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((((amilita)))) I too think the donation sounds like a good idea


((((star & pixie))))

(((sidecar)))) I really hope you were able to get somewhere with the whole paypal debacle. how friggin annoying dry.gif

((((sassy)))) feel better

((((flanker)))) you too. and try not to feel guilty for calling in sick when you are genuinely sick. those tamales are soo good.

((((rose)))) how are you, sweet pea?

rolleyes.gif at boys on morn behalf

where in the heck is mandi hiding?

((((syb, polly, candy, bunny, zoya, sonik, dusty, billy, faith, lanie, sixela, muppetb, dm, lelu, mavin tes, plat, plummie, msp, everyone))))

kvetch: hugest acne breakout in months, making me feel fugly. thank cod for full coverage make-up. I also have an uber painful hang nail, cramps, and upset tummy. so I'm just ms complainypants today.

Amazing what a pot of home made chicken noodle soup and a bottle of red wine can do to make ones cold feel better!

Driving by. I'm back in NC. Flew out yesterday. Sooo tired & still coughing a lot, plus my tummy is unhappy with me. I'm slowly getting better everyday, but I can tell that I need to rest a few more days at least before I'm back to my old self.

The only bonus of this bug: I've lost 5 pounds in the las week. Thank goodness for small favors, right? rolleyes.gif

(((((((((((((disinfected hugs for my beloved Kvetchies)))))))))))))))
Chewable Vitamin C anyone? Raspberry Emer-Gen-C? Anyone?

I'm still home sick, and I guess I'm in good kvetchie company... I'm glad you're feeling better though, muppet!

This is the first time I've felt bored in quite a while. No school work, since I decided to withdraw from my classes so I could focus all my energy on my job/making more money to move out.

But, I'm finally making one of those playlists I covet on myspace! I'm so excited! I never have the patience to do this... It's been a fun lil nostalgia trip - I'm trying to include a bit of everything that makes up my musical identity. smile.gif

Later I'll make the roster and seating chart for my route (I drive a school bus now, I can't remember if I've mentioned that already in here). I should also update my budget and make sure I've paid the bills I need to pay.
(((Amilita))) & (((Kitten))) So sorry to hear about your losses.

(((Flanker))) I hope you are feeling better! Being sick is no fun!

(((Sassy))) Boo for cramps, yeah for hair cuts!

(((Yuefie))) Sorry for the break out! I hate when my face rebels! Although the last time I tried to use cover up of any kind my face looked like hamburger when I took it off. The world will just have to face me (no pun intended, ok maybe a little) zits, sploches, and all!

(((Rose))) Glad you made it home ok. Wish you were feeling better though.

Anti-Kvetch:: My husband & I have this afternoon off together. So we are going to run some errands and put the tree up, and put the lights on it and try to leave it be like that until thanksgiving when we will put ornaments on it.

Kvetch:: The gift I want to give my BGF is on sale on-line. So I called the Disney store to see if it is also on sale there. It is not. So I decided to order it... But they want to charge me the same amount in shipping as the item costs! That is INSANE! They want to charge me $9 to ship a plate, and not even UPS or FEDEX it would be US Standard! ARGH!

((((((amilita, star, kitten, pixie)))))) sad.gif

((muppet)) yay for getting better!

((((strong get better faster vibes for rose))))

Boo on all this relentless illness.

~~~emergen-C vibes for all~~~

glad you are home safely, rose.

muppet, I have really sensitive skin so I use mineral make-up concealer. I remember once using prescriptives foundation and having a hellacious reaction to it. and I so feel ya on the frustration with the highway robbery that is internet shopping shipping charges.


I had a long day and now I'm off to unwind. I am making a concerted effort to eat better, but that also means planning in advance, which I did not have the time to do today. So I am gonna heat up some leftovers from last night, which was african groundnut stew & brown rice. I know peanut butter has fat, but it also has protein and some fat is good for your skin and such. so viola, decent and chock full o' veggies.
QUOTE(MsYuefie @ Nov 14 2007, 08:48 PM) *
I am making a concerted effort to eat better, but that also means planning in advance, which I did not have the time to do today. So I am gonna heat up some leftovers from last night, which was african groundnut stew & brown rice. I know peanut butter has fat, but it also has protein and some fat is good for your skin and such. so viola, decent and chock full o' veggies.

sad.gif : I stepped on the scale last night....since quitting Weight Watchers in Sept. '05, I've gained back everything, and as an extra bonus, 13 pounds more. Faboo. *Sigh* I don't know if I want to do WW again. It worked in the beginning, then I lost motivation when I plateaued after about 20 pounds. I'd say about 80% of the time, I eat fairly healthy; it's that other 20% and the lack of exercise that's doing me in. I probably need to take a good hard look at what's in my fridge. LeBoy's just going to have to deal with it. He gained back just about everything he lost last spring, when he was doing the "Biggest Loser"-type competition with his brother, so he really should join me in my efforts. Problem is that his exercise options are limited because of his CP. He's perfectly capable of walking, but it's not a relaxing, easy task for him. And with winter coming up, it's not really fun or relaxing for anyone. We have a stationary just hasn't made it's way back into the living room after we put the floors in over the summer.

I hope you're feeling better, rose, and everyone else.

I think I'd rather have a Scooba than a Roomba. Vacuuming doesn't bother me, but I loathe mopping. I have to mop my kitchen tonight because my friend's dad is coming to fix our oven tomorrow. Hopefully it will be ready for Thanksgiving.

((hugs to all))

Where is mando? unsure.gif
drive by because I've been slammed and haven't had time to read down through the past two days' archives.


ps - Finally talked to potential big boss guy this morning - he was on the same page as my suggestion of working for a certain period of time at their rate so I could get to know them, and they my work. Then agreeing to re-negotiate in about 2 months. SO....bunnyb I'm headed your way, lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sybarite, stargazer, mornington... yep, nailed details down this morning!) yay for now NOT potential boss guy!! but BOSS guy!!!

ok, hopefully will read down and be able to give real shout-outs later.... just had to share the news.

(((yuefie))) I hate breakouts!

(((sassy))) did you get an awesome haircut?

(((polly))) I lost about 30 pounds a couple of years back and then gained it all back plus much much more. I hate how I look right now but I haven't been eating well at all. I really need to make an effort to change my ways and not just give in to every craving I have.

(((rose))) glad you made it home okay

(((kvetchies to everyone, flanker, pixie, mando, sidecar, syb, morn, star, dm, bunny, zoya)))

anti-kvetch: despite being tired I convinced myself to go out to the pub last night where a school related thing was going on and it was great fun. Lots of drinks and a bit of weed but I feel fine today!

another anti-kvetch: I'm getting a super cheesy Christmas tree today! It's going to be one of those tinsel ones and I'm going to decorate it with coloured lights and any weird ornaments I find.
Hey everyone, I'm so pooped (been busy and it's all good) and don't feel much like typing, but just wanted to say hi and I'm thinking about you. I now have four invites for Thanksgiving, no traveling necessary. Now I can't decide what I'm gonna do because they're all so appealing! I should be so lucky. cool.gif
Quick fly-by hello all! I am wiped out from a weird work day and tonsd of bill paying (and I still haven't touched my vet bill wacko.gif ) so I'll try to post tomorrow or tonight.
Have a great day!
((((rose)))) glad you made it home ok!

((((polly)))) urgh, mopping. I need to get a mop for the floors here... I too need to lose weight; I do think it's just about eating carefully but sometimes it's just too much effort.

((((sassy)))) did you get your haircut?

((((yuefie)))) acos

((((flanker)))) yay for playlists! what did you put on it?

((((muppetbutt)))) blink.gif I hate postage charges, especially when it's clearly waaaay out of proportion.



((((raisin)))) yay for invites!

((((star, sixie, pixie, mando, tes, billy, plat, candy, anoushh, syb, bunny, everyone))))

today I dyed my hair. I'd describe it as flanker's pink wink.gif for want of a better reference.

kvetch: the waste pipe on the sink is leaking. I called the landlord's contact when mornmama and I noticed last night, but no plumber turned up today! argh! so going to try again tomorrow, I *really* don't want to have to wait in all day. Also, my wardrobe got delivered and it has no back-panel, and no instructions so I don't know what to do with it!

*sigh* the saga continues....

but... possible boy and I wrangled it out on tuesday; I think the air needed clearing about what each of us expect. And he's behaving much better now. We've made plans to hang out at the weekend.

((((kvetchies))))) *smooch* all round
Candy- I have a tinsel tree, and I'm going to decorate this will actually be my first year EVER in my own home!!! The problem is that I'd usually go up to my mom's, so I'd just get my festivity at her house...and then there's the kitties. But I'm devising a concrete-filled pot to anchor the base of the tree, so they can't knock it over. And I suppose I shouldn't use any of my breakable ornaments.

The Mr. doesn't care about XMas, but I love the holidays. I work XMas eve, but still wanna do an XMas dinner, even if it's just he and I. I told him he must buy me some presents. We sometimes do, sometimes don't.

Raisin, glad you now have too many things to do on Thanksgiving!!

I've been documentary crazy lately...went to see My Kid Could Paint That and really liked many questions raised about art commerce and abstract art and stuff like that. Then I watched Boys of Baraka...and tonight I will watch Who the %$&#@ is Jackson Pollack?

I got put on call both nights I was scheduled to work this week!! Bad news for my bank account, good news for my sanity.

Thanks for the vibes related to my friend's death. (((everyone)))

Oh, and I was thinking, with all the mentions of weight gained...would anyone want to do some kind of weight loss pool or something? Maybe beginning in the new year? I'd be into that. My friend did one where people put in gift certificates...
Hey, gang. I finally got my laptop to start cooperating. It's been very cranky over the last couple of days. Fingers crossed that it doesn't freeze up on me again.

Morn, I bet you look beyond amazing with pink hair! Post some pics for us if you get a chance.

Amilita, I'd like to see that documentary ("My Kid Could Paint That"). I heard a story about it on NPR about a month ago. Sounds fascinating.

Raisin, glad to hear you got so many T-day invitations. Hope they're all from people you like! wink.gif

((((cuddles for CCgirl just 'cause)))) Where did you find the tinsel tree? If you can, put some of those bubbling, gurgling lights on there. They have a vial of colored fluid on top that bubbles when the light comes on. I love those things! Just search for "bubble lights" on Google & you'll see what I mean.

Zoya, congrats on getting things straightened out with New Boss Man!

((((Polly)))) Sorry to hear about the depressing weight gain. I've gained a lot in the last few years, too. There are shirts I wore during my engagement to Sheff that I can't button over my breasts anymore. Sigh.

((((((((((Kitten, Yuefie, Bunny, Pixie, Star, Sassy, SideCar, Dusty, Mandi (where the hell is she?!?), Faerie, MuppetButt (whose name puts the most amusing visuals in my head) and the whole cast & crew )))))))))))

It's interesting to hear you all talking about the Roomba. The BestPals recently got one for their condo. They have 3 cats & their floors are hard (Pergo & the like). They turn on the Roomba when they leave the house since it can get pretty noisey. BestGalPal says it has made a huge difference & they don't have to deal with the cat-hair tumbleweeds that used to populate their home. Amazingly enough, the cats are not bothered by the Roomba. Then again, their cats are very laid back.

Guess what. I'm still sick. Coughing and coughing. Talking and eating makes it worse, so I'm still trying to avoid both of those activities as much as possible. I'm getting a littler more energy, though. And I am bored out of my skull!!!! Tomorrow I'm going to try going to the grocery store for some much needed supplies. If I don't need a nap after that, I'll be very happy.

Kvetch: Sheff is starting to feel sick now. Lordy lordy lordy. I am not in the mood to be a nursemaid.

Kvetch: My cable provider still does not carry Bravo. Another year with no Project Runway on my television. Le sigh.

Hi Kvetchies!

I've been MIA, I know. As soon as I got back from Swearing In Extravaganza 2007 I had to leave again for a work retreat. It was both Really Good and Really Bad all at once. So many people who've been with the agency for a long time are so bitter, mostly about money. But there were the life-long true believers, too, who I will just need to be sure to stay in touch with to let them be my good examples. The Big Boss seems to have taken quite a liking to me, too - he told me I reminded him why he got into this line of work to begin with, so that was pretty rad.

Yay! for abundances of Thanksgiving plans, playlists, safe trips home, dyed hair, and holiday decorations.

Boo! on illness, annoying jobs, breakouts, weight gains (my own included), and misbehaving boys.

Kvetch: I have to attend that fundraiser for work tomorrow night, and I'm just seriously Not In The Mood.

Anti-kvetch: I'm currently making goodies for the bake sale which is part of the fundraiser - my apartment is nice and warm and smells of pumpkin bread. And I'm listening to Christmas music. I can't help it - I'm a queer agnostic, but something about Christmas music just tugs at my heartstrings. And hey, I'm in my own house so I'm not inflicting my premature holiday music on anyone else, right?
Rose, glad you made it home safe. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Amilita-Yay for decorating for the Holidays. Mr. Pixie refuses to start decorating until AFTER Thanksgiving! It's obscene how early it's starting this year!!

Mornington does indeed look fabulous with Pink hair!! Or any other color for that matter! I wanna cut my hair so bad right now...really I am having to work up the nerve.

I'm telling yas the Roomba is fine around the pets. Mine hardly notice it anymore unless it start sheading their way...then they usually leave the room. I bought a littermaid litterbox teh other my FIL's new wife has me paranoid. She says they are awful and that lot sof cats get trapped in them!!!I have NEVER heard anything lik ethat. And my cats are so picky about their boxes being clean it would be such a Godsend to not have to scoop everyday and not have passive aggressive messes in the house.I still haven't had the nerve to plug it in.
Happy Friday all.
Thank you, everyone for the nice thoughts about my friend's death. It still makes no sense to me but it seems that she had a lot of friends and touched a lot of lives so that is something.

Pagan-Agnostic that I am, lanie, I too love Christmas music. And I love that my city streets are getting all glittery and pretty for the season. It just makes me so happy!

I need to buy some kind of vacuum, Roomba or whatever. Although my cats react to vacuums like Superman reacts to Kryptonite. It is pretty funny. If you are mean like me and like to toture your pets.

Speaking of, Olivia's infection is back but it's actually a good thing. At least we know that her kitty prozac is working. I was afraid I was going to have to upgrade to kitty thorazine or lithium.

Tonight my boss is hosting a sex-toy party at the place that I work. Should be interesting!

Have a great day all! Yay for pink hair!!!

Undies report: White panties w/blue snowflakes and blue lace bra.
Holy crap, Mornington! I am in love with your fierce hair!

Now I want to streak my hair blue or something! Yay for pink hair! I still haven't cut mine, but I think I'll just go for a short bob or something. But, I want to do something a little punk.. now that my company doesn't give a shit what we do..or wear. smile.gif

Aw, bubble lights. smile.gif I think I'm going to steal an idea from CCG. Mcgeek doesn't like Christmas trees. Not sure why. Maybe the mess. If we get a fake one, none of the mess. Also, I second lanie with the Christmas music (even though I'm agnostic---something about Elvis and Bing Crosby/David Bowie duets).

Kvetch: My old stupid temp agency made me revamp my resume. She got all pissy when I told her I had a PT job. Whatev.

Anti-kvetch: Going to go get my nails done before work tonight. smile.gif And, VS has a sale on pajamas, and going to spend the rest of my mad money. Yay!

((hugs all around))

Where are there pictures of morn with blue hair? I want to see!

sassy, despite having a fake Christmas tree there is still a bit of mess to deal with! I've got tinsel just kind of...all over the place. But whatever, it's just a cheap tree from Canadian Tire. I decorated most of it last night but I had a bunch of bulb ornaments and was completely unaware that the little hooks have to be purchased separately!! Seriously, I just didn't know this so now I have to go back out sometime and get the hooks. Perhaps I will post a pic once it is totally decorated.

amilita, good luck with your tree! It's kind of fun just having my own little tree as this is my first time having my own place so I bought a bunch of cute ornaments. I'm a bit weirded out by the lights though, I think I stepped on the cord and now some of them don't work!

kvetch: I'm very annoyed with a certain someone I've blogged about lately. Meh, I'm starting to just think all men are stupid and self-centred.

anti-kvetch: It's the weekend! I am going to catch up on some sleep and try to actually get a lot of stuff done and then I have a date on Sunday!

undie report: light blue boy cut with little brown sort of diamond shaped designs on them.

(((raisin, sidecar, pixie, kitten, muppet, morn, flanker, polly, rose, dm, star, lanie, zoya, bunny, everyone)))

sassy - I got an "inverted bob" recently - it's got a bit of edge to it. The general premise is shorter in back and longer in front, with the sides cut at almost a 45 degree angle. Mine's a little more gradual than that - I can't go too punk or judges will give me crap. But at least it's something. Add in some Bettie Paige bangs and it's really cute.

On this topic, at my staff retreat earlier this week, my boss told me I can get my nose pierced if I want! I thought it would be forbidden since it's not in keeping with the whole ultra-boring courtroom wardrobe. The only stipulation is that the initial piercing be done with a small stud and that once I'm able to take it out I never wear anything too big when I have court. Now if only I could convince them to let me revert back to having black hair with hot pink streaks...

Undie report: lime green boycut drawers, purple bra
candy & rose - they're here

((((((raisin))))) thank you sweetheart! I took your advice and used manic panic too...

((((pixie)))) *mwah*

((((lanie)))) yay for nice bosses! and despite being non-regligious, I too love christmas music

((((sassy)))) a bob would look great on you!

((((kitten)))) yay for olivia's meds working

((((rose & sheff))))) feel better!

((((amilta)))) I'd be up for that. maybe some sort of healthy-eating club of mutual encouragement. although I don't own any scales, I just work on how I look and feel in myself.

((((yuefie, bunny, billy, flanker, muppet, zoya, syb, sixie, dm, everyone))))

pants report - black lace-edged, with skull print. nothing too fancy.

I'm going out tonight with the girlies, so mornmama and I went outfit shopping. I'm going in all black... with the hair.
OMG, I am so tired. I have these huge bags under my eyes and I look like a fucking linebacker.

BTW, I emailed mandolyn because I'm a worrywart and she's fine. I'm sure she'd say hi if she knew I was posting about her. She's just been a little busy.

I'd be in for a weightloss pool. I joined a new gym and had a session with my trainer last week to do an evaluation, and have a session this week to talk about a fitness program. I've been going almost every morning and signed up for something called the Holiday Survival Challenge, in which I mark down all physical activity I do in a little notebook, and if my weight stays the same or goes down, I win a free coffee mug. I'm feeling a lot better, which is good. Now we'll see if I have results.

My pets can't stand the sound of our doorbell or our dustbuster or, really, the presence of any cleaning supplies (they both hate the Swiffer with a passion I would normally reserve for Jerry Falwell). I bought Martini one of those fancy toy robots from the Sharper Image for his birthday a couple years ago and we can't play with it because anytime we do, it terrifies the dog. So I think that something that combines robotic movement with cleaning would really be upsetting. I wish it wasn't like that, if only because that robot wasn't cheap! And hello, we own a robot and can't play with it? WTF?

Morn, your hair is amazing. My coloring days are behind me (I let it alone for awhile and found out that I'm blond with nice natural highlights) but yours is super fun.


black satin bra, horribly boring white cotton panties
My cats bolted when they heard a doorbell on TV a few nights ago. It didn't even sound close to our doorbell. 'Tis weird what freaks out animals. Sidecar, you must really get over loathing a dead man. Like they say, he's in a much worse place smile.gif Sorry bastard.

Today, it's grey boxer briefs (big surprise!), but with an important distinction (for me). They're Calvin Klein instead of Tommy Hilfiger.

Love the hair, Mornington!
Whoops, Morn, I assumed your hair was blue cause I was mixed up from reading raisin and sassy's posts so close together! tongue.gif I used to have pink streaks, that was fun but I hate bleaching my hair.

((((everyone))))) Happy Friday!

*smooches* billy, regaling us with tales of your various designer boxer briefs tongue.gif

morn, I love the new do. the pink sure makes your eyes pop.

Pixie, I am very interested in what your results are with the automatic litter box. I want to buy one for Ziggy something fierce, so I don't have a constant battle with my brother over the state of the litter box. But my bgp and I came to the conclusion that no self respecting cat would want any part of that , just knowing how finicky every cat either of us has ever had were about their litter boxes.

Sashie would surely freak out if I had a Roomba. As soon as I turn on the Swiffer Vac, she's off running to try to hide under my bed. I have to put her in the other room to actually vaccuum, or she has herself a little anxiety attack and won't calm down for hours. But she is a sensitive ol' pooch.

I dragged my ass to the gym even though I felt kinda achy and sore and extra tired today, so I am pleased. Yesterday was my sisters birfday and we pigged out on sushi at lunch, then went out for dinner. But I was pretty good there. I had a piece of some sort of brown bread & a smidge of butter, mexican style seafood cocktail (shrimp, crab, cucumber, tomatoes, cilantro and spicy tomato sauce), only a handful of the tortilla chips, an extra spicy virgin bloody mary, and skipped dessert. But that mudpie she had sure was tempting. I think passing on the alcohol and dessert made up for that one piece of bread, though.

undie report: I'm afraid today is rather boring. baby pink cotton hipsters (whatelse, eh?) & a cream color cotton plunge bra.
Pixie, don't worry about the cats getting caught in the litter box. I haven't heard of that before, either. I've heard that the noise can scare some cats, but I imagine yours will be fine.

Morn, the hair is just as amazing as I imagined! Wowza!

SideCar, thanks for checking in on Mandi.
zzzzzzzz refreshing sleep vibes for SideCar zzzzzzzzzz

Lanie, I would definitely hire a lawyer with a nose piercing. No doubt about it.

Kitten, you're going to a sex toy party? With work colleagues?! I don't think I could do that. That would be the definition of TMI for me!

Yuefie, good for you for going to the gym. Same goes for you, too, SideCar. Oh, if only I were so inspired ...

((((((((( hugs for Morn & CCGirl & everyone else who is annoyed with certain member of the human race right now )))))))))

(((((((((((((( the whole gang because I suck too much to list everyone )))))))))))))))))

Kvetch: Grumpy. Irritated with lots of people: mom, husband, siblings, friends (although I've managed to just be cranky with them in my head rather than in person). And I'm still coughing up junk. Which makes me more grumpy.

Anti-kvetch: Nookie! Or as they say in Okayland, HBI. Yup, it's good to be home.

Undies: Cotton thong with cute green pears printed all over. Tan minimizer that I'm workin' to the max, if ya know what I mean. I gotta buy more bras. Bah.

I wish the Cheesecake Factory made deliveries because, dammit, I could really go for some pumpkin cheesecake right now.
weight gain woes, colored hair, robotic cleaning machines, premature Christmas music listening parties....


(((polly))) i love you so much for your avatar. i do believe that is the john goodman character from the big lebowski. good one. and any frustrations about your weight can definitely be sublimated into making peppermint brownies. wink.gif i can eat 'em this year!!

well, while everyone wants to cut their hair...i want to grow my hair freakishly long. i'm not talkin' crystal gale long, but just down the middle of my back.

antikvetch: so, instead of being a hermit for t-day, i'm going to my 1st vegetarian dinner. so excited.

have a great weekend busties!!!

undies report: multicolored strip bikini bottom with pink bra.

((star)) I want to grow my hair to, but it will be awhile because it is still growing out from the short cut. Yay for vegetarian t-day.

((rose)) Get better, glad you made it home okay.

((yuefie)) and ((sidecar)) Yay for going to the gym. I started working out again too, and it really does make you feel better.

((mornington)) Love the hair.

((ccgirl, raisin, polly, billy, faerie, muppet, pixie, flanker, syb, bunnyb))

((sassy)) Go for some blue streaks.

((kittenb)) If I went to a sex toy party with my coworkers it would be weird, but mostly because I work with people much older than me.

((lanie)) Yay for work going well.

((amilita)) I kind of want to see My Kid Could Paint That, but the theatre it’s playing at has really inconvenient showtimes.

((zoya)) Yay for good work news.

On Wednesday I went to see Northern State and Tegan and Sara, Northern State was amazing, but Tegan and Sara were just okay. I did see them on their last tour so maybe that’s why I wasn’t excited to see them perform. Is anyone watching Project Runway? I wasn’t sure if you can still watch it online Rose? It’s too early to name my favorites. Tomorrow I am doing most of my Christmas shopping, and buying some things for myself as well.

Oh, that's right star, you can eat them this year! Yay! I forget, what's the date for our Chicago Bustie holiday party? It'll be at Chez Turbo, right? Have you seen I'm a Lebowski, You're a Lebowski? LeBoy got it for me a couple months ago- very funny! I wish they'd do a Lebowski Fest here in Chicago.

LeBoy and I are contemplating going to Kansas City the day after Christmas. It's where my mom's family is and my parents are going from 12/21 and would normally drive home on 12/30. But we have to stay here for Christmas to be with LeBoy's family, so we'd leave on the 26th. I'm trying to convince my parents to stay until January 2nd (my dad won't drive home on New Year's Eve or New Year's Day and I can't blame him. Too many drunks on the road and too many places are closed.) LeBoy are now disagreeing over the mode of transportation we take to get there. I was originally thinking of taking the train because I figured it would be cheaper. It's about $100 each. For shits and giggles, I checked out airline fares and found a United flight for only $93 each. There's also pros and cons with the timing (the plane gets in at 10am, the train gets in at 10pm.) Also, LeBoy doesn't like to fly. Since I'm at work, I'm going to do a conference call with LeBoy on one line and my parents on the other later so we can work this all out. Because if I wait much longer, those prices are going to be gone.

((hugs to all))

Mornington, your hair is awesome, and really suits you.

Cheers for checking in w/ mando sidecar, she is much missed 'round here.

Today was so dark and rainy that really there seemed to be no daylight at all, just a pause before night set in at 5ish. But I have the place to myself and will spend tonight watching bad telly and eating the brownies I made to bunnyb's recipe, so generally I'm a happy camper.

Hope everyone is having a similarly mellow Saturday...
Drive by::

Working in retail with zero set schedual really messes with your sense of time. I woke up today and I was very confussed as to why none of my normal shows were on. After all it is Thursday. NO IT'S NOT! IT'S SATURDAY! AHHHHHHHHHHHH
Drive-by follow up:

Ok, we compromised- we're taking a plane, but we're coming back on the 30th. The discount ticket place I went to yesterday raised their prices overnight, so I tried Triple-A. To get $93 tickets, we are taking the 7:45am flight. Oy. Maybe the place won't be a madhouse quite yet.

Ha, after I put in all the info and said "book this flight", then it was processing, I thought, "crap, what are we going to do with the dog." Call my BGP who gave us the dog in the first place and fortunately they're not going anywhere, so they're able to watch him. Phew. If I had kids, I'd totally pull a Home Alone.

Mmm, I pilfered a strawberry Chupa Chup from office manager's stash. Delicious.
polly, I'm glad you got your plans sorted!


just about to go to bed, but... aaaargh!

firstly, the twits at yahoo have decided that they're only going to accept credit cards (apparently because yahoo is us-based... and therefore the only people who want to buy pro accounts have amex or visa). So I can't renew my pro account, so while my photos aren't lost, I can no longer get at them - and my upload limit is now incredibly small.

secondly, the captain has decided that she's going to put me in the senior firsts (woo) but not for the upcoming race, instead she's going to put me in the eight, which means rowing sweep. I cannot row sweep (which is rowing with one oar, not two) as I've only done it a few times, for a laugh, about five years ago, and I was crap. I mean, yes, technically, I can do it in that I can sit there and pull the oar at vaguely the right time at a gentle pace, but I have no aptitude, no ability, and no inclination after the last time. You do not want me in a crew racing, as I will just fuck up, catch a crab, and have to take a week off because I've bruised my ribs so badly it hurts to breathe.

Also, I hatehatehatehatehatehatehate rowing in eights.
Morn, I love your hair! It's fantastic with your coloring.

Thanks for checking on mandi, sidecar!

Still sicky, so I can't summon the energy for proper responses to everyone. Not for lack of trying. Instead I've been paying bills, reckoning with my budgetary constraints, and scouring vegeterian TG recipes to help my best friend plan her feast.

I can't beleive it never occured to me to make peppermint brownies...

So...hi! I've been mad mad mad busy at work since the summer, we're moving in two weeks, I knit a lot and blog a bit too...and other than that, there's not much new. I came by earlier to report on awesome portions and had to come say hi to the Kvetchies too. Love to everyone and I'll stop by again, eventually!
*runs up behind plummie, tackles, gooses, and then covers her with keeces*
Damn straight you better stop in and say hello! I know, I know, you are one busy lady. But, you better stop by again when you can... sooner, rather than later wink.gif

polly, it is a dream of mine to one day attend a Lebowski Fest. And I must see "I'm a Lebowski, You're a Lebowski" ASAP! The Dude abides tongue.gif

syb, your night sounds like a good one to me.

dm, did you get their new cd yet? I love the song "The Con", but haven't listened to rest of it much yet.

star, I'm with you on the long hair love. My hair is actually longer than it looks, it just curls up when it's dry. I used to have it down to my lower back, and when it curled up it fell to the middle of my back. But because it was so thick, it got rather heavy and I had occasional headaches. I think it has thinned out some though (thanks age, thanks a lot), so perhaps it's time to grow it back out. I shouldn't complain though, by no means is it actually thin. I just have a normal to thick head of hair instead of two, as my hair dresser used to say.

((((muppetb)))) I do not envy the holiday season retail stress that is gearing up right about now. oh yes, I remember it well.

((((morn's ribs))))

((((flanker))))) feel better, hon. did you find some good recipes?


Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend as much as I am. It might not sound like great fun, but I've been productive in getting caught up on household chores. I even scrubbed the 'fridge out, rearranged my pots & pans cabinet, and did a buttload of laundry. I also did the bulk of my TG shopping, and found time to go out to dinner with a friend and hang out with my sis. Now I am off to bed.
stargazer - I think your hair would look wonderful that long. You have such amazing hair anyway. Any style will work with it.

polly - I am glad that someone finally mentioned what your avatar is. I knew it looked familiar but I've never seen the movie so I couldn't quite guess it.

morn - I have to join the chorus of loving your hair. Sorry to hear that everything else is going so stressful.

muppetbutt - working retail gave me a lifetime appreciation for the rare weekends that I get both Saturday AND Sunday off. Now I am having that on a regular basis and it is niiiiiiice!

{{{nillybonka, roseviolet, msyuefie, txplumwine, flanker, and all}}}

I had a nice mellow Saturday. Cleaned and just thanked the gods that I didn't have to be out in the cold November rainyness. Last night, the boy stayed over. It was very nice. biggrin.gif . Among other things I am teaching him how to give a good massage. Today we went to breakfast and then I came home to catch up on my sleep.

Kvetch - I want to buy my mom the Firefly DVD set. When I bought mine a few years back, it was between $20-$25. Today I saw that it is now priced at $49.95. What the fuck?! It's like some kind of punishment for it being popular or something.
I hope you come back again soon, plummie!

OMG, I just had a fantastic idea, one that combines two very delightful things into one thing that surely must be exponentially delightful: a BUSTie Lebowski Fest! Eeeee!

A girl can dream, right? biggrin.gif

I was looking for a one-stop vegeterian thanksgiving menu, and I found one that does look good: My best friend loved it, and so she's going to use the stuffed squash recipe, the wild rice stuffing recipe, the vegan pumpkin pie, then fill in the rest of the dishes with her personal favorite things to make. It was fun to help her plan out the menu, and I'm going to try the Pueblo Corn Pie, for it sounds too delicious not to.

I've been wanting long hair again for quite some time now too. But that's part of my hair cycle. When it's long, it's heavy and makes my neck uncomfortably hot, so I wear it up all the time anyway. Then I chop it off.

Beleive it or not, I actually enjoyed working retail during the holidays! But I didn't work at a mall store, I worked an import clothing/jewelery/furniture/you-name-it store in the downtown area. It was so much fun seeing people buy more fun, extravagant things with excitement, and helping women who were stressing about what to wear pick out an outfit. It had its moments, but overall, it was my fave time of year to work retail.

Yay for everyone having nice weekends! I spent way more time at home farting around than I like so I could recuperate, but I got to see my best friend today, and it was great fun.
kvetch: my sister cut her hair all off last night and now looks like the village idiot. As a result, I was awake two hours before I wanted to be.

I can't face catching up properly, sorry. I've been busy; great weekends with the boy and a fab wedding (he was best man). I managed to ride in the bridal car because the boy's mum contracted food poisoning so his parents missed the wedding - she's better now and it was disappointing but it all worked out and I had good company whilst the boy was performing his duties. Oh, and his speech rocked.

Happy Monday, gang. Hope you're all doing well! Sheff is feeling better & has gone back to work for the first time since Wednesday ... so hopefully this means I will finally be able to rest enough to get over this bug! Two weeks & I'm still coughing & carrying on. Bah.

(((((((((Plummy))))))))))) Missed you, baby! Come back soon!!!

Bunny, yay for happy weekends with The Boy - and for wonderful excuses to see him dressed up. wink.gif Hope his mum is feeling better.

LebowskiFest would be grand! "Nobody fucks with the Jesus."

Kitten, sounds like you enjoyed your little slumber party with the new boy. wink.gif

Yuefie, I am in awe of your ability to get so much done. Good for you!

~~~~~ soothing healing vibes for Flanker ~~~~~

Morn, that's really fucked up about the Yahoo account. There's got to be another way! Sorry to hear about the rowing crap, too.

Polly, glad to hear to scored some cheap tickets.

MuppetButt, if you don't mind my asking, where do you live?

Syb, I hate those extra dark days. They feel so horribly depressing to me. What time is sunset for you now-a-days?

I have good news! Tes is back in the USA for Thanksgiving! She's tired, but she's happy to be here. The poor thing is having a little trouble remembering the English words for some things, though, which I find rather cute. biggrin.gif

And remember my brother who, in the space of one week, got laid off from his job & had to move out of his apartment because the rent doubled? He's actually doing really well. He's been able to focus on his photography more. He's done some work for a local newspaper which paid much better than expected & some additional work on an AT&T ad which also paid nicely. If this keeps up, he'll be making more money than he did at his old job and he'll be doing what he loves! So fingers crossed!

Time to do something productive.
RV - I did. smile.gif

bunnyb - It must be the day to be mad at younger sibs. Last night my step-sis pulled a joke on me and I fell for it. She told me that she was having some kind of party at her house and was drinking and stuff. Now, maybe some would think that it would be stupid for her to just IM that to me but the fact is that child rarely exhibits a lot of brain power any more. So I called the mothers to tell them what she was up to when her little "Just Kidding!" came through. Of course she was telling stories and then she seemed baffled that I was mad at her. Well, that is when I realized just how little I trust her right now. I do not understand how she seems to be embracing all of the white trash ghetto fabulouness that abound in that stupid little town that she lives in. Looking at her MySpace page I want to scream at all of the pornification of her image. Ever picture looks like she is just waiting for some guy to come by so she can drop to her knees for him. But when I call her on her shit and her attitude she swears that she isn't like that. So if she doesn't want people to think that she is a "bad girl" why is she so intent on making it look like she is? When will she grow the hell up, learn to spell (I am beginning to worry that she is functionally illiterate), stop posting pictures of herself with her legs all spread and start showing some actual respect for herself and show some damn brains?
Am I a bad person for really thinking that she is an idiot right now? I know she is only 16-going-on-17 but I am just sick of her. And I am positive that she wishes, at this moment at least, that I was not her family. I sent her a message (on MySpace, of course, the only way that she knows how to communicate) telling her that she owes me an apology and that she needs to stop thinking that because I expect more from her than her blood family does doesn't mean that I don't love her or that I am not worth her time.
Argh, I hated teenagers when I was one. I guess there is no reason why it should be easier when it is my sister. I fully understand what my mom said to me once, "I always loved you, but I didn't always like you."

flanker - I actually also enjoyed retail during the Holidays. No time to clean and you rarely got bored.

Kvetch - 16 years olds! Obviously! Grr!
Hello lovely kvetchies!

I had a LOOOONG productive weekend. First we laid our new flooring in our kitchen so it is no longer the ugliest floor ever! Unfortunatly, it turned out to be one of those projects where more than one person gets in the way, so I ended up being the one to do most of it. And my legs have been telling me for two days that they did not like crouching down on the floor for hours!

Then Saturday I decided to go for it and cut my hair.....the first style I wanted was so cute in teh picture, but on my head looked like a giant red q tip, so we had to cut it a lot shorter than origionally planned. It is actually not a lot longer than Mornington's. I'll have to take a pic. It took Mr. P and I 24 hours to get used to it.

Sunday I was admireing my georgeous floor and decided to clean out the fridge whilst doing endless amounts of laundry.

So I am a tired little pixie.

Rose, Glad that Sheff is feeling better. Hope you hurry up and kick this cold too!

Wow, a Plummie sighting!

Mornington, I admire tha fact that you row at all. That is far more physical than any exercise I've ever done.

((bunny)) soothing sleep vibes

(((Billy, Amilita, star, Yuefie, Polly, raisin and everyone else))))
((kitten)) I was going to suggest you take her over to Genesis House, but it looks like they closed a about a year ago. Hmm, I guess I'd just continue to be a positive influence on her...that's probably hard since you're far away, but hopefully she'll appreciate it some day.
~~~Monday morning flyby~~~


I am off to that Social Security appt for my dad, so wish me luck!
kitten, you can only do what you're doing and hope that she comes to her senses before she f£@%s up. I'm right there with you, though: I walked downstairs this morning, took one look at my sister's hair, told her she was an idiot and went back upstairs again. Nothing she does anymore surprises me. Saying that, I'm now rather amused that she pulled a Britney but there's no way I'm telling her that. There was a fairly good recovery job made on her hair so now she looks less like the village idiot and more like a boy. I'm still buying her a hat for Christmas.

p.s. Firefly is really reasonably priced here (um, $7), which is probably not what you want to hear but I can't understand the discrepancy. Does your mum have a multi-region dvd player?

good luck, yuefie!

rose, seeing the boy in his kilt is always good!
polly - I may have made the situation sound more dire than it actually is. She is not an actual prostitute she just seems to be hypersexualizing her image to the point that is is deeply irritating. And while I know how wrong it is to judge a girl for having a "bad reputation" b/c I know how often thoes stories are bullshit spread by the idiot boys in schools, I just don't understand why she seems so intent on making everyone think that she is trashy when I don't believe in her heart she is. I really want to tell her how trashy she comes off but I am too afraid that the comment would devestate her. So I just yelled at her, through MySpace, and told her I wasn't giving up. But I think that whatever influence I have on her will remain hidden for a few more years.

bunnyb - I bought Firefly last night for $27 counting shipping. About $5 more than I expected to pay. The price increase happened w/in the past two weeks or so as far as I can tell. I just know that they marked it up for the holidays. Whatever.

msyuefie - good luck!

pixie - Congrats on the new floor. Do you have any pics?
Sorry, that wasn't supposed to be a drive-by earlier.

((yuefie)) good luck in dealing with The Man.

Hopefully everyone's hair woes -intentional or otherwise- get worked out.

Yay for new floors, pixie! I spent all day yesterday cleaning since we had prophecy's FIL look at our oven. Turns out it just needs a new electrode. Only $20-$30 and we'll have it tonight so it won't interfere with Thanksgiving. Phew!

I'm still in shock that you haven't seen The Big Lebowski, kitten. That's just criminal. We should have Bustie movie nights.
(just updated the screen) Oh, I don't want you to think I actually thought she was a prostitute...I guess I thought it would show the realities of the white trash, ghetto fabulous lifestyle. Not exactly the picture rap videos portray. And yeah, then there's the issues/mixed messages of being a bad girl to further complicate matters. rolleyes.gif

I'm glad to hear you and Sheff are on the mend, rose.

Here's the peppermint brownie recipe, flanker. They're called cookie bars, but they're basically brownies. I've had some issues with that recipe- the edges always burn, but the middle is always tasty. I'm thinking of just using a regular brownie recipe and adding the candy. It will be just as good, stargazer, I promise!!

Yay, a plummie sighting! Now if only mando and crassy would drop in....

mornington, the hair looks awesome. Hope those credit card issues get worked out.

((hugs to all))

I've just come to tell you all that thanks to the good luck BUSTie wishes, it was easier than pie tongue.gif
Okay, so it didn't exactly start out that way, but it ended well. The lady that caught my dad's case was quite a meanie. Seriously, that woman not only hates her job, she hates humankind. She couldn't even hide her contempt. She was snappy, short, and even rolled her eyes and practically sucked her teeth. It seemed like she was going to make me jump through a bunch of hoops, drive up to my dads today to have a paper signed, drive all the way back down to drop it off, make a second appointment (with her!), and then still most likely miss the deadline. But I was saccahrine sweet through my clenched teeth, enough that she wound up just signing the form stating he doesn't qualify for 2 more years, which is all I really needed anyway. I dropped that form off at the post office and breathed a huge sigh of relief. Whew!

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