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((((pixie)))) minipixie is soooo adorable! and she looks just like you

((((raisin)))) makes sense to me! I say head for tes' - and I moved to be closer to the new uni, and this place is cheaper, if smaller. moving does indeed suck, but now I'm here... and BW doesn't have to live with me, as he's now at uni himself and has somewhere to stay.

((((star)))) acos

((((amilita)))) yay for meeting sidecar

((((rose)))) yay for the pufferfish! looks so cool! and have fun in tulsa


((((sidecar)))) good to hear you had a good time!

((((sonik)))) is that one of those head-massager thingies? looks a bit like a mahoosive spider...

((((tes, billy, mando, polly, bunny, syb, sassy, sixie, faith, car, lelu, lanie, msp, flanker, mavin, plat, everyone))))

so... someone in the building feels nice enough to leave thier wireless open... I will try to get my own, but in the mean time...

the new place is nice, the bathroom needs a damn good clean and i need a wardrobe (it was supposed to be delivered, and I'm waiting on it). But other than that, I like it. Slept soooo well last night. I'm still unpacking and sorting (I *really* need a wardrobe so I can put clothes away)

Indigo seems quite happy, he's even good at going up and down the stairs...
Star, I'd come see you if I didn't have to work!! sad.gif My parents are pissed that they can't see me, and Mcgeek's parents as well. Actually, one of the best T's I ever had was with friends. Last T was weird, because everyone thought I was Mcgeek's wife. Awkard considering he just got divorced, and we had just started dating.

Kvetch: UGH. I asked my manager about my schedule. She totally flipped out. I nicely explained that I thought I had this Sat off (and about the health seminar), and she went into a rage about that I was only hired to work weekends...yadda yadda. Then idiot that I am said that I thought working 6 out of 7 days was a lot(on my first week!! Everyone else was scheduled 3-4??). She just glared at me. I don't get it. So far, everyone at this company are assholes and phonies. With the exception on my two IKEA crushes (yep, have another one that works in our dept. Very emo dude named James). Even my other co-workers are talking behind my back, and calling me "white girl." I'm hoping this is just the Atlanta store, and perhaps the company is not like this. My manager just glared at me all day and when I was ready to leave said: "sassy, GO home!!" Jeebus. It just reminds me of a very big juinor high. We even have lockers. I want to pass James a note in study hall... wub.gif

Sonik, orgasmatron is from Sleeper--the old Woody Allen movie. I think you mentioned it in one of your posts.

Anti-kvetch: Reality tv on tonight, and I'm getting drunk.


Okay, Star, I was wondering if you'd be around. Good to know. wink.gif

You have LOCKERS, Sassy?! Well, I'm thinking you'll just have to put up a magazine picture of the luscious Johnny Depp on your inside door! HAHA

Morn, makes sense to be closer to your new uni. Ugh, doing the initial scrub-down of the new bathroom, I always hate doing that in new apartments. I think that's also a French thing, putting clothes in wardrobes due to a lack of closets. My closets in my apartment are fucked, they were designed by a man. I know this because my skirts and dresses are too long for the bedroom closet and I have to hang them in the hall closet. Makes no sense. Wardrobes are so much prettier, anyway.

Okay, I have eaten my salad sandwich, so now it's time for me to shove my elephantine arse off to ze dance studio. *flutter*
raisin, i mean closets when I say wardrobe... y'know, hanging space for dresses.

((((sassy)))) urgh. silly woman.
Raisin, sorry to hear that T-Day is so fraught. What vegetarian items do you like to have at Thanksgiving?
(And did you know that I live just 15 minutes away from Tes? And that I have a guest room? True story! wink.gif )

Sassy, sorry things are blerg-y at the new job. sad.gif

Glad you got moved in Morn. Sorry about the closet!

Where is Bunny?

Amilita, when they don't say that Mr. Criminal So-&-so was "normal", they say that he was "quiet" ... which is another way to say "I don't know anything about him because we never spoke to one another" (so says my dad, the cop).

As for dinner, I'm roasting a chicken Zuni-Cafe-style (meaning that I've dry brined it for a couple days). I haven't tried this technique before, but I've heard amazing things about it. Click here for more details. I'm also making some saffron rice with onions & red peppers and, Sheff's favorite, peas. Should be a lovely way to warm up on this chilly evening. smile.gif

Kvetch & Anti-kvetch: I should have put dinner in the over an HOUR ago, but got distracted talking to Pixie on the phone. The talk was fun, but I'm afraid now that we won't eat until 9:30!
QUOTE(raisingirl @ Oct 30 2007, 07:32 PM) *
Va te faire foutre, espece de merde.

raisin: wub.gif. I recognised the merde but had to babelfish the rest.

kvetch: I fucking hate troll season. How about shooting them all and putting them on the table for Thanksgiving, instead of a dead bird?

raisin and star could do non dead bird together, perhaps?

(((sassy))) ugh and (((zoya))) I hope both of your work woes go away.

rose, I'm here, just not that talkative.

yay for smitten kitten!

and yay for stolen wireless wink.gif.

*waves at everyone else*

oh: my friend is currently doing primary teaching postgrad and turned up to placement yesterday to find the teacher whose class she has been shadowing (8 y/os) was MIA. Turns out teacher was dead in bed. Talk about being thrown in deep end. Being a sick fuck though I do find it incredibly funny and typical of the kind of crazy things that happen to said friend.

I also has a soya chai latte today and loved it and it hasn't upset my tummy so double YAY! I conclude that I am fine with soya milk but not so good with coffee but only time and more testing will tell.
Raisin, I feel your T-Day pain (although I've been an orphan on t-day and christmas for two years running now). You're right about the tofurkey...that shit is nasty! I think the last time I celebrated T-day I made stuffed pasta shells or something.

kvetch: my foot feels like it's broken, but I don't do anything that would remotely break it (I basically sit on my ass all day), so I don't know what the problem is!

anti-kvetch: I made an awesome veggie soup from scratch today, complete with freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Yum!
raisin, i'm totally in the mood to do something anti-thanksgiving anyway. i was thinking of ordering thai or something. i just want to be a bum. lay around and watch movies. care to join me?

(((morn))) i want to see pics of the new place!!

(((bunnyb))) i had a pumpkin spice latte and thought of you a couple of weeks ago. smile.gif

(((sassy))) i know you would be here!

kvetch: i need to get some work done that i've been dragging my feet in doing and i got called on it today. bad stargazer!

raisin, i'm totally in the mood to do something anti-thanksgiving anyway. i was thinking of ordering thai or something. i just want to be a bum. lay around and watch movies. care to join me?

(((morn))) i want to see pics of the new place!!

(((bunnyb))) i had a pumpkin spice latte and thought of you a couple of weeks ago. smile.gif

(((sassy))) i know you would be here!

kvetch: i need to get some work done that i've been dragging my feet in doing and i got called on it today. bad stargazer!

((((thinking of YOU)))) but too tired to post much further. A bus full of kids can in fact be hellish. Yes, I drive a school bus now. Ta!
Thanks for the love, y'all. It's so complicated and messed up -- I am close to my family, but the holidaze just tend to amplify all of our problems. I need a degree in advanced math to keep up with who's ignoring each other, and rather than "take sides" and feel guilty or whatever, I'd rather just avoid it altogether, or visit relatives who live out of state (which is still a possibility). It just stinks that I waited so long to make travel plans.

Star, let's talk about that. I don't know what I want to do.

Yeah, Faerie, isn't that Tofurkey shit nasty? I hate soy shit and just about anything that tends to mimic meat. RV, I will eat just about anything that's veg; I seriously am not picky so long as there's no meat or other animal products like broth or fish sauce or gelatin in my food. I do know that you live so close to Tesao & HB! Hmmm...

Holy shit, Bunny, the teacher died?! That's chilling.

Oh, Morn, I thought wardrobe = armoire. Over here a closet is something that's built into the wall of a room, it's not something that is delivered since it's not a piece of furniture. blink.gif So confused.

So sleep deprived. So going to bed now. *crawls under fluffy duvet*
Hi ya'll,

I don't usually post in this thread and I'mpretty drunk right now, but I love you all, so whatever.

I'm in my husband's hotel room right now. He' s in the coast guard and was supposed to be home for Holloween, but he had to take on another week of worrk (after the two week's he has already been gone for). I had to drive out of my way to visiit cause of the extra week.

He loves Halloween and can't celebrate (for the 4th or 5th or year) even though he was supposed to be off because of this extra week.

Right now week have been out to a place for dinner and a few other places as well as a couple of 85$ bottles of room servicce wine - he is sleeping and I have a bottle of wine and feeling bad about him working so much.

sorrmy this is so muddled, it is a funny sitch - love you gals - *mwah*
((((raisin)))) T-day pushes me to my limit too but honestly, I don't look forward to the big holidays much anymore because we always have to travel, and the situation is usually less than ideal. Martini and I alternate holidays -- we spent T-day with one family, Christmas with the other, and then reverse the next year. Martini's parents are in their 70s, and even before the situation with his dad, they weren't very mobile and refused to drive, fly, or take the train here. My parents and my brother live fifteen minutes from each other, so we're usually expected to go there as it's easier/cheaper for us to go to the Tampa exurbs than for them to come here.

Martini's parents live a six-hour drive from here, and it's generally way too expensive to fly (unless you get a deal, it's at least $300-$500/person) so we end up driving it. Visits there are often fraught with tension (although who knows what will happen since his dad's fallen ill) and his parents are terrible cooks, so it's not really fun to spend holidays revolving around food there. One year, all of the vegetables and fruits were either baked into a casserole or covered with mayonnaise and Splenda and served as a "salad."

My parents are delightful and my mom's a great cook, but they live in the middle of this ticky-tacky subdivision in the middle of nowhere, and they're super-duper religious, and it's a little overwhelming to be surrounded by nothing but strip malls and books about the various ways Jesus can impact your life. Also we don't know anyone there besides my brother, so we end up being with my folks 24/7. And I love them, but that's a lot of time in a confined space with your parents. I wish we could see, say, my high school friends or old college buddies or something while visiting them, like we could when they lived in Wisconsin.

So that's long-winded, but I completely feel your pain. And unfortunately, given the amount of tragedy and difficulty in both our families the last couple years, having holidays on our own isn't really an option.

Anyway. I just got back from seeing Art Brut and the Hold Steady. Totally amazing show, I'm so glad I went.
(((morn)))) glad your move went smoothly
(((bunny))) yay for soy chai lattes!
(((rose))) have fun in t-town
Our Thanksgiving is over here, where Joyboy and I had his family and it went over well, but Christmas is scary.

This last year, our first year being married we decided that we would have a famildy christmas (boy, me, dog) and who ever wanted to come would come. Well the first taker was Joy boy's dad. My fa thought that it meant that that meant it was too much for them and so they stayed away whil we had the X-mas with Joyboy's dad and then we went to X-mas day with our in-law's - the grand (in'law)kids and Joyboy's mom. So basically all of Joyboy's fam was there but only cause they were the one's why showed.

So this year my fam wants us to come and celebrate with them. Even though this eyar wasn't abouot this them, ;.... arght I dont' mvhhg

so crazy....


Sorry ranting ahead......

Ok..Lets start at the time I got off work..I called Rose to tell her all the drama while I was still processing it. Remember the 14 y/o that Mr. Pixie's mom was adopting that everyone thought teh adoption was moving too fast? Well for once, I'm sad to say we were right! Last night teh in laws woke up in the middle of the night to find their SUV had been the 14 y/o!! The police found her and it on the side of road doing the nasty in the back seat!
While they were waiting on the police to escort her hoem they went up to her room...and found used condoms, drugs, most of my MIL's jewelry, and all thier Cd's. She was planning taking off soon and hocking everything! So needless to say, she is back in the foster care system tonight and my MIL is devestated!!

We took the kids to a Halloween party tonight but there was way too many people there. It was cold and crowded, and we got greeted by a parking lot naxi who ddn't want us parking in a public parking lot because he owned a restraunt and all teh spaces were being taken up. i feel for his business, but this party has been on the public event planner for a long time and most of his patrons would probably want to stay as far away from that traffic anyway. It wasn't liek we were trying to park in front of his restraunt either...we were on the other end of the lot in front of some closed businesses. And I'm ragging so it did not make for a good encounter!

So I got home tonight and decided to play around online. i checked my email and low and behold the ex has been trying to get the Holiday schedule straight with the help of teh Parenting Coordinator ad I was so busy at work today i hadn't checked my email since noon. Going off of what has happened in years past this should have been his year for Halloween and mine for Thanksgiving. According to the custody agreement it is actually my year for Halloween and Thanksgiving is the alternate of last year (which I am pretty sure the ex had her) Now I don' t mind having her tomorrow night, but i wasn't planning on it and Mr. Pixie teaches at the university on Wed nights because she is usually with her if I do end up with her (and I probably won't know until sometime tomorrow) I do not have any arrangements in place for someone to watch her between the time the Mr. has to go teach and I get home...about 1/2 hour! So now I am totally stressing! thge easy fix is to correct the paperwork to reflect what we have been doing. Karen died right after this went into effect and so it messed up those two Holidays from the begining. Up until this year it's never been an issue that we weren't going strictly by the paperwork.

And to top it all off, I came in here and found all this talk about splitting Thanksgiving between families and it just occured to me that up until this year we were not on speaking terms with the Mr.'s bio dad. Now we will probably have to work a visit into him into the mix. Oi vey! There is NOTHING relaxing about the holidays!
Just a quick fly by! I missed you ladies all weekend!

It's nearly 1am and I still haven't written my damned thesis statement which is due in...10 hours! fuck. Oh, and I skipped all of my classes today.

anyway, vibes to ((((everyone)))) but especially (((pixie and MIL))) that's awful!

some super concentration vibes would be much appreciated!
Lanie, let me be the first to say:

((((pixie's MIL)))) How awful. Sorry about the holiday scheduling headaches. Ugh.

((((candy)))) ~~~super concentration and thesis writing power~~~

((((sidecar))) I remember the fruit salad story now. Blech. Glad you had a great time in NOLA and got to meet amilita and the mr.

(((faeries foot))))

((((raisin & faerie)))) Tofurky is RANK. Seriously, it's just foul (no pun intended). I've spent a few T-day's with veggie friends and we've always had a great meal. My friend C made a couple of mackin' veggie pot pies, I made pumpkin stew (and served it in a hollowed out pumpkin) & apple-cranberry sourdough stuffing, sis made yams with pineapple, my bgp made yummy white chili, and our friend P made mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy. There were the usual veggie sides, rolls, and various appetizers. Then there were the desserts, oh man.

((((all kvetchies with holiday/family stress)))) Mine used to be much worse, until everyone moved or passed away. There is still a little, but not as intense as it used to be, let me tell ya.

Thai food with stargazer sounds like fun! Speaking of which, (((((star)))) just 'cause

*Waves at flanker*

((((morn)))) So you're all settled in, sweets? How are the furkids taking the move? Are you dressing anyone up for Halloweenie?

(((((bunny)))) Yay for tummy acheless soy lattes.

((((rose)))) Your dinner sounds delicious!

((((mandi)))) ~~~General dreams come true vibes~~~ 'Cause I lurves ya, always.

(((((polly, amilita, zoya, syb, sonik, sassy, sixela, billy, dusty, dm, pixie, faith, lanie, flanker, tes, plat, crassy, lelu, missjoy, mavin, msp, plummie, fina, funjules, car, everyone)))))

We've been trying to keep Ziggy in these past few days, with it being Halloween time and him being a solid black kitty. Especially because he is SO friendly. He is by far the friendliest kitty I've ever had, all you have to do is look at him and say "hi kitty" and he runs up to you for lovin's. So he's been staying in, but earlier today he escaped and now's it's past midnight and he still hasn't returned. That is not like him at all. Usually all it takes is for me to walk Sashie and he comes running up to headbutt her. And he always comes running when I shake the food container, but I've walked around shaking it several times tonight and still no Ziggy *frets* unsure.gif
Happy Birthday, lanie!

(((pixie's mil))) that's terrible. I do feel sorry for the kid, though, as with a rep like that she's probably going to stay in the foster system now.

~*~*~*concentration vibes for candycane~*~*~*

*waves at flanker*

welcome, missjoy!

(((everyone with holiday stresses))) sharing custody with ex adds even more pressure to arrangements, especially when plans change.

enjoy T-town, rose!


I may buy my winter jacket (I bought a coat last year and hardly wore it) today; there's one I have my eye on so hopefully that one.
hi everyone - just a quick drive by to say hello.. I have to drag my butt out and get some stuff done..

wow, I feel really fortunate that I don't have any of that Thanksgiving's kind of been the rule of thumb in my family that my brothers all go to their In-laws for thanksgiving, and my parents usually go to one of those houses each year. All the in-laws and my parents get along, so it's cool. My sis and I are usually working on Thanksgiving, so it's not a big deal. My mom actually really likes it, because she spent years cooking for a huge family, so it's a relief for her not to do it!

Christmas is another story however - we all better be there at some point on that day!! It all manages to work out, though.

Happy birthday Laine!!

((mornington)) hope the move went ok - talk to you tomorrow!

((bunny)) yay for new coats / jackets! I have a serious fetish for all things coat, so I say you can never have enough!!

((pixie)) that really sucks for MIL. urgh.

((rose)) have fun on your trip!

((everyone)) sorry gotta run

Anti Kvetch - I'm going to a show tonight that I'm really looking forward to.
Kvetch - SB is supposed to be going with me (long standing plans) but I haven't heard a peep from him for weeks, and I'm NOT chasing him. He was out of the country, but there are phones and email...
I have avoided T'giving drama for years by the simple act of moving across the ocean. rolleyes.gif Christmas is usually awesome, spent with my very mellow dad and sis and various SOs, but this year is more fraught. I am super broke so I'm just going to stay home this year.

I feel for all of you w/ holiday drama. I'm a big believer in doing what you want for the official holidays, especially in the US where there's so little actual vacay time granted. The mister and I plan on visiting North Africa one christmas, to get another perpsective on the day and some sun while we're at it.

Zoya, I hope SB bloody well comes through! I must email you soon btw--hope your current work sitch resolves itself soon! And enjoy the show.

Sidecar, glad you had a good time in NOLA.

Stressed out here as usual. I can't wait for 2008. Many things here are kicking my ass.
Happy birthday, Lanie!!!!

And happy Halloween, everyone! I thought I'd honor the holiday by posting in orange for a change.

((((((((((Ziggy)))))))))))))) I hope he's okay, Yuefie. unsure.gif

~*~*~*~*~ write-like-the-wind vibes for CCGirl ~*~*~*~*~

Pixie, I don't remember you mentioning the used condoms in her bedroom! Good god. I really feel for your in-laws. Such a heart-breaking situation. As for the Halloween party, was this the thingy on Main Street or something else?

Good to hear from you Bunny. Be sure to show us your new coat!

Hooray for Miss Joy's drunken postings! Woot!

Hi, Flanker!


Zoya, sorry to hear that SB has been MIA.

Sidecar, is there any chance you could help out in the kitchen at the in-laws and, ya know, make something edible? biggrin.gif Or maybe as a gift you could pay for dinner to be catered!

I miss having Thanksgiving with my family. One of my parents always has to work on T-day (sometimes both of them) so we have to make some adjustments each year, but we always had some little rituals. For instance, my oldest brother and I always got together in the morning to watch the parade on TV & eat waffles. Then we'd make the big family meal. But now that I've moved, they don't do any of that. Instead, they all work and just go out to a restaurant for T-day dinner. It makes me feel kinda sad & guilty. Sigh.

Anybody have anything planned for Halloween? Sheff & I will be staying in since we went to a party over the weekend. Since Sheff had to work last year, this will be his first chance to pass out candy. Our new neighborhood is HUGE so I think we're going to run out of candy fairly early.

Kvetch: I found out last night that our local Regina Spektor concert has been sold out for a whole month already. I checked CraigsList & saw tons of other people who want to buy tickets, but no one selling them. Oh well. Maybe I'll just show up the night of the concert & try to find a scalper. Or not.

I have soooooo much to do today, so I gotta run. Have a great day, gang!
(((pixie's MIL)))

Happy birthday, Lanie!

(((rose))) too bad about Regina Spektor! I've seen her three times and she's great live. It's worth a shot, trying to get a ticket at the door (there's always someone.)

And in answer to your question, last year, for Christmas, I insisted on making all the side dishes and MIL bought the stuff I needed to do so. But first she called me up to argue with me about the ingredients, whether I really needed all of them, and couldn't I substitute this vegetable that she already had. Then, she started yelling at me for not making the food early enough, because I needed to leave enough time between finishing to clean up properly, and then finally, she put out place settings for everyone except me at dinner. It was pretty stressful, but at least I wasn't hungry. I am hoping this year, with everything, we either go to his cousin's house or get takeout. So it can be done, but she doesn't make it easy. That being said, it could all change because of his dad.

Which leads to another topic. MIL has been a lot easier to deal with in the last month, I think in large part to her going on Lexapro, on doctor's orders. But we found out this week that she decided to stop taking it because she found out the copay was $50. So now she's cold turkey off of Lexapro, which really did wonders for her. I told Martini to call her doctor and see if he could persuade her at all, but it's so frustrating. Dealing with her is like dealing with a child.

On the plus side, Martini's dad is doing much better. He's walking on his own (with a walker) and doing well physically. Mentally is trickier. He's been diagnosed with dementia so he gets confused often and that's difficult. All the same, if MIL can get home care (and she can) there's a chance he'll be back home before Thanksgiving, which would be a relief. All we need then is for her to get back on Lexapro.

On the bad news side, too, my grandmother has a cancerous mass in her lung. She's having a biopsy this week, I think. I imagine it's her 68 years of smoking catching up to her, but anymore, I feel like we can't catch a break with our older relatives.

Jeez, I'm long winded again!
one more drive by... (warning, I think the next few days are going to be a series of drive by's from me..)

potential big boss guy just sent me email telling me he'd get an offer to me via email later today. Even copied his assistant to prompt him to do it. So fingers crossed the numbers are in the ballpark and I'll get to talk to him tomorrow...

I'm ready to do this. the current job is sucking my soul dry.

pixiedust was a big bash that Rhema put on for the public. And yeah..the whole condom thing adds a whole nother deminsion to thi smess. To think this girlk was that promiscuous and she's only 14!! I really think she will end up running away from what ever foster care center they put her in and become a prostitute. There some evidence to suggest that she has been more or less doing that already. The in laws also found out last night that she has had multiple failed placements for similar type issues but DHS did not disclose that to them. Oh yea...and creepy pycho social worker has decided that Mr. Pixie planted the drugs in her room! never mind we haven't even been over there in almost 2 weeks! and Why? blink.gif

I am having a hideous day! This is my second period since birth and I am having a hormonal rollercaoster complete with anxiety attacks na dheadaches. I just wanna crawl under the covers somewhere and sleep for the next 4 days or so!

Anti kvetch..I won a $20 gas card in a costume contest at work today.

Heyya Busties! Thanks for the birthday wishes. At present I'm at work dealing with a super frustrating case involving a registered sex offender (triggers galore for me, ugh). But tonight I'm treating myself to a new haircut and a pedicure. Ahhhh. Then I'll grab something yummy for dinner and go home and veg out in front of some Netflix DVDs (The Boondocks and Before Sunset - a nice contrast) with my latest crochet project. Good times.

(((((All the holiday conflicted BUSTies))))) This year I'm going to have the issue of going home and wanting to be able to spend some time with my friends but getting the guilt trip from the parents and sister that I'm not spending enough time with them. Life would have been so much simpler if I could have found a job in St. Louis! But I'm not really complaining - I love my job, and would move here all over again to take it.

((((pixie)))) I worked at a children's home for a while after college, and a lot of the kids had issues like those the 14yo is having. It's so hard. You guys are all in my thoughts.

*!*!*!* job vibes *!*!*!* for zoya I hope it gets better soon!

Happy Halloween everyone. I need to get back to work.
Happy Halloween!

Yay for the gas card, pixie!

((((lanie)))) You deserve that pampering, darlin. Sorry about that stressful case (and boo on the triggers)

((((sidecar's grandma)))) It's so rough when it seems you can't catch a break with ailing relatives. ((((YOU))))

((((sybarite)))) ~~~stress relief~~~

((((rose)))) The concert I was going to go to is also sold out. My friend thought he had scored us some tix, but that fell through. So instead we are going out to dinner and a movie. It's no Regina Spektor show, but still nice to get out.

At 5 am my door bell rang and it was our neighbor with Ziggy. Apparently he stowed away in their closet and fell asleep. When he woke up, he climbed up on their bed and woke them up with his loud purring! I was all embarassed and apologetic, but he just laughed it off. In Ziggy's defense, it is the place he was born and they often let him come inside to play with his little sister and mama kitty. So my Halloween kitty is home, yay!
Hooray for earplugs!! I woke up too early because the painters next door were blaring crappy music, but I knew I'd be in trouble tonight at work, but with my little friends, I got 2 more solid hours of sleep. Yay!!

Happy birthday, Lanie!! Have a good, relaxing night. I always forget that our families are in the same city...

Yay for Ziggy coming least you know where to go looking for him now!

Sidecar, I remember the fruit salad story. Ugh. So sorry about your grandma. Hope you can get the mil back on the lexapro, too.

(((Zoya, Syb, DM, Pixie, everyone!!))) And Happy Halloween!! Can't believe we're gonna have some November babies tonight...time flies.
Happy Halloween everyone! We had a costume contest at work, and there was this guy that dressed up as Diana Ross. I think he may win! smile.gif

Yay for Ziggy being home!

Happy Bday Lanie.

Sidecar, sorry about your grandma.


((pixie's MIL))

Sorry to hear about everyone's holiday woes. But, an anti-Turkey T Day sounds really cool.
I found out today that I have the whole week off! That amazes me.

Kvetch: So IKEA is a great company, except for my co-workers. I went on a morning break, and came back to my desk. I didn't notice until lunch, but my co-worker (it's just her and I up at the front desk) stole $6 out of my purse. Yep. And, it was my lunch money and transit money. Luckily, I had enough change...but DAMN.

Just not a great first week at all. I couldn't tell my manager, because she's so close to her. And, I didn't have any proof except that I knew it was gone. The rest of the day my purse was by my feet. UGH.

I honestly think this woman thinks that I'm out to get her job. She's very annoying, and barely trained me. I'm just hoping that perhaps I can switch depts in a couple months.

Anti-kvetch: Cadbury bars... smile.gif

Happy Halloween Everyone!

I had no idea that there were so many issues with Thanksgiving! In my family it's just pretty much a given that my dad will be a grumpy asshole as the evening progresses but usually it's not that bad.

Happy birthday Lanie!

(((sassy))) I can't believe your co-worker did that! Personally I trust no one and try to keep my purse on me no matter what.

(((sidecar and grandmother)))

((yuefie)) I'm glad Ziggy's okay!

(((zoya, syb, rose, pixie and in laws, dm, star, amilita, bunny, everyone!)))

no kvetches today! It's Halloween and I'm in the best mood! Also my university's feminist magazine had a bake sale today and all 16 of my caramel apples were sold in only two hours!
Sorry, I forgot to say Happy Hallowe'en everyone!

(((yuefie))) I'm glad ziggy turned up. I'm sorry but I missed that earlier.

(((pixie))) yay for winning the money! what was your costume?

(((syb))) I hope you manage to rest and de-stress soon.

(((sassy))) oh my god, what a fuckwit! did she think you wouldn't notice the money was gone?
love the avatar!

(((sidecar))) I'm so sorry about your grandmother. Is this your grandmother who lost her husband this last year?

(((zoya))) I hope the figures were in the ball-park! I don't want there to be anything preventing you from moving here!

(((rose))) for being a sweetie.

(((candy))) that is so cool that your uni has a feminist magazine!

(((lanie))) except for the sex offender, obviously, it sounds like a great way to spend your birthday!

(((amilita))) yay for november babies.

(((mornington))) a'cos.

(((everyone else)))

I bought this jacket/coat; the hood is detachable so I can dress it up or down. I was going to buy it in mustard (it was the mustard I had my eye on) but I decided the green was more practical. Even better, I received an unexpected bonus in work tonight which completely covers the price of the jacket plus a starbucks!

Baby gap also had a sale on today so that has taken care of baby Alexander's Christmas gifts.

Bunnymama bought lots of candy for trick or treaters and nobody came to door so now I'm re-introducing chocolate into my diet (it's a special occasion, after all wink.gif).
Drive-by to say that I fly out tomorrow morning, so I won't be around much for the next week.

Kvetch: We only got about 2 dozen tricker-or-treaters, so we have way too much candy left. Anybody want some Skittles? Starburst? How about a blow pop? We've got plenty! biggrin.gif

Take care, everyone!
Happy Halloween EveryKvetchie!

Happy Birthday Lanie! Good luck with the case. I am so happy that I don't have to work w/perpetrators. People who do should be canonized.

Speaking of perps, a 14 y/o who is considered promiscuous and seems to be prostituting herself screams out "Victim of sexual abuse" to me. She needs some special care, like a supervised group home or something. I am so sorry, pixie, that your MIL was hurt by everything.

As for Thanksgiving, I haven't gone home for that holiday since I moved to Chicago. It is just too hard to do both that and Christmas. So my Thanksgivings vary b/w volunteer work, actual work, Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathons, and dinner with friends. But I always have fun. I'll enjoy my family when I see them in December, but until then at least I am not breathing someone else's smoke. biggrin.gif

Very glad that the black cat came home. I once had a cat who was severly hurt by "someone" (the cat survived and lived many years after that) so I don't trust that people will always be good to animals. Sounds stupid when I type it that way, but I think you know what I mean. Someone, or a group of someones, held my cat down in motor oil. How he got out I will never know but I still get mad when I think about it. Of course, Marmalade was an orange kitty, but your story made me think of him.

Speaking of cats, Olivia just went on her kitty Prozac tonight. I think it made her dizzy as she has been walking around the house as if someone just gave her new legs and she just fell off the sofa. I know it will take a few days to get used to the pills but I feel bad laughing at her.

Sorry that I have been MIA for a few days. I did read all the archives I missed. I decided that even though I am a lazy Pagan, I would take today as a holiday from work. I got my haircut (looks great but the stylist almost cried at the state of my roots which I just could not afford to have her fix), bought new books with a gift certificate (Falling Man and Almost Moon), and then I went to shop. For stuff. ohmy.gif

It was a good day.
another drive-by...

well potential big boss guy didn't email me. so apparently his assistant didn't prompt him either. so I have no figures. goddammit. fuck fuck fuck. I wanna get this settled. I wanna move. jesus. are there any gigantic big cannons full of bustie vibeage we can shoot at this guy?

...and right now I'm miserable. I did see SB. went to show, caught up over drinks afterwards, and then I basically told him how him dropping off made me feel. I told him I wasn't trying to be a shithead, but I felt like I would be being disingenuous if I didn't tell him that him dropping off like he did made me feel more like a convenient fuck and less like a friend. and I told him that I didn't think for a second that he thought of me that way, and would not want to treat me that way, so I felt I had to just let him know. As a girl, I feel like that sounds pretty mellow - but who the fuck knows how a guy filters that. I'm glad I got it off my chest, but I feel like shit. I feel like I'll never talk to him again. Or else it's just gonna be platonic (which I guess is better than nothing, but it doesn't feel that way) But I suppose it really would be disingenuous if I didn't tell him how I felt - especially since we do get on so well. I dunno. I just feel like shit. I really do. fuck.

((sassy)) that sucks. I know you've been looking for a job forever and I'm sorry that this is turning out so shitty. Maybe it will get better.

yeufie - you sound so much better, just your tone sounds like things are much better there. I'm glad!!

bunny - the coat is awesome. I bet it looks great on you!

ok, I have to go ((everyone))

ok going to bed now.
Rosev, I looooove Skittles!

One of my profs gave us candy in class but it was all chocolate. Not that I'm complaining!! *runs away with hands full of mini chocolate bars*
have a safe trip, rose!

(((zoya))) you were right to talk to SB, as otherwise it would have eaten away at you and now everything is out in the open. Also, could you drop Boss Guy a reminder email? I don't think it would come across as pushy and, even if it does, it's your life this affects!
Thanks for the coat compliments! I can see us out and about with me wearing that. I'm thinking cocktails and nibbles in Prince's Square after a day of M&S underwear shopping.

(((prozac olivia))) poor kitty. kitten, I bought Almost Moon too but haven't read it yet! I'm not in a rush for the DeLillo.

kvetch: soya milk makes everyday tea taste funky sad.gif.

Just checking in after a horrible night of work...could've been worse, but I won't bore you all with details.

I remembered that I meant to say that I'd like to do a secret santa thing in Kvetch...wasn't that you, bunny, who suggested it?

Everyone have a good Friday!!! Oh, it's Thursday, never mind. Night night.
I just got back from the library. When books go out of the system because they're dated, not borrowed anymore etc., the library puts them on sale. So for 5,50 euro i have a book about ballet (with all kinds of human poses), a book about WWII propaganda, a book about Heidegger and one about Zorro with lotsa pics! And i filled in a form which gave me the right to take a book home for free. Apparently people don't read much anymore, so everyone who's a member of the public library gets one and the same book for free, so we all read it and talk about it with eachother. Curious about how that'll turn out.

Heaps of work here. Really, it's running or standing still. I even had to cancel a visiting lectorship at my old art academy, i hope i can do that later this month. And P suddenly gets calls from schools who want to invite him to talk about job openings. He's been applying for a job in art classes since july, so i really hope he gets the job he has set his mind on!



Ptoo on the holiday woes.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Have a safe trip, Rose! Is there a big flowerbed in Tulsa?

Yuefie, i'm so glad Ziggy is back in the fold! Aww, that story about him purring the neighbours awake is too cute! All we get are cats who sneak into our house to steal Rat's food.

((((Sidecar and family+grandmother))))))

((((Sassygirl)))) man that sucks!! I hope things will get better, what with the stealing and the stupid chef and all!

Cadbury bars..drool. I will pick up one of those tonight..i know of only one store who carries the brand. P and i can eat it while watching the hour long episode of Eastenders tonight.

Bunny, i love the coat! Such a nice fit and color!

(((Amilitia, Bunny, RoseV, Candycane, Sybarite, Pixiedust, Laniethezany, Kittenb
Free books!! Oh speaking of which, I forgot to mention (it sort of relates to books) I got something in the mail from a local library saying that they got my application for a library specialist. Keep fingers crossed... smile.gif

I'm so happy I have a day off! I'm just going to sit around and have a mini Northern Exposure marathon. Mmm... John Colbert.

Kvetch: Boys. Mcgeek came over last night to give me my dishes (I had cleaned them at his house), my cat, and some cash. Then he left. Don't know what's going on with that boy.

((amilita)) Sorry you had a hard night at work.

((zoya)) Hope you hear from your new boss soon.

((kittenb)) Glad you had a nice day off work.

((rose)) Enjoy your visit with friends and family.

((bunnyb)) I love that coat. I want a Top Shop where I live.

((ccgirl)) Yay for a successful feminist bake sale.

((sassy)) Sorry you new job is not sucking. Good luck on the library job.

((yuefie)) Yay for a night out, but boo for the Regina Spektor show being sold out. She’s not even coming anywhere around me.

((lanie)) Hope you enjoyed your relaxing time after work.

((pixie)) Feel better.

((sidecar’s grandma))

((syb, miss joy, raisin, flanker, star, faerie, mornington, polly))

I’m so happy for the weekend. Twin DM and I are going to see Wristcutters:A Love Story tomorrow, and there is supposed to be a Q&A with one of the actors. It should be fun.

belated happy birthday ((((lanie))))

((((((pixie)))))) I'm sorry about what your mil is going through. and feel better soon!

((((kitten)))) & ((((olivia)))) I would have laughed too... hope the meds help

((((yuefie)))) yay for ziggy coming home!


((((dm)))) colour me jealous of your movie-going

((((bunny)))) oooooh pretty coat. and give me a U, I have nothing but Q, I and Z... and I want to at least finish on a high. wink.gif

((((rose)))) have a good time!

((((sassy)))) yay for application-recieving!

((((sonik)))) yay for books! ***job vibes for P***

((((sidecar))))) glad to hear FIL is doing better! I'm sorry to hear about your grandma

((((missjoy)))) yay for drink!

((((syb)))) ****stressfree vibes****

((((raisin)))) acos

((((candy)))) I wish our lecturers gave us chocolate...

((((mando, tes, billy, plat, msp, flanker, lelu, car, pink, tg, everyone))))

kvetch: the book they set us as one of the main texts for my module is out of print... gah. luckily it's on amazon, but still... I really want to read it too, as it's something I'm interested in!
Ooh, sonik, I love library sales! I just got 11 books last week for 6 bucks. That was awesome.

(((pixie and pixie's mil))) That's insane! I hope all goes well.

(((job vibes for sassy)))

(((everyone who needs them)))
Oops, double post!
Happy Friday, all! Quick fly-bye before I am off to the gym.
Olivia seems to be adapting well to her medication and has stopped staggering around like a Saturday night drunk. So that's a good thing.

{{{fingers crossed for sassy}}} I think that would be such an interesting job.

I went to an employee appreciation thing last night. I think I had one more drink than I should have and got a little too chatty but I don't think I said anything that would get me fired. I hope. wink.gif

Have a great day everyone.

Undies: blue with christmad packages on them and I am about to slip on my sports bra. Oh yeah, I'm sexy.
I'm coming in late today but see practically no undies reported. You should collectively be ashamed of yourselves! That's what Friday is all about, isn't it? With that in mind: dark blue boxer briefs. They're almost ready for the garage rag collection, too. This could well be the last time I report them here. *sniff*

My sister may be a year older today but she certainly isn't any wiser, far from it: she almost set the house on fire AGAIN tonight. /sigh.

undies: hot pink padded bra (silky material) and girl shorts with hot pink trim and different coloured pink hearts all over.
Kvetch: Smug twat at my local Italian restaurant, whose service was previously great. I call in a pick-up order for dinner for me, LeBoy and a friend. I sense a little annoyance on the phone from the girl at the other end, but she mentioned something about her computer running slow (a problem I know all too well) so I figured that was the cause.

So I order my fettucine alfredo with chicken and I hear her murmur "fettucine alfredo with chicken" so I know she heard me and the next question from her is, "did you want meat or marinara sauce on that?" "Um, alfredo sauce." "Oh!" Then I order a pizza for LeBoy and our friend, a medium with sausage & pepperoni. That goes smoothly. Then I order my pizza, which comes off their "gourmet pizza" section. There's about 10 pizzas on this section and they only come in 2 sizes, 12-inch and 16-inch and you can't change the toppings. I say a "12-inch Pizza Prosciutto" which is just cheese and prosciutto. She asks me what I want on it. "Um, it only comes with prosciutto and it says I can't substitute anything, so just prosciutto."

After years of customer service, I'm very good at not letting my annoyance be heard in my voice so I was nothing but sweetness and light to her. I'm sure my eye rolling was audible, though. I didn't hear her say how long the order would take, so I had to call back. Unfortunately, I get the same girl and I said, "Hi, I just placed an order and I didn't catch how long it would take." In reply, I get, "I said it would take 30 minutes, ma'am" in a tone I haven't used since I was 17. Okay, biatch, I didn't accuse you of not telling me, I said I didn't hear you. Of course, I didn't say that- I don't want spit in my food. Anyway, time to leave to pick it up.

Kvetch: headache!!!

Anti-kvetch: Baring any saliva in my food, I'm about to have some very tasty Italian food! Ta-ta!
just an undie report -

black sort of mesh elle mcpherson hipster boy shorts with satin ribbon pinstripes and matching underwire slightly push up bra. (this is the underwear set, btw, that a certain person - who doesn't care to cop to the fact that they were way into me, but I digress - refers to as 'the underwear you wore in the oft-masturbated to pictures that you sent to me.... hah!!!!)


Man, it's quiet in here.

awww billy, another pair to be retired? sounds like you've got some underoo shopping to do. chop, chop wink.gif

((((polly))))) sounds like someone hates their job and needs to fine a new line of work!

(((bunny)))) ugh, how exasperating.

(((((zoya, kitten, morn, candy, faerie, rose, pixie, syb, mandi, raisin, sidecar, faith, amilita, sonik, sixela, raisin, pink, flanker, sassy, lanie, dm, crassy, missjoy, lelu, tes, plat, txplumwine, msp, mavin, funjules, car, everyone))))) hope you all have a great weekend.

huge anti-kvetch: I finally got an appointment set to take care if some additional (VERY) important paperwork for my dad. The deadline for it all to be finished and mailed in is December 2, but I didn't recieve the forms letting me know I needed to have this appointment done and proof sent in by Dec. 2nd, until 2 days ago! I understand there was a lot of chaos with the place being evacuated during the fires, but the postmark was Oct 16th, which was before the fires began huh.gif. Anyway, I sat on the phone with the Social Security Administration for 55 minutes (35 of those on hold), but the lady who wound up helping me was the nicest person I've ever dealth with from these type agencies. When I explained to her the situation she was more than helpful. There were no appointments left until after Dec. 2nd, but somehow she fanagled me one on Nov. 19th, in an office much closer to where I live! And she's even mailing me the forms I need so that I can serve as my dad's agent, so that he doesn't even have to go with me. Whew.

undie report: red w/ black polka dots hipsters, red bra.

Undie report: lime green hipsters with yellow polka dots; the bra was discarded as soon as I got home from work but it was white with green and yellow flowers

There are fireworks going off near my apartment. Is this a firework holiday that I don't know about?

Huge anti-kvetch: a change in circumstances arose that eliminated the legal aspect of registered sex offender's problem, so I no longer represent him. whew!
laine -well you might have some brits near... it's guy fawkes day on Monday....
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