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((((candy)))) what sidecar said, please take care of yourself

~~~sidecar~~~ hope you are back to 100% soon

(((bunny's tummy)))

((((amilita & NOLA))))

So I keep hearing reports that certain areas are being cleared for residents to return home, but then immediately how other areas are being evacuated. One good note is that the area north of us has been cleared for residents to go home. So that fire is not an immediate threat to us. As long as the winds don't kick back up and shift.

This shot just breaks my heart:

Not that all the people and pets displaced and in danger aren't sad, but I just get really sad when I see the wildlife frightened and confused, fleeing from the flames.

Ugh. Shrub is visiting San Diego tomorrow. 'Yeah, cause that's what we need. Even higher alert, with him and his cronies and all their photo op's. Blech.

ETA: Just got a call from the social worker at the place they took my dad to in El Centro. YAY. She said he is getting settled in well and is fine, and that I can call to speak to him later after he wakes up from his nap. Phew.
(((yuefie and fam))) I was thinking of your dad when I heard they started busing some of the older folks out of the fairgrounds this morning. I'm glad he's somewhere a bit safer/easier to breathe! I'm glad PJ could get some sleep, I hope you can get some rest, too. How is the air now? Take care of yourself!

I'm glad my AuntP is safe, but I wish there was more info for them about their home. They should be able to go back in a day or two, but since the Rice fire was/is so much smaller than some of the others there isn't as much coverage. The most info they can get is that the worst damage was very near them, but nobody knows if it hit their actual home or not. I know it could be much worse, they wouldn't be out on the street if the worst happened, but they truly love that place.

(((depressed kvetchies)))

~~~~~~health/wellness vibes for all~~~~~~~
I'm tired so I can't Kvetch properly, but I wanted to tell yuefie and any other Bustie friends and family in So. Cal. that my thoughts are with you.
(((yuefie & papa))) i'm glad he's safe. i hope your home is safe too. yet more evacuations ... probably more tomorrow. and i've been thinking of the wildlife too. my heart aches for the people, but i can never not cry for the poor animals too. it's just how i'm wired.

(((six & fam))) i'm praying their home was spared.

(((candy))) you're not just a side note, darlin. we all love you. please take care of yourself.

*soothing footrubs for dm*

um, not to make light of the situation, at all, but who is glenn beck and why does he have a show on CNN and why haven't i ever heard of him before? he also had the gall to make fun of the celebrities who have lost their homes, saying something snide about it "sucks being them" and maybe we should hold a telethon for them. ???!!! i may have to boycott CNN. he didn't cross the line, he jumped waaaaay over it. coldhearted bastid.

antikvetch: danny got his results back from his physical, and he seems to have inherited his dad's super-low cholesterol. thank god. i was hella worried bout that. that was my one bright spot today.

(((california))) i can't stop watching the coverage. i'm sick about it.

eta: i just sent an email to CNN - here's the link if anyone else is so inclined.
Cod, I've been so wrapped up in my own concerns that I just realized today -- I have friends in and near San Diego. Shit!!

((((yuefie, sixela, socal)))) You are in my thoughts.
My god, there is just so much intensity going on here! Fires and floods and illnesses and all. I don't know who to be more worried about.

While I am sending best wishes to all of you, I am also going to send some vibes up to the goddess to keep an eye on everyone here.

I love you guys to pieces. I am sorry to be such a mememe thread hogger, I am just kinda gettin freaked here. So I apologize in advance for being all boohoo me, I do realize how lucky we are. It was just reported that the Poomacha fire and The Witch Creek are burning a mile apart and are expected to merge late tonight. Also the Harris fire has jumped a ridge and is now threatening an evacuation center. Our area remains untouched. I'd even heard that the winds had turned around and were burning back out east, the direction from which the fire began. But then I just saw moments ago that winds have picked up and switched directions to west/southwest once again. And those winds are affecting the Witch Creek fire that is out east of us and our biggest threat. No, we aren't close to it, yet. But the community behind us, Lakeside, is listed as threatened. As soon as you hear a report that it seems to be calming down, suddenly you hear they are picking up again in areas that were reported as calm. You hear such and such community can return home and you breathe a sigh of relief, but then moments later you hear of two more communities that are being evacuated. And the coverage has conflicting reports, some more accurate and updated but how does one always know who to believe? The sky here is darker and hazier, the air is getting smokier, and I am growing increasingly nervous.

It doesn't help that I'm spotting and crampy. Fark. I did get to talk to my daddy for a few minutes, which was a relief. He was a little disoriented, but seemed comfortable and happy enough. He sounded like he is not really aware of what is happening, almost like a kid. He told me "I got to ride on the Marine Corp bus and the Marines were really nice to us." I don't know why that made me cry when we hung up, but it let loose the dam. I am glad he is almost blissfully unaware of how bad this is, and I think the relief of that allowed me to just loose it. I need some sleep. I slept from 5 am til 7 am, and had a half hour catnap today. The night before I got 3 1/2 hours. I want to sleep, but it's so hard to when you know you could wake up to one of those reverse 911 calls and have to run. I can't let myself be lulled in to a false sense of security. Seriously, nobody in the coastal areas EVER expected this to happen to them. Nobody is surprised when it's East County, but beach towns? And it's never far from my mind that in 2003 the Cedar fire burned within about 3 blocks from where we live. Mission Trails Park, which is prone to fires, is just a few miles up the street I live on. I know I am naturally a worrywart. But geez, how can one not be with this type of insanity?
(((yuefie))) you know that nothing will happen to you with so many bustie vibes behind you, babycakes! You are entitled to worry though, it's an anxious and terrifying situation, but I hope you manage to sleep a little.

I'm just running in to tell everyone I have a final interview with IKEA today. If they dig me, I'll start this weekend.
Need vibes. Hopefully, I'll get the job...because discounted bookcases would so rock the house!!! smile.gif

I'll post more and vibe more tonight.

Anti-kvetch: Mcgeek is taking off his lunch hour to come and get me in the rain, and drive me there. Wouldn't you know that I left my raincoat in his car?

Good luck (((sassy))) !

(((sixela and family)))

(((yuefie))) you're not being a thread hog. It's a scary situation, every time I turn on the news all I see is coverage of all the fires.
Just wanted to stop by and share this:

And to thank you all for the positive thoughts, good vibes, love and support. We are fine, still no fires threatening our area and the winds seem to have calmed down so that's great. The Harris fire out reached Jamul, which is south east of us and is raging, but they are fighting it like mad with airstrikes of fire retardant and water. Because the winds are low right now, and they aren't positive they will stay that way, they are really hitting with all their might. The Witch Creek fire and the Poomacha fire have merged, which scary. I noticed on the google fire map that the evacuation area for Witch Creek seems to have inched a little closer to Lakeside, therefore to us, but we are still a ways away from being in an danger of evacuation. Sadly there is also new blaze in Camp Pendelton called the Horno fire. The Rice fire is a bit more contained today. And other areas that were threatened are doing better, the offshore flow they were so concerned about doesn't seem to be kicking in, and some residents are beginning to be allowed to return home. Others are being allowed to see their neighborhoods with escorts, but not allowed to stay until the areas have been assessed and cleared as safe to return.

The air quality is bad, but not as bad as it would have been if the offshore flow had pushed all the smoke and particles back in over the county. We are all feeling the effects, even with the windows and doors kept shut and keeping outdoor exposure to a minimum. PJ and I have been taking antihistamines and decongestant, and I've been puffing on the inhaler when my chest feels tight. My poor niece has terrible asthma and has had to have a couple of breathing treatments. Fortunately her doctor sent her home with a portable treatment machine. I haven't been able to reach my uncle, who lives down in Chula Vista, because the cell phones circuits are stil overloaded. But I'm too not worried, I just wanted to let him know where my dad is. Tomorrow is the 4 year anniversary of when the Cedar & Paradise fires began, and is also the 7 year anniversary of when my mama passed away. I don't feel as down as I usually do because right now, all I can think of is how rough this air quality would have been on my ma with all her respiratory problems. She would have, no doubt, been hospitalized. So I am trying to look at the silver lining wink.gif

((((kvetchies)))) ~~~~good vibes for all~~~~
Glad to hear you're still safe, Yuefie! (((((((((((( continued vibes of safety for the firefighters & the people of southern California ))))))))))))

~$$~$$~$$~ jobby-job vibes for Sassy ~$$~$$~$$~

Kvetch: Today marks 2 years since Karen died. I know she was never officially my MIL, but I loved her so dearly. I'm still can't believe she's gone. She was always such an amazing cook that I decided to roast a chicken tonight in her honor. I know it sounds silly, but it's kinda soothing to me.

Kvetch: Sheff is veryveryvery stressed out at work. Very very. I wish I could make it better for him.

Anti-kvetch: I did a deep clean of our bedroom today. I was inspired by the Fall Cure over at Apartment Therapy. It's so amazingly tidy now! Sheff will be very pleased. Order calms him.

Anti-kvetch: It rained today! It doesn't stop the fact that we're in an extreme drought, of course, but every little bit helps.

Anti-kvetch: I spotted a job in the local paper today that would be very very good for me. I'm tempted to apply, but I know my Excel skills aren't that impressive right now. Hmmmm.
roseviolet - apply for the job if you want it. You can always improve at Excel.

{{{{sassygirl}}}} best of luck to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

{{{{yuefie}}}} you're not being a thread hog. Actually it is like you are writing a journal. It is very interesting to me.
Excel is the easiest thing to learn -- you should go for it.

(((yuefie))) I sent you a note, although I don't know if you still check that email addy. Glad you're checking in!
(((((Continued love for Yuefie and So Cali)))))

Rose...2 years has gone so quickly, hasn't it? I also second the fact that excell is pretty easy to learn. Don't let that hold you back.

Kvetch/antikvetch?:Someone told me about a job today that I'm qualified for that pays $5/h more than what I making now. I wish they hadn't mentioned it cause now I'm contemplating it. I love my job, but it would be really nice to have the extra money. The big downside is that it is in the aerospace industry and they do lay offs so often and this isn't a union job, so there's no protection. The commute would suck too. It's no further than where I work now, but a much busier/dangerous highway.

((pixie)) Good luck on whatever you choose job wise.

((rose)) I agree with the others go ahead and apply for the job, as you can always refresh on Excel.

((yuefie)) Glad the fire is staying away from your area, but I hope the air quality gets better. We had some fires in Florida this May, and the air quality was horrible so I can only imagine how it is with that much area burning.

((sassy)) Good luck with the Ikea interview.

((mando)) I can’t stand Glenn Beck. He is beyond ridiculous.

((sixel’s family))

((ccgirl)) Glad you made it to the doctor. Hope things get better.

((sidecar)) Feel better.

((lelu)) Happy belated birthday.

I am tired again today, slow days at work make me sleepy.

Yuefie, don't feel bad at all! We're worried about you & about everyone else there. You talk all you need to, okay?

Pixie, 2 years have gone by so quickly. It doesn't feel like any time at all has passed until I look at your pics of the MiniPixies and see how much they've grown. About that job ... would it be near the airport? I took a temp job out there once &, yes, the commute was pretty bad, but for that much money it would be worth it!

Thanks for the support, gang. I'm sure I could learn more tricks in Excell fairly easily. The job is with a major month-long dance festival that takes place every year here (The office is open year-round). They want someone to work part-time doing finance & accounts-payable stuff in their offices. They want someone who loves the arts (check) with a 4 year degree (check) who took accounting classes while in college (check). And of course, my years working at the bank helps, too. It's perfect because it's part-time & not too far from home.
Kvetch: I just found out how much they're paying & it's CRAP. I haven't made that little since 2002. Somehow I doubt they'd be willing to increase the pay by 30%. Blah.
Omg, we just had quite a start here. My cousins girlfriend misheard a news report where they said parts of El Cajon, which is the other town I live near (I'm sort of on the border between Santee & El Cajon, but more Santee) were being evacuated and horses could be taken to a lot at an intersection only a few blocks from where I, and they live. She thought they said that there was a fire AT the intersection. And when she couldn't get hold of Art on either phone, she figured it must be true and he and her son had been evacuated. My girlfriend Monica and her daughter came over and we're hangin' out making a huge pot of posole and suddenly we're thinking a fire is a few blocks away. We were running around like chickens with their heads cut off, throwing Ziggy in to his carrier, trying to find it on the news website, when it occured to me that I should drive that way and see if it was true, because we couldn't find anything about it on the news channel OR website. So yeah, there was nothing there but people arriving with their horses. PHEW.

sidecar, if it's the BUST email addy for my old user name I do use it still. *off to check there*

((((rose & pixie)))))


thanks for listening smile.gif
(((yuefie))) continued love and vibes your way! Also big massive hugs for your mum's anniversary tomorrow; the fires are undoubtedly taking your mind off it.

(((rose and pixie))) I can't believe 2 years have passed already. rose, that sounds like a fitting tribute.

rose, how was your day and where has the lilac gone? sad.gif. I too suggest going for the job as even applying and getting out into the job market may do you wonders, even if you don't get the job.

good luck, sassy! I would envy you discounted bookcases.


It is so very COLD here. Bitterly cold. The winter wardrobe is coming out.
Um, hi.

Probably I should hightail it over to the Newbies thread since it's been a squajillion years since I last posted, but whatevah.

It will take forever and a day for me to catch up with everyone, but that's okay.

So, how have you been? biggrin.gif
(((yuefie))) more hugs for you...

rose - one of my favourite quotes is: "you miss 100% of the shots you never take" (Wayne Gretzky) I saw that for the first time about 10 years ago, and I've never forgotten it. I always remind myself of it when I'm wondering if I should do something.. I usually end up thinking "fuck it, might as well give it a go and see where it leads" So in other words.. do it! you never know what will come of it - and at least you'll meet people who could be cool! oh - and you'll be fine on Excel. I find that when I have to use it for a certain project, I just figure out how to do what I need to do via the tutorials and help menu in the program, and I learn it that way. no sweat.

~*~*Interview and Job vibes for Sassy*~*~


update on the vibe-requested stuff - GBF is doing well, his mom called me last night, surgery went well and he's going to be in the hospital a few days - all looks well right now though for a good recovery. on the work front, potential big boss money guy contacted me and is going to send me proposed numbers for salary, then we can discuss. That makes me feel so much better, now I don't have to just randomly throw out a number and see what they say... I actually have a jumping off point for discussion. so we'll see... I just hope he hurries, it's kind of a time sensitive thing for me... and as far as the other thing with my current project, we'll just have to wait and see what comes of it...
funjules, I think I remember you!

(((rosev))) go for the job!

(((pixie, dm, yuefie, zoya, bunny)))

so, the good news is that I finally went to a class today! But I am thanking my lucky stars that I don't have class tomorrow cause I just want to sleeeeeep.
Holy crap!!!!!!!
[runs across room, throws self at the darling Julesey, & covers her sweet face in kisses]
You will not believe this, but I was thinking about you yesterday while I was in the shower. For reals! Perhaps The Fates are telling us that we should be together again ... just you and me ... in sequined tafetta prom gowns ... dancing slowly to Lionel Richie songs ...
So how the hell are you? I hope that you and yours are happy and healthy. If not, then please feel free to vent away with us. Kvetch is just as supportive and wonderful as ever, even if some of the names are new to you.

((((((( neverending safety vibes for Yuefie ))))))

CCGirl, good for you for getting back to class. I know how hard that can be sometimes. ((((CCGirl))))

~$$~$$~$$~ big-money-no-whammies vibes for Zoya ~$$~$$~$$~ I love the fact that he is sending the numbers to you so that you have time to review them & consider them in private. I hate it when they mention that in an interview & they expect you to give a definite yes or no right on the spot.

((((((((( hugs of healing for GBF ))))))))

DM, hope tomorrow is more interesting.

Sidecar, did you make it back to work today?

Bunny, how cold is it there? Sorry about the lack of my usual purpleness. Sometimes when I'm sad I just don't feel as colorful.

Luckily, today turned out to be pretty good. I got tons of work done & made a spectacular dinner. It was nothing particularly special or difficult - just a roasted chicken with root vegetable - but damn was it ever tasty. It was almost as good as Karen's. smile.gif

Thanks again for the support, everyone! It's true that I'm looking at getting a job mainly as a way to help me deal with the depression. I like cooking and all, but I'm just not a full-time-homemaker kind of girl. I need to be out & active in the community. Plus, it would be good for us to put more money away for retirement & such. However, because of some of my health problems, I think it would be best to just work part-time, so that's what I'm looking for.

I told Sheff about the job & he agrees that it sounds perfect for me. They'll start interviewing in November & they want to fill the spot ASAP. I also saw on the company's website that the shitty pay rate is for the first 3 months & then they'll have a review during which they will consider a raise. I think if I get to go in for an interview, I'll just have to tell them frankly that I may be willing to accept the lower pay for the first 3 months, but if they aren't willing to bump the regular pay scale by at least 20%, then I'll be forced to turn them down.
Rose, it is near the airport, but not where you're thinking. It's the OTHER big Aerospace company, which has recently changed names. I tried finding the job on their website and couldn't find it, so it may have been filled already, but I'm definitely going to dig a little more. I realized that it would translate into $1000 more a month since my current job is not 40hrs/wk.

I also think you should give your job possibility a shot even if the pay sucks. You aren't dependant on teh money, even though you are probably worth far more, and if it helps lift your depression and makes you fulfilled, how do you put a price tag on that? And if the job sucks as bad as the pay, you can always quit.


Jules! I haven't seen you since the last time I was active in LJ land. Good to see you around these part sagain!

(((Bunny, Morninton, Mando, sidecar,ccgirl and everyone else))))

I just started posting in here again, too - albeit rather sporadically. (I seem to be bogged down with teh sad lately, like so many other BUSTies).

But seeing you brings a little happiness to my day. smile.gif

Yuefie, even though I haven't been posting, I've been vibeing something fierce. Continued be-safe vibes coming your way from the east.

Sassy - I sincerely hope you get that job. What a fun place to work! I've been spending entirely too much time lately poking around the IKEA site. I desperately need bookshelves. And a bed.

Possibly not the right thread for this, but I feel like sharing: I made oatmeal scotchies last night and on a whim threw in some cinnamon chips. This may be one of the best ideas I've had in a long time.

(((yuefie))) i'm keeping close tabs on the harris/witch fires, on your behalf. i'm also praying fiercely for rain. thank god the winds finally died down, at least.

*continual loop super protective vibes for yuefie & fam/friends and six's fam*

*extra tight hugs for (((yuefie & pj & sis)))* are you going to try to make your mama's fave dinner tonite, or is that a ridiculous question?

welcome back, jules! how's life treating you and yours these days?

(((candy))) babysteps are A Good Thing.

(((rose))) i too feel a job is just what the doctor ordered. as long as it's not something that's going to stress you out.

(((zoya))) i heart you for your spot-on advice. i just do. happy for your good news on GBF & the Salary Issue.

kvetch: lotsa work crap going on the past 2-3 weeks. stuff that makes me hate humanity. and then in CA, the whole arson aspect is depressing the shittoutta me. i don't want to live on the same planet with people that cold-hearted and malevolent. now they've found two burned bodies in poway. i grimly suspect they're going to find more people who didn't or couldn't leave their homes. *deep cleansing breath* on a happier note, a man returned to his still-intact running spring house in to find one of his kitties hiding under the porch, perfectly ok. here's hoping he finds his other kitty alive and well also. please, please, powers above, give us lots of miracle stories ... k?

quick OT question: can a neti pot work if you have a deviated septum? i'm finally taking decisive action about the mr's chronic sinusitus. i'm worried about his health first and foremost, but i'm also ubertired of living with his horrid, neverending cough. nevermind that he's up to a half-a-pack again, dummkopf that he is. mad.gif

sometimes i feel like i have two kids. and danny's the eldest. *heavy sigh*
I don't have to work today, I don't have to work today! They're putting new (much needed) computers in, so the office is closed.

Oh, and to reply to what you said about parent's in the room during the cleaning appointment, rose- here's the difference between the dentist and a doctor. A pediatrician looking at a 6-year-old, whether it's a general check-up or for a specific issue, is going to have lots of questions and the parent needs to be there because a little kid may not be able to remember all their symptoms or articulate how they feel- the parent observes the kid every day and should be able to tell the doctor what's been going on. With a cleaning appointment, 80% of the visit is the hygienist cleaning the kid's teeth. The teeth are right there, the hygienist isn't diagnosing anything (they know what to look for, but they're not deciding what anything is.). The other 20% is the doctor doing the examination, and unless he thinks there's a cavity or a bite issue or maybe there's some tissue that questionable, it's all just looking at the teeth. Not that I'm comparing kids to cars, but it's like getting your car worked on- your car mechanic would be a little weirded out if you stood over his shoulder while he was doing the work on your car.

Plus, there's a lot of emotional stuff going on- we see so many adults who are dental-phobic as a result of being traumatized as a kid at the dentist and if a parent is nervously standing over a kid the whole time, those feelings of anxiety transfer over to the kid. Also, if a kid has behavior issues (we see A LOT of ADD, autism, etc.) we don't sedate them, we don't use a papoose board; we spend a lot of time talking to the kid, calming them down, explaining exactly what will happen (in kid-friendly terms) and then it's a matter of getting them to stay focussed. 99% of the time, this works and we don't need to send the kid to a pediatric dentist. If a parent is in the room, providing an audience, all focus is lost and there's no way we'll get anything done.

I'm stuck cleaning my house today. Meh. My oven is being wacky. It's supposed to click, then light and stop clicking. The clicking won't stop. mad.gif I haven't tried it again today. Maybe the magic oven elves fixed it overnight. One can hope.

((hugs to yuefie & family, mando, rose, pixie, jules, zoya, lanie, bunny, sidecar, morn and anyone else I missed!))
*waves at funjules* Yay. I love to hear when BUSTies return after a long hiatus.

(((lanie)))) thanks smile.gif

((((rose)))) I agree with pixie, as long as the job is a good fit for you and it will help, go for it.

job related vibes for zoya, sassy and all who need them~~~

(((candy))) ~~~good rest & sleep vibes~~~ hope you are feeling better

*waves at flanker* nice to see ya, doll

~~~non slow work days for DM~~~

~~~bunny's tummy be settled~~~ sorry you're having so much grief lately. I can empathise with that, as I am prone to it as well. I've always had a super sentsitive and fussy tummy.

(((amilita)))) how are things in NOLA?

(((sidecar)))) thanks for the note smile.gif

((((billy)))) just 'cause

(((sixela)))) any news on your aunts home? I am sending much vibage her way.

(((mandi))) it's not a ridiculous question, honey. I'm not feeling like cooking tho', bad sinus headache + intense nausea = crappy feeling me. so glad to hear danny is feeling better. I was so sad to hear about the bodies found in the Poway home. Until that point there had only been one actual fire related fatality and I was just glad for that. Yay for that guy finding his kitty. I saw a report of a woman who lost everything in Katrina, came here to start over and now lost everything again. My heart aches for her. We are hearing that the Witch Creek & Harris fires were both likely caused by downed power lines because of the strong wind gusts we had. But sadly, at least one of the fires, in Orange County is known to be arson. How sick and twisted and just plain sad. Oh and I meant to mention how I saw that asswipe Glenn Beck being a cold prick about the celebs who've lost their homes and it made me sick too. I don't see how you could wish devastation or loss on any person, rich or poor. Or act like being a celeb makes you somehow worthy of it. Farking bastid! And damnit, I want to hug me some firefighters. Pfft on athletes, THEY are the real heroes.

((((polly, kitten, syb, morn, star, raisin, faith, amilita, crassy, sonik, crassy, and everybody else 'cause my memory is teh suckage right now))))

Ugh, I woke up and was hit with a wave of nausea so strong I thought I was gonna lose it for sure. I didn't, but man it was fierce. I drank a cup of peppermint and ginger tea I made myself from a chunk of fresh ginger and jamaican peppermint my sis brought me back from her trip. It helped settle me a bit, but I still feel all wonky. I planned to go down and see if I could volunteer somewhere local today, but feeling like this put a stop to that. Also the fact that schools are all still closed and niece's grandma had to work. So she is in my bed still asleep. I wish I could sleep like a teenager still! The fires are still burning and SD is nowhere out of the woods, but things are also not progressing at a rapid rate. And some areas are gaining containment, if slowly. The winds calming and the temperature cooling can only help. About an hour ago Bush's helicopter and his entourage of about six other military 'copters flew right over us. They are obviously visiting an East County evacuation center for their photo op's, though the news is only reporting their visit to the more affluent part of SD, Rancho Bernardo. Whatever, just get something done shrub. We're just waiting for him to don a flight suit, give the thumbs up and say "Mission Accomplished". Feh. One thing I need to say is though I've never been a fan of the Governator, Arnie has been kickin' some ass here. Seriously, that man has been on the front lines, and making progress. Not just photo op's and BS'ing the public. He's has been visiting people and actually taking time to talk with them, and really pushing for shit to get done. I know dude's an actor and all, but he genuinely seems to give a damn what's going on Southern Ca, which is a refreshing change. Though the press conferences are still a bunch of people standing around, patting eachother on the back. The air quality in my area is listed as hazardous, instead of just unhealthy like yesterday. I took Sashie out for a walk and in the five or so minutes we were outside, my shirt was covered in little bits of ash. All the local places are sold out of masks, but I just read that the firehouses should have them, so I am off to try and get some. Thanks for the continued love and vibes.


(((yuefie))) I was just getting ready to send you a message about the masks at the firehouses. Thanks for all the vibage for AuntP, they can really use it. There's no way of telling if their home is still there or not. On half the maps their road is right at the edge of the known burn area, and on the other half it is in the burn area. Since all the maps are "approximate", it's just completely 50/50 on whether or not it's still standing. All vibes are appreciated, as they likely won't know for several more days. Their fire is 30% contained, and expected to be 100% by Sunday.

Shrub is kind of pissing me off with his photo op visits...he and his entourage backed up traffic for 2-3 hours, causing major delays for the people who are finally being allowed back into their homes after being evacuated. Asshat.
((((sixela's aunt & family)))) It must so hard for them waiting and not knowing anything either way. I feel so bad for everyone trying to find out about their homes and getting absolutely no where. Yeah, I read about these poor people who were stuck in the RB traffic due to Shrubs visit, one of them an 89 year old suffering from pnuemonia trying to get her medication. They couldn't run the a/c for fear of running out of gas, meanwhile they had to roll down the windows to avoid suffocating and breathe in the polluted air. Way to go, jerkass. There are no reports of him acutally visiting anywhere in the East County, so they must have just been doing an airial tour. I ran down to the fire station near my sisters place and they didn't have any masks yet. I stopped at Home Depot and they are still sold out. And just from that little bit of running around outside my eyes and throat are itchy and burning. Blech.

Shit. Just saw reports that the Harris fire is flaring back up and moving in to new areas and also back in to a few different areas it's already burned through. So there are new mandatory evacuation orders and some repopulation orders are being rescinded. That is what is so scary about wildfires. As the fires are "contained", they can even more quickly become out of control again.
It kind of kills me that the Shrub's visit has only caused more problems. It is so obvious that he is just trying to avoid a PR disaster that makes it looks like he doesn't care. I can understand why he would want to go out after the fires were contained and survey the damage but going out while the problem is still going on just seems like a really bad idea! And so it was. Jeeze!

For all of you affected, I really hope it stops soon! Love, hugs, fresh air and water!!!!!!!!!!!

funjules- I remember you 'cause you used to be on the postie list! Welcome back!

polly - I had a day off today but I played hooky from work to make it happen. I hope you enjoyed yours!

kvetch - I think I might have overestimated how much fun the guy I had a date with last week actually had with me as I have not heard from him since Saturday. We emailed a little on Tuesday, but otherwise, nothing. I called him tonight and got his voice mail. I really thought we were going to see each other this Saturday but we have no real plans.

Dammit. sad.gif
(((Yuefie, friends and family))) and (((Six and family)))

(((Long lost busties like Jules and yes, you, Mandi)))

I shake my fist at unappreciative boyz and hope Kitten is mistaken.

I'm not American, but I think if I lived through devastation like Katrina or the fires, and George Dubya had the nerve to come up and fuckin' hug me, I would go ballistic. "Excuuuuuuuse me? Do I *know* you?" I find those photo ops really creepy.

Its been a rough week. As if the savethedepartment campaign weren't enough, Mr. Dusty and another friend put their heads together about six weeks ago and decided that of the three of us, I should be the one to sit on a committee. Sooooo, when I am spending time on WEEKENDS and every other night, going to meetings, I feel guilty because I'm taking time I normally spend with Mr. Dusty. And then I remember it was his idea. Its an interesting group, I tell ya. Some people I like and respect more every time I see them, others its like chalk on a blackboard to me every time they speak.
Oooh, Dusty, I would love for G.W. to come down here to New Orleans and try to hug me...I'd slap him. Oh, and whenever he comes this way, I get so irritated with the closed-off highways and whatnot.

(((Yuefie))) So much stress and worrying...I'm sorry sweetie. There's gonna be such long-term impact from all this. One thing that has given me some sort of...comfort, or some kind of positive that perhaps the response to these fires is somewhat better/faster than it would have been if not for the poor response down here.

Kittenb, bleh on confusing boys.

~~~Sixe's Aunt~~~

Polly, I can totally relate to the parents present for the cleaning is amazing how differently some women act around their families...mammas, especially...when they're in labor. It's most often true for teenagers, but even some patients in their 20s will totally lose their minds or become totally noncommunicative or what have you with mommy there. Oy.

(((Mando))) Sometimes, though I love my Mr. dearly, I feel like I have a kid...and I ain't never birthed nobody.

Rosev, that job sounds like it could be great!

Stay warm, Bunny!

I remember you Funjules, back before I used to post in kvetch...hi!

Hope you're getting lots of rest, DM.

(((Pixie, Zoya, Candy, Sassy, Fina, Faith, Mornington, and everyone!!!)))

I've been painting the hallway today...still have to do the ceiling and one more coat for the walls. I've also been going to the gym for the last 4 feels really good. And I've been cooking more...made this sweet potato, jalapeno, and corn soup earlier in the week, and next up is ratatouille, but I call it Rat-a-tat-touille.

I'm supposed to meet up with Sidecar and Martini for a drink on Saturday! I gotta figure out a good meet-up place...
(((((Yuefie and Dad and loved ones ))))))

(((Candycane Girl)))))

Did you have a job inteview yet, RoseV? $$$$$$Belated vibes$$$$$$$

How did your job interview go, Sassygirl?

The governator laugh.gif . Never heard of that term, learn somthing new everyday, eh?

*Waves at Funjules and Flanker*

(((Mando and Mr. and Danny))))

((((Sixealcat & Fam))))))

Being your own boss is great, but some of my friends are not doing too well running their own business. The downside is that when business is slow you have all this time to think and worry. I mean, i had one week with nothing urgent in it and thoughts were creeping up. I can deal with it, see it in perspective, but a friend of mine has a complicated non-love life on top of that, how paradoxal that might sound.
I'm recovering from a severe cold, the incessant coughing gave me headaches.

Also..this week i'm in business. BIG business. It's all very exciting. And it keeps coming.

Rat, my cat is catching mice all the time. I always find a dead mouse somewhere when i'm on my way out the door to go to my office. The dead mouse i found this morning was quite big. At least it wasn't taken apart, like 'the something' i found a couple weeks ago. I was all gross and mushy, with a bit of bone. I didn't want to think too hard about it.

Two weeks ago i went to see Michael Gira perform, Raymond Raposa was the opening act. Very impressive. I was so glad i could finally see Gira perform in person. I never got to see Swans, i got into that when they broke up. Seeing someone you have utmost respect for playing live with such intensity is very moving. The venue i went to always makes lovely prints of every music concert. I managed to get my hand on a beautiful screenprint (original!) of that night.

(((Dusty, Pixiedust, Laniethezany, polly, Kittenb, Sidecar, Amilitia, Designermedusa, Bunny, Zoya, Funjules, Flanker Ji, Sassygirl, Mornington, Stargazer, Faerietails2)))))
hmm..sorry for the double post. i messed up.

ETA: i messed up quite badly methinks, 'cause i didn't report my underwear!

Yellow panties, with babyblue trim, black bra with lacy back.
((yuefie and family))

It's too early!! I got the job! I start tomorrow at a training class. The pay is crap, but it will get me out of the house a few days a week, and I think help my depression. And the discount on their furniture isn't bad at all. I'm super excited. smile.gif smile.gif

Kvetch: Fighting with Mcgeek. I moved out for a while. I keep finding more and more of his ex's stuff. And when I'm basically living with him, it's just not cool. I'm back at my apartment. But, it's a shorter commute to my job anyways. Plus Miles gets more attention here without 2 other cats and a dog.

Kvetch: Mcgeek's pets. The dog started biting me, and one of the cats starting pissing everywhere. I woke up Weds morning, and the cat had pissed all over the bed. This is yet another reason why I moved back to my apartment.

Rose, did you apply for the job? I think it would help.

Zoya, belated money vibes.

Candy, how are you doing?

(((Dusty, Pixiedust, Laniethezany, polly, Kittenb, Sidecar, Amilitia, Designermedusa, Bunny, Zoya, Funjules, Flanker Ji, Sassygirl, Mornington, Stargazer, Faerietails2)))))

Anti-kvetch: Probably catch that new Wes Anderson flick tonight. smile.gif

drive by...

yay sassy for the job!!! congrats! thanks for the money vibes, they're not belated, I'm still waiting for big boss guy to email me the proposed pay. I REALLY need him to do it soon (like today) but don't want to push him so... I just want to get this 100% nailed down so I can start looking for places and hell, just think forward.


oh. almost forgot - black hipster shorts, hot pink push up bra with white polkadots and little bows where the straps attach to the cups. tres cute and makes my boobies look bigger!
I do understand why it is GWB had to visit, I just don't understand why it was only the more affluent areas that were focused on. But then again, I do understand rolleyes.gif

congrats on the job, sassy!


be back later with a proper post and undie report, as there is nothing to report yet this morning wink.gif
Friday flyby!

Congrats sassygirl! It's Ikea, right? I was just at an Ikea yesterday. They have some nice new stuff.

I am off to the massage place today. I need to earn enough tips so that I can have a really great time tomorrow. So I need a handful of clients who pass out $20 like candybars. Fingers crossed!

{{{{zoya, sonic, amalitia, yuefie, dusty, and all}}}}

I just got done with my workout. I think everytime I need motivation with my cardio I should ask some guy to really make me upset/mad/etc. That is the most calories I have ever burned on a cardio session ever.

Undies: salmon colored panties, string sided hipsters with dasies and a peachy lacy bra.
Yep IKEA. So, have my eyes on some bookcases. Mcgeek has really shitty ones at his house.
Yet, you all knew that. I'm going to miss my built in ones when I leave this place.

Forgot to add...

Undie report: Boring pink ones.

*fly-by (will do a real post soon, promise!)*

sassy, you know I am dying of jealousy over here! Mmmmm.....IKEA......*falls into heavenly trance*

yuefie, I think GB had a (albeit very very small) chance of earning a spec of respect, had he just done a flyover and issued a statement about how he knows the motorcade needed to visit sites would hamper people's efforts to return to their homes, but he is aware of the devastation and doing everything he can. Goddess forbid he consider victims over a photo op...with victims. blink.gif

*zooms out*
Sassy!!! Congrats!! I have this big tv stand/bookshelf from IKEA and I love it. I also love that I wasn't the one who had to assemble it.
I'm doing alright except for some stuff which I will kvetch about below.

dusty, this is completely random but I just noticed that you live in TO! That's where I am too.

(((sonik))) tell us more about this business! And thanks for the vibes.



(((zoya, amilita, bunny, polly, dm, mando, rose, jules, pixie, lanie, everyone)))

biiiiig kvetch: I went to sleep around 5am this morning. These pills are driving me crazy. Most of the time I can sleep alright but last night I was just so awake. So after going to sleep at that crazy hour I woke up really late and missed my classes.

kvetch: I am going to be spending my Saturday taking care of my grandparents. There was a cheap concert I really wanted to go to. I know that sounds bitchy but I hate that I can't go out because they would be up all night thinking I've been murdered just because this is "the big city". They lived here most of their lives but suddenly it's unsafe for me? What?

anti-kvetch: I've really been enjoying Jason Schwartzman's new cd. He's awesome.

undie report: same plain white ones from last night cause I haven't gotten up and showered yet.

Happy Friday, Busties. Just reading the initials GWB pisses me off.

At the weekly meeting of a service organization with which I'm involved, the speaker this morning infuriated me. In the guise of talking about an agency he's involved in, we heard a blatant pro-life message. I looked around for his Stop Abortion Now poster. Of course, where I live, this is a welcome message. I may have been the sole pro-choice person in the room.

Today, it's olive boxer briefs. I kept them back just for today smile.gif

Congratulations to Sassy.... hugs to Yuefie.


yuefie, didn't you have a sniper rifle handy? Did you watch GA last night? *hugs*

yay, sassy!!! way to go! I love ikea bookcases (and their meatballs, loganberry and sauce; oh and pear cider).

yay for funjules being back (I know you from postielist too and from rose), for ikea, for meeting martini and sidecar, for sonik's big business, for the fires abating, for good work-outs, for olive boxers and everything else good.

boo for lack of sleep, babysitting grandparents, working with chalk on blackboard people, boss man not being prompt with pay proposal, for husbands who act like children, for dead mice, for everything else bad.

undies: black sheer panties with off-white lace front, matching balcony bra with bows on straps.

Have a great weekend! I'm seeing the boy tonight but he has best mate's stag night (bachelor party) tomorrow night and seeing his cousin Sunday (remind me to kvetch about that later) so going shopping with boy's mum tomorrow to new mall that has opened here and having hair done on Sunday.

hee, billy's olive boxer report made me smile tongue.gif

~~~~$dinero$ vibage for zoya~~~~

~~~~~good things and good health for all BUSTies and loved ones~~~~

bun, my sis positively love the meatballs & logan berry sauce from Ikea, but I've yet to try it. their bookcases on the other hand, I'm familar.

boo on all that bad stuff bun listed. and on sneaky anti-choice agenda dry.gif

((((candy, bunny, billy, rose, amilita, sixela, mandi, dusty, morn, syb, sidecar, star, polly, raisin, crassy, sonik, funjules, kitten, lanie, lelu, mavin, pixie, faith, zoya, sassy, dm, flanker, pink, fina, plat, tes, plummie, tallgirl, anoushh, everyone))))

Man, there are some pissed off SD residents right about now. between Cheney's Puppet's visit chaos, the conflicting reports on areas being cleared for residents to return and the subsequent hour LONG waits, not to mention that it seems the big focus is clearing out Qualcomm so that the Chargers can play there Sunday. 'Cause you know, that's top priority and all. I know some people, like rabid fans, are glad for the news and I understand the whole "it's a distraction for the people" angle. That being said, if it's "for the people" than why in the fuck don't they open at least the top level, free of charge, to the evacuees?? Corporate greed is why. Ptootey on that shit.

My sis got off work early so we are off for a little fun this afternoon. I think we are grabbing some Jamaican food for lunch, and then maybe go and get our nails done or shop. Something frivilous. Air quality is still pretty bad here, so we will try to keep our outdoor exposure to a minimum. But I think everyone could use some time out of their homes or workplaces!

undie report: blue and red argyle print hipsters, red bra.

ETA: I forgot to mention how Shan's cousin is captain of one of the teams from Reno, NV leading the helicopter assualt on the Harris fire. I so want to give him a big ol' hug.
Oh my busties so good to see you. Cold wet vibes to fires, safe passage to people and pets and animals, mmmmmmm Ikea meatballs, good for good jobs, strength for not fun jobs, cute undies everyone (I rarely report and now it's not Friday anymore, but I will get cool undies to have something to say.

My life - I had a very intense week with my pro bono client, she was grilled by the department of justice, the us attorney's office and the FBI. She's not a criminal defendant, but she's here illegally, was brutalized by her employer, and for a variety of reasons it's a complicated case and I am worried I am not going to be able to keep her and her baby here. God. I like getting a chance to take charge and do more meaningful work but damn I better win. My hat is running out of rabbits to pull, but I still have osme long shot ideas to get what we want.

Love: in love but it's a little doomed. I think. I hope not. He's just not really interested in sex. And he lives an hour away. But he's also stable, truly kind, brilliant, and has total emotional integrity - he would never say something he thought wasn't true and he would never hurt anyone on purpose. My heart is accordioning.

I am fleeing my job -- the rest is crappy and stupid and I am wasting my education and brain cells. Now the fleeing is temporary, with a vacation in NYC to gather myself together, but once my pro bono client's path is determined, I will try to get a new job. The political job I was chasing was related to Hillary's campaign but I think it might not materialize and I also think that given my mood issues it might not bne the best thing to take a job that is so stressful and travelly.

Flutterby, magpie, nightingales, warm in the cold and cool and the heat, the food you are craving, and the relief of any angry itch. These I wish for my busties.
faith - can your client apply for a U Visa?
Where is everyone when I'm bored at work?!?!

Went to BGP's house last night. The one whose cat died a few weeks ago, who gave us our dog. After the cat died, they said they now decided they were a one-cat/one-dog family and wouldn't get anymore pets until the two they had died. So what do they have when I get there last night? A new puppy. rolleyes.gif It's a male pomeranian/poodle mix. It's very cute and her mom got a female pomeranian/chihuahua mix and their plan is to breed them. Like I said, they're really cute, but it's just so infuriating because in the seven years I've known them (not including the time we were friends back in high school) they've "broken up with" four cats and four dogs. And this isn't the first time they've tried the breeding thing. They tried it with one of their cats and quit after one litter, giving away the mom they owned and one of the kittens they kept into adulthood, in addition to the other kittens they sold. And since I volunteer at the shelter and see the pet over-poulation problem first-hand, this is especially aggravating. I know they'll be responsible breeders, but the bottom line is that we just don't need anymore dogs out there. Their other dog, a beagle, has a slipped disk in her neck and is facing a $2-$3k surgery if steroids and anti-inflammatories don't make it go down. They have three kids, and the youngest ones, the 22 month-old twins, have nearly broken the kitten they got. I can't even imagine how they're going to deal with a litter of puppies in the house. *Sigh*

We're going to LeBoy's cousin's kid's 1st birthday party today after work. Hopefully his cousin who had the blood clots will be there. It's the only thing I'm really looking forward to about the party. Well, that's not true- I guess the side of the family that the birthday boy comes from is one of my favorite sides of LeBoy's family. It's funny because they were sort of the black sheep of the family, the butt of all the jokes when I first met LeBoy, but over the years, they've become some of my favorite people- they're so much more easy-going and drama-free than LeBoy's other relatives. And they always have good food. His cousin's husband makes the most incredible prime rib at Christmas. Better than any I've had in a steakhouse before.

((faith)) How frustrating. The immigration issue is such a mess- I heard a story on NPR last night about a Minuteman group in the Chicago suburbs and it was so upsetting, all this fear and ignorance that just feed each other and create hate.

Good luck with the love life. Kinda in the same boat, but I own a house with him. I should clarify that....I don't think we're doomed....we just to make some adjustments.

Cod, yuefie, I can't believe they're hustling people out of the stadium so it's ready for a f-ing football game. huh.gif

((hugs to all))
Congrats Sassygirl!!

Candycane, i'm doing a commercial gig at the mo. When i'm finished i can post a link. I feel more comfortable talking about a project once it's finished. But i was and am psyched to be working on such an assignment. Very nice people.

(((ongoing vibes for Yuefie and Dad and fam and residents in the vincinity of the fires))))))

(((Faith))) Wow that sounds like a tough job. I hope you can help her (which you do! Just sayin' because i hope everything turns out well for your client).

Today neo nazis held a demonstration in my 'hood. Wankers. Apparently they want the death penalty for paedophiles. Um, yeah, who is in favor of the practices of those people?! They play this card while they hope to get some people on their side. Fortunately i didn't catch sight of their ugly mugs. Just now i heard on the news that several leftist protesters were arrested.

I have a question for you residents on the east side of the U.S.; do you have daylight savings time? Tonight we (in NL) set the clock back one hour. Is that the case for you too? Or is there another date set in the U.S.?

They changed the date we set our clocks back, sonik.....checks interweb....we now change on November 4th instead of tomorrow. I wish they'd just do away with it. Or at least change the switchover day to a work day so I really feel the difference. It's just such an antiquated concept and it just screws us up.

Never thought I'd say this, but woohoo for the neo-nazis...!?!?! blink.gif What's next, the KKK volunteering at the soup kitchens?
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