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Yay sassy, congrats!

(((((faith))))) So good to see you. ~~~~mucho vibage for your pro bono client's case~~~~ Enjoy your getaway to NYC and let us know when you are on the hunt for that new job, so we can vibe extra hard for ya.

sonik, our Daylight Savings time used to be this weekend, But due to the U.S. Energy Policy Act of 2005, it will not be until the first weekend in November, on the 4th. To "save energy", U.S. legislators changed it to 34 weeks of DST, beginning this year.

Super feh on neo nazis dry.gif. Wankers, indeed.

polly, I was just watching something about a Southern, CA minuteman group (who were flying a nazi flag during a rally!), which as you can imagine is a real issue given our proximity to the Mexico border. Again, super feh. I feel you on the frustration with people who are irresponsible with animals. Especially considering the pet overpopulation and all those poor critters without homes. My cousins and his gf have a history of getting cats, not being able to care for them, finding them a new home and then a few months later we'll hear about them getting a new kitty. I've been harping on my neighbors to spay the cat they took in, because she is on her second litter of kittens now. Ziggy was from the first. I appreciate that they rescued the mama, but please have her spayed now. And don't get me started on the dumbass neighbor who got rid of TWO wonderful cats just so she could have her $1800 mini yorkshire terrier flown in from Kansas. She lives nextdoor to drama queen drunk, and the two of them like to sit on ther balcony and snicker whenever I am outside walking Sashie. Which I find rather amusing considering their combined age and general douchebagginess rolleyes.gif

My dad is coming home today, yay. I just hope his lungs are okay, considering the air quality is pretty bad here still.

I heart NPR. A (hilarious yet scary) clip of the following story can be heard here on

All Things Considered, October 26, 2007 · The Federal Emergency Management Agency is apologizing for holding a phony news conference on the California wildfires earlier this week in Washington, D.C.

On Tuesday, FEMA Deputy Administrator Harvey Johnson held a briefing to discuss the agency's performance during the wildfires. He took questions from what seemed to be reporters, but it turns out they were FEMA staffers.

Johnson now says FEMA made an "error in judgment."

Um, What. The. Fuck?
Thanks Polly for the info!

I don't's like the extreme right has figured out that this kind of subjects get people really angry. Rightly so, but to me it seems like they want to get sympathy ("oh they can't be that bad") for protesting against paedophilia (i mean, its'not like anyone condones it). The thing is, we had this group of men who wanted to lower the sex-consent age (talk about disturbing!). They also wanted to participate in the national elections(they got no support, btw, they're a joke). That's what triggered the extreme right get people riled up. Regarding death penalty; we don't it in NL. So i'm not sure what they're trying to establish by demonstrating ike that. I think they want to get in the slipstream of all those one-issue parties we have had here lately. Everyone who gets booted out od a political party starts a party of their own, so it's a very messy political landscape over here. it's like soccer; people want to score on their own, there's no teamwork. The social cohesion is disintegrating.

Ha! I didn't want to be such a party pooper during the weekend! *throws confetti*

P went to the theatre with a friend, and i'm at home working. Final destination 3 is on in 30 mins, so i'll make myself comfortable on the couch by then.
P and i went to see Control in the cinema yesterday. Beautifully shot, depressingly good. There was a trailer about Grindhouse ( they show those movies apart from eachother, not together like in the U.S.). I wasn't planning on going, but it all looked quite cool, so i'll probably be going when it's in theatres here.

Polly and sonik,

We had the KKK decide to adopt a mile of the highway that ran near my house when I lived in the way-south suburbs of St. Louis. They had the sign and everything ("this mile maintained by the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan"). People kept tearing it down, though. Then the legislature got together and named that mile "Rosa Parks Highway."

Good stuff from our lawmakers, for once.

Anti-kvetch: I'm at my best friend's house in Champaign, and her husband is making me a birthday dinner. Such pampering!
edited.... will re-post later.....
/armors self against troll attack....realizes they're completely impotent....rolls eyes, walks away...ignore ON

Yeah, I heard about one state where they had to drop the "Adopt-A-Highway" program because the KKK wanted to buy a section and there was much unhappiness about it.

The birthday party wasn't too bad. Go to see the relatives I like. LeCousin is doing well.

(((zoya))) feh on unpleasant work situations!

yuef, that's messed up about this fake press conference b.s.

I don't know if I should say something to my friend about the pet situation. She's a little sensitive...okay, a lot sensitive, and i truly know she's not going to turn into a puppy mill or anything (when they bred the cats, they made the people they sold the kittens to get them fixed before they'd write over their pedigrees to them- they were Bengal cats.) But it's really upsetting to me that she keeps supporting the industry of pet shop animals rather than helping the animals that have no homes....maybe an intervention to discuss her pet addiction? Maybe a visit to the shelter I'm at....better yet, take her down to City of Chicago Animal Control where the animals are killed after 2 weeks or so. unsure.gif

Well, we're vegging and watching season 2 of The Office. We had to re-order disk 3 from netflix because it was scratched and wouldn't play. Now we have it and so far, so good.
thank maude for the ignore function, which is perfect for sad little attention seekers looking to stir shit up rolleyes.gif

(((((zoya))))) ugh. ~~~~extra work sitch vibes~~~~

polly, it sounds like it's just a matter of her being uninformed and maybe something like what you suggested might tip the scales some. it's a touchy subject with a lot of people, because nobody wants to feel like they are being accused of hurting animals. well, except sick fucks. yay for good news about leboy's cousin. oh man, I watched this weeks epi of The Office today and as usual cracked up. I can never get enough of Dwight Schrute.

feh, I say. and feh again on the kkk adopting stretches of highway dry.gif

yay for pampering and birthday dinners, lanie! when is your b-day?

I caught up on some housework today, only to destroy my kitchen making dinner. I made chile rojo con carne, also known as chile colorado, along with beans and mexican rice (from scratch, not boxed or canned) and then chopped up some fresh mango & pineapple with lime juice and pico (salt & chile powder). Boy did I ever make a mess though. thankfuly I was wearing an apron, so when the red chile sauce splashed it didn't get on my pink shirt. I'm off to rescue my disaster area kitchen...
Yuefie, it's good to hear that things are getting back to normal in your world. That dinner sounds fabulous! I listened to that NPR story. How extraordinarily fucked up!!!! I can't believe that!!!! I don't know whether to laugh or cry or scream. Grrrrr. Fuckin' FEMA fuckers.

(((((((endless love for Faith)))))))) Best of luck to you on this case, dear.

Polly, I can just imagine you taking your friend on a surprise trip to the animal shelter. I cannot undertand why she thinks they should "breed" two mixed-breed dogs. What's the benefit in breeding mutts? huh.gif

Saturday was a stellar day around here! We painted the ceiling in the dining room & the half-bath & they look sooooo so good! And Sheff got a puffer fish (we still need to work on a name for him). Then I made a pizza for an early dinner, then I finished the final touches on my Halloween costume, & then we went to a Halloween party! We had such a nice time. After a while, 7 of us walked over to a friends house & played card games until about 1am. Such a fun and productive day! Loved it!

And since I'm sure you're dying to know, I'll tell you about our costumes. Sheff wore a beret & was a stereotypical French guy. He shaved his facial hair down to a smarmy, thin mustache & he just looked perfect! It was hilarious. For my costume, I took my inspiration from the old Halloween thread here on Bust & dressed up as the 2nd place winner of a beauty pageant. I wore a pink strapless dress of satin & tulle with a sash that said "2nd Place" and a cheapy foam tiara from the craft store with a big "2" on it. And to complete the look, I put lots of grey streaks & tear tracks under my eyes so it looked like I had been crying. It turned out really well!

Eep! Time for Nigella! Must dash. smile.gif
kvetch: people who post then *delete* what they wrote. if you have the nerve to enter the lounge, then you need to keep what you posted. or maybe, *think* before you post. novel idea i know. dry.gif

QUOTE(laniethezany @ Oct 28 2007, 12:01 AM) *

Then the legislature got together and named that mile "Rosa Parks Highway."

seriously, lanie? wow, that is such a brilliant way of dealing with the bigots laugh.gif.

wtf is up with the troll?

(((zoya))) is everything ok, sweetie?

(((yuefie))) glad things have calmed down!

*waves at faith* now, where's crassy?

amilta, did you meet up with sidecar and martini? we want details!

I had my hair cut today, the layers are a little shorter than I would like but it's bouncy and darker, I'll try to do photos.

Well, I think they're going for one of those "designer mutts", like a puggle or a labradoodle.

Those sound like great costumes, Rose. Any pictures? I love Halloween, but I'm just not into this year. I haven't put up any decorations....I think I'm just too stressed about our money situation. Another month where ends just aren't meeting. I think we're going to have to borrow some money from LeBoy's parents so we can pay our mortgage on time next month and get ahead.I really don't want to, as we haven't even begun to pay them back what we borrowed when I was out of work.

The dog spilled chocolate milk on the couch (that LeBoy left on a TV tray rolleyes.gif ) The couch came with a big stain warranty, but they're not open today so I have to wait until tomorrow to call them.

Ahh, another fun day of cleaning ahead of me. I'm determined to make a dent in the office. We did go through about the 500 CD's we owned, figured out what we already have and don't have on iTunes and if it's not even worth putting on iTunes, it's not even worth owning, so we're getting rid of them. Maybe I'll put the titles up in the swap thread....hell, I don't care if someone gives me anything for them, I just want them out of my house.

Are there any kvetchies up for doing a Secret Santa? I don't know how we would work the choosing element but we could work something out...
Hee, I just found out that there is a name for Sashie's "breed", she's a Daug! My sis used to have a very sweet labradoodle named Sensi and she looked exactly like the brown one in that picture. Only we didn't know what she was, besides adorable. Awww, I miss Sensi dawg now sad.gif
polly - I am with you on the money woes. The past few months have just been sooooo tight! I think I might be seeing a light at the end of the dark and cramped tunnel, though. Good Luck!

roseviolet - I want to see pics of your costumes! They sound fun. I went as a dark fairie. It is very hard to dance when you have an actual wingspan.

sonic - I have actually had to research some pro-pedophelia organizations for work. That kind of stuff just makes me feel so good about the future of our planet. sad.gif

stargazer - just cause I heart you and I miss you.

bunnyb - I am jelous b/c I neeeeeeeed a haircut so bad!!!!!! Everything on my head looks fried.

yuefie, zoya, and all - HELLO!

I am going out to dinner tonight. I am so tired that I could easily stay in on my couch all damn day but someone else is paying so who am I to say no? I basically was up for 24 hours on Saturday thanks to some early AM insomnia so today I slept in until 10 AM. That is really late for me. Made it to the gym and then watched the season finale of Dexter season 1. Gosh I love that show!
certain crossbreeds seem to be really popular right now, so they can cost as much as a "purebred" puppy. Also, they do tend to have fewer health problems than most purebreed dogs. But when people choose a puggle/whatever over rescuing an equally healthy mutt because it's not "designer"... gah. I know I can't really talk as I own a purebred, but he's still a rescue! Polly, I do think taking her down the rescue would help, without being too harsh - you never know, she might find a dog there!

$£$£$£money vibes$£$£$£ for everyone.

I still haven't heard from the loan company, and I had to pay uni part of my fees (when I shouldn't have to pay fees, but the local govt that decides these things is being a pain in the arse). I've got a feeling I've maxed out my overdraft, so tomorrow I have to go into the bank and ask for it to be increased, and *then* go to uni and apply for a bursary that they probably won't give me because the local govt haven't decided my fee status. At this rate I'm going to have to apply for a commercial loan just to pay my rent (I could ask my dad, but I owe him money, and I owe my mum and grandparents money too). I don't even want to think about my overdraft.

Oh, and I lost my prescription so I've run out of prozac, so I've been going cold turkey until I get to the doctors next week (I also have to find a new doctor... which I really don't want to do, as the one I have now is lovely)

((((((zoya)))))) acos

((((rose)))) those costumes sound fantastic! do you have pictures?

((((yuefie)))) I'm glad the fires seem to be settling down. How's your pa?

(((((sonik, star, sidecar, syb, bunny, pixie, mando, tes, plat, billy, kitten, polly, faith, amilta, everyone)))))

oh, yesterday we had a fieldtrip for uni, but because it was on hampstead heath I took Indigo. One of the boys in my group knew I was bringing him, and was too macho to say he's scared of big dogs. So he kept harping on about it, which scared Indigo and pissed me off as I wouldn't have been offended if he'd just said "i'd rather you didn't" when I told him. But Indigo had great fun and made friends with everyone else - he's getting so confident these days! And he didn't get in the way, bite anyone, attempt to steal anyone's lunch, get lost, bite anyone, drool on anyone... dry.gif (you'd have thought he was a slavering three-headed cerberus, not a fucking greyhound the way he was going on)
Good news! We got a letter from the immigration office. Sheff can stay in the country for another year! Woot! They'll be sending us additional info later. Hopefully if we get this all straightened out, he can stay for much much longer.

Aaaaaaw ... dear Indigo. Greyhounds are such sweeties!
~$$~$$~ loan money for Morn ~$$~$$~

Sorry to hear about the insomnia, Kitten. But yay for free food!

Bunny, you reminded me that I need to get my hair trimmed before I fly out this week. Don't want to look too scraggly!

Designer dogs. Sigh. Makes you sad, doesn't it? How are these people going to feel in a few years when people are saying, "Labradoodles are soooooo 2007! Everyone wants Saint BerCoonhounds now!" rolleyes.gif I say you should get the kind of dog that works for you & your lifestyle, not by what' fashionable. Bleh.

Hope that Mandi is having a good weekend. And Pixie. And Zoya and CCGirl and Amilita and Sidecar and Dusty and everybody else ... including Jules & Car, who both seriously need to post in here again.

Thanks for the compliments on the costumes! We took a couple pics before we left the house, but they didn't turn out as good as I'd have liked. I may post them anyway. smile.gif

Anti-kvetch: Good day again today! Wee! We had our friends, S & K, over this afternoon & we watched The Bourne Identity because we are the only 4 people on the planet who hadn't seen it yet. Then I made an early supper (I got the recipe from this month's Gourmet magazine) & it was soooo good! They couldn't stay late, though, because S has homework. Still, it was fun! And they got to see the puffer fish. S thinks he's the cutest fish ever.

Sheff has suggested we name the puffer fish Diddy. You know ... puffer fish, Puff Daddy, Diddy. etc. [insert laugh track here] I think the puffer fish looks more like an Oscar. We may have to come up with a compromise name.

I'm going to run off & drink some wine & read some Neil Gaiman. G'night, gang!
QUOTE(mornington @ Oct 28 2007, 05:59 PM) *
certain crossbreeds seem to be really popular right now, so they can cost as much as a "purebred" puppy. Also, they do tend to have fewer health problems than most purebreed dogs. But when people choose a puggle/whatever over rescuing an equally healthy mutt because it's not "designer"... gah. I know I can't really talk as I own a purebred, but he's still a rescue! Polly, I do think taking her down the rescue would help, without being too harsh - you never know, she might find a dog there!

Oh, absolutely, morn- Indigo's a purebred, but it's not like there's no purebreds in the shelters. People realize how difficult and/or expensive they are with all the health problems and they dump them. My dog is a purebred, and if we hadn't taken him off my friend's hands, who knows where he'd be right now. Our shelter just had a purebred husky. He was gorgeous. He was adopted within 2 days. I just see no point for creating new dogs.

I don't know the whole process for the citizenship thing, rose, but is Sheff trying to become a citizen at some point and be here permanently so he doesn't have to do this every year? The annoying former-front-desk-queen at work is Canadian and I think she's a permanent resident, but not a citizen. That way she doesn't pay taxes, I think? Or maybe it was to get out of jury duty? There was some benefit to it.

Ooo, morn. Cold-turkey on anti-depressants is not fun. Good luck!

((hugs to all))
Okay, so maybe I'm not reading my book quite yet, but at least I'm drinking the wine already! biggrin.gif

Polly, Sheff isn't interested in becoming a US citizen at this point. Technically, he is a "temporary permanent resident". That's mainly because he's here on a marriage visa. The government wants to make sure that our marriage is legitimate & that we continue to live together & invest money together & all of that. After a number of years of marriage (usually 2 or 3) & a couple interviews & a lot of paperwork, the government should be fairly satisfied that we really love eachother & they're give him permanent residency. We're really close to that now, I think.

And yes, Sheff still has to pay taxes, just like any ol' American. He pays the usual income taxes - social security taxes & everything, even though he isn't eligible to receive SS. He isn't allowed to vote, though, & he'll never be called for jury duty.

We've started to think that we may move to England sometime in the future. It might be nice to retire there, but housing costs could be a problem. Right now the USA is good for a couple reasons:
1. More job opportunities in Sheff's field
2. In the USA, people hear Sheff's accent & assume that he is smart. But in the UK, some people may hear my American accent & automatically assume that I'm stupid. So we need to live where the presumptions are in our favor, if that makes any sense.

And now that I've bored you all with immigration talk, I'm running off to read! I mean it this time, too!
rose -

I think that it's very smart for Sheff to not become a US citizen...I've learned a TON about the whole immigration thing in the last year..while the UK will always regard him as a UK resident, no matter what (even if he does become a US citizen) if he becomes a US citizen, the US doesn't recognize him as any other nationality. (the US recognizes dual citizenship but as far as they're concerned, if you choose to become naturalized, you give up your other citizenships) so it just gets to be a pain in the ass with two countries looking at the same person two different ways. Much better that he be a permanent resident, IMO, after learning all this stuff!!

QUOTE(roseviolet @ Oct 28 2007, 05:58 PM) *

2. In the USA, people hear Sheff's accent & assume that he is smart. But in the UK, some people may hear my American accent & automatically assume that I'm stupid. So we need to live where the presumptions are in our favor, if that makes any sense.

hmm.. I haven't found this at all in the UK... the two things I get are either "I love your accent" (huh?) or questions about politics or how everyone in the US likes to file suit for any little thing. Once I mention to people that I hate Bush, everything is copasetic. haha. But I honestly have not had anyone treat me like I"m stupid

oh - I like Diddy! and what happened with the potential job??

sorry all for editing my last post out... suffice to say that I'm concerned I'm going to lose my current job right now because of this decision I made not going over well at all. I don't really care about that, because I am totally fine with my decision, not second guessing it at all. But how I have to deal with it right now is really stressful.

((kittenb)) I hope you get some sleep!

((mornington)) money vibes for you and I hope you get some more prozac soon... running out of that kind of thing and having to go cold turkey is just yucky.

((bunnyb)) I'm hanging in there... we'll talk soon.

Hi all! I am having an absolutely fabulous Monday,so I thought I'd share! Little T slept through the night last night!!!!! This is the best thing that has happened to me in forever! The downside is I am pretty sure he's teething and he's been a little bear this weekend!

I also started some home improvements yesterday and I am really excited about them. First, I replaced some rust colored metal vertical blinds with ivory vinyl so they are much prettier and much quieter! And then I put vinyl tile down in my entryway over the really ugly 1980 (also mostly rust colored) tile that was there and it looks fabuous! I am even thinking of adding some to my front porch. I just have to see if they will work outside in the elements. The Mister is goign to hang a roman shade tonight in our bedroom to replace some awful metal miniblinds that clang all the time and keep falling down. We also bought some faux wood flooring for our kitchen to replace the WHITE berber carpet that the former owner put down. Who puts carpet in the kitchen? and WHITE???? Anyway, all of this is making it easier to accept the fact that I still have ass ugly yellow/fruit wallpaper in the kitchen 2 years after moving in.

(((Rose and Sheff))) I love puffer fish! I have heard they can be a bit aggressive though. Did you get one of the tiny ones, or the ones that are about the size of a quarter?

Morn, I can't believe anyone would be afraid of Indigo! he's such a sweetie!

I don't get the whole designer dog thing either. Both of ours are purebred, but we rescued our Boston Terrier, and teh shih tzu was abirthday present. We will never breed either of them.
(((Bunny, Yuefie, Mando, Zoya-$job vibes$,Polly, and everyone else)))

Happy Monday all.

I am starting my day with more than a little embarresment. There is a meeting on the other side of town that I am supposed to be at right this very minute that I totally forgot about until my boss called me to ask if I had taken care of the phone. Why did I forget it? Because my brain seems to be stuck in "new boy" mode and I spent most of the weekend being girly and giggely. Luckily, my boss is finding it all very funny but how am I going to explain my abscence to the committee? I was one of the people who helped plan the meeting for goodness' sake! Ugh!

I think Indigo sounds like a lovely name for a dog.

ETA: Congrats on the night's sleep pixie!
Hee, yay for Kitten!

Note for Sonik: this change in the daylight savings time is something new, so all our electronics are screwed up because so many of them change automatically. I heard that in Erinjane's city, the streetlights flash red until 7 am, but this morning, they changed over to standard time automatically and so they had flashing red streetlights during rush hour.

For those of you who missed my radio broadcast, I was interviewed briefly on Saturday for (I think) an Iranian cable show. Unfortunately, I got a little mixed up and said I supported Iran's right to develop nuclear weapons. I corrected myself, and he asked the question again, so I think he did want a clip of me saying what I meant to say, but I am torn between the urge to giggle and worried that I'll end up on youtube sounding like a complete flake.

Please could I have vibes for Ben and family? I think mainly for his wife and his new baby, I don't think there is any hope left for him.
~~~~~~~~ vibes for Ben, his wife, & the baby ~~~~~~~~

Pixie, congrats on getting a full night's sleep! How glorious! And congrats on getting things done around the house. I'm astounded by the white carpet in the kitchen. What were they thinking?!

Zoya, Sheff is the one who fears I'll be judged harshly for having an American accent - especially in northern England. I never noticed that myself while we were there. Maybe he just feels extra protective of me? Who knows. rolleyes.gif

Awwww ... looks like we've got a smitten Kitten on our hands!

Kvetch: It's cold. Brrr. A week ago I was still wearing a sundress & sandals, but a cold front has hit us & we're expecting frost tonight. So strange!

Anti-kvetch: I raked the yard this morning. I think this afternoon I may go out & buy some paint for the dining room. Exciting!
Smitten kitten! That's diryt.

On the bright side Rose, they probably won't judge you any more harshly than if you had a southern English accent... wink.gif
Awwww ... looks like we've got a smitten Kitten on our hands!

I wish we still had the icon for blushing b/c wow did this make that happen.
But I can't even pretend that it's not true.
*blushes some more*

i'm moving into the new place tonight, and there is no interwebs... but I am sending vibes to you all


I'm back! I met amilita and Mr. amilita and I can safely say they're delightful! We had a great trip, but I'm glad to be back home.

((((to everyone))))
~~~~~~~~ smooth move vibes for Morn ~~~~~~~~~

Kitten, when you get home tonight you'll have to tell us all about him!

Welcome home, Sidecar!

Pixie, the puffer fish is a Figure Eight Puffer. He's only a few inches long & shouldn't grow much more. Click here to see a good pic. We had one back in Tulsa & think they're very cute & smart. I love their white underbellies! They can be a bit aggressive because they like to hunt & eat live food - the crunchier, the better. They looooove munching on snails, so we've been taking the excess snails from another tank & occasionally dropping them into the puffer fish's tank. Puffer fish will eat other fish that are too slow or easy going, so the only other fish in his tank with him are a few guppies. He may capture one, but we find that the adult guppies are very good at staying out of the way of puffers. Even if we lose a couple that may be a good thing. Guppies breed so darn fast that we can afford to lose a few!

Okay kids, I have GOT to get my car inspected. If I don't get it done this month, I'm going to have to pay a $200 fine. Wish me luck!
Yay for kitten!

Dusty, i heard that Ahmadinejad got rid of daylight savings time in Iran. According to a news article i read last year, the whole day routine of people got screwed up.

In this light (pun intended), do we still need daylight savings time?

(((((Ben, wife and baby))))

I bought a 'prikkel' (it's also called an orgasmatron? it looks like a kitchen tool, you know, the one with which you can clutch eggs..a clutcher?? But without the ends being tied together) and P tried it on our cat. She seems to like it. FIY, it's for your head. So it's not diryt.


Yay for sleeping babies, Pixiedust!

((((Mornington))))Good luck moving and i hope things work out with your prescription and doc. (((((hugs))))for indigo as well. I've only seen pics but he/she (?) looks beautiful.

RoseV, i love your Halloween costume! The way you all are talking about it makes me want to feier it too, but we don't have that tradition here.

Wow, you met Amilitia, Sidecar? That's so cool. Glad you had a good time, and that you're home safe.

((((Polly, Stargazer, Bunny, Yuefie, Pixie, Dusty, Sidecar, Roseviolet)))))))

Rose...I just wanted to week when you are here, wanna get BGP and V and anyone else who wants to and have lunch at India Palace? I take lunch from 12-1 if that will work out.

I really do not see what the point of changing when Daylight savings time is. Some of our clocks here at work on our computers automatically reset this morning. Oi vey! It seems awfully arrogant of Shrub to think he can change time!

Jealous of Sidecar! I would love to back to NOLA and get to meet Amilita!

oh yeah..and he's teh newest pic of minipixie!
Oh. My. God! Pixie! Where did that little girl get those enourmous eyes?
She is so lovely. smile.gif

You know, babies don't tend to affect me much, but show me a perfect little girl and it's like my uterus just spasms going "I want one!"
Little T has those same big huge eyes!
Seriously! It is such a cute picture, I now understand this article a lot more. rolleyes.gif
What PixieDust hasn't mentioned is that MiniPixie got those huge, brown eyes from her momma. smile.gif
Pixie, she's really cute!

So, I had my first day of work at IKEA. I found out very quickly that everything I had learned in training to just throw it out the window. Also, found out that we don't have Thanksgiving off. Forgetting too that I'm working in retail, so they can change the schedule whenever they want.

It wouldn't bother me, but this weekend there was this epilepsy seminar that I really needed to go to, and I thought yesterday I had Sat off. I get in this morning, and I'm on for Sat. Grr. I think I'm just going to get Mcgeek to go. He needs to learn me about epilepsy anyways.

It doesn't seem like a hard job, but it's just going to take some adjustment. I hate being the new kid on the block.

Kvetch: Still fighting with Mcgeek over the same issue. So, I'm back at my apartment for a while. I don't understand why his ex wife still has house keys. But, I'm not moving back in, until he gets them back.

Anti-kvetch: I have such a crush on my co-worker!! Although IKEA doesn't care if you date people, I'm in the one department that can't. Boo. I'm still going to flirt my ass off though.

Sonik, love the Sleeper reference. smile.gif
Kitten, very smitten indeed! I think you were looking for this wub.gif icon.

Going to grab dinner, and get to bed.


(((((((kittenb)))))))))) aw. so cute. wub.gif i'm so glad you are having fun. and dude, you are TOO honest. shit happens. so you forgot.

Hello sonik!! i forgot to mention how it is awesome to see you posting again.

pixie, oh gosh....she looks like you. ALOT.

off to put on a mask and sleep....

((((((((morn, bunny, zoya, polly, sidecar, sonik, pixie, rose, dusty, DM, sybarite, faith, lany, candy, billy, amilita, six, and other kvetchies)))))
Meeting Sidecar and Martini was very fun! We had a drink and walked around a bit...sat by the river awhile. While we were there, we saw the steamboat Natchez go by, and now there is a possible shooting on the boat that night being investigated!!! Apparently, people on the boat heard a noise (not while it was near the Quarter, but down by the Industrial Canal) and then a shell casing and a spot which may be blood were found on the deck.

Yikes! But back to the important thing...Sidecar and Martini were both very nice and smart and interesting and all those good things! I realized when I got home that I should've brought my camera! I'm terrible about documenting stuff.

After we met them, we went to see Lars and the Real Girl, which I loved a lot. It had its faults, but I just chose to go along with the sweetness of the movie...didn't hurt that Ryan Gosling was Lars.

Sidecar, I also forgot to tell you that a Halloween parade was gonna go through the Quarter that night...did you happen to see it? They had a brass band.

Sonik, I had no idea what you were talking about until you said it was for your head...I totally thought it was diryt. I love those things, though.

And I'll second or third or whatever that that is the cutest picture, Pixie! I love little girls with bobs.

Wait, kittenb! Is this new boy brand new or the one you had the good date with???

Sassy, glad you're liking your new job.

Good luck, moving Mornington, and get back online soon!!

I love Diddy the puffer fish!!

And I also gotta chime in on the designer dog and purebred dog thing...I don't get it!! I was just brought up to think that if you wanted a dog, you went to the pound and fell in love. That's always worked for me.

How are you girls getting the smitten emoticon? It's disappeared from my menu! The text for it was :wuv: and now that doesn't even work.

Wow, pixie, that girl is adorable! We need new pictures of the baby!!

Good luck with IKEA, sassy- it sucks that you have to work on Thanksgiving, but I have some friends who work there and they seem to be a good place to work otherwise.

Mmm, I had one of Trader Joe's mini-quiches, tonight, the broccoli-cheese one and it was surprisingly yummy for frozen. They put some horseradish in there, which was totally unexpected but tasty.

I got stuff done today! I moved everything off the floor in the living room/dining room, cleaned the floor, moved everything back and vacuumed the rug. Ahh, much better.

((hugs to all))
polly, try wub instead of wuv wub.gif
i have to umpth the adorability that is the pic of Pixie's girl; gorgeous eyes!

Sassy, best of luck with you new job. I understand what you mean by feeling the new kid on the block. Yay for yummy co workers though! And you get discount on what you buy in IKEA, right? A friend of mine worked there for a couple of years and he got 20% off.
Also, while i reference quite a lot, this one was totally lost on me! But you pointed me to a movie i might have seen a part of on tv once, many many years ago and i couldn't find it. Thanks!

Stargazer, i always try to stay on the up and up here, but when work sucks me in, it's hard to keep track. But when self employed, there has to be time to kvetch here regularly, especially now P has bought an IBM Thinkpad, so i can Bust on the couch in the evenings.

I never thought about it, but P might be a nerd, albeit a handsome one. His style now wavers between white trash and dandyism (his words!). It's funny, but i sometimes get tired of his constant re-editing of style references wink.gif

Amilitia..yeah i clarified becuase of my cat. Nothing dyrit going on there, just cuddling her awesome rorschach fur.

Anyways, i'll make myself some coffee in a minute.

I found out Grindhouse is a double feature after all..on Friday night the whole night. And i saw they show Inland Empire and Ex-Drummer (based on a book by Herman Brusselmans, i read a lot of books by him when i was in art school). I need to go to the theatre more.

P went to see Platform, a play based on the book by Michel Houllebecq. He couldn't stop talking about a woman spreading her (clad) legs tongue.gif and full frontal male nudity (to a lesser extent). The first scene was a huge pile of garbage (containing furniture!) falling from above, which had a huge impact when it hit the stage. P said he had to wipe his eyes because of the clutter.

Sonik, I like your avatar.

Polly, yay for getting stuff done.

Amilita, we saw Lars and the Real Girl this weekend also. Mr. DM and Twin DM were surprised that I didn’t love it (they said it was a quintessential DM film), but I did like it just not love it. I had a hard time with the awkwardness at the beginning. Yay for meeting sidecar and martini.

Sassy, it does take some getting used to working retail and the rotating schedules. I used to work at a movie theatre and had to work almost every holiday including Christmas, but for me it wasn’t a big deal.

Pixie, yay for getting stuff around the house done.

Sidecar, glad you had a nice trip.

Mornington, hope the move goes well.

Kitten, yay for a new boy and feeling happy about it.

Zoya, hope the job situation works out.

One of my coworkers had a heart attack this weekend, and he is only in his early 30’s. Is that crazy or what.
Oo, oo, I forgot to mention I saw Death at a Funeral this weekend. It was funny. Typical British farse/dark comedy.

Kvetch: I got a new computer at work. It's like driving on the Autobahn compared to my old computer. But our psycho IT guy (husband of the annoying former front desk queen rolleyes.gif ) decided not to put Firefox on it. So I'm working with Internet Explorer. God, it's awful. It's always asking me if I want to run plug-ins and accept cookies.....ever see that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry's mechanic (played by the brother on Everybody Loves Raymond) steals Jerry's car because he doesn't think Jerry's treating it well enough? That's our IT guy- totally security paranoid. We've got like 4 different anti-spyware/anti-virus programs sunning all the time. I'm pretty sure my boss/cousin is going to override his decision and put Firefox back on because IE is such a pain in the ass. Not only this, but I didn't know he was going to remove Firefox, so I lost all of the bookmarks I had on there. mad.gif Not to mention all the other first day of new computer bugs I've had to work out. It's been a long day!

: wub :!!!! Thanks yuefie wub.gif
Um, fuck off and die troll. Comprende that, or are the words FUCK and OFF to foreign for ya?

no problemo polly smile.gif

I might be going to see Regina Spektor tomorrow night. I want to go, but it's a smallish venue and we are not sure if there are tix left for sale.
It's been reported....nooooo, we don't need a 50 post requirement to start new threads! Of course, we'd have some determined jackasses who would make 50 bullshit posts just to start a thread.

Yuefie, raisin suggested I ask you- maybe you saw my post in the swap thread. I have a Tori Amos interview CD that I'm ready to part with (er, should I say, LeBoy is ready to part with.) If you're interested, let me know- I don't need anything in return- the gift of less clutter in my house enough.

Polly, I will gladly take that off your's and LeBoy's hands. I will PM you smile.gif

Va te faire foutre, espece de merde.


Hi, Kvetchies! wub.gif I am soooooo overcommitted these days, it's actually kind of sick. I think I need to take a nap. I just wanted to say hi.

Is it too early to talk about Thanksgiving? I don't know what I'm doing for the long weekend. Part of me wants to have an anti-turkey anti-football shindig chez moi, the other part of me wants to visit an elderly relative on the left coast. And yet another part of me is kicking myself for having not bought the plane tickets like I was going to do so I could jet off to a country that doesn't celebrate this holiday. It would have been the perfect time to get out of town for a few days. I'm beginning to hate this holiday more and more (yet again). I was okay with it for a few years and now I'm back to despising it. EH!

Or maybe I should just invite myself to Tesao's house. cool.gif

ETA: Mornington, why did you have to move? MOVING SUCKS BIG DONKEY BALLS (I mean, the physical process, what a pain in the ass). Is Boy Wonder still going to live with you?

Okay, for real, I'm going to take a nap now since I'm ready to conk out, but will probably leave my computer on. So wasteful.
Raisin, you should definitely come down & have Thanksgiving with me & Tes! I'm sure she'd be thrilled to have you.

Yuefie, you have to try to see Regina Spektor. I absolutely adore her, don't you? I just found out that she's performing here next month, so I need to order some tickets.

Anti-kvetch: The car in officially inspected! Woot!

Anti-kvetch: I have a delicious dinner planned tonight.

Anti-kvetch: I will be in Tulsa in 48 hours! I still have to pack & such, but that shouldn't take long. Wee!
If you don't mind, raisin, what's your history of hating Thanksgiving? I tend to get melancholy because it reminds me of my dad, but I still like it. This year, we're going to the snowy mountains to meet some college friends of mine, and the warm-but-inexpensive-and-totally-unfashionable coats I ordered just arrived today! Yay. I also got the knee-length A-line brown corduroy skirt I ordered...why is it so hard to find basic things like that? Or maybe I just hate shopping.

I'm gonna relax a bit before heading off to work...gotta watch the evening news, too, because the D.A. is resigning!!! It's under major pressure. He now owes 2.7 million in a racial discrimination lawsuit against him filed by former employees that he lost but has been appealing forever. He was trying to get the city or state to bail him out and they were saying no, and they were about to start seizing assets from the D.A.'s office. Plus he's not good enough at his job...granted, he's working under horrible circumstances, but he's not the one to save our criminal justice system. And there was a recent scandal wherein an alleged criminal came to his house in between committing armed crimes...the kid knows his girlfriend or some such...but ya gotta wonder if that whole story has come out.

It's crazy here how young men will get into trouble with the law...or killed...and there's always the quote or interview from the family about how he was a good kid, a normal teenager, etc. What's normal here is not normal to me. You touched a gun? (and not while hunting)- not normal!! You've been arrested?- not normal!! You dropped out of school?- not normal!! Or at least, shouldn't be considered normal.

OK sorry for the extended rant on local crap...((((hugs to all))))

And, hey, whatcha cooking for dinner, rose? I've been cooking more and I love ideas...that brat and apples dish looked yummy. So fall-y!! Next week, I'm going to make this kielbasa/kale/white bean/fennel soup with pumpkin's my super-autumn dinner.
Well, so much for napping, the phone woke me up.

RV, you must be psyched to be going home for a visit, huh? I hope it raises your spirits.

Oh, those ridiculous stories, Amilita -- "he seemed normal to me, I never suspected a thing!" no matter what crime was committed, the reporters ALWAYS find someone to say that. GAHHHHHH. Drives me nuts, too. It's so ridiculous, because if these neighbors/coworkers/whoever were really paying attention, THERE ARE WARNING SIGNS. Sheesh.

Oh, so my hatred dislike of T.: in a nutshell, it's twofold. One part of it is that my family is so splintered off that there are about bazillion different relatives who have a T. dinner and it's like I'm forced to "play favorites" and just end up feeling guilty in the end like I did last year, because it's not like there's one main house everyone goes to on that day (that just doesn't happen in my family). The other more recent problem is years of denial of "oh no, a dead bird in the middle of the table doesn't bother me IN THE LEAST!" when, in fact, it really does bother me and I've been too polite to say so. I'm not out to change the world to convert to vegetarianism, but I don't like the fact that no one in the family really takes me seriously about my choices. I so rarely talk about it the rest of the year. And I'm sorry if I'm offending any of you who do like turkey. Hence my wanting to start my own tradition of having a veggie T. dinner (no Tofurkey, please, that shit looks nasty), but again, back to who the hell is going to come over since everyone else already has their own plans set?! But I guess I do have some friends in town who would be orphans for various reasons on that weekend.

On the other hand, I could probably put aside my dead bird problems if I were spending the dinner with people I actually wanted to be around, guilt-free. But guilt-free is a rarity with my relatives.

So that's kind of it, briefly.

Aren't you glad you asked! tongue.gif
Ah, that makes total sense, raisin. It must be so hard for folks with divorced parents or otherwise fragmented families to deal with can get so complicated and I can see how it would take the fun out of it all.

Is it too late for you to just go out of town? I vote for a Bustie Thanksgiving for you at Tes'.

**fly by**

i'll be an orphan for thanksgiving. i think i'm gonna volunteer a couple of hours to a local shelter.

**flies off to yoga**
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