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hello all! Finally posting after a long while..

fina and finaman's wedding was lovely. I actually just went to the reception (which is the important part anyway wink.gif ) Chatnoire was there, she and Mr.Chat still live in the US, but worked wedding into their holiday. Great fun, lots of boisterous dancing and drinking and eating, laughing and talking. fina looked beautiful and finaman looked pretty damn dapper in a kilt. Most of the party didn't get to bed until the wee hours of the morning (and by wee hours, I mean almost as the sun was coming up) I made sure to give fina all the busties' regards.

I saw bunnyb today, and I am pleased to report that she seems to be feeling much better, so hopefully she has found the culprit (ie: lactose) but I know she's still going to see the doctor.

(((mando and danny))) I hope you work the headache thing out - a headache in a usually-healthy kid for 5 days just doesn't sound like something to let go.. glad you're going to push for more tests.

sybarite - how did the brownie baking go? brownies sound divine, btw.

candycane - I have had the most f**ked up sleep patterns lately. it sucks to be a zombie all day after you finally fall asleep at 6 am and then wake up wide awake at 10 am. I hope you get back on a schedule soon!

((rosev)) I know that no amount of therapy will solve the work situation for Sheff, but perhaps it could help you sort out all of your feelings / frustration around it, and how it's affecting your depression (because if you're like me, certain things exacerbate my funk when I get in one, and make me 'spiral' until it's really hard to pull out sometimes) just a thought.

((mornington)) I hope you're doing ok....

(((everyone else)))

big fat anti-kvetch: I FINALLY talked to prospective employer - I actually met with them, after asking a couple of my contacts in my business who deal with prospective employer, to call prospective employer and light a fire under prospective employer's ass. So I walked into the meeting, and it was basically - "we have you earmarked to work into being one of the top managers here, we can use your help as soon as your current project ends- we're even ok with it if you're able to work with us around it, and when can you start?" OMG. At the end of the whole thing, I said to the guy I met with "well, that was easy." It didn't really hit me until I'd walked away that 6 months ago, I knew I wanted to work for this company more than any of the other ones I was researching - but I had no contacts there, had no idea who to get my resume to, and didn't know if there would be enough work to be full-time (and it involves a big geographical move whether it was full-time or less than full time, so full-time was better) - But I was like "somehow, I AM going to work for them someday." I never imagined that somehow in 6 MONTHS that not only would everything come together to put my resume in the right hands, but that I would also walk in as someone they want to take directly in as an upper-level person. HOLY SHIT!

thank you for all your good job vibes!!!! they worked and then some!!

(I'm trying to not get too ahead of myself with all of this - I won't start until early next year at some point - but it doesn't sound like their desire to have me working for them will change... - fingers crossed - )


(..can I please have the same fucking seamless luck in the relationship department now... argh!)
yayyayyayyayyay! ((((zoya)))) that is such good news! I'm so pleased for you, that's fantastic.

((((mando & danny))))

I will post more later, but I just wanted to come in and say yay! now... essay.
(((bunny))) hope you figure out what is causing the tummy troubles. It's funny about the pics. We get about a 50/50 reaction of who he lookes like. I don't really care, he's the damn cutest little boy in the whole wide world as far as I am concerned! Now if Rose would clear out her inbox, I could post her the link. ~pointed look~

(((Rose))) This really sucks with you being so far away and feeling a little helpless. I agree with everyone else dear, you deserve therapy and as someone who has seen you like this before....I think some happy pills may be in order. They helped you so much last time. Any chance you'll be down soon for a visit? Maybe Sheff can send you on a mental health vacation?

Yay for the Fina's!

Whoo hoo Zoya! Congratulations on the new job!

(((mandi, Mornington, yuefie, star, sassy and everyone else)))

Kvetch: the weekend was wwwwwaaaaaayyyyyy too short!

Antikvetch: I finished Christmas shopping for the minipixies this weekend!!! I also started the micropixies and I know what I am getting Mr. Pixie*. I am so on top of it this year!

* Mr. Pixie wants an electric guitar. So now an extra heavy duty set of ear plugs is on my list! tongue.gif
((((((((((((((zoya)))))))))))))))))) that is so awesome!! i'm so proud of you!!!!! wub.gif I was literally gushing as I read your post. aw. so proud.
Yay for Zoya!!!

Yay for the Finas!!!

Poo on RV's depression, whatever is worrying Mandi, Danny's headaches and Candy's sleeplessness...but I'm glad that Bunnyb might have her tummy issues sorted out.

The interview went fine, thanks! It was a friend who was interviewing me, and the other other person from the committee was so articulate, so passionate. When I got to the station, the interviewer looked at me and said, "Where's your handler?" meaning Mr. Dusty, which was cute. Mr. Dusty arrived later. I did embarass myself by getting a little hot under the collar and saying that shutting down the department was crazy, but Mr. Dusty said he liked that part.

Just remember, bunny, if it is lactose, you can still eat aged cheese. The longer it ages, the more lactose our little enzyme friends eat up. laugh.gif

((hugs to all)) I'll post more later...have to be up in 6 hours!
I think polly just made my day wub.gif.

I visited the doctor this morning (I need a nap as usually I'm still asleep at this time) and I have more tablets to alleviate sickness as the others didn't work. I've also to avoid the painkillers I take (sugarcoated ibuprofen) and to exclude/include dairy to see how it affects me. Pizza will be on one of the include days; it has to be. The boy is already joking about how much of a nightmare I'm going to be without nurofen, cheese and coffee; he forgets that I may also not be able to drink wine with the tablets again. If I'm crabbit now then see me in a couple of weeks. Saying that, I could drink coffee with soya milk (would Starbucks substitute soya in a normal latte?)

If this doesn't help me lose weight, I'll scream (probably for ice cream).

Ain't zoya a star? she inspires me and tells me that dreams do come true.

(((mandolyn and danny))) I had constant tension headaches for a long stretch and then they disappeared but it's aways advisable to have these things checked out so hopefully the physical will put a stop to worries. Has he changed his diet at all? cut anything out? I've been suffering from killer headaches because of the lack of coffee.

For zoya: You are a rockstar!!!

(((bunnyb))) lactose intolerance is the serious SUCK! And yes, Starbucks will most definitely make you a soy latte, any kind you want. And there's always the Foods You Love Hate You thread, which had tons of foods advice.

Blerg. I'm all so completely off kilter from weird sleep patterns that I've suddenly run out of steam. Well, it is 4-something in the morning!

*kisses for kvetchies* (hey, a new band name!)
Congrats zoya!!! That is awesome news and richly deserved. And thanks for the fina-and-mr-fina update!

The brownies turned out fine, thank you. This may be my new work displacement activity.

Ongoing for (((mornington))) Hope you're enjoying the course and the rowing people have mellowed out.

(((Mando and danny))) Any news on the causes of the headache?

Bunnyb, I too am sure you can get soya substituted at Starbucks (say that five times fast!) Good news on the aged cheese too.

*waves at sixela* I spelt really weirdly too. Ugh.

Things are getting super busy for me suddenly; it's all good but a little daunting.
thanks everyone! I am actually going today to their office to get up to speed on how they do things, so I'll at least have a (sort of) grip on what I'll be doing. I still have to talk salary with them, but I think that it's good for me to see what will be expected of me first. I won't be starting until next year, anyway.

bunnyb - you can most definitely get soya lattes or whatever - they froth the soya milk just like regular milk. A chai soya latte is a wonderful thing... almost tastes like pumpkin pie. And speaking of holiday flavors at Starbucks, do they sell gingerbread Lattes in the UK? I was in europe last year at christmastime and they all looked at me like I was crazy every time I asked at a starbucks if they made Gingerbread Lattes. I love them.

and ps - dreams do come true, just don't give up on them and don't believe you can't have them. ever. and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. they all suck anyway if they do. biggrin.gif

I am completely groggy - all my weird sleep patterns caught up with me last night and I slept for 10 hours.

UGH. While I'm glad that I'm already getting thrust into this job thingy - I just found out that I'm missing Bad Brains playing in London tonight. DAMMIT! it's their only show.

((stargazer)) are you still slammed? I hope things are settling down for you.

((mornington)) did the essay get done?

pollystyrene - you have me craving aged cheese now.


*fly-by* zoya, I LIVE on gingerbread lattes from November to January (it's a great source of excitement for a friend and I when the red cups are coming because it means gingerbread and toffee nut lattes; they also do eggnog lattes but YUCK). I suppose this year I will be having gingerbread soya lattes and I will be trying the chai soya latte this week.

syb, glad the brownies worked out!
Morning, all!

CONGRATS, Zoya!!! You are an inspiration! Truly, I can't say how thrilled I am for you.
~!~!~!~!~ vibes for continued success in other areas ~!~!~!~!~

Speaking of inspirations ... Pixie, I can't believe you're already done with Xmas shopping for the girls! Good for you! I don't think I will evereverever be that efficient.

Bunny, I hope these new pills help & that these "on" & "off" days help you pin-point the problem. I hope you can still eat aged cheese after all of this is over! (((((((Bunny))))))

I cleaned out a lot of old messages from my PM box & now it says "-1 New Messages". Wha?!

Kitten, how is Olivia feeling?

~**~**~ essay writing vibes for Morn ~**~**~

Sybarite, glad to hear that it's the good kind of busy. smile.gif

zzzzzzzz better sleep vibes for Sixelacat & CCGirl zzzzzzzzz

Which reminds me, Yuefie, how are you sleeping? Any better?

Glad to hear the interview went well, dusty. Is it available on-line?

(((((((Continued lovin for Mandi & Danny)))))) I think you're on to something re: the mutual butt kicking. I'm so good about talking about getting help. But going out & getting it? Ummmmm ... unsure.gif

I was rather productive yesterday. I did a TON of work in the garden - mostly raking. We're still suffering from a terrible drought &, as of today, we are no longer allowed to do any watering outside. We don't have a lot of patches of lawn anyway, but what we have is pretty dead. I'm mostly worried about the bushes and trees. I think we now have 4 dead bushes in the front garden & some of them were quite big (at least 20 years old). Siiiiiigh. The good news is that it looks like I managed to save the trees that were suffering so much earlier this summer. I'd much rather replace a bush than a tree!

Kvetch: Sheff talked to a couple friends at work about the discrepency between his pay scale compared to the average pay scale for his position. The other guys used the same website & found that they are under the average pay scale, too. One of them even said that the company is known for paying under scale! Wha?!?

Anti-kvetch: I'm going to Tulsa! My friend, V, and I decided that we would come into town the first weekend of November as a surprise for BestGalPal. A friend of ours is having a baby shower that weekend, plus BestGalPal's play opens (she's directing). I'm going to stay for a whole week so I have plenty of time to spend with my parents, too. Yay!
Just a quick fly-bye so hello everyone!

RV - thanks for asking. Olivia seems to be doing...better? It is so hard to tell. At the moment I owe my vet $350 but they have agreed to take payments. I guess there is a benefit to being a regular. I mean, I've probably given them $1000 this year. But she is on a new kidney friendly diet that my boy cat can eat as well.

bunnyb - lactose intolerance isn't that bad a deal. I've dealt with it for years. Try the Lactaid pills, if there is something that you just can't give up for good. For me that is ice cream! I think that lactose free milk tastes disgusting, but it is good to cook with. Soy milk doesn't thicken up. And I just use soy milk for everything if I want hot drinks. I don't have a problem w/cheese but some people do. Also, many lactose intolerance people can still eat regular yogurt. Something in the processing or the culturing makes it okay.
((((((yuefie))))) acos

(((((rose)))) good to hear you sounding a little brighter

((((kitten & olivia))))

((((dusty)))) ooh... is the interview online?

((((bunny)))) I've got a feeling you can ask for soya lattes...

((((zoya)))) acos

((((star)))) how are you?

((((sixela)))) I thought of you earlier... they've started doing an archers podcast laugh.gif

((((pixie)))) wow. just wow. biggrin.gif yay for christmas shopping being done

((((candy, polly, sidecar & martini & martinipapa, syb, dm, sassy, raisin, mando & danny, sonik, billy, tes, plat, crassy, everyone))))

I handed the essay in today, it was still handwritten (!) and I know it needs some work. I got my last essay back, and while the grade was crap, so was the essay. It got what it deserved. I also had to do a swimtest, which was laaaaame, but the plus-side was hauling one of the boys in my tutor group out of his shell (he doesn't feel so silly now he knows he's not the oldest and we will tolerate his fascination with the tube)

Getting an early night; I have to be up fairly sharpish to be on time for my 9am lecture, and I'm just feeling sleepy. I really ought to have made more of a start on my packing too, but I've got the weekend. It's BoyWonder's birthday on saturday, and I'm going to the feminist fightback conferencey-thingy too, which I'm looking forward too.

Oh... and Pete likes being lint-rollered blink.gif Instead of being groomed.
i had two media events in a west coast today, both of which had some problems. v.v. frustrating to try and coordinate from here (and at one point, I was dealing with two different client-type people on both my phones! Aggh! I went into nonprofit PR so I didn't have to do this kinda crap!)

But it went as well as it could, and now my big week of stuff is almost over. I am so looking forward to next week, although i am leaving for NOLA a week from thursday and have not thought one whit about what i'll be doing there. (PM me iff'n you get a chance, amilita!)

((((bunny))))) LI can be weird from what I understand. My friend who has it can't do ice cream but she can handle cheese and yogurt without any problems. I hope you figure it out.

Anyway. Off to have a drink with Martini. We hired a dog walker twice a week so I can go out on some weeknights again. Yay.

yay for going to T-town, Rose! Now I wonder whether you will be there when a certain BUSTie is... I like to conspire to make as many BUSTies meet up as possible!

(((yuefie and mornington))) a'cos.

Pete is such a cutie.

sidecar, your anniversary is so soon! It will make up for the hectic week.

(((kitten))) I hope Olivia's health continues to improve.

Thanks for all the love, kvetchies! me and my tum are okay today even though I'm crap and by mistake had mashed potatoes (my comfort food) made with double cream for dinner! so far, so good. You are all so positive and helpful and I know that it's not a huge deal as some of you are dealing with this yourselves. I eat a lot of dairy and I'm a cheese-fiend but I'll work something out if dairy is the culprit.

Mandoo has food allergies too and can eat one type and flavour of (expensive) specialist food; however, today, he has had both smoked salmon and a sardine and devoured them! YAY! biggrin.gif. Here's hoping he remains fine with them and I don't step in cat sized piles of vomit.

Mum and T made the funniest thing for the boy and I tonight - on a website called jibjab you can create dancing vids with photoshopped heads jigging away; the boy and I were dressed as flamenco dancers doing "La Caracha". Very amusing.

eta: I forgot to share that I received a mr monkeybrains felt toy in the post from pepper today! He is the cutest thing and I'm providing him with a good home.

Off to bed to finish my book.

Love to (((all)))
Yay for Rose going to Tulsa! Ask Sheff if he wants we should send the union in.

Yay for Sidecar and Martini going for drinks! I really said that, didn't I?

No, the interview isn't online, hee.

((((rose)))) a visit to t-town might be just what you need these days.

congrats to zoya!

thanks for the well wishes, bunny! I can't believe that I've been married 5 years already. I hadn't even started up in kvetch yet back then (although I was a regular in the wedding thread).

I wish we had archives back that far, b/c I met Mando in the weddings thread and she totally cracked me up describing her wedding and the peeny weeny woo woos. (HINT!)

Oh, and (((danny)))) my first and only migraine lasted nearly two weeks. It was the worst. I hope he's feeling better!

It was nice to have a beer post-work, although it was a Smithwick's at an Irish pub and it made me nostalgic for my big trip across the pond. That was a whole year ago!

I have to go make a salad for dinner now. G'night.
peeny weenie woo woo's. hee!

happy anniversary, sidecar & martini! (when is it actually? old & addled minds want to know.)

*xtra-dose of healthy head scritches for olivia & mandoo*

heartfelt congrats, zoya! and please tell me there will be photos of the finanuptials?

(((bunny))) i'm becoming an albeit forced fan of vanilla-flavored light soymilk. yesterday i bought rice dream. i think half of my depression last week was vanilla & hazelnut coffeemate withdrawal. funny, yes. but i miss the damn crap something fierce. and let's not even talk about my lack-of-cheese dismay. *whimper*

((((morn, dusty, kitten, rose, sybarite, yuefie, raisin, everyone)))

thanks for all the danny love, you carebears you. he has his physical on thursday, hopefully i can find the nerve to pressure his doc a little more. i just tried to convince him to try my holistic chiro. he's not keen. he thinks she's a whackjob. (i'm sure it has more to do with being a 15 yr old boy who doesn't want to be poked & prodded by a strange older woman.) which may be true, i don't know. but when she "asks" my body and comes up with "yes, your cholesterol is getting better" ... well, mind over matter and all that jazz. she makes me feel better, inside and out. i heart her.

kvetch: i just started the 4th outlander book. christ help me.
Sidecar, do you have anything already planned for your time in NOLA or are you just going to wing it?

Mandi, I must have been having sympathy pains for Danny or something because I got a horrendous headache this afternoon. I had to close the shutters and turn off all noise-making machines. Bleh. I say you should definitely have Danny mention the headaches to his doctor. It can't hurt.

Morn, when I read that you turned in a hand-written essay, I initially thought, "What's so strange about that?" Then I remembered that I am OLD! tongue.gif

Bunny, I'm dying to know which Bustie is going to T-town! If you can't post it here, send it to me in a PM.

~~~~~~ soothing vibes for various tummies, including those belonging to Mandi, Bunny, Kitten, Olivia, Mandoo, & anyone else who may be feeling poorly in the abdominal region ~~~~~~~

Dusty, it's a shame the interview isn't available on-line. I want to hear your voice!

Pixie, when I get to town, I must see you & meet dear little Tristan! I'm sure my momma would love to meet him, too. smile.gif

Kvetch: Well, my goal of getting up off my ass & doing something every day this week was ruined by today's miserable headache.

Anti-kvetch: Guess I'll just have to do better tomorrow. smile.gif

Anti-kvetch: I got an invite to a girly gaming night this Friday. Should be fun!

Anti-kvetch: I also got an e-mail from Tesao's niecoid, which reminded me that Tes should be returning to the states very soon! Which means I'll be seeing her soon, too! So that's something else for me to look forward to. Yay!
Happy Wednesday, all. I have to work until 10 tonight so I am wasting the morning at home, just kicking back. smile.gif

bunnyb - many nutritionist will talk about how the foods that a person craves are often the foods that the person should avoid. Somhow the allergies make us want them more. For example, I love and crave sugar. It gives me chronic heartburn. For a few years, though, it didn't stop me from eating it as much as possible. I needed it. If you really feel like you crave dairy, then a hard fast from it might make you feel bad for a few days, but it might be just what your body will benefit from.

rv - hows the head? I hope better.

mandolyn - when I was 15/16 I used to get the worst headaches at the end of my day. I swear to the goddess, they were caused by math class and an evil teacher that I like to call "Conrad the Barbarian." I have never had such stress in a class before or since.I hope he feels better.

Yesterday, after posting here, I just had to get a Starbucks soy chai latte. I don't even really like their soy chai. It is so bland. There is a cafe down the street from my house (Metropolis, for the Chi-town kvetchies) that just kicks my ass! It is a black, bitter chai and I mix it with soy & a shot of sugar free vanilla. Yum! I may have to have one today. I need to be careful, though. I did something to my knee and I don't think I can work out today. No idea what as I felt fine last night but it hurts like the devil today. But anyway. I try to limit my sugar treats on days I don't work out. *sigh* I do love sugar...


Just a quick drive-by to share my frustration that Itty Bitty Titty Committee IS playing in Chicago soon (11/16), but it's at the same time as a big ol' fundraiser for the agency where I work. There is no way I can get out of helping at the fundraiser, so no fun radical feminist lesbian flick for me. (Unless I schlepp to Indianapolis on 11/9 to see it, which I just may do - I get sworn in as an official lawyer on 11/8, so what better way to celebrate?)

I have to whip through a pile of files on my desk before I get taken out to lunch for Boss's Day, so

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* all-purpose BUSTie vibes for everyone *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

My DSL gets activated tomorrow, at which time I'll likely become a posting fool.
Thanks for mentioning that movie coming to Chicago, lanie. I was going to look it up. Just have to talk about it with LeBoy to see if we can make it down there by 7:00.

Boring day. I think I'll make duck and sweet potatoes for dinner. One of our favorite combinations.

Sidecar, you read dooce, right? Any ideas what's going on there? We're very worried over here. unsure.gif Too much suspense!

Update on LeCousin: He's home. Negative for lupus. Also negative for leukemia, so that's great. I'm not sure if they've figured out what's going on, but he's home, on coumadin and much happier, I'm sure. We'll be seeing LeParents this weekend, so maybe I'll get more details.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I just realized how messy Thanksgiving is going to be this year. Usually, my family's dinner is at my cousin/boss's house, which is only about 10 mins. away from LeParent's house, who host his family. So we'd have dinner #1 at my cousin's in the early afternoon, then go over to LeParent's where LeBoy would eat dinner #2 and I'd roll my eyes at him, then be hungry by the time dessert was ready.

This year, my family will be the same, but rumor has it that his family's dinner will be at his aunt's (LeCousin's mom). She just moved back to the Chicago-area, so she wants to host it at her new house. It's about 30 mins away from my cousin's, but she smokes like a chimney, and doesn't cook, so everyone's going to be cranky about the smoke and having to cook everything and bring it with them. Oy. Hopefully she'll keep the same timing we've had and we can still make it in time for dinner. Thanksgiving is like, THE Holiday in my family since we're not religious, so not going really isn't an option, but LeBoy's aunt can be a little over-sensitive sometimes and I don't want to start anything.
Rose..can't wait for him to meet "aunt Rose".

Bunny, is there another Busty coming to Tulsa? I'm ALWAYS here!
pixie and rose, I probably shouldn't have said anything as she did tell me in confidence but I'll speak to her at some point and if she is still going and has time, maybe she'll let you know. rose, hope your head is better.

kitten, you have summed up exactly how I was feeling today about coffee! It's been killing me the last month not having any coffee so today I had a soya hazelnut latte (which was sweeter and creamier than normal but still very nice); after having it though, I wasn't sick but had upset tummy sad.gif. So back to no more coffee until things are sorted out; I will have the soya chai latte though as that isn't coffee.

polly, it's strange that le boy's aunt in hosting even though she doesn't cook! It seems weird to me. Yay for le boy's cousin!

lanie, you should definitely treat yourself to the film!


kvetch: tired, sore head and work (hopefully I'll be leaving there soon).
anti-kvetch: mushroom pakora (a definite non-dairy treat!) and library books.
bigger anti-kvetch: I made up with a good friend I fell out with in June. We walked past one another without saying anything (zoya, weird when you and I were just discussing it being a small city!) so I text and we talked and meeting up soon to catch up.
Pixie, I can't wait! I wonder if the mini-Pixies will even remember me. It's been almost a year since I've seen them.

Polly, I read dooce & I'm worried, too. Her husband made a post on his blog today, but it didn't mention anything personal. As for dinner, I want duck & sweet potatoes! You're lucky I don't live near you, Polly, or might've been tempted to invite myself to dinner. wink.gif I have no advice on the Thanksgiving stuff. Are you saying that she still smokes like a chimney inside the house? Because even the smokers I know no longer smoke in their homes. Is she planning on making it a pot luck thingy or will it be catered or what?

Sorry to hear about the frustration, Zany. But it's exciting to know when you'll be sworn in! Woot! You should definitely treat yourself to the movie. You've earned a little pleasure trip.

Hope you're having a good night at work, Kitten.

Bunny, sorry to hear that the coffee didn't agree with your tummy. I'm not lactose intolerant, but sometimes my stomach does NOT like coffee. Other days it's fine. Bleh.

It's okay if you can't tell us who may or may not be coming to Tulsa. But if you would, please inform that Bustie that I will be arriving on Thursday, November 1st & I'll be staying for a week. So if s/he plans to be in the area during that time, s/he should send me a PM. smile.gif

Thanks for the concern about my headaches, you big sweeties. I'm feeling much better today. I got a lot done around the house, but not as much as I'd have liked to. I'm also feeling a bit happier. Thanks again to all of you who have sent me vibes & love both in here and through PM. I still feel like my problems are mostly silly and/or boring and/or too personal to talk about here. But it's nice to know that if I need to vent, I have a place to turn to.

Anti-kvetch: The weather here has been sooooo so nice lately. This morning I looked out at our back porch & it was so pretty that I had to snap a few photos, so I thought I'd share one. Clicky!
Wow, rose, that's lovely. Sometimes i think it would be nice to live in a place without seasons. If Chicago weren't such a great city I'd be outta here so fast because of the winters.

Well, his aunt just moved back and I haven't even been over to her house yet, so I'm not completely sure, but I'm pretty sure she does still smoke in the house. Let's put it this way. LeCousin forced her to have a sprinkler system installed in her house (she had it built from scratch) because she has a tendency to drink too much and fall asleep with a cigarette. Yeah. I have no idea what her plans are for Thanksgiving. We'll probably have dinner with LeParents next week and i'll ask. LeAunt and LeMom have a somewhat contentious relationship, so I'm sure I'll get an earful.

Thanks for the blurbomat update; I checked it yesterday but not today. At least we know Jon's still alive. After I read it Monday night I told LeBoy about it and I said, "I hope Chuck's okay....Jon and Leta, too...but I hope Chuck's okay." I really hope they're all okay. I hope her skin cancer didn't get worse. Eep.

Mmm, cinnamon-butter-pecan-brown-sugar-smothered-sweet potatoes in the oven and duck waiting to go in (it's pre-cooked, so only takes about 15 mins to be hot.

Ever have one of those days where it constantly feels like there's a single grain of sand in the corner of your eye (both eyes for me today)? mad.gif
wow, Rose, that is gorgeous. you're lucky to be able to go out your back door and see that.

...speaking of housing, it's just hit me that I have to find a place in a new city to live - or at least to stay at for a month or two until I find another place. Before January. shit. Oh, and as I don't have a car, it needs to be in or walkable to the city center of said new city. And to top it off, it has to be done while I'm not going to be anywhere near that new city. How the fuck am I going to manage that?

I'm going to miss my current apartment. it's rad. and my awesome roommate. and neighbors and friends who just call me up randomly whenever and ask if I want to do something. I know I'll find something, and I know that I really must be meant to be in the new place now, because it came together so spectacularly at this time. But I guess the whole realization that I just got exactly what I wanted in a huge part of my life is hitting me, and now I'm going 'oh shit' The inevitable bit of a freak out about going somewhere completely new where I only have one actual friend (you know who you are.. haha) is hitting me. I know some people, but they're not the people that I feel like are just going to call me up and say 'hey!! meet me at the pub!' ok, well, it's a pretty friendly city, so I'm sure that will happen eventually, but... OK, I'm gonna shut up now.

polly - I LOVE duck!!! mmmmmmmm I'm salivating just thinking about your dinner

mando - I think I have a couple of photos, but they're crap. I always feel weird about sharing photos of other people.... but maybe fina will put some pics up somewhere and link to them. I'll ask her (when I can, they're on their honeymoon)

kvetch - I'm cold. it's not cold enough all the time to turn on the heat yet, but it's getting really chilly at nights.

anti-kvetch - I have a fuzzy warm cashmere cardigan on.
zoya, would you be able to email the photos if you're not sure about posting them?

Also, I do know who I am! biggrin.gif. If you need any help with the flat-hunting then let me know. I started to post some recommendations then realised it's not secure so PMing you instead.

I found it really cold this morning when I woke (and still do a little) but it was -2 degrees celcius last night so hardly surprising. I find it funny when star in Boston and the Chicago BUSTies are mentioning how warm it is; we're not even having an Autumn/Fall but are straight into winter!

Bunny, that's cool. But I am here if anyone comes in to the area.

I had a carmel apple cider latte this morning! It was hellla sweet, but very good! Yummy!

Rose, I am sure minipixie remembers you. That child never forgets anything! Very stubborn that way! Definitely got Mimi's ability to remember the smallest detail from ages ago.

Zoya, you might be able to do a lot of it online. I've known several people who have checked out apartments and stuff in other cities that way.

I need vibes for my kitty today. He's being neutered right now. I also asked them to check his poop. I've decided that the old owner gave him up because he has chronic diarrhea. Having worked at a vet hospital before, I am pretty sure it is one of 2 things, or a combination of both. Anyway, I really want the doctor to figure out what it is and give us meds. He's an absolutely perfect cat other than the times he doesn't make it to the pan in time.

((pixie’s kitty))

((zoya)) Good luck finding an apartment.

((rose)) Yay for getting to visit your friends and family soon.

((bunnyb)) The jib jab thing sounds funny.

((polly)) Why is LeBoy’s aunt going to be hosting Thanksgiving if she doesn’t cook?

((lanie)) That sucks about IBTC in Chicago. You should definitely see it in Indianapolis if you can, that’s a good way to celebrate.

((kittenb)) Hope your knee is better.

((danny)) Hope the doctor visit went okay.

((sidecar)) Yay for nola, and I’m sure you will think of many fun things to do.

((mornington)) A feminist conference sounds interesting.

Yesterday we had an all day onboarding class from the new company, and it was so boring. I’m so ready for the weekend.
Hello all!

My knee is feeling better today. Still don't know why it hurt yesterday.Just getting older, I s'pose. Olivia's health/behavior is still not what I need it to be. But maybe we have had progress? I'll know more in the next few days/weeks/etc. Fingers crossed!


{{{pixiekitty vibes}}}

{{{bunnyb vibes for the continued hunt of what makes her feel icky}}}

{{{good house hunting vibes zoya. I would cry if I left this place so you have my sympathies}}}

{{{polly}}}now you've got me thinking about Thanksgiving and dreading anticipating the Christmas-family smokiness. Nothing smells quite like it.

{{{all kevtchies}}}

Well, I have never been so glad to have an ill kitty! The doctor did find one of organisms I thought the cat might have so now within a week he should have firmer stools and hopefully not mess on teh carpet anymore and the stupid ex owner gave up a prefectly wonderful cat because he was too cheap to take him to the vet!
*~*~*~ongoing health for olivia and moussolini~*~*~*~ being a kitty mama is one of the best things in my life. I was speaking to Mandoo the other day as I spoke to the boy on the phone and he said that I speak more lovingly to my cat than I do to him! laugh.gif

My tummy has been okay the last couple of days -touch wood- but the no dairy is a killer. I feel really sluggish today and I don't if that is a direct result.

I'm off to shop. Do you remember the grey and white paisley-patterned dress I liked that my mum bought me for my birthday (I posted a link to it for your opinion)? I'm wearing that to the boy's best friend's wedding (the boy is best man) in a few weeks and I need to buy a grey wrap/pashminia to wear; I also bought this grey fascinator (centre). We're also buying the boy's mum a new ipod shuffle for her birthday so I need to pick up that up from the apple store and then meet a friend. After that, the boy will be here for the weekend smile.gif.

undies: sexy purple, padded, mesh bra with pale pink lace and purple velvet ribbon trim with matching thong.

(((everyone))) have a great weekend!
It's been a little while, so let me see if I can catch up.

belated congrats to zoya on the new job! ~~~house hunting vibes~~~

((((Mandi & Danny)))) ~~~headache be gone & all healthy vibes~~~
Like sidecar, when I was twelve I had a migraine that lasted two weeks, and landed me in the hospital. The doc says it's not a migraine? I dunno, tension headaches aren't known for lasting extended periods of time, but migraines sure are. Has the headache subsided or returned at all? Please let us know what the doc said. And Sashie says "woof" wink.gif

((((bunny)))) Good advice from sixela, she knows her lactose intolerance as well. I can't drink coffee. Period. I used to be able to, but never really did. Now that I've aquired the taste for it, it kills me every time. Good thing I already love tea! Do try out taking a lactase supplement, they can be quite helpful as can general dietary enzymes. And yay for aged cheeses being less deadly for us sensitives souls! That must be why I love them so tongue.gif

((((polly))))) How did your ultrasound go? Any word on the gallbladder front?

(((((rose)))))) Yay for a visit to Tulsa! Glad there is a ray of sunshine, hon.

(((((sixela))))) ~~~~Continuing jobbie search vibes and oodles of hugs~~~~

(((((morn & pete & doris & indigo))))) Hee. Silly fluff of doom liking to be lint rollered instead of groomed laugh.gif

((((sidecar & martini)))) Congrats on the anniversary! How's martini-dad?

((((dusty)))) I wish your interview was online too, dangit.

((((kitten)))) Glad your knee is feeling better.

((((raisin)))) How are you faring, my sweet?

((((lanie)))) Yay for being sworn in soon. Do come and share the news here when it happens so we can all squee with you!

Belated congrats to ((((lelu)))) & ((((fina))))

((((dm)))) Just 'cause she's a doll and is always such a conscientious viber.

And of course ((((billy)))) um, jus' because. But 'specially 'cause it's Friday wink.gif

and of course lots of love for (((((syb, amilita, sassy, faith, tes, plat, crassy, mavin, flanker, pink, msp, walkingb, culture, anoushh, plummie, and anyone I'm forgetting)))))

~~~extra strength healing vibes for (((((sick kitties & all BUSTie critters)))))~~~

We could use some in return. Our little Mr. Ziggy has had diarrhea the two days in the same corner of the dining room where the supposed leak once was. And he also peed, or sprayed there. I had to spray it down with Natures Miracle Just For Cats enzymes and then some Oxy carpet cleaner, and srub it down really good. Ugh. Now today I have to somehow afford a vet visit for him to see what's going on. But this is after just having an expensive one for Sashie on Wednesday. She began peeing everywhere, so much so that when I caught her doing it she ran and left a pee trail accross my carpet! I so need to have the carpet steam cleaned after this week! The vet suspects it's a UTI, and did a urinalysis. We are awaiting those results still to see if she needs an antibiotic. He also prescribed an incontinence drug because of her age. It's makes her really thirsty though, so she's drinking more and needs to go out more often. Yikes, catch 22. And because she's been chewing spots on her tummy raw, there were two more costly meds, a steroid and an antihistamine. Plus the cream I have to rub on her belly, and the bitter chew deterrent spray. Oh and they also said she needs her teeth cleaned again, asap. Anyone who ever said furbabies are not expensive never met mine blink.gif. Somehow I will work it all out though, 'cause they are my babies.

undie report: pink & heather grey striped cotton hipsters, which sort of match the fuzzy pink robe I'm wearing. sans bra, as it's still too early here.

ETA: 'Cause I just had to share with you all!
Who would have ever said that furbabies are not expensive??? Olivia is headbutting my hand as I write this. I don't think she likes it when I am on-line. That os she has something to say. Who knows.

{{{yuefiekitty vibes}}}

{{{bunnyb}}} It is possible that going off the dairy is causing your sluggishness. Maybe you are experiencing some of the "dying-off" effect that made me so stupid my first few South Beach days. It seems that the allergies can become cravings and your body has to get used to not having something it really wants (even when it shouldn't have it.) What is the coffee doing to you? Is it just too acidic?

Undies report - pink hipsters, white band on the top, no bra, pink satin robe. "Pink is mah signature color!"
QUOTE(kittenb @ Oct 19 2007, 07:00 AM) *
Who would have ever said that furbabies are not expensive???

Oh, that was in reference to the many times I've heard how inexpensive furkids are in comparison to real kids. Which I know is true, but still, they aren't cheap!
Yuefie... best of luck with the babies. You've got your hands full there. I'm sooo grateful that all is well with ours for the moment. On of them was lonely at 4 a.m. this morning and let me know it. He usually waits til 5 a.m.

Rose, I'm glad you're getting to come back to the great Heartland for a while.

Grey boxer briefs, of course. I had to make a garage rag out of my heather blue ones last week. It was a very sad occasion.
yuefie, that's one of my favourite cartoons ever!!

~vibes for the furbabies~

(((pixie and pixie's kitty)))

(((mando and danny)))

(((sixelacat))) good sleep vibes to you!

(((zoya))) congrats on the job!

(((rose))) hope you've been feeling ok

(((morn, star, sidecar, polly, syb, kitten, bunny, dusty, sassy, dm, raisin, billy)))

kvetch: had a bad cutting incident last night. I felt extremely depressed and was just a mess. What's worse is that my mood improves greatly after I cut.

one more: I'm still single. It sounds stupid but it's tough to be so alone for so long.

anti-kvetch: one of my best friends is coming over for a visit. She's awesome and I can't wait to see her!
(((candycane))) do you have a therapist? spending time with a best friend should do you the world of good but long-term maybe you should speak to someone (if you aren't already) or up/change you meds?

(((all the depressed kvetchies))) why are there so many of us? we are intelligent, beautiful and sassy people! Group hug?

kitten, you're asking so you're getting: the coffee caused me to have tummy pains and diarrohea. This is a common occurrence for me and I don't know if it's tied in with the vomiting or whether it is another trigger. I have started a food diary and playing it by ear.

(((yuefie))) thanks for the snail mail, chica.

kvetch: whilst opening the fridge door one of the glass biscuit (cookie) jars we have on top fell down and hit me on the head and then my shoulder. It was a doozy and OUCH. T never puts them back properly, grrr.

anti-kvetch: shopping was a success and I bought lots of flavoured and green teas since off coffee. I'm currently drinking my favourite turkish apple tea whilst Mandoo dozes in my lap. Good times.
black cotton bikinis, wacoal minimizer

ahem....popping in to say hello to my long-lost kvetchies. Although, technically, none of YOU have been lost --- *I* have been. Trying to read through and catch up, etc.

But I need to say, Mandi, I hope Danny is feeling better soon. I had a 3 year stint of headaches/migraines DAILY from the time I was 12 - 15. I had every test in the world - ruling out everything from allergies to tumors to TMJ to you-name-it. Finally just diagnosed as "adolescent migraines" and countered up to stress. And I remember how badly it sucked....I hope Danny's go away more quickly than mine!

All is well here - relishing a few minutes on the computer while Bones naps and Coop works on "an art project" somewhat quietly behind me.
Yes Bunny, I have a therapist. Unfortunately she's only around during regular office hours. Yesterday made me realize that I don't know who to call in an emergency when I feel like that.

I forgot my undie report!

pink and white undies with purple and gold stripes.
(((Candycane))) does the university have someone you can call? I don't know which university you're at, but I could probably look into it, if you want. Feel free to PM me.

Yay, (((Car))) came by!!!

(((Danny and Mandi))) Days later, I'm still trying to figure out why it only counts if its a migraine.


After 16 years on this job, I still can't fathom people who don't remember who they married or when.
Oh my goodness! How the hell are ya, babe? How are the boys? How old are they now? Give us an up-date, hon!

(((((((((CCGirl)))))))))) So so sorry to hear that you had such a difficult night. I hope you called your therapist today. I'm sure she can recommend a good hotline for you to call when things get tough.
((((((((more love for CCGirl)))))))))

~~~~~~~~ soothing for Moussilini & Olivia & all the fur babies out there ~~~~~~~~

Oh, Robert Smith, ... What the hell happened?! A friend of mine heard an interview with him in which he said that he wrote his happier songs while extraordinarily drunk. That makes soooooooo much sense!

Mandi, did Danny go to the doctor this week or is the physical scheduled for next week?

Bunny, coffee will often do that to me, too. I blame the caffeine, but I don't know if that's really the problem or not.

Huge anti-kvetch: It rained today! Not enough to make a real dent in the dought, but it's still nice to see.

Kvetch: I'm supposed to go out & hang out with new people tonight, but I have another headache & I'd just rather stay home with a cup of tea. Bleh.

My undies are soooo boring today. Boring tan bra, boring white undies. Snoozarama.
I feel a little sick. I hope I'm not getting a cold. Just a little headache, slightly balloon-headed. And I'm tired. Work has been exhausting this week. My cousin (sister of cousin/boss) is in town with her kids and we're having a big family party tomorrow night. I really just want to sleep. Maybe I'll do that tonight. LeBoy's friend was going to come over, but maybe I'll kick them out of the house and veg....cup of tea and a quiet house sounds good, rose.

My new insurance company is pissing me off. They weren't going to cover my blood pressure medication because they said it was a pre-existing condition. I sent proof that the insurance companies I've had for the last 5 years all covered it and they reversed the decision. But the jackasses never told the mail-order pharmacy company they'd cover it and now I have 3 pills left and the mail order pharmacy takes 10-14 days to get it to you. I'm on the phone as I type and I'm hoping they'll pay the extra $$ to overnight it. Very aggravating.

No word on the ultrasound stuff. I'll probably hear from my doctor next week; if not by Tuesday, I'll call.

Bastards...because I had a 2 month lapse in insurance when I was unemployed last winter they're not covering my meds until April of next year. WTF? How was I supposed to turn over my entire unemployment check to COBRA to cover the lapse?? Not only this, but they won't transfer the prescription information over to a regular pharmacy so I can get them, I have to call my doctor. At 2:30 on a Friday. Wish me luck. mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif

ETA: Sorry, didn't mean to leave without hugs....

((candycane)) I hope you get in touch with your therapist!

((yuefie & pixie)) good luck to your kitties!

((bunny)) coffee does that to LeBoy, too. Strangely, it's only regular coffee, he can drink Greek/Turkish coffee (which is like drinking mud) without any problem. It's always worse if he does it at night.

((hugs to all))
bunny, you're quite welcome, mah' dear. sorry 'bout your head ouchie. scritch mandoo's head for me. ditto on the coffee effects, which is why I steer clear. the cuppa joe is just not worth it, no matter how good it smells to me.

(((polly))) ~~~anti-sickness vibes~~~ and a pox on the stupid insurance people!

((((candy)))) sorry to hear about you feeling so down. *tight hugs*. I lurve natalie dee, and that one is just supa fab.

aww billy, a sad day indeed. RIP heather blue boxer briefs...

car, I too had terrible migraines as an adolescent. actually mine began at age 4, intensified around age 11 until about 18, when they began to ease a little. but they didn't really ease up until I was 23.

feh. migraines are teh suckness!

~~~more lovies for ((((mando & danny)))) and all other BUSTies and loved ones who are sick or in pain~~~

((((star)))) just 'cause. how's boston treatin' ya?

raisin, waiting for that Tori rerport wink.gif

so where is mavin hiding? and crassy? and amilita?

I'm just a posting fool today rolleyes.gif

can ya all spare some super pointy toed boot, pink mafia, ass kicking vibage for M again, please? the situation has worsened and she is being bullied by someone she thought was her one true love, in such a way that rings all too familiar with me. farking asshat!

Fortunately, there were still some refills on file at Costco. Phew! It's going to cost me an arm and a leg until next April, though.

I took some tylenol and if my headache clears up, I'm seriously tempted to call the shelter and ask if they needs someone to come in and snorgle kitties tonight. I need some fuzz therapy!
(((polly))) I hope that meds situation gets resolved. And Dooce posted about what's up; it's sad but I'm glad that Chuck, Leta, and John are okay.
RIP Heather Grays.
(((olivia and other bustie pets)))

My month of overworkedness is over! It is a relief to go back to a regular workload. I had a publication that I'd blown off for a month but I got it finished yesterday. I am so happy. Phew.
((polly)) That’s f*cked up about your insurance. I don’t see how they can refuse to cover meds just because you were uninsured for a couple months. How do they know that you didn’t just get the meds anyways without insurance.


((rose)) Hope your headache went away.

((ccgirl)) Hope things get better.

((bunnyb)) Yay for shopping success, boo for jars falling on you.

((mr. ziggy))

((yuefie)) That cartoon woman you posted was hilarious.

((pixie)) Glad you found out what was wrong with the kitty.


I don’t know what to do today as its only the a.m., and I’m already bored.

I have, like, negative time, just wanted to say hi!

I have a date with Star tomorrow!

Yuefie, I definitely owe you a review, but it was basically a two and a half-hour Torigasm with lots of screaming. Fuck yeah.
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