, somewhere around 10 pm eastern africa time tomorrow.....

mr. hotbuns will be joining me on 21 dec for christmas. we leave for kruger park on christmas eve day, and will spend 5 days on safari.

i'm all low and mopey about leaving him and our 2 furry feline children, though. i miss them so much when i'm not here. and my friends! and our house, and our yard, and blablablabla.

i'll try to post again before i leave, but no promises.

big hugs, little kisses, and silly, silly fishes!!!
Tesao, I've only gotten used to seeing your purple around here again! All the best for your trip back.

Mando, go to My Controls, and then go to PM Block List in the Messenger menu on the left hand side. Click on that and name the person-to-be-blocked (I totally had to do this myself recently). Once you type in their name it will show up in the small window, and you're done.

Congrats on the job mornington, and on the imminent non-skint-ness!
Have a safe trip, tes!

*extra tight hugs* ((((sidecar))))) I am so sorry sweetie. You've had such a rough year, well, a rough few years with family health. I am sending some ~~~soothing vibes~~~~ your way, hon. And yeah, a huge EFF YOU to cancer.

ugh polly, meeces. FEH! I have rodent trauma from my younger years when we lived above a canyon. We would occasionally find them in our garage. One night when I was about 15 I went out to do laundry and when I was putting the clothes in the washer I felt something furry graze my hand. Then a few days after that incident we discovered one had found it's way inside and my folks set those sticky traps. Well, it wasn't a little mousie at all, it was a huge rat. And it was so large that when it was caught it wound up hanging off the trap, which he dragged with him from behind our stove. The sucker hopped all the way down the hallway toward where I was standing. Trust me, the neighbors all heard me screaming.

((((lelu & family))))

~~~healing for all the sickies~~~

((((morn, bunny, mandi, syb, dusty, amilita, billy, kitten, sixela, lanie, dm, sassy, zoya, rose, pixie, star, candy, raisin, flanker, faerie, pink, lelu, northpole, crassy, plummie, plat, everyone))))

My cousins daughter died of a brain hemmorage. Her grandma's birthday was yesterday, poor thing. I called her but she could barely choke out a word. I feel so bad for them. Aaaand... my computer is on the fritz again dry.gif . At first I thought it was just the power cord issue, but now it seems the short in the power cord has done something awful to the computer. It was on and working fine and then I moved it (it is a laptop after all) and it went berserk and then shut itself down. Now it will not turn on at all. I think the short in the power cord fried it or something. Add that to my brake lights intermittently working (or not) and the sadness my family is going through and I just feel like hiding under the giant duvet with anyone else who's feeling a bit blue sad.gif

Sidecar, adding to the chiming of FUCK CANCER.

Tes, have a good trip back!!

Congrats on job mando! smile.gif

Yuefie, family vibes. I'm so sorry....

Lanie, Directv sucks. Hell, all cable/satellite companies do.

Kvetch: BAD day. I had an interview at a purchasing company as a receptionist. It's a temp to perm job. They would have been paying twice at much as IKEA. I got there, and took a shitload of those damn personality tests. The interview I thought went well. I got home after a two hour commute from which I broke a nail, and fell twice. Also, lost my daily planner in the process.
Got a call later that I failed the test. Probably the universe telling me something. Whatever.

Kvetch: My CP is now acting up.

Anti-kvetch: A friend of mine is adopting an adorable tuxedo cat this weekend for an early Christmas gift. Wish I could suprise Mcgeek with a puppy now. I will figure out a way. Saw an really cute German Shepherd/Lab mix.


tes - Have a happy and safe trip. It has been lovely seeing you here.

msyuefie - the rat story would totally leave me w/scars. I wish I could bring you warm and comfy hot chocolate while you and yours rested under that duvet. You deserve the break.

sassygirl - I HATE those stupid personality tests. I have never gotten a job where they were required. And truthfully I have a good personality and a strong moral code (& I am humble, too wink.gif .) So what do those tests do, anyway? Screen out the good people?

laniethezanie - It has been awhile but I don't remember that many problems w/Comcast. Okay, the hookup was kind of a bitch but after that...hmm...I think it took some time to weed out the problems now that I am thinking about it. But I know that I was happy enough once we got through the initial problems. How's that for a glowing recommendation?

Mornington - congrats on the new job!

Amalita - your tree is so cute! I can't wait to start putting out my stuff.

{{{sybarite, northpole, mando}}}

Thanks for all the healing vibes, everyone. I am much better today. I was at work today for a few hours but I was still really tired so I left early. I love my boss. Have I mentioned that? She takes good care of me. This is the same boss that had the sex toy pardon me, "healthy sexuality" party a few weeks ago. I received my order today and I have to state that the item I ordered sure looks bigger than I remembered it. So now I am home, resting just a little more and waiting to watch Chuck and Heros. All in all, not a bad sick day.
Safe travel Tes!

I don't have anything interesting to say, but I thought I'd throw some general hugs((((())))) to all my favorite kvetchies! I love Christmas!
If you'd like me to send you a Christmas card (I use the term loosely), PM me your name & address and I will be happy to accomodate as many of you as possible. wub.gif

Happy Hanukkah! What I wouldn't do for some latkes right about now...

~*~*~*~*throws glitter in air*~*~*~*~*~
Yes, jumping on the card exchange... just PM me as well.

MMM, latkes... smile.gif

Kvetch: How do you deal with a boyfriend who is anti-holiday? He won't even agree on a festivus pole! Mcgeek is acting like a asshat lately. Although, part of me thinks this is due to the fact that his divorce was final last year. It's just bumming me out. I love Christmas!!

Anti-kvetch: I sat around all day and watching Gilmore Girl episodes.

Yuefie, that rat story ....
Terrifying. Just imagining it has scarred me forever! I'm sitting here on the couch & feel an irrational desire to pull my feet up off the floor just in case. Blech!

Seriously, that story has totally wiped my brain, so forgive me for not vibing everyone as well as I should. I need to go take a nap or something to recover!

I hope Tes got back to Africa safe and sound. I wish she wasn't scheduled to stay there for another year. I want her to come back to the USA and STAY, dammit!

Sassy, my best friend "failed" a personality test at an employment agency once. We joked for months afterwards that the test determined that she had no personality (which couldn't be further from the truth!). Don't let it get you down, dear. People who rely on such tests scare me. It's as if they have no souls of their own & no way of getting to know people on a personal basis, so they have to use charts & forumlas to determine if other people are worthwhile or not. I wonder if those same hiring managers make potential mates take personality tests before going out on dates with them ...

~~~~~~ healing for Kitten ~~~~~~

(((((((((( more love for Yuefie's cousin)))))))))

((((((((( more love for Sidecar and Martini and the whole family )))))))))))

Hooray for new jobs!

Boo on boyfriends who are no fun & won't get into the spirit of the season. Granted, we don't decorate for Xmas at our house (because we travel to my parents' house for Xmas anyway), but I bet if I wanted to get a tree or put up some lights, Sheff wouldn't argue with me about it.

Anti-kvetch: I have almost completely stopped coughing! Hooray! I talked with 3 people on the phone today (Mom, BestGuyPal, and Pixie) and at no time during any of those calls did I suffer from a major coughing fit. This is HUGE, people. It's been a month since I've been able to pull that off! Weee!

Kvetch: I wish it was easier to make friends here. All the ladies I keep meeting have children & it seems like they only want to hang out with other mothers. They set up play dates together & all sorts of stuff that I never get invited to because I don't have a baby in tow. It sucks.

Anti-kvetch: At least when I do happen to see these women, none of them ever ask me why I don't have kids or tell me that I should have children or whatever. They seem to respect my situation for whatever reason. So that's nice. I just wish they did more non-mommy things.
Drive-by big vibe request...our Buddy Cat has not been himself lately - lost some weight, has been lethargic - and sometime in the last couple of days, since we finished our move, he developed jaundice. I am on the way to the vet with him, but as we all know BUSTie vibes are seriously magical, I wanted to put this in front of you folk and try to give the rest to the universe.

I hate to be selfish, but I would really prefer "stay with us and get better" vibes.

Thank you...miss y'all...TG or I will report soon.
Quick dash in.

Vibes for Western Washington. Many houses are or were under water, some still have standing water in them, some people are trapped, etc. This is my home. Fortunately those of mine were only touched by the flood and nothing was destroyed, but there are people in Mason, Lewis and Grays Harbor county that have lost everything. The town I live in received over 12 inches of rain in 1 day.

Quick fly by (I meant to post this last night when I heard)

((safe dry vibes for Washington and Oregon busties))
~*~*~*~ magical healing vibes for Buddy Cat ~*~*~*~ Poor little thing. I hope the vet can help.

PNP, I heard about the flooding on NPR yesterday. They said that there's a basement garage in a building in Seattle that is flooded all the way to the ceiling & that 18 cars are trapped down there. And that's just one building! I can't imagine.
((((((((((((((( everyone suffering from the flooding in the Pacific Northwest )))))))))))))))))

My BestGalPal just called me. Her mother - her evil, vile, abusive mother - has died. The woman has had 4 heart attacks over the last decade & we were convinced that she was going to live forever just so that she could torment her family until the end of time. But no. She's gone! BGP said that when she heard the news, she immediately felt relief. But then she worried that she is a terrible, heartless person for feeling that way, but I assured her that she is fine. Either that or I'm evil, too, because the news immediately made me happy, too! ohmy.gif

Kvetch: I think I have an ovarian cyst. I haven't had one of these in aaaaaaages. Ouchie.
(((pacific NW Busties)))

(((buddy cat)))
(((txplumwine and Buddy Cat)))

(((pacific NW busties)))

rose your friend definitely doesn't sound evil. I hate that feeling of not knowing how to feel when a mean person has died. I highly doubt that you are both heartless!

I have my French oral exam today. Wish me luck!

((((sidecar, yuefie and family, tes, mando, dm, sassy, pixie, bunny, raisin, kitten, everyone)))
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