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((candycane)) thinking of you
((polly)) are you better today? son is getting the same thing. oh, and thanks for the great C+H cartoon.

car / mandy - I was told it was 'classic cluster' migranes. due to stress. from 11-17, maybe? 30-60 a day. still get 'em, but not as frequent. but they last longer.

and for some reason, I have been having a 'down' week myself. just can't kick myself into any sort of gear at all. it's like I'm setting myself up for failure, so why try at all? gotta stop this.
I'm still around. I have been lurking and reading and silently vibing you all! I have just been too busy and exhausted to type much. I will try to be more social later this week once I rest up. I am working the weekend and it is sooooo exhausting being this preggo and working that hard!

**general all-purpose love and vibes**

also, a gross aside to bunny- coffee gives me the diarrhea as well. i am following your health issues as i too have some problems similar. my dr thinks i am allergice to something in milk but doesn't care to find out what, so i have to live on soy milk (tho that makes me ill too just not as much!)
hello all!!

this week was totally crappy and long. i've been lurking. my days are busy and long. i'm so pooped by the time i get home, coupled with running errands and yoga. i'm a busy bee. i was sick something awful this week. i'm finally feeling better. but, i was sick and got my period with my mom coming into town. talk about timing! her flight got in early friday morning because there were so many delays leaving the midwest. i was SO tired on friday.

antikvetch: i get to meetup with Raisin and lunasol!! awesome. momma is coming along so it should be fun.

(((sidecar, polly, DM, yuefie, morn, bunny, rose, zoya, six, dusty, mavin, candy, sybarite, faith, sonik, mando, PiP, billy, billy's grey boxers, and other kvetchies)))
Thanks so much for all of the vibes, I really appreciate it. It's going to be so embarrassing to go to my appointment tomorrow and say "by the way, I cut myself for the first time in 3 years".

Dusty, I'm not sure if the university has anyone I can call. The counselor I'm currently seeing is at the university so I'm going to ask her about emergency contact numbers.

The depression isn't all bad but today I just feel meh. It's 5pm and I have spent most of the day sleeping!

The last two days were great because one of my closest friends was visiting. It sucks though because next week she's moving across the country and she has no idea how long she's going to be there. It all depends on if she likes it or not.

(((star))) glad you're no longer sick!

(((mavin))) good pregnancy vibes!

((((bunny and everyone who has a bad reaction to coffee!))) I don't get diarrhea when I drink coffee usually but if I have a large anything from Starbucks I have to go a bit. Mostly I have a strong stomach though, yay for half-Indian genes that can handle crazy foods.

(((rosev))) headaches suck when you have plans. It used to happen to me all the time but since moving I haven't nearly as many headaches as I used to.

(((((polly))))) these insurance companies all sound ridiculous. Even though I'm Canadian, we still have the private insurance and they asked about all that "pre-existing condition" crap.

(((jami, dm, yuefie, raisin, sidecar, mando and danny)))

Once again, I really appreciate the vibes. I may not have any real life friends here yet but it sure helps to have e-friends.

((((bunny)))) coffee makes me nauseous...

((((mavin)))) ***preggo vibes*** hope you got the chance to relax this weekend

(((((yuefie)))) acos *pulls on boots and stomps off to kick ass* how's sashie? and ziggy?

((((star)))) oooh! will there be pictures?

(((((jami))))) hey, haven't seen you in here much! hope you had a good weekend

(((((candy))))) does your uni have something like the samaritans?

((((polly))))) fuckin' hell. for fuzz therapy I refer you to

and here.


((((mando)))) I got a lot more migraines growing up than now...

*waves to ((((car))))*

((((kitten)))) *headpets for olivia*

(((((pixie)))) I'm glad you got your kitty seen too

((((billy)))) nooooooo /darth vader now what are you going to do for variation?!

((((zoya, sassy, sixie, sidecar, rosev, tes, plat, syb, faerie, raisin, crassy, dusty, pink, flanker, msp, lelu, lany, txplum, tg... everyone))))

I've been packing this weekend; it feels like I'm doing sooo much and going precisely nowhere. And I have way too many books... blink.gif I didn't go to the conference in the end, as I've been feeling a bit peopled-out (and the packing, the packing...). Dorris has gone into disapproval overdrive, but Pete thinks it's all good fun and is using the boxes as a bunny climbing frame. Indigo is just freaked out as usual...

Tomorrow I have uni for most of the day, then I go pick up my keys and meet Zoya!
*comes in just to squee*
morn, I lurves me some! oh yes, I am such a dork. ziggy is hell on paws, but too damn cute to stay mad at. sashie is still icky, her skin is all inflamed and the meds are making her lethargic and listless. but she's drinking and eating ok, inbetween her looong naps. poor thing is extra miserable 'cause she has to wear a t-shirt to keep her from chewing herself, doctors orders.

((((candy)))) glad to hear you are doing at least a little better. kvetchies are the absolute best. this bunch got me through one of the darkest and roughest periods of my life with their support, and I adore them them so wub.gif.


(((((sidecar))))) yay for your overworkedness being over!

(((star))) I am envious of your BUSTie meet up. I am hoping to be able to do that some day.

~~~~~extra energy, restful sleep and good preggo vibes for mavin~~~~~

raisin, which night did you go, the 18th or the 19th? I am debating over which night I want to download and can't choose. she did "putting the damage on" the first night, but "sugar" the second. decisions, decisions.

~~~all purpose vibes for ((((YOU)))))~~~

kvetch: for some inexplicable reason my nipples itch like MAD. I put shea butter and honey lotion and then a lotion that has a little cotisone in it, and still they are driving me crazy!

anti-kvetch: my sis got home from florida late last night, and today we went and had some yummy jamaican food for lunch. I'm just glad she's home 'cause I really missed her. but the food was good too tongue.gif
Rose, where are you? I'm withholding comments about the Brasilian Gran Prix until you've made the first move ohmy.gif

Mornington, I *do* have other alternatives to grey, they're just not as comfy!!
Augh, I caught a cold! I was supposed to see The Assasination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and a preview screening of No Country for Old Men but I didn't feel well enough. I'm going to call in sick to work. I really need to get better before I go to New Orleans. I'm due for something to go right.

((((((((candycane)))))))) the thing about setbacks is that you an always come back from them. I hope your therapist can help you and make sure to get an emergency contact.

((((everyone)))) I'm just wiped. Good night everyone.
(((((((((extra lovinz for CCGirl)))))))))) Glad to hear that you'll be seeing your therapist soon. Don't fret about telling her about the cutting. She's paid to help you! smile.gif

~~~~~~~ soothing for Sidecar ~~~~~~~


((((((Jami))))))) I get in moods like that, too. The thing that helps me most is if I have a friend who can come over & kick me out of the house for a few hours. Works wonders.

Glad to hear you're feeling better, Star.

I looooooooove ICanHasCheeseburger! I check that site every day right after I check Cute Overload.

Hooray for Bustie Meet-ups! Sounds like we got a couple of them going on this week.

Speaking of which, Yuefie, are you implying that you have never met a Bustie? Never ever? That ain't right!

Billy, Oh My GAAAAAAAAWD! We watched the race live and, I swear, after the first 15 minutes, I had to take some antacid. Hamilton was giving me a nervous stomach - and almost a nervous break-down. Seriously, at that one point when they cam back from a commercial and showed him in 18th place, I almost cried. I was soooooo sure that he was going to have to pull his car over and call it quits, which probably would have made me pass out or something! Thank goodness he made it to the finish line. And thank goodness he managed to beat out Sir Douche-a-lot for 2nd place in the championship!
Well anyway, hooray for Kimi!!!! Sorry he didn't get as much press as he may've deserved this year, but I'm happy he won. I was amazed to see him smile AND laugh during the interview after the show. Aaaaaw! So cute!
People I feel sorry for:
3. Massa. Because he was all worked up to win in front of his home crowd, but it wasn't meant to be.
2. Those pit guys who got hit by the rookie driver. Ouch! I'm pretty sure one of them will have some broken bones in his foot as a result of that.
1. Barrichello. Did you notice that he did not earn one single solitary point all season long? Not a one! I'm afraid this may've been this last year as a driver, too. What a sad way to end his career. Stupid freakin' frackin' car. sad.gif
Aww, thanks, morn. I love that site. Going to the shelter on Friday night definitely refilled my well, so to speak. What's nice is that they trust me enough to leave me there by myself after closing time, so I was there until 9:00, snorgling away.

Yesterday was interesting. We fired the associate dentist at the end of the day...well, not exactly fired...I can't remember if when I posted about him a week or so ago if I knew that he was actually resigning. Yep, he left us for another dentist, a pediatric dentist, which is what he wants to specialize in. He was going to stay until the end of November, but given the suspected pilfering and general mistrust, we let him go early.

Earlier in the day, we had an irate patient. That was fun. This family came in to get cleaning for their two kids. They've been to see us a couple times in the past. The first kid, the six-year-old daughter, was in the chair with the hygienist and the mom was standing right in the doorway, watching her every move.

The hygienist politely suggested she might be more comfortable in the waiting room. She said no. The hygienist got the doctor and asked him to ask her to go sit down. When he did, the father, who was in the waiting room with the eight-year-old son, came storming down the hallway, asking in a very threatening manner, "Is there a problem here?" and got right in the dentist's face.

He calmly explained to him that the hygienist is more comfortable without someone looking over her shoulder and it's easier to get the child to focus on her without a parent present and invited them to come back in the room while he did the exam portion of the visit. The father became livid and literally yanked the daughter out of the raised chair by her arm, nearly whacking her head on the x-ray unit (which is ionic because the parents are paranoid wackos who don't believe in x-rays) and they stormed out. I do have to give the associate dentist credit for handling the situation so well.

Yeah, when Office Manager came in at the end of the day to do the firing, he also wrote a nice dismissal letter to the family. Buh-bye!

Today I was actually quite productive, even though I slept till noon- we got LeBoy's tires replaced, we went to Fresh Market and got sushi (that's the fancy grocery store chain that Top Chef uses), got deeee-licious pumpkin shakes from Culver's. Sorry, not to get too product placement-y in my post, but if you have a Culver's in your area and you like pumpkin, their pumpkin shakes are seriously like someone pureed a pumpkin pie. OMG!

Then we came home, I gave the dog a bath, watched some episodes of The Critic and I'm making lime jello. Just a craving. Too bad I have no canned pears. Lime w/ pears is the only jello/fruit combination I like.

I have an appointment with my ear-nose-throat doctor tomorrow. About a year ago I had an at-home sleep apnea/snoring test done. Soon after I lost my health insurance and never got the results. It wasn't until now that I've had health insurance I know I'll be sticking with, so I'm going back. I'm hoping he'll want to zap my tonsils. I'm so prone to tonsillitis, strep throat, etc....I don't know why they didn't just so it when I was a kid. mad.gif

No news on the gall stones.

((hugs to all, ~*~*mental health vibes for ccgirl~*~* and ~*~*physical health vibes for sidecar and anyone else who needs them~*~*~))
Hey all. We could really use some fire containment vibes here. Southern California is burning like mad. All over the place, fires are breaking out. San Diego County is battling it from a few different directions now, last count was three seperate fires with several communities having mandatory evacuations. One of the mandatory evac areas is San Pasqual Valley, where the San Diego Wild Animal Park is located. And I just heard that one of the fires has split and is burning along the highway we live at the end of. It's still quite a ways down from us, but the winds are pretty high here tonight. Some wind gusts have been 44 MPH. I heard our local high school (Santana, where the awful shootings occured a few years back) has been set up as an evacuation center. Back in Oct. 2003 when it seemed all of SD County was ablaze, we had to evacuate here in Santee because it was raining large chunks of ash outside and we could barely breathe.

Man, no way I am going to sleep well tonight unsure.gif.
quick drive by... I'll write more later, but I just wanted to ask for (and give) a few bustie vibes...

first of all - ~*~*~* vibes to: yuefie's region of cali, bunny's tummy, Candycane_girl (I know how you feel - I've been feeling better lately, which means I drag my ass from bed at 3 pm as opposed to 5 pm) polly and crazy work situations, mornington's move, stargazer's craziness, and everyone else who needs them *~*~*~

Now I need to ask for some bustie vibes on a few things: first and foremost, gayboyfriend is going to be having some major surgery tomorrow. He's had some major health problems the last 3 years, and the doctors think this procedure will really help, but it's a lot riskier than people think it is. So please, some good surgery vibes for GBF. (I'll give you all the update once I hear how things go tomorrow)

and the other bustie vibes are for me: I need to contact new employer today and talk about pay. New boss guy definitely wants me on, he just told me I needed to discuss pay with big boss guy. So I need some vibes that 1) BBG will respond really quickly (much more quickly than NBG) because I feel I need to sort out the pay thing before I can make solid plans to move - and I need to tell my flatmate of plans to move asap. So the salary thing must be done. and 2) that I ask for, and get what I want. I get really timid about salary negotiations - I'm getting better at it, but I still always have a bit of anxiety when I have to do it.

..and I need some current project vibes. I made a decision on my current project that I know may be extremely unpopular, but I really did feel it was the best for the project. ...I am quite certain that at least one of the clients are not going to see it that way, and there's a possibility they won't care what my reasons were, and it will affect my job (as in, I could possibly be let go - it's a very realistic possibility, based on past history) I know that I have this new job offer, so that's good - but I really need to finish out this current project, because the fee I'm making on it is going to allow me the move and also give me some savings, if I finish it. argh.

ok, long-winded request for bustie vibes over.

Rose, I was agog most of the race. That was the outcome I wanted, but didn't see any way it could possibly happen. It would have been sickening to see your Ex win it. Hamilton must have been the loneliest guy on the planet yesterday afternoon. It was his to win, but it wasn't to be. The entire McLaren organization must be suicidal today. Poor poor Rubens. Don't you know he longs for the salad days of Ferrari? To do that poorly in front of his friends must have been humiliating.

I'm splitting my vibes down the middle for Zoya and Yuefie. I hope it works out for the best in your situations.
It's so bad here, it's insane. I'm at home because you can't even access the highways I need to go where I am supposed to be. I can't get to my dad, and just heard the nearest major hospital to where he is, has been ordered to evacuate. When I call his cell phone it says all circuits are busy. I just got through the main number and got a recorded message that all residents are being evacuated. I know he is being taken out of harms way but I still have this sense of panic not being able to get to him. It's so bad the news people don't know how to react. I was worried last night, but now I am just freaked out. I just saw a news report where it's raining embers into neighborhoods further west from where the fires actually are sparking other fires which there are no fire crews available to put out. They are saying this condition is already far worse than the Cedar fire of 2003 because of the high Santa Ana winds and heat. San Diego County has been declared in a State Of Emergency. My sister has been ordered to be at work no matter what because she works for a major hospital, my nieces school was shut down, and I just heard that where Shannon lives 2 hours north of us has it's own fires raging out of control. We've been asked to pack necessities just in case, to stay off the roads and be ready. Over 100,000 acres have burned, 250,000 people have been evacuated and they are saying it's only just begun. sad.gif
holy shit, yuefie - there were some bad fires when I lived there, but nothing like that. that is fucking crazy. (((wishes and prayers for rain)))
~~~vibes for gbf's surgery~~~
Yuefie, I was reading about the fires yesterday. I'm so so sorry you all are having to face this. It must be terrifying.

Polly, I keep meaning to send you love & then accidentally forgetting! So here's some ((((((((((big lovin for Polly))))))))))))))
Those parents sound odd! No x-rays?! Are you kidding me? As for having the parent in the room, I've never thought about it but you must admit that it is kinda strange. I mean, if you take your child to the pediatrician, you're expected to be in the room while they run all of their tests, so I can see why a parent my expect to stay in the room with their child while at the dentist, too. I know it's unusual now, but I wouln't be surprised if it becomes more common. Consider these wacky parents a warning of additional wackiness to come! wink.gif

Billy, did you hear that McLaren has made some sort of appeal about fuel levels in the BMW & Williams cars?
If they get their way, Lewis could become champion afterall. I don't think it's very likely, though. I think MLaren just needs to let. it. go.

~$$~$$~$$~ good money vibes for Zoya ~$$~$$~$$~
I hope the clients on your current project are willing to hear you out.
~~~~~~~~ soothing vibes for Zoya GayBoyFriend ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hope the surgery helps!

Kvetch: Today has been super duper stressful in Camp Rose because a friend of mine is having a horrendously bad day. My friend, V, is having the shittiest of shitty days and has been calling me a lot. Basically, she got in a horrid fight with her boyfriend, and then she went to her doctor and got some pretty bad news. So we're both stressed out & crying & wishing we weren't 1000 miles apart.

Kvetch: Headache. Again.
(((((((((((yuefie))))))))))) i came straight in to check when I saw the headlines.
((((((yuefie)))) Sending TONS of ~~~~~~~safe&healthy vibes~~~~~~~~ for yuefiefam and ALL friends and family out there. My aunt is up in the hills near Fallbrook, closer (waaay too close) to the Santiago fire. Haven't been able to reach them to make sure they're okay, I'm reluctant to load down the cell towers trying too often.

~~~~~~super-strength negotiation vibes for zoya~~~~~~

(((morn))) acos. Oh, and you KNOW I've been all over those Archer podcasts! And did you see Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency is a Wednesday serial? I may or may not have actually bounced in my chair when I saw that. I'm not sayin'.

(((bunnyb and tum))) I've been testing the theory about "raw" (unpasteurised) dairy not upsetting the lactose intolerant. I found some raw milk cheddar, and while it wasn't quite as tasty as proper English cheddar, it was good and I had no tummy issues after eating a rather unwise amount (you know, for science). Next up, raw milk cappuccinos! I don't know how easy it is for you to get raw milk/products where you are, here they are so highly regulated it's actually illegal in half the states to sell it. Here in my state I had to find out who sells it (they can't advertise) and go directly to their farm and purchase it straight from the farmer (illegal to have middleman like a grocer, or for farmers to deliver/transport it). Hee, it all feels like an underground drug deal. Actually, pot is easier to come by....I've heard....

(((rosev and friend))) ~~~~~coping vibes~~~~~

(((polly))) Hope the tests let you get your tonsils yanked! My dad did a sleep study, now he has a c-pap (sp?) machine to help him breathe at night.

kvetch: it's cold/wet/rainy/gloomy and my heat won't come on.

anti-kvetch: I sucked it up and bought a lightbox (as recommended by a therapist, oh, over TEN years ago! stubborn git that I am). It's actually quite pleasant, and hopefully will help with SAD and resetting my circadian rhythm. I really would like to sleep at night and wake up in the morning, not sleep from 5am to noon.

(((((Yuefie, family and friends))))) I hope the fires get contained asap. Take care, try not to worry more than you can help.

Zoya, I suck at pay negotiations too; I always try to remember there are arrogant sods out there who ask for more than they're worth as a matter of course. You are worth it, so be brave! And all the best for gbf's surgery.

Moving is never fun morn. Just remember the moving process is temporary and results in you and the buns in a nice new pad. Hope it goes smoothly!

sixela, I was going to ask you about your family in Fallbrook (I remember us discussing that she lives there a while back) because I just saw that they were on fire now too. ((((sixela family))))

So is Rancho Bernardo (where my dad lives), Escondido and San Marcos, where I used to live. As is Oceanside (near Camp Pendelton Marine Base), Del Mar, and now they are worrying about Solana Beach, all of which are coastal areas. I also heard that there is another fire that sparked in South San Diego near the mexico border, off the Harris fire. I guess they had to evacuate some of the animals from the Wild Animal Park to the San Diego Zoo. The rest were taken to a fire safe hospital on site, and some of the larger ones are in open areas with ponds. But that just sounds sad to me. The Helen Woodward Animal Shelter was also evacuated. They are taking large animals to the Lakeside Rodeo east of where I live, and to the Del Mar Fairgrounds (the race track) but now they are reported at full capacity. All school districts seem to closing the schools down now because of the poor air quality. I was finally able to reach my dad but he couldn't talk as he was in transport to a safer place. He didn't know where he was being taken, but said he would call when he got there. Chances are they will have him down at the Qualcomm Stadium, which seems to be the largest evacuation center set up. I went out to the bank and to fill my car up with gas, just in case. It nasty grey and so hazy, with little bits of ash starting to fall outside our apartment. We've been told to run our air conditioners on recycle and to keep all windows and doors as tightly sealed as possible.

thanks for the love everyone. it helps so much to have you all. I'm just so anxious, but trying to keep calm and rational.

~~~~vibes for zoya~~~~

and hugs for all of ((((YOU))))
(((yuefie))) I'm thinking of you, chica, and doing a rain dance.

~*~*~*~smooth and successful surgery vibes for zoya's gbf~*~*~*~*

*~*~*~*work vibes for zoya*~*~*~*~

(((rose and v)))

~*~*~*~smooth move for morn, indigo and the buns~*~*~*~*

six, thanks for all the info (and thanks for the continued vibes, everyone). I have no idea about raw dairy but I will look into it... Currently I am having two weeks dairy free and then slowly re-introducing dairy produce into my diet to see how I go. I bought soya milk in for when I crack (I'm interested to see how soya goes without the coffee and then try coffee again to see if it's that or the dairy or both...)

(((mavin))) I'm glad I'm not the only one going through this for the first time but completely sympathise with you. My tummy problems have been going on for YEARS and I've been ignoring them/getting by but knew the constant vomiting was bad so now I'm doing something about it.

Oh, six and yuefie or any other expert: do you know off-hand if nutella counts as a dairy product? it's cocoa as opposed to chocolate but don't know if there's a high milk content.

(((yuefie, family & friends and all SoCal Busties))) Wow, that's crazy. I think snow and the occasional tornado are about the biggest weather threats here. At least here, unless the snow collapses your roof or your pipes burst, you can just stay inside. ~*~*mentally sending buckets of plentiful Lake Michigan water~*~*

((syb and bunny and rose and six and morn and zoya and billy))

So I have mild/moderate sleep apnea. It's at the high end of mild. My oxygen levels still stay pretty high and it's position-specific (usually when on my back)...I'm going to do a trial of an auto-pap machine....the difference between that and a c-pap is that the pressure self-adjusts to your needs throughout the night whereas a c-pap is at one setting all night. The medical equipment company has to come out and set it up for me, so they'll be calling me in the next few days to set up a time to deliver it and show me how to use it. I'm supposed to try it for a couple of weeks and if it's too unbearable, they're going to look into surgical options. It's a little irritating because for me, I want the tonsillectomy because of my history of infections, but because I've been lucky this year and have only had one time where it was bad enough to go on antibiotics, they're resistant to do it. But they're considering it more for the airway's very confusing. I just want the damn things yanked and I want to be able to breathe at night.

Well, off to my mom's to do laundry and then to the shelter.
(((((((yuefie))))))) WOW, that's insane! I hope all goes well.

My dad just called, they took him to the Del Mar Fairgrounds. But damn, now there are fires in Del Mar and the air quality is a major concern. I swear, every time I check there is a new fire, a new area of San Diego on fire. Best guy pal called to report that our friend Pete had to flee his home with his son and his cat because there were embers raining down in to his front yard and fire on the hill above his house. It's just chaos everywhere unsure.gif
((((yuefie)))) Stay safe girl! If you have to throw the kitty and pupper in the car and flee, let us know you are safe ASAP. Some us will worry! It is amazing how much of the country is in draught and we are still having flash flooding here everytime it rains!
((((((yuefie and everyone in So Cal)))))) I keep seeing it on the news and it just looks awful!
(((polly))) airways open says me!!! those c pap machines are weird. tell leboy to play the star wars theme when you are in bed. you can be your own version of darth vader. wink.gif

(((rose))) i hope your friend is feeling better. and you too!!

*~*~*strength vibes for zoya to get what she wants*~*~*

*~*~*health vibes for GBF*~*~*

(((sidecar))) get well soon!!

(((((((((((((((yuefie))))))))))))))))))) stay safe!!! unsure.gif

(((morn))) and (((bunny))) acos. wub.gif

(((candy))) i'm glad you are feeling better.

i was late for meetup with raisin and lunasol, but we eventually got there and had a good time. i took a couple of pics. momma treated us. i'm still gettin' over my cold. i just need ALOT of sleep. that's all.

((((((((vibes to everyone one))))))))))
Thanks again for the love everybody. I just heard that the hill behind my nieces school was on fire, but is now contained. They are saying it's unrelated and likely arson. How fucking sick can you get? Everywhere is on fire, thousands are displaced, the winds are not letting up, the fires are spreading rapidly to areas nobody ever thought would burn and some jerkoff started another fire? The mind boggles dry.gif. I just ran to the store to get water and some other stuff and the shelf was nearly empty. The sense of foreboding in there was palpable and I kept overhearing people discussing the latest in where the fires had spread and what area was threatened now. I saw several RV's and trucks pulling horse trailers down the street I live on, which is a main drag through Santee. I suspect they were coming west from the places further east that are being evactuated now. I just heard that they opened another area near the beach called Fiesta Island for people to bring their livestock. Cell phones are only intermittently working from being bogged down, and my sis said she couldn't get through on my land line for a while earlier either. My niece and her grandmother are supposed to be flying in from Atlanta right now, but they are having delays there due to low visibility and might have some from this end for the same. The sky looks like it has dirt colored thunder heads in the distance, if you can actually see through the blanket of grey haze.

six, have you heard anything about your aunt? They just reported that Rice (Fallbrook) fire has damaged six structures and had one injury to a firefighter. But I know that most, if not all of Fallbrook has evacuated.
(((yuefie))) glad y'all are okay so far! I have not heard from/about my aunt yet. I know their area has been evacuated, but family drama seems to be blocking useful communication. I'm hoping for a call from my cousin (aunt's son) in Arizona soon, he's at least sane and understands. Gah.

Happier thoughts about humanity: Tons of U-Haul locations offering free storage for people who had to flee with their belongings. And the number of people/businesses who are giving shelter spaces for animals (pets and livestock). I read that one animal shelter was getting literally hundreds of calls offering places for larger animals!
((yuefie and six and loved ones)) ugh. just ugh.

bunny - well at least you can handle soya milk.. I can't do it. it gives me humongous gas. I love soya chai lattes, but the soya milk makes me all bloated and I become a fart machine. no way to put that tactfully. I can do rice milk, though, and i actually quite like it - the vanilla flavoured stuff. I don't have a problem with dairy, but sometimes it's nice to give it a break.
{{{{{yuefie and sixelacat}}}}} I hope all of this ends soon! All fingers and toes crossed for safety and rain/water/an end to this.

{{polly}} good luck with the apnea. I remember an episode of Mad About You where Paul kept calling it "The Apnea." That's how I think of it now.

{{bunnyb}} - I hope you are having some luck with the dairy fast. Nutella does have some dairy so you probably shouldn't have it while fasting but maybe afterwards. It doesn't have much.

{{{zoya, cancadycanegirl, pixie, fairietales, billy and all}}}

{{stargazer}} I hope your cold goes aways soon. I have to tell you, and everyone here, that I finally meet someone nice from on-line dating. 2 dates and counting. Now I am just waiting for him to figure out that I am kind of insane. Let's see how easily he scares. rolleyes.gif

I learned today that when I stress eat b/c I am sad, I want sweet and soft food. However, anxiety, like today, all I want is crunchy stuff.
(((yuefie & fam & critters))) i can't believe how horrific the fires have gotten so quickly. and i so cannot.even.fathom anyone committing arson. please please try to keep in touch, honey. i'm so worried 'bout you. sad.gif

(((six's auntie))) please let us know when you hear from her, too.

are any of these fires near santa barbara/carpenteria? i hope my friend S is ok.

(((bunny's tummy)))
(((polly's airway)))
(((z's gayboyfriend)))
(((rose's beloved V)))
(((candy, syb, morn, raisin, sidecar, dm, star, dusty, faerie, rose, billy, kitten, pixie, mavin, everyone)))

danny's fine, no more headaches. you are all such dears for worrying/asking/etc. *smooches all around* the band won a state championship yesterday, and his jaguars are playing on mon night football tonite. so he's a happy camper.
mando, I know that there were reports of fires in Santa Barbara County, not sure what areas and what the status is.

I know that San Diego County seems to on the highest alert because the Arnie The Governator was here today, just down the road from where I live holding a press conference. And I heard on the news that the, *ahem*, Whitehouse has offered assistance. Yeah, is FEMA going to respond next month? Sorry, I couldn't resist.

The latest is that certain communities East, North and South of us are being evacuated and/or on fire. Also certain coastal communities are burning. Man, if the beach is on fire where are we supposed to go? The mayor just announced that they have NEVER seen conditions like we have now. It's unseasonably hot, windy and dry which is making this the worst conditions and fire SD County has ever seen. PJ and I are gathering impotant documents and family photos, and packing some things in to my car in case we need to evacuate in the middle of the night or tomorrow. My dad called and again it was difficult to hear him or make out what he was saying. I did gather that he was concerned about not having had his evening meds yet. He also said his cell phone battery is low and he doesn't have his charger, so I don't know long he will be able to keep in touch with me. So I am fretting about that. I ran out to the pet store to get food for the furkids, to Target to get another case of water, some more flashlights and batteries in case we lose our power. My friend Don works for the local cable company and he called me to say that they are busting their asses to keep the cable, internet and phones up. Our phones were down a little earlier, as was the net and cable, but only for about 15 minutes. So in the event that I lose my net access or have to evacuate, I will try to have a friend post on my behalf to let you know we are ok. I appreciate all the love and support and heart you guys, more than I can say.
(((((sixela)))))) I hope you hear from your aunt soon
(((((yuefie))))) whatever you and PJ have to do to be safe, do it. I know you and the critters will be okay and keep us updated when you can.
(((((((( vibes & many safe wishes for Yuefie & family & Six's family ))))))))) It's scary how quickly this has escalated. My thoughts are with you!

Thanks to everyone for the vibes for my friend, V. It was an extraordinarily difficult day for her. We talked for hours & I did my best to calm her fears about her possible diagnosis (the doctor will have to do exploratory surgery to confirm her suspicions). Luckily, V'sr boyfriend managed to pull his head out of his ass by the time he got home from work and was able to be his old, sweet self. She called me later tonight to let me know that he apologized and said all the right things & promised to help her through this. Then he took her out for a nice meal. So! She's a little better now. However, she's just starting to face a pretty frightening situation with her body. Here's hoping that the news isn't as scary as we fear.
I did finally get through to my cousin's ex-wife, who said AuntP and husband did evacuate their home, and are safe somewhere (she just wasn't sure where, which is okay as long as they're fine).

(((yuefie))) I heard the Guv'nator was at the Quaalcom center. Pfft. Bet everyone felt safe after that. I've been getting info from this site, they had an update about the fairgrounds, too. Oh, and some other news site did say Red Cross evac sites would let you keep the furbabies with you as long as they were in carriers.

I know the weather won't break until maybe Thursday, but here's hoping firefighters can get a bit more containment tomorrow. I even saw where they had a DC10 jumbo jet they were filling with flame retardant to drop in areas.
(((((((amilita and NOLA))))))) I was just watching the news report of the flooding there.

sixela, glad you got word that your aunt is okay.

we are still fine here and obviously still have power/cable/net access. yay for that. I just heard that there are 69 different areas in SD without power, so I am counting my lucky stars. I'm watching news coverage of the fire and embers flying sideways due to the powerful wind gusts, spreading at a seriously fucked rate. we are getting a smokier here, and I can tell 'cause my throat feels raw and my eyes are burning. I'm getting so irritated with some people around here who are currently outside in the smoke filled air, smoking cigarettes and carrying on laughing like nothing is happening. oh noes, it can't hit us or anything. I mean, we aren't surrounded every which way but west. yeah, and those people along the coastal areas never though it would reach them either rolleyes.gif. we ARE inland, in a valley surrounded by hills and mountains full of dry brush. last night I heard that the highway we live at the end of was ablaze, but heard nothing about it today so it must have been either quickly contained or a mistake. I am just praying that area doesn't catch fire because it is seriously surrounded by mountains and canyons full of dry brush. my sis just called me from the airport and my niece's flight was able to land. looks like she will be with me tomorrow, so her mama can go and assist at the hospital. again, thank you all for being here, it helps tremendously.

((((everyone))))) ~~~all purpose vibes a plenty~~~


Thanks to my angel sixela for this more recently updated info:

Witch Creek fire could near Santee

Posted @ 9:26 PM
Santee Mayor Randy Voepel said city officials were closely monitoring the progress of a finger of the Witch Creek fire north of El Capitan Reservoir. Voepel said he planned to meet with other officials Tuesday morning to reassess the direction of the wind and consider how it would affect the fire's course.

The fire that is threatening to move this way:

Witch Fire update: 145, 000 acres and 0% contained

Posted @ 7:32 PM
The Witch Fire is now 145,000 acres and 0 % contained.

The cause is under investigation. 600 structures have been destroyed (500 residences, 50 outbuildings and 100 commercial properties). 300 structures have been damaged (250 residences, 75 commercial properties and 50 outbuildings)

There has been 7 injuries to firefighters and 1 injury to a civilian. Communities threatened: San Diego, Poway, Ramona, Escondido, Lakeside, Valley Center, San Marcos, Rancho Santa Fe.

Currently there are 89 engines, 9 fire crews, 10 dozers, 2 water tenders -- about 625 firefighters.

Lakeside is the community right behind (east) Santee. Poway is North of us. sad.gif

And this affects my dad:

Elderly re-evacuated from Fairgrounds

Posted @ 7:30 PM
Ambulances were dispatched from around Southern California to re-evacuate dozens of ill elderly convalescent home residents from the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

Ambulances from Riverside and Orange counties arrived at the Del Mar Fairgrounds to transport about 45 residents of the Villa Rancho Bernardo … including those with Alzheimer's disease, dementia, emphysema and diabetes … to alternative facilities. Alvarado Hospital and Continental Rehabilitation Hospital in San Diego were among the facilities providing beds to the elderly evacuees.

Dr. David Paa, a retired physician volunteering at the Del mar site, said that while conditions were not ideal for the patients, volunteers had done a pretty good job taking care of them.

"So far we've had no major incidents," he said.

But there were people at the fairgrounds upset that the convalescent home residents arrived before there were mattresses or oxygen.

Elizabeth Windle, a volunteer with Red Cross training who was acting as a spokeswoman, was fuming.

"Where's their plan of action? This is outrageous," she said.

Damnit. His cell phone died and I have no idea where he will be taken now. *frets* Hopefully he was taken to a local facility also.
Yeah. There won't be much sleep had here tonight unsure.gif
Thanks, Yuefie!! Mostly lots of street flooding down here...we are having ridiculous amounts of rain. Wish we could send it over to you. I'm thinking of you and your dad and everyone in the region. Do you have a plan about where to go if you have to evacuate?

They tried to get me to work tonight, and now that I'm looking at pictures, I realize I would have had to wade over to the building. Yipes. Glad I stayed home and watched movies (documentary Crazy Love- so good) and tried out paint colors for the hallway. I'm going with a pumpkin-y orange.

I hope the rain chills out in time for Sidecar's visit...I think it's supposed to.
I am so fucking tired and achey from the twelve hour rain dance I've been doing! I am channeling it away from amiliita and sidecar, though.

((((yuefie)))) keep in touch, if you can, and be safe. Thinking of you and vibing hard. Remember your phone charger IF you have to evacuate.

(((sixelacat))) some news is definitely good news!


feel better, sick kvetchies!

kvetch: my tummy is ithcy and bumpy and looks like I've taken an allergic reaction to something.

(((((((yuefie and pj and furbabies and yuefiepa and sixela's family))))))

happy birthday lelu!

/runs away to go to uni
As predicted I can not sleep. I've been watching the news reports all night and just heard that there are at least three seperate new fires in SD County. I'm not even sure what that brings our count to. 14? 15? And som'bitch, if I didn't just stand outside with a neighbor watching flames devour Mt. San Miguel off in the distance south of us. He told me that as he was heading north on Highway 125 (which is behind where we live) he could see flames from the other fire on the hills above Santee Lakes, which is only a few miles from where we live. So far it isn't encroaching close enough for alarm, but man this is getting hairy. And good lord, I had to bust out my asthma inhaler I haven't touched in a while and we are all suffering from raspy throats. Fortunately PJ is sleeping. He is prone to seizures when under stress and especially with a lack of sleep. A good friend called me at midnight to tell me that we can come to his place and that if he is not home to just stop by the post office where he works to get the keys. He's a doll. Crap, we are having power fluctuations now. Okay, I am gonna sign off the computer now and go try to fit some more stuff in my car.
(((yuefie et al))) you probably know about these already, but just in case:

i can't even imagine. i've been watching and reading ... i'm just ... stunned at the quickness and the devastation. and in complete awe and admiration of the courage of the firefighters/emergency folks.

sending all my love and protective vibes, sweetheart. you'll be ok. i know this in my heart.
thanks so much for those links, mandi. I'm watching the Sign On San Diego Fire Blog because it's updated frequently. I just heard that winds have shifted to South West, which means it could be bringing the fires from Lakeside and Poway our direction. Guess it's just wait and see and hope, hope, hope.

ETA: I just got a call from my dad, but the reception was spotty and the phone cut off. He said he was on a bus and I think I heard him say they were taking him to El Centro, which is about 110 miles east of San Diego. Ugh, I hate not knowing.

I'm still home sick. Ugh. I feel like I turned a corner though in the last fourteen hours of sleep so I can get back to living and work tomorrow.
(((((yuefie and everyone))))))

I keep hearing that the winds are blowing well over 100km/h which is just terrifying but that they're hoping they'll die down by tonight or tomorrow.

((((amilita))))) I hope the flooding dies down.

Wtf is up with all of this crazy weather?

On a side note, the depression is just making me feel ugh. In the last two days I haven't gone to class and I haven't showered. I've just been on the Bust boards and Livejournal alllll day.
((((((candycanegirl)))))) did you have your appointment? I'm worried. You should get some help if you need it.

((((yuefie))))) i'm watching the governator live. my prayers are with you and any other socal busties.
sidecar, I was supposed to have my appointment today but I stupidly got the date mixed up and went yesterday. Luckily she was still able to see me. I got some emergency contact numbers and apparently what I'm supposed to do if I feel the urge to cut is just hold ice up to my skin.

Thanks for the concern.

wow, hearing you say that you haven't been out of bed and been on the boards all day actually really helped me - I've been in the same spot, on and off over the last couple weeks. Kinda helps me feel better in a weird way to know that I'm not terminally unique in this world.... which in a weird way, helps with the depression a wee bit. I don't know if that makes sense, but anyway - know that I understand where you're at....keep taking those baby steps to feel better. I know it seems like it won't help, but it will, it's just one step at a time. (how funny that I can get it together to say that to you, but it's sometimes so difficult to see it for myself in the moment....!) anyway, I hope you feel better soon and thanks for sharing - really.

(((yuefie and everyone)))
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