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Drive-by ... again.

I am still in Oklahoma. When I woke up this morning, my ears were still terribly clogged & I had completely lost my voice. So we called the airline (well, Mom did since I can't speak!) & they let me move my tickets to Tuesday. Hopefully by then I'll be good to fly. I feel stupid for staying here but I have been assured by many people that it's extremely painful to fly with congested ears. So here I sit. Day 4 in these pajamas. I think I better do some laundry!

Kvetch: My mother's laptop sucks donkey balls. About 25% of the letters I type don't show up on the screen so I hve to back up and fill in tons of missed letters. So don't expect me to post much before I get home.
(((rose))) hopefully you'll recover super quick and then you have extra days in T-town! Oh, and thank you for my "feel your boobies" card!

(((designermedusa))) migraines begone!

(((yuefie))) big hugs, hun.

(((morn))) ugh, what a wank! I read on facebook though that your dad is kicking some arses?

(((zoya))) you deserve and expect more so don't feel guilty asking for more! let me know how it pans out.


(((faerie))) I'm sure it won't have adversely affected the interview.

mmmm, lemon desserts. Lovely tradition, polly.

~*~*~*essay writing vibes for candy*~*~*~*

yay for portions and prospective portions!

where is mandi-blue? I'm beginning to worry.


kvetch: TRAINS. Usually my train is great and gets me into city quickly and on time but yesterday I was delayed on it for an hour due to a fatality on the tracks, which obviously couldn't be helped, but tonight trains were cancelled and delayed for an hour because the tracks were frozen at a particular station. Yup, it's only November and the bloody tracks were frozen (it's 1C tonight). I finally got home late tonight but my ears were so incredibly painful from the cold. I'm now in bed with some hot apricot, vanilla and honey tea and I'm going to curl up with Mandoo and watch some Bones.
anti-kvetch: I'm off to Edinburgh to see the boy this weekend smile.gif.
wtf is the problem with people in this country throwing themselves in front of trains? I swear to god. I've been on the tube twice now where I had to get off the train due to service being cancelled "because of a body under the train." yuck. I mentioned to a friend of mine that that doesn't happen that much in places in the US with train service - like NYC, SF, Boston.. and he said "well, guns are easier to get in the US" good lord.

... and am I actually considering moving to a freezing cold climate on purpose?? YES!!! hahhahaha ((((bunny)))

Rose - I have flown with a sinus infection before and I felt like my sinuses were going to come out of the back of my head, it was that painful - so I can only imagine what it would be like to fly with stopped-up ears. Definitely take it easy until you feel better. ((rose))

((faerie)) - but how did the interview go? I know you say you were all flustered, but other than that, did it go fine? Sounds like there is every reason for you to get it...

In actual fact, it was a 19y/o male who fell onto the tracks, rather than jumped. I almost saw another guy die likewise tonight, he was drunk and kept falling precariously close to edge of platform but the police were there to help him. But yeah, train deaths are a popular but not so good way to go. Did you hear about the man last week who parked his car on a level crossing to commit suicide and managed to take six other people with him? niiiiiice.

/busting when I should be sleeping.
Oddly, with the whole trains thing. In the area I went to high school there were several years where students were killed at the same tracks. Every strange!

I hope everyone is feeling well and keeping warm!

Kvetch -- Still sick like a dog! Went to work anyway, since I don't have a fever anymore. But my ears are so stuffed and everytime I lean forward I feel like my brain is going to come rushing out of my cheeks!

Anti-Kvetch -- I am going to have some yummy junk food goodness with my hubby!

(((Kvetchies))) I promise to post properly tomorrow!
Good morning all!
{{{muppetbutt}}} I am glad to hear that y0u are feeling somewhat better.
{{{bunny}}} Get some sleep, bun!
{{{healthvibes for RV and DM}}}
{{{interview vibes for fairietales!!!}}}

The moment I woke up today I did something to my neck. Just great as I have to be Massage Therapist Kitten today. I think I was tensed up in my sleep b/c I was having nightmares about Sylar (from Heros). In the dream he was very effectively dismembering me with his psychic powers. Scared the snot out of me and I was happy to wake up from it.

My kitty has been doing pretty well on her meds until last night when she peed on my pretty and freshly made bed. sad.gif SO I called the vet today to ask if I should up her pills. I can hear her using her litterbox at this moment so I am pretty sure that she is not physically sick, just a little stress ball. And now I have a big load of laundry to do. dry.gif The real irritation is that I was on the phone with the boy and I told him what I have been dealing with with my cat. Considering that I am considering getting him into my bed, I am not sure that I should have mentioned what has been going on, you know?

Undies report: New white bra and double string panties, white, with black lepord spots and pink trim. They are kind of gaudy.
Two weeks after I moved to London a train was halted due to a 'body' under it. I was chilled to the bone; it freaked me out even though I didn't see anything. All the other passengers were utterly jaded, and impatient for the train to start again. To be fair, I was young and it was the first place I lived other than my home town, but yeesh. I like London but that insouciant attitude is typical of the city IMO.

*waves at zoya* Not to get all L'Oreal on you, but you are worth it. Decide what you're willing to settle for and what you want to ask for, and go for it.

RV, I flew once with a nasty head cold and it was painful. However, for my return leg on the same trip I got some nasal spray to reduce the pressure on my sinuses and it really worked--maybe try using that if your head doesn't clear before your flight? And (((RV))) feel better soon.

Yes, faerie, how did you get on with the interview?

Friday knicker report: black transparent knockers and almost-matching black sheer brar with flowers on. And I'm sporting an awesome new haircut. Hooray!
Fly by...

Kvetch: Seizures suck. I had two in two days. Then the damn drug store gave me the generic version of the drug I'm on, when the script told then Brand Neccesary. Now, I have to go fight with them.

Anti-kvetch: Going to try to catch Bee Movie and head to lunch before my night shift.

Undies: Green ones. But, trying to go shopping for new ones this weekend. smile.gif

Will post more later.
Argh--clearly I should just step away from the laptop. Apologies for double posting...
(((sassy))) That's really crappy of the drugstore, as well.

Mornington, meant to say--I'm so sorry about your stuff. That would really upset me. There is a special place in hell for landlords, I am convinced. I hope you get your stuff back; surely it is illegal for him to simply dispose of it once your rent is paid for the interim?

And because I'm too lazy to go back and edit, can I just confirm that I do not have black transparent knockers, but that my knickers are indeed see thru and black.. laugh.gif

(((pixie and baby sugar glider)))

(((morn))) what is the deal with landlords? One of my friends is going through some landlord issues right now as well.

((polly)) good luck with the lemon dessert!

(((yuefie))) I hope your appointment went well!

(((dm))) I hope you're doing better now. Migraines suck!

(((sassy))) I can't believe a pharmacy would be so stupid. On second thought, actually I can believe it.

Thanks for the vibes ladies. Unfortunately, instead of spending a lot of time yesterday doing more research, I spent most of the day sneezing and feeling like crap. It seriously got to the point where there were just tears in my eyes from sneezing so hard and just as I would finish blowing my nose another sneeze would come on! Luckily it has died down today but I still went out to the drugstore and grabbed some dayquil/nyquil sinus stuff.

kvetch: I am not allowing myself any sex this weekend cause I really need to just stay in and concentrate on my essays. But then once I'm done my essays I'll be on my period so then there will still be no sex! Meh.

anti-kvetch: I got some new shoes! I was in desperate need of them and I got some nice Roos (whatever they are) with a fuzzy lining. Perfect for winter.

(((zoya, muppet, faerietails, kittenb, bunny, syb, rosev, sidecar, flanker, sixela, everyone)))

undies: white with coloured polka dots
We often have people who commit suicide by jumping in front of the train; it's such a shock and it's such a public, disruptive situation.

I had a productive week at work and today the boss lady took us out to celebrate our successes in the previous fiscal year. We even had a bottle of Champagne. It was super fun but I'm beyond happy to be home for the weekend. I'll be seeing my folks tomorrow for brunch (they're en route to home via Chicago) and having a fitness consult at my gym, which will be depressing but a step in the right direction.

(((zoya))) you are worth it!
(((the sugar-gliders)))
((((RV))))) I have flown several times with sinus problems and I wish I had advice for you -- take some some Nyquil and use your neti pot, and hope for the best.
drive by -

ooh rose - I just remembered, I had to fly with a headcold in january - a 12 hour flight, and i had no choice but to do it. My doctor told me to get Claritin-D (it's the really strong, 24 hour stuff) and take that about 2 hours prior to the flight, and to get afrin nasal spray and use it during the flight. It really worked, I felt fine during the flight.. so maybe try that??

((sassy)) - ick on the seizures. and I fucking hate it when pharmacies take it upon themselves to give you generic. no matter what they say, it's NOT the same. I'm sorry that happened to you.


undie report - pink eyelet Chantal Thomass bra with matching thong, they are both trimmed in this cotton eyelet lace with a black satin ribbon going through the eyelets (the straps on the bra are made from the same thing) they were the biggest underwear splurge of my life but I love them and the bra makes my 36 B's look utterly huge and fake. I needed to wear these today!!! smile.gif
Hello all!

((Rose)) be careful on your flight back... I think all the things everyone has said so far should really help.

((pixie's sugargliders))

((morninging)) That blows goats! Is there anyway to get any of your stuff back?

((sassy)) I hope you are feeling better.

((candycane)) Here is good luck on the essays, feel better, and I hope it is awesome sex when you get to have some!

((sidecar)) Yippy for champagne & productive weeks!

((sybarite)) I think transparent knockers is funnier!

Kvetch -- I still feel like butt... Now there is some bruising on my cheek... either from coughing too hard or because of my sinus presure.

Anti-Kvetch -- My hubby dear is making breakfast for dinner. Vanilla pancakes with strawberries & whipped cream, eggs, suasage, & oj! I love him so I do I do!

My first undie report ever... multi colored stripe hipsters, with a pink comfy bra! Not too exciting!

((((Rose)))) - feel better! You did the right thing, so try not to feel stupid. You'd have advised a friend to delay, right, for the sake of her health.
((((Muppet)))) - you feel better, too, 'k?

mornington - obviously the laws are likely different in our respective countries, but you should have legal recourse against your asshat landlord.

((((sugar gliders)))) even though I have to admit I don't really know what a sugar glider is

Brief update on my past few days:

officially sworn in as a lawyer: check
after having to evacuate the building due to someone pulling an alarm: check
celebratory dinner complete with embarrassment from waitstaff: check
fun time with the honorary nieces: check
trip to Indianapolis complete with screening of Itty Bitty Titty Committee: check (and good Maude, what an amazing flick!)

up next: trekking around Broad Ripple in Indy and stocking up on reading material at Half Price Books. Wheeeeeee!

((muppet, rose, candycane, and dm)) hope you're feeling better!

((mornington)) landlords can be such asshats. that is sooooo screwed up. sounds like something my landlord would pull.

((lanie)) congrats again on your new lawyerdom! biggrin.gif

((yuefie)) hope it went well!

((sassy)) eek! bastards. i hate it when pharmacies pull crap like that.


The interview was actually good, aside from the fact that I was kinda flustered at first and said "um" a lot at the beginning. dry.gif But I'd studied their website pretty well before going in, so I had some pretty good recommendations on improvements I would make and organizations that would make good contacts. He said I'd know by Wednesday if I made the first cut. *sigh* I'm trying not to get my hopes up. Six months of job searching has turned me into a pessimist.

I went to the movies today (Lions for Lambs is really good), and the lady sitting directly behind me kept coughing like she had the pneumonia from hell. So now I'm paranoid that I'm going to die of consumption. Why do people go out in public when they're that sick?! The last thing I need is to get really sick without health insurance and without any friends or family nearby to check in on me. I would be soooooo screwed. Grr!

Undies: plain black cotton ones with a hole in them. unsure.gif i need to do laundry... lol
I guess I'm stuck being a noob again, 'cause I've been locked out of my account since last night for some reason. I usually keep myself signed in, but shortly after I posted the cake kitty pic in the busting trolls thread, I cleared the cache on my laptop and then couldn't sign back in. I've tried the password recover several times, but the email never arrives. I wrote to LL to ask what's up.


CONGRATS & a squee for lanie!

((((rose)))) changing your flight was a wise decision. My ears and sinuses act up when flying on a regular day, I can't even imagine how painful it would be sicker than a dog. I hope you feel better quick, sweet pea.

((((muppetb & candy)))) ~~~sniffles be gone and feel better quick~~~

poor (((dm)))) migraines are the worst. ~~~~bug off, migraines!~~~~

(((faerie)))) ~~~super strength immune function vibes~~~
not to freak you out, but when I was 22, I caught mono (yes, the "kissing" disease) from some dude who coughed right in my face while waiting in line at the supermarket. I hadn't kissed a soul in a while since I was married at the time but divorcing and the only contact I'd had with anyone coughing or sick was that incident. They say it's rare, but it does happen. Man did it suck! So yeah, when I say I farking hate when sick people are out in the world spreading the germs, I soooo mean it dry.gif

(((sassy))) sorry the pharmacist was careless. It's true, some meds just NEED to be the name brand, and anti-convulsants are among the common ones that I know of. Hope you can get that straightened out.

~~~get well vibage abounds for all the sickies~~~

laugh.gif @ syb's black tansparent knockers

which reminds me, a belated undie report: wonder woman hipsters & black bra.

((((each and every one of you))))

Today's appt was good. I absolutely heart the RE as much as the new GYN. Her name is the same as my first name (spelled differently tho') and she's a total doll! I must sound like a loon the way I keep raving about these doctors, but I think I am just getting super lucky somehow and getting the creme de la creme. So she gave me a definitive diagnosis, and after she gets my second set of labs back, we are going to discuss treatment options. I feel better already just knowing I have two fabulous doctors on my team. It's disheartening to walk around knowing something is wrong, having a pretty damn good idea what it is, and never being able to get a doc to recognize it. And after several years of that, I had all but completely lost hope. But now my faith has been restored and I feel really good about the possibilities of fiixng me up smile.gif
I'm just glad that it's really you. When I first saw the slightly altered name my first thought was "God, not another name-stealing troll!" tongue.gif
((rose)) I hope you feel better soon, and the flight will be okay for you.

((bunny)) Have a nice weekend with the boy.

((muppet)) Feel better. That dinner sounds delicious.

((kittenb)) That is so frustrating when a pet pees on fresh sheets. My dog was on some meds where she drank a lot of water, and she got so excited that she peed on my futon. When she was a puppy she pooped on my bed, talk about disgusting.

((sassy)) Sorry about the seizure med, hopefully the pharmacist will sort it out.

((ccgirl)) Feel better and have the energy to work on your essays. Yay for new shoes.

((sidecar)) Yay for a good work week.

((lanie)) Yay for being sworn in as a lawyer, and enjoying Itty Bitty Titty Committee.

((faerie)) I hope you hear about the interview soon.

((yuefie)) Yay for really good doctors that understand what is going on.
(((yuefie))) sorry about the medical probs.

(((DM))) acos

antikvetch: i went to see the darjeeling limited last night. what a great movie. there is this great movie house that shows lots of indie flicks. i plan to go there by myself often. i think that will be cheaper than renting and/or buying a DVD player.

kvetch: supervisor probs. yuck. then i kinda got reprimanded by one. double yuck.

antikvetch: having monday off. gonna get stuff for postdoc and paperwork done.

kvetch: the roller coaster ride of postdoc. unsure if i should apply to where i'm at now. i still will. it would be stupid for me not too. and i really really really want to get at least interviewed in san fran. *keeps fingers crossed*

(((lanie))) congrats on getting sworn in!! passing the bar is so tough!

(((kitten, polly, sidecar, yuefie, rose, DM, sybarite, faerie, candy, muppet, zoya, sassy, billy, six and YOU)))
Thanks for all the vibes! Day 3 of playing SuggieMama and he's finally starting to look and act normal, so Yay! I would b so crushed if he died now that I spent so much time caring for him. It took a little whole to figure out how to balance feeding him and little T. They are on a similar schedule now. He has to go to work with me and my boss is being really nice about it. For those who don't know what a sugar glider is, they are similar to flying squirrels. I used to have a picture of his mommy as my AV.
I've taken a few pictures of Gollum, but I haven't had a chance to upload them yet. This young, he really does look like Gollum!

(((kvetchies))) I hope to have time to vibe soon!


everybody, cross your chosen body part that this wind keeps up and i'm not racing tomorrow. alternatively, wish me luck.

Hello all! I hope everyones weekend is going well!

I am making plans for thanksgiving already. My husband and I both work in retail so we are about to head into a time of never seeing one another. We are having dinner with his brother and sister-in-law arund 11 in the morning on thanksgiving because he will have to work at 2. Our plan is to decorate the tree when he gets off work at 6. So I am going to surprise him with a romantic evening of decorating and a yummy sexy meal. I think I am going to do bacon wrapped shrimp for starters, then a lite fresh salad, then beef tips with mushrroms, baked potato, asparagas, and then for desert a chocolate fondu! And of course a awesome bottle of wine. I am more excited about the evening of just the two of us then I am of the family meal. :-)
((star)) I’m glad you liked The Darjeeling Limited. Sorry about the supervisor problems.

((pixie’s sugar glider)) Continue to do well.

((mornington)) Good luck if you do indeed race.

((muppet)) Yay for Thanksgiving plans. I’m not sure what we are doing for Thanksgiving as my parents will be out of town, and Mr. DM’s family does not celebrate U.S. Thanksgiving. We might go to a theme park, but I know we are definitely not cooking a ton of food.

Twin DM and I went for a run today, and I felt so energized. It’s kind of a slow weekend for me as there are no films for me to see, and I don’t feel like shopping.
fly by...



My little baby sugar glider passed in the night. I tried so hard not to let my self hope th efirst day because I know how often hand feeding ends this way. But after 3 days I had really started to think he was going to makeit.
{{{{pixiedust}}}} I am so sorry! How are you?
{{{dm, muppetbutt, mornington, stargazer, zoya, msyuefie}}}

I am feeling kind of worried that I don't have Thanksgiving plans yet. I really don't feel like spending it by myself but I seem to have no options.

My Saturday was not great. It was the last day of the training class that I was running. I never did feel that I got that class to cohere the way that a class should. We just never worked as a unit and now I am wondering if it was something that I did or did not do that made the difference.
Olivia seems to be fighting another bladder/kidney infection of some sort. I am not positive, but nothing else makes sense. So more vet bills. sad.gif I don't know what I am going to do to pay that off. The vet did tell me that if I can get a sample I can just bring that in to her instead of the whole cat. So guess what is sitting in my fridge!
Sorry, is that too gross?
My date last night was not fun. Everything just seemed off. We finally talked about it. I had to know that I was not completely reading this wrong. I think we worked it out, it seemed to be just miscommunication and akwardness, but I still feel depressed and gloomy today. I think I am going to spend the day reading a book and hiding in my apartment. I may go to the gym but that is only if I am forced.
((((pixie))))) i am so sorry. i know you worked hard to save that little one.

huge kvetch: i woke up this morning and was a little bored, so I thought I'd take a look at eBay. I found a cute pair of shoes and won the auction. So I went to pay via PayPal, which annoyingly defaults to a little-used checking account I have with very little money in it (Martini's PayPal account uses our main checking account so I can't) and I can't make it so it defaults to my bank card. I always have to make sure to choose the credit card. Well, I must have hit return or something while doing my transaction, because the payment processed through my little-used account! To try and save headaches down the road, I went to transfer money to cover it ... only to discover that unbeknownst to me, my bank decided to CLOSE MY ACCOUNT, which I didn't know. So I contacted the seller, called PayPal (they won't cancel the transaction, they won't have it pull from my bank card -- which is my backup anyway -- and they won't allow me to default to my card or use our shared account, so I told them that I won't be using them anymore since their policies have made using them way more stressful) and now I have to call my bank in the morning to have them reopen my account and talk my way out of fees for PayPal using a defunct account.

Those shoes better be fucking cute.
((((pixie)))) so sorry about your sugar glider.

(((sidecar))) I can only imagine how annoying that must be. I have two different credit cards on my Pay Pal account and even though I'm 99% sure I selected card B the last time I used it, it showed up on the statement for card A!

(((sassy, dm, star, morn, muppet, yuefie, everyone)))

kvetch: craaaaamps

another kvetch: I feel like my paper isn't very...focused. I dunno. I started off strong and now I'm just kind of babbling about organic merchandise.

last kvetch: increase in my meds was making me be all weird and shaky. I hate getting the shakes!
kvetch: my folks had to put their dog to sleep. first dog i ever had. what a great dog. my stepdad made the other vet. assistants cry he was taking it so bad.

*tight hugs* for (((((star & family))))) so sorry to hear that, honey sad.gif

you too ((((pixie))))

((((candy))) ~~~cramps be gone~~~

(((sidecar)))) argh! farking paypal.

((((everyone)))) hope you are all having a lazy Sunday smile.gif

So sorry to hear about all of the pet loss! (((star & pixie)))

My husband & bought a Dyson this evening. Which was exiciting (this is how I know I am old and married)! Let me just say that I have vaccumed my floor within the last two weeks with the sweeper we already had (which was also made for pet fur, since we have 4 cats). We only vaccumed about a 15 square foot area and had to empty the canester 5 times! I am totally disgusted! We have been sitting on the floor watching movies and stuff! YUCK! All I can say is from now forth I am a Dyson beleiver! Tomorrow after work we are going to move all the furniture and edge everything. I am sure I will be even more grossed out!
Happy Monday, everyone.

((((((Pixie)))))) I know you did everything you could, dear. Be gentle with yourself, okay?
((((((Star)))))) Losing a beloved family member like that is so so hard. You and your parents are in my thoughts.

Muppet, I've heard glorious things about the Dyson. I have a feeling you're going to fall head-over-heels in love with that machine!

Kvetch: Still sick. I was awoken early this morning by a rough coughing fit and tons of sneezing. And we have crossed over a threshold, kids (TMI alert): I coughed up some blood this morning. sad.gif Not a lot, though, so don't worry, but it certainly shows that my lungs and throat are not any better, even after a week of rest. Uuuuuuuugh. I'm supposed to fly out of here tomorrow & I suspect that my mother is going to suggest that I delay the flight again.

More proof that I am ill: BestGuyPal brought me a gift from his business trip to Oregon - a slice of chocolate 7 layer cake from Rose's bakery & a donut from the famous VooDoo Donuts in Portland. This box of baked goods represents pure heaven to all the lovers of carbohydrates in the world. Any sane person would dive into that box o' goodies & lap it up. But I just don't feel up to it. It's been in my parents' refrigerator since Saturday and I just can't touch it.
I'm so sick of being sick.
muppet - I realized that I was a "grown-up" when I started to ask for kitchen appliances for Christmas gifts.

RV - so sorry to hear that you are still so sick. What have the doctors said?

{{{stargazer}}} I am so sorry to hear about your puppy. sad.gif

I had the laziest od Sundays. I barely left my couch except to go to the grocery store. Somehow the store had strawberries in spring like conditions so I bought some and made a great grilled chix/spinach/strawberry salad for lunch and then I had whole grain baked penne pasta for dinner. So I ate well, at least.
Hi all. I am a little better today. I took out my grief on my kitchen carpet yesterday. It was rather satisfying to rip it up and carry it out to the curb. Even the world's ugliest floor that was underneath looks cleaner than that awful "white" carpet! And now that Mr. Pixie has to look at the World's ugliest floor, I'm sure he will stop procrastinating and help me lay the new floor. I've tried to handfeed animals before...and i've lost almost all of them because it is so difficult...but after 3 days....this little guy really got under my skin. I am so mad at the adults right now for not being good parents I could scream.

(((rose))) I hope you get to feeling better, hon!


Kitten-I feel the same way. It's taken me 2 years to finally convince my MIL that I really do WANT a steam cleaner for Christmas!!!

(((Yuefie, Mornington, Bunny, Mando (where is she?) CH, Dm and everyone else)))
(((star))) if it's any consolation, there are lots of bustie pals waiting for your dog at the rainbow bridge. I'm so sorry; watching pets grow old and having to make that decision is heartbreaking.

Frickin' frackin' bank is closed for Veteran's Day so I still can't get my PayPal bullshit cleaned up. Argh. And I got confused this morning and accidentally poured out my coffee, thinking Martini had left his sitting out. Double argh.

A couple years ago, I bought a hardwood cleaner that vacuumed and washed, and it broke! I'd love to get a Roomba, but I think it would terrify the pets.

~~~anti-sick vibes for Rose~~~
oOOHHH...I so Lurve my Roomba!!! It really picks up well, but it is not as easy to set and leave as tehy makeit look. It doens't hold very much so if the carpet is really dirty with like leaves or pine needles after christmas you have to empty it a couple of times. It will stop when it gets full. It also takes a while, so I have to have a really vaccum for spot clenaing when company is coming ver. My animals just ignore it for the most part.
thanks everyone. i think i did most of my grieving last weekend. i just feel bad for my 'rents, especially my stepdad. he save the first blanket we ever got boomer and buried him in it with pictures of us, the other dog, and the cats. he is buried right next to my cat in the yard. it will be weird to go home and not have him greet me. sad.gif

antikvetch: i have the day off!

kvetch: um, den mom is home too. i was hoping to have the house to myself. oh well.

(((pixie))) sorry about your sugar glider.

(((muppet))) i don't have a place, but i totally want a dyson now. that is awesome.

(((rose))) cold be gone!! you must be sick if you can't eat desserts. plus, sugar isn't really good for you right now.

*~*get well vibes for rose*~*

(((kitten))) sorry to hear about the cat problems. and the weird communication probs i think you've mentioned elsewhere. i swear the whole mercury retrograde thing is still wrecking havoc. this week was all about disconnection for me. dry.gif

(((sidecar))) i hate when days start like that. argh. and sorry for the paypal woes.

ok. i'm trying to make this week more productive and an emphasis on good communication. lets see if the planets will work with me on this one.

Kvetch: I have an ass-kicker of a cold. I've been up for only a couple hours and I could already go back to sleep. And if I wasn't sick, I could've gone to see The Wizard of Oz on the big screen, then gone clothes shopping w/ my best friend for her wedding weekend! dry.gif Stupid cold.

((star & family)) I'm sorry to hear about your beloved doggie...
((pixie)) I'm sorry to hear about sugar glider's passing...

*fingers crossed for morn not having to race/kicking arse if she does*

I'd be more excited for the dinner for two too, muppet! (I should try harder to make that sentance sound better, but I'm going to used my weakend state as an excuse not to) And I love your idea of going to a theme park too, DM!

If you were anywhere close to me kitten, I'd invite you over for TG - since there's only going to be three of us, so we're making a point to invite over TG orphans. Anyway, I hope plans materialze. smile.gif And I hope the rest of the weekend has improved and been restorative. ((kitten))

((sidecar)) I hope it doesn't turn into too much of a hassle...

~*~!~ essay clarity vibes for cc-girl ~*~!~ and shakes-be-gone, too!

((rose)) Yes, what has your doc said?

((veterans)) Thanks.

((everybustie else))
((((((star & fam))))))) I'm so sorry. and extra hugs for your stepdad

((((((pixie)))))) so sad. but yay for the carpet-ripping

((((((rose))))) ****get better**** what did the doc say?

((((flanker)))) *vitC*vitC*vitC*vitC*vitC*

((((muppet)))) yay for decent vacuum cleaners. That was one of the things I lost in the grand landlord theft of 2007, and I miss having a good cleaner for the fur.

((((kitten))))) aww, poor olivia. and poor you!

((((sidecar)))) aaaargh! damn paypal, and fuck the stupid bank

((((candy)))) hope the cramps have gone.

((((bunny, yuefie, mando, billy, tes, sassy, sixie, dm, everyone))))

I've asked for kitchen appliances for birthdays... I think I'm getting some fancy-schmancy scales for christmas (because mornmama, lovely though she is, will not fund my next tattoo). I would like a roomba, but I know Indigo would freak out. he has enough issues with vacuum cleaners as it is!

we didn't race - although they waited until most people had been standing around in 27knots of wind (and it was about 4*C) for an hour to make thier minds up. We did have an outing, as the wind dropped a little so it was safe to go out for a small stretch, but gave it up as a bad job. We all got soaked...

antikvetch: I got my hair cut on saturday! Also, bargainous shopping with mornmama. I have a silk corset in blue from primark for a grand six quid. Cheap, yes, but so good.

kvetch: boy issues. The possible new boy appears to be changing his mind about what he wants as often as he changes his pants, but he doesn't tell me and then gets pissy when I go "what the fuck are you playing at". aaargh men.

antikvetch: Girlies 1&2 and another friend went to the Amora "experience" which was entertaining and mildly educational. Basically, it was about sex. Although we were more amused by the slightly creepy older-middle-aged anorak-wearing man (complete with wispy comb-over and biiiiig glasses) who was there at the same time. We got to play with the sex toys and look at exhibits about orgasms.
i got a call this morning that a friend that i had gradulally lost touch with died in late Sept. from complications of her lupus. she was older than me- my first friend in adulthood who was significantly out of my age range...she had a great sense of humor, and was a giant dog lover. i'm so glad her best friend has been trying to track me down to let me know, and finally found my phone number in L's cell. i'm really glad to know, but sad that i didn't get to say goodbye. i think i should do something to mark her death, like make a donation to an animal welfare org. in her name.


My Sunday/Monday isolation was exactly what I needed. It did help.

{{{amalita}}} I am so sorry about your friend. It is good that they got ahold of you and I like the idea of the donation.

{{morn}} biys/men can be so confusing. You have my sympathies.

Thanks for the Thanksgiving thoughts, Flanker. Technically, I could go to my family in Ohio but I just don't want to deal with the cigarette smoke. I think I might have posted that here before so sorry if I am being redundant.

I got some bad news a few hours ago. This wonderful woman that I met a few weeks ago died at 26. She was a great support to me when I really needed it. She was a feminist, an activist and a fellow rape survivor. We bonded fast and I really thought that we were going to become good friends. I just cannot understand why someone who would have done so much good died so young. I barely knew her but I keep crying about what we have lost here.
(((amilita & kittenb & their friends who passed away)))
drive by for

(((((amilita, kitten, star, pixie)))))
(((((amilita and kitten)))))))))
((((((amilita)))))) & (((((((kitten)))))))
((((((amilita)))))) and ((((((kitten))))))
(((amilita))) and (((kitten))) I'm so sorry. Both deaths sound so sad and senseless. Amilita, I like the idea of a donation very much.
((((amilita & kitten))))

Thanks for the get well vibes - today is the first time I've called in sick at the new job, and I'm trying not to feel slightly guilty about it since I think this is only my third week.

Anti-kvetch: I just had my favorite cheese & green chili tamales from Trader Joe's. Soooooo good!
(((((amilita, kitten, star, pixie))))) I'm so sorry to all of you. sad.gif

Kvetch: PMS blues. Cramps. Bleh. Oh, and a cold. I haven't left the futon, with the exception to run to Borders and buy some books.
Also, I was supposed to go to the Ani Difranco show tonight, and just found out that it's sold out. Bleh.

Anti-kvetch: Think I may get a haircut tomorrow. It's getting too long.

Oh yeah, Roombas are awesome. But, I'd be afraid that Miles would think it was a toy.

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