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(((sidecar, grandpa and family))) I'm glad you're getting in to see him a few times and that your parents are there too.

~~~~txplumwine~~~~~ hope you got a result!

Oh, the ex-public schoolboys! I could never, ever read them, but I always found them oddly sexy (in an I-know-I-shouldn't kind of way). They are fun to wind up though.

Annoying week here. Got feedback on my most recent submission and it wasn't great. However, I kind of needed the kick in the pants as I was getting a little complacent in my work, so ultimately it's all good. Dented the confidence though *grumble*

Also the mister is stressed with various issues so it's been tense-ish all around. TGIF indeed.

No offense to other US fans, but I have to say, I was delighted Ghana beat us last night! No-one thought any of the African teams would get into the next round...
/World Cup moment

Wine-coloured beribboned knickers and a black bra with red flowers.
Oh, yeah, it's the first giant convention right now down here! I hope all those cute librarians are having fun...I'm definately on the librarian love train.

Sidecar, I'm thinking of your grandpa and your family...and you, of course. I'm really glad you saw him and will see him again tomorrow. So hard, though.

Not much new here...taking the two oldest cats to the vet today, and I'm a little nervous about discussing one of E's medications for his arthritis pain. They want to do blood draws like every 6 months or something to see if his liver is being effected...and I'm like, if they are helping his pain and there is no other med. that will work, what exactly are we going to do with this information?

So, I have an appointment with the vet who owns the clinic so we can discuss the policy. I think they think I'm a pain in the ass. This could end up with me switching vets, depending on how it goes.

And I need to start calling around for health insurance for the humans in this household...the cats are getting better healthcare than us!

Thanks to everyone for your hugs...I'm feeling a little better today.

((sybarite, tyger, pixie, mornington, crassy, txplum, designerm, sonik, dusty, faith, mando, rosev, and everyone!))
I'm really, really proud of us for having our convention there. It's the right thing to do, and it's the best thing we could have done.

grandpa is physically getting better, but somewhat mentally unstable these days. he gets confused easily and talks about how he's dying nonstop. mom says it's really tough.

yesterday, i was out running errands (cough, shopping) during my lunch break, and I hear a car horn beepin constantly. I looked up, and it was four guys in this car, cruising slowly down the busiest downtown street, chanting what I assume is a Ghanian anthem or folk song, and waving the Ghanian flag out of their car. It was pretty awesome.

I have a headache. And I'm thinking about getting a doughnut because it's Friday.

beige Wacoal, pink Felina boyshorts
(((sidecar))) i'm sorry to hear about grandpa. i watched my grampa deteriorate for a long time. it's rough (massive understatement). sending much copage vibage to you and the family, darlin.

(((amilita))) i watched the national geographic special about katrina the other night, and kept thinking of you. the focus was on the engineering cataclysm. everyone in authority should be forced to watch that show, and then DO SOMETHING proactive and constructive. the city's built in a basin, surrounded by water, the levees already failed during a cat 3 storm ... here's a dollar, buy a clue.

(((mornington))) mwahs for missing me.

(((tyger))) for coming back to us. i love you longtime, sista.

i'm around. feeling the need to be a little quiet, that's all. too many kvetches, feeling a bit overwhelmed.

the good news is, danny graduated from middle school yesterday, with not one but three awards, one of them some kind of major prestigious award for science! somehow i managed to not dissolve into the sentimental mama pool of tears.

kvetch: cousin's surgery was yesterday. and no one called me to tell me if he was ok. i'm thinking no news is good news, but today i make some calls.

boring beige panty girdle, boring beige wacoal. le sigh.
(((Sidecar and fam))) because you've had enough grief to last a long time.

Danny could not possibly have graduated from middle school, he just started yesterday. Yay for Danny!

(((Amilitacats))) which will always have a special place in my heart.

I am wearing black bikinis and a sarong.
(((sidecar & sidecarfam & sidecargranddad)))

(((amilita))) I hope you can sort something out with the vet!

(((syb & mr syb)))

yay! for danny& his multiple awards and proud mama! and plenty hugs for (((mando)))

red knickers, maroon bra, clash horribly but I don't care. The little man collecting for charity told me I looked good (and he couldn't see them).

pixie, yeah, prozac. I talked about it with the doctor, it could be the drug, it could be stress from the exams. See how they go, prescription painkillers and go back in a month. I might go back earlier if they don't get better.

I really ought to start revising for the last exam, but I'm feeling lazy. I'm going to potter around the kitchen in a hunt for dinner, and maybe make some earrings. I might do a little anatomy. Maybe.

(((pixie, dusty, tyger, txplum, dm & family, rosev & family, crassy, yuefie, bunny, fina, faith, billy, north, sonik, and everyone else!)))
*peeks adorably in*


***sidecar and fam***

more later...
Yay Danny!

Vet visit went well, she only wanted to do the blood draw once a year and if the levels are out of wack, there are things we can do. She also gave me some kitty vicodin for when he's really hurty. I felt like I made myself understood that I would rather have him not in pain, even if that means I'm shortening his life span. So yay! And I got some sedatives in case we have to evacuate.

Oh, Mando, I'm really glad people are watching that National Geographic special, and that it seems to explain how this was a man-made disaster for the most least a highly significant part.

I went over to a friend's to watch The Sopranos (we're behind a lot, but do one episode weekly) and some people were watching that special and I was like, Yeah, I'm leaving if we're not watching the Sopranos. I didn't know about it, and I felt a little caught off-guard.

Me and some others waited in another room until it was over. I want to see it eventually, I just need to be mentally prepared and in the right mood.

Love to all!
~*~*~*~get better, grampa sidecar~*~*~*~
yay danny!
phoo on exams!
comftacular low-rise briefs with blue trim and rainbow dog silhouettes, and industrial strength sports bra.

i spilled hot water on my hand. i guess that's what i get for making a lazybitch lunch (pre-packaged rice noodles with lots of flavoured salt) instead of proper meals. but they're soooo tasty.

i'm officially done work training today! so i pretty much double my hours next week, and my boss said i'll do fine.

i totally fell in love with my gym yesterday. i watched oprah while riding a bike. gawd, that woman loves talking to post and pre-op trans people. my new theory is that she wants to be a man, and figured this way she could find out all about sex change without it being suspicious.

i have to run around getting scholarship forms filled out and dropped off on opposite fricking ends of town today. but it'll pay for my entire first semester by the time i'm done, so i think it'll be worth it. plus, the coffee shop by my old school (where i need to drop some of the junk off) makes frappucino-ey things with soymilk, so i'll treat myself to a chai or chocolate milk something, as they are oh so tasty.
Holy shit, that was Mavin peeking in! Who posts even less than I do? Maybe Mavin :-)

How ya doing Mavin?

Tis Friday: grey boxer briefs.
*fly-by. I'll post more over weekend but quality time with boy now watching House.

(((sidecar and sidecar's grandpa))) eta: my papa has been sick recently and had an eye operation whilst I was in London which didn't go so well and caused him a lot of pain. I can empathise with how worrying their condition can be and how heart-wrenching; it's so hard to see someone who has always been so strong and robust throughout my life, now look so frail :-(.
(((syb))) I had some uni feedback this week which really uspet me but my ass needed to be kicked into gear so silver lining blah blah blah.
(((everyone else)))

yay for danny's graduation!

and for the defected tyger returning!

undie report: red pants with white polka dots (wearing matching socks!) and white t-shirt bra.
hi billy!!

i am peachy over here. i am home with the avacado for four days and thought i'd try popping in here again!

forgot it was friday: black and hite stripey underwear and no bra. i am home with the baby and my hubby is in boston. so wooo!
mavin! how did i miss that was you peeking in?
bunnyb, watching house is a fine reason for not kvetching. god, how i want hugh laurie in my pants.

i inherited a shit-tonne of cds from my brother today. wheee! and more to come. right now i'm playing 'listen to five random seconds of each song, and, based on that, decide if it is worthy of being put on my ipod'. so far no duds, but it's funny, because i have the little itunes store running at the bottom of my screen, and it's in a perpetual state of 'no match to what you're listening to'. oh, how i love the obscure music goodness that my brother gives me
Mavin, I'm glad things are going well for you and your family . You should drop by more often. I try to make it in at least... hmmm... every three or four weeks!

Here is a blog post that really sums up a lot of how I'm feeling: www DOT

(I don't want to link it directly so I can try to preserve my private space here.)

A friend said the other day that, "if it's not about New Orleans, I don't care." And I know he doesn't totally mean it...but sort of. And I sort of do, too. It's a really wierd time right now. I am really enjoying some local bloggers a lot. It's good to see I'm not the only one feeling so...everything. Frustrated, angry, forgotten, you name it.

Last night saw A Prairie Home Companion, which I thought I would like a lot more than I did. Today I'll paint the trim in the dining room, tomorrow do the copper leafing with the help of a friend.

We are dog sitting, and my friend who is going out of town for two weeks gave us all the stuff out of his fridge and freezer...just in case. No one wants to deal with a fridge full of rotted, liquified food again. So I'm gonna have fun cooking from random, other person ingredients. Ya know how you tend to buy the same stuff over and over?

Love and ((hugs)) to all.
Oy. I'm the big thread-killa. I forgot to tell sidecar that when we drove on Canal St. Friday night, there were all these groups of women walking around (usually there is more of a mix) and I was telling the Mr., "They're all librarians!" And then we were both all excited...and I wanted to yell out of our window, "We love librarians!" but there was no good opportunity. As a whole, they dressed better than most tight jean miniskirt outfits...lots of cute sundresses.
(((amilita))) That blog's horrific, and saddening. Oh, lots of hugs and love for you, even if there's not much I can say or do. Although it's cool the librarian convention is there.

So quiet... I'm gonna head out, stock up on ice cream, and then force myself to sit down and start revision again. I have to make a start on this, or else I never will. Gah. Tbh, all I want to do is sleep. I've already napped once this afternoon. I am just a lazy bum.

((amilita))I know it's got to be hard, and you have a lot of courage for deciding to return to N.O. and live where your heart is. I don't know if I would be that strong. On the good side, yay for librarians.

((mornington)) I'm being lazy today as well.

((tyger)) Yay for free cds.

((mando)) Yay for Danny graduating middle school.

((sidecar)) Regarding the car of people celebrating Ghana's win, eventhough I don't care for sports I love to see people being happy about sports. I'll watch the last five minutes of say the Stanley Cup final, World Series and SuperBowl just to see people happy.

((sidecar's grandfather))

((syb and Mr. syb))

This weekend was so nice, and relaxed. Much time was spent shopping although not over-spending and relaxing. Mom and Dad DM got a new dog. They just love dogs so much that it was hard not having one. So they got a Wheaten Terrier and Pug mix, although I don't see the pug in her at all. Her name is Betsy, and they rescued her from a shelter.

Hoping the week goes by fast because w have a four day weekend coming up with July 4th. Mr. DM is super excited to see the new Superman, so we got tickets for Wednesday.

i'm exhausted and a half, i am. and warm and sticky to boot. and i have to get up at 5:30 tomorrow morning to work at 6:30. and i don't have a real day off until thursday. soooo, (((((everyone who works full-time))))) i don't know how you do it. though maybe one i have a job i really like i'll be able to. if i had the money i probably would have just stayed in school all summer.

sorry for the kvetch-only post. i'm just too tired and blerghy to say anything else
((((amilita))))) i can't even imagine. i know that we can't make it better, but we're really proud of you and your bravery. and yeah: yay for librarians! i've never been prouder of my employer.

grandpa is ... still not well, but still alive. I don't know how much longer he's got, and I just hope his suffering isn't going to be prolonged. He looked good yesterday, though.

today we went to a music festival in a park on the west side. It was a lot of fun. I saw Lupe Fiasco, who was awesome, Annie (kind of a Swedish Kyle Minogue), Jon Brion, Robert Pollard, and Dead Prez. We didn't stay for Bloc Party because we were tired. I got free beer, too, through Martini's work, and that was a big plus. I saw the bassist from Fall Out Boy stuffing a bunch of Sparks Caffeine-Alcohol beverage into his shoulder bag. I always knew that guy sucked.

((((danny))))) congrats! and congrats to mando, for raising such an awesome kid.


Another quick one, just to say that PlumSisFriend was misdiagnosed; an angiogram showed no tear, only a heart murmur. She's going to be fine. I am hugely thankful as always for the vibeage. {{{{y'all}}}}

Thanks also for the mystery vibes. I believe they have worked but will not know for certain maybe for a couple of which time I will advise.

To the best of my knowledge, today has been the International Day of Tiredness. It's my turn, so good night and good rest to all.
The archivists met in NOLA right before Katrina, which I think was a good thing too, because they were more aware than usual of the documentary heritage at stake.

Yesterday was Pride here. Mr. Dusty and I pretty much organized the parade contingent for our union (mostly Mr. Dusty) and the War Resisters and the Christian Peacemakers Teams marched with us so that was cool. My butt hurts from dancing in the parade.
Amilita, personally I love reading your posts about NO and appreciate--selfishly--the insight into the city and its people you provide. I can't imagine how you are all feeling, but if articulating it helps at all then I'm glad (((amlita, mr amilita and NOLA)))

((((sidecar and family)))) So hard. I hope the music festival was a good time; sounds like it. I quite like Annie; I think she's like The Cardigans-lite, with electronic beats.

Dusty, sore muscles from dancing are the (2nd) best kind to have. Evidence of a good time.

I wasn't tired yesterday and actually got productive, which is good because following a part-ay last night I am tired *today*. Got some work done though.

Good news on your sis txplum!!
Thanks, ya'll. And sybarite, it does help me to write about stuff here, and I sometimes wonder if people are thinking, "I wish amilita would shaddup about New Orleans already." So it makes me glad to hear that at least not everyone is thinking that...because that is part of the problem here. It's this city of traumatized people who want to be validated...including me, ya know?

Not often do you get this kind of concentration of folks who have been though something so awful...and we preach to each other, but it means so much when someone who does not live here says it's awful and wrong and all of that.

One of the days we went up to Natchez to house hunt, I gave my friend my tickets to see Sara Vowell and Eric Bogosian speak. And she said it was really weird that after they were done talking, everyone in the audience would ask them to say what they thought about the situation in New Orleans. And both of them would seem uncomfortable and say something about how it's hard to put things into words so soon...and then someone else in the audience would ask the same thing in a different way, and another and another. We totally want outsiders to "get it."

But to be fair, it's a lot to take in and process, and for someone who is a writer and to whom words are really important, I'm sure they don't just want to spout off without formulating what they say, ya know? I hope both of those guys will write about it later...or just spread the word in New York or wherever they live.


So here are a couple things bumming me out:

Just before and over the weekend, a brick church built in 1854 and that was the first to give services for slaves burned and was demolished within 24 hours. There is a lot of fishy stuff surrounding this; nothing gets done here that fast and it was owned by the congregation but a demolition crew was hired by individuals. They declared it unsafe without an engineer taking a look at it, and refused to even consider saving the front tower, which seemed structurally sound. That is some major history *poof* GONE!

The development plan that would bring tall buildings to the riverfront close to my neighborhood is close to being would still have to have the zoning changes passed by City Council, so there is still hope. I'm all for development, but with main consideration being keeping historical integrity as intact as possible.

And the cruise ships, yeah...I totally want 'em if the majority of people are staying for a couple days or more. But ones where they come for 8 hours and go to the French Quarter to buy a t-shirt and a plate of beignets don't do much economically for our city. They need to stock the ships, have buses to take them to the FQ and back...lots of traffic/road wear and tear/disruption of neighborhoods for very little revenue.

Apparantly Key West got sort of burned by this and have started limiting the numbers of cruise ships they will accept...and we volunteered to take them. So we'll see how that turns out.

Rant! Rant! Rant!

On the anti-kvetch tip, I finished painting and copper leafing my dining room, and I posted pictures in House of the Gods. Gotta do the living room now.

Yay for PlumSisFriend!

((Sidecar and gramps and family)) It's hard when people are very ill like's nice to be able to spend time with them prior to their death, but worrisome that they will suffer. I'm really thinking of you and him a lot.

Yay for designerm's good shopping and new pup to visit!

Yay for dusty having a great time at Pride!
~Fly by~


((((sidecar & family)))

yay for plum-sis's friend!

yay danny & mando!

*waves to all* ((((kvetchies)))) each and every one of you *mwah*

No, its never boring Amilita.
I always enjoy? hearing about NO. I was there a few years ago...Jason wants to go, but I just can't bring myself to go back until most of the destruction is cleared. It was so beautiful...I'd rather remember it that way.

We went to "the city" this weekend. We didn't really do anything, but they have a Thomas Kinkaid Gallery there and I got a print that I have been wanting FOR.Ev.ER!

Other than that, I am just bored at work. Where the heck has Ladylibrary been.? Rosie, have the 'rents left?
Amilita, that sounds totally fishy about the church. That stinks, I'm sorry.

I misread your post txplumwine: glad to hear plum-sis-friend will be fine.
((tyger)) Energy to get through the work day.

sidecar, the music festival sounds like fun. Mr. DM would love to see Annie. I kind of like her too, and do love to dance to her songs.

txplum, glad to hear plumsisfriend is healthy.

dusty, sounds like you had fun at Pride. There isn't even a Pride march in my county because the county commission has been ridiculous over petty things like banning gay and lesbian book displays in the library. I can't wait to get out of this sometimes ultra-conservative city.

((amilita)) ((yuefie))

pixie, yay for getting a long awaited print.

Today kind of dragged at work. On Saturday, Mr. DM, Twin DM and I are going to NYC for the long weekend, so I want it to be Friday now.


the only thing i have to say about new orleans is that when i was there, i was surprised by the fact that some of the buildings not only were NOT torn out (meaning, at the very least, all of the drywall replaced), but being used to serve people food/drink.

it's not particularly sanitary to have restuarants/bars in buildings that are so moldy and mildewed that you can smell the flood stench. (i'm not sure what part of NO this was in - out by jacques imo's cafe... not referring to JIC, which didn't smell like this, but some of the buildings around it. of course, take away all of the strong yummy food smells, and perhaps JIC would smell like it - after all, it was only a few doors down.) and if you don't know where JIC is... i don't know what direction tulane is from the french quarter, but keep going that way on the bus, and let it turn right for a few blocks.

soooooooooo sleepy. i think it's power nap time!
There isn't even a Pride march in my county because the county commission has been ridiculous over petty things like banning gay and lesbian book displays in the library. I can't wait to get out of this sometimes ultra-conservative city.

That sounds more like a reason to *have* a parade than a reason not to. I saw a cool t-shirt on Sunday that said, "It's not just a party, it's a protest too".
quantum, when were you here? For awhile, that stench just permeated the whole city...that and trash. And Ninja, a sushi place right near Jacques Imo's, always smelled like mildew downstairs! Worse after the floods.

It's gonna be interesting to see what kinds of health problems develop for folks down here, though, for sure.

I have gotten into this lovely habit of drinking a cup or two of coffee every morning...regular...when I know that it makes me more prone to migranes/headaches. I get caffeine withdrawl headaches like a bee-yotch...and I know I have just set myself up to go through a whole weaning process. Bleh.

My gym is FINALLY opening on Fri. or Sat. Very glad. Need to get moving and stop doing stuff like making chocolate cake for breakfast, like I did yesterday. :-)

Yay for Pixie getting a print...I'll have to look up that guy online.

Hope everyone's week is decent or better. I can't believe it's almost July!
Hello, every-Bustie! I have a ton of archives to read, I'm sure, but that may have to wait until the weekend. I've been sooooooo busy.

Last week, my parents & I went over to Atlantic Beach for a few days. We just hung around on the beach & ate a lot of seafood. I got a light sunburn, but nothing terrible. I think the beach umbrella I bought was one of my best purchases of my entire life. Made an enormous difference. Mom was happy as can be. She adores the ocean.

On Friday, we left the beach & drove over to the mountians (stopping to pick up Sheff along the way) & stayed at a place on Lake Lure. Absolutely gorgeous. Seriously. I'm having trouble finding pics on the internet that show how pretty this place is. We also went to Chimney Rock Park, which was very nice. And we drove down to Asheville to watch The Ballerina perform (she was so good!) & to tour The Biltmore Estate. A very busy weekend, but very nice, too. We will definitely return.

So that's why I haven't been around here much. My parents will leave Friday afternoon, so I will return to vibing you individually at that time. But until then, just take a sampling from this ~~!!$$**(( Smorgasbord of Love, Vibes, & Good Wishes ))!!$$**~~
Welcome back, rosev! You are in such a beautiful part of the country, you lucky one.
good to see you enjoying the 'rents & your vackay, rose!

(((amilita))) you're my personal link to n'orleans, babe. i'm ashamed to admit, if it weren't for you, the whole horrible thing would wander from my mind. i'm telling you, you should start a blog and write a book. you've got a knack for getting emotion into written word.

designermedusa, looks like yet another visit i will miss meeting you. i'm working the entire holiday weekend (attempting to get sunday off, if only to catch up on sleep!) including the 4th. you're just gonna have to move here, dammit!

*more love for (((editrix & gramps & fam)))*

yuefie, did you start the new job? sorry if i'm horribly out-of-the-loop!

(((sybarite))) just cuz.
(((mornington))) how are you feeling, babe?

sad i missed the mavin fly-by. maybe if we holler loud enough, she'll return? with pictures of the wee one?

antikvetch #1: spoke with beloved cousin yesterday. the key word being SPOKE. on the phone. because he can speak! his thyroid cancer surgery was a success, all seems well, he's feeling okay. it was wonderful hearing his lovely voice. i'm pretty verklempt about him these days.

antikvetch #2: beloved niece who got shat on by cheating bastid fiance1 last year is engaged. we are all treating this like it's her first time. we are all happy & hopeful. fiance2 doesn't seem like an asshole. i must admit, i'm not sensing any mad passionate love there. but hey, she's 29, she wants to be married, they are good friends ... sometimes it's all about the leap of faith, right?

(((( all of youse guys ))))

i woke up at 5:30 this morning. wtf? stupid body getting used to waking up at ass in the morning. i didn't get up for four hours, but i just dozed on and off. with a nine song playlist on repeat on my ipod from when i was going to sleep last night. it was kinda nice to be able to do that, but still, lazing around at 6:00 should not be happening. sleep should be happening.

is it wrong that i want to dye my bangs blue in hopes of getting fired from my jobs? it's 'frowned upon' to do stuff like that at one place, and actually against the dress code at the other (though i can hide my hair in my baseball cap and nobody will be the wiser). stupid jobs. stupid money. maybe i'll be a floating hippie when i get older, and do odd jobs for food and steal internet from unencrypted networks. screw the real world, that's what i say.

((amilita)) what mando said

~*~*~*~*~grampa car~*~*~*~*~*~

i need to shower. feh on warm weather making me feel all icky as soon as i get my ass out of bed
well, the charity bike race for my organization didn't win my mr. any good karma points! he actually injured himself 10 minutes in. and typical mr, he doesn't do anything half-way. he really hurt himself. he was coming down a hill at 35 mph into a turn and he turned too wide not realizing that it was an 's' turn. he went up on the curb but lost his balance. anyway, long story short, he hit his shoulder really hard and broke his clavicle. it's in only 2 pieces but one piece is sticking up through the muscle (trying to break through the skin on his shoulder!) it's almost 2 inches away form where it should be to meet the other piece of the bone!! so he's going in for surgery to put a metal plate and screws down on it to connect it. we got a 2nd opinion this morning and the dr. agreed that it was a good idea. he isn't allowed to lift things, or drive for at least 6 weeks maybe more. so please cross your fingers that his surgery will go well on thursday.

the good news is that he was wearing a helmet (it was really f'd up so it could have been a lot worse if he hadn't been wearing it) and he also has a high tolerance for pain so he's only taking extra strength tylenol.
*warning* I am full of piss and vinegar today

Kvetch: the evil that is Netflix. They charged my account THREE times for movies I returned, after I cancelled my account. They *claim* not have received them. And get this, they don't believe that I sent them in because I already had a set of movies that *poofed* in to thin air, when I moved. I am beyond broke, as my first full paycheck will not be until July 22nd, due to the way the pay periods fall. Yesterday I took my car in for all the repairs I've been putting off, figuring I'd be a little strapped til the end of July, but I'd be ok. GRRRRR! And Washington Mutual can bite my ass. They are going to place a hold on my account if I choose to dispute the charges through them. They would 'prefer' I took it up with Netflix first. I haven't been this broke in years, the top ramen kind of broke. And I know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, I just got my job back, but what the hell am I supposed to do in the mean time? Everyone I know is broke right now. My sisters house payment almost went up massively cause her mortage co. screwed up on something having to do with taxes, so she had to empty out her savings to fix the problem. And pay her daughters $1400 camp bill, and childcare bill for the rest of summer, plus the orhtodontist bill. I deplore deadbeat parents, leaving one to shoulder all of the stress and responsibilty.

Thanks for asking (((mandi))), I start as of Monday.

Sorry to be such a complainy grumpy butt, it's all I can muster right now. I am supposed to be on my way up to see my friends where I used to live, and we are going to see Beck in LA tonight. Best guy pal is treating me to the night out but I can't calm down long enough to feel like I should get behind the wheel. I am so pissed off I'm vibrating.

$~$~$~vibes for Yuefie~$~$~$

((((Mr. Crassy))) That sounds really painful...

Rose, I sent you a PM, did you get it?

I too can't believe it's almost July. Terrifying. Time really does fly when you're having fun.

Amilita, I too am really glad that you post your thoughts and experiences about New Orleans. I've never been and am not likely to be able to anytime soon but it is definitely on The List and I truly hope it can bounce back.

My peace lily has finally flowered after a barren two years. I feel like a good plant mummy now although I expect the bay window and current 19 hour daylength have something to do with it.

In a moment of probable insanity I have decided to run the Glasgow half marathon in September. I have even sucked it up and started getting up at 6 am to go running, turns out I run better then and it is really nice getting it out of the way and reclaiming my evenings for leisurely cooking amazing meals and general slothitude. My legs look amazing and I'm chuffed.

A coworker's friend is leaving soon for a year-long around the world trip. She bagged a plane fare that is staggeringly affordable for a year-long open trip. I'm feeling a bit bitter that I never make the commitment to work towards something like that, which I would LOVE to do, but then reality gives me a nudge that whispers it actually is a lot easier when you don't have student loans and your parents buy you a flat as an undergrad. Not to be pissy, I'm sure she's worked her arse off to save enough to do this, I just wish it was meeeeeeeeeee.
dusty, I like that t-shirt. "It's not just a party, it's a protest too".

rose, glad you are having a nice time with your parents.

mando, I will just have to move there soon. Mr. DM and I are applying for jobs every night, so eventually the right one will come along. Glad to hear your cousin's surgery went well.

tyger, part of me always wanted to dye my hair pink or blue, but I've always had jobs since I was 16 where that was just not allowed.

((mr. Crassy)) It sounds painful, hope the surgery goes well.

((yuefie)) Boo to NetFlix, that really sucks. I hope you feel better so you are able to go see your friends.

((fina)) I can totally understand being a little jealous of your coworker's friends trip. There's many things I want to do with my life, but I think be responsible and keep a job. Yay for the marathon training.

amilita, yay for your gym openeing.

This week is dragging so much, come on Friday.


I kvetched in the wrong spot. Oh well... y'all find it. lol
amilta- yay for your gym reopening, but double yay for cake for breakfast!

woohoo for your cousin, mando!!

**mrcrassy** ouchie!

*$*$yuefie**$* i spit on netflix *ptoo*

hi fina! *waves madly* the halfmarathon sounds awesome

walkingb! ooooh! i missed you!

things are peachy here. ze love just got back from a trip to boston. (boo but he is taking me to a conference in Hawaii this November so I forgive him)

Ze Avocado is almost a year and a half.SHe is so happy and active and learning new words every day. The latest word is... owl. Hee, so cute.

Still working as a pharmacy tech, altho now I am an expert (i got a raise yah!) thats my mini update for now. more later, loves
*toddles in*

(((txplum))) & yay! for sisfriend too
(((tyger))) feh on stupid o'clock. and do it do it do it dye your fringe.
(((walkingbitch))) even though I haven't found your kvetch yet.
(((dm))) hope the week quickens up & ***job vibes for you and mr dm***
(((fina))) yay! for peace lilly flowers and marathon training. I can wholly understand the jealousy thing too.
(((yuefie))) a pox on netflix. gah. and ***cash vibes for you and your sis***
(((crassy & mr mcnasty))) ow! ***crosses fingers***
(((rosev))) yay! for holidays and parents
(((amilita))) you should definitely write some of your thoughts down. We don't hear much about new orleans over here, and your posts are so much better than the news because you see it yourself.
(((mando))) yay! for antikvetches, especially your cousin's surgery. How are you, though? (I feel all spesh now you thought of me)

((((everykvetchie)))) 'cos you're all brilliant.

Got back from seeing my brother the boy wonder's play. He wasn't in it, he was stage managing it. They did Pirates of Penzance and it was really really good. I still cannot get over the boy who played the Major-General, he sings so well. The boy wonder did good though, and I don't think it matters that the pyrotechnics burnt part of the set.

kvetch: my mother's best friend, who I've known since I was yay high is in a really sour mood lately, and it's getting kind-of difficult to deal with her, as nothing's ever right. She basically told me I was dishonest in not stating my father's income when I applied for my student loan - it's done on income, and as my parents are divorced I don't have to count him, had I done so my loan would have been halved - and then told me she thought it was unfair that I get a student loan for the five years of my course, when her son only gets one for three years, when he has the option of doing a further course. It was just hurtful; her husband earns more than both my parents combined, and her son could get a job now he's graduated from his first degree. I couldn't do that if I stopped after three years. Oh, and she was really disparaging about my choice of beads and creative inclinations. Just because she's done a damn course and I'm self taught... /mutter mutter, bitch bitch.

And now I've written a short essay, I'm going to go to bed. As it's two o'clock in the morning and I'm tired. Much love all round.

eta: this is what I get for taking forever to type. (((mavin))) owl is a good word. yay for owl!
amilita, i was there easter weekend. i don't remember the name of the bar, but it was a few doors down (towards the trolley line)...

the interweb drama was fierce today, while i was at work and then out with some coworkers.
I thought about starting a blog, but I just don't think I have the energy to keep up with it and there are already such excellent ones here. I may do it sometime anyway, though...

So last night our electricity went out for about an hour and a half...I actually called the electric company this time and was told it was "equipment failure." OK, whatever that means. I think uptown, the business district and the French Quarter are pretty much alright, but it seems everywhere else, utilities are iffy. Like last night was fine and storm, no wind, nothing.

One guy on the news said his neighborhood didn't have electricity since about 3 pm, so I guess I should feel gets tiring to reset the clocks and TV channels all the time, though. And the Mr. and I were feeling bad for all the folks trying to run businesses...kinda hard without electricity!

Bleh, mornington, about your mom's friend...some people can't see beyond their own selves. But I also think those kinds of folks aren't very happy, because they are always comparing and measuring what they have vs. what everyone else has.

Mavin, glad things are peachy for you...and I happen to love owls, so yay for the little one!

designerm, it's hump day! Even though I hate that phrase...I hope the last part of the week goes faster than the first.

Fina, yay for training and flowers!

Yuefie, sorry about those pissers at Netflix...I was hating them so bad for awhile, and all I got for my emails were form emails. Bleh. They aren't the great startup they used to be. How was Beck? I saw him in Denver when he was touring with the Flaming Lips, and it was such a great show.

Crassy, POOR POOR POOR Mr.! Dang. Oh, I just have no other words. How's he doing?

tyger, I say Boo on money, too.

Mando, Yay! for cousin. So great! And ya know, I think neice could do well with this new guy...sometimes life makes a person care more about being with someone kind. Who is to say that won't work out as well or better than lots of other relationships that are firey? Sometimes I think successful marriages are at least as much because of a commitment to the opposed to the person. Does that make sense? Good luck to her!

Rosev, hope you're having fun with you parents!

My mamma called crying last night because her remaining cat (you may remember she euthanized one recently because he bit my neice unprovoked) bit her while she was brushing him, which is something he likes! He made 4 little puncture marks that bled. And I think her feelings were really hurt; she says she started letting him sleep in her bed, and he's been able to get more attention cuz the other one hogged it. She's gonna call the vet to see what he thinks...I suggested a medical workup, but I'm not sure what she'll decide.

Vibes for all I didn't mention by name!

Quantum, maybe the Maple Leaf? My friend told me they turned it into a strip club, but I'm not sure if he was joking...

amilita, you mom may have just hit the wrong spot on the cat- my parents have a cat who loves to be brushed to- you just hold up the brush or tap it on the floor and he comes running. But if you brush over the wrong spot too hard, he'll bite, and this is the most gentle cat ever. I understand taking it personally, though :-)

((Mr. McNasty))
((yuefie)) I may be in the same boat you're in with Netflix- we've had 2 movies out forever and we were going to return them when we were going out for something else. I took them with me, we forgot to drop them off at a mailbox and now they've vanished. I'm sure if we contact them and say "we returned them, they must have gotten lost in the mail" they won't believe us since we've had for nearly 2 months. We haven't done a *really* thorough search yet, though. But I hate when companies just start charging money for stuff automatically like that.

((everyone else who I didn't get to))
(((the mcnasty's))) god, how horrible! i feel so bad for your mister. i was cringing just reading about his accident! sending all good surgery & quick & painless healing vibes his way.

(((mornington))) mom's best friend = TOXIC = danger danger, will robinson. i know you love her and i'm sorry her life sucks or whatever, but you don't need her negativity in your life, especially right now. i'd strongly suggest disengaging. or at least distancing.

(((mavin))) we've missed you sorely. stop by more often please? and please to PM me with any linkies to avocado pictures? i'd love love love to see her adorable, smiling face again!

(((wb))) chauvinists suck much ass. don't let them get under your nails, m'luv.

(((yuefie))) here's hoping your mini-vackay soothes your soul.

fina, congrats on your peace lily! my long-barren african violet finally flowered after 9 years! i feel so vindicated, since i never gave up on her. she's such a lovely shade of pink, too ... i've been bragging to everyone, but alas, no one gives a flying fuck.

i too am sort of sick of everyone i know going to caribbean islands and on european cruises, etc. i'm trying to get stoked about our VA-MD trip, but it's a little sad and pathetic, really. i don't think i'll ever be able to afford an exotic trip.

amilita, what polly said about bitey kitty. try to reassure mom that it's nothing serious. (even tho i completely understand about projection. maggie-cat was a bit lethargic yesterday, so i immediately convinced myself she was getting sick. i panic easily, because of poor chelsea-kitty, and will always feel guilty that i didn't catch her illness sooner, even tho i know it probably wouldn't have made a difference.)

and thanks for the thoughts about beloved niece. i very much appreciate your perspective. because i am nervous. we all are. we adored fiance1, and he turned out to be satan's spawn. and as much as niece has worked at finding her inner strength, she's still fragile and unsure.

the pirates of penzance & pyrotechnics? sounds like a good time to me! hee.

kvetch#1: dear friend's little boy nearly lost a finger yesterday, on the first day of camp. he's ok, and he was a total trooper. but gah. antikvetch: i'm so glad my 'little boy' is home basking in the a/c, playing video games, and NOT at daycamp this year. it's a complete & total RELIEF not having to worry. 'specially about those damn daytrips to those damn amusement parks with their damn scaryass roller coasters.

kvetch #2: bossman is completely depressed. and i don't know how to counsel him. i know just listening is important. but i feel so badly. and so helpless. (and for those of you who might've read what i confessed to recently, not to worry. my head's on straight, my eyes are wide open and i so ain't goin' there.)

thanks for all the good thoughts for cousin. (((you guys))) warm my cockles. you make up for so much that is lacking in my life.

whoa. where did that little piece o' drama come from?
I read everyone's kvetch and send good vibes your way (and hello, Mavin!), but watch out here. Ugh. Self-centered post.

I have such a stomachache, work anxiety manifesting itself physically -- this NEVER EVER HAPPENS, so you know it's something good, right? I'm applying for a position that I've aspired in one way or another to do for... oh... about ::counting:: ELEVEN YEARS NOW. Holy Maude. And now that the point is almost here and I'm getting ready to go in and basically AUDITION (because I have to show 'em my chops), I am getting all stupidly nervous for no good reason. Ugh ugh ugh. This is something to be happy about because I busted my ass for the last couple of years to get to where I am now. The situation looks good and I am hoping for this job offer to come by Bastille Day. That's a nice goal, huh? I will drink Champagne all day long to celebrate when I get this new job. Yes.

I'll be okay, everything will be fine, it just has to be, but I have to set aside this nervousness and not let it affect my performance.

I just think of how far I've come in this whole period of time, how I kind of never thought I'd actually go through with it but also how on some level I knew I always WOULD go through with it -- and, well, it's just a weird time. I'm super happy and excited and nervous as hell about it, but I'm so ready for the challenge.

And I'm so ready for my life to settle the hell down. It will be nice to be able to settle into this new job for sooooo many reasons.

::breathe in, breathe out::

ETA: Wish I could go into more detail, but, well, you know how it goes, privacy concerns and all (that's why we have ze e l j a y , right?!).
Oh, I forgot sidecar and her gramps earlier! I'm thinking of your whole family, though.

The complicated thing with my mom's bitey kitty is that with the little kids around all the time, it's somewhat magnified on it's own...and then I think she has communicated her fears to my neice, who may have already had some related to the other cat biting her, so that now she is terrified of the cat.

And then my mom has this major, underlying fear of anything happening to any of her grandchildren while they are in her care...I swear, I thought we were gonna have to put her in the funny farm the day she accidently burned my nephew's leg on the griddle while she held him and made "panpapes" at the same time. She flipped out. I dunno. The whole thing is huge, though it shouldn't be, really. Bleh.

Good luck, rasingirl!
Sorry for being a thread hog. Power out again. ( I'm on a laptop) This is bull***t.

I'm used to every so often, but last night and today is freaking annoying.
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