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just got back from the theatre..i'll drink a beer and get to bed, cause it's 5.45 am over here.

So technically that absolves me from an underwear report. But why would i want that?: pink thong with baby blue trim and black bra.

Night night!
are there any other kvetchies on facebook? some of us kvetchies (morn, yuefie, pixie, star...) are there. PM me if you want to join the fun.

amilita, yes it was me who suggested secret santa. I don't want to be insensitive to the money woes of some people (I'm there too a bit) but I thought it would be cute.

Good morning all. I woke up too early again. Lately, I do not seem to be getting my usual amount of sleep. B/c of the time change, I am a little confused as to when I woke up but I know it was before 6 AM. Yuck. So I got out of bed and watched the shows I taped this week.
So I have to ask, as it has been awhile since I have been in the place that I am in right now. After a few weeks with a new boy on the brain things calm down and I get to sleep through the night and stop eating all the chocolate in the city, right? B/c while I don't feel tired at the moment, I would like my old brain back just a little bit.
He came over last night. We watched an old Eddie Izzard (Yowza! with the black leather pants and heels) concert tape and the watched Firefly. We are such geeks. I loaned him some "classic" Star Trek novels and he is going to loan me his BtVS comics. This is what you get when you meet someone on, I guess. rolleyes.gif

I like the idea of a Secret Santa, but I am going to bow out. Too broke. Maybe next year. I have my shopping list all laid out. I think I might do some of that shopping today, actually. Lane Bryant is having a sale so I need to go there and buy new bras. After that, I can stop at Target and pick up one or two things.

So everyone is moving to Facebook, huh? I am intimidated by starting up a whole other internet community. Oh the pressure!

{{{billy, bunny, lanie, polly, sonik, zoya, yuefie, and all!}}}
kvetch: wireless internet has been all goofy. i got cut off last night and couldn't finish an ichat with zoya. rats.

kvetch2: my first dog ever is in the late stages of his life. my folks have had him since i was 17. he's old in renal failure. i don't think he'll make it through the week. i'm just really bummed about not being there to have one last hug with him.

(((kittenb))) aw. new boy sounds so sweet. i'm so happy for you! and i got your message yesterday. will call back. and um, i don't think your brain ever goes back to normal with dating. hee!

omg. facebook. yeah, i'm giving myself time to figure that one out. TOO confusing. blah.

antikvetch: ok. so i'm hoping i can get on schedule with my work. getting over my anxiety of getting reports out. plus, i'm almost done with this rotation and i won't have to worry about it after the new year, right? that's my motivating factor. and i'm trying to think positive about getting a postdoc in san fran that i REALLY REALLY want. (flanker, paying attention?? i know you represent the west coast). and while i feel lonely at times....i'm trying to stay focused that what i am doing is helping my career in such a tremendous way. so, i'm using the law of attraction, the secret, whatever so i can get what i want. oh, and zoya and i were talking about saturn returning to my chart. about astrology being a bitch sometimes...

(((billy))) dude, what's up with the worn boxers?? wink.gif i think we will need to start a billy boxer fund.

maybe if we set a limit on what we spend for the secret santa thingy. i'm in.

ok. i'm sure there is more i need to respond to. but, i'm forgetting.


Just wanted to say that I am having a FABULOUS time here in Tulsa. I've seen so many friends and laughed so much. It's been wonderful. The only down side is that I have to leave on Thursday. Oh, if only there was a way that Sheff could work here ... sigh.

I am not on Facebook, nor do I intend to be. I wasn't on Friendster or MySpace, either. It's just too much trouble and too much of a bother for me. Plus there's the problem of having to switch from one community to the next cool community and then again to the next cool community and ... no. It's just not my thing. Sorry! biggrin.gif

Must dash. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
Rose, glad you are enjoying your visit to Tulsa.

((star’s dog))

((star)) I really believe in positive thinking, and living in San Fran would be fun so I wish it for you.

Kittenb, I woke up before 6:00 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday, I just could not sleep any longer. Is Sweet on Geeks a real site, that is so cool.

Yuefie, glad you are getting all the stuff with your dad figured out.

I’m on FaceBook, I was confused by it, but I understand it now.

I shopped a lot this weekend, but I’m not feeling bad about how much money I spent. I got the cutest boots that look almost identical to some I had 15 years ago. Target had a really good sale on clothes so I got a shirt for work, and two light jackets. Wristcutters: A Love Story was really good, and the actor that was there for the Q&A was really nice and not pretentious at all. I’m hoping this week goes by fast because next week I’m going to see Tegan and Sara and Northern State, and then the next week I’m going to IKEA for the first time ever because they opened one in Orlando. I hope the week goes well for all Busties.
FUCK OFF! we should have known scary world was him.

rose, I doubt I'll persuade you but not only is facebook the fad just now but it's also one of the "big three": not networks, but ranked up there with microsoft and google, it's *that* popular! I'm loving it because it's allowing me to be more interactive with family, friends and BUSTies; I'm currently having a food fight with yuefie and pixie, buying them all drinks, virtually harassing them (super-poking them), playing scrabble with morn and sixela and indulging in general chit chat. I hate to say it but I am easily spending more time on facebook than in the lounge just now.

I think the Secret Santa should have a limit ($10-15?) and this could include postage.

DM, I'm hoping to see Tegan and Sara here in February.

kitten, IOU a gift and I've been biding my time but found the most perfect thing today!

I'm watching Johnny Depp movies and drinking red wine.
I'm on Facebook but I don't use it very often. And actually it was just purchased by Microsoft!!

this is just a fly by because I should be either reading or writing an essay.

((((happy vibes to everyone, yuefie, bunny, sidecar, morn, star, sassy, kitten, amilita, anoussh, sonik, funjules, pixie, rosev, dm, zoya, lanie, anyone I forgot!)))

kvetch: so many essays due in so little time! I feel like the world is attacking me with essays!

kvetch: I am craving nachos but I don't have any. sad.gif

anti-kvetch: I had a date with an incredibly adorable guy on Friday. I can't wait to see him again!
Yeah, good thing I already had "Scary" on ignore. Anyway....

((DM)) I was hoping to hear a good review for Wristcutters, it gives me just enough excuse to go see it! Yay for clothes sales!

((rosev)) Super-yay for having a good time in Tulsa! Sounds like it's just what was needed. I feel you on not wanting to leave, I visited my BFF in Chicago last weekend and did. not. want to go home. Ah, well, you take happiness where/when you can sometimes.

((star)) sorry to hear about your dog. But NICE for potential West Coast plans! Don't forget, you'll be that much closer to Ms. Yuefie, who's never had a Bustie visit before. Y'know, just in case you needed another reason to go....

((kittenb)) I know exactly what Eddie vid you're talking about. I LOVE those leather pants! YUM! ~~~brain-settling vibes~~~

((yuefie)) Yay for getting someone reasonable to help sort your dad's paperwork! How's the air now?

((zoya)) ~~~continued job coming together vibes~~~

(((everyone I'm missing)))

kvetch/antikvetch: My auntP's house is standing, mostly. Apparently, their house was the "fireline" (I think that's the right term), so firefighters were actually in their yard fighting back the fire. It came within 50 FEET of their house. They did lose their greenhouse and about half of their avocado grove (I thought they would lose more, actually, so that's good) but their actual home is standing and okay. I'm putting that to your fabulous Bustie vibes!

eta: (((bunnyb and ccgirl))) I actually have Facebook, MySpace, and the Lounge all open right now. It's a procrastinator's wet dream! laugh.gif

sixela - I have all 3 of those open, too! Ahhh, the joys of tabbed internet browsing.

Anyone who wants to friend me on myspace or facebook and can't find me, send me a PM. I try to make myself at least a little difficult to find so family doesn't track me down.

(((rosev))) - I am so glad you're having a good time in Tulsa, and I completey understand about the downside being the return home. I was tempted to head back to St. Louis this weekend, but I didn't want to deal with the unhappy aspect of heading back up here in less than 48 hours.

Kvetch: I have a major sinus infection. I just know I'd feel better if I could eat some steamy hot soup, but I don't feel like trudging to the grocery store. This is one of the times living alone in a newish city really blows.

Anti-kvetch: I've been trying to do some steam-therapy the old fashioned way, with the sink full of super-hot water and the towel draped over the head. My pores should be squeaky clean by now!

Anti-kvetch: Queer as Folk on DVD makes the time pass quite nicely.

Big anti-kvetch: I get sworn in as a 100% official attorney later this week! Then I'm heading to Indy to see Itty Bitty Titty Committee with a good buddy from law school who's also being sworn in. I went to college near Indy, so it's a trip down memory lane as well.

>*>*>*>*>*>* All-purpose vibes for EveryKvetchie *<*<*<*<*<*<

(((new facebook friends)))

You don't really need to pass the plate for my undies, but if you want to.........

I've got loads of grey boxer briefs, but I try to pull out something different on Fridays smile.gif It's the different ones that are a bit long in the tooth.

I hope by this time tomorrow, rat bastard's latest incarnation has been deleted. Somebody say amen.
Amen, billy. Amen. wink.gif

I'll see your Amen and raise you a hallelujah (in celebration of the ignore feature). happy.gif
Rose..I know you've been super busy catching up with mama Rose and BGP, but you better pick up the phone in the next day or two. We have to get together before you leave! Minipixie is going to her daddy's on Tuesday this week, so if you wanna see her, Tues night is out.

It took me a while to warm up to facebook, but now I am having fun with the food fights and trivia and such. It's much more fun than myspace. More interactive. Anyway, I don't know anyone elses real names, so if you wanna pm me, I'll add you. My favorite part is teh bakery applicaion where you can send delicious foo dto your friends...Now that is something we need here in the lounge. Then we could really have some fun in the "Bon bon threads".
Hey, Steve...

"No wire hangers!" wink.gif
Well, seeing as I am sitting here reading to keep my mind off the fact that I have terrible cramps, which is my bodies way of telling me I am STILL NOT PREGNANT. Pictures of dead babies really helped my mood! Stupid ass Scary World!

Does anyone else remember when we used to sing "Uncle F*cker" at times like these? It seems like maybe wicked started it. Something about being greeted with that avatar first thing in the morning just made me think of that.

ETA a quick PSA: Anyone who wants to not see that avatar, if you go under your control panel to options - board settings, once that opens up, under "board display" there's an option where you can choose "no" for whether you want to see user's avatars when reading topics. If you pick no you won't see it. Of course, you won't see anyone else's either. Just FYI.
Terrance: Shut your f**king face uncle f**ka
You're a cock sucking ass licking uncle f**ka
You're an uncle f**ka, yes its true
Nobody f**ks uncles quite like you

Phillip: Shut your f**king face uncle f**ka
You're the one that f**ked your uncle, uncle f**ka
You dont eat or sleep or mow the lawn,
You just f**k your uncle all day long

(farting noises)
Terrance: Hmm!
(farting noises)
(farting noises)
[Uncle F**ka lyrics on]

Policeman: What's going on here?
(farting noises)
F**ker f**ker uncle f**ka uncle f**ka f**ka f**ka f**ka
People: OOOoooooooooooooh
T & P: Shut your f**king face uncle f**ka (Terrance: uncle f**ka)

T & P: You're a boner biting bastard uncle f**ka
Terrance: You're an uncle f**ka I must say
Phillip:Well you f**ked your uncle yesterday
Everyone: (laughing)
Uncle f**ka... thats you
Everyone: U-N-C-L-E f**k you Uncle

Phillip:Suck my balls

Thanks for the idea lanie!

Big freaking kvetch! What the fuck is going on? On my MySpace page today my 16 y/o stepsis has sent out a bulliten (written in all caps, natch) about how she "DONT CARE IF I LOOSE FRIENDS OVER THIS" and then just reposted one of those smaltz "Mommy why did you kill me?" bullshit posts against abortion. Personally, I think anyone who uses all caps and no commas should stay the hell out of the conversation but I do love her so I tried to help. I sent her a link about Christians for Choice and I told her that she needed to check her science. God, teenagers get on my DAMN NERVES! I forget what it's like to know everything and nothing at all.

Argh! mad.gif

Anyway, in other news:

{{{muppettbutt}}} I am so sorry that this is your welcome to Bust. We are actually pretty cool here and there is a thread under Our Bodies Our Hells that deals with people who are struggling to get pregnant. I hope you like it. Love the name, BTW!

{{{fairietales}}} Love you, Love You, Love You!!!

{{{lanie}}} Congrats on the lawyer stuff. It really counds like our professional paths may cross at some point. I work with sexual assault issues in Chicago. DV & SA tend to overlap, no suprise. rolleyes.gif

If we do a collection to get Billy some new panties should we take all of his old grey boxers and bury the new troll with them?

In underwear news, I went and spend a whole lot of cash at Lane Bryant for new bras and underwear. I really couldn't afford it, but if I hadn't I would not have found out that my bra size has decresed from 38 DDD to 38 DD!!!!!! Five new bras all in pretty shiney colors. Woohoo!!! And today my bosom looks nice and supported. Got some new undies, too, so I'll have variety to report on Fridays.

pfft... excellent idea, lanie! and congrats on the swearing-in!

((((faerie)))) acos

((((kitten)))) yay for the new boy, he sounds cool. and yay for bras.

((((muppetbutt)))) hey, welcome to kvetchlandia and bust. Pretty much what kitten said, and I hope steve doesn't drive you away 'cos dude's a fucking unclefuckaaaaa

((((billy)))) we just want to introduce some variety into your life wink.gif

((((rose)))) yay for having fun in tulsa!

((((((star))))) I'm sorry about your dog. the san fran postdoc sounds cool just on the place basis!

((((sixie)))) I have... oooh, the lounge, fezbook, and craftster open. I feel connected to the world this way. I usually have flickr open too.

((((candy)))) microsoft only have a 1.6% share in facebook, so they don't have the influence that, say, murdoch has over myspace - and basically it allows them to advertise more, especially in europe where there are restrictions on monopolies. I have to admit I prefer facebook - partly for the privacy, partly because I've found a couple of groups where I can talk about uk-based feminism (which, while I love it here, it is us-centric on the little issues). Plus... scrabble!


The training for the rowing is getting me; while I can - at the moment - physically cope, it tires me out, leaving me very little energy to do what I have to do (which I hate, as I have very little energy right now as it is). It also doesn't help that our cox/captain hasn't got the hang of the whole "constructive criticism" thing. It's no use telling me I'm squaring off too late, she needs to tell me exactly when I should be squaring off during my recovery (I was taught as I started my body lean, but I think she wants it as my hands pass my knees, which, coincidentaly, is when I start my lean as I'm slightly long in the arm). I wouldn't mind, but I haven't been in a boat for three weeks thanks to her, this is my first ever race, and I could do with being told I'm actually ok instead of being made to feel like I'm only there because she couldn't find anyone else to do it. I mean, I'm managing to keep up with stroke, and she rowed for GB u21. No, I'm not as strong as she is, but she hasn't been out the loop for three years and she can train when cox fucks up because she has her own boat.

So, yes, I've done nothing but row and sleep. I had some people round last friday, and I think I've got something going on with a boy, although I'm not really ready for something too serious, we click too well to make either of us inclined to just walk away. And I miss my girlies something terrible.
Not that it should be your place to do so, but can't you suggest your boat do some pause drills to get the squaring of the blades on time? When I was training, I had so many days where all I could do was go to practice and then sit lifeless in my classes, napping when I could in the afternoon. Oh, the adjustment, Morn!

Speaking of which, I am sooooooo tempted to lay on the couch all night instead of exercising. I swear, sometimes I think someone's planted magnets in my furniture.

I think Star and I are drumming up some plans to go to a Roller Derby (yes, in the audience, not participating, ha) and then out dancing this weekend. I like it when it's Monday and already we're talking about the weekend. YEAH! haha

Fucking Trolly McTrollsters don't ever stop, do they? I laughed so much at that Mommie Dearest photo!

I'm on Facebook and Myspace and the jury is still deliberating as to which one I hate most. dry.gif Because I need more forms of procrastination?!
((((star)))) sorry to hear about your doggie sad.gif

welcome, muppetbutt. it is a shame we have to look at that asshattery. have you checked out the Childless, Not By Choice thread? you'll find some supportive ladies in there, though it is not as busy as here in Kvetch.

*high fives lanie*

yay for new bras, kitten!

((((candy)))) how are you doing, darlin'? ~~~essay writing vibage~~~

rose, so glad to hear you are having a great time in T-town.

where is mandi? I demand some mandi, dangit. don't think I notice when you are MIA, woman.

you too crassy!

((((mornington, bunny, sixela, pixie, zoya, raisin, billy, candy, fairie, sybarite, sidecar, polly, sonik, amilita, dusty, dm, sassy, dm, faith, flanker, mavin, pink, lelu, tes, plat, e'rrbody))))

I think the Lounge and Facebook are just different. Apples & Oranges. I like FB more than MySpace though. However MS allows me to keep in touch with family and friends who aren't on FB or a fellow BUSTie. So I have all three, plus LJ which I am shitty at keeping up. Guess I spend too much time online!

I had a stupendously craptastic day, and will likely not be having a good day tomorrow. I have another doctors appointment, with possibility of a painful procedure, so I am nervous as hell. Because of being so nervous I was spaced out and therfore, a superclutz. I knocked the top of my head on the roof of my car, gave myself a fat, instant headache and was a half hour late picking my niece up after school. Ugh. The upside is I was offered another job today, and I am considering taking it. I will keep my old job as well, it will be a second job. It's working for a friend, and will mostly be computer work, and schedule coordination/appointment setting. I could use a little more dinero, since my health coverage went up significantly and I may be needing more for copays in the near future. I told him I would think it over and talk to him tomorrow. I think yes. We just have to discuss my schedule.

~~~~good vibes all around BUST and cockbadgers be gone~~~~


Fucketyfuckfuckfuck. How do I find out who I farking invited to be my friend on Facebook? I thought I was inviting my brother, and then I saw something go by about inviting 20 friends, and next thing you know, someone I *don't know* accepted my invitation.

Then I was doodling on my super wall, or fun wall, or whateverthefuckkindofwall I have this week, and I went to save it and it said it was going to send it to all my friends and I pressed cancel and it sent it anyway. So then, I had to invite everyone I know to a climate change rally on December 8 because I scribbled a huge, green D8 on their wall.

Ok, maybe I should have invited everyone I know to a climate change rally anyway.

Is there an etiquette for uninviting friends?

I wonder if I invited the Prime Minister to be my friend?

I am sooooo sick. It started on Sunday & I just feel worse and worse. Earache, sore throat, swallowing is excruciating. Plus a headache, and my joints ache miserably (it hurts to type now) and even my skin hurts. Really. It's ridiculous. I went to a doctor yesterday. It isn't strep throat or an ear infection. He thinks I have a virus. This isn't good because you can't fight a virus with drugs the way you can fight an infection, so he gave me pain meds & said that if my ears don't clear up by Thursday, that I might want to delay my flight.
So, Pixie, that's why I haven't called. I can barely speak right now & when I do it's painful. So I don't know if I'll get to see you and the family. sad.gif This also means I probably won't see SmokeBoy, Helen, Ashlie, Ge'Rae, Rhiannon, Ed & baby Max and a few other people.

Anti-kvetch: I'll be back at Christmas. Better luck then I guess.
((((((((rose)))))))) ~~~super healing vibes~~~

ugh, ((((dusty)))), I wish I could tell ya. but I am still figuring facebook out myself.

off to the doc now. bah.
An asshat like him could not run me off. To be honest I have been reading Kvetch Up for nearly five years. I never really thought I had anything to add. But I felt drawn into everyones experiances. I will say I have silently sent out vibes for many years to so many of you.
((((muppetbutt)))) I don't know why, but reading that just made me tear up. I'm glad you delurked, because you do have something to add. Stay a while smile.gif

The news from the doc was not so great. I apparently need surgery for a couple of different reasons. I am floored, it was not what I was expecting, at all. I expected maybe an uncomfortable outpatient procedure, but general anesthesia, oy. Now I have to figure out the schedule, not to mention the money it's going to cost in copays. ugh. I want to hide under the giantest duvet right now.
(((yuefie))) That sucks! But just think, you'll be healthier when it's all done, and at least you have health insurance to do it. (((extra hugs)))

~~~~~super-strength virus
ZAPPING vibes for Rosev~~~~~

dusty, I think there is a "friends" tab at the top and you can edit (delete) friends from there, but I'm still learning too.

Hi, muppetbutt! Love the name.

((((muppetbutt)))) I'm glad you delurked! You've been here longer than I have (and I talk nonsense mostly)

(((((((rose)))))) *^*^*^*virus-be-gone*^*^*^*

(((((dusty)))) what sixiela said - when you go into the "friends" page, you can delete people from there. tbh, I kinda steer clear of most of the "send stuff to people" apps, 'cos I don't trust them.

(((((((((yuefie))))))) it will be fine. pm me if you wanna gripe in detail, 'k.

back in the boat tomorrow. I really must find/buy some lycra to wear. I think I might end up hitting up american apparel to get some leggings. man, I'm gonna look hott.
drive - no FLY - by ---

first of all (((EVERYONE)))

shit, I think I"m having the same problem on facebook. shit. I thought I only picked certain people from my address book (I followed the instructions) but I"m getting accepted friend requests from people I know I didn't put in the "find friends" thing. FUCK. if it sent to my whole address book, it sent to businesses, work colleagues, and certain people I wouldn't want to think that I'm fucking bugging them. And I can't find anywhere to tell what requests are out, either. Oh man, this sucks. It's like accidentally sending your whole "drafts" mailbox. fucker.

ok, I'll write more, must make myself work.

{{{yuefie}}} - it is totally understandable and respectable that you want to hide under the duvet. I say, give yourself a day and do it if you can. I cried almost everytime I saw my doctor last year.

{{{roseviolet}}} - are you feeling better?

{{{{mornington, muppettbutt, sixie, dusty, raisin}}}}
*waves to muppetbutt* My brain has a tendency to switch words around, so I keep reading your name as "buttmuppet," which I find incredibly awesome. I'm kinda drunk off this glass of wine I just chugged, sorry. hee! glad you de-lurked! biggrin.gif


(((get well vibes to rose)))

((yay for kitten's newly supported boobs wink.gif))

((raisin)) i sooooo lose that couch vs. exercise battle on a daily basis! heh

((lanie)) CONGRATS on the lawyer-ing!!


dood...i'm such a lightweight! i'm drunk off one glass of wine!

kvetch: my little dinner experiment was NASTY! i was supposed to steam cabbage and potatoes in a little bit of water, then add tempeh, but my c&p mixture kinda burned. i ate it anyway because it wasn't *that* burned, and i didn't want to throw it all out. eww.
(((Yuefie))) Thanks for the kind words. I hope everything works out for the best for you. Dr's can be a freaky thing. Sorry you have to go through this. You are a pretty strong chick, you have been through a lot!

(((Sixelacat))) Thanks, it is my nickname for my husband. His ass is fuzzy like a muppet!

(((Mornington))) You do not talk nonsense! The pics of your bunny often make my day!

Kvetch-- I have seem to have my second respertory infection of the season! I do not have time for this! Being in retail and sick over the holidays is just not do-able!

Kvetch #2 -- My skin seems to be staging a all out war on my face! Bumpy, itchy, red, and unpleasant all the way around!

Anti-Kevtch -- My furry assed husband is going to make me some yummy pasta with red sauce and ground turkey!

Hope everyone has a cozy night! Stay warm out there fellow midwesterners!
Hmm. I didn't realize FB had all the neat-o features y'all have been mentioning, which seem perfect for bustie communication, but I still don't think I'm gonna try and join up (again). I was put off by the fact that I had to open an item w/ technical support just to start an account. I got annoyed thinking, I'm not exactly computer illiterate, dude, I can create accounts without screwing it up. I dunno. Too much work for laaazy me! I'll stick with myspace.

Zany/kitten - good call on the Uncle F*cker lyrics!

Yay for new underwear!

*in awe of former and current rowers*

((Star)), I hope you like wine tasting. I've already got you lined up as my newest canidate for my ghetto* fab tour of Sonoma County.

*"Ghetto" being a very realtive term, specifically referring to the fact that I take people in my '89 Accord (the fun part is the stares you get here and there from people getting out of limos and other luxury vehicles) to wineries and other areas of interest that are FREE. The last part is negotiable if you want your tour a little more on the fab side : )

Ok, can you tell I have very fond memories of taking people wine tasting native style??

((yuefie)) I'm sorry you have to have surgery and other craptasticness in your day.

((rose)) I can't beleive you have to spend your time in Tulsa with a virus... sad.gif ~^~ get well soon ~^~


Aww muppetbutt, welcome to bust/kvetch!

Ok ((everybustie)) I haven't mentioned, you're in my thoughts.

Off to bed...
Flanker ji, I've had the same reaction to facebook. Too much hassle in the end.

(((yuefie))) and (((RV))) and (((muppetbutt)))

I like wine-tasting--the mister is big into wine--but since I watched Sideways I always get an accompanying visual of that main character emptying a bucket of wine right into his mouth.

Some money stresses have been alleviated and I submitted a chapter 2 days ahead of deadline. Take that, November and mercury retrograde!
Hey, gang. Thanks for the vibes. Today is Day 3 of this bug & I'm actually worse now. I started coughing during the night. Bleh. And my flight is tomorrow. I can't believe this, can you? Ugh! The good news is that I'm getting in plenty of time with my mom and dad, since I'm spending so much time on their couch & both of them have been off this week. Too bad I can't even speak to them most of the time because of the pain. Occasionally I grunt in reply or whisper or something. sad.gif

Kvetch: SmokeBoy called & it sounds like his living situation (with 2 of his friends) has turned into a giant pile of Dramarama. One of his friends (B.) got really drunk and started acting out, including saying all sorts of shit about SmokeBoy's mom (our beloved Karen who died 2 years ago). B also broke some dishes and SmokeBoy's cell phone. I'm not sure how SmokeBoy reacted to all of this because his phone kept cutting out when he was telling me the story. The main thing I know is that SmokeBoy wants O-U-T, obviously.

((((((((Big hugs to Yuefie)))))))))))) Forgive my brainlessness, dear, but what sort of surgery are they suggesting? I can't remember what your ailment is just now. Don't take it personally, though. The other night I forgot to take off my coat before going to bed. My memory isn't in tip-top shape at the mo.

(((((((big hugs to MuppetButt for delurking!)))))))) Glad to have you aboard the good ship Kvetch Up!

(((((((((((((((((ever'body else)))))))))))))))) because I'm crashing again & it's time I get back into bed.
really too busy to talk, but (((yuefie)))) and ((((rose))). Best Pal C's FIL died unexpectedly so she and her husband are flying to Wisconsin today. They're pretty broken up, obvs., and really feeling the distance between NYC and home. Please hold them in your thoughts.
(((Rose))) I feel ya on the sick front. Last night I coughed so hard I puked, so then of course I cried, which made cough harder... it was the never ending circle! I hope you feel better.

Flanker_ji - Thanks for the welcome.

KVETCH -- I really don't have time to be sick! I just don't! Our new insurance cards have not come in and I just can't afford to head off for a full price Dr.'s visit right now. Not after being sick just three weeks ago with about the same thing.

Kvetch -- Have you noticed that there are sick people every where? Remember the good old days where if you were sick you stayed home so you didn't give it to everyone else? Now it seems like there are coughers and sneezers running all over the place and infecting everyone! ARGH!
Yay for those triumphs, syb!

faerie, I'm with you. I'm kinda light-weight when it comes to alcohol anyway, but wine does me in quick. that being said, when I start drinking it I will suddenly I find myself more than halfway through a bottle, drunk posting, falling on my ass with a busted wine glass. true story, ask raisingirl wink.gif

((((flankerj)))) so good to see you. I would be delighted to be ghetto fab and ride around in your bucket (heh) to visit wineries. Your 89' Accord is still better than my dented up 85' Volvo! I am so not one of those who is concerned with the looks of a vehicle. give me safety first, of course along with function and good ol' gas mileage!

(((morn))) you're hott in a burlap sack, so rock those leggings tongue.gif

(((sidecar's bestpal C))) how sad for them sad.gif

((((muppetb)))) ugh. people don't stay home when they are sick like they used to! hope you are feeling better. I can relate to the full price doc visit thing, as I went for quite a while without insurance. ~~~expedient insurance card delivery~~~

((((rose)))) sorry you are feeling worse, darlin'. having to fly home while sick like that is just horrid. you poor thing. hopefully it will magically ease up in time for your flight! ~~~~super speedy healing~~~~

You didn't miss it rose, I didn't really write any details here. I decided to take it in to the "Childless, Not By Choice" thread, but have since edited out the details. I'm just not comfortable having them out there, especially in light of the idiocy we've seen around the board lately. Suffice to say it's various reproductive issues.

I am much better today. I was just shocked yesterday, it was not what I was expecting to hear. My new ob-gyn doctor is fabulous, and I sincerely mean that. He is by far the best I've encountered. He assures me that it is for the best and I trust his judgment. And a major plus is he gave me the referral I've been trying to get for years to the reproductive endocrinologist! But oy, my copays for sugery aren't going to be small. Not to mention pre-op appts. & testing, medications, etc. So yeah, I'm as stressed about the money end of it as I am the actual surgery. Hopefully tonight I will get to discuss this second job with my friend. I sure could use that $ right about now!

((((polly, bunny, amilita, kitten, raisin, candy, sonik, dusty, billy, dm, pixie, lanie, ch, sixela, sassy, zoya, pink, faith everybody))))
I would be delighted to give anyone interested the GFWT! I'm a lightweight too, so I'd pretty much be the designated...

Sick people out at work/school - HUGE pet peeve of mine.

Yay for money stresses being alleviated!

((((Best Pal C, and FIL family))))

Ok, I'm going to take a nap after I check the Childless, Not by Choice thread. Really.
((muppet)) Feel better.

((sidecar’s Best Pal C))

((rose)) get better and have a good flight.

((syb) Yay for money stresses going away.

((faerie)) Boo for burned food.

((yuefie)) Sorry about the doctor’s visit not being good news.

((sixel)) Glad you aunt’s house is okay.

((dusty, sidecar, raisin, flanker, mornington, kittenb, lanie, pixie, billy, ccgirl, bunnyb, star))

My body has not adjusted to daylight savings time so I have been really tired all week, and then I had a migraine yesterday and today. I’m looking forward to a lazy weekend.
Welcome to Kvetch Up (((muppetbutt))) I'm glad the stupid troll didn't scare you away

(((yuefie))) I hope your surgery goes well when you have it

((dusty)) I hate techie glitches like that on Facebook!

((((rosev)))) I hope you feel better!

(((zoya, sixela, kitten, morn, bunny, lanie, faerie, pixie, sassy, sidecar and best pal C, syb, raisin, dm, everyone!)))

kvetch: I have 3 essays due next week and they are all really long and just....crazy! I am not going to be free until next Wednesday. I think I will celebrate with drinks a week from tonight.

anti-kvetch: had some crazy amazing good sex last night with the most amazing guy ever. Afterwards I was just exhausted and pretty much slept soundly all through the night.
aaaaargh! stupid mofucking landlord (well, agent) has cleared my old house even though my rent was paid to the end of this week and I clearly wasn't completely moved out. even though he didn't contact me first.

and I've now lost whole piles of paperwork like bank statements, my new tennancy agreement, acceptance letters from uni, and my prescriptions. oh, and other things, like the rabbit run, cds, a table, books...

fuckfuckettyfuckfuckFUCK. this week could not get worse. I so don't need this right now.
Oh (((((morn)))))). how positively shitty of him dry.gif

~~~continued strength & copage vibes for sidecar's friend & family~~~

~~~essay writing vibes for candy~~~

~~~good rest and headaches be gone for dm~~~

anti-kvetch: I got a surprise visit from best guy pal today smile.gif
(((mornington))) that is shit. really. I assume this means he took your fabulous teakettle, also? fucker. can you get it (or any of it) back?

((yuefie)) what can I say? just big hugs..

((rose)) did you make your flight today, or did you stay to recover more?
~*~ writing vibes for candycane ~*~ and yay for portions!

((sybarite)) congrats on the chapter submission! I owe you an email. Oh, and mercury was retrograde from mid October - Nov 1. It's direct now. So it's not suprising that you moved forward with it!

I like doing wine tastings, also. I was never really cared either way about wine until the last year until I did a couple of tastings, tasted wines side by side and understood a bit more about them. Now I actually find it interesting to drink different wines as opposed to just imbibing. I do get pretty damn drunk, though. I've started taking a histamine blocker prior to drinking red wine, then at least I don't wake up with the headache! I still prefer a good old vodka tonic, or screwdriver, or vodka lemonade (and that would be lemonade of the british variety - ask stargazer about the goodness of the vodka lemonade!!!) - because we all know that vodka is a bustie! smile.gif

re: facebook - I'm not convinced about it - aside from the 'I dont' know who I sent friend requests to' there's just so much going on. It IS nice to interact more with people, and I do like that my friends think enough of me to send me drinks and bitch slap me.. wink.gif but I do like the simplicity of myspace a bit more at this point. Not giving up on FB, though..

Kvetch - work is about to pick up on my current project again, and I'm just wanting it to be done and over with. I'm still dealing with total mind over matter in terms of dragging my ass out of bed each morning and actually making myself do this.

Anti-Kvetch - Finally heard from potential big boss guy, he sent me proposed numbers. They're a bit low, but not terribly low.. we have an appointment to speak by phone end of next week and I'm going to talk to him about money then. Really I just want to iron some things out with them, try to get a bit more money now, and then agree on a time within the year to re-negotiate. I know that sounds simple, but I'm always really nervous about negotiating money - I know people expect you to talk about any offer made, but I have a really hard time with it. So fingers crossed that I can work out the money - hell, that he actually gets on the call when he says he's going to!!! It's been two months already since they first contacted me - I'm ready to get it done already!

((((Kvetchies)))) - I always feel really bad about not saying everyone's name, but I suck at it - suffice to say, I do read all your posts! smile.gif
Sorry to just fly in and request super strength vibes, sugar gliders had babies. There are about a week old. They killed one already and I am having to hand feed the other little guy. This means I have him at work with me and I am trying to feed him and pump for little T and somehow get some work done in between!
Wow, you're a busy momma, pixie!

((yuefie)) Glad you like the new gyne, but sorry about the impending procedures.

((mornington)) That sucks. I'd cry. I know it's just stuff, but that would piss me off. LeBoy's brother had a roommate in college who thought the enormous steamer trunk that LeBrother had his entire music collection was just trash and he threw it away. I didn't even know him at that time, and I'm still pissed off for him.

Yeah, I'm blaming daylight savings time for my fatigue this week. I'm pretty sure it has more to do with the 6 hours of sleep I've been getting every night. At least it's not pitch-black out when I leave for work at 6:30 anymore, though!

((rose)) I hope you're feeling you fly back today or tomorrow? It would suck to fly when you're feeling that crappy.

((sidecar)) happy thoughts for you; I know this is already a bad time of year for you and condolences to your friends and their family.

I'm perusing for lemon dessert recipes for Thanksgiving. We always have some kind of lemon pie/cake/tart in honor of my late great-grandmother. We celebrated her birthday on Thanksgiving because she didn't have a birth certificate when she came here from Russia in 1910, and she thought Thanksgiving was a good day for a birthday so that's what she chose, and lemon meringue was her favorite. Anyway, we continued the tradition even after she died and I've been put in charge of it this year. I found some good ones. Lemon has so many possibilities- it's good by itself, with fruit, with ginger, as a cake, cheesecake, custard. Yum! I'm about halfway through the 1100+ lemon dessert recipes they have on there.

((hugs to all!))

~~~vibes for pixie~~~

((((rose)))) ~~~anti-sickness vibes a plenty~~~

mmm, all that lemony goodness sounds tempting. I think it's great that you keep that tradition going in her memory, polly smile.gif

~~~mutli-purpose vibes for all~~~

thanks for all the love, everyone.

anti kvetch/squee: I called the repo-endo doc to make my appt, and at first they had no openings until after the holidays. then she put me on hold, came back and said they had a cancellation for tomorrow morning. YAY! so I just moved my schedule around, and tomorrow at 10:00 I get to see the doc I've been waiting years for.
yuefie - YAY for important doctors!

polly - hmmm, you just made me kind of hungry for desserts. Yum.

pixie - good luck with all of the feedings. smile.gif

zoya - fingers crossed for money and jobs!!!

candycane - very jelous of you but I am working on my own so who knows... biggrin.gif

{{{muppettbutt and RV}}}} get healthy soon!

I am looking forward to this week being over! I want it to be Saturday, 3:30 PM. Then I will be free to run out of work into a lovely fall weekend and have a nice night out. Please goddess, just let it happen soon.
huge kvetch/personal rant: i finally got a job interview after months of dry spell and bunches of resumes (and it was for a really great, editor-in-chief position that i am perfect for, not the entry level crap I've had a couple of interviews for), and what happens on my way there today? i get stuck in traffic on the fdr for about 45 minutes. i left my house over an hour early expecting typical moderate-to-heavy nyc traffic, but no. it was hell. why was there standstill traffic going INTO the city at end-of-day rush hour?! UGH!

i was like 40 minutes late. i called the guy and everything, and he was cool about it and said it was no problem, but i felt like an ass. and i felt all flustered when i got there because i was so late (plus dude was HOT). so basically, i hate my life.

anti-kvetch: my hair looks quite good today. i somehow managed to blow-dry it straight for the first time in life (usually i'm just left with a frizzy mess).

not that it matters... sad.gif dry.gif
((ccgirl)) Yay for good things happening.

((mornington)) I’m sorry about your stuff getting thrown out. It really sucks, and not that it will bring your stuff back, but could you file a complaint against him, maybe with his agency?

((zoya)) Good luck with negotiating for more money.

((the sugar glider baby))

((polly)) I love lemon desserts.

((yuefie)) Yay for getting the doctor’s appointment. Good luck.

((kittenb)) This week is dragging, the weekend needs to hurry up and get here.

((faerie)) I can understand it sucks to be late for a job interview, but I'm sure you impressed them. Good luck.

I have had migraines for three days in a row, typical for me due to they are menstrual migraines. The medicine helps my head, but it makes me fell sick to my stomach and dizzy. Anyways I am hoping they are done with for this month.

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