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(((yuefie)))) phew!
((((kitten & bunny)))
(((pixie))) i'm so jealous of how clean and organized your house sounds.

OK, so I need to go home to walk Lady Dog, but I have to giant, massive antikvetches that I must share:

1. Martini's dad is coming home on Saturday! I am so, so happy for him. This creates logistical crap we need to deal with, but he'll be home and his dad's social worker is awesome, so hopefully it shouldn't be too much trouble. This is a Very Good Thing.

2. The NEA came out with this study about how no one is reading anymore, and I got to write the official response from our group! Of course, it's from our association president, but it was approved by our pr office and the president with very few changes. I'm really super proud of myself, and it was a great opportunity to get my division's name out and also to write something like that (which I've never done before).

*waves to plummie* try to come around more, wouldja? wink.gif I miss you something fierce.
awwww, you guys are beyond sweet for missin' me.

i have no good excuse for being m.i.a., other than being busy at work and, um ... er ... The Daunting (of trying to catch up with y'all). i know, i know ... just jumping back midstream and not reading the archives is allowed and all. but i hate doing that. except, i think this time, i will.

two giant antikvetches:

1. last week, i went to see DAVE with beloved cousin (first time we've been - together - in years) and we had a blast. or at least i'm told we had a blast. hee. no, seriously, best.night.eva.

2. niecelette & sis (and crapweasle b-i-l) are coming up for thanksgiving and the christening on sunday. *squeal of delight* i can't wait to see my girl again!!! poor thing has a virus and a nasty case of hurty butt, tho. *whimper*

megalove to all, but a few extra huggles for (((sidecar & yuefie))) for stalking me.

sidecar, i'm so happy to hear martinidad is homeward bound! and i wanna read your official response. can i?

mando, welcome back! and check your email! (if anyone else wants to see it, just PM me; I'd post it but it's on my employer's Web site with my full name as the contact, so even though it's not some massive secret who I am, you can see why I don't want to link from here direct, too).
QUOTE(sidecar @ Nov 19 2007, 05:39 PM) *
(((pixie))) i'm so jealous of how clean and organized your house sounds.

LOL...I wish! I'm very proud of my kitchen right now, but don't ask about the dining room! One room at a time though, right?

We meeeced you Mando!!!

I bought some "whole grain" Sara Lee white bread the other day. Has anyone else seen this? I figured that since I am too much of a carbaholic to give up white bread completely this is the healthier alternative, right? But it just seems wrong...I mean "whole grain white bread" just seems such an oxymoron. It looks and tastes about the same as regular white bread only it is slightly yellow instead of white. I just wonder if this is one of those labeling ploys where they get away with saying it just to make people like me spend a few extra pennies to feel like we are making healthier choices.
I am thinking that it will be a quiet week in Kvetchlandia. I am off work today, in the office tomorrow and then off Thu-Fri-Sat-Sun. What will I do with myself?

Just spoke w/the school I want to attend for my graduate studies next year. The idea of spending $50K on anything just makes me want to cry. Hell, the idea of spending $100 on anything makes me choke right now. But my only other option is to stay in the bottom level of the work that I want to do. Or find a job that doesn't satisfy me in my heart. Gods. All I wanted to think about was my little date tonight and I what I wanted to do with the boy and now I am fighting the urge to tell him to RUN RUN AWAY before my money problems drag him down too! I think he just needs to find a way to stop me from thinking all the time.

I just got invited to a Thanksgiving Day potluck. So at least I will have something to do then. smile.gif

Pixie - I looked up the info on the Sara Lee Whole Grain White. Do you like regular whole grain bread at all? One of the things I have been trying to do is cut down on the processed foods that I eat. That stuff looks really processed and it has less fiber than the regular whole grain. Of course, I can't remember the last time I bought a bag of bread to actually bring home. I even bought whole grain pasta for tonights dinner. I know some people hate that stuff but it works for me.

Wecome back Mando! I missed your pretty blue dog.
/watches a tumbleweed tumble by.

mornington and I will have to keep the home fires burning whilst you're all giving thanks, won't we morn? morn? hello?

welcome back, mandi! and I mailed you too! kinda. yay for the delectable Dave!

I did a ton of Christmas shopping today and online too! Managed to buy everything I wanted to for the boy and now only have his stocking fillers to pick out. Next up is thinking up another few (inexpensive as possible) gifts for people and finishing my Christmas mix CD so I can post it out along with Christmas cards. I feel all happy that I'm halfway organised. I also managed a total bargain, because one of the gifts I was buying the bunbun (lil sis) was on special offer at half-price for the week smile.gif.

*sticks head out from under the duvet*

I'm a-lurking. (((((((kvetchies))))))
[also sticks head out from duvet]
I'm lurking, too. And coughing a lot. Still. Damn, I'm sick of being sick.

Yay for MartiniDad! And Sidecar! And YuefieDad! And for Pixie's new floor! And for the return of Mando! And grad school and and and and!

Mkay. Tired now.
[crawls back under duvet]
MANDO!!!!!!!! welcome back. now, stay awhile, won't you? wink.gif

(((sidecar))) so good news with the holidays approaching us. i miss you and hope you are doing well. congrats on the article!!

(((rose))) aw. feel better. sad.gif

(((kitten))) i'm sure the boy will kiss it and make it feel better. *giggles* things will work out. you just got to weigh the pros and cons of getting a masters. school debt is good debt. and i should know. laugh.gif

(((bunny))) i will probably poke my head in with the holiday weekend. i'm staying home and avoiding the crowds. plus, i have alot of work to do for postdocs.

nothing much to report. looking forward to coming home this xmas. blah. the holidays have a way of making me feel more lonely. but, i'm trying to not let the loneliness get the best of me.

I had to go for my annual pap today. Awkward old man doctor and totally uninterested nurse = uncomfortable.

I also am going to get on the mixed CD thing. I'm going to visit my Granny this weekend so I'm going to burn her a Bing Crosby/Frank Sinatra Christmas CD. There's nothing she loves more than a little Bing. Once at Christmas my uncle told her he was a rude alcoholic who was awful to his children and she nearly killed him right on the spot. Don't diss the big to an old Irish lady. Hence, I think the CD will be loved.

((lananans)) I hate paps. My last one was done with a hottie nursing student in the room.. weirdness.

Ugh. I'm sorry everyone is sick. I'm finally over my cold.

Kvetch: Strangely enough, going home for the holidays. My dad called me at like 7 pm, and told me to be down at their house at like 3. Totally forgetting that it takes 6 hours to get to their house. Because, they're throwing a cocktail party for their friends. I'm just going to try to survive the next two days. It's going to be very much like the movie, Home for the Holidays. It's that or a bizzare Woody Allen movie. Ah well. At least Mcgeek will be there with me.

Anti-kvetch: The Portland IKEA called me to offer me a job. I couldn't take it, because I have to be at my current job for 6 months. I think it's awesome having a contact already though. I'm so stoked!!

Anti-kvetch: Making Grand Marnier cranberry sauce, and drinking too much red wine. smile.gif

Star, I'll probably be up there for xmas or sometime in the spring. It just depends on my work.

Kittenb, yay for grad studies! I know it's a lot, but it will be worth it.

Sidecar, that's great for the article.

Mando, yay you're back! Isn't Dave great! He came to Atlanta a few months back to do a "green" concert that helped benefit one of our parks. I couldn't get tickets, but I just think it was so awesome that he would do charity like that. I know "green" is so overhyped lately, but I still dig Dave Matthews. Anyway...

Okay, I'm probably going to kvetch in at some point during the holiday hell.

Everyone have an awesome Thanksgiving!!


Speaking of The Dude abiding, I was at West Elm today (fucking cool store. So jeolous I don't have money like that guy on Queer Eye), and thought I need a rug to "tie the room together..." smile.gif
Just a quick check-in, I'm so freaking busy these days with my kids and my daughter's girl scout stuff and Mr. Lu's work stuff.

We're all sick around here too, with the death rattle coughing going on. We keep passing it back and forth, so it's been pretty continuous for the last couple months.

Married life is good.

Kids are good.

It's snowing outside. Blargh.
Drive by::

Between work and it being green week (I am mega fertile) I am freakin' tired!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!
*sticks head in the lounge*

I've been lurking too. I'm not sick just crazy busy with school and exams. I had one today but the rest will be in two weeks, in the meantime we have essays galore and final study groups and stuff.

Whee, it's 4am and I'm awake. I came home from work, took a 90 minute nap. Made the two desserts. Took a break for dinner and watched a Buffy episode with LeBoy. Fell asleep on the couch until 1:30am. Got up, made the frosting for my cake and then cooked, but did not combine the ingredients for the stuffing. Tomorrow (er, later today, really) I'll combine it all and bake it at my cousin's. Yum! I'll take some food porn pictures and post them.

Happy Day to the U.S. Busties!!

Happy Thursday to everyone else! tongue.gif

I have a job interview tomorrow. it's working in a call center for charities, not perfect but flexible and the pay is ok! Cross parts for me!

Happy Thanksgiving, Loves.

I am thankful for my life. I have friends that bless me everyday with laughter, sincerity and love. I have a husband that knows and loves me for who I am. I have family that will be there no matter what.

I am thankful that I have faith in whatever it is out there that makes life worth living and makes everything all right in the end because everything happens for a reason.

I am thankful to have this community be a part of my life, like a security blanket of warm loving intelligent women and men that I can snuggle into. I am blessed to call this place a home to me, because as funny as calling a message board "home" its so very true. No where else have I found people like Busties. I am thankful to be one of you.

Happy Thanksgiving, my fellow Americans! I'm parked on my couch watching the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. An old friend of mine from college is in the Broadway production of "Mary Poppins" so it was fun to watch her dancing around on national TV. I plan on making waffles in a bit (which is traditional for me). The only thing missing is my family, of course! But it's okay because most of them have to work today, so it's alright that we couldn't travel to be with them. We'll see my family at Christmas instead. Plus, this means I get to spend Thanksgiving with Tes & Plat & Mr. Hotbuns & that whole gang! Hooray!

This year I am very thankful for my dear husband. He has such a warm, gentle, loving spirit & I'm quite lucky to have him. I'm grateful for our new, beautiful home and for the food in our pantry, our warm, comfortable bed, and all of the other things that I take for granted so often. I'm thankful for a loving family that has always been so supportive & encouraging. I'm also grateful for my old friends who still work to keep our friendship alive despite the fact that we're so many miles apart. And I'm grateful for the kindness and generosity of my new friends. And lastly, I'm grateful for all of you and this wonderful community! As PnP said so well, this is my on-line home & I feel very lucky to have found such a great bunch of people all in one place.

~$$~$$~ job interview vibes for Morn ~$$~$$~

~~~~~~~ semester survival vibes for CCGirl ~~~~~~~~

Lelu!!! So good to see you, hon! Glad to hear things are going well.

Polly, you are an inspiration! That all sounds marvelously delicious.

Muppet, take care of yourself! You don't want to weaken your immune system & allow this bug to rear its ugly head again. (((Muppet)))

Sassy, I've been rug shopping lately & that same quote keeps popping into my head, too. smile.gif

Lananans, that CD sounds perfect! You're such a thoughtful grandaughter. I'm sure she'll love it.

((((((( hugs for Star just 'cause ))))))

Kvetch: I'm coughing a ton again. I think I'll take some DayQuil just to see if it helps.
Just stopping by to wish peeps a Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm grateful that I belong to such a great community to support one another and to make new friends with IRL. Gonna possibly meetup with Raisin, Mouse, and crazyoldcatlady tomorrow. Makes me feel good.

I'm grateful for my family and friends for their love and support.

I'm grateful for all the hardwork I've done on myself this past year cause it was one helluva year.

Happy thanksgiving, kvetchies! In honour of people across the pond I ate an incredibly yummy M&S festive feast sandwich today (turkey, bacon, pork onion and sage stuffing, cranberry relish and mayo on malt bread).

~*~*~*~get that job vibes for morn~*~*~*~*~ a job is a job is a job and you can always keep looking whilst doing it.

kvetch: I have a throat infection and feel crappy.
anti-kvetch: I am thankful I don't work Fridays and I can rest and recuperate at home tomorrow.
kvetch: I was supposed to be going to see The Jane Austen Book Club tomorrow night with kinkykatykins but it's not showing at the cinema we wanted to go to.
anti-kvetch: instead, I'll be able to rest and recuperate at home and maybe watch Johnny Depp movies all day.

(((everybody and turkeys)))
((bunnyb)) and ((rose)) Feel better.

((mornington)) Good luck on the interview.

((sassy)) I love the movie Home for the Holidays.

I’m way behind on vibes for everyone, so ((everyone)).

Today was so relaxing, it was just me, Mr. DM, Twin DM and the doggies. We made waffles, bacon and eggs for breakfast, and then I got online to order two Zunes for me and Mr. DM. We got the older version which is what I wanted anyways, and saved a lot of money. Then went to Kmart and Walmart to buy some games. Got home and played Clue for hours, got on Facebook to do trivia for hours, then made dinner consisting of salisbury steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls and cherry pie. We didn’t make much since it was just us. I’m going shopping with Twin DM and a friend tomorrow, but I don’t really feel like it.

Since it’s Thanksgiving I am thankful for the life I have, even though I bitch sometimes I do enjoy almost everything in my life.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend.

Happy late Thanksgiving all! I just got back from a friend's house where I ate turkey, mashed potatoes, mac'n'cheese, stuffing, wine, grapes, ice cream and pecan pie. Yes, I would like some sugar with my carbs, thank you very much! The conversation was great and I had a lot of fun.

I am thankful that I have a family who loves me, a job that appreciates me, a mind that compells me to learn more, cats who like to snuggle and a boy who makes me laugh. I am also thankful that I have the Bust boards to chat and read and feel like I have friends all around the world.

Roseviolet and bunnyb and muppetbutt - I send to you lots of cyber vitamin C. Get all better ASAP!

Mornington - good job vibes!!! I hope you get what you want.

{{{stargazer, polly, lelu, candycanegirl, designermedusa, sassy and all}}}

Of course, no holiday is complete w/o some family drama. So I called my family today. Apparently, my step-sis now says she is bisexual. Uh-huh, sure she is. Is it unfeminist of me that I don't believe her for a second? I think she is just trying to fit in with her friends, like it really is a phase. You would think that being raised by lesbians would demystify the whole lesbian experience enough that she would have avoided this whole thing but I guess I am wrong. We all just remind ourselves that she will never get pregnant from having sex with a girl, at least. *sigh* families.....
I bought sexy new underwear and even though I'm not wearing them today (I'm saving them to wear the next time I see the boy, which isn't for another three weeks due to some stuff he has planned sad.gif) they deserve a report: palest pink padded satin bra with black pinstripes and black bow and matching hipster shorts with pale pink lace panelling and black bows.

That is all.

eta: other than the fact that I still feel crappy (((other sick kvetchies))).
Happy Friday, everyone. Hope you're all doing well. I've been coughing a lot less today! Hooray! It's a subtle improvement, but it's something so I'm pretty happy about it. smile.gif

Undie report: silky red satin thong. Very simple, but definitely some of my favorite undies.

I have a couple of photos from the Very Bustie Thanksgiving, but I haven't asked Plat & Tes if I can post them here. I'll get back to ya on that. Just know that we had a great time and it was BEYOND wonderful to see them again.

*peers around*

anyone here?
i'm lurking, star!

just don't feel like typing cause i'm still drunk. oi.
happy belated thanksgiving, kvetchies!

i'm off to niecelette's christening, and to officially become her godmother. of course i've gotten it into my head that i'm going to have a panic attack on the altar. (meanwhile, i've only had one attack in many moons.) plus my family is being even more dysfunctional than usual. oy.

smooth sailing vibage would be appreciated.
(((mando))) you should plan a spring/summertime trip my way... wink.gif

well, i got to meet up with lunasol, mouse, and crazyoldcatlady. beers were consumed. mainly by mouse and i. a good time was had. and we finished off the night with chocolate. crazyoldcatlady is a rawking good time. and beautiful. for those with access to myspace and facebook can look there. want to respect everyone else's privacy, yo. especially mine.

holla back to let us know how your tday went ladies and gents.

((star)) Glad you had a nice Bustie get together. I so wish there were Busties around where I live.

((mando)) Good luck at the christening.

((rose)) and ((bunny)) Continue to get better.

((kitten)) Sorry about the family drama.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I’ve had five days off, and it was pretty relaxing. I want to just get this last week of November done with as December is going to be super busy, and I am ready to get it started.

oooh, there's life in kvetch up!

I'm feeling better although throat still feels like sandpaper, but nothing I can't handle.

This weekend has been spent chilling, Christmas shopping (including at a German Christmas market), putting finishing touches to my Christmas mix CD for people, checking out a flat for zoya, more Christmas shopping. Very relaxing and pleasant.

star, I saw the photos and looks like a fun night! colour me jealous.

dm, I hear you on wanting it to be December already! I have different reasons though.

mandi, enjoy the Christening!

And so the long weekend comes to a close. I'm getting ready to watch a Cary Grant movie soon.

I saw my fam (it was v. good and I am v. grateful for the lack of inlaws/outlaws in my life), ate a whole bunch of good food (the only turkey I ate was a miniature chocolate one, hee!), went out dancing (how much do I love '80s music?) , bonded with a friend I've gotten closer to in the last year (aww), cleaned house (good Maude, put on some music that has a killer beat and suddenly I am loving my domestic duties), read a couple of books which are better left unnamed (well, okay, Celebrity Detox, for one), worked on planning/setting goals for the next year (YES!!! Very excited to embrace 2008.). All in all despite my feeling like I never have enough time to do everything I want to do, it was a terrific time except for being late and then ultimately missing out on the aforementioned Bustie meetup because a colleague/friend was helping me with software stuff. Star, did you get my voice mail message while all of you were still out or was the evening over by that point? I didn't have anyone else's phone number. Better luck next time.

(((everyone -- I'm grateful for Bustie friendships)))

And shh, I'm working on writing a novel. It's only a few days old!
It's good to hear that so many of you have had such a nice holiday weekend (or non-holiday, as the case may be).

~~~~~~~~ smooth sailing vibes for Mandi ~~~~~~~~ Be sure to tell us how it went!

Kitten, please tell me that the sis did not announce her bisexuality over Thanksgiving dinner. That would be so so wrong.

Raisin, how exciting!

And a big HOORAY for Bustie gatherings!

We have chosen to lay low for the past few days. I'm still coping with the last dregs of this cold, plus I don't want to deal with the crowds out there! So we've stayed in, done a bit of cooking (I made a pumpkin pie, etc.), puttered about on our computers, and watched a LOT of episodes of Heroes! We finished watching our season 1 box set last night. Tonight we're going to start watching our new Dr. Who box set. Should be nice. In the mean time, I am curled up on the couch in front of a roaring fire, watching figure skating while sipping on warm apple cider. I know it's terribly stereotypically girly of me, but I'm having such a nice time! biggrin.gif
My Thanksgiving was good; all of my dishes came out tasty, of course (so modest!)

Now I'm sick. It started out as a stomach thing last night- cramping, waves of queasiness, but no puking. LeBoy went out with friends, had Mexican food and had his own stomach issues when he came home, so he graciously let me have the bed and he slept on the couch. I only slept an hour at a time all night, waking up cold, then hot, then cold, etc. At 4:00am, my stomach issues evolved into a mild flu thing- achy joints, sore throat, dizziness. Took some aspirin (which I later found out from my mom wasn't a good idea since I hadn't eaten since lunchtime on Saturday.) I slept an hour at a time until noon today, then shivered under my down comforter on the couch all day. Took my temp- 100 degrees. Watched Ferris Bueller...ate peanut butter and bananas so I could take more aspirin.

Yeah, I already emailed my boss to let her know I won't be in tomorrow.

I had all these plans to get stuff done today and I didn't do any of it. Feh.

Too whacked out to give individual vibes. ((hugs to all))
Hello all! I too had a nice Thanksgiving weekend but I think I am ready to go back to work. I have eated so much rich sugary food that I think I made myself sick. Last night and tonight I just have not been feeling 100% and this morning I had to take Sudafed to get rid of the sinus pain (stupid season changes.) The boy was over last night and today we started the day with dougnuts and the movie Signs. You know, he calls himself a geek but I find his TV/movie knowledge to be sadly lacking. So I have been working on that.

RV - Hahaha! No, she did not announce it at Thanksgiving dinner. Truthfully, no one is doing more than rolling their eyes about it. I mean, she is being raised by lesbians (her mother and mine) so it's not like anyone is going to disown her or something. We just know that she loves attention and is always looking for a new way to rock the boat. It is annoying as hell. I guess the unhappy teenage girls in her town just like to make out. Whatever.

Have a great night everyone!
Hello, all! I came in to do a little selfish kvetching...we stayed at a cabin over the weekend, and while we were there, the septic system had problems...toilets clogging, water backing up in laundry room and into showers...and now I get an email that he wants to use part of the security deposit for the plumber's fee!!

One toilet was acting a bit funny when we showed up, and we didn't flush anything we shouldn't have, and after the plumber left, we cleaned the showers and swept the water to the drain in the laundry room...argh.

We get home tomorrow, so I'll catch up properly soon. I sent him a long email back, so we'll see. (((everyone)))
booooooooooom diaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

i am in the usa, woke up waaaaaaaaay too early, and thought: hmmm! i can BUST!!!!!

thanksgiving has been wonderful, i got to see almost all of the people most dear to me, including rosieviolet and sheffield steele andelle (who is PREGGERS, HUZZAH!) and malawi and plat and MR HOTBUNS!!!

can i just say how wonderful it is to pop in here and see all of your names? i know that i am awol, but it gives me such warm fuzzies to know that this community exists and is something that i am still a part of; exactly the fuzzy blanket to curl up in that PNP said it was.

i'll be back. i want to read archives and catch up a bit. today: i have two more doctor's appts, we are going for a hike at a local park, and if it stays this cold, i plan on having a big fire and bubbly and much cuddling when we get back!

Tes!!! Welcome back!
Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

*big boobie squishing hug for Tes*

We've been laying low the last few days too. Black Friday isn't the same without Rosie to go with! Besides I am already about 90 % finished with Christmas shopping already and the bank account needs another transfusion before i can do anymore! But for the love of God, Why did Capital One pick THIS month to raise my credit limit another $500. Yeah, as if I don't see what they are up to.

We got the Christmas lights and the tree up yesterday. Little T loves the blinking lights! Minipixie is in a Christmas parade next weekend....I swear the Holiday season is just steamrolling us this year!
TES! yay!

Sorry but that's all I can manage: I have severe wisdom tooth pain, not sure if it's an infection or not. I'm doped up on painkillers and off work sick. I couldn't get an emergency any appointment at the dentist so I have to go wait for a couple of hours tomorrow morning until they take me; I also have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday as throat infection hasn't improved sad.gif.
Thanksgiving was, yet again, the suck. At least I'm home, and I stood up to my MIL and hopefully her bullshit will be lessened in the future. But I'm not holding my breath.

Fuck holidays, man.

*waves to tes*
(((hugs to everyone else)))
Hey all, (((sickbusties))), (((family'doutbusties))), (((yayforTes))), (((you'll be greatMandi))).

I just came from a meeting with a legislator re: my job issue. Phew. I no longer feel like I'm going to frow up. We had a regular dinner with the Mr Dusty's parents last night, its not Thanksgiving here, it was nice. My mom was the outlaw from hell: I have been mostly blessed with lovely people who parent the people I have dated.

Maybe its your sinuses, (((Bunny)))?

flyby to:

*smack tes on the ass* welcome back, sugar!

send out love and hugs to all stressed out, annoyed, sick & in pain (((((kvetchies))))))

be back soon for a proper post
Wow, it seems like a lot of people are not feeling so great at the moment. Happy healing vibes to all!

Bunny - I feel you on the wisdom teeth. Tooth pain is the worst!

{{{Tes, dusty, yuefie, pixie, amalita}}}

sidecar - Sounds like it was rough. At least it's all over.

Have a great Monday, all. My week will be a little scattered. I have my annual gyno visit this week. Not fun, but I think I have gotten through some of my gyne fear issues. Fingers crossed!
Still in pain but it's not an infection or sinus but plain ol' wisdom tooth aggravation (which hurts like hell). I have disgusting tasting antibiotics, disgusting tasting mouthwash and have been referred to the dental hospital for a double extraction (I only have my lower wisdom teeth).

kvetch: as if I'm not in enough pain, I had a £40 bill today.
anti-kvetch: at least the dental hospital is free, hence the wait.


just had really really really REALLY long post eaten. too annoyed to redo. plus, i must pee.

will try again later.

big hugs, little kisses and silly silly fishes to all!

~~~~~~~ soothing & healing for Polly ~~~~~~~ Poor thing! I hope you're feeling 1000% better today.

~~~~~~~ soothing & healing for Bunny ~~~~~~~ Tooth pain is awful. Hope the drugs help. You're going to feel so much better once you get those wisdom teeth out.

Amilita, I hope you straightened things out. What a horrible way to spend your holiday!

(((((((((Sidecar)))))))) Welcome home. At least you got it out of the way for another year, right?

Dusty, that sounds unbelieveably stressful! Is there a chance these people could save your job?

Kitten, remember that the gyno is there to help you. Also, there are always nurses at the office who will hold your hand & help you through an examination if you need it.

Pixie, I'm still amazed that you've gotten so much holiday shopping done. This year we're doing something different in my family, though. Instead of us all buying gifts for everyone in the family, we're each going to be assigned one individual person to shop for. I think this we reduce a lot of the holiday-induced stress for us.

Hope you had fun on your hike, Tes!

Good news! I'm feeling a lot better! Yesterday I woke up and, for the first time in many weeks, I had energy. Amazing. So I tackled some chores & ran some errands. Today I'm feeling good again - like a normal, healthy person - so I'm going to cross more things off of my to-do list. After all of these weeks it feels so nice to feel normal again.

Good news part 2: Sheff has an appointment with Immigration next month. It's just a "biometrics" appointment (they take his photoa and fingerprint) but it means we're on our way to getting everything renewed. Hooray!
I'd like to say I'm better, but I'm not. I dragged myself into work today, though. I took half a dose of NyQuil Cough last night, slept most of the night. I used the neti pot when I got up and I don't know if what came out was from my nose or throat, but it was quite impressive. I think this has moved into a sinus infection. Joy.

The mixed blessing of the day was that I was in the schedule to have a cavity filled. While it was unpleasant to get a cavity filled with a sinus infection, I did get to lay down for 45 minutes with a Bed Buddy on my face, which helped immensely.

*Sigh* I was going to have some leftover chicken soup from Thanksgiving (made by my Baubi- mm, Jewish Robitussin!) but I don't know if I'll be able to keep it in my mouf!

Rose, I'm glad to hear you're feeling better! It's been so long!

~*~*~extra-strength vicodin vibes for bunny~*~*~

~*~*~calm blue ocean vibes for kitten~*~*~

Wow, amilita, that's a craptastic way to spend the holiday....literally.

Tes! Yay! Are you back in the states for good now, or will you be going back at some point?

((sidecar, pixie, dusty, raisin, candycane, designer, mando, stargazer, yuefie and anyone else I missed.))
I'm sorry about your trip, Amilita. I have been on ski trips where people have been all over documenting any problems with the accomodation when we arrive, to avoid losing a deposit, but it would never occur to me to do it myself.



Glad to hear you're feeling better (((Rose))). I had some handmade jewelry parts arrive in the mail from Raleigh last night, via Etsy, and I thought of you. There are definitely some cool women in that part of the world. Re: the job thing, if it all goes south, it won't be for lack of trying! Mr. Dusty is running himself ragged.


Hi everyone! For those of you who enjoyed your Thanksgivings, yay! For those whose families made that impossible, yay that it's over!

I actually have the rare (immediate) family that pretty much gets along and we enjoy our holidays with a minimum of drama. Of course, this is largely because we let my sister have her way - which isn't such a big deal, because she hosts and buys all the food and does the vast majority of the cooking. It was just the 4 of us plus my parents' best friends for the big dinner, then the best friends' sons came over with their wives and little ones. We're a game playing bunch, so we occupied ourselves with Taboo, Catch Phrase, and Sequence. The only bit of tension was when the BFs made a comment about how my parents must have done something right, given how the sister and I turned out (she's a doctor), and my mom retorted with "Yeah, but at least you have grandkids." Parents - does anything ever please 'em? rolleyes.gif

Tes - welcome back to the ol' US of A!

***gyno visit vibes*** for kitten - and ditto on what Rose said. I hate those visits like the dickens, and when I'm just not in a place where I want to deal with it I take headphones of some sort and play happy music and just zone out until the doc is done doing her thing.

Polly, I hope you feel better asap. I thought of you this weekend when I was driving back from the fam's, because I passed Mt. Olive, where the Mother Jones memorial is located. I usually stop when I drive by, but the weather was so crappy that I didn't this time.

(((bunny))) Tooth pain is definitely the super worst. While free dental work is definitely teh rad, the waiting is most certainly not. But hopefully once the drugs kick in you'll feel a lot better until the problem can be permanently addressed.

My good news for the day is that I'm working from home this afternoon, waiting for the DirecTV guy to come and hook me up. I've never had a job where I can work from home before - I think I like it. Plus, assuming things go as they should, by this evening I'll have the Independent Film Channel. Woot!
Welcome back, tesao! Feels like forever and a day since I’ve seen your purple haze round here!

*feel better NOW vibes for bunny & polly*

Amilita, was this a friend’s cabin? That’s really unfair about your having to pay the plumber. my beans are baking on your behalf.

Kitten, I love signs but it gives me serious heeby-jeebies. unsure.gif

I love seeing raisin so happy. And embracing 2008? Woot! You’re way overdue for good things, my darling.

Where oh where can I see evidence of this beantown bustie hookup?!?

Star, details about possible spring flings via PM, please?

(((dusty, yuefie, sidecar, lany, rose, pixie, candy, dm, everyone)))

Thank you for the luck n’vibage. The christening was lovely. A truly nice day. And my girl was the perfect star, despite her continuous sniffly nose. She looked gawjuss in the gown I bought her, and the outfit we changed her into midway. I should have pics up soon, I’ll let you guys know.

But I’m heartbroken that she’s once again so far away. This is killing me. Mainly because my sis and crapweasle b-i-l are tortuous to be around. Mr and Mrs Moodyass Bickerers & Cluless Parents. Grueling isn’t the word. I wish I could kidnap that child and give her a happier life. Tis quite hard to make her crack a smile. They say babies know. *heavy sigh*

And yes, I was Godmama Baby Hog. I can’t tell you how many times my mother and cousins etc. asked me if I wanted “another one”. (my mom had the bad taste to ask me in front of people if i regretting not having any more kids. i know she has no clue the massive guilt i feel - it's not something i talk easily about. but yeah, i could've smacked her.) I had to keep biting my tongue to keep from barking, “actually, i'm really quite happy that my ovaries are withering on the vine as we speak.”
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